It did get my attention, though.

So I saw this truck driving down the road and I thought, “Wait.  Seriously?  Is it just me?” And apparently it was, because no one else seemed to care.  Victor said that he got it, but that it would really only be funny if it was a plumbing truck.  Disagree.

It's possible I've been watching too much BBC.
It’s possible I’ve been watching too much BBC.


And now, the weekly wrap-up:

Inside the TARDIS you'll find Jenny wielding a sonic screwdriver, Neil Gaiman in a monkey hat, Beyonce the giant metal chicken, Hamlet von Schnitzel, Juanita Weasel in a Traveling Red Dress, Nathan Fillion holding twine, A TARDIS in the TARDIS for time traveling when you're traveling in time, Wil Wheaton collating paper, and a Wolf Blitzer at the door.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


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  1. hahahaha…There is a shoe repair place near where I live that is called Dick Weiner’s Shoe Repair. Not even kidding.

  2. Congrats on your Audie! I can never get enough of looking at Rory in all his incarnations.

  3. My Roommate and I saw a roofer’s truck and the gentlemans name was “Booze”

    She said if her name was booze and she was a roofer, she wouldn’t neccessarily advertise it

    I said his family had a proud tradition, and they had been climbing up on roofs for a lot longer than they had been drunkenly falling off of them

    they are taking the name back, DAMMIT!

  4. well, when your power goes out again you won’t forget who to call!!

  5. Oh no Jenny, I’m with you too. Perhaps it’s all the dating I’ve been doing and the insanity I’ve been exposed to, but I see dirty euphemisms everywhere. Glad I’m not the only one!!


  6. Seriously though think about the jokes this poor guy has had to endure through out his life…LOL! on a different note, you would remember the name of his company…

  7. As a major fan of yours from NC now living in London, that’s funny as hell. Kind of like the slogan from years ago to save a mountain top… Save Howard’s Knob.

  8. In Washington state we have t.v. commercials for SHAG … try SHAG today… it stands for Senior Housing Assistance Group, which makes it even funnier to me! Seniors shagging, I guys is something we can all hope to look forward to.

  9. At the entrance to the neighborhood my first house was in, we had Butts Plumbing. Seriously.

  10. We had a local sewer pumping truck whose slogan was “A Flush is better than a Full House”.

    Yes Arse Electric is hysterical!

  11. I’m with you. Arse would strike me as silly for any company. I watch a lot of BBC and Scotch-Irish grandparents, so maybe I am not a fair judge of the general population. I cannot decide if I would hire them bc how could you not? OR if I would be thinking, “Do you get your own joke?” – are you not smart enough to watch BBC & therefore I don’t want you fixing my electricity due to the fact that I am completely capable of burning my own house down… Just thoughts.

  12. Really makes me want to ask them why they chose that name… but then I suppose following a white van with ARSE on it, is a whole ‘nother level of creepy. The things we do to pretend to be normal…

  13. I tried to post a picture, but could not get it to paste in here. I saw and photographed a car with the words “BOOTY N PIZZA” on the back window in big stick-on letters. Any way your interpret that it’s just not good!

  14. In the town where I grew up, there is Bub’s Brewing Company, which also has a nice bar/restaurant that was popular for parties and such. Now the thing about Bub’s is that it is pronounced “Boob’s”. It makes for a very interesting shibboleth: People new to the area will call it “Bub’s”. People who were recently new to the area will call it “Boob’s”, but snicker. People who have lived there for a while will call it “Boob’s” without batting an eye.

  15. I live in Alabama (don’t even get me started about the governor’s sex scandal. I hope he’s impeached), and the state treasurer’s name is Young Boozer. I can only guess his father’s name was Old Boozer.

  16. Who are these people who never watch BBC?…maybe add a vanity plate-ASSMAN-to that van, a la Kramer.

  17. There is a plumbing company in my area that cracks me up. “Peed Plumbing”. I giggle whenever used their trucks.

  18. Our local can company’s slogan on all their cars is We will drive you anywhere but crazy.

    My all time favorite actual company name is Fall’s Security.

