UPDATED: The Seventh Annual James Garfield Miracle


Today marks the SEVENTH (!) annual James Garfield Miracle.  Short story: I bought a very jolly but kinda f-ed up boar head (named James Garfield)  and Victor thought I was crazy so I sold some homemade Xmas cards to make up the $90 I paid for him but I made so much I decided to give the money back to parents struggling to buy a toy for their kid.

James Garfield and I love you.
James Garfield and I love you.

It went quickly but as soon as I ran out of cash a ton of other people stepped up and asked if they could send toys to strangers and it grew into an annual event.  Each year I think will be the last year but each year people who were helped in the past ask if we’ll do it again so they can give back.  For those who like something easier we also give to Project Night Night, an organization that gives a book, stuffed animal and security blanket to kids living in shelters, and also to Heifer because it’s nice to be able to donate the ass end of a water buffalo on the behalf of relatives that you don’t really like.  As always, there are no sponsors, no rules and no one gets anything out of it except the happiness of helping total strangers.


So here’s how it works:  If you are struggling this year and you don’t know how you are going to buy a present for your child (or children) then do this…make a wish-list on Amazon (SEE UPDATES BELOW) and leave a comment below (with the age of your child, a link to your wish list, and anything else you want to share).


Here’s the basic FAQ because we’ve done it enough to know the problems:

  • How do I post my wishlist so that my kid gets a present?

Log in to Amazon and under “Account & Lists” choose “Create a list”.


Name your list something and choose “PUBLIC” and “Create List”:


Find the thing you want to put on your list and then choose the list from the drop down:


Now you have to make sure that you’ve added a shipping address to your new wishlist so go to it and choose “list settings”:


Then go to the list and click “view details”:


Here you have to create a new shipping address or you won’t get anything.  YOU HAVE TO DO THIS.  If you don’t then people will see your list but can’t mail it to you.  People can’t see your full address though (just your town) so it’s still private.  This is also where you can write a description of your kids and their ages if you want to add that.  After you make it public and add your address hit “save changes”:


Then go to the comments here and put a link to your wishlist.  Here’s an example I made up: I’m struggling this year and have 2 young kids and 2 teenagers.  They like books and movies.  I live in America.  I also added an inexpensive coat and mittens for one my youngest  just in case you could help.  Here’s my link.

DONE!  (Adding where you live is good because it’s easier for Canadians to buy for Canadians, etc.  If you have Amazon in your country though you’re good to go.)

  • What should I choose for my wishlist?

Picking things that are listed as “prime” eligible is ideal because shipping is free for people with prime memberships.  Ideally try to limit your selections to less than $30 per kid so that we can help as many kids as we can.  Books and art supplies and movies that kids can share are all great suggestions.

Can I add a coat or warm pajamas for my kids?

It’s really just for toys but you can always ask if you really need them.

I went to buy something from a list but the list was empty.

That is actually awesome.  That means everything from their list was bought.  Whoop!

I went to buy something from a list but there wasn’t an address attached to it. 

Then delete what you have in you cart and don’t buy anything otherwise it will go to you or the next person you buy for.  That happens every year.  Leave a comment letting the person know that they need to add an address.

How do I know I’m using the right address?

When you’re looking at the wishlist it will say the name of the person.  When you check out select the same person’s name’s wishlist address or registry address.  If there isn’t one then they haven’t added their address so delete your cart and try the next person.

Are you checking to make sure people are real?

Sort of.  There are some things I do to check but go with your gut.  I do delete people if I know they aren’t real but most people won’t go to the trouble to fake an account for crayons and kid’s books so use your best judgement.

Can I thank the person who helped me?

You won’t know who they are, but you can totally say thanks in the comments.  You’ll know if something was bought because it will disappear from your list.

What if I don’t get what was sent to me?

It happens, but rarely.  Sometimes you’ll forget to put your address and your stuff goes to the person who bought it.  Or it’s at your neighbor’s house because you weren’t there to sign for it.  Or it was sold out and you’ll get it after the holiday.  It’s rare, but it can happen.

I can’t afford to buy something but I’d like to volunteer to make something or send a card to someone.

Okay.  Just put your email on your comment and they can connect with you.

I want to give 10% off a product I make or let them enter a drawing if they like my Facebook page and tweet a bunch of crap about it.

No.  Sorry.  This is not that.

Will you be my friend?

Yes.  Yes, I will.

PS. I was going to buy a water buffalo in your honor because I think “water buffalo” is fun to say but instead I’m sending a girl to school and I also donated $1,000 to Project Night Night in your name.   And now I’m going to fill as many wish lists as I can. The money I spend on this stuff comes directly from my affiliate links and your support in buying my books. so if you can’t afford to help just know that if you came here this year these gifts are from you too.  In the last 6 years we’ve given over $325,000 to help kids during the holidays.  That is insane, y’all.


UPDATED, day 2: Wow, y’all.  I had earmarked $5k to give out to people needing a toy or two for a kid but so often when I clicked on a wishlist it was already filled completely.  Way to make it hard on me in the best possible way.  You are full of magic and I want to lick you all.  But I’m too tired so I’m going to just nuzzle you in my head.

A quick hint that might help if you’re looking to help people…ideally everyone would just have a toy or two and maybe a warm jacket on their list for each kid but some people just put a link to their long, running wish lists they keep all year, so to see if the person submitting the wishlist has already had items bought for their kids by others you can add this line to the end of their wishlist and it will show you what was already bought and when:


Also, you will see some people getting quite a few toys or clothes for their kids because they submitted long lists.  Is it fair that some get more, when others ask for so little?  Not really.  Is it disheartening?  Also, not really.  Ideally everyone would get something but if our biggest issue is that some needy kids get a lot more than expected then I’d say that’s a fairly acceptable problem to have.  Also, historically day 3 is when a few scammers usually start to show up so be a bit cautious if you see people asking for things that aren’t for kids.  I try to take out the people that I can see are questionable but if you’re concerned at all you can always donate to Project Night Night above and make sure that kids in shelters get something for the holiday.   Either way, I am so incredibly lucky to be part of this community and you’ve reminded me that there is so much good in the world, and I think we all needed that after this year.  The response from those in need and those so happy to give has been incredible and I’ve cried more than twice.  Thank you for helping.  Thank you for asking.  Thank you for being you.

I love you more than strawberry cake.

Updated DAY 3:   I’m struggling to find anyone who had workable wishlist that didn’t have at least one thing filled on it.  In most cases each kid got a couple of toys or books, and I’m also seeing tiny coats and small, warm boots flying through the internets.  You done good, y’all.

A few clarifications…first off, I had quite a few people send me mortified emails because they had long wish lists and thought they were being ignored because their lists were so long they  didn’t realize that they were getting gifts until they started arriving.  I think next year if we do this we will make it simpler.  I’m still working on the details but I’m thinking something like, you have to create a  brand new wishlist for the Jame Garfield Miracle (not a running one used by family because those can be enormous and confusing) with a limit of $35 worth of toys and books per kid, and an option of adding under $100 in coats, shoes, socks or underwear if they are very needed.  That way it’s easier to fill, fairer, easier to track, and less likely to result in confusion, frustration or anything else for both givers and receivers.

By day 4 things start to get tricky so I HIGHLY suggest donating to Project Night Night if you want to help kids in need,  If you do want to give to strangers make sure to check if they’ve already been gifted (using the code above) to make sure you’re giving to those who haven’t already been helped.  I know there are always a few people who asked for a lot more than suggested and it can leave a sour taste in your mouth, but I can assure you that for every person that makes you raise a questioning eyebrow there are 100 other families that were so happy to get a single toy or a book for their child.  It’s just harder to see because those people typically post once and get their list filled immediately, and the ones who seem more questionable seem to post their lists 20 times.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone though (even those who make you raise an eyebrow) who wasn’t asking for help in a bad situation that no-one would want to be in, and I love that we were able to help so many people and that so many people felt comfortable asking for a small bit of help.

Thanks, y’all.

Day 4:  Okay.  This year has been a big fat year of horrible bullshit for so many so it makes sense that this year we’ve had a few more problems than usual.  I don’t usually touch on drama stuff but I think I need to because of the confusion of the last day.  The James Garfield Miracle is about making sure that all children get at least one toy under the tree.  The ideal is that each kid in need gets $40 in toys or books, but we leave it open because some cases are unique and for when parents also request a coat or underwear or socks.  Every year there are some kids who get more and some who get less but usually they get $30-$100 worth of stuff and are very grateful.  For most of the people helped this year that is still the case.  There are always a few people who ask for thousands of dollars of stuff but usually they’re ignored because the givers mainly look for people who just want a few things to save the idea that santa exists.  This year we had more people than usual ask for pages of gifts and sometimes they kept adding to their lists when everything was bought.  Most people who did this were called out on it, and I understand why although I try not to judge because everyone is fighting their own battle.  Sadly, some people who received 4 or 5 gifts now feel bad for asking for help because they’ve seen the backlash.  Never feel bad for asking for help if it’s for your child.  That is not easy and takes guts.  Also, there is a huge difference between getting 4 gifts after asking twice and getting 60 gifts and continuing to ask for more.

I’m heartened that a few people have reached out to me to say that they were caught up in the relief and thrill of getting presents for their children so they kept asking for more but now feel bad that they were gifted pages and pages of gifts and have asked if they can send them to others or cancel them.  Honestly, it’s more expensive to ship most of these things so if you are one of the people who got dozens and dozens gifts and want to pass on the abundance, the very best thing you can do is to wrap up the things that you need to stay warm and to have a few toys under the tree for each of your kids and then look at all of the other gifts that were given to you and your family and (as a family) make a decision on whether to donate the excess to a homeless shelter, church, or women’s shelter before Christmas.  There are always some nearby and it’s easy to drop off (call first) and they always need toys and clothes.  Many kids in the women’s shelters were abused and had to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs so they would so appreciate any small thing you give.  Also, it is a WONDERFUL feeling to give and a wonderful gift to your children to show them what it looks like to give to others.  You don’t have to.  I know the panic of being poor.  I know the fear that makes you cling to anything and the desperation that comes with it.  That’s the reason I started this in the first place.  But I also know that giving to those less fortunate can make you feel rich in ways you can’t imagine.  This and toys for tots are my favorite things we do each year.  It is ADDICTIVE.  As in life, this decision is entirely up to you.

I don’t know that we’ll do this again next year (I never know because I never know if I’ll have the money or health that year to do it) but if we do we’ll implement some changes to make things better for everyone.

Thank you to everyone.  To those who helped.  To those who asked for help.  To those who practiced kindness and empathy even when they were angry.  To those  who struggle.  To those who thrive.  I wish you all a happy holiday, wherever you are.


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  1. We just moved last year, and money is paycheck to paycheck along with trying to finish paying of student loans. We don’t qualify for federal assistance, but we can’t exactly get Christmas presents for our kids. It would be nice if you can help 🙂 Now, about my precious little girls- I have two. Claire is 16, and Sophie is 8 going on thirty. Claire is so smart- she is taking advanced classes, and working really hard in school. She has been so sweet about the move- she hasn’t complained or anything. I know it’s tough for her, leaving all of her friends behind, but she’s really been nice about it. She is applying to college this year, and has already gotten two acceptances! She is into science, and painting her nails. She likes reading to her sister, and also loves purses. Sophia is my sunshine. She struggles in school, but tries her best and always has a smile on her face (actually, scratch that- what 8 year old doesn’t pout once in a while?). She still believes in Santa, as far as I know. She loved being able to sit on his lap when the local fire department had their annual breakfast. She loves having her nails painted, chocolate, and art stuff. She also made it onto her dance troupe with a scholarship, and I couldn’t be prouder! Thank you so much for all the help!.

    The wishlist is: http://a.co/jcsGnT7

    (Sent you $50 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  2. Hi, Cora here again. I’m a licensed counseling with a non-profit community service agency, that serves predominately low income families with multiple barriers to treatment (like housing, unemployment, and complex trauma). And why aren’t my families posting themselves? Most don’t even have phones, let alone internet access, or even a safe place to receive mail! Many families are referred to us through schools, and the Department of Children and Families. Our services range from clinical counseling to parenting support, and employment services for teenagers. We even offer transitional living for teenagers who age out of the system, or who are homeless. The family counseling program serves children from 1 to 21. I’m of the opinion that the division I work for, is the best division in the state! Here’s my super fun wish-list to help out a lot of families, but please read through my post, so you can learn about me and what I’m doing: http://a.co/cjTixGG

    Pensacola, and surrounding areas are among the poorest counties (Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton) in Florida with the fewest resources. Every year, we do our best help out our families by providing by a few gifts for each of their children (even if all the children aren’t clients, since it’s not fair for the one child in counseling to get gifts while his/her siblings who aren’t in counseling don’t get anything). We also do our best to make sure families who get our help aren’t also signed up to receive help through another Christmas assistance program, so there is no double dipping. The families we serve have a lot of need; many can barely afford food or utilities because our resources here in Florida are a joke (but that’s a rant for another day).

    After speaking with one of our directors, we have a ton of children (like 50 or more), who have not yet received any help at all. For most of these kids, this is their Christmas. This is where swell folks like you come in. Through the JGM last year, you guys saved Christmas through several car loads of toys. The tears of gratitude from volunteers who pack the gift bags, and from the parents who receive the gifts for their children are real. (We had pretty much run out of stuff to put in gift bags when I delivered the first car load, so your help was a HUGE blessing).
    So, with the hope that maybe we can surprise some families who have not yet received assistance, I present to you my huge wish-list. I’ve been working on it for quite a while, covering all ages, genders, and prices, so families and friends could also donate toys. There are even some home-goods on there. My grandparents even chipped in some money, which is a “big deal.” If you feel so inclined, feel free to send something our way. I know that it is a huge list and seems greedy. I don’t expect anyone to actually buy anything, and certainly not everything, but there are plenty of options if you would like to help: http://a.co/cjTixGG (just a small point, my wish list is much more fun than the agency wish list :P). Heck, feel free to deviate from the wish list because what the heck do boys, especially teenage boys like?! (Food, and the like are welcome too).

    I know that this seems like it could be a scam. It’s not, and in fact, I sent Ms. Lawson an email last year from my work account with a picture so she would know I was not. In fact, here’s my division’s website: You can check out our agency website here: https://www.chsfl.org/Western. (If you are more comfortable donating directly via monetary donation, there is a donation link there). Yes, the gifts will come directly to my house because 1) I can accept after hours deliveries and 2) it’s a covered porch and I have AWESOME neighbors and 3) I’m salaried and can spend all night unpacking boxes, organizing toys, and delivering everything to the office for our volunteers/VISTAS to check in and distribute. I will post pictures to our JGM 2016 Facebook page! Just warning you, there will be cats. Probably cats in boxes looking extremely cute. If I could post pictures of clients, I would, but you’ll need to be content with my ugly mug, my extremely cute cats, and my office. (I’m paranoid about people thinking I’m a fraud. I’m really, really not and I don’t need that kind of negative karma in my life).

    I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this, and your generosity at this magical time of the year. This year has been full of adversity for a lot of us, but each year, you restore my faith in humanity. If anything can sum up the year, and the JGM network, it’s this quote from Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” You, my dear friends, are the light bulbs that shine brightly, and beat back the darkness, not only from depression, and anxiety, but from social injustices, and anger. You are AMAZING, and I cannot thank you enough. I’m a big believer in paying it forward. Without people like you, I wouldn’t be here today, doing what I do. I grew up in an abusive and poverty stricken household, and need to pay forward my success today.

    So, my bosses don’t know that I’m doing this again. I’d really like to surprise our families, so help please?

    TL;DR: Cora’s at it again, not a scammer, works for non-profit helping families with Christmas, not enough donations, so like Obi-wan, you’re her only hope, so look at her amazon wish list, buy a thing or two if you want, and then imagine a plethora of thanks drowning you like a snuggling warm pile of kittens, puppies, or your happiness objects of choice: http://a.co/cjTixGG
    And I’ll do my best to thank you directly. Bonus, keep your amazon receipt. This could be a write off on your taxes right? (And you bet your butt that I’m hitting up wish lists too!)

    (Fine print I have to add because social media and I like my job, so I want to keep it: The postings on this site are my own and do not reflect the views of CHSFL. I’m not a spokesperson, and simply see a rather large Christmas need).

    (I sent you $100 worth of gifts to start with. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  3. James might be a miracle, but you’re a miracle worker, Jenny. Thanks for all you do, and all you inspire. 🙂

  4. I moved to a new state very recently with my four children in order to escape an abuser. It’s too late to apply for holiday programs in our new town so a friend sent me here. We brought little with us so most of their lists are practical items with a couple of “wants.” Anything at all would be greatly appreciated, God Bless and Happy Holidays.

    (I think you forgot your wishlist. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  5. Hi,
    I have a daughter who will be 17 on Christmas Eve. We’re really struggling this year because my hours were cut and we had a death in the family. It’s such a long drawn out story. I just want my youngest to have a good birthday/Christmas.

    She maintains her own Wishlist so I apologize if things on it offend anyone, she take safter her mother. :/

    (A book and pajamas on the way! ~ Jenny)

  6. First off I would like to say how greatful I am that the bloggess does this program.
    And there are people like her that have HUGE hearts, Jenny and all of you are wonderful.

    My name is Ed and my family has severally struggled this year. In April my wife who is 37
    was diagnosed with stage 3 Multiple Sarcoma Cancer, she has a form where it traveled
    from her uterus to different parts of soft tissue in her body, she has a huge fight and
    still a few more surgeries, chemo therapy, radiation and she just got into a
    clinical trial
    still against her, but we hope and pray she will succeed, shes fighting hard.
    We have also found out
    that our 18 month old is 75% hearing impaired and we have had to deal with getting
    her the help she needs so that she can communicate with us.
    I am also a Disabled US Veteran, I was in the military for 9 years,
    I finished school this year and I am looking for a job but have been unsuccessful
    up to this point, we paid our bills with my stipend for being disabled.
    My wife is fearful that this is her last Christmas with her children
    and as much as I keep telling her not to think this way, she can’t help it. If you could
    find it in your hearts to help us and her make the best Holiday for our family but
    mostly for her, I would be greatful beyond words. Thank you for your time.
    SJ 15 years, Male: http://a.co/hllJ28C
    Ell 11 years, Female: http://a.co/gwZeWDe
    Elltt 6 years, Male: http://a.co/9mZegp5
    Av 7 years, Female: http://a.co/2Tg2S1N
    A 4 years, Male: http://a.co/fhl854k
    P 1 years, Female: http://a.co/06q84oY
    Mom 37: http://a.co/cjbepWr
    Dad 34: http://a.co/a10Ab1o

    (Sent you $125 in gifts. ~ Jenny)

  7. Refresh, refresh! This is my very favorite miracle every year and this year I need it more than ever. Thanks for organizing the awesome, Jenny. I’ll be back later for stragglers.

  8. My family has recently had a bad go of it, my husband laid off his job and then we
    found out he has Rhuematoid Arthritis. We lost our apartment due to his lay off, we were
    able to be rehomed in an apartment through our local shelter temporarily. I found a job
    after not working for 8 years, i was staying home with the kids but we need someone
    working to keep our apartment. So we are just trying to get on our feet as this all
    happened within the last few months. If you could help our family I and my family
    would be so thankful.
    Jill 1 http://a.co/it4yFj9
    bobby 6 http://a.co/9NthOJV
    anna 11 http://a.co/77cm4sj
    parent needs http://a.co/248A58c

    (Sent you $95 of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  9. I am amazingly grateful that you are doing this again, Jenny. The James Garfield Miracle will mean presents under the tree for my little ones.

    It has been a not so great year – multiple hospital visits (hey, always wanted to ride in an ambulance, why not start a punch card?) and the assorted crap that goes along with that has left little in the kitty for actual holiday gifts. This of course makes me feel like the worst parent ever. My kids are sweet and wonderful and deserve to have joy on their faces. I hate letting them down. I hate being sick.

    http://a.co/5p5ac1j is the link to our list. In advance: thank you, over and over and over again. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness and love and generosity, thank you for making this season brighter.

    (Sent you $70 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  10. Hey guys. I made a wish list for my 6 year old autistic son. all he wanted for Christ this year was Lego dimensions and it took everything I had to get him started. I work very hard but with winter coming and Christmas nearly here McDonald’s money just doesn’t get u very far much less past your bills from week to week. If you can help that would be awesome if not I understand and I will wish you a very happy holiday season anyways!https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/39Z234AKVE7PQ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_an_wl_o_9rZtyb5K669M7

    (Sent you $40 in DVD’s. I was confused about how to buy the dimensions stuff since it wasn’t through Amazon directly. ~ Jenny)

  11. Our year started off great, thought we were finally going to be able to start paying off our debts and get back on track, but 2016 has turned out to be (as the kids put it) a poopy-butt face. My husband injured his back at work and has been laid up for a few months, thankfully we have my income, but it’s not enough to cover rent/bills and have something left over for gifts for the boys, it has been a tight year! I have my boy who is 6 and much of the time I have my sister’s two boys staying with me ages 5 and 7. We would be very grateful for any help anyone has to offer.

