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Yesterday I just hid away from the internet because Prince, but then I listened to Prince again with new ears when he said “Life is like a party, and parties weren’t meant to last.”  And it’s true.  Which is why we have to grasp at happiness and brilliance and life while it’s here, because if Prince taught me anything it’s that it’s later than you think so taste everything, and also that berets are always awesome.

Yesterday was also the day I walked out to my mailbox and found a book I’d been waiting for for years, Stephen Parolini’s Stolen Things.


If you’ve ever heard me speak about the process of writing I always say how important it is to surround yourself with great writers who make you better than you are, and I’m lucky enough to have six amazing people who are always willing to listen and read and push me in ways that I couldn’t have found myself.  One of those people is Stephen Parolini, without whom my books would not have existed because he is an amazing sounding board and often inspired me to write things I never would have.  We all have Stephens in our lives, if we’re lucky.  People who understand the dark and the light.  People who push you to do more even when you’re not sure you can.  People who you might not recognize on the street because you know them almost entirely from the magic of the internet, but who understand you even when you don’t always understand yourself.  You probably won’t have heard of Stephen unless you’ve searched him out or had his work passed to you by a friend who instantly knew you had to see it.

This is my favorite of Stephen’s books, partly because of the beautiful writing and subject matter, but also because I’ve seen so many incarnations of this book as it came to fruition.  I’ve read it to Hailey when she was younger and she offered her own critiques (few) and enthusiastic responses (many) as we explored a strange and dark and magical world.  When she saw the final book in my hands she grabbed it and shouted “WE HELPED MAKE THIS” with such glee.  And we did.  In the same way that you and Stephen and everyone who touched me helped to write my books.  He’s a part of our community and worked for years to put this out and I’d love to see it do really well.  So well that everyone who ever rejected it would say “Oh. Well, shit.”  Not necessarily for him, because he deals with that stuff way better than I do, but because so many people have magnificent stories in them that never see print, and those that continue to push until their stories are heard need to be celebrated.

So.  First off, go buy this book.  Then leave a comment and I’ll choose a few to send gift cards so you can buy whichever book you think needs more recognition.  And one more thing.  If you’ve made something (A book.  A painting.  A store.  A child.  A blog.  Anything.) and you want more eyes on it or just to talk about it, leave it in the comments.  Or if you have a friend or idol who made something amazing that you think doesn’t get the recognition it deserves leave a link.  You might just find something you’ve been looking for all along.  And life is too short to miss out on those things.

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  1. I probably spent the good part of yesterday sobbing my eyes out over him. I’m not even a SUPER own every album kind of fan… I just… loved his music. Loved his demeanor. Loved what he put out into the world. And I’ll miss it.

  2. I don’t know what the book is about, but a recommendation like that from you (and Haley) means that I must go to my local bookstore and get it. And The Bitchy Waiter’s book.

    As for things I made, there’s the blog that hubs and I work on, below. There’s also my jewelry. I have some shows coming up if anyone is in the greater Boston area.

    And my music. I sing. In fact, I was flown to Dallas to sing in the first week in April. I was waving in the direction of San Antonio, Jenny, but I suspect the curvature of the earth prevented you from seeing me. That and the GIANT hotel I was in. Music details and samples/video are here

    Rest in Purple, Prince. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  3. I wish I had the money to buy that, alas I am a broke and broken student.
    My friends and I had fun with a whimsical round robin a couple years ago until life interfered, and we should be starting the silliness up again soon.

  4. Just wanted to post about how sadden I am with the passing of Prince.

    But I look forward to coming back to reading comments to see what everyone does or enjoys! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a wonderful book, can’t wait read it! Thank you Jenny for being the awesome and geeky wonderful you!

  6. That’s such a magical experience to be a part of. And my heart hurts for losing Prince, but fuck if we’re not going to party like it’s 1999.

  7. Looks like an interesting book – can’t wait to read it. I had a rough day too, because of many things…. including Prince… so I’m having trouble thinking of something that needs more recognition besides the amazing music of Prince…. give me a few days…

  8. I like to think of myself as the Bloggess of the full-time RV world. Y’all are welcome to check me out any time. I’m not old. I’m 47. But I did let my hair go gray, and last month added purple highlights, which I reallyreallyreally wish had lasted until today. Because Prince.

    Also, please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t realize until a very advanced age that “Little Red Corvette” was not about a car. At all.

    Looking forward to reading the book you helped make!

  9. Alright, you got me. I’ve been following Stephen on Twitter for years. Had no idea you and he were connected!

    Like Stephen, I am also a developmental editor and writer. I write for kids, because I think kids deserve the best possible books. I don’t know that mine are, but it’s a worthy goal to strive for.

    Here’s a book about a girl and a horse that I wrote for my niece:

    Here’s a book about a beaver and a fur trapper that I wrote for my other niece:

    And a tip for other writers: if you start writing books for your kids or their cousins, know ahead of time that you’re signing up to write one for everybody. 🙂

  10. Hi Jenny,

    I love, love, love this blog. It really spoke to me. I’ve been blessed to have met my writing partner on-line, and she has inspired me to try the new and let go of my fears when it comes to writing the darker characters. She makes me better, and I’m really proud of the worlds we’ve crafted together. RP, and now we’ve started an original podcast. I feel lucky every day to have the gift of someone who inspires me. It’s a wonderful thing.

    You can find our stuff and things here:

    ~ HQ

  11. I wrote a book, but I didn’t publish it (not even on Amazon) because I’m too scared to have people actually read it/tell me I’m a terrible writer.

  12. I will be checking out this book. I trust your opinions. I haven’t made anything really, unless the half made chicken salad I’ve started tonight counts.

    I live in Germany and my family is back in the US. My mom is having knee replacement surgery next month and it kills me that I can’t be there. It killed me even more when she told me earlier this week she wishes she had the money to fly me home for a couple of weeks.

  13. Off to buy the book and continue working on my own. Thank you for the reminder to keep going!

  14. Awww, Jenny, you are so sweet. And supportive. I do make things, and eventually I hope to make the making-things be my family’s main source of income. Not quite there yet. Anyway, here’s a link to my Etsy, which is full of book-related things:

  15. Hi Jenny,

    I love, love, love this blog. It really spoke to me. I’ve been blessed to have met my writing partner on-line, and she has inspired me to try the new and let go of my fears when it comes to writing the darker characters. She makes me better, and I’m really proud of the worlds we’ve crafted together. RP, and now we’ve started an original podcast. I feel lucky every day to have the gift of someone who inspires me. It’s a wonderful thing.

    You can find our stuff and things here:

    ~ HQ

  16. Prince <3 One of my earliest music-loaded memories is spinning the purple vinyl my parents had of Purple Rain. I want to imagine him with Bowie, creating beautiful things in the next world.

    Oh this book sounds fantastic and I love the idea of spiting the Publishing Powers that be who missed out on something magical. My friend self-pubbed in the end because she kept getting told reasons her book was “wrong” and “didn’t fit in X category”. Her readers so far? All the people who supposedly wouldn’t like the book.

    I write books too! I elected to self-pub because they’re quirky and don’t neatly fit genres that marketing types think will sell, but they’re filled with music, healing from mental health issues and a little ghostly mystery. You can find them via my author site,

    If you’re a writer too, come add me on Twitter and remind me to finish revising my newest book, which I do actually plan to query because it actually tucks into a category I can pitch neatly: @dillonac. Come tell me about your writing journey too, and I’ll cheerlead you when everything is terrible and you’re contemplating deleting the whole thing and looking at cat videos. <3

  17. I’ve never commented on your blog (let’s be honest… ANY blog) but I wanted you to know that I LOVE reading yours. I read and re-read it last year about this time when I was far away from any of my support system and couldn’t quite see the point of things… Thanks for the book recommendation- I’ve been looking for something good to read! I’ll start saving my pennies immediately.

    And Thanks, you inspire me to write more and recognize the silly, strange, and beautiful.

  18. I’m having a harder time today with losing Prince than I did last night. Too soon. This year is a bitch.
    I will get the book. I trust you and Hailey implicitly.

  19. Just ordered the Kindle version – will be available on the 26th, looking forward to reading it.
    Don’t really do much of anything anymore due to my anxiety. Except work, play with my cats, and color in my adult (not THAT kind of adult, you know what I mean) coloring books like I’m five again. I would really love to see a Jenny Lawson coloring book show up soon (hint hint).
    Prince was awesome. Bet he and David Bowie are jamming right now.

  20. Ordered! Excited to read a book recommended by one of my most favorite authors EVER! I feel like I’m in a VIP book club ❤️

  21. I bought 1999 when it came out. In vinyl. And then I scratched it. I still only know the words to 1999 with the scratch-skip. I sang it non-stop yesterday – skip and all.

    Oh, and my small contribution to make the world a better place? I made a Cards Against Humanity-type game for Parents with my wife. I launched it on Kickstarter last week, scared no one would like it. We have $13,000+ in pre-orders so far.


  22. I also made a blog thing, It, too, was inspired by Jenny’s blog and her raw honesty about living with mental illnesses. I share my experiences living with mental illnesses from my own, humble(?) perspective, hoping that it will help others share their own stories, as well. If that feels like your thing, I’d love for you to give it a read. And I’m always looking for honest feedback.

  23. Sounds like a great read…added to my list to procure.

    I don’t publicize what I make. I’m in the midst of sewing 10 major silk skirts for my tap dance class. Two dresses for my daughter. A pullover and pair of pants for my son. 2 baby quilts that need finishing asap (the babies are now 3 months old). I promised to help a friend’s daughter sew a dress this weekend. And I have 2 scrapbooks that need to be finished…Oh yeah, I also work a full time job that requires 15+ weeks of travel a year. (I never imagined when I took this job that there would be a day I would say “Ugh. I really don’t want to go to a National Park next week.”) It never ends.

  24. Because Prince. Yes, yes indeed.
    Checking out the book – I’m completely hooked on my Kindle to my great surprise.s
    I dabble in photography and post my photos on both Instagram and Flickr – much of it virtual i.e.; Second Life. I’m not much of a gamer but I do enjoy this world. Some of it might not be SFW so caution advised, but the rest of my Flickr is filled with things from the real world like my cats, NY/NJ pix, food and random stuff.

  25. I made a blog too. it’s somewhere that I can complain and whine and bitch without feeling like I’m whining or complaining or bitching. It’s full of my thoughts on anxiety and depression and things that piss me off.

  26. I didn’t make anything but my friends did! They’re trying to supply LGBT(Q, etc.) children’s books to their local newly opened LGBT center.
    They’re asking folks to buy books from their wishlist ( in order to supply the center. You can even leave a post on their FB page to tell them what you want on the bookplates they’re going to add! Win-win-win:)

  27. I went ahead and bought the book because, as you said, life is too short not to enjoy it and books are my happy place <3

  28. I have a proposal out for a book called Bipolar Me, based on my blog of the same name ( While I’m waiting for someone to pounce on that, I’ve started writing a murder mystery. So far I have an outline, characters, and a prologue, plus random other bits in my head.

  29. Eight years ago a close friend’s death “inspired” me to walk away from my unhappy life and change everything – because none of us know how much life we have left on the spool. Yesterday I felt like I learned that lesson all over again.

    I would like to share my friend Margo’s brilliant new book. Seaside poetry for kids of all ages – it made me wish I still lived near a beach, to walk along the shore and see what might be “Washed Up in the Waves”!

  30. Without ever taking a watercolor lesson or a writing class, I’ve written three illustrated travel memoirs published by Bloomsbury (the Harry Potter people) beginning when I was 52. Um, I’m advertising one here on this blog. . . Gardens of Awe and Folly. My first book, When Wanderers Cease to Roam, got the attention of a total stranger named Elizabeth Gilbert who still says that it’s one of her Top 10 all-time favorite books. My second book, Le Road Trip (about a journey in France) is published in Russia, Korea, and twice in China. Not bad for a college drop out.

    (You forgot a link so I’m adding it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  31. I pre-ordered the kindle version, and baed on the book’s blurb, I can’t wait to read it.

    As for making things, mostly I try. And fail. I’m linking to the blog I’m trying to start up again, but mostly I’m active on Twitter & Tumblr. Anyone is welcome to follow me at either site; my username on both sites is @myimpretentious.

  32. I haven’t really made anything yet but I’m a high school English teacher and I’m teaching a creative writing class next year. I’m hoping I can contact you so you can tell my class more about the writing process. I love how you say you have to surround yourself with great writers.

  33. Like so many, I was shocked to learn of the passing of Prince. But, I woke up this morning determined to track down my childhood friend with whom I listened to Purple Rain at least 50,000 times. A few minutes later, i was on the phone with my long lost friend. We haven’t communicated in 25+ years. That’s what music does – it brings people together.

  34. Thanks for sharing! I shall read it.
    I’ve started a blog:

    It’s inspired by you, Jenny, and my life-long struggle with mental illness and coping with it with doing art. My goal is to write books for children who suffer from anxiety, emotional struggles etc to help them to know it is ok to be who they are, to understand their emotions better and boost their self-esteem.

  35. You are so kind to share your space with all of us. I love your book recommendations, too, and will pick this one up. I write a blog that will never be super popular but exercises the demons, so it does its job.

    They said “pick a niche,” and I said “okay, ALL of them.” so it’s called

  36. I will get the book when i get paid in a couple weeks! The thing I’ve made that im proud of is peace with my inner demons. And pancakes… I make awesome pancakes 😁

    I must have played When Doves Cry about a hundred times between yesterday and today 💔

  37. My best friend is working on writing her THIRD book, and I have been lucky enough to be her editor throughout. I am proud of and inspired by her constantly!

  38. Jenny, you’re an inspiration to so many of us who’ve moved out of our (dis)comfort zones to talk about things which polite society believes should never be mentioned yet they must be discussed.

    Thank you for the opportunity to help my friend, Mike King, an inventive author and musician who pushes beyond the everyday, get more recognition outside our circles of friends and family.

    His Civil War novel Blues & Grace: A Civil War Odyssey is worth reading and sharing.

    And his music is certainly worth repeated listening.

  39. Bought the book and I look forward to reading it! Thank you for the recommendation!

  40. Always ready for a good recommendation!
    I LOVE how you include people on your ‘majik’ carpet ride.
    More people are on the lookout for unicorns because of you, too 🙂
    The Universe needs this…

  41. I’ll add this to my “want to read” stack. Thanks for the heads-up!

    I have a blog, http://www.SquirrelsintheDoohickey, where I blog about the nutty stuff we do, say, and think, when confronted with the stuff that drives us nutty. A touch of anxiety, a touch of zen, some book reviews and a handful of writing tips, all mixed in. Since I have 38 email subscribers, and one of them is me, I look at my blog as practice for honing my writing voice. Or homing in on my writing identity.

