You really are, you know.

I have a picture on my phone from four years ago.  I took it in the back offices of a bookstore when I was panicking and pacing and trying to calm down so I could go out and do a reading.  And in the middle of my panic I looked up and saw a cardboard sign above the door, and it was exactly what I needed to see at exactly the right time.


Whenever I start to fall apart, or doubt that I’ll ever fully get my shit together I pull up that picture.  I don’t know who wrote it or how it came to be but it helps me.  Maybe it’ll help you.  Because even if you’re fucking up in one part of your life, know that you are doing an excellent job in other parts.  It’s just hard to see it because the negative stuff feels so big that it keeps you from seeing all the things you’re nailing.  Like breathing.  You’ve been breathing all day, y’all.  Probably all your life.  EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP.  That’s dedication, motherfucker.

So just a reminder…

You’re doing an excellent job.


And now, the weekly wrap-up:

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  1. I love it. Our excellent job isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Sometimes just achieving “living” status is my excellent job. Sometimes I achieve more. Love ya Jenny!!

  2. I just hate that sometimes my “excellent job” is “stay alive today.” I always expected to be able to set the bar a bit higher than that. :-/

  3. Somebody recently said that to me and I doubted all she was telling me. Who am I to be doing an excellent job? Anybody could do this, right?
    Turned out the answer was ‘You’re doing an excellent job,’ after all. It took so much of this woman’s time to convince me of this, I’m sure she regretted it in the end. I apprecited her patience in helping me see it. Glad you are a quicker study Jenny. You are doing an excellent job. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks. Needed this today. Just feel like becoming invisable and hiding from it all.

  5. Echoing above. I needed that. I]m breathing. I’m alive. I have an awesome family. When everything is crashing, I have that.

  6. That is awesome. You are doing an excellent job for giving us that reminder that we all need sometimes.

  7. Except I literally “forget” to breathe when I’m sleeping. 🙁 (Central sleep apnea but I refuse to use a CPAP machine)

  8. Also, thank Goddess they spelled it “you’re” and not “your” because then it wouldn’t empower you, it’d make you want to correct it.

    An additional thought. Next time I see you I’m going to ask that you write “Pretend you’re good at it.” so that I can get it tattooed. I thought initially that I’d have to get it in Mr Gaiman’s handwriting but then realized that he gave the advice directly to you and you then gave it directly to us so it should be in your handwriting instead because I learned about it from you. Perhaps I can add a “Works Cited” thing that he could write…

  9. This made me cry. I needed reminding that I’m doing all right and that I need to stop focusing on what I see as my failures. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been struggling for a lot of months and needed the encouragement.

  11. Boy, the timing on that was perfect. I’m sitting here feeling like I can’t do anything right, because things aren’t working out like I want, despite trying as hard as I can. So of course, first reaction is not that it’s the external factors that I can’t control — it’s me. And I get this notification of this blog entry — and bingo. I needed the reassurance that maybe I AM doing a good job after all, despite my lack of desired results, and I got it. Feeling better. Thank you. 🙂

  12. Can someone suggest their favorite (for lack of a better word) anti-anxiety med? My anxiety disorder is getting worse and is currently untreated. I’d like to do a little research about the meds out there before I see a doctor to ask for something to help improve my coping skills. Things are getting a bit ridiculous. Just had possibly the best performance review at work ever and all I’m thinking is “well, when I make my first big fuck up, the boss will be so shocked I won’t even get a second chance.”

    “You’re doing an excellent job” says my mind – never. And I tried to discuss with my BFF and all she could say is, “why can’t you just be happy?”

    Thanks all, and mad appreciation out there for those of you who have braved through your struggles and figured out a way to keep the demons trapped in a lockbox.

    (For me, xanax as needed is a big help. You develop a tolerance though so you have to stay at a low dose and wean yourself off every few months. ~ Jenny)

  13. This came at the EXACT moment I needed it – I was let go from the ONLY job I have had since college (25 years!) and I am feeling lost and unsure of everything. This job I loved and it has been a part of me and I am not sure who I am anymore and we have no savings or money to tide us over till I find a new one so I am panicking too. But this reminded me that I have a wonderful family who loves and supports me and that is more important than anything and that I can do this – to just have faith that the right job will come along and it will be ok.

