Haunted dollhouse, part 4

ONE DAY UNTIL HALLOWEEN.  And three rooms left to show you of my miniature haunted dollhouse.  If this all seems confusing go to this link to see all of the haunted dollhouse posts.

I was going to show my favorite room today but I’m still working on a piece so instead I’ll show you that tomorrow.  Instead, today I’ll show you the attic and the rooftop conservatory.  Ready?

The attic:

Click to embiggen.
The dollhouse in the back is the exact replica of this dollhouse. It’s one of my favorite things.

The conservatory:

I was going to list all of the horror/fantasy references in these rooms but actually I sort of love watching you guys identify them because then I feel like slightly less of a freak for this obsession.

A few videos for a closer look.

Recognize anything?

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  1. That house just gets better and better. It’s 31 October here in Australia. Happy Halloween.

    (Happy Halloween! ~ Jenny)

  2. If there is a dollhouse replica in the attic dollhouse replica, I think my head will explode

  3. I wish you would list all of the movies/references – those of us not up on these things would enjoy it. Maybe wait a bit until the experts give their lists?

  4. I’m starting to think you might want to put a ring of salt around the dollhouse. You know, just in case.

  5. Mmmmm… a cask of Amontillado! I admit to looking for a bell in your tower so that you’d legit have a bat in your belfry 😉

    (Yes! ~ Jenny)

  6. If you find yourself in Washington DC in the next few months, you must go see the latest exhibit at The Renwick Gallery. Dollhouse crime scenes. Amazing.
    …extraordinary “Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death”—exquisitely detailed miniature crime scenes—to train homicide investigators to “convict the guilty, clear the innocent, and find the truth in a nutshell.”

  7. If you find yourself in Washington DC in the next few months, you must go see the latest exhibit at The Renwick Gallery. Dollhouse crime scenes. Amazing.
    …extraordinary “Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death”—exquisitely detailed miniature crime scenes—to train homicide investigators to “convict the guilty, clear the innocent, and find the truth in a nutshell.”

  8. Favorite parts – Creepy mirror girl in attic, Dragons in rabbit hutches in the conservatory. If I may pick a third, random fairy perched on a table in the conservatory.

  9. I’m very curious how you did the creep coming out of the mirror… I’ve “embiggened” the image and I’m assuming it’s doll parts glued to a mirror or something, but from those first two images it really seems like there’s something on/in the mirror as well… It kinda freaks me out, lol.

  10. I’m not usually a fan of dollhouses because I think they’re creepy, but I love this one because that’s the whole point! This is AWESOME! And I love the dollhouse replica!

  11. OMG I don’t get ALL the references because I’m not a big horror fan but I LOVE what you’re doing it. 😀

    These pictures brought some much needed light into my shitty dark day. Thank you.

  12. I only wish I wanted to be as creative as you are, but I don’t. It’s just too much work. I’m the ‘curl up with a blanket and read’ kind of girl. And also, I live in The Viking’s house which is barely bigger than your doll house so I haven’t got any room to put creative shit. I really love to look at what you create though. I’m living vicariously through you and I approve. :o) Not that you need my approval.

  13. Amazing! Love the bat and the dragon hutch. The miniature house is soooo cool — Are you going to add a conservatory to that too? That would blow my mind. 🙂

  14. Thought I was the only nutball who decorated her dollhouse for each season. So happy to see this.

  15. I love your dollhouse and these posts. I feel like the conservatory needs more plants, but that is probably because I want a greenhouse in real life. I’m not the best with horror references, so I can only come up with Little Shop of Horrors, and wasn’t there a film with black roses? For real life creepy plants there is deadly nightshade, carrion flower, solanum pyracanthus (super spiky). I can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

  16. Jenny, if you ever come visit me in Victoria, BC Canada, I’ll take you to Miniature World. It’s a complete Miniature Museum where everything is tiny!! I think you’d like it very much!!!

    PS: B I G B E Y O N C E P L E A S E!!!!!!!

  17. So a funny thing happened when I started reading this. I saw ‘conservatory’ but my mind skipped over the first few letters and I just saw ‘vatory’ and then I filled it in with ‘lavatory’ and thought “there’s a haunted bathroom?”. Which made sense in this context. But then I saw it correctly and was slightly disappointed… But wow! Such detail! 🙂

  18. Have you seen the Musee Miniature et Cinema in Lyon, France? This is a super cool museum in real life if you’re ever in France, but even the pics on their website are neat to see all the miniature details. https://www.museeminiatureetcinema.fr/en/ Plus they have cinema scenes too, so when I was there it was like being in some of the creepy movies since the entire room is exactly from a movie.

  19. For the love of God, Montressor! Someone beat me to the cask of Amontillado!

    The dollhouse in a dollhouse is very cool. I seem to recall a dollhouse in the movie “The Awakening” that mirrored what was going in the real house.

  20. This is the most beautiful dollhouse I have ever SEEN! Is that picture in the attic GLADYS from Friends? I want to start on my own dollhouse soon. Anybody have suggestions on where I can get one for cheap?

  21. @KCDebi:

    All you need is Sam & Dean Winchester! 🙂

    Well, they DO both live in Austin, the last I knew …

  22. You don’t sleep much do you? If you made all that stuff or just found it in a Creep General Store, it doesn’t matter, you don’t sleep much. But we love you…

  23. Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these posts. This dollhouse is so creative and cool and creeptacular!

