What even are you?

Have you done the Myers-Briggs test?  I did mine a long time ago but it never changes much.  I’m an INFP, super heavy on the introverted part.  A dreamer/mediator/healer.  And it makes sense, I guess.  INFP’s are often writers.  They’re pure idealists, always looking for good in bad, and are usually perceived as shy, isolated and misunderstood.  They listen to everyone but usually only pick one single cause to focus on, otherwise they get too overwhelmed with the bad in the world.  They easily lose touch and withdraw into hermit mode, and it takes a lot of energy from friends and family to bring them back.  They are focused on kindness and compassion but are too idealistic, setting themselves up for disappointment as evil things happen in the world.  They are loyal, apologize to inanimate objects and crave harmony.

It’s eerily accurate, but I can’t decide if it’s accurate because I’m answering the questions that put me into a group that matches my answers or if the group already exists and the answers help me understand who I am.  Regardless, I often ask friends what their personality type is because it helps me understand the issues we’ll have.

I’m interested though in what your personality type is.  INFP is supposedly rare (composing just 4% of the population) but I wonder if that’s true here?  Do we all attract like-minds?  Or is it our difference that pulls us together?  Regardless, I’d like to know.  You can take a quick version of the test here if you haven’t already.  Leave it below, y’all.

PS.  Victor is an ESTJ (Executive) which means “OH MY GOD, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THESE DUMB TESTS SO STOP ASKING ME ABOUT THEM”.  That is so ESTJ.



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  1. I’m Victor – ESTJ. I love these tests and find usually there’s a nugget of insight in them, if not more. Especially in how we interact with others.

  2. I am an INFP as well, and yes writing is my chosen form of of self expression and helping others. Nice to meet another INFP here 🙂

  3. I am also an INFP. They told me at my very big humongous corporation that I couldn’t be an INFP and an executive at the same time. Haha on them. My early retirement income is nice.

  4. I got INFP but I suspect my answers would change with my attitude and mood, so I’d say that at this moment, I’m INFP, but if I’m excited about something, actively looking forward to it, that could change. I’m a Gemini, though, so I’m often all over the board.

  5. I’m strongly IN but the F/T and J/P can depending on which way the wind blows. I identify more as INFP.

  6. I’m never the same thing twice in a row. About the only thing that stays consistent is that I’m an extrovert.


    ENFJs are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, ENFJs take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.

    I like being part of only 2 percent of the population.

  8. INFJ every time I take the test. And it fits. I want to fix everyone else’s problems so they can be happy. Still having issues fixing my own.

  9. INFP as well. I’ve found that the online circles I run in tend to have a lot more of us than the real world. I think it’s because it feels a lot easier and safer (mentally and emotionally anyway) to connect with people online than it is in person. At least for me, and I would guess for a lot of us on here or we wouldn’t be on here.

  10. I’m INFP too, and I work with two fellow INFPs. I don’t feel especially rare as a result, but maybe like attracts like. I’m a writer, too. I’d rather write than interact in person with people.

    But, I’m still not convinced that Meyers-Briggs is any more accurate than horoscopes. And I’m a typical sensitive Pisces!

  11. According to every doctor my parents sent me to all though my childhood… I cannot be classified. And I cannot be trusted with matches.

  12. Funny, I just did this test a couple of days ago. INTJ here. Mastermind/Architect. Planning on taking over the world. gif of raccoon rubbing hands together with evil glee

  13. I took a MB test in 1998 and it ended up ISTJ. I just did the one you linked to today and ended up ISFJ. Both of them were barely in the T or F range, so I guess I’ve gotten a little more F in the last 18 years. Interesting.

  14. I got INTP — years ago I took a similar test (or the predecessor of this one) and was identified as a Driving Expressive. Still feel that describes me best.

  15. Been an INFP since the first time I took one of these tests 🙂 Not surprised you’re one too! It seems a lot of us congregate on the interwebs, I have many forum friends who are also INFPs. /salute!

  16. INFJ.

    My husband is a #$@!.

    One of my closest friends is an INFP. We get’ each other in eerie ways. His wife is an INFJ (like me – but NOTHING like me), and she doesn’t get him at all. Go figure.

  17. I so don’t want to take this test. I’ve done it a zillion (or maybe three times, whatever) already, from college and jobs to discover “who I am.” I’m sure I still have it in my files somewhere and will attempt to look it up later. I’ve been more interested lately in Gretchen Rubin’s “Better Than Before” book and I’m a big “Questioner.” Which is one of the reasons I’m not immediately looking it up.

  18. INFP-T – I’m a mediator….um…yeah, I have four kids, I mediate EVERYTHING lol! But my fictional bosom friend is Anne of Green Gables so hooray!

  19. ISTJ, took it with a bunch of other engineers, 90% of the room was an ISTJ. Kind of funny. I’m curious what this poll shows.

  20. I got Advocate INFJ-T. Makes sense. I tend to make sure everyone is ok and happy. I support and stand up for what I’m passionate about and strongly believe in. That was cool

  21. Ha! I took the test and I’m an INFJ. A counselor. Guess what my degree is in? PSYCHOLOGY. Pretty smart little test 😉

  22. I’m a INFP-T because I worry about what people think but I do it anyhow and stupid people bug me. Not stupid like unintelligent but stupid like “why the heck are you doing that? Can’t you tell it’s a stupid thing to do? Sheesh!”

  23. I am an ESFP, strongly on the E(extrovert) and the P(perceiving). It does fit my personality as it says I am a performer/entertainer and that certainly explains my life.

  24. We had to take this at work in one of our required leadership classes. The contracted instructor told us that 95% of our company was either ESTJ or ISTJ. When I came up as ENTP, she looked at me and said, ‘Me too. How in the hell do you function in this company? They must drive you insane!’

  25. I’m INFP-T right now, but i feel that some of the statements were too ambiguous. Just saying. I have motivated, focused times when i don’t give a damn about feelings… and days when i can’t even get out of bed.

  26. I’m somewhere between INFP and INFJ. What’s funny is that my boyfriend is also a Victor and is an ISTJ. Reading your stories, it might as well be me and him, except my Victor keeps to himself more.

  27. INFP-T (“THE MEDIATOR”). Apparently, I’m part of an extinct species, as my group only makes up 4% of the population. The most telling piece of information: “Left unchecked, INFPs may start to lose touch, withdrawing into “hermit mode”, and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world.” This is the one part that’s right on the nose. If it were up to me, I’d never leave the sanctuary of my couch, with the exceptions of going to the bathroom and going to bed. I have agoraphobic tendencies (I’ve been completely shut-in because of this in the past).
    On the bright side, I’m in good company – Shakespeare, Tolkien, Tom Hiddleston… I could totally go into “hermit mode” (which is actually the exact phrase I use to describe it) with Tom Hiddleston.

  28. I that this shows who reads your blog by personality type. Also, I have changed since I took the test five years ago and it’s really wigging me out.

  29. ENFJ, unless I take the test when I’m depressed, in which case three of my four letters switch. I run pretty close to the centerline in every category, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when it happened the first time, but I was! Depression definitely changes the way I interact with the world.

  30. INFP all the way, baby! Took the test for the first time in middle school and was ENFP, but the E was weak. I guess as life experience beat on my the E went to a solid I. I do identify as a healer, so that is pretty accurate. <3

  31. I’m INFP. Work had everyone do Myers-Briggs years ago. My husband is ISTJ – we are almost opposites with introversion in common. He thinks I’m much more outgoing than he is, and I am – but I have to work on it. Forced extroversion is my specialty when required.

  32. INFJ here on all previous testing. This one showed me as a ISFJ–hmm. Time to reevaluate myself! This test showed me at a 99% introvert. Yep…that’s about right.

  33. INTP, supposedly rare amongst women, ya know cause logic normally gives us thinky pain.

  34. INFP-T
    Pretty much what I’ve always gotten on these. 100% Introvert, although the Intuitive/Planned part is misleading with me because I think in circles and often make connections between ideas without conscious thought because of my ADD. And my OCD involves compulsive thinking, and throws things off too, because I’ve recognized that if I let it have it’s way I’d go nuts if everything wasn’t sparkling clean and organized. So I tend to ignore things like dirt and disorganization if I can.

  35. Every time I take these, I get a slightly different result, with only one constant: 100% introvert. I hang around the middle of all the others. That probably says something in itself… but I haven’t a fucking clue what.

  36. I’m an INTJ, through and through. Reading about my personality type is like reading a book of life … 🙂 I wish I’d uncovered my personality type before last year, because I think it really would have helped me through a lot.

  37. Myers-Briggs labeled me ESFP, but right on the midline of all of those. I am a total introvert, so that result made me grumpy. Your quick test I just took seems more accurate: ISFJ. Really like the questions and result-explanations in that quick test better, too.

  38. INFP with a 48/52 split I/E and 46/54 split between T/F, which is kinda amusing on its own, but I also scored 0% on judging and only 12% on observing, so I’m either very split or very, very decided.

  39. INFP here, too. We clearly gravitate to each other…at least online, so we don’t have to interact at social gatherings. Because we hate that shit. At least for the most part. Thus, we write to each other, and ourselves.

  40. INTJ

    I think it means I’m psychotic, or something.

    I got that result and thought, screw this test. :/

  41. INFP here too. I disagreed with it (only a little) on the test site, then I read your description. Yep. That’s me. I’m writing this from my hermit cave a.k.a. bedroom that just got a netflix/tv upgrade! I’m never leaving!!

  42. I’m actually an IST/FJ I scored equally on the T and F. Blew the mind of my career counselor, apparently she’d never knew that was even possible.

  43. INTJ. Ooooohh, I’m a MASTERMIND. Muwahahahahahaha! I mean, if everyone’s okay with that, it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m not feeling too fat, and there’s no public speaking.

    Oh, and no uncomfortable clothes.

  44. I’m an INFP and have wondered if astrological signs play any part in your personality type. I’m a Pisces, too. Dreamer according to both.

  45. I’ve been INFP for over 20 years [well, probably before that, but that’s when I first discovered the test.] Once in a great while if I get in a certain mode I slip over to INTP. And one really annoying test whose questions I didn’t like at all had me pegged as ISFP, which was so incredibly wrong it’s not even funny, but their choices were ridiculous. Anyway, yeah. I knew there was a reason why I empathize so much with your writing style. Besides its general awesomeness, I mean. Also, I’m amazed Victor the ESTJ gets along with you as well as he does, though I suppose there’s a ying-yang, “bringing balance to The Force” kinda thing going on there, too. It’s arguably better than two INFP’s getting together, because then one them eventually HAS to take over the extroverted, sensory, thinking, judging duties on occasion, which is annoying. Otherwise, bills don’t get paid on time, yo. (My wife and I are both INFP. We are pretty much hermits.)

