Second Annual Booksgiving!

Hello and welcome to the second annual Booksgiving Day!  What is “Booksgiving Day?”  It’s day to celebrate the joy of reading and giving and llamas, but without any actual llamas unless you’ve brought your own.

Basically, last February I wanted to thank you guys for all of your support by giving out 30 copies of Furiously Happy, which I did, but then everyone else was like, “I WANT TO GIVE BOOKS TO PEOPLE TOO” so we set up a day where you could ask for one book from a stranger using an Amazon wishlist and if someone wanted to give it to you they would.  And they did.  Some people asked for a book for their child.  Some asked for a book to escape life for a bit.  Some asked just to have a reminder that they exist and matter, and then they went back in and bought a book for someone else.  And people found friends (and really good book recommendations) by looking at the particular book that each person really wanted.  And it was lovely.

So today we’re doing it again and if you want to ask for a book (or give a book) the details are all here.  I’m giving out 30 of my own books for those of you who are part of the community but haven’t been able to buy one, but you can pick any book at all and leave it in the comments and I’ll probably give out others once I hit my 30.  Furiously Happy is out in paperback today, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is still in print and YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds comes out in a few weeks (tour info coming soon!) so those are the 30 books I’m giving out first.


Here are the rules:

  1.  If you’re in a rough place and need a book to transport you somewhere else make A BRAND NEW wish list with nothing on it but the book you want.  (Exception: If you have a kid who needs a book you can add that too.)
  2. Here’s how you make a wish list:  Under “Accounts and Lists” on the right, top side of Amazon select “Create a list”.  Choose “Wish list” and name it something like “The book I really need right now” and choose “Public”.  Then click “Create list”.  Now add a book to your list by going to the book and clicking the “add to list” button on the bottom right of that page.  Make sure you assign it to the new wishlist.  Now here’s the most important thing that everyone forgets to do.  You have to assign a shipping address to that specific wish list or it won’t go to you.  EVERY new wishlist has to be assigned an address or you won’t get your stuff.  So click on your wish list and click on “public” and it’ll take you to “List settings”.  Click “view details” and where it says “shipping address” add yours.  (Your city will be shown to others, but not your full address.)  Then save changes.  Now leave a comment with a link to your wish list.  Click here for my sample wish list so you’ll know what one looks like.  I have about 20 books listed on it for inspiration if you don’t know exactly what you want.  In your comment say which book you want in case someone specifically wants to buy you that book.  Also, if you’re not in America put that in the comment so we can match people better by location and not have crazy shipping fees.   Feel happy.
  3. Here’s how you buy a book for a stranger.  Click on their link.  Choose a book.  Select their name so it goes to their address.  If it doesn’t give you the option of picking their name it means they didn’t add a shipping address so delete what’s in your cart and go to the next person.  Send a story to someone in need.  Feel happy.

The only rule is that this is just for books.  No gift cards or clothes or anything else because it gets out of hand really quickly.  Just a simple book to take you away from the world and help you find new ones.

And as always, thank you.  Thank you for supporting my words and listening and passing them on to others.  I’m in the middle of writing book 4 right now and you’re giving me strength to keep writing even when I doubt myself.  I owe you one.  Or 30.

UPDATED: Here are screen shots of what you should see while making a wishlist and add a shipping destination because it’s less complicated if you have pictures to walk you through:

Create a list under “Your lists”.


Make it a wish list, name it and make it public.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.40.30 PM

After you click “create list” click on the “public” button below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.40.53 PM

Click “view details” to add your shipping address to this wish list:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.41.27 PM

Choose a shipping address and save changes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.43.02 PM

Now you’re ready to add something to your list.  Pick a book and choose the “add to list” button on bottom right side:


If you have another wish list set as your default (like I always do) then you’ll need to click “move to another list.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.44.57 PM

Just click the list you’re going to share here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.45.28 PM

Now go to the wish list and copy the link and then paste it into the comments.  Done!  There might be a better way of doing it but that’s how I do it.

PS.  If you click on a wish list that says it’s empty that’s because the book has already been bought for them.  🙂  That is a very good thing.

PPS.  I love you guys.  Now I’m off to buy books.

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  1. LUV!

  2. Jenny, you remain so awesome!

  3. So excited to read You are Here: An Owners manual for dangerous minds looks amazing and I can’t wait to read it! All of your books give me great insight (I’m a school counselor- so it helps me with my students) and lots of humor. Thank you for writing them! If you’re still giving out books, I would love a copy of your new book!

    (Go into amazon and create a wishlist with it and post it here. That’s the way I’m filling them. 🙂 First posted, first served. ~ Jenny)

  4. You are amazing.

  5. I would love a copy of any of your books, Jenny! I lost my copy of Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend this Never Happened in my last move and they mean a lot. Even if I’m not picked, I just want you to know that reading a chapter or two helps me when I feel my anxiety building or even when I just feel all alone. Thank you for being there for all of us.

    (Go into amazon and create a wishlist with it and post it here. That’s the way I’m filling them. 🙂 First posted, first served. ~ Jenny)

  6. This is awesome!

    see if I can give a book to someone too.

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  7. Good luck with the book! I hope the rest of the World buys it now it’s in paperback 🙂

    Twin Pickle recently posted How to Announce Twin Pregnancy : 10 of the Best Twin Reveals.

  8. I would love to receive a copy of any of your books, Jenny! This is the first time I’ve ever seen the post early. 😀

    (Make sure to go make a wishlist with the book you most want on it. That’s how I’m filling them. It’s a million times easier that way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  9. 9
    Erika Featherstone

    Can’t wait to read You Are Here: An Owners Manual For Dangerous Minds! I have so enjoyed all that you write and this book looks amazing!!!

  10. Link:

    (Can’t get this link to work. ~ Jenny)


    (Looks like you don’t have an address specified for the wishlist yet. Can you add it? ~ Jenny)

  12. Eek! Trying again…

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  13. Jenny…this is the only book of yours that I don’t have. i would love it!!! <3
    You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds Paperback

    (Make sure you make a wishlist. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  14. Hi Jenny! 😊 I would love to read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened but i’m in Canada.😱 Anyways, I just wanted to say that you have big fans here in Canada!🇨🇦 Thank you for making something like mental illness funny when it feels like there is nothing to laugh about. We are rooting for you!😊💜 Cheers

    (You can make a wishlist on amazon canada but just put that you’re from Canada on the wishlist so that another Canadian can help you out. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  15. Furiously Happened Link:

    (Book on the way! ~ Jenny)

  16. Can i have a copy of let’s pretend this never happened??

  17. I would love You Are Here. I have read all of your books. It is almost like you are in my head sometimes.

    (Ordered! ~ Jenny)

  18. Um, I hope I did it right…… Books I’d love to get but probably won’t O well, a girl can dream right

    (Copy of Furiously Happy on the way! ~ Jenny)

  19. I would LOVE You Are Here. Its like you are in my brain sometimes. 🙂

    (It’s on it’s way! ~ Jenny)

  20. Thank you, Jenny. This book helped me & now I it to help a dear friend.

    (Copy of Furiously Happy on the way! ~ Jenny)


    Thank you please!!!!

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  22. Need something to distract myself. Link:

    (Looks like it’s already been bought for you! Yay! ~ Jenny)

  23. A worthy cause. Beautiful. I sent three boxes of books to the folks at Standing Rock.

    (That is such a great idea. Gonna look into that myself. ~ Jenny)

    Diane Holcomb recently posted Heading to IKEA? Bring a Map and a Compass.

  24. This is my favorite holiday. My second favorite is in about a week or two, reading the comments of everyone who had the happy feels and spread the joy of reading. Thanks, Jenny! Here’s my list, but I would love to have a copy of Furiously Happy of my own – the library is tired of me hogging it.

    (Me too! Can you add an address to your wishlist? ~ Jenny)

  25. I already have all of your books, including preorder of you are here. But am commenting to say YOU ARE AWESOME and i love how you share your light and am looking forward to buying someone a book! ❤❤😳😳🌈🌈🌈 Monica. Austin TX

  26. I normally don’t like asking for things, but I need a mental escape. The book on my list was a childhood favourite…

    (Looks like it’s already on its way! ~ Jenny)

  27. This is so wonderful.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  28. I love that booksgiving is back again! I didn’t join in last time and promised myself I’d be brave enough too if it came around again, so this time I’m posting.

    Here’s something I’ve found over the past few months of uncertainty and turmoil out there – that spending some time with nature is just the best salve of all, and so I made a list of the birds and nature books that are in keeping with that. Books that you can escape into and escape into nature at the same time. Warm, cosy, inspiring books that make you want to be doing something to help those wild creatures we share our lives with, you know?

    Anyway, before I ramble on even more, I think this is my list link :

    That’s a UK Amazon address, as I’m British. If its any help, imagine me thanking you in a British accent 😀

    Thanks, Jenny, for doing all this again. Such a good thing, and thanks to this great community for making it all work too!

  29. I forgot to mention that I’m in Canada

  30. this is so wonderful!

    thank you for the opportunity!

    (Ordered! ~ Jenny)

  31. Thank you for this!!!! It’s a great time of year to bring back some cheer after a rough start for many.

    (Copy of YOU ARE HERE ordered. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  32. 35
    Rachael Taulbee

    Jenny, I listened to the audiobook of Furiously Happy from my library and I have been in such a happy mood ever since. Thank you so much for writing this book! (I am absolutely on the look out for my own stuffed critter now!)

    (Furiously Happy on the way! ~ Jenny)

  33. It’s things like this that make it easier to crawl out everyday.

    (Can you add an address to your list? ~ Jenny)

  34. I loved this event last year-I’m so glad I caught it this year. I think my link is working, somebody poke me if it isn’t, please!

    It’s coming out on my 25th birthday! I keep fighting with myself about whether or not I should get it because money but birthday.

    (Happy early birthday! Looks like the book was already ordered for you before I even opened it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  35. After a long year battle with breast cancer I can use a new book!

    Will also happily be purchasing a few for others!

    (Sending you all my love – and a book ~ Jenny)

  36. Love this idea! I think I’ll buy someone a book and make a wishlist.

  37. I don’t really need anyone to buy a book for me, but I’d like to buy a book for someone else. So, if you’re in a spot where you could use one, please be sure to leave a note! I really love this idea – thanks Jenny! 🙂

  38. Would you also be able to give one from your own collection if it’s on somebody’s list? I can’t really afford to buy right now, but I don’t mind sharing.

    (The best way to do that is to leave a comment saying what book you have that you’d like to send out with an email address. That way you can get contacted directly. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

    Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Please and thank you.😊

    (I’m adding a note that this is in Canada for anyone who has an Amazon Canada account. ~ Jenny)

  40. I hope I did this right….

    (You must have because I see that your wishlist was fulfilled. : ) ~ Jenny)

  41. Leigh, I tried buying your book, but it’s asking me for your address. Help, Jenny! I want to give Leigh her mental escape! I’m at

    Katrina recently posted Monday Quote Love – Reach the Stars.

  42. FYI to those buying for others, double check that your shopping cart on Amazon is empty first. I almost sent a replacement shower head filter, guitar strings, a five month supply of foundation, and an alarm clock to a stranger. Decided just to send a book instead.

    (I almost did the same thing. Except it was for copy paper. They would have been confused, I think. Same thing if you try to buy something for someone but they don’t have an address, make sure you delete what you had in your cart or it will be sent to the next person you go to. You’ll probably notice it when you check out like I do, but a reminder is always good. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  43. Bummer, I would so love your new book and have had a rough go of it this winter and would love to have some happy coloring moments, but I can’t get my phone to load the wishlist on amazon. I have no “real” internet.

    Anyway thanks for doing this! You are awesome, as always!

  44. I love that this is back and I love the supportive community here and over on Facebook. We all rock. I would love a copy of your new book Jenny. I need something to color and take my mind off the crap going on in the world.

    (I love when I go to buy a book and find that it’s already been bought by someone quicker. ~ Jenny)

  45. I would love to read a second one of your books… they are great!

    (Try your link again. This one led me to my own wishlist and I was like, “She likes creepy marionettes too?!” ~ Jenny)

    shannonbrunskill recently posted Why Essential Oils Gangsta?.

  46. 50
    ashley kilbane *thank you jenny. I need this reminder daily.

