So, last week I asked my editor if I could get the paperback version of Furiously Happy so I could see what the new cover is going to look like and they were all, “No problem” but when I got the package I was like, “Well, this is a very small book” but that’s because it was literally just the cover, which was ridiculous but also sort of cool because I’ve never seen what a cover looks like before it’s been wrapped around a paperback book and now I know.

It looks like this:

The front
The front
The inside
The inside

But then today I went through the mail and this was in it!

It’s very thick, I assure you.

YAY!  It comes out day after tomorrow.  A few places you can get it:

Leave a comment if you want one and I’ll give away a few as a preview to Booksgiving, which we’re going to do in a few days.  More to come, y’all.


And now…time for the weekly wrap-up!

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Read comments below or add one.

  1. Aw what a lovely flashback….. u know everyone gonna be like “gimmie book please!” You might want to edit the last part 😉

  2. That’s so cool! I love that they sent you just the cover. I’ve never seen a paperback cover off the book either. The inside back cover illustrations are the best thing ever. Like they make me smile all on their own and I’ve read Furiously Happy so I know how much the book will make me laugh but those pictures are just the best.

  3. You are amazing! You make me laugh, c ry, and feel wonderful! I gift your books to everyone who needs cheering up. If laughter IS the best medicine, then you are the Master Doctor of the speciIalty

  4. I’d say “ME, ME, ME!” but I have a hardback copy so I won’t be greedy. 🙂

  5. You are the only person on the internet that I know I can read and still feel good (and usually way better!) afterwards. Can’t wait to have this book – and to have extra to give as gifts!

  6. I’m still trying to figure out who thought up shitty-fluting, and why. Love it anyway.

  7. Wait – I can’t seem to edit my comment. I didn’t mean to imply that I would for sure get a copy from your generous offer – I meant I would be thrilled to get it that way.

  8. I would truly love a book! But I live in Canada… does that make be ineligible?
    Oh! But I will be in San Antonio, Texas, for a conference in two weeks! Would that mean I’d have a chance at getting one? Oh, hang on… does that make me sound like a stalker now??

  9. As an elementary teacher, I’ve seen many books without their covers, but that is usually AFTER they’ve been thoroughly read, not before. Please enter me in the giveaway! 😀

  10. I want to be just like you when I grow up and write cool books and shit 😀 I think it’s awesome they sent just the cover to see before it goes on the book! It would make me furiously happy to be given a book…just sayin’….

  11. Already ordered my copy but would love one for a friend who I think needs to read your books!!

  12. Would love a copy x 10000

    I just gave my hardcover to a friend who needed it and would love a replacement! But… Canada?

  13. I’ve sent you stuff in the mail, too! For free and everything! And it’s cool, too! You should go and find it, and dust it off, and read it. Unless of course you never go it, which would explain why you’ve never said anything about it. It’s a book, see, called 44 Years in Darkness. I sent it to you last year, in a plain brown paper wrapper, but don’t let that give you any ideas. It’s good, really, and I want you to read it and tell people about it. If you need another copy, let me know, huh?

  14. Would love to pass along a copy to a friend that I think would connect with your writing!

  15. That’s so great! Happy jazz hands!! Would love a copy of your book. I was going to se if my local library had it.

  16. As a saxophonist, this rendition of Careless Whisper hurts my very soul. But I think a copy of your book could totally heal that. 😛

  17. I’d love a copy! And this song is giving me all types of life and making my day, lol. I wish the video showed the individuals playing the recorders, it would make the experience that much better.

  18. I would so love a paperback copy, but not for me, for my beautiful daughter who has many of the same struggles you so eloquently write about. Thank you, Jenny, for being YOU!

  19. I have my hardcover, but congrats on the paperback! Shitty fluting–that’s how I sounded when I was trying to learn the bagpipes.

  20. I loved your book, I checked it out from the library last year. I’d really love to have my very own copy.

  21. Oh, it’s so beautiful! I would love a copy, but if I don’t win one, I’m buying it. I already have it on Kobo, but there are some books that deserve actual shelf space, and this is one. That’s saying something because I already have about 2000 physical books, so almost everything I buy has to be an electronic version!

