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On Friday I saw my shrink and she told me that my Imposter Syndrome was out of control and that I need to stop beating myself up all the time and instead focus on the moments that make me happy.  It was very good advice and I went on twitter and did a photo flashback of moments that I’d survived or celebrated and it was weirdly healing.  Then someone reminded me that one year ago today I put out my video announcement for Furiously Happy and I watched it and remembered how lucky I am to be surrounded by people (even if most of them I’ve never met in real life) who are so lovely and human.  So I decided to celebrate I’d share the video again for those who haven’t see it, or those who need a reminder of how not alone you are, like I did.

(For those who are new, I asked friends, idols, family and community to share what makes them who they are and they each sent video snippets that were pieced together by my talented friend John Thorson.)

John also made me another video after watching what Pat Rothfuss sent in (because he was bored and also awesome) and I didn’t share it for a bit because I was afraid people would think it was silly and ridiculous but then I asked a bunch of the people in the video and they were like, “Silly and ridiculous is our damn specialty.  Publish that shit.”  So I did.  And I still can’t decide which video I like most.

Anyway, this was exactly the reminder I needed and I know September is a hard month for many of us so maybe it’ll be a reminder you need too.

One year later I am still broken.  I am still furiously happy.  And I am still not alone.

Thank you.


And now…time for the weekly wrap-up:


Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


  • Normally this is where I’d put links to otter videos or blog posts or such but this week has been weirdly hard and I’ve been hiding, so I’m leaving it blank so you can share anything awesome you think people should see in the comments.  Cat videos.  Things you read and loved.  Things you want to talk about.  Anything.

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  1. First time I have seen this video and it is a vivid reminder of all the pain people hold inside but keep going, including me. It made me cry. Keep going everyone and don’t give up.

  2. A lovely ad pops up telling me to learn how to lose belly fat. Kind of unfitting :/ Other than that, I’m surprised I had never seen this before. It was nice 🙂

  3. I’m too hung over this morning for these videos… 😭😭 Blubbing like a baby!
    If anyone fancies a looksy, here’s my favorite blog post from this week – Boys playing with Girl Toys? Careful now…

  4. As a person who has to keep my hands busy – (thankfully I love to knit and thankfully people are willing to buy my scarves because otherwise I’d have a bedroom full of them) and as the mom of 1 teen daughter with an ADHD diagnosis and an adult daughter who could probably get diagnosed if she wanted / needed to, I’d like to share the Fidget Cube Kickstarter. It looks fabulous and I have pledged at a level that leaves us with extra, just in case.

  5. I’m afraid that I”m an imposter imposter because I read that people who have imposter syndrome are actually very smart. I can’t admit to being smart.

  6. I was so honored to be in the videos. you make me laugh every day. Today I’m Furiously Happy because I’m at the beach with my friend. I have my feet in the sand and a drink in my hand.

  7. You said we can share something awesome, so I’m gonna use this space for that (cuz hey, you’re not alone). Yesterday I went to the launch of my friend’s new young adult book about a teen girl who turns into a duck (it’s really good, it’s the second in a series, called Wereduck), and afterwards I brought my copy, along with a latte and a scone, to the park to enjoy. Within minutes of me sitting down on a bench, this duck walked right up to me, stood on my toes, and stuck her head up to beg for some of my scone. I couldn’t resist, so I fed her from my hand, and she stayed with me for 45 minutes, showing absolutely no fear. People walking by stopped to stare, and comment. It was a pretty lovely 45 minutes.

    Anyway, below is a link to my tweet where I posted some photos of her.

  8. The tattoo, “Pretend your good at it.”
    I thought that was what we were doing.
    And, very well, I might add!
    Happy One Year Ago Today!

  9. I am furiously happy because there are people in my life who step up to help when I/we need it. It wasn’t always this way. Also, we went Craigslist furniture shopping today and totally scored. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle FTW.

  10. I sobbed last year when I saw the first video. Sobbed again today. Both videos are amazing reminders that we are not alone.

  11. Thank you. This was just what I needed. The first one made me cry (in a good way) and the second one made me laugh. Both perfect. Today I feel more broken but I’m still gonna fight to be furiously happy.

  12. Aughhhh…my son struggles mightily with his Bipolar-ness and he’s so low right now. I write, but won’t write about his “stuff” because it’s not my story to tell. Seeing these faces and reading these words helps me. I just wish I could help him.

