You are Here book bags! (They’re free. FREE! Get one quick.)

UPDATED!  It’s March 2 and 5,000 bag have been given away.  Yay!  Totes will be coming soon to those who got in on time!

Just a quick update.  Remember the book bags that my publisher is sending out for free as a special thank you to people who preorder my book, YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds?  Well 3,700 of them have been claimed so far but they just got their shipment in of them and there are another 1,000 available so if you haven’t already claimed yours go do it now.

They just sent me pictures of them and they are big and awesome.  Wanna see?


Click to embiggen
Click to embiggen


So if you want one, click here and fill out your information before they’re all gone.

Click here for a free book bag, y’all.

Also, I’m going on tour starting next week (!) and I’m hearing that some of the stops are already sold out of inside room or are running out so if you can come drop them a line to see how you can reserve a spot.  (Usually preordering a book from the store gives you a guaranteed spot and you get to get into the signing line before everyone else.  Every store is different though so give them a call.)


PS. I know going to signings can be scary but you never met a nicer group of people who will understand if you need to hide under a table, and I’m happy to sign anything, from boobs to babies to books, so please come if you can.

PPS.  People are already starting to get their copies of YOU ARE HERE early (mostly in Canada and Germany for some reason) so when you get yours, let me know what you think?

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  1. I would hide under a table to attend your book signing. Fortunately, you aren’t going to be anywhere near me so I can say that without having to put it in action. Rock the tour!!!

  2. I wish so badly I could join you under a table on tour!! One day I wlll have the pleasure of meeting you and thanking you in person for what you have brought to my life. So. Much. Fucking. Happy. Thank you, Jenny!

  3. So excited for the release! My birthday is the 8th and this is by far the best present I have ever bought myself!!

  4. I got my book TODAY!!! (I’m in Canada) I’ve stopped being at all productive and am instead leafing through it and deciding where to start.

  5. I hope I can get a tote. I love the dandelion wording on the back.
    I wish you were coming to the Barnes & Noble in Baltimore. I’d love to meet you.

  6. WOOT! I missed the last round, this makes me very happy!! And I’m one of the lucky Canadians who got their copy early. After the past few months of mean reds this book is a brilliant bright spot in my life and my reward for pushing myself out of my hermit-y life and back into society. Thank you Jenny. I know for so many of us just knowing that you’re out there makes the world less scary. XO

  7. That is one hefty bag. Whenever I leave the house, I bring with me my phone, keys, wallet, cigarettes and lighter. I distribute these sundry items to various pockets, leaving me looking a bit lumpy (or flatteringly well-endowed, depending on the pocket), and I’ve tried to come up with a solution to this lack of storage space on my person without resorting to a man purse. This bag would be ideal, but the few things I just listed wouldn’t do it justice. Perhaps I need to start carrying small animals with me where ever I go.

  8. 🙁 You won’t be anywhere near me for a signing. No one ever good ever comes to Vegas to do signings.

  9. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and deep thanks for being exactly who you are. Including us in your journey is a gift beyond measure. I need to be in your life raft on this turbulent sea of emotion and depression.

  10. Wait, so if you signed up last time, are you definitely getting a bag? Just making sure I shouldn’t sign up again.

  11. I’m not sure where else to report a blog bug, so here goes. I use Feedly as my RSS reader, and the last two posts (that I’ve noticed) have displayed different images in the preview on that feed than what are on the blog posts when I click through. This post has a black & white photo of Hailey among bare branches, and the owl pun post showed a collage of Hailey performing in Little Women (but now shows the same branches photo, since I just checked). I’m not sure whether it’s something you can fix or maybe address with the RSS feed, but I wouldn’t want any personal photos to accidentally be broadcast to your worldwide audience. Have someone check it out?

  12. I was looking at the picture above that shows both the front and back images and thought – wow, that’s quite a magic bag. If you want something big enough to carry all your Sandman books, just make sure the front is facing out. But if you just need to carry a couple of Ray Bradbury paperbacks, turn it around and suddenly it’s half the size. I bet it’s bigger on the inside, too.

  13. Ugh, never mind. It’s coming from your Instagram feed, which means you do want people to see them and Feedly is probably just choosing wrong. Ignore me!

