UPDATED: The Seventh Annual James Garfield Miracle


Today marks the SEVENTH (!) annual James Garfield Miracle.  Short story: I bought a very jolly but kinda f-ed up boar head (named James Garfield)  and Victor thought I was crazy so I sold some homemade Xmas cards to make up the $90 I paid for him but I made so much I decided to give the money back to parents struggling to buy a toy for their kid.

James Garfield and I love you.
James Garfield and I love you.

It went quickly but as soon as I ran out of cash a ton of other people stepped up and asked if they could send toys to strangers and it grew into an annual event.  Each year I think will be the last year but each year people who were helped in the past ask if we’ll do it again so they can give back.  For those who like something easier we also give to Project Night Night, an organization that gives a book, stuffed animal and security blanket to kids living in shelters, and also to Heifer because it’s nice to be able to donate the ass end of a water buffalo on the behalf of relatives that you don’t really like.  As always, there are no sponsors, no rules and no one gets anything out of it except the happiness of helping total strangers.


So here’s how it works:  If you are struggling this year and you don’t know how you are going to buy a present for your child (or children) then do this…make a wish-list on Amazon (SEE UPDATES BELOW) and leave a comment below (with the age of your child, a link to your wish list, and anything else you want to share).


Here’s the basic FAQ because we’ve done it enough to know the problems:

  • How do I post my wishlist so that my kid gets a present?

Log in to Amazon and under “Account & Lists” choose “Create a list”.


Name your list something and choose “PUBLIC” and “Create List”:


Find the thing you want to put on your list and then choose the list from the drop down:


Now you have to make sure that you’ve added a shipping address to your new wishlist so go to it and choose “list settings”:


Then go to the list and click “view details”:


Here you have to create a new shipping address or you won’t get anything.  YOU HAVE TO DO THIS.  If you don’t then people will see your list but can’t mail it to you.  People can’t see your full address though (just your town) so it’s still private.  This is also where you can write a description of your kids and their ages if you want to add that.  After you make it public and add your address hit “save changes”:


Then go to the comments here and put a link to your wishlist.  Here’s an example I made up: I’m struggling this year and have 2 young kids and 2 teenagers.  They like books and movies.  I live in America.  I also added an inexpensive coat and mittens for one my youngest  just in case you could help.  Here’s my link.

DONE!  (Adding where you live is good because it’s easier for Canadians to buy for Canadians, etc.  If you have Amazon in your country though you’re good to go.)

  • What should I choose for my wishlist?

Picking things that are listed as “prime” eligible is ideal because shipping is free for people with prime memberships.  Ideally try to limit your selections to less than $30 per kid so that we can help as many kids as we can.  Books and art supplies and movies that kids can share are all great suggestions.

Can I add a coat or warm pajamas for my kids?

It’s really just for toys but you can always ask if you really need them.

I went to buy something from a list but the list was empty.

That is actually awesome.  That means everything from their list was bought.  Whoop!

I went to buy something from a list but there wasn’t an address attached to it. 

Then delete what you have in you cart and don’t buy anything otherwise it will go to you or the next person you buy for.  That happens every year.  Leave a comment letting the person know that they need to add an address.

How do I know I’m using the right address?

When you’re looking at the wishlist it will say the name of the person.  When you check out select the same person’s name’s wishlist address or registry address.  If there isn’t one then they haven’t added their address so delete your cart and try the next person.

Are you checking to make sure people are real?

Sort of.  There are some things I do to check but go with your gut.  I do delete people if I know they aren’t real but most people won’t go to the trouble to fake an account for crayons and kid’s books so use your best judgement.

Can I thank the person who helped me?

You won’t know who they are, but you can totally say thanks in the comments.  You’ll know if something was bought because it will disappear from your list.

What if I don’t get what was sent to me?

It happens, but rarely.  Sometimes you’ll forget to put your address and your stuff goes to the person who bought it.  Or it’s at your neighbor’s house because you weren’t there to sign for it.  Or it was sold out and you’ll get it after the holiday.  It’s rare, but it can happen.

I can’t afford to buy something but I’d like to volunteer to make something or send a card to someone.

Okay.  Just put your email on your comment and they can connect with you.

I want to give 10% off a product I make or let them enter a drawing if they like my Facebook page and tweet a bunch of crap about it.

No.  Sorry.  This is not that.

Will you be my friend?

Yes.  Yes, I will.

PS. I was going to buy a water buffalo in your honor because I think “water buffalo” is fun to say but instead I’m sending a girl to school and I also donated $1,000 to Project Night Night in your name.   And now I’m going to fill as many wish lists as I can. The money I spend on this stuff comes directly from my affiliate links and your support in buying my books. so if you can’t afford to help just know that if you came here this year these gifts are from you too.  In the last 6 years we’ve given over $325,000 to help kids during the holidays.  That is insane, y’all.


UPDATED, day 2: Wow, y’all.  I had earmarked $5k to give out to people needing a toy or two for a kid but so often when I clicked on a wishlist it was already filled completely.  Way to make it hard on me in the best possible way.  You are full of magic and I want to lick you all.  But I’m too tired so I’m going to just nuzzle you in my head.

A quick hint that might help if you’re looking to help people…ideally everyone would just have a toy or two and maybe a warm jacket on their list for each kid but some people just put a link to their long, running wish lists they keep all year, so to see if the person submitting the wishlist has already had items bought for their kids by others you can add this line to the end of their wishlist and it will show you what was already bought and when:


Also, you will see some people getting quite a few toys or clothes for their kids because they submitted long lists.  Is it fair that some get more, when others ask for so little?  Not really.  Is it disheartening?  Also, not really.  Ideally everyone would get something but if our biggest issue is that some needy kids get a lot more than expected then I’d say that’s a fairly acceptable problem to have.  Also, historically day 3 is when a few scammers usually start to show up so be a bit cautious if you see people asking for things that aren’t for kids.  I try to take out the people that I can see are questionable but if you’re concerned at all you can always donate to Project Night Night above and make sure that kids in shelters get something for the holiday.   Either way, I am so incredibly lucky to be part of this community and you’ve reminded me that there is so much good in the world, and I think we all needed that after this year.  The response from those in need and those so happy to give has been incredible and I’ve cried more than twice.  Thank you for helping.  Thank you for asking.  Thank you for being you.

I love you more than strawberry cake.

Updated DAY 3:   I’m struggling to find anyone who had workable wishlist that didn’t have at least one thing filled on it.  In most cases each kid got a couple of toys or books, and I’m also seeing tiny coats and small, warm boots flying through the internets.  You done good, y’all.

A few clarifications…first off, I had quite a few people send me mortified emails because they had long wish lists and thought they were being ignored because their lists were so long they  didn’t realize that they were getting gifts until they started arriving.  I think next year if we do this we will make it simpler.  I’m still working on the details but I’m thinking something like, you have to create a  brand new wishlist for the Jame Garfield Miracle (not a running one used by family because those can be enormous and confusing) with a limit of $35 worth of toys and books per kid, and an option of adding under $100 in coats, shoes, socks or underwear if they are very needed.  That way it’s easier to fill, fairer, easier to track, and less likely to result in confusion, frustration or anything else for both givers and receivers.

By day 4 things start to get tricky so I HIGHLY suggest donating to Project Night Night if you want to help kids in need,  If you do want to give to strangers make sure to check if they’ve already been gifted (using the code above) to make sure you’re giving to those who haven’t already been helped.  I know there are always a few people who asked for a lot more than suggested and it can leave a sour taste in your mouth, but I can assure you that for every person that makes you raise a questioning eyebrow there are 100 other families that were so happy to get a single toy or a book for their child.  It’s just harder to see because those people typically post once and get their list filled immediately, and the ones who seem more questionable seem to post their lists 20 times.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone though (even those who make you raise an eyebrow) who wasn’t asking for help in a bad situation that no-one would want to be in, and I love that we were able to help so many people and that so many people felt comfortable asking for a small bit of help.

Thanks, y’all.

Day 4:  Okay.  This year has been a big fat year of horrible bullshit for so many so it makes sense that this year we’ve had a few more problems than usual.  I don’t usually touch on drama stuff but I think I need to because of the confusion of the last day.  The James Garfield Miracle is about making sure that all children get at least one toy under the tree.  The ideal is that each kid in need gets $40 in toys or books, but we leave it open because some cases are unique and for when parents also request a coat or underwear or socks.  Every year there are some kids who get more and some who get less but usually they get $30-$100 worth of stuff and are very grateful.  For most of the people helped this year that is still the case.  There are always a few people who ask for thousands of dollars of stuff but usually they’re ignored because the givers mainly look for people who just want a few things to save the idea that santa exists.  This year we had more people than usual ask for pages of gifts and sometimes they kept adding to their lists when everything was bought.  Most people who did this were called out on it, and I understand why although I try not to judge because everyone is fighting their own battle.  Sadly, some people who received 4 or 5 gifts now feel bad for asking for help because they’ve seen the backlash.  Never feel bad for asking for help if it’s for your child.  That is not easy and takes guts.  Also, there is a huge difference between getting 4 gifts after asking twice and getting 60 gifts and continuing to ask for more.

I’m heartened that a few people have reached out to me to say that they were caught up in the relief and thrill of getting presents for their children so they kept asking for more but now feel bad that they were gifted pages and pages of gifts and have asked if they can send them to others or cancel them.  Honestly, it’s more expensive to ship most of these things so if you are one of the people who got dozens and dozens gifts and want to pass on the abundance, the very best thing you can do is to wrap up the things that you need to stay warm and to have a few toys under the tree for each of your kids and then look at all of the other gifts that were given to you and your family and (as a family) make a decision on whether to donate the excess to a homeless shelter, church, or women’s shelter before Christmas.  There are always some nearby and it’s easy to drop off (call first) and they always need toys and clothes.  Many kids in the women’s shelters were abused and had to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs so they would so appreciate any small thing you give.  Also, it is a WONDERFUL feeling to give and a wonderful gift to your children to show them what it looks like to give to others.  You don’t have to.  I know the panic of being poor.  I know the fear that makes you cling to anything and the desperation that comes with it.  That’s the reason I started this in the first place.  But I also know that giving to those less fortunate can make you feel rich in ways you can’t imagine.  This and toys for tots are my favorite things we do each year.  It is ADDICTIVE.  As in life, this decision is entirely up to you.

I don’t know that we’ll do this again next year (I never know because I never know if I’ll have the money or health that year to do it) but if we do we’ll implement some changes to make things better for everyone.

Thank you to everyone.  To those who helped.  To those who asked for help.  To those who practiced kindness and empathy even when they were angry.  To those  who struggle.  To those who thrive.  I wish you all a happy holiday, wherever you are.


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  1. To the people who gifted my children please check to see status of shipment.Ive seen people who have posted saying they got notices and some have already gotten backages.Jenny got my kids 2 items the first day and they haven’t shown up.Just want to be sure I’m not missing them as I am hardly home because of therapy for my little ones. IF you purchased gifts for my kids please email me helpforbraylen at gmail dot com .This Christina and Jenny purchased a sensory swimg and paw patrol toy And then a few ppl purchased pocoyo,sensory light,gym bar,ball pit,etc..please contact me

    Thank you

  2. Thank you, Jenny, and thank you, anonymous donor! I am crying with gratitude. I look forward to being able to give back when I can!

    Katie #1594

  3. Are there any children’s lists that have NOT been touched?

    I could go through all the posts but that just seems like an insurmountable task at the moment… 🙂

  4. I don’t agree with all of Judge Judy’s rules, but I agree with many of them and I understand where she is coming from. $400 goes a lot further when you are spending $20 or $25 for each gift than it does when you are spending $50 or $75 for each gift. Sure, it would be great if every kid got the latest and greatest gotta-have-it hot gift of the season. But the reality is that spending a lot of money on one child means that others miss out. Please consider that when you are making your lists, and please consider that when criticizing how Judy or others choose to spend their money.

    Unfortunately, a lot of us have seen the dark side of this Christmas miracle before. We have seen the people grabbing expensive gifts so they can sell them. We have seen people post pictures of Christmas trees with a literal mountain of gifts under it, all compliments of the generous givers on this board. But again, there is only a finite amount of money to go around. Those kids got a mountain of gifts while others got one or none.

    That is why people get upset. That is why people watch and judge. It’s not because anyone looks down on you because you need help. It’s because there are others who are taking the help that you need.

    Please, be kind to each other. There is enough shittiness in the outside world – it doesn’t belong here.

    And to those who already have that mountain of gifts, please step aside now. And maybe even consider sharing that mountain with someone you know who is not as fortunate as you. You might be surprised at how good it feels.

  5. This family cannot seem to catch a break. Mom has been out of work for going on two years due to debilitating health issues, Dad was just laid off from work, the one income they did have! And all right around the holidays. They are doing their best to make Christmas Happen for their son Asher, but they are having a tough time. I have done what I can on my own, but it would be awesome if I could get them some help.


  6. Nicole (post 31392) can you double check the link to your wish list? I don’t think it’s working.

  7. @ Alissa #690 The cane came yesterday !!! I cant believe it only took one day ! Thank you so much ! You literally have no idea how much it will help ! <3 Thank you again and Merry Christmas !
    Julie F @ 174/762

  8. On Day 2, I read a few hundred posts & clicked through to a few dozen lists – even the latest ones were already filled – so I did Project Night Light instead. But what I realized is that Jenny has read nearly 2000 posts and clicked through to every link – and it’s nearly unfathomable to imagine the amount of labor she’s put in. So. Just thank you so much for your actions & example – you embody all the best goodness of human nature. We are so lucky to have you, Jenny!

  9. Tricia #1916 – the power ranger toys will arrive today so be on package watch! Still no word on those pants.

  10. Last night I couldn’t leave my name for some reason. I’m anonymous comment 1850.

    Thank you so much! I looked this morning and the list was empty. I refreshed a couple times thinking it was an error. Then I cried. I hope to return the favor someday!

  11. Adela – #1948 – items on their way, but the dress won’t arrive until the last two weeks of January.

  12. I would like to request help with Christmas for my family. My husband and I have 3 beautiful girls and we’re struggling really bad to get into our own place and provide their needs and wants. The girls are Nayla, Leeli and Ali. The two youngest are wishing that Santa gives them Shopkins and the baby alive dolls. Our oldest Leeli is 15 and likes the typical things a teen girl likes. She loves makeup, fashion and comedy. Thank you for your help.


  13. Oops I didn’t see our post had posted. I thought it got lost in the ether. Sorry for the double post!

  14. To Jen/The Bloggess: Thank you so much for the movie card!!

    I went to sleep with lots of doubt in my head – like my kids are older and they understand I don’t have money and why and also how blah ‘not enough’ feels when I’ve been giving 1 million per cent of my time, energy and emotion….and all of that. And I woke to a beautiful miracle. That’s so heartening – thank you!!! We will smile and send lots of gratitude as we watch “Sing” on Christmas day – which I am hoping is as funny and inspirational as my heart wants it to be.

  15. To Natalie at #1373, I saw Jenny’s note about Canada and have sent a paw patrol pad for Alexandra. It will hopefully get to your tree before Christmas.

  16. I want to help, but am overwhelmed by all the posts. Seems like some people are following pretty closely. Can someone please point me toward someone who still needs donations? Thank you!

  17. I love that you do this each year. This year when I saw it was starting I was just about to look for a list when I realized I could help closer to home. I anonymously sent toys to a woman from my church who I know is struggling to pay her bills this December. I signed them “Merry Christmas Love Jesus” and I CANNOT WAIT to see her this Sunday to see if she mentions any deliveries. (I had to ask for her address for “Christmas cards” lol. I sent one too so she won’t automatically know it was me!). Even if she doesn’t say anything I don’t care. It’s so much fun to help! (It also makes me less stressed about how much my kids get from grandparents!)

  18. Hello angels! Wanted to let you know that I got some packages this morning. Kitty Surprise, the Lego mini-figures, the squishy balls, and 4 books showed up for Alex today. Christmas is going to be great!

    Rachel R. (#425)

  19. I am so pleased to see so many people helped and so many people reaching out and connecting with each other. To everyone who helped- thank you and I hope you realize that you gave much more than possessions this holiday season: you gave love and hope to people who may have been at their wits end, and reminded someone who was down that there are loads of people who care! To those who asked for help- please don’t feel ashamed. Everyone has that time in their life where they need assistance; some of us have more than one time like that. And if the time comes where you can help someone else in need, pay it forward!

    Hopefully, there is no one who was truly scamming but if there were: Karma is a BAMF and will come for you. 😉

    Let’s remember the wonderful spirit in which this was all intended, and thank Jenny and each other for reminding us that there is still so much good and love in the world. Merry Christma-hanu-kwanz-ikah, everyone!!!! <3

  20. This is Mrs Santa who gave to someone she doesn’t know, but wishes the best to…no matter who you are. This is to all of you writing about how guilty you feel for being thought a scammer. DON’T FEEL GUILTY. If I gave to a scammer, so be it. I even wish them well. They are a human, and who knows what drives them to theft, I believe NO ONE is born the way they wish they had been. And so I still feel good about giving. About the rush of warmth I feel at the thought of a child’s excitement Christmas morning, that I may have helped create. The Judge Judy’s of the world are Troll’s (and even they can’t help being who they are). You find them on every website. If someone want’s to caution gently that a post could be a scam, fine. But most of us on here know depression and the anxiety that comes with any effort we make, and how we can foodle things up (in other people’s eyes) thanks to that anxiety. You are all appreciated… Evoline, come back! Embarrassed Mom, don’t be embarrassed. The only suggestion I would make, is if you post a list try to keep it smallish. I understand the idea that you give lots of choices so we can pick and choose and send a surprise from it, but as someone who gave I can tell you, seeing a big wish list is intimidating and sent me hunting for someone with a much smaller list. And if you reposted several times, it’s ok. There’s that anxiety again. So many of us are used to being overlooked it becomes a fear of having that happen here amidst what we all consider our tribe, our community. We don’t need that disappointment to happen here of all places. You are all thought of with love and a hope for one great day of happiness at least, from we regulars here on Jenny’s blog. And if there are any scammers reading this, Merry Christmas, and I hope anything you got makes your heart grow 10 times as big, bursts it seams, and helps you to maybe pass your good fortune on to someone you know is in need. Merry Christmas EVERYONE!! Smile, the world really is a caring place! Joke for the day– Before you insult someone, walk a mile in their shoes…That way, when they get angry you’re a mile away, and you have their shoes! ; )

  21. Well crap..lol I’ll try and repost since my post didn’t show up.I wanted to clear up confusion and by mistake I had deleted items on the unpurchased list that had been purchased thinking it was an error,however not realizing this it deleted them entirely.I contacted Amazon so I could clear up the issue and they have fixed my list to reflect everything purchased.I didn’t mean to delete them and I’m sorry if I upset anyone by doing so.Im a straight foward,upfront (sometimes too much) and wanted to clear this up.My children are blessed this year by some wonderful angels and will be getting 2 gifts a piece which is far from the 0 that I could not purchase because of financial issues so close to Christmas (divorce and 2 autistic kids) ..I vlog my life on the internet and have nothing To hide and also have a webpage for autism help.Although I don’t have as many people as the wonderful Bloggess I do it to spread awareness and acceptance for children like mine.With that said I am reposting my list to show the items purchased and unpurchased.My kids gotten 2 gifts each and a few sensory items were purchased as well thanks To the Bloggess and her angels.The other items that remain are sensory items that I hope to be able to purchase in the future and added them when I found them.Thank you and God bless our angels this year especially James Garfield.Also to the wonderful people who helped please email me so I can send pictures on Christmas to show the miracle you have created for my babies.

    Hugs and love from Texas

    http://a.co/5QOnHlm ( updated to show all purchased and was fixed by Amazon after my mistake of taking them off unpirchased when they had already been)

  22. I’m Aunt to two lovely boys whose parents are having a hard time making Christmas special for them. They live in Wisconsin in the US. I’d love to be able to help them more than I’m currently doing but am struggling to do that as well. My oldest nephew is high functioning autistic boy age 19. He loves, loves, loves Pokémon and talks about it all the time. The other nephew is age 3 and very interested in how things move. I have several things listed for them but any item would be very much appreciated.

    Autistic 19 year old boy- http://a.co/gzYdBT2
    3 year old boy- http://a.co/8PELBAW

  23. Jenny #1866: It seems your little ladies have the perfect wish list for me. In addition to being a woman in chemistry, I’m also a certified yoga instructor. When I saw the combination of science, creativity, and yoga on your list, I knew it was meant to be. Please keep those girls doing yoga and math and science!!! I am a true believer in the ways the practice can help every person become their best version of themselves. Plus, yoga was the only way I got through my graduate education; I’ve you’ve got budding PhD’s-to-be in your house, they are going to need some yoga in their lives, too. Amazon tells me you’ll get things in 2 shipments; it looks like the science kit will arrive on the 21st. Everything else should be there around the 17th.

    Thank you @blogess for all you are doing here. You are a tremendous gift to us all. I know it can be hard to remember the good things when the negative stuff seems louder: you are a wonderful gift and we love you so much!

  24. Tee @2001 – I tried to even things up a bit so each girl will get the same number of gifts (between previous purchases and mine, they should all have three things now!) Everything should get there by the 21st.

  25. I’m reposting just once.

    I have two boys, 4 and 1. We had been relocated to the east coast, and then my husband lost his job so we had to move back to the west coast. Shortly after, he did get a job, but then we were dealt a blow with a huge increase in housing costs that make it impossible to pay for both that and all the other debt we accrued moving. All we were able to scrounge together this year was money for the basics, like underwear, socks, and clothes from second hand stores. They won’t be recievimg fun things this year so if someone wanted to send them one we would be grateful beyond words.

    However, my children are clothed, fed and housed, so if there are children who are more in need than mine we totally feel like they should be taken care of first.

    Thank you to all the people out there donating. You are angels.

    Here is their shared list. http://a.co/7jdqMPj

  26. Hi this is Tammy. I just wanted to say thank you all so much to the santas that helped our family. I also wanted to apologize for posting so many times. I saw everyone else reposting and I got caught up in it all and then got worried that my kids wouldn’t be seen. It was done without thinking and with no bad intentions. My kiddos will be thrilled with the gifts they got and we even have a real tree to put them under thanks to the generous souls here. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

    Tammy from post 131

  27. Jenny you made me ugly cry again.thank you for not hating me. My Monkeys anxiety is fully genetic and my paranoia kicked in and well… You know how that works. Trust me the love is being spread widely. I’m going to help distribute turkeys to low income families and I’m actually able to help 2 other families in my neighbourhood with the gifts.

    I’m back to my old I know who I am and I know how many Kids will benefit. So I’m leaving the lists and letting people make their own choices knowing all the info. I won’t feel bad for about it either.

  28. I know this is a long shot because there are so many deserving people on this list and I only just found out about it 2 days ago. I am not one to typically ask for help, but when it comes to my child, I realized that I must put pride aside and reach out.

    I am a single mother to an amazing little boy. I separated from my husband shortly before my son was born due to verbal and emotional abuse that turned into stalking and harassment, (and subsequently a protection order). My son Beckett, 27 months now, was born 2 months early and spent just shy of 6 weeks in the NICU. While he is now healthy and happy, we still struggle with delays. Having to see multiple specialists (physical therapy, speech therapy, cardiologist, developmental clinic), means that I am only able to work part-time. I considered skipping Christmas this year, thinking that maybe he was young enough to not yet comprehend. However, his daycare has introduced Santa Claus and now he runs around shouting “ho ho ho.”

