If it’s Tuesday this must be Toronto.

Hello, Canada!  I’ve traveled across your snowy gloriousness to reach you.  And by “your snowy gloriousness” I mean “customs”.   Come see me, Toronto?

I’ll be at the Indigo Bay and Bloor at 7pm.


Next stop?  Ohio!

See the whole Furiously Happy tour here.

PS.  I’ll be on CTV Canada AM today because Canada has not yet learned that I should never be allowed on live TV.  I’ll try not to talk about my lady garden this time.  Sorry about that one, CNN.  (Not sorry though about the time I went off about the zombie apocalypse and prepping for when the internet becomes self-aware when you brought me on to talk about politics.  I don’t want to blame the victim, but you knew what you were getting into, CNN.  That one’s on you.)

Updated:  Here’s the interview if you wanna see it.  I rambled like hell because that’s what I do when I’m nervous.  BUT! The nervous tics I had on the last tour aren’t there.  Baby steps.

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  1. Be safe, Jenny! I just saw on tv that they had some sort of a coup or revolution up there yesterday!!!! 🙂

  2. I think you should definitely talk about your lady garden. It’s a topic that no one else on TV will even touch. Basically there’s a giant void that needs to be filled And apparently you’re the one to do it. Perhaps the phrase “giant void” was not a good choice in comparison to your lady garden. I’m sure yours is petite and adorable. This comment is taking a strange turn. I’ll stop now.

  3. Wish I was less than 6 hours away. Have fun in Toronto – consider Ottawa for your next book.

  4. You started my day with a good belly laugh. You’re the awesome-est!! Maybe tape it for us??

  5. Yaaay! This Canadian is very excited that you’re in the land of Timbits, free health care and numerous hiding zones for zombie clans. (You didn’t think we’d let all this land go to waste did you? Plus how did you think they got all those extras in the zombie shows? Zombies are notoriously cheap to work with)

  6. You’d like Nova Scotia better. We’re a nutty fun loving bunch. Have a great book signing missy, we love you

  7. Dayton gleefully awaits you, Jenny!! The leaves are at peak color and we have tons of parks if you want to stroll around and see them. Or… you could visit one of our many micro breweries and micro distilleries if you’re going to be in the mood for unwinding with a beverage. See you Friday!!

  8. I’d pay to sit in the audience of the tv show you’re going to be on. Someone should invent a Bloggess on TV bingo game.

  9. Loved your interview on Here and Now. I think you’ve really made it when you can talk about your Lady Garden and the Zombie Apocalypse on CNN. Canada’ll never know what hit ’em.

  10. I think I will mention picking up my antipsychotic meds when I’m really just paying for my Lindt chocolates. I don’t like to wait in line when I am having a chocolate emergency.

  11. welcome to Canada!! (I cannot come see you, and know that there is little chance you will see this message, but thank you. Thank you so much for everything you have done/are doing.)

  12. Yay! I have been so excited to go to your signing tonight. It is going to be great. We are happy that you have put up with the annoyance if customs to frolic in the great white north.

  13. Welcome to Canada! We have a hot Prime Minister now! It must have been your doing. You arrived, the Blue Jays won & our horrible robot overlord was defeated. 😀😆👍
    And apparently I’m the only one who’s seen ‘If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium’. I hope you aren’t on a bus tour like that. I went in a bus tour of Europe with my mom when I was a teenager. It was a great trip but it was exactly like that movie. At least as much as I can remember. The 80s are a little Fuzzy these days. I trust you will enjoy your visit. I don’t know if you can find a beaver tail in Toronto, you might have to go to Ottawa, but if you do find a place selling them, you must eat one! Very tasty.

  14. Hope you have a wonderful time in Toronto, Jenny! I’m in the U.S. but Toronto is actually your closest tour stop (4 hours) to where I live. I can’t come tonight, though, because my uterus is trying to stab me to death. I’m lying in bed with a heating pad, full of prescription hormones & NSAIDs, feeling bitey and also sorry for myself. (Oh, in that last sentence, I mean that I am full of hormones & NSAIDs, not that I’ve filled the heating pad with them. That would be stupid, although probably not the stupidest thing I’ve ever done when being stabbed by my uterus.) Anyhow, I’ll be reading the signed copy of your book that I ordered from my favorite independent bookstore and wishing you & all your Toronto fans light & love & well-behaved uteri.

  15. I am so sad I have to miss you in your one stop in Canada. But if you pass through Windsor I will gladly make you dinner and let you hide out with my 3 cats.

