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  1. Canada, Jenny, Canada! Your book is fabulous, by the way. It’s a shame to call it a colouring book, cause it’s so much more than that.

  2. Can’t wait see you tonight! Listening to you read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened as my greyhound bus races towards KY. People keep looking at me strangely because I’m bent in half laughing silently. We’re at Stanley the Magical Squirrel

  3. YAY PA! I’ll see you soon! Even if I have to snowshoe to Philly I will be there!

  4. Have fun Kentucky you lucky fucks! Er, I mean lucky ducks. (Geez sub conscience, bitter much?) Admiring from afar. All the way up in Minnesota where we have snow on the ground again. Get your shit together Mother Nature.

  5. You are getting around Jenny! I was in Target on Sat and your book was front and center on display! I dd a little happy dance..

  6. Kermit flails and squee noises just filled my office! I printed my tickets for tonight, and I can’t flipping wait to meet you. Reading your books has helped me better understand my future husband’s struggle with anxiety and depression, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

  7. Keep us updated on PA! Hope it’s not cancelled! I’ll be traveling from 2 hours north- if I can un-bury out from feets of snow!!!

  8. It must be nice to see different parts of America* through work. It’s a treat.

    *I should add, as a white American, since travel and borders are an issue right now.

  9. I am praying to the snow gods that you make it to Philly! I too will snowshoe if I have to!

  10. So in love with the new book! Words can not say how much. it is a feeling in my soul. Safe travels in the weather. I was planning on coming to see you tonight…but I don’t think it is working out. Maybe someone will post it on YouTube so I can sadly see what I missed. I will be with you in spirit. You are simply FANTASTIC and such curious human being I really think we need to be friends. 🙂

  11. It’s here it’s here!!!! I preordered in July ive been waiting forever!!!! Just wanted to share my joy with you! 🎉

  12. Make sure someone takes you to 2437 Ransdell Avenue (really close to Carmichael’s) to have your picture taken out front. It’s the childhood home of Hunter S Thompson.

  13. You are rocking this book tour, Jenny! I will come and see you one day. You keep writing books, and I will keep saving my vacation time, and one day our destinies will cross.

    I pulled a mouse skull out of a filter at work today and thought of you. In the best possible way. But it was an aquatic exhibit, so the skull gross and wasn’t worth saving, although I did consider it.

  14. Good morning Goddess Bloggess … is Philly still on for Wednesday or has the impending storm caused it to cancel? Would you consider rescheduling if this Wednesday is cancelled?

  15. Look at that…a bigger venue! Jenny, that is great! I will wish myself there in spirit instead of being stuck in Minnesota with 7+ inches of newly fallen snow and more on the horizon, I bet it’s nice there in Kentucky.

  16. Really hoping to see you in Philly… but I’m supposed to get 2 feet of snow on Tuesday so my road won’t be clear until Thursday. I’m torn between wishing you a great time and hoping it gets postponed so I can come!

  17. Ooh! We’re thinking of working in the Amazon warehouse near there this holiday shipping season, as part of their RV Camperforce. How’s the weather?

  18. I read Furiously Happy and wondered why I didn’t enjoy it as much as Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Then I realized that I listened to the audio version of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. After listening to the audio version of Furiously Happy, I decided that I need to have your books read by you. Jenny, you are amazing and I thank the lucky stars that I found you. Please think about coming to Hawaii. I know Victor and Hailey would love it!

  19. On my way down now. My daughter, who was supposed to be in Texas is coming with me because her Dad did a disappearing act the day she was supposed to fly out.

  20. This was the one I would have went to, Road Trip!, from Ohio, but no car. I hope you have a wonderful time Jenny & anyone else going. One day I will meet you Jenny :).

  21. I absolutely cannot wait to see you! You have no idea how much your books have affected my outlook on life and my acceptance of my status as a misfit. 🙂

  22. Oh no, I thought it was next week! Could you just stop by my house when you’re done instead? I’ll supply wine slushies!

  23. Jenny, we’re about to get hit with a foot of snow in PA! If you’re actually going to make it here PLEASE be safe but actually please reschedule for a day when there won’t be so much snow and I can come out!

  24. Hope the weather is better there than where I am–March seems to be doing a pretty good impression of January, and we wish he would knock it the f*ck off!

  25. If this stop on the tour is anywhere near as much fun as the first stop in Austin, then you owe it to yourself, to Jenny, and probably your mom (when was the last time you called her anyway?) to go see her (Jenny, not your mom) and to buy as many copies of her book as you can carry.

  26. I want to come see you in Philly! I hope the weather doesn’t make it so I can’t get there on the train from Jersey. 🙁 Or that you can reschedule.