  24. I really want to ID all the things, I see some right off the bat but I’m crushed with work right now 🙁

  25. oh my, i just realized we had the same inspiration, the house me & hubby are working on now i call the mystery house & it has a tiny dollhouse inside too, but not an exact duplicate like yours..
    a world within a world within a world…

  26. I feel like these should be in one of those I SPY books: I spy a gargoyle that sings, a violin, ten candles and a monkey with wings…..Love them.

  27. I’m so in love with this. I love the weeping angel but I think you also need a Dalek peeking through a downstairs window or a cunningly placed sonic screwdriver. I was going to suggest adding something from “The Haunting of Hill House” and was really happy when you pointed out the cup of stars in the tarot room. I’ve always preferred miniatures with a bit of a quirky twist: old, antique dollhouses or 1:12 replicas of Bag End, Hogwarts and the Practical Magic house. I’m glad I’m not the only one with an affection for small, strange things. Thanks for sharing :-).

    (Look at the shelf with the scrolls and swords. There’s a tiny sonic screwdriver tucked inside. ~ Jenny)

  28. The dragons on the coops remind me of a terrry pratchett novel – the one where. Sam Vines met his lady love. So even if that’s not right, it will be for me! Lol. Thanks, Jenny, for this wonderful dollhouse and all the other wonderful stuff you do for us. ” knock, knock, motherfucker!”

    (YES! ~ Jenny)

  29. Can you find an impossibly small cross to top the apex of the tiny perfect doll house replica in the attic, like on the real apex? I can’t believe you made that one. It’s so freaking amazing.

    (I’m looking for one. ~ Jenny)

  30. Hi Jenny and Tribe,
    I feel bad having to ask however, this is my dear friend’s daughter, the illness came on suddenly it requires a medicine that costs close to $750,000 Canadian a year and it is not covered here in Canada. What she is left with to do is blood plasma replacements several hours a day to keep her alive. Shantee is allergic to this proceedure. If you are able to read about Shantee and her single Mom and younger brother and are able to spread the word or help out in anyway that would be wonderful. Below is a link to a facebook link to the go fund me account to raise the first treatment amount of $10,000 Canadian. Shantee was in her third year at university when this illness hit her. She is a lovely lady. Sorry if this is not okay to post here. I respect Jenny and our Tribe here. You are my people.

  31. I love, Love, LOVE this. But. What? No bleeding Jesus on a cross? Did I miss it somewhere? And how about Cleopatra the man-eating plant on The Addams Family? Thing? Beetlejuice? Capernicus the monkey? Okay, that’s all my suggestions for next year! (Maybe some of them are already there but they are invisible?)

    (Come back tomorrow. You’ll see at least one in the last room. ~ Jenny)

  32. So amazing. I love the dollhouse in the dollhouse, it’s so recursively recursive.

    Possible suggestion for a future room if you should ever decide to expand: a mad scientist’s lab to do honor to all those crazy mad scientist movies from the classy (Frankenstein) to the trashy (The Brain that Wouldn’t Die). Tiny test tubes!!! A wee monkey in a tiny cage!!! A head being kept alive in a petrie dish!!!

  33. Having read all of your books and expectantly waiting for the next one, this is amazing and incredible. WOW. You are so talented and perfect . Love following you

  34. Tiny dollhouse… delighted sigh. And how furnished will that get?
    The conservatory looks like the perfect place for a angst-ridden resident to do some solo drinking and confer with their muse about their novel. Also I doubt this person is tidy. So, I’m looking for bottles on the floor and maybe a crumpled few pages torn from a manuscript. And the casks would be sticky from careless sampling.

    (Sadly, the tiny dollhouse in the attic is solid so I can’t put anything in it. I think when I’m closer to being done though I’ll print a picture of the inside of the dollhouse and decoupage it to the back. ~ Jenny)

  35. I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dollhouse. You, and your dollhouse, are magnificent!

  36. Celtic cross… why not make one like you do your books? Print a photo at the size you want, and decoupage it onto balsa and trim the wood to fit. Then repeat on the other side. Or just cut the balsa to the right shape and paint the image on — you’ve done such fine detail work already, we have faith in you! And how cool would it be…

    (Good idea. ~ Jenny)

  37. this is utterly amazing. Id not obsess about obsessions, we all have ’em, it’s what keeps us focused. I have Lego, for the winter months. Took me years to get over the idea that it’s just for kids.
    I love the cloudy images you get, looking through the attic windows? Walls? which make it as nearly other-worldly as it can get. It’s like you’re looking out on a landscape no one else can see…

  38. “The Dollhouse Murders” was one of my favorite creepy books as a kid. That’s what I thought the exact replica dollhouse in the attic was referencing.

    (It totally is. ~ Jenny)

  39. Never doubt yourself. Your artistic talent is off the chart. The detail is fascinating – this made my Halloween to see your dollhouse in its entirety.

  40. Lisa Partridge
    There is a Trillium Fund in Canada that covers medical expenses that aren’t automatically covered by the goverment , you just need to apply. The Social Worker in the ward at the hospital will be able to give you the info.

    Jenny .
    You are an inspiration!

  41. Jenny, this is exquisite! Thank you. I don’t pretend to recognise most of the allusions, because horror is not my thing, but the detail! It’s a work of art.

    If you haven’t yet discovered the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor, please allow m to recommend it. I think you will appreciate it.

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