    (A copy of YOU ARE HERE will be coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  47. I love this! I took part last year and it made me so happy! My wish list is here 🙂 I have one for me and one for my kiddo. Can’t wait to start book shopping!

    (Adding a note here that this list is Canadian for anyone with an Amazon Canada account wanting to buy a book. ~ Jenny)

  48. I love, love, love this idea, and I am adding my one book wishlist here:

    Now I am off to buy some books for friends that I didn’t know I had — thank you, guys!!

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  49. This is so amazing. I am going through a divorce and am moving out Sunday. I have loved both your books so much and am looking forward to You are Here. I love your generous heart.

  50. Just wanted to add that part of the fun is looking at the wishlists to see what other books are in demand….love adding to my “will read this too” list with recommendations from people that I know I can trust!


    Guess it would help to leave my wish list registry site.

    (Can you add an address to this wishlist? ~ Jenny)


    This a wonderful idea. I’ll definitely be gifting a book and hope to receive on in return. Thank you all!

    (I went to buy it but someone beat me to it. Yay! ~ Jenny)

  53. I already have your books, but I hope to buy a book for someone. You are totally awesome. Even if you did trick us all into doing wierd voodoo with our fingers.

  54. Thank you for doing this! I gave away two copies of “Furiously Happy” and did not keep one for myself. I would love to have my own if I have posted in time to make the cut. 🙂

    Here is my list:

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  55. Don’t forget that you can add kindle books too. I have no extra money but a ton of digital credit to spend. Help me by adding those digital books, I want to send stuff out.


    Jenny, you and this community have changed my life. Thank you for being you and showing me it’s perfectly okay to be me, just as I am, in any moment. I love sharing your work with the people I love. I gifted Furiously Happy to one of my dear friends, inscribing it that I was saving her from bathroom corpses. She’s now a devotee as well. 🙂 I would love a copy of You are Here!

    (Book on the way! ~ Jenny)

  57. wow thank you so much again, all the way from New Zealand you have changed mine and several of my friends thoughts and ideas from negative to positives.I never wish a day away anymore.

  58. I’m about to be smack dab in the middle of the biggest and most stressful move of my life. I just have Jenny’s first 2 books on my list. I think they’ll keep me sane. I hope.

    (I went to send you one but looks like some lovely stranger beat me to it. ~ Jenny)

  59. Will the new paperback be in airport bookstores tomorrow??/ Brenda Nunnery

    (I think so. Depends on the bookstore, but probably. ~ Jenny)

  60. I’d love to receive any of the books on my list. My depression has taken a dip this month and I could use a boost.

    P.S. I’m in the UK.

  61. I would love to go see these places in person, but until I win the lottery and get my anxiety under control I would settle for looking at them in this book.

    (Went to your list and it’s already been filled! ~ Jenny)

  62. This is amazing! I’ve gone to buy a book for someone, and I end up discovering it’s already been bought or it’s bought while I’m trying to transact my purchase. Oh wow! I’ve found one to give, though, and I’m searching for more. This is the most wonderful thing that I’ve done in a long, long time. Thank you, Jenny. So very much!!

  63. I’m so happy you’re going this again. I actually took this idea and did it with a small group of people at the end of last year when things were looking their worst. I hope you don’t mind.

    Here’s my list:

    Things are a little better this year compared to last year. My depression is still there, so’s my anxiety. I’m currently waiting to hear back for a second opinion on meds. So I have good days and bad. I had two jobs but sadly the last one didn’t work out and I’ve been unemployed since. It’s frustrating and hard. But I know I’ll get there. I try to hold onto that. <3

    (Booksgiving belongs to everyone. I tried to send you a copy of YOU ARE HERE but your address isn’t attached. ~ Jenny)


    (Can you add an address to your list? ~ Jenny)

  65. I would like a copy of Furiously Happy please. I hope everyone has a nice day. Thank you. This is a link to the wish list I hope

    (Looks like your book is already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  66. Hey Jenny….where is YOUR list? 😊

    (I’m lucky in that I get lots of books from booksellers who want quotes or blurbs so I’m already fully covered. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  67. Does anyone know how to add your address to the wishlist while using your phone, either on chrome app or the Amazon app? I don’t have a computer and I’m not finding a way to add my address.

  68. I could use this Scott Westerfeld book right now, life has been rough lately with long hours taking care of others, a shoulder injury, and privately dealing with ongoing infertility. I’m Canadian:

  69. Jenny, This is a FUN idea, thanks!

    MW Wish List–The Blogess Is Fun To Read!

    (I think it might actually be even more fun to give. I have a blast sending books out and I get so many good ideas for other things to read. Book coming your way, by the way! ~ Jenny)

  70. “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn” is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read…a true testament to perseverance. I lent my copy to a co-worker who moved away without ever returning it.

    (I read that book a million times. Looks like it’s already on the way. ~ Jenny)


    (Looks like your book is already on the way! ~Jenny)

  72. Because sometimes you really want to pretend something never happened… even in Canada


    Oh yay! I really need a book escape right about now as my life hasn’t been full of sunshine and puppy dog tails.

    I put in furiously happy too because that book really helped me out and I have been recommending it like crazy to friends and coworkers. I would love to pass it around to the people in my life.

    (Furiously Happy on the way! ~ Jenny)

  74. Jenny, you mentioned this book a little bit ago, and now I’m dying to read it…

    (Looks like it’s on your way now! ~ Jenny)

  75. 79
    Katie DeLaVergne

    This is amazing! It would so make my month to get this book!

    (You are Here is on the way! ~ Jenny)


    This is amazing! It would so make my month to get this book!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  77. Jenny said this book is hilarious. I need a little hilarity in my life right now. It’s title is Unmentionable: A Victorian Guide to Sex, Marriage and Manners. I hope it’s okay that I asked for the kindle addition. It’s easier for me to read when I can enlarge the font.

    (It is an AWESOME book. Make a wishlist and add it to it so people will know how to get it to you. ~ Jenny)

  78. This is so awesome, Jenny! So excited about your new book!

    (It’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  79. Oh I love this idea. I’ve been struggling for a few months and books are my escape. Here is my list:

  80. I love booksgiving. Here’s my link:

  81. Here’s the link to my list:

    Thank you so much for doing this!

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  82. I love that you do things like this. It’s so cool. Books are a great thing to give!

    allthethings3 recently posted #3 of All the Things.

  83. Stephanie- I had to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Amazon Full Site. Then I was able to go to the list and click on settings. HTH!

    This is so great…I could really use this.


    (Looks like your book is already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  84. This is FREAKIN’ spectacular! I want to buy books for ALL THE PEOPLE!!!! (And just in case you’d like to share in my excitement, here’s my Wishlist –

    (It’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  85. Wow, this is amazing. Happy Books giving, Jenny!

    (Happy booksgiving! But I couldn’t access your address. Could you add? ~ Jenny)

  86. Thank you for doing this! Here’s my list:

  87. I got some books at the last Booksgiving and I have to say thank you to the kind strangers because I have reread some of those books so much! Jenny you are awesome and I love that you bring us all together and make us feel like we belong somewhere!

    (Copy of YOU ARE HERE coming your way! ~ Jenny)


    Here is my list!!

    (Looks like it’s already been filled. Yay! ~ Jenny)

  89. Hopefully I set this up right…

    I can probably afford to buy a book for myself but I’ve been pretty stressed about politics and the state of the world and knowing that there are people out there who care enough about strangers to want to do a little something to make them happy would go a long way to restoring my faith in the world. I fully intend to buy a book for someone else!

  90. About a year ago we had the first Booksgiving and it was an absolutely amazing experience to receive books (BOOKS!) from strangers; I felt so, dunno…seen? comforted? supported?

    At that time it was about 6 months ago my partner of 12 years had died; I can’t believe that sunday was the 18 month anniversary of her death. It still feels as fresh as it did last year.
    Through Booksgiving I received my first books about grief; poems and stories from people about their own losses. It helped make things more real, which was horrible but good at the same time.

    A lot is happening right now; i’ve been in 3 days-a-week intensive group therapy for about 8 months now, had an inpatient stay for 2 weeks in january. It’s all one big struggle, often.
    But there are things that keep me going, coming to this blog is one thing, finding like-minded people who KNOW, and having a good laugh at the same time.
    Laughing, we need to keep laughing don’t we? (Group therapy is not a bad place for laughing actually. Who knew?)

    And reading. Sometimes it’s so hard to be able to read because I just can’t concentrate and am too stressed out, but in the end I always get back into my books.
    Books make me happy, always. And that’s worth a LOT.

    I can’t really afford to buy them very often, so thank goodness for second hand books and libraries!
    I don’t NEED books, I guess, but then again; I do.
    Because of happiness, and connection and traveling anywhere in my mind.

    I live in the Netherlands and I made my list on; anyone with an Amazon account should be able to use it with their usual password etc. but it will be much cheaper to ship from UK compared to US.

    You rock Jenny, and so does this community. Hard.

  91. Hi! I like books, too

    (Looks like your book is already on its way! ~ Jenny)

    zoloftyexpectations recently posted I’m tired..

  92. I want to play!

    (When I click on a link like this and find that someone else has already bought the book? That is the best Booksgiving surprise. You guys are faster than I am. ~ Jenny)

  93. This is amazing!

  94. I feel like a doof, but here: I had a crap January. Was in the hospital, I feel like it never ends, and I’m at my wit’s end. A book would indeed help, maybe.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  95. This is just what I needed today. Thank you Jenny! Its been a rough couple of days….weeks. Your blog and books have helped me through some really hard times! I can’t wait to read the new one!

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. ~ Jenny)

  96. Here is my list. Now do I choose someone who has already posted to send them a book?

    (It’s totally up to you. Some people receive. Some give. Some do both. No expectations. 🙂 You may want to go back and choose the book in hardcover though because the paperback option for that book is wonky when you try to order since it’s not out in paperback yet. ~ Jenny)

  97. I keep reminding myself of Jenny’s wise words: Depression lies. Some days I even believe it.

    (If you remind me, I’ll remind you. And I just sent you a copy of YOU ARE HERE. ~ Jenny)

  98. Thank you for doing this my girlsI love books!

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  99. 105
    Molly Elizabeth Neck

    I use to be fearless, at least I thought I was. I need some much needed love and guidance from Pema Chodron. Thanks

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. Book is on its way. ~ Jenny)

  100. This is the best thing ever!!
    I’m currently underemployed and attempting to transition into an entirely new career (I want to become a therapist!) so “fun” books have been sort of off my radar for a little while. This is a book I really want!

    (Looks like you don’t have your address assigned to the list yet. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  101. Thank you for running this! Picking a book from a favourite series (I’m in UK)

    (Looks like it’s on its way! ~ Jenny)

  102. Last year a wonderful soul bought me a copy of Furiously Happy and it arrived at the most appropriate time to pull me out of a dark place. I’ve put Let’s Pretend on my wish list this year, to preemptively combat the oncoming storm. If there’s anyone willing to fill it…

    (Sent you and you kiddo books. It won’t take Let’s Pretend off your list because you requested the hardback and it’s just in paperback now but it’s coming even though it still shows up on your list. ~ Jenny)

    I LOVE this idea!!!

    (Looks like you don’t have an address assigned to this wishlist. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  104. For my son. Am in Canada 🙂

  105. Wow, this holiday is amazing! “Furiously Happy” would really help me right now.

    (Adding a quick note that this list is for someone in Jakarta if anyone else is there. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  106. 112
    Pigeon Princess

    I’ve been hustling hard to keep up with life and bills since my thyroid started to rebel and steal my motivation and haven’t had a treat since I got sick.


  107. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m impossibly indecisive so I put two, but only need one of them. I just can’t decide. 🙁

  108. Hi Jenny, I realize I am too late posting to take part in your exchange, but wanted to offer a direct book switcheroo. I’ve read your other books and have the raccoon poster too. 🙂 I’m very excited to get a copy of your new book -especially when I saw it has your Zentangles in it!

    I wrote a whole bunch of books about Zentangle (Totally Tangled, Yoga for Your Brain) and self-publish other stuff now. I’m currently in the homestretch to getting my Masters (in Cartooning!) – so I draw comics about mental health. This summer I did one called “We Will Never Leave You – a comic interview with my Inner Demons”.

