Tell me something good.

If you’ve been here long enough you can tell that I’ve been wavering in and out of a depressive period for awhile now.  I know it will pass.  I know it lies.  I know to hold on.  It stops up my head though and nothing clever can come out.

In an hour or a day or a week the light will come out and I’ll bang out a chapter and cry with relief but for the moment I’m in that place where writing would make it better if I was healthy enough to write but since I’m not I feel worse…like my head is constipated.

I promise to be funny again soon.  Until then, thank you for sticking with me.

Sharing this video because Victor sent it to me and it was so completely on point that I’m fairly certain someone is in my house watching me.

Also, three months ago I was literally wearing a cardboard box on my head in front of my neighbor.  Full circle.

Want to help?  YOU CAN’T.

Sorry.  That was the depression talking.  You actually can.  Tell me something good that’s going on in your life right now.  Even if it’s little.

I’ll start.  I saw The Last Jedi yesterday and managed to avoid all spoilers.  Still haunted with the question of why Chewbacca is always naked and what his junk looks like.  Also, how does he wipe?  Because when Dorothy Barker just gets a little bit too hairy in her downstairs department I’m constantly having to cut dried dingleberries off of her butthole.  Seems like Chewy would have serious problems with his dumper.  I may have thought about this too much.

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  1. I came home from France and it’s finally warm and moist in Canberra. Keep it up.

    Gary Lum recently posted MFF0097: What is the Vagus nerve and what does it do?.

  2. You are enough

  3. I’m getting a bunch of stuff cleaned out of my house!

  4. My daughter got her first official college acceptance letter this week and on Friday I head to KY with my entire family intact(son home from college) to spend a week with family for the holidays.

    theycallmetater recently posted My Year in Blogging.

  5. I have an entire tag on my tumblr dedicated to happy things.

  6. My daughter comes home for Christmas this week. So excited to see her.

    pokerpilgrim recently posted Magical Mystic Connecticut.

  7. I’m going to seriously try freelancing. Putting plans together. I’m terrified, but I’m doing it. Also, I love you.

  8. I’m proud of you for reaching out. Hugs.

  9. I have been wanting to get out of teaching and a random LinkedIn job suggestion led me to a reputable accreditation company who keeps giving me follow up interviews despite my teaching schedule and I feel hopeful. A by-chance opportunity that might get me outta here. – Amanda

    Angry Angel Books recently posted Off the Grid.

  10. Something good, today I wrapped presents with my 4 year old and when it went wrong and we ran out of paper we laughed and used the tape to stick cardboard deer antlers to our heads instead.

  11. I’m currently looking for a job so our Christmas is a bit scaled back this year. However, my son who is in his first job (YAY!) has stepped up (on his own, without prompting) and is buying something for his little sister that she dearly wants and we would not be able to get otherwise. I think I raised him right. 🙂

  12. My Big Kid moved to Austin & got a job working with the same Pastry Chef who gave her her first big break in Chicago. Yay for good peeps! Also, my Big Kid is in your town and would make you food in a heartbeat if you needed it.

  13. During an early morning walk with my husband this weekend, we saw three deer. A momma, her yearling, and this year’s baby, in the park behind my house.

    They were super chill, and just ignored us, even though were were only about 10 feet away from them.

  14. So it turns out that when you pose for photos with 5 foot beyonce look a likes in the flea market? People remember you and that bringing a black light to look for uranium glass doesn’t even register on people’s radars after the chicken fiasco and the sombrero fiasco which is a whole nother story.

    Good things in my life? I found a duplicate of my childhood vintage toy from 1984 online and got it for $8 thanks to my mom! In other news I’m feeling pretty good physically which is rare for me even if my anxiety is bad. But I really need to get another black light. I just want to carry one with me at all times

    Issy Kochava recently posted Happy 3rd Night.

  15. I don’t know how to reply to comments here, but I totally read #7 as freebasing, which is drugs, right? I thought hey, reasonable to be terrified. Still reasonable to be terrified, just with less chance of ending up in jail. 🙂

  16. First of all, hugs to you and anyone struggling. Something good? My husband just discovered something called AR stickers where he can take video of our house with his phone and impose Star Wars storm troopers, etc. in the living room. Pretty sure making a video of R2D2 on the front lawn is happening next.

    Wholly Midlife recently posted What Midlife Fitness Means To Me.

  17. Okay, I’m laughing out loud thinking about Chewie’s dingleberries. Therefore you are funny RIGHT NOW. So imagine how funny you will be when your head is no longer constipated! Hang in there! Love from Wisconsin!

  18. Last Wednesday I had a hysterectomy to have a large uterine mass removed – the thing was bigger than my actual uterus. Today the pathology report came back: it’s NOT cancer. I am so relieved & glad I can just focus on recovering from surgery!

  19. 19
    Siobhan Smith

    My therapist recommended I try ketamine for my major depressive disorder and oh my god, it actually is working!

  20. My family will have a Christmas this year because of you and your readers. Right now it doesn’t get any better than that for me and my family. Thank you for making a difference.

  21. I attended my son’s Christmas band concert where he is a 6th grade drummer and was blown away by his triangle skills.

    It was one note. But it was GOOD. A whole note.

    Am currently attempting to persuade him to specialize in this vs. expanding snare to full drum kit.

    Stay tuned.

    DayLeeFix recently posted I Won SNL Tickets!.

  22. With the help of the Internet and a toothpick, I managed to fix my Keurig, thereby saving a lot of money on a replacement and insuring an uninterrupted supply of coffee.

  23. I don’t have anything going on right now, but here are the finalists for comedy wildlife photos of the year. I can’t decide if the laughing doormouse or contrail goose is my favorite.

  24. I’m spending this Christmas cancer free and with hair. Last year I couldn’t say that.

  25. We managed to host a holiday party last Saturday in a manner that didn’t leave us exhausted and throwing out tons of food we’d never eat (the trick is to tell guests NOT to bring food, so only a few ignore that and do anyway).

  26. I am empowered by you! Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. My good thing is that I got my Christmas bonus Friday, so now I can pay off my credit cards and (hopefully) start a budget so I don’t have to pay my utilities on said credit cards anymore.

  27. I took my nieces today ‘elf school’ and one of them loved it so much she took all her souvenirs including the letter I’d sent her ‘from the elves’ into school to show her teacher, and my heart exploded into a thousand pieces. Oh and I got tickets to see Pearl Jam in London, there music saved me when I didn’t know I needed to be saved, and I love Eddie vedder l

  28. You definitely thought about that too much. LOL. I am also struggling right now. I got a helpful dear futureme letter. Also its Christmas, so everything is sparkly and pretty!

  29. Instead of Xmas presents for my son’s 2nd grade class, I asked the teacher what the classroom really needs and she said books! So I just got to spend about $80 on books and can’t get yelled at by my husband BECAUSE IT IS FOR SCHOOL lol suck on that Dan.

  30. My 9-yr old spent hours making scarves and carrying a bag of them around town so she could find “the perfect” places to leave them for people who might need them. She was excited to give them away, but is too shy to hand them to people so she put tags that said, “I’m not lost…” (link to instagram pic)

  31. I just moved house and our new place is lovely! Our accidentally tiny xmas tree 🎄 is very cute and I started a new job which is going well so far. Now I need a nap.

  32. I finally got my Christmas tree up and my cat hasn’t knocked it down yet.
    Also, Chewie wouldn’t have the same dingleberry problem as Dorothy Barker because he can reach his area and clean it. All she can do is run around with it until someone (you) help her out. I used to have a long-haired cat with the same problem. 🙂

    Kat recently posted Not Your Mama’s Christmas Round Up.

  33. 33
    Lydia Woodroff

    I watched my 8 year old’s school Christmas play, and the highlight was Mary unceremoniously shoving Jesus head first into the manger!

  34. We are thoroughly enjoying watching the slow melt of our snowmen in the front yard. The kids built them last Saturday and since they are positioned on the north side of the house they are still around. First their carrot noses fell off, then their heads shriveled away, now they are down to their bottom ball of snow. Soon they will be gone. Until the next snow.

  35. I am getting my son the therapy that I should have had when I was a teenager. My husband, my sons stepfather has never experienced depression, but bought your book last week to try to empathize with what he’s going through. A little spark of brightness when you’re in the pediatric emergency room trying to come to terms with mental illness.

  36. You don’t HAVE to be “funny”. Just be YOU. That’s what we love, that’s why we’re here.

  37. Only two more days of work before I get to spend Christmas with my family!

  38. I’m pitching a television series based on my blog to interested parties this week.
    It may not lead anywhere, and I’m nervous as hell, but it’s taken my mind off my friend who took his OWN life this summer.
    And that’s good thing.
    A real good thing.

    Hang in there, Jenny… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  39. Well, I assigned my child to take some pins up the bathroom. Later on, we discovered that he had ‘dropped’ the pins on the toothpaste tube, and apparently, they are magic, because they poked at least 47 holes in it. Which, by the way, looked really cool with the blue coming out. And also, duct tape won’t stick to a toothpaste tube, so now you know how NOT to repair a holey toothpaste tube.

    Anyways, point (hah!) is that it gave me a brilliant idea that’ll let me do some writing.

  40. I got through my portfolio review for graphic and web design this semester by rereading furiously happy and telling myself to pretend to be good at presenting. Waiting for my grades but I think I passed all my classes 🙂

  41. So I just wanted to tell you a brave thing I did today which is that I called two estate agents to make viewing appointments for houses even though I am totally scared of moving out and it makes me super panic. I did it. So. A good thing. I think?

  42. A random stranger gave my 5-year-old $20 and said “Merry Christmas.” Blew all of our minds and made me cry. There are still good things happening.

  43. My husband and I just signed papers for our first home on Friday (in one of the most difficult real estate markets in the country, no less), and will be moving in in January when the sellers move out. We’ve been saving up money and advancing in our careers for 15 years, and it’s finally paying off!

  44. My MIL kept asking my 13 year old (days away from 14!) what he wanted for Christmas. She hounded him about making a list to give her of things she could buy for him, something that he really wanted.

    He called her last week to tell her that he had thought of something, his list had only one thing: He wanted to spend the day with her, antiquing, just the two of them.

    She turned 80 last month, and has had some health issues over the last few years. Her last sibling died this year, so the boy is aware that while she is good at the moment, she may not stay that way forever (despite our best hopes). So, that’s what he asked her gift to be – time spent together.

    I cried. So did she.

  45. 45
    Kira Flowerchild

    Chewbacca dingleberries. Bet you could sell those on eBay. I know nobody can cheer you out of a depression – believe me, I know. But if it makes any difference, there are a lot of people, including me, who accept you as you are. Some days you make me snort whatever I’m drinking through my nose. Other days you want to wear a box on your head. And that’s okay. I’ll be here, we’ll all be here, no matter what. Because we care.

  46. My cat is sitting on my lap while I’m working, and playing with the pen as I’m using it. He’s fuzzy and warm. He’s making me laugh even though he’s messing up my productivity.

  47. My daughter told me she’s having a baby, due in June! That is the ray of sunshine I’m hanging on to right now. 🚼

  48. I literally just used the constipated head thing to try to explain exactly the same thing to my husband this weekend. He found brain constipation inordinately funny, which did not help me, but apparently made his day brighter.

  49. My beloved daughter, who has severe depression, is well enough to move into her own apartment with her partner, hold down a job she loves and manager her life without much assistance. This is, in no small part, because of you and others like you who make her state of being normal, acceptable and reasonable and something that can be managed, lived through and sometimes even enjoyed. Thank you – you are more than enough.

  50. Just recently, at age 64, I was diagnosed with ADHD. That my life MAKES SENSE finally makes me giggle with joy. I got the right person to listen to me. I like listening to you. Also, a fucking squirrel just ate the last of the suet I put out for the birds.

  51. In that galaxy far, far away they have bidets. With bum dryers. That’s all I’ve got there.

    I broke my leg two weeks ago, and last night my 6 year old said “if you didn’t go to [martial arts] class, you wouldn’t have broken your leg!” I didn’t kill him or anything, just allowed that he is right. I’m sort of out of the holiday competitive Olympics which is refreshing.

  52. I actually got my shit together long enough to bang out some Christmas cards last night. Yay me.

  53. We have two kittens at our house this year and they consider the Christmas Tree to be their personal playground. It would be annoying if they were SO CUTE while they are running laps around the tree and using the tree skirt to SLIDE on the wood floor. So we just moved all the ornaments UP and let them have the lower third
    . Because: Kittens Rule.

  54. Thousands of kids will have presents this year (and the previous 7) because of a movement that you started…
    That makes me pretty happy!

    Here for the good times and the bad, dear laydee. x

  55. My sister and I have called each other “cat head “ for so many years that I don’t even remember how it began, but she gave me a cat head pen yesterday and I love it!

  56. I figured out a way to feed my lizard, Eugene, withoit giving him the opportunity to use my hand as an amuse bouche. He’s a sweetie, but a very aggressive eater.

  57. after working over 20 yrs at a job I hated for most of that time, I am retiring in 5 days. I am walking out of this place, opening a small pet sitting business and going to spend my time doing things I love.

  58. My son almost got a job but he is such a good experience with is first interview he is not so nervous now. He is so nervous and shy. I am so grateful to this lady that she treated him so well. Hopefully he will be able to find work soon. Lol

  59. I once dyed my eye-brows and looked like Spock.
    I’m with you sis–ta, the tunnel is long, the sun is short, but I’ll be damned if don’t celebrate all the small things that make me smile. Hugs from Canada.xo

  60. I’ve laughed several times at things you’ve posted in recent weeks, so that tells me you’re funny even when you think you’re not. Here’s something good: my dog Jesse turns one year old tomorrow, which means its only 14 more years until I’ll be getting him all dolled up to celebrate his Quinceanera.

    desertcurmudgeon recently posted Revolutionary Empathy.

  61. I finally got my gall bladder out and can now eat whatever I want, just in time for Christmas!!!!
    Australia finally legalised gay marriage!! 2 very good things from my perspective

  62. I got the job. I thought I was going to die from anxiety the day n minutes before. But I pulled it off and got the job. Just had to tell myself I could do it and if my heart stopped I’d poop my pants in public. You wished me luck on Facebook and it helped.

  63. I am working from home today, so no train commute for me today.
    Husband has a (temp) job that he loves. This is the first job I can remember him loving in as long as I have known him.
    I had a brain cancer scare a few months back. Turned out to just be scar tissue from a childhood accident. That, I can handle.
    I work with and for people who are creative, brilliant, musical, funny, and human. I value that.
    My meds are working and I feel human for the longest stretch I can remember. I do not take this lightly.

    2017 is almost over and 2016 is almost a full year behind us. We can do this. And we’ll be here for you when you get back.

  64. Tonight is my Final Final of my master’s program…After this I start a career change as I near my 39th birthday…

  65. I graduated with my Masters degree after 21 long months. I am syarting a book club with my friends to keep me busy now. You’re on my list of books to pitch.

  66. I was invited to apply for a job that would be a huge promotion. This after struggling with my professional identity and a bad case of imposter syndrome.

  67. So now I have the Rufus & Chaka Khan song, “Tell Me Something Good” running through my brain. Might have to belt out a few lines to wake up my co-workers. That’s good, right?

  68. I’ve never posted before, I think. Can’t remember, really.

    But I’m taking my husband to Las Vegas for his first time, right after Christmas. We’ve made it together 17 years, each with our own particular brand of craziness. It’s good. 🙂

  69. My wife started her new job today after working 10 years for the same company. She’s terrified and excited and I may have need to remind her about pants this morning, but she’s the best and is going to kick ass. Plus our dog (Hadley) and cat (Pumpkin) got matching sweaters for an amazing family photo…my wife & I may or may not have the same matching sweaters as well…

  70. Maybe wookies only have to poop every five years or something. It’s like Wookie Life Day, only it’s Wookie Poop Day. Everyone wears robes and Bea Arthur sings and Harrison Ford looks confused. Magic!