  22. Love the new paperback!! There cannot be enough copies of this book!! I’ve already gifted half a dozen. Spread the #furiouslyhappy

  23. Love this book. It helped me get through my long commute. This is something I will reread again.

  24. Me me me. But I don’t want to be greedy. I will say I have given furiously happy ( without the awesome illustrations) to a dozen people. And I am in no way being melodramatic when I say there have been times where I was so depressed I was planning my ending and I read chapters of your books and was able to own and laugh at my crazy. Thank you.

  25. Dude, you could have a lot of prankster fun with just that cover. Honestly, I’ve been following you since you added Beyoncé to the family and you’ve gotten me through some real shitty times because I felt like I wasn’t alone in dealing with depression and anxiety. I haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of Furiously Happy yet. I don’t want to get into why, because I’m going through some major med changes and it’s fucked me up bad. But if you’re legit sending out copies, I’d love one. If not, that’s cool too. I promise I will eventually. Depression has been lying lately. But know that I love you and you’re awesome.

  26. You could give me a copy, but if you didn’t I’d buy one anyway so really you’d be wasting a give away but you should give me one anyway. Lots of love to you!

  27. Your blogs are the only reason I open email now. I would love a copy of your book, not only to read but to lend out to friends who need help💗

  28. Nope. My kitties did not enjoy the “flute”. But they WOULD like the chance to read your book. Thank you for asking!

  29. I would love a copy to give to my niece, who is in High School and going through some severe anxiety issues. I think your book would be really helpful for her and not make her feel so alone.

  30. Awesome! I have a friend who would really benefit from reading it, so a paperback copy would be awesome.

  31. Yes please! I would like you MORE if you gave me an autographed book, for free. But I already like you much more than most people so I think you’ll survive without that extra bit of love a free book would get you. Besides, there are other people who need it more than I do. Congrats on being the Best. :o)

  32. I want to thank you for this book. While I don’t have a mental health diagnosis I do have family members who do and it has helped me understand them a lot more. Not in a textbooky (invented word!) kind of way, but in a human and humorous way. Another thing this book did was help me through a really tough time when my child was sick. I needed a diversion and you provided that. You are a wonderfully funny writer. An observer of the absurd. A compassionately hilarious life-liver (as in living not the organ) and it helped me not get lost in the despair of my situation. Thank you thank you thank you. And write more.

  33. I would love a copy of the paperback! I keep buying hardback copies of it and end up giving them away every time! 🙂

  34. Oh good grief, just the cover? That’s hilarious! <laughs, snorts, wipes eyes>

    If you’re passin’ them out, I’d love one to give to our local mental health clinic for their lending library. You’ve already signed my copy. 🙂

  35. The new t-shirt will be popular with two crowds: people who just want to say nuh-uh to the world, and bookish kids who are boycotting mandatory physical education classes. Way to reach multiple demographics!

  36. I love your books, I have read them several times. They help me through my darkest days! I would love a signed copy if possible!

  37. OMG–I laughed my butt off when that George Michael video started! Reminded me of when they play What’s New Pussycat on The Bob and Tom Show. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may have to start listening to the show and just hope they play it again soon, as I’ve been unable to find a clip of it online.) Anyway, congrats on the paperback and please consider sending a copy of your book to one of those crazy (but in a good way) Iowans. Remember the gals who wanted to give you the mounted stuffed fish, but it wouldn’t fit in your luggage? Um yeah, friends of mine.

  38. I would love a copy! I had one on hard copy but my friend just got diagnosed with lupus and was going through a hard time so u gave it to her because she needed it more than me at that moment.

  39. I just finished Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and I’m so excited for this book! I would love a copy but I’ll still buy it if I don’t win! 🙂

  40. Way back when I was very young, I used to bind books for a living in a bookbindery (not a very exciting job). I’d love a copy of your book. Can’t afford to buy one. I’d share it with my sister.

  41. Reading your books was like winning a literary lottery, and the feeling I was left with was one of unadulterated joy! Thank you for being the wonderful, whacked, magical and beautiful person you are!

    I say, Jenny for President 2020 – Let’s Make America Furiously Happy Once Again, Motherfuckers!

  42. Yay! I just read your first book that a friend thoughtfully send to me here, to Finland. You know, we have a national obligation to depression because of the three months of lack of sunlight in the winter. And on the other hand, in the summer we can’t sleep because of the constant sunlight. Great, huh? 😀

  43. I’d love to win a copy! I can’t believe I haven’t been able to read it yet 🙁

  44. …and that was me fron Finland. Somehow I could’t add my contact information to that comment. 😶

  45. I love the cover! And I love that they sent you just the cover, that’s so awesome. I already have the hardcover and audiobook, so I’ll pass on this one, but please know that that audiobook is seriously my favorite gift ever.