  46. For the longest time, I was an INFJ. I recently became (tested as?) an INFP, so of course we’re best friends now. 😉 Loved the part about apologizing to inanimate objects. Which of course I have never ever done. Nope. Not me. 🙂

  47. I’m an INTJ. It fits. If you really want to have a hoot take an Enneagram test as well.

  48. INTJ – The Mastermind! Clearly this test knows I’m planning to take over the world. As soon as I finish my six bookshelves of back logged reading material. And after coffee.

  49. INTJ
    I am almost NEVER spontaneous if it’s more practical to have a plan.
    Recently, a male acquaintance joked that I might go home with him later. I was disgusted that he thought me so naive and stupid. He could not fathom why. I went on to explain that before I consider going home with somebody there will be a discussion of STDs, of condoms, of sexual kinks and preferences.
    His response was to laugh. No contribution to a grownup conversation. Just laughter and then “well, I’m told I am quite good in bed.”
    My reply “What are you good at?” “Says who?”
    Arrogantly, dismissively “Oh, plenty of girls.”
    I requested some names and phone numbers. He responded that I wasn’t any fun and that “Nobody” plans a night of sex like that.
    I find it fascinating that he is convinced that I am an airhead and that he is the guarded intellectual with zero evidence for either.
    Thank you Jenny for the test… I just got some great insights into how I am misperceived because INTJs are rare critters.

  50. I got INFP now but generally in the last two I am so close to the border that depending on how I feel mentally when taking the test I also often get INTJ and other combinations starting with IN
    So I guess the answer is…

  51. According to the test (I’m INFP -A, by the way) “Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the INFP personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.” I’m fairly certain a strong percentage of that 4% have luckily connected with each other through you and your writing, leading to that “fountain of joy and inspiration.”

  52. This test has been pretty much debunked. Might as well ask our astrological signs or our blood type.

  53. INFP here, and I was not at all surprised you are too. Enjoy! Is it possible to enjoy being an INFP?

  54. According to this psychological autopsy, I’m an INFP-T (Mediator.) I answered them as honestly as possible, which made me anxious as fuck. So I guess, it was accurate. By the way, your blog is awesome. 🙂

  55. INTJ. Writer. Gemini. Writer. Also opener of cans of worms.

    The person who gave me the MB test said she’d never seen someone test so strongly Introverted…as in 100%. :/

  56. I’m an INFJ+Scorpio (yikes, no wonder I’m single). I’m equally fascinated by MBTI and have been for about a year (and I usually hate new-age BS). I make all my friends take the 16personalities test now. I find it interesting that INFP/INFJ, which are two of the most rare types, are the most voted here. Obviously you’re an introvert magnet.

  57. According to this psychological autopsy, I’m an INFP-T (Mediator.) I answered them as honestly as possible, which made me anxious as fuck. So I guess, it was accurate. By the way, your blog is awesome. 🙂

  58. INTJ here. I don’t feel like an evil mastermind. Just an introvert. Who likes logic, with no patience for fools. Oh. Never mind.

  59. Weird. I’m normally always ISFJ. But I just took the quiz you have a link for (just curious to see what it would say) and I got INFP too. Which, I can also see, but now I’m unsure which ones right. I think ISFJ is probably more dead on and I’m just in a hermit mood anyways, so it’s showing rather well, mostly because they tend to be teachers, nurses, and the such, which is always what I get on such tests (I’m going to school for library science, to work in archives though, but mostly because I couldn’t handle the stress of being a teacher).

  60. I can never remember the number code but someone matched the Harry Potter characters with Meyers brigg type and I’m Dumbledore so I have to look up what Dumbledore is every time this comes up (ENFJ)

  61. Okay, I looked up what work said I was when I took the test in the early 2000’s. ESTJ like Victor. I’m also a Capricorn and don’t believe in this new age bullshit. However, as I mentioned before I’m mostly a questioner. I would guess that Victor is as well, or a Rebel (based on Gretchen Rubin’s tests. Your mileage may vary). I need a nap.

  62. INFP-T, but the I is only by a hair–53% introvert, 47% extrovert. Maybe that explains why I love to go to parties but when I get there I only want to hang out with the people I already know.

  63. I tend to get INFP on the Meyers-Briggs, though occasionally I’ll get INFJ, so I marked both. I’m technically an ambivert, though. I also have just a touch of social anxiety, and that tips me farther into the introvert spectrum than I might otherwise be.

  64. Every time I take this test I get the same answer, but I ALWAYS forget it so here I go taking it again… INTJ! That’s what it is. According to some other website, some fictional characters that share my traits are Hannibal Lecter and Professor Moriarty. Lovely!

  65. I tend to fluctuate between INFP and INFJ depending on what’s going on in my life (and with my brain chemistry). Today the quick test gave me INFP, and more strongly on P than I would’ve predicted.

  66. I got INFJ personality type which is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population. It was pretty accurate!

  67. I got INFJ personality type which is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population

  68. I’ll stick with Carl Jung’s statement that “every individual is an exception to the rule” Considering that a great many in the Psychology field consider the Myers-Briggs to be utterly meaningless

  69. I am always IN, over the years I have tested TJ/FJ/FP. I’m currently an INFP. ❤️

  70. I really really hope someone does the stats on these results. Not just showing how many people are each 4 letter combination, but also how many people are each specific letter and such. How many people here are I(ntroverted) compared to E(xtraverted) etc etc.

  71. I’m always IN_P, but that third one tends to fluctuate between T and F. My hubby’s an ISTJ, very strong on the T. So, really, we mostly only have introvertedness in common. I’m cracking up that most of your tribe (at least as of right now) are introverts as well. Hermits United! Meet up every 10 years and tell stories about caves!

  72. ENFP! Showing up for the extroverted contingent!!
    Funny thing though, ENFPs are the most ‘I need time at home alone by myself to process all these EMOTIONS’ of the extrovert types. So….there’s that.

  73. INFJ. The Myers-Briggs personality test has definitely helped me better understand myself and others by giving me the terminology to categorize aspects of personalities.

    Regardless of what the test tells you, whichever personality type description that you read and can most relate to is the one that’s truly your personality type.

    I feel like INFJ, INFP, INTJ, and INTP all have a hard time being understood and end up feeling a bit alone or distant from others because of that, but thanks to the Internet, I think we tend to find ourselves congregating to these corners together where we finally feel not so alone [:

  74. The N and F are pretty consistent for me, but I score right in the middle of E/I and J/P, so the tests give me varying results there. Today I was ENFP. Last time I did this, I think I was ENFJ, and the time before I was INFJ. Seems pretty true to who I am, especially because I feel very conflicted trying to answer a lot of those questions. So many times the true answer is “well, it depends on the circumstances” which seems like such a cop-out. Ah well.

  75. ISFJ . and I struggle to convince people I an an introvert only because at work I have to be an extrovert.

  76. It wasn’t on your poll, but I am an INFP- J. Not sure what that means, exactly, because I don’t really like being a mediator. Then again, I’m an empath, so there’s that.

  77. INFP, and it’s so wonderful to find some like-minded deviants! Yes, I’m one of the people who dragged a taxidermized animal to a book signing – thank you for baptizing Ralph, BTW. Hooray for night shift introverts!

  78. ISTJ today. Frankly, I’m fairly balanced (or wishy-washy) in T-F and S-N. Pretty strong J and off-the-charts I. I tend to think of my type as IIII.

  79. I did this a number of years ago and all I remember is that I was opposite of the vast majority of my coworkers. It was a real eye opener for me and actually made me a bit more comfortable and accepting of who I was and I quit trying to fit into the company box. I’m a INTJ.

  80. INFJ! Wow, they are 1% of the population, but 20% of your poll? Because the world hurts us too much I think. Too much pain. I think it drives us a bit, well, broken.

  81. The MBTI is not well-accepted by psychologists, although it is used by a lot companies. A better personality model is the five-factor model, also known as the Big 5. You can take a free version of this test at http://www.truity.com/test/big-five-personality-test.

    (I have no affiliation with that website. I’m just a professor who does research on personality.)

  82. ISTJ. The Logistician. Fits me to a t. I have consistently tested that way for years. In Harry Potter Meyers-Briggs results that makes me Snape!

  83. I’m an INTP. The thing that gets to me though, is that sometimes I don’t know if I’m voting about who I AM, or about who the anxiety has made me into. Like when alone with people I know very well I’m confident and social, but in ‘social situations’ or what I consider a room full of strangers, I feel panicked and I either say nothing and try to hide, or I get REALLY nervous and talk EXCESSIVELY.
    Would I be more social if I wasn’t anxious? Would I be less worried about other people’s assumptions about me if I could calm down? These thoughts plague me sometimes.

  84. So buckets and boatloads and boodles of INFPs and ALL the introverts. I suspect many of us see aspects of ourselves in your writing so it speaks to us. Or something – that’s my deal anyway.

  85. I’m an INFJ-T, counselor/advocate which is neat because I am applying to go back to school for Social Work. The ‘T’ stands for turbulent, which will prove to be an interesting characteristic trait to have in such a stressful field of work! 😀

  86. I’m an ENFJ, although I tend to hover on the I/E border when I take the comprehensive version of the Meyers-Briggs.

    I agree that it’s good knowing … I wish people would introduce themselves with what their Meyers-Briggs is so I wouldn’t spend the first 20 minutes of every new meet trying to figure it out. No, it isn’t perfect, but it’s a place to start. Meeting new people (or even meeting old people) can be tricky. I’ll take any help I can get.

  87. I used to be INFP, but I’ve shifted more to INTJ. Then the N started shifting, too. But the I remains consistent.

  88. I’m an INFP (heavy on the I, as well). And my hubs is an ESTJ. Can I get a virtual hug for someone who understands marrying your complete opposite??

  89. I am also an INFP married to an ESTJ. He is an high-ranking executive at a company and is expected to attend social functions a lot. I’ve noticed that a lot of his successful coworkers are also married to introverted weirdos who, like me, hate attending those social functions. I wonder if the ESTJ likes to take on the challenge of being married to a creative idealist or if it’s just the universe’s way of balancing it all out. 🙂

  90. I’m an ISFJ AND a Capricorn. So I’m extra-special. 😉
    I love Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finders, and Enneagram stuff because it helps give me language to go with my experiences. I process externally (totally a chatterbox), but I feel overwhelmed in large groups and need lots of down time to recharge. I also like this kind of stuff because it helps me have more grace for people who are different than me rather than just get frustrated and annoyed.