    A book that I think deserves notice is: Monument Road by Charlie Quimby. It’s about an aging Colorado rancher who sets out to fulfill the promise he made to his dying wife: to release her ashes over the highest overlook on Monument Road. He plans to fling himself over the edge as well. On his drive there, he ties up some loose ends, meanders through his memories, and learns the true meaning of love. There’s a subplot about a teenage girl seeking her inner Joan of Arc. Seems to come out of nowhere, but the two stories blend by book’s end. The prose is so beautiful it broke my heart.

  42. Alethea Kontis is not getting the recognition she deserves. Her books of Arilland are amazing. lists them with suggested reading order and which are out. Seriously, they’re great – technically YA, but don’t let that stop you.

    And I live in MSP, and Minnesota has lost its collective shit. But I hope it helps to know that, last night and for the next two nights, First Street (aka “The Bar From Purple Rain” has/will be putting on a free dance party 11-7 to honor Prince’s memory. Also, and SFW in case you’re wondering: This rainbow happened at Paisley Park.

  43. While on the ardous (and sometimes depressing) search for a job, I decided to dedicate my free time to reading and writing. Private things, but also book reviews, which I compile on my book blog weekly. It has made me a more critical reader and given me something to focus my attention on besides that empty inbox and the lack of call backs… It’s been fun! And it’s made me appreciate reading and books in general a whole lot more.

    You can find my blog at!

  44. I have written a book, Nicholas Fry and the Pizza Thief…It’s a story for the 11 year olds with a “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” sense of humor. I thought you would appreciate it.

  45. I started this blog to learn to open up about things like my childhood, being mentally hilarious, random thought and ranting and raving. So this is my blog, it is about my life, there are many like it but this one is mine.

  46. I have so many tabs open right now and I keep refreshing the page and getting more tabs to open. This should make for an interesting day.

  47. In the past nine months, I have found a several of those amazing people in my life, and all through the internet! I’ve gotten to meet a few in person since; and, I love how they make me a better writer and a better person and they believe in me when I don’t know how to believe in myself. I wrote the first little bit of a poem yesterday and stopped because I felt stupid. But one of those people encouraged me, told me what that little bit already meant to him, so I finished it. It is for Prince, Bowie, Glenn Frey, and all the rest of us creatives in the world.

  48. Working on a first round of edits on my novel now! I know I’ll need all the luck in the world and supportive friends in the writing/ blogging community! It’s a scary journey, but I’m taking the plunge anyway! Looking forward to checking out this book recommendation!

  49. i made a mess today – you should’ve seen it! thanks for your blog! and RIP Prince!

  50. I am a firm believer in tasting everything, whether it is on your plate or not (which has gotten me into a bit of trouble over the years, but now I can say “Prince and Jenny said it’s okay!”).

    I had a bout of rather crippling Despair (with a capital “d” because it was that spectacular) this winter, and after thinking I would never blog again, I wrote a small post about booze. Because, well, it’s booze. And spring. And there was rhubarb. And what the hell else do you do with rhubarb but turn it into a syrup and mix it into booze. So here’s my post – the one that came after thinking I would never write another word, again: (PS – despair can suck it.)

  51. I have a wonderfully talented life-long friend named Cynthia, who owns a photography business ( that I helped name… because back when I sat next to her in 9th grade biology she would sign her homework with C. Greene, because that was her name… and because my brain works the way that it works, I changed her name to Sea Greene well, because it’s criminal that her parents didn’t name her that in the first place. When it came time for her to name her photography business, she chose Sea Green Photography. Cynthia Ragona ( her married name now) makes beautiful pictures of people and things… and deserves more people to know about her… and that I named her business.

  52. I’m so happy to hear any and all advice for writers.
    I created a blog and I do it all full-time, now, and I’m so proud of it. It’s just little bitty right now but my pride is so big for it. I have so many hopes and joy wrapped up in it. Thank you for giving me permission to gush.

  53. Dammit. There are very few things that suck about living in Canada, but not being able to order a hard copy of Stephen’s book online from here is definitely one of them.

  54. Thank you for this little bit of joy today. The news about Prince yesterday just spiraled me even further into my depression. His music played such a HUGE part of my youth and so many good and bad memories came flooding back. I stayed off Facebook most of yesterday, but it was nice to come back to your words.

  55. Book purchased! Can’t wait to read it. If you recommend it, I know it will be amazing. I’m writing my own little blurp now. I’m trying to write, I have words in my mind and in my heart just aching to reach out to people, to tell people me too, to share whatever little bit of something I’ve learned… But I feel I’m stumbling. I don’t think I’m doing it right. There should be a little blip below of my last post.

    One thing I do KNOW I’m good at is crocheting. It’s just something I learned to do at a young age and can crochet just about anything now, and I’m always learning new techniques and new ways of doing it. I just don’t know how to sell it. I have etsy, but it’s in perpetual vacation mode. I want to make pieces and things people love. But it doesn’t seem to happen that way. So it’s just for family and friends mainly.

    Anyways, good luck to your friend. I hope is book goes big!!! I’ll make sure I tell my friends!

  56. I was feeling burned out and creatively blah a few months back. It was one of my slow seasons for portrait and wedding photography, but I needed to create something for me. I can always count on my costume designer friend to jump into any shoot wholeheartedly. She brought the thrift store clothes and I brought the props and we headed to the oldest local cemetery at dawn. I haven’t shown it off too much because it isn’t super relevant to my paid work, but it does make me happy.

  57. In case you need another thing to read about, I thought this article about the Prince MJ: it probably says something about what a depraved person I am that #3 on the list was my favorite :).

    I’m also grateful to give a shout out for my sister’s burgeoning company, Earth Girls Love, they honestly have the best lip balm ever (I used to be a strictly burts bees girl, but I totally was swayed by their product and not because I’m related to half of the founders) They are continuing to work on healthy, organic cosmetics and eco friendly products with a fun twist! You can see their shop here: and one of their recent projects, here:

  58. What I love the most about this community is captured in this: most everyone posting on here is leaving links to their friends’ stuff. <3 how beautiful.

  59. Book purchased. I couldn’t think of any higher recommendation than yours.
    I make things and write stuff that has gone mostly unread for years. So if you guys have a few minutes, stop by my blog and say hi.

  60. I write postcards every day to my friend’s Baby from a Penwing in a Hat. He wears different hats every day and goes on adventures or walks and makes friends with people like rhinos and bats and spiders and snails. It is a small thing but it makes me really happy 🙂

  61. Thank you for your beautiful spirit in allowing us to share and promote the work of others. I love following you and love your honest, real writing. I felt we were “friends” after the tweets about embarrassing moments! Thank you for being you.

    My friend Nanci also wrote a book about survivors of domestic violence.
    The women came to her seeking refuge. What they teach her about forgiveness and redemption could only happen with a little bit of divine intervention and a whole lot of magic. The power of friendship, the strength and reinvention of the human spirit comes together in a most gripping and beautiful story where love can come through sadness and loss.

  62. I am currently in the process of writing my first book. My stories. I am terrified. But I am marching forward with all the bravery that I can muster. I told my son just last night that I worried that it wasn’t “Jenny Lawson worthy”. In his sixteen-year-old wisdom he responded, “It doesn’t have to be ‘Jenny Lawson worthy,’ it should be YOU worthy.” And for as much as I adore your writing and for all the laughter and salve it has been to me, I know deep in my heart that he is utterly and truly right.

  63. His book sounds wonderful and if you had any part in that, SOLD! I have a blog, and was in an anthology called, I Just Want To Pee Alone. I’m working on a book now about “girl trips.” Not the kind of trips where you take acid; the kind where you take little vacations with your girlfriends to escape your kids. The acid is entirely optional.

  64. I can’t find a hard copy of the book in Canada, but I’ll keep looking or pick it up when I’m in the US this year. I’m not the kindle sort. It sounds wonderful!

    I don’t make anything of this sort, but I would like to recommend a band that’s localish to me, Jon and Roy. I took my 9 year old to see them in concert and now he loves them as much as I do. He asked me why they’re not more famous. And you know what? I cannot imagine why. They’re amazing, talented, funny, and have loads of albums that are fantastic from beginning to end. They have a following, but it doesn’t nearly reflect their talent.

    Jon and Roy. Listen to them on iTunes. Start with “Another Noon.”

  65. I need to get that book. I haven’t made a book, although I would like to someday. But I made three kids and they’re pretty damn awesome 🙂

  66. I’m not sure why your blog interpreted my URL as a (broken) plugin, but I’ll list it as my website instead. This is the cemetery photo shoot with my costume designer bud.

  67. When Mystical Creatures Attack! by Kathleen Founds

    I love the novel-in-stories format of this book? collection? perfect piece of art? Whatever you want to call it, it is brilliant in its execution. The perfect recipe of real and surreal, high and low, grace and cruelty used to show, not tell, what its like to experience a life with mental illness. Add vivid, memorable characters struggling against their destined fates. Top it off with some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful prose I have read in a long time and you have a taste of what it is like to read WMCA.

    I laughed. I cried. I read it again. And then I ordered copies for my friends. It is that good, y’all.

  68. I am definitely going to check out the book! Any recommendation of yours has to be good. I came upon your website and books after motivating a friend of mine to write a book. He is a hilarious comedic writer, which there are few of out there. He wrote these hysterical Christmas letters that were very funny and real and I thought he could write a book. After riding him hard, my friend from college Duke Diercks did write Small Town Ho about the shenanigans that ensue when moving from the Bay Area to the northern tip of Idaho with a wife and 3 boys. It is laugh-out-loud funny. In looking into other good comedic writers out there, we found you and David Thorne. We are hoping to get his book seen by as many people out there that have “our” kind of humor. I am so sad about Prince too….. His music was so special and takes me back in time.

  69. Dang it, now I’m teary eyed re Prince again. But in a good, grateful we had him sort of way. And I totally have books I’d love to randomly distribute. I should just do that. Resolved: I will. More books, more love!

  70. Everyone needs a lighthouse in the storm and a place to hide in the calm. I’m interested in reading this book. I’m glad that you shared. It’s sweet of you to give out gift cards (for people like me who exceed the amazon kindle budget so often that it doesn’t even make sense to call it a budget item since it’s more of a guideline or suggestion anyway)

  71. What a beautiful gesture, Jenny! My baby is a nonprofit working with orphaned kids in Tanzania, which I founded and currently run, and honestly, it’s been tough lately. We’ve grown insanely fast over the last few years, and now support over a hundred children and families in our community, but I currently do basically all of the fundraising alone, and it’s a LOT of pressure on one person! Today, we had to take in an emergency placement of a seven year old boy, who had been living with his alcoholic parents on the street. You can’t tell him, sorry, we just don’t have the cash to help you today, come back next week. The pressure of that often feels like it might literally kill me.

    But what you wrote, Jenny, is exactly right – you have to keep putting yourself out there, no matter how awkward and strange it feels, and ask for what you need. So I’m going to do that – fundraising this month has been slow, with a lot of people making political rather than charitable contributions right now, and anything you might be able to give will make a huge difference. A hundred dollars can set up a struggling widow with a business, and twenty five dollars feeds a child for about a week. Take a few minutes to check us out?

  72. I would LOVE to buy this book, read it, and share it with one of my reading friends, it’s just not in our budget right now. 🙁

  73. I started a blog,, mostly because I’ve enjoyed the blogs and community I found through this blog. I’ve been working on a novella, with help from people I have met through blogging and this magical world we call The Internet.
    Ice also made a beautiful little boy, and I try everyday to loving more than the day before.

  74. I was in shock yesterday, and spent the entire rest of the day reading stories about him and listening to his music. He provided the soundtrack to my youth. He made it ok to let your freak flag fly, to be ok with your sexuality, to have fun.
    And his appearance on New Girl was magical. He was sex on a stick and a bad MF. He could throw shade like no other.
    He was a unicorn, which makes it all the harder to accept that he is gone.

  75. I pre-ordered the Kindle version. I remember you raving about his book “Duck,” so I added that to the list of all the things as well. So true that in our stumbling creative journeys, Stephens can be few and far between. When one is lucky enough to find such mentors, nurture and treasure them for those who can nudge and encourage you without breaking your wings are the most precious of things. And they can slip away all too easily as we all learned yesterday. If we’re lucky, they leave us with whispers that remain in our ear and our heart, reminding us to stay true to the lessons and the love they offered so selflessly.

  76. Right? It’s like the world is less colorful now. I’d love to read your friend’s book, as soon as the budget allows. As always, you rock, Jenny

  77. Just bought the book! I love your recommendations! I am working on a book, my ownself, about my Dad and his experience being a math nerd during the Apollo missions. I created 5 children, 4 are still on this earth and I’ve overcome 4 strokes. So… I am not sure any of this ‘counts’ for anyone but me, but there it is. I have to say, Jenny, your book has saved my sanity and is helping to save my youngest daughter’s life. She is almost 14 and has severe depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorder… etc… It’s a journey and I am grateful for you sharing yours. Hugs, Shannon

  78. I went to a Purple Rain slumber party in junior high school. We stayed up all night watching the movie over and over while pretending to be Wendy and Lisa and dancing around the room. It was amazing. 🙂

    As for me, I made this human being (along with 2 more amazing humans). He has Asperger’s. He has given me more gray hairs than I can count with my constant worrying about him. He had never shown a huge interest in music but he decided to join the general choir for his senior year in high school. I had no idea if he could carry a tune because he never sang a note at home. God bless his music teacher. Fast forward 1 year… He is on a music scholarship (minoring in music) at a private college and having the time of his life. The choir will shortly be traveling to China on tour. This is his first freshman recital. This is from a kid who didn’t sing. First song is in German. I don’t understand it either. 🙂

  79. One of my friends is a dj at a local radio station. Today he played Prince’s guitar solo from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 where he performed While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Tom Petty and others in honor of George Harrison. It was beautiful in so many ways! My blog is my creative outlet as a mom of two beautiful boys and a fitness professional on a yoga journey. I’d love to share with more of you!

  80. Bought the Kindle version of the book and looking forward to its delivery on Monday. I’ve created a few cards and a calendar on Zazzle from photographs that I’ve taken. Haven’t done a great job of promoting or updating my store (*) – need to get back to that.

  81. I made a lifetime career of teaching and now I am trying to make a life of retirement. I had a lot more training for the first. Nobody trains you for the second and it is not always easy

  82. Oh Jenny, you are a dear woman. You inspire so many of us and have an awesome effect on our reading experience. Because of you, I’m reading Neil Gaiman like he’s going out of style. It’s like you’re a bookish Earth Mother, gently caring for many word-starved children. Thank you!

