Haunted dollhouse…an update. Part 1.

I’ve been working on building a haunted dollhouse for like 14 years.  The dollhouse itself took more than a year and I’ve been adding furniture and such ever since.  It’s an homage to all the horror and fantasy books and movies that I’ve loved and at this point I’ve lost track of all the allusions, but I was thinking that since it’s almost Halloween I’d show you a few shot of the house this week:  All I have is my phone so the photos are a bit shitty.  Sorry.

Today, the bottom floor.

Click to enlarge.

Want to help?  Tell me your favorite horror/fantasy book or movie.  I need inspiration.

More to come.  Hopefully I can find my real camera so the shots aren’t so crappy.

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My haunted dollhouse. The lowest floor.

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  1. This. This is the sort of thing I should be doing with my time.

    Also, please add some creepy children (dolls might be difficult, but you could probably manage creepy children)

    (I’ve been looking for a child miniature for years but I haven’t found one that fits yet. ~ Jenny)

  2. OMG! You are fantastic! I can’t tell you any books that you probably haven’t read already, sorry. Think Neil Gaiman is my best suggestion.

    (I have Death’s hat and ankh in a trunk upstairs. ~ Jenny)

  3. My favorites are: Amityville Horror (the original) and The Exorcist.

    (Lots of exorcism tools in the upper stairs rooms. Amityville…gotta think about that one. ~ Jenny)

  4. I always loved “The Addams Family”. There’s an episode of “Supernatural” where a house is haunted by the ghosts of evil school boys.

  5. I love Something Wicked This Way Comes, but I’m not sure where you can put a carousel. 🙂 Also, a bedroom should have Yellow Wallpaper.

  6. I love Something Wicked This Way Comes, but I’m not sure where you can put a carousel. 🙂 Also, a bedroom should have Yellow Wallpaper.

    (Yellow Wallpaper. With a smear horizontally around the room. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I ASK YOU GUYS FOR ADVICE. ~ Jenny)

  7. I’m loving the John Dies at the End trilogy right now, although that might be a bit more … adult … than the house deserves.

  8. This is incredible! I’ve been building a replica of the Freddy Krueger house from Nightmare On Elm Street 3 and well, this puts my house to shame. One of my favorite horror movies of all time is The Changeling (1980). A lot of it takes place in a haunted house and it’s pretty creepy. Again, this is awesome!

    (I LOVED The Changeling. Such an underrated movie. Haven’t see it in forever. ~ Jenny)

  9. I really love this and go back and look at the other pictures you’ve posted on this all the time. I want to do something similar, and have for years, but I lack creativity in all fashions, including hobbies.

  10. The Spell of the Sorcerer’s Skull by John Bellairs had an awesome haunted dollhouse.

  11. Wow. Those are amazing. Truly amazing.

    I hate horror movies. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie. Nothing super scary about it, but it’s fun. 🙂 I do, however, love Supernatural. OMG, lots of creepy stuff there. I only tolerate it because Jared and Jansen are too, too adorable. I want to bake them cookies and let them watch movies while cocooned in blankets on the couch being safe and secure.

  12. “Harvest Home” by Thomas Tryon

    I remember reading it over and over again when I was way too young for it. But there was sex and witchcraft and haunty things, and what can I say? I found it all very… compelling.

  13. I am so in awe of this mad creation of yours. You are a true artist and you inspire me to continue on with my crazy creative dreams. Thank you SO much for sharing with us.

  14. “The Shining” The twins, REDRUM, Axe the the door (Here’s Jhonny), the maze (outside), the bartender ghost, etc…

  15. Most anything by Edgar Allan Poe. A Tell Tale Heart /The Cask of Amontillado/The Black Cat come to mind.

    (I’ve got a cask of Amontillado and a black cat. Not sure if I could make a heart that tiny. Hmm… ~ Jenny)

  16. We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. You can have Merricat burying things in the yard or the villagers outside about to torch the place. It’s a winner either way.

    (One of my favorite books of all time. There’s a chipped teacup for them in there. ~ Jenny)

  17. This is all kinds of awesome. Made my whole Monday. Maybe part of my Tuesday, too. …but are there zombies? There need to be zombies. Or a zombie (they get problematic in groups).

  18. Sure, it’s overdone (now) and probably tacky, but a clown with a red balloon wouldn’t be a terrible addition. Maybe peering out of a bit of low grating or something, IDK.

  19. That is the coolest dollhouse I have ever seen! So now the question is how do you make something this wonderful? The fairie skeleton is my very favorite.

    I love “The Worst Witch.” I am embarrassed to say that I have never read the books, only seen the 80s movie with Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry and special effects that might make your eyes bleed. I could relate to Mildred Hubble soooo completely.

    (Thanks! It’s taken forever. For the fairy skeleton I bought a teensy tiny skeleton from a railroad miniature store, printed out tiny butterfly wings to glue to its back, made a tiny frame and printed out “Faerie Skeletonis” and “Died of disbelief” (ala Peter Pan) and then burned the edges of the paper and glue them onto the frame. ~ Jenny)

  20. “The Shining” The twins, REDRUM, Axe the the door (Here’s Jhonny), the maze (outside), the bartender ghost, etc…

    (I’ve got the ax. Adding REDRUM is a great idea though. ~ Jenny)

  21. Your Dollhouse is how I found you.! I knew instantly we could be friends The giant chicken pretty much sealed the deal. I’m working on a 1950s dollhouse from a 1950s pattern and furnishing it with 1950s furniture. Now I just need to find a 1950s family that doesn’t look deranged…..then again, a deranged and poorly groomed family might be kinda fun.

  22. I’m really not into horror, but my favorite fantasy is probably either Eddings’ “Belgariad” series or McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern”. As for sci-fi…that’s harder, but I’m very fond of Asimov’s “Foundation” series and Heinlein’s “Future History”. I don’t know if you’re into graphic novels, but if you are—I LOVE the Constantine “Hellblazer” books (the Vertigo originals, not after DC got ahold of him and softened the character for their audience, basically ruining him), Darkhorse’s “Hellboy” series, and Vertigo’s “Preacher” series. The originals are FAR superior to any films or TV you may have seen, excepting the first “Hellboy” movie, which was a masterpiece. The second one sucked, which is probably why there wasn’t a third.

  23. Maybe you could do some Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart, with a tiny red light hidden under the floor and sound effects (no, I don’t know how to do that, but I’m perfectly willing to help you figure it out). Or The Cask of Amontillado with a little bricked-up corner with one or two bricks missing and a figure visible inside.

  24. OMG you are so fu**ing amazing, where do you find the items to put in the dollhouse ?

    (When I started I stalked dollhouse stores in Houston where we lived and then made everything I couldn’t find. I’ve found a few people on Etsy who do great things that are far beyond my abilities but that gets expensive so mostly it’s fairly inexpensive stuff repainted. A lot of the pieces are old pencil sharpeners or kids toys that I’ve antiqued or bastardized. Craft stores often have a clearance aisle of simple things that can be remade. ~ Jenny)

  25. This is so BADASS! I’m not even a horror fan but can totally appreciate all of this! Also, I spy a phoenix!

  26. The House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill. Includes taxidermied animals and weird dolls.

  27. The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Alan Poe is one of my all-time faves. Your house is amazing!

  28. I LOVE IT!!!! What about adding a root cellar where you could have jars of various pickled things! A movie I like is The Orphanage (2007). And I second a Yellow Wallpaper room for a literary reference!!!