  13. Here’s a piece about a sea otter named Rialto who is moving to his new adopted home this week from Seattle to Vancouver. There’s video. “Rialto the rescued sea otter is bigger and faster than ever”

    Also Sea Otter Awareness week is this week Sept 18 – 24. More info

    We love you, Jenny. You’re not alone. We all need silly and ridiculous, and we don’t need people who make value judgments on us because we do. You are enough. Keep swimming, otterly.

  14. Still broken because my wonderful and incurable neurological condition (Type 1 and Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia) doesn’t let me go outside very much
    Still furiously happy because of family, friends, and the fact that TN Awareness Day is the same day as my birthday 🙂

  15. I watched that and loved it. Well, actually, I watched most of it. By the end I was watching through happy tears and couldn’t read many of the signs. Still, loved it!

  16. I’m broken because of my mother, my stepfather, my childhood, because my son is three states away from me, because money is tight, because the chemicals in my brain tell me so, and because of the brain injury that scrambled all that up and broke down the walls I’d built to hold it all in.
    I’m furiously happy every time I get to see my son and hold him in my arms. I’m furiously happy with the friends I’ve made through #TheBloggessTribe. And I’m working on finding more ways to get there.
    Thanks, Jenny.

  17. I’ve always thought that everybody has imposter syndrome, and I’m not sure it’s all bad. After all, if I don’t tell somebody I can do something that I don’t (yet) know how to do, I will never have to learn how to do it before somebody finds out that I’m an imposter. Imposter syndrome should have education credits.

  18. I’m bookmarking this post so I can rewatch both videos when I need them. Thank you(and John!) for the videos. And thank you for the messages and reminders that we’re not alone, and that there are reasons to keep on, keeping on. 🙂

  19. I’ve never seen this video and now I’m crying. It’s really empowering.
    Thank you, Jenny!

  20. Heh, didn’t mean to embed it twice, but I wasn’t sure which link might work. Oops! That sort of month, isn’t it?

  21. OMG Dubstep Furiously Happy “unofficial” video should have been an option because it is super silly and it’s for the win! September is time for celebration in my house because my daughter’s birthday is the 12th, my husband’s the 13th and my son’s the 20th. So it’s party central in my house for 8 days.

  22. Thanks for making me happy cry each time I check this blog or read your books. I rarely take the time to be grateful that depression didn’t rob me of today’s joy and hopefully not tomorrow as well. We all have done really really good.

  23. Jenny,I’m 46 and never in my life have I EVER met anyone who isn’t broken in some way or another. Most can just hide it really well. I think to be broken is to actually be human. Thank you for showing us all how to be human together.

  24. The first video made me cry. I feel like my life is made up of a few furiously happy moments strung together by the crazy/panic/depressed thoughts that plague me everyday. Because these thoughts are not normal, my brain does not function the way everyone else’s does, there must be something wrong with me. Except every once in a while, a light goes on and I realize that’s not quite right. Other people have been able to beautifully express what I’m feeling, so I’m not alone, not crazy. Sometimes by talking with and understanding someone I figure out that what I thought was the norm, isn’t. I’m so thankful for that feeling, and these posts. They really help.

  25. Jenny: I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, but worried it would be too over-the-top fan girly…but today seems like the right day for it. Several years ago, I was thoroughly broken. My depression & anxiety were out of control. I was suicidal. I was self-harming. I had tried to get help, but meds didn’t work and I was too afraid to let any therapist see the real me. I’d given up, pretty much, and was just marking time until I’d be brave enough to end it.

    During that time, I came across your blog, and then your first book. I thought you were brilliant. Your writing made me laugh and cry and think and relax, some. And then I found out that you struggled with self-harm too. It stopped me in my tracks: this smart, funny woman who I so admired struggled with the same demon I did, and was open about it. Seeing that gave me the strength to try once more to get help.

    It wasn’t easy, but I found a brilliant therapist who made me feel safe and whole. I found medication that works and let the light back into my dark world. And now I get to be furiously happy, and you gave me the strength to start the work that got me here. Thank you, always.


  26. I’m losing my eyesight and although I do well on the computer machine, your flip cards go so fast I cannot read them. sad….

