If it’s Friday this must be Ohio.

1. Holy shit, you guys.  Just found out that Furiously Happy is on the NYT bestseller list for the fourth week in a row.  AAAAAHHHH!  I’m blaming you for this (in a good way) because people keep coming to book signings and saying they only just discovered it because a stranger on the subway was laughing so hard at it they peed and/or cried and/or lost their liquids in some other fascinating way.  You are better than a billboard made of chocolate bacon and I love you.


2.  Hello, Dayton!  I’m here.  Are you here?  Let’s be here together.

I’ll be at Books&Co at 7pm.  Come?  Please?

Photo by Justin Hackworth
Photo by Justin Hackworth

Next stop?  Chicago!

For the whole Furiously Happy tour, click here.

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  1. I have relatives in Dayton. I’ll tell them if they don’t go see you I’ll disown them. That’s a pretty empty threat because we’re not closely related enough to be in each others’ wills, but they will lose something if they don’t go see you. And buy your book.
    I’ll tell them I’ll deduct the cost of your book from the amount I’m leaving them when I die. Again an empty promise, but hopefully they’ll have forgotten about it by the time I die.
    Well, this is getting a little morbid.

  2. I just finished “Furiously Happy” and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read, particularly the part about Benedict Cumberbatch being the Alan Rickman Benjamin Buttoning. As a person who is also struggling with mental illness, this book meant the world to me and made me laugh until I cried in a couple spots. Thank you so much for being you and being real!

  3. Lots of kids couldn’t wait to grow up. Not me. I could not see a reason to become one of those people who never seemed to have any fun. Except for makeup of course. Makeup was my big reason to grow up.

  4. Your Michigan fan base is crying…do you hate the Mitten? Why oh Why are there no signings here??? #wheresrory? Not in Michigan! :(.


    My tears

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My signed bookplate arrived in the mail.I live in Eastern Canada and cannot even hope to get to a signing, so this was the next best thing. It was like getting a note from you on a day where I needed it!

  6. I was reading your book on a trip last week. I had to put it away because I almost choked trying to hold the laughter in. Tears were pouring down my face. So of course, as soon as I was with my friends, I told them about your book, and kept forcing them to listen to excerpts, to which we all laughed hysterically. Thank you, so much, for your candidness, and for shared laughter. Wish you were coming to San Diego!

  7. I think you just came up with the title of your next book and the cover: Chocolate covered bacon. Even those who don’t like to read , like to eat. PS, even if you named the next one Liver and Onions- I would still buy it.

  8. I hope your love for us is like day one of the chocolate-covered-bacon billboard, and not day nine or so. After a long heatwave. And drought. Because by that point, ew.

  9. I’ve been reading your book in bed, but then I laugh and shake the bed and wake up my bed partner. You would conclude with something funny here, but I’m nowhere near as talented in that area as you are.

  10. I listened to the book while driving on a high speed road, and also read the book while staying in a silent monastery. The car had a tendency to weave when I could not control my laughter, and I am lucky that with all the muffled laughter coming out of my room when reading the book, that they did not kick me out. I just told my sister in Dayton that she needs to see you, and buy the books.

  11. I just heard you are ranking higher than Hilary so Congrats, New Prez! Gawd help us…

  12. The conversation in my car last night:

    L: How’s your book Mom – the one with the crazy raccoon and all the glitter on it?
    Me: It’s a great book – I’m really enjoying it and it’s really funny.
    L: What’s it called…… Angerly Happy?
    Me: Close… Furiously Happy.

    She’s too young at 10 to read… but the 14 yr old will be reading it. I wish I could make it to Dayton – but we are all Angerly and Furiously happy for you up here in Cleveland. Enjoy the great state of Ohio!

