YOU ARE HERE is here! (Sort of.)



AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  That was my excited scream.  Sorry.

Less than three weeks until the tour.  It’s almost like it’s real.

PS. Wanna see inside?

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  1. I don’t even remember how many copies I ordered but I am excited! I may end up ordering more to give to even more people. This tribe is the best. <3

  2. I’m seriously hoping that’s not the package that the post office says they delivered, but is missing. Now I’m really scared that it is. I won a copy on Goodreads.

  3. Can’t wait to get mine! Pre-ordered about 2,000,000 years ago! Sharpening my colored pencils…..

  4. I wish I’d get books I’d written mailed to me. However, I seem to just get bills. 🙁 Awesome job Jenny!!!!!!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    I pre-ordered too, and I’m so happy that I’ll receive my copy soon! Congratulations re your new book – and I hope that your RA flare subsides soon. Love & Hugs, Dixie E.

  6. YAY! I already pre-ordered mine. I feel like I’m spying in my best friend’s diary when I’m reading your work. Is that weird?

    (That is the best compliment ever. ~ Jenny)

  7. It is so funny that you are as excited about having the book in your hands just like all of us who preordered it! Am hoping to get autographed one from BookPeople for a mid March birthday gift. Just waiting on confirmation. Yay for all of us on March 7th!

  8. This is absolutely the best kind of real!! Can’t wait to receive mine in the mail!!

    Hope your flare up goes away soon, and you are in spit spot shape for your book tour! Enjoy this moment, this release and every bit of sunshine that comes your way – you deserve it!!

  9. I preordered 2 copies as soon as the option was available. I see now that I will have to up that to 4. My Big Kid & I will surely take pages out for framing etc. It looks AMAZING!

  10. OMG!OMG!OMG!!! So! Excited! And it’s coming out right at my birthday time and I preordered way back when and I am So! Excited! (And your little video made me all misty-eyed with happy!)

  11. JENNYJENNYJENNY!!! I’m so excited!!! I had already pre-ordered 2 copies, and my sister-in-law ordered me another one for Christmas, but I’m still not sure that’s enough copies!!! I want to squeeze you and jump up and down!

  12. I am very very excited to be a soon to be holder of shown item! I am very excited. Looks amazing!

  13. This is going to be my go to gift this year for everyone. You need to pair up with a colored pencil or markers company to make a good gift set.

  14. I am not clever. Yes, the first word in this comment is I. Which is wrong. But. How do I tell you that you make me feel normal when I read your blog or books. I have your books and I will order a copy of this book. You are a lifesaver. Thank you for being able to share yourself. You are a lifesaver.

  15. Yeah!!!!!!!!

    I have this pre-ordered I think…through somebody…maybe b&n with scalzi’s new book? Either way, it is a surprise I am looking forward to.

  16. Yay! Congrats, and I can’t wait to get mine! Also, your voice is so lovely, there’s something so calming about it 🙂

  17. Aww you sound so amazed I can’t stop smiling. Are you going to make my cheeks hurt every time your books come out? I hope so! Also, IT’S SO SHINY!!!!!!! (We’re gonna need a new set of pencils, ya’ll)

  18. I pre-ordered a bunch of copies for myself and friends – I’m so excited it is almost here!

  19. Happpy happy joy joy!!! This will be my first adult coloring book. I waited to buy one because I wanted to see if you would ever make one and I’m glad I did. I wanted my first to be special lol I know I’m a dork :0)

  20. YAY!!! What’s the best form of instrument for coloring on that paper? I need to go order some pens or pencils or something…

  21. Me, me, me! I want a thick and heavy and substantial book just like this one! Looking forward to release date (the release date for us mere mortals anyway). Congratulations to you–I cannot imagine how wonderful it must feel! Go, you.

  22. George and I are stupid excited to get our copies and meet you in Raleigh, NC on 3/11. Sssqqquuueeeee!!!!

  23. So excited!!! And I get it right around my birthday, so it’s kind of like you’re personally giving me a present. Hmm…that sounds kinda creepy when I think about it, seeing as how we’ve never met. But I mean it in the least creepy and most awesome way possible.

