If it’s Saturday this must be North Carolina.

Today is the third stop on my book tour for YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds and I am in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Someone told me there’s an entire center just for lemurs nearby.  I’m not sure if it’s a delivery service but if it is I will totally be ordering a medicinal service lemur for the night.

Come see me.  BYOL. (Bring Your Own Lemur.)

This afternoon at 3pm at Quail Ridge Books.

Next stop?  Kentucky!

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  1. I wish I lived down there; I’m up here in Canada. Sounds like you’re having a good time. Wishing you love and lemurs!

  2. The lemurs are probably taking the weekend off to watch Duke men’s basketball. Everything shuts down or at least paints itself blue. It used to be that way in Las Vegas when we had a team that could score.

  3. My book arrived yesterday. I missed out on the technology of getting it signed by you. < big sigh> story of my relationship with tech stuff. Still- Love my book. I’m moving to Alaska from Atlanta in two weeks and the book in in my suitcase.I am calling my adventure of living in Alaska a huge success as long as I don’t get eaten by a bear. Setting the bar. Love ya’ Jenny- Terrilynn the Igloo chick

  4. Yes ma’am. You are nearly correct about the lemurs. They aren’t actually in Raleigh, they are in Durham which is right next door to Raleigh. They are at Duke University. The university that beat UNC Chapel Hill in basketball last night. And I don’t think they will bring a lemur to you, but they would very much like it if you wanted to come hang out with the lemurs. You would fit right in. It’s a little know fact that lemurs are expert pillow fort builders. Check it out.

  5. Jenny, this headline was just posted on the Washington Times one hour ago: “Human Remains Found Near Interstate 540 in Raleigh, NC”. Your evening plans are taken care of.

  6. When are you coming to Oregon? I would really appreciate it if I could get my copy of “You Are Here” signed. I would drive to Portland or mail my book to Seattle if it meant I could get someone to have it signed for me.

  7. Got my book just now, and a spare for my friend that I’m bringing to the signing! Can’t wait to see you (all).

  8. Please consider coming to Central California sometime. I’ll find weird animals for you. If the stress of a book tour is out of the question, I’m open for afternoon tea one-on-one. Have a great time in NC!

  9. You are awesome. I went to your signing on Wednesday in Austin and am looking forward to seeing you with monkeys and disco balls. You inspire me to do stuff that I don’t think I can do to do. You are doing well!! Keep inspiring us! I just rode a bike for the first time in almost 25 years. It was terrifying but I kept thinking about how you got up and talked to us and I did it! ❤👊

  10. Ermagerd. I’m going to meet you in 3 hours!! My husband is finally going to understand why I cackle madly when I read your books and blog posts. If he doesn’t, will you marry me instead?

  11. So close and yet so far. I’ll actually be in Raleigh today, but the thing I’m there for overlaps the time for your signing. Just know, in my head, I’ll be waving at you.

  12. I’ve heard Raleigh is beautiful this time of year.

    And dude..I would totally order a medicinal lemur if such things existed. Lemurs are so danged cute, even when they’re trying to tear your face off.

  13. @Lisa Orchard – yes that’s what I wanted to know too! I live in the metro Detroit area. I don’t think she does, though. 🙁

  14. Hi, here’s hoping the lemur service has one available! I’m unfortunately fixated on those lovely posters you have for your book tour. Is there I can make a donation to your favorite charity and get one? I know it’d be a pain. I have your newest book and WOW! I’m enjoying the deeply reflective and beneficent-to-the-like-minded writings and the drawings! I did put my name in for the book bag, but my heart longs for a poster. My problem is that living in Southern California your tour stops in La Jolla and it’s traffic like torture to get there. Here’s hoping there’s a way, but if not, not! Best wishes to you and those who’ll see you!

  15. Safe travels!

    My boss has been to the Duke Lemur Center, but I have not. I am more into the reptile aspect of Madagascar than the mammal side.

  16. Seen on the home page of the Duke Lemur Center:
    “This research center for rare prosimians is studying how they sleep to help prolong human life.”
    Hey guys!! Can someone tell this research center that they can study my sleep to help prolong human life? I’m a mammal too! I sleep about 18 hours a day. Will bring my own bedding.