    A friend of mine, R J Wood, published this wonderful young adult book: Anytime you put a boy and an old ship together in the middle of a cow pasture, you’ve got the beginning of a story. And I was allowed to edit an early version of this! I loved it.

    I’m busily working on my own book, currently titled ‘Bitch Mom.’ Here’s a sample:

    Now, Jenny, what are you working on? I’m sure you’ve got something great for us up your sleeve. Does it really have to take a year or two before we see it in print? That’s my problem – I can’t wait for my favorite author’s next books!

    Love, love, love in your direction. Jules

  83. I had to add the book to my wishlist for now. If I buy another book my husband might shoot me, I’ve got like 20 waiting to be read. That’s probably an understatement, it’s most likely more.

    Anyways, I crochet and try to sell it. It’s hard though because most people don’t understand that it takes time to make stuff. I crochet to keep my mind from going into the dark places. Once I know the pattern I can just keep going and it’s like my mind goes empty. Stitch by stitch I’m able to keep going.

  84. Reading Furiously Happy gave me the confidence to finally start blogging. I gained 80 pounds because life isn’t always fanfreakingtastic. My blog is about me trying to lose weight while living a realistic life. I’m only two blogs in and I clearly don’t have my shit together but I’m working on it.
    Prince- I can’t think of a word that’s stronger than “sigh” but whatever that word is, insert it right after “a deep, heavy-release from my heart goes sigh“.
    (I tried to connect my wordpress link but it wouldn’t work. Lots of operator error going on with this post. :p)

  85. Can’t wait to check this out.
    You’re a special breed of mammal, Jenny.
    Not many of us are as selfless as you.
    Well done.

    I’ve made things, but except for my exceptionally-gifted daughter, they’ve all turned to crap.

  86. I skipped the comments because the post made me good cry and the comments are always so beautiful that i just can’t today. Just know you people are amazing.
    I made a thing – a child – and we just learned that a few weeks after her 22nd birthday she will produce her own creation. I’m terrified and thrilled. When i look at her i still see her at 5 in her little red pigtails and how does a 5 yr old raise a child?! How did the years escape me? What kind of world will my grandbaby live in? Did i do enough? Will they have brave iconic artists to show them there is no one right way to be themselves?
    I hope so.
    Life is hard, internet life can be cruel, i am so glad you have created such a supportive and wonderful tribe, Jenny. 💙

  87. Dear Bloggess, I just would like to say….. I’m so grateful to be on Twitter and that I have discovered you. Today I visited your blog for the first time and I’m so happy I have! In reading just a couple of lines I felt a “connection….” I like you! The way you speak (write) draws me in! Most days words and clarity elude me….. It’s, on most days, very difficult to clearly express my inner self. So when I find that one who has the gift (of words, of clarity) I am naturally drawn in.
    – Diana

  88. I’ve been pushing both of your books like they were illicit drugs – I work in a book department at a thrift store and I often tell people browsing biographies about your books. Of course we don’t see them very often because those of us who love you don’t want to give up our copies. I did steer my friend toward Let’s Pretend this Never Happened, and I bought her Furiously Happy for her birthday. You’re a huge inspiration to me, and I would post links to your books but that would just be silly.

    However, I recommend this book to anyone who reads this.

  89. The Night Circus. It was the best book I’ve read in years. But no one except my best friend (who gave it to me) seems to have ever read it.

  90. Got it for my Nook. 🙂

    I wrote a book for people who are interested in preserving their family history through recipes (or just compile a family cookbook): Creating an Heirloom: Writing Your Family’s Cookbook. You can read an excerpt of the first chapter here:, and it’s available at Amazon (print or ebook).

    I’m in the process of translating over a hundred old French hat patterns, many from the 1930s. I hope to start making them before the end of the year… but that’s a ways off yet.

  91. I am still grieving over the loss of Bowie, and now, Prince. I am grateful to have lived and shared the same air. For as long as I have left, their music, their art will sustain me.

  92. I haven’t created anything – yet. But I did recently read a book that I loved almost as much as your books. It’s called If At Birth You Don’t Succeed, by Zach Anner. I highly recommend it. And now I have to go order Stolen Things.

  93. I have three books about a woman who is a little crazy, has four dogs and goes through boyfriends like crazy. There are also dead bodies. These are not books that take themselves too seriously but if someone likes a fun read maybe they’d like these.

    Anyone who might like to travel to Scotland and Ireland with an author who is researching a new novel might like this: It’s a trip I made that will be very fun. At least for me. Everyone else has to figure out their own fun. Or I suppose they could follow me around and laugh. That’s what my kids do. But they aren’t coming on this trip, so it could be a good choice. I’d feel at home.

  94. Having gone through many periods of depression and shitty friendship-endings, I somehow (I’m still not quite sure that he’s real) found somebody that is just as wholeheartedly weird as I am. He always encourages me to create my crafty things, and one day bought me a stuffed t rex. I named him duck because he has inward facing feet. Duck has become a hilarious inside joke in our relationship, and lately I’ve wanted to share how much these two have impacted my life. So I implore anyone that needs a laugh (full disclosure: don’t drink soda while watching – bad things happen) to go to Duck’s instagram, and revel in the weird.

  95. actually, Furiously Happy was randomly sent to me by some friends because it has a shiny raccoon on the cover and I am also a furiously happy shiny raccoon. You kinda wrote about my life with anxiety and depression perfectly. I draw stuff. Ummm yeah, thats about it.

  96. Holy crap. Just look at all the cool stuff people are making!

    That’s one reason Prince resonated with so many people, I think: Whether it was through his music, his persona, or through mentoring young artists, he was always creating something new. (Just like YOU. Thank you for that.)

    I’m not an artist in the same sense (because I can’t draw and I suck at pottery). But I still think life can be full of inspiration for the rest of us mortals, if we can slow down long enough to realize how extraordinary those ordinary little moments really are. Here are a few of my favorites:

  97. I just bought the Kindle ebook, I can relate to heading to the forest when things got tough, I spent a lot of time hiding in the woods when I was a kid, I still do😂 I signed up to write a blog but that’s as far as I got. All my life people have told me…. “You should write a book!” And some day I hope too, kind of a life story thing. I’ve been through a lot in my 50 years in this crazy world. I’m not sure if others would find my story interesting, but If it can help someone as much as your books have helped me, it would be totally worth it😘

  98. My husband is a writer. He has a book on the music of James Bond due to be published…if it gets crowdfunded. And right now it is massively at risk of not happening because it hasn’t been funded in time.
    He talks about it every day. How he hasn’t had any new pledges for over a week. How he doesn’t know what more to do.
    I’m trying to stay upbeat, but I don’t know what will happen if the book isn’t funded. I mean, I don’t know what will happen to him. Emotionally. It’s one thing for us to talk about it not being funded, but it’s another if it actually doesn’t.
    Anyway, the campaign is here
    In the least it has a guy with a British accent in the video.

  99. If you recommend a book, I automatically read it. Amazon Prime exists for purely this reason.

    Thank you for being you. Thank you for letting us know we’re not alone, even when we’re in the dark.

  100. My husband made this: It took him 15 years of picking it up and putting it down and it is still not quite done but it would mean a lot to him if people would read it and give him feedback so he could feel like he is not alone.

    My good friend CJ Calvin is an artist and he makes a lot of cool stuff which you can see at If you like his stuff and buy something it would help support a NC artist.

    I can buy a book for me and one book for someone else. If you get me your details I will be happy to ship it within the US.

  101. Will add this to my summer reading list! (Starting this time of year, I save titles rather than read right away, so that I have a treasure chest of books for my summer vacation. It’s probably my favorite part of vacation, having a bunch of books just waiting for me.)

    I also make things…all sorts of knitted things, from elegant Irish throw blankets to Harry Potter mittens to shark attack blankets. You can find them at or on Facebook at

  102. I ordered Stephen’s book, because I know at some point I will want to read it. But I’m not sure if that time is now. My husband has been fighting cancer for 6 years. My son was 9 when his Daddy was diagnosed. Some days are harder than others. Sometimes I can read the books about loss and hope, and some days I can’t. I will have Stephen’s book waiting for a good day.

  103. Bought, and excited for it to land on my Kindle next week! 🙂

    I make lots and lots of things (and mistakes), but the easiest one to share is my blog: You can find my Instagram feed there as well, which very often features pictures of the many things I make.

  104. I’m still all Prince-weepy today. Man, that one really smarts 🙁

    As far as sharing something, I’ve got more music, but it’s not mine. Storm Large is a badass 🙂 She wrote an autobiographical book called ‘Crazy Enough’, which and has also performed as a musical. She tours with her current band, and sometimes sings with the über fab Pink Martini. definitely worth a listen/read. 😘

    Thanks for being so generous, in self and heart ❤️

  105. I can’t wait to check out his book! (well just a little bit longer to see if I win a gift card, squeee!)
    I am not a very creative person so I’m very proud of the few things I have made. I’ve been to some paint nights and made some pretty paintings that I proudly display even though no one else seems to get it, I’ve made kids who I claim as my own in public most of the time, and yesterday I made a blog. Actually I made the space on WordPress over 2 years ago and yesterday I posted my first entry. I’ve been so inspired by you, to open up and write the way I’ve always wanted to and to be me on paper. I’ve only got one down but I’m excited to post all the things racing around inside me. If you want to hit Diary of a Tipsy Mermaid either on WordPress or on fb I would be honored if you would “Like” me.
    Thank you,
    and please pick me to win a gift card for this book! Yay!

  106. I pre-ordered the Kindle version, which comes out on Monday! It looks and sounds so wonderful, and I can’t wait to read it!

  107. That book sounds amazing. I’ll get it as soon as I can, I’ve already spent my monthly self-given allowance on art supplies and books. Teeeheee.
    As for somebody who needs to be seen: There is this amazing Hungarian artist who has a project where he gives away paintings for free. It’s called “613 initiatve”. Check him out:
    Thank you for you and all that comes with.

  108. My mother is someone who I wish everyone knew. She was an elementary school teacher for over 30 years. Over the last 9 months, her life has taken a scary turn, as she had brain surgery, and then got a staph infection from that.

    The infection spread to her heart, which broke it into hundreds of pieces of deadly staph. Much of it settled into her feet, both of which she’s had to have amputated.

    She called me, yesterday to tell me that she can now stand on her prosthetic leg for 15 whole minutes, now. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of anyone in my entire life. Seeing my daughters walk for the first time was nothing in comparison to the explosion of relief and happiness I have gotten to experience with her, as she reaches her goal to walk again.

  109. I’m made a podcast with my best friend, and it’s really new, and we’re really proud. 🙂 It’s called Yesterladies! and it’s about women’s history, and it’s for all the incredible stories that haven’t been told enough, or hardly at all. You can find it on our website: Or you can subscribe on iTunes: Or you can find it on whatever app you use for podcasts. New episodes Thursdays!

  110. I’ve launched a blog and three kids out my vagina.
    Wait. Just the kids out my vagina. I might need some comma work there. But never mind that. I want some eyeballs on my friend Stephanie who won’t toot her own horn: She’s in FUCKING TIME MAGAZINE. And I want everyone in the world to see her. And know her. She’s the best.
    She also has her own blog, but she’s not all obnoxious about it. It chronicles her kicking cancer’s ass. I love her so hard.

  111. Oh Jenny, I don’t know if I will ever finish my book. But I enjoy yours so much! y blog is NSFW, so I won’t leave it here, but thank you so much for doing this.

  112. I’m adding this to my summer reading list!! (At this time of year, I save up titles rather than read them right away, so I have a treasure chest of books to take on vacation. Probably my favorite part of vacation, besides the booze.)

    I make all kinds of knitted things, from elegant Irish throw blankets to Harry Potter mittens to shark attack blankets (because doesn’t everyone want to look like they are being eaten by a friendly shark while hanging out on the sofa??). You can see them all at or

  113. I sent you my book, The Meek, a couple of years ago now, but I think it got lost when you moved. If not, I’d still love to hear what you thought of it.

  114. So…I have a thing I made and then the really cool stuff that happened in a 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon way…but I’m not really good at math – and I don’t think I’m connected in any way to Kevin Bacon, unless Jenny has something to tell me…so it might be more like 3 degrees of Jenny Lawson – and that’s not even a THING…well…it wasn’t…but now it is.

    Let’s get on with it. I made this – her name is Katie Hultman:

    Which lead to this – because the person who wrote the song, actually came to my HOUSE and performed a CONCERT for our family and our closest 40-50 friends and her name is Emma Hill:

    Which lead to this, the Furiously Happy Theme Song dedicated to Jenny and all of us struggling with moments of darkness. Written by Emma Hill, a singer/songwriter and musician from Alaska with her friend Bryan Daste from Portland. I gifted Emma Furiously Happy when she was going through a really rough year…and of course the book, and a new love in her life, brought her out of the darkness. This is her “Thank you” to Jenny and to all of her followers. Remember, you deserve to be Furiously Happy and the light is right around the corner.


    And that’s pretty much it. Except…I love you.

  115. I was thinking of starting a blog on the realities of being a new mom–ground-breaking stuff, I know. But there seems to be very little out there that prepares women from the uncomfortable challenges many new moms face that they were unprepared for, despite all of the books and classes and information promoted by magazines for new moms and such. Many women I have known felt robbed of the idealized birth by medically necessary miscarriages. Others were devastated to not be able to nurse or to have to supplement with formula after months of being repeatedly told that breast milk will give their baby the best chance of health, connection to mom, and long-term success (I mean success in terms of healthy growth, but when they phrase it in terms of brain development, it kind of feels like they mean life success!) Moms are torn apart by the decision to stay at home or go to work, even when they never expected to be. And I feel like there’s a real conflict between what I’m feeling and going through with now than everything my feminist upbringing taught me. Yes, women can do anything they put their minds to… but why do they have to do everything for everyone for less (or no) money? All of those sources of information on being a new mom gloss over these crises as if they are slight bumps in the road, rather than the meltdown-inducing crises they actually seem to be for women. So I feel like my main message is that, hey, you’re not alone in feeling these things (and, yes, those hormones are making it worse), and we should all talk about it more. Doctors and parents and magazines and policy makers (necessary evil to include them!) should be talking about these uncomfortable things more often and addressing them earlier in a woman’s life. But, on the other hand, I feel like who am I to write this? I have no background in anything that would make me an expert. Who would listen to me?

  116. Holy shit! What a gift from Jenny! I wish I could add a link to my book, but it won’t launch until the summer.

    “Chronicles of a Boob, Vol. 1: Humorous tales of breast cancer, anxiety and gross exaggeration.”