    I laugh so hard when I listen to your books! You are the first person I’ve “met” with my sense of humor and besides the depression, anxiety, introversion, etc. blah blah blah – all quite funny in themselves, of course – my mom was a pathologist and medical examiner. I not only understand the Addams Family weirdness of having body parts in jars and bags all over the house… but I literally was raised in a laboratory.

    So, if you want to trade books, or comics, or tangle cards, or doodles… :-)… all my stuff is on my Etsy site: .

  109. 116
    Just another Sarah

    Thank you! This is just what I needed today. Paying it forward, too… 🙂

    (Looks like it’s already been filled! ~ Jenny)

  110. 117
    Dale Needham

    Found your blog recently (I know I’m embarrassingly behind the times) but I am enjoying it so much! Would love to read one of your books. Thanks for organizing this Booksgiving. Best to you and yours.

    (It’s on its way! ~ Jenny)

  111. I’ve just been going through a bad patch where I don’t really people anyone cares, not just about me, but about people in general. This may restore my faith in humanity, just a little.

    (Just adding a note here that this list is from the UK if anyone there is looking for a match. ~ Jenny)

  112. There are two links here: The first is for myself — we’re expecting our second child in a few weeks and I will need something new to read to (attempt to) keep my sanity. The second is for another mommy who so very often doesn’t think of herself, and can’t afford to buy herself anything. Neil Gaiman is her favorite author and it would mean the world to her. <3

    (Looks like they’re both on the way! ~ Jenny)

  113. YAY! Just sent a book to one of my unknown friends. Here’s my link of books I hope keep me sane in these times (or at least ready for the apocalypse)

    (I got a weird error here but I’m not sure if it’s because your books have been bought or if you used the wrong link. ~ Jenny)

  114. 121
    Seana Kelsey

    I realised as much as I wanted to replace my lost books, something I could read with my daughter is more important. I’ve been trying to get her into the wonderful world of Harry Potter (she’s almost old enough to get her own Hogwarts letter!) Forever thank you!

    (Is it weird that when I read comments like this I’m all, “I CAN’T WAIT TO BUY THIS FOR YOU” but then I see that it’s already been bought by someone with the same idea and I feel a little sad for a half-second before I remember that that means I can give out another book to someone else? It’s weird. But good. ~ Jenny)

  115. I randomly picked a list and sent a book. Because: BOOKS.


    Here’s my book wish list! I love reading though I usually read children’s books to my kids. I would love to have some adult choices to read while my three children are asleep. Thank you so much!

  117. I apparently only want pre-order books. Does that work??

    (Yes, but you don’t have a shipping address assigned for your wishlist yet. Can you add it? ~ Jenny)

    I had a copy of Furiously Happy and loaned it to a friend. I don’t expect to ever get it back, but if I do, it’ll become a loaner copy.

    (A new copy is on its way! ~ Jenny)

  119. This is exciting!

    Here is my wish book:

    Off to find someone I can gift with a book!

    (Looks like your book is on its way! ~ Jenny)

  120. I love booksgiving!! Here’s my link:

    (Sent you a book! ~ Jenny)

  121. This is amazing! I’ve created my list, and I’ve bought for a couple from others’ lists. I’ve only recently been led to your site, and your books, and I’m in love, frankly!

    (Adding a note here that this is Amazon Canada in case any Canadians are looking for a match. ~ Jenny)

  122. I don’t have a request, but do have a recommendation (other than Jenny’s books, of course). If you need a pick-me-up during this time of craziness, I really recommend TJ Klune’s The Lightning Struck Heart. It’s a light-hearted, somewhat silly book that will still touch you. The protagonist is Sam of Wilds, a wizard’s apprentice, whose two best friends are Gary, a gay hornless unicorn and Tiggy, a half-giant. There are adventures and misadventures galore. Fair warning, this is a gay fantasy/romance novel, but I recommend it to everyone! Gave out copies at Christmas to all the readers on my list.

    (Adding it to my own list. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  123. Thank you Jenny for doing what you do. I included a book for my daughter. I’m excited to share my love of reading! 🙂

  124. We thoroughly enjoyed participating last year! I was able to send out a few books, and my daughter received some very helpful books that got her through losing her dad to cancer shortly before you hosted the first Booksgiving. It really meant a lot to us and I’m so glad you’re doing it again. I can’t wait to see how this year turns out!

    Here’s our list:

    (Furiously Happy coming your way. Love. ~ Jenny)

  125. Jenny this last year was the light of my deeply depressing year.
    I loved every single book I received and I gifted a lot of them to keep the booksgiving going.
    I would love to have mail to look forward to that isnt massive debt bills or junk mail.

    I will also love to send out as many books as I can to those in need. We need to keep the love going <3

    (I love your taste in books. Adding a note here that you are Canadian in case others have and Amazon Canada account. ~ Jenny)

  126. Thank you so much Jenny for all the help you brought to me!!
    I love you

  127. This is so amazing! Most of the books are for my 6 year old Alex. But even if we don’t get anything I love being a part of this tribe!

  128. I’m in the waiting room at the doctor now- I have a hernia 🙁 This will help. Thank you


    On behalf of my FTM trans kid. We’re on our own and there isn’t always extra for these resources and he’s also so understanding and doesn’t ask.

    (Book on the way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  130. 137
    Stacey Lunsford

    My husband died last October. I’ve heard that this book is particularly good on the sudden loss of a soulmate.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way to you. Sending you love and light. ~ Jenny)

  131. Can officially confirm, having just tried it, buying a book for a stranger because they need it is the awesome.
    Best holiday ever.

    (I honestly think the greater gift is being able to give. Makes your heart warm, right? ~ Jenny)


    I have wanted this book forever and haven’t been able to allow myself to buy it. And there’s a second book for my son. He had a copy and I forgot it in the car when I traded it in. #oops

    And I’ll find someone else’s list and buy a book for them because I can buy other people books. I just have trouble getting them for myself.

    (Looks like they’re already on the way. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  133. Currently not working due to congestive heart failure and other related health issues, and so frustrated and scared that I can’t work and provide for my family. Especially stressful in these uncertain times. Could use some escape from my reality for a little while. <3 A book to keep me going

  134. So here’s the deal. I’m in therapy and I love my therapist but I always feel like I could be doing more to heal and I’ve had several people rec this book. Many thanks in advance to anyone who might send it to me. <3

  135. 142
    Vero Tabasso

    This is awesome.
    I´m from Argentina, and I’ve bought all your books in Kindle edition, basically because that is the only way… because of the politics here it’s very difficult to buy something from another country and actually get it. Customs, bribes, huge taxes… is impossible. And now I want to buy “You are here” and OF COURSE i want it in paperback because my husband will not understand if I start painting our Kindle’s screen with colour markers. He already disagrees with all my drawings on the walls.
    I suffer anxiety, pannic attacks, post traumatic stress, bipolar disorder and all sort of mental craps, and you books were not only amazingly helpful,but also were enlightement for others to understand me and my disorders in a better, funny, not-so-crazy-way. So, thank you for that. And for this. And for being you, wonderful all-kinds-of-crazy you.
    PS: Sorry about my bad english.
    PS2: Here is my wishlist link 🙂

    (Thanks so much! I’m going to leave this comment here for someone with an Argentina account. I looked and it would cost almost $40 in shipping from here. Eek. ~ Jenny)


    Thanks everyone for participating!
    What a cool way to spread book-love!

    (Book on the way! ~ Jenny)

    thompsonhouseblog recently posted For Just That Perfect Moment – Monday Mood Lifter #5.

  137. What a beautiful thing!
    Here is my list:

  138. Long time lurker, first-time-in-a-long-time poster. snort

    I hope I did this right. I would LOVE TO READ THIS…. I was a huge fan of the first two and haven’t had the fundage to get the third yet.

    I’m healing from my second major car accident (sob story, blah blah blah LOL) and am major broke what with all the physio and concussion therapy appointments. My brain is an anxious, depressed, PTSD ridden mess. GO ME!!!

    +234893874 to someone that helps me out. I assure you, on my honour and all that, that I will pay it forward. (I am also Canadian, hence the “u” :D) <3 <3 <3

  139. Hi all! I added You Are Here, cause there has never been a time when one of the Bloggess’s books hasn’t cheered me up.

    (It’s on its way! ~ Jenny)


    Might have posted this twice. Sorry if so. Asking for my trans son. We’re on our own. Have the basics, but not always enough for these resources and he never asks or complains.

    Thanks for always look forward, Jenny!

  141. 148
    Jenny Taylor

    I LOVE THIS!! I participated last year.Such a wonderful idea<3

  142. I absolutely loved the last Booksgiving. Why is is so fun to send strangers books?
    I don’t know but look out strangers – I am sending you a book! I mean it. Don’t try to stop me!

  143. Awww…it’s amazing what a simple purchase of a book will do to brighten someone’s day. THANK YOU happy tear

  144. So much love for Booksgiving! I’ve sent off 5 books so far and will probably order more 💙📚 keep adding lists and make sure shipping to your address is enabled!

  145. Would love any of your books, but I have audio versions of your first two. A hard copy of the next one is kind of essential! I am low on funds right now, but would love to give a book when I get back on my feet!

    Thank you!

  146. I would love any of these book to help my daughter with her anxiety. She also want to be an inventor so anything about women creating something is good. Thank you!

  147. This is such a nice idea! I’d love to receive and read The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden


    My ever changing book list. I sent books last year to a couple people, see what I can find to send this year.

    Happy Booksgiving Tribe!

  149. Post 85 AF – the book for your son is on the way 🙂

    Thanks again for making these things happen Jenny!

  150. 157

    I couldn’t decide on a book for me, so I sent one instead! My Grinchy heart grew three sizes today! <3

  151. Somebody please heeelp! I feel really dumb, but when I try to select other addresses than mine it doesn’t show anything else!! What am I doing wrong? I click on the link, then on the cover of the book and then try to choose a different address on the right side of the screen where it says “ship to”, is that wrong??

    (When you click on their wishlist don’t go to the cover of the book. Instead just click on the “Add to Cart” button beside the book on the list. Then click on the “Proceed to checkout” button that replaced the “add to cart” button. That should give you a list of shipping addresses you’ve used before, with yours being the default at the top. The person making the wishlist should be the second person listed. Usually it says “so-and-so’s gift registry”. If it doesn’t have that it usually means the person forgot to attach and address so just empty your cart and try again with a new person. ~ Jenny)

  152. So many lovely books in the world to read and share. Thank you Jenny for writing and sharing yours, and for the community you brought together.

  153. Can I just tell you how much I absolutely love Booksgiving? From both sides of the fence it is a great thing! I also think that the timing is great for those of us that are single. I have actually been watching and hoping you would do this again.

  154. Hello – I’m in Canada. I’ve only recenlty been directed to your site and books, and you are amazing, I must say. Also – this is amazing. I’ve already bought a couple of books for others, and here’s my wish list. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for 20 years – I was recently on 7 weeks of sick leave (and am so thankful I’m in a job where that was even possible). Blogs like yours help so much to erase the stigma – and honestly make me laugh at myself a lot more often. Thank you.

  155. Updating: I tried at least 5 different people, reason why I’m asking for help

  156. For my son, Noah
    . He is 14 and he keeps talking about this book


    I hope everyone has a lovely booksgiving and it helps anything you are going through <3 Thanks for this, Jenny.

  158. Thank you, Jenny! Thank you everyone who participates! I love Booksgiving! Here is my list: I added choices in case one speaks to you. I can’t wait to send some books to people. Big heart hugs to all…and Happy Booksgiving!

  159. Me again – from post 25 or 26 ish above. Just a tip – that part where you SAVE the mailing address is apparently important. Sigh.

  160. I’d enjoy The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, please!
    And off I go to fulfill someone’s wish!

  161. One for myself and one for each kid.

  162. I am fighting against my impulse that tells me I am being selfish for asking… but this has been sitting in my Amazon cart for months because there’s never quite enough money for it, or justification, or…something. Anyway, February is a hard time of year for me and I could use a little escapism. Thank you to anybody who might feel inclined. <3

  163. Thank you for doing this again, Jenny! I love participating, and I love paying it forward!

  164. I put Jenny’s two books on my list because I’ve wanted to read them but I put everyone first. So, no disposable income, not that there is a lot, do I budget for myself. I’m not trying to cheat by putting two on there. Once one is given I’ll delete the list so I don’t end up with two.