  46. Your books (and a puppy) got me through the mean reds I had last summer. I would love a copy from you!

  47. I’d love a copy, I’ve got LPTNH but haven’t been able to afford FH another cat showed up on my door step looking like a sick so we’ve spent our money getting him all healthy. He’s now adjusted to our clowder so I guess we’re stuck with Thor. He’s so sweet.

  48. If you chose me for the book I’d love to get you to send it to an old high school friend of mine who truly needs to read it and know she’s not alone in her struggles.

  49. I’d love one, but is it too much to ask for one with pages? I don’t want to get greedy or anything, just asking. Happy Super Bowl Sunday people! (that’s me trying to be more American because I’m actually British don’t you know.)

  50. Everyone I know should be grateful I didn’t think of shittyflute first.

    I’d love to get a copy of your book, if it shakes out that way for me. My mom is currently borrowing my copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

  51. Fredrick Backman has become one of my favorite authors after we read “A Man Called Ove” for my library book club. 🙂

    Also…if you’re giving away a few paperback copies of “Furiously Happy” I’d love one. It’s one of my favorite books and I think a paperback copy would probably fit into my purse better than the hardback copy I already own does. It would also be a lot lighter, I’m thinking. 🙂

    Also…am I the ONLY person who’s watching the Superbowl for the commercials and the sure to be amazing halftime show and not the game? Because since my beloved Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it this year, I don’t really care who is playing. But I still want to watch the commercials and the half time show.

  52. Finally a proper look at how the sausage is made. And by sausage, I mean your books. By you, who is made of sausage. Full circle stuff.

  53. These are dark days, and I NEED to carry “Furiously Happy” with me at all times. Please send me a paperback copy. I love you!!!!

  54. If you pick me do I get the whole book or just the cover? I mean, the cover is cool, but I would rather have the whole book, if possible.

  55. Just realized there is so much one can do with only the cover. Like wrap other book around so everyone thinks you have been reading this awesomely fabulous book when it’s really your homework and you really WISH it was Furiously Happy.

  56. Since I have the hardcover, if you pick me I will donate the copy to the local library system here. They are looking for donations anyway. We just donated several boxes of books in great condition. 🙂


  57. You’re going to need more than a few copies to fulfill all the “yes, please” responses (of which this is one). Kudos, and good luck with the book sales!

  58. “Furiously Happy” is one of the funniest and saddest books I have ever read. I recommend it to everyone all the time. You are as funny as Dave Barry in his prime.Love you.

  59. I would LOVE a copy! You are so funny, Jenny. I still tell anyone who will listen that “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is the funniest book I’ve ever read, and that they all should read it! 😄

  60. A paperback is so much easier to handle and read. It will be good to have a paperback to just put in a bag and read “Furiously Happy” anywhere.

  61. Yay. I’d love a paperback! I have the e-book and have bought the hardback twice because I lend them out and don’t get them back. So by that logic I’m totally deserving of a free one. Hahah although I’d probably end up donating it to the wellness center of the Boise Hive, a local non profit I’m on the board of that helps destigmitize metal illness for musicians. (Turned into a shameless plug for the Hive but I really am excited about the paperback book)

  62. Thank you for the offer of a give away book. I’d share it with a friend if I was one selected to get one.
    As to the flute song: my cat seriously gave me that deep “I’ll KILL you if you don’t stop that.” look, so I wasn’t able to listen to the whole thing because I like being not killed.

  63. I would love a copy! I have the audiobook, which is wonderful except that I almost fell off my treadmill while listening to it. You’re hazardous to my fitness Jenny, and I love it.

  64. I’m so glad you’re doing Booksgiving again this year. Last year it was my favorite holiday. Not kidding.

  65. Thank you Jenny for you hilarious insights into a ridiculous world. I suffer from depression and your book Furiously Happy makes me laugh out loud for the first time in years. I would love a copy to share with others I know who also suffer in the ‘rabbit hole’.

  66. The inside cover is freakin AWESOME!!! I’d love a free copy… so mind as you don’t mind that I highlight the crap out of it, dog ear it, and take it with me to bible class instead of my bible.