  27. I’m Furlessly happy for my cats Loki and Lana who cuddled with most of last night and I’m also Furlessly happy because of you Jenny. Because of u I got help for my depression. You rock luv ya

  28. I’m so glad to see you post today. I was a bit worried as it had seemed like a long time without you. First time seeing the trailer. Partly because of you I don’t feel as broken. Keep laughing for all of us and we’ll try to do the same for you.

  29. #9 – when my dog was dying, she wouldn’t drink much water from her bowl, but she went crazy over gutter water from the downspout. Don’t know why, except maybe because it was moving water it had more oxygen??

  30. In five days, it will be the anniversary of the day I tried to end my life. My journey since then has been a busy one, learning to meditate, learning to try to like myself, learning to face my childhood demons and stare them down.

    Knowing I’m not alone, that I have my “tribe” of others who have suffered as I have, makes me feel less alone in this struggle.Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being true to yourself and giving us a space to be.

  31. @Kara #7: Thank you! I need that, and so does my son, and my husband’s leaning toward letting me back it so we can both get them! (He makes the money while I’m in school, so.) That would make life a lot easier, actually.

  32. Thank you, Jenny, for every post and every book. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re all furiously happy alone together, and we’re only together because of you.

  33. I watch those videos when I need a good cry. And that happens often because crying is so freakishly cleansing. It’s like Comet for the tear ducts or something.

    I am furiously happy because I am reading the YA book that was missing when I was a fat misfit. “Dumplin'” is purely glorious and wonderful, and now I’m getting off the internet to finish it.

  34. My son came running (literally) down the stairs when he heard the music to see what I was up to. Pretty awesome!

  35. If ever you want proof you’re not alone…..drop a single line in your blog or on fb or in a text. Guarantee the responses will always amaze and restore your hope in humanity. If you don’t want to do that go read to a shelter dog. The free kisses heal every wound. If you’re a germaphob, run hot bubble bath with lots of bath toys. The water will soothe and clean your soul

  36. Those videos. I cried, then I laughed my ass off at the button you made with that tie clip. Your slogan is much better than my rugby one!

  37. Miss Jenny, you don’t know how much you contribute to my happiness! Please know that we are all here for you, even if we only met you in real life for a few minutes, at a book signing we drove hours to get to, because you are the best, and I had to meet you!

  38. I LOVE Karen Slaughter! I keep things to myself because I know there are others hurting more than I am. I’ll just say, it’s been rough.

  39. Why you gotta make me cry, Jenny? The video is beautiful. It always touches my heart to realize I’m not alone. Thank you all for being awesome. ❤ ~ B. Jayne

  40. The Viking and I are both broken. He was broken in Denmark and I was broken in Canada and somehow in this weird world he found me. And now we are the luckiest people on the planet. Also, your video makes me cry for all the broken souls out there.
    BTW…..Melanie in Florida – comment #65! I wish we could reply to her comment. You aren’t alone Melanie – you’re here….which is the opposite of being alone. I liked your sad comment so you would know that I heard you. :o(

  41. I think it was this time last year when I found you? I think through a post by Anne or Wil Wheaton. I laughed so hard I felt almost normal. I don’t winter well, because I live in the PNW… lol It’s gray for days (except for those sponaneous 65° sunny days) But since I’ve found you and read your book and read the comments that your followers leave and feel like I’ve found a sort of virtual tribe, of tears, silliness and little joys. For the first ever, I’m not dreading winter and all the endless gray rainy days that start next month and last until July of next year. Although they say this year is gonna be a cold one, La Nina? El Nino? I can’t keep it straight- one’s cold, one’s wet and warm? WTF?. I call all weather patterns.. El Neener Neener… lol

  42. Now, I’m in theory ‘normal’. I mean, I wasn’t diagnosed with any mental illness, I sleep well, I have a reasonable (VERY reasonable) level of self confidence. BUT, if there’s a period of the year that brings me down is the summer. I mean, it’s hot, sticky, my low blood pressure is even lower and Ihave constant headaches. The autumn on the other way …. it’s my YAY SEASON! I mean, crispy air, pumpkins, hot chocolates and lattes, cozying up near the window, watching the rain outside, my cats on my lap … how can you possibly don’t feel happy about all these things? :))))))) Cheer up, Halloween is coming soon!!