    The boys have an Amazon wishlist they help me curate for them when they see things they like.

    Thank you and very happy holidays to everyone from our family to yours!


    (Sent $55 worth of gifts. LOVE the little Golden Books you picked. Flashbacks. ~ Jenny)

  12. My name is Jeananne and I recently took over the care of my 4 grandchildren because their parents are doing drugs and I couldn’t let them be put in foster care.
    It has been such a roller coaster of emotions the last few months. Making my paycheck stretch from 1 to 5 is almost impossible and I am afraid they won’t have much of a Christmas this year.
    A girl at work told me about this and to make a list of books and some toys that they would like.
    This is such an amazing thing! Thank you all so much.

    (Can you comment again but add the link? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  13. Hi all! I am writing to request help for Xmas for my son Tommy.
    Our 2016 has been especially craptastic without a single sheet of two-ply in sight. In May I was diagnosed with an extremely rare neuromuscular disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome,
    which kept me in the hospital for a good portion of the summer and has derailed my grad school studies and the stipend that would’ve gone along with it. My family is supported by my SSDI and my husband’s job as a chef, but he broke his right hand in September and had to be out of work for 6 weeks, which put led to a complete financial meltdown that we have still not been able to get out from underneath. We have been able to pay the rent and keep the lights on, and what little money we were going to try and use for presents now has to be used for co-pays for major surgery that I get to have next week (yay adult tonsillectomy and broken nose!) So for us Xmas seems pretty non-existent right now.
    My son Tommy is 12 years old, and is very into anime, Hamilton, cosplay, drawing, and theater. He is such an awesome kid and has had to deal with a lot this year, and has been my biggest helper through everything.

    His Amazon wishlist is here: http://a.co/3B4XS4K
    Thank you in advance to Jenny, James Garfield, and anyone who is willing to help. It is truly and greatly appreciated.

    (Sent you $35 worth of gifts. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  14. Hello, my name is Emma. I have 3 beautiful daughters. Back in October we got hit with hurricane Matthew and lost everything. So this opportunity is a blessing to me. I’m working 2 jobs to get us back on our feet so thank you very much for anyone that can help my girls have a great Christmas.

    (Sent you $60 in gifts. ~Jenny)

  15. From the FAQ: Can I thank the person who helped me?

    You won’t know who they are, but you can totally say thanks in the comments. You’ll know if something was bought because it will disappear from your list.

    Amazon has a thing to let the recipient send a thank you email. There is a link I think on the gift receipt.

  16. It’s hard to do, but I am asking for help providing a Christmas for my girls. My 4 year old was diagnosed with kidney disease this year, and it has been extremely rough. We are seeing a doctor over an hour away, had a hospitalization and multiple blood draws and tests. This has left us with a huge stack of medical bills and not much extra after bills are paid. The disease is progressive and will end with transplant, so there is no end in sight to the bills.

    Not only has it been rough financially, but it has been rough on our girls. Our 4 year old understands that something is going on, and has been put on medication that makes her feel awful. Her sisters have been troopers through it all, but are always at other houses for appointments. I would love to give them a great Christmas. They deserve it so much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing.

    Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1I8SJ5RACC3ZG/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_ip_wl_o_1lZtybN51FHXR

    (I bought the last two things on your list. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  17. Ok, so I’m not a kid nor do I have kids, (just cats, and I mean they are my kids, but that is not what I am writing about). I’m 32, in graduate school to become a social worker (therapist), I recently moved out on my own and have all that fun stuff like rent, electric, water… but so does everyone…. The thing is, I really want to build a bookshelf of kick ass therapeutic resources and things they can use like fidget toys for the kids I have as clients (I’m an intern, this stuff will also be super helpful once I graduate and have a job as a social worker)…

    All I want to do with my life is become a therapist after such a great treatment team helped me to overcome my own self-harm almost 5 years ago (woohoo almost 5 years without cutting!!!). I guess you can say I am paying it forward/or paying it back? When I graduate and now I work with a lot of adolescents struggling with self harm and depression. It’s important that I keep finding new resources as I continue my path as an MSW student as I never want any of my kiddos to struggle as much with mental health as I did.

    Being a student, managing my own mental health, living (bills, cats, food), makes it hard for me to afford some resources and great activities for the clients I serve at my internship.

    Any help in helping me to purchase these is greatly appreciated. xoxox Plus being in recovery myself, and still having some bad days every so often, I find it very helpful to use copies of pages of these books for my own well being…. At the end of the list I put some presents for me, (yoga stufff…) don’t feel like you have to help me out in buying them or anything else..There are a lot of families struggling to make Christmas special, but I was hoping that some members of the community are willing to help me out so I can help out my clients. xoxoxox

    Therapy Toolbox – help me become a kickass social worker with great books to use!
    Link: http://a.co/1bXDBGU

    (Sent you $40 worth of books to help with the kids. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  18. My name is Betty and my husband and I are raising our 3 kids and my 2 nieces on a fixed income. Their ages range from 14 years to 7 months old. 2 boys, 3 girls. We all like to play the Star Wars X-Wing game. My eldest brace, the 14 year old loves doctor who as well. The eldest two have aspergers syndrom, the middle child, Autumn has spina bifida, and the baby, my other niece, has downs syndrome. Due to skin sensitivity issues the munchkins all steal my t-shirts, so I added some star wars t-shirts. Any help would be amazing. Thanks from all of us. Merry whatevermas!

    The Smyth family


    (I tried but I couldn’t get an address to load for you. Maybe check and make sure you have one for that specific wishlist. ~ Jenny)

  19. I am Louise the Python’s mom
    My anxiety makes all social media, even FB, much too upsetting for me. I want to spend some time making photos for us in the Bloggessosphere…

    I spent HOURS making a little video offering to email anyone a personalized card photo for free or a handwritten greeting card in snailmail for $1 (I will happily to the first few for free but I cannot promise to do 100 for free).

    Louise the Python and her mom are elderly and very ill but would love to write and send a card to anyone who wants one.

    Link to video on youtube here

    Or if that link does not work go to Youtube and search
    Louise the Python Jenny the Bloggess

    Our email is louisepython at gee mail dot com

    Louise and her Mom have all Jenny’s books and audio CDs and wish for nothing but cheery comments on youtube and a way to feel useful and needed for a day and writing your name on paper in a pretty handwriting is something I can do.

  20. I for got to add my list link!!

    My name is Jeananne and I recently took over the care of my 4 grandchildren because their parents are doing drugs and I couldn’t let them be put in foster care.
    It has been such a roller coaster of emotions the last few months. Making my paycheck stretch from 1 to 5 is almost impossible and I am afraid they won’t have much of a Christmas this year.
    A girl at work told me about this and to make a list of books and some toys that they would like.
    This is such an amazing thing! Thank you all so much.

    (Excellent book selections! Sent you $100 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  21. This is so wonderful. It’s been a hard year for me, in july, my cousin stabbed my uncle to death.
    Seeing how wonderful and giving everyone is, makes me feel happy.
    Jenny, you are totally amazing.

  22. Nine months ago my son was born while my husband was deployed and we found out in his first day of life he had kidney issues. Since then we have been to many specialists, back and forth to the children’s hospital, and just went through our first surgery of many more to come. Things are tight this year between medical bills for him, travel back and forth, and childcare for our oldest as we live away from family with my husband being active duty. I have created a lousy of things we can enjoy as a family both at home or in/near the hospital. i appreciate any help this year as we come up on another surgery and bill for a hospital stay next month. Thank you.


    (Sent you $55 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  23. Hi Everyone. Could definitely use help this year, my son has been through a lot. He’s 4 years old has motor planning and speech delays and sensory processing disorder. He was extremely close to his great grandmother (we lived with her) and she passed away in February. Since then we’ve had to move across the country since her house was put up for sale and I couldn’t afford to buy it. I’m disabled and a single Mom. Now we are in a new place, new school and no friends yet for him and it’s been rough. With disability I make just barely enough to pay our bills, nothing to spare. Any help would be appreciated greatly. His wish list is here https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1XZMFO8J05D8V/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1

    (Sent you $30 worth of gifts ~ Jenny)

  24. I really could use some help with getting a few things for the kids. I have 3 kids ages 10-16. They are wonderful kids, and understand that we don’t have much money. I would love to get a few things to put under the tree for them. They all do wonderful in school, and would give other kids the coat off of their back if they needed it. My 2 oldest volunteer at school doing service projects and giving back to the community.

    I do work full time, but my husband has seizures which have prevented him from being able to work for the last few years. We do the best we can, but Christmas can be tough. I try to put a bit aside every paycheck, but it always seems like something hits and wipes us out again. It’s frustrating to be in this position, and I can’t wait until they day when I am on the other end of this miracle and giving back to all of the kids that really deserve some help.

    I’m attaching my list- I added a few various things I know they would all like. I appreciate even one small thing for each of them. Thank you very much for looking at their list.


    (Ordered the last $65 worth of stuff on your list. ~ Jenny)

  25. This list is for my three children. Two school age boys and one toddler daughter. They love art, reading, and writing stories. My kids are great kids and do very well in school. They’re definitely on the nice list 😉

    Thank you in advance for any assistance. I’m in my last semester of grad school and it has been hard to keep up with everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2VGWZUL59ZCC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_JmZtyb8QZC4D2

    (I can’t get your address to load. Check again to make sure you’ve assigned a shipping address to that exact wishlist. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  26. @Cheril, girl, I hear you! Are we secret twins? Let me ask, do you have a kindle? Ugh! I want to get in touch with you so bad, because I’d be THRILLED to send you a few workbooks that I’m currently using in PDF copies, and give you a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up working with kids, including what games I play. A lot of the stuff I use is stuff I picked up for cheap, or free, and made it as I’ve gone. My gaming email is ladyerinia@gmail.com, if you want to get in touch.

  27. I was so happy to give back last year! This is awesome! This year we have had much to be thankful for, hubby got a new job and we moved to a new place, but that move cut my income by 2/3’s and then hubby was diagnosed with MS. So 2016 pretty much sucks. I haven’t bought a single gift yet. This is a list I made for the grandparents, a want, a need, a read for each kid. There are four of them so I feel like my list looks excessive, but really anything is helpful.

    I’ve been so lucky to make some really wonderful friendships from this miracle! Saint James Garfield for the win!

    (Sent you $80 worth of gifts. Some of your stuff isn’t available through amazon though. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  28. This year my family is in a bad way. My husband just got back to work after a long time off due to an Achilles tendon injury. He is only cleared for part time. My oldest got a job to help us out. But here is the rub. We had our things in storage for almost three years because we were homeless, living with family, after a job loss. We bought a mobile home and have been rehabbing it for the last year. Every spare nickel, every moment of free time, because it was in sad shape. While our things were in storage a lot of it was outgrown or attacked by mice that got in the unit. Last night at 9 pm some idiot kid left his truck running, in neutral, and it rolled down the sloped road and down the side of my home. I actually had someone say to me today, “At least it was a trailer and not a real house.” It is a real home and one we have sacrificed for. I’ve been crying off and on since last night. I’ve made two lists. One for my youngest, one for my oldest. They are teens so they don’t believe in Santa but for some reason they still believe in me. They have clothes and a few entertainment items on their lists. I’ve tried to supplement what they have outgrown or was eaten at Goodwill. Anything to help the oldest stay warm while he works to help the family is appreciated. Anything to help the youngest be entertained and have new clothes is appreciated. They just need a little miracle from someone that is more capable than I am at the moment.



    (Sent you $100 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  29. Hello, oh wonderful tribe of weirdos! I was lucky enough to help others in the past, but this year I could use some help. My husband has a genetic condition that causes him to constantly form and pass kidney stones (7/7 days this week!) and broke his back last year. He’s been unable to work and is applying for disability, but has been denied twice. We’re filing for bankruptcy and have a disability attorney, but things are realllly tight on a single income while we wait for things to turn around. My wonderfully geeky, sarcastic, voraciously reading 10 year old daughter could use some love. Her list is at http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3UJLDNE76ME2H. Thank you all- this amazing group of people’s capacity to care is awe-inspiring.

    (Sent her $30 of awesome books. ~ Jenny)

  30. Anonymous in post 1 doesn’t have an address on her wish list and Jeananne Schooll in post 13 didn’t add a wish list link

  31. Recently laid off in a struggling economy. Single mom of one fabulous daughter, age 10. Something for her under the tree would be an amazing help.
    Link: http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/199HBIN95C0B4

    (I couldn’t get your address to load but I’m wondering if it’s because you’re in Canada and I’m not? Maybe double check your address. ~ Jenny)

  32. You’re an absolute star for doing this. Last year my son was on this list, and this year I’m here to donate. Having those gifts arrive when I was broke was amazing, an a lovely woman even navigated to my personal list from my son’s and got me something I had been planning to buy when I could. I cried so hard over those octopus coasters and I think of her and that feeling every time I use one.

    Lots and lots of love, April and Johnny

  33. i dont have money this year, but im using project night night to connect my employer with local shelters to stock them with all our overflow clothing/shoes/bags/hats that we make. Really want to thank the tribe for helping me get through this horrible year. to the member who donated to my friends go fund me 3 years ago – hes still alive and kicking, you literally saved his life. This tribe is fucking magical. love you guys happy james garfield everyone!

  34. Full time mom, full time student, full time bipolar disorder and full time bills- ouch .What a year. My daughter is 16 and is a really great, really beautiful kid. It’s been a hard year for her to stay on top academically, but she’s doing it and I am so proud of her. This is her list- a couple of things for her under the tree would be amazing- especially since she’s not counting on them- thank you!


    (Sent her $30 worth of gifts! ~ Jenny)

  35. Hi I’m making this list for my two children. Who are four and six. I just started a new job today as a Hostess and have had a hard time finding one making finances really tight right now. I am in no way expecting everything on this list. Just maybe two of the highest priority gifts. Thank you so much Jenny for doing this and helping out the way you do to make Christmas magical or so many children. Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2Z9LTT0MG0E9N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_kLZtyb1CM3SNX

    (Sent $60 of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  36. So I posted on the wrong post… Sorry for the repeat!James Garfield helped us last year. We had just escaped an abusive home under my ex husband, were living in a woman’s shelter, and I was trying to finish my masters. I had hoped to be able to pay it forward this year, but I still haven’t found a job in my field, so until then we are on my little-bit-more-than-minimum wage. (On a separate note, if any one in the Midwest knows of a postition for an MA in History with a focus one early human civilization, email me!) This is a list I put together of things that the kids would love. Sofi is my two year old who is crazy about stuffed animals, and Elijah is 4 and craving any sort of robot/mechanical thing he can get his hands on. They both love books and being read to as well. I’m hoping to homeschool them (Elijah is on the spectrum) so there’s a lesson plan book on the list as well. Thank you, everyone. From the bottom of my heart.


    (Sent you $60 worth of gifts! ~ Jenny)

  37. I am a single mom to five kiddos. I don’t get child support and my kids don’t see their dad as much as they would like to, and things are so much harder for them than I can stand sometimes. Every year I say I’ll do better, but I always seem to come up short. Always. I can’t tell you how much this means to me…how much my heart is swelling thinking of the generosity of you all. I always talk to my kids about helping others out any way that we can. We do, but when it comes to financial help we are fortunate to be able to help ourselves. Here is a list of a few things for my three boys and one daughter (oldest son is 20…not so much of a kid anymore.) https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=VJTZ5X9LHFGQ&type=wishlist

    And if you’re still reading I could really use any prayers and positive thoughts you would send my way. I recently graduated college and have a job interview this Friday: could change things a lot for us 🙂

    (Sent you $75 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  38. Hi everyone. Things have been hard this year. We moved this fall and expected things to be better financially in time for Christmas but they’re not. My husband and I both work retail. We have a 3 year old girl. I’ve hesitated to sign up for help locally because I have gotten a couple small things for her, and I feel like there are so many families that need help more than we do. With 2 weeks to go though, i don’t think we can manage the one big thing, the one thing she’s seen in a store and gone “wowwww!” The one thing that I was like “that is what she’s getting for Christmas.” I’ve gathered little things that I know she’ll love but I just can’t do the big one. So it’s the only thing on her list. Thank you, Jenny, for setting this up and thank you to anyone that can help make my daughters christmas. Zoey’s wish list
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3GJ9NEAD48C8E

    (You don’t have an address attached to your wishlist. Can you add? ~ Jenny)

  39. Thank you to whoever purchased a couple gifts for my girls! I am almost in tears that they will have something under the tree when otherwise they wouldn’t. Thank you so much! Kristy #17

  40. Hi! My name is Becca and my sister told me about this and to make a wish list for my children. I’m a single mother of four children. My only job is a server which is it bringing in much extra income other than what’s needed for bills and necessities. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my children’s list and Merry Christmas :-)Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/TJLDUKEYHQWX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_BQZtyb67FW9P4

    (Sent $100 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  41. This if off topic, but I did recently donate a bunch of money to the local public school system to buy lunches for kids who can’t, so I’m feeling pretty awesome.
    What I WANT to say is: thank you for teaching me I don’t have to join the PTA or go to area council meetings and all that other terrifying stuff in order to be a good mom.
    In so many ways, I thank you every day for telling me it’s okay to be me. Merry Christmas, you amazing motherfucker.

  42. We have had quite the year, we usually rely on a “Christmas Bonus” from my husband’s employer, unfortunately this year there won’t be a “Christmas Bonus”. We have 3 children who really don’t want for much, the normal kid things (minus electronics) and books.

    Bellah is a 7 year old girly girl this is her list: http://a.co/3na171u

    Gabby is a 5 year old little girl who loves everything especially a good book: http://a.co/hB03PjX

    Kris is our 9 year old boy who loves everything lego and Minecraft, as well as books and action figures: http://a.co/hIlN2Dh

    They are great kids who never really ask for much. They all love books and legos and using their imagination.

    Our family thanks you in advance for your compassion, giving spirit, kindness, love and generosity this holiday season.

    (Sent you $90 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  43. Thanks Jenny…our family was in need last year and this year we can participate and help. Just helped out two families!

  44. It has been paycheck to paycheck and always short this year. I am thankful for our general health, though. My kiddo with CHD has been well and my older boy broke his first bone but it is also mending. I do need help with providing Christmas gifts for my four. There is a boy of 11, girl of 10, girl of 7 and the littlest boy is 2 and a half. They’ve helped me pick out a few things. Here is the list… http://a.co/4VWqVfH

    (Sent you $80 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  45. I’m a single mom of 3 young men. One of my sons is developmentally disabled, and his brothers never ask for anything and are often in the shadows. They are interested in American History, Superheros, board games, art supplies and eating massive amounts of food which isn’t easy to keep up with! They are the lights of my life and I would love for them to be surprised with some fun items and a few necessities for Christmas. We would be very greatful for any help.

    Their combined list is here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/134SNBC2RJ003/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1

    (Sent you gift cards for each. ~ Jenny)

  46. Hi. We are having a really hard year this year. We are in the process of trying to keep our house out of foreclosure and Christmas is going to be hard for us this year. My husband is currently working full time but he hasn’t made as much as he usually does due to not having as much work as they usually have (he makes the bulk of his money on out of town jobs). I have a 10 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. I put a few things on here that they would love. We would be appreciative of anything we can get. Thank you to anyone who decides to help. We are also located in Tennessee.

    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/16CEEH5CPB2PY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_2SZtybMCS58H5

    (I just checked and everything on your list has been bought. Yay! ~Jenny)

  47. Thank you so much Jenny! You and your wonderful friends and readers have made it possible for me to give my son Christmas. Next year, after I have a full year of full time employment under my belt I hope I can make someone else’s dreams come true.
    Thank you everyone who helped me!

  48. I have created a list for a young girl in Columbus OH. She is an 18 year old single pregnant gal who is working hard to get on her feet. Her baby, a boy, is due at the end of April. I have concentrated on necessities for her anything is appreciated. http://a.co/6fyrvI3

    (There isn’t an address associated with that wishlist. Can you fix? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  49. I have four kids who’ve been through the ringer this year and I’m struggling to give them a Christmas. Chance is 17, Sydney is 15, Owen is 12 and Lila is 9. My husband is a disabled veteran with PTSD who’s been staying home with them while I work full time after he had a breakdown this past summer. We moved into his mom’s old house and it started falling apart the day after we moved in. I’m not even kidding, 45 minutes ago my water heater went out and all I could think was “There went Christmas :(.” They really only asked for art supplies and some books or small toys. And movie passes so they can go see Star Wars. 😉 I put a coat for my 15 year old on also, hers went missing in our move and its really freaking cold here in MO. Ugh. I don’t know how much longer my sense of humor about this year will hold out. Literally anything from the list will help, I just want my babies to have a nice Christmas.


