I need podcasts

My book tour for YOU ARE HERE starts in a few days and I am utterly unprepared (I may end up dressed in hotel sheets at this point) but one thing I’ve learned is that listening to podcast when you’re traveling can be fantastic because it’s like you’re having a conversation with a friend and you don’t even have to answer them and also if you fell asleep while they’re talking they don’t care.  It’s awesome.  But I need some new podcasts because I’m going to be on the road for two weeks so please give me suggestions.

My personal favorites usually fall under the category of “tell me a story”, “freak me out” or “make me laugh”.  Here are a few of my personal favorites:


This American Life

Welcome to Night Vale

Hidden Brain

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Missing Richard Simmons


Up and Vanished

Reply All


Pop Culture Happy Hour

Within the Wires

Thrilling Adventure Hour


Your turn.  What should I be listening to?


And now…time for the weekly wrap-up!



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  1. Podcast recommendations: 1. Terrible, Thanks for Asking 2. Rabbits 3. Someone Knows Something 4. Death, Sex & Money 5. Criminal 6. The Mortified Podcast 7. The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

  2. My Brother, My Brother, and Me; Sawbones; The Dollop; and Oh No! Ross and Carrie

  3. Dear Hank and John and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History are awesome podcasts.

  4. this isn’t a podcast…get a CD of “The Story of Poo”…the book is written by Terry Pratchett, I can’t remember who reads it on the CD….it’s in my car and it’s freezing cold here, so I’m not going to get it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

  5. Omg. It’s so funny because I started listening to Lore because of you and then I ran out of episodes and I’ve been looking for more podcasts since. You just saved me from looking through all of what they have on iTunes.

  6. Snap judgement, the longest shortest time, serendipity, the gist, death, sex & money

  7. If you like ghost stories, check out “Lights Out”. It can be found on YouTube right now (we’re working on getting it BACK up on iTunes. You might be able to find older episodes there). True ghost stories shared by the folks who experienced them. It’s basically a virtual campfire. And remember, not listening to Lights Out is like not eating beer and chocolate cake for breakfast — the full richness of life will elude you. 😀

  8. The Bright Sessions!!! It’s a podcast where basically you listen to the therapy sessions of people who have super powers (it’s amazing and makes me wonder if my anxiety is just telepathy in disguise) Great story it’ll make you laugh and spook you at points – they sell shirts that say “Stay Strange”

  9. My Favorite Murder, Secrets, Crimes & Audiotapes, Undisclosed, and Someone Knows Something are my favorites – but then I LOVE crime ones, but MFM and SC&A are humorous too Happy travels!

  10. Nearly all the ones you’ve listed are ones I subscribe to, so here are other similar ones that I also like: 99% Invisible, Archive 81, ars Paradoxica, Ask Me Another, Code Switch, Darkest Night, Hollywood & Crime, Homecoming, Imaginary Worlds, Myths and Legends, Our Fair City, Planet Money, Radiolab, Science Vs., The Allusionist, The Black Tapes, The Bright Sessions, Thrilling Adventure Hour (no longer being made but lots of existing episodes,) Twenty Thousand Hertz, Twice Removed, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, You Must Remember This.

  11. The Hilarious World of Depression!! Interviews with comedians and actors who have a mental illness, and how it affected (both good and bad) the development of their career and who they are. One of its missions is to de-stigmatize mental illness by talking about it.

  12. Cool Games, Inc. by Polygon writers Nick Robinson & Griffin McElroy – they take emailed ideas for dumb videogames from their listeners and flesh them out in… very weird ways…

  13. OMG! That dog! And that gun! Sometimes I wish I was on social media. But I’ve got you to tell me what I’m missing. Thank you for that, and have a great book tour, Jenny.

  14. I always forget to listen to podcasts, but will take this opportunity to recommmend Pop Goes the Library. A library friend of mine and a coworker talk pop culture

  15. Rabbits; Hello from the Magic Tavern; The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie’s Botinarium; The Hilarious World of Depression; How to be Amazing.

  16. I love Alison Rosen – and would love to hear you on her podcast. I think her Thursday shows are really fun, just listening to people gab. But based on your list, I’m shocked you haven’t started my favorite murder or last podcast on the left yet.

  17. You Must Remember This, TV Crimes, and No Such Thing As a Fish are all great. I also love Jay and Miles Xplain the X-men, but I’m a huge X-Men fan.

  18. Omg so many. My Brother My Brother and Me. Sawbones. My Favorite Murder. Last Podcast on the Left. The Dollop. Tanis. The Black Tapes. Rabbits (just started, seems promising). The Flop House. The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Judge John Hodgman. Generation Why.

    That’s…part of my regular rotation. I may have a problem.

  19. I highly recommend How Did This Get Made. Very funny people talking about movies that are so bad they’re good. 🙂

  20. Ooh, you are already listening to several of my favorites! I’d also recommend Note to Self with Manoush Zomorodi, Planet Money (a lot more interesting than I’d expected), the TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics Radio, The Splendid Table (only if you can eat while/soon after since it might make you hungry), Ask Me Another. Note To Self is the one on the list that I think best matches your other favorites. Safe travels!

  21. I love your blog! It’s really hard to read on mobile, though. With the phone vertical the site is too big and with it tilted to landscape, I still have to center the text on the screen carefully swipe it upwards. Just letting you know.

  22. Ooh, you are already listening to several of my favorites! I’d also recommend Note to Self with Manoush Zomorodi, Planet Money (a lot more interesting than I’d expected), the TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics Radio, The Splendid Table (only if you can eat while/soon after since it might make you hungry), Ask Me Another. Note To Self is the one on the list that I think best matches your other favorites. Safe travels!

  23. The Adventure Zone! It’s my favorite. Others I recommend: Death Sex and Money; Surprisingly Nice; The Way I Heard It; Can I pet Your Dog; Still Buffering; No Such Thing As A Fish; The Allusionist and Science Vs. Enjoy!

  24. Hello from the Magic Tavern. Long-form improv that’s set in a Narnia-like world. Really fucking funny.

  25. You’re The Expert- 3 comedians and the host, Chris Duffy, talk with various experts about what they study. It’s informative and funny and will arm you with fun trivia facts like penguin prostitutes get paid in pebbles and Burying rats in your backyard can be for science, not just because you’re a weird rat serial killer…. And Octopuses is the correct plural form of octopus, not octopi 🙂 Seriously, it is an awesome podcast!!!

  26. Rabbits, Black Tapes, Tanis, Someone Knows Something, Criminal, PleasureTown, King Falls AM (this is one of my favorites right now), Wooden Overcoats (British funeral directors, very funny), Astonishing Legends. I also listen to a ton of podcasts at work and love them more than just music.

  27. I currently listen to NYT’s The Daily and Modern Love, Longform, EW’s Binge and Switched on Pop.

  28. The Dollop. 2 comedians giving history lessons.

    It’s funny. they’re a little long but always entertaining.

  29. I don’t know any podcasts, but I can recommend a book – Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire, which is a different sort of urban legend/ghost story. Maybe it is out on audio CD.

  30. I highly suggest “Hello From the Magic Tavern.” It’s a podcast done by some improv comedians in Chicago, and the basic idea is that Arnie Niecamp fell through a magic portal while in the drive-through line behind a burger king into the magical land of Foon. He still has his podcasting equipment and a faint wi-fi signal from the Burger King, so he does a weekly podcast interviewing interesting characters from the land of Foon.

