A special thank you for your support! (If you’re buying my next book read this now.)

UPDATED as on March 3: All 5,000 totes have been claimed!  Bags will be mailed out soon!  Thanks so much!

My next book, YOU ARE HERE, comes out week after next and so many of you have already gone and preordered a copy or are preordering this week and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  This book is very different from anything I’ve done before and it went from a life-raft of sketches that kept me sane during a deep depression to an actual book because you guys showed such an interest in how my broken brain deals with bullshit through art and words.  I wanted to say thank you for supporting this strange journey and my publisher came up with a really wonderful way to do it.  (I love them.)

So, as a special thank you, if you’ve preordered YOU ARE HERE my publisher will send you a YOU ARE HERE book bag for free.  It’s quite awesome and you can dye it or color it or you can leave it the way it is.  Or you can fill it with cow intestines and leave it in the trunk of that guy who cheated on you.  SO MANY OPTIONS.

If you want one just go here and fill out your info.  (I think they’re just shipping to North America.  Sorry everywhere else.)  You do have to share a picture proving you bought it just to keep randos from stocking up on a thousand free bags but it’s not hard.  For instance, if you ordered from Amazon just go to your orders and do a screenshot of the order.  Here’s my example.  If you click on your name it’ll show your address and all that but I didn’t for this example because NOT TODAY, STALKERS.

I ordered a copy of my own book. Stop judging me.
Yes, I ordered a copy of my own book. Stop judging me.

Want to see what the bags look like?


Pretty awesome.  It’s first come, first served until they are gone and there are only a few thousand so be sure to submit your stuff as soon as you can.

And thank you again for everything.  You are full of magic.

PS. Spellcheck keeps trying to change “randos” to “pandas” and now I can’t stop thinking of pandas carrying my book bag around.  These are the moments I wish I was better at photoshop.

UPDATED: From Rachel Moskowitz, who is better than tacos:


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  1. Curse my location! I want a shiny bag I can fill with intestines. Wait. That came out wrong.

  2. I… happen to have the address of someone who needs a bag full of cow intestines in his car. But I’m not gonna waste that fancy-ass bag on him. No, he’s getting a Hefty bag. On the first properly warm day this year.

    Not that I do that sort of thing. Ahem.

  3. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Another reason to love you. I can’t wait for this book!

  4. Ahhhhhhhh I got one!!!!!! That totally just made this sucky Thursday so much better!!

  5. I feel like that form was a test of intelligence. I put my last name where the address goes, my email where the city goes… Reading is hard. Doh.

  6. How fun! I hope I did my screenshot right-I ordered the book at the same time as I ordered a bunch of stuff, and I don’t want people to see how many dragon statues I just bought. 🙂

  7. I just pre-ordered both! And since we have the same name, it’s automatically personalized…thanks for letting me glom onto your awesomeness!

  8. Woo hoo!! So excited! I ordered the new book last July and says delivery March 7! Can’t wait!!


  9. Pre-ordered back in JULY! Does that make me eligible for more swag? But this is cool, thanks Jenny and her publisher!

  10. Awesome sauce! I can’t wait until March 7th! I pre-ordered back in July and I am sooooo excited! This makes it even better! Thank you Jenny!

  11. I’m gonna be so sad, if I wasn’t fast enough. I want it !!!!! Thank you Jenny and Jenny’s publisher for doing this. It’s so awesome and YAY!

    I realize this does not make much sense, but I’m too excited

  12. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it! I’ve already got a blog post planned and I don’t even have the book yet, I’m going to have do that one last minute, and that’s a challenge in my planner brain. 🙂

  13. How exciting, Jenny! Thank you, and thanks to your publisher, as well! The B&N website isn’t set up very well for this sort of thing, so I hope I was able to send the info correctly.

  14. I’m in just please ignore the fact that I fail at photo shop and you can see all of my screen

  15. Thank you Jenny! Book ordered in July and bag done today. I hope that the launch goes well!

  16. In celebration of my first day all week not puking my guts out or leaking from other areas, I am buying your book today. Yay me! urp

  17. I, too, ordered back in July..and watched the progress on Instagram, here, etc. This is so neat. I can’t wait to see you in NYC on March 16th.

  18. YAY! Actually just got an email letting me know when I would receive the book. It’s like Christmas in March!

  19. I connected Pandas to Stalkers and now I picture Pandas following you everywhere you go.

    (I would be fine with panda stalkers, I think. ~ Jenny)

  20. Squee! I’m getting one! I bought 2 copies, one for me and one for someone else, and now I have to decide whether I’m giving them the bag too, or keeping it for myself. Who am I kidding? It’s mine! All mine! [Throws head back] Mwahahaha!


