I just want to thank you.

This has been a rough few weeks for me (see the last post) but your words and cat videos have made me feel so much less alone and I can’t thank you enough for that.  This video came in right when I was feeling particularly down and it made me cry, but in a good way.  Thank you.


And now, the weekly wrap-up:

madebyroundtablecompanies 2

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by Vivian Swift, author of Gardens of Awe and Folly: A Traveler’s Journal on the Meaning of Life and Gardening.  She’s a bad-ass artist and now I want to learn how to paint with water colors.  Which is good because her blog gives great pointers on that.  You should check both out.

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  1. I need someone who can write me a song. It has to have lyrics that include swimming dogs and fresh mozzarella. I know there’s someone out there who can find the appropriate rhymes.

  2. What a beautiful song! Also, it shows how your books and blogs have an affect on those of us out there who are struggling too. Thanks for all you do. You bring light into our lives.

  3. I LOVED your special song created just for you and your message! And, then, I spent the next few hours…OK, this morning, too… (It’s Sunday, Helloooo?) watching your other YouTube spots.
    You rock a room like a Good Mommy.
    I REALLY enjoyed watching you record ‘Furiously Happy’ for us!
    Seriously, Tribe, if you want to be ‘in the room with The Bloggess,’ YouTube has HOURS of good Jenny company.

  4. I hope you’re feeling better.

    The sloth shirt is just the thing for those times I suck at small talk (which is, like, always). Thanks for the idea!

  5. Just flip the shirt up over your head, and no need for that horrible death make-up. I’ll be wearing a flapper costume to my funeral. Mostly because I have one, and it cost a lot, and I don’t want it to go to waste. Awesome song, by the way!

  6. Yesterday I fell and ended up with a 3 inch gash in my head. I’m furiously happy that none of my nearly elbow-length hair was cut to put staples in my scalp. And I love the song! Jenny, you keep on keeping on, and we’ll stay here on the other side of the monitor loving you and the wonderful things you write. gentle hugs

  7. Hope you are feeling better–
    cause the world is much better when you are inside it, darling.
    I agree about (((CATS.)))
    They have continually been my Prozac!! xx from MN.

  8. ugly snotty cry

    We will get through this.

    Blessed to have met you. We all are.

  9. That was a lovely video Jenny. And yes, you’ve shown us all how to be, furiously happy. And reminded us how depression lies. You’re an inspiration & you are loved.

  10. Oh how I need a Rory tray. And bonus: plastic so it won’t break when we’re rolling along in our home on wheels!

    Yeah, we’ve learned the lesson about trying to keep pottery in here. Twice.

  11. Love it! Hope you continue to feel loved and appreciated, because….well, you ARE💖 I also hope you continue to feel better while getting thru this rough patch. Now, can someone tell this hill lady how I can post photos or videos on here to hopefully brighten someone’s day? I have asked my dog (Diesel, my mule Molly & the 5 feral cats roaming the back forty, but they don’t know shit about electronics! 😂

  12. What a great song, so glad (if teary) to have heard it. Hope the light is shining for you today

  13. No, thank you for being you – you are marvellous whether your light is dim or bright and deserving of all the sloth cuddles in the world

  14. I hope this means that you’re on the way back up to the surface. Even if it doesn’t, I’m glad everyone could help. <3

  15. This song is beautiful. It just shows how one amazing person can touch so many lives in such a great way (that means you Jenny). I hope your feeling better and that the light switches are working. I’m sending out hugs and flashlights to all the people still sitting in the dark. You are not alone, have courage and be kind.

  16. Sending lots of awesome thoughts of raccoons and cats your way. Feel better. That song gave me all of the feels. It felt good to cry.

  17. Cats are the key to happiness. Now, someone needs to write a cat song. Wait….there IS Soft Kitty. If I lived near you, we could sing Soft Kitty and resurface together.

  18. well if you weren’t better before seeing this video then I’m sure it would certainly help…even a little..who else has a song written just for them..you rock…and you know we all love you…

  19. How awesome, voice reminds me of that Indigo Girls chick. It’s been a challenging time for me as well-hope you’re in a better place now.

  20. Listen to the “Furiously Happy” song while watching the video of the cat riding in the car – it’s purrfect… 🙂

  21. Wanted to let you know…I was nominated for The Liebster Award, which is an award for mini-blogs. One of the requirements to accept the award is to answer a series of questions, one of which was to name my favorite big blog. Well, that was yours, m’dear. Not that you need anymore plugs; good God, your blog is HUGE. But I’m a huge fan.