  19. Well at least it’s not “half arsed electricity”. There’s a dentist office I pass with DrJohnny Dick posted huge outside, how he has any clients I don’t know

  20. Once saw a septic truck servicing port a pots that said “we’re number 1 at picking up number 2”

  21. I react the same way every time I see the SOD TODAY sign in front of the home improvement store.

  22. We had a pet grooming place near us called Doggy Style. 😂

    Ummm… There us a nekkid man in your happy place.

    And that just soynded way wrong.

  23. And my thumbs are drunk this morning. Can not type with them. Sorry. I hope my previous comment is de iphetablr. <~~~ SEE!! Decipherable!! Omgosh!

    Now, please excuse me. I must check my thumbs into rehab.

  24. While in the Air Force, had to go to the waiting room of the clinic and call for Major Johnson, without snickering.

  25. I once came across a truck with a trailer that announced its services as

    Lawn Maintenance
    Gold and Jewelry Repair

    I have a picture of it, because to this day I’m not sure how they repair rings with hedge clippers. But I can’t figure out how to post a photo in a comment like some tricky tribe member manager to do above.

  26. We were behind a “WTF Construction” van the other day. I snapped a pic, which I am now using as my Facebook cover photo, because my husband and I are neck deep in home repairs as we prep our 104-year-old house for sale. We are WTF Construction on the daily.

  27. “Arse” is my favorite all-purpose mild curse word. When I need something a bit stronger, I also enjoy:
    Now I want to move to where you are so I can casually drop things into conversations like: “I’d better hurry home. I’ve got Arse re-wiring the place today! Byeee!”

  28. What about RC Willey? (You may have to say it out loud). Chain of furniture stores in Utah that apparently only seem inappropriately named to me, an Australian.

  29. I think it’s funny but, then again, I’ve been binge watching Outlander Season 1 and my inner voice has developed a Scottish accent.

  30. I’m with Victor on this one. It really works best in a British situation. Cheers!

  31. Think of the awesome commercials, advertisements & tag lines they could have!!

  32. In Franklin, WI there is an Ascend Dermatology–what a specialty!

  33. There’s a business around here called “Total Tool.” The name’s on the back of their vans and the doors, of course, so when you pass one you’re basically looking at the poor driver with a big “Total Tool” sign in front of him.

  34. it totally made me think of the original cast Saturday night live routine w/ lisa loopner (gilda radner ) & todd (bill murray) watching the repair man (dan akroyd) repair the norge refrigerator! remember: crack kills! LOL!

  35. In my neighborhood, we have company called “Hymen Restoration,” which never fails to make me snicker.

  36. Hi I have been following your blog for a bit and loving it ! I am new to blogging and wondered if you could take at look (see the link) and give me some feedback. It relates to a thesis project I am doing on pubic hair. Thanks LGS

  37. Yeah, I’m with Victor on this one. Plumbing would have been so much funnier, especially with a slogan like “We’ll go to any depth”.
    Or just something about working your pipes.

  38. I’ve seen a van for a plumbing company called Dr. Pipe. It sounds like the name of a porno. I laugh every time I see them. Their slogan is leak detection without pipe destruction

  39. Their slogan could be, “We’ll light up your Arse!”
    Along the same lines, Indianapolis has (or had) a pizza joint called “D & C Pizza”.

  40. I’d probably lose my shit if I saw that truck. My mom’s side of the family uses the word “arse” a lot though, so that’s probably got something to do with it. That and copious amounts of BBC.

  41. OK, Victor’s right, it would be funnier if it was a plumbing truck, but still funny.
    Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t watch too much BBC.

  42. okay if it was Arse/Crack Electric, I would have driven off the road.

  43. You know Lisa knows a homeschool family last name Arce, right? (Me too obviously! NOT a stalker!) Having only read it online I honestly thought it was “arse” for years. Have to admit it never occurred to me that it might be a rather bootilicious name.

  44. I read Stolen Things recently after reading about it on your Blog. LOVED it! I would describe it as a fairy tale for grown-ups about families, loss, pain and healing.