    I hate that I will not be able to provide the Christmas that he deserves. He has gone through so much in his short life and I just want to be able to give him the world. He is so curious, he loves to build and explore. He is obsessed with animals and the sounds they make, and he is just learning his colors and how to count.

    I appreciate those of you who have taken the time to read this and I understand if it is too late or people are just unable to help. At the very least, could you keep us in your prayers? Thank you and Merry Christmas.


    Link: http://a.co/aQHAgRN

  29. I am a 45 yr old Mom with 2 girls ages 16 and 19 and they may be older I still feel like a failure for not being able to buy them anything for Christmas. I have had to tell them No for so much over the last 5 years since the separation and divorce of their Dad. I have lived pay check to pay check and not even getting by always falling behind. I continued to dig myself into a deeper and deeper whole just to get bill paid.
    Since 2011 I’ve been through separation, custody issues, blood clots in my lung with hospital stay, emotional and physical break down, Mother past away, depression, knee surgery, bankruptcy, divorce court, car problems, relationship problems with children and other health issues.
    Since July of 2016 I have been out of work due to severe back problems. I can’t sit stand or walk without severe pain, burning and pressure in my lower back and my legs to my feet burning and feeling numb. I had short term disability pay at my job for 13 weeks of a whopping $123 a week. (doesn’t go far when your rent is $574) that pay ended Oct 7th and my job terminated me Oct 19th. Now I have no job, no pay and back is not getting any better.
    I have been trying to drive for Uber to get at least some money but I can only drive for a couple hours a few days a week so that is not getting bills paid. I have started watching a friends kids a few hours a week but that has begun to have a really bad impact so I don’t think I’ll be able to do it much longer.
    I’m being on my car payment by a month ($285) I don’t have Jan rent (574), or car insurance $85..as you can see things are not good. I have applied for social security disability and should have an answer in the next few weeks but I doubt I’ll be approved I’ve heard everyone is denied first time around.
    Anyway I don’t want my children to have to sit with me on Christmas day and not even have a single present to open. I had just told them this past Sunday not to buy me anything because I had no way to buy them anything, I know they are disappointed because it is part of the fun to sit around a tree and open gifts but I know they understand. I haven’t even put up the tree and wasn’t planning on it. Why put up a tree to have it remind me that there will be nothing under it.

    My girls are amazing children, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, kind and generous. I would love to be able to see a little smile on their face Christmas morning. If anyone can help it would truly be an answered prayer. Thank you so much for even considering it.

    My youngest is Taylor, she’s 16 and loves things like Supernatural, Harry Potter, American Horror Story and Once Upon A Time TV shows, Porcelain Dolls, Star Wars, Make Up, Jewelry, Ed Sheeran, and much more here list located at https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3QB1AUZ7JJ3KB/ref=cm_sw_r_other_an_wl_o_JeSuyb4KHV4H9#

    Rachel is my oldest she is 19, she’s in college at Illinois Institute of Technology studying Bio-Medical Engineering she likes blankets, throw pillows, things to help relax and sleep better, make up, plaid items, she has Raynaud’s Syndrome and is in Chicago so things to help stay warm is good for her.

    Again, thank you for listening and all that you do.

    (Looks like there are things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  30. I just wanted to post one more time to thank Jenny for setting this up every year and to those that have donated. I am fortunate that my financial circumstances have improved this year where I was able to set some money aside to help with some lists and give to some other charities.

    Jenny, I know things have been tense this year, on and off the boards, but your optimism has helped me this season. I also want to say that I like the ideas you would like to implement next year, particularly the idea to provide necessities like winter coats. I have been fortunate in that I have never wanted for anything. However, my parents both grew up dirt poor. My father will tell you of the versatility of Shredded Wheat liners, both to repair broken windows and as a shoe liner for his shoes that were always too small. My mom many times went without a winter coat. In Upstate New York. In January. Back in that days, there wasn’t as much awareness, so my mother would get in trouble in school for not having her coat, and was too embarrassed to admit she didn’t have one. I know , right? My aunts and uncles tell similar stories. So I like the idea of providing the necessities.

    As I said, we are okay materially, but I do have one thing on my wishlist for the Bloggess Tribe- thoughts and prayers for my Mom who is recovering from a bad car accident. I’m not religious after 13 years of Catholic school, and am not one for thoughts and prayers, but my Mom still is and it would mean a lot to have some good vibes coming her way this season. Thank you.

  31. Some gifts started to come today so big thank yous to Kristy, Jenny, and the library of Heather (btw you and my daughter would get along so well) she loves to read. Also to anyone else who helped me this year. Thank you for the smiles you will put on their faces christmas morning.
    Original post 75

    I would also like to say something. Some of us in need are ashamed to be asking for help most of us don’t know how to ask for help. I hate asking for help personally and I feel that when I do ask for help that my pride gets in the way and my words get jumbled. I’m sure we have all been there so nervous that you sound greedy or erogant. So people will say thank you lots people will apologize for needing the help people will be so taken back by what these amazing people do that they just won’t onow what to say. It’s Christmas time and god says not to judge and those without sin cast the first stone.. so maybe for just one month can we please go back to just caring and helping others with no questions asked. That’s what they ladies are trying to do. And I hope in someway this next year I can give to someone what you guys gave to me and I can only hope that next christmas I can watch this blog with my checkbook and not my hands

  32. Original Post – #1662

    This will be my final post sent along with my deepest, heartfelt thanks for once again making Christmas possible and joyous for my four children. I just wanted to say thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for the gifts bought for my two daughters. They will be thrilled on Christmas morning and I am so beyond grateful. 🙂 THANK YOU. <3

    I’m hesitant yet seeking out some assistance for my two sons, Nathan and Noah if possible. Thank you to whomever bought the Pokemon plushie for Noah. He will LOVE it! 🙂 I am praying someone can fulfill even just one item on Nathan’s list.

    These last few months have been a challenge yet this miracle created by Jenny gives me so much HOPE. My oldest of 4, Nathan, was diagnosed at 5 months of age with Leukemia. His cancer returned and he had a bone marrow transplant at 18 months of age. Life has always been extremely difficult for Nate but we are so beyond grateful that he is here and has beaten all odds. Material goods do not matter and Nathan is a testament that your health is EVERYTHING. We still face an uphill battle with Nathan’s health but we take it one day at a time. Nathan lives for Christmas and loves Santa and counts down the days until the big jolly fellow squeezes down our non existent chimney LOL. Nate is 14 chronologically yet developmentally he is about 6. He is autistic and loves fans and minions. They make his world go ’round. <3 Nathan brings great joy and hope to everyone that he meets and has a contagious smile that lights up the world.

    It hasn’t been updated in ions but here is a website with Nathan’s story:

    I am hoping that his story will provide hope and inspiration to even just one person who may be feeling down. Never give up and always look ahead to a brighter tomorrow. <3

    Thank you so very much for everything and I wish you all peace and love this Christmas. <3

    Nathan – age 14

    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2SKB2TUJGOJL0

    Noah – age 7
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1K179WG9C83ER

  33. Hi everyone! I just wanted to say sorry and thank you. I received 2 items today from Renada. Thank you soooo much. I am sorry for reposting. I was #302 and I believe #1636 ish. I thought that we were supposed to repost if we had heard anything or seen any activity on our lists. I was noticing that people in the 800’s and 1000’s were receiving comments that gifts were sent, so I assumed that my post had gotten lost in the shuffle and I noticed people “reposting” so I followed. Again I am very sorry and thank you sooooooooo much Renada and I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!🎁🎄 🎅🏻☃️❤️️

  34. MariaLorena #2046 — one item coming on the 17th, one on the 20th. Hope you and your children have a wonderful Christmas!

  35. My thank you post seems to be lost in line somewhere or I just really have no idea what I’m doing (which is entirely plausible). 🙂
    I cant seem to figure out how to locate who sent my kiddos a few books, calming tools, a movie, and a couple stocking stuffers or if they are even one and the same person.
    To that Santa Angel(s) I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. My kiddos would have nothing under the tree at all if it weren’t for you all. That includes Jenny for hosting this wonderful event.
    Merry Christmas you wonderful awesome people.

  36. Add on to Post 2044

    Oh my …..this I had posted earlier and forgot to add the link to my oldest list link is https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3VX9YVB91Z373/ref=cm_sw_r_other_an_wl_o_WcSuybJK8FJA0#

    Sorry I forgot to include that goes to original post 2044

    I’m soooooo sorry my mind is in a million places right now trying to get stuff figured out and fighting the need to take medicine and get back to bed.


    (Looks like there are things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  37. L #2006: I bought the reading collection for Jossy. Estimated delivery is 12/21…
    Merry Christmas!

  38. I made a boo boo..Jenny ordered the swing that I thought had everything to hang it with however the clip to attach it To the beam is not included .Hoping a hero will get the mount to attach it To so I can hang it up.There are still items on my list and those are just things I’ve put as found to hopefully purchase later however the marathon mount for the swing has been added to the list.If anyone has even a used one or something similar to the item shows please email me.Without it I cannot hang the sensory swing that Jenny purchased.So sorry thought it was all in with it..

    k: http://a.co/1NtfcJe

    Helpforbraylen at gmail dot com (If you have a used one or similar you can mail)

  39. My original post was 436 (I think–it was close to that) and my kids are each being sent a movie and a book. For that I am so grateful.
    The last thing We need to be ready for Christmas Eve is a Santa gift for two little girls. I’ve already bought Santa presents for my oldest and youngest.
    Hoping someone can help with these last things because hours have been cut back at work and I need everything to go towards rent right now.
    Thanks so much. I hope it’s ok to post again, I’d hoped to be able to take care of this myself.
    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3F9PZAT7IAJD0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_f2TuybH9ACX2N

    (Looks like you have 14 things coming your way. Santa should be able to impress them. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  40. You can add ?reveal=purchased&view=null to the end of the wish list and that will tell you if things have been purchased. Last year we had someone go thru the lists and compile a list of folks who still needed help I think?

  41. This year was a hard one. I have a rare disorder and I am literally starving. This heat I got a feeding tube surgery and had to move in the same week.the land lord sold the house under me and I had to be out. The house was unsafe and had black mold and drug dealing tweakers across the street but since I’ve been disabled and on disability and unable to save to move, I didn’t think I could ever afford to move. Then I had no choice. The move was stressful and right after the surgery so I couldn’t even lift to help. This was just last week. Now I don’t know what to do about xmas but I have to make it work. My daughter turns ten on Christmas morning. So here is her list : Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/3IYHJAHSHWMW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_gl_o_AYTuybY54HG0J

    She loves sims 4,mine craft, pokemon, my little pony and cats. She’s a huge cat lady.
    She is super crafty and loves making things. She likes to read the diary of the wimpy kid or graphic novels about pokemon or sailor moon or other anime etc. We love board games and ds games.

    Thank you for thinking of her. It’s been such a rough year for her and I and I am so glad that others are getting help. I promise to give back in return by making knit hats for my cancer group and cat blankets for rescues,like we do each winter break. So much love to you and merry Christmas.

  42. I wanted to tell you thanks. I’ve commented before, when I was so depressed all I could do was sit at my desk and cry, but now I’m commenting because you gave me the strength to help a friend out, both by calling 911 when I was scared she was going to kill herself, and by asking for help for her on GoFundMe. She’s a mama with three kids, and while she’s got a good job and things are going to be okay, treatment for her crisis has her scared to death, and she’s been so overwhelmed for so long that even small things were looking like monsters.

    Thank you. You are such a good egg and we love you.

  43. @ Mom of 8 Kiddos ~ If you’re still reading this thread, I just wanted to give you an update. The people who sell the bandanna bibs contacted me, and the ones that were on your baby list are apparently sold out. They offered different designs that could get there sooner, so I chose another animal set. They said they’d add some free stuff since what you wanted was out of stock. Just an FYI. 🙂

    And I’ve gotten shipping notifications for everything else, so you should start seeing packages tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

  44. If anyone is in need of a quick reference, you may check out this little boys wish list:


    I bought a few items and there are only a few more. I thought this wish list was very intentional and practical – keeping with the purpose and integrity of this project. I got tired of reading through the cycle of comments, so I am just trying to help any giver out. Thanks!

  45. Sue Ponder at 2044 – a few small things coming your way for each of your girls! From a fellow mom-of-teens and Supernatural fan. 🙂

  46. I am reposting to see why my link did not work. I have tried a few times and no success. I am a single mom to three. Two girls 20yo and a five year old son who has autism. Any help is appreciated.

    (It looks like you’re not adding you list in the comment. ~ Jenny)

  47. Wow, this is so awesome of you!
    We are a family of 6, my husband and I, 2 young adults, an 8 year old and a 3 year old.
    My husband works and provides what he can for his family but most of the time we are playing catch up.
    Here’s the wishlist~https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2QO854PEW8DTS/ref=cm_wl_list_o_4?

    Thank you so much!

  48. I am reposting to see why my link did not work. I have tried a few times and no success. I am a single mom to three. Two girls 20yo and a five year old son who has autism. Any help is appreciated.


    (I think you’re not adding you list. I found it in your earlier comments so I added it above. Looks like you already have one thing ordered for you so far. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  49. Lisa, I was glad to help. Doing this most years is the present my husband and I give to ourselves rather than tangible items. I’m also a type 2, so I understand how difficult that can make life. I truly wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2017.

    That said, and although I did read it, I don’t need to be told to read someone’s blog so I can “understand”. I’ve been there myself. I know what it’s like, and although I never had the pleasure of tasting government cheese, my husband has (he still remembers how good it tasted!). I painfully remember, however, how very important the “right” clothes and labels are to a teenager. I never had the “right” clothes.

    You are upset that you were lumped in with people who “seemed shady”, yet you admit to adding adult children and your husband to your youngest son’s list. You said you knew the older children weren’t supposed to be included as they are in their mid-twenties, so you pretended the gifts were for AJ. You admit to deleting items that you received because you didn’t want to look like a “greedy monster”, but then you reposted with yet more items. You were surprised the purchases could be tracked. Yes, I think that came as an unpleasant surprise to many people.

    My direct reply (#1579) to you earlier was gentle. AJ does sound like a great kid, and people were generous–he had more than three pages of presents purchased for him. I’m glad he is taken care of, and had you been honest about your older boys needing help, I’m sure their needs would have been met without the need for subterfuge. People want to help. Many have been where you are right now and understand the need for basic necessities, even for adults.

    Last thing: please consider removing the portion of your blog where you describe what happened in your family, and the aftermath. The internet is forever. His picture is there for all to see. You say he is already bullied; if any of his peers see your post I can only imagine that this will make difficulties for him. Kids, especially, are great with computers and can dig up nearly anything. I mean this kindly, and I’m not judging. I’m so sorry for what you have experienced.

    Jenny, this is a beautiful thing you do, and heroic–you do it even at the risk of your own health. You have facilitated Christmas miracles for years, and I love to watch them unfold. You pour yourself into this every year, so thank you a million times over.

    I’m usually a quiet person. I don’t typically post on blogs, and I rarely make my feelings known, even in person. The fact I am typing away and will post this shows me how much this has gotten to me this year. I’m stepping back now.

  50. update from post #993
    Thankyou sooo much to whomever got my two oldest each something off their list ! greatly appreciated !!! You guys are amazing ! Hopefully next year i will be in a position to help another family in need ! This year , i only was able to help one person with something , due to only having 20$ on my card , but i just had to get SOMEONE something , my heart wouldnt allow me not too! i dont remember or can find their original post ! So ! SURPRISE! have a blessed holiday !

    Hello, my name is courtney . I have an 8 year old daughter who loves to read and dance . I also have a 3 year old who is obsessed with cars and sonic the hedgehog ! Im currently pregnant with 2 twin boys ! Expecting their arrival at the end of march …Hopefully! Any help would greatly appreciated .Im a single working mom, and life has just been real hard this holiday season ! Thank you for your time and consideration ! Again , any help is appreciated ! Prayers are always welcomed ! Thank you !
    ** link to my kiddos wish list **
    nevaeh and emmitt : http://a.co/1xCYRFb
    twins : http://a.co/aJIUzdk

  51. Project Night Night continues to be grateful and thankful for all the support at all levels! Our new friend, Gwen, supported us and the James Garfield Miracle with a gift of $1,000! That is underwriting Night Night Packages for 40 kids right there alone! You all are amazing! XOXOX

  52. I wanted to thank everyone again who helped out my daughter and two grandchildren, they went through a very tough year Christmas is hard for many people as is and both the kids have birthdays directly after Christmas, my daughter didn’t think Christmas would be possible neither did I but you all helped provided the kids with gifts and even bought a few house items like a pack of toilet paper and pullups for them that they badly needed. you are all miracles and I think you for helping out not only myself but the others here, my daughter is working hard to go back to school and find a better job so hopefully next year we will be able to give back. thank you all

  53. I’m the mother to 4 beautiful kids my name is Crissi. I have 3 boys Ethan who is 14, Tanner who is 9, n Tyson who is 4, then there is my baby girl who will be 1 right after Christmas her name is Evelynn. They are good kids and I’d like to be able to buy them everything they want but unfortunately my husband Clint is the only one working while I stay home with the kiddos. He has been working over time and trying to make enough money to get țhem stuff. We live in rural Kentucky. We are just a family trying to do the best we can. If anyone out there sees this and might feel like blessing us with some gifts I know my husband and I would appreciate it but the kids would love it. Thank you Jenny for the gifts you bought them.


    (Four things on the way! ~ Jenny)

  54. I love this initiative and will continue to support it (thank you Jenny for organizing it!). However, I now sadly realize that the family I chose to support this year has posted their wishlist at least 9 times, and often included it in a list of other wishlists under the guise of “helping” track other people’s wishlists (without identifying that it was their own wishlist). When I was trying to find a family who had not received anything, someone “helpfully” pointed me in the direction of this person’s wishlist (which I now suspect was their own!!). I sent $120 worth of gifts to this family in Arizona, and I now regret it.

    (I totally get this. I gave $6k out to people this year and most were to small lists but often I saw people with hundreds of things on their wish lists continue to ask for more after getting a lot. Here’s what helps me: If you sent a toy or something for a child then it will go to a child. Children aren’t responsible for the choices their parents make. Above all, I remind myself that I don’t know what they’re going through and maybe the desperation of being in need for the first time is making them panic. People do stupid things in a panic. Fear can do strange things and if nothing else it’s my hope that those who recieved so, so much more help than the suggested limit are saving those presents for birthdays and for other family members in need as well. It can be disheartening though. That’s why I do Project Night Night and this. But there are so, so many people who asked for a few toys, a book and a coat and then went on their way. Those people were helped in ways that can’t be explained. And I think it’s still worth it overall. Also, I’m getting private emails from people asking what they can do if they received too much help. Shelters (especially women’s shelters) are always in need. In fact, I’m updating my post now with this. ~ Jenny)

  55. To L, Poor Ruth C isn’t dealing with kitties helping her… it’s giant pooches! Lol! I think kitties might be easier to distract!!

    Jenny, oh lovely Blogess… now I’m seriously wanting a grilled cheese, made with government cheese! That stuff was freaking awesome!


  56. Anonymous 2078: YOU did a wonderful and generous thing and children will be happy because of you. Focus on that, forget the rest. Everything happens for a reason.

  57. Repost:*** Jenny already bought us 3 items, but when trying to clean up the list, somehow they accidentally got deleted***

    My little sister’s would love to have a nice Christmas. My parent’s can’t exactly afford it right now with sending me to college and all those costs, but I thought I would try here. We would also love any spare gift card’s you guys might have for places to eat out for a surprise during Christmas Break. My sister’s are M and L- they are 14 and 9.

    L is a wonderful girl, already in 5th grade. She loves harry potter and getting into M’s makeup.

    M is a dancer, and loves dressing up🙂

    I am B, but please prioritize the shoes last🙂 My email is rawraw323@gmail.com if you have food cards to help out my parents for christmas dinner.


  58. Thank you for all that’s your doing for kids. Here is a little bit of our story and wish list link. In June I received a call to go pick up my niece and nephew out of state bc their mother was addicted to drugs and couldn’t handle them anymore. We drove over 1000 miles one way and back. The kids came to us with nothing at all. We went out and bought a car seat, clothes, bottles, beds.., everything. We spend every penny in saving to get what they needed. We had court in August where we were awarded full sole custody. My nephew was born addicted to drugs so our medical expenses have went up. His sister has a giant folder listing all of the problems and horrible things she has been through. We have a two year old son of our own and the mother of the kids is pregnant again and looking at us to take the baby in. We are undecided as of right now bc baby will be born addicted to meth.My mother has had to help with gas to get to and from Virginia for court and such as we are in Iowa. We have scraped what little we have and bought the kids each a gift from us but can’t afford anything else. We would be forever grateful if someone chose us to help. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/?ie=UTF8&lid=3ULQVZB2ETJND

    (I see several things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  59. You amazing people!! Thank you so incredibly much for the gifts and books that arrived for my kids yesterday and today! It is so hard to be happy when things are so bad but you all have lifted my spirits and ensured that my kids will have something to open on Christmas! I can not wait to see the surprise on their faces when they see what Santa James Garfield brought them! Love to you all! <3

  60. Please remember that many of us on here are from Jenny’s blog and might have only a precarious grasp on our fragile mental health issues.I know that I’m in a very dark place after reading last night’s posts. So, yeah, thanks. I do feel little, embarrassed, ashamed if that was your intent, yay! you win. Happy holidays, I guess.
    I’ve never asked for charity before and will never ask again, but I remain eternally grateful for those that helped me.

    (Barbara, I just looked at your list and you were very honest in your needs and you only got four things. I promise you that you should not feel bad about that at all. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  61. I wanted to echo what a poster suggested somewhere in the many comments and that was something that might help a lot in future years, if you decide to continue, would be a limit of one post per family. That way there won’t be as many posts to sift through, nobody would feel buried and then the posts could even be marked as fulfilled when they are sold out/reached the limit etc. It just seems like even that sma!l change could make things so much easier. Just my two cents. Thanks again everyone and Happy Holidays!

    Tammy from post 131

    (Good suggestion. ~ Jenny)

  62. IMHO, it might help avoid a lot of confusion if you allow the option to reply to a comment on your blog. People could reply, “hey, it’s on the way” and reply back with thanks. It could keep people from thinking they need to repost. But maybe you have better reasons for not allowing replies to comments. We all love you, Jenny. You and James Garfield exhibit the spirit of Christmas.

    (I totally wanted to but it messes up the blog. That really would be ideal though. ~ Jenny)

  63. ChasPebbles We are actually state neighbors. We live in Arkansas. I’ve had family members who have passed away from it on both ends of the age spectrum, but both too soon. So I really hope that they find a cure soon. It’s really hard. My brother is strong, though. And has beat it for 30 years. He does go to the hospital often with crises, though. It’s just really hard. But we have to lean on each other for support. I will try to comment later with links to groups once my mom sends them to me. She said she is in several as well. Sending virtual hugs your way and to your little one. 🙂

  64. Thank you Jenny. I wish I could afford to do this myself this year, but unfortunately I am left no option. Thank you and all your donors for such kindness. That one gift will mean the world to him. :). So sorry for reposting.

  65. Jenny — in reference to comment 2057 — wondering where it looks like 14 things are on the way. I only put 4 things on our wishlist. 14 is too many. Receiving that much was never my intention.

