Victor has lost his damn mind. Medically.

Victor sent me this video so that it could be stuck in my head for the rest of my life and then he said I should share it here because I think he thinks its like The Ring where if we share the video it stops haunting us and I thought this was weird even for him, but then this morning he went to the doctor and turns out he has pneumonia, so he’s probably just hallucinating from the fever.

But he still thinks I should share it and he keeps humming it and he’s sick so I’m humoring him, so here you go:

Don’t get pneumonia, y’all.  Everyone suffers.

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  1. What did I just watch? Seriously laughed so hard and was completely comfused. Welcome to the tribe Victor!

  2. That scared the life out of me. Plus considering his outfit the least he could have done was provide proof of said fruity pens.

  3. He couldn’t even afford the props.. probably because he spent all the money on that outfit.

  4. This is the kind of crap that my husband will play over and over just to bug me…and he doesn’t have pneumonia. Get well Victor!

  5. For the record, I had pneumonia several months ago and never shared anything like this. Maybe he has brain pneumonia. (i’m a medical professional so i’m allowed to make up new ailments)

  6. Playing with the syllables and word structure is AWESOME!!
    Especially with a catchy tune 🙂

    Hope Victor gets an ‘A’ for effort… being feverish and all…

  7. That is excellent. But tell me how you feel about this weirdness, under the title of “Weird cat dancing videos:”

  8. It just contaminated me and immediately after, my husband. I don’t think that theory is working….

  9. Against my better judgement, I turned on my speakers. Now I hate you…but not really. I’ll just share this so others can experience it. Because that’s what you’d want, right?

  10. I don’t know what I was expecting, and this managed to go above and beyond my expectations. This will now be sent to all of my friends as a “Happy Monday! : D” gift to be hummed at random to one another for months. I appreciate Victor’s contribution to my arsenal.

  11. Well, hel-lowwww, spirit of my late great Uncle Duke.

    He lived in Fort Lauderdale, and frequently sported yellow polyester sansa-belt slacks atop white patent leather loafers.

    He always had fuggy breath, but the man could pull a quarter out of my ear, and that kind of made up for it.

    Kind of.

  12. What the actual fuck did I just watch?? At least it was mercifully brief lol. But now it is stuck in my head . . .

  13. I feel compelled to share this with everyone I know. Is this like that one episode of Outer Limits with Michael Shanks where everyone died from a computer virus?

  14. … I thought Victor was supposed to be the “Straight Man” in our comedy routine of life. A bastion of rational thought when the rest of us make poor life choices.

    I don’t know what to think anymore.


  15. I understand where he is with this. Last time I had a fever I kept waking up to Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Lights in my head. It makes the recovery at the end of the illness that much better.

  16. Hubby discovered this in Saturday.
    Child thinks it’s the greatest video ever.
    I’ve been drinking for two days

  17. This will be stuck in my head forever…not sure whether to laugh or cry about that, thanks Victor…them’s some sick dance moves!

  18. I once had a fever dream that was almost exactly like this video, just with different and somehow even worse clothes.

  19. A friend shared this with me this morning. I think I’ll take her to the doctor. Also, please do NOT show this to my teenagers or I’ll never have a moment of silence again!

  20. You know how kids say “oh my god I farted and it’s SO BAD” and all their friends immediately sniff the air so they can gag and agree?

    If there’s a fart version of an earworm, you and Victor have just successfully gotten the internet to listen.

  21. Does anyone find it strange that there were no props in this? I feel like air pineapples and air pens just don’t have the same effect as real fruit and writing utensils would…

  22. Just showed this video to my 10 year old bilingual Japanese-American son. . . his response?
    “AWKWARD” (which is funny because I though being raised in Japan that he would get it)

  23. Ummmmm……compound word lesson? I can see how this would be hysterical on cough medicine or medication….or medicaL merry-wanna.

  24. Ok, so 1. I want to be as not self-conscious as this guy, and 2. I am intrigued to see if this becomes a series. Pomegranate pen? Is it just fruits, or could there be a pepper pen?

    I admire the alliteration and lack of shame.

    Feel better, Victor.

  25. What is a person supposed to actually do with this video?!? Mercy. Apparently, I read somewhere else on the pretty internet, that people are making videos of themselves lip synching to this video – like this one: What is even happening!

  26. What did you just do? And for the love of God, why? I’m a good person, that should not have happened to me, I don’t care how sick victor is. Bad Jenny , bad girl!

  27. I told myself not to watch this but I don’t listen to my own advice… Oh dear lord!

  28. MY EARS!! What the fuck was THAT!! If this is what happens when you get pneumonia…..I am NEVER getting pneumonia! Or be near someone who has pneumonia. Or talk to them on the phone even.