  91. INFP-A whatever ”A” means. Its interesting that infp is the leader in your poll at 20+ % for a type thats only 4% of the population.

  92. I’m an INFJ-T, with “90 percent Turbulent”- yup, that’s about what it feels like. When I first did this test as a teenager I was INFP. Apparently I’ve gotten more judgemental as I’ve aged. Interesting that supposedly only 1 percent of the population is INFJ, but more than 20 percent of your readers are. Similar proportions with INFP. Talk about finding your tribe!

  93. I’m also infp… heavy on the i! My school made us take this as a staff bonding experience. I think I was 20-1 on the i/e scale.

  94. INFP – haha and also a Capricorn. Used to be INFJ before a TBI. I think I’m happier perceiving.

  95. Proud INTJ – the rarest type in women (according to an infograph I have saved on Pinterest, so it must be true), which is interesting because many of us seem to enjoy your blog for being such a magical unicorn of a personality. Plus being The Architect/Mastermind just sounds cool and vaguely threatening.

  96. I am an ENFJ, but I also apologize to inatimate objects, and also roadkill, though I am never the cause of that particular accident.

  97. INFP- and also a Capricorn 😉 I used to be INFJ before a TBI- I’m much happier perceiving.

  98. INFJ and accurate, I’d say. I don’t apologize to inanimate objects ( not that I’m aware of anyway) but did apologize to a mosquito for having to squish her the other day. Mosquitoes need to learn how to take a break from biting in January…even in Florida.

  99. I’m an ENFJ that swung to ESFJ after babies, and now that they are in college I’m swinging back to ENFJ. My husband is a I raised in a family of Es, so you’d never know it if you didn’t know him well. I think the swing to S from N was out of necessity–I know there are ways I changed when I found myself in charge of other little lives, versus just my own stuff 🙂 I am a strong E and interestingly enough most of my close friends are Is.

  100. @Michael J – being a professor, you should’ve noticed that the 16 Personalities test linked to in the blog post is basically a more user-friendly version of the Big Five that you support 😛 Five traits (XXXX-X) should be a pretty clear giveaway. It has nothing to do with Jung or Myers-Briggs. They say it themselves at http://www.16personalities.com/articles/our-theory (see the last paragraph of the first section). Type acronyms != Myers-Briggs.

    As a Jungian enthusiast, it’s pretty annoying to see people trying to act smart by pointing out that Big Five is supposed to be a superior model (apples and oranges… separate topic) to anything Jung-related – all while using a Big Five-based website as an example of Jung’s ideas. At least do some basic research first 🙂

  101. I’m INFP-A too. Makes sense. I’m a writer. I wonder if there is any correlation between this personality type and Enneagram Type 4. Enneagram is a lot harder to determine if you really dig into it (and is sometimes depressing!) but has been a huge help for me navigating my relationships with people of other personality types.

  102. The test claims I’m an ISFP-T, but I am also a Capricorn, so guess what I answered

  103. Sorry, I’m an INFP-T, not -J. Still not sure what the T stands for. A lot of the description doesn’t really describe me, though I am very altruistic. Just not enough to keep up that fantasy when I know for sure an explosion will fix everything. What can I say? The Irish is strong in me. We like to blow shit up. Then party.

  104. I worked in a law firm where EVERY SINGLE ATTORNEY tested Introverted. It was very quiet.

  105. I’ve done MB a few times (and some other things based on it) and I usually come out INFP (like you) but the IN parts are the strongest (mostly I) but in the short version you posted I came out INTP.

  106. This is so cool. Check out their “Theory and Research” section in the footer too, they’ve even got stuff like personality profiles for every COUNTRY there.

  107. ISTJ-A Logistician.
    First acronym that popped into my head “I Suck Toe Jam A lot.”

    I’m not sure these tests are accurate.

  108. I get INFP-A every time. I took it again, just to be sure, and yup. So, if you want to market to INFPs, advertise on Jenny’s blog!

  109. I am an INTJ, married to another Victor. I am also in a supposedly “small” group in the population–far fewer women INTJs. I think that Myers-Briggs can provide useful insights, particularly within organizational groups. For instance, I ask my students to complete the short version as it helps me see how they are more likely to learn. It would also help in an office, where having a variety of types is better than ALL the same. Interestingly, while I’ve grown and developed as person, even when I take the long version, after 35 years, I am STILL an INTJ. I am less lopsidedly so, but I still process the world the way I process the world.

  110. I’m an ENTP (inventor) when I feel good, and an INTP (architect) when I feel bad. Which makes total sense, because I’m an extravert at heart who turns in on herself when depressed, thereby worsening the depression. Luckily, I know this now, so all will be well. Ha!
    (ps: Yes, I know you English call them extrOverts, but I refuse to participate in this bad Latin :p)

  111. Very interesting! I’m an INFJ which is the most rare. I see, however, that INFP and INFJ are represented quite highly in your readers. I think it does make sense though that you attract us types.

  112. I am both ENFP and INFP depending on the day. I forced myself to start talking to people after I took this test and the description of INFP was of a wallflower, and the nicest homemaker who would do anything for you quietly in the background. I flipped to see what ENFP was because that was the only category I was on the fence about. Everything else had zero in it. ENFP was described as a rock star, or actress and I was like “So I get to be a rock star if I start saying hello to people?” I did not wind up a rock star, but I did become a clown for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus where I got to perform for thousands and have no one recognize me.

  113. INFP – but I’m pretty balanced on the I/E. But ‘people’ run me down energy-wise and I retreat to get it back. Doesn’t mean I’m not social and at times domineering. I had one “E” tell me that I couldn’t be an Introvert, because I talk all the time and I’m not afraid to share my ideas. I had to tell her, just being able to talk in a group isn’t always a sign of an extrovert, it’s more about how you get your energy. For her going to a big party would be an energy turn on. For me it’s okay, but I’d rather be home (maybe alone even-HORRORS).
    I wonder if your numbers are skewing towards INFP because we see ourselves in you? I was married to and ESTJ. Notice WAS. I’m married to an “I” now and things are much easier. The ESTJ is a nice person, but we were very much opposites and a lot of ‘head butting’ occurred. “Warm Fuzzy Home” above…I’m sending you a hug.

  114. INFP—That’s me!
    “Idealistic, loyal to their values and to people who are important to them. Want an external life that is congruent with their values. Curious, quick to see possibilities, can be catalysts for implementing ideas. Seek to understand people and to help them fulfill their potential. Adaptable, flexible, and accepting unless a value is threatened.”

    What’s funny is that my daughter is, too. You would just NEVER peg her as introverted. It has been explained to me that “introvert” doesn’t mean the same thing on MB as it does in the real world.

  115. I don’t see my result on the list above. ISFP-T (Adventurer). Interesting; makes me think about those percentages and what they mean in the day to day. Not what I expected to get but I think it’s pretty accurate.

  116. Another INFP here [this is my surprised face]. As a psych major in college, I’d taken the Myers-Briggs several times with consistent results (though, once, I managed an ‘extroverted’ on a short test, but I credit that to being in an especially good, loving the world mood that day; oh, and I was ovulating).

  117. I’m an INFP all the way. I love to write, I’m a nurse, and watching the news is too painful for me.

  118. INTP-T – Logician, a shift from INTJ (how I tested in college when I took the full test for a class). I can’t really find argument with any of it.

  119. I’m a Capricorn and I love doing these tests. As long as I’m not graded on my answers, I’m fine with whichever consonants ended up with my initial E. I took it a long time ago …

  120. INFP-T, currently in a “hermit” phase. I have to force myself to get outdoors these days. I am an introvert at heart, but I am finding that too much time at home alone is making me more weird and I feel like I need some social interaction, even if it is just to order coffee at the corner store.

  121. I’ve taken this many times over the years and have always been an INFJ. Just took it right now and ended up an INTJ. So interesting. I do feel like so much has changed in my life in the past couple of years and that my personality is much stronger and assertive having had to face and overcome many issues, learning and growing from them. I like the title “Mastermind” though. 😉 Used to love being “Counselor”…but I guess it’s time for a new phase in life.

  122. INFP. Every time I’ve ever done this test, that’s what the result is. Most of my friends are INFP or INFJ.

  123. another INFP here too! i haven’t taken this test in over 2 decades & i’d say i’m a really difffferent now from my early college years, but i’m still an infp. so…

  124. Another INFP for the mix, though I function well as T at work. I don’t quite fit in with other engineers 🙂

  125. I’m an INFJ – T Advocate according to doing it today. Strong in the I N F and T but the J/P can change depending on when I take the test.

  126. INFJ-T – It’s nice to find somewhere I might actually fit in. Even though I’m just on the outskirts at the moment. Working on it. :p

  127. Your poll results skew towards introverted. Does that mean your audience is all Introverts, or we are the only ones silly enough to take the poll? Introverts unite…on the internet…in our own homes…away from everyone else. 🙂

  128. INFP-T Interesting how well it describes my role as a crisis counselor. I was terrified I’d suck at it but found it’s much like when I support a friend in need.

  129. INFP!
    Married to an INFJ. Because otherwise nothing would ever get finished around here.

  130. This test said I was ISFP, but I’m not a composer/adventurer. None of the descriptors sound like me and I’m actually a teacher. So there Meyer Briggs! 🙂

  131. I remember coming up strong on IN but wasn’t sure about the others, so I took the test, and it says I’m an INFJ-T. 93% introverted, that sounds about right!

  132. INTP-T and my son is INFP like you. I feel all over the place most of the time and don’t feel like I understand my place in the world. I spend more time letting it lead me along than taking the reins. most likely this stems from the severe lack of positive feedback and reinforcement of love and understanding growing up. Everyone thought I was stupid and lazy rather than having ADD and dyscalculia(a funky form of dyslexia). It wasn’t till I was 24 when I was diagnosed, by then all the negative was ingrained. At 44, it’s only marginally better.

  133. ISFP, but I’m not a composer/adventurer. None of the descriptors fit me, so there Meyer Briggs! I’m actually a teacher and quite happy with that. I’m going to take the test again and see if I get a different personality!

  134. I am INFP-T which I think is a turbulent mediator. I am not surprised that we are mostly the same Jenny. That is why I am attracted to you I think!

  135. INFJ-A and I still don’t know what I want or be when I grow up, so that’s accurate (42 now). Have no friends other than my hubby… our favorite line is “you’re my onliest friend” . Luckily we’re best friends so that’s fine with us.

