I’M COMING TO YOUR TOWN. (But only if you live in one of the towns on my upcoming tour. Otherwise you may have to take a road trip.)

So!  YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual For Dangerous Minds comes out in 3 weeks and that means I’m going on tour!  Yay!  It’s just seven stops but we tried to add a few places that I’ve never toured before so hopefully it will be awesome.  And if it isn’t and only two people show up then we will skip the reading and just go to a bar and drinks are on me.  Either way, you win.

More details to come closer to the date but here’s a quick look at where we’ll be next month:


I’ll update as I get details but I can tell you that usually all my readings/signings are free (one place has a $5 ticket fee because they have to rent a place to host it) and usually if you buy the book from the bookstore hosting the event you get a guaranteed seat and you get to go first in the signing line and you help keep the bookstore in business, which is a very good thing.  I will happily sign anything you want though, no matter where you got it.  Boobs, babies, books, Beyoncés….whatever.

Also, if you can’t make it to any of the events but you want a signed copy of one of my books (or several) you can usually call and order one from any of the stores and ask them to have me personalize one for you while I’m there and they’ll mail it to you or you can pick it up.  You have to do it a bit early though because sometimes places run out of books quicker than expected.

Please come!  My readings are totally laid-back and filled with introverts and weirdos.  The good kind of weirdos.

More details to come…

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  1. I’m so looking forward to your new book…loved, Loved, LOVED the others. Too bad you won’t be swinging by Chicago. I would have been there with bells on.

  2. Find our FB group North Idaho Life to see why you should come here. Beautiful with friendly artistic types galore. Ignore the recent ice and snow pics LOL

  3. The Midwest loves you, too! Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota … but mostly Wisconsin!

  4. Well, this misfit is too far from where you will be but I shall travel with you in spirit; probably not a spooky spirit that jumps out at you from a hotel closet…probably not.

  5. I’ve always imagined that you me and Chelsea Handler would be best friends if we all lived in the same place, but I would totally settle for meeting you at a reading.

  6. I am literally changing the closing date on my house to come to Austin to meet you. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

  7. I AM SO EXCITED. I put it in my calendar. :))))))) <3 NYC introvert comin’ at ya with love and affection.

  8. I’m so excited that you’re coming to NYC! I’m definitely going to come see you. Yaaay! 🙂

  9. I agree with your decision to not stop in Chicago in March, because it is awful here that time of year, but hopefully you’ll have another leg of this tour show up in April or May and come here then. Good luck on the tour!

  10. Looks like I’m going on a road trip to Austin to visit my brother-in-law WOOHOO gay’s are so fun….

  11. I preordered two of these and I can’t wait for them to arrive. I can’t make it all the way to La Jolla, but all those people are in for a treat! Thank you for continuing to be you Jenny. WE LOVE YOU.

  12. Raleigh? Those assholes? Charlotte would have been better. But only because I live there and don’t want to drive to Raleigh. Also the reason I called people from Raleigh assholes. They don’t have to drive.

  13. Won’t be able to catch you on tour (whole other country and all that, big oceans, planes etc) but I will look forward to following along with your tour. I mean, the last tour brought us the whole “Embarrassing things we’ve said to other people” thing on twitter, which was indescribably funny and wonderful. Seriously, crying and crying with laughter, for so long. If anything even a tenth as good happens on this tour its going to be a highlight of the year for us folks following along.

    Hoping its a great and safe tour for you, Jenny. Sending you all good thoughts!

  14. Canada loves you too, Jenny! Maybe one day you could add the very laid back, freak and weirdo riddled city of Victoria, BC to your tour stops?! We have brew pubs and lots and lots of peanuts – and the drinks would be on me!!

    Can’t wait for the email telling me my Amazon order of ‘You Are Here’ has been shipped! Good luck on your tour and have fun!! You are so loved, and an absolute treasure to so many!

  15. THANK YOU for coming to North Carolina! We need some serious love here … I can’t believe I actually get to see you in person! 😀

  16. I cannot wait to get hands on this book. You’re not going to be anywhere near me this time. But I got to meet you last time!

  17. MEEEE! I am coming. Come heck or high water I am finding you in Raleigh.

    And I would be happy to take you out for coffee or lunch/dinner before or after – I’m not that much of a weirdo, I promise. We have mutual friends who will vouch for me. Some you met/connected w. at Erma last year. And – what else – whatever you need, in the area, etc? Please reach out! WAHOO! I am excited. <3

  18. Consider adding Hartford Connecticut after NYC… we have Mark Twain’s house and Harriet BeecherStowe’s right next door. And the Hill Steadman Museum in nearby Farmington which I always think of as Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler’s house. And the Buttolphe Williams House in Wethersfield is the house that inspired The Witch of Blackbrid Pond. (Plus it’s just a really funny name.)