  29. Is that Victor in this years Halloween costume? Huh. He did a video and song and put it up on YouTube and everything. I’m super impressed! Not bad for a guy with pneumonia. 😉

  30. You should probably take him back to the doctor. He is obviously much sicker than they thought!

  31. I’m going to play this for my psychology class. Just to mess with their minds. Because I can.

  32. Rest, watch sci-fi, drink lots of fluids & get well soon Victor. Since you’re sick I’ll forgive you for this video suggestion.

  33. OMG! My husband showed that to my daughter last night! Over and over and over again 😳 My son and I couldn’t get it out of our heads! Where did our husbands find this? And why did they torment us with it? Is it a husband thing? Like there’s a secret website where husbands get stuff to torment their spouses? 😳😬

  34. spent my 50th birthday in the ER being diagnosed with pneumonia. AFTER I’d had the shot! that made the 7th time I’ve had that BS and I’m tired of it. tell Victor I hope he recovers back to his sane mind soonest! 😉

  35. I turned off NIN for that. It did make me spit out my DQ blizzard. Thank you and NIN is back on so I don’t start humming that tune!

  36. This is going to drive me insane.

    Thanks, Victor.

    It reminds me of the Fee Fi Fo Fanna Name Game song, which I NEVER could get the hang of — oh, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about — while I know the tune, I absolutely CAN NOT get the words. Hence = insanity.

    Dammit, Victor.

  37. Hubby showed it to me and the kids last night. Just now he texted this to me: 🖊🍍🍐🖊

  38. love the cats. Not so sure about the fruitpens, but the sumo wrestlers are hysterical. Im so glad I dropped in today.
    Victor has been assimilated, but don’t tell him until he’s stronger

  39. This is not an ear worm. This is the kind of thing that keeps weirdos like me awake for hours while my brain repeats it to me approximately fifty-seven thousand times even as I beg it to PLEASE STOP! This is spousal abuse…and now also blogal abuse. Thanks a lot Jenny and Victor. Thanks a whole hell of a lot.

  40. This is now my new Mantra! “Pineapple PEN!!” Tell Victor to get better quick. Being sick makes him find weird shit on You Tube….. 🙂

  41. -squee!-

    Tiassa, that cat marching video is the absolute best! I don’t know how I had forgotten about it, but now I want this on a projector in my room as my alarm. I cannot think of a better way to start the day.

    Also, I know I said we should all let our freak flags fly in my most recent post, but maybe… maybe not… this guy… >.>

  42. Jenny you have successfully turned him on our side! Welcome Victor we have been awaiting you!

  43. Who knew when Victor was sick he’d become extra super weird? I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing? Either way hope Victor gets better soon and keeps some of the weird as a parting gift of his sickness.

  44. I love it. Thank you. However, I posted it on Facebook two hours ago and haven’t gotten a reaction. People KNOW I’m different — is this going to be the thing everyone shuns me for? Unh! PPAP!

  45. OMG, this is the best thing ever! Did you watch the compliations of cover versions too? So excellently silly! I can so use this today!

  46. I think victor needs to go back to the doctor. I fear he’s taken a turn for the worse.

  47. I’m pretty sure there’s no antibiotic that will cure earworm. Victor, I’m coming for you. I know misery loves company and all that, but this was beyond misery. Abject horror prefers solitude, for the record.

  48. It seems out of order to me…
    Pineapple-apple ??? No.
    Apple-Pineapple. YES!

  49. Yes I am concerned for Victor’s state of mind. Maybe his brain was saying Penumonia when it was trying to say Pneumonia.

  50. I want to kill you AND Victor now. That was very disturbing. Where do you find these people?

  51. I’m very happy the speakers are off on my computer. Victor is a very sick puppy if he likes this….lol.

  52. WHY did Amazon pop up with a picture of a cat wearing a blue bonnet when I hit play???? Am I being punked? Hmmm, my cat would look awfully cute though…

  53. WHY did Amazon pop up with a picture of a cat wearing a blue bonnet when I hit play???? Am I being punked? Hmmm, my cat would look awfully cute though…

  54. Okay, so what exactly was he looking for on the internet to stumble across this bizarre video? Blame it on the fever! Get well soon Victor!

  55. Wow! Well, that was really something. I predict this makes more sense than anything that will come out of tonight’s debate.

  56. Remember rule number one: Victor is always right.
    Rule number two is, if Victor is wrong, consult rule number one.

  57. Thank you! I have just trumped anything my teenage sons have EVER sent me – they are spreading that joy through their high school!

  58. Crap , I have lupus, I’m doomed… this will loose my mind forevermore… hallucinations on the regular… haha

  59. My college friends and used to get drunk while playing board games. We called it wine tasting. At one point we were the Pineapple Carrot Carrot Association. The end

  60. so, Victor will be having you post things, occasionally, from now on, right? Because I’ve loved seeing what you have to say, since Beyonce… but now, I want to hear him be silly too, because that was deviously hilarious! 😀

  61. ………..I came to your page to read your blog, immediately clicked the link after a couple seconds of your page loading, was all, “what in the fucking hell……” tagged my best-friend on fb, watched it a couple more times, showed my husband a couple times, watched it a few more times. THAT WAS AN HOUR AGO! I’m not even sure I know what my name is or what time it is….the laundry I just started is DONE!….hell, we’re lucky I remembered I found this on your blog…..I feel like my susceptibility to viral videos and gifs has been mugged…but in a really good way.