    It’s great because the entire show is improvisational and very funny. They plan some big plot points, but other than that, they’re literally creating this world as they go along, and everything they come up with is rolled into the ongoing background of the show

  31. I’ve seen a couple of people suggest My Brother, My Brother, and Me already, and I cannot suggest it enough for you. I feel like it would be right up your alley. The McElroys usually say not to start from the beginning, so good episodes to start with to see if it’s your thing (it so will be) are:
    104: I Hate You, Ron
    108: The Garfield Monstrosity
    286: Coyotes Ate My Dad

  32. You already listen to a lot of my favorites. Some other good ones are The Black Tapes, Tanis, Unpopular Culture, The Alexandria Archives and Cryptid Creatures.

  33. The Movie Crypt. The hosts are hilarious and it has a lot of wonderful advice. Listening to it helps my (in)sanity each week. I love it. <3

  34. No Such Thing As A Fish is great for interesting and fun facts of all kinds.

    Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine is also really interesting.

    Missing is an odd one, a limited series about how and why people go missing, wherein the host ultimately challenges himself to go missing.

  35. I recommend Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. Also love How I Built This on NPR. The Big Listen on NPR is a podcast about podcasts! Good one for ideas.

  36. Literally everything I’d recommend is on this list. Which means this is the right place for me. 😉

  37. Baby Geniuses -hilarious women and learning about odd stuff, the Adventure Zone – D&D even if you are not into the game, 99%Invisible -Learning about design in real life, Allusionist – Words and meanings,

  38. Here are my current subscriptions – I sort them by the order of update, not by category or anything that makes sense to anyone else:
    – Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day
    – The Hidden Almanac
    – Sleep With Me (helps me fall asleep quickly)
    – Stuff You Should Know
    – Stuff to Blow Your Mind
    – TED Radio Hour
    – Talk From Superheroes
    – My Favorite Murder
    – Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
    – Myths & Legends (I can’t stress how awesome this one is. So awesome)
    – You Must Remember This
    – Stuff You Missed in History Class
    – the memory palace
    – Career Day
    – The Bright Sessions
    – Welcome to Night Vale
    – My Dad Wrote a Porno (FUNNIEST THING OUT THERE)
    – The Fall of Rome Podcast
    – The Penumbra Podcast
    – Lore
    – Unexplained
    – Thrilling Adventure Hour
    – The Deep Vault
    – Alice Isn’t Dead

  39. The British History Podcast is one of my very favorite things, and I recommend it to anyone who gets that history has actual people in it, and not just a big pile of faceless dates.

  40. I’m a podcast junkie!! Court Junkie, Criminal,the Generation Why,History Chicks, The Minimalists, Modern Love, The Moth, My Favorite Murder, Secrets, Crimes and Audiotape, Tell me Something I Don’t Know, Terrible Thanks for Asking, Sorta Awesome, Selected Short-Too Hot for Radio.
    I love all the ones you listed too!!

  41. Snap Judgment – storytelling with a beat

    The Professional Left with Driftglass and Blue Gal.

  42. Crime Writers On is my current favorite podcast. You will snot laugh, yell at Toby, learn a lot. And they do a cat of the week.

    My daughter and I are coming to see you in Raleigh, NC.

  43. KUEC. Aka Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap. Author/illustrator Ursula Vernon and her husband eat and review terrible pre-packaged foods, drink, and usually end up ranting about something. It’s hilarious and unfiltered and loads of fun

  44. Dear Hank and John (or as John likes to call it, Dear John and Hank – the Green brothers are great)

    The Hilarious World of Depression (John Moe’s masterpiece pod)

    Myths and Legends

    Snap Judgment

    Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins

  45. If you liked Mystery Science Theater 3000 then you’re sure to like Movie Sign with the Mads. Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, and Carolina Hidalgo discuss a movie and go off on all kinds of tangents.

  46. Fan of 30 Rock? Love Jackie D? Who knew Alec’s Baldwin was so smart and so fucking funny. Check out his podcast where he interviews interesting people: “Here’s the Thing”

  47. Risk! is the best podcast. It’s dirty, and raw at times, but always moving and entertaining.

  48. Second vote for My Dad Wrote A Porno. It’s the funniest and most cringeworthy podcast I’ve heard.

  49. Krista Tippett’s On Being. Astounding interviews each week. You should be on it. Please have your marketing peeps pursue.
    My favorite youtube videos of all time: Ellen DeGeneres’ Tulane Commencement Speech and the DeGeneres interview with Gladys, “I love Jesus but I drink a little.” Both are pants wetters.

  50. Hello Internet is my favorite for just getting me out of my own head.

  51. The Ricky gervais show/s podcasts- quote old but I love them – just Ricky, Steve and Karl chatting but really relaxing and funny. There are animated versions on YouTube which are great. I listen to them to fall asleep when I am anxious – love them! Xxx

  52. Myths and Legends (Jason Wiser) is fun if you are a fan of Stuff You Missed in History. I’m also a huge fan of The Adventure Zone, a podcast in which the brothers (all adults) play D&D with their dad.

  53. True Crie Garage along with all of the other awesome suggestions that have already been listed! Safe travels!

  54. I really like “Oh No! Ross and Carrie!” and “Sawbones.” I’ve also been watching Dr, Lucy Worsley documentaries — she’s a delightful presenter!

  55. Oh, if you like both “tell me a story” and “freak me out,” you should give Pseudopod a listen. It’s a weekly horror fiction podcast done by Escape Artists, Inc. They also do Escape Pod (scifi), PodCastle (fantasy), and Cast of Wonders (YA) if you like other genres. There are a number of years of back episodes, so this could keep you busy for a long time.

  56. I listen to podcasts when I’m waiting for sleep or cleaning.
    True Crime Brewery
    Thinking Sideways
    Generation Why

  57. My Favorite Murder is two best girl friends discussing different true crime stories!

  58. Radio Lab (and RL More Perfect), Hidden Brain, Infinite Monkey Cage, TED Radio Hour,

  59. The Memory Palace, Nocturne, We Got This With Mark and Hal, My Dad Wrote A Porno (don’t be put off by the title, it’s actually really funny), Decoder Ring Theatre, OHOTMU or Not, Crimetown and Wilosophy. (Also Jay and Mile X-Plain the X-Men, but you probably want to be an X-Men fan for that one)

  60. I’ve enjoyed The Hilarious World of Depression and Missing Richard Simmons. Neither of them have too many episodes, but they were really engaging for me.

  61. I love a lot of those. 99% Invisible and Criminal are two of my favorites.

  62. Other people have already mentioned it, but The Hilarious World of Depression really is very good. John Moe talks to comedians with depression (Like Maria Bamford, Andy Richter, and Paul F. Tomkins). I don’t listen to podcasts very often but I always make time for this one. I also love League of Awkward Unicorns, which I know you already know about since you were on their show! Alice and Deanna are hilarious and amazing.

  63. RadioLab!!!! It’s funny and you’ll learn something. I also like SnapJudgment, Moth Radio Hour, TED Talks, and Two Dope Queens. If you liked Serial and were even vaguely undecided at the end of it, you should listen to Undisclosed. It goes even deeper into it – as amazing a job as she did, Sarah Koenig missed a couple things. I’m so glad you posted this so I can find new podcasts, too, to listen to while I paint!

