I’m barely moving and that’s just fine.

I’m working through this depression and finding more and more days where I’m  feeling human.  (WHOOOT!)  Today is one of those days and it’s an incredible change from the one I had yesterday when Hailey came down for breakfast and was like, “Why are you laying on the kitchen floor?” and it seems pathetic to say I was too tired to sit on a chair, so instead I was like, “I’m doing the mannequin challenge” and Hailey was all, “I don’t think that’s how that works” but I was like, “Agree to disagree.  I’M NAILING IT.”

Whenever I have days where my mind and body shut down I draw.  Last week  when I shared a drawing I was working on (and the furry person keeping me from completing it)  people asked how I’d made such perfect circles and the truth is that I use whatever I have on hand to trace the shapes I need.

Last year when I was on book tour someone gave me a ring with “NEVER GIVE UP” engraved on it to remind me that I’d helped save them, and to remind me that I was needed even when broken.  A few days later someone in line told me they were struggling and I handed her the ring that had comforted me.  And the world goes round and round.  And then I  had Victor buy a dozen more and send them to me on tour and every day I’d wear one and if I thought someone needed a reminder I’d give my ring to someone who was struggling or who was celebrating surviving but scared of the future.  I’m still wearing my last one.  And it’s what I used to make a lot of those circles.



PS. I really am fantastic at the Mannequin Challenge.  I can literally do it in my sleep.  In fact, that’s where I do it best.

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  1. For me, the best part of this is that you made a point of wearing the rings. I know it’s not a big deal, but to the person who received one, getting the ring off your hand instead of one from a bag you carry with you would have meant so much more, even knowing that you probably have tons of them. Those little touches are the reason we’re willing to change the Mannequin Challenge rules for you 😉

  2. Fantastic drawing! Did you have to lock Hunter in the bathroom to get it done? Unlike you, my pain is unbearable lately while lying down, so my bed is no longer my friend.

  3. Ever since the election, your blog has had the only truly inspirational, humble and comforting things to say that I’ve seen anywhere. I, too, am devastated that hate (temporarily!) beat compassion, but I’m not giving up. I almost did. I suffer from depression and anxiety, too, but that’s no excuse. I must now be the best and most compassionate person I can be. You are loved by many, Madame Bloggess.

  4. I think a lot of us feel like doing your version of the mannequin challenge right now. :-/
    Beautiful artwork, as always. Glad to hear that you’re seeing more light break through the clouds.

  5. I think those rings wold be a great thing to sell on your site. Then we can all have a little piece of the help that has helped you and cam pass it on like you did.

  6. I have a meteorite that is a talisman much like your ring. It dates from the beginning of the solar system about 3.5 billion years ago. It traveled through space and survived a fiery entry into the earth’s atmosphere. It fell in Siberia. Somebody found it and saved it. It’s still here… To some it may be an ugly scrap of metal, but for me, it reminds me to endure.

  7. That’s not the mannequin challenge, it’s planking. In terms of trends, you’re totally retro! (Does that make it cool again?)

  8. I love your drawings. I understand what you mean when you say drawing helps you when your mind doesn’t work. Quilting works the same for me. Lately I’ve really needed it.

  9. I need a ring like that.
    I have one of my grandmother’s rings… A silver one with a lion on it. I received it after she lost a long, long battle with brain cancer.
    I should get it sized.

  10. I am struggling. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in early October, and I’ve been slowly slipping since then. Realized it was a depression episode a couple of weeks ago, got my meds adjusted, was looking for a therapist and then BAM! The election happened. The only thing that had kept me going during those weeks after my mom’s diagnosis was volunteering for the campaign effort, and now it’s over in such a terrible, awful way.

    I know I’ll get through this, I know how to do it, but I’m worried about my mom (and can’t even talk to her about it because she’ll end up worrying about me more than she needs to), I’m worried about our country and my friends who will be affected by this shit show of a president-elect, I’m worried about my cats who have both been unwell – and I had to leave my favorite snuggler at the vet specialist so they can scope her today. I’m worried about pretty much everything right now.

    I just want to feel better. I want to feel like myself, energetic and happy and optimistic. But I keep getting the feeling that some of the darkness will be lurking around for at least the next four years.

  11. That’s an awesome ring. And I agree with actualconversationswithmyhusband, most meaningful when it came right from your hand.