  43. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since you released the Furiously Happy video. It seems like yesterday. It’s so good that “Furiously Happy” is making so many other people furiously happy or even just happy.

  44. The videos were so powerful. It is wonderful to see someone willing to talk about mental illness and how to live with it. Thank you!

  45. My attorney knows what absolute hell I’m going through (because she’s helping me get through it without losing my mind) and a few months ago when we both thought things were at a particularly craptastic point, she texted me the link to your post when you bought the giant metal chicken for Victor (at least, I think it ended up being for Victor…). Regardless, between the writing, your photo of the chicken on the front porch, and the involvement of an awesome friend I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then I really was crying. Which was exactly what I needed. And how many people can say they have an attorney amazing enough to introduce them to Jenny Lawson which leads to reading Furiously Happy? So thank you, Jenny ; for getting me through so really shit stuff and confirming for me that we are all in this circus together.

  46. I’m a little late to the party but so happy I showed up to yours, especially because most party hosts require you to show up with some kind of dish to share and LOTS and LOTS of spoons! I don’t own enough spoons to attend parties. I’m broken because I hide in bathrooms, hallways and behind lawn furniture whenever I can’t successfully avoid social events. But I’m furiously happy because I found your books and blogs and someone else who watched Little House on the Prairie! You’re like a kindred spirit to all of us here all wrapped up in your own broken package. P.S. Can I borrow a spoon?

  47. While you will feel alone off an on, because of your amazing followers… #TheBloggessTribe… You, my dear sweet funny friend will never be alone again! Unless you want to take a break and literally be alone… I mean, we aren’t weird stalkers who will smother you with our love… We just have your back, that’s all 😁

  48. Things that I love: my kids, my husband, my dog and two cats. Thanks for the reminder of happier times. This time of year is always a mixed bag of excitement and depression, sometimes switching minute to minute.

  49. I have been grieving and today was a hard day… This video is just what I needed. Thank you for showing people that they aren’t alone.

  50. I’m furiously happy that i can read your posts when i’m up and even more furiously happy that i can read your posts when i am down. Thank you. I know the effort to do this some days must be excruciating, but i am so glad you do. Thanks for reposting the video too. i needed it this week. You are a beacon in the fog. 🙂

  51. One year ago, I felt like it was the end.
    I was ill, anxiety was killing me, depression said it was better to die anyway. I couldn’t work, he had left me, my face was deformed by acne, I couldn’t even see friends.
    I’m still broken because anxiety still won’t leave me alone, dating still causes so much of it, still feel like I’m not moving forward.
    I’m furiously happy because I survived all that, I found a job, I’m surrounded by lovely people who care for me, I’m dating again, I’m going to be an auntie, I have most of my physical health back, only a bit of acne remains.
    Because I know I can reduce anxiety to a minimum and one day it will disappear completely!

  52. Two of my sisters (I have 5) got me your book. I also share in your collection of troubles. At first I refused to read your books, but I’m glad I did.

  53. One more at the risk of being a pest. My mom has been gone for several years but this music brings her right back to me. Also reminds me of you and the tribe we now belong to. One dancer alone and we have all joined the party. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  54. Sept is hard, this whole damn year has been hard…lost my son almost 2 months ago to suicide. Hugs Jenny and keep trying to find the good…I have been trying…I found ten and they are in my newest log post…

  55. Thank you for making me cry happy tears when the signs flipped. I feel like so many of us have parallel narratives. I try not to get stuck in the broken one too often.

  56. Thanks for reposting the videos. I hadn’t seen the dubstep version before. It’s been a good weekend for me, but the videos are good reminders to take note of the good days for light on the bad days.

  57. Just found your blog and read Furiously Happy. I was looking for something that supported my conscious decision to be happy and embrace my bipolar. You are just what I was looking for. I feel freedom in who I am…bipolar and all and you are an inspiration. Love the video.

  58. I’ve been sitting here quilting, listening to Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and I’ve decided that I’m getting any of your other available audio books for upcoming long-haul flights. I’ve followed your blog for a while, but now you’re different Now, I get you even more. I think I might start to get me even more. You’re da fuckin’ bomb, babe!

  59. Furiously happy because I know what I contribute. I am not worthless. I needed to revisit this. Thank you Jenny!

  60. I don’t even know how many copies of this book I have purchased as gifts at this point. I send it to everyone who needs it – and they all tell me how much they needed it.