  64. Some of my favorites include:
    – The Moth
    – Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me
    – Criminal
    – TED Radio Hour
    Travel safe and know that your friends/fans are with you all the way! I’m hoping to see you Friday in New Orleans.

  65. My two favorite “conversation with friends” podcasts – Another Round and Call Your Girlfriend.

  66. Definitely “My Favorite Murder” the hosts are great and the community is the best.

  67. Sawbones- a comedy podcast hosted by a husband and wife. She’s a doctor, he’s a comedian. It’s a show about the weird stuff in medical history and so funny. Short episodes

    The Longest Shortest Time- parenting and family topics with really beautifully done storytelling. About an hour.

    Maeve in America- show profiling all sorts of immigrants to the US. Hosted by a great Irish comedian living in NYC. Short episodes

    Witch, Please- a must if you’re a Harry Potter fan. A feminist, diverse analysis of the hp universe by two professors and a nice guy with a film degree. Long episodes

  68. No such thing as a fish….it’s a podcast of Stephen Fry’s research elves, where they present and discuss their favourite 4 facts of the week.

  69. To clarify, “Terrible, thanks for asking” is the name of the podcast. It’s amazing is my opinion of it.

  70. Professor Blastoff. Three comedians (including National Treasure Tig Notaro) learn sh!t. It’s on Howl, which has a small subscription fee.

  71. I 2nd the Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe!! Short and super interesting right till the very end.
    I am a self-described podcast addict. I wrote a short blog on some current faves, what theyre about, and why theyre in my list. Currently subscribed to 45. http://ibrocka.com/podcasts-part-ii/

  72. If you can listen to the podcast that runs in your head from the same detached place that you listen to podcasts on the internet, you’ll be ahead of the game.

  73. Oh No! Ross and Carrie is hysterical. The Bright Sessions, Ars Paradoxica, Wolf 359 are all great stories that I bet you’ll love seeing WTNV and Limetown on your list.

  74. The Hilarious World of Depression! Conversations with comedians about their struggles with mental illness and a goal of removing stigma. Also the Dinner Party Download is pretty great.

  75. My favourite podcasts are Oh No Ross & Carrie and The Boogie Monster. Oh No is about two people (Ross &Carrie) who investigate fringe science and the claims of the paranormal. They go undercover to psychics, acupuncturists, ghost hunting, they even join the Mormon church and Scientology and report back all their findings. Ross and Carrie are so smart and interesting and funny. The Boogie Monster is two comedians (Dave Stone & Kyle Kinane) who want to talk about spooky stuff but often get side tracked by delicious food. I laugh out loud every episode and I’ve learned to make amazing biscuits.

  76. Don’t listen to podcasts or audio books, sorry – my brain wanders without visual stimulation. Loved the comments on the FB post from Baltimore PD!

  77. Unfictional from KRCW. 30 min episodes of people telling stories about their lives or specific events in their lives. It’s addicting.

  78. Someone Knows Something is a great one! I also loved The Black Tapes and Wrongful Convictions

  79. “You Must Remember This” about Hollywood’s first century. They are currently doing a series on dead blondes like Thelma Todd, and Peg Entwhistle. She is famous for committing suicide by jumping off the Hollywood sign. Also just found “Lore” that gives info on the true stories that have lead to current myths, legends, and alleged hauntings. Spooky, but cool.

  80. I have to second How Did This Get Made. Hilarious people talking about the craziest movies ever. I never watch the movies and I am thoroughly entertained by every episode. This podcast started my love affair with Jason Mantzoukas. He is amazing!!!

  81. D&D is for nerds – silly Australians playing Dungeons and Dragons, no D&D knowledge required (because the players dunno how to play)
    Kings Fall AM – Like nightvale, sans Cthulhu horror with added doses of buddy cop
    The Bright Sessions – therapy sessions for people with super powers
    Ars Paradoxica – time travel, cold war spies, and characters who are there for the good of Science. Also lots of good representation, the main character is asexual and there’s several other LGBT characters.

  82. I listen to My Favorite Murder when I walk (alone and mostly in wooded areas).

  83. Sorry, I have no suggestions because I am throughly distracted by the dog who will from this day forward haunt my dreams. Dear Lord! 😳

    Have fun on your tour. Can’t wait to hear all about the incredible people and taxidermied animals you meet along the way!

  84. Wow. How are you not already listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast? In depth interviews with comedians, musicians, authors & others in the arts, presented with humor & sensitivity to the many ways people can be messed up. You should consider doing his show; though it would probably require travel to Los Angeles it would be just the two of you in his private recording studio having a conversation (he produces the show in his garage at his home, “the cat ranch”).

  85. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People
    Radio Lab
    Only Human
    Death, Sex and Money
    Lit Up

  86. More up votes for The Moth and Risk!, but want to add Spontaneanation if you like Thrilling Adventure Hour. Paul F. Tompkins (a frequent performer on Thrilling Adventure) is one of my favorite performers right now and does a weekly improv show with various guests. It’s wonderful. Another great improv choice is Hello From the Magic Tavern. The premise is that a guy from Chicago fell through a portal behind a Burger King into another dimension, the magical land of Foon. Every week he, his co-hosts (a wizard and a talking badger) do a podcast and usually interview such characters as a Singing Sword, some goblins, a talking flower with a lot of attitude, etc. All wonderful nonsense.

  87. Pleasing Terrors – it’s a sort of spooky history/folklore thing and hands down one of my faves.
    The host does ghost tours for a living. Aside from being so so good, he’s also very nice 🙂

    I don’t think mine is too bad either :
    Quid Pro Quo your friendly neighborhood forensic psych podcast – Aiming to better the world through the power of morbid curiosity. Topics in true crime with a focus on education and discussion rather than case studies.

  88. Another Round & No Such Thing As A Fish. You will learn and laugh with both, but in such different ways. I’d also recommend Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review, which is like a club, and I find it great company when I’m very anxious and silence is deafening.

  89. Many people here have already mentioned some of my favorites. Here are more of my favorites:

    History Goes Bump
    Case File
    Strange Matters
    Pleasing Terrors
    Sword and Scale
    Small Town Horror
    Ghost Pod
    Bizarre States

    Thanks to everyone for some other suggestions.

  90. Pretty much anything from Radiotopia.fm will do you for story-telling podcasts! Personal favourites are 99% Invisible and The Allusionist, and then The Memory Palace.

  91. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
    A conversation with Youtube celebrities which never gets too far below the surface and answers the age-old question: “what is your worst pants-shitting story, using three words or three short phrases?”

  92. The Babysitters Clib Club. Two twenty something guys discuss the serious social and political implications of Ann M Martins popular series. Is Stoneyfield a cult? Is there something sinister afloat? Was one of them permanently affected by reading these books at his cousins house as a kid? Each episode features one book and it is HILARIOUS.

  93. That dog was great! I cried from laughing so hard! Good luck on the book tour. I hope it’s lots of fun.

  94. The Blacktapes
    Someone Knows Something
    Up and Vanished

  95. “Anna Faris is Unqualified”: Anna Faris and Sim Sarna meet with celebrities and chat. Kooky skits with stars and they give their “unqualified” advice to listeners’ problems. Very funny.
    “Myths and Legends”: Guy tells myths and legends from all over the world in fun and accessible ways, tackling things from Norse myths to the original Chinese versions of Cinderella to Santa Claus. There’s usually a bonus “Creature of the Week” at the end too.
    “You Must Remember This”: Untold or forgotten stories about Hollywood’s “First Century”. Really interesting and kind of addicting.
    “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”: NPR’s news quiz show. There are jokes and quizzes and games. Also, Tom Hanks hosted one a while back. (If you like the quizzes and games but want to avoid the news for a bit, “Ask Me Another” is also great.)
    I’ve heard great things about “Hardcore History” by Dan Carlin but those episodes are 3 or 4 hours long and I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  96. I’m a big fan of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and I find the Freakonomics podcast pretty interesting too.