  67. Furiously Happy changed my life. I am so pleased that more people will get to enjoy this treasure!

  68. Aha the flute has returned! Congrats on the paperback and I’d love a copy! Furiously Happy was the first book I read from you and it made me laugh so much!
    P.S. it was the cover that really got my attention haha! 😀

  69. Hi Jenny. I’m a new fan, ever since my friend sent me the blog about the giant metal chicken. My friend is the kind of person who would do that too. Maybe I am as well because I have visions of finding one, driving 5 hours to her house, and leaving it on her front porch.
    She would also appreciate reading your book after I do after you send me a copy (please!). Otherwise I will just buy it and then share.

  70. I would love a copy to give to my sister. She reminds me of your writing so much that I sometimes imagine her voice when reading your books. So if you ever want to do a “Stranger Than Fiction” narrator playing over her life, it would be seamless. Just please don’t try and kill her off like Emma Thompson did to Will Ferrell.

  71. So here is my comment: Please, Jenny, may I have a copy? I will gladly share it with all my friends and then donate it to the local VA hospital when I’m done with it.

  72. O Jenny, Silly wonderful brave and hilarious woman, I already have the hard copy . Now I can purchase many more and give them to people who need a good laugh. Thank you xo

  73. I would love to have a copy. It’s an amazing book that truly makes me happy. I’ve gotten it from the library a few times.

  74. I would love copy of the book and the library would like me to give back their copy so others can enjoy. Sounds like a win-win;) thank you so much for writing and sharing your thoughts.

  75. Oooh, I haven’t seen a cover proof in ages. I used to have quite a raft of them, having written cover copy as a freelancer and on staff. (When my boss’s book was published, we sent one in and had a logo watch made as a surprise for him, so if you can get an extra, that might be a fun thing.)

    I’ve somehow missed shittyfluting, but it made me laugh until I cried, and my cat came running to purr atop me, so thanks!

  76. Yay, paperbacks! I already have my shiny hardcover, so imll pass on the giveaway but I did have a question/request… sort of…

    Is there any way I could send you my copy to get it signed?? (I’ll pay for shipping and everything!) If not, I totally understand! I’ll just hope you’ll tour for You Are Here and you happen to stop by Houston 😁🙈

  77. I have the book, so I’d rather see a copy go to someone who doesn’t, although it is truly fabulous and everyone should have more than one copy. However, I had to leave a comment saying that if I were you, I would feel like I truly made it knowing that I had blurbs from both Brene Brown and Hyperbole and a Half on my book. I’m totally fangirling about all three of you.

  78. I cannot express how much I love you & your books so much so I stupidly attempted to read my copy from the library while at the local pool with my kiddos … let’s just say a waterproof version would be much appreciated 😂😂As the library did not find my version of how it got dropped in the pool while attempting to read & video my 10 yr old going offf the diving board for the unpteenth time .. I tried to dry it with a hair dryer haha didn’t work ! Couldn’t help but laugh & think that only Jenny would find this funny ! Can’t wait to get my own copy & figure out how to waterproof that bitch Lol

  79. Squeel! This world needs FURIOUS HAPPINESS even more than ever, and the paperbacks means even people can afford the book and even more can afford to gift it and did I already say squeel?! Hey, has it got the gold flecked confetti like the hard cover? Because that would make me double extra happy for whoever wins… even if its not me!

  80. I already own a paperback but it doesn’t have the pretty Rory’s inside it. I’ve only seen the paperback copies in Australia. I’d like a copy to give to my psychologist to read (I don’t like sharing my books) as I was telling her at my last session how hilarious you are.

  81. Jenny, your blog has helped me so much in coping with my own depression and anxiety. You’ve confirmed that seeking out the ridiculous – like shittyflute – is good medicine. I also need to experience the sublime, like this acoustic cover of Careless Whisper. Enjoy!

  82. I’d love a copy! I have limited income right now, so my book budget has been much smaller than usual. I’ve really wanted to read it, but haven’t really been able to yet.

  83. How exciting!

    I’ve received those covers as a book buyer for an indie bookstore. Doesn’t do me much good, without a book to look through. But as an author? What a thrill! Congrats on the paperback issue.

  84. The books looks good in paper back…lol. I have the ebook so no pictures of the raccoon riding Hunter. Have a great day!