    If anyone is interested in being an advance reader, hit me up on twitter @pointlessboob

    I’m loving these comments and seeing what/who this magnificent tribe recommends.

  117. I do a lot of blog writing to help me process things. Also, currently writing a children’s book about 2 girls who learn to solve a problem The Friendship Way. Hoping for a 2017 publication date.

  118. That books looks really good. I always appreciate a good book recommendation.

    I don’t currently make anything that I sell, but I always like people looking at the things I made for myself and my family. Like I made My daughter’s wedding dress. I also made her a red prom dress. when she was in high school. She suffers from depression and anxiety. She’s being treated and has a good counselor, but it’s not an easy road. She always tries to push past it and see the happy part of life anyway. If anyone embodies the Red Dress movement, it’s my girl.

  119. Same. About Prince. I have loved his music without apology for what feels like my whole life. Losing him feels like losing a part of my childhood. There will never be anyone like him again. Nor would we want it that way. He is proof of why artists of every kind should be nurtured and supported. We need art. Look at what it does to us. Thank you, Jenny, for supporting so many people in so many ways. My blog is

  120. I have a Blog. However, it’s done nothing but take up internet space for quite some time. It’s called Blissful Bipolar Blues. Sadly, it is the blues that have kept me from writing in it. I have contemplated doing a vlog instead or video diary just for myself. That concept scares the crap outta me though. However, I do want to find what makes me Furiouslu Happy. I know that being an advocate and a voice for mental health does. Being a bigger voice both excites and scares the crap out if me. So here’s my link, but I doubt I’ll have anything new on it. Wow. Yeah that’s great!That was just like saying “Here’s my business, but don’t buy from me. I suck!”

    Luckily, I’m not in PR.

  121. Just ordered the book to be sent to my Kindle. The publisher is Renewable Angst Publishing. How perfect a name is that?

    And seriously, Jenny, if you published a book every little once in a while (monthly? weekly!), I’d buy ’em all in a hot minute. Love your books, love your blog. Thank you thank you thank you!

    To Melissa a few comments above, I’ve read The Night Circus at least three times and have given it to several friends, all of whom have loved it also. Wouldn’t it make an amazing movie?

  122. That book looks awesome. Thanks for bringing it to my (our) attention.

    While on the topic of thanks, THANK YOU also for creating the BloggessTribe on Twitter. It’s a pretty awesome group of people. I’m sure you already know this.

    Lastly, thank you for being the inspiration for the thing that I made, which is my blog. The address is:
    My website allows me to have an outlet to express my thoughts about the daily absurdity of life. I’ve also made friends through the comments section. Thanks for everything you do Jenny

  123. Super excited for the book recommendation!! Kindle version pre-ordered! 🙂
    At the suggestion of a friend, I started selling my meditation malas. Then my super awesome, beautiful, brilliant daughter suggested we build a website! And when your 15 year old WANTS to work on a project with you, you don’t turn that down!

  124. I think of all the recent celebrity deaths, Prince’s hit me the hardest. His music was the soundtrack for my teen years, and many of my memories are wrapped up with his songs. 🙁

    Thank you for everything you do here! I’ve written several books–paranormal/contemporary fantasy romance (shapeshifting dragons, unicorns, fairies, etc.)–where Myths Find Real Love. 🙂

  125. Two weeks ago I took up crochet. My daughter’s teacher introduced it to me although Ive had a curiousity about it for many years. Im doing pretty wrll and my first item Im making is a queen sized blanket fir my mom’s birthday. Ive restarted the damn thing 8 times abd I eas giing to give up. Then Prince died yesterday and I thought “You’d be a damn fool ti stip practicing this nee thing that you now.obviously love. So, that blanket will be done by June 20th.M

  126. I love that you give people a place to broadcast their creative endeavors, and that you are such a champion of your readership and of writers in particular! I just ordered the book (very inexpensive, especially with Amazon Prime). I love this type of story. As for me, I always include a link to my blog in my signature, here — it’s currently undergoing major redesign work so is a bit iffy, but folks are always welcome to visit. Thanks, Jenny!

  127. Love getting recommendations for new shit, including books. For some reason I trust your opinion, so going to check it out…………
    I started a blog, finally, in January. As I was working on a new post yesterday, the news of Prince donkey punched me and I abandoned my work and quickly wrote what was jamming in my brain instead…..

  128. Thank you for the recommendation, went and immediately bought it because I trust your judgement. I have been looking for many books to escape to over the past few weeks . Thank you. My I saw a comment on Twitter about how we don’t mourn musicians because we know them, but because they help us know ourselves. Really rang true.

  129. A few years back, when I had a little more time than I seem to now, I wrote a collection of short dark stories called Storms in Jars. To date it remains the only thing I have in print. But I am rather proud of my little book all the same. It feels good to create something that didn’t exist until you made it.

  130. I made a blog. I’m most proud of the recent post because it was really hard to write my truth. Even if nobody ever reads it, it was worth it because a wash of healing and relief came in the process.

  131. I’m gonna throw my shameless self promotion in here, because I know that many of your readers might appreciate it: My blog is about our lives on our homestead near the wilderness, and it’s all about living a simpler, more wholesome life. I have a lot of free content in there for people to learn stuff. I know the dark side very well, and one of the things that pulls me out of the dark (or at least lets me survive) is nature. So if you want a little balm for your soul, a little sanity, come on over. I’d love to have you!

  132. I recently launched my weaving company – Witch Weave along with a webpage and Instagram. Please feel free to visit, webpage links to my Instagram where I am posting photos of my work. Thank you!

  133. I bought the book. I’m excited to read it, even though I’m positive I am going to be a sobbing mess cause the dad has cancer. I’m always a sobbing mess when characters have cancer, but especially dads, cause my dad died of cancer.

  134. I have always wanted to write, but I don’t. I blame lack of time, but it’s more likely lack of courage. So this really made me think what have I made? I made two amazing kids. It’s an awesome accomplishment, but not terribly unique. I am a teacher, so maybe I’ve made a difference to some kids. I hope so anyway. Like most teachers, I’m pretty nerdy so I’ll definitely buy Stolen Things, and I look forward to reading it!

  135. My grandma and the Saskatchewan prairie made a story in my childhood, that has carried on into my adulthood, and now into my children’s childhoods. It is called “Wonderberry Jam” and it is being published this month in The Hopper, a lit mag out of Vermont. If you’d like to support literary arts or read the story, it is available here:

  136. I wrote an ebook, available on Amazon, called, “Weaving a Family: Genetics, Identity & Adoption.” People who have read it say it is helpful for non-adoptive families as well. The most over-the-top review was from one of my college professors.

  137. I got the book and I can’t wait to read it – love your recommendations!

    My husband is making this:

    Filming starts in June and I am so nervous for him. I love the script and the artistic choices he has made so far. I think it is going to be wonderful and beautiful and macabre and silly and I just hope that the world gets to see it. Because he is leaving his heart and soul in this film and it is a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul.

  138. A very dear friend of mine since elementary school is living his dream as an artist. We grew up in Manvel, Texas, (a very small town just south of Houston) and had so much fun getting into mischief together!!! I have bought two prints so far and they bring me so much joy. You can check out his stuff on his website

  139. When I heard at work yesterday that Prince had died, my reaction shocked my co-workers. Tears formed and my whole being tingled. What an immense loss.
    I purchased the book. I’m excited and scared for the emotions it will bring out.

  140. I’ll check it out.

    Sometimes it snows in April
    Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
    Sometimes I think life is never ending
    But all good things they say never last

  141. Can’t wait…just ordered that book. Always love a good book recommendation! I also saw that mousegoddess above is a “broke and broken college student” and can’t afford to buy the book. I’d be happy to pass my copy along when I’m done!

    And heck yeah, I’d love to share my blog! your text to show as a hyperlink

  142. The Viking found me, picked me up and dusted me off. I found your books and some of your bravery got smeared all over my clothes and hands. Next thing I knew I was setting up a blog and shocking the shit out of my kids. You infect a lot of people! :o) BTW…..thanks for becoming my 3rd Twitter follower.

  143. I just ordered the book. I love you so dearly that I’ll order anything you recommend…mostly. Unless it’s about taxidermy, the process of. I’m afraid all your critters would give me nightmares, so if I come to your slumber party (sleepover, for you whippersnappers) I’ll have to take a sedative which I’d probably take anyway, stuffed bunnies or not.

  144. Before she left, I made my mother a flower-essence mix in a water bottle, to either drink or spray around her home (she’d wanted refills for the glass mister bottles I’d already given her last year). It will hopefully help her maintain the heart-strength she needs to continue caring for her very unwell, mentally & physically demanding own mother.

    I didn’t give Mom a bodywork-massage this visit. The sight of her peacefully, deeply sleeping in my private home office, plus how refreshed she looked while awake, seemed healing enough. But I did, as I always do during ReikiMassage Therapy sessions with/for others, talk with her and listen. We got to make one another laugh, and I was able to share my perceptions. She appreciates getting her problems and choices viewed from a different angle. Whether or not Gramma will believe it’s Jesus hanging around the house to offer his support, and will stop viciously insisting that it’s Mom’s NON-EXISTENT male lover sneaking around, we shall see! (Mom did promise to run that Jesus idea past Gramma. It’s likely Gramma’s sensing her own guardian angel, but I was told by my Angels to keep it simple. The spirit of Jesus is easier for my Catholic mother to wrap her mind around, instead of a diagnosis of Gramma’s clinical dementia. Plus, this will keep Mom from being so hard on herself. Such are the dramas in a multi-generation family of Sensitives & Empaths!)

    When people are ready for me, I hope to continue being of service like this for them. I can claim to be a demon-exorcist, but really it’s my own demons I willingly battle. Slick ads and TV shows of psychics and demon/ghost hunters do make me cringe… but who knows what the future holds.

    Namaste and best wishes to everyone.

  145. Ordered the Kindle version, which gave me a preorder. Looking forward to it.

    There’s a novel in my hard drive, one I labored over for 22 years. I’m not kidding. I finished the first draft right before I went to rabbinical school because I figured it was then or never. (Good figure. Life has been wild ever since.) It haunts me, though, and I need to do something about it, get an editor or something. I am not sure what. If anyone can tell me where to go from here, I’d be really glad.

    It’s an historical novel, set in the midst of all the Henry the Eighth and just after chaos in England. What’s different from most such novels is that it is about ordinary people whose lives are disrupted: three women who got tossed out of their nunnery and had to find new lives. It’s set in East Anglia.

    It started as an academic paper: I was interested in finding out what happened to the women who lost their homes when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries. The monks went to work for the Anglican Church but the nuns…. what? Died in ditches? Seems nobody thought to write down what happened to hundreds of women, so I made something up.

    That’s my story. Looking forward to the book. Thank you, Bloggess dear, for being who you are.

  146. F*#k yea, free pass for shameless plugging of stuff!

    I’ve been working on this site for about a year:

    Shitty comics, stories about my dogs shitting all over the house, and other things abound ye salty dogs! I don’t know why I felt like I had to be a pirate just then. It’s not a website about pirates.

    Or maybe it is, if that would make you click the link it can -totally- be a website about pirates.

    I only discovered this site a few months back, and the laughs and various emotion-type things I experienced here was a big kick in the pants for me to stay inspired to create for no other reason than creating something, anything, makes me happy.

    Check it out or don’t, I’m not the boss of you!

  147. I always love your posts. I think teen author needs more recognition. He’s “like us” and has a beautiful family.

  148. I own very few books of my own, primarily because I’m “not a reader”. I do, however, own both of YOUR books, Jenny, one of which you even signed for me, while the rest of Pasadena waited! HA! So I don’t know if I’ll be buying Stephen’s book. I may eventually check it out from the library, because that’s more my speed.

    But anyone who’s in a “buy Stephen’s book” mood might like to pick up my husband’s first short novel, He’s a writer of things, and this thing is about how to survive AFTER the zombie apocalypse. It’s kinda fun, and I’m hoping that his next novel will be a) longer and b) as interesting to read and c) finished SOON!

    I am, myself, an out-of-control actor/singer/dancer/voice artist/Script Supervisor/Assistant Director/PA who would just love to be working in any of those areas more than I am. I blog, more likely than not, because of YOUR blog, Jenny. That’s as close as I get to calling myself a blogger. I’m at http://www.kickinaroundideas,

    Thanks for always encouraging us to keep doing stuff, and sharing what we’re doing HERE.

  149. “Make u happy when u r sad, make u good when u r bad, I’m not human I’m a dove” These words reduced me to a sobbing mess yesterday, like no other celebrity death before has. But I will NOT let the elevator bring me down. I’m going crazy, and punching a higher floor. I haven’t made anything all that awesome, but some of the things I have made are making/doing awesome stuff. My youngest daughter (15) is a budding artist/environmentalist who has made some pretty neat stuff from clay, and makes regular donations to wildlife and animal rescue groups. And my adult son is on the other side of the country working with a therapeutic transitional group that helps young people move from various therapy settings, such as residential or wilderness therapy, back to “normal” life. So I guess I make awesome offspring?

  150. Hi. Stephen Parolini here. So humbled by Jenny’s words, and thankful for all the people who are taking a risk on Stolen Things. I hope you find some magic there, but mostly I hope you find it in your real life. Loving all these links above. Wanted to offer one of my own – for the photographer, Kelly Sauer, who took the cover photo (and many more, it was hard to choose the best one). She does wedding photography, among other kinds (see also: book cover above), and is moving to the west coast soon. Keep an eye out for her website updates here:

    Oh, and if you’re in Canada or elsewhere, I think there will be a paper version available on Amazon…soon. I think it takes a little longer to update outside of the US.

    Thanks again, new friends.

  151. I’ve had this blog idea in my head for ages, but I haven’t been able to make it exist. I’m a writer, it’s what I do (if I do anything), but I’m no web-master (if I master anything). It’s all about doing your own thing. I suffer from social anxiety and depression, so I’m often fighting through layers of rotten earth just to get out into breathable air. I think what I have to say could help others, but really, it’s for me. It’s a reminder to myself to live in my own way. And I can’t even get it online. I just looked at my wordpress account. I have the page set up, but it’s so bare and I can’t figure the layout out. It took me all of 2 minutes to get completely bollocksed and into a panic attack. So I can’t share that site today.

    Here is a story I did get down about my issues.

    As for recommendations, I know it’s mainstream, and sci-fi, but I can’t recommend Star Wars: Dark Disciple, enough. It’s about Asajj Ventress, one of the best female Star Wars characters, and I thought she was very well written, and I got quite emotional throughout. Really well done.