  14. Def wrote it’down. With stroke and walker or wheelchair I will do my best to get myself there. I would love to see you. Would be better then any drug or treatment they have given me thus far. You are certainly my drug of choice ;). Maybe if you are in town for more than a quick book signing sneeze, we can get together? I promise tons of hugs and spoons of love if we do get together. Man can the world handle two of us in one place at once! Lol

  15. Hoping I manage to get one. Screwed up entry twice so either third time’s the charm, or third time’s twice thrown out for ‘double dipping’.

    So it’s currently Schrodinger’s bag for me…also very cool

  16. I am very sad that I will not be able to see you on tour. Nothing is close enough for to me to get to (or rather… afford to get to). 🙁 But I’m super excited for the book and for YOU. 🙂

  17. I claimed one! I hope I did it right. Can’t wait to see you in Philadelphia! Coming from CNY and hoping we don’t get lost on the way!!

  18. So HAPPY for you Jenny! And guess what, if you are stressed out on tour you can just color in your new book or start work on the NEXT one – win-win – Yay for all of us!!

  19. What about those of us who won th. lol on Goodreadsw? I’m in love with this book. Just completely in love. And yes, I preordered to get the bag!

    (Yay! I’m so glad you liked it! ~ Jenny)

  20. I am eagerly waiting on the email from my local indie bookstore telling me my book is in. And I am inappropriately excited about my bag. This is SO cool. Thank you for everything, Jenny!

  21. I ordered a book bag, “you may go out, after you pick up the stuff in your room”.
    Really excited for the book, and the bag!

  22. I filled out the form, how do I know if it worked?

    (If it works you’ll go to a page that says you registered. No email or anything. I think they’ll be sending out the bags in the next week or two. ~ Jenny)

  23. bipolar4good Hey Jenny, come to Powell’s Books in Portland Oregon! One of the best bookstores in the country. Booktown and foodietown USA!

  24. I tried this but didn’t get an acknowledgement. Do you get an acknowledgement?


    (Not an email acknowledgement. You just go to a page that says you’ve entered. If you’ve done it as of the time I posted this blog post you should be good to go and will get yours in the next week or two, I imagine. I think even if you miss out on the last 1000 they might have a small gift to send people, but I’m not certain about that. ~ Jenny)

  25. Hey Jenny
    I preordered a signed copy of your book from the BookPeople order# 47721.
    How can I get my paws on one of those bags?

    (That’s fine. Just take a screenshot of the confirmation or attach a note explaining it. They know that some of the indie stores do things differently but they still want to make sure you get a bag. ~ Jenny)

  26. Aren’t you afraid that people will get confused and think you are in the bag? People might be disappointed.

    (Ha! It would have to be a very large bag, indeed. ~ Jenny)

  27. My receipt doesn’t include my phone number or email but it has the order number, price I paid, when I ordered it, my name and address. Hopefully that will suffice. 🙂

    Thanks to you and your publisher for offering the bag for swag!

    (That totally works. As long as the name and address are the same you’re good. ~ JennY)

  28. Okay people.. if you’re waiting for the book… it’s magical. It’s perfect. I can’t say enough awesome things about it. I don’t know what twist of fate sent books to Canada a week early (we usually have to wait) but I’ve had the book for 3 hours now and have read every page. Stalk your mail carriers next week, tear open the packages and prepare to lose yourself down a wonderful rabbit-hole to somewhere where magic exists and misfits converge.

    (I’m sniffly now. Thank you! ~ Jenny)

  29. Ordered my book and bag – can’t wait – I hope mine comes with a raccoon or two!

  30. Just called the Warkwicks in La Jolla, and they said they already have 50 reserved seats and expect to be totally packed! Yay for Jenny!! Can’t wait to meet you and get your John Henry on a few of your books. xxoo


    (That is both scary and awesome! ~ Jenny)

  31. Got our copies last week – they’re beautiful, and funny and real. Like having your bestie in book form. Anyway, I was talking to a friend who suffers from mental illness and is going through a divorce right after our books came, so I immediately ordered another and had it mailed to her. 😊

    (Yay! I mean, not for divorce but for the fact that you liked it. Thank you! ~ Jenny)

  32. This is so great… and could definitely be colored on as well! OOoohhh can that be a thing? Like, we color them and then send you pictures and Ferris Mewler judges them or something? And the best one gets a virtual high five?