    (The dollhouse has a cabinet under it that I want to eventually turn into a library, a mad scientist lair, a cellar of magic things, a dungeon, etc. ~ Jenny)

  29. Wow, that’s amazing! What scale is everything at?

    (1:12 scale. Makes it easier for me to build. If I want to recreate a five foot long rug then I make it five inches long. ~ Jenny)

  30. Is it weird that I want ro live in this tiny environment? Not that it makes any difference if it is, really ❤❤❤

  31. All those cool things are INSIDE the dollhouse? Amazing!

    (Yep. That’s the bottom floor. Three other floors to photograph if I can get my phone to focus properly. ~ Jenny)

  32. Halloween is my all time favorite time of the year. I think you won the internet today with this, at least in my eyes! Absolutely awesome!

  33. Is that a tiny bowl of marijuana on the bottom floor? o.O

    Also…not strictly a horror movie, but I know the movie that probably scared the crap out of me more than any other movie when I was a little kid was “Watership Down”. I happened to catch it by accident one rainy afternoon while flipping through the cable channels at my grandmother’s house and I had nightmares for WEEKS after that.

    (Ha! Not marijuana. It’s sage in the process of being dried. Also, Watership Down scared the shit out of me when I was a kid too. And there’s a rabbit hiding in the house. ~Jenny)

  34. if you haven’t already been, etsy artists sell wonderful miniatures! but i’ll be you have! 🙂

    i grew up with a dad who was a Disney Imagineer – i love the Haunted Mansion <3

  35. Oh, and also, Needful Things by Stephen King. This wonderful structure gives me the same vibes as that book 😊

  36. Holy shit! That’s incredible. One of my favorite obscure horror movies is The Changeling with George C. Scott. A well placed wet, red child’s ball or old fashioned wheelchair would be perfect (-ly creepy).

    (Got the old fashioned wheelchair upstairs already. People always assume it’s a Rear Window reference because I added binoculars to it but it’s also a Changeling reference. ~ Jenny)

  37. That house is so YOU. Are you sure it’s not actually your dream house?

    (It totally is. When I get super stressed out I rearrange the house. It’s nice to be able to have control there. ~ Jenny)

  38. I love the sound of the shutting door and footsteps. I was wondering if the sound came from the doll house or your own home. But I loved the idea of something scary appearing as you scroll to the right shortly after that slamming door.

    (Ha! That was Victor walking in and out of the bedroom. I was going to reshoot it but I figure it would either be that or the dog barking. It’s never quiet here. ~ Jenny)

  39. The Rats in the Walls. When I was a preteen my future BIL brought over an LP (yes, I am old) of David McCallum reading the story. Go figure, here it is on You Tube! Enjoy – might be fun to listen to while you are working on your doll house.

  40. The Others – you could add big old brass keys and the post-modern death pictures of the 1800’s…

  41. It’s so cool to see this again – I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I’m not really a scary book/movie person, but I was very creeped out by the teeth collection (teeth for wishes) in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series (YA fantasy).

  42. Holy crap! This is amazig! The Lost Boys. Maybe the underground hotel the vamps live in?

  43. This house is amazing. As far as suggestions go, how about Poe’s raven? It may not be horror, but
    It’s a haunting tale. Nevermore.
    And RedRum sounds perfect, too.
    Why would my autocorrect turn RedRum into Rectum?

  44. That’s a great house. I’ve always wanted to build one and this has given me the added inspiration I needed.
    One of my favourite scary movies is The Others.

  45. Two children’s lit must-reads for you: The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright and Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassidy. Lots of creepy literary doll horror to inspire and delight.

  46. The is awe-inspiring. Two of my faves are The Awakening and Frighteners. The awakening actually has a dollhouse within a dollhouse. You have to see the movie understand the creepiness. And Frighteners has the whole Faces pushing out of walls thing going for it.

  47. I absolutely love this! I thought of yellow wallpaper, too. Perfect. A monkey’s paw, perhaps? One of my favorite ghost stories is Afterward by Edith Wharton, but references to that may be too obscure. Another good one, but obscure, is a fierce ferret – Sredni Vashtar! Oh, and a rose on one of the beds – for Emily! This is the absolute best doll house I’ve ever seen!

    (A ROSE FOR EMILY. So simple. Adding to list. And I have a monkey’s paw, although it’s a bit blue and strange looking. ~ Jenny)

  48. I think I still have a few of The Littles dolls floating around somewhere. They might make good Big Eyes children? Not exactly horror but disturbing nonetheless.

  49. I just finished The Night Circus and absolutely loved it! It’s fantasy, but with a great mysterious vibe.

    This looks awesome!

  50. Yes I’m a history geek, one of the first thing I noticed was Les Tres Riches Here’s du Duc du Berry on a stand in the parlor. Well done!

  51. My brother and I were completed traumatized by “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte.” Freaky Better Davis and a severed head bumping down the stairs.

  52. When I was 12 I went against advice and read Gerald’s Game. The book in it’s entirety didn’t really affect me, but the spectre with the box of trinkets gave me nightmares for months. I suggest a box of tiny bones and trinkets.

  53. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen! I love tiny and witchy things so this is like a dream come true for me. Plus I’ve never had (but always wanted!) a dollhouse and omg this is just so fantastic!!!
    Some of my favorite horror/fantasy books are Dracula, anything Discworld, His Dark Materials…
    Can’t wait to see your progress with this!

  54. My favorite horror book is anything by Stephan King, but especially The Stand and the entire Dark Tower series. What you’ve done here so far is fabulous. You’re so creative.

  55. The movie that disturbed me the most was “Rosemary’s Baby”, followed by Hitchcock’s “The Birds” (saw that when I was around 7 or 8 and flocks of birds totally freaked me out for years afterward). There was also a really campy horror movie that came out in the late 80’s called “Vamp” staring Grace Jones that gave me nightmares for months. None of those are great for objects in a doll house, but what about the creepy girl from “The Ring” movies?

  56. Your doll house is amazing! What an awesome project!
    The Lost Boys is my favourite horror movie but I don’t think it fits the aesthetic. Pan’s Labyrinth is a creepy beautiful fantasy movie..maybe it would work!

  57. You could take an anime twist to it. Like Death Note or Ghost Hunter (the latter has some haunted mansions and such you can copy!)

    (I totally forgot about Death Note. Adding to the list. ~ Jenny)

  58. Wow! Just…..wow! My favorite fantasy author is, without a doubt, David Eddings. Specifically his Belgariad and Mallorean Series. I read it decades ago. Twice. And then I read all 10 books to my son when he was 10-11. I had hoped my daughter would find it good too, but she said “This is shit!” and left the room. After I was finished with Eddings, I read the Harry Potter books to my daughter who was about 10 by then. So, David Eddings. If you haven’t found him yet, you have my deepest sympathies and hope you go out immediately and get them. :o)

  59. That’s just fantastic! One of my favorite scary stories is Shirley Jackson’s “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”. Yeah, “The Lottery” is better known, but “Castle” is my fave.

