The Haunted Dollhouse, final reveal!

Today is Halloween – my favorite holiday of the year – so today I’m celebrating by showing you the final room of my dollhouse.  Thank you for humoring me with my super weird obsession.  Click here to see all the other rooms.

The outside (with Rolly) for scale:

Click to embiggen

One day when I have more time I’m going to make a full list of all of the horror/fantasy allusions in the house, but a few of the nods in this floor are from: Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Wizard of Oz, Hamlet, Addams Family, King Arthur, A Rose for Emily, Moulin Rouge, Labyrinth, Game of Thrones, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chronicles of Narnia, The Bell Witch, Dungeons & Dragons, Alien Autopsy, Corpse Bride, Dracula, Silver Bullet, Monkey’s Paw, Peter Pan, Snow White, Exorcist, Freaks, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Shining, Stardust, Jurassic Park, Tiffany Aching, Sleeping Beauty, Alfred Hitchcock, The Changeling, Read Window, Sherlock Holmes.

I still have a lot more to do.  Maybe next Halloween it’ll be done.  But somehow I doubt that.

A few videos on instagram:

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  1. Did you build that fancy glass case to display the house? I LOVE your project!

    (Victor had it made for Christmas a few years ago. The top spins around so you can see it from all angles. ~ Jenny)

  2. One day, the legend of the haunted doll house whose owner kept building it from beyond the grave (and also said Fuck a lot) will be passed down among the learned.

  3. So frickin’ cool, but not as much tiny taxidermy as I expected. You should tell your dad that’s what you want for Christmas.

  4. At first I thought the picture of the outside of the house was a picture of a miniature house INSIDE the house, which should, of course, also have another miniature house inside of it. Please to make this addition to your house, which is FANTABULOUS.

    (There’s totally a miniature replica of the dollhouse in the attic of the dollhouse. ~ Jenny)

  5. Is that the wheelchair from The Changeling? I am absolutely in awe of this!

    (It’s originally from Nightmare Before Christmas but I repainted it a bit to make it ala The Changeling. Then I added the binoculars to give it a Rear Window twist. It’s a bit of everything all rolled up together. ~ Jenny)

  6. I’m fascinated by the detail and “small things” – who knew you could find or fashion so many small things in this world! I’m also kind of envious of the neat heirloom for your daughter. All my kid is going to get is a box of running shoes and too many lipsticks.

  7. One of the awesomest things ever! Be proud of your work and don’t stop adding to it or maybe you need to start a neighborhood of haunted houses??

  8. I love your haunted house and I can’t imagine how you managed to make all those tiny things so perfect. I recognize many of the allusions, very freakin cool. I keep wondering what happens if the house grows up? Don’t feed it too much or next year we’ll have this giant haunted house we’re all inside.

  9. My eyes jumped immediately to the oval photo from Miss Peregrine. I love it.
    I love the green fairy with her absinthe bottle. I love that your dolls make their bed more neatly than I’ve ever managed. I’m going to guess the pointy hat is a Tiffany Aching reference…and I think she needs a little bit of string for her pockets. Just in case.
    Such fun… I’m so glad that you shared.

    (Good eyes! Also, I love the green fairy because it was a tiny tinker bell that my niece couldn’t have because it was a choking hazard. I took it home and painted it to be the green fairy. The same niece is now an adult so it always reminds me of how long I’ve been working on this. ~ Jenny)

  10. The gray cat sitting in front of the dollhouse … real or stuffed?? I don’t remember this cat in your other posts. What’s it’s name (assuming it’s real … or not). Looks like the twin t othe kitten I adopted earlier this year.

    (Real. She hides a lot. She’s 10 and is a bit stand-offish, even for a cat. ~ Jenny)

  11. You know what kills me? This dollhouse is filled with all the random crap I’d love in my real house. Maybe I should just make a wish at one of those fortune teller booths to shrink down and move in?

    Okay, that’s the plan now. If you hear noises in there late at night, that’s just me unpacking. I’ll be fine, no worries.