  152. The book looks fantastic, but I can’t read it. That situation and sadness would be too much. I am a new and enthusiastic reader/twitter follower of yours, I have a new blog, and appreciate the opportunity to share it here…thank you! My nest is emptying at and at twitter @coophalffull, and I’m learning to live with it, and even like it..sometimes! thanks again!

  153. Looks like a GREAT book; added it to my too-big Nook library. 😉 I’ve been listening to all my Prince on vinyl since yesterday…fell in love with his music when I was in grad school at UMn in the early 1980s…god, could play the guitar! And though he was small of stature, he still rocked speedos and a trench coat like nobody’s business back in the day.

  154. Prince’s music is wonderful, and I am devastated by his passing. It’s just one more sh*tty thing to deal with. And, as for linking to something I’m proud of, I’ve got nothing.

  155. (thank you Jenny for the courage to put this up, a poem about grief)

    The bereaved
    will decide
    when it’s time.
    it’s time

  156. Yay for supportive wordsmiths! I have created both a blog and a child, but they are mostly just for my own enjoyment 😉

  157. If you want to see an amazing artist check out Cécile Pellerin on Twitter.

    You may have to scroll down a bit because she’s currently in college and doesn’t have the time to post as much as she use to.

  158. Who doesn’t love Prince? What a shocking heartbreaker. Thank you for your blog, always quirky and compassionate, you speak to my inner introvert. I will definitely check out the book.

    I have a little blog to share: if you ever get hungry. Thanks for asking.

    We all die, but not everyone lives. Live it up as best you can.

  159. A good friend of mine, Emily B. Martin, has a book coming out May 17 called Woodwalker. I am so stinking proud of her. You can pre-order a digital copy now, and a paperback will be coming out this summer.

  160. I agree, having writer friends makes the whole process come together. Thanks for letting us share our links today. Mine is for Through the Cane Fields.

    Through The Cane Fields is the story of two young sisters living a life of privilege in Apartheid era South Africa. Delia Hallowell is content with her carefree, luxurious life until she meets a boy named Thomas. As the son of the cook, Thomas is separated by the divide of class and race. As their friendship grows, so does the realization that they cannot be together. Delia must make a choice between her true feelings and her family’s expectations.

  161. I’m a maker in KC. Annie’s Barn. You can find me on Etsy. I’ve asked for a moratorium on artist’s passing away this year. First my cousin Sandra, the writer. Then more and more and more. Please no more until we have sunny and warm days in KS. Pushing Pause.

  162. Thanks for the book suggestion. I’m on medical leave and reading books I want to read vs. all the work-related ones I’ve had to consume lately.

    I created a game called Pin The Baby On The Vajayjay but didn’t sell any (okay, I sold 20 – 30) so only the babies are left standing on the page. I actually tried to hire you to promote it but you were writing Furiously Happy at the time and your VERY NICE assistant told me that your editor was not letting you focus on anything else. Le Sigh. *Shakes fist at your editor

    I have a few left and would love to send you one. I think you’d get a hoot out of it. Sticky umilical cords are also included so, you know, there’s that.

  163. Everyday before I finish on the computer I make a point to come to your page to read the new stuff or some old stuff. A daily dose of honesty and fun. Thank you.
    My cancer recently returned and I’ve decided to write about it. I already have a blog that’s geared toward mommy/toddler business but I’m refocusing now. My son gives me joy through these cancer times and my blog will still accent my hilarious time with him but with a deeper curve. The superficial of the mommy/toddler world will be no more. Thanks!

  164. A blog about staying happy and growing older. Which is easier typed than done.

  165. I’ve been looking for a good read, maybe I’ll see if I can pick it up on thrift books in a few weeks, its an awesome place where books are super affordable! Once your done with the book can you review it??

  166. I will take a look at your friend Steven’s book.
    I’ve just pre-ordered a novel about Mary Shelley which I think will be good. “Outcasts: A Novel of Mary Shelley” by Sarah Stegall

    Of course, this should be read when the weather is gloomy, just to get the proper atmosphere, but I’ll probably read it as soon as it arrives.

  167. I write romance. It’s fun and silly and it makes me happy. It’s all self-published because I got so many rejections from publishing houses, BUT FUCK YOU, PUBLISHERS. MY FIVE-STAR REVIEWS TELL ME I HAVE STORIES WORTH SHARING.
    There. That’s out.
    My author page is:
    The covers are crap, but they’re getting much better as I learn more and make more.
    If anyone decides read them and likes them, please leave a comment/review! That helps so much.

  168. I make things because I literally can’t not. But also for my grandma who taught me to be crafty, maybe she too felt the restlessness that only stops when you are creating something. I donate to causes that are important to me because she taught me to care about others, She died at 63 which then of course felt too soon, but now seems so young, too young. This world is rough, maybe that is why I like to make things pretty. Tiffanytwists.Etsy.Com

  169. I will add his book to my list of books to buy. It is a short list, as I get so many from the library (I am a poor troubled soul). I am a writer and a painter. My work can be seen at

    I read Furiously Happy and it meant a lot to me. Thank you for speaking about difficult things.

  170. One of my all time favorite books is Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb. I really like her books. It’s about women who are at rock bottom and how they make themselves whole again. If you haven’t read her stuff, read that one or What I Remember Most. Such a talented writer.

  171. After yesterday I’m thinking of crowdfunding social media site like a Skype-Facebook hybrid where we can all sit around and cry together, drink, and sing lyrics to songs we haven’t heard since 4th grade.

    Failing that, I will continue to blog on my site about my moe to China and whatever else I feel needs mentioning.

    Thank you, Jenny, for being weird. You’re the Apollonia to my Sheila E.

  172. Am currently working with my Narrator completing the third audio book in the “Jason Crane” series by Richard Gleaves. It’s a modern telling of the headless horseman tale from Sleepy Hollow (which is a real place in NY.) The books are excellent. Modern, fresh, scary as hell, and historically accurate. Wonderful characters, conflict, mystery, and a healthy dose of spooky. All the books are available on Amazon and have excellent reviews. “Bridge of Bones”, “Rise Headless and Ride”, and “The General of The Dead” are worth the read and/or listen! Well, you can’t listen to “General” yet, but soon! Thanks for the opportunity to get Richard’s work some well deserved attention 😊

  173. I’ve ordered the Kindle version which comes out Monday 25th a day that I am in Tijuana having oral surgery. It sounds the perfect story to curl up with in my hotel room as I recover and just want to be alone with a good book.

  174. I have been working a career that has…uh.. not allowed me to utilize the skills I perfected in schools and even got hired for… So, I’ve taken to writing a blog, especially recently as some parts of my life have fallen apart, to get back into writing again. I’m still tracking down my lost voice here, but I’d love feedback. It’s mostly running, since that (and my family/friends) is what’s keeping me going through the worst of stuff… but I’m starting to get real with talking about happiness and goals … and the recent death of my Mom.


    And, really, thank you so much for your books and your writing, and this blog. One of the things I did over the last year to try and get out of the mental place my life was getting me into was seek out books that were funny and encouraging. Yours really helped. You’re wonderful for sharing your story. Thank you. Thank you.

  175. Thank you for the book recommendation. I wish I had people in my life who encouraged me that way, especially when I was younger and had the imagination and creativity to attempt new things. I think too many people stomped on my ideas and fancies and told me too many times how impractical they were; now I have a hard time summoning up a creative thought or idea or even making a decision that isn’t assessed from a million angles first. I want to be creative, I want to do amazing things, but I can’t stop OVERTHINKING it.

    As for what I’ve done that I’d like to share, in 2001 I was diagnosed with a rare form of miscarriage, a molar pregnancy, which few have heard of unless they’ve had one, but it is potentially cancerous and requires that you not get pregnant again for a period of time afterward so that you can be monitored for possible return of malignant tissue…it’s a devastating loss followed by a frightening and lengthy holding pattern that in more cases than not involves chemotherapy to eradicate the molar tissue from the body. After my diagnosis I started a website, ( that offers information, personal stories, and now two Facebook support groups (it was originally a Yahoo Groups support group back in the day), and I have since also published two compilations of women’s stories of dealing with the diagnosis.

    Also, I have a blog, Red Ink Ramblings, on where I mostly rant about my problems with my brain injury, sustained in a motorcycle accident in 2013. The link to my latest entry on that blog is the one below.

  176. 🙂 i can’t believe how many people replied to this and how fast! Impressing.
    This is what I’m trying to do lately, write a little blog. Let’s see where it takes me.

  177. So I have a blog, too… I used to be a divorce lawyer, but before that I was a displaced stay at home mom, and before that I was extremely depressed in my marriage. So the blog aims to help other people going thru divorce or general legal issues, because that shit hurts, and having a little education and commiseration and comfort can make a difference. And even though I quit practicing family law and got into corporate legal instead (family law is emotionally crushing… Not good for someone with generalized anxiety disorder, dysthymia, and major depressive disorder), I still really want to help PEOPLE. Because all that misery and hard work can’t have been for nothing.

  178. Amazon forced me to buy the Kindle version as it’s the only option in Canada!
    I make stuffed toys.

    @beautiful_disfigurines on Instagram

  179. So I read this book a while back called Furiously Happy. It totally changed my life. You should read it.

  180. Thank you Jenny. I don’t think I need more recognition but I would like to share what love to create with others. For me it’s about keeping that happy magical imagination we had as kids alive. I’m a sculptor and lots of other things and my goal is to make pretty things that make people happy 🙂 You can find me on Facebook and on Instagram (fairiesandfancies). hugs

  181. Widow, Multiple Sclerosis, Humor. All in one blog! One-stop shopping! Maybe (please, dear God) take a look? A bushel of thanks if you’re willing. And subscribe! Don’t forget the magical subscribe button. Here’s what had to say… (and who’s going to argue with TODAY?). Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you, Jenny Lawson, for the many laughs that have helped me through!

  182. Totally buying the book when I get paid on Monday.

    I don’t have anything to publicise but I’m trying to be more active in the community and all so…

  183. Looks like an interesting book. I’m glad you have him and the others to help you become a better writer. I saw Prince in Cincinnati in 1985 and still remember like it was yesterday. So sad. I write funny things here: I’m working on an adult fantasy series and was writing in book two of the series when I heard the news of the mass shooting in Ohio. It’s where I’m from and where I was writing about today. Life is short, precious and for many, over too soon. Live it while you can.

  184. I just ordered the Kindle version. Your recommendations (and books and blog) are always great and I have never been disappointed. Your friend Stephen posted on #211, it looks like he will get lots of sales from your site. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to read it.

  185. I’ve just recently launched my own Etsy shop for handmade wooden brooches! I have 2 designs out now and much, much more planned! If you’re interested in nostalgia, unabashed glee, and a touch of silliness, have a peek at ❤️
    I’m also on Instagram @theambrosiabowl

  186. I just requested that my library buy it. Then more of us can enjoy it!
    You’re the specialist, Jenny.

  187. Book preordered! I have found so many good books from these comments over the years. Recent favorites (at least two of which I found out about here) are below:

    -Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St. Mary’s series (time-traveling historians!)
    -Anne Bishop’s Others series (a very interesting take on werewolves/vampires/other shapeshifter types)
    -Tracey Martin’s Miss Misery series (supernatural romance/mystery)
    -Amy Bai’s debut novel Sword

    The first three are lots of fun, but Sword touched me. I cried at the end (in a good way). She’s writing the sequel (it’ll be a trilogy), and I can’t wait.

    I follow lots of my favorite authors on Twitter – if you’re not doing that, give it a try.

    And I have a blog – you can find me at http:\ and on Twitter @zannah42.

    Now I have a lot of blog-stalking to do. 🙂

  188. I point people I love here and to and to so they know they’re not alone dealing with their Depression and/or Anxiety; and that you can deal with one or both with humor and courage. And yeah… I started a blog after a lovely lady named Jenny helped inspire me, too. Watched Purple Rain twice yesterday, may have cried just a little.

  189. I’m not even sure what the book is about, but it sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to start reading it – I’ve been looking for recommendations, so this was timely!

    Right now, my husband is trying to follow his passion and set up a studio and gallery for his ceramic artwork. It’s a big risk and a scary thing to follow our dreams – as you know so well – and I’m so proud of his guts and dedication. Here’s his kickstarter link:

  190. I love your blog. I stumbled across you on Twitter, bought your book and have devotedly followed you ever since.
    Your book saved my life.
    Through you I have discovered a world of people like me and the realisation that people like me are pretty great. Thank you!
    I love taking photos and have a fledgling blog….I am a fledging in all ways despite being wrinkly.

    On Instagram I am Katdaw
    My blog:

  191. The only thing I need to share here is my gratitude for Jenny continuing to be an amazing person, who just keeps pouring light into the world. Or whatever it is the hippies say nowadays.

    Point is, she’s built a wonderful place that doesn’t actually exist, where best friends who’ve never met can get together without ever having to put on pants. And then we can make each other laugh and cry and cry-laugh with each other in solidarity.

    So, yeah. If I were going to share anything today, it’d be #TheBloggessTribe, because I want everyone who doesn’t already know about Us to jump on in and join our weird, wonderful little party. I’ve met so many awesome people through this site, which has extended to my site, and on to Twitter and just…everywhere.

    Oh, and a gently used golf cart with an epic wizard airbrushed on the side. Because I’d totally share that with you guys, if I had one.

  192. A little late to the party – I can’t tell you all (Jenny most of all) how much this tribe has changed my life. I do make stuff (applique and home improvement mostly) but none is easily shareable. I am also a writer or I used to be and would like to be again. I could really use someone to cheer me on and get me back to work when the wheels come off the bus. also needing more attention is my friend Angela. she writes romance/romantic suspense and is wildly under read. Here’s here author page:

  193. Living here in Minnesota. I had to go down and pay my respects yesterday at the Prince memorial/ street party/ sing-a-long. It’s the first time I have cried in public since I met you Jenny, at the U of MN book signing. I felt the same loving energy from people there that I had felt from you and my fellow book lovers. Just to let you now that people are awesome. Thanks for listening.
    Oh and Lavinia’s dog Charlie,( who many of you gave money to so he could have his foot amputated) has also passed on two weeks ago but he gave her many more months of his sweet companionship and encouraged everyone who met him on his walks a happy smile. So thank you for that also.,

  194. I made a blog inspired by my teacher friends trying to write more and with aspirations of being as funny and cool as some Jenny chick. Also I was up way too late posting about Prince. 🙁

  195. I self-published a Marine Corps Art Book!! “We Call Them Home” has 17 original ink and watercolor paintings of the designated US MC bases, and the commandant’s home. You can find more info/buy the book and prints at (ps: it’s on sale through the end of April, so… one more week. Due to a military move, shipments will be suspended through June and July as well… so you can order in those months but they won’t ship till August… so just get it on-sale now :-P)

    My “Stephen” is my friend Teri, who I rarely talk to now that we’re not at the same duty station, but who still occasionally sends me super-motivating emails – often JUST when I need them, without her knowing HOW much I need them at the time! The book would NOT have happened without her!