    (You could definitely color them. That would look awesome. ~ Jenny)

  33. Hi Jenny I love the book bag but cannot claim one as I have not pre-ordered the book. Due to lack of funds. Bad me! But I When I do have funds I would love to buy both book & bag. Will this be possible? Otherwise I will just buy the book and sigh over I what could have put in the bag.. 🙃😉😊

    (As long as they last they’ll be available. About 4,000 had been claimed as of today so just check back when you can. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  34. My friend pre-ordered the book for me from my wishlist, which means the order confirmation she has doesn’t show a mailing address. Do you know if she can still get a tote bag? (I’d like for her to have the bag since she’s the one who actually paid for the book. That way we both get treats!)

    (Good question. It sort of needs to match. Maybe you could get the bag since the order is under your name and then give it to her? ~ Jenny)

  35. Just picked up my copy (in Canada). Looks brilliant – have been having a hard few months and am so looking forward to settling in with this book! Thank you!!!

  36. Probably too late but I signed up. If I get one I’m totally coloring it with sharpies

  37. I got a message saying I can’t be registered at this time?!

    (Maybe try another browser? I haven’t heard that they’ve run out yet. ~ Jenny)

  38. Hey, can I buy a book for someone who might really need it (and thus get the swag bag too!) somehow? I got my own (need to order my own, not destroyed by the kid already- colored pencils!), but feel like there’s folks out there who maybe can’t fit their own copy into the budget right now, which is why they should totally have it! Please let me know!

  39. What I found you pre-bought them from the actual stores that you will be signing at?

    (No worries. Just ask them for an email or confirmation and submit that. It’s okay if it doesn’t have your address on it. ~ Jenny)

  40. I live in Maine and would LOVE to see you come a little bit closer to home. Massachusetts? Vermont? New Hampshire? I would drive to see you but New York and Philadelphia are too far. Please please please??? Love you Jenny.

  41. my sister ordered us both books “months ago” when they were first available for pre-order, but doesn’t think we’re getting bags and we’d really love them. What should we do? Thanks (if you are very busy and can’t answer, don’t fret, it’s all good as they say)

  42. Bought two books via Warwick’s in San Diego…no receipt, done via phone, no way to get a book bag. CRYING!!!!

  43. I received mine!! Have to order another one as my daughter stole mine.

    (Yay! ~ Jenny)

  44. I am so excited about this bag! I hoard totes, and this one is big enough to hold ALL MY SECRETS. Or most of my secrets. Or some secrets and a box of biscotti and some books.

  45. JENNY helllppp. I preordered and tried to get one of those awesome bags but it wouldnt let me download my proof of purchase. Im not the most computer literate person but it could be my tablets fault. I saved the email and when I tried to download on the form to fill out it said inavalid or some such @&**#!$* You are awesome and I thank you regardless if I own a Jenny bag of not!!!

    (Try another browser. Or maybe take a photo with your phone and upload it that way. ~ Jenny)

  46. I really hope I can win one of the bags; today’s my birthday (honest! 2/28/47). So excited to get the book! Keep up the good work Jenny!

  47. YAAAAY I finally just bought ALL the books, and now (maaaaybe if I was quick enough) I get a nifty bag to keep them in. True Confession: I’ve been following you and reading your blog for years and years but until this moment had nary a one of your books. Now they are all mine. BWAHAHAHAHA.

  48. If you come back to Dayton, this time I will know what Jeremy Johnson looks like and will get in line ahead of him and not directly behind. It’s kind of hard to follow, him and Rory’s taxidermied cousins….

  49. I so much want to see you on book tour. My parents DO live in Pennsylvania, and I could suddenly have an overwhelming need to see them (of course flying in via Philadelphia).

    I think I have been to that Barnes and Nobles, so I’ll just imagine myself squeezing under a table, drinking coffee and soaking in the wonder of you and the tribe.