  136. ENFP + Turbulent! :O That was big fun. Just the other day, I was so psyched to find an article about empaths and I shared it (with alterations to fit me) on my blog. Here’s the link to the original article in case you want to see that one: http://goo.gl/YKIeO0

  137. Huh. Taking the test shows I’m a ENFP-T with the role: Diplomat, and it confirms what an astrologer friend, who read my chart, once said to me. He said that I should either be a diplomat/politician, or a prostitute. So there you go. Since I’m neither of these, I shall ruminate on this!

  138. INFP-T.

    My current obsession is genealogy. I was amused at the lack of notoriety in my family tree (basically every line is all farmers), though impressed that so many ancestors arrived on this continent so early. Then I found out that one 9x great grandfather came over on the Mayflower and ruined my streak. And his daughter (my 8x great grandmother) was married to a man whose mother was hanged in Salem, during the witch trials. I share almost no DNA with these people, but it’s been screwing with my head that I’m so directly linked to history.

    I don’t know why I’m dumping this information here, except that my dad is gone (it’s in his line), and my husband was super underwhelmed when I pounced on him to tell him this mind-splitting discovery. He won’t even take the Myers-Briggs so I can analyze why he’s so adverse to tests- and knowing that he’s sleeping next to the descendant of both a witch AND the first Mayflower passenger to commit murder in the New World.

  139. Wow! This is possibly the most interesting experiment I have done so far this year. I got INFJ-A which is apparently less that 1 percent of people. It was so strange reading the profile to myself. I simply have to investigate this further and do a write up. Thanks for this, you are a bit awesome aren’t you Blogess?

  140. I’m an INFP married to an ISTJ. His personality description basically said, “You’d do well in the military.” He’s been in the Navy for 15 years. Both of us are extreme introverts, though he feels more need to push himself to be social than I do. My thinker/feeler usually comes out pretty close, though I become more of a feeler the older I get. Age is softening me, I guess.

  141. I’m an INTJ. I’ve taken it a few times in the last couple years just to make sure I wasn’t biasing my own answers to get what I think I should be. It always comes out the same.

  142. I am ISFJ-T, and 99% introvert. Could have told you the 99% part without seeing the test.

  143. Mine change since I took it in high school! Good to know I’ve changed in some ways but bad in others. Always something to work on. Your books were a real eye opener to me, and made me realize there were things in my life I thought I was stuck with, but I’ve started, through therapy and medication, to get better and feel better. To confront things that I didn’t know were issues. Thank you.

  144. ISTJ… extreme I and J. I’m in good company though- George Washington, Dana Scully, and Hermione!

  145. I’m an INTJ. I’ve taken it a few times in the last couple years just to make sure I wasn’t biasing my own answers to get what I think I should be. It always comes out the same.

  146. I’m an INFP too. And male. So technically, I’m so rare, I don’t even exist. It’s no wonder I always feel out of place.

  147. @Jackie– I could go into all sorts of detail explaining why the MBTI is not psychometrically sound, but I don’t think this is the right forum. Common sense can tell us that there is way more variety in the world than sixteen personality types. People just don’t fall cleanly into these boxes

  148. I came out ESFJ. Parts of my description are right on, like I AM loyal and I definitely follow rules, but others parts, like that I’m into fashion and am a social butterfly, are so off. Did I answer the questions inconsistently, is this a bunch of hooey or am I a conundrum? Probably the latter. 🙂

  149. INFJ here. According to the test, “The INFJ personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population.” Well, I’ll tell you where we all are – here! Your poll says over 20%! Pretty cool!

  150. INFJ – we’re so close but no cigar. Ones that share my cigar – Mother Theresa, MLK, and Jimmy Carter. But they’d have to share a whiskey with me because I hate cigars.

  151. My fiancé (PS hate that word, can we make up a new one?) conned me into taking a personality test before he asked me out. He was looking for an N. My ENFP passed.

  152. ISFJ here, heavy on the introversion, and it is spot on. I take pride in my work but I don’t toot my own horn which means I get burnt out and angry when people don’t notice my accomplishments.

  153. I accidentally had to vote twice because I’ve taken another Myers-Briggs test previously and got INFP. And it totally fits. I thought it was perfect. Then I took the test from the link here and got INFJ and it fits even more. Pretty eye-opening, actually. Thank you!

  154. I think this does change over time. I currently am an INFP but I think in the past I was an INTJ.

  155. Where I work, we were given a test based off of this one, but much less tested. It was the most bizarre use of company time I have ever experienced because they couldn’t really tell us how it applied to our jobs. We work with animals. Turtles don’t care so much if we’re extroverts or introverts. They just want dinner. Although one of my tortoises is definitely an executive type. He poops on all my dreams.

  156. ENTJ. Is a labor relations manager an equivalent for Field Marshall or commmander? I usually refer to myself as the Internal Firefighter.

  157. It is so strange that you should post this today–I’ve been exploring this for the past couple of weeks. Turns out I’m an INFP, and it fits me too. (I’ve also had my family take the test. They only did it to stop me from pestering them about taking the test.) But I think it explains a lot. I’ve always tried to do things or act in ways that weren’t really “me”, because I thought I was wrong, I wanted to fit in, I wanted to please other people. But you can’t truly change your personality any more than you can change which hand you write with. Trying to do so may be marginally successful, but it will never feel right. Pretty sad when you are 48 years old and only started to accept and be true to yourself within the past 2 years, huh? But better late than never I guess!

  158. I use to be something else, I’ve changed. I’m an extroverted introvert. I need my people, but I need to be left alone. Yet, I will always go get what I want. Never quit believing in yourself.

  159. According to the test, I’m ISTJ-T (“The Logician”), which puts me in the company of fictional characters Dana Scully (ok, cool), Eddard Stark and Stannis Baratheon (uh, ok, that’s less cool.) But the overall personality description doesn’t sound completely off-the-wall for me.

    I’m close enough to the center of the spectrum for the Nature & Tactics categories that I suspect my mood might influence the results in a different way if I took the test again later.

  160. I’m an ESFJ-T. Interesting thanks for offering it.
    I just finished listening to furiously happy and I loved it. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  161. I am so much an INFP…. When I found out, it explained so much! I hate parties, I prefer not to leave the house if I can avoid it, I am very emotional. I absorb feelings so I have to be careful what I read or watch, & who I talk to. You are absolutely INFP also.

  162. I am a female who is apparently right between INTP and ENTP. According to the test I am slightly more extroverted than introverted. Personally, I think that entirely depends on the day.

  163. I got INTP -A, “THE LOGICIAN”, to which my husband said “I could have told you that”.

  164. I am an INFP as well. And my husband is my exact opposite ESTJ also. I say we complement each other well, but sometimes it just means we have no idea what the other is thinking!

  165. Yep. looks like we may be finding each other here. —yet another INFP

    Have you ever taken an Enneatype test? That personality type system is actually based, um, sort of on which of the Deadly Sins you’re most prone to, but it’s shockingly accurate for how many strange little ways this interacts with your life. I’m a Type 9 in that, the description of which describes me even more accurately than INFP does, although it’s similar (the Type 9 title is “The Peacemaker.” Our Deadly Sin is Sloth. Okay that has less to do with INFP though. Okay, I’ll go into it more: basically, we intrinsically value peace so much that, when we’re not at our best, we’ll keep as quiet and out of the way as possible so as to not upset the proverbial apple cart. At our worst, we’re catatonic. But at our best we are in fact wonderful mediators).

  166. I’m ISTP. It all fit pretty closely except for when it says we are relaxed. My defining trait is that I’m a worrier. So not even close.

  167. So here’s the question – nearly 75% of your readers are introverted, with the largest percentage INFP – INFP personalities comprise only 4% of the population and 21% of those are readers or followers of your blog, this means that nearly a quarter of all INFP’s have found you and like what you write, does this make you the mouthpiece of the quiet and reserved? (I was going to say meek, but this doesn’t describe in introvert at all, I am quiet, but I am far from meek).
    You need to ask Victor to figure out what all these percentages mean, this is the work for an ESTJ (hopefully he can find some benefit in the results, if not the test)
    p.s. My wife is whatever is exactly opposite of INFP, opposites attract?

  168. Depending on the day and the questions I’m an INTJ or an INFJ. We had to do this at work and out of 15 people who took the test 4 people were INTJ. But it was a library…There are less extroverts in libraries.

  169. Im an ENFP, which surprises even me (‘loose cannon” is what the description in the book sort of avoided saying, but it was there)…the part I love is that my husband took this test decades ago as part of a job interview, and he is an ISTJ…nice to balance out, somehow…

  170. I am INFJ, which supposedly is the most rare one, like 1 % or less, but in your informal poll it is the second most common! Which makes me think that we are all attracted to each other. Because WE ROCK. Softly.

  171. didn’t realize that INTJ woman was less than 1%. Huh. I fit both personality types. Someone once told me I am an trained INTJ, but a natural INFJ.

  172. I actually used to be an ESTJ (weak E and T), and I have changed to an ISFJ (moderate I and F). I sort of attribute this to the years of therapy I have had. I didn’t go to therapy to change my type, but it was a by-product of it.

  173. I got ENFP – which makes sense. My 14 year old daughter got INFP – now I can understand her better. Thanks for the test.

  174. ESFJ-A Not exactly like your results. But even though I do not share your troubles I have enormous respect for you. I’m amazed at all you accomplish; you do so many things that people without challenges would not be able to do. You are an inspiration to all personality types. I have both your books and love them to pieces. Furiously Happy is my favorite!


  175. ENTP – BUT, I am also very F, to the degree that when I took the training to actually be able to give the training, it took the whole 4 days to determine if I was T or F…but when I finally put myself into the ENTP group, I was like “ahhhhh, here are my people.” It is really interesting.

  176. I borderline 50/50 between thinking and feeling so I’m both INFJ and INTJ. I exhibit characteristics of both. I am 100% introverted. I feel and heavily empathize with the feelings of others, often to the point of it being overwhelming. I can understand peoples’ ulterior motives and often have them figured out before I have even spoken to them. I also plan everything out months and years in advance and do not do things “on the fly” without having a serious anxiety attack. Taking the MBTI helped me understand why I am the way I am. It made me feel more normal.

  177. Wow, so many introverts! Where do we find the time?! Oh, right. We don’t waste it in bars or terrible parties.

  178. INFP all the way. I hit 96% introvert…… totally expected. The I and N I hit on heavy, but the F and P I’m pretty either or on. However, I am a writer and a nurse so it does seem to fit. Nursing definitely made me a LOT more comfortable talking to people because I have to make people comfortable with me doing some weird, gross things to them!

  179. The test said I was ENTJ-A, which does not seem like me at all. ??? Compared to the majority of the other responses on this site, I would seem to be out of place. But I love the Bloggess and love Jenny’s books. So WTF?????