  19. Come to Minnesota!!! Specifically Minneapolis. Please and thanks!!! Winter sucks, but you’ll help make it brighter

  20. Consider adding Hartford Connecticut after NYC… we have Mark Twain’s house and Harriet BeecherStowe’s right next door. And the Hill Steadman Museum in nearby Farmington which I always think of as Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler’s house. And the Buttolphe Williams House in Wethersfield is the house that inspired The Witch of Blackbrid Pond. (Plus it’s just a really funny name.)

  21. It’d totally be worth it just to relocate our entire household to one of your selected destinations. I mean, what’s so great about roots when you can be somewhere warmer AND go to a Jenny Lawson reading? Hashtag Winning, yo!

  22. New York again, YAY! Perhaps this time I will not be frozen with fear while you sign my book and can come up with something intelligible (intelligent is a stretch) to say!

  23. I would like to (politely) invite you to come tour Canada! It might be a little snowy, but we are heading into spring, which is a pretty nice time. And we are pretty nice people. Who will all come to see you at your signing, and then offer to show you around!

  24. I don’t live far from Philly so I might be able to run down and just give you a hug. Good Luck on your tour and don’t run yourself ragged. Be sure to get some rest sweet girl.

  25. I’d already preordered 2 books from you but went ahead and ordered another one from my local bookstore so I’d get tickets for the signing! So excited you’re coming to Raleigh! : )

  26. I know these tours take a lot out of you and I know you’re probably obligated to go to big cities, but I’m way on the other side of NY and no one ever comes here. You should come to western New York. We have a lot of haunted stuff. And Niagara Falls. And me.

  27. How awesome! I got to see you on your last tour in Dayton. What a lovely evening. I met so many people that I felt comfortable with.

  28. I feel like there needs to be a NC meetup so I can justify spending 5 hours in the car for this. Lunch/cocktails beforehand anyone? Carpool scrappymags?

  29. Holy shit. You’re coming to Philly. I’m already nervous! What should I wear?

  30. aw, fiddle poo. You are coming to Austin, but I’m two hours away with small people at home, so I can’t make it on a Wednesday. I am disappoint.

    I already pre-ordered on Amazon though, back when you first posted the link…will you do the “sign a bookplate” thing again at some point so I can glue that sucker in there and it will be LIKE I went to a book signing, but more introvert-y and in my pajamas?

  31. i’m sad you won’t be in chicago, but i’ve seen you twice so i’m lucky. each time i see you i get so verklempt and i usually start crying when i get to the talking part. you’ve made a big difference in my life. and #thebloggesstribe is a lifesaver.

  32. You’re coming to Philly?! 😀

    I’m very excited by this news.

    As an aside, you won’t be far from the Mutter Museum, so you could totally go look at body parts and medical abnormalities in jars before your reading. Or you could go to Monks and get a duck sandwich. Or both if looking at brains makes you hungry.

  33. Sigh….I’m moving to Raleigh in April or May so i’ll miss you by a couple of months. Any chance that you can have another book reading online ( via that Google thingy) like the one that you had for your last book? That was really awesomely cool!

  34. I AM SO EXCITED!!! You’re coming to NOLA! Yay!!! Can not wait! And P.S. This city is FULL of misfits and weirdos, you’ll love it! 😜 And if it’s not too weird, I’ll offer my services as a “do it like the locals do” your guide if you’re up for it. If it is weird, forget I said anything.

  35. Kermit flails You’re coming to Louisville!!!! I may or may not have fangirl squealed loud enough to freak out the cat with the happy noises that came out of me. Can’t wait to see you!!!!!

  36. ROAD TRIP!! Yay, you are coming within driving distance on a weekend! So excited! Your works of art and inspiration are such a gift, Jenny. <3

  37. I may need to move to another state just so that I can attend one of your future book signings.

  38. You’ll only be a couple of hundreds of miles away from me. So if I don’t make it….

  39. Thank you for giving me a much needed AMAZING THING to look forward to!! I had already ordered a copy, but now I’ll have a spare to give away which is totally worth the price of admission and omg I’m actually excited about leaving the couch! <3

  40. There must be a mistake, you left Anchorage, AK off your list. We have giant stuffed polar bears here… in case you needed some incentive.