  165. Hello,
    I wanted to say thank you! I found your book last year when I was still on my depression. (furiously happy) It was the first book I bought with my kindle. I loved it! And since than I am following you. Thank you for all the good laughs and the support you gave me without knowing it!!
    You are a strong woman Jenny. To help each one of us in your own way!!

    Thank you again

    I put books for my kiddos to. I try to read to them everyday…They love it!! I love it!!
    This is our little cuddle moments.

  166. I’m in Canada, but I would love my very own copy of Furiously Happy for those days when I need to be reminded that happiness is still there, even if it seems out of reach.

  167. Today I was feeling down, perhaps because of the rain or the world in general. Then I opened your blog and saw Booksgiving and it helped a lot. I hope everyone participates in such a wonderful event.

  168. Hello – this is such a wonderful event! Thank you, Jenny!

    Now I am off to buy a couple books!

  169. Canadian here – I’ve had You are here on my regular wish list since the day they started accepting pre-orders. I’m having fun fufilling other booksgiving lists from Canada.

  170. My daughter’s birthday is at the end of the month and she would love to get books in the mail! I would love one too but it’s not my birthday.

  171. I’ve been unemployed after graduating seven months ago and could really use a good book

  172. This was one of my favorite things to be a part of last year. So happy it is back 🙂

  173. I have worn out 4 library copies of Furiously Happy. No, I’m not hard on the books. I work at the library! I’ve recommended it to so many library patrons, that after 150 different pairs of hands, the book is worn out.

  174. Morning anxiety has been kicking me in the teeth lately-would love a surprise book for myself or one of my little kiddos. 🙂 They put up with so much.

  175. i’m so excited we’re doing this again! last year i was in such a terrible place and this just made my whole month! this year is a bit better and i’d love to be able to buy a book for someone in canada. i just hope there’s someone left for after thursday when i get paid.

    pastey recently posted 84..

  176. I love this idea. Surprise books are the best. Happy to help make some one else’s day!

    Here’s my list,

  177. Hoping this works right. I’m in the UK but perfectly happy to get a second hand copy for less money! Either one of Jenny’s books would make my month.

  178. What a great idea!! Surprise books are the best!

    Here’s my list, but I just want You Are Here

    (If this posted twice I apologize!)

  179. If someone would be so kind as to explain me how I can have the person’s address as an option too, please e-mail me at jacmaroso @
    I’m not giving up yet
    And yes, I feel really stupid.

  180. Here is my list:

    There’s a few books on there… just for different price points. I’ve been really sick these past couple of weeks and trying to move to a new house as well, so 2017 has been one big ball of stress for me. I was blessed last year by this group’s generosity. I’m off to browse other folks’ lists now. ^_^

  181. Books are just the best way to end a day <3 I head about this a few months after it happened last year and have been waiting xD <3 spreading love is so important

  182. I went to therapy for the first time today so this couldn’t be more timely!

    Now to find a book to buy for someone else!


    My daughter is turning 4 very soon and has always been a reader. I was working on her wish list using our ongoing book list (so we know what to check out from the library or so my husband knows what to keep an eye out for at the library discard.) Hope it’s OK to post that list here.

  184. I want You Are Here, and crested a list, etc, but don’t know how to link it to here.

  185. You are awesome!-

  186. Chelsea (Post 181)…books on the way for the kiddos…kick anxiety in it’s ass!

  187. It’s been a shitty weekend wi9th the cat being really sick again and I’m feeling a little unhinged with all there is to do for others so I am venting (sorry) and if anyone wants to treat me, I will not mind:

  188. I LOVE trees, they are so majestic and so my get away book is this: Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time

  189. djlovestories – When I clicked on someone’s wish list and selected a book it took me to the “address” section at check out. I had the option of sending the book to one of my saved addresses or to the unlisted address of this person whose wish list I suggested, and the book is on its way there. Does that help? I am posting here because I thought others might wonder, too.

  190. I don’t think my last comment worked. 🙁 Just had to put down my 16 year old kitty and would love/need to to get lost in some make-believe…

  191. Forgot the link… I’m not with it right now.

  192. Jenny, I would love a copy of your upcoming book…I have one of your drawings printed and stuck on my fridge to remind myself it’s not my fault others don’t see my illness (you know the one with the ship and the tentacles – just because you can’t see it)
    My birthday is March 9, right after the release of the book and it is also my 3 year survival date. you are wonderful and are a oh part of my survival success.

    so here is my link,

    thank you in advance…Melodie


    This would make me kind-of-crappy year 100x better! 🙂 Either way still a huge fan! Got to meet you in Cincinnati and was so giddy I couldn’t even talk!

  194. Work stress…anxiety and more stress…

  195. Hi Jenny. I lost a friend to suicide last week and what’s been getting me thru is listening to the Furiously Happy audiobook on repeat. I’d love the paperback so I can go thru and highlight the passages that have helped me the most.

  196. We all need a reminder of all kindness in the world right now and what a better way to do that than through this wonderful tribe that Jenny has created for us! I’ve already given to one person who had the same excuse I do: I have a hard time buying something for myself – but am happy to do it for others. Since I already have all of Jenny’s books, I’m looking for something Jenny recommended to help with relaxing..

    Thank you!

  197. Stephanie POST 84
    On it’s way! Looks like a good read…may even pick one up for myself someday.

  198. For my wife who doesn’t believe she deserves nice things. I know she would love her own Jenny Lawson book.

  199. What a fantastic idea.I’d love my daughter to get You Are Here to help her get through the first year away at college.

  200. My 35th birthday was a week ago and I’d love a book, Thanks Jenny (and everyone buying books!) You guys are awesome!

  201. 209
  202. I’ve heard great things about you and your books!

    I added 2 books to my list. One of your’s and another I’ve been wanting for awhile.

  203. Thank you so much for doing this! How FUN! I don’t know if I did it right, and I may be too late to the game, but here goes. I would LOVE “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.”

  204. Thank you so much for doing this again.

    Books I Really Need via @amazon

  205. I ordered Furiously Happy before Christmas. It came off my credit card, but I have never received it! And Amazon says it was delivered. Sigh

  206. I didn’t know you did a Booksgiving! So exciting! Thank you to anyone who can help me with this “parenting bible.” I have a mighty need.

  207. I would love to have a copy of Furiously Happy. I checked it out of my library and I laughed and cried my way through it at a time I really needed to read it. If the chance to get that is gone, i also added Year of Yes to my list–I’m at a pivotal point in my life and learning to start over. I would love something that helps me figure that out.

  208. 216
    Jill Molohan

    My favorite holiday! Can’t. Stop. Buying. All. The. Books. You guys have great taste, I hope everyone enjoys their books!


    I am struggling because I want a copy of your newest book, but I also need the book on my list. Maybe next year I can get “You Are Here”. I plan on buying someomeelse a book or I would get it myself
    money is tight right now for me 🙁

  210. This past September I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. So I had this scarey condition I knew nothing about and my doctor totally blew me off. Now I’m searching blindly for a new specialist and so tired I can barely get out of bed most days so a book would do a lot to help me stay positive!

  211. I think I messed up my first comment…

    Hi Jenny. I lost a friend to suicide last week and the only thing getting me thru has been listening to the Furiously Happy audiobook on repeat. I’d love a paperback copy so I can go thru and highlight the passages that have helped me the most. You’re truly a hero.

  212. @ Meg – I may be doing this wrong, but I didn’t get a shipping address for you or your daughter.

  213. Thanks for this opportunity. Here’s my wished for book.

  214. Well, I ordered a book for someone, and it was fun! I can’t even find them on this list anymore, but whoever you are, enjoy!

  215. Here’s hoping this works 🙂 Happy Booksgiving everyone!

  216. I love this holiday and buying books for people!

  217. I think Amazon is down – you broke the Internet lol


  219. I cried last year when this happened. And I’m crying again. Jenny, you are an incredible person who inspires others to be incredible too. Thank you.

  220. 229
    Seana Kelsey

    I fear I’ve bungled this up because I didn’t set an address the first time I posted (I know, I should have read more carefully!) but it would really mean alto to have this for my daughter and I to read together. So I hope I fixed it!

  221. Usually Amazon and I are friends but not today. I can create a list but can’t add an address and I’m not able to link. I thought maybe it was because it was a kindle book, but it isn’t. My screen doesn’t look like Jenny’s example above. As soon as I click public that’s it. No details button. Anyway, I hoped to receive a kindle edition of Unmentionable: A Victorian Guide to Sex, Marriage and manners. I know it’s a pain but my list is searchable. Thanks, guys. 😞

  222. I have had a pretry rough few months and could use the escape into a beautiful world.

  223. I’m having some medical issues and I’m mostly here to give than get, I figured I’d post anyway. (Doing nice things make me feel better.)

  224. I’m recovering from abdominal surgery. My 5th in 3 years. Thought there was one issue, but when they went in they found they’d left an object in from 3 surgeries ago. While I’ve been recovering from surgery, a family member decided to go completely crazy and said horrible, untrue things about myself and my kids to my husband in an attempt to hurt my marriage. The hubby is awsome and just sadly shook his head at them. Anyways, it’s been a hard month. Books are my escape from the pain. Here’s an book I’d love to escape into-

  225. I am here mostly to give because that makes me feel good & I’m having some medical issues today. I don’t have Prime but hopefully it won’t matter. 😂

    My link

  226. Hello! Underemployed freelancer and long-time blog reader. Stressed by searching for more work, waiting on payments, and feeling a bit useless. Trying to spend on just necessities for now so a little treat would be nice.

  227. Love this!!!! Book I want

  228. This is amazing! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  229. Someone suggested to me to read this book. I’m in my head entirely too much.

  230. My daughter and I would love a quality time activity.

    now i’m off to buy books for others! We loved sending books to others last year!

  231. I love sending books to strangers! And I love going to a list and seeing that it’s empty because someone beat me to it!

  232. Hey!
    This is neat 🙂 I love any good reads about being a Mom that will make you laugh 🙂

    How fun this is 🙂

  233. I’ve been having a really rough time lately and I’ve been dying to read this book but its never available at the library

  234. saintbernardpup I LOVE YOU
    Yes, it helped, A LOT! Thank you so so much!

    Michael Joyal, your book is on the way!!

  235. Amanda from post 198, your book is on its way!

  236. Jo (118), No Matter the Wreckage is headed your way.


    I’m going through a lot of mental stress issues right now and need something to lose myself in. I’ve read both of your other books and would love to find myself in “you are here”.

  238. Y’all. I’m trying to find a book that was mentioned up a LONG ways. It’s a fiction book, and it’s not out yet. I hadn’t heard of it, and I want to check it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it because I hope someone already bought it for someone. So I’m wondering if someone could venture a guess about the title.

  239. Fangirl alert, haha… Jenny, this is my first comment, though I’ve read and re-read LPTNH since discovering it, and FH for months too. You get me! I real-meaning-of-the-word-LITERALLY laugh out loud when reading your books and don’t care who sees me, because giggling into a book means I’m happy in that moment – and anyone who doesn’t like that can suck it! 🙂

    I don’t know if I can play along from Canada with your Booksgiving Day, but I’d like to! Here’s my list, and I’ll look for someone else’s too:

  240. The Phantom Tollbooth has always been my happy book to read when I’m stressed. I gave my copy away to a friend that I felt needed it more than me, and I haven’t gotten another.

  241. I’ve been looking forward to this since last year, it’s so much fun to see what everyone else is reading! I love opening someone’s wishlist only to find it already empty 🙂

    God knows I have enough books already, but if anyone feels inclined my list is here: I’ve been inspired to read more books about badass women lately.

    Love to everyone out there spreading positivity when we need it most <3

  242. Jenny I want your new book so bad. I need something now though. I am really struggling. I gave some options!

  243. Thank you so much Jenny and to all of the open and goodhearted people on this list. I’d really appreciate a spot of kindness from someone and I’m going to try to pay it forward this year.

  244. I would LOVE some books for my kindle to keep me occupied at night before bed!

  245. I have been having a really rough time with school and struggling to find my place in this world — and be happy with the person I’ve become. It’s always great to have a bit of an escape and DnD has always been my escape (even if I don’t get to play it very often).