  85. our closest (and only bookstore in the state, I swear) is 40 miles away. Next time I go I’ll look for the book. This is SO exciting…

  86. I was delighted to attend your book signing at Half Price books in Washington last November and to briefly meet you. As I already own both your books, I would love to be able to give a copy of Furiously Happy to my sister. No worries if I don’t get a free copy; I know there are a lot of other people other there who also need the encouragement. Thanks for making my life brighter, Jenny and for the constant reminders that I am not alone and that depression lies.

  87. I have the ebook but now I seriously want the paperback. Actually I just want the paperback cover because I am going to read the ebook for the sixth time but that cover is awesome.

    Also I miss Allie Brosh but that is a very different topic.

    Hugs Jenny! If you like. If you don’t, please don’t stab me.

  88. I just finished reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (and subsequently just finished peeing my pants from laughing so hard), so I would love to jump into reading the next book (may as well get all my peeing myself out of the way!)

  89. I bought both of your books in e form so would love a paperback if I make the cut. Get It? Make… the… cut… 😐😐😐

  90. I just gave my copy to my brother who’s been struggling with depression lately, so I could really use a new one for the times when I need it as well!

  91. I would love. Paperback copy – I have an economy bit it’s just not the same. I know know I’m an actual paper book person.

  92. I’d like one! I have two copies of the hardcover but I’d love a copy of the softcover.

  93. I just read 152 comments before mine and didn’t see anything mentioned about a bonus chapter in this paperback. I know you mentioned having a special bonus chapter in the paperback version of LPTNH. Is there a additional chapter in FH? I would love a paperback copy and promise to share with others. Thanks for offering, you are magical, generous and loved by so many.

  94. I’m working hard on coping with the fact that half of country seems to be enraged at the other half of my country. A copy of Furiously Happy would really help! Thanks for sharing yourself so graciously, your blogs keep me going.

  95. I listened to the audio so I may have to get the paperback just so I can see the pics. Also that cover is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! Jenny, you make me smile! I wish you could follow me around all the time and make me feel better. I need a pocket Jenny!

  96. Yes, I’d LOVE A COPY, please! Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤ Your black is fabulous!

  97. Hi, I’m just ever-so-confused: Most happily ( no pun intended ), at least three, maybe More! weeks ago, early in January, I already had received my paperback COPIES (multiple, for gifts) of the Paperback form of “Furiously Happy”!!! I ordered mine from Amazon. ?!? Complete with inside cover charming illustrations of Hunter S. leaping with Rider Rory! Confused, therefore by the timing tonight, of your announcement … but happy … and laughing, in reading, and re-reading!

  98. I would love a copy of your book. This is my favorite one! You are the best. Thank you!

  99. With a medical school interview coming up. Your book would be greatly appreciated. “Let’s Pretend this Ever Happened” is what helped me though the application process. A little relief while going through an anxiety filled process.

  100. I would love a copy of your book! I have the Audible version, but I feel like I’m missing out by not having a physical copy. If you pick me, I promise I will cherish it! 🙂

  101. I’d love a copy, if only so I don’t have to check out a copy from the library. Normally I’m all about libraries, but your books are popular and there are holds and therefore it would make me feel too anxious, as if I had to read quickly because other people were waiting.

  102. I would love to get a copy for my mom! Her husband just passed a couple weeks ago and I feel this book would help when shes feeling helpless. Also, I can’t wait to enter her into booksgiving.

  103. Late to the party (typical) but I’d love a copy!

    I borrowed the audiobook from a friend, but I had to give it back. Lame.

    You wrote some things that I think I need to hear again. And probably a few more times after that. 🙂

  104. Omg I needed a good laugh thank you for real. I clicked on the shitty flute music and my dog Niblet started going crazy and then all the neighborhood dogs started going nutz which brought my sleeping husband out to say “WTF Lisa why are you trying to kill our dog?” Which had me hysterically laughing. Thank you for the laughter and the ensuing craziness lol

  105. I gave my copy of Furiously Happy to someone who needed it more than I did, so it’d be awesome to get another one (because as a broke college student, sometimes I can’t buy as many books as I want).

  106. Well, your mobile site doesn’t work as well as I wish it would. But I would love to replace my copy of Furiously Happy as it met with an unfortunate accident involving a puddle one gloomy Alabama day.

