If it’s Thursday this must be New York.

Hello, New York City!  I’m gonna be at Union Square Barnes & Noble at 6:00 tonight.  Come see me?


Next stop?  Boston.

See the whole Furiously Happy tour here.

PS. Some bookstores require you buy the book from them for  a guaranteed spot at the reading and all that jazz if they think there will be too many people otherwise.  This is one of those so just bring a receipt from a B&N or you can buy one at the store and give it to someone else, or just sneak in the back when no one is looking, or if you can’t do that (and I totally get it) I’ll stay late and sign anything you want for free even if you don’t have a book.  Even babies and kittens and prescription bottles.  If we get kicked out I’ll sign in the parking lot or a nearby bar or whatever is outside the store.

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  1. Have you seen the taxidermied raccoon and friends paddling in a canoe? They looked like they were having a rip-roaring time except they’re dead. 🙂

  2. One can never have too many taxidermied raccoons, or squirrels, or deer, or skunks, or bats, or lizards. Once you have done all you ‘could’ with one species – you can just move on to the next! Get used to it Victor! My husband did. You can’t fight creativity on any level.

  3. I’m so excited! Can’t believe i’m really going to see you in a few short hours! There are so many things I want to tell you but know I won’t have time, so I was going to write you a note, but then, you know, procrastination….. suffice to say THANK YOU for braving the city I love and I hope and pray you can find the beauty in the chaos that is NYC

  4. I am driving 3.5 hours to come see you in Boston and really really really hoping I don’t miss the whole event because my timeline puts me there at about 7 and maybe, just maybe the signing line is really long!!

  5. I live only about 3 hours away from NYC and wish I could go, but won’t be able to make it. My copy of Furiously Happy did arrive yesterday, though, so I know what I’ll be reading this weekend.

  6. “Outside the store” = Union Square so I think you’ll have plenty of space to meet people afterwards if needed. 🙂 The people-watching there is great even if there’s not a book event happening, anyway.

  7. When I saw the words that you’ll “sign anything” I immediately thought, “even pudding”? That’s probably not an option. But then I realized that yes, you actually COULD sign pudding. With icing. If I ever am able to see you in person I totally want you to sign pudding (or jello) for me.

  8. Sigh. So many inappropriate thoughts – starting with hey I bet she would TOTALLY sign my boob. Why I would want you to? No idea. And yet that was my immediate response. Also, even if the signing line is gone I think you should continue the party at a nearby bar. C’mon….you know you want to. I’ll even “let” you sign my boob! (Ps please don’t be scared. I promise to keep my chest completely contained. Well, probably. Mostly contained.)

  9. New York City is great and all, but I would highly recommend you drive three hours north to where I live! The leaves are just changing up here and everything looks extra beautiful! Plus, things are a little less hectic upstate than they are in the city. And we have a great independent bookstore here in Saratoga that you would probably love. Just a though from someone who won’t be able to make the trip to NYC! 🙂

  10. Why why WHY didn’t I bring my prescription bottle for you to sign?! Le sigh. It was still ahhhmazing to meet you!

  11. Max Brenner’s is right near there, if you need a place to drink / sign more things. It is a chocolate bar. They have an awful lot of chocolate everything there. Mmm.

    I am bringing my book, my family (who will likely hang out in the children’s section waiting for me, though you did meet my son on the last tour and let him play with Copernicus) and my twice-signed copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” (pre-sale bookplate plus event signature) so you can add a third signature. Then my book will be officially charmed, no?

  13. I was trying to locate the origin of the phrase “douche-canoe” but there does not appear to be a definitive source with its appearance occurring circa 2006. Did you originate this? I know you are where I first say it.

  14. Jenny honey- there’s no parking lot at Union Square…however there is Union Square itself, you can’t miss it. Have fun! wish I were there.

  15. See, for that reason right there, “I’ll stay late and sign anything you want for free even if you don’t have a book. Even babies and kittens and prescription bottles. If we get kicked out I’ll sign in the parking lot or a nearby bar or whatever is outside the store” I am and will always be a FANGIRL of yours! See you tonight – I’ll be the geek in the back with my long suffering husband by my side.

  16. I surely wish I was seeing you today, on my birthday (40!! ACK!), in New York City. Live it up, lady! See you in St. Louis! 🙂

  17. Victor is a wise man but when it comes to dead racoons he’s wrong Jenny. In fact I think I’d always believe you about taxidermy and not Victor.

  18. It’s fine to want a taxidermied racoon because not everyone has the same tastes. That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla. Personally I just want a room of my own where I can put my books and my pens and a stuffed armadillo.

    Is that too much to ask?

  19. ooooooh if I brought Rx bottles for you to sign, you’d be there for days! Then again, I think we all have lotsa Rx bottles in this Bloggess family. Comforting. 🙂

  20. Thanks to you, my world is a little bigger. And there are stuffed raccoons in it. Or at least ideas about stuffed raccoons. And I now know how to spell taxidermied, even though spell check says I’m wrong.