    (I just checked an looks like everything on your list was already purchased. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  50. What a wonderful tradition! I have only begun following you Jenny this year but I am always amazed, entertained and weirdly at home here. God bless you and your family. Happy Holidays! I am only able to purchase one small thing this year but you’re right. There is joy in giving to others even when it is anonymous.

  51. My husband was laid off from January to the end of August. He had some severance until May but it was so hard to find a job. He ended up taking a job that had a 15000 pay cut from his last job. We thought we were doing good until we realized how much debt we accumulated over those months. It didnt help that our water heater, washing machine, and two tires on my car went out. And making so much less now we cant get ahead. I did not sign up for any kind of help because I thought we had this but we do not. My teenager has gotten nothing for Christmas. I have a few small gifts for my littles but I am afraid they will be sad this year as well. We do not even have a tree yet. I have three kids, 14, 6, and 3.

    http://a.co/6v176iP is their list

    (Sent $70 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  52. I’ve been SO DAMN BLESSED the last few years to be able to help. But this year, I need to ask for a little help for us.
    My daughter and I are starting over, 2500 miles from home. It wonderful and scary. We’re finding our feet, but things are tight. She’s three and a half, and just cannot wait for Santa. I’m struggling to make that happen. We could use a little miracle this Christmas. Thank you Jenny and ALL OF YOU for doing this.

    (I just checked and your list has been filled. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  53. EEEEEEE! Yay! I’m so glad you are doing this again (even if I don’t have a “don’t quit before we can lay you off” bonus to blow this year).

    How can we see what’s already been bought from someone’s wish list? Although I want to buy everyone everything ever, that’s not financially possible (at least not until my plans for world domination occur). So I would prefer to contribute to wish lists that haven’t had much, if anything, bought off them.

    Thanks for being awesome!

    (There is a way but it’s a little complicated. If you look at the list from a mobile site it will let you look at the items already bought. ~ Jenny)

  54. I’m hoping I’m not too late to post this, and I’m hoping even more that there is someone out there willing to help us out.

    I was truly hoping this year would be different from last, that we’d be back on our feet and things would be better. I guess in some senses, things ARE better – my husband is working two jobs so we’re scraping by when it comes to bills. I suppose that it is more important to have a roof over our heads and a warm place to sleep in this freezing weather than it is to have gifts under a Christmas Tree but I can’t help but hope someone would be willing to argue that I can do both for our family.

    I have several lists, but please don’t let that deter you. I broke it down so that I could keep easier track during the year of things the kids had made mention of wanting/needing and the things that would just simply help out the family. First off, Christmas ideas. There is an eclectic mix of items on this list, ranging from stocking stuffers (I haven’t even been able to hit up the dollar store this year) and candy to gifts that I don’t expect to be bought but I put there earlier this year when it was mentioned by the kids. There are several movies, as our family loves to spend what little time we have together watching movies and also reading together (thus the books on the list). My eldest daughter LOVES to cook and bake. She’s always trying to come up with ideas for things with what we have in the pantry which is usually very little and leads to some interesting concoctions. I’d love for her to get some baking items to practice/enjoy. She and my youngest also love to make the rubber band bracelets and have recently been making them to donate to the local hospital. While sweet, this leaves them with not enough bands to either make more for the hospital OR to make them for themselves. I’d love to get them more. My son likes anything that challenges him – he’s teaching himself to juggle, use a yoyo, do card tricks, things that keep his mind occupied. He’s also in need of winter boots, he grew from a size 7 to a size 9 in what seemed to be a day. Those are more a necessity but sometimes the needs are stronger than the wants. My youngest daughter is big into dolls and little toys like num nums and shopkins. Her biggest wish is an American Girl doll but that is definitely out of range. Instead, she’s hoping for a pet. We had someone graciously offer us a free cage and rat, to be picked up Christmas Eve. She’s going to be beyond thrilled, but all I can think about is the upkeep. The “pets” list has multiple different items that will help us keep the pets taken care of while we get back to not struggling.

    Finally, the “needed” list – just some food items that are mostly for school lunches and multi-meal dinner options.

    I appreciate if you’ve read this far, and even just well wishes and thoughts are appreciated. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, and wish you the merriest of holidays.

    Christmas Ideas: http://a.co/er5YTSI
    Needed: http://a.co/8QZhmja

    (Sent $100 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)
    Pets: http://a.co/0fIwSku

  55. Merry Happy FaLaLa and blessings upon James Garfield and Jenny and everyone else here! My name is Leslie, sometimes also known as that-wife-James-always-tells-stories-about and almost always known as Jamie’s-Mom. I’ve got a laundry list of physical disabilities that’s like a wet Mogwai having a 1am snack. Kiddo has several neurological disabilities. Hubby, theoretically the only functional one, is stuck trying to be ‘provider’, which really sucks when you’ve got as much medical debt as we do. Despite “doing nothing wrong” (thank you, oh so helpful financial advisors!) we’ve been treading water trying not to sink into the depths of poverty for over a decade now. Thanks to hubby working 80+ hour weeks, we’re now surviving without depending on charity, but that’s about the best I can say for it. I could charge for my work as an abuse / disability / special education advocate & educator, but I can’t bring myself to do it because the people I help are usually at least as bad off as we are. That said, Christmas usually comes down to giving kiddo a bunch of used books from the thrift store, and James (hubby) and I telling each other what we wish we could’ve done. That is, unless miracles are sent our way. We’ve been blessed in the past, and we’re ever grateful for that (I am happy to link to an album of joy-filled photos from last year, if desired), but I have to admit some blessings would still be….just that. Jamie is one of the most amazing human beings I know, and not only does he limit HIMSELF to one request per year to Santa, but he doesn’t want to ask for anything at all unless he’s convinced he wants it more than anything — he has a much easier time thinking of things he’d like to give to other people, or donate from his own belongings — but there is so much more that we wish we could do for him. This Amazon wishlist is all stuff that would be for him, or for him AND us as a family, and includes, I confess, two options for one pipe dream, to help him progress with one of his skills and passions that lets him prove more than just his perseverance through academia, therapy, social skills, and the ablist world at large.

    I will be looking through lists for anything we’re actually able to do. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to do the same with ours.


    (Sent the Harry Potter vault. Now I have to get one for myself. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  56. I am a single mom of 4,2 of them are autistic.my youngest was just diagnosed which was a huge blow because I had to quit work due To her therapy along with my son.I don’t usually do Amazon because I always try and find things cheaper.But I went ahead and posted what my kids really want because I can’t afford anything this year.Maybe someone has a gymnastics bar they can donate to my daughters because it’s expensive on Amazon.i know Craigslist has very cheap ones.But here is my kids Christmas list of what they want.If someone can send to PayPal so I can purchase everything for around 120 or donate these things even if they are used.

    God bless


    PayPal helpforbraylen@gmail.com

    (Sent you $100 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  57. I have a beautiful son named AJ. He’s 13 years old and I cannot give him a Christmas. He deserves one, though! Even though he inherited my anxiety from me, fortunately not the depression or agoraphobia (I hope he never gets those) he is my biggest supporter in life. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great kid, but I’m forever grateful to the Universe for him. I want him so badly to have a Christmas. He really doesn’t have any friends, can’t do sports, gets bullied at school because he identifies as LGBT, and so he comes home – goes to his room and paints or draws. He’s only been drawing for a while now since we’ve run out of art supplies. That’s basically what I put on his wishlist. He also loves cars and is trying to learn how to fix up our old broken car so he has one when he turns 16. I put books about cars on there, too. I don’t know if it’s okay, but I put some jeans and sneakers on the list because he only has one pair of pants and he’s growing out of his shoes. Thank you so much for this Christmas Miracle, James Garfield, Jenny, and your tribe. AJ’s list is at http://a.co/6uMY9np

    (Sent $45 worth of art supplies. ~ Jenny)

  58. My daughter’s ( 1/2) list is long this year and money is super tight. We had child support issues up the wazoo and things have been off track for months. Any help at all would be amazing.

    (Sent $35 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  59. Hi I’m the mom of 3 kids one has bipolar disorder,one has early onset schizophrenia and one has autism and ADHD. We are a family of 5 with an income below $20,000 A year. We desperately need help we have so little you will see the kids asked “Santa ” for socks with no holes and underwear. Thank you all so much for anything you can help with so that we may give our kids a Christmas! Much love to all!


    (Sent $90 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  60. @Nancy (#49), that’s awesome. And you know what, it is okay to be you! Some of the best moms that I work with don’t need to go to meetings, they just need to be present for the kids. Sounds like you do that! Hats off to you!

  61. surprisingwoman- I am anonymous 1, and the shipping address should be Lasya T.’s registry 🙂

  62. Dear Britni #54 – Happy holidays from a mom in CA. Gift should arrive by Weds. I hope 2017 is FURIOUSLY HAPPY for you and your family. xoxo

  63. My husband is a Veteran of the US Airforce and this year has been hard on us. I had a daughter who came very early at 35 weeks and we had alot of problems with her
    right after birth. My husband was laid off from 2 jobs and he finally found a job a month ago and his VA benefits has screwed up and he has not been paid correctly from that
    which we are trying to get fixed. My daughter who is 9 months has been in and out of the hospital since birth, so that has taken a toll on our family and finances as well
    If you could find it in your hearts to help us with our children this christmas we would be so happy to be able to have presents under the tree for them.
    Kaiden 3 http://a.co/dS1ynIt
    Kendrix 9months http://a.co/evsz5wZ
    Sarah 10 http://a.co/d5w0bym
    Tyler 13 http://a.co/6cSuWxs

    (Sent you $100 in gifts. ~ Jenny)

  64. Regarding post number 20, forgot to mention all the brats names. Kitty is 14, she’s my niece I’ve raised since I was 19. Then there is Scott, he’s 10, he’s my son. After him comes Autumn, 9 and my husband’s eldest. Dominick is 8, also my husband’s. Then there’s little April, 8 month’s this month. Thought I’d add this while my husband figures out how to unlock the new oven and get out my lasagna. I’m on bed rest with health problem of yet unknown origin. 2016 can suck a donkeys nutsack

  65. I thought for sure that we would be in a better position this year but we aren’t. Hubby and I are both college students (went back to school in our late 30’s – eep!) and he will be graduating in the spring. His student loans got mixed up in October and we are just barely making it, with nothing left over for Christmas gifts. In addition to school, hubby works and I do odd jobs and take care of our high-maintenance special needs little guy (he’s deaf, has epilepsy, OCD, bad anxiety, sensory processing disorder, autistic traits and more they’re looking at. He also has the most adorable smile ever, big bright blue eyes, a super laugh, and a keen mind). But with the mess up with the loans and $900 in car repairs, we are well past our limit. Add to that traveling nearly two hours to see a geneticist since August. We are a month behind on rent but, thankfully, we have understanding landlords who are working with us since we always pay on time. Next summer, after hubby graduates, we are moving away from Michigan for job opportunities and better mental health care for our son. I hope this is the last time we have to ask for help and that next year I will be here GIVING help.

    Hubby and I do not care about Christmas gifts for ourselves. I do also have a food and household wishlist on Amazon but Christmas for our boy is more important because he understands gifts and Christmas but not money problems (and I don’t want him to understand those when he’s so little). Our son is 9, chronologically, and about 4/5 developmentally. He loves books and DVD’s. And toys. He’s really not picky at all – this is a kid who loves getting clothes! 🙂 He is SO into Christmas! I do have 2 pairs of shoes on his wishlist because he needs shoes that have Velcro closings and he has none (all of his tie). I added gloves because he loses his all the time. I also got some suggestions from his occupational therapist at the school that I still need to add to his list. He’s a good little boy who tries SO HARD and doesn’t ask for anything (except chocolate at the store, lol!) and I know that Christmas isn’t about presents but for little ones it’s a really big part of it.

    It warms my heart to see the love and read the stories. My prayers to ALL of you for a happy, healthy 2017.


    (I couldn’t get your wishlist to work. Can you repost? ~ Jenny)

  66. Hi. I have an almost 12-year-old girl who has Inattentive ADD and Adjustment Disoerder. She’s doing really well in school now, but she still struggles with many things. She’s got a quirky, funny personality and makes us laugh daily. Art and music are her life, along with anything cat-related. She’s growing like a weed, which is why there are school uniforms on the list (And because she refuses to wear pants. She will only wear skirts and dresses to school, even when it’s 40 degrees!) My husband works full-time, but we still struggle. A lot. I got a job a few months back, but then I got really sick and ended up in the hospital ER a couple of times. I need to have surgery, but it hasn’t been scheduled yet. I almost lost my part-time job (it’s work-from-home), but my boss luckily understood and let me keep it. Then my daughter got mono. Who knew someone as young as her could get freaking mono??
    Anyway, I got suspended from my job because of the time I needed to take care of my girl, and I’m still trying to get it back. My daughter also needs to have her tonsils out, but we’re losing our health insurance on New Year’s Eve. (This scares the cap out of me. We can’t buy a policy from the exchange because there aren’t any for our county. The only county in the U.S. without a health insurance provider on the exchange and we live in it.) Oh, joy.

    We need new tires on our only car, because the tread is splitting. The money from my job was supposed to go for Christmas gifts and car repairs. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen right now. Everything needs to go to rent, utilities, food, tires and medicines. I’d actually hoped to be a giver for Jenny’s miracle this year, not a recipient. sigh Maybe next year.

    So, it’s been kind of a cappy year, financially and I have to hope that next year will be better. 2016 has just sucked, and I’m more convinced than I ever was that David Bowie held the universe together. (I’m still so sad that he died, can you tell?)

    There are some things on the list that are for the household. I only made one list because it’s easier for me to manage that way, though the household things are needed (Our toaster oven disappeared when we moved. How does a toaster oven just vanish??).

    I will be eternally grateful to anyone who helps my baby girl have a good Christmas. The generosity and kindness of Jenny and her people is an amazing sight to behold. I’m convinced she’s an angel.

    Sorry I babbled, but I never know what to say for things like this. We need help, just like too many other families.

    Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3JGVUT7ZK9GNG

    (Sent $40 worth of gifts! ~ Jenny)

  67. I’m asking for five kids, two families. They are all awesome kids, great parents, but stuck in bad situations through no fault of their own.

    List is: http://a.co/8750Nvr

    Two kids are A and S, almost teen and teen with Mom who works and Dad who was injured and can no longer work as he can’t lift his arms. (long story, but he’s fighting the doctor on this as the surgery injured him severely.)

    Other family has three kids, one teen boy, one tween boy, and one five year old little girl with autism. Both parents work as hard as they can, but they can never get caught up.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    (Sent $80 worth of gifts ~ Jenny)

  68. Salas Christmas


    Still homeless after we had our fourth child in April. Spent a month in Neonatal Intensive Care unit and it really set us back. We were unexpectedly forced to move out of our rental the week we had Hazel which left us having to move in with our inlaws. All the kids want is a home, but you guys can’t do that so I compiled a list of things they really want. Hazel is 7 months now and still needs some things. Other kids are 15 and 12.

    (You don’t have an address assigned to your wishlist. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  69. Hello fellow misfits!
    Like many people, 2016 has been a dumpster fire around here. Hospitalizations, divorce, financial hardship, etc. I think things are starting to look up, at least in the family health department (the most important one!).
    I am struggling to find a way to provide a happy Christmas for the teen girl who is my world. She is crafty and so, so smart. She has the kindest heart and is a strong advocate for mental health support and awareness through a provincial youth-run program. She even helps distribute grants to school and community programs. That girl is going places!
    Because she is a teen, the need for most toys is gone, but the need for teen-friendly gifts is a challenge. She is not material, and never asks for anything, which is why I wish I could give her the world.
    We are Canadian, I must note, so the wishlist is on amazon.ca.

    We would be so very grateful if a fellow northerner could help a bit. I feel weird asking for help, but if there is a chance of making her holiday magical, I do it with love.


  70. My name is Mary. This year has been very hard but also very rewarding.I was given custody of my 2 grandchildren cause their father is in prison, and sadly, their mother is dealing with substance abuse.Im doing the best I can, but struggling to make ends meet. I will never give up and we will make it work… but a little Christmas miracle would be so awesome, and so greatly appreciated. My grandson is 9 years old, and my grand daughter is 7. Thank you for reading my story. Have a Merry Christmas!



    (I don’t see a mailing address assigned to these wish lists. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  71. Everyone please make sure your address is on your wish list, I have gone to check out on a couple and it says the wish list had not given permission to share the address and it only had the option to ship to myself or type in adv address!

  72. @Cora I sent you an email! Thank you for being a great person in this profession. XOXOXOX And thank you Jenny for providing The Annual James Garfield Miracle. Love you all!

  73. Are we allowed to ask for gift cards for groceries or for restaurants for Christmas dinner?

    (We typically focus more on toys and books since that way it keeps scammers out but you’re always free to ask. There are gift cards for restaurants on amazon and also some groceries there as well. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  74. I am embarrassed to even be asking for help, however I am grateful. I have twins – a boy and a girl. I would love for them to get fun Christmas gifts this year, but it’s been a challenge to pull together the funds to make that happen. I don’t have a compelling story or reason other than we struggle financially. My kids have what they need, but we can’t afford the extras. I am thankful for anything extra we could put under the tree — especially the books. ❤️


    (I clicked here to find everything bought. Whoop! You guys are faster than I am. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  75. Hi. My kiddo is a teenager already (I can’t believe it! Time flies!) Anyhow, I am just scraping by and wasn’t sure how I was going to pay the bills and have anything left for a present. Thank you so much for Helping! Here’s the link:

    (I was going to say that you forgot the link but I think you added it again a few comments down. ~ Jenny)

  76. Hi Anonymous 1- I saw your Lasya T registry pop up on my amazon list of addresses, so its working! Hope your daughters enjoy their gifts and that 2017 treats you all well. Merry Christmas (and thanks jenny for doing this again! it was wonderful to get to help someone)

  77. At last…something to feel good about!!!! Happily shopping for complete strangers and it feels soooo great!

  78. I’m a single mom of 3 amazing kids trying to provide a good life on just my income. I work up to 50 hours a week to be able to give them what they need and manage to pay my bills. They deserve the world but I’m unable to give them what they want for Christmas. I have a 6 year old son and a 7 and 11 year old daughters. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


    ($60 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  79. I am trying to send something to Ashley who posted near the top, she escaped an abuser with her four kids. I can’t figure out how to send it to her. It doesn’t give her address as one of the the options for addresses. Help? There is one of our family members who is still with her abuser. I am so happy that Ashley was able to get out, and I want to help her.

  80. Jenny, would you mind if I reposted this on my blog? It’s relatively new, so I don’t have a lot of followers, but I thought if even one of my readers can help out with someone’s wish list, it would be worth it. Thank you for doing this.

    (No problem. ~ Jenny)

  81. Robin (#28) – A few items for each off the list (coloring books, gel pens, Lego kit, books and game) should be on their way.

  82. Hey there, thanks first to Jenny for this opportunity!!! I am a single mom to an absolutely terrific 6 year old boy who is obsessed with Lego and Batman. He is literally the best thing in the world and I am just stricken that I cannot always give him EVERYTHING he wants and deserves. I was recently the victim of some fraud concerning my checking account and am currently locked out of it and out more than $700.00 which is an enormous amount of money to someone like me (and probably an amount I will not be getting back). I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do about this all weekend. Anything from Beau’s wish list would be crazily appreciated!!!! <3

    Here’s the link to the list. I followed all the instructions above and added an address and made the list Public. If you have any issues just reply to this comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND THANK YOU JENNY! You’re truly an Angel!


    ($30 in gifts headed your way! ~Jenny)

  83. Never mind, I figured it out. I am so glad that you do this every year, Jenny. I am happy to be able to help out.

  84. Jenny u r awesome and so is everyone else on here. To be honest idk a lot about the dimensions stuff either. If it said Lego dimensions on it I added it to the wish list all I know about this stuff is the long monologues Alex has learned from those toy reviews on YouTube so anything is helpful.