  180. Ok, I’ve never done the Meyers-Briggs before, though I’ve read about it. I was a bit surprised to find that I was ESTJ-A and my husband was, wait for it, INFP. We’re you and Victor, Jenny, it’s just that apparently I’m Victor. I’m not sure I’ll ever live this down.

  181. I came up as INFP on the test you linked, but past tests have resulted in pretty much every permutation of introvert. I always find myself thinking “well, it depends” for lots of the questions, so I’m whatever type is the sort to do that!

  182. INFP all the way, every time for the past 30+ years. Every once in a while I think I may have changed but I am always INFP. Now I have finally come to terms with it. Introverted doesn’t necessarily mean shy or antisocial, just that you live in your head a lot (but I’m totally good with never having to see another person I don’t like ever! 😉 Yay you for being INFP.

  183. I’m an INFP-T, mediator–must be something about the middle name 🙂
    Guess I’m even more introverted than I thought…good thing I found my people.

  184. I took the test and got INTJ. My boyfriend says it’s accurate as I think I’m king shit. ):

  185. I’m an INFJ-T. The T apparently stands for turbulent. I would say the results of this test were pretty accurate for me.

  186. According to the quick test, I’m INFP, though I’m 60/40 or 75/25 on all of the scales, so not extreme on anything. I haven’t done one before, even though they’re popular on the Net, and honestly, I’m somewhat skeptical of forced choices when so many of the answers are actually “well, it depends.” The overall description fits me pretty well, but there are bits that are just completely wrong.

  187. ISTP, which is apparently extremely rare for a woman if that website is to be believed.

    The description used charming phrases like “surprisingly mulish” and “like nailing jello to a tree.” Apparently we don’t like to be locked into something. Which actually makes sense considering I turned down an opportunity at my last job because it would mean signing a 1 year contract. And then I quit a few months later only telling me I was right not to sign.

    Some of the characteristics it mentioned were a little out of sync with the fact that I scored 100% introvert though. Not very tailored to my results.

  188. I’m an INFP as well, and I’m a writer. A technical writer, but still. The description is 1000% me.

  189. I took the test to give you a result for your poll, but the most of the questions didn’t even make sense in the context of my life (I answered as best I could anyway). Apparently I’m an ESFP – T (I’m guessing the “-T” stands for “Total Crock”) but as soon as I read the description I was reminded why these are pretty useless tests – there is no resemblance to me at all – not suprising given the wonderful breadth of human diversity.

  190. I got INFP (Mediator) and most of the information in the writ-up was right. I communicate best through writing, I prefer being a key assistant in a project over being IN CHARGE of the project, I need lots of alone time, and several friends have told me I’m elusive.

    Contrary to their analysis though, I DO enjoy conflict if I’m not expected to be involved in it, if it’s online only so that I can maintain distance, or if it’s playful. I work in a technical job and I enjoy the details I have to learn although I will admit it seems harder for me to pick up than it is for some of my coworkers.

  191. Was INFP in high school, the first time I took it. Now I’m all over the map, except for the I. I’m always keeping that there I.

  192. INFP- erry single time. For over 30 years. And I’ve got a masters in psychology with a specialty in tests and measurements, so, I’m gonna go with INFP as an absolute here. All the best people are. Duh! Lol

  193. I got the same results that you did. INFP. I have a theory that all the cool people secretly know each other. All 4% of us.

  194. We once did some kind of personality test team-building exercise at work. We got two colored stickers. I think I was blue and yellow and wound up in the group that worshiped Spock as our god. My good friend was convinced her test wasn’t right, since she ended up in the warm fuzzy kitten-sweatshirt group, and she’s not that kind.

    My high school aptitude test said I should become a cryptologist or a mime.

    I know I took the Meyer-Briggs test a long time ago but don’t remember what it said and I’m too impatient to retest.

  195. INTP. I think last time I tested, I was INTJ. I was very interested in the poll results (Logician!) and how not only are the Ixxx overrepresented, so are the xxFx. I was starting to feel lonely, but see that INTP describes 6% of your poll-takers.

    Now I’m wondering: do INFPs flock together, or are you the most likely to take the test and post results??

  196. Either your poll or my computer is broken. I’ve been allowed to take it twice, and even though I answered it the same both times (ENFP ESFP) AND it still gives me the same percentages (roughly 5-ish percent for the “Champion” and roughly 1-ish percent for the “Performer”), I was surprised BOTH times that my percentages were so low. So I’m even weirder than the rest of your tribe? I’m not sure how I should feel about that.

    I still love YOU, Jenny. And I do feel like a “complete” member of your weird tribe. Odd to know that those of us who happen to be extroverted are so rare, though. You met me. Do I seem like an odd/rare member of your tribe? I was the one at your book signing who told you how much my Mommy would have loved to meet you – you MUST remember me; I HAVE to been the only one to have relayed to you, amongst the THRONGS of people at the signings, how IMPORTANT you are in my life, right? You remember, right? 😉

    (Just in case MY case was, in fact, “unique”, I had printed out your whale doodle, and you signed it “For Lois, You raised a good one” to my dead Mommy). I can’t imagine I’m the only person who brought you something like that to sign, and for that type of reason, though. But I AM curious about extroverts being a glitch in your system. Hmm…

    (Victor and Hailey are both extroverts and they’re members of the tribe, so no worries. In fact, Hailey is exactly the same as me except that I’m 99% introversion and she is 100% extroversion. Sometimes being the weirdo in the group of weirdos just makes you more special. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  197. INFP-T

    Always tested the same. I am a poet/writer/photographer so it fits. I make lists and then don’t follow them. I was Delirium for Halloween in college and I think I may have wanted to stay there with her forever.
    My spouse of 10 years is an INTP-he keeps me sane and brought me out of hopeless romanticism and into reality where we learn and grow and fuck up and just be together.
    I am terrified that my family and friends might disappear. I have pretty gnarly bouts with anxiety and not wanting to leave the house. But when I do get out it is generally the most amazing thing ever and the world seems ok after all.

    Anyway. Hope you guys have a most excellent week. Hugs all around.

  198. I am an ESFJ which ultimately means I make sure everyone in my house and life have everything they need before they even know they need it. It can be creepy at times but they’ve learned to accept it. It also means that I like to feel appreciated and when I feel used or unappreciated, I tend to throw a temper tantrum. And rightly so. My husband is an INTJ which means he’s constantly trying to hone his skills in video games or whatever he sets his mind to so that he can attain Wizard level status. I constantly try to get him to go out and make friends and he has no desire to be social. It’s taken quite a few years to understand each other, but we work even though we are in absolute opposite ends of the spectrum. I think the J in our personality types might be the glue that keeps us together because neither of us can handle chaos. I just want to add here that my husband is absolutely wonderful in that he allows me to be me and gave me the okay to buy a 5 foot tall metal pink flamingo because I just had to have some whimsy in my life. Jenny, you are an amazing writer. I’m over half way through the audio version of Furiously Happy and it’s literally saving my life right now. Thank you.

  199. Interesting that so many of your followers are INFPs and here I am yet another one. I’m an idealist and work as a drug and alcohol counsellor. Linda 🙂

  200. I got INFP-A (In which I am assuming the A means mediator as opposed to healer as they highlighted that specifically for me)

    If it wasn’t for the PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder I’m sure I would have been extroverted instead. I do gain energy from being around people and thrive in social situations except for my hyper-vigilance and need to be able to escape which winds up draining more energy than I gain from being social.

    I particularly liked this quote “At their best, these qualities enable INFPs to communicate deeply with others, easily speaking in metaphors and parables, and understanding and creating symbols to share their ideas.”

    Communication is my super power and I excel at metaphors. My mother said I have always been a natural diplomat.

  201. I could’ve sworn I left a comment but it hasn’t shown up so I’ll try again. I’m an ESFJ which basically means I make sure everyone in my house and life have everything they need before they even know they need it. It can be creepy at times but my friends and family have learned to appreciate it about me. My husband is an INTJ which means he plays video games and aspires to be a wizard. Yes, a motherfucking wizard. If there’s anyone in this world that could be a wizard, he’s got a shot for sure. We have a weird but functional relationship. We couldn’t be more opposite with the exception that we both like order and can’t handle chaos and we don’t handle change well. I will say, though, that he is pretty awesome because he’s okay with me bringing home a 5 foot tall pink metal flamingo just because I need some whimsy in my life. I want to put a top hat and tie on him, maybe a monocle too. I’m thinking about naming him Mr. Pinklesworth the 3rd. He’s going to make me smile.

    I do want to say thank you, Jenny. I’m in the middle of the audio version of Furiously Happy and it is literally saving my sanity and bringing joy to an otherwise dark and turbulent time in my life. So, instead of focusing on how shitty things have been, I’m taking your cue and choosing to be furiously happy when I have the mental stability to do so. So, thank you.

  202. Yeah. So I’m INTP-T. Turbulent. I’m Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Prospecting, AND my identity is Turbulent. But it came in at 52%, and Assertive was 48%. I’m going to blame that on my red hair, and embrace it.

  203. Hey– yet another INFP, with a little S thrown in. I love the “apologizes to inanimate objects” bit! So true . . . although I’m not sure that there really are any inanimate objects in my world– everything has a story. (It’s very Beauty and the Beast-esque, this outlook–I wonder if that’s how it is for all INFP’s ?)

  204. I’m an INFJ, and excited to see that even though we’re supposedly just 1% of the population, we’re the second largest group polling on here (as at the moment I submitted my answer) 🙂 Kindred spirits uniting in a fantastically introverted way – thank you Jenny for bringing us together!

  205. INTJ and here’s a blurb I use for my POF/Match/etc Singles Profile that goes up and gets taken down in frustration…

    INTJ: The outside contractor
    INTJs are solid, competent personalities who may seem aloof and even arrogant, but who are typically highly skilled in any field which interests them. INTJs are confident in their skills and knowledge, self-assured, and imaginitive; their exceptional problem-solving skills make them ideal architects, auto mechanics, and tools of the evil empire. While it requires the driving will to conquer of an ENTJ to imagine the Death Star and the evil genius of an ENTP to invent its devastating weapons systems, the skill and technical prowess of the INTJ is what makes the whole thing work.
    The INTJ sees life as a problem to be solved. For that reason, the INTJ is the person a company brings in from the outside to streamline production processes and identify redundant assets for termination. The INTJ’s combination of analyticial problem-solving skills and complete and utter disregard for the morality or consequences of his actions also make him ideal for the job of hatchet man, CIA operative, and helpdesk operator.
    RECREATION: INTJs are often baffled by the strange and incomprehensible recreational rituals of other people, such as going to parties, watching television, and having sex. Instead, they prefer to spend their leisure time installing twin missile launchers in their cars to deter tailgaters and playing chess with megalomaniac CEOs of the Tyrell corporation.
    COMPATIBILITY: Silly person, INTJs don’t have relationships! They may, however build their own friends.
    Famous INTJs include J. F. Sebastian and Sgt. Apone.