  16. I just saw your interview on Canada AM. You were absolutely amazing! Thank you for Furiously Happy.

  17. Sorry I don’t do mornings, but you picked an excellent day to visit our city. 🙂

  18. I can’t wait for you to come to Dayton, Ohio!!! I asked to get off work early and everything so I could come see you! I think I’m still in shock that you chose Dayton as a place to come to. I empathize with the people who are shocked that you are coming here instead of an infinitely more awesome place… but I’m still grateful you’re headed my way, so they can SUCK IT! LOL! Before I say something I’ll regret about Dayton, I’ll stop. I do live in Dayton, after all. 😉 Travel safe, Jenny!!!!!!

  19. hey kiddo- went 2 the hospital w/ suicidal ideation, spent a wk there, got a cancer diagnosis, spent a wk in the psych ward, came home 2 find out my mum picked ur book up 4 me from the liberry. read it cover 2 cover as my new meds fully kicked in- we are none of us truly alone

  20. Awww I want to be there. I’m an hour and a half away and I have university classes and midterms to prepare for. Well, thanks for the amazing book!

  21. YAY! Welcome to Canada!! I have yet to read your latest gem, but am SO looking forward to it!
    Love and hugs, Michele

  22. Sounds like your lady garden might get cold in Canada. We’re already getting snow in Connecticut. Can’t imagine more north. Sounds like your tour is going great! So what if CNN can’t take a joke?

  23. You picked a Very Good Day. Everyone capable of feeling happy in this town is, indeed, happy today.

  24. OMG, great interview. I loved it. And you may see a lot of Furiously Happy people on the streets tonight if the Blue Jays win again. LOL. Enjoy your stay in Toronto and good luck getting back into the US.

  25. Canada welcomes you and your lady garden. You are welcome to bring up any and all of those topics on any of our broadcasters, they’ll be too polite to stop you. It’s practically T-shirt weather here today and an unheard of 68% of us voted to defeat our evil vagina-hating conservative overlord last night so basically the entire country is furiously happy right now and it’s a great day to be here.

  26. Aw, this is the first time I’ve heard your voice! It’s lovely. I read Furiously Happy in two days. I loved it. You are an inspiration. Love from Richmond.

  27. You were wonderful in that interview! You made it look so easy. I was also impressed by all the sticky notes in the book when the interviewer held it up. Nice to see someone actually read it and made notes.

  28. Holy cats, girl! You rocked that interview!!!

    I saw the link and ran away from the page. Because you said you rambled, and I was afraid for you and for the awkwardness (and this is why I don’t like to go to live plays — I get too tense worrying that the actors will flub their lines).

    But then I remembered that you’re you and of course I had to watch.

    And you. did. not. ramble.

    Not at all.

    Full, icky disclosure: I work in PR. Aghhh — okay, there, I said it. Don’t hate me. I promise, I’ve never spammed you with a lame product pitch. (Primarily I write now; I don’t manage clients or their media appearances.) But I bring that up because way back when, when I was managing clients, if I’d had a client with an interview like that, I’d have been popping the champagne.

    You really nailed it. Funny, touching, and beautifully succinct.

    And, though I’m not sure why, you made me cry (again).

    (no, it wasn’t out of sheer relief that you weren’t a hot mess)

    So happy for you, and for all of us who benefit daily from your willingness to share the ridiculous ups and the scary downs and the small moments in between.

  29. it depends which anti-psychotic. – _ – at least, as far as the pharmacy line goes. they all have different raps. nothing quite like maybe-needing a dopamine-antagonist in your life to keep your mind from secreting the information it receives all over your sensory output.

  30. you could also use this line: “mind lending me money? i need to buy my anti-psychotics because i want to be responsible, but the price is unconscionable.”

  31. it depends which anti-psychotic- at least, as far as the pharmacy line goes. they all have different raps. nothing quite like maybe-needing a dopamine-antagonist in your life to keep your mind from secreting the information it receives all over your sensory output.

  32. my gawd you are the bravest person ! Your interview – handled like a boss, mo betta than the enterviewer, you should have just changed seats with her! She would not have been able to handle it unscripted is my guess. Might have been hilarious…anyway, you are so poised, I am blown away!

  33. What is this rambling of which you speak? You were a delight!

    Enjoy a Furiously Happy Canada and have some poutine for me — and for john (the hubby of Jen).

    Safe travels!