  60. Don’t forget to decorate the ceilings with especially creepy paintings.
    I’m a fan of the cheesy 1970’s horror movies like Frogs and Willard. And the original Halloween (Jamie Lee Curtis). Oh, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane…
    Anything Stephen King…Misery, perhaps?

  61. Ah! Your miniaturization skillz are AMAZING!

    I have several all-time favorite horror works; one of my favorites is The Other, by Thomas Tryon; also Peter Straub’s Ghost Story (not the movie). It’s been a long while since I read a lot of horror. Now I need to dig some of them up… (no intentional pun intended)

  62. How is it possible for one person to be so talented? Be glad you don’t live in Salem (you probably did in the past,) because I pronounce this Magick.

  63. The story that truly scares the shit out of me is “Wait Until Dark” – but it doesn’t really qualify as horror. So American Horror Story – Asylum – Can you add Zach Quinto aka Thredson’s basement?

  64. Is it bad that the Dollhouse is better decorated than my own house? It’s looking great! I don’t read too many horror books, but I’ve always loved The Simpsons annual Halloween Specials.

  65. Ghost Story by Peter Straub, only story that really scared me. Not sure if there’s anything in it you can use, though. And yes, Neil Gaiman, possibly Death from Terry Pratchett, or TeaTime, one of the more horrific characters he came up with (pronounced Te-ah Tim-ah) or some of the Auditors, who exist to make life miserable for everyone while they try to take over the world…

    And Ann Rice and her vampires…

  66. Movies: Mirrormask, Labyrinth, Night of the Hunter, all such amazing visuals. Books: anything by Neil, Ray B, Shirley J, Lovecraft/Poe… but you’ve got all those in there, methinks.

  67. The Turning of the Screw, Jane Eyre (a mad woman in a secret room in the attic is a must for any haunted house), the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland (I’d go with either the Crystal ball lady or the black widow), and Dr Who (an astronaut helmet with a skull in it in the library, tick marks on a character’s arm for the Silence, and weeping angel statues on the grounds).

    Seriously, that dollhouse is astounding. Very impressive.

  68. Salem’s Lot you need a body hanging from the rafters like Hubie Marsten who frightens Ben Mears as a youngster

  69. Oh, I forgot the Babadook! If you ever do find a child miniature, a tiny babadook book somewhere in their room would be great.

    (Adding to the list. ~ Jenny)

  70. Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill is amazingly creepy, and I’m currently reading NOS4A2 by the same author. Highly recommend! Your dollhouse is so freaking awesome.

  71. I’m always blown away when you show pictures of the house — especially the books you make! Somewhere in there, you need a little jar with a brain labeled “Abby Something.” 😉 Oh, and a shower with a knife in it.

    (I have the brain for a Silence of the Lambs homage, but I’m like the Abby Normal angle better. ~ Jenny)

  72. I’m including a link to a post about a Guillermo del Toro exhibit that happened here in Los Angeles a while back ( http://www.mikkibrisk.com/art/guillermo-del-toro-at-home-with-monsters-at-lacma/ ). The whole thing was curated by del Toro and included a ton of pieces from his home. There’s a shot of his house there, and as you can see, he basically lives in a full-sized version of what you’re building! I was in heaven in that exhibit. Very inspirational!

  73. This is amazing as, of course are you. Not a huge fan of horror but two classics that scared the hell out of me were Poltergeist and Psycho. Do you have a shower with blood running down the drain? Or a flickering TV set? Which could also be the twilight zone too now that I think of it.

  74. The book series that has creeped me out the most is The Devouring by Simon Holt. Suuuuuper creepy.

  75. How about Coraline? Is there a mysterious locked door in there?

    (I tried to make a tiny Coraline rag doll but failed miserably. There’s a secret room but adding a locked door might be cool. Hmm. ~ Jenny)

  76. I second the Monkey’s Paw! Also Poe’s Lorelei (so creepy) and perhaps a reference to the Masque of the Red Death? Or how about a portrait of Dorian Gray?

    (The picture at the back on the left is actually a portrait of Dorian Gray. I cut the image off the cover of my personal book. It was a little hard to do but totally worth it. ~ Jenny)

  77. Well, these are YA books, but I LOVED the weirdness of the books by Zilpha Keatley Snyder (plus, that is like the greatest name ever). The Velvet Room, The Witches of Worm, The Headless Cupid – written in the 60s and 70s and award winners. They are awesomely creepy!

  78. Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Also, The Lovely Bones. Joyland. Christine or a Buick 8 in the garage.

  79. Amazing!!!! Was the actual dollhouse a kit or did you buy it made? If it was a kit, how hard was it to do? I’ve always wanted to make ine. Yours is amazunh!

    (It was a kit. Apple Blossom. But I just used it for the bones and custom made a lot of changes so it would look better. It was incredibly hard but I’m not great at building so I think someone who was could do it in a week. Plus the instructions were missing. It took me about 6 months of work just to get the house built and I still see all of the imperfections. If I do it again I think I’d buy it already made. ~ Jenny)

  80. This is awesome !!! How did you make that/ start? Looking to start a doll house due to my love of tiny items

    (I started by building the dollhouse based off of an old Apple Blossom kit. I bought and made new windows and doors, etc. so it would look more realistic and then I shingled it and painted it and added stonework and hot glued babies breath to the outside to look like vines. Then I repainted with a dark antique wash and sanded it all down to make it look old. I also wired it for electricity but it was super hard and in the end I ended up not hooking it up to electricity because I kept getting shorts. A much easier start would be to build or buy a room box – a glass covered wooden box – and just furnish one room at a time to make sure it’s something you’re into. ~ Jenny)

  81. Holy Hell, that’s fucking awesome. I love horror movies, I love horror novels. I love ghost stories and I love doll houses. That’s just fucking terrific.

    Favorite horror movie? The Conjuring. and my favorite story ( true. and it seems heartless to say it is my favorite, but it’s the one that legitimately scares the living shit out of me.) is one about some killers that snuck into a family’s home while they were out and then waited in the attic for them to come home and go to sleep and then hacked them all to death.

    Jenny it’s a good damn thing you live far away and are not a big ole extrovert because my husband already sleeps with one eye open when he sees that I have on the Kindle. If you and I were friends I think he would probably leave for his own well being, mental and physical.

    Also, have you ever seen a mini Iron Maiden? That may be cool. And I HAVE actually seen a Mini Electric Chair for sale for a dollhouse. I thought, why the fuck…and now I know exactly why the fuck.

  82. Fantastic! Jenny, you are so amazingly talented in so many areas–thank you for sharing with us. One of my favorite horror movies was “Rosemary’s Baby,” but I can’t remember details except her eating raw liver dripping with blood and seeing a wicker baby carriage (both of which could be false memories after all this time) And surely someone has already mentioned “The Exorcist”

  83. “The Mist” by Stephen King. Still get the creeps when I drive into a fog bank.