  62. no. just no. i don’t give a fuck how sick you are when you think thisis
    appropriate to share. now there are so many bloggess followers that are blind. and deaf. forever. how are you gonna put that on your resume, Victor?

  63. I have to wonder what Victor was searching for or doing when he found that video. And I’m about to go to bed, so if I can’t sleep because this stupid song is stuck in my head, I blame Victor. And you. And I hope he feels better.

  64. YouTube has been suggesting that video to me for days. I have never even been ALMOST tempted to click, until now. Apparently, YouTube needs to hire Victor for their marketing team, but only if he’s hallucinating.

  65. They played this on the local radio station this morning. Then I saw it here. The universe is trying to tell me something, and I think it’s not a good thing.

  66. I think that you should find Victor a pair of pajamas like the gentleman is wearing in the video.
    I want a pair.

    I am sorry you are ill, Victor. I hope you get well soon.

  67. Oh no! My mum got pneuonia earlier this year when she was in Colombia. She woke up one morning to a priest in her hospital room, wearing the full garb and lurking in the early morning darkness with a candle! She thought her time had come!

  68. OMG! What was that?? Glad it was short. Obviously it is out of context but what context would it belong in???

  69. I can never unsee that! However….I am now humming that damn tune in my head! Damn it! Well done!

  70. What. The fuck. Was that? That made my brain hurt. In all the best ways. I really want someone to do a version in French so he can stick a pen in a pomme de terre (“apple of the earth” which is technically a potato), too. Or maybe he could still a pen in some applejacks. Oh the possibilities.

  71. An ad for suboxone came up when I played the video. Big Brother must assume I’m taking something in order to watch this video. I guess the ad means he cares, at least a little bit.

  72. Wow, the dress-sense, the hair, the smirk, its Japanese John Leguizamo.
    Feel better Victor!

  73. There is something wrong with me….I have watched this 47 times since I first saw it yesterday!

  74. They talked about this on a radio show I was listening to this morning and I was all “I already know about this ,,, because of pneumonia.” It’s so hard to stay ahead of the curve these days … who knew pneumonia was the key. Thanks Victor for your public service! … the ear-worm, not so much 😉

  75. Please thank Victor and send him my get well wishes. I’ve been wanting something to replace a horrid misogynistic song that’s been buzzing round my head for the past week and keeping me awake at night and that seems to have done the trick. Now I might get some sleep.

  76. Please, please, please Victor, get well soon. We are scared what you might find next. I watched it twice then closed it because I felt some weird sort of mind control thing happening. Take good care of him, Jenny.

  77. I am gonna watch this with the 5yo. We will learn the song together and sing it together when everyone is in the Suburban on the next family outing. The teenagers will grumble and HIM will growl. The 5yo and I will howl with laughter and giggles!

    I created a clean version of this and he drives his older brothers insane with it right now on rides…

  78. Thank you both for sharing and I hope Victor gets better SOON. This is my favorite thing of 2016! (It’s been a rough year, but even if it was the best year, I think this would still be in the top 5 best things I’ve experienced in 2016!)

  79. This has been stuck in my head since yesterday, and I swear I thought I was going crazy just now. I’m at work with sirius radio playing faintly in the background, and they actually just played the song! I jumped out of my seat and ran to turn it up for my coworker to hear. LMAO. She thinks I’m crazy now. But they were discussing how absurd the video is. I guess it’s going pretty viral. lol

  80. Ok. Fever or no, I think he is on to something. This man obviously needs an agent:). Your next million-dollar idea awaits in leopard skin!

  81. My soul in conflicted. A part of me s desperately horrified. A bigger part of me wants to troll people with this EVERYWHERE. Just like the Trololo song.

  82. Omg, I got a flu shot on Tuesday, felt terrible on Wednesday, feel much better today, but still dragging. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!

  83. Oh, come on, we’ve all seen FAR weirder things on Sesame Street and especially The Electric Company! That thing where they had a face (close up on the mouth) in silhouette on either side of the screen and they created words out of nonsense sounds together always freaked me the eff out:

    (together) “PEN”

    Never sure how that was supposed to be a lesson for us kids, it made no sense to me, but I could not look away. This Family Guy spoof is the closest thing to it I could find on youtube, or I might have thought I imagined it:

  84. All the middle schoolers are obsessed with this video – Victor showing his mental age?

  85. I have to tell you that a year later, my sweetie will still fairly often sing the apple part of this. (The pineapple and apple-pineapple portions have been lost over time.)

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