  14. I just had the BEST employee evaluation with my new boss 🙂 She’s gonna work out fine!! Your ‘signs’ have been keeping me going. Thank You.

  15. I totally needed this today! I used to have a background on my phone that said something along the lines of You Are Fucking Amazing! with a smiley face. I only took it off, because I was worried someone would see it at the office . . . and think it was meant for them instead! As if!

  16. Yes! Today I got up before noon, took a shower, and got dressed. That’s a lot for me this weekend. I’m excellently being being alive sometimes. 🎈

  17. Thanks Jenny, I needed to hear that. I’m going to meet my first client tomorrow and I’m so nervous and worried I’ll fuck things up and she isn’t going to be happy with my work. I want to show up in my my polar bear onesie and be like “I’m a polar bear and totally unprofessional, I eat raw fish and love to sleep. Maybe ask someone smarter who knows what he/she is doing good luck byeee”.

    Fuck. The onesie has some wine stains on it. Way to go.

  18. You’ve been breathing all day, y’all. Probably all your life. EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP. That’s dedication, motherfucker.

    Now I feel like a slacker cause I have sleep apnea…

  19. Thanks Jenny, I needed to hear that. I’m going to meet my first client tomorrow and I’m so nervous and worried I’ll fuck things up and she isn’t going to be happy with my work. I want to show up in my my polar bear onesie and be like “I’m a polar bear and totally unprofessional, I eat raw fish and love to sleep. Maybe ask someone smarter who knows what he/she is doing good luck byeee”.

    Now my onesie has wine stains on it. Way to go.

  20. Not normally one to post anything, but I needed this more than you could know. I left my job in November because my husband and I had planned on moving (new and better job for him). Fast forward 2 months and we still haven’t moved. Things are stressful and “tight” would be an understatement. His new boss has been beyond understanding so the job is still being held for him. However during this time I found out days apart from my best friend that we were both pregnant. Yay, right? Well at least one family member didn’t think so. And 2 days ago my friend had a miscarriage. I’ve felt lost. This helps. Thank you.

  21. Sometimes….you write a post and put up a picture that is exactly what I need in this exact moment. And I know I’m not alone. Thank you.

  22. That plus “Pretend you’re good at it” from #FuriouslyHappy? I think we’re all set for nailing 2016. Or maybe just this week. Or today. Whatever milestone you need to mark.

  23. 1.) I needed to see that today. 2.) I just finished my last Mary Roach book and was in the book equivalent of a show hole. Thanks for making my Sunday so much better

  24. Gwyn (22): propranolol (actually usually prescribed for high blood pressure) has been a lifesaver for me. Well, that plus talk therapy. The meds dull the physical symptoms of anxiety (racing heart, etc.) which lets me actually use my higher brain functions to talk myself through the anxiety, rather than going all lizard-brain-panicky. Plus it has “lol” in the name, which never fails to make me smile. But of course, your mileage may vary. Good luck.

    Jenny: thank you for this post!! Just started a new job this week and even though it’s really no different from my old job, I am somehow convinced I am doing it all wrong. I am going to make that picture my screensaver.

  25. Thank you! Sometimes the universe conspires to give us what we need, just like you are giving to others what they need to. We all need it. <3

  26. Today my excellent job is convincing myself that I need to be alive to see my niece grow up. That I have loving people who would miss me if I were gone. And that I’m not a complete failure. I’m here, here I am.

  27. I really needed to see this , life has been full of more downs than ups the past year or so and while I’ve been keeping it together on the outside my insides are a jumbled mess.

  28. Oh my lord, the doll one… I just.. I can’t. Holy sh*t those dolls are entirely too realistic. Like, “sit-on-your-chest-and-suck-out-your-soul” in the middle of the night realistic. I couldn’t stop looking. Thanks for sharing (I think). I’ll be sending you DM’s on Twitter at 3AM all week since I won’t be able to sleep. Ha…

  29. Thanks. Having massive anxiety/panic this month. Feel like I’m failing at my new job and am incompetent at just about everything I touch. I know it will pass but right now it feels as if I will never be good at anything again.