    Nice bag.

  21. awesome i preordered your book and bag for my sweetheart she has mental health and RA and Dysautonomia issues (yeah we are quite the couple LOL)anyways for the past 30+yrs she has been doodleing almost instinctively as a coping mech for her anxiety/depression .. so was blown away when i found you did the same thing.. anyways your a great lady jen and im glad to know you .your socially awkward and wierd approach and perspective on the world makes me feel a little less alone sometimes LOL and provides much needed mirth

  22. Congrats on your book!

    What was the most challenging think about writing or publishing your book? I am writing my first book right now and am in need of some insight.

    (I get writer’s block a lot because I doubt myself. I try to find other outlets when that happens. Drawing, trying a different genre. ~ Jenny)

  23. I pre-ordered three (one for coloring/detaching pages, one to keep as a book, one to gift at whatever gifting event comes along), though I suspect I’ll get only one bag. But if they send multiple I’ll gift them appropriately!

  24. Weirdly, the form didn’t like my email in ALL CAPS – just putting this out there in case others get the same issue. Or am I the only SHOUTY person around today?

  25. 🙁 First the poster and now this? Why was I born so far away??? (and I would have been happy to post postage too!)

    Oh well, them’s the breaks.

    Enjoy everyone who is lucky enough to get one 🙂

  26. 🙁 I want one but I didn’t preorder, Jenny did for me as part of Booksgiving.

    (You can always preorder another for someone else. 🙂 Or have a good excuse to get two so you can use one to color or rip out and hang on the wall. ~ Jenny)

  27. Why is the back of the bag so much smaller than the front? Is it a magic Alice in Wonderland bag? Because that would be even more awesome.

    (I haven’t seen them in real life but I’d like to think it’s some sort of space-time paradox. ~ Jenny)

  28. I preordered back when you first announced the book and it showed up on Amazon. I’M SO DAMNED EXCITED FOR BOTH THE BOOK AND THE BAG NOW! Thank you!!!

  29. Yay, I think I did that right. I already had the idea of embroidering a piece from your book and now you went ahead and already put it on fabric for me. Thanks!

  30. It is SO cool that my friend-I’ve-never-met is now giving me gifts! Please know that if I come across any appropriately taxidermied and dressed animals I shall return the favor. Just a matter of stalking you enough to find a mailing address…. (I have no faith that your publisher would understand the significance of the gift and forward it :-/) I wonder if, “Queen of Wonder, Texas” would do it?

  31. I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this book like FOREVER, and now I’ll have (hopefully) a big ol’ book bag to show for it!!! I’ll have to find my own intestines though. Well, not my OWN intestines, I already know where those are… Hmmm…

  32. Thank you Jenny, for sharing your soul with us. You are so profoundly talented and gifted and kind. I love your work and your humor and your brokenness. I know you don’t care for that last part, but it makes you who you are, and this world would be a very sorry place indeed without your light to guide us.

  33. Wow, that’s such a cool thing!! I’ve just got the confirmation yesterday that your book is finally on its way!! I live in Europe, so no bag for me, but still it is the best part of my day. I’m so glad that i have find you and your blog and books and this whole crazy tribe!!

  34. It said “age month.” I found this funny.

    This is my first post ever and it suggested that i could include a link to my latest blog that i dont have but maybe its trying to tell me something… like i could… nay, should start a blog.

    I always love your posts, and i wanted to say thank you. You are always giving and thats really sweet of you. So.. thank you. 🙂

  35. Thank you so much! If it says you’re “entered in the promotion” does that mean you get a bag? Cause I really, really hope so!

    (Yep, as long as you got in before they’re all gone. It was just announced a few minutes ago though so I’m sure you’re good. ~ Jenny)

  36. So .. of COURSE the order I placed for the book also contains a bra … which shipped before the books, obviously … and I got all panicky because it’s a limited offer so I didn’t want to spend time on cut and paste … which means now everyone at Macmillan Publishers knows my bra size. Maybe I’ll get a bag for including breasts in my submission?

  37. YAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are BOMB! Because I have learned it is no longer cool to say “the bomb”, it is just BOMB now. You’re welcome.

  38. YAY! I’m entered. Ordered the book in July. Having a hard day and this made me smile. Can’t wait for March 7th.

  39. The form doesn’t have a submit button.

    (It should be down at the bottom. It’s a register button. If it still doesn’t show up try a different browser. ~ Jenny)

  40. What a wonderful surprise! I was hoping for an autographed plate, since you signed your previous books for me in Denver, but the bag is great!