  85. Hi 2016 has been hard and I wish I didn’t have to ask for help and I know my daughter is 16 but I would really like to see her have stuff under the tree, she’s such a great kid. Thank you. http://a.co/hBbG3dn

    (I just sent her an audio copy of Furiously Happy. Excellent taste, by the way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  86. Again thank you! God bless you. I love you all and kiss kiss hug hug😀https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/39Z234AKVE7PQ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_an_wl_o_9rZtyb5K669M7

  87. We have had a hell of a year. We’ve been homeless, had a car’s engine seize, had a baby, gone through several surgeries (3 just for me), and have been looking for answers for some potentially serious health issues with one of our children. We’ve pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and have worked our way toward having a home again, but we are still WAY behind on many things and searching for additional income so that we don’t have to choose between making a car payment, having electricity, and having food. We are in good spirits, though, and hope to bring a little magic to our kids’ lives with a small Christmas. Here’s a little about our kids:

    Genevieve (aka Genny) is 5, going on 20. She is homeschooled and is excelling wonderfully at everything we throw at her. She’s big on princesses (especially Princess Elena), reading, and ballet. She doesn’t have much on her wish list this year and says she would rather her brother have more gifts.

    Cora is 3. She is described by her cousin as “comedy gold.” A sillier little girl has never walked the Earth. She loves cooking, the Lion King, and striving to be just like her cool big sister.

    Finn is 9 months old and fondly referred to as our Finnamon Roll, as he is super sweet and fluffy! He has grown VERY quickly, which has surprised us. He’s so big, he can’t pick his belly off the floor to crawl normally and has to Army crawl all over the house! Most of his wish list is clothes, as he outgrows them very quickly!

    Thank you in advance to anyone who feels generous enough to help our family, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

    (Looks like two of your lists have been filled. Sent you $30 in gifts. ~ Jenny)

  88. Could really use some help getting gifts for my kids this year. I was in a car accident which totalled my van so I had to use what money I had to get a used car but now that’s an extra Payment and more money going out making things very tight. They are awesome kids who have been troopers this year.
    This is for my 17 year old
    My 14 year old boy
    And my 10 year old boy


    ($65 in gifts coming your way! ~ jenny)

  89. Heather @ 58-ish: You should get 2 things on Wednesday and 1 on December 21; unfortunately, the coat won’t arrive until “Jan. 11, 2017 – Feb. 3, 2017” (?!?!?!).

  90. Between my husband losing his job and my struggles with major depressive disorder this year, we’re in the worst financial situation since we got married in our early twenties. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jenny for offering this opportunity. Next year, I hope we’ll be able to give back.


    (You don’t have an address for this wishlist. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  91. Kristen (#82) Thank you SOOO much! They love books, we all read every night and they’ve been begging for new books.

  92. Are we only allowed to ask for kids, or can we ask for siblings as well? It is fine if that’s not allowed! What all of you are doing is great!

    (Ideally just for kids but you can always ask. Sticking with just kids and teens keeps scammers from asking for grown-up stuff so that’s what usually gets filled. ~ Jenny)

  93. So I can’t do a ton in terms of spending at the moment but I love the Christmas Card idea!!

    If you want a cheerful handwritten Christmas card from “a Secret Christmas Elf” sent to someone please make your request by sending an email to send.kate.notes@gmail.com.


  94. Oops! Mine was Comment 65. I forgot to say that our son Jamie is 11 years old. He also really wants me to wishlist a hat for his best friend, so I might do that. I’ll put a note under it, though, so you know it’s not directly for my kid.

  95. #7 (Ed M) I got something off each list but they may not end up there until after Christmas.

  96. I have three wonderful kids who know money is extremely tight this year. We are a low income family who suffered a financial setback when my husband had an accident this past spring. We became increasingly more in debt when he was out of work for a brief period. I would love to provide a good Christmas for my kiddos but have found it impossible without some help. My kids are 7, 14 and 17 and really could use some winter gear. Thank you. http://a.co/cnczVY2

    ($65 in gifts coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  97. Hi everyone! I’ve been a fan of your blog for many years now, and blessed enough to have been able to contribute to others wishlists in the past. This year I’m hoping for some blessings for my students. I teach at an elementary school in Maryland, and we serve a very low-income area. This summer, a couple weeks before school started, one of the apartments in a nearby complex had a gas leak and exploded in the middle of the night. Dozens of my students and their families were left homeless, with no belongings, and nowhere to go. Some lost a friend (an 8 year old died in the fire), and to this day many are still trying to get back to “normal”. Our third grade team would love to be able to go on this amazing field trip with our students, but most can’t afford it. We’ve been hosting fundraisers, but the truth is most of their friends and families don’t have anything to give, especially with the holidays around the corner. If anyone has an extra 5$ they could give to our GoFundMe page, we’d be so thankfully! http://Www.gofundme.com/p/4ff4

  98. We were doing so well until the Louisiana floods this past August. Our house escaped flooding, but friends of the family lost everything they owned and we took in their children whose guardian has yet to find a new house for their family. This has left us strapped, but we can’t begrudge helping a family in need. Altogether, the kids are 3 boys, ages 14, 16 and 17 and one girl aged 16. We will be thankful to receive anything for the kids.


    ($90 in gifts coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  99. We could really use some help this year. Things keep piling up and I just seem to get further behind each month. My son Matthew is 8 and obsessed with anything science/ math/ hands on. He definitely keeps me on my toes. Anything would be extremely appreciated!

    (Can’t get your link to work. Try again? ~ Jenny)

  100. #79 (Suzy) I bought 4 things off the list. I hope the kids get everything they want 🙂

  101. I AM anonymous POST 66 Sorry I forgot to add name its Christina my children are ages 7 girl,5 boy,3 girl,2 girl.My 5 yr old and 2 yr old are autistic.I will also provide diagnosis if anyone needs it.

  102. Hello out there. I am hoping to get a little help from you guys for my family. Let me tell you a little bit about us. My name is Tammy, I have a wonderful husband named Eric and 4 amazing kids. My husband and I have been married for 6 years. He is an awesome husband and is my rock. I suffer from some pretty severe anxiety issues and Eric is the most supportive man I have ever known. He is always there to hold my hand and to talk me down. I adore him. Our two older kids, Adam who is 17 and Bailey who is 14 are from his previous marriage, but we have full custody of them and they are no contact with Eric’s ex. The kids went through some very bad times with her and they have been through a lot in their short time here on this planet but they have come out the other side of it stronger and better. They are two of the sweetest, most loving and giving kids and I am so proud to be their mom. Our younger two kiddos are Holly who is 4 and Lily who is 3, they are the best of friends and are inseparable. They bring so much love and light and laughter to our home, they are just a joy to have! We are a very close knit bunch and everyone gets along so well.

    We have always struggled a little bit financially, Eric worked full time and I’m disabled but I work part-time. We did ok until this year hit and brought a tsunami of bad luck upon us. In the space of 3 months, Eric lost his job, our car died and cost us over $1500 when all was said and done to fix, and we found black mold in our walls. It has been an absolute nightmare to deal with it all. We are staying with friends right now while our house is being treated but we are hoping to be home by Christmas. Our savings is completely wiped out and our credit cards are close to maxed out and we are scraping by with my income and Eric is getting unemployment but it is a fraction of what we were making and we are really struggling. He has put in his resume at every place he can find but nobody is biting. We are behind on our bills and we have nothing leftover for Christmas this year and so I am hoping we could please get some help.

    I had the kids make up wish lists on Amazon, Adam did most of it, he is much more computer savvy than I am. They are still working on them but they are mostly done. Since the kids made the lists, they might be a little over the top with some choices, but I promise they will be thrilled with absolutely anything at all. Here are the links.

    Adam’s List http://a.co/3kJf6lL
    Bailey’s List http://a.co/62CsQXk
    Holly’s List http://a.co/ab1aTdB
    Lily’s List http://a.co/8mPMat9

    I want to thank you all so much for this amazing thing that you are doing. Any help at all we could get would be so greatly appreciated and paid forward.

    My email address is tamiller1978@aol.com if anyone has any questions or needs to contact me or even just wants to chat.
    Thank you so much for reading and Merry Christmas!

    ($70 in gifts coming your way~ ~ Jenny)

  103. My oldest is in dire need of pants! She walks to work and she outgrew her only pair. She only makes enough for bills and food and I would hate to see her walk to the store in pj’s. I dint make enough to buy her any. I know she is 20 but we are struggling.
    I’ve also added gloves to the list.
    Thank you!
    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/38SVGXKZBT9P3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_.VZtyb8T9Z7R7

    (You don’t have an address attached to the wishlist. Can you update? `Jenny)

  104. “Every kid should have a rocket.” THAT’S IT! I am so happy to be able to help out. Now it feels like something good is happening and it hasn’t felt like that for a while.

  105. I’m getting ready to lose my employment, and being diagnosed with a serious illness recently, the cost of my meds has left me unable to get my 5 year old kiddo anything. This Christmas has been really hard. I made a wish list, but tried to keep things cheap, but stuff he would really enjoy, and a couple of things he needs. Jenny, you are so incredibly sweet for offering this. I become a bigger fan every day. Keep spreading the love!


    (The bottle is on it’s way but the charizard can’t be sent by wishlist so you might want to replace with something on prime. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  106. Needing help badly…. due to a crappy year that seems to be getting worse and worse as the days go on…we need help badly!
    We have made not only a wishlist for my 3 year old brother but also my 2 month old son.
    We had moved in march to a home we thought we could afford but turns out we can’t so we are having to move yet again in January… yay… not… and due to all the unexpected expenses of having to take my son to children’s hospital and having him be put on levothroxine at 2 months old and blood draws and dr visits every week or two things are tight and we won’t be able to afford anything this year 🙁
    We just put some stuff on the lists to choose from there isn’t really isn’t a preference they will all be used and cherished. This is my first Christmas as a mother, and could REALLY use some help. If any more info is needed let me know plz

    (I was going to ask for the wishlist but I see you added it later in another comment. ~ Jenny)

  107. I cry every year at Christmas reading these lists. What a big heart the world has this time of year.
    I wasn’t going to put my story out there, but at the urging of a friend I will.
    My husband was laid off for months this year and we are back on our feet thank God.
    We’ve got everything almost under control, but were going to just do a very small Christmas for our 3 kids. Two teens, a boy and girl, and an 8 year old. However a dad friend we know has cancer and we’ve been helping them keep the lights on for 2 months and that cut into whatever we had planned.
    I’m going to put the kids Books, Coats, and Small Stuff list here. Books are the priority, they are all good readers. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    ($50 in books coming your way. ~ Jenny)

  108. Every year I forget about this. I already saved up and bought a gift for each of my brother’s kids, instead of saving for surgery I need. [I’m on the autism spectrum and can’t be awake for tooth removal due to sensory issues and anxiety, but my insurance doesn’t feel it necessary to pay for anesthesia for only one tooth, so I’m in pain every day until I can save up to pay out-of-pocket.] My brother hasn’t been able to work in over two months due to debilitating back problems [he’s been denied for disability once already], and his estranged wife only works part-time as a waitress, so I’m afraid their four kids [12.5, almost 10, almost 8, and 4] won’t be getting as much as previous years.

    This is the list I made for them last year [thought they’re obviously all a year older now and have slightly different tastes]: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/73UGKCSWWSFT

    ($45 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  109. We have three children under 10. We just barely make enough money to cover bills and groceries. We just recently gave up our fourth child for adoption, partly because we knew we could not afford to keep her with us. Christmas and birthdays are always tough for us. I chose one item and one book for each child, and I would be super grateful if anyone could help us out. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.


    (Looks like your wishlist has been filled. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  110. Single mom w/ 3 boys, 13,12 & 9. We love to play monopoly together but our board game is in pretty sad shape. I’ve only put one thing on my wish list and would be over the moon if someone chose to fill it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful tradition.


    (Looks like it’s been filled! ~ Jenny)

  111. I have 2 little boys (20 months and 4 years). They go without a lot of luxuries mostly because I can’t really work with my disabilities. They are so selfless when it comes to material possessions and are best friends to an extent that leaves me in awe of them. My husband got sick and missed a bunch of work. At this point I don’t even know where we are going to get the rest of our rent money for the month, let alone Christmas gifts, no matter how much they are deserved.


    (Clicking through to see that others have already filled the wish lists. You guys are making me sniffly. ~ Jenny)

  112. I wish I could help, but can’t this year. I’m sending good wishes, and cheering people on when they help instead. (I’m selling my house and moving in with my parents, and things could be a lot worse, so I’m going to be optimistic. My dogs don’t care if I get them Christmas presents. ^^)

  113. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/YIIBF9E8XOSH/ref=nav_signin?&amp;

    We have been struggling this year. I had three emergency operations and I am still not all the way better. I volunteer full time at one of my kids schools, she has special needs and needs me there. I owe thousands in medical bills. My kids don’t expect much for Christmas but they would be so thankful and surprised to receive something!

    ($45 in toys on the way! ~ Jenny)

  114. Hi Jenny–thanks for this amazing program! I just sent some books to a child whose mom put them on her list. One of my proudest accomplishments as a mom is that all four of my adult sons are avid readers. I believe books are the BEST gifts ever! I hope you don’t mind, but I posted a link to this article on my Facebook page so, hopefully, more people will take the opportunity to give. (And also to start reading your fabulous blog!)

  115. I have eight children. With so many kids, it is challenging to provide extra things this time of year. I want to give them things they want, need, or are interested in but we don’t have enough extra in our budget. I keep running wishlists through the year of things they say they’d like, things that would help with their hobbies/interests, or things they need. Here are the lists:

    Two Teen Boys: http://a.co/eQCnaQ9
    Middle Tween Girl: http://a.co/8gY6QFJ
    Two Little Girls: http://a.co/2wRpBOl
    Two Little Boys: http://a.co/cTbK2tN
    Infant Boy List: http://a.co/dpwkc6t

    Thank You!

    ($125 in gifts on the way! ~ Jenny)

  116. Amy #144 – I don’t see a shipping address on your wish list? I would be delighted to send you the game but want to be sure it reaches you! –Ami

  117. I am a grandmother that has custody of grand kids. They are one boy and one girl, both 10. Tomorrow is their birthday (December 13) and I’ve come through with new shoes and cake but we could really use some help with our Christmas. This is the list they have made. http://a.co/bSPCG6X

    ($60 in toys on the way! ~ Jenny)

  118. Would anyone like a holiday card? I have a metric crapton and free time after Wednesday.

  119. Thank you for this list, Jenny! It makes it easy (and a bit addictive) to make happy holidays for lovely strangers. My shopping is long done and my family is very small: giving from this list makes me so happy because it makes me feel like a part of a larger family. I wish everyone posting here a wonderful season and a bright new year.

  120. #7 Ed M, 2 chemo head scarves are headed your way. Dec 16 delivery via Amazon.

  121. This list is for my 2 girls, the oldest is 2 1/2 and the youngest is 6 months. My wife and I just moved back to the state of Washington following the death of my mother. We both work (me full time, her part time) but 90% of our income goes to paying rent and juggling monthly bills in order to leave money for gas, diapers, and wipes. Our kids our happy and healthy but they deserve a better Christmas that what we can give them this year, It would mean the world to us if anyone out there could help us. Thank you for reading this and have a Merry Christmas

    (I just bought the last thing on your list. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  122. Julebabs! Hamilton t-shirt and sheet music are on the way. Hooray for James Garfield!

  123. This list is for my 2 girls, the oldest is 2 1/2 and the youngest is 6 months. My wife and I just moved back to the state of Washington following the death of my mother. We both work (me full time, her part time) but 90% of our income goes to paying rent and juggling monthly bills in order to leave money for gas, diapers, and wipes. Our kids our happy and healthy but they deserve a better Christmas that what we can give them this year, It would mean the world to us if anyone out there could help us. Thank you for reading this and have a Merry Christmas


    (Looks like all the things on your list are bought! ~ Jenny)

  124. Oops I’m number 72. Kelly is my name. Ignore comment 158. It’s been a long day. Lots of meltdown and anxiety with kids

  125. Salas Christmas

    Post #80

    Forgot to mention that on top of Hazel being in the Neonanatal Intensive care for over a month I was hospitalized twice for post partum depression (I also have bipolar depression: diagnosed last year)
    I’m not feeling Christmas this year and it’s been hard to buy anything when you feel this way. Husband is also disabled and we are trying our best to get the kids gifts this year. All I want is a home where we can enjoy Christmas this year. It’s not the same, but I’m trying to make the best of it. Even if you just buy us one gift: I’m truly thankful. Really.

  126. I’m a strapped college just hoping to get something for my grandmother in a nursing home. She raised me and now she has dementia and I can’t give her anything but my visits. She deserves more. Anything helps. http://a.co/gyxzk8v

    (Looks like whatever was on your list is on it’s way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  127. Heather and Kids #147 – expect some treats to arrive on Weds. Happy holidays from a fellow Oregonian!

  128. I have 2 teenagers…They are very understanding of our financial situation. Please know I use these lists on Amazon year round for family & friends so please don’t feel that I am asking for a lot. As my kids find things they like or subjects they are interested in, I add to these lists because I am bad with gift giving myself and when people ask me for ideas for the kids, I send them here. I would like to thank, in advance, anyone who helps out. Happy Holidays

    My daughter Krysta: http://a.co/5nho4Qv
    My son Parish: http://a.co/2llwQ7g

    ($45 in gifts on the way! ~ Jenny)

  129. So I did participate last year and hoped I would be able to be on the other side of this (sending) but unfortunately I am not. There are a few things on my childrens lists I added earlier in the year just to save that are more than $30, so please ignore those! If no one can send anything that’s ok too, I know there are people that have it worse off than we do.

    Ethan 11yr old boy- http://a.co/ga0UeCn
    Abby 4 year old girl- http://a.co/adxJW9X

    ($55 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  130. I am a 45 year old Mom of 3 with just one left at home (she’s 15) And the MiMi to 2 wonderful grandbabies ! I am on my 2nd attempt at filing for disability. According to the government, having Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease , Sciatica and Nerve root damage in my back, Total ankle joint replacement (with resulting nerve damage), Numbness in both hands after carpal tunnel surgeries and trigger finger release surgery, Depression (yay for holidays that make it worse)…throw in so many meds… They say there is a job out there I can do. And if I could , don’t you bet I would ! But some days it is all I can do to even get out of bed. And that is a good day. I would love to be blessed with anything to make Christmas brighter. My 15 year old is my sweet soul who without I dont know what I’d do ! My grandson is 7 and my granddaughter will be 3 on 12/31. I would love to be able to give them something. Christmas is all about kids, ya know ? Thank you !

    Kimmi Age: 15 (going on 30) https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1ZAP2ORD8YUF5/ref=cm_wl_list_o_6?

    Tristan Age: 7 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1MGEPA0MTIOQP/ref=cm_wl_list_o_4?

    Addie Age; 2 (will be 3 on 12/31) https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1LRDZTLBMZ3DD/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1?

    ($70 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  131. Hi Everyone – wow. Never thought I would be in this position. I have been reading The Bloggess for YEARS and have been here for many James Garfield Christmas Miracles. Some years I have been able to buy a gift or two, some years I just watched the miracles happen, but I have never had to be on the asking end until this year. As a PCA, when my treasured clients pass on I’m out of a job until I can find a new position and no one really wants to be training a new PCA during the holidays. Combine that with a breadwinner husband who is currently out on disability and our Christmas is looking pretty slim this year. Addyson is a very sweet 10 year old who still believes in Christmas miracles but is old enough to understand that mommy and daddy are spending everything they have to keep a roof over our heads. I would love to be able to surprise her with a couple gifts under the tree.


    ($40 in gifts headed your way. ~ Jenny)

  132. I was praying you would do this again this year! You guys blessed us last year and because my husband works we don’t qualify for many programs, therefore, I was holding out hope! We barley make ends meet & Christmas is an expense we can’t afford. We have 3 teens, a 2 year old & 6 year old.

    Here’s our list: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/17F5KILBRI1PQ

    Here’s my thank you:
    Last year you purchased shoes for my family & even expensive work boots for my husband. Those boots lasted him all year. You have no idea how amazing that is for us. Buying him new cheaper boots was costing us alot. And new shoes for the kids was such a gift too! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you!

    ($80 in gifts on the way! ~ Jenny)

  133. Hello I am a mother of 2 kids a 6yr old girl Named Kassidy , and a 16 yr old boy named Chase . I am a single mom I live in Bozeman Mt . I have been struggling this year my rent went up last spring, the father of the children stopped paying child support in July . Also my told me we are not getting a Christmas bonus this year , I usually use it towards gifts for my kids . I also went through a bad custody battle for my kids . all this has caused finical distress. I receive food stamps and get help with my heat bill in the winter . My kids are looking forward to a bright holiday with a special gift . Please help make it a brighter Christmas for us anything will help Thank you !https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1K9329RE8J0K5/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2 !

    ($50 in gift on the way! ~ Jenny)

  134. Hi, Happy Holidays! Im posting a wish list for my 7 year daughter Ariel who has high functioning autism, SPD, ADHD, and anxiety. The items on there are mostly books, a game, and some stuff for learning to cook with me and some art supplies (she uses art for her anxiety.) I can not thank you all enough for the help we have received.