    My wishlist is here:
    Location: Canada

  246. Thanks, Jenny. This is such a great idea. These days it is so amazing and reassuring to see people coming together despite forces (who shall be nameless here) who would rather see the world divided.

  247. I’m not going to lie. I started a list after last year’s Booksgiving, and have been adding to it all year. Like a lot of folk, things are rough for me right now. Being on a limited income and unable to go out for another try at the working world, as if anyone wants to hire me at my age at a wage that would actually pay well enough for me to get there, blah, blah, blah. I looked over the list and do not have a current top favorite, so if someone wants to surprise me, I would be most grateful.

  248. This is such a nice thing to do! I moved to a new city nine months ago and am still unemployed and uninsured. The job hunt has been demoralizing. A book would be lovely. I hope to return the favor next year!

  249. I am so excited about Jenny’s new book coming out! I would love a copy if any are left.
    (wishlist item for her new book)

    This books-giving is awesome Jenny! You have brilliant ideas. Thank you for sharing them with all of us, to make our days brighter too. Now I am off to look up other people’s wishlists. It is so much fun to send packages in the mail!

    Happy Booksgiving!

  251. Amanda from 198/199, your book is on its way. Lots of love to you, dear.

  252. This is awesome, I’ve been waiting for booksgiving since my first time sending books to strangers last year! Can’t wait to do it again!

  253. That was ridiculously fun! Yay for book buying and spreading joy! Thank you, Jenny, for this. All of it.

  254. I dont know if my post is being posted. Jenny I need your new book! but I need something to get me through right now. I gave options.

  255. I’ve went through and bought a few books for people – but what I’ve really noticed is how many EMPTY lists there are because books have already been bought! HOW AMAZING!

  256. Anonymous, #217, your address isn’t coming up in Amazon! Please fix this, dear, so I can send you some books!

  257. Hoping I do this correctly:

    Already sent someone a copy of Jenny’s book! Checking the budget to see if I can send another!

  258. I made wish list with “The Ocean At the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman – hoping this will help me through right now.


    I’m in Canada, but I have a tiny Booksgiving whilst nonetheless <3

  260. Jenni, you don’t have a shipping address listed.

    becomingcliche recently posted Notes From the Zookeeper: Field Work.

  261. 273

    you are an inspiration to so many of us struggling with MH issues, I thank you for that!💯👊🏻

  262. Hope this didn’t post twice…

    First, I want to say that I loved Booksgiving last year. It came at a time when I really needed… something. Giving felt so good. I saw all of the names, and needs and it just felt good to read all of the beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking posts. I remember the day that books came for me in the mail, and I wept. I mean sobbed at my mailbox. The feeling was so unexpected. Not because I was poor, or because I was sick, but because I just didn’t know how much I needed to know that someone gave a damn about me. It made me feel broken, and whole, and helpless, and hopeful, and beautiful. It made me give more. And made me hope for this experience again. Thank you Jenny. Thank you strangers. I hope you get what you need, and what you want, and even something unexpected.

    I am not ill, unless you count my mind. I am not financially in need. I have not experienced a recent tragedy (unless you count the state of our country). But my heart goes out to all who have. I am unbelievably anxious. And I am often sad and worried. And while I won’t drag politics into this place, I am more afraid than I have ever been. I am more active for women, and the world, and my children. I am planting more and more in my garden, because I can’t stop thinking “just in case.” My husband saved and saved to send me for a week in Scotland in March. Because I’ve never been, and always wanted to, and I have never been away from my two children for more than a weekend. Ever. Because I desperately need a break. From working, and stressing, and loving… to find myself.

    I’ve been writing a book this last year, and writing all my life, and I hope it because something great, or at least good. I work for myself, but I’m toying with going back to an office just for the security. I finished my degree. I’m trying desperately to find my way. But first I need to find myself. I’m sorry if my list (and my story) is a little lengthy, I just don’t know. Books are great for that though, aren’t they? They help you reflect, and figure it out, and answer questions that we need answers to.

  263. Like the Princess Bride (which was just as awesome in written form), i have always wanted to read the stories from my childhood!

  264. I have no idea what I’m doing….gotta try this.

    Survival List

  265. Not to be crabby, because I really enjoyed the opportunity to send books to others, but wanted to mention to people requesting books – I am much more likely to send you a book if you have one or two (or an adult and child/children) than if you post a whole list. If you have a list I can’t tell if you have already received one, so I move on to someone with only one listed. Seriously, not to be a downer, actually trying to be helpful.

  266. Check out this list:

    Loved helping last year. Looking forward to giving sunshine and hugs again this year!

  267. saintbernardpup I saw now your list, I tried to get one but the address didn’t show up (It worked once, already, so I think I finally understood how it works lol). Can you check and see if your shipping address is public?

  268. I hope I get picked. I live in Brazil Jenny, and I love all your books! You’re a awesome!

  269. Yippee!! Here’s my wishlist. I’m good with Kindle or hard copy.

  270. What a beautiful idea!!

  271. I could lose myself for a little while


    “Furiously Happy” (for my Mom’s birthday this month!) and “The Master Magician” (the last book in a series that I love but can’t find at my library or local bookstore). Thanks for this Jenny: book love is good love 🙂

  273. Just lost my job so need some reading inspiration!!!

  274. I love this and am going to see if any of the books I have are on people’s wishlists so that I can send them away! But if someone wanted to help me through the things which are my life right now, this book would be the one, thanks for putting these positive vibes out in the universe Jenny and co!

  275. Hoping for you are here, would help to color during periods of high anxiety ☺️

  276. I missed Booksgiving last year. This is so much fun. I have already gifted several books.


    “Furiously Happy” (for my mom for her birthday this month) and “The Master Magician” (last book in one of my favorite series, but I can’t find it at the library or my local bookstore. Thanks for this Jenny: book love is good love 🙂

    P.S. Hope this didn’t get posted twice 😡

  278. Dana please make sure your wishlist is public (it’s either empty because someone already bought it, or it’s not showing contents).

  279. I think I need this book! Love and blessings 🙂

  280. To everyone who has bought book for others, thank you! To anyone who might buy a book for me or my youngest, thank you!

  281. Need some more “thoughtless” reading! Or coloring!!!

  282. Emotional Awareness: Overcoming the Obstacles to Psychological Balance and Compassion

    I already have your books, Jenny, and pre-ordered the new one! Thank you for being awesome and weird and broken and stubborn….it helps me feel not alone…and like I can be awesome too sometimes. <3

  283. I was told my original listing ended up a bit wonky, so here’s the re-do.

  284. Here’s my link!!!

  285. Patricia in Brazil, the book you want is on its way! Love and blessings to you! xoxoxox

  286. 305

    C.Hodges – did you enter your address? It doesn’t come up with the option to ship to you.

  287. If any Canadian could gift me Jenny’s first book, it would be greatly appreciated! I had the audio book but was on my ex’s account so I don’t have access since she left and money has been a bit tight to buy new books. Thank goodness for the library!!
    Thanks to all the awesome people out there helping each other out!

  288. I love booksgiving! It made my son’s day last year, he loved getting a new book as a surprise in the mail. I love that you do this Jenny. Books and giving spread cheer and we all need some cheer!

    Thank you and I am off to gift a book.

    If anyone feels so inclined:

  289. Jenny, thank you for being you! You have no idea how different my life would be without you in it. Love you and your light! #blessed

    the incurable dreamer recently posted i am about to die, and this is my blog post.

  290. I LOVE the Booksgiving ! Here is mine. Now I’m off to buy someone a book!
    You are the most special author and person on this big blue and green planet! Thanks for doing this!!!

  291. PS–You are amazing and this is such a wonderful idea.

    PPS–My BF is the person who introduced your books to me. He told me he thought I could relate to the things you write about; he was right.

    Keep on writing!

  292. 5 year old kiddo goes under the knife on Feb. 14th. This is supposed to help. Love you ALL in this community!!

  293. This is such a neat idea…I would love to have You are Here when it comes out. I am always looking for ways to escape into books/coloring during my lunch break. Will take a look at others lists as well. 🙂

  294. I love Booksgiving! We should have it at least twice a year. This is the book I need right now:

    LAL recently posted Thought(ful) Monday.

  295. #250 your address isn’t on your wish list!

  296. Books are on the way to #226 (heather) and #259 (suzyquzey)! Enjoy! Sending good thoughts your way along with the books!

    Thanks for hosting this, Jenny. I am so proud to be part of your tribe~

  297. Apparently my latest obsession/addiction is sending books to strangers. I can’t stop and I love it!! Thanks Jenny.

  298. 318
    Here is my link. It is for Furiously Happy. I stumbled on this one at the perfect time and was able to share the audio book with a few others. I would love to have a keepsake copy. I think your outlook on life is amazing and should be spread to anyone who will listen.

  299. Thank YOU Jenny! For being so generous with your life, your time and your creativity. I love this idea of book sharing. Awaiting your next book(s) with baited breath (does that mean I have a sardine on my tongue or a tethered lamb?)
    Will your book tour come to Canada? Specifically the most beautiful city in the world – Victoria BC? We have lovely bookstores that would be delighted to have you. 🙂

  300. Just one book on my list because picking out more got really overwhelming!

  301. Uuuuuummmmmm……OOOppPPs! I had Kindle version. Now I changed it to paperback!
    Sorry tribe!

  302. 322

    C.Hodges never mind – now it worked!

  303. 323
    Jenny Taylor

    Melody(comment 312) I went to by the Tonsil Book for your son and there wasnt an address to send it too….

  304. Abigail from 12:05, it’s on its way!

  305. Melody #312: Please add your shipping address! I want to send your kiddo the tonsil book!

  306. So much fun…. I love seeing people’s book choices, and 2 are on the way –

  307. 327

    Jenni | February 7, 2017 at 11:44 am The Phantom Tollbooth has always been my happy book to read when I’m stressed. I gave my copy away to a friend that I felt needed it more than me, and I haven’t gotten another.

    Don’t see your address, would you check it?

  308. A book I really need right now, to give me a new perspective:

  309. I don’t need a book this year, but I wanted to tell you that a little over a year ago when I was in preterm labor with my now one year old I was literally reading”Friously Happy” in the labor and delivery room between contractions and it made it so much better. My daughter ended up waiting until a little closer to her due date, but your book saved me from bed rest despair.

  310. I got divorced six months ago but it still feels like yesterday. I moved to a new state and started a new job to try to get away from the memories. I need help moving on, so maybe these books will help? I’m going to try to find some free therapy/counseling too, because unfortunately my insurance doesn’t have a copay for mental health sessions… ugh.

  311. The way my mental health has been declining lately and knowing how much I loved Jenny’s first book, I would adore a copy of furiously happy right now. 🙂

  312. Anon #325 – I was just about to say the same thing! 🙂

    Love you people!!

  313. Going through a bit of a down time. Feel like I’m stuck in the mud. Loved your first two books Jenny, and love everything you do. Thank you for being such a vibrant light for us all. We need you.

  314. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. Last year when you did it, I had just been diagnosed with early preeclampsia and told I probably wouldn’t carry the baby long enough for him to survive, and I was too frazzled to even read, I just spent my days in a ball of anxious misery. I did carry him (almost!) to term, he was born about a month early. He’s strong and healthy and perfect. I would love a copy of a book on how to incorporate the Jewish tradition of Mussar into my daily life. It’s like Jewish mindfulness, sort of? I’ve also included a couple of books of inspirational quotes for my daughter, who is 13 and having a really hard time. Her dad and step mom treat her horribly and she’s been self-harming and now she’s missing a lot of school for therapy. She needs all the help she can get. She’s a big reader, and an aspiring writer, so I included Stephan King’s “On Writing” for her as well. Any suggestions on good books for her would be appreciated, she devours YA books like they’re going out of style.

    Jenny, you’re the best. And this community is also the best.

  315. This is the most amazing thing happening on the internet ever!!

  316. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  317. Mama Reads Blog – yours is on the way! It may take a little extra time, but you’ll have it in the next week or so. ENJOY!!!

  318. omg thank you everyone, your so sweet. Second year of happy tears. I love you guys so much. It’s like little early birthday gifts to remind me what the sun feels like despite it being February and the sun doesn’t seem to exist during this month here.