  41. When I saw your FB post I was hoping for aNautographed bookplate, but the bag is wonderful!

  42. My very own bag for intestines that I don’t have the share with anyone else!! YAY ME!!!

  43. Thank you! I cannot wait to read your latest book! I dearly love your beautifully truthful, and real writing. You make me laugh, and think. What you say sticks with me and has helped me to overcome some huge challenges. Thank you!

  44. Thank you thank you thank you! I absolutely love bags, and I absolutely love you, so it’ll be like carrying you around in a bag, and when I get depressed I can hold my ear to the bag’s opening and (like you can hear the ocean in a shell) I’ll hear you say, “Depression Lies! Depression Lies!” Can’t wait to get your book!

    In other news, my mother asked where all my new friends came from a few days ago. 😀 Thanks for that, too! (the getting-of-new-friends, not the scrutiny by my mother)

  45. I pre-ordered for the Louisville signing, but I can’t make it. No one I know is cool enough to understand so I need to find someone in the Bloggessphere to give my ticket w/ book to. Can I give it away here?

    (Totally. If anyone wants it follow her link to her blog. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  46. Thank you, Jenny & your publisher. I had pre-ordered, but couldn’t locate a receipt. This gave me an excuse to pre-order a second one (which I wanted anyway). You brought a smile to my day….

  47. I enetered! If it says I have enetered the promotion, I can assume I am getting one? I ordered the book when it was announced in July! Can’t wait!

    (My guess is that they’ll keep it up until they run out of stuff to giveaway so I think you’re probably good. ~ Jenny)

  48. Looks like I’m buying two books… one on Amazon and one at the booksigning in New Orleans

  49. Does it make me a total loser if I want the bag more than the book? I want them both but I’m a huge sucker for any Hong with the word FREE (except for the FREE clinic….last I checked, they didn’t have what I want)

  50. How cool. Ever since I saw a women with a “And yet she persisted” tote bag this week, I’ve had tote-bag envy. This cures it!!

  51. I do not think anyone would dedicate your bag with cow parts!Those should go in an empty donut box, because – surprise! Are any bags left?

  52. Wonderful!!! Thank you to the publisher and YOU! Plus I can totally see pandas carrying the bag around as they fill it will bamboo and other pandas. No more carrying baby pandas on your back. Put the brats in a panda bag.

  53. Thank you!! I have registered for one. Ordered my copy on 7/20/2016. I cannot wait to get the new book. Big hugs.

  54. I really want a bag (for my cow intestines, of course), and I did pre-order the book from Amazon. But I don’t know how to do a screen shot to prove that I ordered it! Someone else commented that they had to learn how to do a screen shot, but I just can’t figure it out. Sorry–I came to technology late in life, and there’s still a lot I don’t know…..


    (Here’s how you do it. If you hold down shift and command and 3 at once it will take a screenshot of your whole screen and you can send it. Or if you hold down shift, command and 4 it will let you select what you want to show up in the screenshot by dragging it over the screen. The screenshot automatically downloads to your desktop. Or you can just take a picture with your phone. It’s a bit old-fashioned but it works. ~ Jenny)

  55. So Awesome! Have had mine pre-ordered since August. Actually realized just recently that I had pre-ordered it 5 times. So I really love you and I have no memory.

  56. Thank you, Miss Jenny! Can’t wait for the book and the bag! Here’s an idea for your stalker fans out there… publish a fake address and send them all on a lavish scavenger hunt to cemeteries, taxidermy shops and thrift stores. 🙂

  57. I’m so excited! I’m doing everything I can to try to get to your Book People signing in Austin so maybe you can sign it for me. This week has been skewing death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts, so thank you for making it a little brighter.

  58. I will fill it with love, trust, and fairy dust..as well as some small animals … Thank you 🙂

  59. I hope that it worked. I ordered the book and bag for my friend who is having lots of problems right now. My cousin walked me through screen shot and everything. So hopefully I’m good. Thank you for all you do and for all that you are. Your are appreciated.

  60. Hey thanks, I am excited to get the book and bag! It is the little things in life that matter.

  61. I ordered my copy back in July so I uploaded the info. I hope I was in time!! I love the bag, I am always looking for something like that to lug stuff back and forth to work. Currently I am using one that says “If you can read this, my invisibility cloak isn’t working”.

  62. Yay! I successfully entered the promotion (the website said so) and I learned how to take a screenshot and paste it into a doc file. Yes, I am woefully out of touch with today’s electronics. First an awesome book, now an awesome bag. Thank you!