  12. I’ve been forcing myself to get my work done this past week while feeling so sad and at times, so angry. I wear a ring that says, “sing, dance, dream, fly,” (Not necessarily in that order depending on how it moves on my finger.) Someone also gave me a small polished rock engraved with the word “trust.” I believe in talismans and am often comforted by your posts and the community of great people who post replies. Thank you all.

  13. I don’t know what to say other than “I hear you.” I always know my depression’s bad if I can’t knit or sew. Or read. Or… much of anything, really?

    So, well, I hear you.

  14. Love this. Love you too, lady. Hang in there. starts singing Just keep drawing. Just keep drawing. Just kepp drawing. Drawing. Drawing. Drawing. 💚

  15. I went to a bookshop last week with my closest friend and we found Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on a shelf. That’s how we discovered we both adore you and bonded even more over our mutual love of you.
    That’s the power you have.

  16. You always inspire me. I don’t have the vocabulary to express it. Just know that it is so.

  17. When my grandma died, my mom gave me one of her rings. It was a gold signet ring, not anything pricy, but it was my Grandma’s and I loved it. And then I lost it and was heartbroken. This was in the early 90s. A few weeks ago, my metal-detecting husband found a gold signet ring. That fits my ring finger. And has my initials engraved on it. I’m thinking that anyone you give one of these rings to will feel the same way about them as I do about mine. Hoping things get better for you.

  18. I went to the dr today. What should have been a 20 minute visit turned into an hour visit, of which I spent 15 minutes crying. I’m having a really hard time existing right now. I’m home alone tonight and all the awful things I know or secretly suspect I’m capable of are swirling around in my head in maelstrom of knives, alcohol, and prescription medication. I’m desperately trying to see a way out and hoping that the new meds I got will start helping soon. Keep me in your happy thoughts guys, I need it.

  19. I need a ring like that too. The stone fell out of my engagement ring this summer, after 18 years; luckily, I found the stone, but it’s not been fixed yet. Unfortunately, that has become a metaphor for my marriage – a piece has come unhinged, but not yet lost, and we’re trying to put it back together. Hopefully it becomes something even more beautiful, but there’s a risk that it will shatter into shards (both the ring and the marriage). Trying really, really hard not to give up, even though that might be easier for now.

  20. That would be awesome if you got a bunch of those rings, tried them all on, just for a second, (you know, like the American flags they fly over the White House momentarily, then sell), and sold them on your site to peeps who need them. They would be much more helpful than flags.

  21. Love that ring! (Not to mention your drawings… they are magnificent. Well, so are you.)

  22. Jenny! You gave me an idea! I bought these bracelets for my running group that said “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.” and I have a few leftover. I’ll just give one away if someone mentions it to me when I’m wearing it. Thanks!

  23. What is it about lying on the floor that keeps us from falling through it? I wish it was appropriate in public places where I need it most. Thank you for sharing your battle with us. It truly makes depression less lonely.

  24. When you think about it, our natural world is filled with far more circles and curves (river rocks, flower petals, ripples in a pond, women’s bodies) than it is angles and edges — which tend to be created by humans (walls, corners, buildings, intersections).

    And I don’t believe in much, but I do believe that Nature is more powerful than we are and knows better than we do, so… uh… well, I guess what I’m saying is that circles should always win.

    I mean, nobody talks about things coming full square.

  25. I read a post that the worst time to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend is right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. When that happened to me two weeks ago, I was lifting my spirits with the idea of a new President, a woman! I even went to the Javits Center to be part of history when the glass ceiling was broken. It ended up being a truly upsetting night. It was like watching the faces of hundreds of people who just had a death in the family. Normally, I go online to Facebook when I’m down because nowadays that’s where all of your friends hangout, like the local diner, but this week, everyone was just fighting with each other, and predicting the end of the world. At a certain point, I just went to bed, at 1PM in the afternoon, and stayed there until the next day. Just going online is overwhelming to me. I’ve always been impressed with your ability to handle being gracious to so many loyal readers and followers online without losing your own sense of stability. I think it is a talent as important as your humor and writing skill.

  26. I hit a bad spot last night. I feel that my safety is being rapidly jerked out from under me.. It had been about 6 months since I felt deep in my gut that I can’t be here. I can’t handle being in this world. It’s too hard. I need to figure out some action steps I can take to take my safety and my world back. Something bigger than wearing a damn pin.

