Want a book for the holidays?

This isn’t a real post.  It’s just a quick note to tell you that I’m going to meet the lovely people from BookPeople tomorrow in a parking lot to sign all of the books you might want personalized for Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Flying Spaghetti Monster week.  If you want one for yourself or for a gift make sure you call or order online by tomorrow morning so they bring enough.  Also, I will be happy to write “Knock knock mofo” or “Thank you for burying that body” or “I’ll always remember that night in Vegas” or “This is the best gift ever” or whatever else.  They have copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy.  Just click to order.

(To order a signed copy of a book, place the book in your cart and indicate “SIGNED COPY” and write the name of whoever you want it made out to in the comments.  They ship worldwide.)

PS. I don’t get anything extra out of doing this.  I just like to give everyone the chance to get a signed copy even if they can’t ever (or don’t want to) go to a signing.  Plus, it’s from an independent bookstore and that’s always a plus.

PPS.  Later tonight if I can get my shit together we’re going to start the James Garfield miracle.  More to come.


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  1. So many folks forget Festivus this time of year, but it’s important to remember that it’s a festival of inclusion. Be sure to talk backwards and shake the ear of a Festivusser at least twice this season, or the Festivus Handsom Living Cell Phone may come calling…

  2. Bought one for myself for a birthday present for me! 🙂 I have a kindle version already, but I’m excited to get a signed copy too. Thanks for posting the link!

  3. I hope you do something like this when your new book comes out! I would love love love to have a reminder in your own writing that you appreciate my body burying skills, but I already have both those books.

  4. I’m guessing asking for it to be signed in bull’s blood in honor of Festival of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti might be a little out of line.

    (Does sharpie make a bull’s blood color for the holidays? ~ Jenny)

  5. I SO just ordered one for my sister-in-law who is an English professor in Austin and so silly! She also uses the word embiggen and makes up all kinds of silly words! I am leaving it to my favorite author to write something AWESOME for her! I know you’ll make her proud! You’re the BEST!
    Thanks for doing this!

  6. I’m so going to start celebrating Flying Spaghetti Monster week. Man now I want spaghetti. Love ya Jenny

  7. hi love you and your books you keep me from suiside
    i want you to know that your awesome p.s. i know this was a funny post not a sad one but still I’m your biggest fan

  8. Could you please do an updated version on the Unicorn Success Club or Double Unicorn Success Club? Also I would like to join, is there a official card or something magical I can buy to prove to anyone that I am part of the special club? Or do I receive a Hogwarts letter of the sorts telling me I’ve been accepted and I have to come to a magic meeting in the clouds to be sworn it? Thank you!

    (Here’s a certificate YOU CAN DRINK OUT OF. http://www.zazzle.com/double_unicorn_success_club_mug_drink_awesome_coffee_mug-168792958223840337?rf=238233029691800410 ~ Jenny)

  9. This GIF is the best… made me giggle uncontrollably while on a conference call (with the phone on mute) today. 😀

  10. Would you please post instructions for those of us who want to make a (monetary)contribution to the James Garfield miracle?
    You, of course, are a miracle. Thank you!

  11. That’s awesome! I know a couple of people who could use a signed book. Thanks for the heads up.

    Looking forward to the James Garfield Christmas Miracle!

  12. Thank you so much for doing this for your fans! I already own both books, but I’m ordering a signed copy for myself and passing along my unsigned copy to share your words. The first story I ever read of yours was the “Knock knock mofo” on CakeWrecks recommendation and I love that you included that as an option for the inscription! 🙂

  13. You continue to be most awesomatious! 🙂

    How was the weekend adventure? Did you go or did the gifs win out? Either way is just fine with all of us!

  14. So excited for the jgm tonight! I have a lot of families like last year with nothing! Damn. I should order a book too.

  15. Fooey…I have no money. Can’t you come to Indiana and sign my copy of Furiously Happy????

  16. So excited for the jgm tonight! I have a lot of families like last year with nothing! Damn. I should order a book too.