  84. OH, also… anything like an exam table with GYN stirrups on it and/ or dental instruments. Somehow invasive medical supplies in a home just scream “Fucked Up”

    (I have the dental instruments. And bone saws. ~ Jenny)

  85. When we were kids, my sister had a book of short stories, illustrated by Edward Gorey. (She actually still has the book.) One of the stories was about a haunted dollhouse, which reenacted a series of events that had happened in the (real) manor house years earlier (if I remember, the grandfather of the family was murdered in his bed by his kids to get their inheritance, and then the funeral played out, and then something came up from the basement (maybe out of the coffin?) and grabbed the little grandkids and took them away).

    God, that was an awesome story. I have to go find the name.

    …Came back to say, I FOUND IT! Or at least the book. It’s Hauntings: Tales of the Supernatural by Henry Mazzeo (Editor), Edward Gorey (Illustrator).

    ….Aaaaaand: description of the story itself is at http://literature.wikia.com/wiki/The_Haunted_Dolls%27_House.

    Found it. Yay!

  86. “Penny Dreadful” is a horror Showtime series on Netflix that you must check out. It is a horror series with heartaching beauty and depth.. It takes place in turn of the century London and stars Dr.Frankenstein, Frankenstein, a werewolf, and many other classic horror characters. These characters come together to fight for what is good despite their desires and faults. It’s one of my favs!

  87. I freaking LOVE IT! I wish I could be a polly pocket in your house of scare. Endurance by Jack Kilborn gave me the heebies.

  88. There’s this new book out called Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of 70’s and 80’s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix that is FULL of creepy inspiration. My best friend and I were just flooded with childhood memories from some of the covers. One of the weirdest stories profiled in the book has to be one called The Little People (by John Christopher) about tiny Nazi leprechauns that are psychic and live in the dark “battling their ancient rat enemies with teeny bullwhips”. They are called Gestapochauns and are apparently Into S&M. Crazy weird but also intriguing…..I think you’d love this book.

  89. How did you get a tiny copy of “The Hours of Duc duBerry?” It is magical.

    (You have really, really good eyes. I got it at a doll house store in San Antonio. I make a lot of the closed books but I suck at the ones that are open. ~ Jenny)

  90. https://www.childtherapytoys.com/collections/religious

    Children’s therapy? Ok. If you say so. Anyhow, check these out.
    Also, Jenny, I needle felt. (and sew, knit, crochet, make stained glass, use resin for purposes it wasn’t intended for – you should see the bugs I have in resin. And snake skins. And dead frogs. And dead lizards) and I may be able to make you the children you seek. Post a picture of what you want and I will see what I can do.

  91. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
    That sicko psycho bitch Rose The Hat was scary shit.

  92. Is there a basement? A little Pit & Pendulum might do nicely there.

    And it’s not exactly ‘horror’, but something Beetlejuice-y might be fun.

    (Not yet. But it’s on the list. ~ Jenny)

  93. Such a labor of love! Your house is amazing.
    Dr. Who Weeping Angels- Mini angels earrings for the front lawn.Why ,yes, I do own a pair. (g) Anything drawn by Edward Gorey for wallpaper or ceilings. I love his Alphabet,” A is for Annabel, fallen down stairs, B is for Bertrand, eaten by bears..”
    For nature magic, a green man foliar head.
    Random smiley face.
    Roses with the heads clipped off, tho that might not show up well as a mini.

    (I already have a weeping angel outside but Edward Gorey is a good one. Love him. ~ Jenny)

  94. I’ve got a dollhouse I’ve been trying to start (for years now). This is inspirational!

  95. The original Alfred Hitchcock Diabolique!!

    (Oh! Or Alfred Hitchcock’s shadow lightly shaded on a wall. ::adds to list:: ~ Jenny)

  96. Absolutely wonderful! Someday I want to do my own haunted dollhouse, and this is a fantastic inspiration. I want a dungeon in mine – with torture devices like the Algerian Hook, a coffin cage, a scold’s bridle, a breaking wheel. Can you tell I saw a torture room in a wax museum when I was a child and it forever warped my mind?

  97. “What Till Helen Comes” anything by Mary Downing Hahn really.

    I LOVE miniatures and the whole subgenre of dollhouse lit: The Dollhouse Murders by Wright, The Piccolinis by Estern, Midnight in the Dollhouse & When the Dolls Woke by Stover, and creepiest of all: Among the Dolls by Sleator.

  98. I totally want to do something like this. As for your question, my favorite horror/fantasy book is always going to be Dracula. It was the one that got me into the genre.

  99. The outside is just gorgeous. Inside it’s cute. I particularly like the unicorn book.

  100. Those are NOT crappy pictures. You might want to fit something from Rocky Horror in there, just because.

  101. Awesome. Close up, like that, makes them seem larger, and like a real haunted house. I just started reading horror. I was too afraid before. Now, that I’m 50, I think I’m old enough to handle it! Ha. Turns out Stephen King is the master of suspense and imagery. I really enjoyed The Shining! Happy Halloween!

  102. Just curious, does Jenny ever respond to any comments or questions here?

    (I do, but usually inside the comment in bold, like this. It’s hard to see sometimes. ~ Jenny)

  103. Maybe Rosemary’s baby could go in there? That was THE scariest movie ever.
    Criminallawyer_2000 on yahoo

  104. I second the commenter who suggested “The Dollhouse Murders” and “Behind the Attic Wall”. China dolls are terrifying even when they don’t mean to be.

    Taking the attic theme further, a ballet barre, and a chalkboard and old timey desks, a la “Flowers in the Attic”…

    I can’t help wishing your fortuneteller/witch had a beehive like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

  105. I second the commenter who suggested “The Dollhouse Murders” and “Behind the Attic Wall”. China dolls are terrifying even when they don’t mean to be.

    Taking the attic theme further, a ballet barre, and a chalkboard and old timey desks, a la “Flowers in the Attic”…

    I can’t help wishing your fortuneteller/witch had a beehive like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

  106. I love The Omen, so if you could have a nanny hanging outside of a window, that’d be great.

  107. Wow! That is an impressive dollhouse! Probably my favorite dollhouse that I have seen. My favorite Halloween movie is
    Nightmare before Christmas, because I am wimp and can’t watch other scary movies.

  108. Haven’t read through all the comments, but where do you find all the ‘mini’ stuff? As an aside: have you ever watched “Tiny Kitchen” on the Tastemade network? I think you would be transfixed and binge watching for a couple days…just saying. Love you.

  109. I know it’s not literature, but all the true crime podcasts I listen to came to mine. Villasca Axe Murders, HH Holmes, Bloody Benders…always good stories.
    Penny Dreadful was awesome and would make a great room too.

  110. WOW! That is the coolest thing EVA!!! Perhaps you might get a little inspiration from one of my favorite movies, “The Haunting”… The 1963 version, that that crappy 1999 remake

  111. The novel Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist (and everything else he’s ever written). The film versions (both English and Swedish) were stupid and missed the point.

  112. You need the thing under the bed, the thing in the closet, and the thing in the basement, the room without windows, something reaching inside a window, and a perfectly lovely room that is clueless about the rest of the house. It is the room where it all begins…

  113. I love this! My votes for scary movie inspirations are The Insidious movies, Poe’s Tell Tale Heart, Misery, 10 Clover Lane, and The Blob.

  114. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned it or if it works, but the illustrations from Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies might help with inspiration.

    LOVE this haunted house!

  115. I LOVE anything by Holly Black–my favorite is the Ironside Trilogy–Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside. So vivid and fantastical! House is amaze-balls!