    (Here’s the link to your purchased things on your wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3F9PZAT7IAJD0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_f2TuybH9ACX2NI?reveal=purchased Some were from November, but 10 of them were purchased on the 12th when we started. Some look like a single item but double were purchased for your two kids. I suspect you’ll get them today. They may already be in your mailbox. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  66. My sister and her husband are having a hard time making ends meet right now, they’re struggling just to cover rent and utilities. They have 2 small boys, 2 and 6, and myself sister is sad and embarresed that they won’t be able to afford much for the boys this year. My family just moved so we don’t have anything extra right now to help them with. I’m hoping this will provide my nephews with a Christmas and alleviate some of my sisters anxiety. Her oldest is autistic and she’s really struggling to hide her anxiety from him right now. Thank you.https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1AZRKWR7XVUDR/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2

  67. Thank you so much for the mysterious Santa’s out there. I just got surprised at the door in the best way. I’m all emotional now!
    In a perfect world, my little girl will always believe in Santa Claus. But I decided long ago, when she finally calls me out on it I will explain that Santa represents the spirit of love and giving inside all of us. You all proved it. Thank you again!

  68. Hi! I was number 722, and I received both items on my wish list, and I just want to say Thank you so much!! I was able to get my daughter the microscope she wanted but just didn’t have enough for the extras. You have made one budding scientist very happy! Thank you again for the help.
    My offer still stands and is open if anyone wants a homemade make knit team. Franksfelicia@gmail.com

  69. Brittany #579 – Please check with your post office. I had a notice of attempted delivery that needs you to follow up on. If you didn’t get a notice you can do it online at https://redelivery.usps.com/redelivery/ .

    The order number in question is 103-9438585-4008208

    Merry Christmas


  70. Hi Jenny, I read your book FURIOUSLY HAPPY this month and i cryed and i laughed with it…then, It’s so important to me and to this moment that I’m passing. I was diagnosed with bipolarity and there’s days that I don’t want get out of my bed and I think about of my uselessness, and in this moments I remember that you sayed that there will be better days! And I wait! this allow don’t me crasy! thank you for to expose your feelings and to let us know that we’re not alone.

  71. #2093 – I think you need to add your shipping address? It’s not giving me the option to check out to you. 🙂

  72. Nicole #2092

    If you add ?reveal=purchased to the end of your wishlist url it shows what’s been purchased.

    There were 6 books and 4 DVDs purchased from your wishlist on Dec 12.

  73. To Jenny, the bloggess, regarding post 1955. Wow! Very well said. Needy looks different for a lot of people and people hurt in different ways. I’m sorry that people were taking advantage of this wonderful thing. My daughters were gifted items (original post 254 or something like that) and we are so thankful. We promptly deleted our list from Amazon afterwards because we don’t need much. I did post the next day (post 1254 ish) asking for help for my littl le brothers family. Neither one of us have had a stellar year. He lives across the country from me (and any naysayers can check the addresses – we’re an open book) but some awesome Secret Santas stepped up and helped them as well. When I called him to tell him about it he started crying. This is a 6’3″, covered in tattoos, mountain logger man. Please keep spreading all the Christmas cheer you can. You have helped some of the most amazing kids with this (mine included). We’ve sent out our thank you notes to our Santas, but I wanted to thank you as well. Keep putting the good out there, and know that lots of us grew up on giant blocks only government cheese!! Friggin delicious. Merry Christmas!!! And God bless all the Santas out there!

    P.S. They just found out today they’re having a BOY!!!! Yay!!!!

  74. I went back and put together a list of some who still look to need help, I went to #659, so if someone would like to take up the banner and do the next 100 posts? I tried to pick out those who had nothing or just one or two things purchased. So many people have boatloads of Christmas Joy coming!

    #516 Nothing has been purchased for the three kids lists:

    #519 Lots of books on this kiddos lists! Books are awesome!

    #556/558 Nothing off this list (Or some of the other kiddos in this family, you can click to them from this list)

    #561 Nothing off this list for three little girls (There is also a seperate wish list of books for this family too)

    #592 Family wish list for 3 kids, just a few things purchased

    #655/658 Nothing off this list

    *****Disclaimer******* None of these lists are mine. Please don’t find me and buy my kid anything, unless it is a Laser Puppy, which apparently does not actually exist. ;p

  75. Hi. I don’t have a little kid who believes in Santa. I do have an 18 year old son who has sacrificed and put his dreams on hold so he could work full time in a crappy job to help support his single mom. I lost my teaching job due to a physical disability. They school felt accommodating my degenerative spine disease was too expensive. I maxxed out my unemployment benefits earlier this year, as I have not been able to work outside the home as my condition has worsened. I finally got work online scoring standardized tests, but the hours are crap right now. I was scheduled for 20 hours for the whole MONTH of December. I only worked 9 hours in the whole previous 2 week period (and not for lack of effort on my part. They just didn’t get as many responses this month). We’re scrambling to pay the necessities, my medical bills/medications, and trying to find creative ways to raise money. Even if we raise enough, and my son continues to burn himself out working 40+ hours a week at minimum wage, there’s no way I can afford to buy him anything for Christmas. I have no way to show him how much I appreciate his sacrifices and uncomplaining attitude as he watches his friends all go off to college. He doesn’t complain when they come into town and want to see him, but he has to work. He loves anime, so I have tentatively placed three BluRays on my wishlist for him. I would be so grateful if I could give him just ONE of them to show him how much I appreciate him. Thank you.

    Jenny, I know he’s older than most recipients, so I would completely understand if you felt this wasn’t in line with what you intended and wanted to delete it. I defer to your judgement.

    James Garfield Miracle Wishlist Link: http://a.co/c6zKpiI

    (One movie on the way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  76. I shipped things to three different list people – Sarah, Danielle, Felicia – I hope they help. I’m probably not unique in this but I tended to give kids things I would’ve wanted – something fun, sportsy, book-ish, nerdy, or cute. (There was a Pusheen with an ice cream cone – loved that – enjoy the heck out of it, darling! And whoever got the microscope slide set, wow, have loads of fun with that and put some interesting stuff in there for me!Sarah & Felicia, your stuff arrived today; Danielle, yours will be there tonight.)

    From my perspective, I love things like this because I know it’s helping a real person; a portion of the proceeds isn’t going to administrative staff or overhead. A child will get something they really wanted or that their parents really wanted to give them rather than a “who knows what’s in this package” deal.

    Yes, I wholeheartedly endorse the concept of James Garfield Specific Lists. If the list was huge (more than ten things), I backed out and tried again until there was a more manageable list. I really wanted to be able to completely fulfill at least one person’s list and I did so thank you, Jenny, for organizing and overseeing this. This is so much better than the Secret Sister or Wine Swap things on Facebook where you send random things you personally like to a chain-letter person. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to do good in the world (though I generally do try to do that all on my own.)

  77. Hi all 😊 I’ve stated before that I can’t help financially bc I can’t buy for my own kids but I still have some girls size 11 shoes and boots and sandels .. they are well taken care and a nice pair of Nikes…and I’d love to find a little girl that could use them… I e already sent out a jacket to a little girl and a set of books to a little boy. It brings joy to my heart that I can still give in some sort of way. So If you have a little girl who could use these please email me at goss1018@icloud.com 💕
    I love seeing so much generosity and strangers helping other.. it warms my heart ❤️
    If there are anymore angels out there who could bless my children I would be eternally grateful .. my original post is #1227





  78. I’m not sure if I missed out on this, but if people are still interested in helping out
    These gifts are for my teaching assistant’s children. She is unable to give them much of a Christmas this year, and she gives so much to our students, I would love to be able to help give back to her. I will be putting a gift on the list for each of her 5 children. I’d love it if we could get each of them something. 2 year old boy 3 year old girl 8 year old girl 11 year old girl 15 year old boy


  79. #1982 Christy, socks and a wallet are coming your way. My son’s favorite gift to receive is socks, and a wallet is something every young man needs to have. I’ve been where you are, and I try to help where I can. Merry Christmas! ~~mk

  80. http://a.co/3H86Les

    I created this list for my best friend who lost her husband to a tough battle with cancer in September. She has two little ones, Maddie who is 8 and Cooper who is 5. Her husband stayed at home and took care of the kids while she was at school teaching, then he would work at night. This has been an enormous blow to them all, needless to say. They recently had to move to a new apartment that was less expensive, so it’s been even more disruption in their lives.

    The kids love Shopkins and Tsum Tsums. I also added some candles for Mom, who always has them burning to make the house a home.

    P.S. They live in Orlando.

  81. Dear Diana @2110 – a little something on its way to your teaching assistant BUT it won’t get there before Xmas. Please tell her to watch for a post-Xmas treat near the end of January. Maybe print a picture of the toy to unwrap on 12/25? We don’t do Christmas so I never know how much it matters to people that the actual thing be under an actual tree. But she is loved, her kids are loved, and you are loved and the universe values all of you – in January and all year ’round. 🙂 Warmly, A Mom in CA

  82. I was comment 1703 and already thanked the wonderful stranger who bought little miss chaos one of her favorite movies. I told my friend about it and he ended up on here buying two more presents for Chaos and a few more from other wishlists. I can’t contact the person who made that purchase but I’m hoping they’ll see this and realize that their four dollar gifted was a seed that caused more gifts to be sent. You rock, kind stranger.

  83. I finally had the chance to catch up on all of the posts (I think) and I must say I am truly saddened by the actions of some. Its so extremely hard to wade through the darkness caused by mental illness and its extremely hard to ask for help. My kids mean the world to me and even though they aren’t tiny kids they are still innocent enough and they believe. More than that they deserve to remain ignorant to the difficulties of life as much as possible and I will do all in my power to not let them down. I tried to keep my lists based to what they need most with a few things like toys that they wanted added in. I’m so incredibly grateful to those who sent items. Without them my kiddos wouldn’t have anything at all to open Christmas morning this year. But I will admit that I feel thoroughly ashamed for asking for help after reading some of those pretty degrading posts. I do understand that there are some who take advantage and some who straight out lie but to put everyone who has asked for assistance into one large ugly grouping and completely degrade and demean them is pretty awful. I am sorry to those who were taken advantage of. I really love what everyone is doing for each other here. And I hope and pray that it continues because the majority of askers are genuine and not just here for a free ride.
    Merry Christmas.

  84. I am a full time student and a single mother of one. I currently just moved back into my parents home after getting out of an abusive relationship. My parents are helping me both physically and emotionally but they can only do so much for my daughter and I economically. I added a few needs such as warm clothing for my daughter,(I hope that’s allowed) I would appreciate any one item off the wishlist, I promise you they will be greatly appreciated. Thank you -Adela


  85. Christy, #1982, your 12-year-old has a sweatshirt & pet frog kit coming! (My 17-year-old has the same shirt, lol) ~mk

  86. Jean post #2064 thank you for sending a couple items our way. Small or big it doesn’t matter, they will love anything they receive. I also feel like I’m getting Christmas because I can’t wait to see what is coming. Also I feel blessed to have found this site (from a friend) and such wonderful people that are willing to help strangers have a better Christmas. When I told my daughters not to buy me anything because I couldn’t get them anything, they told me they were going to make me something. I told them to not do that either because I know how talented and resourceful they are, they’re “homemade” gifts are so awesome and heartfelt that I would have felt rotten on the inside, however you and this group has changed that. THANK YOU!

  87. Dear Adela @2117 – A nice warm outfit is on its way to your daughter. I paid a little extra for expedited shipping so you should receive it before 12/22 in time for Xmas. Happy holidays and may you and your family have a FURIOUSLY HAPPY 2017. Warmly, A mom in CA

  88. just a suggestion if you want to show us how far james garfield went this year post your pictures on christmas with the hashtag #jamesgarfieldchristmas
    that way we can all look up the tribe without having to add or exchange personal information.

  89. Original post #645.
    I am so thankful that someone helped us with winter coats, undergarments and a few movies. I would love for my boys to have a actual toy to open on christmas. If anyone can help with a hot wheels set or something i would be forever greatful and i will take my list down! Thank you so so so much! Merry christmas.

  90. I want to thank Kristen (2041) and Ria (2073) for thinking of us and sending gifts. I wish I could fully express just how grateful I am, though I’m quite certain you can’t send hugs through the internet. Instead, I will just say thank you so much; you are both angels in my eyes! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    Brynn & Beckett (2039)

  91. This was my original post(2066) but I forgot to add an address.
    I’m not sure how to highlight my link but here’s the one with the address on it.
    Again, thank you so much for doing this!

    Kristy | December 15, 2016 at 1:04 pm
    Wow, this is so awesome of you!
    We are a family of 6, my husband and I, 2 young adults, an 8 year old and a 3 year old.
    My husband works and provides what he can for his family but most of the time we are playing catch up.
    Here’s the wishlist~https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=2QO854PEW8DTS&type=wishlist

  92. so when we use that text addition at the end of the url and they say “zero items show up”, does that mean nothing has been bought?

    (Most of the time, yes. 🙂 But it’s possible – with work – to make it look like zero things have been bought even if they’ve gotten things so go with your gut. ~ Jenny)

  93. To Sawan at #2031 – the bath toy is on the way for your little, and the Pokemon hat for your big (the hat may not arrive until 12/26, but I still hope it is loved). My kiddo loves Pokemon too!

  94. Due to some bad choices my little family finds itself unable to pay bills each month. Things are going to get better I know. I’ve recently started a new job and my husband is searching, but things are hard. My little girls is only two, so she’s happy with the second hand items we’ve collected from family. However, if someone out there would be willing to help us out we would be grateful.. Thanks. http://a.co/bNj5CVd

  95. #2079 – A Guise? No, last year I purchased several gifts for families here from a list exactly like this one that was extremely helpful for finding people who still needed help, a few people had mentioned it and I had some spare time so I figured why not step up and do it since I can’t help out with gifts this year. I had fully intended to help with gifts here again this year, I saved up $500 for Christmas, I have four kids and try to only spend $50-$75 on them and the other $200 plus what ever was left from getting my kids gift was going to go to here. Unfortunately Tuesday December 6th we got into a car accident, we were at fault and my coverage isn’t great so the insurance won’t pay anything to fix my car and I need my in order to work so I have to pay for everything out of pocket which took everything I had saved for both my kids and to help here plus part of my rent money (I spoke with my landlord and they will let me make it up), here: http://imgur.com/a/qxsyi is my bank account that shows the first $375 that had to go towards car parts but it does not show the hood, headlight, power steering pressure line, or the tire I needed to fix and replace and I haven’t even gone to get an estimate on how much it will be to get the frame straightened so that the passenger door isn’t stuck shut. The list was 100% to help out everyone I could find who only had a few items purchased I even included the one’s who had 30+ items bought just to show their post, yes my post was on the list my oldest had 1 gift each so that makes it to where they didn’t qualify to be on the list? To me pointing it out would say hey look at me helping why don’t you help me which isn’t what I wanted and why I put those with the least to most in order and if you notice i put my child who got the most first so that my kids weren’t in the front. The list is helpful to people who don’t have the time or know how to check to see what was bought which is why I worked on the list until I had no time left. per someone leaving a comment as ‘helpful’ i have no clue which comment you are talking about, anytime I have commented I have commented as “Embarrassed Mom” jen is able to see what comments people make and can confirm that I have not posted as anyone else here. The comment numbers were left so people can go look to see who they are gifting to if they just randomly click lists and buy things that is pretty silly so I hope they were checking.

    To anyone who helped my kids, I truly appreciate it and I know they will as well since they each have a jacket on the way to keep them warm without you Christmas would not have happened at all, no one plans on an accident I sure didn’t leave the house wanting to get into a car crash and I sure as heck didn’t plan on asking for any help here but life works in mysterious ways and I ended up needing help myself.

  96. This is the list, so appreciative of the possibility of help!
    I have a 7 year old daughter. Bought my first home last December and since then money has been tight! I have $0.75 in my account until my next paycheck and have slowly gained few things for Christmas. This year has been rough as she lost her 6 year old cousin and best friend to cancer. Family is precious and we are thankful for that. She had to readjust to a new school and make new friends and after a couple weeks she seems to have adapted amazing. She has had so many changes this year. I just want her to be able to have an amazing first Christmas in her new home where she finally has her own room! This is just a list that she sat with me and made of all things she liked. This is so wonderful that an opportunity like this arises. If nothing comes of it it is okay because we have each other. I did add boots and gloves. She left her gloves and the wood stove and melted them, and was literally just in tears an hour ago when I told her she’d have to wait until I get paid to get new snow boots even though hers are a little too tight. Thank you so much!

    (Looks like you’ve got four things headed your way! ~ Jenny)

  97. Hi, this is an amazing group, doing great things, and I almost didn’t post bc it’s a little humbling to ask for help.
    My daughter is 5, and we are a low Income family who lives in subsidized housing, etc.
    This is really the first year that my daughter actually has requested specific toys from us (commercials be damned! Lol), as opposed to the last 5 years where we just got whatever we thought she’d like. Any help would be amazingly appreciated, I added a few different things in different lower price ranges onto our preexisting wishlist for Amazon from my kids mom.

    (Just checked and looks like there are 4 things headed your way! ~ Jenny)

  98. Jenny,
    I have a few thoughts on how to streamline this in the future to make things less complicated and contentious.

    No reposting of lists. Reposting to keep a list from being buried in the posts just perpetuates the problem. Every time a list is reposted it makes it harder to locate the lists already shared.
    Only newly created wishlists with specific limits (your suggestion of $40 in toys/books per kid & 1 or 2 “need” items if necessary). People may not realize that they can leave comments directly on their wishlist or next to items to indicate which kid it is for or wants vs needs etc. They can also leave their other wishlists public (but not linked here), and if people are feeling particularly generous or moved by someone’s plea, they can pop over there to give extras, but with the full knowledge that they are just that: extras. You can see a persons other public lists to the left of the screen when viewing a list.
    Are there any tech-savvy people in this community? I mean someone who writes code? I don’t know how difficult or costly it might be to do so, but someone may be able to create a widget that allows people to submit the link to their wishlist which will then be shown as a list of clickable links with no commentary attached. Once a list is filled, a person could request their link be removed. The widget could filter out any repeats and be sticky at the top of the page so the links are all in one place. If something like this could be created (perhaps with the Submitted user name beside the link (ie. Jane Doe http://www.linktowishlisthere.com) or even better: numbered, (0001 www. linktowishlisthere.com) keeping the list number even once items are removed, that way people can post referring to the wishlist # that is theirs or that they are referring to in their comment. (eg. Hey WL# 0001, your wishlist needs an address included for people to send you items. Don’t worry, the address remains private.) Then there would be no need to repost or even post the links in comments & then no one feels their links are lost in the sea of posts, or that people are reposting too much. But again, I’m not a coder, so I don’t know how difficult this would be to accomplish or how much it would cost to pay someone to do it. It might be worth the one time investment though for use in future James Garfield Miracles and Booksgiving type events?

    People need to chill out, stop being so judgemental of everyone else, and just enjoy the act of giving to someone else. That is what the season is supposed to be about: helping others, giving, not just giving things but giving our time and being supportive of one another. No one knows everything that another is or has gone through. People shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. No one is obligated to participate, and if they have a problem with the way some people are handling things, they can just step aside, or donate to a program like Project Night Night.

  99. Dear Jenny (TheBlogges) and “JamesJen”

    Thank you VERY much for the gifts! The kindness of the both of you have warmed my heart this evening as gifts have begun to arrive! I am sitting here wrapping gifts, with the happiest of tears rolling down my face! My three little minions are going to be insanely blessed on Christmas.

    Thank you will never be enough!

    (Ha! Actually Jenny the Bloggess and JamesJen are both me. I always forget to change my user name on Amazon. ~ Jenny)

  100. I was originally post 386 with a bump on 813. Previously I didnt put multiple things per child because I didnt want to seem like I was greedy. I have a total of 6 children. Me and my husband are on our second marriages and have children from our first one. We have a 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, and just turned 18 yr old. I am currently embroiled in a custody battle with my first husband who has cut off my visitation with my kids. All of our money right now is going to paying a lawyer so I can see my children again. This is our expanded wishlist that includes all 6 of our kids. If I can only get one or two things per child so they have SOMETHING to unwrap on Christmas (or whenever I may get to see the 3 I can’t at the moment); the rest of the stuff on the list is for variety. (The gift card is for the 18yr old btw) Thanks for reading again. Have a merry and blessed Christmas to everyone on here, even the ones who seem to have been consumed by their bitterness.
    Thank you so much


    ($75 in gifts on the way! ~ Jenny)

  101. I just caught up on all the messages from the last 24 hours or so. This post still makes me teary eyed and hopeful. So much goodness happens here, thank you Jenny. It happened for my kids and I couldn’t be more grateful for the 4.25 gifts each will receive. (Thought I’d include the exact number for those of you keeping track). In response to the drama I’m just going to quote Thumper, “If you can’t say nothin’ nice don’t say nothin’ at all.” Thank you all for everything! Merry Christmas!

  102. I think my post may have gotten lost in the sea of posts. A couple things have been bought for my 2 youngest but nothing for my eldest. I appreciate all the help I just don’t want her to feel left out.
    We live pay check to pay check and this year Christmas is not in the budget. I have 3 children.
    Daijah 15- http://a.co/gMktK7m
    Peyton 7- http://a.co/2YuEqpa
    Kodah 2- http://a.co/bbYB8En
    Thank you for all your help this holiday season.

    (Just checked and looks like you have a couple things coming for each daughter now. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  103. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Michelle (she knows who she is) and the anonymous donor that I’m not sure posted saying that they sent items for my kids. (1514)
    I truly appreciate everything thing and they will too.
    As for the drama, it’s Christmas. If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of by anyone, don’t engage with them. If you feel someone is being selfish because they repost, may I suggest you take advantage advantage that d consider that they may not usually have anything and for once have a chance to have a Christmas like so many others have. If you’re receiving more than you thought you would, take a moment and be thankful. Do what you can for others in the future. If you’re doing the scamming, know that there are people out there that are going without and that karma will catch you.
    I wish every one of you amazing people a beautiful holiday, health and happiness.
    And especially to tafairy (in the 1500s posts I think) know that there are many of us thinking of you and your beautiful soul. You’re not alone. I’m sorry for your loss and your struggle and even though I don’t know you, you’re on my mind.
    Much live to and llr of you freaking weirdos. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  104. My story is heartbreaking. I did not add all of the details as to why it is the way it is right now, but we’ve found ourselves without a home, without money, without food and clothes…and without the ability to purchase any gifts for our 5 children. Lord, I pray that your timing arrives fairly quickly, because my husband and I are so lost! For those wishing to help, here is the link to my wishlist for my babies. God bless each and every one of you and may you all have a very Merry Christmas, xo

  105. I can’t seem to find many lists that don’t have purchases already! Excellent and sad at the same time!

    I would like to buy 3 different people copies of either Furiously Happy or Let’s Pretend this Never Happened! (if you don’t already have it please!!)

    Please add it to your list and email me at brit qpon (at) gmail . com

    It will be the first three and I will add another comment here when I’ve purchased three!

    Thanks everyone for buying so much stuff I can’t find an untouched wishlist! & thanks to Jenny for making this happen.


  106. To the wonderful secret santa(s) that sent my son a book he’s been asking for and sent my daughter a book and toy, thank you so much! I can’t say what it means to me to know that there are so many wonderful people out there. Thank you Jenny and all of you wonderful people for everything you do! Next year I hope to be one of you!
    Maggie from post 1794

  107. Thank you to the other person who purchased an item for one of the children on my list. I appreciate your help so much! My teaching assistant’s 15 year old son, 3 year old son, and 8 year old daughter still have gifts on my list and I’d be so happy if we could provide a gift for each of them.


  108. Ms. Richardson I thank you with all my heart. I couldnt for the life of me understand why there was a box delivered today and then I opened it and its like an Angel smiling at you to see something you wish you could get for your child but could not, yet here it is. Bless you, thank you. I promise he will be so very very thrilled! And his imagintaion and mind will too! Mine is comment 427 and you just made a mother cry, but in a good way. May it return 100 times to you.

