If you don’t have the ebook of FURIOUSLY HAPPY you need to read this right now.


So FURIOUSLY HAPPY got selected to be promoted on the ebook edition so today only you can get it for $2.99.  That’s less than the cost of a greeting card or a good burrito.  Plus, if you already have it in hardback you can put it in your reader so you can read it in the dark or have a copy you don’t have to worry about dog-earing.  Or you could buy one for someone you love. Or you could ignore this and say “I ONLY BUY FULL PRICE BECAUSE I WANT THE AUTHOR TO GET MORE MONEY” and that’s very nice but I’d rather more people read it than give me money so I’m cool with it if it means more people get to laugh or feel less alone.

Today only you can get the ebook for under three bucks from most places that offer ebooks.  Here are a few:





I want to give out a few but I don’t know exactly how to so let’s do this so let’s try this.  If you  need a copy of Furiously Happy and can’t afford one then leave me a comment with the email you use and the type of e-reader you use and I’ll gift it to the first twenty people who ask.

Love you like a rabid raccoon.

rory furiouslyhappy

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  1. For you, Jenny, I sprang for the hard cover. Because I knew it was one of those books I just might need to re-read from time to time.

  2. Because we just adopted the most gorgeous little boy with chromosome deficiencies and learning difficulties and I want to start reading again (if I ever see free time again). We’re stressed about money and being furiously happy sounds good. Ps gay adoptive parents of a special needs child, how many demographic boxes can we to l (!!!) pps if I’m selected, Amazon kindle is my reader…

    Plus I’m English so my accent is on point….

    (You rock. And Furiously Happy is whisking across the pond and will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle Cloud Reader according to my receipt. Love! ~ me)

  3. Please!! Kindle Fire….so Amazon, i guess 🙂

    (Number 2! It should be on it’s way to your kindle as we speak. ~ Jenny)

  4. If i’m selected, I use Amazon Kindle as well. Thank you for this!

    (Number 3! It’s on it’s way! ~ Jenny)

  5. I bought the iBooks version as soon as it came out so I’m good, but as usual, you’re a rockstar. I will buy one for the 21st person!

    (You are full of magic. Anyone reading who wants one after I give out the 20th is welcome to leave their email and e-reader format in the comments. ~ Jenny)

  6. A friend shared the link to today’s ebook sales just a few minutes ago. Even though I already have the hardback, I decided to grab the deal on the ebook for just the reasons you suggested. And not a minute later, I got the notif about this post.

  7. Love both of your books and and be purchasing this e-reader version to share with my daughter-in-law who has panic attacks. Thanks, Jenny.

  8. I use the Amazon Kindle app on my mobile. Just finished reading your first book for my Book Club. LOVED IT!

  9. This is the most perfect thing for me right now! I needed something to read for a long flight and now I can have my favorite book with me! This made my day.

  10. Amazon from Kindle! Love your writing so much – you make me super happy!

    (Number 3! It’s on it’s way to you any second. ~ Jenny)

  11. Bought! It’s take me awhile to get it but now I can’t wait to read it.

  12. Would love to have a copy wahhh haahahah neridahiyas87@gmail.com and am using iBook… Based in philippines and when i do see a harcopy in our local stores here, am surely gonna buy 1!!!

    (Number 4! I’ve never gifted an iBook before but it looks like it worked and should be in your email. Enjoy! ~ Jenny)

  13. Just went to check to see if it was on offer on Amazon UK, sadly it wasn’t but Let’s Pretend.. is only £1.89! So I got that instead.

  14. Ummm, I know it’s only $2.99 but I can’t really put any more money on my credit card and I don’t get paid for another few weeks. I could really use a laugh and I’m trying to get better about asking for help. Could I maybe be one to have a copy? It would mean a lot. I have a kindle. Thank you Jenny.

    (Number 5! Enjoy and never feel bad about asking for help. We all need it from time to time. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  15. I love your devotion to your fans. You have helped mE while trying to find my way back into the light and I need to buy 20 copies of your books since I always have a friend borrowing them. Keep up the great work!

  16. Bought it on my kindle FULL PRICE and don’t regret one cent! Totally recommending it to all of my friends (basically all of those Internet souls I enjoy exchanges with from time to time…while in my home…haven’t showered…pants optional).

  17. I would really love to have a copy. I can’t really afford even the $3 right now, but if I’m not one of the 20 I will spend it anyway. You have been such a huge help in my life and a beacon of light when I’m shrouded in darkness. Thank you for being you! <3 I have a Kindle Touch. Thanks for this opportunity.

    (Number 7! ~ Jenny)

  18. Loved your book, read it from the library but sent my Dad a hard copy and he really enjoyed it (“even with all the profanity”). He’s passing it on to me so I can read it again.

  19. Me! I could really use one. I read on a kindle or can do iBooks as well. Xoxo

    (Number 10! Check your kindle. ~ Jenny)

  20. …stops mid-clothes-changing, drops phone to run in underwear and bra to computer where it’s easier to get on Amazon and order shit… shouts, YAY, goes back to bedroom to finish putting on clothes…

  21. Bought it. Reading it. Love it. If I could get my kid to give me back my Kindle (he broke his >:( ) I could finish it. lol
    Never stop writing and never stop being you, Jenny. YOU ROCK!!!

  22. I would love a copy to read on my phone for those times when I need to be reminded that I’m not alone. Thank you for your kindness. Amazon kindle. <3

    (Number 11! ~ Jenny)

  23. Very new to reading your posts but loving them to bits. Would love a copy of your book! I have a kindle so guessing an Amazon….

