Haunted dollhouse, part 2.

Yesterday I shared the first room of my haunted dollhouse and you gave me some INCREDIBLE ideas I’m working on, so keep them coming.  Today I’m showing you the tarot card room.

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PS.  I made the Babadook book last night and it isn’t perfect but since the original wasn’t either I’m giving myself time to warm up to it.

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  1. I am thinking of the seance set up from the Nicole Kidman movie “The Others”. With the creepy old lady who was the psychic. Great movie. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. Awesome house.

    (Yes! The Others = why the ring of brass keys is hanging on the back of the chair. 🙂 Almost everything in this room goes back to books or movies I’ve loved. I often wonder if anyone else can identify all of them. ~ Jenny)

  2. Unbelievable. Simply amazing. i SO want it to be real so i can make drunken dares with friends on who is gonna run up and ring the doorbell.

  3. It makes me want to sit and have a cup of tea. Maybe read for a while. Maybe I’m the tarot reader waiting for the next client.

  4. The chairs even have dust on the back of the seat – just like my house. LOL. Love it.

    (Yes. The dust is totally on purpose. ::cough:: ~ Jenny)

  5. I just noticed….there is no door to the tarot card room! Creepy! Do you make all these little pieces?

    (There’s an opening to the left of the desk in the back. You take the stairs to that room and them move to the tarot room. I just went backward. I made a lot of the pieces and bought a lot. I sculpted the dragon on the desk by hand. It’s one of my favorites. ~ Jenny)

  6. I love the Wizard of Oz shelf! The details are all so fun. Thanks for the spooky tour 🤡👻😈🤖🎃

  7. I think my favorite part of the entire house are all the tiny little books. Even in miniature form, I can’t get away from my love of them! I might have to go to the craft store and make my own collection of tiny tomes!

  8. I’m certainly not as well read as you are, but I definitely got the Wizard of Oz, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast (in room 2). I’m not getting the reference of the classes on the book which should also probably be obvious. I love seeing this doll house every time you post about it, and looking for additions since last time! I know you made the dragon yourself, but I don’t remember which dragon story it comes from.

  9. After the tour yesterday I dreamed that my friend made a delicious broth out of her dead and possibly undead zombie daughter….. 😱😬🤔. I have a pretty high fever and am craving home made chicken noodle soup… man the mind is weird…

  10. OK – weird here because it isn’t like all the other comments (or cares) but the flooring is spectacular in the rooms I’ve seen so far.

  11. My kids just watched that Babadook movie and said it was nice and scary. I didn’t get a chance to watch it with them unfortunately and I’ve never seen it.

  12. Do you have a manual typewriter to represent “Misery”? (One of my favorite Stephen King novels and movies.)

    I love your doll house. It would be so much fun to make something like that. Working on a Project is always really good therapy!

  13. Now you need to write a “Create Your Own Haunted House” tutorial. I love miniature things. I think maybe it makes me feel like I have a modicum of power, even when I’m powerless?

  14. You are one talented top cat can’t believe you are making this all yourself. Wonder what a day in your brain would be like

  15. PS….an OLD manual typewriter. With one cigarette and a glass of Dom Perignon beside it.

  16. Jenny, what’s your address again? I have a little trinket spoon key chain with KKMF on it is like to mail you.

    (You’re so sweet! My address is on the Advertise tab at the top of the page. ~ Jenny)

  17. It just occurred to me that you NEED to know my friend, Ricky Boscarino. Check out his house at lunaparc.com and you’ll see why you mustn’t go another day without connecting; I’m sad that I didn’t think of it sooner. You will wonder how you managed to live so long without knowing him.

    Seriously: lunaparc.com. (All y’all should check it out and take the virtual tour. Like a fever dream without the fever.)

    You’re welcome!


    (So awesome. ~ Jenny)

  18. You are one talented top cat can’t believe you are making this all yourself. Wonder what a day in your brain would be like

    (I bought a lot of the pieces and even a lot of the ones I made are kits. But I did put it together myself and I built quite a bit of it from scratch and I repainted tons of the things to make them fit the house. ~ Jenny)

  19. OMG in the room below there is a copy of the book of hours Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. And it even for the months of June and July. Wonderful

  20. Jenny this beyond beautiful. Could you possibly share the music that accompanies this lovely glimpse into your world? Thank you!!