  13. I really wish I had had the courage to go to your signing.

    (It’s okay if you don’t. Self-care is the best care. But if you do come, know that you will not be alone in being terrified and that anyone next to you will understand if you have to hide under your chair or need to borrow a xanax. They really are the friendliest and most amazingly weird and understanding groups of people you’ll ever meet and so many people come alone and leave having met new friends. That said, don’t feel like a failure if you can’t do it, or if you get to the store and can’t come in. I totally understand that and I’ve been unable to go through signing lines even of people I love because my anxiety gets the best of me. You are not alone. ~ Jenny)

  14. The book is dangerous to read in public. More dangerous to read at work since I laugh so hard I look like I’m positively sobbing. That’s not a good look for the office.

    Loving the book so far!

  15. Whoop, whoop! Congratulations, Jenny! Your books are brain porn and I love them

  16. Hi Jenny! I wanted to share a lovely experience I had because of your book! I was reading it at the laundromat and laughing out loud, and this sweet older woman with the cutest German accent heard me laughing and came over to say that it made her happy to hear, and she liked people who are openly positive. I told her that’s kind of what the book is about, and we had such a nice conversation about the importance of facing the world with a smile even when it’s tough, and she told me about how that had served her in her years as a nurse. We chit chatted all through finishing our laundry, and wished each other a lovely day. All because of your book! Thank you!!

  17. You know what Mark Twain said about Ohio. So go ahead and buy some property while you’re there in advance of the Zombies. Though I suppose he didn’t specifically mention zombies. But Mark Twain wasn’t freaking infallible, right? I mean he was all team BetaMax so…

  18. I still need to write an Amazon review. And I’m not above bribery. Just saying.

  19. I was in NYC the day after your book signing. I commented on that on Twitter and I received a signed bookplate for the book I bought through the mail from Flatiron Books. I wanted to thank you and Flatiron. I bought the book for my husband who suffers with depression. He loves your books, and he said that this one in particular made him feel like he “wasn’t alone.” Thank you for making him feel that way. You are wonderful!

  20. My fiance, my dear friend Cathy, and I will be there tonight! Can’t wait! Alice_fraggle, we can meet you there if you’d like – as we are, like Jenny said, amazingly weird and also amazingly understanding. I have anxiety and also depression, too, and this has been an awful 2 weeks for me. I know how you feel. If you can’t come to the reading, please know you are in my thoughts. Depression lies. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that. I know.

  21. I’ll be there – my friend and I have been planning this since you announced your book tour locations! (She’s actually driving two hours in from Indiana to be here for it – I’m just driving 10 miles down the road, so maybe she gets more credit – but I’m extremely socially anxious and never go do things, so I get some credit too!)

    Really cool thing is that this particular friend – since she does live a two hour drive away from me – and I have not done anything just-the-two-of-us in FIVE YEARS so you’re totally bringing us together! Which is awesome! Can’t wait! For lots of reasons! Can’t stop using exclamation points! Ahhhhh!

  22. Hey Jenny!! I’m the sign language interpreter for you in Chicago! Can’t wait for Sunday!
    Do you by chance know which chapters you’ll be reading?
    I’m pumped!! See you soon!!

    (Yay! Probably Furiously Happy.Dangerously Sad and the one about dog biscuits. ~ Jenny)

  23. I’m only reading one chapter a day, so I can drag it out longer 🙂 It’s so hilarious – Thank you, Jenny!!!

  24. I need to work “I just lost my liquids” into a conversation. Soon. Also swamp farts, but that’s completely different.

  25. I had to stop reading it on the treadmill at the gym: 1) I looked crazy laughing hysterically and 2) the laughter made me weak at the knees . .which .is kind of a safety issue, lol

  26. could you please put a warning label on the cover like: “caution when consuming contents while in public, may lead to outbursts of uncontrolled laughter”

  27. oh and could you please post more pics of your book tour. Kinda makes me feel like I’m there…only if you are up to it.

  28. i read my teenage boys a completely inappropriate excerpt from Furiously Happy
    they now think i’m slightly more crazy than they thought at first 🙂

  29. My husband and I are driving from MI to Chicago on Sunday to attend the signing, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to hold it together and will make a fool of myself. I’ll probably either pee myself or start crying like a weirdo! Either way, I’m super excited!!!