  206. INFJ, reporting in.


    (taken it many times and that’s what comes out the most, almost always an INF and most commonly the J)

    There’s also the enneagram, if you’re into those kind of tests, though I think mine tends to fluctuate much more than the Myers-Briggs type – but recently got “You are most likely a type 6 (the Loyalist) with 5 wing. Self-preservation variant”. Took that here:


  207. I took this test a while back and got INFP. And I retook it today and somehow got INFJ.

  208. I’m an ESTJ, but just on the border with ISTJ, cause I can be social but I mostly don’t like people. I worked as a recruiter for years so I’ve taken the test many times and it always came out the same. So it must be real, right?

  209. When I was in college, I was an INTJ through and through. I haven’t taken the test again in maybe 7 years, and it seems dealing with work place politics have softened me into an INFJ, “The Diplomat”. I definitely care more about my coworkers getting along than about who is right or wrong.

  210. All I remember is that I was about as “I” as you can get. I took this test back when I was busy failing my PhD and looking for other things to do. Helpfully, every single job on the list for my type ended in “-ologist.”

  211. INFP-T, that’s me, heavy on the introvert. That probably explains why bloggers and other ‘imaginary friends’ are my squad. LOL!

  212. I’ve been told your Myers-Briggs type is fixed, but mine is sort of all over the place. Depending on when I’ve taken the test I’m an INFP, an INTP, or an ENTP. I once took a version with even numbers and if you were evenly split in any category that was marked with an “X” so I ended up being an XNXP.
    I’m pretty sure this means I’m completely untrustworthy.

  213. I am an ISTJ! Found out years ago, during a marriage counseling session. My then Husband was the complete opposite, and our counselor said that it was very difficult for people so opposite to stay in a relationship…. We divorced a year later.

    I find all of the personality test very interesting, but I find there is things we lie to ourselves about in the answers.

  214. It’s crazy; there’s usually variation in tests like these, but I’ve taken different ones at least 6 or 7 times and I’ve ALWAYS gotten INFP. (Interesting that we’re leading right now! I think the internet really does attract like minds,)

  215. I’m untrustworthy too, IXXX-X. Usually it’s INTP-T, but I’ve had ISTJ-A at work (my teacher persona) and ISFP-A when not at home in hermit mode, but well known surroundings or situations with friends. The introversion only gets down to 67% though, I’ve often had 100%. Sometimes it’s overruled by my short temperament and little patience…

  216. I’ve done the test a few times for work-related things and INFP is always there, though over the years, I’ve drifted a little more toward the J vs. P in my responses. But, thanks for posting this today – I’m aware I’ve been retreating into my shell (hell, it’s a nice Steampunk room in my head!) but hadn’t decided to do anything about it until I saw your post. You’re always a blessing, Jenny. Thanks for sharing.

  217. I got ISFJ – which I know is different from when I took it years ago when I was INTJ (I think)…so, yeah. I can’t deny the introvert bit – that seems not prone to change. I wonder if becoming a mom had something to do with it.

  218. I’m ISFJ-T. But right on the boarder of J/P. The profile info seemed pretty darn accurate until it came to family/parenthood and career paths. But right on with friendships and relationships. It was interesting. Maybe I should take it again later and see if it changes

  219. ENTJ here…. COMMANDER! Totally, totally spot on. Hey you in the back there – tie yer damn shoelaces! Drop and give me twenty! Dollars, not pushups, what’s wrong with you?! Heh.

  220. ENFP. We are notorious for getting excited and starting projects and not finishing them. A friend who was also an ENFP and I started a production company and never finished a single project. We said it was due to our ENFPness. Which made us giggle like Bevis and Butthead.

  221. INFP-T I’ve never taken this test before and I found it pretty accurate. I’m interested in what my family members will be. This is really cool.

  222. I’m a cranky “Myers-Briggs is pseudo-science created by a couple of people who were not psychologists and although they might have known more about human behavior than the average bear, they still pretty much pull this out of their rear, and it annoys the hell out of me when it’s taken seriously and people put themselves in boxes, and it really pisses me off because now companies use this sort of shit for employee review and it’s really only slightly better than astrology.”

    Really. There is no solid science behind these pigeon-box tests.

    And yeah, I score SKEPTIC on all of them. And yeah, if I were into astrology, I’d be a Capricorn.

  223. I am about 50-50 between introvert and extrovert, so I voted twice. Once as ENFP and once as INFP. Always wonderful to be reminded that others in this wonderful tribe are similar.

  224. I’m ENTJ– Field Marshall/Commander. So I can get you all organized and boss you around. 🙂 My husband is an INFJ– Counselor/Advocate. He’s a Chaplain. Good call on that one!

  225. Hahahahahahaha — according to this, I’m Beatrix Kiddo!!!!


    I expected to be INFP. I’ve taken the test before (15+ years ago), and I think that’s what I was. Now it says I’m ISFP-T — an “aventurer!!!” (Introverted, observant, feeling, prospecting — and turbulent! — I don’t remember this add-on….suspect they added it just for me….)

    BTW, the first time I took this test left some scars, but I thought your idea was so good that I overcame past trauma to take it again. Only half joking about the trauma. I don’t recall what our manager tested as, except that her positioning of the test as a way to get to know how each of us worked best translated in actual management style to: “I read about something in some book and I’m incapable of creative thought so that’s how we’re doing it, regardless of all evidence to the contrary or whatever your Myers-Briggs said about you.”

    If only I’d been Beatrix Kiddo back then….

  226. I’m also an INFP, and have been every time I’ve taken a test over the years. The description above fits me to a T! Also, I suspect that my husband would be an ESTJ if he ever took this test, which he won’t because he “doesn’t believe in this stupid new-age bullcrap.” 😛

  227. I’m INTJ, which is the same as I got when we were tested at work. It falls right in line with my Asperger’s Syndrome.

  228. I’m an INFP with an ESTJ husband, too! Sometimes I wanna kill him but most of the time he’s my steady rock when my bpd takes a scary turn.

  229. I think I am an INTJ, but it’s been ages since I last took the test, and I just don’t remember whether that’s the one I got or the one I thought I was. I’m too low to do anything at the moment, even take a personality test, so a half-remembered answer will have to do for now.

  230. I got Crafter ISPT, heavy on the ISP parts. I like it because it says crafter & I’m an artist. It was a pretty accurate description, but I put about as much stock in these tests as I do the “where should you live” & “what punk rock song are you” tests, & horoscopes. They’re fun to read. It’s interesting how many introvert types are commenting though. Like minds tend to attract, I guess!

  231. ENFJ-I took this test as a work-study in college (like 20 years ago) and then re-took it a few years back (in preparation for the PSYC course I was teaching). Was shockingly amazed that the results were consistent over two decades. I think the test is gook as it can really help you find areas to work on. For me, it is being more detail oriented. I’m a ‘big picture’ girl. If you are into personality tests this one is interesting-http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

  232. I’m somewhere between an ISFJ & ISTJ, depending on which test I take. I try not to put too much stock in this type of thing, but it’s definitely interesting.

  233. Campaigner (ENFP-t)

    I’ve taken this twice before and I can’t remember what either of them came out. The first time was part of a three day seminar and we really did it in depth. The second time was more like this test. In the second one I came up right on the border of E/I. And now I got a very strong E. Interesting.

  234. INFJ! The rarest personality type apparently. Though, sometimes I get INFP depending on which MB test I’m taking and how the question is phrased.

  235. as part of pre-marital counseling (21 years ago) we took the Meyer-Briggs. I tested as an ESFJ, Hubby an IFTP. But your survey says I’m and ESFP, and I totally buy the evolution from J to P. Also my score has an -A (hyphen A) at the end of it: ESFP-A – what does that mean?

  236. Also, just this morning, I was wondering if Extroverts struggle to be writers the way I do, because there’s always someone interesting to talk to, and spending time alone with my thoughts (fascinating tho they are) always gets shoved to the back of the line. Funny timing for this post.

  237. ESTJ here too. High fives to Victor! My partner is ISFJ and similar to you. We have a really strong bond. Not sure if it’s the opposites attract thing, but whatever. It works, and works WELL.

    They say that sometimes your personality changes over time. I have taken this test dozens of times over the past 20 years and it’s always the same. I do sometimes wonder if I answer more for who I think I am, rather than who I really am. Anyone else ever think that about their results?

    Also I just came out as Atheist to my religious boss. That honesty thing….yeaaaaahhhh.

  238. ISFJ. And there are too many letters and I’m getting confused, so I won’t contribute to the convo because I’m lost. Um, … happy Monday?

  239. I’m ISFJ. I’ve also been told it’s rather rare, at least the the circles I travel in. It seems fairly common amongst this group, though. I guess that’s not surprising!

  240. I have a strange disorder or phobia to acronyms or ack-ronyms as a call them and usually need a legend or key to dicipher them without spinning myself in to a panic attack. I would gladly answer your question but find myself hiding under my bed with my Speak and Spell singing the alphabet song and crying.

  241. INFJ-T….hmmmm

    Famous INFJs
    Martin Luther King
    Nelson Mandela
    Mother Teresa
    Alanis Morissette
    Jimmy Carter
    Nicole Kidman

    Fictional INJFs…Jon Snow (Way better than MLK and MT combined!)

  242. INFP. And at first I thought… Crazy! Just like you! (Ha).

    And then I saw that over 20% of the readers are just like us. INFP’s leading the charge. We are here for a reason.

    My main ones are: Writing-Related (you are like an internet mentor to me) and Mental Illness (two psychotic episodes here).


  243. I consistently get ENFP when I take any kind of MB test. Granted, I’m a shy extrovert with social anxiety, so I’m not always outgoing, I just get recharged by interacting with people and can get lonely to the point of depression when I’m alone for too long. The funny thing is, as a librarian, I’m in a minority, since most librarians I know test as introverts, but the ones I tend to get along with the best are INFPs.

  244. These tests make me feel like I should feel better about myself than I really do. I want to embrace their cheery assessments but not quite believing them. I think it is because we are all far more complex than these things can fully capture. (Also, the spelling mistakes and exclamation points on that site make me roll my eyes.)

    Jenny, you are so wonderfully hilarious. I love all of your work – blog, books, pics, everything. You are a constant reminder of resilience in the face of our modern lives and uncooperative brain chemistry. 🙂

  245. I’m an INFP, but so close on the P and the J depending on the test I will sway one way or the other. Super heavy on the “I” though.