  61. Spent the last few days crying, I’m worried about upcoming surgery, but those videos at least turned the ugly crying into good crying. Then I watched hamsters eating burritos and actually smiled. “Ode to Joy” brought back the tears. That’s my life this year, plenty of tears, some good among the bad, the occasional smile and some furious happiness, because I’m still hanging in there. And it’s wonderful to have this place where people share their struggles so nobody has to feel so alone. All credit to you, Jenny, for all that you do for us. If you’re an impostor, at least you’re a damn good one!

  62. It was totally by chance (yeah, right . .wanna by a bridge in the Gobi Desert?) that I remembered that tomorrow is my FAVOURITE international and underpublicized holiday of the world: Talk Like a Pirate Day!! There are lots of videos on this site, and wonderfully helpful tips (if you ever meet a pirate) about how to pick up a pirate. And sing like one. And talk to a German one. And live a life of piracy. Better than one of idiocy. Oh, wait, that IS my life right now. So maybe someone can help me celebrate tomorrow. Or today. Or whenever you want to shut up that loud cellphone talker behind you on the streetcar . . .

  63. I wanted to post that I’d hug the shit out of you if you were close by. Then thought that would be horrible to have a stranger grab you and half-strangle you with affection if you weren’t ready for it so I thought then that if I had a small stuffed animal with me it would be okay because we’d speak each other’s unspoken language and you’d know I was there as a friend. And then I just sat down and thought about my life choices that led me to this very odd thought pattern.

    If we ever do run into each other, I’ll just wave from across the room. You’re welcome.

  64. Now that I know of your existence I must get this book.
    One year ago I was skipping work because my anxiety and depression were overwhelming. Today I am still doing the same thing. But I am furiously happy because I have food, shelter, clothes, and a mother who is my best friend.

  65. So often, reading your blog leaves me in tears – sometimes from laughter, sometimes because it’s as though you’ve whispered in my ear, ‘It’s okay, we’re all broken here’.

    Still working on the ‘furiously happy’ part. Between the depression that tells me I don’t deserve to be happy, and the fear that if I do become happy I will have a manic episode, it isn’t easy. But I’m not giving up.

  66. Seeing your posts and knowing that you and so many other people understand what it is like to deal with anxiety and depression makes me feel less alone when it comes to my own.

    I saw some of the flashback Twitter feed; it actually does seem like it would be kind of healing. Sort of like looking back and thinking, “Look how far I have gotten!” It kind of makes me think of an emotional and mental road trip where you don’t know where you will end up next, but no matter what it is far from the start and you will always have back roads to get you back on track. Which now that I think of it, that doesn’t make sense if you didn’t know where your next destination will be to begin with. I think you can catch my drift.

    Anyways, those videos are amazing. Furiously Happy was really wonderful to read. I just want to recommend it to everyone.

  67. I think I needed to see that video. I just finished the audio book of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” Jenny, our dads are so much alike and our childhhoods are similar, so yes, I believed you. My favorite parts of the book: “gun armoires” and the dead raccoon puppet. I’m next on my library’s hold list for Furiously Happy and I can’t wait to listen to it.

    Today my boyfriend almost broke up with me because he is tired of my fight with anxiety/depression. He feels powerless and he hates how it brings him down too. We decided to keep going but I’m hurt. I’m winning the fight, but I’m not winning it fast enough. I want to beat this, or at least outsmart it and stay 10 paces ahead of it at all times. I’m tired, but I want to keep going.

    I don’t know why I shared that, but at least I know I’m not alone.

  68. A year ago I was housebound by my social anxiety. Today I just got back from a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) training seminar full of strangers that I attended ALONE half way across the state. I had Furiously Happy with me to read/comfort/inspire me- and it did. One more thing I want to share: they gave out silver ribbon pins!!! My mind immediately went to your posting about wishing depression survivors got the same support as physical disease survivors and talking about using silver ribbons. The NAMI Silver Ribbon Campaign for the Brain. Worn to show you care about someone with a brain disorder, to break down barriers to treatment and support, eliminate stigma against those who suffer and show we believe there is HOPE through education and research. So, yeah. Your silver ribbon baby that no one had the energy to do arts and crafts to make became real in a metal way.