  30. So now you’ve put me in a pickle. Because while an Ohio girl at heart, Chicago is my home. I can’t tell you which are better peeps. Just know that if you’re visiting both, you’re in such GOOD hands this week. Great people. Salt of the earth. Full of support for you and your book. Right where you should be:).

  31. I usually only have time to read just before I go to sleep. Thank goodness that my husband works nights. I kept waking him up laughing at your last book – at least this time I know better than to read it while he’s trying to sleep. “her own personal wishing well” just about killed me.

  32. YEAH BABY! Just got my bookplate and I FEEL like I am made of chocolate and bacon and goodness. The book is fantastic, and thank you for sharing your story. You make me feel furiously happy that I am not the only one and you make me laugh my ass off.

  33. I’ll be there! Been looking forward for months! Also, I will be on drugs too! I’ll be the one violently coughing into my sugar skull purse!

  34. We’re here waiting on you! Don’t worry. We’re on drugs too! We came
    All the way from Fort Wayne to meet you. I can’t wait to
    Meet you!

  35. I’ll be there! You picked a beautiful day to be here, it’s gorgeous outside, and the leaves are turning into lovely shades of reds, oranges and yellows. This is what Fall is all about.

  36. I like to listen in the car and laugh maniacally. I also pretend you’re my imaginary friend sitting in the passenger seat and you’re regaling me with your hilarious stories. Passing motorists seem entertained by my maniacal laughter at an empty passenger seat. I do the same when ordering at drive throughs! Thank you for the endless entertainment.

  37. The pharmaceutical reps should be sponsoring this tour, or at least offering samples!
    Thanks for coming to the DYT! Ohio loves you.

  38. I absolutely adored Furiously Happy. So much so that I immediately got your first book, and tore through it like a badger on a bender. You are a phenomenal writer and amazing person.thank you so much for sharing your stories. They make the world brighter and better.

  39. Thanks Jenny, you were fantastic! My daughter loved the video you made for her at the Dayton Book Signing!
    Keep doing what you do, you are an inspiration to those who need it most!

  40. Driving 4.5 hours to see you was totally worth it, just to get to hug you. You are amazing and wonderful, and hilarious.

  41. I got to hug you! I am so stoked, that was so cool! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  42. Thank you for coming to visit us! I am so excited to get to see/ meet you in person!! Glad you had a big turn out – I was #195 and I wasn’t even the last one. Great indicator of how much we all love your writing! 😉

  43. Don’t Stone Me Guys…Havnt gotten my copy…..yett.(its on its way)
    =) Its prob gonna be up on that list for many more weeks to come =)

  44. To people too anxious to go to the signing: if you can get yourself to do it, great, if not, there’s always next time (with her third bestseller, “Chocolate Bacon Billboard.”) Anyway, I was terrified of meeting her (which is hard to admit), and felt extra anxious for being a guy fan, but she signed our book and let us take a picture (which I’ve never posted anywhere because I look awful in it), and I didn’t die! And nobody pointed or whispered behind my back. As far as I know. Maybe they did. Crap. Anyway, I’m glad I went.

  45. Jenny, I just finished Furiously Happy last week and I thought it was awesome – I wouldn’t be surprised if it winds up on the NYT best seller list for ANOTHER week at least! Looking forward to your next one already!

  46. It was totally awesome to meet you for real, live and in person. The 4 and a half hour drive was completely worth it, and I got to hug you! You give amazing hugs by the way.
    Also, side note, if you ever need medical advice/have medical questions at 3am, (I just finished your chapter where you called your sister at 3am) feel free to contact me. I work midnights as a nurse, and am up all night regardless of whether I work or not.

  47. Hi Jenny!! Congrats on the book. I am laughing my way through it. Also, I received my signed book plate – did you really sign all those? Thanks so much and keep helping us stay sane. Love, Judith

  48. I just finished reading and your description of hiding in the house when the doorbell rings is so exactly me that it was spooky. I thought, why does she think this is strange? Who wants to answer the door?