  63. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! I ordered mine back in July, and it will occasionally pop up on my lists and be like – “Are you still waiting for me, little one”, and I am all like, “Yes, waiting, and waiting, please come soon!” And now the time is nigh! I’m so psyched!

  64. I want one soooo bad but I’m waiting to buy your book in la Jolla so I can get it signed. I really hate leaving my house but for u Jenny I’ll be happy to have a anxiety attack. Your worth it 😃

    (You can preorder one from there now and they can send you an email confirmation. Plus, it guarantees you a spot at the signing and I know at least one signing stop is already sold out of inside space. ~ Jenny)

  65. Wait! I pre-ordered one in October. Does that mean I’ll get a bag?

    (As long as you fill out in the info and snap a picture of the receipt. If you ordered online you can usually look it up by name to make it easier. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  66. Hey Jenny! I ordered your book along with my ticket for your talk next month in Louisville, KY. Do you know if I can still get a bag?

    (Sure. Just snap a picture of your order confirmation or receipt. ~ Jenny)

  67. So I preordered for someone else as a gift, because while I’d love to have my own copy, I currently have 3 coloring books that I haven’t done one full page out of, and I’m starting to feel anxiety related to that. I hate my brain.

    I’m hoping that Flatiron’s promotion department will accept my pdf of my email because it says my name, but it also shows the name and part of the address of my friend that I’m sending it to. I didn’t want to send her whole information out, especially since it doesn’t match the address I’d love the bag to go to.

    Thank you so much, and thank your publisher for being awesome! <3 <3 <3

  68. Meep! My sister is going to LOVE THIS BOOK!

    Stupid question? If we preordered the bag as a gift during booksgiving, can they sign up to get the bag, too, or do we submit it for them? Or are they just intestine-holding bagless this go-round?

  69. Oh Jenny, you are the sweetest! I am so thrilled about getting the book and now a bag to match! Today has been a really great day so far! Maybe I should play the lottery…. hmmmm <3

  70. I’m planning to have your book available for clients to use in therapy sessions. Now I get a cool bag to haul my other supplies around too. So excited!

  71. Thanks Jenny! I can’t wait for this book to arrive. I couldn’t find my order on Amazon, and then realized that I ordered this back in July! I’m so pumped about this bag too. Thanks again!!!

  72. Thank you so much! I am very excited about the bag for ordering something that’s just for me (teacher here – all I ever want are bags to tote things back and forth to school and my house)!!!

  73. Yay! Thank you so much! My receipt also shows how many containers of cat treats I ordered!

  74. when i fill it out it says this promotion does not exist…i must be number 5001 🙁

  75. Noo, curses upon me for living outside of the USA! Oh well, congrats to those who can get it ^^ Can’t wait for the book to arrive!

  76. So looking forward to this book, LOVED the others!! 😀 Your first book I had to put away during a flight overseas. I was laughing so hard people probably thought I was having a seizure – tears and all..

  77. I have tried every way I know to get my pre-order onto the form, but it’s just over my head. I copied and scanned and even tried taking a digital picture of the computer screen, but I can’t get anything to attach to the form. And the filled-out form goes away every time I try a different method. Then I have to enter all my info again, but I still can’t get a receipt/email/order to attach to the form. I surrender. My cow intestines will just have to stay in my sock drawer.

  78. I bought the book. It’ll be delivered march 7 from Amazon. However, I don’t know how to send proof. I’m a Computer moron!

  79. Dorene, take a screenshot of your receipt and save it to your computer desktop. Title it something like “Jenny.” Then go to the form and click “browse.” Type the name of your file into the little search bar or scroll down until you see the receipt file. Then click it and click “open.” That will attach the file.

  80. Sandi, go to the site you preordered from and take a screenshot of the receipt. Name it something easy and save it to your desktop. Then when you click “browse” on the form, you can click the title and open it.

  81. I hope mine goes through! I attached my amazon receipt from july 19th (I pre-ordered as soom as I heard about it!) when I pre-ordered but it doesn’t have my phone number on it. It has everything else though!

  82. It says I am entered for the promotion! Thank you Jenny and thank your publisher for us also. You are amazing people.

  83. WOOOOOOOT! I have SO much excite! I hope this bag gets here before I go on my first vacation in nine years, to LA, where we will go FABRIC SHOPPING and I will STUFF IT FULL OF ALL THE PRETTIES!!!! (and it’ll be SO helpful whenever we get lost, because I can look at it and it will tell me where we are). And your book is SO going on VACA to LA with me, and some adorable coloring pencils. For the Courtyard. With the fountain and my coffee. 😀

  84. What a great way to say thanks! Thank YOU for the great gift! I’m so glad I dragged my butt out of bed in time to get one.