  41. Ahhhh, PLEASE come to Denver Too!!!!! I can guarantee at least 10 of my friends that would love to see you and drinks are on US!!!!!

  42. I was so excited to see you’re coming to Raleigh which is only about half an hour from me. 😀 (not all of us in NC support being mean to people). Then I checked the date and realized I’ll already be in Raleigh that afternoon.

    … because I have tickets to the ballet. At the same time as your reading.

  43. No one ever comes to Montana!!!! Wish I lived in one of those cities in your tour! I just want to say hello & tell you thank you in person. You’ve brought so much love life & laughter to me that I am so grateful!!!

  44. Say it with me now Jenny, CA-NA-DA. We need you to come visit us up here! We’re super nice, a little weird, and our Prime Minister is kind of a hottie 😉. I PROMISE it will be fun and we have poutine 🖒

  45. c’mon … you know you want to come to the Yukon!!!
    You’d get all kinds of material from visiting up here 🙂

  46. So excited that you’ll be coming to California! I’ll definitely be coming to your signing. Thanks for making the trip out to the West Coast.

  47. How exciting for your book tour! May it be absolutely magnificent, just like you are!

  48. Come back to Santa Cruz! We love you! We need you! We promise to but your books and make you feel wanted and welcome!!!!

  49. NYC! May I interview you for a homework assignment? (B-school. I’m supposed to reach out to my favorite bloggers and find out more about them, and how they started etc). See you there!

  50. Hell yeah! Looking forward to seeing in NYC on 3/16. Stay for St. Patty’s Day weekend. Bring the family.

  51. Oh, FUN! But my state is not listed. WHY DO YOU NOT LOVE ME? Seriously, if you come to Knoxville, I’ll give you a tour of my zoo, and you can meet a 150-year-old giant tortoise who thinks he is a lapdog.

  52. YOU’RE COMING TO RALEIGH!!! MY city!!! Quail Ridge is adorable, such an oasis. SO EXCITED!

  53. I’m so excited for you Jenny. I wish you were coming to a place near me in California. Good luck on the book tour!

  54. I’m so excited for you Jenny. I wish you were coming to a place near me in California. Good luck on the book tour!

  55. Jenny – you are coming to my town (Raleigh), but alas it is on a date I will be in a different town. What a bummer. Please come back some day!

  56. But, but, no Florida? Please reconsider… (though I’ve preordered so it’s not that I won’t get the book, it’s more for the sheer pleasure of seeing you)

  57. I’m sad I can’t make it to any of your tour sites, but maybe you could sneak over to Boston at some point and I’ll get to meet you and then we can have an awkward silence moment as I lose the ability to verbally say how much your blogs/tweets/books have helped me, but you’ll totally understand and it will be cool… 🙂 looking forward to buying your new book!

  58. Ah, lucky cities! I’ll miss you in Portland. If you decide to add it to list list, because we are awesome and have Powell’s, then come on over!

  59. YAY!!!! I’ll be seeing you in La Jolla!!! I hope your signing hand isn’t too tired, as I’ll be bringing all of your books with me… lol

  60. If you only made it to Boston I would have tried to conquer my anxiety to make it to see you. New York is way out of my anxiety bubble of safety.

  61. Yes! New Orleans! Although I’m pretty sure everything here is a bar. We call them “book stores” so no one judges us. I can’t wait to drink with you. I’m going to start making conversation starter note cards. We’ll be okay.

  62. Man…would come see y’all but we live in Oregon (Ashland….our town embodies misfits and we had a Women’s March that had thousands (and we’re a town of 18,000). Come visit! We actually still have two independent bookstores!

  63. Maybe with the next book you will be near me. I would gladly do a road trip, but no car as of right now. I like how you said you would gladly sign anything, but apparently it’s just stuff that begins s with B. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful tour!

  64. Yay, so glad you are going on tour! Not close enough for me to come see you but I am definitely looking forward to the book and also the strange and wonderful stories that are bound to be the result of this tour!

  65. Hmmm. Since your last tour, we’ve begun living and traveling full-time in our RV, so I can follow you anywhere!

    But I won’t. Because I’m not stalker-y. And I’m lazy.

  66. Squee! Philly!!! I’m gonna cry. No, seriously, I’ll probably cry if I get to meet you. It’s not you, it’s me. Well it’s partially you, because it’s like “you”, but it’s mostly me. I think. I’m so confused now. Anyway, Philly!!!