    ($30 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  135. WAS #104 but was told the link didn’t work:
    Hey there, thanks first to Jenny for this opportunity!!! I am a single mom to an absolutely terrific 6 year old boy who is obsessed with Lego and Batman. He is literally the best thing in the world and I am just stricken that I cannot always give him EVERYTHING he wants and deserves. I was recently the victim of some fraud concerning my checking account and am currently locked out of it and out more than $700.00 which is an enormous amount of money to someone like me (and probably an amount I will not be getting back). I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do about this all weekend. Anything from Beau’s wish list would be crazily appreciated!!!!❤

    Here’s the link to the list. I followed all the instructions above and added an address and made the list Public. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND THANK YOU JENNY! You’re truly and Angel!


    ($30 in gifts on the way~ Jenny)

  136. I need help with gifts this as my husband has left me and our 4 children shortly after the birth of our 4th child. I’m in the middle of moving to another city with my parents who will also struggle by taking in a family of 5. It’s been a tough year and I know my kids are hurting, which made it all the worse when I realized I wouldn’t have money for gifts this year.

    Thank you for everyone’s kindness!


    (Looks like everything on your list is on it’s way! ~ Jenny)

  137. #46 here…I think I fixed the address? Both Jenny’s pics and amazons instructions are not what anything looks like on safari. 😳 I think I fixed it though…

  138. Thank you to everyone who is reading this. We are in need of help this year. I was forced to leave my job due to an unexpected disability. I came down with a disease called Meniere’s Disease. It’s a disease in the inner ear that causes double vision and severe vertigo like symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no way to know when I will have a flair up, nor how long it will last. I was forced to leave because I’d been out for 3 weeks with no idea when I could return. In the meantime we are filing for disability due to this disease as well as my Bi-Polar Disorder. Unfortunately, it has come at such a horrible time. My son’s birthday, Christmas, and my Daughter’s birthday…all in the same month. They are amazing kids, and don’t ask for much. My daughter this year asked if instead of presents, she could buy something off the angel tree at school for a child in need. (I have kept from them the situation we are in) Due to the timing of everything happening, we missed the cut off date for other programs that help during this time of year. I want to say “Thank you” to everyone here for helping others, and a good thought to those who are in need as well…I pray you get the help you need. The link to their list on amazon is below. My son has just turned 14 and a total geek, Nerf, D&D, Dr. Who, Agents of Shield, Boy Scouts, etc. My daughter is about to be 8. She is also a little geekling who LOVES cats,science, arts and crafts, and learning. Thank you to anyone who is able and willing to help.

    ($70 in gifts on the way! ~ Jenny)

  139. We could really use some help this year. My son is disabled so I don’t work. I’m also raising my transgender nephew with no financial support whatsoever. And I have a ten year old daughter. We had some money saved back but our hot water heater busted this past Friday night and flooded our garage, which took all of our Christmas money and then some. It’s too late to request assistance from traditional sources now and I’m not sure what we are going to do. Here’s the link.


    (Looks like you don’t have an address associated with the wishlist yet. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  140. I’ve debated all week on whether or not to do this. This year has been hard both emotionally and financially. The best thing to come out of it was my 3 month old daughter. I have a tiny wishlist for her, simply because I know myself and my mentality is to get “just the necessities,” especially when times are tight like they are right now. So to anyone looking, thank you. Jenny – you’re the best!


    (Baby clothes on the way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  141. As someone who has participated in purchasing for the last 6 years on here, times have gotten tough!

    I’m legally disabled and my boyfriend is working two jobs to support us. My siblings are both single parents, and one of my siblings just lost their high paying job.

    My boyfriend and I help take care of the little ones, and money is tight for all of us. We just want the kiddos to have an amazing Christmas this year down here in Texas!

    Thank you for blessing us if you are able to. I hope each and every one of you are blessed!

  142. As someone who has participated in purchasing for the last 6 years on here, times have gotten tough!

    I’m legally disabled and my boyfriend is working two jobs to support us. My siblings are both single parents, and one of my siblings just lost their high paying job.

    My boyfriend and I help take care of the little ones, and money is tight for all of us. We just want the kiddos to have an amazing Christmas this year down here in Texas!

    Thank you for blessing us if you are able to. I hope each and every one of you are blessed!


    ($60 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  143. I’m sorry, I didn’t give much of a story on my post (171)

    I am mentally and physically disabled. I have several diagnosis that I don’t really know that it’s appropriate to list them. In addition to my own personal issues, I also have a 22 year old disabled son and a 15 year old autistic son. My 14 year old daughter is my only undiagnosed child, but mostly because when we have tried to take her in, she refuses to share with therapists and psychiatrists. I feel bad each year that I cannot provide them a huge Christmas like I had as a child. We (my mother and myself) always try to make sure they get at least 2 gifts each to unwrap and some years more. As I said on my previous post, thank you in advance.

    (Gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  144. We recently bought a new house so things are kind of tight this year. I also recently had a miscarriage so there are lots of bills for that. We have two boys, 12 (Corbin) and 16 (Cody). They both love lego’s and building toys. Not sure what if anything we can afford. As kids get older they want more expensive things so I really tried to find smaller things for them. 🙁 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1LDLXN8EJV35F/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2


    ($60 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  145. mycatreviewedthis, thank you so much….and for letting me know! I had told Amazon to use my address connected to the account, but I guess it didn’t register. I tried to fix it!

  146. Jenny that you so much for doing this!!!! I have been struggling with depression today and buying gifts has just lifted my spirits. We are so lucky to be able to help this year.

  147. Hi, I really hate to have to ask but I am in need of a Christmas for my two children and husband.

    My husband is the soul provider for our family. We have food, the bills are barely paid. But there is nothing left at all for Christmas. Any and all help would be gladly appreciated!
    I have severe depression which makes it very hard for me to deal with the public most of the time.my daughter will be starting will be starting college in January. Her tuition is paid for by a scholar ship (very proud of her) but, she needs a few things to help her out. We just can’t afford it my son is 8 he has ADHD very bright just can’t sit still lol. These two are the loves of my life.

    My hubby

    My son

    My daughter

    I make my own laundry detergents and soaps if anyone could help with that? And I added some things to help out with food while they are outta school.

    ($65 in gifts headed your way. ~ Jenny)

  148. Cora (#2) — a few things from your list are on their way! “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” & “Stuart Little” were favorites of mine too!

  149. This year has been full of unexpected unhappy events. It’s made things very tight and, unfortunately, Christmas hasn’t been able to be a priority. I have put together a small list of things my 3 children would like to receive. My children are a 12 year old boy who likes cars, soccer and football, a 10 year old girl who likes robots, painting and games, and an 8 year old girl who likes dolls, superheroes and cute animals. We live in America. Anything would be greatly appreciated, nothing is expected. We understand that others may be in a tighter spot than we are. Thank you.


    ($35 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny.)

  150. I Have a wonderful 2 year old boy. He likes to eat crayons and color on my walls 😜. My husband is laid off for the holiday season. I am working a fast food job during this time just to pay the bills, and if you have ever worked fast food you know it just barely does that lol. So anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

    ($30 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  151. Lost my dream job this spring, a job that I loved and that paid well. Now I’m cashiering while trying to get by and start my own business. We’re just barely making it these days, but I hate that my 12 year old son knows how broke we are. His dad hasn’t even bothered to call or see him in months, including his birthday. I can see when he knows not to even ask for stuff, and it would mean so much to be able for him to have something special this year.
    Thank you for anything you can send.❤

    ($35 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  152. sigh
    I’m usually the one buying for those who ask, but this year I’m one who is asking.
    It’s been tight this year, & this month has come down to food/bills or presents. There is just no way to do both. And you can’t pay the power bill with Lego. It’s easy enough to explain to my awesome teen, but my awesome 8 year old autistic son just won’t understand. I’ve got a few options on a list (which should all ship to Canada) & even one of anything would be a huge help & a blessing. Thanks & Happy Holidays!
    Thanks Jenny for another year of miracles! 🙂


    (Sent $30 in gifts but shipping was another $30 so I’m leaving the rest for someone in Canada. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  153. Jenny, you are awesome! I love reading your blog and can’t wait for another of your books to come out. I’ve got 2 kiddos and would sooooo appreciate a bit of help this year. They are used to hearing me laugh my way through your books and blog and are just the greatest kidletts ever. Money is tight this year with my hubby switching jobs and some medical bills I’m paying off. My kids are so understanding and even helping me make gifts for our other family members. I would love to be able to put something under the tree for them that’s not “just homemade.” Even though I think homemade gifts are the best…lol! Here’s our list and any gift would be really appreciated! https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=TARGO75BIZ7N&type=wishlist

    ($40 in gifts on the way. ~ Jenny)

  154. Hello! I am a single mother of an 11 year old girl, and times have been rough lately. My roommate moved out recently and left me to pay her half of the unpaid bills. With the holidays my work has slowed down alot and my priority has been trying to keep a roof over our heads and food in the table. Christmas got here so fast this year I lost track of the time and all of the sudden here it is and I’m scared I’m not going to be able to give my it to my daughter this year. I just want to make her happy, and I know she would really enjoy these things. Anything helps and thank you so much for your time 🙂

    Here is my link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2Z9N65CC2OUJJ

    (Looks like it’s all on the way! ~ Jenny)

  155. I am post number 67 so sorry I’ve made some typos and said it was 66.I am reposting this as my Amazon list wasn’t working and didn’t have an address.My name is Christina and I have 4 wonderful children and 2 of them have autism.My oldest daughter is 7 years old and loves gymnastics as does her 3 yr old sister.All they have talked a out is a gymnastics bar.Im hoping someone out there may have one to donate or even maybe crafty enough to make one.My son is 5 and has autism,he doesnt play with toys but I’ve caught him watching a video of a racecar track for Pocono and he watches it over and over.My youngest loves paw patrol and peppa pig.I had to quit my job when my youngest got her diagnosis to be at home for her therapy.Ive done everything to try and make ends meet on top of a very ugly divorce.I can’t get any support because he is illegal and has no social security number to track him down and we can’t get disability because even though he doesn’t live here he makes too much.It will be next month before I can prove to the court he’s not here.I live in fort worth texas.I will provide my address and phone number if anyone can bus or donate a gymnastics bar.Ive posted one on the Amazon list but they are expensive so I also added a bar that goes on the door frame as well.I was here when the first Garfield miracle happened and was lucky enough to help a family.Unfortunatly diagnosis of autism and added expenses has over ran us in just a few short months.I read Jenny’s posts faithfully and have prayed we would get a miracle this Christmas.If anyone can help please email me helpforbraylen@gmail.com
    That is also our PayPal email.
    I will provide proof of diagnosis and anything you need including my kids birth certificates to show proof that we really do need help this Christmas.God bless all of you who make this possible to help all the families in need.


    (Sent you $100 in gifts. ~ Jenny)

  156. I am a single mom with a new job, and just trying to make it. I already told my kids Christmas would be smaller this year. Son is 13, daughter is 10. http://a.co/1LhnhxW

    (Sending $40 in gifts. ~ Jenny)

  157. Wow, this is incredible! My heart is racing right now, I’m so nervous typing this because it is so hard to ask for help. I am struggling very much this Christmas and want nothing more than for my kids to have a nice Christmas. I have two babies, a 1 year old little girl named Violet and an almost 3 year old little boy named Sebastian. I shop at thrift stores &’it has been so hard to find clothes for my son. He only has a couple pairs of pajama pants, so I have added a pair. Thank you in advance for any help 🙂 <3 A link to my wish list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3IG4Y6F78XEI0

    ($30 in gifts coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  158. I’ll start by saying that we were helped last year by this miracle. Unfortunately, we are still in a horrible position. I really, really wanted to be the one to buy many items for others this year. I have a 12 year old autistic son whose heart I recently broke by me having a panic attack moment where I spilled the beans about Santa. Every time we get any money at all, something terrible happens to make it go away and leave us further in the hole. Our furnace died last week and every saved cent went to that. Tonight is an especially horrible night. My son accidentally dropped his cell phone in the toilet. The phone is his world, and he saved up for it. He only got it two weeks ago. Right now, he’s sitting at our table telling us he doesn’t want to live. He’s been bullied since school started and he’s not doing well in his classes. He doesn’t qualify for services in our school district, so they’re not helping him much. My 17 year old senior daughter has had to grow up very fast to pitch in around the house. I wish I could just take the stress off of everyone. She got accepted to all three schools she applied to, and now has to start learning piccolo. Don’t have one. So I added some college things to her list. The hardest part is knowing that a decision my husband and I made caused this whole thing. We moved last year, and our old house never sold. We were paying two mortgages. We had to declare bankruptcy. Almost every penny we make goes to the trustee every month. My husband has a job that is killing him inside. Instead of the 40 hours he’s supposed to work, he works around 75 each week, not counting the weeks he’s on call. I am going through my yarn stash to make gifts for relatives when I have time, and my daughter is making gifts for her friends. I also need to say it here, since saying it out loud is too scary… I have totally lost my faith. I’ve been through too much this year, as have my kids. Mental illness, bullying, stalking, harassment, and more. I’ll stop rambling now and post the wish lists. Chloe is 17 and plays flute https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3JPMFBXA7LEA9/ref=cm_wl_list_o_0?
    Jared is 12 and plays trombone and just wants to be normal https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2H8ANY9JRI3UF/settings.html/ref=cm_wl_act_settings

    Thank you to everyone who buys anything for anyone on any one of these posts. One day it will be me buying things. Jenny, you are truly a bright star in a dark sky.

    ($55 in gifts coming your way. ~ Jenny)

  159. I wanted to share a little more about AJ’s Christmas. I have tried twice to work this past year although I deal with severe panic attacks and agoraphobia. I only lasted 2 weeks at the first, and not even one day at the second. AJ’s dad is gone constantly for work, and it’s so expensive to live here, but that’s where his type of work is. My not working is crushing our family and my guilt knows no bounds. AJ is truly amazing – he texts me from school to make sure I’m okay if I had a rough morning. If I need him he walks home from school to help me. He’s too young to have to do these things and that destroys me, too. I’m not as strong as Jenny is yet, but someday I hope to be. I would just love it so much if I could give AJ a Christmas. Please help me do that and I SWEAR I will be here fulfilling lists someday. It’s what I truly truly want – I just want to help people, but I can’t even help my family right now. Please know that it’s not that I WANT to be in this situation…I fight it every single day of my life. Thank you to anyone who read this. It’s been such a rough few years, so your kindness and just GOODNESS is deeply appreciated. <3


    (Lots of things coming for you! ~ Jenny)

  160. Brooke – #43 – Sending you some of the things on your list. Hope you can have a beautiful Christmas.

  161. Clarissa #167 (sorry got excited before)

    Some goodies for grandma are on their way. Arriving Dec 16 – 21 and Dec 26.

  162. I’m already shocked by the response. In fact, I’m pretty sure I fell out of my chair because I when I came too, my cat was licking me on the floor. Love definitely wins this year! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

  163. #42 you have gifts on the way. I hope you and your children have a wonderful Christmas!

  164. Hi all. I was wanting so badly to help out this year, but I’m just not there. I created another group to try to bring people together for help, and end up needing it myself. I work 3 jobs and my husband works. We are able to pay most of our bills, but barely have anything left over. Our family has been dealt quite the hand this year with many changes- some good, some tough…but we’re trying to get through. We’re determined that 2017 is the year things will change for us, we just have to get there. I hope this is the last time I have to ask for help, but I’m sitting here typing this, trying to hold everything together.
    I have a 9 year old, 10 year old (both of them still believe in Santa), a 14 yr old and an 18 yr old. We live in the US. I’ve made a list for each of them to make things a little easier.
    9 yr old: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3L9VSSXPAUZ68/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
    10 yr old: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2BV7I2X59Z91Q/ref=cm_wl_list_o_7?
    14 yr old: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3AFGOFSFX0VFJ/ref=cm_wl_list_o_8?
    18 yr old: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2JPQ95GBKXN7N/ref=cm_wl_list_o_9?
    I’m not so concerned with the older 2, they understand, but the younger ones still believe….and who knows for how long. Jenny- thank you so much for deciding to do this again this year.

  165. First off – thank you for doing this. Our story is no different than probably a million others right now. My husband works 50+ hours a week and I am stay at home mom. We have two precocious little girls, ages 6 and 2. We live paycheck to paycheck and typically don’t have financial troubles. We sacrifice for our children and don’t complain about it. This year, however, things have gotten a little rough. We lost my daughters great grandmother right before Thanksgiving. She was the families matriarch. We did everything we could to help cover the cost of her funeral. It wiped us out. Again, not complaining, just explaining our circumstances. And today my husband tells me his car has something wrong with it. Of course this all happens around Christmas. We homeschool our girls, so most of the spending money we get goes towards those expenses, which means under the tree this year is going to be sparse. Now, about our girls. Our oldest, 6 years old, is amazing. She’s so smart we can’t believe it (yes, a little braggy). She loves animals and science and is determined to be a vet. She was diagnosed with sensory perception disorder when she was younger, but has plowed through her therapies and shows improvement every day. Our youngest, 2 years old, well she’s a feisty gal. She’s got her mommas attitude and a determined spirit like none I’ve ever seen. We adore our children and want to give them all we can. We hope someone reads this and understands our situation and wants to help, but we understand not everyone will get help. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a Happy Holiday. We’ve only put three things for each girl on our list, because honestly, we don’t need much to make us smile.

  166. My baby is 8 and inherited her mother’s mental health issues. Anxiety and sensory problems have made her poor little life hell this year. I was laid off and then broke my knee, by the time I was healed enough to work, Faiths anxiety had exploded and Im not capable of working while I take care of her.

    Everytime she has a breakdown it ends with her sobbing “I’m not a good girl, im a bad bad girl” and it breaks my heart. I just want her to know that Santa sees past her illness and knows she’s a wonderful little girl who deserves the world.

    This year I just don’t have money to make it happen. I don’t have money for groceries half the time. I really could just use a break, I’m tired.

    I just transfered all of the things she’s wish listed on Amazon to their own list. (There was more than I thought lol) She loves animals and wants to be a “YouTuber” so the things she wants and needs to be a youtuber are on the list. Oh and we’re in Ontario Canada. http://a.co/bfVekGC

    Merry Christmas y’all! I can’t wait until next year when I can be a gifter instead of a possible giftee. Time to gtfo 2016! lol

    (Looks like a lot of stuff is coming her way! ~ Jenny)

  167. Hello, it seems we are a bit late to this and I hope it is still ok to post. I am the mama to four amazing boys, three with special needs. Two are on the autism spectrum. One has tibial torsion and flat feet. One is mischievous and loves to make the others laugh. They are my world. We cold use a bit of help making Christmas special this year. We are in the states. Thank you so very much! <3 <3 <3 <3


  168. Judy @ 202

    I’ve sent a couple things to your daughter, but the link for your son didn’t work. Thanks for putting a smile link, I always forget to change it!

  169. I am so humbled to be a part of this miracle. I’m a single mom to a six year old boy and 1 year old girl. I became disabled from spine issues after the birth of my son and then after the birth of my 1 year old I developed rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am on permanent disability and try as hard as I can to make ends meet but Christmas is the hardest time of year.

    My son, Tommy, is a very intelligent little man who loves to read. We recently read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone together (it was the first time for both us.) He ADORED the story. We found the movie on tv and he was amazed watching what we had read. I’m trying to get him the rest of the books and the movies so we can continue to read and watch them together. He also is a diehard Lego’s fan and he has ADHD and the Lego’s keep him so interested and quiet. He loves to build things on his own out of his own mind and he loves building Lego city, Lego minecraft, and any Lego that is a car, truck, or airplane.

    My daughter Ellie, is just a love bug. She really loves to look at books, so much so that she usually tries to eat them 😊. She loves things that make music and noise and she’s working on her one year old dance moves. She has a half brother, Anthony. His mom is remarried and her husband fell at work and suffered a bad brain bleed. He still has several clots that have not been absorbed back into his blood stream and he had just started a new job when this happened so he had no disability to fall back on and he is not allowed to drive because he had seizures after the fall. His mom is working hard to support them and her husband’s other two children from a previous relationship on one income.

    We will see Anthony on Christmas Day with his grandparents and I want to try and see if I can bring a few special Santa surprises for him.

    All of the gifts on the list are labeled. If you’re able to send something small for the kids, I would be forever grateful. Jenny has been, unbeknownst to her, an angel in my life. Aside from the Christmas miracle, her words help a lot with my depression and anxiety. I have made some wonderful friends with her followers and my heart overflows with love and gratitude to her and this community she helped to create.

    Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from our family to yours ❤️

    Christmas wishlist

  170. Hi everyone. First off I want to thank Jenny for organizing this wonderful event. You are truly amazing.
    The past few years have been extremely tough on my family. I suffer depression/anxiety, chronic debilitating migraines with wide spread body pain. I am currently awaiting a decision regarding disability aid. My husband is an amazing man who works endlessly to provide for our super sized family, 5 kids,2 large dogs, 1 cat, and my seriously screwed up self, but sadly its extremely difficult to do on one salary. He is a wonderful step dad to these kiddos, unfortunately he doesnt get to spend as much time at home as I know he’d like to. I am asking for help to alleviate some of the stress on him this year and to help give my kiddos a few items to open on Christmas morning. I recently started working as an Uber driver but am currently experiencing some car troubles so am unable to do any work right now. We are barely making ends meet as it is. My childrens father is several months behind on child support and my husband is desperately trying to make up for the difference. I just hope to take some of the stress off of him and give my family a happy Christmas. I cannot wait to be in a better position to be a gifter in the future. I already have plans to make it a regular Christmas family tradition. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
    Abby – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/14Q3MCPAWIIP3/ref=cm_wl_list_o_6?
    Alexa – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/25RR45QD1DHC5/ref=cm_wl_list_o_13?
    Family – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/25RR45QD1DHC5/ref=cm_wl_list_o_13?
    Jaden – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2ANGFGMAZZQM3/ref=cm_wl_list_o_10?
    Jay (Husband/Step dad) – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2ZR3XFUJFSZD4/ref=cm_wl_list_o_15?
    Kate (Mom) – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/OCFEMBN8ACYS/ref=cm_wl_list_o_3?
    Robert – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3AFT4T0U5U4ZD/ref=cm_wl_list_o_7?
    Stocking Stuffers – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3W36H6BMOL2HG/ref=cm_wl_list_o_14?
    Tyler – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3NMO96X2HUNY4/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1?
    Again, thank you all.
    Merry Christmas.

  171. @Laura #42

    My 7-year-old was looking for someone to bless with some money from selling some of his toys. He chose your kiddos :). We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  172. Hi, my name is Harley. I’m a single mother with a full time job. I also have an apartment that I pay for as well as my babysitter and gas back and forth to work. I unfortunately don’t have enough money to afford Christmas this year. I can barely even afford my rent or diapers wipes and clothes for my daughter who is a year old. I’ll be lucky if I can even get a Christmas tree this year. Which is severely depressing. My daughter barely has any toys. So I would greatly appreciate if someone could help. I hate asking for help. But I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make my daughter’s first memorable Christmas the best possible. http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/382WVHWEWNQRM Thanks so much in advance!!!!

  173. My family lives in PA. My husband’s hours were cut almost in half this past year. I’ve taken on a second job but it’s still been a never ending game of playing catch up where we can’t seem to get our heads above water. Unexpected insansely high electric bills have not helped.The thought of holidays approaching has been the source of much stress lately. We have 3 amazing and intelligent children. We try our best not to let our stress show to them. There are 2 boys ages 12 and 8 and one girl age 6. Any help is so unbelievably appreciated.
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3NZTO94ERU2FR

  174. This is such a fantastic idea! We have had a tough year; My daughter Chloe has not received child support from her deadbeat dad in close to two years, My husband and I both work full time (He works for a non-profit, I work retail) and money is tighter than a Kardashian’s thong. I have gotten a few small items for Chloe’s stocking, but no ‘under the tree’ type gifts. Grandma and Grandpa are helping out with some new clothes, so I am panicking less about warm things this winter.


    Chloe is an outstanding student, budding fashionista and talented artist. She was also was just awarded a civic award for bravery in the face of danger. She called 911 when her handicapped Grandma accidently caught her kitchen on fire (I’m so proud! She really truley save the day)

    Info on her: Chloe, Age 10, lover of anime, fashion and sloths.

  175. We’ve had another hard year. We have a 3 year old girl that loves to read and loves to dance and a 4 month old baby boy. I’m struggling right now. Rough pregnancy, post partum depression and then my mom passed away in November. Unexpectedly. Did I say I was struggling? Add financial trouble, unstable work for my husband and day to day stuff. I know we are blessed. We have each other, decent health, lovely children, a decent rental home but life is so hard sometimes and it can plain suck so bad. Hoping for a nice holiday. Hoping for a break. Wishing all you lovely people peace and good health and lots of love. Thanks so much for doing this, Jenny. Thank you so much for letting me vent a bit here too. Nice having someone to “talk” to. ❤


  176. @julebabs, #14, got you covered for one gift on your list and a special surprise. Merry Christmas.

  177. Coeur at #36, I think you meed to add your address! I tried getting something, but there wasn’t an address to ship it to! And Jenny, I’m in Canada, so it’s not an international glitch. ☺

  178. For years now, things have been so tight as to not be funny anymore. Paycheck to paycheck didnd’t even cover it, try borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. While we’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, because of the long – long – drought so to speak, there are so many things that need replacing etc. that it’s taking up a lot of what little extra there is. My wishlist is partly filled with those things, things that would make life a lot easier (I’ve got fibromyalgia as well as a few other issues that make day-to-day life interesting), as well as a few indulgences.

    whether we’re chosen as one of the lucky ones or not, I want to say thank you for doing this. For spreading the Christmas spirit. And if we aren’t one of the chosen, I hope you’ll consider Leslie O’Donnell’s post, as Jamie is my Godson and a very special boy. I wish I could do more for them than I am able.

    Merry Christmas.

  179. Hi, I’m a stay at home mom to 4 amazing kids… I have 3 girls and 1 boy ages 12,10,6 & 2… I’ve never asked for help from anyone and my family is usually the ones trying to help other… for thanksgiving this year we donated a meal to a family in need.. we didn’t have much to give but we gave what we could… but now our family is really tight on money and unfortunately we’re struggling to get by. My husband job has been slow with the holidays and we’re hardly getting by week to week. We’re currently living in our fifth wheel camper to try to pay off debt and save to buy a house. The kids have already lost all their personal space and All i want is to give them the one thing each they have asked for. My husband has been trying to pick up extra shifts and working longer hours but we still aren’t going to be able to buy the kids what they asked for. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would make my kids so happy on Christmas morning. Once we’re in a better place we will pass on the goodness to someone else in need . Thank you so much 😊

  180. Cora (#2) a book and magic set on the way to you. I so enjoyed seeing your updates last year!

  181. Merry Christmas, number 58 (Heather). On behalf of my FIL, an Army Veteran from Vietnam. He never wants a gift for Christmas. Instead, he asks that we make a difference in the life of someone else. Thanks for the opportunity to make a difference for you and your family this Christmas. (Your items should arrive by December 21st.)

  182. Omg I’m so happy. I keep clicking on wish lists to but a gift and there all being purchased already. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to realize how many wonderful people are out there. Thank you all for restoring some of my faith in humanity.

  183. Jenny, what a wonderful thing to do, year after year. May this 7th anniversary be the lucky year for at least this (since it sucked in all other respects).

  184. My post is way back at number 67 and I’m not sure if the Amazon link I posted was correct.My name is Christina and I’m a single just recently divorced mother to 4 children,2 of them have autism.My youngest recently was diagnosed and with added expenses to and from appts.all the money we had saved went towards bills,food,gas.My children only want one thing a piece.They all just recently had birthdays and didn’t get anything because of financial issues.My 7 yr old and 3 yr old daughters love gymnastics and want a bar.used or homemade we live in fort worth tx so maybe someone has one they can donate or make.My son who is 5 doesn’t usually like toys but I’ve seen him watching a pocoyo track video over and over.My youngest is 2 and she loves paw patrol and peppa pig.Ive posted some things on Amazon but in reality we will even accept used items that can be donated or maybe purchased cheaper.I know Craigslist has a few gymnastics bars for 50 to 60 bucks and paw patrol and peppa can be found at a dollar store.So if anyone is willing to send toys you have,can donate or make we will accept anything.I didnt put the tree up because my kids will be heartbroken to wake up and nothing be under it.Please someone help out if you can.


    PayPal email and email to send used or purchased gifts helpforbraylen@gmail.com

    God bless

    (Sent you $100 in gifts. ~ Jenny)

  185. You guys. Thank you. I’m crying so hard right now, but in the best possible way.
    Thank you from the bottom of my weird little heart. This is the best group of people in the world.

  186. Jenny you are amazing! James Garfield is pretty great but you deserve most of the credit 🙂 I hope when depression tries to get you down you look at all these miracles you’ve pulled off and remember how wonderful you are! Depression lies but it can’t take away all these beautiful things you’ve done! We come from a very small town…so our story is the same as millions of others. Not enough money and too many bills. We have 3 beautiful mean kids. Two girls that are 12 and 8, and a little rotten boy that’s 3. These lists are just some random things I’d marked for them lately so I’m not sure if everything is available…I may be making some changes but know that we are grateful for anything. I just want them to be happy…and I know thanks to you guys a lot of babies are going to have a beautiful Christmas! You all make me believe in miracles 🙂

    Thing 1
    Thing 2
    Thing 3

  187. I was just worrying about providing a Christmas this year and then saw a post on this miracle. It was a sign – I hate asking for help but for my kids I swallow my pride. I added some small things to a list – nothing big, just wanted them to have something Christmas morning.

    Thank you.

    Kids Christmas list – http://a.co/gZBLoMT

  188. Mary #86 and #208 would love to send some gifts for your grandkids, but you’ll need to add an address to your Amazon lists.

  189. Every year here can be a little tough but I always put something under the tree. I am a single mom of 4. Two girls and 2 boys. My youngest boy has add and aspergers and my youngest girl has cerebral palsy. This year we took in my brothers 3 kids. Home life wasn’t great at their house and both my brother and his wife needed to seek some rehabilitation in order to be better parents. I don’t know how long they will be here and I really do not receive any help with their expenses. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way than to have them here with me. That being said providing 7 kids with Christmas just isn’t possible this year. I am doing all I can to keep the kids in food, clothes, and all the necessary therapies. I have made a list including many of their wants and a few needs. I tried to choose items that were low cost. Here is a brief dis riptide of the kids and the one thing they are hoping for.

    Girl 10- wants a sewing machine
    Girl 9- wants an American girl dollhouse but is settling on turning a bookshelf I already had into one. She would like some furniture and accessories to go in it.
    Boy 9-wants a set of real walki talkies
    Boy 8- wants a Nintendo 3ds but will be happy with the Mario maker game that can be played on the 3ds that we already have (this is the child with Aspergers)
    Boy 7-would like Star Wars Lego’s
    Girl 5- would like a 18 inch dolly like her sisters ( this is the girl with cerebral palsy)
    Girl 4- loves all things doc McStuffins

    I also added some other items I know they would enjoy as well as some gift cards so I can get them some clothes. My niece and nephews didn’t come with many clothes

    Here is my link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/224DMNC0TRA6V

    (Looks like 11 things are on the way to you! ~ Jenny)

  190. This a copy of my previous post (Heather #224). I can’t figure out the link! Sorry for double posting!


    224Heather | December 12, 2016 at 7:33 pm
    First off – thank you for doing this. Our story is no different than probably a million others right now. My husband works 50+ hours a week and I am stay at home mom. We have two precocious little girls, ages 6 and 2. We live paycheck to paycheck and typically don’t have financial troubles. We sacrifice for our children and don’t complain about it. This year, however, things have gotten a little rough. We lost my daughters great grandmother right before Thanksgiving. She was the families matriarch. We did everything we could to help cover the cost of her funeral. It wiped us out. Again, not complaining, just explaining our circumstances. And today my husband tells me his car has something wrong with it. Of course this all happens around Christmas. We homeschool our girls, so most of the spending money we get goes towards those expenses, which means under the tree this year is going to be sparse. Now, about our girls. Our oldest, 6 years old, is amazing. She’s so smart we can’t believe it (yes, a little braggy). She loves animals and science and is determined to be a vet. She was diagnosed with sensory perception disorder when she was younger, but has plowed through her therapies and shows improvement every day. Our youngest, 2 years old, well she’s a feisty gal. She’s got her mommas attitude and a determined spirit like none I’ve ever seen. We adore our children and want to give them all we can. We hope someone reads this and understands our situation and wants to help, but we understand not everyone will get help. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a Happy Holiday. We’ve only put three things for each girl on our list, because honestly, we don’t need much to make us smile.

  191. I am a single mom with a 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son still at home as well as 25 year old daughter at home who is also a single mom of a 2 year old. Her little girl’s dad left when they found out during the pregnancy that the baby was going to be born with disabilities. Her baby was born with Down Syndrome as well as congenital heart defects. She spent the first 5 months of her life in the hospital and had multiple surgeries. She had open heart surgery at 4 months old. She just turned two and is doing wonderful. She is smaller for her age, just learned to walk, is only saying a few words but knows quite a bit of sign language. She is can’t eat anything by mouth as she has a swallowing disorder and everything goes into her lungs so she has a feeding tube in her belly. She is an absolute joy and is a smart little girl who is growing like a weed. Her momma has not been able to get a job due to all of her daily therapy and doctor appointments. I do have a Cricut machine she is using to try to make some things to sell at local craft shows. I work full time and give plasma twice a week to supplement my income. I am not asking for much and anything would be greatly appreciated. I tried to give several ideas. Thank you and God Bless!

    Sarah — https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2NM3AHRIIOARB/ref=cm_sw_em_r_wsg_PR5sybQ7ZXZMN_wb

    Sarah’s Mommy — https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1L9IA93YEJY4R/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v?

    Family — https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1VJ8H3B5EF2TJ/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v?

    (I see things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  192. Hello and Merry Christmas. This year we find ourselves in tight spot. The older kids know it and do not want to ask for anything other than needs, but they deserve a Christmas as well. Between my fiance and myself we have four amazing kids. It has been a rather rough few months with my daughter whom turns 6 Wednesday. She had to have surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed on Nov, 3rd, 4 days later she started to hemorrhage and needed to be rushed into the OR for another surgery. Hands down this was the scariest night of my life. We almost lost her and I never want to feel that again. It has been a battle since to get her health up. She has been so sick. We are going to the doctor tomorrow to have some tests done. I am hoping all will be okay. I am thankful everyday that she is still here. I wish we could give them the Christmas they all deserve. We only have one income right now and it is already stretched thin. We would appreciate any help at all. I hope this Holiday season finds you Happy, healthy and surrounded by those you love. Kids Christmas wish list
    Link: http://a.co/feCxnO9

  193. I’m a single mom working very hard to get on my feet. I have two amazing girls ages 11 and 7. They are so brilliant and deserve an awesome Christmas, but I have not been able to buy them anything. I know I will be in a better place some day to help others on this list, but I really just need some help this year. Thank you so much for your generosity and thank you Jenny for bringing people such hope and laughter. Here’s my list. http://a.co/d4uQrjC

  194. My name is Mike. One of my coworkers told me about this site. This year my wife passed away and I have been working 3 jobs to support my kids. This will be the first year without there mother around. I have been doing everything I can but its not working out to well so if there is anyone that can help i would greatly appreciate it. I have a teenager daughter and a 7 year old boy.
    Nicole- http://a.co/e3HjMJF
    Michael jr-http://a.co/0akNMyH

  195. Hey guys, I have been so happy to help with the James Garfield Miracle in the past couple years however I’m honestly embarrassed to say that this year I need to ask for some help. I’m going to be fine but have been out of work since July undergoing some cancer treatment but it looks like I’m winning the battle. However on the financial front we’re loosing it big time, almost all my bills are behind and I’m scared I won’t be able to provide anything for Christmas for my three children, two teenage girls and a young man in college. I would appreciate anything, anything at all that someone can do to help. I made a list that mainly consists of clothing, because teenage girls right, warm jackets that they desperately need and a few books and video games that they’ll love. Thank you to the whole community and Jenny for being so awesome and setting this up, even just having a community here brings tears to my eyes 🙂

  196. Rebecca #246 — you’ve got a couple of shipments coming your way, with the last delivery scheduled to arrive 12/31. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  197. **I fixed my list issues, address should work now. Thank you <3

    This list is for my three children. Two school age boys and one toddler daughter. They love art, reading, and writing stories. My kids are great kids and do very well in school. They’re definitely on the nice list😉

    Thank you in advance for any assistance. I’m in my last semester of grad school and it has been hard to keep up with everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2VGWZUL59ZCC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_JmZtyb8QZC4D2

  198. Josalyns Christmas
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/TMCEWA7D2PX1

    Jonas Christmas
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/J5RJEYCK2XBT

    Jacksons Christmas
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1YI4VYYEXBYR2

    Thank you ahead of time for helping out our family.
    Josalyn is 9 and like science and wants to learn guitar!
    Jonas is 8 and he has SPD so he wants a punching bag for hard input!
    Jackson is 4 and loves learning toys!
    He also likes transformers. Skylanders!

  199. @Jennifer with the 4 year old with developmental delays. I ordered some stuff for you, the one item should be in by the 22nd! Sorry its cutting it so close. Also, I have a 6 year old boy with developmental delays, mild OCD and ADHD. I understand how tough it can be for them to make new friends and adjust to a new place. Hold your head up and give him a hug from me and my family. 🙂 Blessed Be!

  200. I am doing this one for my brother who is a single hard working dad of two girls – his princesses – his youngest is 5 and his oldest is 11.

    I was torn between doing one for my family and for him — I know he would never ask and he doesn’t have internet access so it would be near impossible for him to do it anyway. I hope it is ok that I am doing one for him — He lives 4 hours away in the next state over with no family close by — it could be worse I know and further but I would love to see a little Christmas joy come his way this year. I can’t wait to tell him about this miracle if some packages arrive on his doorstep 🙂

    I am making a list for him as well because he never buys anything for himself. Recently the only pair of shoes he had were cracked on the bottom and flopping but he wore them everywhere to work, off work, a wedding. I came into a little extra money and went to the website 6pm.com and found some good deals and got him a pair of tennis shoes, work shoes, and dress shoes so he is set on shoes. He works hard and has a decent job but he has so much taken out of his check I don’t know how he survives. They take so much for child support even though he has this girls more than half the week, half the year. They are taking so much in back taxes from when he worked in previous states and I am not even sure the whole story but most of his paycheck he doesn’t even get to bring home so he struggles to even pay his bills and put food on the table yet he continues to work and work his tail off and not live off government assistance and he provides for his girls and it just breaks my heart to see him struggle. I will be doing my best to try to help him but it is hard for me to help him too.

    Thank you !!!

    Cadence — 12 years old https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1D2ZWPS95VRFH/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1?
    Link: http://a.co/5CSaXhh

    Melody — 5 years old https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/SX26CLB3EFZC/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
    Link: http://a.co/4C3HRAd

    Josh — the Daddy https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1NJMV5L8MVJPQ/ref=cm_wl_list_o_0?
    Link: http://a.co/aHd0TML

    (I see things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  201. @lifeintherearview: You are so kind!! Can you send me an email so I can send you a picture of him wearing them?? 🙂 julzfbaby@gmail.com If not I understand, but this is just so awesome of you, I’d like to say thank you somehow 🙂

  202. Dave is a single dad with pancreatic cancer.
    His local community has come together this Christmas to pay his bills and bring daily meals so that he and his kids can eat better thru Christmas break.
    This list was made for his children based on their responses of “What would you like for Christmas” plus an outfit was put on there for Dave who has lost an incredible amount of weight.
    The items will be directly shipped to his home as the list is setup with his address.
    Read more about Dave here: https://www.facebook.com/rusticdecor4cancer/?fref=ts

  203. Callie #200, something headed your way. Also a couple of things for Tricia #269. Happy Holidays!

  204. Hi, this is really my first time asking for help, and I’m not entirely sure how it goes. I was recently diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica. It’s a chronic illness and while my insurance covers a lot, the 20% of $100,000 is more than we had saved. I’d appreciate any help that is out there.
    I have four kids, 15 yr old boy, 13 yr old girl, 8 yr old boy and a 3 yr old girl.
    We’re regifting a few things to the younger ones, so we’re doing our best to be making things work here, the wish list is just “would be awesome” kind of stuff.

  205. Very grateful that I’m in a position to help out some folks this year. Mandy (200) , Samantha (181), Erika (179), Sasha (176), Heather (149) and Carrie (260) there are a couple of items headed to each of you

    Merry Christmas!