  107. I would love a copy of your book to give to a friend! You’re my spirit sausage.

  108. Are independent stores getting copies too? I’ll have to check mine out, because I’d love to get a copy!

  109. I would love to have a copy. I had previously asked for a used hardcover version of this since I’m going through a really rough time right now and could definitely use a laugh. Someone actually responded and said they’d send me theirs…I sent them my home address, but then never heard from them again. 🙁 I understand things happen though…so I’m optimistic that eventually I’ll get this book, I added it to my wishlist and I’ll raise my hand here just incase you have a copy looking for a home. 😀
    please feel free to contact me at heatherwanderer @ yahoo.com if I win (or if anyone has a beat up hardcover version they don’t want anymore) 😀 😀

  110. I’m embarrassed to say how long it took me to find the comment zone! But here I am I’d love your book. If you signed it or even just spilled a little something go on it, it’d truly be an eternally prized possession!

  111. I think this is exactly what I need right now. You help me feel much less crazy. I think I’ll spend my day off rereading your first book. 🙂

  112. Paperback? I would love to own Furiously Happy in paperback form. Is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened also available as a paperback? I need to check!

  113. I have secretly always wanted to use “y’all” in a casual conversation at work, but I can’t because I am in Canada. I think I might try it anyway on a Friday and see if anyone feels the same way.

  114. This book was my introduction to you. I laughed so hard I cried, and at times I just cried. I recommend it to everyone I know who reads. If I had a paperback copy, first I’d re-read it myself, then I’d loan it out to everyone I know who hasn’t read it and hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

  115. This actually makes me super excited because I leave on a super horrifying adventure of self-discovery which will require me to travel fairly light. So happy to see this in paperback! <3

  116. Ummm…did anyone else read the new “NOPE” t-shirt as “No Pe (…like no peeee, cuz that’s a thing…) at first glance? At least I made myself laugh. Silly brain! No thank you on the paper back, but you are so wonderfully generous <3

  117. I would love a copy of the book! The audiobook is great!, but is somewhat lacking in pictures and physical presence… XD

  118. Do you know whether it’s available anywhere in Australia? Or likely to be ever?

  119. After reading a few comments about cats and the flute thing I had to play it for them. Now I have to get out of bed and go find them and apologize. I don’t deserve a book.

  120. Just the cover? LOL – high on style but low on substance…..could explain so much in our culture right now. Can’t wait to read your book (No I still haven’t gotten around to buying this one…shhh!)

  121. I didn’t have a chance to listen to the video yesterday – but did just now – and I almost choked on my damn coffee!! THE. BEST. Great way to start Monday morning. I have a big ass smile on my face!

  122. You have so many followers, my comment seems insignificant. However, hoping you’ll read this and see one more life you’ve touched, simply by being you!!

  123. I really like the NOPE T-shirt. Especially since, when I first saw it, I thought it could be read No PE”. Since I detested physical education (aka PE) as a kid, and was terrible at playing sports that involve balls of any size or shape, I would have loved to wear that T-shirt.

  124. I’d love a paperback version. My brother ‘borrowed’ my hardback copy and I haven’t seen it since!

  125. Yay!!!!! So, so happy that the paperback version is out Jenny!! What a delight for you. That being said, I would only buy the hardcover books myself. There are some books that are too important to own in paperback and yours qualify for that kind of status. Still, I am super duper happy for you that people can get your books in whatever way they want!!!

    Love you and love to the family!! Hope everyone is doing well! oxoxox

  126. Hi Jenny! I would love to send a copy to someone I used to work with that I just recently realized has issues with depression and anxiety. I think she would really appreciate you. By the way, I appreciate you too! You never fail to make me smile!

  127. Thank you Jenny for helping me through the dark days. I know have and learnt the ability and confidence to share tricks and helpful things to do when it gets dark in daylight. You book would be well received and used to pass to a dear friend.
    Much love

  128. Very cool. I don’t think I have any friends who are in need of your fine book, and I of course already own a copy, but yay paperback. As for playing at your funeral, I’m sorry, but I simply could not play that bad.

  129. I’ve read A Man Called Ove on my e-reader three times in the past four months. I love it so much! When I came out of it the first time, I dashed to the internet to find the forums of people reverently discussing it… and I was disappointed. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know, but nobody has picked it up. I finally convinced my husband, if I buy a paper copy. (VICTORY!) Ove and Parvaneh have become unexpected role models of mine. And the way Backman described life changes through cars? Brilliant! (And I know nearly nothing about cars.)