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  23. For a week and a half, I’ve been wanting to just hide. Just immerse myself in videos. But I had to go out in public…be social. That was hard. Not sleeping much. On April 7th, my Mother was admitted to hospital for vomiting and fever. That was due to strep throat. But an infection set in, spread and got into her blood stream. By Monday the 11th, she was gone. Her health was iffy, on and off for so many years. I wondered when it would happen, but this was not expected. So, after my Sisters, myself and my Dad have been going through things..I’ve taken today to watch tv on the sofa with my blanket.
    Tomorrow I have to go out in the world again. To adult again. Then…back to work on Tuesday.

  24. Jenny,
    I love u so much
    I don’t do social media or any other blog
    But you…. Are amazing and special

  25. I have a theory about brilliance. It only hides in the darkest parts of our souls and minds. Many of the most brilliant actors and authors and dancers and painters struggle with that darkness their whole lives. But it’s that darkness that conceals the most brilliant parts of us. Those who don’t struggle with the dark are doomed to be normal, grounded in reality and many can’t appreciate the gifts of brilliance that darkness has produced. Those people wear the “What The Fuck” face every time they see us. Take your time Jenny because when you come back we will all love what you have found.

  26. Beauriful voice. I hope one day I will feel this way. Anytype if happy would be good.

  27. I’m glad you know you’re not alone. I hope that brings you much comfort and not fear that we’re peeking in your windows at night. You know Dorothy Barker would catch us if we were, anyway.

  28. Friends divide the bad and multiply the good.
    I’m glad to be part of this group of fan-friends. 🙂

  29. I hope you realize that everything you are feeling at any given moment is felt by so many others at the same time. We are so blessed to have your voice, no matter what you’re saying. Lots of love and keep up the good work!

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  31. Oh Jenny… You are such a gift….thank you. Because of you im getting closer to getting help and happy.

  32. Whenever I need a pick me up I read “knock knock mother-f$&ker” and I thank you so much for that piece of writing.

  33. Can anyone please type out the words to the song so I can cry along with you please? I’ll keep checking back just in case.

  34. I have been on and off antidepressants for years. Last time a depression came on my doc told me I am chronic and need to remain on the meds. That took a bit to get my head around that. And I am a health professional so I suppose I should have known better. In any case, I asked my daughter for Furiously Happy for Christmas just as I was dealing with the latest episode. I don’t have depression to the degree that you do Jenny but your book helped me a lot. Thank you. I hope knowing how you help others by sharing your experiences inspires you during your harder times. You are awesome!!!

  35. Hi my name is Ashley Glandon I’m looking for a pen pal to get to know while I’m here I have no other way of reaching out to people while I’m here. I’m at the ada county jail in Boise Idaho. If anyo e would like someone to talk to please write me at 7210 barrister Dr. Boise idaho . I promise I’m not some crazy person just looking for a friend. Thank you.

  36. A song in your honor? Wow! What a great way to say “Thank you!” Nice of the singers to fly all the way out to a picturesque Swiss location to record it for you too. 🙂

  37. Best song I have heard in years. Love the song, the singers, the message and all y’all. I just never know what I’ll find when I visit you…though I do admit concern for that dashboard kitten on drugs. Whiskery kitten kisses to the Swiss!

  38. A friend recommended your blog to me when I hit one of the worst stretches of anxiety and depression I’ve had and it’s helped so much! I also just ordered Furiously Happy and can’t wait until it gets here so I can read it! I’ve been looking for something that puts a different spin on my 16 year anxiety and depression battle. You rock Jenny and here’s to a better week ❤️

  39. I’m having a REALLY hard time and this helps…through the tears…thank you.

  40. Beautiful song. It just occurred to me how so many struggle with depression, and come out at the end of that dark period,to accept who they are. They end up writing beautiful book, like you, and song, like the video. Thank you.

  41. We have a MOTHERFUCKEN THEME SONG!Now we all have to learn it so we can open Jenny’s book signings properly.

  42. You know, I think you are so so strong. Many people might have taken a another path. But you keep rising. You keep giving glimpses of light just by your acceptance. By the brutal honesty that you communicate so perfectly
    Anyway never think that there is a day that we, your weird & wackfully wonderful tribe aren’t rooting for you.
    Be as happy as possible. Much love.

  43. So, I’m trying really hard to wipe away tears as they dribble out so the library patrons don’t notice the reference librarian crying… but that was the video I needed at the moment I needed it. Thank you! Huge hugs and good mojo to you and fellow members of this wacky and wonderful tribe.

  44. sun and moon – day and night – life has set us up – we sometimes fall into darkness and then must work back to the light – it is there:) -just sometimes – we have to work so much harder at fighting for it – here’s to healing hope, poetic peace and luminous light

  45. Wishing you the best of everything and a shitload of humor. Also wanted you to know I signed up to win a 5′ rooster so I too can have “knock knock, motherfucker” at my door!