  30. Thanks Jenny! I needed to see this today because I’m a freelance writer/editor and an editing project that is due tomorrow is NOT ready because I have been laid low by excruciating headaches, fibromyalgia aching and anxiety attacks. I hope my boss doesn’t read your blog!! I’ve had chronic fatigue and depression and anxiety disorder since I was six years old, and the fibro set in after I had surgery for breast cancer. [[16 years CANCER FREE–almost afraid to even write that!]] Have always had headaches since about 18, but now they have intensified to the point where I feel some days that I just cannot bear the pain any longer. In between all of this crap I try to work and actually make a living, and some days it just ain’t happening. So thanks for the encouraging words. I’m really glad to know I’m doing an excellent job because today I feel like I am doing a really BAD job at everything. I’m glad you think otherwise. : ) I do sort of have the breathing thing down, although last night I even mucked that up and had to use my inhaler. Ack.

  31. Thank you for saying that. After the past year, if I’m not curled up in the corner sucking my thumb I should probably give myself some props but I don’t.

  32. Jenny, you’re a miracle. It seems quite a few of us needed this post this month. For me, January has been an uphill slog waiting for meds to kick in while my panic and anxiety have run amok. In the midst of it all I read Furiously Happy and on horrible days it made me laugh so hard that I would forget to feel awful. I loved it! Thank you for writing it. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your honesty.

  33. Tomorrow I return to my job as a director of a team of 8 people, one of whom saved my life July 30 2014 by forcing me to go to my doctor and takig leave. Im excited and terrified and never felt so alone in my life. I am saving this now for when I need it tomorrow. Jenny you are amazing.

  34. I have seasonal affective disorder and realized that I have arrived at the bottom of the Winter Pit today. In the midst of Trying Not To Lose My Shit, I came across this. Thank you.

  35. Love this!! It reminds me that we need to be gentler with ourselves and more supportive of one another, especially women.

  36. You have no idea how badly I needed this today. I’m completely consumed with trying to buy our first house, and it’s been one ridiculous thing after another, trying to get financing in place. Pre-approval don’t mean squat, y’all. Even though we HAVE a lender, who WANTS to give us the mortgage, the insurance company said no. (Here in Canada, if you have less than 20% downpayment, you have to have insurance from one of only three companies. Totally different from life mortgage ins, that pays if you croak). Tomorrow is our last shot. Either we get approval from everyone, or we’re completely screwed.

    The irony? The house we’re wanting is HALF of what I was preapproved for…and that’s part of the problem. Because it’s considered ‘rural’, and therefore cheaper.

    I have 10% down. Unfortunately, I can’t come up w/another $7,000 to make it 20%, so we have to have the insurance.

    Because of all the stress, my RSD has had my pain levels so bad that I’ve had a cpl of nights of sobbing in pain on the couch. Then a migraine. And felt like a complete loser, because not only is the house thing in jeapordy, but I can’t even function properly.

    Needless to say, the writing aint happening, which doesn’t at all help with the loser feeling.

    So, thank you Jenny. Seriously, and truly. I needed this.

  37. You have no idea how much I need this today. I rarely drink, but I could go for about a gallon of cosmopolitans right about now.

  38. My oxygen levels might be low, I’m spiking a temp, and it might hurt to breathe at times but I’m still breathing! Still sick but still hanging in there. Just did a nasal rinse that isn’t helping my pounding head but I can see the screen enough to read your blog and type. Thank haven for honey from my aunt’s ranch and Throat Coat Tea! I’m off the prednisone for now and took my last antibiotic until I see my doctors on Tues and Weds. Breathing in and out. {hugs}

  39. Once after a bad day, I came out to the parking lot and found a sticky note on my windshield that said, “You are an excellent teacher!”. I still have it. It made the difference both that day and so many others.