  12. And Dr. Finelstein’s chair! And the extraordinary children! The green absinthe faery- the monkey’s paw! And the effing Hitchcock shadow! SQUEEEEEE! My heart!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I really like the hand coming out from under the bed, and the green fairy, too. But seriously? I love it all, every creepy, gorgeous, mysterious part of it. Great work. Truly inspired.

  14. I’m so stinkin’ pleased with myself that I caught the “Freaks” reference before I read your description. I saw that film in a college film course in 1976 and have forced countless people to watch it with me since then. You must track down a film called “Wolf Girl” (I believe we watched it on amazon a couple of weeks ago). Thank me later. <3 In the meantime, thank you for the best Halloween treat ever!

  15. I’m (almost) speechless. Incredible work – your talent knows no bounds. What scares me the most is you working on it and one of the cats jumping into your lap to see what you’re up to….

  16. I love the spinning wheel – kudos I’m sure from not just me, but all the fiberistas in your fan club 🙂

  17. absolutely bloody brilliant. I am in awe! It make me want to make one. lol. Just what I need… a new obsession.

  18. I imagine that’s really the allusion to “Monkey’s Paw” in the second picture, but I immediately thought of a Hand of Glory (which were real things, by the way, and creepy af). If you’re not familiar with the Hand of Glory, you should look it up. Definitely Halloween-y!

  19. Love Love Love the fairy! So much to look at. I’m going to have to go home and look at it more closely when I have time. You have outdone yourself!

  20. This is a Creature Feature! I love it. Miss Peregrin’s kids on the wall, monkeys paw….and stuff, and more stuff. You need a little door , thread and buttons for Coraline. And a dancing cat for The Dance for Emilia (Peter S. Beagle). And, even better- it spins!

  21. It will never get done — even when you think it is done,you will be at a sale,or some little doohickey will break off a doodad and you will go, “Oh! That is exactly what I need for the ravens’ nest in bedroom closet…”

  22. I LOVE the hand reaching along the floor, from under the bed!!!! I love it all of course! But that hand…. I always feared the under-the-bed monsters. How did you get that hand to look so… evil! Errrrrrg, thanks for the Halloween chill!

    (It’s actually an arm from one of Hailey’s Monster High dolls. I just used putty to fill in the gaps. ~ Jenny)

  23. I loved seeing your project and I noticed a monkey’s paw!!! One of my faves in literature!

  24. The bed in your dollhouse looks alot like my bed. It has dragon feet and posts too. 🙂

  25. Thank you once again for sharing your life with us! The dollhouse is eerily beautiful and super fascinating!

    Happy Halloween to you, Victor, Hailey, and the four-legged furry children as well!

  26. You didn’t show us the outside (is there stuff on the porch? a cat or
    crow walking on the roof? I want to see more! Also, I think it needs
    a plant like in The Little Shop of Horrors.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t like horror stories, but I still
    love this house because of all the fantasy references and mostly because
    it is gorgeously made.

  27. A Rolly sighting! Thank you for that. I don’t believe you will ever be finished with this house. There will always be more things you spy that would be just perfect to add to it. A lifelong project, I’m thinking. I’m so glad you shared this.

  28. That is just awesome . . . can’t believe you have more to do on it. So much fun to look at all the “little things” and be amazed that you made it. Thanks for sharing.

  29. OMG! I just love it…I want one…I have always wanted a doll house and never had one…yours is spectacular….I especially loved the arm/hand reaching out from under the bed…it’s awesome Jenny!

  30. OMG I love it.

    First words out of my mouth with the first picture were “Goblin king, goblin king wherever you may be! Take this child of mine FAR away from me!”

    I used to say that all the time when my son was younger and being a total brat. David Bowie in sexy makeup, big 80s hair and tight pants never showed up though.

  31. I love almost everything about this house. But you have a spinning wheel with no fiber and no yarn. That’s the real horror. 🙁

  32. Rolly: I can’t get my claws into this cabinet, and so much of these little things needs to be carried in my mouth, chewed and/or picked up and dropped onto the floor.

    -Man, the A-grade suffered is in this last shot. Love the little -vanity?- also, there seem to be a lot of guns around, even for a Texan manse. Hope no-one’s a smoker around all that gunpowder.