    (Number 12! ~ Jenny)

  24. Currently digging myself out of a hole of unemployment & medical bills and the jolt it took to my finances and my outlook on life. Finally in a new job that I love but still out from under those bills. If I could get a copy for my kindle that would really brighten my day. 🙂

    (14! I’m really loving giving these out. ~ Jenny)

  25. It was Furiously Happy that gave me the courage to start a blog, so you are kind of my hero. I bought it full price and then bought Let’s Pretend This Never Happened at full price and I would pay 5 times the price for the life change you gave me. :o)

  26. I bought it last week. 🙂 I’m only a couple chapters in and I love it. Thank you for writing it. 🙂

    Also, you are awesome for giving away copies. And thank you for being a light to so many people.

  27. Thank you so much for posting this offer!! I’ve been wanting to buy this forever but bills have had to come first. I had a very small credit with Amazon and I finally found good use for it. Your blog brings me out of the dark more times than you know. Thank you so much!

  28. pssst Jenny … you did 3 twice. But I’m okay with it if you are!

    (I can live with it. 🙂 Finally being bad at math pays off for someone. ~ Jenny)

  29. I’d love to be considered please. Amazon Kindle.
    I love your writing and read about Beyonce the chicken out loud at my book club. Laughed til I cried and had to let someone else finish reading. Now that same book club is reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened for July book club. 💜

    (Number 16! ~ Jenny)

  30. I just bought the ebook this morning. I bought the hardback as a pre-sale : D.

  31. I’d love a copy Jenny but I am on disability and have less than $2 in my bank account. I don’t have a reader but i have a used Acer laptop with oodles of memory.I could read an adobe copy. Thank You

    (Number 18! i don’t know how to send something in adobe so I emailed you a $20 gift card so you can buy the hard copy. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  32. I have the Ebola and have listened to it in the car multiple times because I have to do a lot of driving around with my kids, but I have purchased multiple hard copies for friends – because I thought they should have them. I will totally buy a hardcopy for myself if you ever come near enough to Vegas for me to get a signed copy 🤗 As it makes such a difference in my day to listen to your words

    (Did your comment autocorrect “ebook” to “ebola”? Because otherwise I’m concerned. Avoid ebola if possible. ~ Jenny)

  33. I have your book and audio book. You help me get out of my head daily sometimes. I can’t afford a copy of the ebook right now and I would love to have it on my Kindle so I can read it in the dark when the panic starts. I know there are more people out there that may not have it at all and I hope they get it instead. It saves me.

    (Number 19! ~ Jenny)

  34. You are amazing. I have both this and Let’s Pretend on Audible, because listening to you read the books is pure joy. However, I will go right now and buy this for a friend who needs to be reminded she’s not alone.

  35. For the help Jenny and community has given me and in light of the horrible event in Florida (and for only 3 bucks!), I will buy number 22, if someone can help walk me through buying as a gift.

  36. Omg! Your books come highly recommended by a coWorker. I haven’t had an oportunity to purchase your books so I follow your Facebook site! 🙂 An e-book would be a wonderful Sunday Smile!
    If I’m chosen, I have a kindle. Rockwithtina@yahoo.com
    Thank u & happy Day!

    (One was just anonymously sent to you by a fellow reader. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  37. Shit! I was supposed to ask for a copy. I’m really not that bad at following directions. So can I please have one? 😉

  38. Totally just bought it! Thank you. I don’t have my book reader with me, but I’ll read it on my phone. I haven’t gone home since wild fires in Fort McMurray, Canada made us leave. Please i hurt my damned back, so am laying in bed enjoying the lack of pain that comes from not moving. Could use a laugh. All the best to you!

  39. It’s been one heck of a week, I could really use a good read at the moment. I use Kindle.

  40. I am so excited! I bought it right away! I’ve been waiting a couple months to get it from the library and couldn’t pass up a chance to get it forever for $2.99! You rock for sharing this and you are super amazing awesome for giving away copies! Keep being you, you wonderful human being and we will keep reading, buying, bonding, and laughing our asses off! Thanks love!

  41. I already have one but that’s a good reminder to reread it 😀 (When I’m done with my current book; reading more than one on one app is much more confusing than physical copies…)

  42. Jenny, I just bought your ebook of FH, its been on the do read list since you published it.

  43. Jenny-
    I spoke with a dear friend today who is having a wave of darkness over the death of her son. She and I talked about clinical depression and how she was having a tough time finding something she could enjoy. I told her that a dead raccoon was going to help her out. Thank you for Furiously Happy. I have read it three times now and it helps as much as my Prozac.

    Love you and your light in the dark for all of us.

  44. Looks like Kate was 21 so Tina C (who thankfully showed my the email!), one is on its way. Jenny, can you mark as sent or something?

  45. I got both, after reading the e-book version. There are certain passages that I’ve bookmarked; we downsized several years ago when our kiddo moved out on her own, and I sold a couple hundred hardcover and paperback books, keeping only the ones that I really needed to be able t touch. And I do pick up books based on that need. Both of yours are on my keep forever shlf. We all love you right back.

  46. I have £20 in my bank account and i’ve been wanting to buy a copy since it came out. I’d love an epub copy but i’ll still buy a paperback version when i get the money.

  47. Jean Bland, nook. My name is actually Elizabeth and I already own the hardcover and kindle but she’s by best friend and she NEEDS it! Thanks so much, Jenny! You rock!

  48. Wow! That was fast and fun. Thank you for being so supporting and amazing. The 20 copies have been given but I know there are people who want to buy for others so if you have a public wishlist you could put the kindle version on there and link to it here, or if you want to give one away you can leave your email in the comments or you could go on twitter, or Facebook, or your own blog and give one away to someone who needs it. There’s probably a better way of doing it but I think the deal ends in like 12 hours so there’s not enough time to do an organized thing.