  109. Jenny — (re: 2057 comment) thanks for clarifying that for me. I’ll find a good place to donate the multiples. The things that were purchased in November were given as birthday gifts.
    I really appreciate the help. It’s not easy to ask, as we’ve never been in this situation before. I’ve always been able to help others. 2017 has to be a better year.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  110. To Marissa 2130–child’s waterproof ski gloves, doll with dog, pokemon book and spotted snow boots on the way at different times, arriving from the 17th through the 22nd. Warm, snuggly happy holiday to you!

  111. brooklynsbeautybits99 Number 2140
    Coat, terrarium, crayons and Paw Patrol items are on their way and should be there by 12/20.
    Merry Christmas!

  112. Hi I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to say. A friend told me I might be able to get some help to get my grandkids a couple of Christmas presents. I have four of my fifteen grandkids living with me right now and I am over burdened by debt. I am not asking for help getting all of them something this year, only the four that are here with me. I have been reading other posts for over an hour and to be honest, I am scared to even ask for help. I am going ahead and posting because these babies deserve to be happy on Christmas morning. If this is over or not happening anymore because so many people are upset, I apologize for even posting this list. If it is still ok to ask for help, here is my list for the children.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Gma Cheri

  113. I thought I would do a better, updated comment. I have been surprised with a really spectacular surprise divorce for Christmas, so I am really struggling to find a way to make Christmas not horrific for myself and for the two kiddos in my life. I have a little lady who is 12 and a little guy who is 14. Any help would be super wonderful, as it’s a season of a lot of turmoil for all of us lately. You are all gorgeous people.


  114. And while I’m posting. HERE’S TO YOU JENNY. YOU ROCK!!!! That you go through what you must anxiety-wise for this event. I hope you feel good about it. I feel good about it. Stay healthy, snuggle a kitty, a Barker, or a husband (even better, all 3 at once!) and promise to do this again next year. If you ever need help somehow with it let us all know on this blog. I’m sure one (or many) of us would willingly step up to do so. I’m an atheist, but I love the holidays for what it represents (to me); warmth, love, and giving. Merry Christmas, in all it’s best meanings! : )

  115. To whomever fulfilled the items for the post from Mike, for his daughter Bella. I am in tears just writing this. THANK YOU!!! You know, it is funny, he did not want to ask, pride and all but I want you to know, you could not find a better father and she is the sweetest little girl. Jenny, there must be a special place in heaven for you for doing this. I know material things cannot make up for her mothers lack of being there and the pain caused by thinking that your mommy likes drugs and being with boyfreinds better than seeing you, but love is love and when it comes as things you wished for but never really thought you might get, well that love adds up. It seeds the knowing of that not everyone is like that and that she herself IS TOO lovable. Bless you bless you bless you. I promise that when I am able to , I will return the favor. Life has not always been so down for me, I trust I will again also be able to help others. May all your love and kindness return ten fold.

  116. Judy, of the judgmental mind,
    I’m sorry you had a hardscrabble childhood. I’m sorry that you went without, went hungry, were cold. I’m sorry that you believe that a twelve year old is old enough to be kicked out of the house and a 16 year old should be grateful for a roof over their head. I’m sorry that your own life has left you with such a warped sense of compassion and empathy.

    Children shouldn’t have to consider food, clothes, and shelter as uncertainty or feel grateful just to have shoes and pajamas. Children should be allowed to dream and wish for whatever they want at Christmas. Children, especially at Christmas, shouldn’t need to be focused on learning a trade or thinking ahead to supporting themselves. Children shouldn’t be expected to be grateful for whatever castoffs you deem them worthy of. Your experience does not mean that you get to define the meaning of poverty for everyone else.

    Judy, you didn’t make your post with any intent of buying anything for anyone. You made that quite clear. You posted because for some reason you felt the need to shame and humiliate people. I’m sure that whichever charities you choose to donate to will make good use of the funds. I hope that your expectations of gratitude from those organizations will be met.

    Asking for help is hard. These people were brave enough to do it for their loved ones. If they came back after their initial requests were met, maybe they were caught up in the excitement of something good happening to them for a change. Too often, you ask for help and don’t get it.

    Judy, and the rest of the jury out there, here are a few suggestions for next year in case Jenny has the fortitude to go through this again.
    1) Think a poster is a scammer? Don’t buy anything for them, move on to the next list, and maybe email Jenny with your suspicions
    2) Think a poster is too greedy? Don’t buy anything for them and move on to the next list.
    3) Think a request is unreasonable? Don’t buy anything for them and move on to the next list
    4)Think a person is undeserving? Don’t buy anything for them and move on to the next list.
    What you don’t need to do is “call them out” on someone else’s blog. It’s Jenny’s house, not yours. Don’t act up at her party.

    Don’t use a good place like this to prop up your own self righteousness. Giving is optional. You don’t have to participate. Give because it makes your soul grow, that’s all.

    For anyone who ended up feeling shamed by another poster, I am sorry. You were brave to put yourself out there, and you didn’t deserve to be demeaned. I hope that despite what you are going through that you and your loved ones find some joy in the season.

  117. I wanted to just stop back by and say the following “Thank you so very much for everything people have gifted to my kiddos, you all have absolutely no idea how much they are going to love it!”

    On another note, I was guilty of having 3 lists (one for each of my kids) because in my mind it was easier to keep things straight (and I also had no idea about being able to add a note to each item. I had anywhere between 8-10 items on each list and never in a million years would I have thought it would be purchased. They would have been beyond happy with a couple of new books so when I seen a couple of books purchased I was so relieved. Everything else has been a huge bonus.

    Our family donates our children’s books once all of our kids have read them and gotten their enjoyment from them. So the books purchased for my son will be passed on to my two daughters, and same with my middle daughters books, they will go to her younger sister. Once they are done with them they will be donated to the “Little Red Bookshelf” program in our area that gives free books to children.

    It’s Christmas Time everyone…. time for joy and cheer and love and compassion, and just a smidge of magic! So thank you to everyone who made sure that there will be a smidge of Magic for my kids on Christmas morning!

  118. Jen at 2138 – Gifts from my 15-year-old to yours are en route and should arrive before Christmas!

  119. Single mother of three loosing job soon. Factory closinghttps://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/ref=aw_wl_ov_mng_frm?lid=1U991988H9F1U

  120. My previous post is #816, the one asking for food for my youngest. THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU, whoever was kind enough to send some. It is so very, very appreciated. Will do what I can to pay it forward (always.) <3 <3 <3

  121. For anyone who needs a way to find things for their kids with little or no money i just discovered the BUNZ app. You can trade for things you want or need using items you have and dont need anymore. it appears to be HUGE in canada but not so big in the states yet everyone get on it and lets do some swapping!!

  122. Thank you, Jenny, for all you do. This has to be hugely taxing on your but it does sooooooooo much good. (And I love the idea for shorter, targeted lists for next year!)

  123. Dear Judge Judy , My sons and I slept in rest areas and moved each day until I could get us in a shelter after running from harm. I do not have smart phone nor do I judge anyone that has one and needs help, situations come fast sometimes, and people get blindsighted. But I did ask for things that cost more than what Jenny had set as a limit and stated it in my post. Because they were my sons wishes, not MINE. and I have had the great pleasure of being much much better off than I am right now and I would happliy agian and again buy for those that needed and wanted. And from what I learned being homeless, those that have been there are more often even more generous than those that have everything. If it were possible for even one of the higher priced item to be gotten why would I ever say no? I have worked hard all my life as well. Been homeless three times as a child myself due to my parents having very different priorities, homelss and alone not with my parents. I never once got one single thing as a little girl that I ever saw in a store. And not because my parents lacked funds, but that is a long and for me, in the past tale. I have little and each month just making sure we have food enough that actually has nutriens and is not ramen is difficult. But I wont give up nor be sad. I am so very blessed. I have love in my heart and I have my sons and we are safe. We will get beds, and a TV and dishes and all of that, I have to just keep taking it one day and one thing at a time. And if Santa (the spirit of Christmas and love) happens to make a couple awesome things possible too, then I am even more blessed and so are my boys. I feel very much for you. I see that you are well off in years and it breaks my heart how much bitterness you have still. Maybe you too know what its like to never have just one wish , just one adult care, as I know what that feels like very well. And I am grateful to my own heart I did not allow it to harden me, I feel pity for my parents. Having children of my own, what could be better than seeing their eyes light up or taking interest in them? I want you know, I wish you love and I wish you the biggest and best Christmas wish, I dont know what that is, only your heart and the Universe does, but I know why you feel how you do. And I see and feel you underneath the pain and hurt and I think you are lovely, just in need of a warm hug. ((((((((HUG)))))) from my being and heart to yours. Allow your heart to thaw, let a little love in. Life is so very very precious. Each moment. If others are truly being greedy , that is them. You came with the intent to give and that shows your true heart..let your your heart flow and let karma take care of the rest. Don’t be robbed from enjoying and sharing the love you are offering by listening to fears and worry of being taken, what others do is on them and what you do is a reflection of you. And to me, you look brilliant, like a snowflake captured in the sunlight, beautiful and unique, and there is ony one of you.

  124. TiffanyHathorn #818, #820 – why did the numbers change? Harry Potter is on his way whenever it’s back in stock. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t have posted that list, I did ask. Just got busy with work the last few days.

    (The numbers change because sometimes a comment is in moderation and when I approve it it messes up the previous count. Sorry! 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  125. Update for Emily (#45/#719): Looks like the elves are running late. Zoey’s gift should be there tomorrow. I will keep checking!

  126. We have had a hard year this year and I am unable to provide gifts for my 2 boys. I had a surgery on my hand that has made me unable to make an income. My youngest is a very sick little boy with a system immune disease, chromosome issue, autism, and multiple allergy issues. He has had two surgeries this year, his latest was on 12/14. His brother has been such a huge help this year and is wonderful with his brother. If anyone could help I would be forever grateful. thank you.

  127. KK at post #61, if you happen to see this: I sent the Neil Gaiman book to you, which tracking says should arrive on Tuesday, but a used copy. Hopefully it’s in good shape, and if it’s not there’s some way to let me know. When I saw it on your list it made me smile and I wanted to get it for your kiddo because every kid should have some Neil Gaiman (really all the kids should have all the books). Funds here are tight, though, and I needed to go the used book route. After I got it I realized that perhaps I should have let someone else get a new copy for you instead of risking the used (it’s one thing to go that route for my niece and nephews, and another for a stranger). In any event, happy holidays to you and yours!

  128. I am super, super confused. I came home from work to 3 boxes on the counter and it was stuff that was sold out and removed from the amazon list I made for the kids. How are people able to buy it when It’s sold out? I never used the kists before. I only ordered from amazon once or twice to get kindle books. Carol L and the bloggess reader who purchased the qvc gift card so my daughter can get that IT cosmetics make up they have on there to cover the scar from her surgery – you guys are beyond, beyond, beyond amazing. I received that plus a dress, shoes to match, a playset house, a book and pokemon pens from Carol L. The kids almost saw it because I wasn’t sure what was in the boxes. I’m glad they didnt open it, they get home before I do.
    Thank you guys so much!

    (People can still buy it if it’s on the list and then Amazon ships it when it comes back in stock. 🙂 Happy surprises are always the best. ~ Jenny)

  129. Hi Naomi here (Original post 344 (no link), 351 (post with link), 649 (ty w/furbaby link), 987 (ty), 1264 (reply to 1139), 1680 (reply to 1587), 1857 (reply to 182)). This is a thank you to all who got something for my family. I did not expect anything for myself or the other adult in the house (the man who makes it possible for me to keep my son with a roof over his head). When my son’s biological has money he goes online and gets things like our catfood so out of habit I put 4 bags. At the same time that someone here sent cat food, him (or someone for him) sent some too. And then all of the sudden each of the cats have their own bag and then 2 to share. I am shutting down the cat list right now. I want to thank everyone that has helped the furbabies as much as my son. The litter is a blessing too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    For the record, I have been trying to get a business going for the past 3 and a half years. I now owe so much on supplies that it is not funny. I have a student loan that I may never get paid off because i can’t seem to find work. I found out that I may never find work because of the health issues with my back. Any time I was asked what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas by people it is always supplies for my business. I have been homeless but not in a shelter. I slept in the back of my parents station wagon. I have gone to bed hungry (even when I have had a stable house). Heck last night was one of those nights. If I had an income (my last show I borrowed 20 to have a booth and sold 11.00 worth of stuff) I would not be asking for help. And if it were not for my son I would not care. He is the reason that I keep going. Making him smile when everything else around him is going to shit is my goal. He is 16 and has Aspergers. He still believes in the spirit of Santa. He is going to have to face the crappiness of life soon enough. All I wanted was a couple of shirts, some body wash, and something fun like a movie (which he got). When you go to bed and everything is there and then you wake up and 80% is gone all you can do is just stare. Do I wish that I did not have to ask for help? Damn right. But would I do it again to try to keep a smile on his face? Damn right. And if you want to know more about me, my son, or what I do to try to make money (I have nothing to hide) you can e-mail me at paganess77 at yahoo dot com. Yes I do understand that giving my email can open a can of worms. On the other hand it could also lead to new friends. Plus you gotta think…..I am going to email a crazy woman? Love, light and blessings to all who read and give and receive. You deserve to be loved and happy.

  130. To poster #2141 my list has been overlooked and nothing (that I can tell) has been purchased. I’m 2136.

    (Just sent $75 in gifts your way! ~ Jenny)

  131. @Pregnant Mom #2169 Books and a coat headed your way. Merry Christmas. (I went off book and added one of my very favorites as well. If you already have it, please donate to another child in need)

    ~Santa Melissa

  132. I know I came to this way late but I’m a mother to three beautiful children. Kassidy 4, Logen 3 and Jayden 2. We are a one income family barely making ends meet. Just looking to give my kids a little something to open on Christmas. If I’ve come to late I totally understand but I’ve added a few things that I know they would truly love to have. Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas to all

    Kassidy, Logen & Jayden 


  133. I just wanted to thank whoever recently bought from my 4 boys list, thank you!! I am so grateful to everyone who has helped us this Christmas. I’m a mom of 4 boys who is struggling with medical bills and now being a single income family so I can be home with my oldest. We live near one of the top rated hospitals in the USA so he is getting the best care. I listed 2 toys for each of our boys and all, but 2 are on the way ❤ You’re all AMAZING and I’m also grateful for all the kind words/support.

    There are so many comments I didn’t see who made the last purchase, but THANK YOU!! I do try to check so I can make sure to thank each person.

    Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1F22SFBNHG5WR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_oH0uyb7TTZ6A6

  134. Hello I’m a single mom just trying to make things work. This year was a hard year for me. If there’s anyone still willing to buy my daughter is in LOVE with hello kitty. Her list is small, she only asked for a few items. Thank you so much. http://a.co/ihmcXxu

  135. Hiya all! I haven’t been keeping up with this list, so just looking at the last few comments, I think I have a lot to catch up on! That said, I don’t know whether I have the spoons to read it all, so apologies if I step out of line, or say something that’s already been said a million times. I just wanted to give a massive THANK YOU to anyone that bought things for my family, I’m not sure if people are comfortable with their names being listed, but just know that I adore you for this.

    There’s a lot shedload of stress gone out of the holidays for me now. Because of the people here, I will be able to make a decent go of a Christmas dinner, have some staples in the cupboards, have some lovely pressies for the kids and have the means to be more mobile and out and about which is such a HUGE deal I’m still in awe of it. Thought I’d just pass along that after speaking to occupational health today, I’ll be having someone coming out to show me how best to use my new crutches and rollator next week. She’s been to mine to assess before, so I really trust her. I am still overwhelmed that I am going to be able to get out of the house more. It’s going to mean so, so much for me and my family. I’ll have extra energy for the kids, and be able to get more events for them. I can’t wait! 2017 is now looking up! You’ve really made such a difference. I may be struggling this time, but I pledge to pay every one of your kind words and deeds forwards, if not financially, as that’s still going to be an issue for the foreseeable, but in conscious words, deeds and actions throughout the year to come. Little dominos can create massive waves 🙂

    If there’s anyone from here that donated, I’d love to send you a handmade card or something to thank you. It may end up being in the new year now, as time and spoons are getting short, but I’d still like to send a thank you. If you don’t feel happy leaving your address here, then please e-mail me: sister_carrion(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

    Much love and metal chickens to all! xx

  136. Good afternoon ladies 🙂 I am a mother of a beautiful 6 year old boy who loves the outdoors and insects as well! As much as I want to bless him myself this Christmas i just don’t have the funds. I owe so many medical bills from my gallbladder removal surgery and I will barely have enough to make rent this month. I have fallen on some hard times this year but i have not given up hope. I am at my lowest point right now so there is only one way left to go and that is up! To all you wonderful moms going through similar situations let’s not lose hope good things are coming our way let’s just push through the bad!

    I made a small humble wishlist for my son that I have attached below thank you and Merry Christmas to all 🙂


    (Presents headed your way! ~ Jenny)

  137. RuthC 2004 I hope your doing well. I’m not sure if anything has been done on my list #442.

  138. Markira13 thank you so much for gifting my son some socks and a wallet <3 He loves new socks — who doesn’t love fresh new socks! And the wallet! One of the few things he asked for. He had a birthday last month and got some money and is very good with his money thankfully.

    Also thank you for the frog craft and shirt for my 12 year old niece. She will love it!!! That is the list I posted for my little brother who is a single dad of two little princesses who lives several hours away in the next state over with no close family and he struggles but he is such a good daddy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping put a smile on their faces this Christmas season.

    Much Love my Friend!

  139. I’m a mother of 3 wonderful children and I am trying my best to make ends meet. This Christmas I am not going to be able to put presents under the tree because I am currently enrolled in school and am only working part time. Thank you in advance for any joy you may bring to my family


    (Looks like you’ve got a few things headed you way! ~ Jenny)

  140. Hi, reposting of #1472. I really need a miracle this Christmas. We have been struggling for two years due to a long term job layoff and huge recession here in Alberta, Canada. I have three children Coby (17, male) , Tegan (14, female with Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Rhiya (8, female) . Any help would be so appreciated ! Wish List http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3OIVP091OC0Y4/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_ws_xs_jfFuybBAHQ8W2 via amazon
    Merry Christmas Everyone and Best Wishes in the New Year! God Bless!

  141. Judge Judy here, still with $400 that was set aside for only Jenny followers.

    This year, my income for the whole year will be about $8,500

    I still feel like there are people less fortunate that I wanted to help.

    My last job, hourly pay, after deductions and crap, was meh close enough meh $10 an hour.

    So every $10 is one HOUR of my time at work on my feet. So this year I wanted to give one 40-hour week of my life to make lots of neglected kids one day of a little joy.

    One 40-hour week means 40 x 10 so $400.

    In my head, I planned to spend $20 on each kid and be able to improve the lives of (400 / 20 = ) 20 families just a little bit. Kids worse off than me.

    That’s 20 families of Jenny’s tribe…

    all year, Jenny’s blog is a hundred comments of people barely keeping the lightbill paid, Jenny is signing books an hour away… the idea that you could drive one hour to meet her… get time off, pay for gas, find a sitter… something that trivial is a HUGE expense to you. I get that.

    Jenny wrote a book about people like me who are doing the best we can with a stupid body that breaks too much and a stupid brain that does freakouts over the smallest thing, so holding down a job is a huge accomplishment, driving to work and not pulling over to cry deserves a medal.

    And the day Jenny wrote about her daughter who said Mom it’s fine if you can’t get out of bed today, we’ll bingewatch Buffy [or somesuch] all day and it’ll be awesome. I cried for hours over that Jenny and what it meant to me… that Jenny thinks she sucks as a mom for being stuck in bed meanwhile the daughter sees that she has a mom she can spend all day with in bed giggling and watching silly TV and that makes Jenny the Coolest Mom of the Week.

    I dream of being brief penpals with some families.. seeing photos of their tree and happy kids playing with toys I bought. There will be no tree for me this year on my budget so I was hoping to see your trees and be a little part of it. How foolish of me, to hope that my $20, my two hours of labor, would be enough to rent some kindness and a temporary step-family.

    I want to help Jenny-tribe people. I sure as HELL do not want these other strangers who Oh Hi Just Heard About This Site so umm here goes… HELL no.
    Next year we must devise a way to make it so there will be a login to a secret board for tribe members only.

    Anybody who says Beyonce is a singer is refused entry. For starters.

    You can catch ___?____ from koalas…

    Jenny explained the wish list setup very well so I expected people (because Judy is a moron) to have spent time making a specific wish list of little things that would make a difference. That’s not what I saw. Almost every wishlist looked to me like families who are doing way better than my $10 an hour.

    When a list contains a $30 toy, I think, okay that is THREE HOURS of my life. Is that toy really worth three hours?

    Then I notice it has a star rating… many toys on lists were 1 or 2 out of 5 stars… that’s the reviews. Go look at the reviews.. that’s what makes Amazon fantastic… reviews from others… Hundreds of people report that this exact toy is a ripoff and it breaks in the first hour and they sent it back and the kid moped all day and couldn’t understand why Santa brought junk.

    Why is this toy still on your list?

    That makes me feel like you are saying that Judy’s $30 is so trivial that we think it’s just fine to waste it on a rubbish toy that you didn’t bother to research because it’s Judy’s money, not mine.

    That hurts my feelings and makes me angry. You intend to spend other people’s money to buy junk?

    Some of the toys are a new special version or somesuch.. but I can’t email and ask you if that’s important. Somebody wants the Super Duper version of Hanukkah Barbie (I’m lying) that costs double the price of a regular one. Did you mean that? I can’t ask. I can’t ask if the kid would settle for this one over there that is much cheaper and now there is money left to buy a whole nother toy.

    All year long I skimp and save and cut corners and wait for deals. I’m brilliant at it. But some of these wish lists do not reflect that at all. Your kid is too young? Can the kid do some sums? Then have the kid spend some hours on Amazon, given a budget of, say, $20 and find the best bargains that the kid wants for that money. Or choose the one $20 toy. Either way… but act like you stretch my dollars and hunted for a bargain as hard as I do and you respect what that money means to ME and what it means that I give it up.

    Some people set up a wishlist but could not be bothered to enter an address. If the address is wrong, that is my money wasted. The shipment goes to an old address and won’t be returned. I get no refund. You get no gift and I’m guessing that it’s Judy’s fault that I didn’t know by magic that you left Dallas a year ago.

    So if there was no address, or the address looked incomplete, I ditched the wishlist.

    The way the gifts work now is that the person holding the money has little say in how it is spent. I kept looking for the nearly homeless and struggling folks and didn’t find them because a year of comments on this blog tells me that there’s a whole army of broken people trying to make do and what unites us is that we are no longer alone and we are not losers and we are amazing for trying to survive with broken brains.


    Here’s some ideas for how to make $20 gifts and every one of these has loads of very high reviews so they are not junk. Maybe my nose for bargains is worth more than my nasty judgmental money.

    3D Puzzle Smart Stick Bars Creative Toys Different Shape Building set Stacking Blocks geometry toy bricks 118Pcs

    $5.99 for a building kit (or did you really want that $$$ Melissa and Doug kit that cost way way way more???)

    Magic 8 ball… I thought they were boring. Other kids were captivated for HOURS. You know your kid.

    Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Book – Ocean (20 Pages)
    you apply water and it turns colors, OMG when you are 4 years old, this is a miracle!! It’s a Melissa Doug brand so there could be generic ones even cheaper.