    I love how we’re destroying statistics by banding together here.

  246. I am INFP too. I new there was a reason I love you so much. My husband is INFJ. We don’t go out much.

  247. When I first took the test like 16 years ago as a teenager, I was borderline INFJ/P. Then I started to get more solid in my J. But taking the test on the link provided, I’m back to borderline, as INFJ-P, an Advocate.

    The new bit on this one as “Assertive/Turbulent” and I am 83% Turbulent, so maybe that explains why I can’t commit to J or P.

    BTW, I appreciate the poll let me select both INFJ and INFP; makes me feel like I have a spot in the world. (Kidding-not kidding.)

  248. Turns out I can’t read. Test wasn’t saying I was borderline J/P; It was saying INFJ-T for the Turbulent.

    I just ruined your poll, sorta kinda.

  249. INTJ-A.
    Fits my personality to a T. I am a realist, a data-centered person. I wish I had learned about this personality typing a long time ago, I found out why I am so different, (INTJ female here so even more uncommon than usual)
    When my son finally took the test and read about his personality type he was amazed and said “I finally understand I’m not broken.” This is the kind of revelation that can make a change in your life.
    So yeah, not ‘new-age bullshit’, I think this can be an invaluable self-discovery tool for almost everyone.

  250. I have taken several M-B tests over the last 20 years. Always comes out the same – ENFP. So I am like you Jenny, except louder? Imagination, energy, compassion, get stuck in my head a lot – sounds like me. This is the first time I have seen the A/T at the end. I am a very strong T – self-conscious and sensitive to stress. Guess this is when the anxiety kicks in. I love people, but when it gets too bad, all I want to do is hibernate and read my favorite fantasy authors or watch marathons of Dr Who, Downton Abby, Veronica Mars or Pitbulls and Parolees. Yes, I am a bucket full o’ delightful contradictions.

  251. Awww, yay, I always score INFP, too, even every time I’ve had to take the “oficial” test for every other psychology class in school it seemed. Birds of a feather, me thinks. Two of my best friends are INFP and INFJ. My husband scores ISFJ which is the same as my mother which probably says… something.

  252. INFP – T
    Jenny, I want to thank you for writing the books you do. I have read both of your books back to back twice over the last couple of months. My younger brother died very unexpectedly and your books gave me a brief but much needed escape. Thank you.

  253. I was always always always either INTJ or INTP when I was in school. Since moving out into the professional world, starting my own business, getting married and generally changing quite a bit, I’m now ISFP. Sooo almost the opposite of my old personality type in a lot of ways. Their evaluation fits in most ways.

  254. Woohoo! Apparently I’m suddenly a 1%er as I’m an ESTP and we’re less than half a percent here!
    Now if I only had the money of a 1%er, that’d be pretty cool. 🙂

  255. I find it fascinating that so many introverts have responded. Does this mean that your audience tends towards introversion, or that there are more introverts out there (closeted?) than one would suspect given the extroverted nature of our culture?

  256. Every time I ever did this stupid test I got a different answer…I am ME and I don’t fit into any mold or classification, never did, never will…

  257. INFP-T and a Libra. I have been performing mammograms on innocent, unsuspecting breasts for 18 years.

  258. I go from ENTP to ENFP, and occasionally swing the P to a J as well, depending on the day that’s in it. That makes me The Visionary (ENTP) or the Inspirer (ENFP) which all sounds wonderfully inspiring. I feel better about the fact that I am working from home in my pyjamas and snorkelling cold-drip coffee already.

    There’s a fun piece on the accuracy of the test here – https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/give-and-take/201309/goodbye-mbti-the-fad-won-t-die – and a dryer one here – http://www.theguardian.com/science/brain-flapping/2013/mar/19/myers-briggs-test-unscientific . General consensus seems to be that it slightly more accurate than a horoscope, but don’t get too excited about it. (Full disclosure: I studied both Psych and Marketing, so tests like this and generally as tools came up a lot for discussion.)

  259. ENTP- the Debater. That totally makes sense since on my mind I started feeling argumentative toward the test.

  260. INFJ-T. They aren’t kidding on the T part: turbulent personality. I’m bipolar I, and have a bunch of other shit thrown into the mix, too. Yay for the smear on the Official Mentally Fucked Up Spectrum. It IS kind of interesting. When I’m really up, I AM the center of attention and people gravitate toward me, listen to me talk…basically I’m a fucking cult leader. When I’m down, I’m DOWN. I don’t leave the house. I have nothing to say. I’m just dead space, nothing on the airwaves. So I can see both sides. Woohoo.

  261. I’ve always typed as an INFP (well, except for that one time in college when I thought that being more social than I usually am meant that I was extroverted so I typed as an ENFP). I had to take the official MBTI in grad school to get my Counseling degree, so I figure INFP is probably accurate since that’s what I got.

    The thing about it is, a LOT of people mistype as Ns when they should be Ss, because Ns are often stereotyped as creative, offbeat, and forward thinking (which most people like to believe they are) and Ss are stereotyped as rigid and conventional (and who wants to be THAT?). It’s actually a flaw in perception. Both Ns and Ss could be either creative or conventional. MBTI types are more about cognition and how one thinks and processes, which means you need to know more about the actual cognitive functions behind each type to really learn about it. Probably more people should be S dominant types than actually type that way.

  262. I’m INFP-T, which I don’t know what that means. The “t” seems to stand for “turbulent”?

  263. So I just took it again and tried to really focus on answering honestly about what I truly am, instead of who I would like to be. And this time came up with INTP, which is a lot more accurate. I think all of us have an essential conflict between wanting to be more spontaneous, creative, and sensitive, and the day-to-day living demands of being practical and organized. And when taking tests like these, there is the tendency to want to say “Why yes intuition is better than thinking!” even if in real life that’s not the way we operate.

  264. Depending on my mood when I take the test, I get INFP, INFJ, or ISFP. Today I got INFJ.

  265. INFP (with P/J split at about 60/40).
    Spent years as literature teacher and a counselor. Loved it because of the joy of watching teens discover the joy of literature, poetry, acting, writing, and self-expression, but WOW is it draining for an introverted NF to have 160 teens (plus their families) to worry about each day. And you can’t help but love them and worry about them, even in all their pimply, grumpy, angsty, hormonal glory.

    Always knew that NFs, especially INFs, made up a relatively small percent of the population, but a very high percentage of my family members, from grt. grandparents on have been NFs. Possible genetic component to the neural “wiring”, creating a possible inherited predispositions towards personality types? Who knows – I’m going to grab my cat, my book, a glass of wine, and leave that question to you science-y NT types. Either way, huzzah to all the other crazy NF catladies (and catmen!!) of the world!!

  266. ENTP sometimes INTP….which means I shall invent stuff and then debate my inventions’ importance/value until everyone gives in and admits their defeat when faced by the overwhelming superiority of my arguments.

    My long-standing life goal is to one day own my own Jackalope. Someday….I shall have one and it will be mounted on the wall! Unless I find a good one that’s a complete body and free-standing – might need a kickstarter to afford one of those though.

  267. I’m ISFJ. It’s scarily accurate. I don’t even need to ask my husband to do it as I know I am married to Victor II!!! (He says this himself!!)

  268. INFP – though I was surprised I wasn’t an INFJ. I guess I’m just unique like that. Or bat-shit crazy. Yeah, that’s what I’ll go with, bat-shit crazy. Go on Pinterest and type that in the search. INFP, not bat-shit crazy. Though now I’m off to search that,

  269. This test and all the reading associated with it after (especially given I’m a slow reader) have officially been my life since this was posted. I can’t stop reading. (INFJ-T, basically INFP as well). So consuming. And so interesting. I got my boyfriend to take the test and he’s ENTP-T which fits perfectly well. He’s certainly a “Debater”, but purely for fun and quest of knowledge, which I love and greatly admire. Interesting how the differences can help each other grow. I love it!

  270. I got Commander and I must say that I do enjoy commanding people. Why will no one let me command them?! I like this test. I like having friends who aren’t exactly like me. We can compliment each other in social situations. You really don’t need that many asshole extroverts at a party. 😉

  271. The test you linked to said I was an INTP (The Logician), and that’s the answer I get most often when I take these kinds of tests, but I often debate / hyperanalyze the results because I find myself agonizing over the answers and thinking up contrary examples to disprove almost every answer I select. Which is, of course, exactly what the description of the type implied that I’d think. 😉 This part especially: “The one thing that really holds INTPs back is their restless and pervasive fear of failure. INTP personalities are so prone to reassessing their own thoughts and theories, worrying that they’ve missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that they can stagnate, lost in an intangible world where their thoughts are never truly applied” rings incredibly true.

  272. I’m an INFJ – counselor. When I learned my type, I realized I’m not as crazy as thought I was and there’s an explanation for how my brain works. Now I’ve devoted my life to helping other INFJs come to the same realization. I have a couple of INFJ books out and run a self-help website.

  273. The rare and elusive INFJ reporting in. The whole “wanting to help others but preferring to fix the issue so nobody has to be helped” describes me so much it’s scary. And yeah, I’ve burned myself and probably will again from time to time doing that. From time to time I’ll bring up what I consider an injustice in life and some people will just argue you down into the ground. Still, I’d rather go that way than conforming and feeling miserable. I am becoming better at accepting when I am wrong, and dealing with being wrong.

  274. I am INFJ which makes me the Mother Theresa of your comments, only better. Also a bit of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jon Snow, and Aragorn. If they liked to watch a lot of tv and rarely got off the couch.

  275. I love this test. I’m an INFJ. As suspected, my husband (the performer) and I are opposites. I’m introverted and organized. He’s outgoing and (to my mind) scattered. How do we keep it together? I believed its the “feeling” element we both share. Aww…

  276. Crankiness again:
    Fictional INFPs: William Shakespeare Fictional INFPs: Arwen from The Lord of the Rings

    This right here shows it’s not real.
    Almost nothing is known about William Shakespeare, yet they claim to know what his personality was? Um, no. they made that up.
    Arwen from LOTR? Are you kidding me? #1, they’re claiming that fictional characters have psychological types? Please.
    #2, There is no character of Arwen to have a type. “Arwen” is a cardboard figure whose role is to be looked at. Arwen is the observed. She speaks once in the entire saga, and then it’s only to be romantic and choose her man over her life. Shelob is given more character than Arwen, yet M-B claims she has a personality type?

  277. Greetings, I too received an INFP. According to the description of the type, there are not many of us, less than 4%. Yet there are many here with that type. So do you think we are all here because we gravitate to the place of mutual understanding Jenny’s site provides?