    Thank you again for being so amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

  49. Shoot I sent one to Tina C and I think anon did as well! Lol Tina C, congrats on your two books! If anyone else leaves an email, I will send another 🙂

  50. Please leered the book borrowed it from s friend. Amazing. I have a nook

  51. Yay! Now I can give my daughter back her autographed hard copy before I do any damage to it. She has warned me to be VERY CAREFUL with it.

  52. Thanks for posting. I have two copies of the hardback and now have it on my Kindle!
    I love how generous you are, buying your own book to give to others.

  53. A big thank you to Anonymous & Jenny! Can’t wait to start reading today! So excited!!

  54. I just want to start off by saying thank you. I don’t need an e-copy of your book because I already have hard copies of both your books. I have also bought numerous copies of your books to give to my loved ones because I think you are one of the best writers. I also want to say you are not alone as I too suffer from mental illness. I was diagnosis several years ago with severe depressive disorder. I must admit that I have been lucky to have survived my suicide attempts. I started writing my autobiography many years ago for my children but put it on hold because I was scared of sharing my life with the world. It wasn’t until the day I found your books several months ago that I decided to start writing again. You have been a wonderful inspiration for me. And, I look forward to many more of your thoughts, crazy ideas, and amazing words of wisdom. You always make me smile, so thank you!

  55. It was that Raccoon on the cover that led me to you. He’s posed the same way as a (toy) stuffed squirrel I found when I was in therapy. Got a similar “had too much caffeine (or something)” look on his face. And yes, I took him with me and still have him near.

  56. I own both your books in hard copy, kindle & audible. Furiously Happy, in particular, has been amazing & life affirming for me. I knew I had to read it the second I saw anxiety described as your “long-term abusive boyfriend” and I thought OMG that is it EXACTLY – no one has ever described anxiety so precisely. I am sharing your post w my friends who share this fun, roller coaster of a brain (at least the ones for whom I haven’t already purchased the book – and I’d like a gold star for not hovering over them and demanding they read it NOW) & for my fellow therapists who don’t personally share in the swirling, funny, sad, scary, and also creative brains our tribe has! They need something other than the intellectual & clinical or the dark & sad voices out there. You offer hope and light – and remind us to see the humor and joy that can be found in it all. Thank you!

  57. A few minutes before reading this, I received an email notification from GoodReads about the offer. A fresh new e-copy of “Furiously Happy” now resides in my ebook library. 🙂

  58. Thank you. Not only did I get a copy for me, but one for my daughter for her birthday (she, like us, struggles with depression and anxiety). Thank you for your bravery.

  59. I’m just picturing someone at Amazon noticing you’re buying mass copies of your own book for other people and thinking “I don’t think she knows how this works…” LOL

  60. Hey I am the girl who posted the pictures of rory in Europe and will continue to do so and I would love a book to go along with him.
    Although I am sure that other people who can’t afford the book should have it but if you have any of the 20 copies left I would love one😀😀😁😄

  61. I really do only buy at full price because I want authors to get more money. (And I don’t patronize the Big River, ditto.) I’ve already purchased two hard back copies, but when I find someone else who needs one, I’ll buy another. You, Jenny, have saved many lives and deserve all the praise, and $$ you can get.

  62. I already bought all of your books, but I might buy them for my dad. He’s sick with an undetermined illness. I’ve got the money though so no need to give me a book. I just want to say that your book has helped me through some dark days when I didn’t think I could laugh.

  63. Thank you!!! Money’s tight, but I’ve got $3! Thank you, Jenny, for doing this – your books are worth so much more than I can pay for them.

  64. Done. Thank you fellow freak! 😘 (that’s a compliment of the grandest kind!)

    Sent from my iPhone


  65. I would love a copy Im going through chemo and unemployed. would love some thing to.read while chemmoing. ha I just made up that word. marlene bradshaw. mb1109@gmail.com. gofundme. broke azzbiotch

  66. I loved your book and for this price….dang girl, I bought the e version myself right now. I read the libraries version and didn’t want to take it back last month. I want to get a hard copy of the book do I can place post-it’s all over it for those moments when I need a pick-me-up. You just made my day with this 2.99 price- happy dance!!!!!!

  67. Curious… But when are we getting another book written by you 🙈 Your book has me laughing and looking super retarded at work lol…

  68. Jenny, You may want to let Paul know (post #45 above that you sent a giftcard to) that he can download the Amazon Kindle app onto his Acer laptop and he’ll no longer be limited to reading only Adobe (PDFs I’m assuming?) versions of things.
    No need for the expense of purchasing some sort of e-reader if he can’t afford one

    It’ll open up a whole world of free books for him!
    Simply Google “free ebooks” or “Project Gutenberg”

    Not sure if your comments posts will allow links, but here’s the Amazon page for the Kindle app download for both PCs and MACs.
    Best of all the app is FREE!

    (I think B&N may also have a free app for reading Nook books?)

  69. seekinglex, just sent you a copy via your Amazon wish list 🙂 Go Jenny! Wonderful idea about gifting the ebook!

  70. Thank you so much, Sandra!!! And thank you, Jenny! I’m looking forward to reading this! When I have the $ maybe I’ll pay it forward and buy your book for someone else! 🙂

  71. Because Jen is a friend of Natasha Che (they’re in a photo together sort of hugging), I Googled and found The Bloggess. I read a few things and emitted laughter, and subscribed. I bought your book, “Furiously Happy” and it’s now flying through outer space to my Kindle, where I will read it and, no doubt, emit more laughter.

