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The Haunted Dollhouse, final reveal!

Today is Halloween – my favorite holiday of the year – so today I’m celebrating by showing you the final room of my dollhouse.  Thank you for humoring me with my super weird obsession.  Click here to see all the other rooms.

The outside (with Rolly) for scale:

Click to embiggen

One day when I have more time I’m going to make a full list of all of the horror/fantasy allusions in the house, but a few of the nods in this floor are from: Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Wizard of Oz, Hamlet, Addams Family, King Arthur, A Rose for Emily, Moulin Rouge, Labyrinth, Game of Thrones, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chronicles of Narnia, The Bell Witch, Dungeons & Dragons, Alien Autopsy, Corpse Bride, Dracula, Silver Bullet, Monkey’s Paw, Peter Pan, Snow White, Exorcist, Freaks, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Shining, Stardust, Jurassic Park, Tiffany Aching, Sleeping Beauty, Alfred Hitchcock, The Changeling, Read Window, Sherlock Holmes.

I still have a lot more to do.  Maybe next Halloween it’ll be done.  But somehow I doubt that.

A few videos on instagram:

Haunted dollhouse, part 4

ONE DAY UNTIL HALLOWEEN.  And three rooms left to show you of my miniature haunted dollhouse.  If this all seems confusing go to this link to see all of the haunted dollhouse posts.

I was going to show my favorite room today but I’m still working on a piece so instead I’ll show you that tomorrow.  Instead, today I’ll show you the attic and the rooftop conservatory.  Ready?

The attic:

Click to embiggen.

The dollhouse in the back is the exact replica of this dollhouse. It’s one of my favorite things.

The conservatory:

I was going to list all of the horror/fantasy references in these rooms but actually I sort of love watching you guys identify them because then I feel like slightly less of a freak for this obsession.

A few videos for a closer look.

Recognize anything?

Haunted dollhouse, part 3

Building up to Halloween I’ve been revealing room in my horror/fantasy inspired dollhouse.  If you missed the first ones then start here to see the kitchen and casting room and then go here for the tarot card room.  Today I’m showing you the study and the secret room and then we’ll be halfway through.

It’s still unfinished so ignore the rough edges.

Click to embiggen

Behind the potions cabinet is a secret door. (Don’t blink.)

I added five new things to this room this week from your suggestions, including the yellow wallpaper in the secret room.  I’m not sure I got the smear quite right.  Please keep the suggestions coming because they are brilliant.  10 points to whoever can identify all the allusions in this room.

PS. A video of with the door open and another with the door closed:

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Haunted dollhouse, part 3.

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Haunted dollhouse, part 2.

Yesterday I shared the first room of my haunted dollhouse and you gave me some INCREDIBLE ideas I’m working on, so keep them coming.  Today I’m showing you the tarot card room.

Click to embiggen

PS.  I made the Babadook book last night and it isn’t perfect but since the original wasn’t either I’m giving myself time to warm up to it.

Haunted dollhouse…an update. Part 1.

I’ve been working on building a haunted dollhouse for like 14 years.  The dollhouse itself took more than a year and I’ve been adding furniture and such ever since.  It’s an homage to all the horror and fantasy books and movies that I’ve loved and at this point I’ve lost track of all the allusions, but I was thinking that since it’s almost Halloween I’d show you a few shot of the house this week:  All I have is my phone so the photos are a bit shitty.  Sorry.

Today, the bottom floor.

Click to enlarge.

Want to help?  Tell me your favorite horror/fantasy book or movie.  I need inspiration.

More to come.  Hopefully I can find my real camera so the shots aren’t so crappy.

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My haunted dollhouse. The lowest floor.

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