    Giant Pick Up Sticks 9 3/4 long
    currently $8.48 but earlier were less and there are generic brands for less
    This game taught clumsy Judy how to slow down and have precise and fine hand movement. I played alone to practice.
    I still hate Jenga… when it falls on a table, the noise frightened me.

    Learning Resources Transparent Color Counting Chips, Set of 250
    An old timey game. Find rules online or make your own and instead of one target, tape targets all over the room like miniature golf.
    Or just make up a new game with the counters.
    $4.50 or cheaper

    Origami books for beginners or other paper folding like paper airplanes or folding animals that is not from Japan but is the same idea.
    or Juggling for beginners
    or solitaire card games for beginners

    A zillion books on Amazon for under $10. If you buy used, you will pay $3.99 for shipping but Goodwill stores often have these for a penny so that’s $4 with shipping.

    I would buy Juggling For The Complete Klutz just because of the name.

    No matter how nerdy your boy is, if he can casually fold a paper stork out of a sheet of paper on a first date, he will win someone’s heart.

    Generic rubic’s cube now that the patent has expired
    $2.31 plus free shipping but it comes from China so it will be slllllllloooooooooowwwwwww to ship
    Once kid can solve the cube, then go find websites of neat patterns you can make with the colors and learn those as well
    That’s another way to dazzle a nerd on a first date.

    Let’s Pretend this never happened….
    used for $4 including shipping, a dozen copies of it now
    It has the same words as a new one but the rodent on the front cover is just a sad pile of little bones.

    Disney Frozen coloring book for the insatiable Frozen fan
    used but new $1 plus shipping, Amazon has it brand new sometimes as well

    The Cool Tools catalog of possibiities
    $5 used plus shipping

    This book is Hard to explian briefly… imagine 300 people write one page each on the best tools that they use for their jobs or hobbies but every person does something different and half of them you have never heard of… so each page is tools for that very narrow task…
    thing is, when you are a curious child, just reading about these tools gives you eyes into a whole diffferent hobby you didn’t know about… canning, beekeeping, stuff that architects use, tools that a landscaper uses
    Each page teaches you something about the massive variety of occupations in the world. If you are curious, this is heaven for you. If you are the kid who goes to the giant Lowes Hardware and points at stuff and says what is THAT and WHO WOULD USE THAT and WHAT FOR… you’re that kid.
    This book is out of date for the cutting edge stuff but still perfectly valuable for a kid who doesn’t get out much to find out what possibilities there are in the world for jobs and hobbies. The book is MASSIVE and very heavy and feels like it should cost a fortune. So for $5, it’s a marvel. Last year I bought several and gave them all to kids in my life.
    Get on a desktop / laptop computer, follow the link, you can LOOK INSIDE the book and see for yourself. Page after page of detail.

  142. Thank you, Jenny for doing this. I can NOT imagine what you go through. I am only an observer and a Secret Santa and part of the process makes me stabby!!!

    But… I am truly a Grinch (I even have one who sits on my desk year round) and this (and a local toy drive) gives me a little bit of that Christmas Spirit.

    Like many others, this year I have been a little… disheartened. I think the changes Jenny plans to implement (Should she continue this tradition) will go a long way to help that issue.

    And this may sound petty… but would a quick ‘Thank You’ be so hard? Not that I expect anyone to gush – but just an acknowledgement. I was fortunate enough to have a really good year (well, not as good as Jenny’s LOL) but good. I was delighted to be Santa for several families. Not a single one of them posted even a quick thank you. It would just go long way to alleviate that feeling of people just popping in here, posting their lists, and never returning.

    Anyhoo — Merry Christmas to you all!!!! Here is to everyone having an awesome 2017!

  143. OH – Another suggestion for 2017 !!!

    Can we request that everyone use smile.amazon.com so that Charities benefit from this as well?

    I change my support annually to spread the wealth a bit. This year’s recipient was Stray Rescue of St Louis. 🙂

    Next year’s winner has not been decided yet.

  144. My 12 year old daughter has autism and severe anxiety. her therapist had a keyboard that had special effects and she loved using it. He encouraged us to try to get her one similar. Last year we found a used child’s keyboard for cheap but it didn’t have the features that she loved but we made do with her using his during visits. He has since quit and her new therapist doesn’t have a keyboard and she misses making the sounds and adding music etc. She would love this. This has been a rough year, (most are but this one mroe so) and every job I have applied for to help has not so far panned out. So they are not helping me make Christmas. I know this is a huge thing and understand if no one can help. But it’s worth the effort to make my girl smile. Thank you fo0r even looking

  145. Hi it’s Dorothy Hopping once again. I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to the following people for the amazing gifts you both have gotten for my child and my daughters son. They will be so happy come Christmas morning !
    Thank you : Tricia ( i don’t know what number you are on the list ). Your a true blessing ! God bless your sweet heart.
    Thank you : Robin Latour ( again I don’t know what number you are and I’m sorry for that ) but you did as well on an amazing job picking from the list. We will remember the two of for days to come and every Christmas to come. God bless your heart as well.
    I want to now take time to say thank you to the one /or few people that helped my daughter Evolene Williams out on the things that was gotten for her. She asked me to give the thank yous for her. She got hurt the other day badly on here and just totally gave up. She has cried and lost the holiday spirit. I have never seen her like this and it just breaks my heart. But what people don’t realize is yes we live together but have to part and go our separate ways come next month. When my sister moved out she took everything that was hers. We have borrowed pots pans silverware and so on. It’s wasn’t a scam or anything of that nature. The children always come first in our eyes and that is the way it should be.
    She didn’t mean to upset anyone in anyway. But to be called greedy and so on is uncalled for.
    That is one thing she is not and never was. She has a heart of Gold and always has been that way.
    But anyway ….. Sorry for the long post and we just want to say …
    THANK YOU to the two people that did find it in their hearts to help with what they could. God bless you all. You all are doing a wonderful thing and I plan on being on the helping side next year. Pay it forward…
    I have included my original post so everyone will know. .
    Merry Christmas to each and everyone one of you !!
    The Hopping Family

    1655Dorothy Hopping | December 14, 2016 at 11:53 am
    Good morning everyone and all the lil elves out there that are doing such a wonderful job. I just can’t imagine the smiles on all the children’s faces come Christmas morning and it was all made possible by everyone on here that helped
    This is truly an amazing group here and the warmth that comes from those who are helping all the people that are struggling this year is just very heart touching and such a warming feeling. I will return next year but not as one needing help but as one to help out. My heart says it’s the right thing to do and that is what I’m going to do.
    I can’t express my gratitude for the has been gotten on my list so far. My lil ones will be so pleased.
    I can’t wait to help a family out ! ❤️
    God bless everyone !
    The Hopping Family

    Here is my repost as well :
    1316Dorothy Hopping | December 13, 2016 at 8:22 pm
    Tricia # 920
    I was so afraid I waited to long to post on here and was about to give up on everything. Then something told me to just do this and move forward I’m so glad I did!
    Your a true blessing ! God bless your sweet heart.
    The Hopping Family.

    Original post :
    896 Dorothy Hopping | December 13, 2016 at 11:10 am
    Hi my name is Dorothy.
    I’m not usually one to-do things like this I’m the one that usually does the helping in the area in which I live. We moved into our home we are at now at the beginning of the year and my sister moved out over the summer and left us strapped and struggling. We have came to the point of no Mo ey left after bills for even extra food. Yes we do get food stamp’s but they only go so far. But right now wiith it being Chriatmas time im more worried about the children and things we need for when we move yet once again in January. Christmas is a time for children and the joy they show at this time of year.
    I’ve been so depressed and worried about moving and getting thru this month I’ve gotten myself down. My husband has blood cancer and Parkinson’s disease plus other medical issues which causes me to be home with him. Our children are 2months old and 3 yrs old. My son xander is an amazing child. He is having learning difficulties and is in the autism spectrum as well. My grandson lives with me as well and is just as precious as can be. I just hate asking for help but I’ve hit rock bottom this year and really need the help getting things for them for Christmas and things we need for our home when we move.
    I heard about this group and was told amazing things and how wonderful everyone is at helping people out who are struggling at this time of year… I just hope and pray someone or some people will find it in their hearts and help us out.
    I’m a firm believer in the pay it forward and as soon as I’m on my feet I will be helping locals again when I can.
    Let me just say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts in advance for anything we may receive.
    God bless you all.
    The Hopping Family.

    Jenny Lawson – your book – The Furious and Happy – IVE BEEN WANTING THAT BOOK FROM THE GET GO. Signed would be amazing!! Hint hint. 😉

    Things need help with
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2VT5RGCFI11UB


  146. I love seeing the internet coming together to help everyone when we all need it most. ❤️ Here are the wishlist formy little guys, 16 months Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1L759BSI9X94U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_pS1uybKTH66HY
    3 years old Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2SAMMU82UENNU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_NU1uybMGXF95Z
    And my 9 year old Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3CTD6AQRX9Q26/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_vV1uybGW1C2WY

  147. This is Tee 2001. Jess thank you for helping us with Christmas presents. We finally told the kids they’d be receiving presents from the Santas here and their eyes lit up with the joy and happiness that signifies this season. Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas as well.

  148. Hi everyone! My name is Brittany and I am a homeschooling mom to an 8 year old son. I also take care of my 9 year old nephew. They are best friends! We recently had to move and my son finally has a room of his own but we needed to put a second bed in there for my nephew. We haven’t been able to get any new blankets for them so they are using hand me down comforters but I would love to get them a pillow or little blanket that is just for them and is something they like. They live pokemon and yokai watch the most! This is such a wonderful thing to do and I hope to be able to give back to another kid so they can feel special as well! Thank you all!
    here is a small list for some blankets and pillows that would make them feel so special and thrilled!

  149. Reposting my original post with the link to the list and I corrected the shipping address:
    Having a tough time making ends meet, with unexpected medical bills, living paycheck to paycheck. Any help we can get for our 4 kids would be amazing. Thanks! Merry Christmas

  150. I have posted earlier but I went through my 4 kids list to try and get rid of some of the stuff that they added they liked that costed alot and I was just trying to make it smaller. My name is Crissi I have 3 boys n 1 baby girl. Her name is Evelynn n here recently we have been seeing physical therapists and doctors in hopes of finding out exactly what might be causing her to favor her left side. She is almost 1 and she still isn’t crawling and can’t sit up by herself without someone close to her to catch her. Then there is the boys Ethan 14, Tanner 9, and Tyson 4. Ethan is the more the gamer, Tanner likes games too, like the Pokemon and five night’s at freddy’s, and Tyson well he loves pawpatrol, superheroes, and fire trucks. I stay home and take care of the kids while my husband Clint works. We live in rural Kentucky and he makes a little more than minimum wage and has been working as many extra hours as he can. If anyone else feels like buying them anything I know they would appreciate it and so would my husband and I.


  151. MomOf4 here…

    I just made a post and I need to make another… all gifts are on the way for our 4 boys!! Thank you ❤ We’re so very grateful and I promise you in whatever way we can.. we’ll pay this forward. With volunteering or if we see someone needing encouragement during one of our Hospital trips. I’ll make sure we pay this act of kindness forward.

    This all does make a positive impact on others and brings hope/joy to those who need it. I know there has been some negative for some, but I hope if you’re reading this you know that there is A LOT of amazing things happening here.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and many blessing to you all ❤️ Thank you 😊

  152. Shannon, 2174 – several things on the way! Should arrive the 17th 18th and 20th (or so says Amazon!) Merry Christmas!!

  153. Shannon, 2174 Here’s what’s coming: First word flashcards, Disney Frozen Wand, Princess Jewel bracelet, Grow and Glow Terrarium, Matchbox Cars and numbers, colors and shapes book. Just didn’t want anyone to accidentally duplicate! Merry Merry!!

  154. Shannon 2174, I went back to buy the items I’d been planning on after you added your address and everyone beat me to it! Hope you have a great Christmas.

  155. Thank you so much to the person who purchased my son’s two main items they will be put to great use and are truly appreciated! I’m so overwhelmed with joy and I know he will be as well Christmas day!

  156. Hi, I’m struggling a lot with my kids this year. They are older, 12 and 15, but I’m still having a harder time as I’m a single mom and had to quit my job due to health reasons and found myself struggling more than I thought I would. It’s just a couple of things but it would really help and these are two things they can share. I thank you so very much! Here is my list:


  157. Another idea is maybe those who want to give next year and those in need ,each family with a need can be paired with a secret santa.The secret Santa can decide if that family is the one they want to adopt for christmas.Kinda like the trees at banks,churches,etc..That will help with the limits for each family.Maybe around the end of November open up a list for Santa’s to donate and then 2 weeks after allow families to sign up for a secret Santa and have a deadline.Maybe have a few extra secret Santa’s for a few late comers that seem honest and sincere.If the scammers come around days 3 and 4 have a cut off.I know there are alot of good hearted nonscammers that come late and if so moderate the comments and see if they can be paired with a Santa.Im sure a few of the internet techies wouldn’t mind helping go through and pairing families with santas.So have 2 different comment blog posts,one for Santa’s and the other for families in need.Each family has a post number next to their name as well as each secret santa.The families can post their wish lists only with the limit set for each child on Amazon and each Santa can go and see what family they want to choose.Maybe have an email set up where the Santa’s can email with their comments number and the number on the family’s comments to Jenny or someone helpingbpair families and the Santa and family comment can then be erased after paired.This would maybe require a Santa to give an email where the family can communicating there is an issue such as an address missing or if a gift needs to be returned but gmail,Yahoo and all email services give out free email addresses and I would be willing to help in the dept of setting up Santa(comment number)= Santa1,Santa300,etc
    I’m sure their are others that would volunteer their time to help with pairing,setting up Santa emails,etc..Or maybe the Santa’s can have an email address written down with Jenny and she or someone helping can relay messages from families if there is an issue.Sorry this post is so long but I have thought about it all day.Im good with organizing and routine because of my 2 autistic babies…lol

    So example is
    Blog post= sign up to be a secret Santa and help a family.
    1.Santas sign up and will wait for families to post their Amazon list with limit of 30 per children’s toys,50 for clothing,and if a Santa can give extra to those families with special situations like a child needing a wheel chair or something.
    2 weeks later open a blog for families to post an Amazon list and with the limits set 30 per child toy and 50 for clothing and if a special needs child is in need of a chair,etc..tell them To also post this need when commenting.We all have stories and why we need help but let people known To post how many children,their ages,their Amazon list And if they have a special needs child.Tell them only to post once and all other posts will be deleted..
    Set a cut off date next

    Say december 16th is a cutoff (or other date) stop allowing posting comments and have a comment moderator check to see if any late comers can be pair with any extra Santa’s left over.If so contact that Santa and tell them the post number of the family and if they want to be the secret Santa.
    The goal is 1 family with a limit, a secret Santa gets to pick the family they want,No double postings and each child and family gets help.
    I’m hoping you see this comment Jenny as I think it’s a good idea (that’s been baking in my head all day😆)

    Everyone that wants to help gets to help and everyone that asks for help gets the help.Everyone is happy and no drama starts because no one can comment after the deadline.

    Have an email set up for issues arising and returns and receive emails from families and pass the message on to Santa’s so they can be given the email of the family in order to take Care of the issue or if they don’t want someone knowing the info set up a email like Santa1 at gmail,etc… so they can communicate any issues.

    So there’s my Novel hope it helps.lol


  158. Awe we missed this again. Tried it last year and were too late because the address wasn’t set up right on the list.

    This is our 13 year old Jen http://imgur.com/WxgVN2G
    With the neighbor kids.
    Wish list is mostly clothes and still working on it if anyone cares to help out http://a.co/eUi0H72

    For transparency, we were able to buy her some notebooks, jewelry and a back pack, so she wont be totally without.
    Times are hard for us all & being on a single income and paying for MS meds doesn’t help.
    This is a good thing you do, you all should feel proud.
    God bless
    Merry christmas

  159. Thank you to the person who bought Stella (original post 1002) the HUGE box of playdoh! She really does love the stuff and that will keep her happy and busy for many months,

  160. This is RobinTMP from #1782–I took a peek at my list, and it looks as if some wonderful person ordered the bag of cat food–thank you SO much, whoever you are! I wish I could post a picture of Romeo for you, but you’ll just have to imagine a 15-lb. brown tabby cat with serious mitten paws (I’m talking 7 toes on each front foot), lying on his back with his big old paws in the air and looking totally blissed out. 😉 Thanks again from this crazy middle-aged cat lady and her feline owner!

  161. Hello everyone, money is tight this christmas working as a “nanny” for a 16 year old disabled boy up in new hampshire and I live in MA. only get 20 or so hours a week, and barely making enough money to stay afloat on bills, never mind christmas presents. I have a niece who I wish I could buy the world for, but cannot afford that! Anything helps, i only added a few items to the list, but if you find anything that would be good for a five year old girl, or a child with disabilities, anything helps!

  162. Recently awarded custody of my 9 year old niece and 1 year old nephew. He is delayed due to some issues at birth. I also have a 2 year old son. We are unable to provide Christmas this year and as I count down the days till Christmas I worry the kids will have nothing to open on Christmas morning. We have had a long hard year and need help! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/?ie=UTF8&lid=3ULQVZB2ETJND

    (I see a few things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  163. Jenny, your empathy and patience for everyone on both sides of some of the messier conversations does my heart good. Thank you!

    Fellow Canadians, here’s a quick round-up of some of the amazon.ca lists.

    Amber in Manitoba: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/wishlist/2QBMXZ6ACWJK5/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1
    Natalie MacIsaac: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/wishlist/3RPGIKNE4IU3L/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v?
    Two kids in Calgary: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/wishlist/22W7BG3V96YLM/ref=cm_wl_huc_view
    9 year old Pip: https://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/S06WNQ9KQQLV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_rF3tybYX0AWQD
    3 year old Kit: https://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/2W7W20RCPEM3L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_IG3tybFTJT3TK

    Coeur, if you’re reading, your address still isn’t working. I’ll check back to your wishlist later, a couple times over the next week or so, to see if you’ve managed to fix it. If so, Dork Diaries #10 will be headed your daughter’s way.

  164. Judy, it may be easy for me to say because $30 plus her mom’s gift will be giving Little Miss Chaos a great Christmas, but I don’t know that I’d ever want “generosity” from someone who’s going to have so many strings and caveats attached. My friend doesn’t even know I asked for help for her, she doesn’t read Jenny’s blog or interact on twitter or enjoy her instagram, but I do. So does that mean a 2 year old doesn’t deserve to have a good Christmas? Since her mom doesn’t post here? Maybe people put items with few stars up because they were the cheapest thing that were still what their kid wanted. Maybe they asked the kids what they wanted and just added those to a list. Maybe they’re not actually thinking of you when they’re trying to give their kids a better Christmas. There’s a lot of maybe involved where you seem to see absolutes. Holiday spirit, Judy, holiday spirit.

  165. Hi, I just want to say thank you again for the gifts that were purchased for my sons. Thank you Jenny, Lori (1321) and the person or persons who gifted the last couple of things off my kids wish list. I went through all the comments and I could not find that person, but thank you. Wishing peace, love, and light to all. Happy Holidays.

  166. Judge Judy, I feel ya, I really do. I was one of those who followed the rules and suggestions and my son’s wishlist was beautifully filled (books, pjs, a puzzle, trucks, a stuffed animal, a favorite cartoon DVD, socks and a toothbrush.) I am extremely grateful and am sending thank you’s to my Santas through Amazon as gifts arrive. (Becky, Audra, Eileen & Melinda are the ones I know so far, and if any of you are reading this, thank you so much!)

    It’s a strange thing when a few wormy apples get thrown into the pie and yes, there have been people who’ve deleted items off their purchased pages and added new ones. There are people you might reasonably doubt because they’ve posted multiple lists for multiple people, and still other multiple people that they “know of” or are related to in some way–and who knows if they’re all going to the same address? Heck, there are probably a few people pretending to be other people and posting from multiple IP’s, and for sure there are people who didn’t read Jenny’s post explaining that the James Garfield miracle was meant for kids.

    But Jenny’s readers are savvy, I think, and those wormy apples are just a few on a great, big tree. I believe that. Probably because I like living in a way that sees the majority of people as being good, having good intentions, and being trustworthy.

    I admire you for speaking your mind though, sharing your heart as you did in your last post, and even more so for being able to save $400 out of an $8500 salary for the year! That is incredible! I made $9200 last year. Rent, daycare and bills took almost all of it, but I see better things on the horizon. I’ve recently gone from a low hourly wage to a lower wage, plus tips. (Yay for gas and grocery money when I need it!) I’ve been accepted into college and will start training for a real career this January. In just two more years, my son will start kindergarten and my daycare costs will go down. All in all, even though I made some pretty bad mistakes as a teen and young adult (my son not being one of them!) I’m feeling pretty good about the future. (It wasn’t always so. I came from a very toxic environment of alcoholism, apathy and abuse. It taught me that I did not want to be that kind of parent. Now that I have a child, I don’t even understand how a parent could do what mine did.) Of course, I have some lingering issues (who doesn’t?) but Jenny’s site and her books have helped me cope with a sense of humor. I have needed that. I’ve also been grateful for the mentors I have in my physical life.

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to write a whole page. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the James Garfield miracle was a wondrous event for me and my 3 y.o. (4 in seven days!) son. Merry Christmas to you. I hope all the good that you and the other generous Santas do will come back to you. 🙂

  167. I personally give to my local domestic violence shelter for the reasons Jenny mentions. May I suggest to those giving to the shelters or Toys for Tots etc. to consider buying things for older kids. Every year we hear that the bins are full of toys for the little ones but nothing for kids over 12. Knowing that Santa isn’t real doesn’t ease the hurt of not finding something under the tree Christmas morning. Just my two pennies…

    (Very true. Also, a great thing to get older kids for toys for tots is young adult movies, art supplies, and books. It’s surprising how many inexpensive DVD’s you can pick up at target that are good for the teen set and don’t cost much. ~ Jenny)

  168. Santa Melissa (2173) I’m going to cry, thank you so much! She loves books and will be thrilled to have some new ones.

  169. I think a nice way to organize things would be a google doc spreadsheet! I can think of a few ways to do this and if anyone wants to reach out to me I would need some help testing it before next year. There is no reason Jenny has to do this on her own and there are certainly enough clever and organized people in this room that we can figure out a solution! smiles We may not always have our shit together, but when work together we can figure it out.

  170. Hi! I am a little late to the party here but will give it a shot. I have to say this is an amazing thing you all are doing and so fulfilling even just reading about all of the gifts being given to kids in need. I am posting on behalf of my sister and her three kids. They happen to be my favorite group of people on the planet. My sister struggles just to get from paycheck to paycheck let alone funding Christmas for three kids 6 and under- so any help is greatly appreciated. Their list of needs is endless but I tried to include a few items I know they really want. And socks- which I know my sister really wants for them. My niece is 6, then two boys ages 4 and 3. The six year old is into shopkins and trolls, 4 year old is obsessed with the Spider-Man bubbles on the list (and Batman) It was his favorite gift last year! My three year old nephew likes ninja turtles and PJMasks (whatever that is :)). We are located in Texas. Thank you Jenny and everyone for making all of this happen!


  171. I wasn’t going to post on here, as it’s very hard for me to ask for help. However, I was just informed this morning by my roommate that I need to be out at the end of the month, and have no idea what I’m going to do. I already suffer from depression and anxiety, so “freaking out” doesn’t quite begin to cover my mental/emotional state right now.

    My oldest son is 15 and loves anime, writing, and music. Next in line is my 13 year old son, whose biggest passions are LEGOs and drawing. Last but not least is my 7 year old girl who is completely obsessed with cats and kittens, Shopkins, and anything crafty. All 3 also love zombies (totally my fault) and reading (also my fault).