  116. Two books by Shirley Jackson-The Haunting of Hill House” and We Have Always Lived In the Castle”. And the house Manderlay in the book Rebecca. All great reads. And great houses.

  117. Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon was a fantastic book! A movie that I really love is Black Death with Sean Bean. Maybe, in honor of this movie, you could have outside a horse-drawn carriage with a caged witch in back and a horrific portable torture device!

  118. Visited the Museum of Peculiarities in PDX last summer with my grandchildren; the House of Horror there is amazing (but too bloody for my grandchildren). There’s a normal 1940’s-ish bathroom with a woman stabbed and dying in the tub. It was ghoulish but wonderful.

  119. This is insane! Seriously, Jenny! I am blown away by your talent! Your attention to the smallest detail needs to be shared with the entire world!

  120. The details are amazing!! I don’t think I could have that in my house though. I would actually convince myself that it was haunted and then all hell would break loose.

  121. Every time you show pictures of this I get ridiculously jealous. It’s a million times better than mine. I love the spiral staircase!
    Have you tried the Heidi Ott dollhouse dolls in your house? They’re a little bit on the pricey side and not always easy to find but they’re redressable and since their hair is wigged it can be ripped off and replaced. I would totally dress one and send it to you except I don’t have a spare.
    If you ever want to put a dollhouse in your dollhouse Dragonfly International do great dollhouse size dollhouse kits. And a company called A Sheila’s Shed make kits for dollhouse dollhouse furniture.

  122. Amazing!! Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and The Hunger (1983) are my recommendations.

  123. Holy smokes!!!! That’s incredible work!! I’m in complete awe… I don’t know if I have a favorite horror movie, because it’s love them, but they also share the sh*t of me… The Exorcist, Halloween, IT, Nightmare on Elm Street and Silence of the Lambs, to name a few.

  124. This reminds me a little of the Nutshell Murder Dollhouses. This wealthy heiress took an interest in forensics, and spent a lot of her free time building dollhouse re-creations of crime scenes for police to study to develop forensic skills like walking search patterns. (She also donated money, held dinner parties and helped the investigators and scientists make connections, so when she was all “Take my doll houses” they weren’t all “whatever weirdo”). And the thing is that they used them, and still use them as a teaching tool today.

    Here’s a link to a smithsonian article about them: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/murder-miniature-nutshell-studies-unexplained-death-180949943/

  125. Amazing job! Even with a kit, I could have never completed something that wonderful. I like Fawkes the phoenix in the corner. You are a very talented person.

  126. And now I am wondering if there is space for some teeny tiny lights on the wall somewhere for Stranger Things. And if they make lights that small.

  127. When I was a kid my mother let us watch The Birds. Then one day I was sick and stayed home from school by myself and the crows were gathering on the power line behind the house. I was scared pissless and closed all the curtains as if that would prevent a bird attack. So, I don’t know if that helps or not.

  128. Love this! My immediate thought was the kids’ book The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright. Kid finds a creepy dollhouse where the murders of her grandparents are reenacted by the dolls every night. The image that stayed with me is all the books in the library strewn on the floor – maybe next to a dead body? It’s been a while. Turned me off dolls for life, by the way.

  129. Awesome and beautiful…..I was thinking about a hearse in the driveway, but a horse drawn funeral cart would be nicer. (yes, I said “nicer”) Maybe one of those black carriages enclosed in glass, with a small white coffin inside it; black horses with black funeral plumes on their heads. And somewhere, under some staircase (basement is good) you have to have the eyes and teeth of something under there visible, but not the rest of it. (Ferris Mewler?) Maybe some slime leading under the stairs. I love this too much!

  130. Thank you for these awesome pictures, I always love your dollhouse posts so much! I had a really crappy day today and this was exactly what I needed to make me smile! I’m not much for horror, although I have seen some of the classics like The Shining, Children of the Corn, etc… My favorite is probably Orphan (2009 movie), it doesn’t seem to be very popular but it scared the crap out of me and had me thinking about it for days.

  131. Listen to The Magnus Archives on your podcast app of choice. TONS of great stories, with just the right details. Like: one trash bag full of human teeth.

  132. This dollhouse is truly amazing, Jenny! No matter how long it took, you did a really great job 🙂

  133. Not sure how much this idea us fueled by insomnia but… the carpet from The Shining, done in miniature. Maybe as stencil work, or printed. Except printing seems to fade for me.

  134. This insomniac just saw a reference to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and came back to suggest it.

    (If you look on the chest in front of the doll you’ll see tiny glasses. They’re the ones Johnny Depp used in Sleepy Hollow. ~ Jenny)

  135. Jenny this is just awesome.
    How big should the “children” be? I have a large collection of miniature dolls (inherited from my aunt) and I could send you a couple.

    (They’re one inch scale but I’m incredibly picky about dolls. I only have the one that I made. I’ve found tons but I have in my mind the exact one that I’m looking for. I suspect I’ll have to just make it if I can find a face already sculpted. I can build the rest but I’m terrible with faces. ~ Jenny)

  136. This is Not something I know anything about, so I am fascinated (and won’t talk over you in my excitement) The detail and the consistency of style make it so realistic to me. By “style” I mean to infer that it looks like someone who lives there chose all the decór. It’s thrilling. Reminds me a bit of the original “Myst.” Production design inspiration? “Pan’s Labyrinth” jog anything for you?

  137. That is fab. Love it. I would like to make a mini medieval castle, but think it would take over my like!!

  138. Misery (is there a typewriter somewhere?) and Poe (maybe you need sound too… like a telltale heart).

    It looks amazing, especially the little books.

  139. Where in the heck to you get all those tiny spooky things – they are amazing. Well done Jenny!! Do you play with the dolls in the house and make up scary storylines. Is tiny Pennywise in your future? 🙂 Happy Tuesday

  140. When I was really young, my mom accidentally let me watch this TV movie. Someone had procured a small, toothy headhunter-type doll holding a knife….and anyone who had the doll was taken over by a murderous impulse. The last scene of the movie was a sorority girl, I think, sitting in the same position as the doll, squatting with an evil grin like the doll’s, driving a long knife into the floor again and again while she waited for a victim. This was, like, 1973, so 40 years later…still creepy.

  141. When I was tween in the mid 80’s I watched the 1971 film Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, and didn’t sleep properly for a week. You’re home, Jessica. You’re home.

  142. Thoughts from someone hopped up on painkillers. An umbrella stand with a parasol (from the parasol protectorate books) Hagrid’ s pink umbrella, an umbrella with a parrot handle (Mary poppins).

    A bar with advertisements for other bars: prancing pony, three broomstick, hog’ s head, leaky cauldron, mcAnally’s (harry Dresden files), fangtasia & merlotte’s from Sookie Stackhouse, etc

  143. Just one? Can’t do it – I’m sorry lol.
    Let the Right One In, The Shining, An American Werewolf in London, The Exorcist, Shaun of the Dead – just to name a few.

  144. Hi again. I’m the person who said that the bowl of sage looked like a tiny bowl of weed. Which, I know you said it’s sage but if you wanted to you could SAY it was (faux, obviously) weed and have a tiny Martha Stewart and a tiny Snoop Dogg standing there smoking it and getting stoned together. That would be creepy and cute, right?