  27. I missed you in Durham I mean Raleigh as there was no room left. As you have been to Charlotte and Raleigh might you consider Durham the next time you are out this way? We have fake bulls strategically placed all around town. Well the bulls are real they just were never alive. And we are giving Austin & Seattle a serious run for the weird title. Probably because of all the booze. We now have more booze than tobacco

  28. Jenny, I just got my book in the mail!! I’ve already laughed and cried! Life has been so HARD since my mom died last May and things have just gone downhill. But this book brings me hope and an anchor and a connection to myself that I needed to find. Anxiety and depression suck. But I’ve got an amazing nine year old son and life is going to get better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you from afar! (And not in a stalker way, just a wish I knew you IRL way). You and this book and your other books are amazing!!!!!

  29. Hi Jenny. Was having a mad panic attack today that I couldn’t do all the things and I didn’t know why I ever thought I would be able to… and then the mail man arrived with your book… and I opened it up and it said I would get through this. And I thought, hell yeah, I damn well will! So thank you, all the way from New Zealand. XXX

  30. So much fun at the reading here in Louisville. Including the drive from Indianapolis in the snow. Much love to you Jenny for facing some demons and coming to see us on the road.

  31. Well, aren’t the people of Louisville lucky? Since I’m now in New Zealand (and I don’t think you’re coming here) and the odds of your hitting my little town in rural Manitoba, Canada this summer, I’ve just had to go online and order the book that way. It will be such a nice treat waiting for me when I get home!!

    As an aside, I had a rough day yesterday with black thoughts and tears. At one point, I did think of you and this merry (and not so merry) band of weirdos here, and I actually took comfort knowing that I wasn’t the only one floating in blackness at that moment. Thanks for that!

  32. Just got my copy of your amazing book. It’s wonderful. As if it would have been anything else. Hoping to see you in La Jolla. Almost everyone I know needs a copy so Xmas shopping done. Hah! Love you, thank you, you are magnificent!

  33. Safe travels! It is Tuesday in PA and we are getting tons of snow. Lots of flights are canceled. Maybe we are all getting snow days, so we can build forts and recuperate? Hugs!

  34. Please venture north next time…Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin. Not all of them, just one! We love you in snow country!!

  35. I second LouiseK… I’m in Canada this week and I wish you were going to be here! And if it’s after this week… Florida! I didn’t get to go last time you were in Florida because my friend bailed on me and I chickened out on going alone.

  36. Thank you so much for doing the reading/signing last night. It was well worth the drive down from Columbus…:) We love you!

  37. This tour doesn’t come anywhere near me, but I love the new book. Thanks so much!

  38. Jenny –

    Thank you.

    I went through a really rough patch at the beginning of February and immediately had a pretty significant med change as a result. After that, things were good. Really good. Scary good. Scary because having had the diagnoses of major depression and generalized anxiety disorder since 2011, I KNEW that the good wasn’t going to last forever, and that, most likely, the good would come to a very abrupt end as the result of a sudden downswing in my mood and a sharp increase in my anxiety. Well, that downturn occurred around 7:50pm (CT) this evening. I just received You Are Here in the mail from Book People (I got a signed copy – yay!). I bought a coloring book specifically for Mindfulness about a year ago, and I think I have spent a total of 30 minutes coloring in it – I just never really got into it. I read all of You Are Here last night, so when I started to feel poorly a few hours ago, the obvious answer to my negative feelings was to color in one of your wonderful drawings. I became overwhelmed by trying to pick out which one to start with, so I decided to just start at the beginning. It worked. I’ve spent probably the past hour and a half coloring and listening to music that seemed the most appropriate for the situation – something that is fairly melancholy/heavy but is also extremely beautiful and soulful (Lana Del Ray).

    The products of your anxiety (your amazing sketches/drawings) have helped me SIGNIFICANTLY! Thank you for being courageous enough to not only share your story but also your drawings, which I imagine are kind of a more vulnerable sharing for you.

    Again, thank you.

  39. I wish I was there! Would love to see it for myself. Did you get a “Hot Brown”? Sounds nasty, tastes good!

  40. Just got the shipping notification from Amazon…my copies arrive Friday!!! Best wishes & hope you hit up Portland, OR at some point this year. Thank you for all your awesome weirdness.

  41. My friend came to your signing in KY and slipped you my number because we don’t have boundaries. My husband said, “Don’t expect the woman with social anxiety to call you.” I said, “Ha, I could never answer the phone because my crippling postpartum anxiety has me busy cleaning and imagining all the ways the house could fall down around us.” I can only communicate by text and through notes in cognitive behavior therapy workbooks.

    I like knowing that you’re out there doing amazing and imperfect things when most everyone else only shares their fake perfect side.

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