  71. My friends got engaged. I’ve been going to too many funerals and not enough weddings, but my friends who I’ve been rooting for for years got engaged. They’ve both got things they struggle with, but they’ve always made each other better, so I’m glad a future wedding is official (not just a foregone conclusion)


    badparentingwebs recently posted, and it was pretty hot. A bunch of people lost their shit and just started sending him money and sandwiches!

  73. 73

    I left a string of LED lights on the sofa because I haven’t gotten around to stringing them up in the living room yet, but they look so bright and awesome sitting there … colour draped over the sofa’s arm all casual-like. Total personification. Like a new kind of intelligence they discover in Star Trek. Bright and shiny and cheerful and all things happy.

  74. My long-time-saved-for trip to Hawaii is paid for and arranged! March should be lit! (small downside: swimsuit?…ack…)

  75. 75
    Maria Parramore

    I’m spending my first Christmas with my baby girl. We tried for three and a half years for her. After a miscarriage, and failed fertility treatments, we stopped trying. I gave birth to her in March. I spent my 40th birthday with a newborn. Life can be pretty surprising.

  76. a group of moms from my area collected and donated 1500 gifts for a Christmas shop at a very underprivileged elementary school in a different school district (97% FRL, 80 homeless families, high refugee population). the kids earned attendance dollars and every kid got to pick out 3 gifts for their family. some kids said that it was the first time they’d ever gotten to ‘buy’ a gift for their parents. there was enough gifts leftover, paired with extra donations, to adopt all of the homeless families for the holiday season. they also provided a staff lunch celebration for the school staff with small thank you gifts for the teachers.
    a wonderful lady named Kimber worked tirelessly to make it all happen, and it was amazing. she also organizes monthly outings to serve the homeless population in downtown Denver. truly an inspiration!

  77. I had an honest-to-goodness tea party yesterday at my home with a dear friend. There were scones and cupcakes and sandwiches with the crusts cut off. We sipped our drinks from china cups and got cramps in our pinkies from holding them up so high. It was delightful. Even better than the tea parties I’d had with Barbie and He-man and Optimus Prime when I was 5.

    mindyqs recently posted The Magic Word that Every Parent Needs to Embrace.

  78. My husband had a job interview last week! And has two more potentially lined up!

  79. I finally admitted to my younger sister that I tortured her, pretending I was asleep and then flinging my arm or leg over her (trying to sleep) body when we were, like, 7 or 8 years old. I laughed like a hyena after I told her; she didn’t find it that amusing.

  80. For Christmas, the surprise gift my in-laws had for me is a spa day with my mother-in-law. At the naked Korean spa. This is actually not good at all, but I hope it makes you laugh. My husband finds it hilarious. I just keep wondering where I am going to hide my flask.

  81. I don’t know if this is good, per se, but it is funny, so I hope it makes you smile. I keep Kleenex right by my bed; I have to blow my nose first thing in the morning because if my dog gets to me first, he will try to lick the boogers from my nose. He’s disgusting, but I love him. I also have to make sure I put the boogie tissues in the toilet because he will dig them out of the trash and eat them for the boogers. I mentioned he’s disgusting, right?

  82. You make me laugh, giggle and guffaw with your knack for detailed humorous observations. I am now picturing Chewy struggling with a roll of Charmin. Thanks!

  83. I think I’ve got my courage up enough to publish my 2nd poetry collection on time (around New Year’s). I’m terrified-excited.

    melstery recently posted Why You Should Question Your Religion.

  84. Currently sitting with my feet up & my fuzzy asshole of a cat lightly snoring between them. Also, looking up “shittyflute” on YouTube always warms the cockles of my heart. I know you know you are not alone already. ❤️

  85. The Squatty Potty changed a small but significant aspect of my life.

  86. Re. Chewbacca’s issues – flushable wet wipes?
    Happiness… I commented much the same the last time I saw you were in this position… I am now (after 3.5 years trying and in my late 30s) nearly 36 weeks pregnant (no intervention).
    I totally believe that it was reading Furiously Happy that created a catalyst in my head and heart which made this possible. The things you put out into the world have a huge and wide-reaching effect to all four corners. Thank you x

  87. Just over two weeks ago my niece celebrated her first birthday. When my sister was pregnant with her she was repeatedly told she would miscarry and lose the baby. When my niece was born at only 26 weeks the doctors kept saying she’d have brain damage and lifelong health issues. But my niece has shown them all. She’s perfection. Normal. Smart. Growing like a weed and so very happy. She’s a blessing and I’m so thankful we get to have her in our family.

  88. So in the past two weeks my mom wrecked her car and my daughter had a weird health scare. How is this good news? Mom needed to stop driving but getting those keys from her was going to take a pry bar and a tranquilizer gun. Now that problem is solved and no one was hurt and that crazy woman made money on the deal via her insurance! And my daughter is fine. Totally fine.
    And I only lost my temper once at work and it was at the conspiracy theorist/liar who needed a wake up call so I used my Irish temper for good and not evil.
    And you are loved and appreciated. Your books are what I gift to my struggling students who are wrestling with mental illness. You make them laugh and cry and feel less alone. So I hope you, too, feel a bit less alone today.

  89. Did you miss this in Star Wars? Because I did! “The Young Ones” live again!!

  90. My sister and I just saw Lady Gaga in concert. It was so awesome. Her whole personality just makes me feel a little better about the world. Stay brave and know it will get better and you are loved.

  91. Three weeks from today, I won’t be pregnant anymore! I mean, I’ve got a baby girl on the way! (But seriously, I am 40 and tired and so ready to not be pregnant anymore.) And it was sunny and 50 today so my toddler and I could go to the playground without the usual protracted mitten battle.

    Lori recently posted Again.

  92. Last week, after 2 degrees and 12 years, I paid off my student loooooaaaaannnnnssss!!!!

  93. My husband is so supportive we actually get into arguments about it. I’ll say I’m shit at something, and he’ll say I’m not. Then I’ll insist that he’s biased and he’ll say he’s not, he’s just being honest and it goes back and forth until I finally concede that I might be okay at whatever the thing is. He never gives up. Unwavering support. How did I get this lucky?
    Oh, also, my cat gives me shit whenever I come home because I left her forever!!!!! but then gives me kisses as if to say, “Sorry I yelled at you, hooman, but I just miss you when you’re not here. I cannot operate the food things without you.”

  94. The washing machine died. But, my one and only kid, who is my tenant, will help pay for a new one. It’s all about the laundry. I hope you feel much better soon.

  95. After being unemployed since 2008 or so, and thinking I’ll likely never be able to be employed, my friends eventually convinced me to turn my photography hobby (that I started in 2015) into a professional gig. Much to my surprise, because I had been comparing myself to incredibly experienced masters of photography and didn’t think I was good enough to charge, people have been booking me before I’ve even had a chance to advertise.

    I’m on disability so I don’t have to worry about making enough to make ends meet (and disability allows me to make quite a bit without penalizing me for it because they understand employment is fulfilling and enriching and want to encourage us to do it) and I can take on jobs as my mental health allows me to.

    Mind you the trick is to not take on too many jobs, and I’m floundering a bit as I learn that, but what a wonderful problem to have? Knowing that you’ve got more work offered than you can reasonably take on at the time. I’m currently working on catching up with all my current paid work and then my backlog of unpaid projects, then I can focus on creating my portfolio and website and can start advertising.

    This is making a lot of goals that looked out of reach before seem far more possible and it’s very exciting for me. Not least of which because my work is being appreciated and validated.

  96. I talked my girlfriend into reading Furiously Happy. I think it will help her. Even if it is to show her there are some people crazier than her…

  97. 97
    Diane Tiedemann

    I am still in my pajamas at 11:20 am but have gotten through a large list of stuff to do today. I do have a migraine but not a curl up & die one, so win!

  98. I was offered a job today after three months of unemployment and no income. It doesn’t pay enough to cover the bills and there are no benefits but it’s much needed income. I guess that means things are looking up.

  99. i got published for the first time today! it was a literal dream come true. thank you for always providing me comfort.

  100. I am bouncing off the walls because I am so excited to host Christmas Eve this year for my husband’s family… something must be wrong with me… but I will go with it. HAHAHA

    Also, after finding out that my daughter failed English… because she did all of her work, but turned everything in late or not at all, we sent her off to her grandparents for the week. Needed a break from teenage angst for a week. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  101. Flying home this week to spend the holidays with my boyfriend and dog. We live in different states now and I miss them both like crazy.

  102. My boyfriend asked my Dad for permission to propose to me.

  103. You are incredible every day. Thanks for sharing the ups and the downs! Your courage and humor have gotten me through some crazy shit 😉

  104. Loved the video and can totally relate! Something to make you smile, I was inspired to start a doll house with my daughter after seeing your magnificent one and scored over 30 pieces from a person on Freecycle. Some of my favorites? A mini cast iron oven, double porcelain sink and a wooden musical piano. Jenny you are an inspiration and your words build bridges for people everyday to get over things big and small. You are wonderful!

  105. 105
    Yamima Osher

    An all-white kitten has “adopted” me at work, and my patients love him. I named him Ghost (sorry, John Snow) and he’s just a huge cuddlebug. Just don’t tell the hospital administrators!!

  106. PS… on my previous elation about hosting Christmas Eve for my husband’s family… maybe the medication is working too good????

    Hope you feel better soon!

  107. My boyfriend asked my Dad for permission to propose to me.

  108. Found out today that my high functioning autistic son will graduate high school with two honors diplomas. It’s a lot of work dealing with your own Sheldon.

  109. I finally figured out that the reason aliens perform anal probes on humans they capture on Earth is because it’s socially unacceptable to do butt stuff back home. Oh, and I like gravy.

  110. I’m up to number 8 on the hold list at the library for “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”… I was number 17 or something when I first joined the list so that’s something good for me! And I’m new around here so I just scroll on back to read some of your older posts (luckily for me, the people I work with are used to me laughing hysterically at this point).

  111. I’ve been working for 10 years at a place where people hated me for the first few years. (Not my fault, I swear.) I had to get cancer for them to feel sorry enough for me to get to know me a little. This year I got an award for being not so bad after all. Hooray! Time to retire.

  112. Hm. My good thing is that I haven’t had a migraine since the night before Thanksgiving, AND I have a promising med to try if I get one.
    Also, I had a very fluffy cat. I know the harvesting of the dingleberries well.

  113. My dog didn’t poo on the rug……yet today. 🙂

  114. 114

    Anyone who can use the term “dingleberries” in a post can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that it is not an approaching train. You are loved hugely Jenny and that is my something good.

  115. My 1-year old twins are just beginning to walk. And they apparently like Star Wars since they refused to stop staring at the screen over this week’s marathon. I’m so proud! (of the SW obviously, who cares if they walk lol)

  116. My son got a job! He’s been unemployed for months but just got word he’s been hired for a job he interviewed for last week. Merry Christmas to him. And us.

  117. Stephens and Walker winery just had their 4 foot metal chickens go missing from the front of their tasting room. Check your backyard- you may have visiting
    Holiday Chickens!

  118. My cat is currently laying on my chest and purring loudly. I am petting her with my face so that my hands are free for internetting. This is bliss.

  119. The feral cat that I have been feeding for the last couple of months decided it would let me touch it and scratch its head. Now it follows me to the barn and back and tries to trip me the whole way. It waits for me at the front door and meows when I come out.

  120. I’m making waffles.

    Also, sugar. Tastes good, that is. Not good for you. Maybe I shouldn’t put sugar. But WTH it makes me do a happy dance.

  121. Here is my good (I suppose) news. My husband is 72. He is going through a phase. He does not want to be an old man. But he did not buy a sportscar. No. He bought a horse.

    Nancy recently posted Oh, Now I Understand.

  122. Impostor syndrome didn’t destroy the first semester at my dream job as the Open Education librarian.

  123. I got a new puppy a week ago. I’m overwhelmed: he’s adorable and a ton of work and I miss both my old dogs who died in the last year. I know he’ll he good for me, and I’ll love him, but right now we’re all taking this a day at a time. I’m not giving up, because anxiety isn’t going to win. Also, the cat isn’t impressed: yesterday he humped the puppy’s head. What the hell.

  124. Found out my Cancer had not metastasized afterall.

  125. After 20 years of having no idea what to do with my life career-wise, a totally random event set off an a-ha moment in me and I’m suddenly inspired by a new career path! I’m so excited!

  126. I pooped today!

  127. 127
    Caroline Cave

    Jenny, honey, you’ve done so much for us out here. We’ll be here for and with you for as long as you’ll have us.

    Something(s) Good: I have a shiny new (five months) job, doing what I’ve always wanted to do for an amazing organization, and a life partner I just can’t stop kissing — even after seven years. I have an adorable mother who is as giddy as a schoolgirl because she’s under contract on a new house. I have two of the most amazing and inspiring sisters who make me laugh like no one else. All this, and depression/anxiety too! But I have a new medication that seems to be making a difference, which is such a relief.

  128. My two dogs are finally making efforts to be friends rather than worst enemies.

  129. Two months ago, I had a terrible drop after a year (A YEAR!) in remission from depression. So much so that I ended up cutting myself, for reasons that made sense at the time.

    But I’m back to being me again, after a long haul upwards. And it’s great. My husband and I have just celebrated 19 years of being together (met 1998, domestic partnership 2009, equal marriage 2015) and he remains my rock. Everything is really good, and depression can go fuck itself. x

    Jamie Bowden-Smith recently posted The Discovery vs The Orville.

  130. 130
    I use to be the pretty one

    My 3 year old granddaughter recently said, “Gme, who cut your haya (hair)” …with a very judgemental look on her face. But loved it at the same time. Otherwise, here’s a virtual hug if nothing else. Love you. xo

  131. Even though this is high desert where I live, it’s still almost warm enough if I run at 3 or 3:30 so I get to go out into the desert daily and get a dose of sun and silence (or sun and music, depending). Pretty good for mid-December. It’s possible that I’ve just acclimated, too, and that’s fine – we’ll find out Friday when it’s supposed to be a high of 19. Being outside with the cottontails and jackrabbits makes me happier.

  132. 132
    miss martinie

    I got distracted for several minutes thinking about giant, industrial power bidet functions built into R2D2.

  133. FYI, my dog Alyce informed me it is not called a butthole on a dog. They refer to it as their “cloverfield”. Not my idea, just passing on much needed information.

  134. Good point about Chewbacca’s grooming – we used to have a bichon that we never groomed, so got all too familiar with the problem… Fun fact: with sheep, your dingleberries are called “dags” – hence the NZ saying “rattle your dags” (i.e. get a move on).
    PS: when we had a Star Wars monopoly set a few years back, the kids all knew that I always had to be Chewbacca. Something about the way he just howled and moaned. And was armed and dangerous.

  135. 135
    Jennifer Nothdurft

    Your Chewbacca question makes me think of one of the dumbest jokes ever….A bear sees a rabbit and asks him, “Does poop stick to your fur?” The rabbit replies, “No, why?” The bear says, “Just curious” and the grabs the rabbit and uses him to wipe his ass….maybe Chewie has a stash of wiping bunnies.

  136. I spent the weekend walking around NYC, my home of 10 years, taking in the holiday spirit. This city knows how to dress fancy! Tomorrow I am going to my other home, where my parents and in laws live, it won’t be as fancy, but it will be filled with love! I am lucky to have two great families.

  137. 137
    I-10 corridor

    I thought a coyote had eaten two of my feral carport cats but they both finally showed up. So they are either resurrected coyote eaten zombies or they just hid from the coyotes. I live in the middle of a town, there shouldn’t be any coyotes but one was seen in my front yard by a neighbor. I am happy my cats weren’t eaten because they are beautiful and my neighbors and I went to lots of trouble to trap them and get them neutered. They follow me in a parade when I walk the dog. They are more afraid of me than they are of the dog.

  138. It’s “warm” here today (30 … I live in Michigan …) and also I just found out I’m getting 2 weeks pay as a holiday bonus. 🙂

    Liz recently posted How can save you money on your next vacation.

  139. I am a double major in college at age 47. In English, creative writing and in studio art, focusing on glass. My teacher wants me to do a student exhibition combining the 2. I’m freaking out.