  319. Elisabeth Kissling, book is on the way! <3

  320. 342
    Whitney Michielssen

    Jenny, my day is ALWAYS brighter when you post and I get to look forward to reading. If you’re still giving away copies of you are here, id love to read it <3

  321. This is so awesome! PROOF that life is wonderful and full of magic! This book will be a physical reminder of that for me whenever my brain tries to make me think otherwise!

  322. Alice #336, did you add your shipping address? I don’t see it.

  323. Jenny, this is great! Sometimes a book can be our greatest escape. I work at my local library and love seeing everyone reading in their own little worlds. I can’t wait to read your new book. I started with Furiously Happy (I got my signed copy last week in the mail) and I still need to read the first book. Best of luck to you!
    Can’t wait to buy a book for someone and spread this news around!

  324. #328 – it’s on its way!

  325. PS – I added the address to my list! Sorry about that everyone. Thanks for letting me know Jenny!!! <3 <3 <3

  326. Booksgiving is an amazing idea! Thank you to everyone who is participating!

  327. My friend, an amazing human and young mother, is going through an emotionally horrendous divorce right now. I think this would help her. Thank you in advance!

  328. I think I’ve been dealing with the same struggle a lot of us have lately, but I absolutely love this idea. I appreciate all that you do so much Jenny, you make this world a brighter place.
    I hope I did this right:

  329. Alice #336: Please add your shipping address! I want to send books to your daughter!

  330. Brianna #292 Anna Kendrick is on her way to you! I hope it’s a good book, its on my reading list.

  331. PS – R. Straley, that’s for you.

  332. Natalie #337 I got so excited when I saw what you requested that I had to get it for you. Best book I’ve read in a long time.

  333. I would really like to give a copy of YOU ARE HERE to my friend at work that is turning 50 at the end of the month. I forward almost all your blog posts to her & she loves you like I do. It can ship to me & I will wrap it up for her. I lovelovelove you guys!!

  334. I love this idea… I wish there was a way to do this more for other people.

  335. Love this whole thing! Thank you for the opportunity, Jenny!

    I’m in Canada. Now off to find a fellow Canadian comment to buy for 🙂

  336. Violinali 345 FIXED! I swear I thought I’d done that already.

  337. Got a book from Jenny last year as well as another, and am already looking forward to buying great books for others this year! Thanks so much!

  338. anon 353 I fixed it! I’m so sorry I didn’t get it right the first time. :/ Don’t give up on Beth because I’m a mess.

  339. Jenny and Biscuit would make my daughter and I super happy! Thing are tight this month but I can’t wait to come back next year and buy a few books for others! This should be a monthly thing! Then I could give to someone else sooner!


  340. The world is just too scary-real right now…I need to build up a fortress of other worlds! Books that I loved as a child/teen seem like just what the doctor ordered. I listed a handful, any one would be lovely. (And now I’m off to see who I can give a book to, too!)

  341. I love you guys so much it’s painful. I’ve given away 30 books and it took forever because so often by the time I’d get to the next list it was already filled. THAT IS MAGIC. Thank you for reminding me how good people can be. I’m going to take a break and then come back and give out a few more because this is exactly what I needed this week. I hope it’s what you needed too.

    Thank you for being better than cake.

  342. Hi Allison #273! You are amazing! ON the WAY!! {{HUGS}}

  343. Sarah from Canada from post 306, your book is on its way!

  344. Here’s mine. There’s a book on here for the 2nd grader I read to each week, and a couple that would help me deal with the world right now.

  345. mrsgrrrs: Your daughter’s Biscuit book will be there on Thursday! 🙂

  346. You, Mrs. Jenny Lawson are the AMAZEBALLS one in this tribe! The TRIBAL LEADER!!
    I’m not worthy!! (BOWING AT YOUR GREATNESS) !!

  347. Would love a break from 2017 already ~ Wish List – Booksiving!
    And will pass on the joy… 🙂

  348. Thanks so much Jenny for organizing this amazing event!

  349. PS I love looking through these lists and getting more book ideas for my own personal wishlist! <3

  350. That’s a lovely idea which you need to spread into the real world. I don’t have a reason to get a free book but I’m disappointed you aren’t giving out llamas.

  351. Uh oh…looks like Mrsgrrrs is getting two Biscuit books and one Jenny Lawson book 🙂

  352. Vicky T, there’s something not quite right with your list…

  353. Just a Canadian, looking for a little pick me up — February is a hard month for me!

  354. This is so much fun! I hope to buy many!

  355. If I could afford it, I’d by 100 copies of this book and give one to everyone who needs it:

    Since I can’t afford it, I bought one book for one person, from her wish list.

    Here’s a drawing book I’d like for myself:

    (I just bought the 100 Hugs book on your recommendation but I accidentally bought two so I’ll be giving the other to a friend who needs it. Thank you for sharing it. ~ Jenny)

  356. Alice #336: I just send Whatever You Are, Be a Good One for your daughter. 13 is such a tough age. Lots of love. <3

  357. hi, i have a 22 year old daughter with bipolar disorder, wondering which of jenny’s books you would recommend for her. i will buy it, and the same one for someone off their wish list, just looking for some direction on the one that may be her best introduction to jenny! thanks!

  358. Maureen #366 – Harriet the Spy is on its way! Love that book!

  359. 385
    Curiouser & Curiouser

    Yay! I did it! cryswhiltshire (#359) enjoy your book! I tried last year, but came late to the party and couldn’t find someone to give a book to. I ended up buying both of Jenny’s books and sending them to one of my closest friends instead. I may have to buy her another one though. Now it’s tradition.

  360. I’m working hard on my physical, emotional, and spiritual health and happiness – my book list reflects that.

  361. Maureen #377: Did you order Biscuit too? Is it too late for you to cancel?

  362. Alice from post 336, your daughter has a book coming!

  363. Stacy #379: Your link isn’t working!

  364. Mel Taylor thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You just made my day dear lady! 😀

  365. I would be so grateful for an escape right now into books I loved as a child. I haven’t purchased a new book in ages–thank goodness for the library! I’ve been reading Jenny’s blog since before the booby mushroom, and always look forward to a new post and the comments. Always a bright spot, thank you all so much!

  366. I’m gonna bankrupt, but I don’t care. Maureen Forest, Jenny’s book is on the way! Or will be, when it launches in March hahaha
    Enjoy it!
    Got to be one of the best afternoons of my life

    Much light for everyone!

  367. Last spam, I promise. Here’s the updated list with my address, so no one has to go searching for it.

  368. I would love this book because I think it might help my depression and anxiety.

  369. 398

    Hi Jenny, it’s ALLISON again 👋🏻, have you given away all the books? Do you comment when you give them out every time because I was trying to figure out if I was picked or not, my tablet booted me and is acting ginked. Oh, I’m comment #273, thanks. Hugs~ Love~ Friendship!

  370. Jenny, I gave my copy of Furiously to a friend who was in the hospital for severe depression and would really like another one. It really helped him!
    I certainly understand if you’ve already given away all you can. Love you Booksgiving SOOOO much! it feels really good to buy a book for a stranger! {{{HUGS}}!!!!!

  371. I’m having trouble coping with life, especially as the political gets personal. Escapism is not working. Perhaps “Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia” will.

  372. Andrea #396: Your link isn’t quite right. Can you check it and re-post?

  373. @Crystal B from post 51 – your book is on the way. Enjoy!

  374. Apparently my link isn’t working… maybe this one will….

  375. Allison #273. Go look at your wishlist to see if its empty!! Because it IS!! It’s on the way!!

  376. Wow this concept is so cool! Would love a copy of your book as an early birthday present 🙂

  377. One of my friends just told me about this. This is awesome my 3 little ones love to read! Thanks in advance!

  378. I love you all <3. i bought a book for someone and then i thought, maybe it’s ok to ask for one too. i don’t know why but today has been a tough day.
    this is the book i would like to read. thank you!

  379. So glad to be a part of this uplifting community! Here is my wishlist, with a book for myself and my little dude listed. We’re planning to pay this forward one we’re able. <3

  380. @Meg from comment #132 – Just sent Romeo and/or Juliet: A Chooseable-Path Adventure your way, because, OMG, I had now idea this book existed! I also promptly added it to my wish list 🙂

  381. 412

    I LOVE clicking on links to see that they’ve been filled! <3

    I also feel selfish for doing this, but my local library system doesn’t have a copy so please and thank you?

  382. Could someone be a wonderful person and give me this book? I’ve been struggling with severe anxiety and could use something funny. Thank you so much in advance.

  383. margchat 310- one book headed your way! Enjoy!

  384. I would love a little escape. Thank you for the thoughtfulness.

  385. Stacy #403. ON the Way! The same one is on my wishlist!! {{HUGS}} ENJOY!

  386. Or try this one…maybe it was wrong cause I went through that donates to charities.


    Went with a kindle book cause cone on, instant gratification. Besides Jenny Allie is a hero to me and I live her cartoons she draws. Infant I think it was Allie that led me to Jenny

  388. Sara A at 11:38AM – your book is on the way for you and daughter! Happy reading!

  389. 420
    Emily Brown

    Thank you ao much! I’m a new mom and have been suffering from PPD for a few months. Every night I try to take thirty minutes to read. This would really help out. Thank you all again this is extremely kind.

  390. 422
    Julie Jules

    Laura # 407 – your book is on it’s way! Enjoy.


    I’ve been having a rough go of it with a lack of spoons and a some nice Depression and Anxiety that comes with said lack of spoons. The political climate ISN’T helping. Books are the best escape

  392. 424
    Beth Randall

    I would love a copy of let’s pretend this never happened. I’ve bought the book 4 times and every time I loan it to someone it never comes back. But that’s okay because that means they are getting to enjoy and love the book as much as I do. You are a bright spot on dark days for me and I can’t tell you how much you help. Thank you so much.

  393. Rebecca #191 – a book is on the way for your daughter’s 4th birthday! I hope she enjoys it!

  394. Hi
    Below is my wish list, thank you for doing this. I am currently not able to work because of my many mental illness issues, so any of the books will greatly help I think.
    Its a daily struggle, but today Im still here
    (I live in Canada)

  395. Jennifer C #415: You should have your gift via email by now! 🙂

  396. @Sarah from comment 409, I don’t see your address listed when I check out.

  397. Thank you for hope – a Canadian

  398. Im posting this late so I doubt it will get seen. I work in a school district and it’s been rough dealing with the political fall out. A lot of scared crying children to tend to, making it a real struggle for me to get out of bed in the mornings. My depression and anxiety are at their worst, but your blog and tweets make me smile. Thank you, Jenny

  399. Meg S in post 207, you don’t have an address so I can’t order the book for you.

  400. Happy Booksgiving! Paige should have A Man Called Ove by Thursday.

    My wishlist book is Milk and Honey.

  401. I’d love a book too if anyone is feeling up to it.

  402. #423 Kirstizoe, sending you a book and some more spoons 🙂

  403. Kelly (370-ish?) – one for you and one for bub on the way, both from authors I simply love. Happy reading!

  404. Anonymous #393, Daddy Longlegs, Dear Enemy, and Unhooked are on their way to you. Enjoy!

  405. wandlesswanderer #430: You Are Here is pre-ordered for you. <3

  406. Jo (118) – Keep an eye out! Something’s on it’s way for you 🙂


    I wasn’t able to buy my husband anything for his birthday last week cuz we spent all our money sending me to my daughter’s wedding, so if anyone could buy him a book or two off his list, I would be forever grateful!

  408. Stacy at #403, your book is on the way!

  409. Alyson #433: Please add your shipping address!

  410. I’ve been eyeing this book about a little girl who overcomes frustration for my two-year-old who gets overwhelmed when she can’t figure something out right away. (Don’t we all know how THAT feels!) How cool to be able to show her how we can help others by participating in an event like this! Way to help us help each other, Jenny!! 🙂
    I’m excited to see what’s on others’ lists!

  411. 444
    Imanya James

    I would be so happy if I could get your new book. Your words bring me such joy and laughter on some really hard days. I try to get my friends to read your books cause I want to share the love. They really like the conversations between you and Victor. I personally enjoy the moments when you interact with us.