  85. I figure the book will show up for my birthday (or very shortly after) which is March 10th, so it’s like I’m getting a BONUS birthday gift with the bag, too! So, yay, my birthday will not be the complete suckfest my last couple have been!

  86. I can’t wait! I want to read it now! It’s a pitty that this beautiful bag couldn’t arrive to spanish Jenny’s readers!..

  87. So awesome, thanks! I pre-ordered one for my daughter and one for me so we’ll be coloring and filling those bags (hopefully no one will need intestines in their trunks) together. ❤

  88. Congratulations on your new book, Rando Panda! Can’t wait to pick up a copy. You rock, Jenny!

  89. Woops! I added a screenshot without my address and all that showing, so I resubmitted… hopefully I won’t get in trouble.

    (I’m sure it’ll be fine. ~ Jenny)

  90. McMillan owes me BIG time. Let us just say two years teaching developmental English at an inner city college where the students all had to buy access to launchpad for their writers handbook. You may not know what I’m saying but boy howdy, McMillan does and they better send me a spiffy new bag from one of my favorite writers.

    So there

    Snit fit over

  91. Oh poop.
    Curse this living in Sweden thing (were nothing happened last night. Either.)
    I pre-ordered it as soon as you wrote about it, and while I still am super excited about the boo, free stuff is my JAM!

    Oh well. I am going to pretend I got one but gave it away to someone who needed it more.
    That will make me feel like a hero, and less poopy, haha!


  92. I can’t wait!!! Your other books are so funny,. And better than studying

  93. Ugh! I ordered 2 by phone from Quail Ridge the day you posted you were stopping there on your tour (sooo excited!!) Don’t have a receipt. Please bring some on your tour so we can get them too😭

    (I certainly might if there are any left over but maybe check with the store and see if they can send you a receipt or an email confirming you have one waiting for you. That should work. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  94. As a matter of fact, I actually was just cheated on! That Carrie Underwood song keeps going through my head. You know the one.. “I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all four tires. Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.” I’m sooo pissed at him and sort of wishing that I could do something bad-ass like that, so…cow intestines in his trunk seems like the perfect compromise. Thanks Jenny!

  95. Just heard from my publisher and so far almost 2,000 of the bags have been spoken for but there are still more they’re giving away so get your info in if you preordered. Love!

  96. Good thing I didn’t cancel my preorder since I bought another copy from Warwick’s so that I’ll be able to see you March 20th. Thanks for coming to Southern California.

  97. Was anyone else momentarily confused by their request for “age month” and “age year”… I’m guessing that meant birth month and birth year…. :/

  98. Anyone else momentarily confused by the request for ‘age month’ and ‘age year’ on the form? Lol

  99. Whoo-hoo!! Thanks Jenny and Jenny’s publisher! I am ALL ABOUT teh bagz! 😂😂😂
    I’m gonna go look up a panda picture and photoshop it for you. If I can!

  100. Ooooo, skulls, will it fit a couple skulls? They are always so awkward, but sometimes you just need to get yours from point A to point B.

  101. toodle loo douche canoe i GOT RID OF YOU FOR A REASON!!! I am keeping my cow intestine! Only thing it im torn who gets the bag or the book my sister or keep it for me. Although my sister told me about your blog and this would be the best way to thank her!

  102. Weeee!!!!! This is awesome!!!! I can’t wait! My husband bought me the book, so I had to wait for him to send me the screenshot. He ordered the book for me after my miscarriage. Coloring and art and humor are the only things that got me through.

  103. WOO HOO! A place to put all the coke you send me:) Can’t wait to get out my colors!!

  104. Very cool. Thanks. Ordered your other 2 books while I was pre-ordering the new one. 🙂

  105. You KNOW I wanted this. I had to figure out how to get a screenshot! I pre-ordered forever ago, I can’t wait to receive the book and now, my bag! Thanks!

  106. Sad face! Why oh why is Australia so far away?!?!? But looking forward to the book regardless and glad these bags are out in the world to bring the goodness…………..

  107. I totally forgot that I pre-ordered in July,so I just did it again by mistake. Then I had to learn how to screenshot from an iPad. Then I got nothing but blank boxes from Macmillan. I think I attached the right file, but it was so small I couldn’t tell, and there’s NO WAY I can circle the amount on the iPad. So I have no idea if I will get a free thing or not, but it won’t kill me if I don’t I guess. I need to go lie down now.
    Meow meow meow

  108. To continue my crabbiness – why do they need my year? I could hardly find it at the bottom of that menu. Am I too old for a tote bag?? If I lied about my year, would I get in trouble?? I REALLY need to go lie down now.
    Meow meow meow

    (Apparently in order to get stuff on the internet you have to be at least 16? 14? I can’t remember. I just know that some states won’t let you do stuff online unless you’re the right age. You can say you’re 100 though and no one will care. ~ Jenny)

  109. “Or you can fill it with cow intestines and leave it in the trunk of that guy who cheated on you. SO MANY OPTIONS.”

    this is only one of many reasons I love you Jenny (in a purely platonic non stalker way).