  140. #1: You are a good person, a really good person, even when you think you’re not. Because despite anything, you make people all over the world laugh and think. In other languages.

    #2: One of our mature red oak trees had a huge, long cavity in it, and the tree and could have crashed down on our house. And the cavity is the den of some local raccoons. (As opposed to visiting raccoons.) But our arborist had his tree climbers just remove the canopy (top!), leave most of the rest of the tree (called a spar aka snag), and put flashing on the top so the cavity aka raccoon home would stay dry.

    Without the weight of the top of the tree, it’s not going to come crashing down since the base is solid. And there are trees around it to hold it up. And birds will still enjoy it.

    A friend of his runs a golf course with tons of ash trees that died. So the ones not near where gold carts roam were turned into snags and then the snags turned into mega bird houses with holes put in them.

    Go snags/spars! Let’s hear it for nature and those who consider it! Rah.

  141. I’m in that same place right now, so thinking of something happy is kind of hard. But, umm, Christmas soon. And even if you don’t like Christmas, it means a Doctor Who Christmas special. So. That’s something to look forward to.

  142. 142
    Meghan Busby

    I’m having a tough time right now, too. Not sure why this time of year is such a bitch. It’s nice to know it’s not just me. Fight on!

  143. My 13 year old sister and I had a very long conversation about different periods of history. We are 14 years apart in age, and Im very glad to have something in common with her. Thank you for sharing your struggle; You are amazing

  144. My son totally conned me into learning to play a game on my phone (introduced me to my phone drug of choice).
    Last week I was beaten by some kid in the Midwest who named himself “Lord Big Weiner.”
    Appalled yes
    Kinda in awe yes

    The universe provides

  145. I’m snuggling with my newborn. My third little dude, and the first delivery I haven’t had postpardum anxiety terribly. Learning what it is to love the newborn stage 🙂

  146. My 10 year old daughter (who suffers from severe anxiety) just achieved level 3 Bodan belt in Martial Arts. Just two steps below Black Belt. It’s taken her three years, and I couldn’t be more proud of her!!

  147. Hello,Dorothy Barker! I love that little Papillon wave! My Riley used to do that all the time. The good thing in my life right now is sad, too. My mom died this fall so it’s kind of a sucky holiday season for me but I’m spending Xmas with her family, which is the good thing. I haven’t seen some of my cousins for years. I need this.

  148. My 9 month old daughter started crawling this weekend! Been going backwards for weeks, then last night, BAM! Outta nowhere, started going forward like she’s been doing it all along. Not a huge deal, I know…. but after waiting 9 years for her…. pretty much everything she does makes me happy <3

  149. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, just like depression has followed ME for a long time. Here’s something I try to do If I can verbalize my way out of the fog. I say out loud to anyone who can hear (which are my cats and my husband b/c I am usually too paralyzed to go anywhere) ……
    “I REFUSE TO YIELD ANY PART OF MY HEAD OR MY HEART TO THE DECEPTIVE DEMON. SO, BACK OFF YOU MOTHER FUCKER BECAUSE I AM TEN THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN YOU CAN EVER HOPE TO BE.” So, that’s it. I do it really loud. Yeah, and I sleep a lot. And I comb through your blogs for your humor, and your understanding. BTW, I am an extrovert and a Christian. And I believe there’s a higher being that wants to pull me through all the darkness. That’s why I yell it really loud. Sometimes you just need to get His attention.

  150. I signed a three book deal last week – something I never thought would happen. And I turn thirty on Friday (which I am actually excited about). Also, my cats survived being alone for a few days and didn’t murder each other (they are a feisty bunch). So that is a plus.

    Although my vagina has randomly gone rogue, all is well.

  151. Just as I thought I couldn’t take “one more thing,” we visited my brother for the weekend and it was like a heart-centered reset. Now I can go on again. The little things make all the difference sometimes.

  152. 152
    Josepha Kalsbeek

    There are two lions who just left the Netherlands to go live at Emoya in South Africa. Brothers Bruno and Omar were saved from eastern european druglord type people -and were in extremely bad shape; emaciated, wounded- and Stichting Leeuw here in Holland fixed them up. They were fed, taught how to hunt and be proud lions, they got strong, manes grew back in… And this past week they were flown to Emoya in South Africa, where they’ll have a huge enclosure to be proper, happy lions in. There are good people in the world who try to make it a better place. Like the volunteers who make it all happen. As for me personally, I have a diabetes check-up this week, and I am blatantly unconcerned about it because the low-carbing is working out pretty well for me. My thyroid’s still a mess, but it’s being tackled, so there’s hope there. Christmas is coming, and although there’s some stress over that -understatement- I know I’ll spend it with good people whom I love, and who, inspite of my introverted borderline personality disorder/depression and many other ills, still love me for some reason! I’ll be exhausted long into february, but it’ll be worth it. And Jenny, thanks for everything. I’m re-reading Furiously Happy in little bits because it gets too emotional for me sometimes, but really, it’s not about you being funny, not about you having to be funny…. You make me feel like I’m not alone. People terrify me. I hide in my home, all day, every day. And when someone I look up to does the same, well… Maybe being nuts isn’t all that bad. Because you’re still one of the coolest people out there. Thank you for making it easier to speak out about mental illness, for letting me be able to just explain to someone why I can’t do something for them while I really want to, would give anything to, but am not able to leave the house to photograph 12 strangers or something… For letting me know it’s okay to be open about what’s going on in a mind. You rock. (And don’t even start on imposter syndrome. This is my perception of you, deal with it. ;))

  153. 153
    Kathryn Campbell

    We have a new puppy named Jasper. He is a Newfoundland/Standard Poodle cross. He is three months old today, and weighs 24 pounds. When grown, he will be about as big as a Clydesdale. He hasn’t figured out running, but is fantastic at galumphing.

  154. I made a pot of meatballs that are really amazing. My husband is half Italian and sometimes food helps in times of need when sex is scarce. He’s very happy, building up to his birthday Christmas eve when he gets a cheesecake.

  155. Hubby got a ten percent raise starting Jan 1. This in a company who gives 3% if that. I’m not working right now (been looking) and grateful for this.

  156. tomorrow I’ll officially be done my fourth exam and the first semester of second year AKA the most stressful 4 months of my life!!!

  157. My sister is coming home for Christmas for the first time in 21 years!!! So excited!! And my little online shop might get expanded in the New Year!!!!! SO excited.

  158. My daughter’s little tuxedo cat is being adorable, stretched out in a patch of sunshine on the carpet.

  159. omgomgomg! My ONE WHOLE POUND of Live Red Wiggler Worms just came in the mail to add to my Trench Composting project. Don’t you wish you were me?

  160. We got kittens this week, and they are sending tiny, furry hugs your way!

  161. My older brother and my boyfriend are teaching me how to play the bass guitar. I’m struggling with finger strength, but I’m getting it!

  162. My 3 year old daughter wanted an orange bedroom…. so we now have an orange bedroom, because orange is “happy”. She got a complete room makeover with big girl bed and all. She’s happy, I’m happy….. it’s a great week.

  163. I’ve come to the conclusion that people long ago in a galaxy far, far away didn’t go to the bathroom. Consider how much of the Millennium Falcon we’ve seen. Did you see a toilet? Because I didn’t. The closest allusion to it has been the trash compactor, but I’d rather not contemplate the ramifications of that.

    Anyway, I’m sorry that depression is being a lying turd. Mine has also been adversely affecting my writing for [undisclosed period of time] now, where you don’t even necessarily trust yourself to come up with something worth reading. But even when you think you’re not funny, your writing is still clever and interesting.

    ANYway, you asked for something good, and I’ve not yet delivered on that, so… looks around frantically um… I have a new Star Wars T-shirt that I got for five bucks! And it’s of the original Star Wars movie, from back when they didn’t know there’d be 8+ other movies.

  164. I thought I had a weird skin thing but the doctor scraped off the dried pancake batter and then told me to go home and enjoy my day.

  165. My adult daughter invited me for the first time to go to a function with her! And when I asked her if I should go bald or wear a funky wig (I shaved my head cause the teal faux hawk I had with the multi-shapes cut into the bottom and dyed multi-colors had gotten boring to me after two weeks and I just needed a clean “pallet” to start over….at 63!) and she said to do whatever pleased me and she would not be embarrassed. How cool is that? I guess having a mom that has always danced to the beat of her own drum (down the middle of grocery aisles when a good song comes on over the sound system) has finally stopped embarrassing her. So tonight I shall rock her church’s women’s Christmas party with a bald head with some glitter added just for festivity!

  166. I’m finally leaving the garbage fire state I live in currently in ONE MONTH. I have suffered through this hellhole for eighteen months and it’s finally, finally ending. I could cry with relief.

  167. My one and a half year old actually napped without yelling at me for an hour first. The past 2 weeks he’s been a right rat regarding naps so this is a major win for me

  168. I found a $5 bill in a pair of slacks I haven’t worn since last year!

  169. 169
    Anne, Cranky Cat Lady

    Younger Daughter and I wrestled her old mattress out of and her new mattress into her bedroom by ourselves. No male help. We are strong like Amazons.

  170. My best friend was declared cancer free today.

  171. I went to the San Diego Zoo last night and got to be personally cussed out by an aye aye, a creature that was literally made to flip the bird.

  172. Our daughter is coming home in only 2 days!!!!

  173. I gave to the James Garfield Miracle this year for the first time. I’m going to make it an annual tradition. No one knows I did it, but it made me feel good. And you were part of that. So, Thank You.

  174. I saw The Disaster Artist yesterday and it was awesome. You think it’s going to be about how the world laughs at this weirdo but it’s actually about this lovely friendship.

  175. Finished my dollhouse in time to enter the contest! Very excited.

    Sheila Lester recently posted Submission Pictures.

  176. I got to spend an afternoon dogsitting five fluffy dogs recently. Playing on the floor with them, sitting on the sofa surrounded by my doggie army, getting covered in hair and drool, lots of fun!

    Also, we are living in a wonderfully nerdy time. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Orville. It’s a great time to be a sci-fi geek.

  177. I took my medication today. Thanks for being you. Your honesty helps me know I’m not alone.

  178. I have cardinals at my bird feeder! Not the Catholic kind. Though they would also be welcome to my sunflower seeds and cracked corn.

  179. I’ve decided to try minimalism and I bagged up 4 large garbage bags of clothes as my first step. My anxiety is out of control and all the crap in my house is making it worse. 🦄🌈

  180. We’re almost done with our seasonal jobs for Amazon, and even though we’ll be spending December 24 & 25 on the road getting from TN to TX, I double do not care because we get both of our sons at the same time in January, and that hasn’t happened for two years.

    Also, we’ll be helping my brother’s family with some Hurricane Harvey repair work, and that’s gonna feel hella good, and hella right. Yay! recently posted Work camping for Amazon, Part II: Whooooaaaah, we’re halfway there!.

  181. I won a ribbon for Most Creative Christmas tree for our work’s Christmas tree contest. I glued tiny pictures of some of the microscopic organisms that we image on our microscopes onto Christmas ornaments.

  182. What a dork. I TOTALLY forgot to add that my mom is cancer-free this Christmas!!!!! (Unlike last Christmas) AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. My 96 year old grandmother was kicked OFF of hospice care, for being too dang healthy! 😀 And the hospice nurse even arranged for her to keep the hospital bed. For free. How awesome is that?

  184. I had my first book signing on Saturday, and I actually sold three books–two to complete strangers!

    mydangblog recently posted My Week 169: Appointment to the Toy Bench, Napanee, Meeting Giggles.

  185. 185
    Beth McPherson

    Hugs& love.

  186. My cat held my hand and slept with me head to head on my pillow this morning.

  187. The more I write for my first memoir, the more I understand that what happened to me — and writing about it — won’t kill me after all. A nice, unexpected revelation.

    attackerofwindmills recently posted The Happy(?) Hypocrite.

  188. My son has been disabled for three years. We took him to Hawaii for two weeks to relax and get some sun. Very nice time together.

  189. My boyfriend was talking to one of our neighbors and trying to find something to talk about when the neighbor mentioned that he was reading a book called “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Something. My boyfriend triumphantly said “Jenny Lawson! I know who that is!”, and a conversation was born:)

  190. I got out of bed and did my hair today. That was big for me. My depression is at an all time high (low?) and so getting up was huge.

  191. The Santa gifts we bought for a friend who was unable to afford Christmas this year will be arriving tomorrow! The kids are gonna be so jazzed when they open them!

  192. 192

    My mom, who was diagnosed with stage IV endometrial cancer in Sept of 2017 and who has been through chemo and radiation, including internal radiation, had something show up on her CT scan right before Thanksgiving, which meant she had to have a PET scan. Her oncologist called her in last Thursday for the results–we braced ourselves for the bad news. What turned up on the CT scan was changes from the radiation. No signs of cancer. We live in 3 month intervals as that’s when her next scan is, but Christmas is back on at our house!

  193. I just mailed my friend a Christmas parcel, and in it, I included your book, ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ because it is the funniest book I have ever read, and I want her to laugh her way through her pain. That is the gift that you are to me and so many others. Remember that, today and every day.

  194. My daughter is getting married this weekend. She’s so excited but The Viking and I are a little wild-eyed at her choice of a groom. I’ve chosen to ignore that part so I can be excited for her. The Viking, on the other hand, has been snorting and shouting and cursing about the whole thing because he doesn’t know how to ignore one part of something so he can enjoy the other part of something. Vikings are like that. It’s either all or nothing with them. That’s why they get so shout-y and curse-y – it’s embedded in their DNA. Thankfully, Vikings today have learned to control their Pillaging and Raping instincts and are quite docile in domestic situations. Unless he doesn’t like the groom of his beloved step-daughter. I’ve hidden his Battle Axe and his Shield (yes, he has both) though. Just in case.

    This probably isn’t helpful at all but it’s all I’ve got on short notice. :o)

    Mrs. Completely recently posted Tina Turner, Hondas and Shoe Horns.

  195. I’ve had two friends give me home brewed booze in the past 16 hours. This is how I plan on surviving my holidays.

  196. 196
    Josepha Kalsbeek

    Oh, and our kitty had the runs, was covered in dripping shit… And she let me take it off in the shower without ripping off my face! Yaaaay! I was so surprised I couldn’t believe I was already holding her wrapped in a towel. I kissed her so much I almost sucked her brains out.

  197. A few weeks ago, I was anxious and running errands when I stumbled upon the “Soon to be…Famous” Chicken Car in an office parking lot in the Chicago burbs.

    Beholding such magical beauty out in the world would have been enough. But a search revealed that Chicken Car and her owner also have lovely souls. Last year, they and two friends went on a cross-country tour to raise money and awareness for NAMI.

    And yes, Chicken Car can be rented—in case you need a mascot for your next book tour. You’ll need a trailer too; like many of us, Chicken Car is a little broken and can’t go far in life on only her own steam.

    More info:

  198. The diarrhea and stomach cramps are going away. Have not crapped my pants since yesterday!

  199. I’ve recently lost 90lbs and I just got a nose piercing as a congratulations gift to myself 🙂

  200. My 18 month old daughter “helped” me decorate our Christmas tree today. And while I was typing this she figured out she can scootch backwards to get under the bed and is now giggling like a fool.

  201. A few weeks ago we heard about a family who just moved back to Philly from Puerto Rico after the hurricane and needed furniture (specifically beds) and warm clothes. We had a bed in the garage just taking up space so we decided to give it to them. Long story short after talking to various family and friends – and very much inspired by James Garfield – on Saturday we delivered a queen bed, a new mattress, a set of bunk beds, a microwave and a car crammed full of wrapped presents and warm clothes to some very excited children and a teary mom. You inspire good!

  202. My middle son is applying to grad schools (which must mean he’ll be graduating this year – it’s been a long process for him). I hope the light breaks through the darkness soon.