  45. My boyfriend has a shirt from “Happy Hooker”. I showed him this photo and he was like, “I don’t get it?” Maybe I’m just a weirdo?

  46. I once saw a panel truck with the legend “S. Monelli – Farm Fresh Eggs” painted on the side. I’m convinced the owner’s first name was Sal.

  47. I once saw a panel truck with “S. Monelli’s Farm Fresh Eggs” on the side. I’m certain his first name was Sal!

  48. I pass a plumbing truck during my afternoon commute home that has a man saluting, but it totally looks like he has a gun to his head. It COULD be intentional?

  49. I’ve been reading the Preacher comics because AMC is starting a series with it so “arse and arseface” are part of my daily vocab lately.

  50. It certainly got my attention!

    A local chimney sweep company is called Haul Ash. Obviously deliberate but I still giggle every time I see one of their trucks.

  51. There’s a “Superior Erection” crane company in my town and people are always taking pics by the sign. A couple years ago, a truck hit the building and there was a fire, but the news wouldn’t even say the name of the company while broadcasting the fire!

  52. When I was last living in Chicago in 2012, I took a pic of a van for a chimney sweep…. company was called Ash Wipe. Wish I could find the pic I snapped of it.

  53. In New Delhi, there’s a specialist sound recording library called the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology. ARCE for short….yeah. Their backers were American, not British, which may account for that little oversight.

  54. Dear Jenny Lawson,

    How to find peace? You probably don’t know, I sure as hell don’t know. But someone out there must know, maybe you know them? Is there an easier way to live with the damage done?

    It’s been almost 3 years since my 20 year old daughter Victoria went off the top of a 21 story building in Arlington, Virginia. I keep finding her, now that we’ve moved back to her home town of Tucson, Arizona.

    But the painful thing is, no matter how much better things appear to be for us, I always realize that we are doing this WITHOUT VIC. And that is broken, and cannot be fixed.
    The damage is done to me, and cannot be undone, the damage was done to Vic, and cannot be undone. Lives have been changed forever. Sometimes hope feels like pretending, which always fails the reality test of daily life.

    As bad as depression is, as bad as it can get, it’s so much better to be together with it with a loved one, than left alone holding the bag, wondering what the hell to do now.
    I can tell every frightened Parent out there now that they are better off embracing their child’s crazy than they are denying it.

    Invite that crazy into your world, bring it in and LOVE IT. Nurture that Crazy, and call it your own before you are alone with nothing but the memory. Take it! Own it! You cannot change it. You are a FOOL to trade it for your silly dreams of how life should be, take life AS IT IS. Love those who are with you!
    WALK AWAY FROM CULTURAL EXPECTATIONS and Protect Your Own: NOW! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, just change your path and go that way. Take care of your own, even if they scare you sometimes.

    I tried to mold it into something that made sense in our world, and I FAILED. So DEEPLY.
    How do you tell uptight parents to lighten up in the face of a child’s depression? It’s a hard thing to sell, but it’s the only fucking hope they have of ever keeping their child alive. Once you lose the battle and have a dead child, you will spend the rest of your life reliving what you could have done differently. Think you are different from me? Fine, just try it on for size, and see how far you get.

    I screwed up royally. Other people just enhanced my mistakes. It seemed as though the whole world was against us, against Victor Thompson, “Victoria Selavy”, because her problems seemed so big and troublesome.
    But she was just a young poet trying to find her way in this world. She was just a young artist.
    Her works on Philosophical Sexts was at first horrifying to me, now it seems the poetry it was meant to be. We are all rigid until our children teach us that walls do not exist. Victoria was a guide.

    To Other Parents: DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES. DO NOT. You will regret it for the rest of your lives.

    Please Kiss someone you know and let them know you love them, save a life anytime you can,
    Tamara Benson

  55. Amazon is not selling the book you recommended right now? Say’s it’s unavailable? Weird….

  56. Catchy name. LOL got your attention. I was behind a truck with F.A.R.T. Yep for real. I couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently it stood for Fine Arts something something.

  57. Little late in the game but we have a shipping company, big trucks, named A. Duie Pyle. Did they to used to transport manure, lol?

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