  67. Wow! La Jolla! I will pre-order your book to be sure … Note to those coming in from elsewhere … parking is dicey on Girard St., but Jenny’s so worth it. May I suggest, if you have time and are up for it, joining me for a visit to nearby Torrey Pines Natural Reserve in the window of your visit.
    I’m working on my getting out of the house thing by being a docent there, so I can take you on a beautiful walk with forever views of the Pacific and describe all the cool weird stuff the native people did with the plants. Plus our visitor center is full of stuffed real animals!
    Oh, I am so happy!

  68. Ahhhh… can you come to Canada?
    Or Vegas in early March I will be there for the Rugby?

  69. There are a lot of introverts and weirdos in Michigan. And we have pasties. Just sayin’… Oh well, maybe next time. 🙂

  70. Waaaaaaaaah!!!! Why couldn’t you come to California’s state capitol? How far away I La Jolla? Like you’re Google?!? What the fuck, me?!? Seriously!! And while I am chewing me out… Why am I whining?!?

    Because it’s Jenny!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Off to Google La Jolla and dreading its response.

  71. You’ll be walking distance from me in Raleigh! Woot woot! On my calendar. And if you like sushi, Cowfish would be exactly up your alley for lunch just before. Sushi? Burgers? Both? Perfect! Just across the street from the Raleigh store.

  72. Awww, I’m never going to get to meet you. It’s the tragedy of living in a fly over state like South Dakota: unless our weather is ridiculously awful, or our state legislature ridiculously obtuse, people forget we’re here. But it’s ok because your book is coming out and I can’t wait!!!

  73. Good luck on tour! I’m looking forward to the book as it makes my day and helps me through my mental health challenges.
    Any chance you’ll ever come to Canada? Hopefully Ontario, specify Toronto (or within 3 hrs) 😉 That would be cool

  74. Extraordinarily clever of you not to book Michigan in March. But tragic that you are nowhere near. Still, a girl can dream.

  75. Yay!!! I’m so glad you are coming to Raleigh, NC!! If you have time to tour around, we have a great free science museum (where I work) with all sorts of fixed critters you can check out and our free art museum has an awesome outdoor park.

  76. Yay!!! I’m so glad you are coming to Raleigh, NC!! If you have time to tour around, we have a great free science museum (where I work) with all sorts of fixed critters you can check out and our free art museum has an awesome outdoor park.

  77. OMG OMG OMG – you are finally coming to Raleigh!!!!!!!! I’d show you how excited I really am but I’d hate to trigger a panic attack for you or me before your arrival!

  78. I’ll see you in Raleigh, share a frickin’ stall with you if you want, and buy you dinner after if you’d let me. ~Just another fighter, glad to not be alone

  79. JOY & RAPTURE! You are coming to San Diego!!!! I am delighted! I will see you there 🙂

  80. AAAH I’m in Ohio!!! I can totally make it over to KY!!! At least theoretically; I’m a non-driving, friendless 17-year-old (don’t you love the variety in your fanbase??), but I think I could convince my family to swing a road trip (especially considering my mom likes you too)! Aaa

    Meeting you is seriously on my bucket list, I was thinking it would happen at some nebulous point before my death, but now it’s becoming real! <3

  81. Hey there Jenny. First time commenting, long time reading. I guess you probably won’t see this buried among the thousands of other messages and comments you get… Part of the reason I’ve never commented before. But anyways, to the point. I think it might make my brain feel better if I do comment. So giving it a shot, for my brain’s sake. Although the brain tends to be a bastard, so I don’t know why I bother doing anything for its sake, but here it goes. You are welcome, brain.

    Loved your first book, because short of getting my arm stuck in a cow’s vagina it sounded all too familiar. Finally getting to read Furiously Happy. And HOLY CRAP, I never knew that “dermatillomania” had a name and existed. Well, I knew it existed I guess, as I scratch the fuck out of my face and scalp (and back and shoulders if I can get my hands on them… which sounds weird, kind of like I don’t always have my back and shoulders with me… Which is not the case. As in, I do have them with me. Usually.). It’s been getting bad over this past month as things and the the world have been really shitty. Like what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you-world-you-make-me-wanna-punch-you-in-the-face kind of shitty. It makes me feel better to know that it (dermatillomania that is, as this is probably not clear anymore) is “legit” and you have it too and you’ve managed to not claw your face off. So maybe I can manage to not claw my face off too. And not clawing my face off would be nice in the middle of all the shittiness.