  27. Oh honey, it is not pathetic to be too tired to sit on a chair. I’ve spend most of the past few months having to be in bed instead of on the couch when I was at home, because it was literally too hard to sit on the couch. Different medical condition caused it, but it’s not too pathetic.

  28. Where is the ‘free halcion’ movement? I’ve heard wonders about that drug.
    My sofa is my kitchen floor. Except I pretend I’m a very very tired cleopatra and I lay in my side

  29. I haven’t made it out of my hole, although I’m having brief moments of daylight when the sun passes overhead. The only thing holding me to this planet is my son, who—thank the powers that be and with their blessing—is a powerful force for me and likely to remain so.

  30. Super, super duper depressed today. Fucking tired of people offering me “fixes” like move your bed and you’ll be all better and the water veins won’t be under you anymore and I try to tell them I’ve had this illness for 26 years and they say they have a PhD and I keep telling them that they don’t listen and they keep telling me that they know Feng Shiue or however it’s spelled. I have really good ideas for blogs I could write three right now but can hardly write this comment so am going to go back to being good in bed because I can stay there all day. Not as fun as it sounds. Not at all. I dunno what’s keeping me here. Maybe it was that giant beaver ass moon two days ago that’s pressing me down. I don’t think that’s how gravity works.

  31. Amazing drawing, especially considering all the “help” from HST. I’m totally in agreement with your win at the mannequin challenge. There’s a reason the Yoga Nidra is my favorite!

  32. Thank you. I’m not doing great right now. The worst part is yet to come for me because it always gets worse after it snows(I’m in southern Manitoba, Canada). Usually it’s here by now and the anticipation is making my anxiety worse. My best defence is painting. And your drawings always leave me feeling inspired and not alone. Thank you.

  33. Where did you find the rings? I think I need one right now to remind myself not to listen to the darkness in my brain. I love you so much. You are light. Xoxoxo your luna

    (There’s a link to amazon for a similar ring. I don’t think they sell the one I was giving out anymore. I’ll have to buy more before my next book tour. ~ Jenny)

  34. Sometimes, when depression hits really hard, I do the manequin challenge on the floor. In the kitchen or in the bathroom, where the linoleum is cool. The coolness reminds me that I can feel something other than miserable. When I get up, I am literally pulling myself up. That’s really hard work at 55, has bad knees, and other physical problems. Thank you for being there, Jenny. I love you!

  35. I love the drawing, is it going to be available in some shape or form for us to color in? This one speaks to me. It says “Go get some ice cream! Then color me!”

    I too, am amazed by how much I got out of this. But when a drawing tells you to get ice cream, you go get ice cream!

  36. Drowning. Hopeless. Done done done

    (You aren’t done. You just need help. You will get through this. You are loved and so needed. ~ Jenny)

  37. That’s seriously amazing.

    But is the opposite side of the ring engraved with “Never Surrender”?

    (Damn, I love that movie. ~ Jenny)

  38. I’m fighting 3 months of fatigue, just started some new antidepressants but no answer to my physical symptoms yet… being physically and mentally ill sucks but I refuse to give up! And thanks in large part to your influence, I’m not scared of trying antidepressants to help me. At this point, I’ll take anything a dr thinks might help me… otherwise I’ll lose my job!

  39. I am SO glad you linked to the ring site. I’m going to buy some and start giving them out. <3

    (It’s really comforting for the person who gets it and the person giving it. ~ Jenny)

  40. What an awesome idea. One of the cashiers at the Safeway near our house had a bad day and she told me her partner had died only 3 weeks earlier and she couldn’t afford the rent on her place without his income and there was no life insurance. She started to get teary-eyed so I gave her a hug, right there in the Self-Check-Out line, but I really wish I had one of those rings to give her instead. I’ve invited her for coffee and hope a shoulder to cry on will help. She needs to ‘Never Give Up’. I will also pass The Bloggess to her as well, because you have inspired me and saved so very many.

  41. Thank you for this post today. I spent 3 days as a hermit this week, and felt like a failure, but this community always reminds me I am never alone. I love all you weirdos.

  42. I spent my whole depressing childhood drawing my whole depressing childhood. I totally get it. (Wish I could show you a drawing. Maybe someday I’ll publish them.)

  43. It seems a fitting use for your Never Give Up ring.

    It’s hard to know if what I am experiencing is depression. My depression usually springs out of the blue (see what I did there?), but this time, it seems perfectly appropriate to wish I could leave the planet.