    Anyway, I haven’t read Furiously Happy yet. I’ve been waiting for paperback. When it comes to my corner of the world, I’m going to buy a copy. I like the feeling of bendy pages in my hands. I also like cracking the binding and wearing books to tatters, which is hard to do with hardcover, and really not recommended on an e-book. (It might sounds barbaric or disrespectful, but that’s what books are for, yes?) Your writing is really inspiring. I always thought that nobody wanted to read about the things I was qualified to write, but you and this community have really changed my mind. Thank you for being you, and one of us.

    Ick, that was cheesy.

  130. I bought one and gave it to a friend that was hospitalized for depression. He received many ECT’s and he loved Furiously! Now I am without a copy. I’m sure they are all spoken for but I still Love You! You’re amazing!!

  131. Dearest Bloggess Goddess, I love this book with every fiber of my being. And although I would LOVE an autographed copy of the book from you, I think it’s best it goes to someone who has not read it yet and can get from it the pure joy that I did……unless you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to send it to me 🙂 #TotalCrushOnJL

  132. Great..I bought mine in hardback but I want to share with my sister and other friends!

  133. I would love a copy. I have purchased it three times and keep giving it away!

  134. Is it weird I want to decoupage the cover repeatedly over and over to my office wall?

  135. OH wow, Jenny, I’m beside myself with excitement in the hopes I get chosen to receive a book! I have tried before when you’ve had giveaways but, alas, I was not lucky enough! I have my fingers crossed again…Hugs~Love~Friendship to you Jenny!

  136. I like that your ‘Nope’ shirt can be read as ‘No PE’ and would like to ask: where was this when I was in high school?

  137. So cool! I gave my hardback copy to my oldest daughter in Chicago to read. I am not sure I will be getting it returned. LOL! I will have to find a copy of this one!

  138. I use to own this book and I loved it sooooo much. I would read it at the doctors office and burst out laughing… which would make people turn and look at me as if I was a crazy woman lol. I would then explain that I wasn’t crazy that it was just the best and funniest book I have ever read! So when the same thing happened one day at work, a coworker stopped me and questioned why I wasn’t working… I again explain how amazing the book was….. she then asked to read it. I lent it to her and have never seen it again 🙁
    I would love a hard cover book from you! If you could sign it that would be such a bonus!!!!

  139. Please don’t choose me. I have too many books already waiting on me to read them, But one day, I will also read this.

  140. I loved this book! Jenny, you are a very good writer! The best way to deal with our problems is to laugh at them, and you do that in a way that helps the rest of us do it! Thanks for making me feel normal, whatever normal is, which is just what I needed to hear!

  141. I would love a copy of the book if you chose to give it away to me…even though I hate being the one to break a repeating number of comments (234) when I went in to comment.

  142. I was very happy to discover you this past summer when my Seattle bestie , (knowing I’m on a tighty-tight budget), read your hardcover, & shipped me one for my b/day. Thank God for trust friend babies!!! I’m in a depression this week, & keep MY hardcover nearby & it works as a cheer up! Thanks for your timely, necessary, humor writing. Laura

  143. I’ve read this book, and have now ordered all three books. I use this as therapy – if I can relate to a story, I know I’m not alone. If your story is more extreme than mine, I know I’m a-okay!! I’d love a copy to share with a friend. Everybody needs a good knock knock story or a tail about a raccoon.

  144. I absolutely love your books. I literally laugh out loud as I read your stories. Thank you for being such an honest and entertaining storyteller. I ask for your books every chance I get, but my family still hasn’t come through!

  145. Holy cow, am I too late to beg for a free book? I listened to this book at work and my co-workers had to ask me a few times if I was OK because I couldn’t breathe and was crying because it was so funny.

  146. I would love the cookbook shown on my link! I’ve had to change my diet for health reasons and I’m definitely challenged with learning a new style of cooking.


    I’ve heard such wonderful things about this one, but I am still 230th on the list for holds at my local library! If someone send s this to me, I would be thrilled, but if you find someone else to send a book to, that’s wonderful too! I know Thanks in advance!

  147. Connection Are unsuccessful. Is this together with a person of these bogus contests no a single wins or even results in being towards input. I have to have in the direction of input. I’m not afraid of that destination. I’ll punch a ghost in just its damn facial area.

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