  21. Oh my God! This is awesome! I’m very curious about Tarot card reading and I think every home should have a tarot card room! I love how detailed this room is. It’s amazing!

  22. Is that Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? Even though the characters were transformed into living objects, I never really thought of it as a haunted story. Hmmm. Also, I now have “Be Our Guest” stuck in my head.

    (It totally is Lumiere. And Beauty and the Beast is totally horror to me. All those curses and hostages. It’s like Saw but with music. ~ Jenny)

  23. Your dollhouse is amazing….do you make the items? I always wanted to do a dollhouse but I don’t know where to even being or where to look to find cool items that the right size! Just so cool!!

  24. Awesome dollhouse! I’m not a fan of horror books or movies because they scared the shit out of me when I was young!! However, a good friend of mine is a writer who writes scary stuff. Hers are the only scary ones I read, and only because she’s my friend. 😊 She’s been called the “female Steven King”. Have you read any of Susie Moloney’s books? The Thirteen, A Dry Spell, 362 Belisle St, Things a Withered…

  25. Tell me how close I got in identifying the influences:
    Oil Can/Ruby Slippers/Wicked Witch/Lion/Scarecrow on shelf/table: “The Wizard of Oz”
    Candle Stick Statue on table: “Beauty and the Beast”
    Keys on chair: “The Others”
    Horse on shelf: “The Black Stallion” or “The Cell”
    Dragon on desk: I want to say “Labyrinth,” but that’s only because it’s Jim Henson-y looking. Maybe it’s an imp, not a dragon?
    Genie Lamp on floor:” Aladdin”
    Raven on books: Poe’s “The Raven”
    Treasure Box on floor: I’ll say “The Goonies,” but that’s only because I want it to be One-Eyed Willie’s pirate’s chest.
    Also – you spent some serious cash putting this house together. I’m impressed.

    (I was about to say I stumped you on the Wizard’s green glasses but I see you noted it on the next comment. YOU ARE ON FIRE. You missed a few but probably only because they’re hard to see: bloody stake and hammer from Buffy Vampire Slayer. Eleanor’s cup of stars from Haunting of Hill House. Babadook book. Vintage photo of a seance from The Others. Bronze rabbit head from Alice in Wonderland. Hour glass from Wizard of Oz. Photo of the crypt keeper on back wall. ~ Jenny)

  26. I am still in awe of this… and looking forward to the next update. 🙂
    Thanks, Jenny.

  27. Cool! If I would ad one thing it would be a lamp draped with a red cloth. 🙂

  28. Wow, this house is getting better and better. I have a suggestion for your videos: Let the camera rest on each object for a second or two longer. I was barely taking it the details and then on to the next. Would love to study all of the amazing little objects in your dollhouse. Oooh! Even better, still photos! Then this nerd could study all she wants.

  29. I don’t understand how the heck you could handle, not to mention make, all these tiny little things! I would totally break/squash any of that if I tried! (Also, reading the comments, you made that dragon by hand?!!? Daaaaang!)

  30. Dear Jenny,

    I am a Native American Witch and I Love Tarot! In the spirit of Halloween, I would love to offer you a free Tarot reading using my Robin Wood Tarot deck which is often referred to as a Witch’s Tarot deck. Please email me if you are interested. My email address is white.turtle.rainbow@gmail.com

    Many Blessings,
    Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe

  31. Omg you have a mini snow globe, that’s gorgeous. Do you have Lumiere on the table? Love the tarot room, and more piles of books.

  32. Wow – what a brilliant ongoing project. Now I want one but know I haven’t got the dedication. You got talent, lady!

  33. breathtakingly brilliant! Wow, such unique and fun items! I could shrink down and be your tiny lodger and be very content! (or would that be too weird!?)

  34. I was just talking to my husband this week about wanting a dollhouse kit. I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember. Then you post this and I realize I’ve been thinking about this all wrong! You don’t have to do a traditional house! I love this. So many possibilities.