  145. I suspect you’ve had several hundred people send this to you already, but I read this story on CNN yesterday and immediately thought of you. When I saw you posted these pictures, I decided I better send you a link. It’s about a woman who was told it wouldn’t be acceptable for her to enter a career in forensics, so as an older woman, she began turning dollhouses into miniature murder scenes in order to help train detectives. So interesting!


  146. I’m agreeing with everyone who listed The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright – so do a play room or attic with a mini dollhouse in which the dolls are acting out a murder scene!

  147. as i recall, when i read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, didn’t he refer to a basement room where they did the electroshock therapy? that thing they put in his mouth before shocking him. GAH!!!!!! And you probably need some green exorcist vomit stains upstairs. Oh, and when you work on this project, i HIGHLY recommend listening to the album Tales of Mystery & Imagination by The Alan Parsons Project. It is their musical interpretation of the work of Edgar Allan Poe. SO awesome!

  148. A ticking clock not in sight anywhere from “The House with the Clock in Its Walls”. And is it too late to add a fruit cellar? Did someone already suggest that from “Pyscho”?

  149. I have never ever liked a doll house before. This just changed everything. Amazing.

  150. oh! what about a piano with handcuffs around the leg – from Sybil. Oh crap, i can’t think about this anymore…

  151. I don’t like scary movies, but this is just really beautiful. Maybe the Babadook book on a shelf?

  152. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Not exactly scary, but there are pretty creepy things happening in the book.
    Someone else said Pan’s Labyrinth which I second. And also Mama. Or The Tale of Two Sisters (a Korean movie).

  153. I’d like to put in a bid for some reference to Newford in the world of Charles de Lint. For frivolity maybe the Crow Girls & Annie Blue sitting on the roof in one guise or another? Or for something darker, references to “The Onion Girl” or “Memory and Dream”.

  154. Normally I don’t like horror movies, but I loved Nightmare on Elm Street’s plot. Having to be afraid to sleep would be a major problem for me because bedtime is often the best part of the day. My favorite horror novel is Bird Box by Josh Malerman. Bonus: Whoever designed the hardcover is a genius.

    Also, dollhouses are awesome, yours especially!

  155. Sooo fabulous!! How can all that talent wrapped up in one amazing woman? Love it !! (and you)

  156. To what address would one send a tiny hand made needle felted anatomical heart? If the heart is too big for the dollhouse, I’m sure you will come up with something amazing to do with it. Necklace, hair clip, cat toy…

    (TheBloggess.com / 14546 Brook Hollow Blvd. #400 / San Antonio TX, 78232 ~ Jenny)

  157. I really enjoyed Horns by Joe Hill (never saw the movie, though) & A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.
    I’ve seen your dollhouse before, but it’s always fun to see it again. It’s been a while, maybe tell us about any new items you particularly love?

  158. There is an utterly disturbing (on several levels) book called “All that lives” written by Melissa Sanders-Self. It’s about the Bell Witch. I highly suggest it. I reread it every couple years. Also, while I’m not really into religious literature (I’m not overly religious in general), The Oath by Frank E Peretti is fantastic. Not sure you can incorporate anything from either book into your amazing Doll House, but they’re both fun, spooky reads! 🙂

  159. I build doll houses myself. I love what you have done. I am just finishing up details on my New Age/Wicca supply store. I would love,to know where you found the beautiful lady in your house.

    (I made her from a kit about 10 years ago because I couldn’t find a doll that I liked. The hands, feet and face were already sculpted and painted so I just made the body, the clothes and wigged her. Used a tiny piece of black panty hose for her veil. ~ Jenny)

  160. Love it! Where do you find a mini-iron-spiral stairs for GS? So you really need a Linda Blair character, complete with head-spinning and green vomit.

    (I made it from a kit. It’s wood that I painted black with a light silver tinge on the top. ~ Jenny)

  161. A Theodolite with crystals on & book ‘The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch’

  162. I totally agree with the Changeling being scary and underrated. That movie turned me off horror movies for about 20 years! I couldn’t get it out of my head.

  163. I bet money somebody’s already mentioned it, but 1980s movie “The Changeling” – would suggest a tiny ball (red w/a midline white stripe, if memory serves) just “left” somewhere (on staircase, perhaps?) Ooooh, and if you can mimic a wet spot/puddle underneath, even creepier! This is phenomenal, every bit!!!

  164. You said click to enlarge instead of click to embiggen. Autocorrect has finally beat you down and won. I am sad. 😉

  165. I loved Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews as a kid. Maybe you could add some arsenic laden cookies up there…

    (I thought it was arsenic donuts? ~ Jenny)

  166. Carrie! Maybe some knives in the wall, or a grave with a hand coming up?

    (Ooh. Knives in the wall. That’s a good one. ~ Jenny)

  167. One of my favourite horror movies was The Changeling with George C. Scott. I get shivers just thinking about it!

  168. I’m with “Anonymous October 23, 2017 at 8:31 pm”. Counterpoint is everything. Maybe a corner of a room that is brightly lit and painted with beautiful pastels. An all-American hubris, like a scene out of Anne of Green Gables with a rocking chair draped with a quilt only Laura Ingalls’ mom could have stitched when she was asked to design the set for Bonanza. It’s just that the sphere of light cast by the candle isn’t quite round … nor even … and dark things lurk at the edges casting shadow where none should be.

  169. While I’m not necessarily a fan of horror, I do love all the Dia de los Muertes art.If you choose to add music, La Bruja (the witch) comes with a beautiful ethereal dance. My other favorite is Erutan’s Come Little Children. Both add a bit of creepiness to the setting.

  170. “Resume with Monsters” by William Browning Spencer. Crazy lovecraftian horror. It’s one of the few horror books I’ve actually enjoyed in my life.

  171. So awesome! Thank you for sharing! You know, if you don’t know the Winchester Mystery House story, that should give you some ideas. By the way, thank you for not putting anything scary like jumping out at you in that video. That time of year ya know? I hope you have a great Halloween. http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com

  172. Definitely “The Haunting of Hill House” – book and original movie versions. Can you have a room within a room? A twin bedroom with Eleanor holding hands with a ghost while Theodora sleeps in the other twin bed? You already have the wrought iron spiral staircase, just weaken it…

    This house also needs woods around it. For Slenderman and the Blair Witch of course. (And a teeny piece of plaid flannel shirt with a bloody tooth in it.) Nightmare time for me!

  173. Maybe Rosemary’s baby should be in the house?? She was in THE scariest movie EVER!

  174. The Witches! Which (haha) I just found out was a Roald Dahl book, but the version near and dear to my heart is the movie one with Angelica Houston, Mr. Bean, and the kid who played Kevin in that Parenthood movie. You could make little mice or Rowan Atkinson!

  175. I’m fascinated with this and keep coming back to read everyone else’s suggestions.
    To Anonymous who loves Dio de los muertos art, I would suggest the short story “The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog” by Kat Richardson.

    Other thoughts… giving this house a street number, to match a house in one of YOUR favorite scary stories of course. And maybe in a box of toys there will be hockey equipment…with a battered mask of course. And maybe the walls somewhere are bleeding (a la Amityville).