  110. Hope they won’t get super picky – noticed the fine print says and phone number. My amazon receipt did not have that. fingers crossed

    (It’s fine. ~ Jenny)

  111. Wait – you wrote a book in a week and a half, after the paperback came out?

    Very impressive, that. :nods:

    (I’ve been working on this one for over a year. It’s just finally coming together. ~ Jenny)

  112. Jenny,

    I preordered this for someone on Booksgiving day (is that trademarked yet?). Is there a way through the magic of the internets to get a bag for her?

  113. I’ve been following your blog since before there was any book. I’m so excited about the next one. I love you and please say thanks to your publisher and I’m excited about the bag…. what to do with it!!!!!

  114. Publisher gets my contact info to sell me more stuff; I get a free bag. Pretty sure I’m getting the better deal here. 😀

    (Plus they’ve promised me that if they use your info it’ll just be to tell you about stuff related to any future books, so no spam. ~ Jenny)

  115. A lovely bag to put my stuffed beaver “Logan” in- Thank You😊
    (He’s my emotional support beaver, as opposed to my “I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a Netflix and Chill beaver, whose name is Devon, don’t tell Logan)

  116. It’s my birthday today. My back is tweaky, which makes me feel extra ancient, and I came home from work to discover that my dog made me a present all over the carpet. But a friend sent me a can of condensed coconut milk, and my brother sent me his own updated version of the card game Authors, and Supernatural is on, and now maybe I can score a bag (I pre-ordered in July, but I couldn’t get my address and phone number to stay visible on my amazon order page, so not sure if the screen shot will be accepted). Not a bad turn around.

  117. I am so excited, I can’t wait!! I ordered 2 books, one for my mom, on the same day but at different times, so it would only let me enter one screenshot 🙁 but that’s ok, it’s so nice of them to offer the bags in the first place! Hurry up March 7!!!

  118. I pre-ordered your book when I bought tickets for your L-ville reading…I hope that counts!

    (It totally counts.~ Jenny)

  119. Jenny, I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already did. You, once again, proved me wrong, and for that I’m truly thankful!!

    (My husband laughed when I told him you are my spirit animal. I wasn’t joking.)

  120. Yay yay yay yay!!! Had to order 2 and finally learned how to do a screenshot! I’ll give one book to my stepdaughter and keep one book and the bag. Bouncing with joy, for you are awesomeness and apparently I am selfish. 🙃

  121. Will we get an email confirmation if we successfully filled out the application and will be getting a bag or will it just surprise us and show up?

    (It’ll just show up and surprise you. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  122. @TheBlogess Jenny Lawson you are a fucking rock star! I preordeored 4 though my girls and i would only use them for evil so enjoy other lucky recipients! #DepressionLies #JennyLawsonRocks Loves you oh Blogess

  123. Oh no fair. I am here in Australia and you are there in the USA which means no bag for me.

  124. Did it! Did it for a friend too – hoping that works. I love freebies – that might be considered a fetish but I prefer to think of it as being thrifty. Signed the Thrifty Fetisher ;-D

  125. A-MAH-ZING! You just get better and better all the time. Like lovely wine. I think this shall be my wine bag. XOXO

  126. wish I was smart enough to figure this out, can only save my screenshot as an .html, and they already rudely told me that was not valid…

  127. Boy, I hope that works. I had to save my receipt in like three different formats before I figured out to paste it into a Word doc (an Outlook file would have been a nice, easy format…). I hope it uploaded — I didn’t see that it had. I ordered it back in July! 🙂

  128. Now The Tribe will all be crazy bag ladies or dudes! Well, the ones in North America, anyway. Thanks, Jenny!

  129. Anonymous who is “taking a screenshot” as .html – you are not taking a screenshot. Please google “how to take a screenshot” if you are using a PC. if you are using a mac, please google “how to take a screenshot with a mac.” I promise you will meet with much more success.

  130. I was going to do this but then I realized there are probably people who need a bag and I don’t and I’d hate for them to miss out just so I have a bag I don’t need so I didn’t do it.

    Just in case you’re wondering how my brain works every 5 minutes.