  33. This must have a fandom and that means there are podcast hosts who will venerate you and the hordes will carry you on their shoulders beyond what we, the Blogessnocenti, can do. (AKA, this needs to be seen by the people who get how this is truly a labor of love.)

  34. Have you seen the 1973 tv movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark starring Kim Darby? I watched it as a kid (never watched many scary movies ’cause I’m a scaredy cat & probably would have been smart not to watch that one because, yes, I was scared of the dark.) To this day i will not dangle my feet or hands over the edge of the bed when I sleep so I’m not dragged up a chimney…which would really trigger my claustrophobia.

  35. What an intricate and fascinating house! You picked on hell of a hobby, there, Missy. How long gave you been working on it?
    I LOVE IT!

  36. I’m just so in awe of your ability to handle tiny little things like that! Some of that stuff is so tiny it’s unbelievable! The cross and gun in the briefcase, those must be like fingernail-sized or smaller! And how on earth did you print/find such tiny pictures for the wall? It’s amazing!

  37. I love everything about the house and it’s been fun trying to spot the difference from the last time you posted some pics of it. The only thing I can think of that’s missing… One of the mirrors should have Bloody Mary in it. 🙂

  38. Oooh – I see the Miss Pettigrew pictures! I got one! 😀

    And I should be able to find the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I’ll go back and look again. (Bast statues?)

    I didn’t get to tell you before, but in the last picture, I thought you said the “rooftop cemetery,” LOL.

    I really, really love all this. The amount of detail is fun (even if I’m bad at the underlying references). You make me want to get a reasonable hobby.

    And – is that Tinkerbell? and a bell & candle without the book (LOL)? and Cousin Itt’s hand? And the very least, that dog skeleton looks familiar…

  39. Is the witch’s hat Tiffany’s? The two-headed could be Pastor Oats’ from Carpe Jugulum, if you add feet to the trunk you’d have the Luggage,and the raven on the skull could be the Death of Rats transport! Yes, I read too much Pratchett.

    (Yes! And there’s no such thing as too much Pratchett. ~ Jenny)

  40. You have a real gift here. Wish I was so interesting, talented, and knowledgeable. Mahalo!

  41. Thank you for posting photos! This is magnificent! I’m inspired to try and make my own dollhouse with rooms decorated to match my favorite movies.

    The ball on the stairs!! I saw it and immediately gasped! I’m assuming it’s from The Changeling. One of the scariest movies I have ever seen! Love it!!

    (Yes! ~ Jenny)

  42. I love the spinning wheel. I am not sure what the reference is, but I love spinning wool at my wheel….so I think it is because I am a freaky spook and it is a reference to me.

  43. Alfred would be so happy that you gave him a cameo appearance in your silent movie of the final room!!!!

  44. This is absolutely amazing and not a crazy obsession.If I had that kind of talent I would display it in the front window in my living room 🙂

  45. Wow. Just. Wow. I caught a couple of the allegories… but completely in the dark and completely amazed at the same time. What a creepy, amazeballs, brainiac (damn you spell check) work of art! Wish I had half your talent and creativity!

  46. I am awe of this Dollhouse I really am. I love every bit of it, every room, every detail, everything. Omgosh every girl like me would love a dollhouse like this.

  47. I love how your cat is banned! S/he would have a blast with all of those cool little things!!

  48. I wanna drink Alice’s ‘Drink Me’ and live here… I’m a poser. And can sit still for hours. I’m perfect for haunted dollhouse living and display purposes.

  49. The Changeling is one of the BEST horror movies in my opinion! So cool!! I think this house should never be completed.

  50. I’m sure you already know about Alpha Stamps, who sell amazing miniatures, collage sheets, building kits of all kinds …
    I always wondered what a person would do with all that stuff, and thanks to your fab dollhouse, now I know! No affiliation… just a person who loves to browse their site. They have tons of giveaways, Sundays and Thursdays.
    Tina in San Diego

  51. Incredible work! Knowing what a Bradbury fan you are, maybe add something like a mummy in the attic as a nod to “From the Dust Returned.”