  97. Criminal – focusing on interesting unconventional crime stories rather than blood or gore
    99% invisible – makes you think about small details in your very day life that you’d wouldn’t. It is

  98. With the freaky political situation, Slate’s Political Gabfest has some much needed sanity. I also love Radio Sweden’s news in English. Love the news in a country where 4 murders in the second largest city is cause for great concern and the government decides that you can use the government child care if you are not going to work but going elk hunting instead.

  99. My Dad Wrote a Porno is hysterical, and everyone should listen to it.

    Within the Wires is also great, a shorter podcast from Jeffrey Cranor of Night Cale fame.

  100. Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins, long-form improv with a lot of the Thrilling Adventure Hour crew
    Sword & Scale, horrifying true crime

  101. To all those who recommended the Hilarious World of Depression, I blame you for the fact that I’m binge-listening to all the episodes! The Bloggess Tribe has the best recommendations!

  102. The ultimate storytelling/freaking out/laughing combination podcast is My Favorite Murder.

  103. My cousin and her husband just started a podcast about their life on a ranch–it’s called “Keeping up with the Clampetts”. It’s hilarious and informative. You can find it anywhere you get your podcasts. Also, Chris Gethard’s “Beautiful Anonymous” is a fun listen.

  104. Criminal- crimes from different perspectives, thoughtful, interesting, and short (which is nice when you don’t want to commit to a long podcast.)
    Monster Talk- cryptozoology with skeptics!
    Beef and Dairy Network- surreal and absurd.
    You Must Remember This- classic Hollywood stories and scandals.

  105. Some of my favorites that aren’t already on your list:
    The Black Tapes
    My Brother, My Brother, and Me
    Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine
    Oh No Ross and Carrie
    My Favorite Murder
    The Message

  106. I absolutely love Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. There are crazy questions like “who would you most like to throw cold spaghetti at?” There are also here hilarious anecdotes from a variety of guests. I rarely can listen without laughing out loud. Plus as the title says nothing ever really gets too deep so you get to learn about the weird parts of people’s lives and it’s great to listen to if you’re having an anxious moment.

  107. For ‘tell me a story’, I’d add Radiolab, Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, Podhouse 90, and Stuff Mom Never Told You. For ‘freak me out’, I’d add Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, and Sawbones (a marital tour of misguided medicine). For ‘Make me laugh’, I’d add The Dollop (a humorous look at history). I’d also suggest In the Name of God – the podcast for the last 2 categories, but it might be an acquired taste.

  108. My Dad Wrote a Porno. I see others have also recommended it, but I figure the more recommendations, the more likely you will be to listen to it. It’s definitely your type of humor!

  109. Stranglers (it chronicles the Boston Strangler case and it’s awesome), 48 Hours, Stuff You Missed in History Class are a few of my favorites.

  110. The Dork Forest, comedian Jackie Kashian interviews someone about their “dorkdom”. Topics range from tv shows to hobbies to sports to specific people or places.
    99 Percent Invisible, stories about the world around us, generally focused on architecture or design.

  111. I listen to quite a few. Here are my favorites:
    TV Crimes: Wil Wheaton & Mikey Neuman- hilarious discussion about bad tv with 2 people I love to listen to. http://tvcrimes.net/
    Judge John Hodgman: John is an internet judge, and I think he’s quite good- and it’s often quite funny! http://www.maximumfun.org/jjho
    The Dork Forest: hosted by Comic Jackie Kashian. She has on folks who dork about about weird shit they love, and the excitement is AMAZING and utterly delightful. Every year she has fans vote on favorite episodes so newcomers have a place to start. http://jackiekashian.tumblr.com/post/157327894853
    Unqualified, with Anna Faris: I just find the conversations utterly delightful, and she often does some sketch bits with her guests. She and her friend/co-host Sim Sarna call folks who write in with problems and they give unqualified advice.
    Put Your Hands Together: Live stand-up show hosted by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher http://www.feralaudio.com/show/pyht-with-cam-and-rhea/

  112. “Important If True” by Idle Thumbs. It’s their newest podcast so there are only a few episodes so far, but I think it’s hilarious.

  113. I believe they have already been mentioned, but for genre fiction (horror, scifi, fantasy, YA) Escape Artists have a great set of podcasts, with fantastic back catalogues.

  114. Uncanny County! It’s like a quirky, Southwestern Twilight Zone. Hilarious, creepy and sweet anthology series.

  115. I love the “Vinyl Cafe” with Stuart Mclean. He’s an amazing storyteller. Actually he just passed away 🙁 now I’m crying a little. But smiling…. and still teary.

  116. The Moth is the best storytelling podcast. Grow ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids is hilarious. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People is an interesting format.

  117. Judge John Hodgman, No Such Thing as a Fish, 2 Dope Queens, My Dad Wrote a Porno (that’s really the name, I’m not being inappropriate), The Sporkful

  118. My tattoo artist wanted me to listen to one about child serial killers. Meaning children who got away w murders not people killing children. She had needles so I said sure. It was Sword and Scale or something, I think.

  119. I also enjoy storytelling, and I highly recommend “The Moth”. Every week folks tell a story on a different topic. Some of them make you laugh and some make you cry, but they’re always touching. It makes me feel more connected to humanity.

    PS – thanks for leaving your house to come see us in Raleigh next weekend. I’m so excited!

  120. Friendshipping with Jenn and Trin. I have trouble keeping relationships with friends, and this helps me figure out what is more…. normal? It also reassures me that sometimes I am doing things right 🙂

  121. 1) you must remember this – forgotten stories of Hollywood’s golden era (often scandals and deaths)
    2) radiolab – covers a myriad of interesting topics
    3) my favorite murder
    4) I just started listening to Stranglers, which is covering the Boston Strangler murders and seems really promising.

    I absolutely started listening to Lore on your recommendation and LOVE IT.

  122. “You Must Remember This.” It’s a a storytelling podcast about the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. Last summer I listened to all 12 episodes of season 2 (“Charles Manson’s Hollywood”) about the Manson Family and their connection to Hollywood stars. There is also a season dedicated to the blacklisting of celebrities during the ’50s and one about Joan Crawford. This season is titled “Dead Blondes.”

  123. The Moth, RISK!, This American Life (of course) are my three favorites.

  124. The Nerdist- Chris Hardwick interviews comedians/ musicians/ actors but it feels more like a conversation than an interview. Sometimes super funny and usually really interesting. Does not have to be listened to in any order. The first 5 minutes are usually ads but there aren’t any during the actual podcast.

    Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig- Very funny conversations. Lots of laughter.

    You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes – Again, long conversations with interesting people. Non sequential. You learn a lot about these people. It’s pretty long, but interesting.

    How to be Amazing – with Michael Ian Black – An interview with quite a vast array of people. All of which are very amazing or trail blazing in their field.

    I just downloaded The Hilarious World of Depression because I like some of the guests on it. I haven’t listened to it yet though.