    So thanks Jenny. Because you’ve made the shitty world just a little bit less shitty once again, and even though I’m taking breaks from typing to scratch my face I’m managing to stop scratching for long enough to put this together. And that should count for something.

  82. You need to come to FL. It’s like meeting all 50 states of wierdos at the same time. (I am allowed to say that as I am a multi generational Floridian. Besides the beach will be your soothing friend.

  83. You need to come to FL. It’s like meeting all 50 states of wierdos at the same time. (I am allowed to say that as I am a multi generational Floridian. Besides the beach will be your soothing friend.

  84. OMG I can’t believe Louisville is on your list. Although our independent book store, Carmichaels, is awesome. Cannot wait to see you!!

  85. I loved seeing you at a book reading you did near Seattle a couple of years ago. Your words, and the people that love your words, made me realize that I wasn’t alone. Things did get a LOT worse for me not long after that (ended up in a psychiatric hospital – long story, but short visit, so bonus?), but your words were some of the first that I wanted to and was able to read when I was able to focus. Thank you for everything that you do. You are absolutely amazing. <3

  86. I loved seeing you at a book reading you did near Seattle a couple of years ago. Your words, and the people that love your words, made me realize that I wasn’t alone. Things did get a LOT worse for me not long after that (ended up in a psychiatric hospital – long story, but short visit, so bonus?), but your words were some of the first that I wanted to and was able to read when I was able to focus. Thank you for everything that you do. You are absolutely amazing. <3

    (I did NOT mean to post that anonymously… Must be naptime!)

  87. Argh, Louisville is like an hour away but I don’t drive!!!!!!!!!! Rrgh. I need to hit up some of my friends and see if anyone’s going and has a spare seat or a trunk I can ride in.

  88. Jenny- I hope you have a FABULOUS tour. When you are in California-La Jolla- make sure you visit Seal Beach. At sunset, the seals come ashore to lounge. You can get close enough to touch them….but don’t. You aren’t allowed. And I know that it will be hard for you to look and not touch- but go anyways. You won’t regret it….except if Hailey isn’t with you, then you might regret her not being there to see them with you….

  89. Thank God you’re coming to New Orleans after Mardi Gras. 🙂 See you there! I’ll probly still have glitter in my hair. Fair warning.

  90. Oregon jenny. Come to Oregon. Or southern Washington. I’ll drive anywhere in the state to meet you. I’ll even show you portlands whimsey if you want.

  91. Philly!!!! For you, Jenny, we will break out the good cheesesteaks, hoagies and Yeunglings! Can’t wait to see you 🙂

  92. Please come to Las Vegas! I would love to meet you and thank you! You have gotten me through many problems, by teaching me to look at them from the humorous side!

  93. Bummed you won’t be stopping in KC this summer go-round!! We would feed you well. And take you to the Toy and Miniature museum for inspiration on staging all your furry little dead friends!

  94. YES! You are finally coming to my town! I will see you in March at Quail Ridge Books. I CAN’T WAIT! Thank you so much for choosing this as one of your spots!

  95. Wish it was road-trippable from Colorado. But yay! So happy for you! Have a great tour! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book!

  96. YAYYY! You are coming to the Barnes & Nobles in Rittenhouse Square in Philly! I used to live down the street from that one and went there all the time! I’m really excited because I live across the border in NJ now, and rarely go into Philly. I only lived there for 2 years and still get all turned around there. BUT, you picked the one bookstore that is in a spot I know exactly where it is and how to get there! I get bummed out when authors I love come to our area usually, because either they pick NYC or if they do pick Philly, they go somewhere I wouldn’t be able to go to with my driving anxiety. So I’m so excited and I will be there! 😀

  97. YAY! I might actually be able to go to the one in Philly! I would love to sit in a coffee shop and chat with (or awkwardly check emails in near proximity to) other people before the event.

  98. I soooooooooo wish you could come to the Netherlands once…. I love your books and your blog… so hereby a hint for a world tour

  99. I will definitely be on my way to see you in Raleigh!! I am so excited to see you’re coming here and can’t wait to meet you! I’ve never been to a reading before, I typically avoid crowds and parking and all that anxiety inducing stuff haha

  100. Do you ever come to Canada??? Your books are amazing and definitely help give me hope! And possibly help my boyfriend understand my kind of crazy!!!

  101. I so wish you + Canada + small town + Alberta + one day. Like in a small town where you grew up would be, like epic. You would have material for an etire nother book. I know nother isn’t a word.

