Scenes from the road

Scenes from the road on the Furiously Happy Tour, part 1:


This ad was not well thought out.  Or too well thought out.  No, I’m going with the first one.  Just…gross.  Stay away from my pee spot.

Stay classy, Miami Airport.

PS.  I’m about to get on a train for New York.  I feel like a super grown-up.  A terrified super grown-up.

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  1. I love trains! Except for going to that bathroom on trains. That’s not so great. When I was a kid, I thought there was just a hole below the toilet where the pee could spill out along the track. Now that I think of it, maybe that’s true.

  2. It does make you wonder about those marketing people, huh? And you’ve been to NY before, right? You’ll be fine! 🙂

  3. Oooh, quiet car or not?

    Thanks so much for a great time in DC. Lg Fry was doubled over with laughter. It was fabulous. Also, very glad that I had my hair in a ponytail so that the back of my head was recognizable. 🙂

    Have a fun time in New York. Please don’t walk around barefoot though.

  4. if its a room on Amtrak,,sit back and enjoy,,,seriously,,i hate flying and take train from NY to Miami often,,stare out the window..vegetate,,enjoy,,
    I also like that I can drink a beer, doing 65mph,,through every state…hands off the wheel..screaming,,,yet the conductors usually frown on that 🙂

  5. I would like to say it could be worse, particularly if Miami were advocating Garage parking. Have fun in New York!

  6. If they’s just slid the words down so that they were in line with the “parking” instead of the giant “P” it would probably have worked better…

  7. Nobody tells you that you never actually feel like an adult. Wait, unless there are people that feel like adults. Wait, there are people that feel like adults?!

  8. I can see what the sales pitch was like. A bunch of executives around a board room table and some guy making awkward double entendres. Executives nervously laughing and trying not to roll their eyes. Them some CEO says “YES! This is how I want to represent my company!”

    Or something like that.

    For a similarly bad idea among ad campaigns, check out the MetroPCS Period Power commercial. Unintentionally hilarious.

  9. As I gay man I…throws up Sorry about that. As I was saying, as I gay man dry heave, I have nothing against female genitalia. I just dry heave don’t quite want it shoved in my face dry heave much less colored as a “pee spot.”

  10. stay away from the grown-ups, they are scary. I was watching endless commercials while I was killing a day on the couch. I thought what if all that air time on the commercial breaks was stuff like “10ways you are wonderful” rather than “here is all the things that are fucked up about you, and why you have to buy our product of become a pathetic social outcast”.
    I would love to here about what right with us rather than what’s wrong with us.
    Stay away from our “P spots” Miami. That poor model must have been desperate for work. (I hope)

  11. I assumed it was a play on G-spot. The ew factor didn’t register until after, so I’ll go with unintentional.

  12. It would be hilarious if someone defaced the poster a little bit so that the crotch area looked wet. ‘Cause you know–pee spot. And then have a giant arrow pointing to aforementioned wet spot with with words, “Here it is!”.

  13. ooo a train trip, I love trains, much preferred to air travel. You are amazing never forget that.

  14. Thanks for a wonderful talk in DC. Enjoy NYC and keep being your beautiful self. We love you!

  15. New York is everybody’s home. It will be home for your terror and also for unexpected joy.

    And it’s our home: home for all writers.

    Wish I were there. Best of luck.

  16. I’ll see you in N.Y. Looking forward to it! Rory will have his own book for you to sign as well since B&N will not allow access to the signing if I didn’t buy my copy through them.

  17. You will be wonderful, don’t fret about New York. It acts like it’s all tough and badass, but really it’s like a bowl of happy kittens. It just wants to play and hang out with you. And maybe could use some litter training.

  18. Ew. That advertisement is just gross. It was awesome to meet you in DC last night! I was the bald chick who gave you some extra spoons since I though you’d probably used up a lot of yours. Oh, and those spoons had never been used so they are totally clean! Just in case you were wondering. Thank you for making it such an amazing evening! You are truly one if my favorite people and a real kindred spirit. Enjoy NYC and the rest of your tour and I look forward to the next time you’re back in DC.