  40. Perhaps we should all count our blessings that we are still breathing . We can all help ourselves and others by any small acts of kindness . Open doors for the elderly , smile at sad looking people , count to three before you say anything negative , and forgive yourself .

  41. Luckily you won’t read comments this far down so I’ll just get back to draping my balls on my phone as I don’t have to be up tomorrow.

    Hey I’m, easily pleased. #bpd

  42. I’ve spent the day feeling like I’ve completely failed at being a grown up because I don’t know what I want to do and money is tight and every little thing has made me cry today, both happy things and sad things and I NEVER cry and for some reason my meds aren’t working and I have cramps and I just want my mommy even though she’s been dead for over 25 years and we never really had what you could call a good relationship and my thoughts are as run on as this sentence and I just need to breathe and every time I try to tell myself that I start ugly crying and now my nose is stuffed up and I can’t even read because my eyes are so swollen. And after checking my email and seeing this post I know I’ll be ok and that these feelings are only temporary. So, thanks.

  43. Like all the above comments, I really needed to see that too! Thank you. I am a teacher of 9 year olds, and due to some absolutely horrible parents that neglect their son, I had a horrible no good very bad week last week. But, as I was just about to lose it, like you, I found an inspiration. Checking one of my student’s writing notebook, I found an acrostic poem with my name:
    M akes people happy
    I s a good person
    S ees the good in people
    S eeks out peoples’ talents
    K eeps promises
    N ever lies
    A wesome at drawing
    U ses interesting words
    S econd in hand (I’m assuming the principal is 1st?)

    Keep smiling – sunshine’s always around the corner. xoxo

  44. My doc changed my meds, thereby exacerbating my depression. One of my colleagues taped “Depression Lies” over my desk, and my boss just emailed me at home to remind me that that’s true, and it’ll be okay.

    You’re doing an excellent job, Jenny, of getting the word out that to be mentally borked is not the same as completely broken, and damaged still works. Thank you.

  45. I love this, but had to laugh. I’m going through testing for sleep apnea so basically, I’m not successful at breathing in my sleep, lol! It’s a good thing and I’m happy I’m finally getting answers, but still, reading this, I had to giggle 😀

  46. Oh man, I needed that right now! Work is kicking my butt, but darn it I’ve got laundry done, tax papers organized and I ate Whoppers for dinner. Yay me!

  47. Thanks. Been down this week, mostly because of the depressing job hunt. It’s so tough to stay positive.

  48. You are doing an excellent job of reminding me to smile! and breathe..thanks Jenny!

  49. OK, I was with you on that one, until the the part about breathing in your sleep – I don’t even do that well – sleep apnea – for cripes sake. But thanks for the post, it was needed because the negative stuff is HUGE right now.

  50. That sign is brilliant. It reminds me of something I learned courtesy of Dr. Ross Greene. His work is all about changing the way we perceive behaviorally challenged children, and a different, better way to work with them. In any case, his premise is that we are each doing the best we can at any given time, in any given moment. With that premise, if we aren’t doing what someone thinks we should be able to do (even if we are judging ourselves), basically they should go fuck themselves. I mean, the minute I can throw that crappy self judgment, that self talk that other people put into my head, out the window (when I’m still in my PJ’s, have barely eaten, and my butt hasn’t left the living room chair in 10 hours), I feel just a bit better.

  51. Holy crap! Those dolls!
    I’ll be sleeping with the lights on for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

  52. I’m doing an excellent job worrying about every physical symptom I have. I’m doing an excellent job obsessing about the pain in my neck. I’m doing an excellent job imagining scary scenarios about whatever is going on in my body right now.

    Oh, wait. That’s not the way this works.

  53. I love my tribe. Hugs and love and encouragement to you all! But the T-Rex made my whole week! As a florist, coming up on Valentine’s Day, with not one, but two, 80 hour weeks looming… I needed all of this. I will reprint the sign, and post it everywhere. And when that doesn’t work, I’ll watch the T-Rex.
    Thanks for loving us so much!!!