  102. Holy crapoli- you’requested coming to New Orleans!! YAAAAAY!! I’m so there!

  103. Holy crap La Jolla. That’s like four hours from me, and I expect it’s probably the closest you’ll get to me. I really really really really really really want to go!

  104. LA JOLLA! Woo hoo! I missed you at Vrorman’s in Pasadena so this is a second chance!

  105. I am so excited-Raleigh!! Like, in tears excited. I will be there. Planning a vacation there that weekend.

  106. See you in PA! I’ll bring my anxiety meds so I can actually say a word or more hopefully 😀

  107. I’ll never be able to get off work early enough to make the 5-hour trip to Philly. Wahhh. How about you sneak in a trip to say, Charlottesville, VA, or even closer, Harrisonburg (where I actually live)? I know, I know, people. Hmm, well, guess I may have to get some of my Philly-area friends to drop by there and get me some vicarious Jenny time and a signed copy or two if I can!

  108. I hope everything goes well on your book tour. I love how much everyone wants to see you in their own town. I’d like to see you in Canada too, but you would probably be in Toronto or Vancouver where I couldn’t see you anyway, so I hope you keep us updated from wherever you are, so we can at least enjoy you vicariously. Can’t wait to get your new book!

  109. ROAD TRIP! Yaaaaaay! My husband is going to drive me out of state to Kentucky to see you, because driving on highways gives me immediate panic attacks. I have read your first two books, and then loaned them to people who must have needed them more than me…because they never gave them back. Is there a link to this Kentucky shin-dig so I can order more copies in advance? Can’t wait to stress out in a crowd situation with you. hugs, fiona. Also, thanks for having the event in the evening, after the restorative cocktail hour.

  110. Jenny, you have made the introverted misfits of New Orleans SO happy with this announcement. What kind of bathroom cocktails should we bring you?

  111. Why are you not coming to Indianapolis? We need you here, we had an awful Governor who is now an awful Vice President. We need your wisdom and sense of humor. Try to pencil us in.

  112. Portland Oregon!!! Please oh please. Keeping Portland weird! You would love it I’ll take you for voodoo donuts! Though it’s rather damp. Like bring a life jacket but still amazing donuts!

  113. I like Warwicks — looks like I’ll be taking a road trip!

    You give good reading. 😉

  114. Oh shit! Looks like two road trips — Neil Gaiman is going to be at Warwick’s the following week!

  115. I do hope this is just the beginning of your tour. You left out the San Francisco Bay Area and we really need you here!

  116. Jenny, pleaseohpleaseohpleasssssse add a stop in Fairhope, Alabama! My best friend, Allyson, and her band of local misfits are there and even though it’s sort of the Austin of Alabama, they NEED some of your special awesome in their town. You’d know them on sight: tie-dyed, rainbow-haired, Harry Potter nerds who make metal art and jewelry and pottery and barbecue and other happy things (like a passel of amazing kids between all of them). They’ve found and befriended each other because they are all weirdos. And because Alabama.

  117. Reno, Nevada has a really nice Barnes and Nobles and I know they would love to have you. You have made such a difference in my life and it would mean the world to come meet you. I’d faint.

  118. Oh Jenny. Can’t you come to Eugene Oregon? You can stay at my house. It’s nice. Is that weird?

  119. I’d like to to add encouragement to Sietske’s hinted-at World Tour of comment 193 by adding Denmark (specifically Copenhagen) to the list that started with the Netherlands (and Australia and Canada), as I am also one of the many that are on the all-together wrong continent for this tour 😆
    Although, knowing me, I’d get all starstruck and not actually be able to say anything intelligible anyway 😆

    I hope you have a great tour ms Jenny and I wish you all the best <3
    With love and an open heart..
    – Rizz

  120. I’m thrilled that you’ll be in La Jolla and will definitely be there! I’m super excited and will be bring my equally excited dog, Andy Cohen. He will wear a bow tie in your honor. We love you, Jenny!

  121. Squee! I’m near one of the seven! I’ve never been to a book signing before, but if you can do it (you have the much harder role) maybe this is the time to try it. At least I put it in the calendar.

  122. Quail Ridge Books is the best indie bookstore! I went to a reading of Ransom Riggs there, for his first Miss Peregrine book. I -will- be there for your new book. YAY!!! 🙂

  123. Come back to Toronto! Or better yet, if you’re aiming for places you’ve not been yet, come to London. That was, I won’t have to drive for two hours and you can see the weird stupid shit we have here, like multi-coloured metal trees. (Ontario, Canada, btw, not the good one in the UK…although that place is awesome…go there, too!)