  72. Thank you so much for my gift…. However, it turns out although I can order myself physical items from the US it won’t let me download an e-book, cos I’m in the UK.

    It offered me the chance to contact them for gift card credit, but if you can request a refund/return , I would rather you gave another deserving person a copy……

  73. Oh thank god! I’m dirt poor at the moment, having a nasty argument with the ex (about money of course), trying to stay furiously happy for my daughter while I have her, so to give myself a boost, I checked in with Jenny for wise words and encouragement. $2.99 for Furiously Happy? The state I am trying to achieve against the odds? It’s a sign from the gods.

  74. Ps… I found a copy of your first book recently in a charity shop (thrift store to you guys I think) and its waiting for me on my book shelf, so I’ve got plenty of Blogess goodness in my future. Now, just got to figure out how to get a three year old to nap…

  75. So so happy!! Thank you so so much gorgeous Bloggess – thrilled to receive the gift, you have made my week! [Bouncing round the kitchen going SQUEEEE to the consternation of my husband…]

  76. I bought the version for iBooks and then my hubs said he already bought it. Oops. Is there a way to gift it after the transaction?

  77. Well, now I wonder, have you hit 20 people? I’m on a long-ass waitlist with my library for your book. My depressing budget leaves NO room right now for purchasing books. I don’t mind waiting for the copy from my library… but if you’re looking for ONE LAST SOUL to give an iBook copy to……

  78. I downloaded a dodgy (i.e. pirate) copy of Furiously Happy as I’m horribly stressed about money, having been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and not knowing if I’m going to be physically able to work again (and even in the best case I won’t be back at work until March 2017 or later). And that’s not to mention the being bipolar thing!

    It seems stupid to now ask someone to buy a copy for me just to assuage my guilt, but if someone is feeling generous, please donate the $3 (or £2 equivalent here in the UK) to the Ehlers Danlos Society in the US (http://ehlers-danlos.com) or Ehlers Danlos Support UK (http://www.ehlers-danlos.org).

    Maybe I’ll be lucky and more than one of you will see this and donate – it’s a genetic disorder so its incurable until gene technology gets a lot more advanced (20+ years away) but it takes an average of 10 years of seeing doctors before a patient with EDS is finally diagnosed (15 years for me) – especially as the only way to accurately diagnose it after provisionally identifying it is a DNA test that costs £1,500 here and is probably $3,000+ in the US.

    I flatly refuse to have children, ever, because of the risk of passing on my faulty genes, but we’re much closer to having the technology to change foetal genes, so maybe a donation can lead to progress that may one day allow me or people like me to have kids. At the very least, better awareness could mean someone else doesn’t have to go through my 15 years of diagnoses of other conditions and being repeatedly told they’re a hypochondriac.

    Thank you, and I’m sorry, Jenny, for downloading a pirate copy of your book (sorry enough to have put my real email address on this post, although I hope only you can see it) especially since you and I have so much in common in having managed to have “successful” careers despite debilitating mental and physical conditions. You’ll always be an inspiration to me in how you hang on through the bad patches and bounce back to write again in between those times, and I know that as long as you’re doing it, I’m strong enough to do that too.

  79. That’s annoying, my last comment is showing with the wrong display name. It’s meant to say David. Jenny, if you can, please can you change it?! It is a lot more identifiable than I’d like.

  80. I had to spring for the hardcover and then also got the signed book plate. Nerdly desires satisfied. Hopefully 2.99
    Will draw in more readers.

  81. Thanks for the heads up on the sale. And thank you for sending me the psychic message to read my blogs today – had I not read them until tomorrow I would have been annoyed that I hadn’t read them yesterday and missed the sale. So thanks for making my tomorrow.

  82. I just realized that my comment sounded kind of selfish (I always have second thoughts about stuff) but I already have your book in hardback copie so I don’t really need a kindle version of it.
    I also have both of your books as audiobooks and every time I am depressed or have a big panic attack I listen to them and they make me feel better .
    I guess all I wanted to say was thanks for your help Jenny
    Chloe Nott

  83. I just bought it for my Nook! It took me way too long to purchase it, but I figured, hell, if goodreads told me to buy your book today and you told me to buy your book today, well then I damn well better buy your book today!

  84. Jenny, thank you very much for the heads up. Just purchased for my Kindle.

  85. Just bought it for my Kindle. I already have the hardcover, but the news today is grim and my anxiety demons are snarling in the basement of my brain so I figured I could not possibly have too much Furiously Happy.

  86. Looks like everyone who posted their Amazon wishlist link has already been gifted a copy? If there is anyone else who wants to share their wish list link please do! 🙂

  87. Man did I need this! I just started a new job last week and my anxiety is almost unbearable. Whenever I reach that place, I read this blog and your first book over and over for comfort. This couldn’t have come at a better time!!

  88. I would love one, just transferred my last $7 to my daughter. I have a Nook but no Wifi so even if someone was nice enough to buy one for me I couldn’t download it anyway. Your followers are all awesome, I just wanted to write that.

  89. I was actually waiting on a copy from the library but couldn’t pass up $2.99. Less than a coffee and lasts way longer!

  90. I only have $1.35 in my account. 🙁 If anyone can send me a Kindle copy, I would be eternally grateful! I suffer from depression, and Jenny always helps me remember I’m not alone.

