If it’s Friday this must be Wichita.

We’re not in Kansas anymo-wait.  No.  We are in Kansas.  Wichita, specifically.  It’s the last day of leg three of the Furiously Happy Tour and you should come.


(Click to embiggen.)

Next stop?  Home!  But just for two days.  Then?  Denver.  Come with us.

Check out the rest of the tour here.


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  2. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Dorothy would go back to Kansas. Not even Dorothy Barker. I’d stay with the flying monkeys.

  3. Oops, spellcheck mistake. I mean kwarfield. Not “war field.” Ya see you gotta put EFFORT into misspellings like that these days. Cue the monkeys!

  4. Can’t wait to me you! Welcome to Oz! The land of total flatness and trees that grow sideways cuz of the relentless wind!!

  5. Good morning Jenny! Thank you so much for the quote today – it was perfect. I meet you in Boston and you were an inspiration. The last few days have been spent in my own little dark pillow fort with 2 cats. & my own thoughts. Last night, I started reading your book and sometime during the night, I started to smile, then giggle and then out loud laugh. Thank you for dispelling the tears & fears and reminding me the darkness doesn’t last forever. Sunnier skies today.

  6. Good morning Jenny! Thank you for the perfect quote today and the inspiration when I met you in Boston. I spent most of the week in my own little dark pillow fort with 2 cats and my own brain. I remembered about all the times you have been brave and last night started reading your book. Some where in the night, I started to smile, then giggle and laugh. Thank you for helping to dispel the dark and the tears and remind me that it does get better & there will be sun again. Thank you!

  7. I liked Kansas, we stopped at a truck stop there coming home from Colorado and had the best gravy and biscuits ever! Been trying ever since to find a gravy recipe that good…..it’s been more than 20 years ago…hasn’t happened!

  8. in honor of mortification week, i thought of another one…

    shitty hospital, early 2011. meds time. the nurse who deliberated my meds was a nurse i hadn’t seen before, so it’s important to keep in mind we didn’t know each other. with his extremely heavy, ambiguous accent, he says what sounded like, “open your muff.” perplexed, i replied, “my muff?” “your MUFF.” “my…muff?” it went on like this until i figured out he was saying the word “mouth”- he wanted to make sure i took my meds.

  9. Stopped at a truck stop in Kansas while coming home from Colorado , they had the most amazing biscuits and gravy I ever ate. Have spent so much time trying to find that gravy recipe. Hasn’t happened after 20 years……

  10. I’ve never been to Wichita (I’ve also never been to Paradise, but I have been to me, but that’s another story) but I have been to Lawrence, Kansas, and it’s a really cool town.
    If offered the chance to go to Wichita though I’d jump at it. Then again I jump at the chance to go anywhere. If someone asked me “Would you like to go to Paramaribo?” I’d say “Let me get my toothbrush.” We’d probably be somewhere over Guatemala before I thought to ask, “So what’s shakin’ in Suriname and, by the way, who are you?” A few minutes later it would sink in that I should have brought a change of clothes and maybe some toothpaste.

  11. Love you! Really not in a weird stalker way. But let’s just say for instance that you needed to talk to a friend who totally gets you, that would be meeeeee! You rock girl and make me laugh. And that is really something awesome.

  12. I wish I could come to Wichita or Denver, since they’re the closest to me, but I have to work.. Hope everyone has a great time!

  13. Oh, hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that a really great show has been taking on the topic of depression in the last couple of episodes and it’s done a fantastic job of showing it from the perspective of the sufferer. Check out “You’re The Worst” on FXX. No affiliation, just a fan.

  14. Love the top graphic, yes, those days are worth holding out for. Hope you haven’t given too much of yourself away on your book tour, rest well when you get home. #furiouslyhappyeverychance

  15. I wanted to go to Denver but the world conspired against me. But I’ll be there in spirit. 👻

  16. I have to hope that comment #1 used an email reply signature by mistake.
    wonders how many people are calling her right now

  17. And “Wichita” has been fixed… You can take the witch out of Wichita but you can’t take Wichita out of Kansas. (That’s a saying, right?)

  18. Welcome! We’re so excited to have you. I’m utterly terrified about the crowd that will be there tonight, but I’ll have friends, and it’s worth it to see you! Thank you for making us part of your tour.