  131. Thank you, Jenny! I pre-ordered your book last year and am so excited to receive my copy. The tote bag is a great bonus! I’ll probably tote my cat around in the bag. : ) <3 <3 <3

  132. After further reading and seeing your “PS” please know that I have every intention of having a photoshoot of me dressed as a panda while carrying this bad. Because I can.

  133. I kinda sorta just just did a second pre-order cuz Barnes & Noble doesn’t let you see more than 6 months back (I had to do a chat with them to be sure my order was still a go…crisis averted). This time I used my Amazon Smile, which I have set up to support The Headstrong Project. They are a nonprofit set by veterans to help other vets get the help they need for PTSD. Jenny’s help for me paid forward a bit 🙂

  134. I know an ex who needs a bag of intestines, but she is now a Berkeley Law graduate. She will sue me, my lawyer will conTEST the motion, she will call witnesses to TESTIfy against me, I’ll lose the case and both my TESTIcles, and thus having no children to bequeath my assets to, I’ll end up dying INTESTate.
    OK… that was bad, even for me. I’m an insomniac up at 2 am, so please take that into consideration when deciding my PUNishment.

  135. I am one sad Brit today!
    I pre-ordered and bought 36 of the best colouring pencils ready too!
    Still, I am super excited, 10 days to go!!!

  136. Thank you Jenny and Jenny’s publisher. Now the members of the tribe can identify one another with our new bags. Next, we need a secret handshake!

  137. You realize that once the books and bags distribute there will be thousands of objects all over the states telling you lies? Jenny Lawson! You are here! Um, no, I’m at home. No! You are here! and You are Here! and You are Here! Maybe not telling you lies. Maybe wishful thinking. And sometimes (like at book signings) it will be true. Or at least close.

  138. Thank you, Jenny! I am looking forward to “You Are Here” so much.

    And now I keep imagining rando pandas. Uh, thank you, Jenny?

  139. This bag won’t work for me. I only express my rage with tote bags full of pig intestines.


  140. Jenny I Photoshopped some Panda’s with the bag and book on Instagram and tagged you. I hope you enjoy and have fun with it!

  141. sobbing silently because of her location like I know this is ALWAYS the case and I never get any of the good stuff or sweepstakes or whatever because Europe but still sniffles (On the plus side, Amazon says my book will arrive on Monday <3)

  142. What do I have to preorder to get free cow intestines, though? I am on good terms with all my exes but I know people who have been cheated on so maybe I could help them get revenge.

  143. Order Details
    Ordered on February 13, 2017 Order# 109-8206917-6153060
    View or Print invoice
    Shipping Address

    attn: stacie

    LAKE CHARLES, LA 70601-5285
    United States

    Payment Method
    Visa ***00000
    Apply gift card balance
    Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal:
    Shipping & Handling:
    Total before tax:
    Estimated tax to be collected:
    Grand Total:
    Arriving Mar 7, 2017
    Track package
    You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds
    Lawson, Jenny
    Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
    Condition: New
    Add gift option
    Release date: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
    Buy it Again
    Change Payment Method
    Cancel items
    Archive order
    Shipping speed
    Two-Day Shipping

  144. ooooo i totally filled out the site to get a bag, i hope i get one 🙂 cant wait to get the book i preordered in august! : ) LOL i am so ready to see all the cool things in it, i keep going back to it and looking and wondering if march could just hurry up!

  145. Awh…The bag is cute, and the giveaway is a great idea. However, even though all the other Canadian provinces are included, the promotion is not valid in Québec. Sadness!

  146. That was a wonderful surprise. I needed that today!!
    Can’t wait to get the book, I ordered it the day it went on preorder!!!

  147. Oh the EXCITEMENT!! I am NOT technically savvy. I really hope actually sent a screenshot of my receipt! And I will see you at Bookpeople in Austin!! Gotta have a signed one of these pieces of AWESOME!!

  148. Hoping I did this right – I don’t know where I am, so if I had a bag that always noted where I am, it would help 🙂

  149. Yay! Just went and filled everything out for my bag! Can’t wait. 🙂 I also need to order another copy of Furiously Happy because I keep giving my copies away to people who need them. Latest copy went to my son’s college friend who was suicidal but called him for help and he got her to the hospital. I’m hoping she’ll find a kindred spirit in you and your writing and will become part of the tribe. 🙂 Thanks for being a light in the darkness.

  150. Thank you Jenny for resounding back to me. I called Warwick’s and preordered the book. They couldn’t send me a receipt so I used the receipt from my card (email receipt) I hope that’s ok

  151. Very cool. I preordered the book months ago so I hope I did it right. I love bags! And free
    stuff! And Jenny Lawson!