  412. Thank you everyone who bought Alex books. He was saying this morning that he wanted to make some friends in Kentucky city and he was kinda sad. He doesn’t understand why the other kids don’t play with him. He doesn’t know that he’s different. Autism isn’t a word a 6 year old understands. To him he’s just a kid just like all the other kids and he just wants to have friends. And he should. He’s the best little boy in the world and in any meaningful way he’s not different. Sorry got off of point for a minute there. Point is I was able to show him all the books ya’ll bought for him and say “look Alex you have friends all over the world now!” He’s so happy. Thank you for that. Bless all of you.

  413. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for doing this. <3

  414. Anonymous from post 431, check your mail on Friday!


    Adding the less confusing link to post 418. Also added LPTNH because I just have my copy to a friend.

  416. The book that would make me absolutely cry is a book of paintings by Lisa Yuskavage. But that one’s kind of expensive so I put a few others (some Neil Gaiman and You Are Here) on my list. Don’t send more than one! I’m about to go into the comments and send a couple to someone else, because yay books and yay surprise mail! Happy Booksgiving!!!

  417. Alyson on post 433, I don’t see an address for you.

  418. Melanie-312, Wanted to get your daughter the book before her surgery but there’s no shipping address:(

  419. Yay! Books for all! Can’t wait to buy for another book lover! 🙂 Thanks, Jenny! <3

  420. I needed this today so bad! I can’t wait to give someone else an escape!

    Last year was the first time I ever watched the entire Star Wars series (late to the party, I know) and boy did her death strike me hard. I haven’t read any of her books, but this looks like a fun place to start. I’m dying to know more about her and her life.

  421. wandlesswanderer (comment 430) – some smiles are on the way!


  422. Jacqueline in post 443, look for a Valentine’s Day arrival!

  423. I’m so happy to be apart of this (again). <3 I can’t wait to give someone joy!

    Here’s mine:

  424. Thank you!!!! to everyone who already tried to send my daughter her book. I grovel my apologies for forgetting my shipping address.


    I’m so grateful for whoever send me this one. Thank you.

  426. um… also so you don’t have to scroll.

    heading off to make pot of coffee

  427. Cannot wait to read You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual!!

    It’s on my list:

  428. Nichole – Thank you! I am crying right now, but good tears. This means a lot to me. {{{Virtual Hug}}}

  429. I have both the paperback and the ebook on the list because I have no preference and there’s a significant price difference (can you do ebooks with wishlists???). Happy with used if that’s able to be done on wishlists. This is truly escapist and goodness knows we need to escape a bit right now! And I highly recommend her Lux series if you’re looking for a good YA series.

  430. Amanda: (“Forgot the link… I’m not with it right now.“)

    Book is on its way. I’m so sorry about your furry companion. 🙁

  431. Hey this is super fun, I love that I had to click through a few lists before finding ones that weren’t already fulfilled. Jenny, my fitness challenge group is doing a “random acts of kindness” week for Valentine’s week so I shared this post in the group. I hope that’s ok!

  432. I cannot wait to read You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual. Every book you write helps me out in different ways, at different times!

    And will get ready to buy one, too!

  433. My sister did booksgiving last year and I missed out.
    I would love to participate this year and have a little cheer me up after the horrid year that was 2016.

  434. Melody! The book will be there on Thursday! Best wishes for your little one’s surgery! <3

  435. vxb222 in post 448, just sent you Hyperbole and a Half, because it is so, so glorious!

  436. Missy (comment 454)- you should receive your book Thursday!

  437. I’m so happy this is happening again! We all needs some self care right now, and reading is one of the best ways to do it.

  438. 473

    Shipping address should be updated. I thought I did that, but it was for another wish list.

  439. Should be fixed! Ignore my other post. I didn’t want to log in to WordPress.

  440. Would so love You Are Here. And my little one adores books. Thank you

  441. Your books really changed my life recently. so much so I gave Furiously Happy to 4 people for Christmas. Would love your newest book. Thank you so much for writing your struggles. it helps me so much to read your books and blog

  442. #457 – Happy reading!!! 🙂

  443. Jenny, Booksgiving is such a lovely idea!! I just bought 2 books for complete strangers, and I feel really good about it. Just what I needed! I’ve been at home sick with a sinus infection for the last few days, and Booksgiving is a nice way to reconnect with the outside world. Thanks for initiatiing this
    fantastic donation project. Kudos to you!

  444. CCross: I don’t have words. Except thank you–so very much! You can’t possibly know how much you have just made my day; you have made me cry in the best way. Thank you for your generosity. Those books will have special meaning for me knowing they were sent by someone who cared.

    Again, thank you.

  445. This is such an amazing community! I feel so lucky to be able to fulfill some of these book wishes! You people are truly amazing!

  446. What an awesome idea! So glad to share a love of reading with others ❤


  447. Thank you so much Brianna! – Missy

  448. I posted something earlier but amended! I’ll take a book from either list (I just added).

    I want to start this collection, but don’t know where. Would you surprise me with my first one?

  449. Alyson #474: Watch your mail on Thursday! <3

  450. Erin Cook, thank you so much. Hubby can attest I just squealed like a teenybopper an a One Direction concert

  451. 486
    Jennifer A.

    how about now Jenny?

  452. Barbara Sullivan, I sent your book love. I figured out how to do it without it being on your wishlist 😘

  453. The Bloggessians are full of awesome! 😀

  454. here is my little list with no order. It is amazon UK because I live in Germany. No expectations at all. I think this is a spectacular thing to do. Much love to you all

  455. Danni S #408 – Happy Booksgiving! Books for you and your little dude will arrive on Thursday. hugs

  456. What fun to send surprises! Here are my picks (thank you for this day. It’s not winter forever)

  457. I love this idea!!! Here is my list:

    I find it hard to spend money on myself when I have littles and a household to run but I love to buy gifts for other. Hoping I can brighten a few people’s day too! <3

    Thank you for this opportunity!! <3 <3 <3

  458. Melody, Someone beat me to it! 🙂 Hope your daughter’s tonsillectomy goes well!

  459. And if you want to give some books to public school students today (JUST SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT TODAY, YOU KNOW?) maybe go to the fundraiser for Adaire Elementary.

  460. 495
    E Mertz @alli_cloud

    You know what else is great about Booksgiving? I have Amazon points so I bought a bunch of books for people and didn’t actually spend any money!!!
    #TheBloggessForPresident #ILoveYou

  461. 496

    For my wife, who won’t buy herself these books but keeps the running list anyway…

  462. I love all you wonderful people. “Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me)” by Nicole Curtis will help give me the kick I need to start working on a lifelong passion of mine.

  463. 498
    Talwinder Kaur

    This is amazing and I’ll totally give it a try!

  464. @sarah #426 One of the books on your list is on its way. Be well. 🙂

  465. Erica (467) Your book is ordered!


    I’ve wanted this book for 2+ years, it’s just not in my budget. I feel like we could all use some stories of strength right now, and this book showcases stories of women around the globe who are SURVIVORS! xoxoxoxo Thanks Jenny, and readers! Spread the book love!


    SO in June, my cousin stabbed my uncle to death, and last week plead guilty. To say it’s been a hard time lately would be an understatement. I desperately need some good books to hide from reality right now.

  468. Jenni – #250. You do not have a shipping address attached to your list.

  469. I have both books and have preordered the latest one. Thank you so much for sharing as you do. It creates incredible connections. Now to buy a book for someone.😊

  470. Will be back later to find a book to buy for someone! This is fun!

  471. Mariposagal from post # 503 you did not enter your shipping address..!

  472. Love this idea, and love that people are buying so fast it’s hard keeping up with people to buy for!

    MULLY – Tried to buy for you but your address isn’t linked to your list!

  473. 510
    Kirsten Clark

    Today I am devastated that our country’s leaders don’t value my son. A book would be a welcome distraction.

  474. My 2 year old is really into rhyming books these days. And my 3 month old is into anything his big brother is doing! 🙂 This is such a great idea!

  475. A friend suggested this one to me so I plan to read then pass it around to a few friends who could use it.
    The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do (A No Fcks Given Guide)

    Now to find a book that hasn’t already been bought to give to someone else!

  476. TwinMama15 thank you so much! My heart is exploding! Jenny thank you for putting this together!

  477. I hope next year I”ll be the one buying books for others. But I can’t this year. And I’m a voracious reader, but in the last few months I’ve been too despondent to think straight, or work enough, let alone read. So I put a happy, fantasy romance-and-royals book on my list. God, it would feel nice to escape this world for a bit. (Uh, by reading. I’m not going to hurt myself. Now anyway. I don’t know if I can survive 4 years of this fury.)

    I hope you’re all doing a better job taking care of yourselves than I am.

  478. My two year old is really into rhyming books these days. And my 3 month old is into whatever his big brother is doing! 🙂 Such a great idea! (I hope this doesn’t post twice – I don’t think it went through the first time…)

  479. I love this so much! I missed it last year so I’ll have to make up for it this year.

  480. Jenny, when you replied to my post “looks like it’s already on the way,” is that because I did not put “Furiously Happy” in my wish list? I didn’t put two and two together to do that. (I for some reason imagined you autographing it and sending it out.) I’ll add it to my list now. Hopefully I am not too late!! My list link:

    Thanks again for doing this!! 🙂

  481. So many Neil Gaiman books to read, and only so much book budget!!

  482. I think this is the greatest idea!! I am so excited to buy a few books for people!

    Furiously Happy has saved me over and over again from very dark places. (I have even written a nice lonnnng note to Jenny on Goodreads- even though I have read her books and am therefore aware that she is the worst at checking messages. ) I am excited that I get an opportunity to brighten other people’s days a bit!

    Here is my list, I have included a few books on it, and I am not picky about which if any of them I receive- but this way there are purchasing options. I am currently working toward being more actively, furiously, happy. The books I have chosen all reflect that.

  483. Fiona (489) – kannst du bitte eine Liste auf machen und die Link (den Link? das Link?) hier posten? Ich würde gerne dir ein Buch schicken lassen!

  484. Kim # 332 – it is on the way! 🙂 I just picked this one up myself and am looking forward to reading it!

  485. wandlesswanderer- your book is on it’s way. We’re practically neighbors 🙂 Enjoy.

  486. Dawn – # 508 – Thanks for heads up! It should be there now.

  487. Booksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I’ll be sending a book or two. I tend not to buy books for myself but this one I need since my old copy fell apart. ie=UTF8&id=1G5X1DNEU1QH3&type=wishlist

  488. I added several because a) I’d appreciate any one of them, b) varying prices to make it easier for folks and c) varying ideas in case folks want to share recommendations based on them! Like I said, I’d appreciate any one of them and would squeal in delight to get one [no kidding – my friends know]. I’ve been having to take a lot of unpaid FMLA lately while dealing with my bipolar disorder [type 2] and changing up medications, so I’ve been drowning myself in books and audiobooks that I had [audiobooks are great for when you’re getting ready in the morning, or doing weekly/monthly meal prep!]. Annnnd now that I’ve written a novel of TMI….

  489. 527
    Cynthi Guerra

    Definitely could use this pick me up!! 🙂

  490. mslss #307 – a book is on the way for your boy! Looks like he’s going to be a big brother?

  491. I’ve always wanted to read this book…

  492. My daughters will love that book, Erin Cook! Thank You! Enjoy some Jenny Lawson coming your way in March! <3

  493. I live in Canada 🙂

    I’ve made a wish list of a few books that I would love to read but aren’t available at my library. I love this idea and one of the books on my list was discovered through someone else’s list… I’m enjoying finding out about new books!

    I’ve recently gone through a very sudden and unexpected loss and I’m trying to find books that deal with death and grief as comfort through this process. If you have any suggestions of anything that has helped you, I would appreciate hearing them.

  494. Oops! Got my address sorted out!

    Thank you so much to anyone who buys me (or one of my children) a book!

  495. Not sure if I did this right but here goes…

    This is a really wonderful idea!

  496. I just bought a book for someone!
    It is fun to help and receive.
    I did put a list with few books for ma family and I.
    But I wanted to help someone too

  497. Hi Erin (#531) – Hello from Canada as well – I am on the East Coast 🙂 I hit your link but your list does not appear to be public – can you update it? I send you lots of hugs in overcoming the loss you have faced.