  203. I started back up to working out and while I have no stamina at the moment, I’m happy for the progress!

  204. I just got my book up on Amazon pre-order. It’s been a lifelong dream and after many times of starting and stopping and being convinced my story wasn’t one anyone cared about — it happened! I can’t tell you the size my heart grew to – not just at the site of my name and title on Amazon, but the deluge of friends on my feed that posted “pre-ordered” screenshots. I’ve have been battling some serious dark times these past few months, but that? It’s a light I”m going to hang onto.

  205. My ‘non-romantical’ (yes, that’s our word, ‘romantical’) told me he found a song for me…

  206. My boss told me that he’s sure I did much better on a project than I give myself credit for.

  207. I’ve made a good dent in my Christmas baking that I should have started last weekend, but I didn’t because of reasons. I’m on the uphill slope again and I’m ecstatic about that fact. 🙂

  208. I think Chewy parts his booty hair like curtains before pooping. That’s the benefit to having arms that can reach your butt.

    The ONLY benefit. As a daughter of a 7 month old, I’m grateful that she has yet to discover that she can reach her own butt, and diaper changes are not yet an incredibly messy endeavor. So that’s my good thing 🙂

  209. I never, ever would have thought of such a question but I have the solution: Chewie uses the sonic shower. Sound waves blast the shit away!

    As for something good, my ebook rewrites are going well. I’m getting better every year!

  210. 210
    Joshua Twohig

    My 7 year old got me a survival wristband with a compas/ whistle/ Firestarter for my birthday. I love wearing this bulky thing.

  211. I’m finally getting clients for my freelance copywriting business. 🙂

  212. It was suggested that our family dog of 14 years be euthanized over the weekend but my mother refused. This morning the vet called and said she thinks our dog may actually make it. I know this isn’t all that happy, but it’s hopeful. And that’s something.

    michelle.miller recently posted Uterus Eggs, Not Fridge Eggs.

  213. Lol, I was totally going to use Star Wars as my happy thought for you!
    I’ve seen it twice already and I loved it both times. I have a few teensy tiny criticisms, but I made a decision a long time ago to enjoy Star Wars as much as possible and not let anyone’s snobbery ruin it for me.
    My personal happy thought right now is that I just found YOU! I listened to your Hilarious World of Depression episode yesterday, and I’m already knee deep in your blog posts. I ALSO love taxidermy and live with anxiety & depression! Yay! lolz. There’s this shop in San Francisco called Loved to Death that has the most beautiful and creepy pieces. Unfortunately the shop has rebranded a bit recently and it’s far less gothic, more hipster now (boooo) but anyway, it’s so nice to find someone else who loves that stuff and doesn’t think I’m weird. 🙂

    Thanks for getting a few words out, even when it’s excruciating. You’re helping us both.

  214. I made a new friend and that’s really hard for me, especially at (almost) 30.

  215. I got to watch the sunset from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. It was pretty fantastic.

  216. I was interviewed by a magazine (it’s in French) and they asked me my fave book….I of course said “Furiously Happy.” So you are now famous in Luxembourg (which is such a tiny country in Europe, that you might blink if you miss it.)

  217. My family decided to donate to an African mission I work with I stead of buying stuff we all have too much of. $2.96 feeds a family for a WEEK. A week, for what a coffee costs.
    Also, we went to the Old Courthouse in St Louis and heard a high school madrigal choir do Christmas music.

  218. I’m excited to be getting tattoos next month. The store I work at isn’t shutting down, just changing names. I found out my bra size and found a bra that fits perfectly.

  219. All I can say is you are SO NOT alone. I am surprised and disappointed to say this does not improve with age. However, having survived some very DARK and lonely times I can tell you that it was worth sticking it out and I am glad I did. It may not always get better and time does not heal everything, but my oh my what wonders there are yet to be discovered….even when you are old. What can be even better are the good folk sharing the same time and space. Every once in a while the magic connects. You are such for me and I admire and thank you for your courage and bravery in sharing….it is a gift to us and you! Looking forward to sharing the upcoming new year with you. Take care and be patient with yourself.

  220. I just had a semi-mostly liquid lunch with my coworkers and we told stories and laughed and then we did it all again. Lunch lasted nearly 3 hours. It was magical. Just when you think “it” is all bad and horrible, life hands you an oasis. Grab it.

  221. This weekend my girls, age 9 and 11, watched Sound of Music with me – from start to finish – all 3 hours of it. I got to tell them how the Sound of Music was the only vhs tape we had when we were stationed in West Germany and my younger brother and I watched it obsessively. I got to share the time my brother and I held hands and skipped through the arbour path at Mirabell palace (Salzburg) in our own re-enactment of the famous scene.
    I felt like I passed on a part of me for them to always remember.

  222. I made a choice out of desperation a while back and got a job in retail that was slowly killing my soul, so last week I put on a performance that gave Meryl Streep a run for her money and quit. I stayed home and went back to my old job that I can do in my jammies if I want to. Made the same amount of money in a week that I used to make at the retail job, and with way cuter coworkers. Best decision I ever made. (The cats are overjoyed they have a lap available 24/7 again, too!).

  223. The introvert video is hilarious, and spot on. I LOVED The Last Jedi. I just successfully converted some old code to new code!

  224. 224
    Sarah Meaden

    You said little…so my six year old is finally cleaning her room after me asking for a week, trying to bribe her for a week, resisting the urge to threaten for a week…it’s happening. All it took was her seeing the Trolls Christmas show on netflix for her to decide that’s worth her cleaning her room.

  225. I am pregnant with my first child after trying for 9 long years.

  226. I see my son in less than a week.

  227. I had some issues with The Last Jedi, but now you’ve raised a whole new set of concerns it never even occurred to me to think about.

    The Cupcake Witch recently posted Mental Health Update.

  228. After a very stressful semester, I managed to get very good grades 😊 felt good

  229. My entire yard was completely decorated for Christmas a week ago! And my daughter understands her 11th-grade physics! My 22-year-old son moved out. (OK, that one is good but also sad, so maybe skip it.)
    I also have it on good authority (can’t name sources) that wookies don’t shit like humans. Can’t provide details but dingleberries are not a problem, although dirty feet might be.

  230. 230
    Molly Flores

    My son came home from college for break last night and it was the first time I’ve hugged him in over a month. It was the best hug!!

  231. 231
    Stephanie C.

    I am having a baby boy in February. And you have helped me get through this pregnancy. Thank you.

  232. After teaching in the regular classroom for 17 years, I’m finally moving to special education. I’ve wanted to be a SpEd teacher forever but I haven’t had the money to pursue my certification. I’m so excited!

  233. While I was in the shower this morning, my puppy broke down the baby gate, escaped the kitchen, peed on the floor from excitement, burgled the Christmas tree and… very cleverly opened just the one present addressed to him. MY PUPPY CAN READ! Now I’m wondering what else I don’t know about him.

  234. Even when you’re feeling low – your mind is beautiful and hilarious. Now of course I’m contemplating Chewy way more than I should … but you made me laugh! THANKS.

  235. I’ll tell you something good, your blogs really make my day and make me laugh out loud in real life. It’s nice to feel like somebody else out there understands and doesn’t say “Can’t you just control it?” That Chewie story was just what I needed this afternoon……….dingleberries..HAHAHAHA

  236. Over the weekend, we had a wonderful gathering with a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen for a long time. It felt really good to get out of the hamster wheel of house, kids & work.

    I hope the dark period passes soon.

    Practical Mama recently posted Fort Magic Fort Building Kit.

  237. One of my friends is dying of cervical cancer. This morning, an Amtrak train derailed in my state of Washington. In the middle of my sky-high anxiety and feelings of grief, this is not helping. I’m literally shaking inside. So I went outside for a walk, and when I say outside, I mean into the wilderness, sine that’s where I live. As I walked along our wild river smelling of rotting spawned out salmon, I watched my dogs blissfully and happily running ahead of me. So here’s the moral of my story: I’m pretty damn grateful to be alive, not dying of cancer, not careening of the train tracks. My life is awesome. I have wild rivers and deeply green mountains to breathe in every day, I have three beautiful children and a husband who worships me, and two insanely happy dogs. And in the spring: baby goats.

  238. You are amazing. Thank you for being you, whether that’s happy you or depressed you. We love you regardless. As for the happy, my puppy is FINALLY starting to be gentle and not a bitey demon-face. Most of the time anyways. Also, for the first time in years I both got family portraits done AND sent out Xmas cards.

  239. 239

    Sorry you are feeling that way. I’d give you a hug if we were in the same location and you wanted one. I’ve been in a pretty bad depression all year, but one good thing is that I saved two kittens this fall who would have died or possibly gone blind (bad eye infections) without my intervention. They are so cute now and growing quickly.

  240. What is good for me at the moment is that I and we all have you in our lives. You are open and honest about yourself. It is refreshing although, of course, it can be sad. We need people to speak freely and share their experiences be it good or bad. What we endure, what we enjoy, how we cope, how we live, and when we do not, all of the happenings in our lives, they can be a moment that we say, “I never thought about it that way”.

    I know I am in my pillow fort most of the time as things haven’t been all that great lately. But. You inspire me to keep writing. Even when times aren’t great. There is something happening in my lying brain and I think I can take them and turn them into what is the truth. Then and only then can I write. I write the lies. I write my thoughts about those lies. I write what I feel is the truth.

    When my mind clears, as the clouds and the darkness abate, I look back. I stare at my previous thoughts. I see where I was and how I thought. And I adjust. Constantly adjust. Endlessly. But no matter how many times this roller coaster ride of life happens, every up, every down, every moment at the top, stopped, looking out at the wonders of the world while I can, I can think. Sometimes. I need this. I need to know it WILL pass. When? No one knows. How? Same answer. Why? OK, you get the point. It just does. Waiting for it and wallowing is so frustrating. But I keep trying. Or hiding. In my fort. And maybe with my cats. Peace. Stay strong.

  241. My husband just made the most awesome home-made mushroom soup today.

    Janet Coburn recently posted The Year Our Christmas Presents Changed.

  242. 242

    I created a game and am selling it on Amazon and it’s doing pretty darn well for one month in. And indirectly, I owe part of this success to you 🙂

  243. Some of the best advice I ever received: You’re going to have good days. You’re going to have bad days.

    The advice was from a physical therapist, but it applies to all of life.

    When I posted this wisdom on FB, my friend Patti said, “But it is very vague. It could apply to every situation.” Yes, that’s why it’s such great advice.

    The best, very specific medical advice I ever got was from a podiatrist: if you suffer from Morton’s Nueroma, tape your toes together. The two right next to your big toe. It’s miraculous advice and I’ve passed it on to others and it’s helped them.

  244. I made myself a promise that while Christmas shopping I would not lay down on the floor of any stores and cry. I was successful. A big high five to me!! That’s a good thing…right?

  245. My sister is coming here for Christmas and her plane is literally flying over my house in the next few minutes so I’m going to wave madly at the sky.

    Also my house is clean for the first time in…. um… years? Yay for breathing more easily!

  246. You have saved me more than once. (and my cat is snoozing next to me right now)

  247. This kitty stealing a stuffed tiger always makes me smile.

  248. 248
    Debra Crosby

    I survived 6 rounds of chemo, am feeling fine, going to have surgery in a couple of weeks, then radiation. My journey isn’t over, but I honestly think I’ve been through the worst of it. The good news is that I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff anymore, and that friends make life worth living. Oh, and to find something that brings me joy every day, no matter how shitty the day has been. Hang in there. Reading your words always brings me joy.

  249. A couple weeks ago, we moved our bed to the guest room to make space for a new master bedroom bed that was being delivered the next day. I thought our cat would be sad and confused about where we (and her nighttime snuggles) were. Instead, she ventured downstairs and found us in the guest room to snuggle all night.

    CeCe recently posted For Everything There is a Season: Rest and Recharge.

  250. 250

    we celebrated the 1st of 5 christmases saturday. i was given an instant pot and a ton of books that i wanted. better than that was my in-laws (finally) acknowledging my 40 lb weight loss

  251. Our three year old wanted to send a Christmas card to the dog in the window that we see every morning on our way to nursery (British preschool). So we did.

    The dog sent one back and left it taped to the window. Our little boy is beyond thrilled.

  252. I can’t even relax right!!! This time of the year always gets me down too, although I love it. Anyways. Sat down by the fireplace last night to indulge in terrible tv…when I got up my legs were asleep, so I just smacked my head on the tv stand. Pouring blood…broke my glasses and my face….I look fucking fabulous. Not even a good story. I look like hell and all I can say is…my fat ass made my legs fall asleep

  253. Our three year old wanted to send a Christmas card to the dog in the window that we see every morning on our way to nursery (British preschool). So we did.

    The dog sent one back and left it taped to the window. Our little boy is beyond thrilled.

  254. I just finished a baby quilt for a dear friend of mine and it is nice and fluffy and the backing is lamb soft. It’s the first quilt I’ve ever done totally on the machine. Before I was quilting by hand alone.

  255. My hubby, son and I had the same conversation about Chewbacca waiting for the previews to start! I confessed that I always had a small crush on Chewie, and then it just went downhill from there. “No, Rick, I have NOT googled “Chewie’s woody”!

  256. Let’s see. Good things. An incredible dog was just delivered into my house by God and good faeries, my son made a 90 on his Chemistry mid-term, my daughter is home making cookies, my critically endangered Neon Day Geckos hatched a baby and didn’t eat it (yet), a critically endangered tortoise surprised me with an egg, and our Bloggess Tribe Twitter holiday swap has involved about 40 people in 4 countries and 2 continents. So that’s good. And maybe even great.

    becomingcliche recently posted My Husband Is Trying To Kill Me.

  257. How about this. It’s mostly because of your books and posts that I understand my 16 year old daughter that struggles with severe anxiety/depression/OCD/allofthethings. So when you write about how much your life is sucking, you are making hers better <3

  258. You just made me laugh – thank you! I’m sorry you’re depressed – hang in there.

  259. my toyroom is my happy place, even in winter when my hands go numb taking photos down there, even when i’m in a dysphoric low or my brain is falling out from grief, some small thing there reaches through the darkness to comfort me, some nostalgic little toy or old kid’s book illustration or long lost & found quarter machine trinket.. something makes me want to create, paint, write, keep on going..
    take care,

    brenda roudebush recently posted fisher price little people royal family.

  260. Search up “Otters holding hands”. They have never let me down!

  261. How about I just give you some Dolly?

  262. This is a conversation that happened between me ( L) and my eight year old daughter ( R) this morning.
    L: What’s this? R: I made you a cup of coffee. L:…You Did? R: Yeah. I put all the things you usually put in your coffee, too. L: oh man! That-s so sweet-Wait. What do you mean by “all the things”? R: One can never be sure now, can they? L:…..umm…. R: There’s no more coffee left. L: DAMMIT. I better not find boogers in this. But thank you. I THINK that that was a very kind gesture. Maybe.

  263. I am almost done with my holiday baking. Can’t what to share with coworkers. Plus no fires in my area of California.

  264. 264
    Pamela Norman

    I just reread Let’s Pretend and now I’m reading Furiously Happy, and I am buying additional copies for someone who will love them and really be helped by them.

  265. I survived another semester of grad school and should finish in spring.
    No pity B’s on my papers, strong solid B’s. 🙂
    We are in Michigan for the holidays even though my husband claimed no way this year. Lol

  266. I am actively working on an updated edition of my cookbook (because it can be better), not just thinking about working on it.

    Also, I made homemade marshmallows yesterday and they are good!

    TheFakeGourmet recently posted How to Make a Loaf of Fresh, Homemade Bread in an Hour.

  267. You are funnier when you are depressed than most people are on their happiest days. Keep telling us your insights and observations, please. As to Chewbacca’s dingleberry problem, perhaps as a baby (cub?) his mother taught him how to clean his ‘downstairs’. The good news is I have on-going Internet access so I can read your blog.

  268. I finally had the cloud of depression lift last night! I feel a lot better, just took some therapy,some meds, rest and lots of puppy kisses!! Keep moving – it will lift, it always does!!

  269. I’m excited and terrified but I’m resolved to start the first of my architecture courses and not screw it up. Also I’m giving myself a new look for the new year (lol I know it’s cliche but it’ll make me look and feel, to myself anyway, less gloomy)!