  196. Growing up I never thought I was pretty because of the asshole bullies that kept telling me that I was ugly, so I am proud to say that even though I may not be pretty, at least I made 5 gorgeous children.

  197. If you are looking for some chill music, check out Her first three albums got me through a lot of dark times. You can download an MP3 at (search for her name) Support independent music and independent music stores.

  198. And know I know what to read this weekend. Thank you jenny fir your generosity spirit.

  199. I have a novel that needs representation called Eden Replicated, it is a sci-fi novel with a woman lead, full of sex, queerness, and body positivity, plus it is really fun (a sci-fi mystery thriller)… but until someone wants to represent me with that, I am sharing my fairy tale on my blarg in installments, about a lonely princess, if anyone wants to read that. (in that link down there).

  200. I make lots of things, pictures, clothing, varies crafts…but the most important things I have made are a family, a home for that family, and safe environment for each of them….through thick and thin..they all have the ability to come home and be who they need to be…to be loved, held and safe without judgment. This is my greatest accomplishment and I work at every day. And you have helped me. Thank you for sharing all that you have…

  201. So I was not a Prince fan, but I can relate to what a everyone who was is feeling. In the past 12 months I have faced my own mortality and that of my siblings. A year ago I was diagnosed with advanced stage melanoma. In addition to dealing with a serious illness, I lost my job, my earning potential, my self-esteem and my body image took a big hit. I have suffered from thyroid issues, colitis and extreme fatigue due to treatments. I am still hopeful it will be cured. Last month my oldest brother suffered a massive heart attack, had bypass surgery and has been in intensive care with complications for four weeks. He has rallied and started the long road to recovery. (We have also lost another brother and our father to the same disease.). So…

    I decided to follow a life long dream and write for children. I have created several picture book manuscripts and have been submitting them to potential agents and publishers. I started my own author’s Facebook page: Mary Ann Heinsman, Author

    So…if life is a party and parties aren’t meant to last, let’s celebrate the party that we have now!!

  202. Melinda Gunther and her husband Paul Gunther are two of the most amazing people in our community. They started a non-profit called Live Love to have people help others in their own community/state, people who have nothing, people who need help, people who can’t take care of their home or yard, whatever the need the community goes out and loves on others by being with them learning about them, or helping. This non-profit has been amazing. Now Melinda and Paul want to expand their organization by building a place for people to feel safe, a place for people to grow and learn together a place for people to learn skills and get back on their feet and so much more. Follow the link and help build this community from the ground up.

  203. done. bought the book, I mean. really looking forward to diving in. i’m a writer, plus the cohost of writing on the air, a book discussion / writing show & i’m always on the hunt for inspiring pieces, so thank you so much! i’m down about prince. been spending lots of time listening to his music. if you have the chance, download the youtube video of him, tom petty & others’ rendition of “while my guitar gently weeps.” prince blows them away at the end with his solo.
    thanks, jenny

  204. A book recommended by you and Hailie? I went straight to Amazon and bought it with only the quickest glance at the description. 🙂

  205. I spent most of yesterday feeling sad. I have always had a profound connection to music and to certain musicians. Prince has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. I remember stealing my older sister’s Purple Rain cassette tape and playing it on my little recorder lol. We used to make up dances to his music. So many fun memories come back when I listen to his music.

    A friend of mine was especially sad over his death. She is a big fan and lives in MN. She is an amazing person who deserves to be recognized for her amazing spirit and caring soul. She helped me through a particularly hard time when no one understood me and she was an Internet “stranger” until we met late last summer. They say two souls collide in this world for a reason and I’m so happy that mine happened to collide with hers. Stephanie, if you’re reading, just know that you are loved.

  206. I made it through the day, and all the days up to this point, so that’s pretty cool.

  207. What an awesome friend! I have ordered the book and look forward to reading it.

    My friends were a huge help to me when I wrote my book. Though since it was a cookbook, their help mostly involved showing up for dinner and telling me what was good and what sucked. They took their job very seriously! Every time I open my book I think of my taste testing buddies and the discussions we had over the recipes.

  208. I made a plus size yoga series in Lisle, Illinois! I am really proud and excited to bring plus size yoga to people. However, getting the word out to the people that would want it is really hard, so if anyone is in the area and wants to share my info, please do!! My Facebook which had my schedule is at\rachelplussizeyoga. Thank you so much!!!

  209. Your books have made me laugh and made me feel better about myself, Jenny. Thank you so much. My brother also inspires me by chasing his dreams and writing some wonderful books that he has self published. If anyone is interested in checking his books out, his site is His series The ReYear is amazing. I can’t wait for the third book. Thank you for giving us a place to post things that inspire us and to share them with others. And thank you for your blog, your books, and your inspiration, Jenny.

  210. I made a plus size yoga series in Lisle, Illinois! I am really excited and proud to bring yoga to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. However, getting the word out is really hard, so if anyone wants to share my info, please do! My schedule is at\rachelplussizeyoga. Thank you so much!!! <3

  211. Prince brought back a nice memory for me. He played half-time when my favorite football team won the Super Bowl. Of course, he created some controversy, but that was his thing.

    I ordered the book, and also your first one. I have one of your books autographed at Erma last month, and now I want the other (should have gotten both at the same time).

    As to my creations, I have some books out there, too, though nowhere near as popular as yours. The links can be found at my website

  212. Yes, Prince. I’ll never forget, years ago, standing in a checkout line at the thrift store. My five-year-old came up to me, holding out a lumpy, misshapen dark pink knit thing she’d found in a bin, and said “What’s this, mommy?” “Oh,” I said, “That? That’s called a beret.” Then in growing wonderment I said, “It’s a raspberry beret. The kind you find in a secondhand store.”

    Everybody in line fell out laughing.

  213. I made a blog. It is twelve years of my life–started just before I left to teach in England for a year, and continued because my life is Wild and Absolutely True. And I can make an adventure out of just about anything. Sometimes it’s awesome (I finally got to go back to England in February, after over ten years away), and sometimes its mundane (see my most recent post)…but that, right there, is the vast majority of my adult life.

  214. Every time we lose another actor or musician I feel the need to go on Twitter and check on Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen to make sure they’re still okay.

    We’ve lost too many great artists this year. I saw The Jungle Book this week, and in the previews was a glimpse of Alice Through The Looking Glass. I heard Alan Rickman’s voice as The Caterpillar and was hit with the realization that the upcoming film was his last.

    In the “I made this” category, here’s the Yoda lantern I built for last summer’s Vancouver Folk Music Festival: I think there are pics of my previous lanterns there too. (An Adipose, Falkor coming out of the pages of The Neverending Story, The Nautilus, and Serenity to name a few.) Ah, yes I found them:

  215. How long before it’s “available” on Amazon? (Says requires extra processing time)

  216. I love writers who support other writers. I’ve been doing that since long before I got published myself, and I probably spend a lot more time cheering about books by authors I love than I do my own books 🙂 (Amazingly, some of these folks have ended up being good friends. Not just because I say their books are great, either.)

    I just read an amazing Southern Gothic novel by Toni McGee Causey (T.M. Causey) called The Saints of the Lost and Found. It’s a tough read in some ways (trigger warnings) but one of the best written books I’ve ever read.

    If you’re curious, you can also check out my books. I’ve written nine nonfiction books on modern witchcraft from Llewellyn, and the Baba Yaga paranormal romance series from Berkley (Wickedly Dangerous, Wickedly Wonderful, Wickedly Powerful). Yes, you ARE detecting a witch theme… But hey, they also have a dragon disguised as a giant pit bull.

    Thanks for all you do, Jenny. I lurk mostly, but I do love to read this blog.

  217. I’ve liked your book recommendations so far. So I am going to purchase this one just checked out of Amazon actually.
    I just finished The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and it was CRAZY! I never even considered that the brain was so strange.
    As for making things: I pride myself with making desserts and my garden grow. when I remember to water it. But I got one of those drip systems, so we’re good.

  218. I’ve got a campaign going on Publishizer right now for a book I’m writing about my family’s hilarious and horrifying journey through my dad’s dementia, called Fractured Memories. He passed away in February after 7 long years, and I’ve been creating paintings for most of that time. I’m including them in the book (I’ve done about 35 so far and have just a few more to go) so it will be part coffee table art book and part memoir. So if anyone is even vaguely interested, please take a look and maybe pre-order or pass it on to someone you know who’s been affected by dementia: Now I’m off to check out Stephen’s book!

  219. Jenny.
    I’m bragging you to get a Lyme test. Anxiety. Arthritis. Fatigue. It’s all the symptoms. It’s not the new black it’s a real devastating thing.

  220. My son is the greatest thing that I have done to date, and I tell him that regularly, He is a being of beautiful and brilliant imperfection. I am laying the foundation to embark on the second greatest thing, and it’s a BIG one. It’s crazy! But what if, it’s so big, and so crazy, I just might pull it off?

  221. Jenny, Thank you for your days of putting into words for all of us the things that sometimes we can’t figure out how to explain.

    This week I had a moment, got my words together, and made a poem:


    Depression is like standing at the bottom of a cold, heavy waterfall
    Getting pummeled
    Struggling to stand
    Senses stunned by the crashing
    All sunlight blocked out
    Water-boarded by your own mind.

    At the bottom of the waterfall you can’t comprehend how long you’ve been there.
    Pinned down, unable to move to safety.
    It is painful to lift your arms to reach out through the water to touch the world
    It is difficult to speak over the roar
    All that exists is the noise. The pain.
    – Sarah Wood 4/18/16

    Also, I like to craft and create. One of the more unique things I enjoy is handmade lace:

    See my handmade lace and other creations at:

    Learn more about the art of Tatting:

  222. I taught kids about stains today and we made a pretty big mess. Now they know how to do laundry. That’s all.

  223. I don’t think I ever realized how important Prince’s music is to my life until yesterday. I had an ugly cry at work.

    I’m going to Felicia Day’s book signing on Sunday here in Chicago at the church where you spoke, Jenny. I’m debating wearing my red tutu again.

  224. Sarah, you have to publish your book! There is no such thing as a terrible writer, only terrible reviewers! Or something like that. Seriously, you fear being told it’s terrible. What if it’s not terrible? Your fear would have deprived the world of reading your words. And, if it’s true that we learn from our mistakes, then you can take whatever constructive criticism you receive to write an even more awesome 2nd book. I vote ‘go for it’!!

  225. I haven’t made much in the last few years (other than my two utterly, heart-healingly beautiful children), but my friend Steve has written a wonderful series of books over the last several years. The books feature a small-town reporter with a penchant for finding mysteries. He’s trying to get the latest one published by Kindle Press through the Kindle Scout program so he can reach a wider audience. I want to help him for a few reasons, most notably that I love the series, and I believe he deserves the wider audience. If anyone wants to believe along with me for Steve, please check out this link:

    If you nominate him and he gets chosen, you get a free e-copy of his book. So, you really have nothing to lose!

  226. talking about what i made usually makes me feel like a big dork. and it feels even dorkier talking about it here since it’s a book about unhappiness and depression and you’ve cornered the market on unhappiness and depression–you’re a freaking rock star. and while i’d normally look at my shoes and kick pebbles while muttering about what i made, somehow you’ve made it okay for me to mention it. today. i still, however, won’t look at you when i say it (oh my god, am i still talking?!) okay … i made this: (well, i didn’t make the website but i did write the book!)

  227. Well, that book’s heroine may have the greatest name I’ve ever seen in any work of fiction ever. If I didn’t already have a zillion book tall pile of unread books waiting for the semester to end (including “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”), I’d definitely pick it up.

    I’m one of those people who spends a large chunk of time writing fiction, but never even tries to publish it. Because I know it’s no good, and no publisher would want it, and if I self-pubbed no one would buy it, and if anyone did buy it by accident, they’d hate it. So I just write for me. Much less stressful that way.

  228. Every day I read something of yours, I am grateful to be alive. I have a job where I am the motivator and encourager for many teens. Sometimes I am so empty, you never fail to fill me with hope and something to think about. Thank you so much.

  229. Well, that book is now on my to get list from the library! (Or on my to buy list if I come into some funds, lol).
    I make art and I make science. I have my arts degree, and am in the process of getting my physics degree, because apparently I’m a little bit of an overachiever. But right now all I’m really focusing on is getting through life.
    After 13 years of a marriage that turned abusive, I’m getting divorced. I have three awesome little kids that both amuse and terrify me in equal measures. The littlest dude has spina bifida and is a full time wheelchair user, so our lives are a bit different than a lot of people’s.
    So in the space of the last few months I have suddenly returned to work full time, become a full time single mom to all these kiddos, a full time student and found myself still unable to make rent, bills, school tuition and medical expenses. It looks like I won’t be finishing my physics degree, simply because right now my priority is the kids. I struggle with my own mental health issues and the black dog of depression.
    At first I was scared, frustrated and angry. Then I realized – I may not be able to guarantee my happiness in the months or years to come, but I look at my kids and see that, right now, I have it. I have enough for their needs. I am enough for them.
    And that makes me happy.
    Nothing in the future is assured, all we have is now. So I’m making the most of it.
    Thanks, Jenny, for always making me laugh. And for making me see that I’m not alone, and there’s this wonderful community of crazy, beautiful weirdos here that I am honoured to be part of.
    Also, the phrase, ‘knock knock mutherfucker’ still makes me laugh.

  230. Thank you for recommending another book! I am in a bad place this week, I lost my job 2 weeks ago and after sending out 50 resumes I have not had one phone call. Then after hearing about Prince yesterday I hit bottom. I grew up listening to him and have him on my players that I listen to everyday. My heart is breaking and I do not know how to reach the light this time.

  231. Quilts, I make quilts. They comfort and they soothe. When I am happy, I quilt. When I am sad, I quilt. When I need to meditate, I quilt. And mostly, when I am drowning, a quilt lifts me or teaches me to swim.
    I’ve written about my niece who is battling depression before. Jenny, kindly sent her a copy of your book. My niece tried again. Her kidneys are slowly improving and now she’s being admitted again to a ward. Her mother started a GofundMe and I’m doing my best to raise money to help. How? By quilting. Anyone who donates gets entered to win a chance to get a personal quilt made by me (hopefully with my nieces help), drawing on my nieces 15th birthday this year.

    I can’t figure out how to show a picture of my quilts, but if you want to see my quilts (or donate) check out my Facebook page: 2quilt or not 2quilt

    Thank you Jenny for all you do. You have given words and laughter to the so often silent struggle.

