I didn’t have anything to write about today but then my friend Peter was like, “Hey, remember when I took all those semi-nude pics of you and your friends?” and I was like, “You’re gonna have to be way more specific than that, dude” and he was like, “It’s in a book now.  Remember?  You wrote an essay for it a couple years ago?” and I sort of did, but then I got my copy this week and I read it and it was beautiful.  Plus, Peter said I could post my section on the blog, which is nice because I accidentally deleted the post I had for today.



You can check out the book here.  It’s full of amazing women from age 35 to 104 without the shields of makeup or accessories or clothes, all talking about what it means to be a woman.  Most of them are beautiful and poignant. and nothing like my ridiculousness.  I recommend.

PS. I don’t get anything out of this.  I just thought it would be fun to do.  And it was.  Also, I super paraphrased Peter above, because he’s way more professional than I am.

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  1. What an amazing thing, Jenny!! I’m so saddened when I hear women – any women – talking about how they are no longer beautiful or desirable. In my experience, most men love older women with the cellulite and effects of gravity and all the little things we become so hyper focussed on, which affects our confidence. It took me a number of experiences post-divorce to get comfortable with my sexuality – I may have gone a little far 😉 – so to see these kinds of celebration of women makes me exceedingly happy.

    I’m glad you could be a part of it and will go check out that book. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful picture Jenny! I am going to look into getting that book when I can. I think you would have a lot of fun with an Amazon Echo. It’s more fun to play with than Siri in my opinion. I wish I could remember some examples to give you. Let me think about it.

  3. You are just so freaking awesome I can hardly stand it. (and I mean that in a good way.) You are the kind of friend I want to have IRL. Thank you for being you.

  4. geez….I was trying to figure out where to hide a body, thanks for the help!! p.s. you are beautiful to me…inside and out!

  5. I’m sorry you accidentally deleted today’s original blog post, but I’m SO GLAD you shared this instead, Jenny. It’s truly beautiful and moving.

  6. looks like an awesome book! and so refreshing to see real women and real stories, no photoshop added

  7. I just had to add that as a vegetarian, I too am confused about such meat words like “prime”. Which is probably why I was 35 before I found out that “tube steak” is in fact not a cut of meat. I for real didn’t know (much to the amusement of others). Anyway, how cool that you were part of this project! Very, very cool, I think…

  8. It’s a lovely picture. And you’re definitely in your prime when your essay practically writes itself. 🙂

  9. I like to say I’m the Grand Canyon–in my erosional prime–and have been for at least 30 years.

  10. I went to a nude beach in the Spring. I liked it. Except I still had to wait in line to use the bathroom. Since I had always figured that the Ladies’ Rooms’ lines are longer because we have more clothes to adjust, I just didn’t get the line. Do women just pee slower than men?

  11. Too much Making a Murder in my brain to talk about hiding bodies…
    Jenny, if you get framed for murder, I’m gonna use my Powerball winnings to buy you the best lawyers money can buy.

  12. More often than not, I leave off makeup and hair product and clothing. I guess I’m PRIME, too. Plus, I don’t have to kill Siri. Google seems a bit smarter. The robot voice said “here is the answer to your question” and showed me a list of definitions (all essentially saying “the best”). The math answer, just so ya know, is that a prime number cannot be divided by any numbers other than one or itself (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. are all prime numbers. 4, 6, 8, and 10 can all be divided by 2; 6 and 9 can be divided by 3; 8 can be divided by 4; 10 can be divided by 5; and so on). You probably both already knew the math answer, but it’s funnier to have a discussion wherein you really don’t. Sorry. I’m both a grammar nazi and a numbers geek.

  13. I have friends that offer to help me hide bodies and tell horribly embarrassing stories. You know you have a true friend when you have a conversation that goes like this.

    Me: Yeah, turns out I was bleeding on him, not the other way around.
    Friend: Oh shit. That’s embarrassing. Do we need to kill him?
    Me: I haven’t decided yet. We may have to wait, since you know, he’s covered in my blood.
    Friend: Nah, I got the perfect hiding place. Nobody will ever know about it.

  14. So when is the follow-up book of men in makeup happening? It could be called, “Men in Primer.” And not just drag queens because that would be cheating. Fabulous, but cheating.

  15. I just asked Siri where I could hide a body and she refused to answer. The little bar just went back and forth. Hopefully she wasn’t forwarding my question to the police or anything. Just wanted to see if I would get the same answer.