    (Yup. Already on my list. ~ Jenny)

  52. One of the most beautiful, detailed and creative things I’ve ever seen! I can see a lot of love and care there. I love your twisted creative mind!

  53. Oh man! Am I the only one who in scrolling down got to the photo of the whole thing with Rolly and thought I was still looking at things in the house and had the thought “look at that! she did a miniature model of the doll house complete with a really life-like model of one of her cats!” ? Anyone else? No? Just me? Okay.

  54. All kinds of awesome in that house! The outside looks eerily like an old abandoned house in the town I grew up in. Nothing inside as nearly as exciting as yours though. Mostly just dust and a scary clown.

  55. This is one of the most bad ass things I’ve ever seen. I LURV miniature doll houses and yours is the besets ever!

  56. Ok so I’m the biggest groupie ever! When I read your answer to me on yesterday’s comments, I jumped and yelled “yes!” My mother and my dog thought,as we say here in Texas, that I had done lost my mind! 😂

  57. I searched and searched for the “Hamlet” item(s)… was it the skull of Yorick?
    I’m fairly sure I saw a few Harry Potter items in there, but you didn’t mention it in the list. Am I wrong?

    (Yes! Most of the Harry Potter stuff was on the bottom floor though. ~ Jenny)


    (Good eye! ~ Jenny)

  59. I love this so much! I don’t know all the allusions, I can’t watch scary movies and don’t really follow pup culture, but I love it none the less! Excellent job!

  60. No fez or 3D glasses. :/

    (I do have a tiny fez but right now it’s hiding a bald spot on a taxidermied mouse. ~ Jenny)

  61. Really beautiful. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m always a bit blue the days afterwards and feel like a pumpkin left out to sadly rot. You’ve managed to keep the ‘spirit’ going all year round with your own Winchester Mystery House, but without creepy Mrs. Winchester and all those gun issues!

  62. These dollhouse posts have been so interesting! I /love/ miniatures–when I was younger I had a really beautiful dollhouse, with porcelain doll people and tiny metal cutlery and tiny paintings and toy soldiers and little cabinets whose drawers really opened. It was so beautiful! I’d like to have a similar dollhouse again some day. 🙂

  63. I also totally thought that the pic of the outside was a closeup of the replica of it in the dollhouse at first… and I was SUPER impressed that you found a tiny dollhouse cat that looked so realistic and so much like one of your actual cats………… and then I slowed down and actually read the captions….

  64. I’m sorry if you’ve already replied a zillion times to this question, but I just HAVE TO KNOW – where did you get everything to make this??

  65. Is that a Ouija board that I spy?! Oh gosh, this whole dollhouse just speaks to me! I have always been fascinated with stuff like this. My sister and I had a Ouija board as kids that we loved to play with, and our Mexican nanny use to completely freak out when she caught us playing with that “Devil board.” We had some pretty freaky experiences at times too. I wish I could spend an entire day just sitting in front of your dollhouse taking it all in. Do you have pandora’s box tucked away in there somewhere?

  66. This is so awesome! Have you considered making a full-size version as a bed & breakfast? I’d love to spend a night there!

  67. Is that Jareth’s mask from Labyrinth I see on the wall? That whole room is stunning!

  68. I see what looks like the mask that Jareth wore in the ballroom scene of Labyrinth and a Zero dog skeleton (Nightmare Before Xmas). Am i right?

  69. Next time you are in Portland, Oregon you should check out a store called Paxton Gate Portland “known for its magical mix of neo-Victorian delights, eclectic animal and plant ephemera, taxidermy, exotic plants—including the carnivorous variety—framed and mounted insects, jewelry, unique gardening tools, affordable art, vintage scientific instruments and more”. I completely thought of you when I saw all their taxidermy items!

  70. Please tell me I am right about seeing a lightsaber?! I love this so much and have had a great time looking obsessively at the pictures. Today’s hat makes me happy.

  71. Please tell me I am right about seeing a lightsaber?! I love this so much and have had a great time looking obsessively at the pictures. Tiffany’s hat makes me happy.

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