  50. Umm, this is what happens when you do late night drunk posting. You can’t spell your name.
    (Cynthia, #67).

  51. Got the book yesterday – haven’T read it yet but leafed through it and I think, I will love it 🙂 And seconded on the audiobook – I have an Audible credit burning a hole in my virtual wallet 😉

  52. I’m in Germany and I wish your book was here now! Can’t wait! Aren’t we all too demanding? Love you! Ich hab euch alle lieb!

  53. WIsh i could be at Carmichaels in Louisville and meet you. It is gorgeous there in spring time. Hope you enjoy your time there! I preordered your book last year when you first announced it, cant wait to get it! I am going to try and get a book bag, hope they are not all gone.

  54. What if you prefer ordered 2 books from Amazon? How do you get the free bags? I would need 2

    (Good question. I don’t know the answer but if you submit your receipt for two they might send you two. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  55. I love the bookbag AND the bottle of wine in the photo…and, saw you at your last book signing in Washington, DC and you – and the audience – were WONDERFUL! I can understand – given the current political climate – why you might skip us this year but we’ll miss you…we need more Jenny Lawson in DC…

  56. There’s a BUNNY on the cover of the book!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes it my new favourite book!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Shhh… Don’t tell. My copy of “You Are Here” is going to my niece, a 40-year-old woman, once a brilliant, vibrant, sassy, young mother whose brain decided to not play fair and she now is a nursing home resident. Still brilliant, vibrant and sassy, but certainly not living the life she or any of us would choose for her. She will love the book! Many thanks for sharing your beautiful (but also not always fair) brain with us!

  58. I pre-ordered your book from Amazon and my receipt is my email. But I cannot figure out how to get that into a file to upload to you. This is most frustrating. I’m on a Mac and it looks like the only word processor I have to dump a file into is Notes (I figured I could define the contents of the email and put it into the Note.). But once I put the email in Notes, it’s still not a file that I can upload. Anyone have this problem? Anyone solve it?

  59. If only I could send my boobs to be signed but alas they insist on being attached for now and theres no way I can bring them. I guess I will just have to hide under my this here table and sign my own damn boobs. But I get a totebag, so alls well that ends well!

  60. YAY! I just saw this yesterday and put my name in. And ordered two You Are Here books! And bought Furiously Happy for my aunt! (Altho that was from Goodwill, but there’s only so much I can afford.) Geez, can you get out of my wallet already? I’m starting to sympathize with Victor. LOL

    (KIDDING! I’m so excited to meet you in La Jolla! I will try not to make you want to hide under the table, I promise.)

  61. See you in NC! Could only get signing line tickets as the event is sold out! Am bummed but still super excited to meet you in person. I have a metal chicken you signed, it was a wedding present from my sister. Best gift ever. He is playing a fiddle. His name is Merle.

  62. Jenny, I promoted your book (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened) to my work unit yesterday. I was to lead the meeting (being the manager and all) but I haven’t had much good news lately at these, so I promptly shared that this book was a great source of comic relief for me and if any of them could use some (eh hem, all of them could, we work TOGETHER!) to please go out and purchase it. Then I shared that I had your calendar up but would have to be careful from month to month of what people could see of it at my desk, and that I’d pre ordered the coloring book. Today I realized I could possibly gain a book bag too – all things Jenny Lawson! Thank you for being an understanding person on all things seemingly neurotic. Your acceptance and embracement is encouraging.

    (I love you! ~ Jenny)

  63. It is beautiful and it reminded me to pre-order for me and friends and I am sorry you won’t be closer to Pittsburgh but I don’t know if I would be brave enough to come anyway but you continually make my life brighter and thank you!

  64. I got my book on saturday (I’m from Switzerland) and I already finished one complete drawing and am busy on many more. I got so addicted to it that I missed my workout yesterday. Oh well, I guess working out your fingers does count, right? 🙂
    I really love the book, Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing with us and making us feel a little less alone and a little more special!

  65. I’m so excited to get the book for myself, but I ordered one for my best friend who survives depression, anxiety, and PTSD every day. That woman is my HERO. I want to color!

  66. Le sigh. Ordered through Amazon Prime on my kindle and a digital receipt was not an option. I sent my order number instead and in hope they accept that.