  91. I’d be glad to gift one person who can’t afford it with a $2.99 audiobook. Is there a way to do that?

  92. Have the audio book… I listen to it often. It helps me to remember when the one I love is in those dark places that her amazing light will shine again. And now I have it in my Kindle:)

  93. Thank you for the heads up on the discounted price of Furiously Happy! I have been wanting a copy for a very long time and today it is the right price!!!😃😃😃😃

  94. I have a hard copy of this, but your book is my first official iBook 🙂

  95. It’s not reduced here in the UK.
    Unworking mum of son with cystic fibrosis and autism and son with ADHD, also have invalid ginger cat, geriatric black and white cat and a serious tea drinking habit to support. Kindle reader and furious face booker.

  96. Hope not too late to get a free Nook copy. Off work currently due to chronic illness, so can’t afford, but would absolutely love to read.

  97. Would love a copy. I do have the hard cover but havent been able to read it all the way through as my family keeps borrowing it. Michelle (mcelroy@shaw.ca)
    I am sure you have more then 20 people already, but if not Amazon would work for me. Thanks.

  98. I bought it and got my sister to buy it. It’s a bad weekend and the lies are loud. I needed your book right now and i really want a silver ribbon necklace but then it might start conversations and i don’t want those so idk. But the book is saving my mind right now.

  99. This thread is the most amazing record of random acts of kindness. Jenny kicked it off with her usually style and watching others join in has been a real balm to my spirit. I bought three copies for friends of mine and sent them off by email this morning. I would be happy to buy a copy for a stranger who posts their Amazon wish list link if I see it in time.

  100. already bought it original price hardback … and have been sharing it and “Let’s pretend this never happened” with the NAMI Family to Family classes I volunteer teach. With the warning that you may need to be at the right place in the journey with mental illness; but it’s been heartening how many people have read it and said yes, both were just what they needed to help understand their loved one’s journey. Many Thanks Jenny!!! You Rock!!!

  101. You’re an ENFP, aren’t you? Just bought the book, much love!

    -A personality typology (among other things) freak.

  102. You’re an ENFP, aren’t you? Just bought the book, much love!

    -A personality typology (among other things) freak.

  103. Hi Jenny,

    I just finished this great book today. I bought a copy for my daughter as well.

    Reading the book got me thinking that you live at the corner of Batshit St and Fun Ave in Crazytown, while I live between Perplexing Rd and Kinda Scary Alley, near Fun Ave and Weird Blvd. Thought you should know that I put time into mapping it out.

    Also, Tank Dogs is a great description for Armadillos.

  104. I’ve wanted Furiously Happy for a while but couldn’t afford it until it went on sale at Amazon so know I have it and am in love. I know have an answer to that stupid security question “what is your favorite book”. Now I am saving for Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

  105. Hey folks! A lot of you are putting your name down as “I could use a copy!” but are annon-ing your name or only putting down your e-mail. I would gladly gift you a copy, so please put it on your amazon wish list! I don’t want to double gift to the same person, which means if you only put down an e-mail it makes it kinda hard to know if you’ve gotten a copy from someone else already. (I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for an overseas e-mail address though for the person who wrote from the UK.)

  106. For those doing their shopping….At least on Amazon, Seanan McGuire’s novella Every Heart A Doorway is also part of the $2.99 sale. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful story about the children who come back from Narnia, from Oz, from Neverland….What happens to them after they come “home” to a world that doesn’t understand? Can’t recommend it enough

  107. I’m supposed to get the hard cover any day so I’d love to buy the e-book for anyone who wants it.

  108. Haha, very cool of you to do that! Loved the book so I’m having my wife read my copy now. I understand my son better since I read it, thanks.

  109. I honestly didn’t know it was you. But I got this book for my Kindle from Amazon & am loving it. I myself am strange & unusual, in often the same ways you are & some different ones. I just keep reading it & saying “This woman GETS it.” But my spouse probably hates it, because I keep reading it out loud to him.

  110. I borrowed the book from the library. And then I purchased the hardcopy when the library insisted I return it despite the fact I wasn’t finished following my friends and family around and reading aloud to them. So today I also purchased the ebook and sent out numerous FB posts, private messages and texts telling all my friends YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK!!! I’ve no idea how many listened to me, certainly the smart ones did, but ive really noway of knowing for sure. But I thank you. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only person on the planet that questions her worth and purpose, and sometimes struggles to just crawl out of bed to face the day and my family, friends, and the community/world I inhabitant. Maybe I’m not so alone after all.

  111. This was a wonderful surprise today!!! I’ve had this book on hold for six weeks from my
    Library but now I own it!!! Thank you Jenny. Please thank whoever decides this kind of sale at your publishers, also. Gold stars to them. You get a diamond star though for laboring to produce this book. So much love.

  112. Thank you for the heads up. I love your books and your blogs and heart. Your art’s pretty great too.

  113. I don’t buy a lot of books in hardcover to keep for my collection but yours are among them. I knew I’d want them forever. But I’m glad more people will be able to read them now. Wonderful news!!

  114. Meggy (comment 140), today is my daughter’s 1st birthday and I want you to help me celebrate. Let me know what email you’d like your copy sent to. 😘

  115. I went for the hardback because I couldn’t possibly wait, but I do want to get the audiobook edition too. When I last checked, your books weren’t up on Audible. Are there plans for the audiobooks to be available on Audible?

  116. I already have the hardback but have wanted it on my Kindle too do I could highlight 😀 so excited it was on sale!

  117. I just purchased my copy…thanks for sharing your hope and lighting the way for others who are struggling. : )

  118. I have the hard copy but never can find time to read it. I would love it for my iPhone so I could have more of a chance at my sons games and practices!

  119. Sent to a few people.

    Seeing a round version of the Rory image makes me want to put him in a snowglobe or on a mylar balloon. Or turned into a bop bag that always comes back up for a hug.