  19. Jenny, I think that your classifying this post in random CRAP is hilarious!

    It just goes to show what an evil place the Miami airport is. While on my honeymoon, I was stabbed in the leg while in a bathroom stall in the United terminal — by a TP dispenser!

    It’s a conspiracy…

  20. You got this!!! Remember to Pretend you are good at it. We are your tribe and understand. MUCHO love from TEXAS!!!

  21. I worked in the parking industry and I saw an add that said “Let’s bring the sexy back to parking?” What??? Even worse was the “Parking Matters” campaign- GREAT job making light of a whole social movement.

  22. So this isn’t really about the P spot or peeing but I just wanted to say I just finished listening to your newest book and I LOVE IT! I will be going out as soon as possible to get your first book and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing, You also kinda inspired me to start my own angst ridden blog on life and depression and in my case my interest in social issues I’m not expecting anything of it, it’s just a fun writing exercise, (I’ve always loved writing but never thought myself any good at it this may be truer than I think), and a way to write down my thoughts, as a young adult it’s sorta a right of passage to have an angst ridden blog. I hope you don’t mind terribly if I include a link here to shamelessly promote I;d just like to find other crazy people to talk too and maybe critique my writing.

  23. Found my P-spot, thanks, I don’t need someone else to find it. Although when my urologist asked if he could examine me I did say, “Sure, doc, have a ball!”

  24. the expression of the ad is what counts, not so much the thought. my reaction is strong- it’s like, i love my thinspiration on the beach- so it’s difficult to decide if the expression was a controlled attempt at manipulating the viewer or if we’re all born into this age of nihilistic-colored, yet glossed, consumerism- and the people behind these ads are passively accepting of such. what i interpret is desperation, a cover-up for an economical depression- an invented, hinting language for it- because not even the bigwigs behind it want to directly address anything. all these ads scream histronics like this, all the celebrities too (not you). these needs altogether cannot be met because money and money-politics are an addiction- they lack efficacy.

  25. Terrified super grown up is better than a super terrified grown up. Take care!

  26. I love the train from DC to NYC! FYI, my fears did subside last night and I stayed andw as SO glad I did – really enjoyed your talk. You rock! Come back soon!

  27. I should have gone into advertising. I could totally come up with vaguely inappropriate and squicky things like that on a regular basis, and then I could chuckle to myself as I imagined all the folks who would see my ads and say “Ew. No.” to themselves but I would still be getting paid.

    Also, I’ll confess that I secretly love those moments when I feel like a terrified super grown-up, because I usually feel like a terrified five-year-old. It’s a nice change.

  28. La! Are you traveling country-wide by train? I love train travel and hate flying…did that Miami to NY run 30 years ago. Great fun. Have a blast.

  29. I just have to tell you this, because I am SO happy (Furiously Happy, even). In the past two or three days I’ve had at least 5 of my friends tell me that they were going to read your new book simply because I had so enthusiastically recommended it. This includes my favorite doctor, who is literally my hero and without whom I would not even still be alive right now. She told me she was very excited to read it herself and she was also going to send it to someone she knows who has battled depression for years. I can’t wait to hear what they all think about the book, and I hope that they love it as much as I do.

  30. if anyone is going to NYC on Thursday my travel companion didn’t realize the signing was at 6pm and she’s got a young child to get home to as we are coming from CT. So I’m flying solo now. If anyone wants to help a anxiety girl alone in the big city, I’m game for friends. Anyone who wants to meet this fab woman is a friend of mine

  31. The important thing about train travel is, you must remember to get off at the correct stop.
    Also, don’t leave your luggage unattended.
    Good luck!!!

  32. I just wanted to say that I started reading Furiously Happy tonight and it’s perfect. I’m one of the family members, the support staff, who is doing whatever she can to better understand the love of her life and this book is exactly what we both need. Thank you so much. I’ve been reading medical books and memoirs and whatever else, but to laugh while seeing so much of my life and my husband’s life reflected back to me is crucial and cathartic. Just thank you. You have no idea. Except you probably do.