  24. Yay! I can’t wait until ours come….my daughter and I each need our own. We both struggle with depression and anxiety, and I always feel less alone reading your books (plus laughing until I can’t breathe helps!). I gave Regan Furiously Happy to read over Christmas, and she read it in a weekend, and immediately came to find me and ask what else you’ve written. She’s 13, and you’ve helped her feel less alone, and really reached her soul. Thank you for that. Any chance you’re doing any book stops near Toronto?

  25. OMG!!! I want one. I have so many colouring books and I never use them. I just like to buy them and look through them…and buy pens, pencils and markers….lol. Looks great, girl..

  26. So excited to get mine! Had to double check last week that I was correct in my thinking that I had preordered one. I was! Can’t wait for my notification that it’s shipped!

  27. I’ve got it on preorder- I’m so excited. Jenny, you are such an inspiration, and your artwork is as wonderful as your prose! I have your first two books but I may have to buy another copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened at some point because I don’t think I’m ever getting mine back from the friend who borrowed it… I think she maybe needs to keep it. <3

    I really wish I could go to your signing in Raleigh, so much, but I have chronic pain issues of my own, and driving that far isn’t practical for me right now. Thank goodness for Amazon! Anyway, one of these days I WILL make it to one of your events. I hope your RA flare up is over soon. You are amazing, never forget that!

  28. It’s so beautiful! I’m buying it for my sister when it comes out. She lost her health insurance, and her anti-anxiety meds are no longer available to her. She loves to color!

  29. Hi don’t freak out if you notice one of the pre-orders was cancelled. It’s okay because my best friend has bought me both of your other books (which have made a huge dent in me being okay with my brain!) and I really wanted to do this for her because not only is it you, it’s coloring and art that came out of your head which is a total bonus so don’t freak cuz you lost one you actually gained one. Thank you for being you and making it okay for us to be us, with minds that don’t work.

  30. Oh my gosh, Jenny! I’m almost as excited as you are. When you said that the pages are perforated, I actually repeated it to myself in this reverential whisper. Lol! Seriously though! The pages are perforated! YES!!!

  31. Thank goodness you thought of putting it on the table because I thought you were just teasing us with the sneak peek bit:). Looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it for real.

  32. Congratulations and yay! I pre-ordered several copies and can’t wait to see them in person!

  33. Yay!!! So excited for you!! I pre-ordered one for my sister & myself – can’t wait to get it!!

  34. Congrats and now another book for me to buy from you my favorite author!!! 😀

  35. I’m so excited. I preordered two. I have no clue why I bought two but it’s to late to regret it now!!!!kiki

  36. Just ordered 2 copies–1 for me and 1 for my best friend AND a portion of my purchase is donated to a local no-kill shelter. Win, win. And one more win.

  37. And now with innards!

    Congrats – I am so looking forward to this being out there, all unleashed. 🙂

  38. I cried with you. Or maybe just for you. But not in a sad way. I’m beyond happy for you! I love that you share your successes with us and by doing so help us feel the smallest bit successful. Which on a day like today, I will take any partial success anyone wants to share. Thank you again. I will never say it enough.

  39. Congratulations! It’s going to change lives, just like the other books and your blog and you and did I mention you?
    You’re sweet pickles!

  40. WOOT!! So excited! I preordered months ago, but I never got confirmation that the money was actually taken from my card, so I’m a little worried about that, but Amazon says I ordered it, so…. I can’t wait! I will not be attempting to color your work, because intricate coloring makes me throw things, but I know I’ll be tearing out pages to hang on the wall.

  41. I can’t imagine how cool it would be to receive copies of a book I wrote in the mail. I’d be screaming and shrieking and sitting there stunned.

  42. It looks great! I wish I could remember if I did preorder it. The brain doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders today.