    Your work is hypnotic. I can’t wait to have a copy of your coloring book in my hot little hands.

  44. I hardly ever post comments but I read your blog every chance I get. I’m having one of those weeks where it’s hard to push myself out of bed. I was late for work the other day which is very unlike me because I couldn’t force myself out of my coma. Things are just so bad right now. I’m trying to work a full time job to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and my autistic son is having to stay with his Grammy more and more while I work and he is not taking the change well and is acting out. So when he gets home all I hear is what a little terror he’s been and how he needs to be medicated or he’s going to be admitted to a mental hospital by the time he’s 7 years old. When he’s home he’s a little angel. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m at my wit’s end. Child care is out of the question because of our measly little budget we make to much money for government assistance but barely enough to keep a roof over our heads. I just don’t want to get out of bed and face the world. It’s to much. I’m doing the very best I can but it’s never enough. Crying doesn’t help anyone and I am looking for answers that seem impossible to me. Do I get a second job and take even more time away from my son? I’m just lost… sorry just venting I guess. No one to talk to here that doesn’t throw out the words “heavily medicated” or “institutionalized” every few minutes. Is it wrong to want to keep my 6 year old son as he is now without drugs? 6 year old boys are hard to deal with sometimes right? But overall they are good kids right?

    (I’m so sorry. 6 year old boys are hard no matter what they are dealing with. It sounds like his grandma isn’t able to properly deal with him and she’s lashing out at you with her frustration, which sucks for everyone involved. I don’t actually know a lot about autism – other than adult friends who have it – so I’m not great with advice but there are a lot of great groups out there online and in person that help parents dealing with these exact issues. Maybe one of them can help get you pointed in a direction that can give you and your sweet kiddo all the tools that you need. Sending love. ~ Jenny)

  45. I’ve been alternating for the last week between tears, rage, helplessness, and laughter (at the Joe Biden/President Obama memes, not the current political shitstorm). It’s good to know I’m not alone in these dark times.

  46. I thought you were using the old Spirograph thingys but anything will do the job….and it is a fantastic and create way to chill.

  47. Its so interesting that so many people dont realise its these tiny acts of kindess that can literally save lives. A simple.gesture with a lasting message
    …I love it.
    I have broken my ankle in 3 places and havenloat mynindepenence and freedom to do things to help my axiety and depression. I am trying to remain postive and appreciate I will heal..it could be worse. But when you arenall.alone, still heartbroken over ur ex and wishing desperately he was there and your friends are all.busy embracing the season and its fun and parties..its difficult to put on a smile somedays.

    (I get this. Not those exact specifics but we all feel alone sometimes. Know that you aren’t. We’re with you even if you can’t see us. ~ Jenny)

  48. To Anonymous @ 6:32pm – Don’t give up. Don’t listen to others about your kid (unless it’s helpful advice). Reach out to the school for resources – the guidance counselor is usually super-helpful. I have been through similar hard times, and the sun does come out again – I promise!

  49. I love the rings and paying it forward! Is there any chance we can get a print of that picture? I would love to have it on my wall as a reminder I am not as alone as I feel sometimes!

    (You can totally print it out and hang it on your wall for free. 🙂 It might make it in my next illustrated book. ~ Jenny)

  50. I have a Lord Of The Ring ring. It’s suppose to make me invisible but I think I got a defective one.

  51. You are beautiful and perfect especially when broken. You have a light that shines even in the darkest places even if you yourself can’t see it. Also I suck at the mannequin challenge especially when asleep.
    Ps stay away from people most of them are being a-holes but I refuse to let them poop on my sparkly rainbow.

  52. Hey Jen,
    you are okay, you are always okay 🙂 Some days are dark, some are light…Someone once told me the reason I’m (we are) so weird is that we feel everything, just a little bit deeper, little more real than most. Embrace it honey, we are the lucky ones. The ones that hurt more, empathize, sympathize and most of all, love more. We are not superficial, we are real, just like the despair and pain we feel are are real…our joy is is happier, our gratitude stronger! Live well, and be strong my friend. You give so much to others, be nourished by them. We NEVER QUIT. We kick ass. We give, until there’s nothing left and yet, find a way to give more. You make me laugh, when I feel I just can’t anymore. Thank you for that.
    Depression does not and cannot win, we do, every day,by just being us! Love and Hugs <3

  53. If I had to lay on my floor, I’d get even more depressed. Seriously, do no one vacuum around here anymore?

    I love that you give those rings away. I’d come over and mop your floors for you in case you had a case of the mannequins coming on, but I live so far on the other side of the country.