  120. just missed the sale! but i thought it was for the audio book. i bought the kindle version immediately, and then had to buy the hard copy for you to have something to sign. because you can’t autograph an ipad. i love both your books, they had me in tears laughing so hard. thank you jenny!

  121. I’m taking my copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy on vacation with me next week. We are looking at maybe having to put our 18 yr old cat down this week before we leave and I’m gonna need something to make me feel not quite so depressed.

  122. Jenny, your book is absolutely brilliant, inspirational and wonderfully weird. I’m currently reading it aloud to my mom, who is in the hospital. She’s just had emergency brain surgery and confined to the ICU for several more days. Your book is helping her regain her sense of humour and she’s starting to smile again and at times chuckle, especially during your arguments with spellcheck. Your book is giving her the permission she needs to be OK with the array of emotions she is feeling after her surgery. Thank you for that!
    You and your book make me so incredibly proud to be studying to become a clinical psychologist and apart of the mental health profession.

    You are awesome.

  123. I am so totaly bummed I missed the sale,boo hoo 🙁
    Oh well, I bought a copy from Amazon last week and am waiting for it to come. I have a nook but I’m more of a book fan.

  124. I already have a copy, but just wanted to say this book is one of the best I’ve read, at least a couple of times a week I read various parts to help me put off the darkness. Thank you.

  125. I probably will still buy it, but it’s triple the cost you mentioned in Amazon on this side of the planet 🙁 I have another book to read first by another blogger. I wish you would all stop writing books and making me feel bad for never finishin NaNoWriMo 🙂

  126. Hi, I am Meggy of comment 140, Amy of comment 163 has volunteered to send a copy… Thank you, I am so looking forward to reading this book! Happy birthday to your daughter! Email robs663@virginmedia.com

  127. Tweeted this post, since I don’t use an e-reader, and you signed my hardback in Pasadena. Love you, Jenny.

  128. I <3 this so much! I am a day late for the low price for Kindle, but I am holding out for the audio book. I’m currently on the waiting list for it with our local library. I LOVE reading, but listening to it at work is my only option right now, because college courses and work and baby. I’m so happy you gave the opportunity for even more people to read your book.

  129. Thank you for your unfailing kindness and compassion and generosity. I have both books already– and have shared and recommended them to anyone who’ll listen! You rock.

  130. I just bought a copy for my sister who’s having a hard time with her depression and anxiety right now. I just knew without a doubt that it would cheer her up and make her realize she’s NOT alone.

  131. I finished reading it today. Thank you. I admire how you embrace your problems and have turned them into a blessing, sharing your problems with us in your books give me hope for the world when there are so many things taking hope away.

  132. Jenny, it’s even BETTER than that—if you buy the ebook, you can get the Audible version for $13.87 (includes tax). Now I have all three. 😀

  133. Oh rats. I didn’t realize I’m late to this shindig.

    Well, anyway, if you have bought the Kindle version of FH at any price, at any time, you may then buy the Audible version through Amazon for $13.87 at any time. (I have no idea about Nook, Kobo, etc.)

    There is a special page for this called “Audio Upgrades For Your Kindle Books,” or
    “Audio Companions.” They don’t make it easy to find.
    This is my link to the page that has the link to the audio upgrades:
    About half way down, on the left, look for this text:

    Read and Listen to Your Kindle Books
    Search for your audio matches <-click that, THAT’S the link
    Add narration to a Kindle book you’ve
    been meaning to read. Search your library
    to find audio upgrades for your Kindle
    books now.

    I guess if you go to Audible they will tell you that FH is not available yet, but jumping through these hoops is a work-around, and not terribly expensive, either. I hope this helps!

  134. After the horror in Orlando, I have had a hard time sleeping. My PTSD is cranked up. So I am reading “Furiously Happy.”

    Then I began to wonder how you are doing. You were having a rough time of it before all this happened. I want to thank you for all the support you’ve shown your wounded little tribe and tell you we are here for you too.

    Weighted blankets or lap pads can provide a sense of security and comfort. Like those Thunder Shirts for shaky little dogs. I hope this helps you or someone else.


  135. I just saw this a bit too late, but I want to say thank you for being so awesome! What a nice way to spread kindness. I have the audiobook, and I am already looking forward to listening to it again. I hope today is a good day for you. You make a big difference to all of us.

  136. To Tina # 189 above yes there is an audiobook, available in all your favorite formats.
    Bonus…her story about Neil Gaiman helping her get through recording the audio for her first book.

    (Yes Jenny… we are listening.)

  137. I NEEDED a copy of this book and didn’t even know it. The Northern California digital library has the audiobook for loan. But you should totally buy it if you can.

    P.s. can you hook me up with Rory’s taxidermist? I told my husband that I needed that smile in my life and he said he’d get right on it…..

  138. I hope you are OK Jenny…I know these tragedies hit you hard. Know you are loved…know you are not alone.

  139. Hey Jenny!
    I was just turned on to you by a friend a couple of days ago, and I think I’m in love! Well, not love in the romantic sense, but live in the sense of “hey there’s someone out there in cyberspace that’s just like me!” My friend sent me a link to your June 10th post, and that’s when I knew I found somebody awesomer than awesome. I have mental health challenges (recovery language for I’m as crazy as bat shit! Really I just have bipolar disorder, ADHD and borderline personality disorder and I’m working really hard on my recovery.
    Guess what though? I’m a word collector too! I had a little tin where I kept little tags with words I liked in. I’ve since moved, and it got lost so I’m gonna have to start a new one. The first one I’m putting in is neuroplasticity; isn’t that a fabulous word?!? If you like puzzles (or if you don’t but just like words (like me) I recommend that you get the puzzle called “What’s that Word?”. It’s a helluva lot of fun.
    Anyway, my friend tells me that you’ve written a couple of great books, so of course I’m going to have to read them. I missed out on getting a free copy of the e-book that yo offered to the first twenty commenters; it’s all good though I’ll still read it if my library has it. And if they don’t, I’ll just wait til my next hypomanic episode and buy a copy or two or three (not funny, I know; I’m suffering the consequences of my last online spending spree now, ugh.
    Well, I’ve bored you enough now, but I just wanted to say hi, and tell you that I can’t wait to start reading your blog regularly.
    Take care from a crazy Doxie lady in Glendale AZ,
    Susi and my three fur children Hans, Nueman and Ghia (my little senior dachshund children)