  124. We need you in Nebraska… desperately. I would happily road trip for you Jenny but, traffic, people, more people, planning a road trip…thinking about it I want to hide under a table a throw up. Really though, Nebraska, think about it. So thrilled for all your success <3

    Ps..maybe set up a way for us to stream the events we can’t make it to?

  125. I’m bummed you aren’t coming anywhere near me ☹️😢😫, but I DID PREORDER A SIGNED COPY! Yippee!
    I wish you safe travels and a wonderful time with the weirdos!
    Hugs~ Love~ Friendship,
    PS I 💜❤️💛 Your crazy brain!

  126. Congratulations, your Bloggessness! May this be the most wonderful and rewarding tour ever! If you ever make a stop in Atlanta, I’ll be there. About a dozen major universities here and a major hub of mental/psychological health and awareness. Kudos to you as you embark on this amazing adventure! Showering you with love and positive energy ~~~!

  127. My husband, daughter and I saw you in CA. I extremely appreciate you trying to bring mental illness to us. I’m really embarrassed about what is going on in my brain. My husband just doesn’t know how to deal. Not sure that I can be as open to it, either. I feel so much hope from you!


    Sent from my iPhone


  128. You don’t bring mental illness to us! I am trying to say that you have helped me to talk to my family about what’s happening.


    Sent from my iPhone


  129. You do know that when we ask you to visit our town we understand you can’t be everywhere, right? Still, you’ve not made it to Detroit yet, so…

    Please come to London for the book tour.
    I’m stayin’ here with some friends
    And they’d love to see Rory and you.
    You can sell you books at the local store,
    and we promise to buy some too!
    Please come to London.
    She said, “No.
    There’s only so many places I can go”

    And she said, “I’m really like
    If I could come to town.
    I’d enjoy if we could hang around.
    But there are too many people,
    and too many places to see.
    So, I’ll do as many as possible,
    Then it’s back to Texas for me.”

    Please come to Quebec and sign some books.
    We’re Canadian’s here, and everyone is nice to be around.
    We’ll find stuffed animals and bake a cake.
    We’ll teach you how ‘Eh?” really sounds.
    Please come to Quebec.
    She said, “No.
    There’s only so many places I can go”


    Now, this drifter’s world goes ‘round and ‘round.
    And sometimes I need your help to find my ground.
    It is the words we share
    Of laughter and care,
    That bring us together here.

    Please come to Detroit on your travels.
    Maybe Victor wants to tour the Motor City?
    We’ll visit John King books for a day or two,
    There really is so much to see and do.
    Please come to Detroit.
    She just said, “No.
    There’s only so many places I can go”.


    (With respect to Dave Loggins whose song “Please come to Boston” is used as a template.)

  130. I bought my ticket for Louisville! So excited you are coming. It’s a three hour drive but totally worth it. This may sound weird but if you get anxious I would happily hang out in a bathroom with you.

  131. Howdy! I just read Furiously Happy and was blown away! Shame on me for not having read anything of yours. I just purchased Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and can’t wait to start it. I just want to tell you what a gift you are. These past few days I have been visited by my occasional “black dog” as Churchill called it. Your humor and honesty have made it seem not so dark. Thanks so much for that and for being so charmingly odd, open, and hysterically funny! I’ll definitely be attending your New York appearance. In the meantime I will start a movement to have you or the possum added to Mount Rushmore as you, and the possum, are national treasures!

  132. U need to come to wi, pretty please. Id even be willing to drive to illinois, and i hate going there

  133. Jenny, you’re coming back to Louisville! I’m so excited to see you again! 😀

  134. Canadian friends, You Are Here is 50% off to preorder from Chapters today only (Feb. 10). Can’t wait for it to come out. Cheers from Canada!

  135. Austin is a perfect fit for you, but you knew that already being from TX and all, ya’ll.

  136. Okay I talked to my mom and it looks like this might actually happen. You guys, I’m freaking out! My anxiety will be off the charts but omg how awesome is this going to be?! Of course this will be my big birthday present, since we really can’t afford the trip otherwise… SO EXCITED!