  54. Winter is especially hard for me. I do what I can to cope-(don’t freak out!) Yesterday I imagined that you were coaching me to get out of bed and telling me to stop ruminating or thinking bad thoughts. So you are doing a good job even if you are on the other side of the planet doing the mannequin challenge.

  55. I’m dying inside

    (I get that feeling. You are alone. You are needed though and you will get through this. Ask someone you can trust for help. Call the suicide hotline. They can help. ~ Jenny)

  56. I don’t know if this helps but, once I was having a major panic attack in my therapy appointment, weeping and shaking and despairing, and my therapist got up and sat next to me. Part of me, which was removed from the emotional trauma, saw that this was something she wasn’t comfortable doing, that she had crossed some line as a therapist, but her humanity won over and she wanted to comfort me. I could see it all, as if from a distance.

    At my next visit, I told her, “oh yes, I saw the moment you hesitated before sitting next to me.” She was amazed that I was even aware, because I was an emotional wreck at the time.

    The part of me that noticed this was something bigger than me, something more rational than I in that moment, something calming. It was almost like an out-of-body experience.

    I say this because I firmly believe, from the bottom of my soul, that there is a calm, wise part of you, too, Jenny, and all who suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s a part of you that has a wider perspective. It’s the one standing at the back of the movie theatre watching you watching your life on screen. I don’t mean God, or some other being. It’s you, watching you playing mannequin on the floor.

    Trust that it’s there, ready to step in if you need it.

  57. Does no one question how a child is being raised in this atmosphere?

    (It’s a fair question but Hailey is well-adjusted and incredibly joyful. She’s an honor roll kid in tons of extracurriculars, clubs, etc and she is loved and happy. She’s traveled around the world with us and she’s been exposed to amazing authors, actors, musicians and other people I have had the privilege to work with. Luckily my husband and I both work from home so we’re around her a lot and have great communication with her. When I’m down my husband is here to fill in the cracks, and when he’s traveling I push through to be the parent she deserves. She’s raised with empathy and understanding for the issues that I have but admires that I’m able to push through and have a successful career and family life in spite of what I have to deal with. We always make sure she’s safe, happy and taken care of and it shows whenever you see her. ~ Jenny)

  58. Dear Anonymous (67) I know everything feels hopeless trust me when I say I’ve been there. All kids are hard to deal with and I understand why he’s so unhappy it seams other people are not willing to accept him as he is. I so glad he has a mom like you who accepts and loves him just the way he is because he’s perfect just the way he is. There’s a site on Facebook the Penny Hoarder that post work from home jobs all the time. Maybe you can look into one of those. There’s a billion options you may have to get really creative and work more then one but it may be worth it to be able to be home with your boy. I wish you lots of luck and love. I’m pulling for you. You seam like an amazing mom. Good luck

  59. I needed to see this! It’s1 am. My family has a cold. We have no $ for groceries and my husbands paycheck will be short due to this illness. The electric bills are climbing. The anexiety is overwhelming. We as a family are sinking into debt while earning too much to ask for government help. I’m not sure what to do. Where to go to ask for help. How to pay the bills and let my children participate in wrestling, and scouts, and go on school trips, when I can’t figure out how to get help or money. But I have a man that loves me, and 2 wonderful boys to raise,and a disabled mother to provide for as thanks for raising me on her own… I can’t get away because I am needed. I am loved. I’m just failing at the moment. And I too have perfect the mannequin challenge between coughs 😉

  60. When my daughter was younger, she wanted to try softball. We were able to get a sponsorship that was available to pay for it. Being a poor single mom helped, but when times are tough for everyone, it’s okay to ask for help. I would think the scouts would have programs in place to help those in need of assistance, even second-hand uniforms.

    To all of you because we’ve all struggled at some point in our illness, we are a tribe so…..BIG group HUGs! We can get through this one moment at a time.

  61. Commenter 85, I believe people with mental health problems, social difficulties, physical impairments, chronic illnesses etc often make BETTER parents than they would have if they were “healthy” because they have lived experience of how important the little things can be, and know first-hand that you can’t assume everyone is the same as you.