    Go Bayside- Watching and analyzing episodes of Saved By the Bell in the world of today. Pretty entertaining especially if you’re a fan of the show.

  125. Remember Dharma from Dharma and Greg? She was played by Jenna Elfman. She and her husband Bhodi have a podcast called “Kicking and Screaming”. It’s a hilarious podcast they do almost every week, and it’s about their marriage. The description sounds a little boring but trust me – they’re so great to listen to. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kicking-and-screaming-by-jenna-and-bodhi-elfman/id558588270?mt=2

    Or web: http://nerdist.com/podcasts/kicking-and-screaming/

    P.S. they product the podcasts for audio only, and for video/audio as well.

  126. Standard Issue podcast. The standard issue magazine was set up by UK comedian Sarah Millican for women who can’t stand women’s magazines. I bet you laugh out loud at the nipple trapped in tupperware story

  127. 2 Dope Queens; Radiolab; All in the Mind (ABC and/or BBC version); Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History; The Allusionist; 10% Happier; TED Radio Hour

    I also really like Note to Self, but I’m not sure if it’s what you’d like…

    And bonus for Hailey, although she might be a bit old for it, Short and Curly!

  128. Alice Isn’t Dead is wonderfully creepy. Eos 10 is geeky space fun and will make you laugh out loud (please listen to this it’s totally brilliant). The Bright Sessions is a therapist who has unusual patients and a shady government organization in the background. Great representation in it, too

  129. “How to be Amazing”, with Michael Ian Black. Interesting guests and great interviews.

  130. In no particular order, things I haven’t seen on lists:
    Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
    Double X Podcast
    Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia
    Hidden World of Girls
    In Sickness and In Health
    Call Your Girlfriend (I saw this one, but I love this podcast, so I had to mention it again)

  131. Ear biscuits is funny. It’s by Rhett and link who never fail to make me laugh.


  132. The Vinyl Cafe Stories by Stuart McLean. He is a Canadian icon who is an amazing story teller. He passed away a few weeks ago. His stories will live on.

  133. I have no podcast recommendations because I don’t really listen to them much, but I just have to say I’m SO excited to meet you on March 20th!! I’m saving up money for the trip and it’s going to be a whole big party!

  134. Mike and Tom Eat Snack is my personal favorite! Also great are How Did This Get Made, Houndtall and You Made it Wierd.

  135. The Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Smart and hilarious.

  136. More Perfect, Radio Lab and Note to Self. Radio Lab reminds me a bit of Invisibilia. More Prefect is an interesting mini series about the Supreme Court and the history of it that you never knew you would be interested in.

  137. The Hilarious World of Depression is pretty good. They just finished up season 1.

  138. Besides This American Life, which you mentioned, I also listen to Radio Lab, Criminal, Snap Judgement, and The Moth. All story telling. All great!

  139. Laugh:
    My Brother, My Brother, and Me (Do yourself a favor and listen to the Glass Shark bit on youtube.
    They will make you laugh about anxiety!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gYgXxIRmac

    Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (laugh and inform)
    Answer Me This
    No Such Thing as a Fish

    Learn Something/Tell a Story:
    If you like Invisibilia, try Radiolab
    This American Life, try Snap Judgment
    Death, Sex, and Money
    Freakonomics Radio
    Criminal (This is also a freaky one sometimes)
    The Allusionist
    99% Invisible

    THE MEMORY PALACE. It’s amazing. Short, inspiring, moving, funny, informative. Nate DiMeo is killing it.

    How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black is funny, but also insightful and you learn a lot about his guest. He has a great mix of people on there, and I think he asks really good questions.

    If you haven’t done Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, it was surprisingly good. I know he was kind of over done for awhile, and people criticized his books for being overblown articles. But, the podcast is just right.

    Straight up learn something:
    Stuff You Should Know-feels like listening to friends. Topics of all kinds for every taste, and even the topics you’d think you wouldn’t be super interested in are almost always funny and interesting.

    How I Built This, it’s hosted by the same person who hosts TED Radio Hour and he interviews some of the entrepreneurs behind some of the biggest companies. Think Atari&Chuck E. Cheese, Lift, Virgin, Kate Spade, Zappos, Honest Tea, Drybar, Zumba, Melissa and Doug, etc. Also, surprisingly interesting, but I really liked it.

    I’ve also heard great things about The Missing (true crime) and You Must Remember This (Hollywood history), but haven’t had the time to start either of those yet.

    Have fun on your tour! I’m so excited for the new book, Jenny!! 🙂

  140. Have you listed to the Mortified podcast? SO funny. I also think Planet Money can be really interesting.

  141. I second Risk! It’s a storytelling podcast, but not the usual stories. “True stories you thought you would never dare to share.”

  142. Tell me a story: Snap Judgment (same deal as This American Life, but with more background music/sound effects)
    Freak me out: After Dark Radio (talking about all kinds of freaky stuff)
    Make me laugh: Video Negative (three guys give an in-depth look at bad 90s movies)

    Sorry if these have been mentioned already. Consider this to be another vote if that’s the case.

  143. Conversations with Richard Fidler… An Australian podcast that has the best format I have come across. NO ADS!!! and it is funny, smart and enlightening.

  144. The Bright Sessions is really good! I usually like my podcasts non fiction, but this is amazing!

  145. Top of my list:
    Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project
    Reel Education
    Scott Sigler Audiobooks / Story Smack
    Astronomy Cast

  146. I recommend Judge John Hodgeman, Science Vs., Criminal, the Back Tapes, Tannis, Rabbits,Doug Loves Movies….

  147. RISK! It’s a story telling podcast that will make you laugh, cry, yell… sometimes all at once.

  148. Just want to say that you all give some of the best recommendations! I am so grateful! <3

  149. Another round! They’re funny and delightful and usually a bit drunk

  150. I Listen to NPR one for my podcasts a lot. Here is my list:
    The Hilarious world of Depression (Comedians talking about their battles with mental illness)
    The Moth
    Radio Lab
    wait, wait…don’t tell me
    ask me another

  151. “Reply All”, “Love + Radio”, and my all time favorite (I’ve never laughed so much by myself): “My Dad Wrote a Porno”

  152. I’m sure somebody else has already mentioned it, but the Infinite Monkey Cage (one of the BBC podcasts) is pretty good.

  153. Guys we’ve f****d: the anti-slut shaming podcast

    I’ve never listened to it but my husband does while he walks the dog ands says it’s great!

  154. 99% Invisible; The Allusionist; MarketplaceTech, Marketplace Morning Report, and Marketplace (full evening broadcast/podcast; Snap Judgment; RadioLab; The TED Radio Hour; Studio 360, On The Media; Reply All (sometimes great, sometimes not so much, but co-host PJ Vogt’s laugh is always all that!); Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; Song Exploder…

    Do you think I listen to a lot of podcasts??!! 😂😂😂📻

  155. Most definitely The Moth. I also into RadioLab. I always LOL at Judge John Hodgson.

  156. I hit send too soon. I meant to say I also get sucked into RadioLab and I am not as anonymous as I look in the above post 😉

  157. My personal faves include Casefile, Someone Knows Something, Tell Me Something I don’t Know and Anna Farris is Unqualified (for when I just need to laugh).

  158. My favorite murder to keep you from sleeping (its also funny) and sleep with me (a podcast not a suggestion) to help you sleep

  159. The Dollop. You get a story and humor. These guys make me laugh so hard in the car I sometimes worry I’ll get in a wreck!