  140. I guess even though I missed out on your gifting the the book, who knows maybe some will lend me a copy of your earlier book if you publisher allows it. Doesnt hurt to try any way. I hate topull the whole poor mentally ill on disability schtick cuz im not not looking for sympathy, but id really like to read at least one of your books, cuz I feel a definite conection with you.
    Im not sure if this comment makes any sense,but for some reason I feel like youd understand it if you read it. The night time meds are kicking in and im getting sleepy. Thats my excuse.
    So anyway I dont even remember what info I was suopposed to put in the comment anyway and im already two days late. And the book is now regular priced.oh well ,life goes on, and this crazy dachshund lady is gonna read some more of your posts before I fall asleep on my phone. Good night my fellow peer.

  141. I was able to get the deal and its the funniest, serious, most terrific book l have read in a long, long time. I was so impressed I ordered both of your books today in hardback so i can share them with my friends. You.are totally awesome and we love you!

  142. I don’t have a copy yet, if you haven’t already given them all away. Im thinking that with 199 comments you’ve surely already given 20. But just in case… I have an iPad. :-). your awesome!

  143. Crap! Totally missed the whole thing. Hope they do another special sometime, I would love to read your book. Your blog alone has gotten me through some dark times. Thank you.

  144. Thank you for doing this. I got the book with the sale and just finished it.I am in school so I’ve been putting off purchasing it, was going to be my Christmas present to myself, so I’m very happy. You mean a lot to me, I’ve been reading your blog since Beyonce. And I really needed the help this week. I have a sibling with very severe depression and it’s so exhausting and helpless. And your book me me laugh, but more importantly it made me feel like there might be hope. Thank you for everything.

  145. I usually read your blog almost everyday but this day i happened to miss the offer. O well, I would love to read your book. Your blog alone has often saved my days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As you said, incase, i read from my husband’s Kobo reader.

  146. Hi, I have just finished reading Furiously Happy! a great book, style, humour, and honest telling of your life experience that is so much inspiring. I am here because I wanted to learn more about your blogs, and your other publications. Keep it up!

  147. I bought your book when I was alerted in my goodreads deal of the week. It is on my list of want to reads (along with like 400 other books)! Thank you goodreads! Your book is Amazing!! I have been cracking up laughing…and getting weird looks from my husband for the random cracking up while reading that I have been doing! Your book has made me Furiously Happy : ) I will definitely be buying your other book (glad this one wasn’t a sequel or I would be confused by reading them backward).

  148. Less than the price of a good burrito, but more than the price of a shitty burrito – or a burrito that will give you the shits. Either way, I love my hardback copy but will pass on the link to the eBook to my friends. 🙂

  149. Furiously Happy makes me laugh out loud so hard my eyes water. I ration it out like the last dozen gingerbread cookies at Christmas because right now ther is nothing that makes me laugh that way. Thanks

  150. I may have missed the boat but I have a nook and I rescue animals. My house is a senior center for rescued pets. They are all Furiously Happy.

  151. I’ve been reading the book for the past few nights and I love it!

  152. Reading furiously happy and it is funny really funny I laughed out loud and even though I send LOL to people I don’t laugh out loud usually.
    I do have one bone to pick,I felt you were unfair to possums .When I lived in south Austin I had a semi pet possum I named Ralph.The first time I saw him in my garage he was a small one in my dog food bag ,I thought he was a HUGE rat when he ran.But then he stopped and played possum,the pot I had smoked had nothing do do with me misidentifying him.Well maybe a little,anyway he got used to us after a while and would look up from the dog food and go oh it’s just you. I never petted him, I was stoned not stupid but he was a nice possum.

  153. I am so sorry that I missed this give away…or even missed the $2.99 version. I have really really wanted to read this book, I have the first one!
    I need a pick me up, been struggling with being a full time caregiver for my fiance after he unexpectedly but finally was correctly diagnosed with heart failure due to the excessive radiation he had on his chest when he was a teen with Hodgkin Lymphoma. They knew it was a possibility as others who’ve had that level of radiation on their chest have also had their heart valves destroyed, but they waited 20 years to discover it…so his life has been slowly getting worse and worse and he couldn’t understand why at 42 he couldn’t do anything without almost dying. So, yippie for finally getting diagnosed…but boo for 20 years of unnecessary pain and suffering. The great/bad thing about this, is he lost his job before he got the final illness that tipped them off to his heart failure…why is this great/bad…because he lost his insurance and his job refused his unemployment claim, so he qualified for the Oregon Health Care plan which 100% covered his medical bills. So yippie for no crushing medical debt and then boo on the other hand for no income and no ability to get a job right now.
    He’s got a long road to recovery, because he not only had both valves replaced but also had a double bypass. He’s still struggling with fluid buildup in his lungs even 3 weeks after the surgery, so recovery is incredibly slow and I’m disabled and in crippling pain daily but I’m his only family (and he the only family for me as well)…so I’m cooking him three meals a day and taking care of his appointments, bringing him everything (even a bottle of water) cause he can’t lift any weight yet and even emptying his urinal three or more times a day because he’s too weak half the time to get up to go to the restroom. So its hard and its joyful and its sad and its painful and its exhausting and its all mixed up with all the emotions.
    Anyway, this was kind of nice, even though this post is a few days old and its not likely that this comment will be read…it was nice to put it out there. Sometimes I feel ungrateful for complaining about all the hardship,the pain, and the work, when I remember that my mother died of breast cancer 5 years ago and I’d do all this and more if it meant I could have one more day with her….and other times I remember I’m only human with my own disability and struggles and each day that I can get out of bed is a good day.
    Remember (anyone who is reading this)….we aren’t superheroes, don’t judge yourself too harshly…also hugs for reading this.