  278. When I was a teenager, I took it several times and my results kept alternating between INFP and INTJ, which I found pretty interesting. So when I think, I get all judgey?

  279. So I’m an INFP-T … LOL that makes sense actually. I either think about things in a very logical manner or act completely on emotion. It’s a weird non-balanced act my brain plays LOL Spock one minute … roiling see of feels the next. At least I’m bound to be entertaining.

  280. I always get an “IN” but each time I’ve taken a test, I swing wildly between the T-F and J-P. So I’ve named each of personality combination after one of Donald Duck’s nephews and the girl duckling from Duck Tales.

    Today, I’m Dewey. (That’s a period. Not a decimal.)

  281. I am the champion, formerly known as counselor( as in Troi). Aka obi wan. I can flip into TJ but I don’t know if it’s business like me or hangry me.

  282. INTP married for 22 years to an ENTJ. My P is weak (I am well hydrated) and sometimes I turn up INTJ.

  283. Mine says I’m ISFP – which does not describe me AT ALL. Well the introvert part does, but not the rest. Well I don’t think it does. Maybe it does and I have a severely skewed image of myself. Oh dear god, this test has heightened my anxiety. Damn you test!

  284. I’m an INFJ, borderline INFP, borderline ISFJ. Basically I don’t think it knows what to do with me. The description of INFJs on Wikipedia is stunningly accurate to me though… INFJs supposedly make up only 1% of the population, but I have met many. I don’t know if those statistics or crap or if we just tend more toward a) online communities and b) mental illness than other personality types.

  285. INFP here too. Took the test the first time a little over 10 years ago as part of an employee team building activity at a previous job. No matter how many times I take some form of the test, I’m firmly an INFP, heavy on the introvert as well. That fact always surprises people given the various professions I’ve had that have required me to be out there and turned on as part of my job…fitness/yoga instructor (15+ years), volunteer manager/trainer (5 years), elementary school employee with some teaching duties (5 years). But no matter how the personality type is described, it always fits me to a tee. Your description above could be a personalized description of me. It seems the older I get the more I feel the need to recharge from my “on” roles as a teacher, mom, wife, and community member with plenty of “off” time. I’m not always good about asking for that down time, but since hitting the big 40 last year I am starting to feel less guilty about when I do finally open up and ask for what I need.

    (On a side note, I NEVER would have guessed I would enjoy writing so much as I do after 12ish years of blogging. I don’t even care really that I don’t have a readership. It’s the process of expression I’ve fallen in love with. I wonder if it’s an INFP thing?)

  286. Interesting. I took the Meyers-Briggs test back in high school, and at that time I scored as an INFP. Taking it now, I am an INFJ. I wonder if life experience has changed perceiving to judging?!

  287. I love doing personality tests but struggle to get conclusive answers. Either I’ll get a different answer to what I got a few months before or it’ll say “Here are five personality types that you could be“. I guess I’m just not part of the system 😛

  288. I honestly don’t remember what I am. I have taken these tests so many flipping times, the last time being about 2 years ago. I just know I’m A.D.D. That should explain who I am. A mess. But, a lovely mess sometimes I like to think. 🙂 Visit me sometime at http://www.smeebe.com. Just starting out.

  289. I’ve been taking (and administering back in the day) these for years. Decades even. I will always always land on ENF. The last one (P or T) will vary depending on the day. And yes, this is very reflective of my personality. I definitely thrive on social interactions. My emotions and compassion run close to the surface. However while I hold two engineering degrees and work in a technical field, my personal hobbies run to the creative – photography, quilting, reading, movies.

  290. LOGISTICIAN (ISTJ-T) is what it came back with, but the line items seemed like “asshat” was more of what it was going for. I am apparently 66% judgmental.

  291. I am an Advocate (INFJ-a) apparently. Which is even MORE rare at only 1%, so haha (j/k). The crazy thing is reading the parenting section- I am currently pregnant with my first so not fully a parent yet, but the description is basically exactly what I imagine and hope for in my head.

  292. I don’t recall the letters, just that I was very rare (undoudtedly an IN something). A couple hundred of us at work did the test and of us all only 11 of us were this type; me and 10 women. We were supposedly the ones the bosses should come to if they wanted to understand the emotional state of the office.

  293. You do realize the results will be skewed toward the personality types that would read you blog, right?

  294. ISFJ – I’m not sure if this is important, but I’m an introvert that presents as an extrovert. That knowledge made SO MUCH sense to me.

  295. I’m INFP. And I’ve always been. Every time I take this test it always comes out the same.

  296. The first time I took the test I got INFP advocate. I can relate to a lot of the descriptions for that personality type but not all. A few days later I took it again and got INFJ mediator. I think INFJ is more accurate.

  297. I just took the test again and got INTJ – exactly the same as when I took it in college (over 20 years ago). I’m amazed that I haven’t changed. 87% introverted!

  298. I used to be an ENTP, but then bad things happened in my life and somehow I seem to have transformed into an INTJ over time. I didn’t know you could change that way, but apparently you can. I was happier as an ENTP!

  299. INFP-T (98% Introvert) Only the lucky few get to see my non introverted self and it usually involves a lot of wine to get that one to come out and play.

  300. I litterly wrote a blog about this last week because I thought it was funny I got 100% introvert. INFPs for the win. The weird, crazy, individual wins!

  301. INTJ (although I used to be an INFJ — not sure how I feel about the change 🙂 ) — I’ve thought for a long time that everyone’s desk at work should be labeled with their personality type so you know what you’re working with when you interact with someone.

  302. INFP-T Mediator Oh boy did I grow up in the wrong family to thrive with that personality. I wonder why the -T though. It’s funny that the Tolkien quote of All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter, not all those who Wander are Lost is referenced in that profile, that was my yearbook quote.

  303. ISFP-T
    70% Introverted Mind
    55% Observant Energy
    58% Feeling Nature
    52% Prospecting Tactics
    93% Turbulent Identity

    Looks like I was close to multiples

  304. Virtuoso (ISTP-t)
    I suck at these (quizzes). I always question my answers and I’m never sure I did it right. The result does say my identity is 75% turbulent.
    I’m not even sure what the point is of my sharing this. You don’t know me and you’ve got a chart of the results. LOL
    And I wanted to share my blogs but that makes me nervous which is weird because I share them other places I visit. (they’re not really particularly funny or observant or interesting. Just stuff I’ve made. Not particularly awesome stuff either.)

  305. Follow up: okay, I’ve been reading through all the stuff that is supposed to describe me (ISTP-t) and now i’m pretty sure I answered wrong because it doesn’t sound much like me. I won’t even go into all the ways it is wrong.

  306. Also INFP – now I have to go back to my cave while the sun is out (that’s when my imaginary friends are less condescending).

  307. Innnnteresting. I’m very strongly an INFJ – also supposedly rare, and fairly similar to you. Judging by the poll, the INFs do seem to attract each other! Also very interesting, I married an ENTJ, which is about as similar to Victor as I am to you.

  308. We match! Except, I’m a little more that a third toward the extroverted side of the spectrum.

  309. I t6ok the test and came out as an ENFP-T (the Campaigner). I totally see myself as painfully introverted, so I took the test again. This time I came out as an ENFP-T, only MORE SO! Huh. Whaddayano, I may be cooler than I thought.

  310. I love this post and keep rereading it. I too am an INFP (my spell check just tried to change INFP to IDIOT) married to an ESTJ…we had to take the meyer Briggs as part of our pre marriage counseling. Our counselor looked worried. Anyway, I can totally relate to your different definitions of cleanliness (that you described in your book) and other challenges of being married to an ESTJ 🙂
    Thanks for that!

  311. I had to vote for two on your poll, so I don’t know if that messes with your validity or any of that stuff. But I am an I/ENFP. I always get exactly, or nearly exactly equally numbers of introvert and extrovert numbers. I truly don’t know what that means, but I think it’s a Bipolar thing. We have ups and downs, sometimes we’re extroverts and sometimes we’re not. That’s probably over sixmplifying it, but that’s my theory.

  312. I’m totally late to the party, but I just took the test (it’s been so long since I’ve taken one, I couldn’t remember the results!), and I’m with you, INFP…I wonder if the entire 4% is here with you, Jenny!

  313. I came here after reading your book Furiously Happy. I was laying there last night with my 5 year old in the bed beside me, and I couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny! Finally, I feel like someone gets me! Oh, and I got INFP too! 🙂

  314. Honestly, I always think these things are bunk, but I just took the test, and INFJ describes me to a T.

  315. i find it hard to believe most people have the INFP thing going on. it’s not THAT common a personality, it’s supposedly “rare”, in fact; it’s like the complete weirdo in the room that everyone believes came from mars. and not everyone is like that. otherwise we’d all hold hands and be free.
    stupid internet.

  316. ENFJ, but sometimes a little borderline on the E and the N. It’s supposed to be pretty rare, I guess. I don’t know. The way I figure my borderline E especially is what has prompted an introverted friend to call me “the most considerate extrovert EVER.” Maybe?


  317. I am an INTP female as well. My husband is ENTJ. I have researched this extensively. It’s fascinating!

  318. INFs must attract each other– like feelgoodknitting said. There are so many of us here! I’m guessing that we are also attracted to the same kinds of jobs. I work in the exhibit creative development area of a museum, and my department is basically a whole bucket full of INFPs and INFJs. We’re all a bunch of designers and writers.

    I’m an INFJ, btw.

  319. I have been laughing/crying my way through your audiobooks (that my INFJ mom recommended) and so I googled to see if you were an INFP (which I suspected) and you are and I love it! Thank you for all the laughter and heart-felt/heart-touching words.

    A Kindred INFP,

  320. Fellow INFP. Maybe absolutely hating to travel ( why would you when home is perfect) and being totally okay making public speeches but mortified having to talk to people is an INFP thing.

  321. I’ve taken the test many times. INFP, every single time. This doesn’t make me feel better about myself. It’s just now I know I’m a super rare (guy, infp) kind of odd ball.

  322. Many years after this post was published I stumbled into it because I was reading “Furiously Happy” and thinking the whole time “Jenny has to be an INFP… and boy, Victor really seems like an ESTJ, and how do they DO it? Those two types are so different!” I’m an INTP and am recently involved with an ESTJ and we’re like two different species! He’s all like “practical results!” and I’m all like “have you even Googled taxidermied mice?” Was pleased to see that my MBTI ninja skills are better than I thought with sussing out Jenny and Victor’s typing.

  323. Btw, a PS. There are way too many INTJs represented in the survey! They should make up about 2% of the general population. 🙂 Just saying… numbers lie! 🙂

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