  35. Love! I love non-traditional dollhouses. I have a Feminist Meeting House that is Frida Kahlo themed (Casa Azul), a cat cafe (Kit-Tea Cafe), and an antique shop (Flora’s Fauna & Finds). I just started work on a holiday shop Halloween & Christmas (Eve to Eve). https://rebelliousdollhouses.tumblr.com/

  36. Me to my husband: You Haven GOT to see this haunted dollhouse! (Sits on couch next to him, we watch video)
    13 YO son: (passes by behind us, just in time to see the nude painting in the first room) ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING HALLOWEEN PORN?!?! IN THE LIVING ROOM?!?!
    Me: No. . . I don’t even think that’s a real thing. . . .
    13 YO: If it is, I don’t want to know you are watching it.
    Me: Massive eye roll

    PS: Your Babadook book is amazing! Change nothing about it! A little hint for the tarot cards, my Aunt, who is a Druid, always said the cards should be wrapped in a piece of silk when not in use, so a piece of discarded silk would be neat. Also, maybe a crystal shard, or some chips of rose quartz, a semi precious stone on the table for “focusing energies”.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  37. SQUEEEEE As someone who creates for and sells to the miniaturist market, any time I see someone sharing their creations, I get all dopey happy. I LOVE THIS!!!

  38. Love it and can’t believe all the detail. But being an OCD, I must request you relocate the cuckoo clock from the Tarot room to elsewhere in the house. You just wouldn’t have that kind of interruption in a Tarot Room.

  39. The tarot deck definitely makes me think of Penny Dreadful as well. Perhaps a scorpion or a cross on the wall?

  40. My favorite haunted house movie is The Changeling, from 1979 starring George C. Scott. Just pull up the poster on IMDB if you haven’t seen it. I grew up in an old house (build in 1919) and my parents are MDs who collect antiques, so they have an antique wheelchair. There’s a scene where a wheelchair chases a woman down some stairs. I used to go see midnight showings of The Changeling every Halloween at a local 1930’s movie theater and one year, my dad thought he’d be cute and leave the wheelchair in the living room with one spotlight on it, so it looked just like the dvd cover. I noped the hell around the house and came in the back door instead.

    So I vote for a creepy antique wheelchair….lol

  41. WOW – love this fascinating haunted dollhouse filled with your creative treasures! So much detail & attention to scale. I’ve always enjoyed set design and costumes. The witches cabin from Hocus Pocus has some interesting props – the magical black flame candle & the creepy spell book with the eye. I also like witch costumes – cloaks, hats (anything from the movie Maleficent) might be a nice addition. Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

  42. ‘girfromtexastech’ – YES!!! That is The Changeling movie that creeped me out for about 20 years. I haven’t seen it since. Did it also have a chain or something coming out of the bath tub drain?????? or did I morph two memories into one??

  43. I love this so freaking much! Where did you get the cookoo clock?? I grew up with one just like that, & now want one. Love the dragon & crystal ball. I cannot wait to see more. Oh, I saw the message about embiggin, think it’s hilarious you put it on your picture this time. Good one.

  44. Jenny….JENNY! Your doll house is the perfect.
    ALSO, i think you should add a tab to your blog for it. And maybe start a list of the books/movies you’ve paid tribute to? (you know, for those of us who got into the genre late so have some catching up to do, and also really love lists)…

    Thanks for being magical <3

  45. This is so cool! My current favorite “horror” movie is Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. It’s so messed up, but it’s glorious.

  46. You could hang tiny Blair Witch stick dolls from the porch eaves…my screen porch has about 20 of them hanging right now, they’re really fun to make (and every walk in the woods becomes a mission to find human-shaped sticks and creepy head shaped things).

  47. If you like the Blair Witch stick doll idea, I’ll make and send you a 1:12 doll since I’m good at making them…have you seen The Blair Witch Project? It’s wonderfully creepy, and I don’t scare easily!

  48. I’m not usually one to be jealous of other people’s possessions, but this makes me INTENSELY jealous! This is a new goal for someday…

  49. There has to be a way to work Children of the Corn in there. Great work! What a cool hobby.

  50. I love the doll house! :o) The closest thing I had to an actual doll house was a Barbie House which turned out to be useless because my sister broke both of my Barbie’s legs and Ken turned the place into a flop house for guy’s without gals. But I’m not bitter and while I’m a little envious, I’m not pea-green with it.

  51. If one of the rooms is a child’s bedroom, you could include a Ouija board – those are always Bad News for kids… You doll house is fascinating, I love it!