    I’ve helped here in the past, but am looking for a job (to no avail) so I unfortunately am unable to do so this year. It’s actually to the point where I’m selling my plasma just to cover money for the bus so I can apply for work, and now not knowing where we’ll be in January has me scared beyond belief! I’d love it if the kids could at least have one thing each to open on Christmas. If anyone can help that happen, I’ll be eternally grateful! I put two things for each of them on this list to serve as an idea. Feel free to deviate or find cheaper things if Amazon will allow.

    Thank you so much for doing this, Jenny. This has been such a blessing to so many people over the years!

  172. I just wanted to add a little information some of you may not know. Women in domestic abuse shelters are in hiding. So they have advocates that help them get the things they need. Most domestic shelters are secret places that protect the women and children from the abusive men. Check your local phone directories for a listing of domestic abuse advocates or social services department for information on how to get them their gifts.

    (Very true. I always have to call first to let them know I’m coming. They won’t let me in the door for security reasons but mine at least is always happy to get new toys and diapers if I arrange to drop them off at the door. Call first to check. ~Jenny)

  173. Thank you Jenny and anyone who helps anyone! Whether it’s financial, kind words or a smile we can make a difference. THANK YOU! Merry Christmas

  174. 2224 Broke and scared, sent a gift for each child! Hopefully that takes away a bit of the scared! Merry Christmas!! Expect deliveries on the 18th and 20th.

  175. Can’t stop… won’t stop… buying presents. I hope Jenny is able to make this work again next year. My suggestion: making a rule encouraging people to not write anything negative prior to their ask. I hate to do this… I’m embarrassed… etc. Don’t be! We’ve all needed help at some point. Merry Christmas !! Ya filthy (amazing) animals.

  176. Hello Amanda here from post# 459 I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to you Jenny for all that you do an the stress you go through to make this holiday so special for all of us and a huge thank you to all you angels out there who have helped me along with thousands of others i cant speak for others but i can say from the bottom of my heart i appreciate everything yall have done to help me and my kids without you it wouldnt be possible.And for those who are here asking for help and being ungrateful snot nosed brats about the gifts please be thankful for what you do get and not what you dont because there are way more in this world that dont get anything we are privelledged to be able to get anything because of these wonderful bundles of angels here and its really messed up because you spoil it for the kids like mine who really do need the help so im gonna pray for all yall who have been ungrateful.Again thank you Jenny an all you angels you guys rock !

  177. I hope my post doesn’t come off as too strong.
    I am a mother of 3 children ages (4,8,11) I’ve been a single mom for 4 years and was doing great with the help of my mother. But unfortunately she isn’t doing so well right now. She is suffering from an early onset of dementia. We used to have a Christmas morning tradition of going out for breakfast as a family. But this year will be our first Christmas where we won’t be able to follow through.
    I attached a small wishlist for my children and a small gift card that can maybe help me with our tradition but my main priority would be at least one gift for each of my children I added the one main gift that they have each mentioned on their list to Santa. Thank you for taking the time to read my situation. Happy Holidays 🎅

  178. Hi guys, Cora (#2) here, again. I wanted to thank you all profusely for your support of the agency that I’m employed with (especially in light of Jenny’s updates and some of the very negative comments here). I delivered my first car load yesterday for our volunteers to get handed out, and the toys were received with a lot of love and gratitude. Knowing that we are poised to help 100 or more kids because of YOUR generosity is inspiring. I sincerely hope that none of you are worried about me reselling toys (because what a hideous thing to do)! I neither have the time, nor the energy to do that. Unpacking the boxes and getting them loaded is a daunting enough task, let alone all the negative karma that follows such a terrible life decision. You guys don’t know much about me personally, but October and November were really bad months for me alone. I’m completely estranged from my parents (their choice), had a plumbing disaster, several paychecks were short (for my other jobs), and my landlord began threatening to renew my lease that is up this month. She still has not provided the renewal paperwork, so I’m still living in fear. There is no way, no how, that I want to tip the scales anymore into the negative.

    For everyone who helped someone: you are amazing folks. I decided not to get anything for myself this Christmas (again) in order to help others out. That means I did grab some things off of wish-lists, including my own, and sent out much needed items. It’s people like you who restore faith in our human race. I never pictured that so many things would be purchased off of my wish list (over 300), which goes to helping so many families! I’ll let you know that I added a christmas tree on a whim (which someone swiftly purchased), and wouldn’t you know it, a family asked if there was any way we could help get them one. They will be getting their tree today, and it will be a huge surprise. Something as simple as a TREE makes Christmas for families, and knowing that they will also have a few gifts under that tree? That feeling is priceless.

    For the grumpy folks: I’m sorry that you’ve had experiences that have soured your outlook. Again, I hope that you know that my heart, and the heart of many families here, are in the right place and simply wanting to do right by the kids that they serve, or live with. I thank you for being concerned, and for participating in the JG Miracle this year. I hope that you are feeling the magic from this shindig, just as much as the rest of us are. You are amazing too!

    And finally, to Jenny Lawson herself, thank you! Thank you for letting me post about our needs as an agency again this year. You didn’t have to do that. Thank you also for verifying the legitimacy of my wish list by personally purchasing some items. I’m sorry that this year has been caught up in some drama and that changes, if the JG miracle moves forward, must be made. You are doing a wonderful thing by hosting this platform for holiday miracles. I wish you a magnificent holiday. You are truly a saint.

    (and remember, these opinions are my own and don’t reflect the views of CHSFL. I’m not a spokesperson. I’m simply human.)

  179. Dear Paige & Gillian and Secret Santas everywhere,

    I just wanted to update y’all and let you know that all 7 items you magical folks purchased for my girls (Emma, Molly, Ava) have arrived!!

    Even the Scattergories game that we thought would be arriving on the 23rd, so yay yay yay Amazon!

    Y’all are absolutely magic and I am awash with joy. Love to each of y’all and from my family to yours Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, peace love & pixie dust <3


  180. From original post #173 ( i think). I sent some thank you notes that came in packages today 🙂 I’ll finish the rest tomorrow when I’m more awake. Thank you again to Jenny for hosting this, and to all of those are helped spread some Christmas cheer<3 My daughters list was pretty much emptied and my son got some books and clothes he had been wanting and some pens!

  181. I’ve been debating all morning whether to post this, as this is not exactly what the James Garfield Miracle is about. But when I heard about this family, this community was my first thought. A year and half ago these children lost their mother in a tragic car accident. Their father was trying everything he could to deal with his pain, but the grief was too overwhelming and he took his own life this week. Please, if you are so lead, think of helping this family. And, remember, depression lies!


  182. R.Lemus (#2229), I tried to buy everything off your list, but didn’t buy the walkie talkies because they would not arrive before Christmas. You might want to add a different set so that your kids have them on Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  183. I thought and thought about this all night and I was actually not going to post here again. Each of my 5 kiddos has been gifted with a book or a toy and I am so incredibly grateful that they will have something to open Christmas morning. As the mom I was more hoping underwear and socks would be snagged first on their lists because they all badly badly need those items. If its not too late and not too much to ask if there are any Santa Angels left looking my kiddos could really use some socks and undies. My youngest daughter has had 5 items gifted to her, my oldest daughter has 2 items, and my 3 sons each have a book purchased from their lists. If its too late to ask I completely understand. Each of the kids have a separate list with undies and socks on them to make it easier to see who has gotten what.
    I am so thankful for you wonderful awesome people. You truly are amazing.
    Merry Christmas
    Kate #236
    Abby – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/14Q3MCPAWIIP3/ref=cm_wl_list_o_6?
    Alexa – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/25RR45QD1DHC5/ref=cm_wl_list_o_13?
    Jaden – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2ANGFGMAZZQM3/ref=cm_wl_list_o_10?
    Robert – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3AFT4T0U5U4ZD/ref=cm_wl_list_o_7?
    Tyler – https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3NMO96X2HUNY4/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1?

  184. I’m really trying to figure out how to do this, so bear with me.

    All I wanted to get my kids this year was some Harry Potter books to replace all the second hand ones we have found at goodwill that are falling apart, some indestructible boos for the baby, and maybe a couple gift cards.

    We have two preteens, one who is special needs, and a one year old. Husband and I are going without this holiday season, but still can’t make any dollars stretch enough. I will get to an actual computer hopefully today to see if I can figure out how to add our address.

    Happy holidays everyone, and Bloggess bless you.


  185. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Michelle. A friend referred me to this awesome blog. I am not usually someone who asks others for help. I am a caretaker by nature. However, I am also a mom to three children whom I am struggling to provide presents for this xmas. We took a huge financial hit this year. Last year we bought a house to accommodate our family plus my niece and nephew. I had custody of them for the past three years. My niece and nephew unexpectedly returned back to my sister this summer – as did the income we were getting from the state to help out with their care. Additionally, my husband lost an on-call position which was providing us with a substantial amount of income. And to top it off my husband was involved in a car accident at the end of last year which totaled our car and because we lacked GAP coverage we had to pay the difference of the note and our car payment has gone up with the purchase of a new car to replace the old one. Consequently, we have lost $2000 a month of income and we are now struggling to pay our mortgage amongst many many other bills. Any help we can get would be greatly appreciated.

    My oldest Alexis is 19. She really needs new clothes for work. She put on some weight and has outgrown her existing wardrobe. She has asked for size 10 skinny jeans, sweatpants and medium shirts. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=2DFVDCIU7UYH7&type=wishlist

    My middle child Hannah is 16. Hannah has taken a liking to galaxy themed clothes and asked for these headphones. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1J2PIADHZITYR/ref=cm_wl_list_o_7?

    My youngest son is 15. He loves all things pokemon. He has requested stuffed animals and posters and shirts. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/22ATEC3J7OMYQ/ref=cm_wl_list_o_5?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your consideration. I hope to one day return to this blog in order to give back to someone else.

  186. This is such a wonderful thing you do!
    I know it’s probably the last thing on your mind right now, but I have an idea to help combat the issues you mentioned this year. The comments section doesn’t allow people to reply directly to another person’s comment. I know nothing about all that technical wizardry, but perhaps if that feature was possible then once someone has bought items from someone’s list, they could reply directly to the comment saying what they have bought so that others would then see that the person has already been helped.
    As for people posting their list multiple times, perhaps under different names… I don’t have any answer for that one yet.
    Keep up the great work!

  187. I can’t believe that I missed this, I had so much fun last year reading all of the posts. Last year I was in a tough spot and really needed winter boots for my son (I live in Canada), Jame Garfield made it so my son could have boots AND a present and I am still incredibly thankful for that. I didn’t need anything myself this year (which kind of brings tears to my eyes), although I am not quite in a place I could’ve helped either but this is the only place where this much love spews everywhere and I spend so much time crying and watching the miracle. I see from the updates that there was some drama, which is too bad but likely unavoidable as this becomes more widely known. I am planning on going back through the comments now because I still want to feel part of it, even though I am super late this year.

    Thank you Jenny
    You are incredible

  188. Monica @ 1528 Thank you for the book. Cora @ I have no idea thank you as well. My family appreciates your help.

  189. @Anonymous #2235
    Thank you so much for blessing my family for the holidays! I went ahead and changed the walkie talkies thank you!

  190. I’m feeling particularly bleak about the state of the world, so I did some more shopping and sent a few more gifts to people who hadn’t received anything (or only 1 thing). It’s not much, but at least I feel like I’m doing something.

    I like the idea of separate lists next year and a limit to the number of items. I don’t know how it would work, but I’d also be willing to help vet lists before they were posted to make sure they weren’t too long and help flag lists that have been fulfilled so no more can be added.

  191. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/?ie=UTF8&lid=1FKNLTOP4JYM8

    Somehow my sons list has gotten overlooked. He is 12 and he loves Harry Potter, Nerf guns and video games.
    All the things on his list are under $30 besides the Harry Potter books, but he would take those used and wouldn’t know the difference.

    (Looks like the links you posted earlier didn’t have an address or don’t work. This one did. Send a Harry Potter game. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  192. Christina #1904 You have a mermaid tail headed your way, should arrive Sunday. I ordered a couple more things but they may not arrive until after the holiday 🙁 Sorry about that! I hope the kids have a great Christmas!


  193. I have a question. Are there any other groups that help with iPad for autism? My son is five, autistic, nonverbal, and developmental delays. Unfortunately he was not a recipient this year from Autism Speaks. Any ideas? Thanks

  194. I hope I’m not too late. I need help giving my 5 year old daughter Anita and my 13 year old son Ty a Christmas. I’m the primary caregiver for my husband who was shot by a stranger. The police have no idea why he was targeted. He was shot near his spinal area, and has to use a cane to get around. He’s in a lot of pain and everything is a struggle for him. We lost our home, but have a great new place and are trying to get back to normal. I read the rules above and added about 3-5 things per child under $20. The kids have one bigger item each that I don’t expect anyone to get. If you do, I know they will be so grateful and excited. I’m not requesting help for myself, my husband or my 18 year old son. We are grateful for any help you can provide.


  195. I was just happy to see Missicat posted here this year. I was worried after last year. 🙂

    Also, I know it’s been said a couple of times, but Sarah / pinksesh is a real true person and is not in any way a scammer. I would hope that nobody really thought she was. And I hope she is feeling better today.

    Thank you, Jenny, for all that you do.

  196. I wanted to thank Anonymous person who sent my children gifts AND wrapping paper. That made me cry all over again. Thank you. Thank you from my heart.


  197. My husband came home loaded down with boxes all full of the books and cds that were on my daughters wish list. He had a look of pure shock on his face, and I just started crying. I explained and he was thankful that 1. I hadn’t gone on some mental breakdown shopping spree and 2. because it reminded him of the good in the world. The kid was inside studying for Spanish and trying to figure out if Harvard had a herpetology program, if so what kind of scholarships were available for kids like her. I will tell her about the kindness that comes from others and she will pass that kindness on in so many ways. Because she is the best thing ever, a bright spot in my sometimes dark world, and she is amazeballs. I love each and every one of you and I cannot thank you enough.

  198. I figured it out. Our address is attached to the list.

    We have two preteens and a one year old. Husband and I are going without presents, but the dollars don’t stretch enough. There isn’t a lot on our list; Harry Potter books, indestructible books for the one year old, some alphabet magnets, and Amazon gift cards for the older two. We just want to make them smile a little on Christmas.

    Thank you, Jenny and our Bloggess family. 💛

  199. First of all, Jenny, thank you for all you do and all you put up with to give our kids Christmas!! But I do want to point out a few things to people such as Judge Judy.

    There are areas of the country (I happen to live in one) where there are no shelters or Goodwill/Salvation Army stores…for that I’d have to travel at least 75 miles. There is a food pantry and we’re blessed that it arrives once a month to hand out a box of supplies.

    Also, our children learn to work when they can walk because most of them go with their fathers to work on the farm or ranch. By the time you are twelve you do the work of a hired hand. But alas, we don’t kick them out when they are 16 or charge them rent because we allow them to use our shelter and food while maybe working in town to save up for a car or college because most of us know that we won’t be able to help.

    My kids are the lucky ones I guess. Their father walked out, at Christmas time, and we live in a tiny house in town so they don’t know the struggle of feeding chickens, pigs, bottle calves or milking cows or breaking ice in tanks in sub zero temperatures before going to school and upon returning home. My kids are lucky that they only have chores around the house, help to shovel snow and mow grass. My kids are lucky that they don’t realize we’re poor. They don’t know that their clothes comes from sack sales at thrift stores or from that once in awhile trip to Goodwill. They don’t realize that their shoes are used and that I clean them before “gifting” them. They don’t realize that I patch our blankets and jeans because I have to not because I like to sew, I don’t. They think canning food that we’ve scavenged from ditches and thickets is fun! They don’t realize we need that little extra to make it. They don’t understand any of that because I try to make their lives “normal” and if that means adding a $15-20 toy for each to a wishlist, so be it. If that means that strangers buy them some sports balls so they can invite friends over to play, so be it. If that means a kind soul I’ll never meet buys my youngest a pair of jeans that will actually fit him, so be it. I’m grateful and humbled to be here. I love Jenny’s blog and I look forward to the day when I can pay it forward in cash instead of just with my time. My life will get better and I will not let judgemental internet personalities affect my outlook. I will come out of this with my compassion and hope intact. My Christmas wish is that all of you are able to find your’s as well.

  200. Hey everyone. I am a single mom with two beautiful daughters, ages 13 and 11. It’s been a hard year. I have a mental illness that limits my ability to work a full time job. I depend on child support which hasn’t come in in about six months. My oldest also has a mental illness as well as Type 1 diabetes. Making ends meet monthly is hard enough so the idea of getting presents under the tree is a whole other level of stress. I appreciate anything you can do. I made a comment next to each item to show which child it is for. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_wl_edit_bck?ie=UTF8&id=3JYG7GGYID2RC&type=wishlist

  201. Thank you for doing this again. My family is in the middle place this year. We are able to buy Christmas gifts for our child but are not donating as much as usual because I was out of work for months and our financial stability took quite a hit during that time. (Incredibly thankful to have found a great new job.) It very easily could have been the case that I would be posting our child’s needs/wants this Christmas.
    Just reading through the requests and responses has me crying and feeling more connected to humanity. It’s awesome.

  202. Thank you Jenny!
    I was worried he would be overlooked! I’m forever grateful for you!
    He loves Harry Potter! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  203. Dear Judge Judy, you want to be part of a family? Well then you can be part of mine. I don’t care if you got anything for my son (yes he had 2 expensive items on his list but that is because he wanted to be able to use those to teach himself music production and video editing). You can email me and then I will send you pics and a video of him opening his presents. Or you can ask to friend me on fb and I will accept. Just remember I am mouthy and tend to express my own opinion on my page. I accept anyone into my family because sometimes blood family is not all it is cracked up to be. Maybe we will get into some heated conversations. Maybe we will laugh together. And maybe we will cry together. But if you are going to be part of my family it will not just be for Christmas. It will be for birthdays (including yours) and other holidays. You will be a part of my family period. I will do things that will make you laugh so hard you cough and probably mad enough that you will see red. But what’s a family for? And no I am not doing this for any other reason than you wanted a family. Much love Naomi and Tanny. email: paganess77 at yahoo dot com.

  204. http://a.co/g863aBP this is for my kiddos they are 14, 11 10 and 7 we’ve just had a rough year. I had a pretty rough break up and been trying to rebuild again. thanks all for looking I hope I’m not to late.

  205. Dear James Garfield, Ranada, jamesjen, Caitlin A, Gillian, Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for the gifts. You have no idea how much it means to us to see that there are still kind, compassionate people out there. We hope you have a Happy Holidays!

    Again, thank you so much!!!!
    I hope your holidays are blessed and you and your families have a Merry Christmas! 🎄☃🎅🏻🎁❤️
    Jessica V #302, and I believe #1636ish

  206. Hi Keisha @ comment 2252, the Scratch Art Set and Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards are headed your way, will be delivered by 12/21. All the best to you and happy holidays!

  207. @maria at post 2248 I know a few places that donate iPad for autism also if you get Medicaid I can help you to apply for one and a gps tracker.Hoping you see this post Maria

    Helpforbraylen at gmail dot com

  208. I am sorry that I have not posted since my original post (#7) a few days ago to thank anyone. My wife was sent to the hospital tuesday and I have been taking care of her upon her return home, so that she doesnt go back and miss christmas with the kids. But I wanted to thank all of you who sent my children, myself or my wife gifts. From the bottom, top and all around my heart THANK YOU. I am so thankful for everything. As is my wife. The sure generosity of those who dont even know us would make the grinch’s heart grow. Thank you again. And Happy Holidays to all of you.

  209. Thank you Lisa your amazing,she will be hysterical.The sensory items are very much needed so thank you so very much.Hopefully this will help them with teeth brushing issues .pls email me to get a picture.
    Helpforbraylen at gmail dot com

    All that remains is a few winter outfits and sensory items.I added those things asi found them and plan to hopefully purchase them as I get on my feet.But when you have autistic children those sensory items come in handy during meltdowns and for therapy.

    Link: http://a.co/2Tf2TV0

  210. Hi Anonymous @ comment 2205, the Sharpies and Pie Face game are on the way, but Pie Face looks like it will arrive 12/26. I hope your kids enjoy it, I had a blast playing it with my niece and nephew. Happy holidays to you and all the best in 2017!

  211. Hi, I’m Alyssa reposting from #331. I think my Tucker Family list got lost in the shuffle and I just wanted to put it here in case it was missed. I’ve been reading the comments and I am truly inspired by everyone that has the ability to help those in need. Thank you all!
    Also, Jenny, were you really just at BookPeople this week? I remember meeting you and Victor at BookPeople when you came to talk and sign books for Furiously Happy.

  212. Dear Gina @ 519: I sent Baby James 3 of the books. One will deliver Dec 20, and the other two say delivery Dec 18 (Sunday? Oh well, it’s a Prime delivery, so maybe so!)
    Merry Seventh Annual James Garfield Miracle! 🙂

  213. I just wanted, again, to thank anyone who purchased for us. I’ve been horribly sick this week and haven’t even been able to open a single box- I have zero energy left after work. I will go through them next week and if you’ve left a way to contact you, I will thank you personally. 🙂 Merry Christmas to everyone!

  214. Hi I’m Sue from org #2044 and I wanted to apologize for a couple things. 1st my original post was with me not reading what to post and 1 posted a huge long post with my life story which wasn’t need. Then I missed my 2nd link so had to add additional posts. Also on my kids list I had put several items on their lists not as a way to be greedy but to allow anyone that might want to purchase something to have their choice of what they might want to buy. I looked at it as not wanting to say…Here this is the only thing I want someone to buy. I figured someone might enjoy picking between a few things. I didn’t stop to think of the amount of people everyone might be shopping for and the time it might take if they shop for multiple families.

    Because of this this list my daughter will now have a present to open when they were told they would not get anything. Thank you Jenn for buying my girls an item and thank you the list and the community.

    Also a suggestion for people that can’t buy anything big and has little kids or just wants an activity to do. I seen online where you can take small things like candy or little whistles or small toys from dollar store and wrap in saran wrap adding an item and wrapping it into ball shape changing the direction of saran wrap so that it’s a little harder to open. You roll dice and the person holding the ball tried to unwrap until the next person roll even numbers. The person holding and unwrapping gets to keep what ever comes out while unwrapping. You could add in all types of small items. Small kids would be excited with small change, pieces of candy the little plastic rings you could make a ball or two for $5 maybe and it could be fun thing to do with smiles and laughs.

  215. I think I missed this again, I can’t get online til my day off. I’m working a full time and pt job My 13 year old jen could use some holiday cheer. She has MS and is mildly delayed a bit. She’s like a perpetual 8 year old and struggles to fit in with kids her own age. She is truing to be more sophisticated like her older sister Rosie whos in college. Money is tight with supportjng a college junior and a child with ms. Trying to get a lawyer to help with disability for her

    List forJen list

    I thank you men and women. And yes, lots of men read Jennys books. On our state forums theres more men who talk about the books and blog than women

  216. Hello everyone!! .we got a couple more packages in today. They are from the same people. Thanks k you once again !
    I hope to see this site again next year and I want to be a secret Santa!! 🎄❤️ I can’t wait !!
    Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. You all are very special and very Wonderful people.
    The Hopping Family

    P.S. My daughter got the diaper wipe warmer and plugged in right away needless to say she is thrilled !!
    She changed the baby he didn’t go potty on her. Lol
    She is ever so greatful!!