  270. speaking of chewbacca’s junk… I have a picture you might find amusing. I’ve tweeted it to you… but here’s the link as well.

  271. Watched Star Wars this weekend!! But then had to spend the rest of the weekend with people so now super tired. Taking a me day complete with lots of books and chocolate.

  272. My husband and I found out we are having a girl! It took us awhile to get pregnant and we are so excited!

  273. I have four-day work weeks for the next three weeks. Woo hoo! And we’re seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi tomorrow. And I’m still giggling about the Bad Lips Reading of Stranger Things even though I haven’t seen it in a few days.

  274. I saw my first shrew in the wild & it was ADORABLE! And I saw a horse laughing at his two horse friends. Don’t ask me to describe it but if you ever saw a horse laughing you would recognize it immediately as such. It was freakin awesome!!

  275. I was able to do more James Garfield gifts than I could last year. And that warmed my heart.

  276. I thought I was getting the flu so I started dosing up on preventatives. After a couple of days of feeling lousy I’m better. Yay!

  277. My wife and I are $5,000 away from being out of credit card debt, which is more impressive when you know that we had more than $50,000 two years ago.

  278. My friends brought me flowers. Granted, I hired them to decorate the waiting room at work with plants and flowers, but they brought me my own pretty flowers to take home.

  279. I’ve never switched anti-depressants before, and I did for the first time this semester. It hit me hard. I did not care about anything for a while. But I still managed to get As and one B. Woot!

  280. I leave Thursday for a week-long holiday vacation to visit my mom.

    LAL recently posted It’s a Sad Day.

  281. I just got asked to start teaching knitting classes at the craft store where I work.

  282. I quit my toxic job today. I finally listened to ALL my family and friends who said it was time. Seriously – they all agreed. I had an epiphany last night, if I even have HALF the faith in me that they do, I will succeed elsewhere. Better yet – hubby is insisting I take a month off before job search so I don’t fall into same trap.

  283. This made me laugh this morning, and it’s even on topic, sort of.

  284. You said you couldn’t be funny while depression is your master. Sorry, that Chewie bit made me laugh. I may never be able to look at him without searching for dingleberries. Thanks.

    My something good: the dog we’re pet-sitting was off her food and puked a couple of times. Today she’s feeling perky, eating her food, playing with toys, wagging her tail, and running through the forest. That, and the puke came out of the very expensive looking cream throw rug. Very good, indeed!

    Leah recently posted Time off in Ladysmith.

  285. 1) i made it to work today!
    2) Thanks to starting LDN last week, i’ve discovered i was in more pain than i knew, but only because it’s not there anymore!
    3) My ex-stray cat is getting friendlier and cuddlier every day. She mothers me very well and is trying to remove the nasty human stank from my skin.
    4) Only 6-12 more months left of a teenage kitten.. the little shit will make a great grown boy, but omg is he an irritating teen!! He also has extra toes.
    5) I live with a maine coon. Which always rocks.
    (3 cats total, in case anyone was wondering)

  286. I also saw Star Wars yesterday and avoided all spoilers! I am currently listening to my 3.5 month old figure out her voice, it is very adorable!

  287. It was warm enough here today so that I could walk the dog around the neighborhood. Then I gave her a Pupperoni for being such a good girl.

  288. 288
    Amy Halperin

    I have talked my company into letting me start an entirely new department, to train our customers, and in 3 weeks, I spend a week at the second company to use the new service, training them in something I don’t actually have any experience using. Stressful, but way exciting!

  289. My coworker found a half frozen, half dead butterfly in a head of lettuce on Saturday. I took her home anyway, thinking at least it will be a pretty specimen, but she stood up and ate at an orange! She is still alive today, by some miracle, and is the most beautiful bug I’ve ever brought home. I have pics:

    It’s not SUPER “good” because it’s now about wintertime and I don’t feel like it’s safe to release her (I don’t think she can fly?), but I’m more than willing to keep stocked on oranges for her last days/week. :3

  290. Your James Garfield Miracle has restored a big chunk of my faith in humanity. Seriously. So much kindness and generosity, so much joy for little ones who might otherwise have had a bleak holiday. Being able to participate by sending a present felt like a gift in and of itself.

  291. 291
    Eleanor McCrary

    I am on vacation right now,but don’t have to leave my house for another 7 days. When I see my MIL for the holidays, I will be somewhere I can drink (usually live in a place where alcohol is prohibited). My husband has been gone for nearly 2 weeks but both kids and I survived. He is expected to beat the coming blizzard home today. I passed the counseling grad class I took last semester meaning I am one step closer to a career change that I find exciting and terrifying. No one in my family is expecting a perfect holiday this year…so most of the pressure is off.

  292. Actually it’s kind of funny that “I took her home” could easily refer to a coworker instead, and reading the rest of the comment as if I imprisoned a coworker and fed her oranges is giving me a chuckle.

  293. We ripped out the nasty carpet in our hallway and living room and put in wood flooring, and now our cats have discovered how to run like hell down the hall, then slide sideways into the LR – they keep doing it over and over. Also, Chewbacca does have dingleberries, but he rips off the head of anyone who mentions them to him, so nobody does.

  294. 294
    Sierra Bodenman

    I decided to frame some artwork that I did when I was feeling good. I hung it so I can see it from my comfy chair when the depression comes back.

  295. My therapist told me that most of what I feel I HAVE to do for Christmas is self-imposed and unnecessary and other people can handle those things just fine. So I actually let go of several tasks I don’t like, and my family stepped up to take care of the ones that are important to them. The world didn’t end. Everyone is still happy. And I feel so much less anxiety and dread with the stakes lowered like this.
    You are not alone. We love you when you’re funny and when you’re struggling and we aren’t going anywhere, so don’t let us be the burden that drags you down with “shoulds.” Thank you for the James Garfield miracles all these years!

  296. I live in Michigan. Three years ago when I got separated/divorced I bought a house in my home town to be closer to family. Yesterday a family friend stopped by and gave me my very own snowblower. No more shoveling snow for me!! It might not seem like a big deal but I have RA and I’m 2 months out from my fourth major joint surgery so shoveling is really, really hard for me but I’m trying to stay as independent as I can for as long as I can. This magical gift of a snowblower is life changing for me! I love you, Jenny. Please hang in there.

  297. Obviously chewie uses a bidet….one of those fancy Japanese jobs with a built in air dryer for afterwards. My big great news is that for the first time in I don’t know how many years I was happy this weekend for no other reason than I was in a good mood. It felt weird and I got a little paranoid about it, but it was really nice at the same time. Lots and lots of love for you and yours

  298. Me 38 yr. old son went on his first date since he was divorced in 2011. That makes a Mama happy.

  299. Our son is happy and well, and coming to visit us !
    (p.s. I treasure you. You’ve helped pull me out of the worst and longest crying days I’ve ever had, and I’ll be forever grateful to, and for you. I’m sending you waves of strength to help you through this tough time.)

  300. Although 2017 is a shitshow of a year for many reasons, it’s also the year I was first reunited with my birthmom. It’s been the most amazing and positive experience and has far exceeded anything I ever dared imagine.

  301. 301

    I went back to school, after 7 long years, to get to narrow my broad Biology degree and I took 12 credits tbis semester and got a 4.0 Grade Point Average. After having 35 jobs since 2005, that feels amazeballs.

  302. Our new kitten is experiencing his first Christmas and Christmas tree – which is still standing! He romps around underneath it mostly, but I come in and he will be just sitting and staring at it with the widest eyes. The elderly cat who spent most of her time sleeping before the kitten arrived has been busted on several occasions romping with toys and will stand in the kitchen just yelling at crinkle balls. Pretty sure it is feline for “get off my lawn” or “kids these days”.

  303. I did not have to prepare a rabid skunk to ship for rabies testing. If you think skunk smell is bad, you haven’t smelled it when they evacuate all the butt juice. Even if you only handle it after it is deceased, the odor permeates, and you smell for the rest of the day.

    I gave up teaching for this.

  304. I have managed to not slay my annoying-as-papercuts boss, despite his best efforts… not having to find a place to hide the body is ALWAYS good news!

  305. I am listening to Christmas wizard rock music which is an offshoot of Harry Potter fandom. Sonorus is gorgeous and playing right now:( It makes me happy even though I’m in a major crash (ME/CFS). Wishing you beautiful music!

    jule recently posted New Jewels.

  306. I got a new job, and I still laugh hysterically every time I read your post about Beyoncé the chicken and the bear head.

  307. 307
    Melissa B in IL

    My child who is on the autism spectrum, and who was actually on hospital home-bound from school for half of 7th grade due to anxiety, is now a freshman. He has attended every day (except for viral / bacterial illness). He has straight A’s going into finals and is competing on the boys swim team. Seeing him conquer so many things and put himself out there, seeing him talk to and laugh with his teammates, seeing him be dedicated enough to get up at 5 am to go to practice 3 days a week and after school everyday till 6… is AMAZING! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just been overwhelmed by him and his courage. I managed to somehow create two wonderful children who I am in awe of every single day! Sending you some love and gentle hugs!!

  308. I’m pretty sure they have sonic bidets a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Also sonic showers because Chewie could star in a Panteen commercial. Also non-royalty never changes clothes but they are still willing to gather in groups.
    The ability to accept this as a reasonable explanation is my good thing.

  309. I left an abusive man, now live in an apartment with my amazing boyfriend, my niece who was born at 27 weeks is now 2 years old and amazing, my depression and anxiety is still a huge factor in my life but I have managed to get it under control enough to live how I wish to live. I went from a mopey pessimist who thought I would never get better, never leave him, never be who I want to be, to a not so mopey pessimist who can usually remember the light comes back when you’re covered in the darkness.

  310. Thanks to the James Garfield Miracle this year when the snows came down my kids had lovely waterproof boots to go to school in. 🙂
    Winter sucks, but it’ll get better.

  311. I work for an edtech company (we create software used in schools) and we had a quarterly meeting last Friday where one adult ed school that uses our programs shared with us that they awarded a 94 year old woman her GED this year. UGLY TEARS AHEAD –

  312. Love you!!! Please never stop being our Jenny!

  313. 313

    Dear Jenny (may I call you Jenny? I started with “Dear Ms Lawson” but that sounded a bit threatening. Argh – please forgive me. My anxiety is showing. And my inside-my-head voice seems to be typing this now… I was about to delete all this and start again, but then that felt like a betrayal. So sorry: I’m afraid that this is how this comment is starting).
    I have only just discovered your blog, and have spent the last 2 days tucked up in bed, catching up with the archive, and weeping (with a mixture of relief and joy. And also pain, because there is always a little pain when something feels so true). THANK YOU for your bravery. It made me just a little bit brave, and allowed me to post my fist comment EVER on a blog.
    Finally, the thing that is managing to make me smile today: I fully expect you have seen this, but I loved it.
    Especially the lines “Ron was going to be spiders. He just was. He was not proud of it, but it was going to be hard not to have spiders all over his body when all is said and done”.
    This just sums up, for me, those mornings when I wake up and I can already tell the day ahead is going to be hard, and I’m going to be, well, spiders. I just am.
    Also, I just got a video of my nephew and his nursery school class doing a performance of “When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney”, and all the children were sort of mumbling the words until they got to “Achoo, achoo, achoo!” and it was fantastic cacophony at such an unexpected volume that I actually jumped. It was glorious.
    Also, I just remembered we have 2 whole packets of Brady Beans in the cupboard! Maybe today I will be slightly less spiders than I thought….

  314. 314
    Laurie A Stoker

    Something good in my life; hmmm. Well the first thing that comes to mind is that I saw the title of your post and now I have an excellent ear worm that I need to pass along to you. Chaka Khana and Rufus.

    You’re welcome, and feel free to infect others!

  315. Jenny, I have two dogs with dingleberry issues, so I feel your pain.

    What’s good? I have not had a massive anxiety attack in FOUR months. I never thought I’d see the day, given what my year was like.

    I am loving my new job, even though one of my co-workers won’t stop talking. Ever. But I can close the door, and that’s awesome.

  316. We are taking our rabbit, Pippin, to the vet to get his Santa photo done. Our lovely vet decks the surgery out with masses of fairy lights and giant toy soldiers and if you bring your pet in for a photo with him in full Santa garb you get $50 off your pet’s next vaccination. He also saved Pippin’s life last year so we’re so happy that a year later he is still hopping around (Pippin, not out vet. Actually, he hops a bit too. You should see the Easter display.)

  317. 317
    Charity Caroline

    My good thing is that this is the first year I’m out to my family, and my aunt is so excited to meet my girlfriend that she is just beside herself. I’m so so excited and grateful to have some family in my corner (also the best gf ever). <3

  318. My something good for the day is reading this blog post and getting to be amused at the thought of how Chewie wipes…

    Oh, and I baked shortbread cookies from a recipe that I struggled to use last year (turned out the recipe had been written out wrong, but I figured out the problem) and aside from one tray being overdone, they turned out!

  319. I lost 30 pounds this year. 🙂

  320. IN a space of five months, I was hospitalized four times (once for sepsis), had three major surgeries and three procedures under anesthesia. I had a nephrostomy tube from my kidney through my back to a bag o’pee which I called George. I had three MRIs, two CAT scans, two nuclear medicine scans, two sets of x-rays and innumerable blood tests. All due to kidney cancer. At last, they took out my kidney. Now I am moving around and getting my life back. This too shall pass! We all love you, Bloggess!!!

  321. Voortman and Archway Christmas cookies are available in most grocery stores. Buy all varieties of the nougat types, eat them. That is the best good thing I can think of today.

  322. My downstairs neighbor/friend decided that this year, her theme for Christmas dinner is going to include making 12 desserts, to represent the 12 apostles (apparently it’s a French thing, maybe? Last year’s theme was Italian, with the feast of fishes.) Anyhow, as the upstairs neighbor, I am going to get to sample ALL OF THE DESSERTS. (Don’t worry, I’m pitching in to help at least a little and baking some cookies! That’s…the extent of my baking prowess beyond eating them. I’m really good at eating them!)

  323. Jenny – YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU MATTER! (Until you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared. Then you energy. 😀 ) Your blog always brightens my day, even when it’s not about 9 ft tall chickens and Dorothy Barker getting into shenanigans! So here is my little good for the day, because this holiday season has been rough for me. We had my company holiday party on Friday and it had a photo booth, and I made my entire IT Team, of which there are 9 of us and I am the only female, take photos with me, with props, and it was GLORIOUS! I will link you on your FB page, because hopefully they will make you laugh. 🙂 From one Jen to another, great big hugs and love.

  324. This is the first time I’ve wanted to decorate Christmas in too many years. And I feel lighter inside too.

  325. 325
    Denise Green

    Writing an essay about a bright, wonderful woman who took her own life, finally helped me drive by where she died and not wince. Now I bless her soul and all others like her when I’m near that spot.

  326. Gratefulness. That’s my happiness right now. This last summer was the darkest depression/anxiety that I’ve ever been through but I’ve found a med that’s been working for over a month and I’m grateful for that. And grateful that I can listen to music again. That I’m healthy enough to listen to music again, And grateful for friends for sticking through those long months. And grateful that even though it’s cold outside, the sun is shining through the window and the greenhouse effect still works so I’m warm. And grateful that I’m thinking about painting again, even though I’m not confident that I’m healthy enough for that yet. And grateful that during the darkest times, I could remember your mantra that depression lies and get through another moment. I am happy that I can feel grateful again. Take care of yourself. Let others take care of you. Thank you for opening up to the world so that I could open up to the people that love me.