  19. I needed to read that photo today. Just the reminder. The past few days have been hell. AND I WAS DOING SO GOOD. But yeah. You always know just what to say. And all I have in return is “Thanks.” :/ Not quite enough, but it’s what I’ve got.

  20. I’m not in Kansas, but I did need to hear (read) those words today. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you in Portland.

  21. kwarfield embarrassed all of Kansas. Who cares how to spell Wichita? Everybody knew where you were talking about. Take a chill pill kwarfield!

  22. I’m in Kansas! Only 2 hours away! I’m got my ticket at the bookstore months ago, to have a ‘me’ day/mini road trip today! And alas, a teen daughter in tears last night, new braces this week vs. an honors band audition tomorrow morning (springs on braces and flutes don’t get along well.) Orthodontist meeting us in his office soon, on his day off, to correct it so she can shine tomorrow. Life does have it’s dark places and bright spots, all mixed together. But sadly, I can’t make it to see you tonight, but hopefully can see my daughter happy tomorrow. Have a fabulous time tonight in Witchita/Wichita (we locals lovingly call it both.)

  23. Jenny, thank you so much for your courage. Your words have been the inspiration I needed to come to terms with my own struggle. I’ve lived with depression and anxiety for most of my life (30 years or more), but it’s only since I read your first book a few months ago that I came to accept it. You are a true inspiration and I am furiously happy to be a part of this wondorous and beautiful tribe.

  24. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Kansas is a lucky state…right? Kansas is a state?

  25. Jenny, I just want to say thank you. I’ve never posted before, but I’ve read every one of your posts. Thank you for being so amazing and authentic. It’s inspiring to see. I’ve been having a rough week, and bought myself your book as encouragement to keep going. It was just what I needed. Thank you for uniting the tribe 🙂

  26. I’m sure your fans are loving your visits. Someday Detroit might be on your tour schedule. But now we’re tired of epistles from the road. We want/need you back home. Please? When does the whole thing wrap up? I imagine you’ll need down time when it’s done, so there will be more waiting, but having a goal helps the time pass more quickly. Love, your minions.

  27. Okay so I’m coming early, so that if there are too many people then I can come home and start a game of X-Wing with my boyfriend and pretend like I didn’t fail at leaving the house. ALSO, not buying your new book yet because I bought your old book in paperback and I like all of my books by author to match. BECAUSE.
    So, maybe see you in a little bit. Or not. Either way, you should stop by The Hopping Gnome for beer and play Cards Against Humanity and eat popcorn.

  28. I used to live in Wichita, KS. That’s when I discovered you Jenny. I have laughed and cried through all your posts and your amazing first book. Then a year ago I took a leap of faith and moved to Kansas City. It was hard and at times the depression lied to me and said I couldn’t do this, but I am doing great now. Just upset that I missed you. Hope Wichita was nice to you.

  29. Thanks for coming to Wichita tonight. We had a blast and without you, we would never have made our little picture book of “Rory’s Adventures in Bubbleland” from the Land of OZ (aka Kansas). So thanks again for being our creative inspiration and our life inspiration as well. We loved seeing you tonight, from the “Saint” Linda and “Awesome one” Ken Buchanan.

  30. You were great tonight here in Wichita! So loved getting to see you. Hearing you stand up to your personal issues is so inspiring to me. Hope you enjoyed us even half as much as we enjoyed you!

  31. It was such a beautiful time last night! Lots of magical weirdness! Meeting you and getting to hug on you….priceless!! Enjoy the necklace darlin! XO

  32. Mrs. Lawson,
    I must admit I read your second book first. And as I sit in the hospital recovering from back surgery über doped up. I am reading Lets Pretend This Never Happened and wholly fuck! I can’t stop laughing it’s actually making my recovery neighbor mad because I’m laughing so hard. I cried after laughing so hard from reading about Stanley The Magical Squirrel. You rock keep this shit up you’re hilarious.

  33. Just wanted to say I loved your reading last night & had so much fun, but I’m super disappointed that I had to leave & didn’t get to meet you. I was nervous about coming alone, but I ran into a friend I didn’t know was a fan, too, and she offered to take my books (that’s right, I brought BOTH of them) through the signing line for me. So–thanks for being willing to sign more than one thing per person. You’re the coolest!

  34. You should totally road trip to the world’s largest ball of twine. Just two hours away from Wichita and a major bucket list accomplishment.