  69. OH! and every time my panic attacks would start ratcheting up because I had to speak in front of the group, or demonstatrate a skill I was learning, I used “Pretend Your Good At It”. So thank you!!!

  70. A year ago I was starting grad school, but then I got sick and had to take medical leave.
    This year, I’m re-starting grad school because I am stubborn and determined to get my Library & Information Science degree.
    I’d like to share two Pinterest pages that help when life gets difficult:
    One is called Serenity & Mindfulness and has inspirational quotes and soothing pictures that make me feel calm and happy:
    The other is called Feeling Gloomy? This Will Help! It includes videos of baby goats, the Calming Manatee, and my favorite… The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody:

    I’m sending lots of light and love out to everyone in the Bloggess Tribe… may you all be furiously happy.

  71. I’m broken, but working on it. I first read your book Furiously Happy because a friend recommended it, and I am so grateful to him that he did. I won’t say that it was inspirational, though in a way it was. I had already started being more open about what was wrong with me, and your book just gave me a boost to keep on doing that. You keep on being you, and I will keep on being me. In the end, that’s all there’s to it.

    In happy-making news, I found some photos I had taken of our second-to-last cat.

  72. I didn’t realize it was one year ago that your book came out. I read Furiously Happy over the weekend. I have laughter-induced asthma. It’s a real thing; you can look it up. I laughed so hard I had to keep using my inhaler to keep breathing. Best near-death experience ever!

  73. This made me cry happy tears. I am so happy that everyone in the video is still here, and still fighting the good fight. This blog is better than therapy (and cheaper too). 💜

  74. Today I’m furiously happy because my daughter made it to her nineteenth birthday, despite anxiety, depression, and coming out. Believe it or not, your books helped her get here. You totally fucking rock, Jenny….and thank you

  75. Wow! I could feel every emotion of every word. My heart goes out to all. Love that they can be “Furiously happy”! Thank you Jen!!!!!

  76. Your shrink gives you advice? Wow, where do I get one of those? When I was in therapy, the psychiatrist only ever asked “How are you feeling?” and “Need a refill on your meds?”

  77. You expressed perfectly the way I feel about the blogosphere! Surrounded by supportive people who add to my life, even though I’ve not met most of them:). Score one for technology making life better instead of more complicated . . .

  78. Thanks for reposting those! I’ve only been creeping on you–I mean, following you, for about a year now. I’m a broken cat-owner myself (wait, the broke part has nothing to do with the cats), and when I’m feeling down, I can always count on your craziness (and my cats) to perk me up. I can’t afford a shrink, so it’s all up to you…. (no pressure LOL).

  79. I needed this today. Thank you, Jenny, for everything.

    And to combat my Impostor Syndrome:
    I’m still writing. It’s still a beautiful story — come read DeathWatch, and get lost and found again, beyond the Luminora.

  80. As a beloved friend once told me “the day isn’t a total loss if you didn’t poop your pants and didn’t kill any family members. Or strangers. Or people you see in the laundry/grocery store.”

  81. Wow. A whole year ago. My husband struggles with depression (and maybe I do too, it’s hard to know where it starts sometimes), and reading your stuff has really helped me be understanding, and always makes me happy. Thank you.

  82. I´m broken because I have depression. Weel, I feel like this peagons:

    And I´m furiosly happy wen I came out of it.
    I´ve started a blog. I write poetry but I think It´s not so happy.
    Anyway, I love you and your blog. Thank you Jenny.

    P.S. I love the first video of furiosly happy.

  83. The first one made me cry, the second made me laugh.. Thank you for both <3
    Also, I make cute jewelry and little sculptures and all kinds of neat stuff!! Check out the link, let me know what you think 🙂 Opinions are awesome XOXOX

  84. I’m broken because my depression cripples me. I’m furiously happy because I’m a fighter and I’m living my life on my terms, even as depression tries to stop me (sorry depression… I’m going to win).

  85. Jenny, I am a high school teacher with massive anxiety, and your books are a delight. I got our school librarian to buy “Furiously Happy,” and she can’t keep it on the shelf. Apparently, you resonate with 16-year-olds in the San Fernando Valley.

    P.S. You ar not an imposter. Nor am I. Probably.

  86. I’m reading “Furiously Happy” for the first time right now. I have literally been laughing outloud at work, and getting funny looks from people, and I don’t care.