  54. I needed that.

    I’m doing an excellent job finally typing up all these recipes I’ve been saving from magazines. Whose idea was that? Oh, right, mine. -_- Go me! 😀

    I’m also doing an excellent job enjoying the strangely beautiful spring-like weather we’re having in January. Indoors, of course. But I have the windows open! That counts!

  55. Thank you Jenny — this was something I needed to hear today. It reminded me of a time nearly ten years ago when I was walking and about to step off the curb and there was huge graffiti on the road that said “you are not a victim”, which I chose to interpret as “shitty stuff has happened to you, but it has not destroyed you”. I don’t believe in fate or that it was there so I would see it — but I do believe that I noticed it rather than walking by unaware because I needed to see it. It’s nice to know there are other people out there who find meaning in the random scrawlings of strangers. (The spell check here does not recognize scrawlings but I am choosing to noun the verb rather than think of the correct word.)

  56. I fucking love you! I desperately needed to see this right now. Please never go away. I need you, the world needs you.

  57. You most definitely are doing an excellent job and of lots of things too – not only breathing but of making so many people know that they aren’t alone. Even when you feel like you are failing at other things (which you aren’t by the way), you are always doing an excellent job of that.
    I like to think I do an excellent job of being weird, plus breathing too is an added bonus. I’m pretty damn good at being contented with being indoors (mostly anyway)

  58. I’ve been feeling so very much that I am MADE COMPLETELY of failure the last….oh, honestly, three years… but it’s be exacerbated by my work (short story: They never wanted me there, coworkers and main boss, suffered my presence for years, and of the last two years, my life has been nothing but “death by paper cuts”… basically, if I drop something like the work phone that = “throwing shit because I’m always angry”. I close a car door…which I habitually do loudly…because I just …do? = slamming doors all the time. Stub my foot on a chair = kicking things around the office… I think you see where this is. And each time I get my butt chewed for these non-things, I storm off angrily because I really am angry then, and then get chewed on for a week for my “attitude problems”). So I went out yesterday and my run became therapy, friends were dropping in at random times to do some miles with me, and I ended up doing a marathon, and meeting a goal of mine (a marathon a month)… and then I realized it was still January, and I felt that the failure ran deep in me.
    Basically, I needed the reminder to focus on the achievement and not the “goof up”.

    Also. Thanks for your books. They’ve really been helping me through these issues.

  59. Someone in my office saw something similar on the way to work and took a pic. He shared it with me, (sorry can’t paste in the comment). It is a yellow sticky-note that says “everything will be okay”. We call it “the golden affirmation” and we keep it for our desktop wallpaper whenever we need it.

  60. I love Jon Ronson! I’ve read all his books and am always eagerly waiting on the next one–just like yours. He also did a short segment on This American Life last Saturday–as in not two days ago but the Saturday before that. I don’t have a calendar handy, but you get the idea. It’s funny and weird. You should listen to it. It’s Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is even weirder, so listen to that too. If you like. Not telling you what to do.

  61. Today I needed to see that sign. Thank you for posting this. I immediately made my own Post-it notes to put around the house for myself.

    Crohn’s flare=depression
    Crohn’s flare=unable to sit at PC long enough to blog.

    Jenny you posted this and made my day feel a great more thankful…to be alive and doing what I can.

  62. When I went to the bathroom at your Milwaukee book signing, I saw someone had written, “you are fantastic” with a heart on the toilet paper holder. I really appreciated that because I was feeling anxious and needed a little boost. I took a picture and have kept it on my phone to remind me that I’m fantastic, even when I don’t think so.

  63. One of the worst weeks of my career, but despite plenty of victim’s guilt, I stood up for myself. Now praying the aftermath doesn’t kill me.

  64. Except I have asthma, so I do kinda fuck up with breathing as well…

    But I am a hell of a blinker! They all say, damn, that Elisabeth is a hell of a blinker!

  65. As a tour guide at Warner Bros., one of the things we are tasked with is a daily report, including “THREE positive things that happened today”. Yesterday was shit. I could have used this blog post (and that cardboard placard) to help me fill out my report:

    I woke up and was able to feed and clothe myself
    I arrived at work on time
    I kept breathing

    Instead, I listed things like “God is washing my car today. Thanks, God!” and “No Vitamin D overdose possible today” and “I’m too petite for any of the available raingear”. Blargh.