  49. I peed and cried, too! Good way to lose a little weight! Love you, Jenny! Thanks for the laughs!

  50. Disappointed to have missed you in NY this time. I went to the reading you did in Manhattan on your last tour, with my mom and cousin. I doubt you remember us, but my mom was wearing a giant dead bird of paradise on her head and I think we scared you a bit, although you were very sweet about it. Now that I think about, it’s probably better than we missed you this time. Although it would have given my mom another chance to wear that hat again …

  51. I read it and loved it. My kiddos kept asking what I was laughing at-and I had to act all mysterious as I muttered, ” I can’t tell you” over my hysterically shaking shoulder…

  52. Just got my hardcover “hold in my hands” version of your book and immediately lent it to my therapist, who was SO EXCITED to get it, and I don’t think it’s just because I pay her, which is how I know I have the right therapist. (I’ve already read your book twice already on my iPad, because I bought the e-book but I needed something to lend to other people and also a real book to stick my signed bookplate in once I finish lending it…). So sad I missed you in NY (damn job!). Enjoy Chicago, it is very clean for a major city.

  53. 4 weeks in a row is awesome Jenny. I still haven’t received my copy..better do something to remedy that…in a hurry or there won’t be any left…Congrats kiddo!

  54. I wish you had come to Northeast Ohio – I would love to see you, but Dayton is the one city on my list of places I never want to go again, for any reason. The last time I went there I swear the whole world was trying to murder me on the way home. I had more vans and big trucks try to run me off the road by entering the lane I was in than the whole rest of my life combined. No lie! I love you more than anyone else in Ohio does, though. I swear. So if you come to Wadsworth, or Medina Country, or, say, Cleveland or Akron? I’ll show up cloned.


  55. Furiously Happy was spotted in the bookspine poetry twitter war between @kclibrary and @torontolibrary. 🙂

  56. Damn, I didn’t think to ask for a hug/ask if I could give you a hug in Boston…guess I was too busy talking about the missing foot of my colon… 🙁

    Speaking of Boston, here’s the ridiculously easy vegan red velvet cake recipe some time, so you can make it, or someone else can make it for you, any time you’d like.
    3 cups white flour (I like King Arthur; you can also use KA’s white whole wheat, too)
    2 cups white sugar
    1/2-2/3 cup cocoa powder (Hershey’s is fine)
    2 teaspoons baking soda
    1 teaspoon salt
    2/3 cup shortening (you can use oil, but the texture’s better w/shortening)
    2 cups cold water with 2 tablespoon cider vinegar
    1 1-oz. bottle of red food coloring
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    For two 8-9″ layers, 1 13″ x 9″ pan, or about 2 dozen cupcakes:
    Preheat oven to 350F. Combine all dry ingredients in large bowl, then add shortening and kind of cut it into the dry mixture with a big wooden spoon. Add about half the water/vinegar combo and start stirring; keep adding water a bit at a time until everything is well blended (a mixer is very helpful here–you don’t need a KitchenAid; a little hand mixer will do the job), then add the food coloring (mind you don’t splash the batter everywhere…) and vanilla and blend in. Pour into greased and floured pans, or cupcake papers in muffin pans if you’re going that route, and bake for about 25 minutes for 2 layers, 35 minutes for a 9×13 pan, and 20 minutes for cupcakes; use the broomstraw test to make sure it’s done (if it comes out clean or just about so, it’s done), but try not to overbake it. (You can also use a bamboo skewer, or a piece of spaghetti, if the idea of pulling a straw out of your broom just grosses you out, or, if like me, you have a broom with plastic straws that would melt if you stuck them in hot cake batter.) Let cool and frost with frosting of choice; cream cheese is good if you’re not a vegan, although there is such a thing as vegan cream cheese (but it doesn’t have that bit of tartness, damn it). Note: if you want the cake to be mostly red, use 1/3 to 1/2 cup of cocoa powder; more will make it darker but also more chocolatey and, in my not-so-humble opinion, tastier.

    Bon appetit!