  206. I just love this!!! This tribe of ours rocks!!! It’s nice to see people being so loving and giving. ❤️

  207. This is an awesome idea, thanks for doing it!
    I’m a single mom with two kids. My oldest has severe autism and is out of school and I cannot work because of that, he’s my full time job and the pay is zlich. Every month is hard, Christmas is harder.
    If my list looks weird, it’s because my kids love tech but some of their “tech” is broken or in need of a replacement. Their headphones are currently broken, so there are headphones on the list. Our old rechargeable batteries are at the end of their lives. My oldest’s memory card for his camera is on it’s last leg. So a memory card and batteries are on the list! My yougest got a 2DS for his birthday but doesn’t have many games so I put a Pokemon game on the list for him, and my oldest used to LOVE that plug and play game on the list but our broke a while a back and he keeps asking for a new one.
    So the list looks odd, but trust me, these gifts would go over well 🙂
    Signed, another Jenny 😉 http://a.co/2olL0ej

  208. Just finished putting the kids to bed and during her prayers my daughter (in all the wisdom of a 10 year old) said “and please bless all the little kids who are hoping for a visit from Santa, even those who don’t believe in him. I hope they get what they want, just like I hope to get lots of rubber bands. Amen.” I found it both adorable and sad, as sometimes I feel like a failure for not being able to provide even the smallest of things. I deleted some random items from their list, and made sure the rubber bands were priority. The other two kids will be happy with anything, they’re all great kids who understand that sometimes things just don’t work out in our favor.

    Gift Ideas: http://a.co/5SLARwp
    Pet Items (a free cage and pet is being given to my daughter but we have zero supplies): http://a.co/hdQWqCc
    Food Items (snack foods for lunches are helpful but please don’t feel as though I’m being greedy.. I just wish to not have to scrape pennies for crackers): http://a.co/inMtQab

    (Sent $100 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  209. I am a mother of three that struggles with social anxiety & severe depression. Last March I found out that my husband had been having an affair for a year. It’s been hard to cope when I’m spending so much time trying to hide my hurt from them. It’s been a rough year. I’ve stretched money and gone without, but I really could use an extra hand. We read bedtime stories together as a way to spend quality time and connect. My wish list contains 1 stuffed animal making kit per child and 1 bedtime storybook per child. Thank you for caring. And thank you Jenny for being such an amazing and caring person. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/ref=mw_dp_wl_v?&lid=25VT2B10MSUBN&ty=wishlist

    (I think the issue is that you are in Canada and when I try to buy from your list it says I can’t. Probably because it’s international? I figured out how to fix the issue though. I just emailed you an Amazon Cananda gift card with enough to buy everything on your list. ~ Jenny)

  210. Sorry was rushing thru my original post trying to get my 2 month old son to calm down and rest. Mission accomplished on that.
    my mom asked me to give this group a try on getting some help for Christmas this year,
    She said that she had heard of wonderful kind hearted people who love to help out others who are having it rough during the holidays,
    My family is usually one of those who gives until they have nothing, which has put us in this predicament, we moved from a home we owned cause of drama and non stop heartache from family and so called friends, to a home we thought we could make it in, ends up we can’t 🙁
    I gave birth to my beautiful rainbow baby in October after complications throughout the pregnancy, I was suppose to be having twins but lost one early on in the pregnancy. I have never been through the motherhood thing, nor have I really had a place of my own. Well in January I will be starting out in an apartment with my son and his father, my mother will be doing the same. Due to mental illnesses I have I can not be away from her, but we can only afford it if we have two separate places. My sons father works intermittently and is out of work at the moment he was hoping to have work this winter but he never got the call. I will be starting over with basically nothing. No cookware, no silverware, basically if it goes in a house I don’t have it. 🙁 the lists I posted were lists built only for help with my brother my son and maybe if someone wouldn’t mind helping with something the household items that are needed when we move. I am on disability and get very little a month. We weren’t expecting this year to be anything like this at all 🙁 our hearts were bigger than what we could handle and we gave until we literally had nothing to our names 🙁 plz… I have tried other groups and have been turned down cause of deadlines and such and this is my last chance to try and possibly make some sort of Christmas for my family before we are allot up next year :,(

  211. Emily #45 — can you update your address on Amazon? I’d love to send some Hello Kitty magic your way 🙂

  212. for Rebecca (#246) some things on the way for each of your kidlies! Merry Merry Christmas

  213. Hey momof3 #294 it looks like there’s problem with your list of address attached. Try verifying your address and reposting the list for us love. 🙂 Merry Xmas

  214. This list is for two delightfully artsy, geeky teenage girls. Their dads are very dear friends, but this year things are really tight for them. I’d love to be able to give them a super sweet surprise! http://a.co/5NMyoIc

  215. Hello all,

    I’m a single mom to beautiful fraternal twin thirteen-year-old girls, and we’ve had a rough couple of years. I’m recently divorced, and I work full time, but there’s always too much month at the end of my money. I moved the three of us in with my mom to try and save money, but I just can’t afford to buy the gifts for my girls that I wish I could get.

    My girls are Elizabeth:
    And Rebecca:

    Thank you for any help you are willing to give. Much love, Shannon

  216. Adriane M…a few things on the way for Chloe. With love from Adriane K. I took the name thing to be a sign 🙂

  217. Thank you Jenny for making this happen again this year. It’s not much, but I did buy a few things from a couple of lists and I hope it helps.

    This will be a subdued Christmas for my family this year. My mother was in a bad accident last month and while she should ultimately be okay, she has a very long recovery ahead. I am just thankful that she is still here and that keeps me going as I slip from my daughter role to caregiver role, a role I know I will be growing into more over the coming years, being the only child of two aging parents and an aging stepparent. The whole situation has made me more reflective this Christmas- more insulated in some ways (some of the pettiness and holiday bickering from people I know is intolerable right now). However, I have found myself looking for more for ways to give back to others outside of my inner circle. Your post came at the end of a very tough, depressing day for my mom and me. Thank you.

  218. Hi!

    This year has been worse than last year, and I didn’t even think that was possible. We have been trying to keep our heads above water this year and have been struggling with health care costs and medicine. Its hard to believe that they can cost that much. 🙁 I have two great kiddos, both with their own special needs. I’ve been searching high and low at our local thrift stores and goodwill for Christmas gifts and I can’t seem to get lucky this year. They have both made huge strides so I would love for them to have a nice Christmas. My daughter is old enough to understand that it has been really tight but my youngest believes that Santa will be the answer to everything. 🙂

    My son just turned 12, and has had an amazing year! He has autism and has been somewhat mainstreamed this year. That is a great improvement from the two hours he was going to school last year 🙂 He is sweet and quirky and loves anything to do with gold, gold digging, and collecting things. He loves his metal detector and can usually be found outside trying to find “treasures” at any given time. Sometimes I think that he would live outside if I would let him.

    My daughter is 20 and just recently started taking some online college classes!! We were all so excited because she’s been in and out of the hospital so much it was really hard to get her through high school! She loves the girly things but also loves to play video games. She’s such a big help to our family. I hope someday to be able to help others out at Christmas. That’s my goal for next year!

    Thank you in advance to anyone that can help us this year!


  219. Mary, comment #85, please update your address on Amazon so I can send your sweet grandkids some Christmas cheer! Thanks!

  220. I’m not sure who sent what yet because I’m trying to catch all this stuff while I’m in breaks at work but from what I have seen you guys are amazing. I’ve already started getting emotional at work because of all the generosity. The kids here think I’m crazy I think. Just thank you everyone I believe in people again and God. And of course Jenny! http://a.co/0LkbN3o

  221. I am a widow with 4 teenagers. I have 3 boys and one girl. It has been a rough year for all of us. I would appreciate anything that anyone would be willing to do for us. My children have been through a lot and will not be expecting anything, but I would love for them to have something! Thank you all for your help and thank you Jenny for 7 years of miracles! We live in the US. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/MEXJO67AMSEY/ref=cm_wl_huc_view

  222. This may post twice and I totally apologize..however I’ll say it again…I’m a divorced single mom of a 17 month old baby girl..her dad is NOT helpful..so money is always tight…I really want to give her a good Christmas..but feel very down that I cannot do a whole lot…also..she wears a size 4/5t..and hopefully I’ll get more stuff added to her list…God bless u guys!

  223. Autism mom – two things on the way for your boys. My brother is autistic and my family
    Knows how important his headphones and batteries are to him. Wishing your family s very merry Christmas

  224. Melodie at 173, Krysta’s and Parish’s lists I took a swipe at. Krysta’s are somehow on super slow delivery, so let’s a loooooong view of when Christmas as a season ends (think MLK). I have NO idea where these things are coming from, but I’ve never seen such long lead times on the ‘Zon’s third party shippers. Merry Christmas!

  225. Sorry fixed the link.

    My name is Mike. One of my coworkers told me about this site. This year my wife passed away and I have been working 3 jobs to support my kids. This will be the first year without there mother around. I have been doing everything I can but its not working out to well so if there is anyone that can help i would greatly appreciate it. I have a teenager daughter and a 7 year old boy.
    Nicole- http://a.co/e3HjMJF
    Michael jr- http://a.co/0akNMyH

  226. #41 Brandi–sending some things for the boys; a couple things for your youngest look like they may get there after Christmas. Wishing you figurative as well as literal warmth, and moments of peace and joy. ❤️

  227. This list is for my 2 girls, the oldest is 2 1/2 and the youngest is 6 months. My wife and I just moved back to the state of Washington following the death of my mother. We both work seemingly all the time (me full time, her part time) but 90% of our income goes to paying rent and juggling monthly bills in order to leave money for gas, diapers, and wipes. Our kids our happy and healthy but they deserve a better Christmas that what we can give them this year, It would mean the world to us if anyone out there could help us. Thank you for reading this and have a Merry Christmas


  228. Just MADE IT RAIN some books. Only wish I had more to spend. Hopefully I don’t get a call from my credit card company tomorrow about all these different purchases, lol

  229. #s 17, 32, 52, 63 – a few things for each of you coming your way. Hope you have a merry Christmas/happy Holiday season, and a much better, happier, more fruitful new year.

  230. Hiya, my name is Mary – I am posting hoping it’s not too late to get help with a present or two…
    My Kids are 9 (daughter) and 16 (son) – Like a lot of people we’ve had a rough go of things these last 6 months, and sadly Christmas is looking pretty bleak.
    I’ve put a few small things for each kids on my list, and a winter/rain jacket for my son as a “in hopes for” as he is currently wearing two sweatshirts to keep warm & dry (and we’re in Washington with all the rain!)

    Everyone is so darn awesome here, I am hoping next year to be able to pay it forward!!


  231. My post # is 240. Things on my list had showed up on the purchased list. Then disappeared off of it and went back to the inpurchased list. Confused???? Can anyone explain??

  232. I’m really struggling this year and it is very difficult for me to ask for help but I am going to give it a try. I have 2 fantastic children and want to give them the gifts they deserve. My oldest is 16 and loves working out and my youngest is 6 and she is a beautiful dancer and loves crafts. Any help is greatly appreciated

  233. Because it’s been such a crappy year for so many, including us, my husband and I decided to skip Christmas. Well, at least the tree and presents. We don’t need more stuff; our kid is grown and happy and employed. This is a perfect way to keep the spirit of Christmas. Cora and Irene you have a few things from your list coming your way.

    Bless James Garfield and Jenny Lawson!

  234. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3NIDUW11TS2T4/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2

    My name is Charity me and my husband are both disabled and don’t receive food stamps or welfare and have been unable to find work this year, any and all help would be appreciated. Lexi is going to be 14 in three days, James is going to be 16 in two months, and Trystyn turned 15 in September. They all live for their computers, so I put all computer related things, thanks again Merry Christmas, we look forward to being able to pay it forward hopefully soon.

    P.S love the bloggess.

  235. This is the first year in ten that I cannot contribute to Heifer; lost my job, but still find a way to eat and keep warm at night. Thanks, Jenny… just reading your posts keeps me from offing myself. Well, that and the cowardice.

  236. I’ve never done this before, but what an amazing way to spread some cheer! I am a mother of 4 kids. I lost my job at the end of September and I feel like as total loser for not being able to do Christmas this year. My husband works but is paying all the bills on his own salary which isn’t much. My son, Samuel, has made all of us little paper daggers and put them in our stockings knowing that it is all we may get. My kids are all teenagers so their idea of gifts may not be actual toys. I just want to be able to put something under the tree, even if just one item can be crossed off.


  237. My children lost their father to lung cancer last year. It has been very difficult for us. We were married for 24 years and had 4 children together, 2 of which still live at home. A daughter who is 16 and a son who is 13. My daughter wants to grow up to be a veterinarian and my son has sensory processing disorder, he loves his computer and all things Minecraft and reading. Even though we knew it was coming we were unprepared, both financially and emotionally. It has been a roller coaster just trying to keep us a float. I would be so very grateful if the kids were able to have something this year. Even thought they are older and know the drill, they have been through so much sadness and disappointment in the past few years due to their dads cancer. I would love to be able to see that spark of holiday love they still have inside of them and be able to see a little twinkle in their eyes on Xmas morning. Thank you

  238. http://a.co/0FSj80r Here is our James Garfield list link for Amazon we created. This is for our 2 year old granddaughter. My husband and myself are low on funds this year, he is job hunting, and I care for our granddaughter while our daughter finishes college and her dad works. Her parents apartment building burned in October. They didn’t loose everything, but they lost a lot, and they had no renters insurance. So they have had to pay to replace anything they lost that were necessities out of pocket. They have purchased her a couple small items for Christmas, but not much. Thank you for considering helping. Merry Christmas!

  239. No one will ever read this comment but President James Garfield remains the only President elected as a member of the House of Representatives. Despite being a Republican, he was a reformer and determined to make the Civil Service professional. He was an honest person who got shot by an anarchist and would have survived except that he had atrociously incompetent doctors even by the standards of the 1880s. Very sad. These are the moments that have changed American history. Like the election of the Orange Monster last month.

  240. My godsons are amazing little boys with amazing parents. Their father got stuck in a dead end position when his oil rig closed and they can barely make ends meet. They are too proud to accept help but confided in me that they aren’t sure if they can make Christmas happen this year. I put some things on the list I know either boy would love.
    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/M9QWMPQODFDX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_VS1tybGC83BAJ

  241. #1 – The adorable outfit is out of stock until 12/20, and should arrive on 12/23. A very merry Christmas to you and your family!

  242. You all are awesome.

    I don’t know if y’all realize how much this means to all of these kids. It makes my heart soar.

    <3 you all.

  243. I have twin girls who are 17 and really understanding about finances and even got jobs to help buy the needs as well as wants to help out. Medically it has been a disaster of a year and I would love to give them a couple extra “Me” things for them and not just the practical things they will get. Some gift cards and such to spend on themselves. One is into painting and one wants to be a Physical Therapist someday. Thanks in advance – and to do my part I had a “toy closet” from duplicate gifts at birthdays as girls grew up and adopted a family at church that I could use those gifts for.

    Ashley: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=W8MEPXZB220V&type=wishlist
    Jordan: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2CZF77D41Y1G8/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1

  244. Hello, my name is Nicole. I’m a single mom of two girls, 9 and 4. I’m recently divorced. I have a part time job at Target that I am very grateful for, but it barely pays the bills. I’m struggling to find better work, but hopefully now that I’ve graduated college I will be able to support my family. In the mean time, I’ve added two toys to my list, one for each kid. It’s the big present that each wanted. I was able to buy them a couple of little things. I know these are expensive, so I don’t expect them to be bought for us, but I am very grateful that Jenny is even doing this. Hopefully next year I can help someone else out!

    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2D2K42WCFUIFU

  245. Hello. I was not going to do this this year. Even though things are really worse than they have been the first time I asked for help for my son. For the past few months we have been completely without an income because my ex was a taxi driver but had a wreck and lost his job. My son really does not need toys (he does like a lot of X-box games). What he needs is shirts. He is a big boy and has hit a growth spurt. So now all of his shirts fit as long as he does not put his arms up. The other things that he really needs are hygiene items. I also have 4 kitties that are like my kids. They have been eating scraps that I come up with from our food and what my friends save for me. I was hoping to be in a better place by this time but the rug was pulled and I can’t seem to get any footing. Thank you so much for even reading. My son is a good kid and I want to give him the world. I just can’t and it really does bother me. I know he would love anything that he would get.

  246. Thank you to anyone who took the time to view my list. I just remembered a couple small things that I had forgotten so I put them on there – I really hope that is okay. Thank you for whenever purchased the items for my daughters – they are going to love them. With any luck something will find its way under the tree for my son. I thought maybe the things I put there for him were too much money so I put smaller items. Thank you.


  247. Jessica A. @ 313-ish: One small thing to arrive on Wednesday, with another bigger thing to follow on Thursday. 🙂

  248. This is my very first time participating in the James Garfield Miracle. A most delightful end to the dumpster fire that was 2016. Jenny, thanks so much for keeping this going!!

  249. I forgot my list… My Gift List for Tanny Curia
    Link: http://a.co/co8taqR Naomi # 345

    Naomi | December 12, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Hello. I was not going to do this this year. Even though things are really worse than they have been the first time I asked for help for my son. For the past few months we have been completely without an income because my ex was a taxi driver but had a wreck and lost his job. My son really does not need toys (he does like a lot of X-box games). What he needs is shirts. He is a big boy and has hit a growth spurt. So now all of his shirts fit as long as he does not put his arms up. The other things that he really needs are hygiene items. I also have 4 kitties that are like my kids. They have been eating scraps that I come up with from our food and what my friends save for me. I was hoping to be in a better place by this time but the rug was pulled and I can’t seem to get any footing. Thank you so much for even reading. My son is a good kid and I want to give him the world. I just can’t and it really does bother me. I know he would love anything that he would get.

  250. I have tried to buy four seperate people gifts so far, and none have had addresses! Am I doing something wrong? Once I “proceed to check out” I hit “Shipping to multiple addresses?” (I have stuff in my cart too), and next to the gifts try the drop-down menu but it only shows my addresses. Please advise!

  251. I am floored. Thank you,Bloggess and A Mom! Your kindness and generosity mean more than you know to us. A Mom, I hope that your loved one breaks free soon. Im sure that day will come, supportive family is priceless.
    Some of our items became unavailable so I added substitutes and removed the unavailable items btw (in case anybody was concerned about additions, I apologize for not checking earlier.)
    Idk when I’ll be able to check back in, but thank you,everybody helping my family and others.

  252. Jess Mason (#109), some goodies are on their way for all three of your little ones! Warm wishes to your family from California!

  253. Brandy W #310 ~ There are a few things for the kiddos coming. I hope your 2017 is fabulous for you and the family.

  254. Hello everyone. Thank you Jenny for doing this again this year. I hope for this to be the last time that I will one who is asking for help. Next year my plan is to be a giver! I’m a single mom to a 4 year old, spit-fire of a little boy. He is my world and I work my tail off to make a better life for him. Since we left my son’s abusive father, we have been on an uphill battle. Between trying to find enough money to pay the bills, I am also trying to find the money to fight this ongoing custody battle. Thank everything that is holy, that I found an attorney who is willing to let me pay a little bit each month. I never would have been able to protect my child in the way a mother should. At any rate, I’ve been working very hard to improve my financial situation over the last few years. Just the last part of this year, have I been able to take care of the majority of my monthly bills without seeking out help. I have, in the last month, reached a huge goal that I have been working towards for the past few years. It should enable me to be able to actually save some money starting next year. So, here I am asking for a little help for my little man this Christmas. Any help that anyone can give would be absolutely amazing. Thank you all in advance!

    Grayson’s list http://a.co/caG4Jj0

  255. mycatreviewedthis — Murglefraster! Amazon keeps telling me that the address is in place and usable. I’m not sure why it keeps giving you trouble, but I really, REALLY appreciate your trying to help us out! If all else fails, I can be reached at butterflyrosecreations@gmail.com, and maybe we can communicate something to help me get this sorted with Amazon. Plus, it gives me a way to directly pass on gratitude photos for….whatever. 🙂

  256. Hello, my name is Antonia. One of my coworkers introduced me to your blog, and I enjoy it immensely!
    I am single mom to one teenage daughter, her father abandoned us four years ago, we then lost our house. During the time since then, I have worked really hard trying to carve out a life for us, but Christmas has always been lean for her. She never asks for much, and I wish I could give her the world. Any help is appreciated. She loves anything art related and is a very creative girl. She and I are grateful for each other and all the love that keeps us together, no matter what! It’s been an uphill climb at times. She has anxiety and depression, but tries to keep her chin up. We are each other’s biggest cheerleader and it would be great for her to receive some of the things on the list that I simply can’t afford to buy her. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/?ie=UTF8&lid=2IUIIDOFCOXBU

  257. Hey Irene (#293) – the kids have a few things coming their way. Enjoy finding rubber bands all over your house 🙂

  258. Could somebody text me and walk me through updating my address? I’m lost.

  259. I’m number 225 and I had to share, I looked at my wish list and it has like 3 things, one being a mounted unicorn head and all I could think was “Jenny would appreciate my desire to own heads for my walls” lol

  260. Repost… I forgot to add my list …

    Hi, I’m a stay at home mom to 4 amazing kids… I have 3 girls and 1 boy ages 12,10,6 & 2…my son is our miricle baby and the reason I stay home with my kids. He a 31 week preemie and we both almost lost our lives the night I had him. I had placenta prévia and undiagnosed accreta and almost bled out on the way to the hospital. I underwent an emergency hysterectomy and I’ve had many complications that came from that surgery. But my son did amazing in the NICU and thank god we haven’t had any issues except for him having a severe oat allergy…any who…. I’ve never asked for help from anyone and my family is usually the ones trying to help other… for thanksgiving this year we donated a meal to a family in need.. we didn’t have much to give but we gave what we could… but now our family is really tight on money and unfortunately we’re struggling to get by. My husband job has been slow with the holidays and we’re hardly getting by week to week. We’re currently living in our small one bedroom fifth wheel camper to try to pay off debt and save to buy a house. The kids have already lost all their personal space and much of their personal things bc wejust don’t have the room, and All i want is to give them the one thing each they have asked for. My husband has been trying to pick up extra shifts and working longer hours but we still aren’t going to be able to buy the kids what they asked for. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would make my kids so happy on Christmas morning. Once we’re in a better place we will pass on the goodness to someone else in need . Thank you so much 😊


  261. @brandi (#32) A bunch of stuff from your youngest’s list is en route to you. If someone has already filled the wish, please return and use the credit for whatever else you need (and maybe something for yourself?). You’re clearly a great mom and your kids love you a lot. I hope this helps make Christmas just a little easier.