  217. Naomi (1264, 1680, etc) I wasnt’ sure if my last message posted under anonymous but I think it did. Some household supplies are heading your way too. Enjoy the holidays with your family, furry or otherwise. 🙂

  218. I am just finding out about this today, and would love to add a wishlist if it is not too late. I am a single mom with one 7 year old girl. I am a full time student trying to go back to school to make a better life for us so Christmas is hard this year! I added a few things I know my daughter would love if its not too late. If it is, no worries! Someone just told me about this today so I thought I would try. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas.

  219. I posted late and understand why we have been overlooked (2128). But, I wanted to say thank you to all those people who are going out of their way to buy for others. This can be an extremely hard time of year. Not only financially, but the strain of appearing happy when it just isn’t in you at the moment.
    I’ve never participated as a giver or an asker in the James Garfield Miracle before. Christmas has been basically passed by in my home for the last five years – the years that I’ve known and read The Bloggess. We’ve managed to move every year for the past five years right around the holidays. Funds become tight and holidays get pushed to the back burner. When it was just my husband and I that was ok. Last year I worked hard to make something for my then 1 year old daughter. It was a bright spot.
    This year that isn’t happening. We were homeless for a time and both my husband and I were unemployed. Things are looking up though. I found work and we found a place to live. Hubby was able to file for unemployment. We’re still behind on bills, but despite not being able to afford gifts I’m taking solace in the positive. We have a home. We have heat in the negative temperature weather. We are together. These things are more important that gifts.
    One day I hope one day that I can gift others, but right now I focus on those of you who can play the role of Santa. You all give me hope in hard times.

    Thanks for that.

  220. I’ve purchased three books but would like to get one more for someone whether your wishlist has been touched or not, if you don’t have LPTNH or FH.

    Please email Brit qpon (at) Gmail . Com with your wishlist.

    Love this awesome group!

  221. I just saw one of my items was purchased. I’m in tears. I get very jaded at how horrible many people in the world are (just in general, not here!) and an act of kindness like this really restores my faith. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot wait until I am in the position to pay it forward.

  222. I have a huge favor to ask and I don’t want to come across as ungrateful because a couple items have been purchased but I have 1 last request. My oldest has had 1more item purchased than my youngest. Normally I wouldn’t care but my youngest have been battling major depression herself and at age of 16 I don’t want her to feel any less than her sister.
    She has a big interest in Victorian things which is why I listed the watch necklace so that would be a great option for her or the star wars cup.
    Like I said people have been generous and purchased 2 items for my youngest approx $20 and 3 for my oldest approx $40 so I am super lucky but you can see where the youngest might feel a down by the difference.
    They both see me struggle to even pay rent or buy household items so I don’t want them to have any issues with different gifts too. I know sounds stupid but they are still kids even at 16.

    I cleaned all the list up to only include what has not been purchased and have a couple different ideas.
    Thank you if you choose to help and sorry if I sound ungrateful because is 1000% not my intention

    Here list is at http://a.co/9k6NZg2 – Youngest

    (I just went to check and looks like the watch necklace was just purchased for her. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  223. Lauren in 2222, Tiff in 2250, and Anonymous 2259 – some gifts are on the way for the kids!

  224. Sue Ponder – Hope she likes the watch necklace!

    Also, this has been a great distraction from working right now.

  225. Kim THANK YOU!! You are awesome. What a great distraction, shopping and making children happy and giving parents a sigh of relief.

  226. I received some good news today, so I went on one last gift-buying splurge:

    Randomramblingmom @2236 – the underwear fairy is sending gifts your way.
    bettycrockpotter @2237 – Harry Potter books + an extra small thing on the way to you.
    Jane12 @2246 – 2 Harry Potter items on the way to you. The Quiddich will be on time, and the game will unfortunately arrive the day after Christmas.
    Tiff @ 2250 – 2 toys and 1 item of clothing, coming to each kiddo. Sunday/Monday delivery.
    Anon @2259 – Gifts for both girls on the way. I had to choose a different (bigger! Go big or go home!) emoji set, since the one you had wouldn’t arrive until the end of January (!) – so you may want to take that off the list!
    Rachel @2264 – Shopkins and Pokémon cards (2 sets of each) on the way to you. I had to expedite the shipping for the Pokémon so they should be there on the 23rd!
    Kareth Aisling @ 2272 – your girls will have a superhero Christmas (I added one more book to make it a nice round number)

    My last hurrah! Thanks a million jillion to Jenny, who made it possible for me to pay it forward. I hope you all have a happy holiday.

  227. Anonymous #2259 – There are two things on the way for each of your girls. I had to get a different color headphones in order for them to be delivered in time for Christmas (orange instead of blue). I also went off script with the lego set since the others wouldn’t be delivered before Christmas or were out of my price range. Hope y’all have a Merry Christmas and things improve for you in the upcoming year.

  228. This will be the first Christmas without my mom. We just had our first Thanksgiving without her and my birthday just passed last week. We talked every single day and I miss her so much. Miss knowing that we have someone that genuinely cares and loves our little family. We don’t have anyone else. We cherish the few friends we have and have to find a way to make effort to make a support system, people to share our lives with. For our children’s sake. It’s so hard to do that. To be open. To reach out. At this time of year and always. Depression is hard. Life is hard. Seeing all the love here helps my heart. Gives me hope. We are so grateful to all of you. Not just to the angels that gifted our children, we can’t thank you enough! ❤ But everyone! For opening up your hearts here. We are truly so very grateful. Merry Christmas to you all. I wish you peace and love and blessings!

    (Post #245)

  229. Thank you to the lovely Santa who sent and extra $10 Amazon card labeled “For Mom”. What this mom needs more than anything else is to pass that on. So I used it to buy a toy on someone else’s list. Merry Christmas everyone.

  230. Kim– THANK YOU!!!! She loves to read. I appreciate you so much. Merry Christmas and bless you for your generosity!
    Singlemomof1Girl (poster 2284)

  231. I wanted to come back today and say a huge, massive, massive thank you to everyone who played Santa to my kids. You guys … you kept the light alive. There are so many huge hearts here. If I could send you all cookies, I would (actually, do you guys want cookies? I make a heck of a snickerdoodle).

  232. Singlemomof1Girl – You are very welcome! It says they should be there on Sunday so keep an eye out! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  233. I @2250 came back to tell everyone that I’d put cheaper things on the list and added a baby stroller for my daughter, and I just read the comments. Tears. I’m so stoked about Christmas now! Thank you for your kindness and for making this mom the happiest she’s been in months! I’m so happy right now, jess and Kim.

  234. Sue Ponder, unfortunately I have zero money to purchase anything but I do have lovely and delicate Victorian cameo earrings with a pearl. Sadly, they are not antique cameos but they were custom designed and from a jeweler. They have never been worn and if you think your daughter would want them let me know at Byethebays at g mail dot com and I can send you a pic and try to force myself to go to the post office. No, not try. I WILL go the post office. People on this list have been so good to me.

  235. Lena, 2265 and Jessica 2261, I fixed my list https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/9E4QTIAWD8G9/ref=cm_wl_upd_nojs_succ_ei some magnets went missing but I am hesitant to repost in case someone bought them. My lil boy is kind of obsessed with magnets….You are all are so kind and generous…I thought my comment was going to get pretty much buried/ lost/ ignored. I’m humbled and heartened by the generosity here.

    by the way, I guess TJ is actually now since I’ve logged on (which is my fantasy superhero name)

    (The wall magnets have just been sent to you, I think. You can add ?reveal=purchased&view=null to the end of your wishlist and it will show you what’s been purchased. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  236. I’m a mother of 3 wonderful children and I am trying my best to make ends meet. This Christmas I am not going to be able to put presents under the tree because I am currently enrolled in school and am only working part time. Thank you in advance for any joy you may bring to my family


    (Hey Maria, I know you had at least one thing coming your way. Are you deleting the items after they’ve been bought? Because that throws up some flags in the system. Just an FYI. If you’ve already gotten some things and have deleted them accidentally then make sure you just note what you got in your comment so that people will know what you’ve already been sent, okay? 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  237. Barbara that is an amazing offer and I appreciate both the though of buying if you could and giving the earrings you already have. They sound beautiful but I think you should keep them for yourself, you never know when you might want to use them.
    Kim did purchase something for my youngest so to my knowledge they each have the same amount of gifts.

  238. Singlemomof1Girl #2284-
    Some Legos and Shopkins goodies are on the way. I sent a gift bag too but it’s coming later for some reason – everything should be there by 12/21. Merry Christmas!!

  239. Bree #2128, book and alphabet board coming your way. The board might arrive after Christmas, though.

  240. I love you guys so dang much. Seriously. You are full of magic and I love you.

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are things bought for you PLEASE don’t delete them off your list. I know a few people recently did it because they thought it would look more streamlined but it actually sends up red flags and in most cases it will stop anyone from gifting you. Also, I use that info to gauge how many people we helped at the end of the holiday so I sort of need it to be there so we can see what was purchased. 🙂 If you did already delete purchased items prior to this comment please make sure you note exactly what your family already received in your comments so that the red flags are answered for, okay? Thanks! ~ Jenny

  241. Thank you to everyone who helped my daughter have a beautiful Christmas this year!

  242. Hi everyone! My name is Brittany and I am a homeschooling mom to an 8 year old son. He can’t be in public school because he has a owl disorder and cysts on his spleen. He has another Castro appointment in January that we are going to get some answers for but in the meantime his best friend is his 9 year old cousin that I take care of as well. (I love him like my own!) We recently moved and my son finally has a room of his own but we needed to put a second bed in there for my nephew, so they are sharing everything. We haven’t been able to get any new blankets for them so they are using hand me down comforters but I would love to get them a pillow or little blanket that is just for them and is something they like. They love pokemon and yokai watch the most! This is such a wonderful thing to do and I hope to be able to give back to another kid so they can feel special as well! Thank you all, to me you are all an angel to someone!😇❤
    here is a small list (fixed the privacy) for some blankets and pillows that would make them feel so special and thrilled!

  243. Hi. You guys helped me soooo much last year and I was hoping to be able to give back this year. In the beginning of the year it was looking that way. I was back with my husband, he was making really good money and we seemed to be doing really well. Then May 7th everything changed. I walked in from picking the kids up from school to find him on the couch with a needle in his arm. I called 911 and started doing CPR till they got there. They tried narcan but he was already gone. He had been clean for about 3 years and I have no idea what set him off or what made him do it. I was suddenly a single mom of 4 kids and 2 step kids (so really 6 kids), their mom had died when they were little and no one in their family wanted them so I told them they could stay with me. Most days we usually go without something (especially me) but I am doing the best I can on the little bit of money I make as a waitress. I make sure they always eat, but I don’t always get the bills paid on time. So I figured I would ask u guys for help again. Without you angels they really won’t have a Christmas. My mom and dad are gonna get them all something little (they live on a fixed income) but santa won’t be coming unless some type of Christmas magic happens. So if you can help at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you to all in advance. I made a separate list for each kid so I will list them below
    Shannon age 12 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1E9CHS3MPP04I/ref=cm_wl_list_o_2?
    Ryan age 11 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3REGZ2ZFMNZFP/ref=cm_wl_list_o_0?
    Kayla age 14 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2A2OCK872PA9T/ref=cm_wl_list_o_3?
    Gianna age 13 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/30C9HICMNS1WF/ref=cm_wl_list_o_4?
    Aiden age 8 https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2XL1B0YQHAWAW/ref=cm_wl_list_o_5?
    My oldest is 17 and told me I didn’t have to get him anything bc he understands the situation that I am in.
    Thank you for everything!!

  244. Hi everyone,

    I’m apparently very late to the bandwagon this year, and I am sad that this turned into a mess this year. I wrote last year asking for light therapy lamps for children in foster care. I asked for three, and got all three! They have been a great help for the children that got to use them, but we have more children that could benefit from them this year. I work specifically with children who are in DCF custody, or those that have been in trouble with DYS. These are low income, high risk children, who could use a little boost this holiday. Many of them have no contact with their biological families and experience increased anxiety and depression during the holidays. These lights are pricey and not covered by insurance, so I am asking for your help once again! Thank you if you are able to consider helping! People at the office are still talking about how amazing it was that we got any last year! 🙂


  245. So sorry I took them off thinking they would confuse others I didn’t want to recieve duplicates I just wanted to make sure I didn’t recieve the item twice!

  246. Hey again! This one isn’t for me. My great-aunt gained custody of my little cousin (he is about to be 3 in January). A few months ago, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease (Atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome) and is undergoing chemotherapy, so she isn’t able to work. His parents don’t really do much for him, so I’m not sure if they will give him anything. My great-aunt doesn’t use the internet, so I created an Amazon account for her and asked her what Nolan wants and needs. She said that he loves active and educational toys. He also needs a new coat and shoes. I don’t know if it is too late to add his list to this, but I thought I would give it a shot, just in case. Anything that is purchased from the list would be going to my great-aunt’s house.

    Nolan’s wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/ref=cm_reg_rd-upd?ie=UTF8&id=1J7I8E4D0BCL8&type=wishlist

    Thanks for reading!

  247. Coeur from Canada (post 36) – would like to help you out but there is no address associated with your wish-list on Amazon.ca – if you put an address on there I can help with your list!!

  248. Hi TJ @ comment 2295, the Plants vs Zombies Bowling for Zombies is on it’s way to you, arriving 12/20. Happy holidays!! 🙂

  249. For Amazon Prime members, this month, the movie Temple Grandin is streaming free.


    If you bought the DVD, the extra commentary narrated by the Real Temple G is at least as captivating as the movie, since she was on set helping to make the movie and guide Claire Danes.

    Those of you who have pigheaded and intolerant relatives arriving soon — the ones who still believe that autism is a behavior flaw — they might maybe get a clue watching this movie. Temple’s upset when she finds that HER room has been used for drying bedsheets, that scene cost me a box of kleenex.

    Maybe Judy’s possessiveness of her money is just another autism manifestation, hmm?

  250. Bree (#2128/2285), a couple of things are headed your way, although they may be a little late–sometime between Dec. 22 & Jan. 4. I’ll cross my fingers hard in hopes that they get to you by Christmas. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday!

  251. Is there a reason why a family wouldn’t get anything bought for them? I haven’t had anyone buy anything from this site but really need help. I have toys and clothes on my wish list. My post is #2214. If there is something wrong with my list will someone please let me know?

    (I think maybe you’re just not looking at it right? I show a number of things coming your way. Add ?reveal=purchased&view=null to the end of your wishlist and you’ll see the purchased items. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  252. Hi, everyone! Amanda R. from comment #1333 here.

    I would like to thank the “elves” who bought items from my wish list! Totally expected my comment to be overlooked/ignored, but no–! The response was overwhelming, and I nearly cried when I noticed how much had been purchased. I am very grateful for your generosity, and will send “thank you” notes via Amazon to thank you directly. 😀

    <3 and ::Hugs:: from Philly!

  253. org post 2044 YIKES I’m sorry I was one who deleted items thinking it would help.

    Oldest Child Purchased Items deleted from list http://a.co/edfc7fW
    Penguin Handwarmer
    Amir Essential Oil Diffuser/Aromatherapy
    Big Mouth Inc Anger Management Coffee Mug

    Youngest Child Purchased Items delated from list http://a.co/i2XUsTu
    Brass Vintage Style Love Heart Pocket Watch Chain Pendant Necklace
    18″ Howwarmer Cotton Reversible Sequins Throw Pillow Case
    Ata-Boy Supernatural Characteres 4 Button Set

    Thanks again to those who purchased the items.

  254. Emily B. (2283), you just made a chunky girl cry. And it is not a bad thing. Thank you sooo much. You just took a lot of stress off of me. I was trying to figure out how I was going to keep stuff done and now I know. Is it bad that I would rather have cleaning supplies or food over the other stuff? I am a very odd person.

  255. My brother and sister in law are very hard workers and all around great people but they have have no money for Christmas. They have a Toddler and a baby on the way next year and I know they would really appreciate getting a few little gifts for Dakota my lil Toddler niece. She has received a few books and they are ecstatic! Thank you all so much for your generosity in helping others. Here is the link to a wish list for Dakota https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/31GY67JAJTZ9F/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1

  256. Jess you are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for being the underwear fairy. I wish for you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and love filled New Year. Muah!
    Kate aka randomramblingmom

  257. Hi everyone. I’m going to try one more time. I’m asking for just four items for my two children (two items each). I asked early on and feel a bit sad.

    It’s been a struggle this year. I’ve been hit with medical bills that weren’t my fault. I have canceled every expense including my phone so I can catch up. I pay rent, water/sewer and electricity and everything else goes toward what my insurance didn’t cover.

    If you would just consider one of these, it would go a long way. My two children are my life, and it hurts that I can’t do much for them in the way of silliness and fun. I am grateful for any help anyone can offer. Merry Christmas.


    (Looks like everything on your list is on it’s way! ~ Jenny)

  258. Jess @2294 thank you. My heart is full and grateful for your kindness. Merry Christmas and I promise you that my boy will love those times! Thank you!

  259. Lena, 2318. AWESOME!! I love toys that seem fun for me too since I am my lil man’s number one playmate. You are so so thoughtful. Thank you so much!

  260. Good afternoon, I am a father of two and a husband to my beautiful wife. She recently discovered cysts in her breasts while performing a self exam and surely enough 4 weeks later she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. We were fortunate enough to have caught it so early on so she had many options but decided to have the small tumors removed rather than a mastectomy. But unfortunately health wise here body wasn’t prepared and there were some complications. Due to her multiple appointments, procedures, and treatments I have had to take many days off from work and the bills just keep piling up. And with Christmas right around the corner I just don’t have the funds for any type of Christmas celebration with my family this year. My kids have been very understanding and haven’t asked for anything from us this year but i know they could definitely use some joy after all this distress. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless you all for your helping hands.

  261. So much negativity and judgement. I saw one person who said only regular readers of the blog should be allowed to partake. That would have left me out. I have one of Jenny’s books, haven’t read it yet (it’s on my kindle and my long to-do list 😉 the other book is on hold for me at my library) –but I hadn’t heard of the blog until Dec 12th when my friend, a regular reader, sent me the link. Times are tough, so I posted and shared a wishlist.
    Take my advice, from someone with a hard life who’d sell her soul for 30 minutes of peace –stop trying to micromanage strangers, and give up judging others RIGHT NOW. Walk away. Breathe. Help no matter what if you want to help. That is what it’s about. Help and joy and relief for someone else no matter what. I appreciate the help I got this year, immensely. I HOPE my year turns around and next year I get to GIVE. So Jenny, please do this again. It’s amazing. Rules or no rules, whatever. Good people need help and good people give. It’s sad how how it devolves as time goes by. But Meh. I hope for those people that they learn how truly joyous life can be when they stop that shiz. 😉 Merry Christmas and Thanks so much to everyone who helped and who helped my kiddos this year.

  262. http://a.co/b210ABm

    This is my daughters list she made. There is a lot of things so please disregard that the list is long. She is seven and loves Christmas and loves everything she sees lol. I’m not sure if mine ever posted on my attempt yesterday, but in case it didn’t I thought I’d try one more time. We recently bought our house (last December) so she had to transfer schools which was very difficult for her at first. Money has been so tight with all the extra expenses of a home and I’m so worried about her being disappointed Christmas morning. In may, her 6 year old cousin and best friend passed away from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Him being gone has made the holiday especially difficult being her first Christmas without him. I just want to make her Christmas memorable. I appreciate anything!

    (Looks like you’ve got four things on the way! ~ Jenny)

  263. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to our Santa’s. Thank yiu to Jenny for the item for each of my 3. Thank you to lilli from my lily for the curling irons! I haven’t had time to go through all the comments to match who our Santa’s are but I put our lists to see if I could match that way because i want to thank whoever got my B the boots. but thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    Lily was https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1277SQ6H3I1T9/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
    Erich is

    And Bhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2Q8VLOJKQ2S22/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1

    (Looks like you’ve got a lot of good stuff coming your way for each of your kids! ~ Jenny)

  264. Dear Nando @2332 – As a breast cancer survivor myself, I have so much empathy for your situation. A couple small things are on their way to you and your family. There are also lots of amazing resources out there for young mothers with breast cancer. You’ll find a lot just through a Google search but good places to start are PinkLink.org, StupidCancer.org and HerefortheGirls.org. There is also BAYSnet.org in California. Hang in there and do your best to stay positive. Warmly, A Mom in CA

  265. HI I have made a wish list for a friend that just got out of a very abusive relationship. Kat has 3 boys ages 4, 9 and 10. She is on the brink of being homeless and her children barely have clothes, let alone toys for Christmas 🙁 some family and friends are doing what they can but any help would be so very appreciated. Clothes size 4t, 12 and 12 husky and shoe sizes are 12.5 toddler, 5.5 and 6 in boys. Thank you so much for any help you can give. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/41EN9LQ6C3K/ref=cm_wl_huc_view

  266. Hello everyone, I am a low income gal from MA and hoping to give some children in my life a better Christmas then I have had. One is a child with disabilities, very hard to shop for. He can’t walk, talk, or communicate at all, except for sounds. For gifts I usually just get him chew toys. Those are on the list. Another thing, which i could not find on amazon are these drool bandanas, that have a washcloth built into them. The other little one is a five year old girl, she loves harry potter, five nights at freddys things, and shopkins. Every little thing helps, thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this, and I think this is a great cause that many children will be blessed this christmas because of you all!
    Thank you!

  267. If there is someone out there that could buy something for my oldest son because he didn’t get anything.I have posted earlier but I went through my 4 kids list to try and get rid of some of the stuff that they added they liked that costed alot and I was just trying to make it smaller. My name is Crissi I have 3 boys n 1 baby girl. Her name is Evelynn n here recently we have been seeing physical therapists and doctors in hopes of finding out exactly what might be causing her to favor her left side. She is almost 1 and she still isn’t crawling and can’t sit up by herself without someone close to her to catch her. Then there is the boys Ethan 14, Tanner 9, and Tyson 4. Ethan is the more the gamer, Tanner likes games too, like the Pokemon and five night’s at freddy’s, and Tyson well he loves pawpatrol, superheroes, and fire trucks. I stay home and take care of the kids while my husband Clint works. We live in rural Kentucky and he makes a little more than minimum wage and has been working as many extra hours as he can. If anyone else feels like buying them anything I know they would appreciate it and so would my husband and I. I’d like to thank whoever bought what they did for my kids too.


  268. I’m reposting as my original has gotten lost on all the posts. It’s been a struggle to make ends meet and we are having a tough time with getting gifts this year. Anything would help! http://a.co/a3t1eO8

  269. Hello, My name is Lizzie, and I take care of my sister because both of our parents have passed on. This year has been a pretty hard one, we just lost our home and our social worker through the county has been helping us look for a new one. While this happens, we are living in a motel, not a great one honestly, and it’s made the holidays really hard. None of our family seems to care about this, and we don’t have any friends around here yet so I can’t imagine Christmas will be very good. So I made this list for my sister. http://a.co/8FXgqO2

    She likes art, drawing and coloring. Loves foxes. Loves playing board games. She doesn’t deserve any of this.

    I just wish we could get out of here so I could bake and make sure she’s happy.

  270. If any Santa’s are still reading the comments I received the Sesame Street book for my granddaughter today and it’s such a great book! Thank you so very much. I do have a gift receipt so I’ll be sending a real thank you card.