  16. Beautiful portrait, and I love the essay. High five indeed on intimidating that snobby phone robot.

  17. Siri’s answer re: hiding the body was hilarious. I asked it once “Are you Her?” (meaning, from the movie Her) and she gave a vague answer like “I am not, but I could be.” #robotstakingovertheworld

  18. I love both the idea of the book (I’m going to have to go get it – and really, since my house is already overflowing with books, I should be trying to give more books away rather then buying them – but I can’t help it.). I loved your conversation. I wish I could go out to lunch with you and Laura. Because far too many people don’t understand how conversation works (it’s random, weird and absolutely hilarious). Thanks for sharing this – it made my day…

  19. Your post serves a double function:
    1. An inspirational example of allowing oneself to be oneself in all of one’s glory
    2. An informative example of how to put together a blog post

  20. Okay, so this comment is not about this post here (which is great by the way) but because today I finished your book “Furiously Happy” and I just have to tell you I found it exhilarating. I laughed so much at certain bits and then got a little choked up at some others…but mainly, I identified with quite a bit of it. I’d never read anything by you before… and now I need to get my mitts on your first book. Thank you, for reminding me that I’m not crazy. Well, I am a little but…you know what I mean. Furiously happy was SO liberating! Thanks and thanks 🙂

  21. I love this, like I love most things on your blog. And your photo is, indeed, beautiful. But when I watched the video ad for the book something leapt out at me: Some of the women are, quite obviously, wearing makeup. Which really bothered me, given the intent of the project. Trust me, I’m not trying to naysay the book. It’s a phenomenal idea. But visible lip liner? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? (Sheesh, I really hope I don’t upset anyone with this comment.) Jenny, you’re amazing.

    (I noticed that too but I wonder if maybe they have it tattooed on? ~ Jenny)

  22. This post, plus your natural highlights on Instagram this morning: tremendous confidence booster.

    FWIW: I let my “natural tiara” grow out into full curls last year, at 46. No regrets at being gray this young. But truth be told, I could have done it at 36. Just um, vanity had the upper hand there for a while. Now? Prime, motherfuckers.

  23. Love it when you split the blog’s copy into a couple of columns,Jenny. So much easier to read on a phone! There was a reason newspapers had “columns” … a PRIME approach to layout 😉

  24. I now need to contemplate my primeness.

    I think it boils down to needing a Laura in my life. Or a Jenny.

    Someone that wouldn’t call the cops, anyways. That I haven’t married or birthed.

  25. I loved the video and your essay is too funny (of course!). I turned 50 last year and I quite seriously feel like I entered another level: the entry level of wise crone (with all of it’s very best connotations). I’ve spent the past few years really digging in and working on myself, and it’s paying off in spades (which is good because it’s not paying off in cash…. yet). Finally really beginning to come into myself. Thank you for sharing this here!

  26. With skin like yours you NEVER need to wear makeup Jenny! You have a natural beauty which I think is a reflection of your gorgeous heart. Your gorgeous, wibbly wobbly, gristly bloody heart. 🙂

  27. Just beautiful! And count me as one more person whose mind immediately leaped to Amazon when I read “prime”. But, you know, prime meat is good too!

  28. You should have given him the photo you took of yourself naked and covered in cheeseburgers. THAT was prime. This one is quite lovely though, and the overall concept of the project is beautiful. I actually buzzed my head shortly before my 35th birthday to challenge my own idea of femininity and beauty. My sense of identity had always been wrapped up in my ever-changing hairstyle. A trip to the salon had the power to make or break my confidence. Before I shaved my head, I had even bought several wigs “just in case.” But amazingly, after I stripped away that cosmetic security blanket, I felt more beautiful and powerful than ever. I couldn’t hide anymore, and as a result, I found myself. Plus I am saving loads of money on hair products.

  29. Ahaha. Arguably Laura’s picture caption should be prime: a very confused steak. Side note: siri knows where to hide bodies.

  30. Prime: time is going backwards and you have breakfast in the middle of the afternoon.

  31. Oh, Jenny, I’m not even surprised when you simultaneously move and tickle me with one post.

    This project reminds me of my grandmother. When I was a teen, she told me that when she turned 50, she “officially stopped taking shit from anyone.” Every birthday I’ve had since then, I’ve lamented, “do I have to wait until I’m 50?”
    At 36, I’ve finally decided to join her and bask in the glow of 14 bonus shit-taking-free-years.
    This is prime.

    P.S. Grammar nazis: have at thee!

  32. I am 64. I look at myself in the mirror every day and think, “Yuck. What ever happened to you?” But truth? I have NEVER really been ok with what I see in the fucking mirror. I am way more beautiful in my head. So…fuck the mirror. And the camera. I will be who I see in my head. Thank you Jenny. Thank you.

  33. Obviously, that was an incomplete thought. I meant to say you look just as pretty without makeup as you do with makeup. Still unfair.

  34. That is so awesome. It was a few months ago I was lamenting I’d lost everything that made me a woman, boobs, hair, red-headed step sister. But we are so much more than the sum of our parts.

    p.s. Hair is coming back though but looks like my husband took a weed wacker to it.