  154. Just finished FURIOUSLY HAPPY on e-book. Loved it! I wish I was a taxidermied (?sp) fly on the wall to witness the awesome arguments you have with Victor. Tiffany Fort Worth, TX

  155. I’m still going back to re-listen to random chapters of “Let’s Pretend” 😀 I just went out and bought the audio of Furiously. I just love the way you read. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face! xo

  156. Dear Jenny..my oldest son just finished his Eagle Scout project…building two Little Free Libraries for the cute little town of New London, Minnesota (wish I could attach a photo here). I plan to add copies of your two books to feed into the community because they helped me begin to look honestly at my health issues and how I can and want to live the best me I can be. Thank you for sharing your story and humor and pain so honestly. Hugs and appreciation…Will pay it forward. Thank you.

  157. I didn’t know what spoons were this morning. But I did have a few extra recharged when I read about them this afternoon. I will comb my hair today after all. Thank you for that. 🙂

  158. Hello. My name is Guilherme, not Guillermo (I am not mexican) actually I´m Brazilian… WOW!!!…
    I bought your ebook in full price (I want you receive more money… kidding it was not on sale)… I cannot stpo reading (yes and no… I did not finish it yet, and I am here on your blog)…
    I only would like to say… THANK YOU FOR WRITTING…

  159. Oh. My. Lord. I just finished the Furiously Happy audiobook. Thank you. Seriously thank you. I’ve been wrestling with depression and anxiety for the last 20 years and even though at this point I know I’m not the only one dealing with it, and I have somewhat decent, sometimes effective ways of navigating the times when my brain wants to kill me (love this phrase, btw), I ugly cried at the end of the book. Because you were speaking straight to me. And I needed it more than I realized. I swear you spoke the exact words in my head and my heart. So just… thank you. Really really thank you. And you are my secret best friend.

  160. Thank you for writing this book. The way you describe how you feel is exactly how I feel every day and we have several of the same mental illnesses. My wife bought me this as a way to help myself deal with my mental illnesses so I would not feel so alone. While I don’t feel a whole lot better yet, at least I am starting to understand who I am and that I’m not the failure I think I am. Going to re-read it to absorb more of the content in order to make a bigger dent into, or penetrate, my “dark side”. Thank you again.

  161. Well I missed responding by a few days. As another reader of yours said, you make me happy! I would love a copy of your book if you decide to let a few more of us purchase it for 2.99.
    Currently I am listening to your audio version – borrowed from a friend – have to give it back tomorrow. I wrestle with many of the same issues that you have. I believe with all my heart that the key to maintaining your sanity is humor. I love your humor. It is honest and not contrived. I live in Tx (Conroe). Would love to hear you speak – oh, meant to tell you – so glad you recorded your book. No one else’s voice could have done it justice! I taught elementary music for 24 years, we live on 5 acres and have critters (pets), my mother was hysterical- my point here is I have a boat load of funny stories. So if you ever need a laugh I would be happy to entertain you with some of these tales. Sending you a warm hug ( hey it’s summer in Texas- everything is warm). Maggie😍

  162. Hi. I don’t know how to start this request, so I’ll start from the beginning. Back in college (almost 20 years ago) I knew the happiest and most cheerful girl Robyn. I remember her great energy and her bright smile. A month and a half ago I learned that Robyn had been suffering from post-partum depression and committed suicide 7 years ago, leaving behind two beautiful daughters. I can’t stop thinking about her and wishing we were all more upfront about depression. I love how funny and honest and real you are about it. Seriously, I want to stop people on the street and read them portions of your book (oh wait, I’ve maybe done that on the CTA when asked if I’m okay as I gasp for breath, laughing so hard there’s no sound and tears are coming from my eyes). The tribute I would like to do for Robyn is to have a night on campus, at our sorority, where we have alumnae and current undergrads read from your book for 40 minutes or so. I’m envisioning the Vagina Monologues kind of, except about depression. Is that okay? We wouldn’t charge admission or anything. It probably would be hugely minimal, because the point is hearing each other, and the words, and hopefully bringing light to an illness so many people suffer alone.

  163. Dear Jenny,
    I have the opportunity to read your blog in a few occasions. I have to confess I am not a huge fan, but I like what I’ve read so far. I am from Cancun in Mexico, I tend to not be very sad or depressed or anxious about anything bacause, I repeat, I live in Cancun. My grilfiend found out I liked your blog and ordered me Furiously Happy online for me. I have to tell you, Is not just awesome writting but also a wonderful guide to really deal with any kind of mental disorder, excesive anxiety and overall a great guide to live in general. I think you are an awesome person that was specifically created with your issues and your strength to really make a difference for a lot of people out there. I rarely say this but, I look up to you for what you have created with this blog.
    Now I recommend Reading you to all of my friends and have you as one of my favorite blogs.

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