Inhuman is the new pretty.

There’s this new camera app called meitu that everyone on the internet is using because it takes your picture and turns it into a sort of glossy, anime version of yourself.


Edited to add:  Looks like there are some privacy concerns about the app so be careful out there,  okay?


And now…time for the weekly wrap-up!

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  1. That’s hilarious, I’m going to have to try that. We should have a competition, if it took you four times, I think it may only be two times before I’m inhuman.

  2. Saw something about this app getting too much info from your phone. Might want to check out that info online. Weirdness abounds- and not the good kind!!

  3. Word of caution to anyone thinking of trying Meitu. The app is helping itself to an awful lot your data and sending it back to the Chinese developers. As long as folks know about that before they decide to use it then its all good.

  4. Actually, in the first two pictures, you look like a Disney cartoon princess.

  5. Hahaha that is awesome
    You look like a Alien!!
    Love it!! I will go download the app now.

    I was wondering if we are doing a booksgiving again this year!! It was such a success last year and it was soo much fun!!!
    Last year i bought one book and this year i plan to buy 2 books to different people!

  6. If a little bit is good then more must be better! Right? This probably explains my cooking but I’m glad I’m not the only one with that philosophy on life.

  7. I’m just worried I’ll get the “I’m sorry, no human face recognised” message on the first go. But that’s probably because there’s a lack of coffee in my system this am. Where’s the app for THAT?!

  8. I’m just worried I’ll get the “I’m sorry, no human face recognised” message on the first go. But that’s probably because there’s a lack of coffee in my system this am. Where’s the app for THAT?!

  9. Watched the video. Until today, I haven’t been able to look at a picture of Donald Trump. This changes everything. If only there was a way to apply it EVERYWHERE for him!

  10. Oh yay! Another standard of beauty that is physically impossible to achieve. Good job app designer!! The next pint of Haagen Daz is on you.

  11. I wonder if Donald Trump would receive the message on the first attempt – you know – for being unreasonably orange and because the app might confuse his mouth for a butt hole. Hmm, interesting indeed.

  12. That app is really disturbing. Regarding your search for a gender neutral name for genitals, I typically use “neener”. I don’t do twitter because of the trolls, but I see now that I’m missing out on your fun!

  13. It would appear that meitu can’t make me pretty unless I wear a wig! Only pics with long hair. Oh, well. I will just take my ugly ol’ short haied self and play in my own sand box. No freaky big-eyed fun for me!

  14. I like your “before” picture better. Those big eyes kinda give me the creeps.

  15. The harder we try to satisfy everybody else’s tastes, the more likely we are to make somebody sick. REMEMEBER: apps don’t kill people, apps kill dreams… (sorry that was supposed to be funny, but it came out really creepy)

  16. I’m a pretty hard core horror fan and nothing’s scared more than this ahaha!

  17. It looks like a Big Eye painting. Love it! If I took a picture of myself today and sent it through the app, I’d resemble a zombie, death walker. I’m sick in bed. Gah.

  18. It reminds me of the old Keane paintings I saw as a kid; those people with the huge eyes. I sorta liked those paintings; now, they look a bit disturbing. Haunting.

  19. I’m not into anime to begin with, and while I did enjoy the movie “Big Eyes”, I don’t see the world around me that way, nor do I wish to see myself that way.

    You are already gorgeous enough, Jenny. You don’t need to alien yourself in the name of beauty! 🙂

  20. I’m trying to keep with my students’ novels in a Dystopian unit we’re doing so I read Uglies which is the first in The Uglies series. In my head that app is what “the Pretties” looked like. Good start to a YAL series.

  21. I can’t unsee it! The big, round eyes and pointy chin that get bigger and rounder and pointier. What’s with the pupils? Did this app turn you into a cat? Or a dragon perhaps?

  22. Respectfully, I would swiftly delete this app and never use it again. There are serious privacy issues with this. Allegedly, the app contains spyware and is collecting personal data from phones and tablets.

  23. As often happens, this post gave me the first (and often only) laugh of my day, so thanks for that!
    BUT…..warning!warning! do Not use this app. It collects all the info on your phone, including passwords to your accounts. I have checked this out and believe it is fact, not one of those silly rumors. If you already have it, delete it. It will have gotten all your info but at least it won’t get more. If you have your phone synced to your other devices, change all your passwords asap.
    I hate shit like this. They make something funny that everyone wants to play with, and it turns out that it is actually malicious in nature. That’s human beings for you.

  24. Those eyes are SERIOUS! I love how anime always makes the eyes and the boobs BIG and perfectly ROUND! Too bad no one in real life looks anything like this. Well unless you count an alien but the jury is still out on what they actually look like, right?!

  25. I don’t have a Twitter account,so I thought I’d put in my two cents. How about the Bloggess’ flower?

  26. Jenny, I’ve asked you twice to please remove my comment from your blog, and yet I find my post is still up. If I get doxxed and harassment or harm comes to me, I’ll trace it back to your refusal to accommodate my simple request, and I’ll publish your lack of concern for my welfare. Please remove my post immediately. You know which one I’m talking about. I’ve sent you two emails. Thank you.

  27. Have you tried layering the different filters over each other? It is super fun! Freakification is way more fun than prettification!

  28. Re: PamAlonia, it is easy to post anonymously. If you post in obviously public forums and get doxxed, you can’t reasonably blame others. Just sayin’.

  29. You know that app is going to crash now with everyone trying it right? Because from here I will immediately be going to it to see what kind of a scary person I turn out to be!

  30. These HUGE eyed pics remind me of the popular paintings by Keene in the 50″s that her husband took credit for painting. I never liked them, I thought they were creepy. Oops, just gave my age away!! 🙂

  31. I don’t know how to attach a pic, but these remind me a bit of the tightrope walker in the haunted mansion at Disney world!

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