  67. Alrighty, I sent my Amazon “print order details” page, I hope that’s good enough. That’s awesome! I’m excited I got to buy this one for realz instead of getting a cheap Kindle version. Yay!

  68. I am so sad, because my book order #103-5566826-4342642 isn’t uploading the page. I have tried saving it five different times, but it doesn’t upload! I want a bag, I just can’t get the screenshot to upload, no matter how I save it.

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  70. Awwww, I wish you were closer than Philly for the signing….how about coming to Books A Million in York, PA? Or anyplace out here in Amish country….

  71. Eee! The bag looks fantastic. Should we have gotten an email or something? I’m paranoid that I didn’t submit the image of my receipt properly.

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to get into the book signing here but I love you and I’m sure it will be wonderful and kick ass and hilarious. I’ll be sending positive, supportive vibes either way. 🙂

  72. I pre-ordered, but shall not claim my bag; I will let some other lucky soul have it. Why, because a while ago I bought the fantastic bag with the image of Rory the raccoon on one side, with the mouse, hands in air like a joyous evangelical, on the other side, above which it says “Hi Five MoFo!” I get soooooo many compliments on this bag (I use it as my daily purse). I admit I am always careful to place outward the image of Rory, and carry the MoFo side of bag against me (there’s is, after all, no way to tell when someone might be insulted by, rather than appreciate, the MoFo part), but when I see someone I am angry at or annoyed by, I switch the bag around. I feel good about this because part of me likes the idea of cussing at them, where as part of me says, gee, I’m being magnanimous by showing camaraderie.
    Meanwhile I am so sorry that on my vacation to visit family I will miss Jenny’s book signing in La Jolla by five hours (when my plane leaves). COME TO DENVER JENNY! P.S. The art of prose, just like the art of poetry, changes with the times. We could no more write like James Joyce these days, and be relevant, than James Joyce could have written Rap in his day, and been accepted. True writing is a reflection of emotion that is capable of making us feel that emotion strongly. You make everyone you write for feel…strongly. You ARE a writer. Sorry, couldn’t help responding to an older post where someone tried to suggest otherwise…. As if the broken English they used didn’t itself speak against their ability to understand and thus appreciate true American/English literature. YOU speak for the times. YOU speak for us, accurately. We hold you up on our shoulders. As thousands have already said and will continue to say, Thank you Jenny. Thank you so much!!!

  73. Does that mean if I pre-ordered the book I should get the book bag with it? If not is it too late to have one sent to me since I did pre-order the book?

  74. Looks like you have plenty of book recommended, but I am currently reading one that I am really enjoying, it is Into the Free by Julie Cantrell. Also the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich are very good as well.

    Can’t wait to get your book in the mail. So much better than bills. 🙂

  75. Come to shitty…er…Fantastic Cleveland! Its fun here. Fun enough. Or at least come a little closer….you’re skipping the best parts 🙂

  76. I just ordered your book (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened) and pre-ordered your new book (You are Here). Woo-hoo!
    I finished reading Furiously Happy–that you sent me for Booksgiving!–and LOVED it! I’m trying to decide who to loan it to, but might end up just buying copies for people so I am sure to get mine back (from me).

  77. I just got my copy of You Are Here. I’m so excited! Thank you so much! The first page I opened to was the one about your great-grandmother and the Mason jars of canned goods in her cellar. It reminded me of when my maternal grandma died…and all the jars of (my favorite) raspberry jam, pickles, peaches, etc, etc that were in her cellar. We divided them up amongst my family. I treasured the jars for as long as I could (ate some contents too). I still have one jar, unopened b/c I don’t want to part with it. :`)

  78. oh, as for podcasts: my favorites are The Moth, Wait Wait…..and StoryCorps

  79. Just got the book! So glad I ordered two…one to give to someone I love. Thank you Jenny, it is perfectly you.

  80. Bummer! Missed the bags but did pre-order the book AND IT CAME YESTERDAY! Whoop! So excited! It’s bee-you-ti-full. Like you!
    My fave: “Some people come into your life just to teach you how not to become them.” Boom. Yeah, baby.

  81. I love this book, and pre-ordered one to get an awesome book bag. I’ve since ordered two more books from Book People in Austin, and 2 more on Amazon to give as gifts. Good luck on the tour!

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