    And I used to have earrings with the fairy who adorns a book by the fireplace. I got shivers.

  176. What about some lumps in the yard for The Night Gardener? It’s a YA book but man it gave me the creeps. Just random mounds of buried bodies in the lawn, no big deal.

  177. The Other by Thomas Tryon. Back in print!
    Also, maybe put a tell tale heart under the floorboards?

  178. It’s beautiful! It’s amazing how you patiently collected all these pieces and put them together over 14 years. I tried to put together a miniature house once but that turned into a tornado house that is supported by cardboards in the dark.

  179. First, that is AMAZING! Seriously. All that little tiny stuff, so well placed! As for horror movies, I like the psychological ones best. Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist. Repulsion. Love the Tell-Tale heart idea!

  180. Someone is bound to have already said this, but I didn’t see it–add a Christmas light alphabet to one of the walls a’la Stranger Things!

  181. Would you like a hand-painted recreation of any famous piece of art? Scrolling through the comments, I saw suggestions of “The Scream” and I’ve done that for a few friends. If you have a different one in mind, I’ll do that. My grandparents used to make miniatures and their love for the craft passed on to me… Let me know if i can help.

  182. I have to laugh at your apology for shitty phone pictures. Last week, I was taking a lot of pictures with my little (1.2 mgp) digital camera (because my phone storage about full) when I just couldn’t get a good one…until I used my phone!

  183. Wow. This is stunning! Your attention to detail is mind boggling.

    My recent favorite book series is the Lockwood & Co series by Jonathan Stroud. It’s a middle grade series, amazingly well written and incredibly dark. Each of the five books in the series are 400+ pages of deadly ghosts. These are some of the darkest horror books I’ve ever read. The first in the series is “The Screaming Staircase.” I recommend them to any grown ups or kids who love great horror.

  184. That is amazing! A couple of random movie suggestions: Poltergeist and Children of the Corn. Also, while they’re not from a horror flick, the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz were pretty damn scary.

  185. That’s so freaking cool! I’m too much of a wimp for horror movies and books. Poltergeist II was probably the last scary movie I saw. Haha!

  186. That is amazing! I have always been a fan of horror. My youngest 2 are now watching as many movies as they can in October and it has been fun to share some of my favorites like the Scream movies or old school Friday the 13th (1 & 2 for this purist). We’ll be doing A Nightmare on Elm Street (1 & 3, naturally) soon. Lots of scares and creepiness.

  187. That is one of the coolest things I have ever fucking seen. I’m wondering… are you a murderino? If not… maybe check out My Favorite Murder.

    (I’m totally a murderino. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered. ~ Jenny)

  188. Favourite horror movie=”Scream”
    Also, “What Lies Beneath”…but I don’t know if that counts as horror or just suspense/thriller.

  189. My 11yo-tomorrow says from Goosebumps series, put in the Cuckoo Clock of Doom.
    It has an eagle that makes it a diabolicsl time turner.

  190. I was reminded again today of how scary Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars is. I’m not sure how you’d work it in, but you might enjoy those novellas/short stories/whatever. As a Night Vale fan, I’d love to see The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your House. And if you do a dungeon/below area, you should definitely at least make part of it related to The Descent, which remains terrifying to me.

  191. The Sixth Sense is awesome and we watched it again on Friday the 13th but with my daughter Emma who is 11 and said we had to watch SOMETHING scary!!! Oh you could have a red tent made out of cloth in a room! EEEEEK!!!!!!

  192. Jenny, did you make the actual house as well, or was it a premade house then renovated?
    I woul love to make one. I have all kinds of creepy shit to go inside.
    Happy haunting

  193. Sorry, I went back in the comments and read your reply.
    Just missed it the first time.😑

  194. I love this so much!! When I was a child growing up, from about age 2 and on, my dad build a Christmas mantlepiece scene of an 1800’s English village done in HO railroad scale. Every year, he would add to it and change it…it was incredibly detailed like this. On the left side was a church with a wedding happening, in the middle was a tavern with tiny mugs of beer. There was a pond for the ice skaters in the middle, horse drawn carriages took people home to the various houses – deer ran in the back forest. It was absolutely gorgeous and my sister and I were so excited to know that one day, it would go to her so we could continue to add to it and treasure it for years to come.

    Unfortunately, she and my dad had a falling out and unbeknownst to her, he wrote her out of his will. I had been out of my dad’s life for years, but it was a huge shock for my sister when dad passed away quite suddenly and she found out that she would not be getting this Christmas piece after all. It went to his wife, who had no real appreciation for it and who probably sold it or threw it out, out of pure spite (just as she kept jewelry that had been promised to my sister as well). My sister was heartbroken as you can imagine but there was nothing to be done. Dad’s will was valid and there was no way she could challenge it…the only thing that would have happened is she would have lost a ton of money in legal fees.

    Treasure this beautiful piece of work Jenny and make sure it goes to your sweet daughter without any problems, no matter what happens in your lives in the future. My sister would have been happy without anything else at all, if she’s only been given this one childhood treasure. oxoxox


  195. Awesome detail! It’s those little things you do that make it great. My scary movie is a way oldie “Jason and the Argonauts” it had these creepy man-bat 🦇 things flying around grabbing people. I was sure one of those MFs was outside my window at night. 👹🙀 I would go sleep with my parents on those nights. I was about 5 or 6 years old.

  196. I saw what you did was a movie that freaked me as a kid. There’s an art magazine called art dolls quarterly magazine that could give you some inspiration for your dolls. Not that you need inspiration – this might give you some ideas and how to

  197. There’s a short story called “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs that I had to read in high school and it messed.me.up.

  198. Remember Disney’s one foray into horror? Watcher in the Woods. NAREK (Karen spelled backwards) in a window.

  199. Do you have a picture I could reference for the face of a child? I’d love to try a sculpt that small. You can send it to the email I’m using to comment, if you’re interested.

  200. Hi Jenny,
    A blog member sent me your link and name. I am the editor for American Miniaturist Magazine and was wondering if you would like to feature your haunted house in our October issue next year. I would love to share your work with our readers if you would be interested. It’s a great way to reach many people who have a passion for miniatures. You can EMAIL me at auralea@ashdown.co.uk if you are interested.
    Thanks and have a lovely day! Auralea Krieger

  201. It is amazing! I love all things horror…I remember watching The Birds, and When a Stranger Calls “have you checked the children?” when I was a kid. Some Ideas…how about a rotary phone? Or when you find the right girl -tie a green ribbon around her neck? Got a voodoo doll in there?

  202. You said you had mini dentist tools and ALL I can envision now is an unassuming baby Audrey II tucked quietly in a corner…

  203. hmm, a) House of Leaves, Danielewski, and b) sci-fi/fantasy horrah, i just finished Liu Cixin’s trilogy but would go with The Dark Forest as the scariest [it can be read on its own] (thesis: all ETs = Very Big Bads; shut down the SETI stuffs!!); a better, non-me thesis explanation can be found at Wikipedia’s “Fermi paradox”, point 5.18, so Cixin wrote a cool trilogy about the whole thing, and it is goddamn dark…
    p.s. xoxo holy FUCK, i LOVE your artithtry, it ith kick- ATHery!!!!