  46. Happy to hear you’re doing better! I feel like I zapped all your positive energy, because my last few days were oddly good (a welcome change after a painfully depressive winter). Sending some back your way so we can both have reasonably “okay” days! 😉

  47. Jenny, this has been a rough few weeks for me as well… I’ve been wanting to share a story…. I share your book with everyone who I think could benefit, and surprisingly it is almost everyone I start talking to! Recently one of those people were my my son (24yo). He has been battling issues. When I told him about your book he giggled and informed me that he had hacked into my audible account and found your book! He started listening and then began listening to it out loud via speaker when the shop was closed. One of his shop mates asked him… What the fuck are you listening to? He stated I’m not really sure but I just can’t stop!

  48. Oh, I could not stop laughing at the Schumtzie story! Thank you:). I needed that today. Think I’ll go pet my dog . . .

  49. What an incredibly sweet song! I think this just speaks to how much connection we all find through sharing our stories and happiness and hurt. Just fight for furiously happy, y’all.

  50. Just wanted to let you know that you give me a voice in a way that no one else ever has. I’ve been battling for a very long time, and awhile ago I had to let my family in on my little, horrible, no good, awful secret of depression. Ever since then, they’ve been nervous about me and my well being. When ever I am in a funk and I have trouble explaining it to them and how I feel, I just turn to you, send them your blog post (like I did for your last one) and say, “HERE. This is exactly how I’m feeling, Mom.” And she breathes a sigh of relief because someone finally can tell her how her daughter might be feeling, that her daughter isn’t alone, and that her daughter is always looking for that damn light switch.

    So thanks, Jenny. I hate the thought that I’ll never completely rid myself of this oily shadow, but it is a great comfort to know that I’m not alone and that you remind me that I have nothing to be ashamed of.

    fist bump

  51. I’m glad to hear that maybe you’re coming out of the darkness? and that maybe letting us know you were stuck there showed you how many of us are out here, aiming flashlights and beacons and spotlights and shit atcha? And that even if some of us are REALLY bad at geography and couldn’t find Texas with our spotlight if we were standing in the middle of the fucking state, you still, somehow, managed to see at least a glimpse of the hope we were shining? ‘Cuz that’s what we were all doing, I think.

    I’m doin’ okay these days; thanks for asking. 🙂

  52. Worried about you today, with all the flooding on the news. I hope the new house is high on a hill!

  53. If ever a single word could cause a break in the clouds, it may very well be “biblioburro.” You read correctly. As the amazing man who captains said biblioburro says in the article, literature is how we connect to the world. Your words connect so many of us to a world in which we are not alone, not a burden, not a defective model, and not going to feel this bad forever. Thank you so much for raising your voice, and therefore helping so many of us find our own. Best wishes for this bout to pass quickly.

  54. Jenny, you’re a muse! Furiously Happy is now a book, a way of life and an awesome song. Though I always figured any Lawsbian theme song would have more FUCKs in it! 🙂
    I’m sorry you’re feeling sad – for all the uplift you give us you should not get any sads ever. That sucks so hard. You are a lovely giving person but a real badass as well, and I admire the hell outta you for how you rise above all the shit that happens to you. You’ve inspired me in so many ways, including to finally start blogging and to do it MY way, and finally to have the courage to speak up about my own mental health issues. I wrote the post as a thank you, you beautiful badass. Hope you are out of the tunnel soon xxx

  55. Jenny, Life constantly shifts it seems from easy to hard and back again. Its not easy to find that balance. Love the song. It must be nice to see how you’ve taken your pain and helped others. Feel better.

  56. Pretty much completely off topic, but I wonder if anyone else has had this experience. I have had asthma since I was a small child. I can’t remember anyone asking me “are you taking your medicine” when I have an astgma attack. But every time I demonstrate the slightest bit of sadness, all I hear is “are you taking yor antidepressants?”

  57. I just finished reading your first book and I wanted to thank you for writing it. Your honesty is refreshing and encouraging. Thank you for having the courage to put your story out there to share with others. Please know that it is appreciated and relatable in many ways. I hope you find your way through your dark cloud and that it lifts for you soon. I’m looking forward to reading your second book!

  58. It’s been very dim lately. Sometimes dark. Sometimes very. But I know you know where the right light switch. Others believe I can, so I can.

  59. For ten years I’ve had to deal with suicidal idealization due to neurosurgery. And almost every day I’ve had to fight the urge and impulses to kill myself due to this.

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