    Hailey sees every single day that people deserve and need compassion and support, and that they can achieve amazing things in spite of apparently insurmountable hurdles. She’ll never feel that her emotions are weak, or weird, or that she’s the only person who feels that way, or that she can’t ask for help. That’s an incredibly valuable thing for a child to have. Having a parent who is ill or disabled isn’t wholly and exclusively a bad thing.

    This is something I think about a lot, because I have depression and anxiety and am probably autistic, and my partner is a wheelchair user with chronic health problems. We’re going to make spectacular parents not despite those things, but because of them.

  62. Love your drawings and I love the idea with the ring. I think they bring light into the lives of many who need it. Thank you for making the effort.

    I really like making people happy. It fills me with positive energy that keeps me going. This year, not so much. It’s been a rough year. I lost my dad, my hero who kept me grounded. I’ve dealt with flashbacks, childhood trauma and abuse with all the horrors that involves. It has left me numb and I’ve hidden a lot.

    When I hide I knit socks. I taught myself to knit using You Tube, Not special socks, just ordinary boring socks. I use colorful balls of yarn that make me happy, even though they probably look silly and crazy to others. I thought that at least I’d have warm feet, convinced nobody else would want any. I’ve knitted dozens. Funnily enough, I don’t have a single pair myself. Every pair I’ve made has been adopted by feet in need. Happy feet, who’d have thunk?!?

    PS! I’ve read your blog for years and followed you on Twitter and Instagram. I have watched Hailey grow. I can tell she is happy and doing well. You’re doing it right, Jenny, whatever it is, you’re doing it right and you’re being a wonderful mom <3

  63. I never knew a person could fall further than the ground, but my depression went there the last few days, and this is really the first moment I’ve been able to process anything or type anything meaningful at all. I was so glad to see your post because, you know. You just know. I love you for that, and the world is better for your sharing so candidly. <3

    I was able to get out of bed for 3 hours today. Tomorrow I’m going to aim for 6. <3

  64. This week I finished sewing xmas gifts for my daughter (custom “costumes” for 3 dolls, and a mermaid snuggle tail). I spend a lot of time doing things for her, it’s what parents do, but I need to do something “selfish” before the lunacy of the holidays begin. Today I’m going to sew something for ME… before my worktable gets buried again. And then my therapist can yell at me and say it wasn’t selfish on Monday. 😛 (She won’t yell… but she’ll get that exasperated look in her eyes that says she kinda wants to…)

  65. (I meant to say, because I was completely unclear: staying busy is the only thing that’s keeping me relatively sane right now. If I stay still for too long, I start thinking about how bad things are getting and then the depression and rage make me physically sick.)

  66. I try, everyday, to make me feel like it was worth getting out of bed. Make someone smile, laugh, or give them soup.
    I just wish I knew what that thing was when I wake up. Because that is the time of the day in which I am dying the most.
    I shouldnt write this. But the darkness is real.

  67. OMG..that is so beautiful.I am currently coming out of the tail end of a depression episode and reading your posts is always a great comfort.

  68. Hailey is an amazing young woman and I cant wait for the book, art, movie, and play she’ll create in the future. She is the perfect straight man for your humor. When you have included her picture, anyone can see the bright light shining through her smile. (Guess Victor deserves some credit too.) She is your greatest success. And was wondering why the fur babies left you alone on the kitchen floor? Mine never do.

  69. Awesome idea! I’m going to get something like that. Thank you! Hugs for everyone with depression. We are all in this together.

  70. Thanks for answering the circle question. I was wondering, too. I love this particular bit of art of yours. Thanks for helping to keep our world going ’round.

  71. Passing on the rings is absolutely beautiful and shows just how beautiful you are inside and out.

  72. Your title made me think of this awesome song from Tim Minchin’s Groundhog Day, the “I’m here and I’m fine” bit.

  73. I love a good day! I too am battling depression and PTSD. For me writing helps. It is a day by day and moment by moment process for me. But, I keep moving forward. I share my writing on my blog that is on my web site.Thank you for sharing your day and artwork. Have a wonderful day!!