  57. Hi Jenny,

    I live in the Netherlands, and had to be in the States for work. I wanted to come to your book signing in Boston, but had to leave for San Diego that day. I flew via San Francisco and in the airport came across your book. So had to buy it, without signature alas.

    But in the book I found something else, that I wanted to share with you and your audience,..

    I found a note, left for a romantic interest. Like a message in a bottle, only then in a book.
    I bought the last book from that store, so I assume the deal was, he was on a lay-over via SF as well as she was, and he was supposed to buy the last book.

    I happen to work as a wedding photographer, so I do not want to stand in the way of love, so I am posting the note here, on your blog, and I hope you can help me connect these 2 people, even though I bought the book with the ‘love letter’ in it,…

    “hello friend,
    I’m glad you had a safe flight. And I’m so happy that you found this note! I am so excited for our date on Tuesday night when I am back in town. 😉 It will be nice to finally see your real live face after a week of excruciating texting back and forth. It has been difficult for me to contain my excitement as it seems it has been for you too. Let’s make sure if it goes well, we don’t have to wait another week until our next meeting?? OH WAIT, of course, YOU ARE LEAVING TOWN AGAIN 😉 Just kidding, I am really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. I think it is really awesome you ae travelling to so many places for the awesome work you are doing! Keep it up! see you soon! Carol

    (also hi Dave) ”
    And rather randomly a drawn picture of a smelly turd,…?

    So, apart from the drawn turd, quite a nice note to Dave.
    Jenny, can you give this some prominence on yout blog, so we can see if together we can make this a more loving world?

    If they ever get married, I expect an invite, and/or a booking as their photographer,…..;)

    ps: loving your book Jenny!
    greetz, Roeland


  58. I’m desolate that I won’t be able to make any of the tour stops, but I’m doing my best to keep your book on the NYT & Indiebound Bestsellers lists by recommending it to friends. I first read your book as an ARC but, of course, I also purchased a signed copy from my favorite independent bookstore.

  59. Meeting you was one of my top ten experiences. This includes the birth of my child and my wedding. Actually, neither of those were very awesome during the moment. Birth REALLY hurt and my wedding was pre-meds. Huh.

  60. I was so excited to meet you at the book-signing on Friday, and you were so engaging and lovely and kind with everyone, and I spent the whole hour between finding a seat and you coming out to the podium thinking of things I might say to you, such as “I’m totally jealous of your haunted dollhouse because I had that idea and a dollhouse but no motivation to start haunting it” or “because of you I spoke to my doctor about my anxiety and depression and he started me on something and the last 3 weeks have been almost like heaven compared to the last couple of years when I just thought that’s how life was so thank you thank you thank you” but after 30 minutes of driving to the bookstore and then finding parking and waiting in line for a line number and then sitting in my seat in that crowd for an hour, I was down several spoons by the time I got to meet you and I didn’t say a thing and then when I was walking away I felt like crying because I just met Jenny Fucking Lawson and I didn’t even say hello much less thank you and you are furiously awesome and I’m so grateful to have found you and your minions because it makes me feel less alone. Bleh. So, yeah, let’s pretend I said all of that and you found me witty and charming and we hugged and shook hands and I didn’t have to go home and watch Jurassic World until I wasn’t all spun up tight anymore (thank goodness my husband is like Victor and he GETS ME and without even asking he put a check-your-brain-at-the-door movie on and didn’t make me talk.)

    In other words, it was lovely to meet you. Thanks for being there.

  61. Thank you Jenny for writing your books. I read Let’s Pretend several times and was so happy to find and read Furiously Happy. I LOL many times while hearing it on Audible in my car, and I also cried a few times, especially the last chapter. My son died 8 years ago at age 18. He had mental illness and was self medicating which hurt his body and brain. Thank you for your message of love to those who are suffering. You are a lovely loving soul. Add talented, gifted, and a gift to the world.

  62. I CANNOT BELIEVE I freakin missed you! Auugghhh!!! It just occurred to me like 5 minutes ago to see if you’d be in town at some point, because no one really comes to Dayton. And I missed you. 😭

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