  327. I read this, which made me feel better about the holidays.

  328. My Christmad minion did not blow away in the wind storm last night. Little victories!

  329. I was in the store and two little kids were bugging their mother for ice cream, she told them she had told them they came for diapers for the baby and they had money for nothing more. The littlest one (both boys) said to his mom, or to all of us, “We haven’t had ice cream forever since you got that baby, if you can’t feed us ice cream you shouldn’t got another baby.” The mother looks at her kid and said: “Tell that to your father.” I was biting my bottom lip, because I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry. Then the other kid said, “What’s he got to do with it?” I hear snickering and then a guy pushes pass me drops a big box of ice cream sandwiches on the counter throws a 10 on top of it and says: “Happy Holidays Kid.” And leaves the store. The kids are all crazy happy and then the little one gets real quiet and says, “Not sharing with the baby (which appears not to have been names yet) she gets everything.” The bother just big sighed and gathered her stuff up and walked out of the store like the whole world was on her shoulders. I walked out soon after and there they sat in beat up old car, mom, dad, baby, two sons everyone eating ice cream, talking and laughing, but the baby she was breastfeeding under a blanket. I am not sure if this is a good story or a bad story, but it made me feel…well both I guess. I did love the guy that popped for a box of ice cream sandwiches…so that part was really good.

  330. It’s solstice soon and the days will get brighter again.

  331. I got my brother and his wife to agree to do Jolabokaflod for Christmas because reading books and drinking/eating chocolate is basically the best ever. And I’ll get to do it with my nieces and nephew!

  332. 332
    Brenda Worley

    So…..funny and true story. My 4 yr old granddaughter has this baby doll that is called “Baby Strawberry” I started doing the voice for the doll about 2 years ago. The other day we were doing blanket toss with Baby Strawberry, and then my granddaughter decided it was her turn.
    So she has me hold one end of the blanket, and gives the other end to Baby Strawberry. Then granddaughter lies down on the blanket and waits. Well, I do my part and lift my end.
    After a couple of my tugs, granddaughter looks at Baby Strawberry and tells her, “I must be too heavy for you” She’s dead serious, and a little sad.
    It took all I had not to laugh 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  333. Two years ago I was so depressed, I couldn’t imagine a future where I didn’t want to die.
    Today my publisher officially announced my first novel. (

    I’m so proud of past me for hanging in there.

  334. 334
    Ruth Quinlan

    Just got a picture of a foster dog from his new Mom and she loves him and had his picture taken with Santa. I’d post the picture but don’t know how. sorry. Trust me he is adorable and who doesn’t love a happy story about a puppy!

  335. My kiddo is homeschooling this year and she has spent the entire day with her co-mom in the other room laughing near-constantly as they busily suck at sewing for Monday’s home-ec class.
    Seriously, the things they have made today are all fail, and they could not be more amused by it.

  336. My toffee came out perfect. It shatters exactly like it’s supposed to when you bite into it. We aren’t discussing my fudge this year. I have made frosting instead. Yup. It’s frosting. Got any ideas for 3.5lbs of orange vanilla frosting that’s supposed to be fudge?

  337. After one year of trying, two chemical pregnancies, and 48 hours of hard, complicated labor later…I have a baby! She’s tiny and perfect and makes noises like a little bird. Can’t even be mad about the sleep deprivation cause I’m so happy 🙂

  338. Thanks to a wonderful family of 5 and their gorgeous Great Dane, my dog Maddie is safe. Back gate was open and she took herself on a 20 minute walk. People are good. Dogs are good. God is good. (She is my sanity, comfort animal and little sister.)

  339. You don’t need to be funny for anyone. You need to take care of you first and foremost. I hope that the light comes sooner than later for you.

    Here’s my happy thought:
    I’ve recently started weaving (about 8 months ago as craft therapy to help me with anxiety and PPD) and I’ve been selling my work for about 5 months now and I might actually be able to make this work. My whole life I’ve felt like I’m drifting along with no direction. Being a Mom gave me some of that, but that can’t be all that I am. Finally I feel like me. I feel like I’ve found something that I love, that I’m good at, and that could actually help support my family (or at least make enough to let me stay at home with the kids – daycare is hella expensive). I still have brutal days but I’m excited about the holidays and feel like I’m on the right track. This got really ramble-y. Anyway, the happy thought is that I now have people come to see me and my art and confess to be fans of my work. It’s weird and humbling and awesome that I’m able to create something that brings other people joy. That’s what you do. You bring joy. Thank you so much for being so open and sharing your struggles. You helped make it easier for me to share mine. (I use the spoon metaphor all the time. I know it’s not yours but I found it through your book so I found it thanks to you and it’s really helped me explain my struggle to others.). Thanks again

  340. We got out first two pieces of furniture to start replaced the furniture we lost in the flood. They were bookshelves, naturally ❤️❤️

  341. I told my love I feel like I’m about to break. He said that if I do, he’ll keep track of the pieces, and, when I’m ready, help glue me back together.
    I then found out my dad will be out of hospital for Christmas. It’s the only gift I wanted, and a ginormous broken bit that now, we won’t have to glue.

    Laura recently posted Christmas Music Blues.

  342. I booked my vacation in the sun and I found a snorkel mask that fits my weird face.

  343. 343
    Kathy Campbell

    My Extremely Anxiety ridden introvert of a 15 YO daughter dyed her hair freaking GREEN! I love it! You go girl!

  344. 344
    Patty Morrissey

    I feel like the best good thing to tell you is that you have an awesome husband who gets and apparently supports you in the rough times. Love the video he gave you! Everyone who has an introvert in their lives should watch. (Hoping you strangle this depressive episode soon.)

  345. I also want to say that I laughed out loud several times when reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and guiltily chuckled reading Furiously Happy. You’re a wonderful weirdo and the world is better for your being on it.

  346. I went to a scholastic book fair warehouse sale and got 13 books, to give to 6 kids, for under $35. BOGOF!! My daughter is home from college for a month, my boss is buying a new credenza to match my new cabinet and desk, I GOT TO THROW AWAY THE UGLY fake plant today, but instead of throwing it out, we are going to start leaving it in one truck at a time, til someone gets sick of it.

    I saw a 2 month old baby at the mall yesterday that only weighed 7 1/2 pounds ( she was a preemie )

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  347. My good news is I just came out of the scariest and worse depressive episode I’ve ever had and it was as easy as stopping a weight loss med my doctor put me on. It’s like a breath of fresh air on the other side, you’ll get there again!!!!

  348. Fairly depressed myself….60th birthday, just lost my beloved pup at the same time as my husband’s decade anniversary of his passing….I forced myself to pull out the decorations for the grand’s sake. Found this that my DiL made for me a few years ago. Made me chuckle. Hang in there girl…Hope you can see this…

  349. Amy Brown: YES!!! dip pretzels in it

  350. I worked out for the first time in a long time (to a program designed by a pro wrestler, no less) and I did it. Took a freakin’ hour, but I did it.

    I may have ugly cried afterwards, but it was good.

  351. 351
    one inspired

    I just want you to know that you inspire me. Because of you I have stepped out of my comfort zone and am running for public office. I’d rather stay home and read a good book but if Jenny can step out in the world so can I. I don’t want to leave my name here because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to garner votes. Thanks Jenny

  352. You are amazing! You inspire and uplift so many of us! You have many people who love you! This dark period will pass! Also, dingle berries! Heehee

  353. My baby recently started saying “Kitty”, which is adorable, since we have several.

    Of course, he’s a baby, and sucks at pronunciation.

    So long story short, my days are now filled with a tiny madman screaming TITTY TITTY TITTY at the top of his lungs.

  354. 354
    Elizabeth Colvin

    -Cats! They are always amazing. Cole & Marmalade are pretty sweet.
    – Also, the video of the otter eating makes my heart happy (
    -Oh! The Columbus Zoo has the most amazing collection of great animal videos!

  355. Oh you made me laugh and I love you for that. But I got a 5ish ft. Douglas Fir which is all I really wanted for Christmas and though it is small, it is glorious and I keep hugging it. Gently, of course.

  356. 356
    John W. Davoll

    I am listening to Furiously Happy and I feel loved me I have a best friend. I’m in a dark time too. Thanks for making it a little lighter.

  357. Between being in a pretty bad depressive episode myself and unsure how my MS would be doing, I was worried about how our vacation in Colorado Springs would go. Today I “climbed” all over rocks and trails and barely even thought about it.

    When I posted the introvert video on FB, my bestie said “cool, now I’ll tickle your belly” So that backfired 😀

    Dispropriety recently posted Wine Itself is Sufficient Decoration.

  358. After a year and a half of trying, and multiple rounds of fertility treatments, my husband and I are finally having a baby!

  359. In the last year, I have lost 85 pounds, from 320 to 235.This means I have a lower chance of dying of a heart attack. My father survived his in his 50’s due to advances in medicine, but his father died of a heart attack at age 52, and HIS father died of a heart attack at 52. I am 49, and feel like I have just had 30 years added to my life.

  360. YOU are something good in my inbox all the time. YOU don’t need to be funny, happy, or sane for me. I love you just the way you are. P.S. plus, you’re always funny.

  361. After years with no friends, I finally have an AWESOME friend group!

  362. I have been listening to your book Furiously Happy on Audible for the 3rd or 4th time, I can’t remember. I, too am going through whatever the heck this numb I can’t get my crap together feeling is but while listening to your book and reading your blog, we are not alone. We are not alone. This makes all the difference in the world. YOU are not alone. I am right there with you. YOU and I are OK or will be soon. Also, I passed the semester with a 3.06. gpa

  363. 363
    Remedial Stitcher

    My daughter called me on Saturday night to tell me she had just gotten engaged! It made my day and my year.

  364. About a million little things went wrong today, so I blew off the rest of my responsibilities and took my dog snowshoeing. She was deliriously happy, ridiculous in snowsuit and dog boots, and you really can’t beat that for getting you to smile.

  365. I had fun making sugar cookies with my 8 and 6 year old nephews. It’s so fun to listen to them chatter when they think no one is paying attention.

  366. Someone wonderful talked about Chewbacca’s dumper and it made me laugh and laugh!!

  367. Everything’s going quite shitty here bc we’ve taken turns getting sick for a week and now it’s my turn and I have no voice to yell at people for not doing the dishes…. BUT ON A POSITIVE NOTE I JUST DID THE DISHES AND THE KITCHEN IS CLEAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WEEK!!! 😄😄😄😄

  368. I got to go out and eat dinner in a restaurant with my wife like we are proper adults.

    Martin recently posted The dreaded Christmas food shop: 5 tips for a stress free experience.

  369. Hi, Jenny. I’m proud of you and all of us that continue to persevere in the face of darkness.
    After a rough year I just found out that my son and I are at the top of the list for public housing in our area. This is wonderful news because it means that I will get to move us out of my dysfunctional but loving family’s home and into our own health home.
    Also I am sort of dating sort of not dating a human and I’m not even psycho about it yet.
    Thanks for inspiring me.

  370. I found a really cheap bookstore. & OUAT crackvideos on Instagram is hilarious. My friend Garrett on Twitter sent me a bracelet that helps me know I’m not alone. You are not alone. I’m struggling too. I’m losing my therapist. Among other things. Hugs and love to you.

  371. I had a conversation today where the first time I rehearsed it in my brain it went terribly and the other 47(?) times it went meh but the last time it went pretty okay so I finally had the conversation in real life and it went better than I could have possibly imagined, the person is totally on board. Weird/good!

  372. That’s video. I really did laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!! Thanks Victor. He rocks.

  373. I so hear you. And my past year has been… strange. I’ve discovered some things about me that I wished I’d learned long ago, but this is a step towards the next chapter in my life. Thank you, and your readers for sharing so much of your lives, and making me laugh, sometimes tear up a little, and learn so much.

    I’ve been meaning to share my appreciation for an animated short I saw a while back, based on a book (that I didn’t read): “The Lost Thing”. The short is a (touch) sad, wonderfully strange, with a happy ending for the titular ‘thing’. Bonus: Tim Minchin narrates. Apologies if you’ve already seen this. Reminds me to keep noticing the strange ‘things’.

    The cold and dark part of winter so majorly sucks, but it doesn’t last forever. Write when your ready, and remind yourself you are so loved even when you don’t feel it.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Now I wonder if anyone has ever told Chewy “let me put a towel down first”…

  374. My mom is going to be laid off next year, but she already got hired by the company they’re outsourcing her department to. A couple of my friends got engaged. And I successfully got my grandma onto Medicaid.

  375. I’m thinking that there’s a fancy Japanese toilet on the Millennium Falcon. Problem solved. (BTW, haven’t seen it yet, so thanks for the No Spoiler Zone!) 🙂

    I totally get it — my depression has been creepifying lately. I feel like I’m in a light saber duel with low batteries. I can still bonk the depression over the head and cause a nasty bruise, though!

    For my goodness to share: I had my final kittenectomy this morning. She’s so cute, I’m sure she’ll be adopted as fast as her chubbier siblings were last week! Now I can go back to giving some of the long-time shelter dogs a little home break. 🙂

  376. One of my sweet students who has need of a great deal of love hugged me so hard today and told me how much they loved me.

  377. I had to go to the mall – a place I avoid like the plague, even when it isn’t crazy-busy because of Christmas – and it was “Pet Photos with Santa” day, so there were lots of happy dogs there. And not as many people as I’d expected. Whenever animals outnumber people, it’s a good day!

  378. I have been ringing bell for Salvation Army with my Kiwanis Club every Saturday since Christmas. It really gives my the true Christmas spirit. Amazing to see some who have little, put a few coins in the kettle, or families teaching children what giving is about. There are still generous people wanting to help others in this crazy world.

  379. You did make me laugh! And now I can’t get Chewbacca’s naughty bits and dingleberries out of my head. Ta-dah! And thank you.

  380. I have FINALLY got my living room project completed. New paint, new trim, new flooring. It’s been put off for 2 years. Between injury, and financial issues, it was impossible to complete. My family is finally doing a lot better, and I don’t feel embarrassed to have visitors in my home.

  381. 381
    Kristen Eddy

    Just be who you are right this second. Tomorrow will take care of itself, today has enough worries if it’s own. To quote an old friend: Keep the compass set and the fog will clear. Love and Joy to you and yours, Happy Christmas!

  382. My friend recently introduced me to No Lights No Lycra where a bunch of strangers dance in the dark. It’s not a nightclub, there’s no drinking, no hook ups – just the pure joy of dancing like no one is watching.

  383. I’m in a very dark place right now. My bright light is you. Thank you. You make it better.

  384. i love the way you think. i loved the last jedi and your comment about chewie now has left me with serious questions in that area. LOL. we’re adopting a dog from a rescue and get her on the 23rd – she is our christmas present and we’re all very excited. she is the cutest.

  385. I meet a lady a few months ago that is her job to just follow chewbacca around and brush him. No seriously that’s her job and on the movie sets 🤷🏼‍♀️

  386. Jenny, you are never NOT funny and we love you even when you think you’re not funny. And if you ever aren’t funny, that’s okay too because we are your tribe!

    I love that your find humor in anything and everything. I almost died laughing at that video. Direct eye contact is the worst, especially right after you are asked a direct question that requires an answer! Extroverts are scary. I avoid them at all cost.

  387. We recently spent the evening trimming the cat’s chaps, so yes that’s a thing I had previously assumed was a euphemism.

    I found your blog and writing back when Beyoncé was a shiny new giant metal chicken. I was, and sometimes am again, severely depressed with a side order of galloping anxiety.. 2017 has been so damn hard for so many people. I think you’re wonderful and thank you for remembering that depression lies, and that whenever it gets better, it’s worth it.

    I spent the day making Christmas crackers for a family dinner, so now my desk is covered in remnants of paper and small explosives. Result!

  388. First, YOU MATTER! To all of us. And to your family and to yourself. The world needs you (and also Dorothy Barker’s dingleberries, I mean, who else would do that). We love you.
    Second, I feel so good since I had total knee replacement surgery last summer. Recovery and rehab was really painful so it took about 3 months for me to start really feeling better, but now I feel like superwoman. Thank God my husband and I were able to do it.

  389. A bat got stuck in the main floor of our house last night, which is gutted due to a remodel, and I bravely went there and opened doors and windows and waited for him to fly out. Hopefully he’s reunited with his family and will regale them with stories of the strange cave he was temporarily trapped in and the woman who appeared and only cringed a little when he swooped past multiple times.