  34. Toronto is amazing! If you feel up to it, go to the very small Black Hoof restaurant for dinner. It’s worth it 🙂

  35. Wish I was closer and/or was going to be in Toronto today instead of in 3 weeks! Next tour you have to come to Western Canada… specifically Calgary so I can come see you! I read your first book when it first came out and I happened across Furiously Happy at a time when it was super helpful for me, so thank you for writing it right when I needed it! <3

  36. Dearest Jenny,

    Your book is important. I love it. It’s beautiful. I wildly vacillated between laughing so hard I sounded like I was dying, crying, and having goosebumps ALL OVER. Over and over again. This book should be required reading. It’s beautiful. Thank you.


  37. Awesome Jenny and welcome to Canada. Too bad I’m 4400km away on the West Coast :-D. Watched the interview and you did great. Got quite a bit in, in what is essentially a short interview. Thanks for sharing your stories – it helps, never forget that <3-


  38. You did great, Jenny! Thank you for letting us all know it’s ok to let our “freak flags” fly. Furiously happy here too..and some days if living on spite is all I’ve got…I know that at least I’m living! Just love your books and blog!

  39. I was so excited that you were here in my country, and going to be on Canada AM and I was watching right up until I had to drive my son to school, and, ….. missed it. Luckily I talk about you and your blog and your books enough that a friend sent me the link! You were poised and articulate and beautiful. Well done! Enjoy Toronto. Next book a full on Canadian Tour!

  40. This is why I’ve never published a book. The tour.

    Well, that, and the fact that I’ve never finished rewriting a book. The endless rewrites.

  41. Dear Jenny Lawson,

    I just read the introduction to your second book…

    You need to know that you cannot write like that without consequences. Here are yours.
    You now owe me
    1) a new pair of underpants (because I laughed so hard at the severed head jokes that I peed a little)
    2) a new glass of wine (because I laughed so hard at the severed head jokes that I spilt my wine)
    3) a package of lozenges (because I have a bit of a cold and I laughed so hard that I sent myself into a horrific coughing fit)
    4) a couple trips to a psychiatrist because I’m deeply disturbed at how hard I’m laughing at severed head jokes.

    –a fan

  42. I hope that your visit to Toronto went well! I wanted to come but since I just saw you in Dallas (!) I felt a bit like a stalker. I would have loved to be part of the Canadian tribe today. Hugs to all that were there and for the rest that just wanted to be!

  43. As others have already said, I saw no evidence of rambling in the interview – you were great! It’s going to be hard to wait until December for your tour to reach California!

  44. I hope you have a wonderful time in Canada 🙂 I’m on the other end of the country, and in a town too small for you to ever stop in, but still hope you enjoy your stay! 😀 My husband is now reading our copy of Furiously Happy and is now understanding why I kept laughing out loud 🙂

  45. My red dress (I think the tag says Monteau? I finally looked, whatever, we have the same dress) were furiously happy to meet you! Oh, and thanks for reminding me to fill my meds by way of that cookie anecdote.

  46. So . . . a good day to be in Canada with all the Trudeau celebrations, eh? And Ohio–salt of the earth those people. An absolutely unbiased opinion from a born and bred Buckeye:). Knowing who Braxton Miller is helps in Ohio. Trust me:). And enjoy!

  47. Welcome to Canada Jenny. I wish I could have seen you tonight but I was taxiing my eleven year old daughter to an after school activity. She actually read both your books and thought they were hilarious. I was debating about having her bail on it and see you instead (I had a whole internal debate about it). You did not ramble during the interview – the kiss of death during an interview is when the interviewee gives a one word answer so you totally rocked it. All the best on the rest of your tour.

  48. Just watched the interview, you nailed it. I also finished your book tonight, so I know you might not feel worthy of that compliment, but believe me when I say you are worthy, and I meant it for the real Jenny, not some illusion of a better person, that you might think we see.

    I also wanted to say, I had a friend who just tried to commit suicide by deliberate OD on something (I was not told what) and while I am not in a place where I can be as supportive and helpful as I would like, I am going to use your blog, and your books as a tool to try help. I feel that between your off kilter brand of humor and your real deep personal experiences with the darkness of the mind, that they will really help get through, and serve as a reminder that easier is not always the same as better, and that we who wage war inside our minds, are not alone in it, no matter how it seems that way. So again Jenny, thank you for being you, thank you for letting us see through you, and those who flock to your blog, and read your books, that we are not alone.

  49. you were great! I didn’t think you rambled. I feel like that in interviews, but you were smart, funny, articulate and meaningful. Baby steps indeed.

  50. Congrats Jenny on the success of your book and the tour. I am envious of you being in Toronto on such a glorious day. Hope everything went well. Now I am going to plead for you to come to Michigan on your next tour (or if you add dates to this tour). Ann Arbor would be a good place; there are lots of independent bookstores, it’s a liberal bastion in MI, and I’m sure you’d get a fantastic audience. The Yarn Harlot has been here, so she can tell you how awesome it was.

    p.s. The taxidermied rat underwear is all kinds of wrong and I can’t unsee it. Arghhhhh!