  17. I bought “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” years ago on a whim from a display when the cover caught me eye. I was in a deep depressive state and went into the book store only to buy a crossword puzzle book to while away the hours on the couch. Your book was so funny I ended up reading aloud about 3/4 of it to my husband and we both laughed until we cried. For making me laugh when nothing else could make me even get out of bed (which is where I read the book to him at night) you have a fan for LIFE. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. THANK YOU. I was so excited when I discovered that you had a blog I ran downstairs to tell my husband and tripped over the dog. My man understood my excitement but when I tried to explain it to the dog she felt it was just no excuse for my behaviour. I had to bribe her forgiveness with treats. And now, every time I so much as brush up against her on the way downstairs she heads for the fucking Liver Treats in the corner and gives me the look that says, “Well? You owe me at least 4.5 for that one.”

  18. Terrific! I ordered one for my son. I read him some of Furiously Happy. He identified with so much of your writing. Thanks for what you do!

  19. I am gifting myself by asking you to sign a copy of both books! … which I already own hard copies of!
    And there are my Audible books copies, in your own voice, which makes them Priceless!
    I listen, and re-listen, and read, and re-re-re-read (etc.) … Yeah, I’m pretty much a Fan.
    Thank you, Jenny, for all you are, all you write, all you share – means So Much. Blessings and Happiness, not just for the Christmas holidays, but always, for you and Yours!
    .(..Now, If we can just get Thanksgiving BACK to the THIRD, not the fourth, Thursday of November, Life will be Swinging High! Don’t we All Need More Time, between T-day and Christmas??? Back to the “old days”! It always Used to Be the 3rd Thursday … Better, for ALL, don’t you think?)

  20. I do want a book, I do I do! I still need Furiously Happy, and it would tickle me to get a signed version. I have wishlisted it for the I don’t remember how many times time, though, and just in case someone who asked for a wishlist follows through and gets it for me, I shouldn’t order it for myself. Ahh well. I have every confidence that fabulous you will continue to write fantabulous books, and that I will want them, so there will be other chances to covet them and attempt to be vaguely practical and covetous at the same time.

    Also, I am so excited for James Garfield’s annual miracle! <3

  21. James Garfield helped us last year. We had just escaped an abusive home under my ex husband, were living in a woman’s shelter, and I was trying to finish my masters. I had hoped to be able to pay it forward this year, but I still haven’t found a job in my field, so until then we are on my little-bit-more-than-minimum wage. (On a separate note, if any one in the Midwest knows of a postition for an MA in History with a focus one early human civilization, email me!) This is a list I put together of things that the kids would love. Sofi is my two year old who is crazy about stuffed animals, and Elijah is 4 and craving any sort of robot/mechanical thing he can get his hands on. They both love books and being read to as well. I’m hoping to homeschool them (Elijah is on the spectrum) so there’s a lesson plan book on the list as well. Thank you, everyone. From the bottom of my heart.


    (Sent you $60 worth of gifts. ~ Jenny)

  22. I’m buying the books for my daughter Mim, because the post where you did an entire conversation with Victor using nothing but GIFs made her spew tea out of her nose. I’m hoping the books will do the same thing only over and over again. Because I’m a terrible mother. And also because I love sharing laughter.

  23. Jenny–between the books and the James Garfield bit, you’ve put tears in my eyes b/c you are just one woman spreading SO MUCH JOY:). Bless you. Truly.

  24. Jenny, you are such a source of light and energy. I sent gifts to Cora and Ed. It generated enough spoons for me to get my butt up, and go refill my meds prescription!

  25. Does Victor do signings? ‘Cause I’d totally buy a book signed to my husband by Victor. “She’s worth it. No, really. Best of luck.” LOL

  26. I ordered mine from BookPeople, and then my husband got laid off. When it came in, I told him to wrap it and put it under the tree for me.

  27. I’m reposting as my original has gotten lost on all the posts. It’s been a struggle to make ends meet and we are having a tough time with getting gifts this year. Anything would help! http://a.co/a3t1eO8

  28. Anonymous: THANK YOU for sending me something. I rarely get gifts, so that was really awesome of you. And you have NO IDEA how much I love Harry Potter. It’s really one of the best gifts I could get. 😀 I REALLY appreciate you.

  29. This is been a tough year for me and my family. I have recently become disabled and do not have the funds to put presents under the tree this year. As a single mom providing for older children on very a limited budget has made Christmas impossible. I tried to get us adopted locally but all charities were full. My wish list was things my children asked for but anything that you could help with. Would be mean the world to us. Hope you have a Merry Christmas

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