  17. Hmmm……Lemurs. They kind of freak me out a bit because they look at me like they know all my secrets and are shocked and dismayed. I have nightmares of being surrounded by owls and lemurs. Alpacas, on the other hand, don’t seem to be shocked by much because look at their hair.

  18. Really look forward to your Louisville stop. Thank you to Carmichael’s for hosting you at the Tim Faulkner Gallery! It’s going to be a terrific night. See you Monday!

  19. Duke Lemur Center! It is so awesome! It could only be better if they’d let you in the enclosures!

  20. Lemurslemurslemurs! Saw a photo on IG by @joelsartore of a blue-eyed lemur. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Yes! The lemurs are in Durham and are cute/fun/weird. I grew up in Chapel Hill and went to a lemur center birthday party or two (birthday parties held for kids at the lemur center, not for lemurs, sadly). Your Quailridge event got all filled up but I am sending lots of love and lemur thoughts from Chapel Hill/Carrboro!

  22. Darn, I wish I could see the lemurs.

    Jenny, will you be selling copies of your books in Louisville? I have never been to a book signing before, but I only have your books on Nook at the moment.

  23. So excited to come see you, but we are supposed to get a bunch of snow here in Philly on Tuesday — make sure you stay safe!

  24. Yaaaayyyyyy I’m excited for you, I’m excited for everyone going to meet you, and I’m very excited about the lemurs! Wish I could see them. I would totally go a few miles out of my way to cuddle lemurs.
    Warwick’s, in La Jolla, requires you to buy the book in order to reserve a seat. My mom has accordingly bought me two (more) copies of this book. I have no idea what I’ll do with the third copy, but I shall attempt to color one, I guess.

  25. I can not wait to meet you Monday in Louisville!!! If you want a tour of Fort Knox, I can hook you up!!!

  26. My imaginary raccoon and I are burning garbage in your honour, to ask the great trash cans in the sky to bring you calm confidence on your book tour (because that shit would scare the bejesus out of me). As you face your hordes of adoring fans, may you be filled with a warm cozy feeling, because that’s what we get when you make us laugh and bawl and feel not-alone.

  27. SO excited to meet you in Philly this Wed. evening. PLEASE don’t let a silly old Nor’Easter stop you, though…

  28. I’m sorry to have missed you but I didn’t know tickets were needed and they were sold out by the time I realized it 🙁 Maybe next time 🙂

  29. Please, please consider coming to Arizona some time. I know a bookstore in Tucson that would host you and I have a little bit of an “in” with them and could maybe make it happen. Plus, I would show up with the two cutest, most adorable small cuddly furry mixed breed rescue therapy dogs in the world and they could hang out with you and make everything go smoothly. They are even better than lemurs or ferrets, I promise!

  30. You nailed it at Quail Ridge! Thanks so much for coming and sharing your story- the beautiful parts, the hard parts, the hilarious parts. (I am still crying laughing over the trip to the police station with the serial killer book in the black mystery bag.)

  31. Got my copy 3 days before Amazon said I would and the first page I opened to was was about intimidating people pooping &farming! Jenny, you never disappoint! Thanks for another fabulous book! And I get to color too! What a bonus!

  32. I had a wonderful time today in Raleigh. I met a new friend in line while waiting. It was wonderful to hear you speak and to have my books signed. I hope your book tour goes smoothly for you.

  33. It was amazing to see you and have my book signed Jenny! We all had a lot of fun talking in the signature line at Quail Ridge books! Thank you for taking time to sign books and metal chickens! I’m sorry that you won’t have the tim to see my embroidery show in downtown raleigh while you are in town. My Website is http://marystarke.weebly.com when you have the time take a look 🙂

  34. Floyd the Pink Flamingo and I were sooooo glad to meet you today. He has been flying around showing his ass to everyone who will look at it ever since we left there! I know you had to have been worn to a frazzle and starving by the time you were done today. I sure hope they fed you. Next time you hit Raleigh I hope you have time to check out a store just down the street called “When Pigs Fly.” You’d love it. It’s full of all kinds of weird artsy stuff including pretty much any kind of metal animal you can think of. Floyd’s wife Flyona came from there.

    Thank you so much for being there for all of us and for continuing to inspire us. Five hours in line, including nearly three of those outside in the ccccccccccold—–worth it!