  66. I AM doing a great job. I sent both my girls to school a half an hour late today (on a day with a 2 hour delay) because I was doing such an excellent job scraping freaking LICE off their heads. But you know what? I killed every single one of those bastards, and every stupid egg I could find. And I’ll do it again tomorrow, and the day after and the day after for the next ten damn days. Because I’m making this job my bitch.

  67. I AM doing a great job. I sent both my girls to school a half an hour late today (on a day with a 2 hour delay) because I was doing such an excellent job scraping freaking LICE off their heads. But you know what? I killed every single one of those bastards, and every stupid egg I could find. And I’ll do it again tomorrow, and the day after and the day after for the next ten damn days. Because I’m making this job my bitch.

  68. Thanks Jenny I needed this one today. Been feeling like I’ve just been floating through the last week or so, and just because one part of my life sucks, doesn’t mean every part does. Thanks.

  69. The fact that you saw that sign right before a reading reminds me of something Margaret Atwood said she’d tell herself to calm herself down before a public reading: These people like you and they’re here to see you.
    Keep that in mind. People like you.

  70. I’m an asthmatic so I don’t really do that breathing this well…. but I can exist like a champ!!!!!

  71. My mother just arrived in town, she’ll be here a week. Now would be the time for everyone to pray/hope/cross every body part that can be crossed/sacrifice dark chocolate for the cause, so that I make it through this time of anxiety and repeating myself at least once every time I speak because mom is weird like that, with everyone in one piece.

  72. That is beautiful – And exactly the sign I need above my cubicle at work. Alternatively, it would be LOVELY to have Rory’s smiling face on a badge holder – Any chance something like that could possibly be added to the store in the near future??? 🙂

  73. You are doing an excellent job. I LOVE your books, and have helped me understand it’s just fricken fine for me to be me… no matter how “weird” the world thinks I am. Thank you!

    I do believe I first saw this persons art work posted on your site. Do I remember this correctly?

    This story just came up on another site I visit daily. And if I did find this here, I didn’t know if you could help out by just showing her amazing painting again. Needing to move and have surgery at the same time is a bummer. The artist isn’t asking for donations for herself. This is just someone on Kos trying to help her out.

    Again, since I think I saw her artwork featured here a while ago, I thought I’d let you know. I do hope it’s O.K.

  75. Thank you — it’s a wonderful reminder!
    Sometimes I hang up little signs that say:
    “What do you want?”
    It’s sad how often we can forget to consider what we want. Sometimes that note helps me stop and give myself a break. It gives me permission to cancel plans. Or get into the bath with a good book. And best of all — it helped me realize when I needed to leave a bad relationship.

  76. Will add this to my arsenal of tools to fight the panic attacks. Since all the meds will either have a reverse effect adding more panic, or an allergic reaction, I can’t take any. I find my toolbox needs a lot of help in very different ways.

  77. Dear commenter #22 I am with Jenny. Xanax is a lifesaver!! A strong second place (*for me) is generic Klonopin. I have paralyzing anxiety at times, So I send you my understanding, compassion & wishes for better days in February — to All who are struggling in our different ways. It Will get better…

  78. Thank you, Jenny. I read this and tears started welling up. And then I smiled … it hit home for some reason. I love what you wrote. You make a difference, a good difference!

  79. Thank you! From me, and thank you from my friend.

    I sent this to her, as she is just splitting from her husband of 18 yrs. She’s trying to keep it together for her young kids. She’s always been a super-in-control strong woman but this split has flattened her. She has made this her screen saver.

  80. Oh my fucking hell! I may have just peed myself a little while watching the T-Rex video. Thanks for the much needed guffaw. Gonna go change my panties now…..

  81. Right or wrong, I thank you for the reminder.

    I can say with all honesty that you, Jenny, are doing a magnificent, magical job at being lovely.