  35. Very cool, I will look into the book too and put it on my wish list, I have to get copies of your books first. Also Siri is a Douche Canoe😂

  36. Sadly I’m afraid the Prime book is a bit out of my price range, and by bit I mean completely😖 so hopefully in a year or two the price will come down or I will finally get my disability, which ever comes first

  37. @Anonymous I presume you’re referring to the deeper meaning of 42…
    For those who don’t know it, Google “the meaning of life, the universe and everything” 😎

  38. Whoa! Jenny, you’re a cover girl! What a wonderful project to be involved in. You, Laura, and Brene. Texans – represent!

  39. Dear JennyBloggess, keep it up! Please. Keep making me laugh! And I haven’t finished reading yet. . .

  40. The person above who pointed out that you are on page 42 reminded me to tell you that your book is next to The Hitch-hiker’s Guide on my bookshelf, because I figured they might be friends ^_^

  41. Did you know you have a quote featured in the February issue of Reader’s Digest? If not, it’s in the Points To Ponder section. I will leave it as a mystery in case you didn’t know.

  42. Did you know you have a quote featured in the February Reader’s Digest? It’s in the Points To Ponder section. I’ll leave it a mystery in case you didn’t know.

  43. Maybe you’re like prime shipping, so you can fly for free now? Or if you’re a robot, I’m pretty sure prime means you’re in charge and better than all the other robots. All hail Jenny Prime, the robot queen. May she fly airlines free forever, with her high quality steak.

  44. Those women with all those laugh-wrinkles? That is my life goal. To have laugh-wrinkles.

  45. You are prime, Jenny. I want to be as prime as you.

    Poor Siri. We used Siri for navigating in Ireland, where all road signs are in Irish. Siri does not know how to pronounce Irish. We missed a few turns because we were laughing so hard at her.

  46. I just want to thank you for your bravery. I find you inspiring and you have helped me though some times when I didn’t believe anything could pull me out of my own brain. Being depressed and sick makes me disappear into self pity and despair, a place I simply don’t have time for. I have a two year old son. I had him one week shy of my 38th Birthday. With him came some lovely care packages. Postpartum depression that is being labeled major depressive disorder with anxiety and very possibly psoriatic arthritis, which is very similar to rheumatoid arthritis. I attempted methotrexate for treatment and I gave me medication induced dementia. I don’t recommend that. I felt like Drew Barrymore’s character in 50 First Dates, I could get through the day and care for my son, but once I went to sleep the day before erased. I lost the summer of 2015. I’m terrified to try another medication to treat psoriatic arthritis because I fear for my mental and physical reaction. No one understands. I had to leave my job as a case manager/social worker that I did for over 14 years because of being sick. My son has special needs but has a smile that lights up w room. I have a husband who loves me. I put my family in financial ruin by leaving my job, but it was truly my job or my life. The fatigue overwhelmed me and I fell asleep at the wheel of my car several times. Now I’m trying to finish an online course to work from home. It’s my only real choice.

    Anyway, you inspire me to get out of bed and do. I try to laugh often and drag out finger paints without wondering how much the process will hurt later. Hell, sometimes standing hurts. I took my health for granted for a long time. Thank you for letting me know that I could have happy. I could have a family and friends and good times. I can laugh until I pee just a little. When I feel down, I go through some of your posts and always laugh and feel slightly better about myself. I am learning to embrace this new life. That said, I still have many days when giving up seems very close. I am on so much medication right now. I hate it. I take those pills to be a better mom and wife. Are they working? Well, yeah. I’m alive. Living is the thing I’m working on. Thank you again for the inspiration to do things that scare me. Sometimes I can even enjoy leaving my house with my family.. Infrequently but not impossible. If you read this, I’m grateful. If you don’t, I’m hoping that that writing my rambling post will help me for Tuesday. My son is teething and transitioning to a bed instead of a crib. Oh, and he just gave up naps. I’m exhausted. So tired that I want to smack my poor sleeping husband in the head and tell him it’s his turn to be awake all night with a grumpy toddler. I won’t. I will just stew. My plan is to be superbly annoying to my son when he is a teenager and wake him up in the middle of the night for chats and to ask for a glass of water. This thought keeps me going.

    Ok. Back to Bubble stupid Guppies. I hope you have a painless day full of laughter. Thanks for making me reach for that too, even when I want to hide under the covers.

    (I am sending you such love. Thank you for sharing. You inspired me to get out of bed today. ~ Jenny)

  47. That is such a cool project! I’m going to have to pick up the book. I love the idea of highlighting women in a very authentic way, giving them space to speak with their own voice, while showing their true selves.

  48. I am a huge fan of yours. So much of your writing makes me feel like I am not so alone. It also makes me laugh which is a great bonus! This is the first time I have ever commented on your page and don’t know if you will actually see it. I have 2 daughters and am trying to start a business online on etsy. I am very much an introvert and have a hard time being around many people so with kids and my flawed personality I have a very hard time working a normal job. I think of you as such a mentor/role model if you had time could you please share with me some of the ways your started getting your name out into the big wide web? I would appreciate it more than I can explain.

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