  232. I always go through a bad time when we have to turn the clocks backwards in the fall. The lack of sunlight just throws me for a loop for quite a while. My drive home from work is very New England quintessential, I pass cows, sheep, some farmland and a river. By autumn I am driving home during sunset that is just awesome and very grounding. Once the clock changes, I no longer get to experience the beauty of the drive home. I wrote this poem and it helped me a lot to deal with my feelings of light abandonment:

    Goodbye river, goodbye trees
    Goodbye watching dancing leaves
    Goodbye sunset, painted clouds
    Colors Muted in evening’s shroud
    Goodbye fields, goodbye sheep
    Goodbye cows
    In darkness, sleep
    Hello headlights that blind the eye
    Hello moon that lights the sky
    Hello planets, hello stars
    Windows in homes a lit from afar
    Hello night time, creatures unseen
    Orbs aglow reflecting green

  233. My friend has started a business for everyone without a fuck to give. You can send a loved one a box of fucks, complete with a note that reads “These are the fucks I no longer give, so I’m passing them along to you. But I want you to know I kept one fuck, because it’s the fuck I give about you.”

    It’s lovely and crass, much like Kelly herself, so everyone should go check it out.

  234. DRAT. I canNOT figure out how to pop a photo in here…
    Go to this link, I suppose:

    This is a painting I started, ohhh, 2 years ago. I just now got inspired to finally finish it. And I love it.

    It’s The Goddess. She’s painted in umpty zillion oil glazes so that she looks lit from within. I painted her in the style of Byzantine icons (which I love), on a large wood panel with 23 ct gold leaf. Some of her symbols are lotus flowers, the dessert rose, an eight pointed star, the egg, certainly pregnancy. There are many more, but I included as many as I could. My poem is in English, but written in the Cyrillic alphabet:

    I am the bringer
    of life
    She who sustains
    and nurtures
    She of many names
    Older than time
    I am The Mother

    И ам тхе брингер
    оф лифе
    Схе wхо сустаинс
    анд нуртурес
    Схе оф манy намес
    Олдер тхан тиме
    И ам Тхе Мотхер

    Thank you for asking us to share. This painting means a lot to me. Finding myself capable of creating again, that means everything.

  235. I used to write a blog about my son and his auto immune disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. First to raise awareness about this rare disease that has no cure or fda approved treatment but also to keep our out of town family in the loop without flooding Facebook with updates. ☺️

    I haven’t posted lately but we’re going through some BIG changes and I hope to be posting more again soon.

  236. I’ll use your kindness as an opportunity of my own. My cousin’s written and self published a

    It’s an adventure set in Maine. I really admire that he took the leap at an age when you’re supposed to have your career identity set in stone. I’m hoping I can do the same.

  237. I attempt to write–but most of it only ever lives in my head for a few seconds at a time and seems to not want to make it’s way to paper or pixel. My current writing project is my resume–and it’s a doozy, because starting over/reinventing onesself in a new career (or the hopes to, anyway) is a tricky business. But I’ve made jewelry for years (sterling silver), so if anyone wants to have a peek at it, or maybe get something, There’s some good nerdy, snarky stuff, too. Thanks

  238. Oh, also I write a blog.
    It’s mostly short stories about random things that have happened in my life…
    Like the time my dog was afraid of a purple taco chip:
    …or the time I learned how not to set up an aquarium:
    …or the time I tried to murder my mothers zucchini plants:
    …or the resurgence of The Game Of Life into my life:
    …or the time my 5-year-old nephew was a better painter than I:

    I intend on getting back into the habit of blogging regularly. My bi-weekly blog-motivation-buddy fell off of the motivation wagon, so I either need a new one or to just find a way to self-motivate. I feel most like myself when I write or create something, so I really need to do more of those things.

  239. I’m a writer with a blog called Odd,Good,True. I’m very fearful of Geraldo Rivera’s mustache and I don’t understand vegetable smoothies. Thank you, Jenny for being such a genius. The way you spill your brilliance, insight and hilarity onto the page makes me happy. I’m so grateful that you exist.

  240. I hid away because Prince also and listened to his music differently as well. And cried some. He was such a big influence to me and so talented. One of his lesser known songs has the line “Sometimes it snows in April. Sometimes it feels so bad. Sometimes I wish that life was never ending, but all good things, they say, never last”. I felt it has such meaning with the timing of this. RIP purple one.

  241. Thank you for yet another book recommendation. It promises to be as magical as the rest! I can’t post it yet because my beta readers are being incredibly slow, but I’ve written a book. It probably won’t be published because nobody reads sci-fi anymore, but I’m just happy I wrote it. And I’m damn proud of it regardless. Much love!

  242. I created my 31 year old daughter. I know this is long…but thank you for writing your book.The last few years has been so challenging for my 31 yr old daughter. She has had ulcerative colitis since age 6 and major surgeries at 16 and 17. But rallied…finished high school with an extra year. Got her aa degree in art history. Went to Italy for college for a month. Went to uc Berkeley but got too sick and depressed to continue. She worked as an amazing pre kindergarten teacher. Went to a business job for more money but hated it then was diagnosed with stomach cancer at age 29. Did chemo. Is currently all clear. But has been sick from after effects of chemo and depressed and filled with anxiety since then. Got let go from job this january due to being hospitalized so long. Fell apart. Couldn’t leave house. Couldn’t eat. She finally Admitted herself to hospital because she was scared she would commit suicide. And is now getting set up with help outpatient both for health related eating disorder, depression and anxiety. Found a good m-f program. And started medication. Is starting to trust that things can get better. I shared your book with her and she felt hope. Hope that she can live and maybe get thru this. And maybe find joy in life and love and be loved. I’m doing my best to support her but live in California and she lives and wants to stay in Connecticut. I’ve gone there as often as i can for 3 weeks at a time for the last year and half. and it’s so hard to see her in pain. But I want to thank you for writing your books and for giving both she and I hope. Thank you.

  243. I need this. I need the quiet little shelter a book can provide away from the screaming, nagging, crying, questioning, laundry, and poop that life has laid thick on me lately. If I can steal away to ready anything (other than ingredient labels for poison control) I’ll also chisel out some time to think about my grandparents. Those incredibly patient and steadfast two individuals are often the rock I stand on and I miss them terribly. My grandma would be proud that I’m “sucking it up” and my grandpa would remind me that I can do anything with hard work. And thank you Jenny, for being the voice in the dark that offers refuge, reprieve and lots of laughs and tears.

  244. My dad created a fun board game called Hartu!, which means “take” in Basque, that has now become a favorite among family and friends. The idea occurred to him one night when he was unable to sleep. He involved us, his family, and a couple of close friends in the creation and revision process, and we’ve all taken part in helping his vision become reality. You can check it out at

  245. I’ve written a book for kids. (Actually, 30 of ’em over the course of my 30-year career.) My newest from Holt/Macmillan is called Won Ton and Chopstick – A Cat and Dog Tale Told in Haiku (illustrated by Eugene Yelchin, ages 6 and up.) Synopsis: “Won Ton cat has a purrfect life with his boy until the family adopts a gasp! puppy…and now nothing is the same.” (Yeah, it’s a sibling rivalry story – – with fur!) You can find the book at your local independent bookstore or on Amazon:

  246. Prince was such a part of my high school/college and beyond years. My ‘growing up’ years, kind of (because it didn’t take). One of my favorite things I’ve come across the past few days, which applies to any type of creativity in general, and which I’m going to try to learn is below:

    “Legend has it that Prince challenged himself to write a song a day. “I write so many songs,” he told the Guardian in 2015, adding that he didn’t get attached to older music “because if I did, I couldn’t move on and there’d be no space for a new song”.

    I’ve been so afraid to put my art out there. I created a halfhearted facebook page for it, that a few family and friends have ‘liked’, but haven’t really gone beyond that, and haven’t really been committing to lately. Link is below, please be kind. It’s really hard to spill your guts out into your work, and I can’t bear anyone stirring my guts around and smooshing them up.

  247. I’m always looking for good books to read, so I’ll be picking this up. Thank you! But I’ve also put myself out there, in a way to hopefully help those that are as anxious as I am. I started this business for children, but they work for adults just as well…

  248. This blog is so wondeful on so many levels. There is so much negativity on the internet this is an oasis of non-assholeness. Usually I don’t share so much on these things because I just do t think people care but this time, because of the supportive and lovely comments people leave I am gonna do just that.
    I have found a way to keep my brain and hands busy through the power of vulgar embroidery. Curious as to what that is?
    Check out my etsy store at
    So have a great fucking day all you lovely people. Can’t wait to see what you all share:)

  249. I’m loving all the sharing that goes on here in this comment section. Jenny, you’re such an inspiration to so many people.
    I also have something to share. I wrote a book and published it on iBooks for FREE! It’s an inspirational activity book for kids. Just wanted to share it for free because that’s way more fun than having to buy it.
    Eureka! by Grace-Anne Post

  250. I just finished reading your book so his will be next.
    I have a blog I’ve made. But I haven’t written since the last day of February. It’s been a dark, busy, crazy month or two. I actually started checking out my bloglovin feed just to see if maybe, just maybe, I’m ready to write something again.

  251. I’m always so shy to put myself out there. Makes having a business kind of hard if you are scared to promote it. But since it’s Jenny and her tribe, I’m going to do it.

    The thing I do is make soap from scratch. I love the chemistry and the artistry behind it and so I made an Etsy store to sell it.

    Now I need to go hide in the corner until I recover from this act of bravery.

  252. A site for beautiful writing run by people I am privileged to know:
    Maybe I’ll get brave and submit to them someday. Meanwhile you can check out my blog, Pensées du chat noir. The link will take you to a poetry month post, but there’s a lot of my own randomness on there too, including stuff about cats, raising a child with challenges, and ways little ol’ me thinks the world could be at least a little bit better

  253. I’m a voracious reader and always looking for the next good book. Your taste is so close to mine, that I can’t wait to pick this one up!
    I’m also the quintessential maker. I’m a graphic designer and artist and put my heart and soul into my work. For the last few years I’ve been making jewelry. Though, while people seem to love it and I win awards for my designs,I just don’t get many visitors to my website. I need visitors so I can sell my jewelry. I need to sell my jewelry so that I can keep working on and creating new things. This is what keeps me alive and happy!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to gain a little recognition! I hope you and your readers enjoy my work!

  254. I looked at the preview on Amazon – adding this one to my list!

    What do I make? Does “grown men cry” count? (Not doves. Doves cry as does the whole city of Minneapolis, but seeing so much purple yesterday was somehow comforting. Like we were all in this secret club and just KNEW what the other person was feeling. Which can’t be true, but it was oddly reassuring. And purple.)

    I have a blog where I write really long posts. I scrapbook, too – it probably resembles a child’s art project, but it makes me happy to arrange my memories in an appealing way. I’m good at spackling and yard work – the repetition is satisfying, in a way. Plus, the having it done is appealing!

  255. I can’t wait to read this book! It’s always so wonderful to have people around you who are inspiring. I recently read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” and it inspired me to always make time for creativity; so I’m taking that to heart more than ever.

    I have a blog,, and I’ve really been neglecting it over the past year and a half. I, however, just left my job (yesterday!!! AHHH! TERRIFYING!) to pursue freelance writing and photography, so now it’s time to get that website of mine going. If you visit it, I’d love some feedback on what needs to be changed, etc.

    Onward and upward, friends… xo

  256. I’ve been writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month, and while I think some of them are quite good (a few are crap, but it’s a poem a day, damn it!) the general reaction from the 30 or so people who have read them, or at least visited the pages, has been near silence, though I encourage feedback. Do the poems I really like speak to me only because they mean something to me, and am I failing to communicate those meanings? Jenny, you are a writer I admire, and this is a forum of congenial folk, so I’d like to invite you all to read these poems, if you like, and let me know what you think (if you feel like providing commentary). Deep breath and ….. post comment.

  257. I feel like Martha Brockenbrough’s YA novel “The Game of Love and Death” doesn’t get enough love and attention. It’s about two young people who fall in love as pawns of Love and Death, who have been waging this war for eternity (Romeo and Juliet were previous, unwitting players in their game). It’s really lovely, and rumor has it that the upcoming audio book will have original music (one of the main characters is a musician; the other a pilot).

  258. i am gutted. absolutely devastated. i can’t put the why into words.

    and i want to stab someone i work with.

  259. We’ll make the book a bestseller and prove everybody wrong who ever rejected the idea. 🙂

  260. I love being introduced to a new and inspiring author! Thank you!
    I want to design and make children’s clothing. I am good at it. My anxiety and almost constant lethargy has made starting a business difficult to say the least. One day, I WILL have a link to my shop to share. I already have the Etsy and Facebook pages set up, and clothing labels on order.

  261. Your books inspired me to start a blog to laugh at my own life with mental illness, because while most of time it sucks, sometimes it’s also pretty damn funny. Also, laughing is more fun than crying. I’ll link to it below. Thanks for the opportunity and for the inspiration.

  262. I don’t make anything. But my vote for someone who needs more recognition is my Internet friend who is an artist and makes ceramic jewelry. You can find her stuff at – necklaces, hair clips, coloring posters, prints … all lovely

  263. I started a blog for 3 reasons. First, Seth Godin said everyone should have a blog, and I figured, “Who am I to argue with Seth Godin?” Second, I’m planning an extended trip and decided the best way for friends and family to keep tabs on me was to have a place to post updates of my adventures. Third, I have a lot of time on my hands and wanted to take on a different sort of challenge. I still don’t know what I want my blog to be, exactly, so I’m just throwing things up and figuring it out as I go. Please feel free to check out my writing at

    I ended up here looking for ideas on how exactly one writes a blog. I’ve loved the content, but I’m blown away by the community. I sheepishly admit I don’t have other friends with online writing ventures to share. I’m not a writer by trade and haven’t spent much time associating with writers. That being said, I do love spreading the word about good books, blogs, articles, videos–really anything creative. I appreciate all the great suggestions that have come out of this thread.

  264. I started my own blog four years ago to show off my hand-sewn 14th century reproduction outfits, but since then it’s expanded along with my interests to include everything from saddle restoration to vintage and modern dolls. There’s a lot of neat stuff in this world, and I want to encourage people to make stuff– oftentimes it’s not as difficult as you’d think and it’s lots of fun!

  265. I’ve got a blog: which seems rather fitting to share now since my last post was about how Furiously Happy (along with therapy, my dog and other awesome stuff) helped me get through a hard time recently.

    In general, my blog is about how I have no idea what the heck I’m doing most of the time.The blog is not about fashion, politics, cooking, parenthood or women’s issues. It’s about all that stuff, and sometimes it’s just about how much I like nachos.