  204. The original vampire movie Nosferato in black and white no dialog. Think it is Boris Karloff as Dracula?

  205. Something with a “Scream” essence Scream brought horror back to mainstream Hollywood. I loved how ironic and hilarious it is. Something that I loved was it’s ability to mocks itself. Anyways I imagine you are some who can look inwards and laugh so this is my idea!

  206. Anything Addams Family in there ? Not really scary, I know, but a childhood favorite of mine. They would definitely move in.

    (A few things. On of my favorites, Lurch’s feather duster, is upstairs. ~ Jenny)

  207. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. The book and the first movie. Creeps me out to think of that story. By the way, I love miniatures and have never seen anything as wondrous as your haunted doll house. Most excellent and creepy!

  208. How about a swatch of pink and gray tattered fabric with some kids toys going up the stairs for “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”?

  209. Typos! I wrote Lorelei in my post above and it’s actually Poe’s “Ligeia”–the first wife who comes back from the dead. I also LOVE the story The Travelling Grave (hand a coffin from the ceiling of one room!). Have you read Dr. Norrell and Mr. Strange? If you put another lady doll in your house, you could always remove one pinky finger…

  210. SO cool! But it also makes me glad I got rid of my childhood dollhouse, and all of my dolls – because they’re just creepy. Seriously though. What an amazing work of art.

  211. Wonderful! I’ve made several dollhouses, each a different theme and have been a fan of miniatures since I was a little girl. Yours looks awesome.

  212. RE: Kellyredhair

    I know!!!! The devastating poignance of the end… Just, wow. I actually saw the actor who played Dorian Grey in person. I was having dinner at a Shake Shack in Hollywood of all places late one night w/ my husband when all of a sudden I saw him standing at the entrance.!I was absolutely fangirl stunned. He was smirking in my direction for whatever reason! Maybe he was admiring my bad ass retro snoopy holiday sweater…. Or maybe I was making a funny face…I will never know. Once I figured out it was him though he disappeared into thin air. Btw he is just as beautiful in person as he is on the show. Siggghhhh.

  213. So, two books spring to mind: Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and ‘The Girl With All the Gifts’ by M.R. Carey. Your house is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  214. Wow! This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Do I spy a tiny miniature Très Riches Heures book? Is there a red glass doorknob from the 6th Sense? My favorite horror movies are El Orphanario and Cabin in the Woods. So a woman in a rocking chair upstairs and a basement full of of music boxes, shells, journals, etc would be my go to!

  215. That is so very awesome. Where did you get all the miniature stuff? We have a dollhouse that my husband is finishing. We had it 37 years and it looks like it’s going to go to grandkids now in lieu of kids. Would love to know where to buy such great miniatures.

  216. I’m a huge Anne Rice novels fan! The ways she describes NOLA in the time of her vampires is hauntingly beautiful. Take a peek through The Witching Hour or The Vampire Lester or even Merrick. Most of the books mention NOLA ,so really any of them will do.

  217. Okay, Silence of the Lambs? Poodle in a basket? Or just the lotion?
    I’ll second the Orphanage from someone’s suggestion earlier – sorry that person’s name whom I can’t remember! You’re awesome! –
    I’ll also say Pan’s Labyrinth with the eye in the hand.
    Tiny red tricycle for The Shining (along with Redrum idea)?
    Or an Tesla coil for Frankenstein?
    Something vampire-y? Silver bullet? Garlic? Tiny false vampire teeth? (OOH BABY VAMPIRE)
    Empty crib for Rosemary’s Baby? (on creepy child theme)
    I will stop now. Thank you Jenny.

  218. For some reason, that scene in Signs where all you see is the silhouette of an alien on the roof of the house, scared the bajebus out of me. Something about the knowing there’s something out there, but not knowing what it is or what it wants.

  219. You need a pencil camera, like the ones they used on the Miniatures for the Lord of the Rings. That would really sell it, and you can film a mini scary movie with it! Or a rom-com, who cares!

  220. I haven’t seen many real horror movies – The Descent ruined me forever. But what about a horror-spoof song, Jonathon Coulton’s “Creepy Doll” locked in a box? An Evil Dead chainsaw or disembodied hand? Or two. Ash’s hand and Thing T. Thing, either nemeses or ultimate partners? I’m sure you already have a Necronomicon in there somewhere… A tiny Death of Rats (Pratchett) would be fantastic, or a many footed chest. Or a life-hourglass, nearly out of sand.

  221. Keepers creepers scared me so badly I can’t even watch scary movies anymore unless it’s full daylight and other people are home with me!

  222. Hello: you have built a most beautiful dollshouse. Have you written a narrative to go with it? A story of people who live/lived in the house which either explains or links the rooms and items?

    I am trying to track down a tv episode from some old show in which a man buys a haunted dollshouse from a dealer. At night it comes alive – and the dolls play out the same scene of gruesome murder and sadness. Does anyone have a clue what his might be?

    Anyway, I’m in awe of your skill and dedication in making such a wonderful creation.

  223. I see now that several people have said what I came to say, which is that “Behind the Attic Wall” could be some awesome kid’s lit inspiration (and it could get really meta, since it’s about dolls itself). That book and “Wait Till Helen Comes” were the first scary things I ever read, and they set me up for a lifetime of loving horror books.

  224. If you could create a miniature version of any of the original Stephen Gammell illustrations from “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” this would become the creepiest dollhouse of all time.

  225. It’s just so wonderful! Can I ask if “Friday the 13th: The Series” from the 80s was one of your inspirations?

    (Totally. LOVED that show. ~ Jenny)

  226. I always love it when you post about the doll house. It is just so lovely and full of wonderful easter eggs.

    I was thinking that I wish you could take the house on a tour so that people could pay to come and see it, but a beautiful, big coffee table book with professionally shot close-up pictures would probably be even better. (Not that your pix aren’t quite good!) If you did a kickstarter for that project, I’d join it.

  227. The only thing I can think of that nobody else on this looooong list of media has mentioned is James Thurber’s “The Night The Ghost Got In”. 😉

  228. Have you seen a movie called The Devil’s Backbone by director Guillermo del Toro?? You should! One of my favorite Haunting stories!

  229. You know, I found pics of your dollhouse years ago online when I was working on a scary house for my Dad/ with Dad. His was finished in 2014? But I sooooo want my own I am thinking about tearing out everything in my existing dollhouse and starting over rather than building a new house. Anyway, I used to consign minis when I lived in NJ…I would be so thrilled if I could make something for your house!

  230. Bottle of tequila from Practical Magic? Or toads? Also, something from Flowers In The Attic…..

    (All three are in there. Love that movie. ~ Jenny)

  231. OMG. I can’t believe the stuff you have in there. I worked in a victorian house museum for years. This is AWESOME. Where do you find all of these things in miniature?

  232. This is old, so I don’t know if you’ll check it, but if you do! I could use some advice. I have an ‘abandoned’ Victorian that I’d like to put some dead creeping vines on, yours are lovely. Mind if I ask if you made them, or if you bought them, where? Everything I’m finding is just a little too cheery and alive.

  233. Have you seen a movie called The Devil’s Backbone by director Guillermo del Toro?? You should! One of my favorite Haunting stories!

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