  160. Savage podcast is great. It puts my problems in perspective. Like, yeah I got dumped but at least I don’t have a wife or husband that wants to try “sounding” (don’t look it up). I also get to enthusiastically say Yeah! really loud in my car in the mornings during his rants and get weird looks when other drivers overhear some of the subjects.

  161. I have a lot of podcasts I listen to, my recommendations are all fiction;

    Mabel (very eerie, excellent use of sound)
    The Bright Sessions
    Tincture (This is more of an audio book, released chapter by chapter and narrated by the author, he is up to book 3)

    The Strange Case of Starship Iris – there are currently only two episodes, but it is amazing.

  162. Black Tapes, yo. It’s fiction in the style of an NPR-affiliate podcast investigating a professional skeptic, and things get very weird very quickly.

  163. you could try:
    the allusionist
    answer me this
    no such thing as a fish
    download this show

    the first three are English, on varying topics, the third is Australian

    All have very soothing voices, so keep the stress levels waaaayyy down

  164. If you want some non-fiction here are a few I listen to;
    Totes Recall
    Someone knows something
    You’re the expert
    Skill set
    Stuff you should know

  165. CBC Radio – Under the Influence (about how marketing gets us to buy stuff- funny and informative)
    CBC Radio – Ideas – makes you feel smart
    Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids

  166. My personal favorite is Tell Em Steve Dave it’s just 3 middle aged men talking about random stuff. One is an Impractical Joker and the other two are Comic Boom Men.

    What I really wanted to mention is that the Philadelphia flower show will be going on in Philly while you’re there. If you have the time, you should check it out. It’s always amazing. My mom and I are going to the flower show and then coming to see you. We can’t wait!

  167. I love the podcasts History chicks, Girls Girls, and Stuff your mom never taught you.

  168. I just discovered Anna Faris Unqualified. Hilarious.
    Also, from the U.K. like me are the podcasts by Standard Issue online magazine. (You WILL pee your pants…)

  169. My favorite podcast is Nerdist & I also like Anna Faris is unqualified

  170. Nerdiest Podcasts with Chris Hardwick are pretty damn funny. The one with Anna Ferris is a good place to start.

  171. I still own a flip phone and I still purchase CDs and play them on a stereo that takes up a good portion of my living room. In other words, I have allowed my techno-aversion to keep me blissfully ignorant of such things as “podcasts” or even “tweeting” and “snapchatting”. But if you can find an audio book version of L. Ron Hubbard’s “Battleship Earth” read by Ben Stein, your resulting coma should far outlast the duration of your flight.

  172. I recommend Snap Judgement. It’s a great story telling podcast. You might really like the “Spooked” episodes, which are their Halloween special ones that feature scary stories. I also love the Mystery Show. This lady solves seemingly small mysteries given to her my friends, but they unwind in the coolest stories, and she meets really interesting people. There’s a whole episode about finding the owner to a belt buckle and one about finding out how tall Jake Gyllenhaal really is. They are surprisingly fantastic little adventures.

  173. 99% Invisible
    Radio Lab
    Snap Judgment
    The Moth
    The Story Collider
    The Truth
    The Hilarious World of Depression

  174. Homecoming. It’s a serialized show like night vale, but with Oscar Isaacs and Kathryn Keener and Dabid Schwimmer. And it’s the best story I’ve heard in SO long. It’s from Gimlet.

  175. This reminded me that i meant to ask if you listen to thrilling adventure hour because there was an episode where fans of the show became characters on the show for a special episode and one of them was clamouring to get Nathan Fillion’s character to hold their ball of twine and I laughed my ass off. Also, you should listen to The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air, and the Dead Authors Podcast.

  176. Call Your Girlfriend, Another Round, One Bad Mother, Hidden Brain, Making Oprah.

  177. You made it weird with Pete Holmes, WTF with Lark Maron, The Smartest Man in the World

  178. My favorites are
    – Mental Illness Happy Hour (awesome interviews)
    – The Dollop (funny storytelling about American history)

  179. Anything from Pacific Northwest Stories, meaning Black Tapes, TANIS, and their new podcast Rabbits. If you like Lore and Limetown, you’ll LOVE these. For something less creepy, Hello from the Magic Tavern is deliciously geeky and hilarious. Also Alice Isn’t Dead and Orbiting Circus from the Welcome to Nightvale team.

  180. My Dad Wrote a Porno – you will cry with laughter. The host’s dad decided to self-publish “erotic literature” 3 brits read one chapter per episode and discuss.

  181. Dinner Party Download, The Moth, The Hilarious World of Depression, The Nerdist

  182. Another mention for The Mortified Podcast. Adults read journals,poetry,etc they created as teens in front of a live audience. It is wonderful and so so silly.

  183. Okay, I’m late to the party because…well….stuff….but I’m going to share a wonderful audio book. It’s full of Vikings (what else would The Viking read?), cursing, shitting, grunting, bleeding, shouting and murdering. I learned how to curse like a troll-farting snot goblin and it’s wonderful. At Christmas, we all took Viking curse names and that’s all we called each other through the feast. Mine was Piss Swilling Bollock. I haven’t listened to the audio book myself but if it’s at least partially as good as the book you can’t help but love it. :o)

    Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.ca/Blood-Eye-Giles-Kristian/dp/1511320397/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1488762390&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=giles+kristian+audio+books

  184. Doesn’t help you at all with the podcasts, but I get to meet you this weekend in Raleigh!

  185. I listen to two dudes talking podcasts more than than type you do, and really, I only listen to one podcast with regularity. The other thing I listen to is sermons from my aunt’s church.

    BUT! The two dudes podcast I listen to features a guy from New York and a guy from Australia, who both live in the UK and make Youtube videos, and I find my inner geek entertained greatly by their rambly conversations. If you’re interested, its name is:

    Hello Interent

  186. The Hilarious World of Depression and Adam Buxton’s podcast. Both are interview formats with really interesting conversations that cover depression, comedy, writing, music, ethics in art, and the creative process.

  187. My favorite murder! It’s so good and funny and the women are just entertaining to listen to.

  188. Here’s another suggestion: Penn’s Sunday School, hosted by Penn Gillette, the bigger, louder half of the comedy magic act Penn & Teller. Whatever you may be thinking it is, it’s probably not what you think. But it very often makes me laugh.

  189. I really Like “The Show, with Sam and Joe” they even talk about loving your books in a couple of them. Also, “My Favorite Murder” morbid and funny.

  190. So, Nerd and Beard (nerdandbeardcast.com), even though we aren’t cool or popular. Cause it’s me. And a friend. So…Yeah.

  191. Sawbones is outstanding; my all-time favorite episode is Self-Experimentation. I laugh until I cry every time I listen to it.

    Can I Pet Your Dog is also a lot of fun, it’s a podcast for dog lovers, and it’s a solid 40-60 minutes of positivity and enthusiasm about dogs.

  192. How to be a girl. Podcast from the mother of a transgender daughter who came out to her at age 3.
    How to be amazing. Michael Ian Black interviews a wide variety of people at the top of their profession. He is one of the best interviewers I’ve heard.

  193. Uncanny County! Their description is “quirky, darkly comic, Southwestern-flavored anthology of paranormal audio plays”.

  194. I love Freakonomics, cadavercast-a-father-son-monster-movie-podcast features a five year old son & his dad, and Tell Me Something I Don’t Know are all podcasts I enjoy. 🙂

  195. If you’re doing This American Life, do Radio Lab also. it also runs on public radio, is a similar format, and has wonderful sound effects.