    Just wanted to say that I really love your style, and thank you for being transparent, and you.


  87. I liked the first one more. The second one had loud, aggressive music that, for me, distracted from the message. The first one started off so sad but I loved how everyone ended up hopeful. Made my day.

  88. The version of the video with the plinky music is lovely but it hammers me right in the feels every fucking time. The dubstep version is much easier for me to watch and absorb without getting all wibble-tastic. So clearly, the next time I do therapy, I’m going to need to bring my own background music:

    Therapist: How did it make you feel when you spent long periods of time alone as a child?
    Me: Hold on, just let me fire this playlist up real quick so I can access those emotions without letting them overwhelm me…

    Thank you, Jenny, for helping us find the funny sides of our own respective shit-shows, and for helping us find the courage to keep going when we CAN’T find the funny sides. <3

  89. I’m replying a couple of days late, but this blog post is EXACTLY what I needed to see. My depression has really been lying to me lately and it’s being a horrible bitch, so I needed all these furiously happy reminders. Three people I know have died within the last month, and I’m incredibly sad right now, which is making my depression worse. I know I’ll start to feel better as I grieve them and remember all the good things about them. I’m not furiously happy yet, but I know I’ll get there.

  90. This made me tear up Reminds me that we are all fighting different battles. Stay strong and remember ” you are not alone”

  91. So I help with our wellness program at work, and we’ve been starting to incorporate emotional wellness into the mix…slowly. Today we got a “recommended reading” list from our benefits broker – eight books, one of which is Furiously Happy. So you made a very elite list – and I can’t wait to be able to recommend your stuff as a work-related activity. YOU HAVE ARRIVED.

    And since it’s a year lookback celebratory dealio up in here, here’s one of the weirdest birthday songs evah. Make a wish and play with the melted wax:

  92. Today has been a bad day. I’m missing someone so desperately today that I am physically hurting. He was never mine to miss, but he meant so much to me. He had to leave my life abruptly, not by his choice or mine. He’s still around but there is no reconnecting. There is no more talking when days are bad or celebrating when days are good. He once saved me from myself when I was lost in the darkness and suffocating, standing on the edge and ready to give up. I miss him. and god it hurts. Who do you talk to when there is no one to talk to? Today I am not furiously happy, I not sure I even remember what it means.

  93. I watched the first video and cried because it absolutely spoke volumes to me. I am not alone in so many ways and because of so many people who give me reasons to live each and every day.

  94. Last weekend I was visiting friends and we were driving to dinner and this ad came on the radio saying, “Think you’re fat? Maybe you’re just bloated.” We all burst out laughing at the same time, and I still can’t think about it without giggling, but I’m not exactly sure why.

  95. Thank you for the reminder. We move forward, we move backward, at least we’re moving. Been going through a rough patch, again. We are not alone.

  96. Also I liked the first video the first time around, but the 2nd was what I needed today! (No migraine at the moment mostly helps with that, probably. ..)

  97. I read Furiously Happy over the summer. I’m now listening to it on audio. I love it. Then I decided to check out your blog. And I love it even more. Thank you for writing it and being honest. It has helped me accept my brand of crazy. So thank you for that as well.

  98. I really needed this today. Starting a new job and I am feeling like a failure everyday, thank you so much for reminding me I am not alone, and even though I am broken I am furiously happy.

  99. This is so new for me and I am highly anxious, nervous and insecure about it, so friends, feedback is desired here!! (And I quote Jenny Lawson lots!) It is my new recovery blog. I am putting a lot out there, so please let me know.

  100. Thank you for existing. Whenever I start to feel super down or anxious I pick up your book and enjoy the scared looks people give me as I laugh way too loud in public. You showed me I can be broken and still be magical. Thanks

  101. I’ve finally figured out my problem – I am responsible for the happiness and safekeeping of my entire world. This job sucks.

  102. Both of the videos were fabulous. And I know I’m late to the party, but I just finished ‘Furiously Happy’ and it was AMAZING. Thank you, truly, for all you do.

    Also, do you know Felicia Day??? That’s wild!

  103. Both of the videos were fabulous. And I know I’m late to the party, but I just finished ‘Furiously Happy’ and it was AMAZING. Thank you, truly, for all you do.

    Also, do you know Felicia Day??? That’s wild!

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