  35. Correction, When Pigz Fly.. And I don’t know when you fly out, but they ARE open tomorrow too, according to their website. http://www.whenpigzflyshop.com

    And no, this isn’t a shameless plug for a relative’s store. I don’t know the owner(s?) personally—-I just know I could spend an hour there and come back a week later and spend another hour there and on and on and still see new stuff every time I go.

  36. Jenny, you have to write another book so I can come to Austin and have you sign it. Alas I am not living in Texas yet.

  37. Do you think a lemur would fit in your carry-on luggage on the plane? Or you could claim it as a trained service lemur. Good luck on your wayward travels up the East Coast. I’ve bern obsessing over which gel pens to buy from Amazon, because that is what I do. I mean, can you really trust those reviewers?

    Did you know you can buy kitty litter from Amazon? Now that I know this, I may never leave my apartment again. 😀😀🐓

  38. It’s so great to read everyone’s comments! It sounds like you had a great turn out at Quail Ridge. I live inter Central Coast of California but doubt I could handle the drive to La Jolla. I’ll be there in spirit! Love ya!

  39. Thank you so very much for coming to Raleigh! It was an amazing afternoon and I’m spending the snowy morning with colored pencils. (sorry we didn’t bring lemurs, but I have a friend at Duke might be able to hook you up when you’re back in town!)

  40. Hope you didn’t get trapped by our freak snow storm today in NC! We live in Wilmington and my 3.5yo and 6yo are freaking out! In a good way of course.

  41. Dear Jenny,
    I received my copy of “You Are Here” this week. In truth, due to the avalanche of coloring books out there, I purchased yours out of loyalty, respect and gratitude. This is so much more than I expected! You’ve hurled out healing and humor. It’s a treasure. With heart-felt thanks, Laura

  42. I received my copy earlier this week and have been waiting for the perfect time
    to sit and enjoy my first peak. Some people love praise for what they do and some people
    don’t. They are embarrassed by it and don’t think what they do is really all that special.
    I have a sneaking suspicion, the later is you. What you do Jenny Lawson is incredible. You reach into my
    brain and write down the things I think and feel. You have reached out and changed the life of someone you
    may never meet. I want to reach out and hug you tight, but instead, I will hug your books. Thank you for being you.
    You are perfectly, perfect, in every way. (A bit on the sappy side, I know…but damn girl, my life has changed
    because of you!)

  43. Thank you for simply and exquisitely being. I gave your new book to my best friend today. I do not regret the gift, but now I’m gonna have to buy it for myself again!

  44. OMG – I hope you went to the lemur center. According to their website you can buy lemur art! Like, art actually MADE by lemurs. If you go to their Facebook site you can even see the lemurs finger painting. Too cute!
    “Lemur Art
    Paintings by lemurs are now available for sale by phone! While we can’t guarantee the artist or the colors, you can be assured that all art is done by the lemurs here at the Center and that revenue from purchases goes right back toward taking care of our amazing lemurs.”

  45. The turnout at Quail Ridge was incredible. Thank you so much for coming, Jenny! And THANK YOU to the sweet pair of couples with babies in strollers who offered to let me huddle with them for body warmth! One of you spontaneously gave me chocolate and then I abandoned all of you when I found the friend I was meeting there. Forgot to say thank you! I hope you got in.

  46. My copy just came in the mail. my cat Eowyn checked it out first thing. She 100% approves of the Amazon packaging.

  47. Hey there… lemurs here in Europe are trains. Even the fastests. Do youy travel from NCarolina to Kentucky by plane or low cost or do you stick your feet on the ground. It is important to environment… even if you use not too much gases(CFC Clorum_Fluor_Carbony) in your hair. Kisses to you!

  48. Holy amazing book!!! My friend, Erica and I started a book club this month and I picked Furiously Happy for our first book. Crazy. Kinda weird but the morning I started listening to your book is the day a raccoon decided to get sick in my back yard. I thought he looked cute and snuggle but my husband reminded me that raccoons only come out at night so he must be sick. I have a picture but I don’t think I can upload it. Anyways listening to your book reminded me that I’m okay and being crazy happens. I just need to be furiously happy. No Matter What. Thank you for this. …please ignore any and all punctuation mishaps…

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