  196. Sleep With Me Podcast. Scooter will tell you all the best stories, and help you fall asleep, to boot!

  197. The Bruce Lee Podcast, The Say Something Nice Podcast, Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time…Period, and Black Girl Nerds.

  198. Nerdist is always good, even if you don’t know who the guest is.

  199. History on Fire – Daniele Bolelli. Clever, engaging and entertaining history podcast 🙂

  200. The hubs and I just started one! It’s called When Nerds Get Married. Come check us out!

  201. CBC radio’station Vinyl Cafe. Stuart Mclean was a genius. Sadly he recently passed, but pod casts still available.

  202. A few suggestions:

    The Dollop – absurd real stories from history
    Judge John Hodgman
    International waters
    No such thing as a fish

  203. I only read through the first 100 comments, and no one had mentioned Nerdette yet, so I’m mentioning it!! So great!!

  204. My Dad Wrote A Porno is hilarious! Sorry to be redundant if someone already mentioned it. 🙂

  205. If you have trouble sleeping, you might try Sleep With Me, it’s awesome bedtime stories for grownups.

  206. Roderick on the Line. John Roderick and Merlin Mann’s weekly story-filled rambling phone calls.

  207. Blacktapes! Hands down it’s like lime town and awesome. Also Hollywood and Crime!

  208. Metis in Space. This is the best thing I’ve ever heard. Also, The Beef & Dairy Network. It is a LOT more fun than it sounds from the name. I’m sure you already have had people mention Welcome To Nightvale, but I’ll bring it up anyway, cuz it’s fun.

  209. The Hidden Almanac, 3-5 minutes each. KUEC by the same people, rating bad food and ranting.

  210. Seconding recommendations for The Moth and The Hilarious World of Depression

  211. The Blacktapes
    Oh No, Ross and Carrie
    Someone Knows Something
    Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?
    99% Invisible
    Vinyl Cafe Stories

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve just downloaded most. Love Invisibilia

  212. Homecoming from Gimlet is an awesome psychological drama with great actors. I think it’s only around 4-6 episodes. And The Hilarious World of Depression, of course!

  213. Radio Lab! Also, my daughter and I listened to the audiobook version of “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” driving across the country this summer.

  214. My favourites right now (other than Missing Richard Simmons) are “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” and “In the dark”

  215. Mortified, Mystery Show (no new episodes, but gems), Judge John Hodgman, Selected Shorts, The Moth, Snap Judgment, Radiolab, Heavyweight.

  216. One of my faves is “Stuff You Should Know”! On Stitcher. From the the gross to the engrossing!

  217. One of my faves is “Stuff you Should Know”! On Stitcher. Check out Podcast One,also! You probably already know all of this info. Sorry. Have a great time and be safe!

  218. The Black Tapes ( don’t listen to it when you’re alone in a dark house at night when there is wind outside)
    Tanis (a little less freaky than black tapes)
    Rabbits (It’s new)
    The three above are all done by the same people and they are awesome.

    Lore, Freaky and informative.
    And finally
    My Dad wrote a porno (This is amazingly funny and inappropriate. Basic principal: a guys retired dad wrote a porno, and he reads it with his friends. It will have you laughing out loud.)

  219. I love podcasts too and was happy to see your recommendations and how many of my favorites are on your list. I also love how the comments provide a long and wonderful list!

    Here are my favorites that you haven’t mentioned:
    -You Must Remember This: it’s stories from Hollywood that spans the 20th century. There’s episodes that range from the silent era to the studio system time to the 90s. There’s a truely riveting series of episodes devoted to the Manson murders.

    -RadioLab: I believe it was mentioned above. I adore this podcast! Insightful. Educational. Draws you in with great stories.

    -The Nerdist: there’s a huge backlog of episodes if you run out of things to listen to. Chris Hardwick sits down with some amazing people ranging from actors to directors to musicians. It’s less of an interview and more of a conversation. Great to geek out over your favorite actors and such. The conversation format means they open up more about their careers, their creative process and their life philosophies.

  220. The Room Where It’s Happening: A Hamilton Fan Podcast with hosts Travon Free and Mike Drucker. A great introduction to Hamilton if you haven’t listened to it yet but even better if you have.

  221. Star Talk and The Nerdist. I’ve been working my way through The Nerdist podcast episodes from the very beginning, and really enjoying them. The last one I listened to the guest was David Tennant, and it was wonderful.

  222. “Do By Friday: A Weekly Challenge Show hosted by Merlin Mann, Alex Cox, and Max Temkin”. Max is one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity. Very funny. A recent challenge: watch Les Miserables.

    Previously mentioned:

    “Roderick on the Line” with John Roderick and Merlin Mann. John is one of the great story tellers.

    “Hello Internet” with Brady Haran and CGP Grey.

  223. Try CBC’s Vinyl Cafe Stories, Stuart Mclean is a first class story teller.

  224. “No Such Thing As A Fish”. It’s presented by the QI elves and it just a crap ton of terrible fun facts. It’s pretty damn funny, and I am so sad I’ve gotten caught up on it

  225. Presidents are People Too is a history podcast I’ve been listening to with my sister. I also like the moth

    Pleased to see other people recommending some of my favourite Australian podcasts- Hamish and Andy (in small doses), Wil-osophy, Conversations with Richard Fidler, Download this show. If you’re at all interested in Australian history try Rum, Rebels and Ratbags.

  226. I know I saw this posted above, but I cannot recommend this enough: My Dad Wrote A Porno is brilliant.

  227. oh thank you for your list!!
    I’m totally hooked on Death, Sex and Money.
    (A podcast hosted by Anna Sale about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.)

    I’m going to check out all the other ones recommended. <3

  228. Reply All and Up and Vanished are some of my favorites, too. I also really like Undisclosed. And I’m starting to get into A Way With Words.

  229. My husband and I, plus two friends of ours, have started a nerdy podcast called True North Nerds (we’re in Canada). We only have 6 episodes but we talk about nerd things like comics, movies, and toys, and we review an episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 every other episode!

    I also recommend the Myths & Legends podcast. https://www.mythpodcast.com/
    It ends with a creature of the week every episode, and each episode isn’t too long. (I’m not affiliated with this one, I just like it!)


  230. Pete Holmes:You Made It Weird
    Chris Gethard: Beautiful Anonymous
    The Moth Radio Hour

  231. If you liked Serial and Up and Vanished, you will love Undisclosed. Also In the Dark and Accused.

    Looking forward to other suggestions posted here.

    Have a great tour!!

  232. One of my favorites is You Must Remember This, hosted by Wil Wheaton’s pal Karina Longworth. She goes into the lost and/or forgotten history of Hollywood and right now she’s doing a series on dead blondes. 🙂

    LOVE her stuff.

    I would also suggest checking her back archive and listening to the series she did about Charles Manson in Hollywood..that’s probably my favorite series that she did.

    I’m also a big fan of Stuff You Missed In History Class, Stuff To Blow Your Mind and Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know.

  233. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. They read the HP series as seriously as some people study a religious text. I get so much more out of each chapter than I ever have before!

  234. “Hello From the Magic Tavern”. It might be one of the funniest podcasts I have ever listened to. It is an Improv Role Playing podcast, it is basically a bunch of nerdy EXTREMELY funny dudes living in a made up fantasy world, interviewing the people that live there. One of the main hosts is a talking badger/ shape shifter, who changes shapes to whatever he recently had sex with. Sounds weird, because it is. I have found myself laughing out loud at work, so worth!