  43. Iam so excited to get my copy! I read your other two books and you have no idea how much you helped me to deal and understand nwhat the hell my crazy was. I just want you to know you are a amazing and strong person. Thank you for being you! Fan forever!

  44. I’m still torn between wanting to preorder it so I can be lazy, and wanting to wait and get it in a real store because I so rarely get to. And because my local Barnes and Noble is in the same mall as my favorite clothing store so I’d have an excuse to go.

    @ heather26r- I’m pretty sure that for preorders amazon doesn’t take your money until they actually ship it so don’t worry!

  45. Can’t wait to get a copy of this. My other half has been buried in a Star Wars colour by number book since Christmas (who knew I shouldn’t have bothered with any of the expensive presents, when the colouring book has been her constant companion since late December?).

  46. It looks beautiful! I hope you can feel all the love for you and your beautiful artwork that is out there in the universe right now!

  47. CONGRATULATIONS, JENNY!!! We all love you and I for one am so proud of you for the beautiful things that you create.
    I am not really a big huggy-type of person. but if I ever meet you I am going to give you a really nice hug.

  48. Congrats lady pants! My fat fingers match yours so we can wear soft tight knit gloves and pretend to jump up and down from happiness!

  49. Awesome sauce! You are so talented and real. I don’t feel like a total loser when I read your blog. I have been saving up to buy a few copies for other people and myself. 🙂 Keep on dancing and joy screaming…..because joy is catchy, like the plague, only nicer. <3

  50. I love hearing the excitement in your voice! You are such an inspiration and a hero for bringing this Tribe together. They’re the best damned group of weirdos a girl could ask for… <3

  51. I love hearing the excitement in your voice! You are such an inspiration and a hero for bringing this Tribe together. They’re the best damned group of weirdos a girl could ask for… ❤

  52. Congratulations Jenny! Your books, blogs and audiobooks have helped as well as influenced me for so long! You are incredibly talented! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  53. Eeeeeeeee!

    That was my first reaction. My more articulate one is that I’m sure I’ll love it and I hope I can come to one of the tour events. 🙂

  54. SQUEEEEE! I cannot wait to get mine! I’m giddy with excitement that I get to hold something you actually made with your own hands (even if they are puffy). I will sit on the couch and pretend you are there with me while I peruse it. And then we’ll watch Walking Dead and go internet surfing for ridiculous things. You are my spirit animal!

  55. Hey – I have 2 coming on preorder – I’m so excited!

    But PLEASE my dear, stop apologizing! Your fingers may be fat from arthritis, mine are fat because I’m fat. We are who/what we are and we need to stop explaining or justifying.

    You’ve been a god send to me in dealing with depression/mental health issues – thank you!!!


  56. I’m so excited! I’m so happy for you. I’ve had multiple copies pre-ordered for ages….I can’t wait! I may need to order another one, maybe for my mom. My sister. ALL of the people!

    Thanks for sharing!

  57. I want one :(”’ There’s absolutely no way I can get one here in Ethiopia, though. And because of strict foreign currency control, we can’t order from overseas (Amazon et al) in Birr (Ethiopian Currency). Guess, I’ll have to do with just the blog 🙂

  58. You have the cutest voice ever! Hope your RA is letting up some. Super excited to get your latest, (substantial) masterpiece!! Yay!!! Jenny Lawson!!!!

  59. yay! i am going to go order mine right now. can’t wait to meet you in nyc. i’m coming in for the day to have nyc fun with my old college roommate and then we are coming to see you. my almost 30-year friendship with her has been largely based on our mutual instability and ridiculous sense of humor. good times. can’t wait!

  60. I have an account, do I need to login? Anyway, I got You Are Here, which I pre-ordered like the rest of your books. I was wondering if you would mind if some of it would show up on Recolor? It’s an coloring book app. I’m a bit to anal about actual coloring that I end up tearing the page because I have to make changes to color or the lines weren’t perfectly straight etc. I am also going to read the book too because they always make me cry in a good way. Oh! and Congratulations on getting into the top 20! #12 Awesome!

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