  152. I entered! Hope I get a bag. I will carry it proudly. If we all had bags it would be a great way to identify a cool person in public. Or is that creepy… fine line…

  153. I pre-ordered a copy for ME. After I get MINE, I will go support my local bookstore and buy a couple more to give as gifts. That way I can feel virtuous. Tote is way cool. I see I am too late to get one though. No matter. It’s the book that counts.

  154. Thanks Jenny! It’s not often I get offered freebies with the books I read/purchase. Was there any plan to do a live reading with this one, or is it not format friendly (the one for furiously happy was great for those of us that couldn’t get to a signing)?

    So for anyone who came late, it says the promotion runs until March 6.

    It also said I was entered when I just tried it (hopefully they don’t hold the Hellblazer books against me…), so maybe they ended up with more bags.

  155. You are so much wonderful. I pre-ordered! I would have even if there wasn’t a free bag offered!

  156. Cool! I love book bags! Thank you. I ore-ordered back in July and received my copy yesterday. Already started leaving my mark. From your post that sounds like I got it 2 weeks early. Do Canadians get early delivery? It’s because we’re so nice, right? 😉

  157. Just ordered the book, now will sit anxiously by the door waiting for the book and hopefully the bag to be delivered. Can’t wait – March 7th is too far away……

  158. P.S. I also emphasized “everyone” in your alternate title, and I love your map and feel like I need to make one for myself too.

  159. I am sooo excited, I preordered the book over a month ago and I just got the nofication that it’s ready for pick up in my bookstore, I’m going to go get it today, YAAAAAAY!!!!!! I can’t wait to read and color, I’ve tried lots of different mindfulness and anti-anxiety coloring books lately, but your doodles are always by far my favorite ones to do, they always make me feel a little less alone.
    Unfortunately, I live in Switzerland, so I am going to have to admire those adorable bags from afar! 😉

  160. I was planning to wait and get one at Warwick’s when you’re there, but bonus! How can I not? (Unless they’re already gone).

    Also, have you ever seen the Ugly Baby etsy shop? I am pretty sure you’d like something in it…pretty damn sure. https://www.etsy.com/shop/UglyBaby I came across it by reading an article about how the creator felt about having a (wrong) “Instructable” posted for her signature pieces, Shower Art. Pretty interesting and zen. http://whileshenaps.com/2015/05/tutorial-shower-art.html

  161. I don’t know how to make a screenshot of my order 🙁

    (Click shirt/command/3 and it’ll put a screenshot on your desktop and then you can upload. it. ~ Jenny)

  162. I work with children with mental illness and I can’t tell you how much your books have helped me. My daughter also suffers from severe anxiety and you have helped me both personally and professionally. Thank you so much.

  163. Pingback: In lumina
  164. Was super blessed to be gifted with the book for booksgivings so I do not have a proof of preorder. I can practically hear my craft supplies calling to me over that bag 🙂 wondering if there is anything I can do

  165. the one i pre-ordered is a gift, so it doesn’t have my address on it, and the address of the person i ordered it for isn’t visible. i don’t know what to do! will it be accepted?
    unfortunately, i don’t have the money to pre-order one of my own right now, or it would be an easy fix!

    (It probably will if the name matches. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  166. Wow! What a great surprise. I love the bag! Thank you to you and your publisher!!!!! (Here’s hoping I uploaded everything correctly!)

  167. Hi Jenny – how do I know if I was successful in entering my info correctly?

  168. I was almost 100% offline during the month of February, so I missed this giveaway, even when you and the rest of #TheBloggessTribe reminded me on Twitter that I needed to just do this (since I did, in fact, preorder You Are Here months ago, when you first told us we could). I’m a loser, catching up on my READING now, and now I’m AWARE of what I missed out on! Dammit! Curse, you, stupid Broken Brain that won’t let me do stuff that would maybe help heal you!

  169. I am very sad… ordered “You Are Here” on Feb 23 & filled out the free tote bag info the same day, but it’s March 28, now, and still no tote bag. The giveaway website states that the promotion ended March 6, so I clearly made it in under the deadline, but no such luck. Yes, I can hear how whiny and “first world problem”-y I sound, but I’m just really having a crap day and am super duper bummed about this. Jenny, I know it is not your fault at all, and there’s no more, even if you wanted to help, somehow, but I don’t know who else to tell. 🙁

  170. Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding… Apparently I am impatient and jumped the gun. My bag arrived today! YAYYYYY!!!!!

  171. Hi help me. I am collecting all of your blog posts and compiling them into a book for a project in class and I need to get to the first one. What is the title of it and please help me ahahhfahs?

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