  21. I just finished your book. Loved it! Now I want to go back and re read your first book. I’m totally for you getting The President.

  22. I’m working on coming to see you. But the creeping anxiety has started, and I don’t know if I can make it. I do just fine at work events, or social events if I have a buddy to cling to — but my buddies are all busy today, and going on my lonesome is tricky. The fire ants of anxiety start marching in my stomach when I think about it. And I think about it, and think about it, and think about it, and then it’s too late to make it to the train on time and the ants of anxiety are even worse when I know I will be late.

  23. Ughh they wouldn’t let me combine a previously-bought copy of your book with an unrelated receipt from their store (not that I was expecting them to, but I would have preferred it)😑 I’ll be loitering in the aisles near the back!

  24. You are so generous, Jenny! I just bought a signed copy of your book at Vroman’s today. Can’t wait until you’re in SoCal!

    Until then, I’ll rack my brain for racoonable taxidermy themes. I can already think of a few…

  25. I was looking so forward to seeing you in NYC. I bought your book twice so I could get in. But this last few weeks have been difficult. I can’t bring myself to leave the house, even for good stuff. I just put my tickets to Chris Cornell for this Sunday on Stub Hub. Audible sigh…… this too shall pass

  26. You will be in Boston for the Head of the Charles Regatta! Come down to the river and watch gigantic fit people in Lycra try to make skinny, fragile rowing shells go backwards really fast. Sometimes they smack into bridges. Really, it’s too wonderful for words.

    I’ve been trying to find a taxidermist musk ox that died of natural causes, but the three musk oxen I’ve found so far met untimely, gun-related deaths. My theory is that there is a great deal of gang violence in the arctic, and that musk oxen are very good at controlling their cholesterol and rarely die of natural causes.

    Flag me down if you see me at the Head of the Charles and I’ll buy you sweet potato fries.

  27. I’m Monique, the fan from the Cayman Islands and I got to meet you for the first time tonight. There was a few I wanted to ask but not even that I don’t think I realized how much you mean to me Jenny. You’re like a friend to me with amazing humor and I was so sad to leave Union Square B&N. I am so happy I got to meet you, and have my copy of FH signed (next time I’ll bring my copy of Lets Pretend). I wish I could see you on one more tour stop.

    Has anyone else gotten to meet Jenny and felt incredibly sad when they had to say bye? I didn’t think I would be this sad and happy.

  28. I can’t get over how completely adorable and unbelievably kind you are, to sit there for hours so you could meet every single fan that came. I could have told you (and thanked you for) a bajillion more things and I’m sure most people feel the same. I hope you enjoy a well-deserved day off tomorrow! Thank you so much Jenny!

  29. That’s so cute that you think there is a parking lot at a New York bookstore. Seriously – you were awesome, even if the podium was “fucking clear.” rock on sister!

  30. Give yourself a treat and let Jenny read her book to you! I received my Audiobook version and when I look over in the seat next to me and she’s not there it takes me a couple of seconds to remember I’m not ACTUALLY with her and I have to hit ‘previous’ instead of reaching over to pull her close and beg her, ‘…tell me that part again! Are you seriously fucking with me right now? I ALWAYS thought that!!”

    Reading the book to yourself is great, but having Jenny in your car with you and waiting for you to pull back into traffic after pulling over to belly laugh and snicker helplessly is better than having your cake. I am SOOOO eating my cake… hmmh, YE-ES, want more ca-ke… 🙂

  31. For a brief time, you and I will share this fair city… sadly, that’s as close as we’ll be because I cannot attend. If you have time to enjoy Boston at all, just remember we send the tourists to Mike’s Pastry for cannolis and most locals go over to Modern instead! (The North End is known for pastries and pasta- treat yo’self!)

  32. I get to meet you tomorrow!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! You are the reason why my son’s bus driver used to think there was something wrong with me, because I would read your blog while I waited for the bus and would laugh so hard that I would be in tears and the bus driver would ask every day in a very concerned voice “are you okay?” And I had to sound like a crazy woman and tell her it was something I read. I think maybe she thought I was lying and was an abused spouse or something. Luckily we moved – not because of the bus driver thinking there was something wrong with me, and now that I think about it it’s actually worse now because now a new bus driver is going to see me crying all the time and think something is wrong. Maybe I should find something a little less funny to read at the bus stop. But where’s the fun in that? Anyway, can’t wait to meet you tomorrow. I’ll be the one in the horse/unicorn leggings 🙂

  33. If you need a parking lot for Boston there IS one outside Porter Square books* AND many a nearby bar so suck on that New York. (*You may die in the parking lot. It’s a free-for-all.)

  34. Hope you enjoyed New York! It was on my calendar for months, and then my son had to go and break his collar bone and I couldn’t get away. Sigh. Perhaps I’ll just drive to Texas and stalk you instead…

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