  498. This has been such a great part of my day/year! I also have a 6 yo, Lisa and that’s what drew me to your list. I’m in my 30s and still struggle to make friends…and that’s ok. It makes the ones I have more precious, I think. And, he has you. That is a priceless gift.

    And, thank you to whoever purchased my book. I can’t wait!

    ~Kat recently posted Today I give up wrestling with the God of the Universe.

  499. Am I the last person to know there are swear word coloring books? I posted around 170ish I think. I put both Jenny’s books on there. I put both eBook and paperback on there because both read the same. One just doesn’t have the new book smell. I included a note saying if one version was missing it had been purchased and a thanks for taking the time to look. The limit is one book. Not trying to break the rules. If one gets purchased will empty the list of other book. Thanks for taking the time to look.

  500. Comment 118, Jo in Jakarta – This feed of comments is such a beautiful sign that someone, somewhere cares- even if that someone is located in Utah roughly 5 trillion miles from you. (ok… slight exaggeration) I have also felt that way many many times, and Furiously Happy is one of my favorite reminders that people care.
    I hope you enjoy your book!

  501. Happy Booksgiving! I hope I can gift someone, as money is tight. I’ll take some time to look through the requests. Be happy!

  502. For some reason my link didn’t copy correctly! This is part two of comment 525.

  503. I LOVE this! Hoping for this book. 🙂

  504. Jenny, have we told you recently how awesome you are! May we? Your are AWESOME.
    You have started some wonderful traditions.

  505. I think this is an absolutely amazing idea! Reading has always been a great escape for me. I would love a new book!

    Oh I hope that link works. 🙂

  506. This is such a cool idea! Thanks, Jenny!

  507. I would love to have a copy of your new book (I already have the other 2) Thank you for all you do!

    Thank you so so much if anyone buys me the You Are Here book. Thank you Jenny for making me feel much less alone and much more happy. It means more than you would know.

  509. This is such an awesome idea!! Who doesn’t love giving/receiving books?! 🙂

    Thank you, Jenny… keep being YOU!

    Here’s my list (the only Jenny book I don’t own yet):

    ~ Wendy

  510. Jamie I lost your comment but you had such a similar book to the one I picked that I just had to get it for you. Enjoy!

  511. Dawn – # 508 – Thanks for heads up! It should be there now.

  512. 553

    I would love either book of Jenny’s on list. Just discovered them today and suffering depression and,anxiety. Was thrilled to discover these, think they will help me.

  513. hi there! I prefer to send a book to someone else before I ask for one. But won’t have the funds until next week (15th)… can we leave these open for a little bit?

  514. Sherri (#541)- your book should arrive on Thursday!

  515. Thanks Crystal B… I think there must have been something wrong with the link, so hopefully this works.

    To make it easier to find, I’m in Canada. (Original post #531)

  516. Gila #532: Your little one has a surprise in store on Thursday! 🙂

  517. Last year someone did a kindness and made a consolidated list of wish lists that hadn’t been filled yet, because it’s hard to see them all! I don’t see one yet, so I made this one. Maybe someone can run with it from here, or I can update it later today…:

    Linda J 11

    Anonymous 17

    Joy 19

    Victoria 20

    Mark 30

    LR Davis 33

    Rachael 35

    Mully 36

    Anonymous 38

    Ashly 50

    Crystal 51

    Nicole 55

    Karin 58

    Melissa 64

    Mermaid 67

    Anonymous 68

    Anonymous 75

    Amanda 78

    Lana 81

    Stephanie 84

    AH 91

    Chelsea 92

    tafairy 95

    Meagen 96

    Ruth 98

    Carol 102

    Emma 104

    superflashphoto 106

    Caitlin 109

    Anonymous 111

    Pigeon Princess 112

    Amelia 113

    Tamara 123

    Sarah 124

    Chimera Cat 125

    Mickey 126

    Jenn 127

    Liz 128

    April 131

    Meg 132

    Saraco 133

    Lisa Sweet 134

    Sara 135

    Metz 140

    Vero 142

    Thompson 143

    Dreamerfound 144

    Namaste 145

    Jenny Taylor 148

    Julie Jules 149

    Florencia 153

    Emma 154
    zonne 155

    saintbernardpup 159

    Jenni 160

    Elise 165

    Amanda 170

    Brandi 171

    Samy 172

    Tasha 174

    Katy 175

    Koalateagirl 176

    Kylie 177

    Kimberlee 179

    Givney42 180

    Pastey 182

    Anonymous 183

    Anonymous 184

    Qwikhart 185

    Ashley 186

    Caroline 188

    Teenage catastrophe 189

    Rebecca 191

    Anonymous 193


    Amanda 199

    Joe 206

    Meg S 207

    Allison 208

    tennesseehoneybee 209

    becomingcliche 211

    Samantha 212

    Cathy 213

    MM 214

    Anonymous 217

    Maria 223

    Milkeymouse 231

    KL 233

    Miss Lee 234

    Sarah 236

    Karen 237

    Becky 238

    Buffy’s Mom 239

    Kelly 242

    Anonymous 249

    Jenni 250

    Anonymous 252

    Suzanne 254

    Regan 255

    Trista 256

    Erika 257

    Anothersue 258


    Becky 260

    M 261

    2girls 265

    michelle 268

    Serine23 274

    naeby 279

    meghan 284

    rachel 285

    tryingtosurvive 287

    jocelyn 291

    sabrina 294

    megan 295

    Anne 296

    Bess 298

    Elizabeth 300

    Carol 302

    mslss 307

    Karen 318


    Molly 320

  518. As an English teacher in a low-income, urban district where we just ran out of paper for the year, I cannot tell you how excited my students were last year to receive new books that they had actual interest in. Booksgiving made a huge difference in my classroom, and it definitely helped my students in ways I didn’t know it could. They’d actually stay after school to look through my library and borrow books.

    This year, students have been requesting me to request books that help them feel better about themselves, especially since the election. Politics aside, my students are lacking self-worth this year. I’ve been working on an Amazon wishlist to expand my library with books that can help them. If anyone wishes to help some teenagers find themselves in books, it’d be truly appreciated.

    I look forward to making someone else’s day like Booksgiving made mine last year. Thank you for doing this again. It really does save lives. <3

  519. I am currently trying to pull myself out of this last little bit of darkenss and a new book would always be welcomed.

  520. I’ll play!

    I’ve been clicking people’s lists to find that someone’s already bought their book for them! (This is a good problem). I’ve only got about half way through the comments so far, so I’ll keep clicking!

  521. Thank you to my lovely and generous benefactors, Jennifer and Dee Ann (who I thought was my sister, and when I thanked her for it, she was all, “Schwa?”). You have definitely made my day brighter! xo

  522. Jenny, THIS holiday is the reason Amazon Prime was invented! 😀

  523. For some reason it doesn’t like this big post.. maybe it will work now. Last year someone did a kindness and made a consolidated list of wish lists that hadn’t been filled yet, because it’s hard to see them all! I don’t see one yet, so I made this one. Maybe someone can run with it from here, or I can update it later today…:

    (Note from Jenny: It’s because your comment has a lot of links so the blog thinks it’s spam and moderates it. I published the last one though so it’s up now. 🙂 Thanks! Quite a few didn’t have the book they chose bought because they forgot to assign a shipping address but maybe they’ll come back and fix it. ~ Jenny)

  524. 566
    Kelly Maloney

    I would love either book of Jenny’s on list. Just discovered them today and suffering depression and,anxiety. Was thrilled to discover these, think they will help me.

  525. I would love to receive this book: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo. I live in Michigan 🙂
    I love this event!

  526. Ack, it posted twice! Sorry!

  527. Michelle (#550) Please make your address public on Amazon–there’s no way to send the book!

  528. I’m probably too late, but it’s worth a try.
    Now I’m off to buy something for someone else, if there’s anything left.

  529. Jama comment 518. Neverwhere is on it’s virtual way to you.

  530. 2girls2stories1blog #265: Please add your shipping address! I want to get the book for your kiddo!

  531. This would just make my day! Love…

  532. Melissa (#64) hope these help you feel a bit better.

    Florencia (#153) books on their way- enjoy!

    It’s lovely that you’ve engendered and fostered such a lovely and giving community Jenny! Cheers to everyone!

    jule recently posted #MillionsMissing.


    I could really use something that will lift up my heart and spirit after the last few months and weeks. It’s been rough…and apparently only going to get rougher.

  534. Emma 104 – a book coming your way for your daughter!

  535. Daniel (comments 496 & 499) a surprise is on it’s way for your wife! I hope she enjoys it!


    Im not sure what list will work.

    It is mostly kids books. I don’t really have a lot for them and would like to have a little diversity. they know the books by heart now haha. It is cute but if I could add few it would be nice.
    Also have book for my piece of mind at nigh…My hubby is often gone it means that I have to take care of everything and I am often drained. I am a really slow reader because I mostly fall asleep in the middle of reading 🙁

    I went trough a 3 years depression and I found Jenny’s book. It really helped me and made me smile more too so for that thank you

  537. Erin (#531 and #556) – a book is on it’s way! Sending hugs!!!

  538. 581

    I am in Canada and I am hoping for Jenny’s book You are Here <3

  539. Kailynn #339 – Bossypants is on the way for your student library!

  540. Everyone’s been telling me I need to read this.

  541. Anonymous 570 (AKA Elizabeth), I THINK I did it right!

  542. @Cherri Arsenault (481) watch for mail. Huge hugs from Germany

  543. If I’m not too late… And I did this right…
    I’d love it!

  544. I help run an English Conversation Group at the library where I work. I chose two beautiful books that will help share idioms and common sayings with our “students”.

    This is such a fun holiday! I have already shared the love. 🙂

  545. Having so much fun buying books (and finding books I want to read) and am so happy so find so many lists empty!

    Happy Booksgiving folks!

  546. Sorry to double post, but I forgot to mention that ebooks or used books are totally fine and would be very much appreciated as well. Again, thanks Jenny and everyone for the opportunity to escape into a good book in these times of trouble.

  547. I really could use this book…depresion has hit hard this winter…and laughter helps a lot…plus i could pass lend it on to a few people who could also use the brightness that Jenny bring into our lives

  548. Heather #72, your Scott Westerfield should be with you by Monday 🙂

  549. @Shella (584) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I read it.

  550. Thank you so much. I need Booksgiving this year!

  551. 595
    Cat Sutherland

    Hi guys, in the UK here, if anyone wanted to get me this book that’d be awesome 🙂

  552. I’m having such a bad day. I’ve lost two freelance jobs – one offered to let me write for free (nice, right.) And ironically, it’s covering books. I write about books. But no one wants to pay for people to write about books. I love books, and interviewing authors. Anyway, I would like a book. Really, I wish someone could just send me their favorite book (I have all of Jenny’s of course.) But I’m asking for Hillbilly Elegy because I heard it’s excellent.

  553. Sorry for the earlier error message Jenny! This link should work better…

  554. I would love a copy of Furiously Happy, sadly I have to wait a few more months for it to be shipped to South Africa. If I try purchasing through Amazon myself the exchange rate kills me🙈. This is just a long shot 😘

  555. Just in case I’m not too late. I’d love Jenny’s new book!
    or if that doesn’t work

  556. Hi Booktribe, this was so great for me last year, so I’m definitely up for it again! Here’s the list for me & my wife:

  557. I really need Booksgiving this year. Thank you so much.

  558. Please disregard 601. Did not mean to double post!

  559. tafairy #95, one on the way now and You Are Here should when it’s out.

  560. 605
    Flatlander in VT

    I was all excited for booksgiving thinking this year I could do the purchasing. Instead after a complicated pregnancy and delivery and realizing my insurance isn’t so great I now find my self with several thousands of dollars in medical bills and 10 weeks of unpaid maternity leave :/ life keeps on handing me lemons, I wish it would at least hand me limes so I could make a margarita. So at any rate, instead I find myself making a wish list this year. There is an item for me and one for my daughter as well as she’s been having a tough time with mean girls at school.

  561. Thank you, Anonymous 555! <3 You just made me cry at work! I will cherish it.

  562. This is so much fun! Booksgiving should be twice a year. Buying for other people is so much more enjoyable. Although in addition to the books I gifted I did buy the 100 Hugs book Daniel recommended for myself. The plan is to enjoy 100 Hugs then pass it along to any friend in need of hugs. So still kind of Booksgiving-y.