  52. Hellraiser movie- Author Clive Barker. Scariest movie ever-(besides Wizard of Oz.) What was scariest was that when I realized it was a horror movie, it was too late. I was glued in fascinated horror to my chair. COULD NOT STOP WATCHING!!!

  53. OutSTANDING!!!I I don’t know how long I was mesmerized by the “embiggened” version of the room, but the sun started to go down by the time I broke my trance. Holy crap! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dragon!!! I don’t know where you got it but I want one too. And the red shoes were the perfect touch. It wouldn’t have been complete without them. And the bunny head. For SURE! However, I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t see ANY opening anywhere to get in ad out of the room. Not even the seams of some secret panel that swung open. WTF? There’s got to be something, eh? (Sorry…I’m hopelessly Canadian) Kudos, babe. I don’t think there’s any masterfully creative thing you CAN’T do to the degree of total awesomeness. Namaste…Steph

    (I made the dragon myself. It’s just sculpy and paint. Thank you! ~ Jenny

  54. You need a few cats in there. How about the 1973 made-for-tv, cult classic Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark?

  55. If you ever get to Chicago you need to check out The Fairy Castle at The Museum of Science and Industry and the Thorne Miniature rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. Amazing miniatures. Not haunted as far as I know but amazing! I’d be happy to be your tour guide!

  56. Dude. You are seriously amazeballs. This house is glorious and I loves it my precious. I REALLY like the Dorian Gray. Also, are those the glasses from the original 13 Ghosts on top of the chest? It’s such a great campy horror flick. If you’re looking for additional spooky inspiration, you could include the cup of stars from The Haunting of Hill House. 🙂

    (The glasses on the chest are from the Johnny Depp version of Sleepy Hollow. Take a look at my next post and you’ll see a tiny cup of stars. 🙂 It’s not really well done because it’s so tiny but it was my best attempt. ~ Jenny)

  57. This is amazing Jen! Do you make alot of the stuff yourself or do you find/buy miniature stuff? I’ve dreamed of creating my own ever since you shared it with us all! Looks awesome! <3

    (I made or remade {repainting, distressing, antiquing} lots of the pieces but I’ve bought a lot of the complicated things I can’t do myself. Dollhouse shops, conventions, etsy, online. ~ Jenny)

  58. This is amazing! If you’re looking for inspiration, go watch Session 9. Very atmospheric scary movie.
    I’m thrilled to see that you like The Others. It’s one of my favorite movies.

  59. This house could really use some Squirell People living under the porch.
    Or evidence of their little village, if you don’t want to sew fancy little costumes.
    Or maybe just a teeny tiny spork (of power)!
    (I may listen to Secondhand Souls every single night while I fall asleep.)

  60. Girrrrrl, for real, though… your haunted doll house has got me BabaSHOOK!

    My Vulcan overheard me looking at everything, and thought I was pissed off at something/one, because I kept murmuring “TINY REALNESS. Oh yes Mama, work damn it. No way, WHAT? HOW the… You did NOT, you silly bitch, this is TOO much!”

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  61. So cool!! My dad built a doll house for my daughter from a kit (just a standard doll house, for dolls) and added a trap door crawl space under the kitchen for your treasure. And an alligator guarding it of course.

  62. Years ago, I lived in an apartment in a hundred year old mansion in New Jersey. I read Stephen King books there, The Mist, It, Christine. So many unexplained things happened in that house. On the day I moved out, I took a snapshot of my bedroom window in the turret. Whenever I show that picture to anyone, they ask me who that boy is who is looking out the window. The room was empty. I had just dead-bolted the door.

    I wanted to see a face in the window or in a mirror in your tiny house. Oh, and I love the piles of books.

    (Ooh. I want to see the picture. ~ Jenny)

  63. As a little tomboy girl…how did this never occur to me?! I’ve got a cabinet of curiosity. Holy shit, light bulb! Medical room! antique medical equipment!

  64. Someone up at the top asked for “The Raven” in a Vincent Price voice…
    Would you be content with Vincent Price reading “The Raven”?

  65. When I first saw the dragon on the desk, I thought it was an ROUS! Then, after watching Stranger Things 2, it could easily be Dart!

    I LOVE every single thing about this house and desperately want to start one of my own now!

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