  35. Ever since reading the first few lines of your first book, I was hooked and have kept reading! I was blessed by being able to attend your event last night. The librarian at my school wanted me to take the way-over-life-sized Rory to put in our library, but I didn’t think stealing something would make a good first impression…but more because carrying a huge cut-out of a smiling raccoon down the four blocks to my hotel would not be inconspicuous. I would say that is probably the opposite of inconspicuous. Then I would have to talk to the police when they found me beaten up on the street, because WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO STEAL A WAY-OVER-LIVE-SIZED CUT-OUT OF RORY? Then I would have to explain to the cops I had stolen it first and wouldn’t give it up without a fight, which made me think, “I bet Jenny feels that way!” So, instead of getting beaten up by you when I attempted to steal your Rory, I waited to have you sign MY book, and you wrote, “For Susan, You make me Furiously Happy” and for sure you would have never written that anywhere about me if I had taken Rory. You.Are.Welcome

  36. You saved me tonight. You have saved me a lot actually. I pull up your blog or Facebook many times as depression takes over, it helps stave it off.
    I’m the missfit and unbelievably lonely and tired. I can take a smile tho, If You don’t get too close to see its not real. The husband doesn’t get it, he just says I need to stop having “melt downs” . He doesn’t understand that I can’t breathe in crowds.
    Fall thru winter I struggle to have the will to exist.
    And I sat staring at a loaded gun tonight, tears streaming. The whole house sleeping. I wondered who would find me, if I should leave first. I don’t want them to find me.
    And then I saw this and read the post you did in May, with the picture you took on vacation with Victor. I am missing, and I can’t see you, or the others but i know I’m not alone. I’m waiting on the light.
    I don’t know if I will make it thru this season. I don’t know if dying scares me more or if surviving does.
    But thank you Jenny Lawson for letting me have more time to see if another day can help to fix whatever it is wrong with me. Thank you for not having my husband or children find a bloody mess.
    Thank you for announcing deprssion lies and that broken can be ok

  37. Your graphic and words at the head of this post remind me very much of a poem I had written for myself when coming out of a particularly difficult bout of depression several years ago. I’d started to feel something other than the constant pain and darkness I’d been struggling with for so long and I found myself actually sort of afraid of those good feelings, not really sure if I could trust them to be real or to last long enough for me to truly enjoy them.

    There are no

    Shadows here.

    If I were only Dreaming,

    but this could be no

    dream of mine.

    I would follow these

    paths, to another


    If I could not hear

    these sounds, filling me

    with Trepidation.

    A song so sweet,

    I cannot bear its pain.

    Gentle touches upon

    The leaves, bear witness

    to the wings of heaven

    A whispering breeze,

    that touches my soul.

    This is a language I

    seem to have always

    known. I could die

    listening to its simple


    I could walk through

    this dream,




    I would kneel

    And pray

    For this to Be

    No Dream of Mine.

  38. This one fits even more so. A reminder for all of us. HUGS and support to all those who struggle.

    Remember that you have light
    Remember that you are glowing
    From Within and out
    Amongst the world
    You shine
    And lead
    Darkness is not a companion
    Or foe to fear
    A memory can serve you well
    But Hope is a better way to go
    Shadows may cause you to stumble
    Do not let this keep you down
    Remember that you have light and
    From within
    And out amongst the world

  39. See you at Third Place Books in Lake Forest, WA!!!! I ordered the book, and in the “special request” section requested that they be happy when I pick up the book; furiously so. Thank you for being you!

  40. So wished we could have driven down to see you! And to anyone who can’t understand why people actually like, no LOVE Kansas – visit the Flint Hills and the open range. Then maybe you will understand our little piece of heaven on earth.

  41. Please, I know you hate to travel, but sometime please come to Wilmington (preferred) or Raleigh, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC. I promise I’ll come to see you. I realize that that’s not much of an incentive for you to come here but it’s all I have to offer… OK… I’ll buy you lunch or dinner. Just come here… lots of crazies here too. You’ll feel right at home.

  42. Unrelated to your travelling… but a high school group I work with lost a member today… a teenager. My first thought was Furiously Happy– in particular the quote from this post. I did not know this young man personally… but his passing definitely affected the kids I do work with. It also reminded me to remind them that they are not alone… ever. I find comfort in your honesty and hope I can provide some comfort to my kids with my own honesty. Thanks for keeping it real.

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