    Jenny. Jenny. Jenny. You sent me a message on my sad post from yesterday. I copied and pasted it into my email so I can pretend that Jenny Lawson emailed me!
    Thank you. It did make me feel a tiny bit better.
    Also! I know when you birthday is. Haha, can’t wait. Once upon a time my daughter wanted to be a herpetologist…..so….
    I can’t wait for your new book. March seems very far away

  271. I posted yesterday, but my story and link Are now gone, so I am going to post again.
    Well, we’re struggling badly this year and it has only gotten worse as the year progresses. 11 people in the home and it’s not ours, water was cut off, car was repoed, no food, no winter clothes for some of the babies…there are 5, and so much more. My spirit is weak because of all that is going on, so I’m going to stand still and let God do what He knows is best for all of us. If there is anyone that would like to make Christmas happen for 5 wonderful children, here is your chance. It’s embarrassing to have to ask for anything, as that’s not my style, but a good friend sent me here, so this must be what God wants me to do…let others help me. I pray that our situation changes soon, God be willing to let it. Here is the link to my wishlist. May everyone be blessed.

  272. Judge Judy, thank you for the movie link. I will definitely try to watch it and as a mother with a daughter with extremely high-functioning aspergers, I understand now.
    Merry Christmas.

  273. Hi again, Sue from org post 2044, additional request 2289, update 2323. I have a question for the Santas out there.
    My girls have some gifts purchased for them and I had asked in post 2289 if an additional gift could be purchased for my younger daughter so they should have same amount. As you can imagine there are amazing people here and 2 yes TWO people (THANK YOU!!) purchased an item for my youngest so now it’s flipped the other way, the older has 1 less gift. lol
    I understand not wanting to delete things from list because you want to see what was purchased but how do I keep additional items from being purchase do that it doesn’t go back and forth. Due to me deleting items before I knew we shouldn’t my oldest only has 3 items not purchased and now my youngest only has 2 items not purchased.
    We have been blessed by people’s generosity already I just don’t want it to keep going back and forth. So how should I handle it?

  274. Sheila 2147,
    I find myself in tears over your kindness. You are an angel here on earth and I am so blessed to have been connected with you because of this. Our heartache has been unbearable and then here you come into the picture and show us to continue to have Faith, because God will find a way. He is using you in a magnificent way and I am beyond thankful for you. I wish I could hug you…thank you again, xo


  275. Kim from 2290 – thank you so very much! This made my whole day! Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait for my sister to be surprised when her gifts arrive! 🙂 Lauren from 2222

  276. My name is Jenna my family and I have been struggling for a while my husband is a contracted worker which means that he can be out of work at any time and that has affected us financially over the last few years. We have 2 Children Mara age 7 and Aubrie age 2 and we were able to get them gifts for Christmas but what I have sacrificed for that is a winter coat for myself I have been using the same winter coat for easily 15 years the zipper pull has been broken for the last 2 but the kids always come first as they should. If any one would be kind enough to gift me with a winter coat this year I would be in absolute heaven. Thank you for considering this Mom in the US

  277. @Danielle #2338, send some things your way. Well, Kat’s way. I wasn’t sure which address to use, but since you said Kat….:)

  278. Maria at post 2067, you have some surprises coming your way for Ryker. One won’t make it till after Christmas, however.

  279. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to whomever sent the books to my boys. I’m crying tears of gratitude here, because now Santa can deliver books and the burning clothes and underwear can come from mom. I appreciate it so much.

    -Heather (2034)

  280. Hey beautiful angels just wanted to check in an Thank the wonderful people who have gifted my 4 kiddos with a few toys a piece and some sensory items for my autistic kiddos. You are absolutely amazing. Please if you havent emailed me please do so i can send you pictures and video. If you dont want to give out your email address you can also look for me on twitter at babybunch1 and i will be hastagging #jamesgarfieldmiracle to the pictures of my kids. I hope i can help a family next year for christmas if Jenny has this again. I helped a few on the first christmas miracle when james garfield had just been bought. … he is still a handsome little thing..anyways just came to say thank you sweet people for all you have done.
    If anyone is wanting to purchase clothing and keep a child warm or maybe send some clothing your child cannot wear anymore Please let me know via email as i will gladly accept any 7 girls, 5t in boys and 3t in little girls as my 2 and 3 yr old use the same waredrobe and wear the same size. We will accept hand me downs.

    helpforbraylen at gmail dot com


  281. What a joy to find mail at my doorstep! My kids will be thrilled with the things that have been purchased for them. Thank you Jenny and everyone else who has contributed!

    I didn’t know a movie card had been bought for one of my teens! It looks like items don’t show up under revealed purchases when there is one bought out of two that were listed. Anyway, such a fun surprise and I know he will be glad to be able to go to a theater!

    Here’s an update on what my kids will be receiving (if anyone is still looking at # of items per kid). My original post with links was #149.
    16-year-old boy: 1 game, 1 shirt
    13-year-old boy: 1 book, 1 movie card
    10-year-old girl: 4 books, 1 coat, boots
    6-year-old boy: 1 book
    5-year-old girl: 1 toy
    4-year-old boy: 1 toy
    3-year-old girl: (none purchased for her yet but siblings can share with her)
    Infant: 2 clothing items
    Stockings: 1 item

    We are a big family so even though it isn’t a lot of items per-person, it still is a lot that is being sent! We are so grateful for the help. I look forward to budgeting and saving throughout this coming year to be able to give back next year. Merry Christmas!

  282. Samantha #1407, please add an address for your wish lists. I have items sitting in my cart and no place to send them!

  283. Jennifer, thank you. For Joseph and Mathams gifts. The Magic set looks even more awesome in person than it did listed on amazon. My boys are good , they will have more than I could have even imagined just a week ago. I had zero dollars myself to get them anything. This has been a very humbling and at the same time surprising and wonderful experience. You and the other people that purchased the books for Joseph and book for Matham have now done more for my children than their very own father ever has or even their own grandparents on either side. Perfect strangers. I know you may not ever understand how much that was needed. How close I was this past week to just giving up, finaly , just to rest just once. It is not so much the material thinsg as it is that someone else notice we exsist too.Thank you.

  284. Thank you so much Ami it is definitely a very hard transition for us but I know the more we research the easier things will get thank you from my family to yours!

  285. TJ # 2242 – These are headed your way. Not sure if the toy set will get there for Christmas, but the book will be.

  286. First thank you Jenny for all you do. You’re amazing in every way! Second not sure if when I separated my kids on this link https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1G2K2Z7VD3NUJ/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1
    If it still shows purchased. But thank you all. My son got undies and socks so did my middle daughter. All 3 got a book. And scratch art for little two. Plus girls got a stuffed animal. Thank you so much!
    Third. Judge Judy. I’m sorry your feelings were hurt. We live day to day here. My kids are severely mentally ill . We have lost electricity many times bc can’t pay. Lost phone we have landline no cell phones. Most days I wake and just pray to feed the kids and survive the day. Yet when blessed with extra food pantries items we share with the local churches, and other poor families. I’m sorry if some stuff on my list upset you. My kids believe in Santa so I put some wishes up. Mostly I have them ask Santa for clothes and books. Because they need them. My kids spend most days trying to ignore hallucinations and voices telling her to hurt us. My son tries to function but his sensory from autism is so bad most days he can’t function and cries for me to help him. We r family of 5 on $20,000 a year. Which is more then some families and I’m grateful but we are poor. Yet proud people. I want to help you! Your first post made me cry and feel ashamed I needed help. Then I saw your second post and out of the whole post the only important thing I saw is you wanted to be part of a family or two. So please let us be part of your family. No gifts needed from you. Not just for Christmas. Always. I can give you my email. Duckieboojr@ comcast.net. I can email Christmas pics,birthday,school,general silly pics all year. I can email you the ups and downs of their lives. I will virtually share my family with you. No strings attached! Hope to hear from you in my emails soon! Merry Christmas. This is the only gift I can afford to give you. So I hope you accept!

    Much love. From this crazy bipolar train not stopping at every station mom! You have all shown the world that humanity is alive and well! Merry Christmas!

  287. Whawhawhatsis @post 2352 you have the wrong Maria. My sons name isn’t Ryker.just letting you know

  288. Judge Judy:

    My daughter LOVES those water based painting books. She has two different kinds, the ones with the little squares of paint and one where the dots are colored. They’re pretty awesome.

    Amazon is full of Magic, but its also hard. There are gobs and gobs of things. I like to toss things I think my daughter might like (like this book: https://www.amazon.com/Encyclopedia-Prehistorica-Dinosaurs-Definitive-Pop-Up/dp/0763622281/ref=as_li_ss_tl?tag=&linkCode=sl1&tag=wwwhip2saveco-20&linkId=a01882cf14ad7ba4daa52159744ec20f ) when I see things I know I like and she will like. Today its 14 bucks. Tomorrow it might be 35. The day after, it might be 10 bucks. It might be sold out thru Amazon and then they offer a third party vendor a shot at selling it, and now its more.

    If I am shopping for me, I just wait until its on sale, because I only buy things on sale. If its on someone’s wish list and its now not on sale, I either buy it or just pass. Or use that as a jumping off point to buy them other awesome things that I think they might enjoy. I love to see lists with lots of books, because books are awesome!

  289. Rebecca (#245): a gift for your little dancer on the way. Wishing you peace and happiness in the new year.

  290. I don’t know the name of the two people who helped me out, but I just wanted to let you know that Christian’s gifts arrived yesterday and today. I’m so excited to see and hear his reaction on Christmas day. Thank you!!!!!!

  291. My son has autism, developmental delays, and speech impairment. I modified my list in hopes of getting some help. A tablet to communicate with would be amazing. Ideally an iPad would be great, but considering the price not practical.

  292. So, I’m good–the entire list filled, 4 things, in less than a day. This still doesn’t even feel real. Thanks Jenny and everyone else on here. I think I am still in shock. I wish there was something I could say or do to let you all know, especially you Jenny, how much your compassion means to me–I mean in an immediate way, it’s great my son’s holiday will be a little more fun–a few more toys to amuse him (and me, haha!) in the long winter months–but in a bigger way, I am given a little hope in seeing people come together like this….If feel like the Grinch once he finally learns the meaning of Christmas. My poverty has made me a little cynical and I don’t like that–this helps dial that back somewhat. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  293. Tessa I got the book for my grandson today. Thank you very much, it’s his favorite series and it was so sweet of you to take part in this miracle! (I think I’m around #492. the numbers keep changing).

  294. You all are so amazing for doing this!!

    I am not sure if my daughter will be eligible or not, but I wanted to try. My name is Lori and I am 41 years old. My husband and I have an amazing daughter named Ashlyn, who is 20 years old. My husband and I have been together 22 years, and we obviously did the whole family thing at a young age. Things have always been a struggle, and Ashlyn has always gotten very few things from us at Christmas time. She’s never complained though.

    A bit about Ashlyn. At the age of 10, she came to me and told me she wanted to kill herself. 🙁 That was the start of our on going battle with depression, anxiety, OCD and ADHD. I had battled undiagnosed my entire childhood, only being diagnosed and treated after she was born. I didn’t want her to go through what I did. Since that time, she was hospitalized 7 times. We took her out of high school a year early because they refused to help her. She took her GED and started community college a year early. She’s had the dream since age 12 of teaching English in Korea. That, and music, have been life savers for her. Fast forward to now, she’s a sophomore at the University of Illinois, following that dream. Every day is still a struggle, but she’s beating it.

    In March of this year I lost my job. At that point, I found a program that would pay for me to go back to school. Becoming a Mom at a young age derailed my college plans, although I have never once regretted my daughter! I am currently going to school for Health Information Technology and Management. My husband’s seasonal job ended in October. We have been surviving on my work from home transcription work. He just started a new job a week ago, and he was hired for a second job today. However, Christmas isn’t happening. My husband is making cookies and fudge for family. We can’t afford to get Ashlyn anything.

    She is an amazing girl. She has fought through so much and has never given up, even when she wanted to. She always says she understands when I can’t get her things that she wants, but I know it hurts her. She’s working a very limited hour part time job at the dining hall at her dorm, just trying to have some pocket money for herself. It’s hard for her though because school is so difficult with her anxiety. Again, she’s fighting on and doing it though.

    I just want her to have some happiness this holiday season, and I feel like a failure for not being able to get her anything. Obviously, at her age, she isn’t into toys. 🙂 She’s into music (Korean music) and books and make up and pretty things.

    Thank you, if you have managed to make it through reading all of this! 🙂


  295. Jess, shopkins did rain down tonight. Thank you to you and please tell your little one thank you from India.
    I am old and had no idea what a shopkins is but now I do and I know she’ll love them.
    I am old enough that my classmates were all Barbara’s, Linda’s and Susan’s. My daughters went to school with Jennifer’s, Jessicas and Brittanys. I’ve really enjoyed reading your children’s beautiful names and “catching up”.

  296. Lauren, you are very welcome! One item should arrive on Monday and the other on Tuesday. I’m glad I could help!

  297. Originally 2133, I am reposting as I think my post got lost in the shuffle,
    Hi, I am asking for one item for each of my kids, my husband is currently waiting to hear about a new job for him, and we are just getting by week to week. Luckily we live in the southwest so I don’t have to worry too much about cold weather, but I do hope to have some small stuff for them under the tree. Thank you for looking and Merry Christmas:).


  298. Judge Judy . . . I don’t have a tree and my kids are in their 30s so even if I did, they wouldn’t be around it. I live with my brother and most of our life revolves around cats, but I know that family is not always rooted in DNA and if you want to reach me, you can find me on either Facebook or Twitter or email me at RiverValleyCats@aol.com. Whatever you decide, thank you for being here.

  299. Sue Ponder (#2347) and others who are confused by what’s been purchased: Go to your “List settings” and uncheck the box that says “Don’t spoil my surprise.” Then, when things have been purchased, Amazon removes them from your list and puts them on your Purchased page. If people try to buy a gift that’s already been bought, they’ll be told that it has.

    Sue, you and Evolene received quite a bit. I’ve followed both your lists since page 1. To avoid receiving more, set your list to private. Sometimes kids don’t get the exact same number of presents. Sometimes something extra can be set aside for another occasion. I hope you’ll all have a merry Christmas!

  300. Anonymous post 2377, you are correct my children did receive plenty and I am so thankful for finding this site and the wonderful people here. I wanted to make sure other people got things instead of me and was confused with Jenny not wanting things delated if we could close our lists from everyone seeing b/c I thought she wouldn’t be able to see what was bought so that’s why I was asking about it. I wasn’t asking for more.

  301. Thank You
    Jeanie Tortoisefly # 2156, and anyone else how bought the kids something. They are going to love them.
    Merry Christmas!

  302. Kind of between jobs here but working two part time gigs which equal about 15 hours a week total. With that we can just about cover bills and food is coming from food banks for now which we’re making a game of like the TV show where when some odd ingredient shows up, we figure out an innovative way to use it. We’ve had the chat about how sometimes we have lean years and my girl is pretty sharp. She gets it and has a sweet heart. She’s artsy and craftsy and at 15 old enough that she doesn’t need much but she would like this set of markers because apparently painting rocks and hiding them in plain sight for others to find is a thing these days. She and her friends are doing them. I know she would be happy with those and surprised as well. I did get some ‘necessaries’ before the last job ended and she has a good winter coat and boots. Thanks for any help. It would just be a surprise because I know she thinks there is nothing coming from ‘Santa’. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1GC9GJPKUIGKH/ref=cm_wl_huc_view

  303. To whoever is sending my older kids the Harry Potter set, Thank You!! I think someone picked up the box of diapers too, and I could cry. (I think I was #2265)

    This year has been one for the books. I got a dx for Rheumatoid Arthristis in my hands and knees, and tore my MCL in my knee right before my birthday last month. I feel like our financial problems are a lot due to my health, and it’s a horrible feeling. I just had to cancel the phone cases I had ordered for the older kids’ phones so I can try and make rent. I added them to the list, but they will love if they do t hve cases.

  304. KD 2382, 15 Marker pack and glitter pens coming your way! Should arrive on the 20th. Merry Christmas!!

  305. Thanks so much to RACHELLE for sending the adorable pink and white polka-dotted raincoat for my daughter. It arrived today. It looks even better in person! We live in an area that gets lots of rain so I am so glad she will have this great coat. And she will be thrilled with it – so cute!

    (My original post was #149)

  306. @pregnant Mom #2169 — You are MOST welcome. I hope she enjoys!!! Looks like everything should be delivered Sunday

  307. Hi all; I’m reposting 1100 since I’m afraid it was lost in the shuffle and I can’t afford Internet at home/won’t have access again till Tuesday. I reassure you I’m not a scammer. I did change one item to a different shirt because the one I requested sold out. I am only asking for four items for two children. Thank you so much!

    Like for so many others, 2016 has been the year to suck all years. Among the “highlights?” I was involved in a hit-and-run this summer because I apparently was taking too long to get to switch lanes and some wad decided to illegally pass me on the right. S/he clipped me and took off, never to be found. I totaled my car, spent weeks in the hospital and accumulated literally thousands of dollars in debt that my insurance won’t cover. But I. Am. Alive. And I have two amazing children I would do absolutely anything for. I appreciate you more than I can say.


  308. bettycrockpotter @ 2383-ish: You should be getting a delivery on Tuesday, December 20. 🙂

  309. If this isn’t too dramatically off topic:

    I’m a grad student in Arkansas and for the first time our department didn’t manage to put together any kind of charitable holiday donations. This didn’t sit well with everyone, so a few fellow students and I have been working on putting together bags of socks/toiletries/feminine hygiene products to give to the local shelter. We have been collecting small bags to use for this (a lot of the girls we know subscribe to ipsy, so that’s the kind of bag we’re using) and if any of you have extra bags you would be willing to share, that would be much appreciated! If Jenny OKs this, I’d be happy to provide a mailing address to anyone who is interested in helping.

  310. Jenny and all:

    Thank everyone so much. Living in a motel is very hard, especially after losing most of what we own because of it. Knowing people like you all are out there makes things so much better and makes us feel like people have us in their hearts and prayers.

    sister’s list http://a.co/8FXgqO2
    motel living list for anyone interested: http://a.co/iKW4ODz

    Everyone is in my prayers. Merry Christmas.

  311. I can’t believe I missed James Garfield this year. I’ve given as much as I can in years past and always love the unity and joy it brings. This year I’m in need of the help this wonderful gift provides and because I didn’t have internet access for a week I missed it. I did love reading all the beautiful comments from people who gave and received, it put such love in my heart after what has truly been a hard and sucky year. I’ll find a way to give my little girl who loves super heores and princesses some joy this season I’m sure, and I’ll post her wish list just in case there’s any last minute do gooders left, but I understand the deadline has passed. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that this experience was as incredible as it has been in previous years. God bless you Jenny for doing this again!

    Wish List
    Link: http://a.co/hNRUUGP

  312. Hello everyone. My oldest son has a couple things on his list not to many. He hasn’t gotten anything yet. Was praying and hoping that there might be a Santa’s helper that might at least get him one thing. His brothers and sister have gotten one of the things they wanted so I just wanted to ask for maybe one if anyone might feel generous. He is a really good 14yr old. He don’t ever get into trouble n is super at being a big brother. He makes A’s and B’s in school. Here is his list if you want to take a look. Good bless all of you all out there that are blessing these children with their Christmas wishes. You all are angels in disguise.


  313. Christina #2207 the flaw that I see in your idea is that some people don’t have the same budget for this as others. Some can afford to fulfill someone’s entire list, others can only afford a couple of minor items. (Even if there is a set limit) The number of kids in a family can also change the total $ of a list.

  314. Feeling discouraged as Christmas is fast approaching. My post seemed to get overlooked, nothing was purchased for any of my 4 kids. If anyone has it in their hearts to help us out, we would so appreciate it! Thanks!

    (I think it was because you didn’t have an address attached to it before. I just sent you a game for your kids. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  315. I’m asking for help because I don’t know what I’m going to get my teen son Alex or my two grandchildren who stay with me. I’m currently out of work because of my health and my husband carries me and the kids on one paycheck. It’s not enough. It’s never enough and it’s painful to watch and this hurts my heart. We’re currently staying with my daughter and her husband because our electric was off temporarily.

    The girls Katherine and KJ love dolls, Disney and playing with uncle Alex. He likes video games, music, and pokémon. He lost a lot of his video games during the move across the country to be near my daughter 3 years ago. He is looking for gift cards to replace his lost ones. We’ll be grateful for any help we get. Bless you and merry Christmas!


  316. DawnAZ & leah – Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much I appreicate what you’ve both give my little girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  317. Hi 💕 This is my last post… I just want to say thank you to the gentleman who bought each of my kids a toy to go under the tree .. they will be so happy on Christmas morning. And it warms my heart so much with all this kindness. If there are anymore angels out there though my kids could really use some necessities . I changed up their wishlist and took off all the toys and now there are things they could really use. We need socks and rain boots (we live at a campground on the lake and it’s extremely muddy here) and we could really use some diapers and wipes for our 2 year old. And if anybody could graciously bless us with the child table and chair and the two folding chairs on my kids list that would be amazing! My two year old currently eats on the floor bc we didn’t have room in our camper for his high chair. And the two folding chairs for my girls bc we have limited seating in our small camper and they are left sitting on the floor. My last request is for my oldest daughter, which is an air mattress. She currently sleeps in the recliner bc sleeping space is limited and we just haven’t had the extra money for a air mattress for her. If anyone could help I would be eternally grateful 💕❤️️💕❤️️ This is an amazing thing going here and I plan on returning next year to pay it forward.
    My original post is 1227





  318. Sorry, didn’t realize I was logged in under BAM in Beijing – its a non functioning blog….

  319. Christine 1783-a few more things on the way for your sister’s kids, and I’m with you, everyone needs a break after hard times! Merry Christmas!!!

  320. My friend was too embarrassed to post herself, so I’m going to do it for her. She is a single mom of a sweet and incredibly good little girl named Sam. They fled domestic violence last year and are living with a friend. Since they’re doubled up and won’t be able to get their own place until some time next year, I only have a few portable toys for her on the list. I also added two books for mom if that’s allowed. One is by Jen and the other is a book she’s going to love. Thank you!


  321. I want to thank Amy for getting my Granddaughters a gift off the the wish list. I don’t remember her number on here. There is so many. I don’t think there has been any on else that has bought off the wish list or I would thank them also. I might have missed it though. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  322. I was wondering is anyone had anything left over to help buy my 8 year old a coat. His zipper broke this morning when he chewed it off. This is something that he struggles with as part of his SPD. It’s been on it’s last leg for awhile now. I was hoping my husband would get his Christmas gift from work yesterday to help with purchasing one but we were told they aren’t going that this year. I picked this particular coat because it isn’t “poofy” because the ones that are huge drive him nuts, and he tends to chew on the sleeves. It also looks like the button will cover the zipper, making it less likely for him to “chew” it. Out of sight, out of mind. If someone has used size 10, or knows of a more reasonable option than this one I found on Amazon I would be open to that as well!

    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/J5RJEYCK2XBT

  323. I posted once before, but I can’t find it and I’m afraid I some how managed to mess it up. This isn’t for me but my sister and her two boys. She’s struggling just to cover rent and utilities with little left for Christmas. My nephews are 2 and 6 and they’re wonderfully bright and sweet. The oldest is autistic and has been picking up on the tension and stress in the house, my sister knows this and it’s making her feel worse about the whole situation. My family just moved so we don’t have the funds to help out this year. I’m hoping posting here will help alleviate some of my sisters anxiety. Thank you for any help you all can give. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1AZRKWR7XVUDR/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2

  324. Hey everyone If you have gifted my children for christmas I have reset up my blog, the link is my name when you click on it and save the page so you will be able to see video and pictures of the kids opening their gifts. I figured some people may not want to give out their email and so thats a way for them to be able see the pictures and video and also comment if they wish. Also it is my blog and was left untouched for a long time along with the domain name that was paid 3 years ago…lol So the bloggess now has gotten me back in to wanting to blog. I was always a better writer tha