  74. Jenny – I wrote you last year, just after the Christmas holiday. I had to let you know that your book, Furiously Happy, had just gotten me through a difficult trip with my father. Since that time, my father has passed. I have felt up and down a lot over the last year… probably more down, if I’m forced to admit it. I’d like to say it just has to do with grief, but I’ve been an emotional grab-bag all my life, so I know the roller coaster will continue. Please don’t ever doubt that you have helped me, and countless others, cope with life’s challenges. I admire your strength, and I joyfully adore your humor. Don’t ever stop sharing… you are loved and appreciated, even by people you’ve never met! 🙂

  75. My brother in-laws girl friend let me borrow “Furiously Happy” and after reading it I feel inspired to keep fighting. I’m so glad you’re alive Jenny and that you write the things you write. Love and happiness seem to be some of the only things that work for me. I’ve not had luck with medications (they make it impossible to stop the urge to hurt myself), and my service dog can only do so much; its not like he’s a robot. You are a life saver. Keep it up. And stay furiously happy!

  76. I absolutely love that you took that gesture and paid it forward- not once, but many times. And I find a kindred soul in the fact that you planned it out- got multiple rings, and wore one to each signing just in case you felt an emotional connection to give it to someone. Just keep swimming, Jenny- even in mannequin pose.

  77. Omigod….Jenny! You gotta watch Jenna Marbles’ latest video! You know the cat bonnet you have on your main page? She has her dog Kermit wearing the exact same one in her ridiculously funny video entitled “Thoughts from a Couch.” I notice really obscure shit like that. You probably won’t read this but I thought I’d point it out anyways.

  78. You are such a beautiful soul for always passing on hope, even when you feel broken inside. I strive to do the same. So grateful for your posts and the tribe for keeping me sane(ish). <3

  79. Very pretty. It’s like a gazillion circles of life co-existing together. Each perfect and different in their own way. I think this is how snowflakes were invented.

  80. The ring idea is a good one. Unfortunately because of this blog they are now unavailable anywhere. Well, unfortunately for me, who could use one, but very fortunate for the people selling them and the people who got one! Of course, I doubt a ring or anything else could help me with the depression and flatness and emptiness that I am in. I don’t even feel alive…just someone walking around pretending to be alive. I feel as though I already gave up, but it just doesn’t show on the outside.

  81. P.s. I’m reading Furiously Happy now and I keep trying to read it aloud to my husband because I’m a laughing snorting a bit of peeing myself mess. He doesn’t laugh as hard. Why is that? 😂

  82. How do you make such the details of your drawings so perfect and correctly proportioned? They’re awesome!

  83. I’m struggling terribly. I can’t find a medication that works and I’m feeling hopeless and I can’t remember ever being this depressed and anxious.
    Thankfully I have the most amazing doctor who keeps me going and promises me we will not stop until we find something that works.
    I saw this ring and realized I need one to remind me I need to keep going. That I can’t give up. Unfortunately they are sold out, I am guessing everyone stampeded over to Amazon and bought them out. I contacted the seller and she said they didn’t expect the demand for them and have ordered more which should hopefully be available within the month.
    So if anyone reads this there will be more.
    I know it’s bad for so many of us. I know this nightmare of the election results made it so much worse.
    But I take it one day at a time. I keep reminding myself this too shall pass. It will get better.
    Take care of yourselves. Do something special whether it’s a pedicure or a bubble bath, just practice self care.
    Thank you Jenny for making it better. You help more than you know

  84. I do find your drawings amazing.. and I find myself carefully watching them trying to see all tge little details. what do you use (equipment)? never give up 🙂

  85. I LOVE your books! I shared your Spoon Theory with my psychiatrist today. It has helped me feel less guilty about struggling with my own energy level, but when I shared it with him, his whole face lit up. He said Spoon Theory made total sense to him! I told him to understand that if he reads your books, he needs to wear his seat belt. Frankly, I think you are brilliant super hero! Hang in there! 🙂

  86. You give me hope. Because you can have these horrific times of depression and everything else and you still manage to have a husband and a kid who doesn’t seem traumatized and a career. So if you can do it, maybe I’ll be able to scrape a life out as well. Even if my depression is currently telling me it’s never going to happen and I’m just going to be a lonely failure forever. So thank you for existing. And adulting like a boss.

  87. Love your drawings. I lost my creativity. I am a former fashion designer (!) and now I cannot even come up with my own doodles of the easiest kind. It is pathetic and very depressing. Or adding to depression. Or that’s what caused it but I have been battling chronic pain for over 2 decades. It is a mess. I have also lost the capability to articulate myself on the level that would be according to my educational level and upbringing…whatever you want to call it. Some days, I can barely finish a sentence and have to search for words. Normal everyday words.
    I am so glad I found your blog. Already said that somewhere else. Love your furries, too. 🙂

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