    Me? I did a good job at finding matching socks this morning. So, kind of the same thing.


  82. You’re having an awful lot of fun with that dreamscope filter, aren’t you?
    I read furiously happy and LOVED IT. I was laughing until I cried and also crying until I laughed.
    Thanks so much for being awesome. Also, awesome drawing!(the one that looked like a feather or a leaf)

  83. TOTALLY needed to read this today. I am about to commit to directing a musical and STARRING IN IT AT THE SAME TIME. Only crazy people do this. No one sane would think of doing this. I needed a reminder that I did it once and did an excellent job, and can do it again because now I have that experience. And I am doing a GREAT job right now at other things, too. Like not falling apart. And not calling people names. And remembering to try to stay positive. BTW, Jenny – YOU are doing a great job too as you are helping people. I gave your books to a friend and she started to cry when she read them, because she knew she was not alone in her fear and anxiety. TOTALLY perfect. (Since reading your books I say TOTALLY a lot.)

  84. Hey Wish List Makers, just a head’s up: if you order an e-book/kindle version, Amazon keeps your email address private on the confirmation page on its website, but NOT on the confirmation page it sends to the buyer. I will contact Amazon for the one incident I experienced, but please proceed with caution that someone may be able to obtain your email address.

  85. literally sitting here sobbing because i just can’t life today, and this t-rex video had me laughing through the sobs. SO glad i came to your blog tonight. thank you.

  86. “Even if you are fucking up one part of your life, you are excellent at another”. I need this on my Coat of Arms. James Garfield at the center and rainbows/unicorns at the edges and corners.

  87. Jenny you are amazing. Today I totally thought of you as I am have a tough anxiety day.. you are always so open with all of us and I wish i could be more like that.
    I have given a book and added a few to my wish list. Thanks to all.
    Here is the link to my list:

  88. Thank you for that! I have a post it note with a quote from your most recent book on my pad of watercolor paper. I glance at it right before I begin drawing each day, and it really helps me to calm down and do better work. (Pretend you’re good at it, in case you’re wondering. It works!)

  89. Not only do you do an excellent job, but you make a difference helping others do excellent jobs. That is totally worth a gold star sticker on your nose. Hell, that is worth a gold sticker facial. Also, I think I need to put this idea into action in my own life. I leave little reminder notes around for myself of things that relate to my doing an excellent job, because it’s too easy for me to disbelieve and forget and…yeah. Except I can’t just happen to conveniently run into a picture of my child running to hug me or a scribbled note about something I heard my husband said about me, when I’m out of the house.

  90. Trying to remember this…dealing with my regular chronic anxiety/phobia and woke up this morning in a bipolar depressive swing. Should write a funny comic about your anxiety fighting against your apathy…but trying to remember that I’m doing an excellent job.

  91. I just started listening to Furiously Happy and I’m dying. My husband is side eyeing bc I’m laughing so loud. I went back to look what your blog was and when I came here I instantly realized you are Beyoncé’s Mom!!! I idolize you and Beyoncé. I bought a mini one and took her to Ukraine with us to adopt our oldest 4 years ago. I took pictures of her on the plane with a translation cheat card, nesting dolls, gummy candy filled with wine and the $24K in cash we had to wear on our body during travel! The money shot I took in the bathroom.

    Ok, writing all of that I sound like a lunatic, but don’t care! My fav line to my husband is Knock Knock, Mother Fucker!
    Your book is amazing and I relate to a lot of it as I look over at my meds for anxiety, depression, 2 rescue anxiety meds and one to help me sleep and my adhd meds. But I’m good 🙂
    You’re inspiring and amazing!!

  92. I intended to send you the bit of word to be able to give many thanks as before for those unique guidelines you’ve provided in this article. This is shockingly open-handed with people like you to give publicly exactly what numerous people could possibly have marketed as an e book to earn some cash for their own end, particularly considering that you might well have done it in the event you desired. These basics also acted to become great way to fully grasp that most people have similar desire like my personal own to find out way more around this problem. I know there are numerous more pleasant times in the future for people who take a look at your blog.

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