  235. Ones I haven’t seen recommended yet:

    Stop Podcasting Yourself (2 Canadian comedians + guest talk about mostly nothing, I laugh out loud at work)

    Beef and Dairy Network (“for those involved, or just interested, in the production of beef animals and dairy herds” -actually a comedy podcast)

    And I’ll add to the people suggesting My Brother My Brother And Me, Sawbones, Still Buffering, and Can I Pet Your Dog? They’re all so good!

  236. Oh yay! I am always happy to share my podcast recommendations! Here’s the top of my list lately: The Greatest Generation (a Star Trek podcast), Judge John Hodgman (humor/life), The Allusionist (language), The Mortified Podcast (cringey teenage stories), Spontaneanation (comedy), Song Exploder (music), Ask Me Another (comedy/trivia). Check ’em out!

    I just downloaded Missing Richard Simmons and can’t wait to hear it.

  237. OMG, Jenny! Jenny, OMG!! The Cryptid Factor is amazeballs and you need to stick it in your ear holes now!
    Even if you don’t like Cryptozoology or any of that stuff it’s a great listen because it’s arseing hilarious!
    Rhys Darby, David Farrier and their Producer “Buttons” do the show and they are all from New Zealand and they talk about Crypto news and get off topic and Rhys makes jokes and you laugh and laugh and laugh!
    They’re not that great at keeping to a schedule but there’s enough of a backlog to keep you entertained for quite a while. I listen to them all the time at work. It helps. 🙂

  238. The way I heard it by Mike Rowe is a story time with a twist. And his blog page can sometimes have some really funny stuff (check out his mothers storys – they are a hoot!)

  239. Adding to the list of comedy podcasts I recommend “Comedians Telling Stuff” with Sophie Hagen. It’s ended now but the complete run is still available. Hagen is Dutch and moved to Britain to do standup comedy in English.
    She’s fun and kind of silly in her own way and sometimes the comedians she talks to tell funny stories and sometimes they share more serious stuff.
    And now I’m going to go through the comments and take notes.

  240. Alice Isn’t Dead (Like Limetown and Nightvale)
    Someone Knows Something (True Crime)
    Stranglers (about the Boston Strangler)

    Happy listening! 🙂

  241. Oh, Oh! And Criminal is so, so, so good!
    They’re short little episodes but very interesting!

  242. Tanis, Unexplained, The Black Tapes, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, the No Sleep Podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno

  243. I love this post because I just ran out of episodes of Lore and Life After. And the Black Tapes is still on hiatus. So I need suggestions.
    I have a question for the Night Vale fans though, ’cause I tried to get into it but couldn’t. When does it get more storyline driven? Is it possible to skip forward a couple seasons?

  244. I love this post because I just ran out of episodes of Lore and Life After. And the Black Tapes is still on hiatus. So I need suggestions.
    I have a question for the Night Vale fans though, ’cause I tried to get into it but couldn’t. When does it get more storyline driven? Is it possible to skip forward a couple seasons?

  245. I do live in San Antonio! Sometimes. I mean it’s our home base even though we travel around the country in our RV, but right now I’m in Mexico.

    It’s complicated.

  246. The Memory Palace is short like Lore, but it tells a story in a lyrical, dreamy way that captures the feel of a moment.

    The Dollop is two comedians who discuss history topics. One tells the other a story about American History. The other has no idea what the topic is going to be. (Just skip the penguin episode).

    You must remember this is a good podcast if you like stories about Hollywood.

    The Bowery Boys is a good podcast about old New York.

    And I produce a short podcast about the stories we tell about history, and what they say about us. It’s called the I Am Not Making This Up podcast.

  247. Last Podcast on the Left! Its horror/comedy. Henry ranting about aliens will make you laugh so hard you pee yourself.

  248. Friendshipping!
    My Dad Wrote A Porno (Not sexy in the least, kind of horrifying, actually. Falls under all three categories.)
    No Such Thing As A Fish
    Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me
    Get Booked

  249. The only one I have ever listened to regularly that keeps dragging me back is “stuff you should know”. Kind of like stuff you missed in history class but about everything. Def check out the episode on the Winchester House, that thing is crazy! Thanks for this post btw, I have wanted to try other podcasts but never know what to try! This seems like a great list!

  250. One of my favs is Love and Radio, very eclectic and off center while still telling amazing stories. I also laugh a lot a 2 Dope Queens 🙂

  251. Chat10Looks3 – two intelligent, funny women chatting about life, politics, literature, tv, books, recipes etc. And I second: Strangers, Beautiful Anonymous, and My Dad Wrote a Porno. Also Scummy Mummies is very funny, particularly if you’re a parent.

  252. The Worst Bestsellers! (They read bestsellers so you don’t have to. Hilarious.) Terrible, Thanks For Asking is my newest favorite. RISK! is always great.

  253. Another vote for both No Such Thing as a Fish and the Vinyl Café (if they’re still uploading them.)

  254. Two Dope Queens
    Radio Lab
    Fresh Air with Terry Gross
    The Mortified Podcast
    Snap Judgement

  255. Check out all the podcasts on Radiotopia. 99 % Invisible is my personal favorite, but you’d probably love The Memory Palace and some of the others.

  256. The Hilarious World of Depression will make you laugh and give you the feels.

  257. Literary Disco is AMAZING—it’s clued me into some of my favorite reads the past couple of years! Bonus: Rider Strong from Boy Meets World fame is one of the hosts. The other two hosts (Tod Goldberg-awesome and HILARIOUS writer and Julie Pistell- super smart essayist and comedian) are great too. If you like books, laughing, and irreverent humor, this is a good one!

  258. Podcast recommendation: Matt and Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social. Very funny.

  259. My new podcast obsession is My Favorite Murder! And my favorite podcast of all time is The Moth.

  260. Jenny you are fabulous! My two cents: The Allusionist with Helen Zaltzman (she is snort-milk-through-your-nose funny, and 99% Invisible with Roman Mars, who has alovely voice and is appealingly insightful. xo from sf.

  261. Can’t wait to listen to what is on your list too! Here are some recommendations: Gastropod, The Longest Shortest Time, Stranglers, The Sporkful, How I Built This, Heavyweight, The Way I Heard It, Note to Self, Mystery Show, The Mortified Podcast, Invisibilia, Risk, Strangers, Start Up, The Moth. Happy listening!

  262. Freakonomics, Happier, You Are Not So Smart, Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell), Dear Sugar, You Must Remember This

  263. My Podcast recommendations:

    The Longest Shortest Time about being or having a parent and how complicated and interesting those relationships can be. My recommended starting point is “The Accidental Parents” episode and the two(?) follow ups. Such a fun couple and interesting story.

    I also love Story Collider and The Moth – they’re both first person story telling, Story Collider is from scientists, but aren’t necessarily particularly sciency stories, and the Moth is always a random collection of people who compete in story telling contests, so you never know what you’re going to get.

    The Room Where it’s Happening is fantastic if you’re a Hamilton Fan and West Wing Weekly is great if you like The West Wing. I’m rewatching along with the podcast, one episode at a time.

  264. Vinyl Cafe is my favorite. Stuart McLean passed away a month ago, he will be missed, but I still love his podcasts especially the podcast with the story about Dave’s cat and the marching band.