  390. We listened to your appearance on “The Hilarious World of Depression” last night – it was awesome. Thank you for being so open about your struggles – it helps a lot of people. 🙂

  391. 391
    Tiffany Kotz

    I had an alpaca lick me on the cheek, and now I own her and am buying 40 acres for her and her friends!

  392. Reading “Ready Player One” and enjoying winter sunshine. Good book and light, what every introvert needs 🙂

  393. Since Chewy is an alien life form, he may not have junk – and he may eliminate waste in a completely different manner – but don’t think about that too much–because eeewwwww!

  394. I love you! Thank you for your honesty. You will be fine! I’ll be praying for you.
    I’m excited about Christmas but really worried about my kids’ Christmas presents – we got them foam beds/platforms that weigh a ton and we’re going to have to somehow lug them upstairs AND lug down their old mattresses and boxsprings. Wish us luck!

  395. Chewy and his dingleberries! – And you think you’re not funny right now? 🙂

  396. I actually remembered to buy teacher presents before winter break started, yay me!

  397. We are helping my niece, who is in a bad place, learn that being sad is not who she is, just how she feels. And she is finally getting listened to when she is asking for help (pre-teen is hard, it’s harder when no one listens). |I think we can send her home again for Christmas. <3

  398. 398
    Sherry Correia

    I saw a beautiful wild fox cross through my backyard a couple of days ago. I just enjoyed watching him and resisted the urge to run and get my camera. Nature is healing. One breathe at a time dear one.

  399. My husband finally finished his Master’s with a 4.0! And, we live in Japan (US military) so now we’ll have time to actually explore and hike and eat all the food, because he’s not doing homework anymore! We’re also starting a D&D group and none of us have ever played. It’s going to be a great adventure!

  400. DINGLEBERRIES! My mom used to call them that. It was our secret word because we were the only ones who knew it. How did you know our secret word? ARE YOU RELATED TO ME? OMG that would be so cool. Also, I used to work at a library and they kept me in the basement because I didn’t do peopling well. Victor’s video sharing made me realize I’m an introvert and the library was the introvert shelter for many of us. See? You do good work even on your off days.

  401. 401
    Kimberly Lovings

    My son finally decided on a college. It may be pretty far away but it’s an awesome good school and I’m super proud of him! And he’s happy so I’m happy. Big hugs to you! You don’t have to be happy all the time or on all the time or really anything for anyone else. I tell my son this all the time. Be you because you are awesome!

  402. Teaching winter break camp this week. We planned a craft with peanut butter and managed to make a peanut-free zone for one very reactive kiddo (and with no reaction on his part, I might add, which frankly still amazes me). Bonus: he got to do a slightly modified craft.

  403. I don’t think of myself as an introvert but a lot of thatvideo was spot on. Although I do deface furniture and tend to piss everywhere. Good things? One more day until Christmas break. I can survive one more day without stabbing anyone. Maybe.

    KStewand4cats recently posted Satan is Just Santa Spelled Wrong.

  404. We got an new it weird to be uber excited about that?

  405. 405
    Misfit Dreams

    Because of James Garfield Miracle my kids are going to have a couple things apiece for Christmas. That’s my good news.

  406. My first Anniversary is on the 21st of December. We got married on the solstice to make the Sun come back for ourselves and everybody else, but it didn’t stick, so we’ll be doing an annual maintenance ritual until the darkness goes away permanently.

    Your welcome.

  407. I got to see The Last Jedi yesterday too! It was SO. GOOD. I cried 3 or 4 times. Hard to count when they overlap.
    You made me laugh too. I’m betting there’s a way around it, since no one complains about him being stinky. Maybe there’s a bare spot and the hair outside of that is thicker, so it makes a kind of flap, like a shirt tail, that hides/protects it.

  408. This morning I attended the first local planning meeting for the Women’s March event. Las Vegas will be the location for the NATIONAL event! Wowza! The room was full of women who want to make a difference in the world. So that was energizing. At my age I mostly listen and nod sagely, so that’s pleasant.

  409. I finally can hang the wreaths my mama hand quilted 30 years ago and mailed to me 18 years ago because I finally live in a house with a second floor so I actually have a bannister.

    Also, you are a wonderful human being and you are so loved. Depression is a lying liar who lies. Keep on keeping on!

  410. Something good…The worker’s comp insurance FINALLY accepted my husband’s injury claim. So now he can get treatment and they have to pay him 5 months of back pay. 🙂 Also, the weekend before last, the battery on my car started acting up. I took it back to where I bought it and it was replaced under warranty. The employee tested my charging system an d their machine said my alternator was bad. I took my car to the shop to get it fixed, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Since my repair warranty expires in ~700 miles, I asked the shop to check my car out and anything that could be fixed under the warranty to submit. It took almost a week, but nearly everything was approved. I’m getting tons of work done and I don’t have to cover it myself. lol Plus, the repair warranty covers the rental car. SCORE!

  411. Hi Jenny, I found out I’m getting a very nice raise, I haven’t gotten anything decent in years. I’m a state employee. I officially started my 3 week vacation and I received a very cute coffee mug with a picture of a cat on it.

  412. I flirted with a guy. I am a (44 yo) widow and I haven’t flirted with a new guy in almost 20 years. Felt very weird, but nice too- being sad for too long is too hard, I needed a moment of whimsy.

  413. We’re on vaca in Australia and my husband ordered us a lamb and pickle pizza. That came with warm yogurt on top. Like this is an actual thing on an actual menu. It was as gross as you can imagine, but I totally didn’t kill him or make a scene so I call that a win!

  414. I successfully stitched my daughter’s leotard back together after the ER docs cut it off of her when she broke her arm. She broke it last may, and it’s been sitting in the mending pile since then. We have things in the mending pile from when she was 3. She’s 9 now. That’s the kind of mom I am, so it’s s a total win that I got it fixed so she could wear it tonight when she couldn’t find her other one. We didn’t do laundry this weekend. (I mentioned I’m that kind of mom, right?) So, yeah, she was super happy and said it didn’t feel weird at all, and that‘is the the miracle part of this, because I was laying good odds on her declaring my shitty sewing job felt wrong and she wouldn’t wear it.
    I hope you feel better soon. Hugs. Keep fighting.

  415. My sister is in a horrible marriage with a narcissist, and beginning too get divorced. Day by day she grows stronger and stands up for herself, and creates boundaries. She went from totally scares to tell us she needed help to where she is now. We secretly got her to an attorney and she’ll be serving her papers hopefully by this Friday if the judge okays it. A little happy Juju would be appreciated by everyone to make this happen. We love you Jenny and you’re right that you will come out of this episode and bang out a kick-ass chapter or two in your new book. We love you we love you we love you. Merry Christmas!

  416. My fiancé sneaked a piece of celery into my boss’s pocket because he knew it would make me laugh. That was the first thing I thought to tell you to cheer you up (for a moment)!

  417. I’ve been without a kitchen for weeks due to water damage but the contractors say they’ll be done putting it back together by the end of the week! Yay! And I opened a bottle of wine at the crack of 5!

  418. Solution to dingleberry problem = another dog.

  419. 419
    Stacy Punessen

    I SO understand, knowing it weill get better doesn’t mean shit now. I get why ur questioning Chewbacas lack of poopy butt, seriously, wouldn’t they have revolted against a huge poopy butt? “Tuvk and roll Chewy, tuck and roll.” That’s what Id be saying. Thanks for being you, Love ya!

  420. A stranger at the post office gave me a book of holiday stamps, refused any payment. Celebrating the kindness of people!

  421. I have officially passed the last class in my Masters Degree Program, now I just have to wait for the school to review all of my work.
    Oddly, I’m a little more excited about the AWESOME yarn I found that makes my crochet projects look like sunsets and the Northern Lights. The colors make me so happy!
    Also Christmas is coming and I get to make (and eat) my favorite cherry crisp, I only make it once a year otherwise my blood would be composed of cherry juice and sugar.

    You can kick depressions ass!

  422. I love your honesty, makes me feel normal, whatever that is. Something good? I had a christmas dinner with friends last night and laughed more than I have in a long time 🙂

  423. We saved a renegade Pomeranian from reaching the street with a lot of traffic, and returned him to a frantic, but thankful owner a few blocks away. Made everyone happy !

  424. It is the time of year to make fun yummy treats and not feel guilty; today, I made brown butter rice krispie treats 🤗

  425. Yeah, that last paragraph about Chewbacca just proves that you can totally be funny even when you don’t think you are.

    Good things… Two weeks ago was my 10-year work anniversary and all my coworkers congratulated me and gave me a special 10-year pin. Given that 98% of all my anxiety attacks happen at work (as well as about 90% of all my self-harm incidents) I’m sort of amazed that I’ve lasted there so long, and it kind of gives me a lot of hope for the future.

    A week and a half ago my stepdad came to visit for a short holiday celebration. He lives in a different state and comes to visit 2-4 times a year. He only stayed 4 days this time but it was awesome, we went to the movies twice and went out to eat a lot, including to the fanciest steakhouse in town that mom and I could never afford ourselves.

    I’m going to church regularly for the first time in my life, after finally finding a church that doesn’t discriminate against me for being gay. I’m not really a religious person and I’m still not totally sure what I do and don’t believe in that area, but the feeling of family and closeness and being a part of something like that is wonderful (plus they have an awesome praise team).

    And last but certainly not least, I am listening to Furiously Happy right now (well I was, I stopped for a moment to read this post!). For the… 14th time, I believe? I’ve been so busy the last few months that I hadn’t been listening to it, but in the last three days I’ve gotten almost all the way through it again and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve laughed outloud. So thanks for that.

  426. My feel good moment of the week— a student asked me for help improving his SAT Writing score. He listened to what I had to say, and we set up some follow up. He wants to attend a local university to gain more welding expertise. You got this, Jenny.

  427. 427

    You need to do what I do!!!! I have a copy of your Furiously Happy (signed edition) with that racoon on the cover sitting propped up on a bookcase by my front door (I swear, even have a pic!)… reminds me everyday as I leave the house to choose to be happy, not just happy, FURIOUSLY HAPPY! When I get down, I think of that crazy racoon cover and it makes me smile again.

    Love & Light, Rev T.

  428. 428
    Melodie Starkey

    Today is my birthday and my best friend sent me lunch from 2,000 miles away via Grub Hub.

  429. this time last year, my mom was in and out of doctors’ offices for heart trouble. this year, she had the christmas tree up on the first of december. that’s NEVER happened. EVER. i think she was so happy to be here, home and healthy that her christmas spirit’s twice what it normally is.

  430. 430

    Here is the pic of your book by my front door (as per my post)[image: Inline image 1]

  431. I hurt my back with a full on “banana peel” Three Stooges type fall. Sounds bad but wait, there’s more; I got out of hosting Thanksgiving and my husband is doing all the Christmassy shit I used to do. Yee haaaaaaa! Riding the couch into a pleasant season.

  432. Just be

  433. 433
    Cynthia Turner

    I, too, have wondered about Chewy’s nether regions… my dog also has a hairy butt, yet somehow manages to avoid all that hair when he poops! It’s a talent, really. Too bad Dorothy Barker hasn’t learned how. If we lived closer, I could bring my dog over and they could discuss.
    Also, having read Furiously Happy, I have a much better understanding of not only you but also my adult daughter, who suffers from major depressive disorder. Thank you for that. The guilt was killing me! I’m grateful you know you will, eventually, be back in a somewhat even keel. As for me, I now have to decorate the most pathetic of stunt Christmas trees. I’m looking forward to it. Our trees have always been graceful and tall and full. This year, though, we just said “ screw it- we’ll get the homeliest tree we can find and make it beautiful. i credit you! ❤️❤️

  434. I would post something positive but I’m too disturbed about the state of the seats on the Millennium Falcon! Thank you for the mental image 😁 I do hope you see the light soon.

  435. This made me feel better. I’m almost sick of knitting mittens, but I’m working on another 14 on top of these for our local homeless shelter, because doing something feels better than nothing:

  436. I have new books, colouring pencils and a LOT of chocolate. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to leave the house until the new year, no peopleing for me!!!!!

  437. 437
    Melanie Sinclair

    My cat, Casper is sitting on me and purring. Blessings and healing white light, headed your way.

  438. My cousin just got a full scholarship to college!

  439. I finished my first semester of vet school and got above a C in all my classes!

  440. 440

    I am also battling the depression beast this time of year, but today my niece sent me Christmas pictures of my adorable great niece who now knows how to tell her mom “shoo” when she wants to do something on the “no” list like climbing the cupboards to get to the cookies (she’s two). A girl after my own heart! Hope it helps and the fog lifts soon!

  441. I was just accosted by a make up sales women who insisted on doing my face. I was reluctant because gross, I don’t like people that close and certainly not touching me. She did a great job…I bought the eye shadow. Samples always work on me even when I’m not shopping. I guess I’m a bit of a sucker. Oh well it was fun and now I feel pretty.
    Also this are valid questions regarding Chewie’s butt. I will never see him again without wondering.

  442. Ahh, Jenny, hang in there. There can be no shadows without a light cast. I am trying to shake away my negative thoughts with dogs, God (that’s almost a palindrome with dogs, but I added and “s” and dogs has a lower case “d”), worthy people, cheap wine, Goldfish crackers, awesome books, and Bruce Springsteen songs.

    This weekend, as I drove my 13 and 15 year-old daughters to parties, I was on the verge of tears until Springsteen’s rare rendition of Pretty Flamingo played on Sirius XM. My teenagers knew I needed a good moment, and actually sang the refrain with me. “Sha la la, la la la la, Pretty Flamingo!”

    Jenny you are a star, a light, and a pretty flamingo!

    D.S. Lucas recently posted I Trashed the Neighborhood: Part II.

  443. I have a cat who also has issues with keeping herself clean (because she’s portly, but we’re working on that) and I take her to the vet once a month for a weight check and a “butt cut” which the vet staff insists should be called a sanitary trim, but in my mind, it’s a butt cut. End of story.

  444. I just found out I got a scholarship that will help pay for my last semester of nursing school. It’s a scholarship based on academic standing, being a single mother and working full time. Just when I was losing faith in myself.

  445. Chicken, jockstrap, pecker, face – let your mind run free. Me, my thoughts are clean, are yours?
    Favorite things from childhood: Waffle stompers, green fake fur coat, my head in Ernie puppet’s shirt with his arms wrapped around my neck like a totem pole his head on top of my head, tiny kitten small enough to fit in one hand, Famolare shoes, Garanimals, Wangdoodle, Gillygoofong, B is for Betsy but never Elsie Dinsmore!

  446. With cheer-up-able videos like that one, there’s hope. Winter solstice—embrace it

  447. I ran away from the house/state (not sure which) that was making me very, very ill, and finally have enough energy to fix some broken things, like my broken razor and my broken hairbrush. (And by “fix,” I mean figure out their replacements and buy them.) Hopefully my broken brain and broken body will also get improved. How can they not, when I’ve got Rory clothes and jammies to wear in my new hideaway?

  448. after nearly 2 years of marriage & living in our house, my daughter & son in law just bought their first home, just in time for christmas. i’m going to run naked thru the house. just as soon as i take the college kid back to school first. :p

  449. My autistic daughter just made the Honor Roll for the first time, completely surprising me. (And I really don’t want to think about Chewie’s hygiene needs.)

  450. I have puppies. A 6 year old and a 3 year old. And I just created a blog for pictures, poetry, and random thots. Thank you Jenny.

    kjhill2014 recently posted Kate Hill.

  451. 451

    So this isn’t a good thing, but it’s a good story.

    I’m a carpenter for theatre. A few years back I was pulling really long hours and we were all a little out of it. I made a list of measurements and the other carpenter said “well, let’s start with the younger ones first.” I snorted and said “you mean shorter?” And then I thought “well, that makes sense. I mean, as humans, we’re often smaller when we’re younger. Most baby animals are smaller when they’re younger. Huh. I can’t think of any animals that aren’t smaller when they’re younger.” And then, my sleep deprived, completely fried brain said “what about giraffes? Giraffes are big.” And I had to actually explain to myself that, despite the fact that baby giraffes are bigger than adult humans, they’re still smaller than adult giraffes, because the object coming out of the box must be smaller than the box.