  262. Anonymous/Mary Comment #85/ now 208–I keep trying but there isn’t an address attached to Lyssa’s list. Italics like james’ list has all been taken

  263. One of my fondest memories at Christmas was opening up my American Girl dolls. I was a lucky kid and received several over the years.

    My mom was 57 when she passed away around Christmas in 2014 after a short battle with cancer. She always talked about me passing on the dolls to my kids. But, children aren’t in the cards for me.

    I would love to send my Samantha doll to a child who would love her as I did. She has been gently loved and includes all her accessories except her little handbag which was chewed by a foster dog. If you are interested, leave your e-mail on here and I will contact you to get your address. Thanks.

  264. Adriane M (242) couple of gifts for Chloe on the way and Kris ( 320) a couple for you too!! So glad to help and hope it brings joy this holiday!! Thank you Jenny for organizing!!

  265. Shannon #236 – your list might show duplicates purchased. They were not. I sent the first order to myself (DOH!) so had to cancel and re-do the order.

  266. Adriane M. #242: a few things are on their way, though one might not arrive until January. Happy holidays! Secret Santa.

  267. I am a 45 year old Mom of 3 with just one left at home (she’s 15) And the MiMi to 2 wonderful grandbabies ! I am on my 2nd attempt at filing for disability. According to the government, having Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease , Sciatica and Nerve root damage in my back, Total ankle joint replacement (with resulting nerve damage), Numbness in both hands after carpal tunnel surgeries and trigger finger release surgery, Depression (yay for holidays that make it worse)…throw in so many meds… They say there is a job out there I can do. And if I could , don’t you bet I would ! But some days it is all I can do to even get out of bed. And that is a good day. I would love to be blessed with anything to make this Christmas brighter. My 15 year old is my sweet soul who without I dont know what I’d do ! My grandson is 7 and my granddaughter will be 3 on 12/31. I would love to be able to give them something. Thank you so much for looking !!

    Kimmi Age: 15 (going on 30) http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1ZAP2ORD8YUF5/ref=cm_wl_list_o_6?

    Tristan Age: 7 http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1MGEPA0MTIOQP/ref=cm_wl_list_o_4?

    Addie Age; 2 (will be 3 on 12/31) http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1LRDZTLBMZ3DD/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1?

    Julie (me) http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/20MTW0FQMCT6C/ref=cm_wl_list_o_0

    There is also a list for household. But the kids come first ! <3

  268. #84 Heidi. Two gifts on your way 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family from a fellow northerner 🙂

  269. Marrissa @ 371 – My youngest has been hoping for an AG doll for quite awhile now. She would absolutely love to own one and would love her the same as you did. If you have nobody else who has already expressed interest, please let me know. My email is irenedawnn@gmail.com

  270. Hi. It seems like 2016 has been rough on everyone. My husband works full time, I work more than full time, and it just seems like every time we get a little bit ahead, something goes wrong. (I had a little cash saved back for Christmas, and I got the privilege of using it to replace my radiator.). We are living paycheck to paycheck. Our basic needs are met, but there is nothing extra. If you could find it in your heart to give my kids a Christmas, I would be eternally grateful. I’ve got three kiddos, D is 17, M is 16, and K is 14. They’re good kids. They’re smart, and they’re sweet, and funny and kind. Thank you so very much.
    K: Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/E5ZQ4KZ996HK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_Xl2tybG0N7CKW

    M: Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1XIGKKVT6C88X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_Um2tyb2B5F5JK

    D: Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/S6B0VCX4L1DO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_En2tybERPC8VE

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  271. Lisa Smith #11 – I sent some Portal figures (it’s a great game) but wanted to make sure you got the starter kit for your son already? (you need that to play the game)

  272. Jessica #50, Sasha #176, Amy #201, and G. Smith #358 – I’ve got a little something heading to each one of you. I wish I could get something for everyone. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! 🙂

  273. Christmas is going to be rough this year because we have to pay for legal fees because my ex husband refuses to let me see my kids so the money we would have spent on Christmas gifts is going toward paying a lawyer. Any help at all would be great. We have 4 kids, 3 of which we are unable to see at the moment. Their ages are 13(boy- loves Star Wars/Legos), 8(girl- loves Disney Princesses), 7(girl- Loves My Little Pony), and 4(boy- loves the show PJ Masks) Thanks to whoever may help us out.


    ($75 in gifts on the way! ~ Jenny)

  274. @Sara R #152 a scooter and a little something for each are on their way.

    Bless you for stepping up & letting them be kids
    May 2017 bring all the happiness your heart can hold, your sorrow only fill a thimble, and may those kids fill your home with laughter and smiles

  275. 729amygregory: a few more gifts for MJ should arrive next week. Enjoy!

  276. I have been trying to figure out how my niece and nephew will have a couple of gifts that they want for Christmas when this incredible opportunity showed up. I am not sure what to do. I added a few gifts to my own amazon wish list because it will not let me make a new one.. of course. My nephew is 12 and he is into football and plays basketball (he is really good!). He also likes electronics. My niece (9) loves to sew, draw, she wants a pair of uggs so bad (I personally have no idea why because they are hideous but she wants them lol). Their grandma is trying so hard to give them a great Christmas but she is on a limited budget (she is 76). I wish I could help alone, but like everyone else, I have rent, bills, and cats to take care of besides myself. I don’t expect anything because their wishes are costly but I am adding their wishes for anyway. Merry Christmas!


  277. Kelly Schaffer (of posts 71 & 158, or maybe 72 & 159) – some items headed your way. Prob’ly in a couple of different shipments (and the Keaza Women’s 4 Pair Pack Vintage Style Cotton Wool Warm Winter Fall Crew Socks (WZ02C1) won’t arrive ’til prob’ly January – sorry). Merry Christmas!

  278. I am a single mother to 4 awesom kiddos. Preston 12, Miles 10, Cathleen 9, and Gabriel who is 7. I currently work full time, go to school full time and take care of my babies. Christmas is always the hardest time of year, because I never know how I am going to make Christmas happen. I made a small list for the kids, in hopes that they will have a few things under the tree Christmas morning. Here is the link to their list.

  279. Thank you for this opportunity to make a good Christmas for my son.

    His name is James and he is a 14 year old high functioning autistic boy who has just discovered the magic of modeling clay and Claymation. He loves creating with his hands and has asked for clay and tools for Christmas. My hours were recently cut and I would be truly grateful if anyone could help out. Thank you so much!


    Deannda L Neufer

  280. Hi, Thank you for looking at this list. I apologize in advance for appearing so greedy but I am at my wits end.
    The day after Thanksgiving the phone rang and I suddenly needed to provide my five year old granddaughter with a place to live. I am 61 and on disability for depression/anxiety and severe agoraphobia and live on a miniscule income. She was delivered to me with two changes of clothes and a pretty raggedy Dr. McStuffins dollar. She has mild asperger’s syndrome and probably ADD. I live in a tiny apartment within a mostly senior complex. I have crayons and markers but that captures her interest only briefly. I have no tv or dvr player and I’m having trouble keeping her amused. She won’t start kindergarten until next fall. She loves to play on my phone and I’d like her to be able to play some educational games, watch some tv or some shows and movies. I know this is a very expensive item and used, refurbished, no longer wanted or needed by you would be wonderful. Hope all of you and yours have a Merry Christmas.


    (Good things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  281. Dear people of the internet… You wonderful, crazy, people.

    I am a single father, struggling to make ends meet. It is just me and my 8 year old girl against the world. Her mother is out of the picture after causing some severe trauma that we are still recovering from 5 years later. I work two jobs in order to keep the lights on. All my daughter wanted for her birthday was a tablet of her own, and I saved to get her that (her school requires iPads, and through a grant and cashing in my change-jar, we got that for her birthday… thank goodness for private school assistance). For Christmas she really wants the FurReal Friends Bootsie cat. This year has been more lean than most (cost of living in Denver has risen a LOT), and I can’t make that happen this time.

    She loves to color, bats (the mammal), and she adores soft things and sensory toys. I try to keep some sensory things with her at all times to help her cope with the outside world, but 8 year olds have a habit of losing things… I take her with me to a community dance every week, and have her involved in a special program through her school, as well as the state for kids who have trauma, and that helps quite a bit, but we still struggle with more rough days than not.

    Please, Internet People. A little bit of love if you have it to spare. And so much appreciation to all of you generous souls out there.


  282. To Laura W (343) — I got you a couple of gift cards along with the study cards. They should arrive tomorrow.
    PS – I wasn’t really paying attention to the gift cards, so it may show up like I favored one girl over another. I don’t.

  283. I am a single mom working to support two teenagers, which is harder and harder with the rising cost of everything under the sun. Both of my kids have geeky inclinations, which I encourage, because geeks rule. My daughter has more of an artistic bent than my son, so I try to encourage that too. A couple of years ago my friend told me about this blog, and I have been following and loving it ever since. I hoped to contribute this year, but I haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe next year! Thank you all for making Christmas brighter for so many people, it warms my heart.


  284. I just want to say that this is so amazing!
    My husband and I moved in August and we’ve been struggling a bit financially since then. We have a 7 month old, Henry, who we haven’t been able to buy presents for and it would just be nice if we had something. I’ve linked the amazon wishlist that I keep updated with things for Henry, so there’s quite a few things on there, but I obviously don’t expect anyone to buy them all.
    Thank you so much!

  285. Thank you Jenny for continuing to do this. I’m a single mom of four amazing kids and money is tight while I’m fishing up gradschool since I don’t have a “real job” yet. I’m studying Special Education and hope make a difference in the lives of many children. In the meantime my kids could sure use a few surprises under the tree. There are books at the end of the list that I added forever ago but trust me we are a family of readers and they’d be as welcome a gift as any. Bless you and your’s and all the angels that help with this amazing miracle.

  286. Oh goodness. Where do I start? We are now heading into our fourth year of dealing with cancer for our oldest son. We have done a bone marrow transplant for him and we are still in treatment, thus we are limited on how much we can be out in public and around other people. The exhaustion that I feel trying to manage his issues is overwhelming. I actually ended up being sick and needing the barf bag today in his clinic because I had my first migraine, what a joy! Our other two are amazing, but they are often on the sidelines. Our family dynamics are a mess due to the crazy amount of time we spend on cancer. A bit of cheer and love would be appreciated by all of them. But most of all by me, knowing that my kids are your kids. http://a.co/0IzxRju Thank you for reading and letting me dream just a bit today.

  287. I am post 67 ..Thank you so much for purchasing 2 of my kids Christmas gifts.Hoping another Angel can come help with the other 2 kids.

    God bless all of you

  288. Thank you Jenny for continuing to do this. I’m a single mom of four amazing kids and money is tight while I’m fishing up gradschool since I don’t have a “real job” yet. I’m studying Special Education and hope make a difference in the lives of many children. In the meantime my kids could sure use a few surprises under the tree. There are books at the end of the list that I added forever ago but trust me we are a family of readers and they’d be as welcome a gift as any. Bless you and your’s and all the angels that help with this amazing miracle.

  289. I really, really hate to be asking instead of giving, but this year has been a bit of a kicker to say the least. Our landlord has had builders here for over 4 months. He currently has the place up for sale, and we only have a rolling contract. It’s been sending my anxiety sky high, and my eldest, who is on the autistic spectrum, has just not been coping with all the uncertainty and the disruption at all. We could really do with moving, but as my partner is my full time carer as I am registered disabled, we are on benefits… A lot of places around here aren’t accepting DSS right now, and finding somewhere that meets our needs is proving really hard-going.

    We’ve had major struggles with the UK benefits system this year, due to changes in the disability benefits. I had to go through quite some hoops to get what I needed, which really threw my health out too. Thankfully, this is now (mostly) resolved, but it has meant that I racked up some debt in the mean time. Which… I’m struggling to keep up with, if I’m honest. Ignoring phone calls, and having to borrow money to just truck along.

    I’ve… just got nothing in reserve… don’t know how we’re going to manage dinner for Christmas really. I keep looking at things, and the sums don’t add up. Anywhere.

    I’m trying to be positive, but the stress is severely impacting on my health and I’m not getting out of the house much. My stability, and stamina has been getting worse. BUT I have goals, and I’m determined. I have an ETSY, which I’ve been trying to keep stock in when I have the energy to make things, and I have been doing craft fairs on the very odd occasion. I want to get out of the house more (At this point, other than the doc’s, I’ve been in the house for 3 weeks), but my health is fighting me. To help this, I was trying to save for a rollator, which would allow me to get further distances, and to be more stable. All the money I was trying to get together has gone on essentials now though, and there’s nothing left. I’m in the process of getting my sticks upgraded to crutches, which will help, but have been told there may be some wait on the list for them :/ Rollators aren’t covered on my community care team, but I really feel the seat would be helpful for me.

    I’ve put some gifts for the kids on the list, as we’re looking likely that we won’t be able to stretch to much. I hope it’s okay, but I’ve also put on some gift vouchers to hopefully put towards a rollator, or Amazon pantry items for Christmas.

    I’d love to give something back, so if people do buy anything, and would like a card or something homemade (I make felted things and papercrafts) back, then uh… actually, I’m not sure how that’d work… maybe if I leave my e-mail, then people could send me their addy if they were comfortable with it or something?? Anyway… e-mail below 🙂

    My ETSY is here, if you’d like a nosy (I hope to get some more thing up there soon: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CorvidCreations

    The Amazon list I’ve cobbled together is here: http://amzn.eu/2zXNBZE

    My e-mail is: sister_carrion(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

    I’m in the UK, and I live with my partner (and full time carer) and our 2 boys. Nathan is 12, and has ASD and ADHD, and his younger brother, Corben is 5 and Captain Chaos.

    If anyone has any advice or help to offer, I’d very much appreciate it. I really hope to be back on the side of being able to give next year again. This is such a beautiful thing, every year. Thank you so much if you managed to read this far! Have a cuppa’, you’ve deserved it!


  290. Hi, I’m Kelly. And I feel a bit douchey because I know people don’t have the heat on at their homes, or aren’t getting the food stamps we were just approved for (!!!!!!! YAY SOCIAL PROGRAMS!!!!) but when it comes to need, well, we need. We need basic things (as you’ll see on the list) and we could use some treats, a game and books (also on the list).

    Our story (sob sob sob, I know):
    Here I am, a respectful, mother of four, totally ‘normal’ looking person out in the world, in line next to you at the grocery store. In years past we have always plucked names off the tree at church and taken our kids to pick our gifts for “those” children. I meant to apply for help at our church but my pride blocked me from walking in the narthex. There I was in the parking lot, but I didn’t get past the doors. Couldn’t do it.

    Shortly before our 4th (and very much LAST) child was born, my husband, the breadwinner, the only bread bringer homer, had his position eliminated.

    The 6 weeks following her birth were by far our most trying. I had a postpartum hemorrhage followed by 2 d&c’s, eventually ending up in sepsis and had an emergency total abdominal hysterectomy (we are Catholic and young and this was absolutely earth shattering). We have no family in the area, so my husband was caring for all 4, including the newborn while waiting to hear if his wife made it out of surgery, having my blood replaced over 2 times.

    Now that I’m starting to heal he has been able to pick up on call shifts, but still no permanent positions have opened up, and the pay is less than half what he was receiving before. He goes out every single day to apply for every single job he can find posted.

    We have tapped every family member, friend, and even payday loans (I know! I KNOOOOOW!) to simply pay bills and we just received notice of intent to foreclose on our house but will be applying for their assistance program. Praise God we were able to qualify for food stamps so we don’t have to worry about feeding our babies.

    This Christmas I’m searching high and low, applying for credit cards (and getting denied, clearly) just to get a few presents under our tree. I wish the list could be all fun presents, but the boys need some winter gear as well.

    Our family is me (Kelly), Justin (my husband), and our kids; Gabriel (6.5), Sebastian (4.5), Theodore (2) and Hattie (3 months).

    Assisting our family would mean the absolute world to us as we simply don’t have any money to make Christmas happen this year and it is killing my husband and I, especially since our kids are old enough to know the tree is bare.

    I’ve made an amazon wishlist to send to well meaning family who is so tapped out by us and our needs. They’ve made it clear, we are on our own on this still. Everyone has families and needs and this is an instance where we are expected to pull ourselves up. Can’t pull yourselves up when you don’t even have bootstraps anymore.

    I am insanely grateful for anyone who even gets this far in my novella, and so grateful for any gifts received. Here’s our wishlist: http://a.co/cPA8dZJ

    Thank you! Thank you thank thank you!

  291. Thank you for doing this. I’m having kind of a hard year. This time of year is difficult for me, because my mother died a few days before Thanksgiving, two weeks after I had my first baby.
    Throw in a relationship dissolving before Christmas and a marriage blowing up around Thanksgiving, it’s a wonder I can stand turkey and tinsel. I kinda had a lot on my plate this past decade and I’m trying to handle my crap. Big heaping handfuls of it. Well, now that I’ve established my crazy bonafides(kinda), I’d like to talk about my kids.

    I’m a single mom of 4 kids, trying to figure out how what the fuck I’m doing! My oldest tests me every-single-day, like a ninja testing my defenses. The other 3 take direction from their bro and circle my meat wagons like a pack of wolves. I keep it together, but it’s hard. My oldest is 11 and is a sci-fi and anime nerd. He loves reading, video games and being around mom. Give it two years!

    My 8 year old M is a budding artist, half wildling and half gentleman. He loves to make people happy rather than himself. He’s a great kid. My son J is 6 and learning disabled and delayed. He loves snuggling with mom, his brothers, scooby doo, superheroes and eating my cooking. The baby C is completely wild and will rule the world one day. You have been warned. His faves are paw patrol, destruction and reading with mom.

    I’m depressed, anxious and a shut in. I’m scared to leave my house because the world is out there. I’ve been dealing with severe nerve pain, learning to use my body again after a stroke, and dealing with the 1 year anniversary of being raped.

    I only told a friend of mine what happened. My rapist thinks nothing is wrong and I wonder if he’s right. I want to know what’s wrong with me? I did the work on myself and met a nice man. Turns out he was hiding who he was from me. I don’t mean to turn this into a boo-hoo letter and a pity party. I just need to let what’s been eating me up go.

    I would like help getting toys and clothes because I’m not able to do so on my own. If someone is in the NYC area, I would like information on furniture. We’ve been out of the shelter a year and we need some furniture. We have a few broken beds, a torn down couch and the ugliest carpet. The kids are asking for mostly inexpensive things under $20 with a big shared gift and a few bigger things.


    CB http://a.co/c3EWHR2
    J http://a.co/eNkeiLr
    M http://a.co/5PkEaoB
    Baby C http://a.co/82ENpon
    Clothing, household and bedding needs http://a.co/9OkSQN1
    Books http://a.co/2faSAZu

    Just cleaned up baby shit off the floor. Could use a pick me up. Please be funny. My email address is holahamburguesas@gmail.com.

    ($115 in gifts coming your way. I tried to pick one or two of the ones they really wanted. ~ Jenny)

  292. Antonia (#360) I want to get the knitting things for your daughter, but your wish list isn’t working 🙁 Please fix it so I can finish shopping! (ps – I’m an avid knitter and MUST help everyone who is interested! 🙂 I also have a lot of yarn here at home that I would love to send your way if you feel comfortable contacting me directly, or through Jenny – filtered email is kessira@gmail.com

  293. DL #397 – Some goodies are heading your way some to arrive later this week. Happy holidays!