  51. reading the book now, i got it on sunday and been reading it since while i’m in the hospital for treatments etc. I have busted out laughing several times and i’m only about 30 pages into your book. I asked for this book for my birthday and got it on sunday i’m also getting let’s pretend this never happened but they had to order it they were sold out in the stores. I don’t suffer from any of the illnesses that this book touches on but it educates me what people deal with sometime. Great book Jenny already told nurses and friends they had to buy it, it’s that funny.

  52. The event was awesomely funny and had all the right emotional notes mixed in. Definitely worth the four hour drive to be there.

  53. Just watched the interview–you were excellent! Your answers weren’t the sound bites we’ve gotten used to, but you spoke clearly, on point, and with no rambling at all. And you did all that about taboo subjects that are nearly impossible to talk about and did so with admirable clarity, depth, honesty, and fluency. Thank you once again for all you’ve shared and the conversations you’ve started. Your courage continues to be an inspiration!

  54. YOU were awesome! You were friendly and made sense and everything. Your interviewer tried, but I’m not sure she read the book and she seemed a bit closed-off. One day, she’s going to kick herself for not taking advantage of being in your glorious presence.

  55. I just finished reading the chapter in Furiously Happy entitled “An Essay on Parsley, Wasabi, Cream Cheese, and Soup”. At the end you apologize for your vagina and say that you should just put it on a T-shirt, which I think is BRILLIANT. You could put a photo of a felted vagina on it. WHY ISN’T THIS IN YOUR SHOP? That’s marketing gold right there, Jenny!

  56. Awesome interview! I don’t think you rambled a lot. You just looked authentic. Thanks for being who you are. Much love

  57. Hi Jenny, thanks for sticking around so late to sign all of our books! Best visit to Toronto ever. In case you’re still interested, here’s the link to my iPhone case that you commented on. I’ll be traveling soon and will keep you posted as to whether or not TSA freaks out because of its snow globe-esque qualities. As you said, we know how they feel about snow globes…


  58. It was amazing to see you in Toronto last night! Thanks for making the trip across the border 🙂

  59. I so wish I could be there. Ottawa is 5 hours away, and I can’t afford the trip anyway. But I got my Bookplate today!!!!! I literally danced around the house. We thank you, Hunter S. Tomcat, and Rory.

  60. I got to meet you last night! It was so awesome to meet my dear buddy who doesn’t know me at all! I was all crazy jumpy fangirl who bumbled, and you were so kind. To EVERYONE. Thank you. Thank you for making me laugh when life is not funny, thank you for being honest, thank you for coming to Canada!
    I hope your smile muscles are not in spasm today. Go get a smile massage. You deserve it.

  61. Thank you so much for your friendly visit! I was very nervous when I met you and utterly speechless, meaning that I literally could not make words with my mouth. Thank you again for all that you are, it was such an honor to be among your loveliness!

  62. omg, in your interview you come across as so functional and normal that the interviewer seems a little off. Well done!

  63. When I eventually see a shrink, I’m going to demand that she gives me a certificate stating that I’m insane and then I’ll use it as a ‘Get out of jail free’ card ALL THE TIME. Nothing will be my fault any more and I can jump queues and say what I’m really thinking and just flash my certificate at the affronted. Now if I could only learn to foam at the mouth . . . .

  64. Stayed up very late last night finishing Furiously Happy. Way to go!! Great job lady, I laughed out loud and made my kids think I am even crazier than ever. Sorry I missed you when you were in T.O. But you bet your sweet self I will definitely make it to your next book tour. No pressure. 😉

  65. You were great in Toronto and I brought my husband to see you and he loved you too and I think saw some of himself in you!! Thanks for your honesty and humour!!

  66. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for four years, but have never commented. I can’t believe my first comment ever is going to be such a superficial one, but anyway: I just wanted to say that you look absolutely lovely in the interview. So, so pretty. xx

  67. You were FABULOUS in that interview! Thanks! – from me and all the other mentally ill folks out there

  68. That quote makes me wish I was still on antipsychotics. Or at least that I had used that excuse when getting them filled.

  69. laughed til I cried! I don’t have twitter, or I’d have told you about the time I told colleagues that “i need to spread my legs” when I meant stretch them with a long walk. So glad that was at the end of my contract there.

  70. I loved your interview, your honesty, your hope, everything, thank you! I am going to order both your books now, I can’t wait to read them. Cheers, Kathleen

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