  266. 😊Love, Love a good book recommendation! So thank you for that!
    Here are a few photos of my daighter’s newest creation…I love her, and I love my new necklace!

  267. I don’t have a Stephen, I have an Amy. She reads my stuff in each of their incarnations and tells me the truth. It is wonderful to have someone like that in our lives. I look forward to reading Stephen’s book.

  268. Prince leaving us has rattled me, but the silver lining is he said not too long ago that the thousands of unreleased songs he recorded will be released over the years to come, not by him, but by someone else. It is the gift that keeps on giving. And that makes me happy.

  269. I love a good book rec! Thanks, Jenny. (And for the opportunity to talk about stuff I do.)
    I make fanfic. You can find me at under the name nwhepcat.

  270. This is such a brilliant post! I’m so sad about Prints, but you are right we have to take life and live it with all our night because we never know what tomorrow will bring! I’ve been reading your posts since I started blogging in October, I love that you are just so open and honest and always bring a smile to my face seeing you in my inbox… That probably sounds pretty creepy, I apologise! Xxx

  271. As a true Minnesotan my heart hurts for the loss of this artist.

    I am going to have to keep this book in my need to own book list.
    I am a crafter… I have made countless crocheted blankets, sewn blankets, and corn bags. I have made 2 beautiful girls.

  272. Jenny, you are a kind and lovely soul. I find you very inspiring. You are one of the individuals that helped me trudge through Hell, and keep going when I thought that I didn’t have it in me. Thank you for that. I would be interested in blogging, but I don’t know enough about it. Could you possibly recommend some “how-to” reading material?

  273. I’ve started a GoFundMe page for my friend with vascular ehler’s danlos syndrome. It’s a genetic condition, that has affected her children as well. Her poor family has suffered so much. I started this months ago, and it hasn’t done very well. Would any of you mind looking at the page, and giving me a few pointers? I’m afraid that I don’t know what I’m doing. Thank you, lovely peeps!
    The Wheeler Family

  274. I’ve had a day. A day that’s unfair and people aren’t nice. The obsession in my head won’t let it go. So I’m thinking and thinking and thinking over and over about the pain and unfairness. But you are my safe space. Where I feel more understood. Where I don’t feel so lonely. I come here and things seems more doable. Thank you ❤️

  275. I cried at work when I heard the news about Prince. Then I cried some more as I made my kids watch YouTube videos of his performances. I cried, and got angry, when I read about the rumors of his death. I don’t care how he died. The man will always be a legend.
    I’m going to go look at Stephen’s book based solely on your recommendation.
    I had my book published last year- Creating A Joyful Life: The Lessons I Learned From Yoga & My Mom. In it I talk about depression, divorce, suicide and my path to creating a joyful life.

  276. I had to leave work when I heard that Prince had died. I spent the rest of the day watching his videos on MTV and alternately singing and sobbing. My hubby drew this:

    And, since I didn’t see it when I read the comments, I want to recommend both the “Hamilton” soundtrack and “Hamilton the Revolution” by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter.
    My favorite part of the book so far is the photo on page 179 of the hardcover edition. Ahem. L-M Miranda is my new crush from that picture alone.
    Also, the entire cast of Hamilton did this:
    Which I thought was pretty awesome.
    Stopping with the “Hamilton” fan-girling now. {{{non-scary internet hugs to you Jenny}}}

  277. I crochet random horrorr related dolls like freddy Krueger,jason and buffalo bill from silence of the lambs. I recently made a predator doll that I am super proud of my website is, also on my website is a link to my best friends taxidermy her shop is The Curious 13 on etsy… She makes a mouse chess set and it’s amazing!

  278. In a strange twist, the first story I ever wrote I sent to Stephen to get his insight on it. He was so kind to read it and gently tell me to never stop writing. He also gave me a strong come to Jesus talk about what wasn’t working (which, well…most of the manuscript) and what was really good (which wasn’t a whole lot).

    I shelved that book. I call it, The Book That Will Never See the Light of Day.
    (no really. It won’t).

    But it did help me to write another story.
    And then another.
    And through the writing community of Twitter, I found critique partners (which I didn’t have the first time around) and Beta readers and connect with similar authors like myself (published and unpublished). And through that community I entered contests and queried. And I was offered a deal and it’s coming out in Summer of 2017 (you can check out my website at )

    I’d like to say I’ve grown a lot since those first pages that Stephen read and probably wondered, “What the ever-loving hell is this girl thinking” (he’d never admit that). But he is, indeed, the real deal. You bet I 1-clicked that sucker on Amazon. And everyone else should, too.

  279. I am going to buy this book shortly. After reading through the comments, I noticed there were a few people who could not afford to buy a book right now. So wanted to say, if anyone wants a copy of “Furiously Happy” or some other book, but can’t afford it right now, message me on Twitter, beth.pedota – I can afford to gift a couple. Jenny’s book truly helped me realize I am not alone when I needed it, and if someone else needs that reminder, i would love to help out.

  280. For about a year now, my blog, WadsWords, was kind of fizzling – I think it was a delayed reaction to some major life bullpucky that I hadn’t let myself really freak out about properly before then. But I’m starting to turn myself back to it. (Link to the latest post below.)

  281. Just ordered it to read with my 12 year old grand daughter! Thanks for the recommend…

  282. I read the preview to this book so, then of course I had to order it so that I can read the rest. Your recommendations haven’t disappointed me yet!

  283. Never posted here before, but had to for this. I have a friend (who has no idea I am doing this) who is the most amazing artist I have ever seen. He actually makes most of his living selling character commissions to the furry community, so at this point a lot of the art he makes is anthropomorphic animals. It’s not all he does, and I think everything he does is amazing.

    He’s someone I wish had significantly more recognition. His name is Jonathan Vair, and you can find his work here:

  284. My hero wrote a book called Furiously Happy. Can we promote that in some way…

  285. My blog, Jess Does Things. It is many things, but honest is the first one. It is the place where I very scarily posted for the first time on the internet that my marriage is over.

  286. I’m a knitter. I don’t claim to be good at it, but I’ve done it on and off for about seven years now and it’s something I enjoy. And I don’t have a picture, but just this past Friday I finished a blanket!!! It’s my first big project, and it’s not perfect but it looks right and it’s a real blanket size, I slept under it last night, and I’m so proud of having done a thing.

  287. I write a blog. I’ve made several previous attempts at writing blogs, but this time I actually seem to be succeeding, at least insofar as I’ve managed to publish something every Friday since I launched it on January 1st of this year. And now that I’ve said that out lout things will happen that get in my way and stop me from continuing to be successful, because that’s how life is. But at the moment I have 17 blog posts, and I’m relatively happy with them.

  288. Read “Fifteen Dogs!” By Andre Alexis, it’s about the gods deciding to give heightened intelligence to 15 dogs to see if they would be happier, or worse off. I read it for my book club! Check it out 🙂

    Also writing my own project…thing..I don’t know what will come of it yet but it’s called She Will Save Us. It’s a non-super powered super hero story.

  289. I love a good book! I’m looking forward to reading this one as soon as it arrives. 🙂

  290. Hi, Jenny. Nice to find your blog. Stephen Parolini steered me here. He’s doing some editing for me, so it’s nice to make mutual acquaintances. I’m an expat american living in new zealand. Thought I’d share a short story from my own small blog. Enjoy. best, –je

  291. Just listened to Furiously Happy! Thank you for your bravery, Jenny!
    Will check out this book you and your sweet daughter helped bring into the world.
    Trying to get the word out – I make custom house portraits.

  292. Yay!

    I made a website. It’s got stuff on it.

    Tips for anxiety. Stories of adventure. Pictures of animals!

    And enough whining about exes and obsessing about Star Wars to make most people just a little happier.

  293. Adding this book to my list.
    Terrible at self-promotion, but putting myself out there as you have inspired me to do.
    I made a blog:

  294. Book is ordered — yay! I started blogging as a promise to my youngest son. Part sarcasm, part humour, part trying to figure out just who the hell I am, my blog is my attempt at making sense of my world. Apparently, I was found under a really big cabbage patch leaf (true story according to my therapist) after she heard how I grew up as the only child of a paranoid schizophrenic/alcoholic father and a manic depressive/anxious/recovering alcoholic mother and yet I remained somewhat normal despite everything. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.

    Despite my own battles with depression, I keep on smiling using humour and sarcasm to mask my pain. My son really knew what he was doing when he made me promise to start blogging; it has become a passionate release for me.

    Two of the best things that have ever happened to me was reading your books, Jenny, and then becoming a member of The Bloggess Tribe on Twitter. Thanks to all of you, I do not feel alone any more and I have become much more forthright about my story because I know that I am not the only one living a life surrounded by mental illness. Thank you for that!

    Linda K
    @_theheadcabbage from
    Tales from the Cabbage Patch

  295. I have a series of endangered species paintings that can be viewed on Facebook page Kelley K. Vance. My personal page (Kelley Vance) Notes section contains essays & poetry that, last I checked, can be viewed publicly. Damn thing keeps mysteriously switching back to private on a random basis.

  296. I’ll wait to order Steven’s book once the print copy is available in Canada or when I’m passing through the US this summer, which ever comes first!
    I don’t create much myself – but I support those who create. My friend Elizabeth Philips has written her first novel, The Afterlife of Birds. I think this might be one that would appeal to some readers of this blog, as the main character, Henry, has an unusual hobby: rebuilding the skeletons of birds and animals.
    Canadian friends can order from Amazon (or check your local bookseller) doesn’t seem to list this title, but I do see it on Barnes & Noble, so friends in the USA might be able to find it:

  297. I just ordered Stolen Things, and another book by him called Duck I believe, just based on your recommendation. Anything you recommend is worth my time I think 🙂 Very excited to read both books. On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed both of your books, more recently, Furiously Happy, and have passed both books around to several friends, who gave me great thanks for sharing them! Regarding the death of Prince, it has been very sad for me. I am a fan of his who grew up listening to his music, from my childhood years to adulthood. I am also from Minneapolis, which I think makes it more personal for me, since he is one of “our own”. He is a great talent and will be dearly missed. I was lucky enough to see him in concert once, and that is a great memory that I will cherish. Such a wonderful performer and person! RIP Prince!

  298. Bless you and thank you, Jenny, for giving me this opportunity. I have two books out, both $0.99 on Amazon. One is ‘B: or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas’ for Middle Grade and younger kids (Hailey might like it) and one for teens/young adults called ‘Souls by the Sea’ a paranormal urban fantasy on the lighter side. They’re here …

    Thank you again!

  299. Thank you for always knowing the right things to say. I’ve requested that our library buy this book so I can borrow it and read it 🙂 If that doesn’t happen, well both Mother’s day and my birthday are coming up so perhaps one of my family members will gift me with it. 🙂
    Oh and as scared as I am to put this out there (I am awful at self promotion) I make dice bags, or well you could use them for anything really, and I’m working to start making some fun geeky jewelry too so I have an Etsy store.
    facebook page:
    Direct Etsy link:

  300. I have been watching “Under the Cherry Moon” but acknowledge that it puts me in the minority of Prince movie fans. Okay, “Purple Rain” has the better soundtrack. Anyway – I did do something, and I’m proud of it, but bad at promoting it. I started a store for American made really good things that you buy as a present for your best friend but they are so awesome you keep for yourself and just take her to dinner instead. (Also, you can buy good Mother’s Day presents there) – it is and it’s pretty good.

  301. It’s my dog’s 4th birthday in July, so I printed a whole lot of stickers that say “my dog thinks I’m awesome” that I am giving out to all and sundry to celebrate! DM us on Instagram if you would like one! (find us at guunugalore).

    Love you Jenny!

  302. I published the first installment on a series of linked stories. It’s called The Mayor of Williamsburg and is both post-apocalyptic and colonial. It’s also about the choices we make. Only 99c or free on Kindle Unlimited. Feel free to give it a try.

    And I hope everyone reading the comments is having the best day they are capable of. #TheBloggessTribe

  303. I write a blog that is mostly embarrassing stories and made up statistics. It’s my baby and I love it. And I keep it here:

  304. I just. bought this. I hope he sells a million! I don’t make anything because I am afraid it won’t be good. I have lots if ideas and stuff to make into other things. But I just can’t seem to get started. And I guess I don’t have a Stephen to push me.

  305. I make art. Haven’t made much recently, as struggling with depression makes it hard to make things, which makes the depression worse, so, you know… catch 22. But, you can check my stuff out at or see more recent pieces that I haven’t had professionally photographed yet on Instagram: danastrotheide

  306. I birthed a blog two years ago (, when I crazily decided to move from Canada to Mexico [insert Fearful Comments from Well-Meaning but Paranoid Friends here]. I had no idea how to start a blog until someone turned me on to The Bloggess and I thought “Hey, this might actually be fun”. So thanks Jenny, I’m having fun, learning lots and love your stories and posts (especially your more poignant ones) plus all the great comments from your many fans. xo

  307. I created a blog,, which was inspired largely in part from this very blog right here.

    While I write mostly funny things, sometimes I write pieces on the darker matter in our lives. In one of those pieces, I desperately try to find the light from my mother’s suicide. I believe, that if we look hard enough, we can find something good in everything. Trying to stitch myself back together after a loss so tragic, so mind-numbing, so heartrendingly painful, has been a work in progress.

    Writing about it, in many ways, has allowed me to attempt to apply meaning to what feels like (to me at least) a senseless act.

    Here’s the link to that piece if any of you fine folk want to read it.

  308. Love reading good books!! Glad to have the name of a new author to try.

    I would love some help with eyeballs on a YouTube channel I’ve created. I do a weekly movie analysis talking about themes, symbolism and eagle-eye details to watch for completely spoiler free. This week I discussed the new Jason Bateman/Nicole Kidman film “The Family Fang” which is based on the book by Kevin Wilson with the same name. The link to my channel is here: Thanks for your help in growing my subscriptions! I also reply to every comment on any of my videos, so please comment away!

  309. So late to the ballgame!
    My daughter’s comic –
    She works so hard at this but it’s her passion. She’s a college graduate who chooses a spartan, artists lifestyle just for the love of what she’s doing!

  310. Shelley1127 Please write. Out-write the fear. I know that fear. It gets lost in the joy. I hope you find that joy.

  311. I can’t afford to buy the book, but I have requested that my library get a copy.

  312. I understand your excitement. One of the best times in my life was reading the first draft of <a href=″>The Sisters Eight: Annie’s Adventures aloud to my daughters and emailing their comments to my beloved imaginary friend each day. And then, when the book came out, and they recognized their input had made it into print? Best day ever!