  33. My P spot is pretty much anywhere I can find coverage. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Good luck on the train! Years of visiting my BFF in NYC and I’m still not brave enough to navigate by myself.

  34. I cannot WAIT to see you in Minneapolis. Your book has been the highlight of 2015 for me. I peed a little bit while reading some of the chapters which enabled me to find my P spot – it’s the dark spot on my skinny jeans. I might bring along my 21 year old daughter to your appearance and try to embarrass her as much as possible. Until then. . .

  35. I often look around for a more adultier adult. The fact that people think I’m an adult, and I have a job, house, car, husband, and kids…..when I really think about it? That shit’s terrifying.

    You’re going to be awesome. 🙂 We’re all faking it Jenny. Just keep on faking it!

  36. Well, at least you’re willing to admit it! I suspect everyone over the age of 20 is harboring an inner terrified adult. Getting it out in the open takes away some of the terror.

  37. The P spot? Nice. Maybe they had me in mind…

    If we shouldn’t shit where we eat, should we also not pee where we park?

  38. Oh, I love trains! I agree with the quiet car hopes, if only to keep stress levels down. The feel of a train, though, is so relaxing. I hope you have a sleeper car and can rock your way to the Big Apple. You don’t have to adult until you want to. Obviously the creator of that stupid P ad was working at about 5 years old.

  39. I wish I was seeing you in New York but work is conspiring to keep me away! Since I won’t be able to tell you in person, I want to tell you now thank you so much for this book, your blog, your first book, and for just being you out there in the world. I’ve already read Furiously Happy twice, and that along with all the great people in your tribe posting here is making me feel more able to be open about my own mental illness because I have learned i am not alone. Since being diagnosed with generalized anxiety and chronic depression earlier this year I had been hiding it from my parents (and I am 41 years old, mind you), and last week I finally shared it with my dad. It was no big announcement, nothing dramatic, just, “This is me, and I want to tell you what it’s like.” It was scary. And good. And I don’t know if I would have done it without Jenny Lawson and her tribe.

  40. I used to take that train to work – from the Miami airport to West Palm Beach. I wish facebook had been around then – so much material. The Delta baggage handler with the wandering eye who kept hitting on one of the passengers and had even followed her to work. The two addicts (out in a halfway house) who were married to other people so conducted their affair on the train. The guy who sat next to me – right next to me – even though I WAS THE ONLY PERSON IN THE COACH. I asked him coldly if he had to sit RIGHT THERE (I had just returned from living in South America for two years, so I had learned to very directly tell men to go away) and he got all mad and huffy – but he moved. The guy who sat across from me and made oatmeal and ate it and then counted out all of his pills. My friend the Colombian who raved about Vee Vapo Roo as a universal healer – and I finally figured out she was talking about Vick’s.

    I loved taking that train – there was never a dull moment. Oh! Look for the naked guy behind the Home Depot as you pass through Ft Lauderdale.

  41. Ewwww! Ick! I’d love to know what the thought process was here. shudders

    You are here, there, and everywhere! When are you coming to The Maritimes? Canada goes all the way out to the ocean! We’d love to see you!

  42. I don’t know… If I go to somewhere new and I’m going to be there all day, I usually think it’s a good idea to find the pee spot early on for future reference.

  43. You gave me my first good laugh of the day! A sorely needed one:). Thank you. I hope you kept your P spot to yourself on that train.

  44. I don’t know if you’ll get this in time. But there is a store in Chicago called Woolly Mammoth Antiques, Oddities & Resale and it is RIGHT up your alley!!! Odd taxidermy, pickled things (once living things, not turnips), odd medical charts, victorian mourning hair jewelry, etc. You would love it. Not so sure about Victor. I know you’re supposed to be in Chicago in the next few weeks, so thought I’d post in the off chance you see it.

  45. Notice that even her bikini is yellow! Only missing a lemon snow cone to complete the pee imagery.

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