  137. Awww Jenny…what do you have against Michigan? Bring Hailey..we have snow in March…and April! Crying…would love to see you 🙁

  138. Philadelphia isn’t terribly far for me, but 7:00 is so late (I’m a 95 year old on the inside). Have a great tour!

    – Erika


  139. There is a special kind of weird in Oregon. Portland, Powell’s Books, someday; Please?

  140. What about Idaho??? Everyone forgets us!!! We are probably weirder than all of you!!! And extremely introverted. And lonely.

  141. Jenny please come to Montreal on your next tour. Canada loves you and I love you. It would be so awesome to meet you!

  142. Must get to work on a themed cocktail for your NOLA reading! Really needed this news today – wheeee!

  143. I would so love to attend. Next time could you come closer to Boston? (hint, hint)

  144. I can’t believe it! You’re visiting San Diego! YAY! And, just my luck, on my last night of chemo, I don’t think I’m going to make it. Next time.
    In the meantime, please keep your love , optimism, hope, and humor coming.

  145. A somewhat related question. Do you know if there are any hard copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened? I can’t find mine, I think someone borrowed it, and I love hardcover so much but I can’t find it online anywhere.

  146. A somewhat related question. Do you know if there are any hard copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened? I can’t find mine, I think someone borrowed it, and I love hardcover so much but I can’t find it online anywhere.

  147. I’d say “Why not NJ? NJ is a great place!” But how can I convince you if I can’t even manage to say that with a straight face? :/

  148. I saw you in pasadena, and it’s killing me because I will be La Jolla adjacent for the 2 days before you come, but not the actual day. Sigh. Still love you.

  149. Of all the days… I’m going to be on call for fucking jury duty the same day you’ll be in Cali! You’ll also be over an hour south from me so its not looking likely I would make it in time. Dammit! La jolla is super fun though! Make sure you hit up The Taco Stand restaurant in la jolla while in town and try the surf and turf fries they offer. Those will change your life! Serial. Hope the tour is amazingly fun!!

  150. Mrs. Lawson or jenny,
    You have an incredible knack for coming up with names and we have a frug (frenchie-pug) named
    Mortimus James Von Buttons the 5th aka Morty (named after the swiffer commercial elderly couple) and the pug is named Mr. Moosey Man the 3rd (his name was moose when we rescued him) and we call him Moosey.
    We do not have a pug puppy yet, but we are planning on it in the near future and we want to name him Hamlet.
    However we need a much more formal name for him so we thought we maybe we could ask you to give us some ideas? We know that you’re exceptionally busy and that you have much better things to do than name our dog, but we admire your creativity in this area. We are huge fans, we admire your strength, and your humor is right up our ally. Thank you for making us all feel a little less crazy!

  151. It’s like a giant circle tour and all of us in the middle are flown over again – insert tear here 🙁
    Maybe Lincoln or Omaha? PLEEEEEEEZ?

  152. So I want to go but I get bad anxiety about going new places. So I either have to bring my husband or 4yr old (I don’t have friends.) It’ll probably be the 4yr old, between you, me an whoever read this… the 4yr old is more fun.

    (Trust me when I say you’ll be surrounded by people feeling exactly the same way. My readings are the safest places ever. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  153. Ooo, Raleigh is only 3 hours away and I have relatives there! The whole idea makes me super anxious because I’ve never been to a book-tour stop before and the unknown freaks me out but maybe I’ll get myself to go anyway.

  154. I have never been more excited in my entire life! You are coming to Philly! I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

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  156. Hey Jenny, Just preordered to see you in Austin. That is now tge same day as no women day. Are you still going to be coming to Austin?

    (That is a really good question. I just heard about it but it sounds like the organizers still don’t know entirely what the protest is going to entail so I’m not really sure. I’m checking with the bookstore to get their thoughts. I don’t want to let anyone down. I’ll keep you posted if there are any changes though. ~ Jenny)

  157. Wait! Wait, not Bellingham, WA… or even Seattle? Hell, we have one of THE most well respected and oldest independent book stores in the nation. And I happen to have a guest room with a water view, and sangria… not that you can’t get your own guest room. So, please reconsider this list. La Jolla is great, but Bellingham happens to be epic. Just sayin. 😉

  158. Finally catching up on your posts and I’m so excited you’ll be in La Jolla! That’s close to me! 🙂

  159. I saw you in Pasadena on your Furiously Happy tour, and even though I bought my copy from the bookstore, I did not have a guaranteed seat. I found a spot on the floor next to Anne Wheaton (who DID have a seat, but, of course, she’s Anne-freakin’-Wheaton!), and I did not get a Rory mask. 🙁


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