  452. Me (extrovert): What?
    You: Fuck!

    Got it! Thanks for that owner’s manual!

    emelle recently posted A new test ... of my patience, among other things.

  453. 453
    Jo-Anne Oakley

    I’d love to say something positive but my job ends Friday. My office is closing and I’ll soon be unemployed. Trying to fight the dark beast but it’s difficult. Knowing someone else is out there battling the same beast and hanging on really helps.

  454. My hubby and I went away for 2 days to a gorgeous little resort about 90 minutes from where we live on Vancouver Island, BC called Fossil Bay. We were the only guests there for the Monday and Tuesday. We had a private cabin with a hottub on the deck, overlooking the ocean. We spent most of our time naked in the hottub, or doing other lovely things to reconnect us as a couple. My hubby works 12 hour days and we really needed this time together. It was a fabulous time away from everything and best of all…it was HIS suggestion that we go. 🙂

    LadyPamelaRose recently posted Volunteering, Speechifying and Stuff….

  455. I have puppies. A 6 year old and a 3 year old. And I just created a blog for pictures, poetry, and random thots. Thank you Jenny.

    I also posted with the wrong account. This new one has puppies.

    kjhill recently posted WheeitsmeThots.

  456. My 16 yo daughter is on track to be discharged from an Eating Disorder unit this week. Fingers crossed she’ll be home for Christmas. I share your writing with her, but it’s me and my wife who really gain strength from you and all you share. Thank you!!

  457. 457
    Julie the Boolie Goolie

    My beautiful 6 year old badass granddaughter wants to be a Ninja when she grows up. We got her Ninja lessons for her birthday. She broke her first board today! Rock on Little HoneyBadger!

  458. Pancakes for supper!!!

  459. I’ve lost 10 lbs in the last month!!!!

  460. My ex step kids flew in for a visit with me and we had a fabulous time. As I always tell them… family is the people that you love.

  461. I’m happier now than I ever imagined I could be. Two years ago my husband left, 4 years ago my Mom died unexpectedly in her early 60s. I hope. I live through today. I laugh with you. Thank you for bringing the truth to so many of us who need it.


    You i like. My good is you made me listen to this song.


  463. Winter Solstice is in three days! From there, we start gaining daylight, a little bit each day.

  464. 464
    Stephanie LaForge

    I got a laser cutter! That means I can make things but by using fire. Many things are better with fire. Flambe foods, spiders, smores, cold nights, and now… CRAFTS!

    Also, I read your books while I work out. I have gufawed outloud so hard I’ve almost fallen off my elliptical. People turn and stare, cause no one laughs like that at a gym. But you are my best distraction from how much I don’t want to be there.

    Don’t forget your folder of twenty four. If you can ‘pretend to be good at it’, then pretend you are in that folder. Think of how happy it would make book-tour-Jenny if she heard you say you were #25.

  465. I’m going to spend the entire day tomorrow baking cookies. Most of them are my grandmother’s recipes that I loved as a kid. 2017 was not good and I haven’t had time to bake since last year. Soooo happy!!! Miss you grandma!

  466. Today I did a gentleman’s resume, and I made him look awesome. I mean, he’s probably awesome to his family and stuff, but now he’s awesome on paper in front of an employer, so here’s to hoping it works! Also 70% of what I do is resumes and the other 30% is explaining to people that I’m not Unemployment so please go yell somewhere else.

    Also, I’m playing Xenoblade II, and I am SO in love with this game and it’s gameplay style and billion things to do. And how ridiculous Pyra’s boobs are. They’re endlessly amusing. 9.5 out 10; do recommend. And that .5 is because the map system is a pain, but they’ll fix it in the next update they say. Also my husband cuddles and watches me play and talks me down from the ceiling during boss fights.

    reneewittman recently posted Pretties! Xenoblade II on the Switch.

  467. My dog had surgery a week ago Friday to remove a mass on his paw that the vet thought might be cancer. Vet called today with the lab results. It’s not cancer. It’s a sebaceous gland cyst. I googled it. Basically, he had a really big pimple between his toes and I paid $1k to have it removed. I can laugh about it because it’s not cancer!

  468. Two years ago my husband of 21 years had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar, severe anxiety & depression, and OCD at age 43. We literally went through hell. Lost jobs, broken marriage, lies, tears, and so much pain. But we kept going – together. We have fought hard, and while it will never be easy, it is all worth it. Every. Damn. Day! I am thankful that we have both kept going and grateful to have others like you to remind me that sometimes life sucks and sometimes we hurt, but that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. Thank you for the honesty, for the laughs & for reminding those of us who care for someone who is struggling that it will be ok. It will. Much love.

  469. Had my family’s Christmas celebration yesterday. All 24 of us were here. We also celebrated our dad’s upcoming 93rd Birthday! Mom is 86. We are blessed and so are you, Jenny! Merry Christmas!

  470. It was above freezing for the first time in nearly a week! It’s the little things sometimes. 🙂 Sending you sunshine, Jenny, and hope you are feeling better soon!

  471. The bus driver this morning was singing lines of everything from Sinatra to disco, including “Does that make me Crazy” more than once. He also announced all the stops with a rhyme or pun and encouraged people to make room by doing a moonwalk or electric slide.

  472. I have a box of your books that you signed to give to my family for Christmas gifts–I can’t wait! So thankful for you and all your gifts to the world! ❤️✨🌈

  473. Yesterday while cooking well eating popcorn for supper but that sounded so much better…..I listened to my first ever podcast…it was You and you were Great ! Subject… dep and anxiety and I heard you describe a Worry I seriously thought only I was, well, sorry but, crazy enough to make up…never mind Believe for even 2-5 seconds but I DID…..many years ago…..and I guess you do quite often…I’m so sorry to realize….. but I’ll always love you for being brave enough to tell your stories while I can listen and Act Normal while doing so………listening as I did…..on my iPad…….
    Yes……I did really think …for like 5-7 seconds that My Two Kids….. were so beautiful and perfect that maybe our neighbors moved into our neighborhood five years ago JUST TO INVITE THEM TO AN IMPOSSIBLY LONG BOWLING PARTY and kidnap them never to be seen by me again……. their and rest of the neighborhood kids invited ??? ….. shoulder shrug; Colateral Damage………
    you kinda saved me from at least one very embarrassing worry I’d Never Share with Anyone except for you……by making me feel quite a bit less unique in it…..and not so alone…..YES……YOU !!!
    PS Victor is A Doll but don’t really tell him…… ,you Know how They Get……. oxen 🐂
    I always signed off every fam communicate with ox which = 🐂In emoji popups… I just recently found out……. love what you do everyday…..Even If It’s Nothing……..and you love sometimes even ugly animals…… You = Oxen. “In a good way”…. my mouthy daughter used to theorize….”Ma, I think you can say almost anything to people if you end it with…… “in a good way”…… hummmmm. Interesting theory that’s sadly not often workable….. please don’t try…

  474. You aren’t alone. Things are very hard right now. My good news is that we’ve been working really, really hard (on a really tight budget) to pay off our debt, and it’s finally starting to pay off.

    The 76K Project recently posted The Connection Between My Mental Health and My Debt.

  475. Today, a bunch of puppies (about 500 I think) got loose in an elementary school and ran all over the entire school being really cute, making people laugh, and licked all the kids. Then the kids got to take the puppies home. It was awesome.

  476. After a year of my hubby not finding a job, he finally got hired somewhere. He likes it and though we are maintaining and not really getting ahead, he isn’t taking the money out of his savings anymore. 😊

  477. My head had been blocked up writing-wise for months (I blame my job), but I managed to get a short story done and into editing today!

    Yes, I still have it in me. Don’t know if if helps, but even on the bad days I see you have it in you too.

  478. Getting a Christmas tree tomorrow night! A Grand Fir, which smells better than any other tree, and, additionally, has sap pimples on the trunk which you can pop – always fun – and it smells even better (in direct contrast to other pimples which smell like rotten cheese farts).

  479. I was able to get out of bed today. I made it through the work day without fing anything up, made it back home into bed. That’s a win. Oh, and Cheeto didn’t end the world today. Double win.

  480. 480
    Emmali Anderson

    I got my package today! It had 3 signed books by my best friend Jenny Lawson. Not my real best friend. That’s silly, I’ve never met her. Although I would love to. She’s a lady that knows everything about me without even knowing me. It’s kinda creepy. But real cool at the same time. And here’s where I delete this whole comment and just say ‘I got got my signed books today, thanks Jenny !’ But I didn’t delete it all. Obviously. But seriously, I did want to say thanks. For everything. For letting me know I’m not alone. That I’m Ok(even though I’m not) . I have buttons in my brain: alt tab(most common), triggered/enter. Escape. I wish the delete button worked better…….

  481. I just learned that successfully making a sourdough starter (which is just flour and water left to ferment) is called capturing the wild yeast. Sort of like wildabeest or buffalo but probably hairless. It’s not much but it made me feel pretty good about things.

  482. The other day my furry cat was totally doing the Burt Reynold pose – you know, this one: (minus the cigarette). But then he (the cat, not Burt) did that typical cat thing and moved JUST as I tried to take a photo. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think my cat is sexy, just funny. I’m not a crazy cat lady, no matter what my cat tells you.

  483. I’m depressed and wanting to self harm. My online friend Kellie from the Tribe is looking out for me and showering now me in her love.

  484. I have not been in the holiday spirit this year and have been grumping about the house, complaining about the rampant commercialism like some mini Marxist. But today I heard Queen’s “Thank God its Christmas” on the radio coming home from work and drove up to our house. We purchased one of those hokey laser projector things this year with rotating snowflakes to project on our garage. I opened the garage and did a Christmas variation of Roger Daltrey in the video link below while singing “THANK GOD IT’S CHRISTMAS”.

    My neighbors didn’t call the cops, but I’m sure they’re certain I’m nuts. But I feel more in the holiday spirit now.

    (And no, I didn’t yell. Maybe sang a bit loud but no yelling)

    skullwoman recently posted 642 Tiny Things To Write About: A Bear for All Seasons.

  485. Our Christmas tree has only fallen down once in 24 hrs. We may be ready for the ornaments!

  486. I’m 3 days away from Christmas break. Also I finished my winter concert last week and I’ve been getting compliments all week on the hard work I put in. My students are incredibly talented and I’m so proud of them.

    Other good things: I’m in a solid relationship with someone I genuinely love who legitimately gets me. The first time I’ve trusted someone enough to love since the divorce 3 years ago. I’m speaking with my mom once a week after having a super distant relationship with her for years.

  487. 487
    Catie Phillips

    I have a happy, healthy, 10 month old baby girl and a wonderful husband to raise her with. Seeing him become an amazing father has deepened our relationship and my love for him. We get to fly home (we’re from Canada but living in Texas) and introduce our little girl to so many family members, and we get to see my mom again – all at Christmas.

  488. I’m getting married o_O !!
    Any words of wisdom?

  489. We saw my son’s Special Ed Inclusion teacher at the drug store tonight when I popped into the doc in the box to get meds for my raging ear infection. I was reminded, again, how awesome she is at her job and how lucky we’ve been the last 2 1/2 years to have her as part of his SpEd team. She is incredibly patient, kind and amazingly funny.

    In the last decade or so since my son started school (he started preK at 3 1/2 and now he’s 13 1/2), he has been incredibly blessed with SpEd teachers who are extremely well suited to their jobs which is something I’ve always been incredibly grateful for.

    mommatrek recently posted It’s 2 brain must be lonely….

  490. After being out of college for three years and having two failed part-time jobs over the last year and feeling like I wasn’t capable of working because of my depression, I finally have a job that I like and am earning money.

  491. Sending positive vibes your way. My good thing is that I decided to go to school to become a licenced massage therapist. It’s been challenging and good for me.

    Shari recently posted New Article on Tuning Forks and Sound Healing.

  492. As we were leaving the theater tonight after seeing The Last Jedi, an older women in front of me and my daughter commented, “You wait, they’ll probably make another one.” It caused my daughter and I to laugh uncontrollably.

  493. Here – goats in elf costumes.

  494. After dealing with a devestating miscarriage a few months ago, we got to hear the little flutter of our rainbow baby’s heartbeat for the first time this week.

  495. We adopted a hedgehog and had a Christmas photo shoot with him today. It might have been the best day of my life.

  496. My teenage son with major depressive disorder is now at an alternative high school and doing very well (and it’s not like that NY school where they didn’t do anything and passed anyway). It’s mostly kids who were teased or otherwise miserable at regular school, and they remind me of your introvert video. He turns 17 next week. (Also, I told DH about your Chewbacca dingleberries confusion, and he said “that’s why they call him Chewy.” I’m sorry.)

  497. So things in my little world have been a bit rough lately, but I successfully figured out how to get my wireless printer connected to my Mac.

  498. Almost 500 comments so far! That’s pretty good.

    About a month ago my family experienced a seemingly minor but completely unexpected loss. It left us breathless and gutted with grief. It was hard for us to function above the bare minimum for several weeks. But here we are, about a month later, and the lights are still on (figuratively and literally). Hope was gone, but now it’s back. Time. It takes time. Sometimes it’s a waiting game. And you’re in it, so you can win it. 😀 😀 😀

  499. 499
    Endymion Napping

    I saw a headline “The strange new seafloor worm without an anus” and I read it as “The strange new seafloor WORN without an anus” and I was like “I have questions.” Now I know there is no strange new submarine non-anal fashion trend and my life is slightly bleaker.

  500. 500
    Mrs. Hotypeter

    Today I got to play in the ocean with my husband, who is amazing, and we both love your writing. It’s helped us talk about things we’re each working through in ways that seem less weird, because you went first. So, thanks!

  501. 501
    Anarchy Bean

    I had a long stressful day but then my husband worked out a way for me to have an hour to myself with a good book and no kids, then had a hot dinner ready for me when I got home. Everyone should feel this loved. YOU are this loved, maybe in different ways but just as much.

  502. I never once thought about Chewbacca’s toilet habits, and now I can’t think of anything else.

    We haven’t seen it yet. I am mostly unspoiled (been trying desperately to avoid same), but it’s hard to avoid the Interwebs completely (especially when this IS “social interaction”). My mother couldn’t figure out why anyone would send an email when they could just “pick up the phone.” She is an Extrovert (in caps, yes). I’m really not sure how she and my Dad ended up together (I take after him).

  503. I went camping this weekend and got to see a wild horse and her colt. They were so comfortable and safe around us that she continued to graze as her colt napped in front of us. This has been my dream since I was a child.

  504. My hair behaved itself today!
    My kids all brought home good report cards. They’re all in pre-or elementary school, so it’s mostly just “Good job!” but at least it was good job.
    My paintings are turning out not super terrible.

  505. Ok… I wasn’t going to say this on because I don’t wanna it to be seen as jumping on here for free publicity or anything… But I just can’t keep it to myself – we laughed too hard when we came up with it. Hopefully it will make you laugh, too.

    My husband and I just came up with the name for my sewing business. Stitches For My Bitches!

    Feel free to delete if you didn’t think it was funny. Lol

  506. thank you for making me giggle and keep going and thank you to Victor for the video! I have been struggling lately also and am so grateful to you for sharing with us. For the happy little stuff – my cat is snuggled on my lap purring, my nephew playing very well at his piano recital, my brother passed a very stressful test at work, my dad and I got to cuddle up on the couch with my kitty to watch the wrong trousers, and finally I had keftover thai food for dinner 🙂

  507. 507
    Angela M Cousins

    I am baking cool whip spice cookies and oatmeal scotchies and watching the Ninth Doctor. I would share all of this with you if I could. <3

  508. At our staff party, a coworker expressed befuddlement when a student told her he got a Ken doll as a Hanukka gift. She wanted to know if Ken dolls were “a thing”. Someone inquired “could it be a Kindle?” Indeed!

  509. My 7 year old daughter’s latest scans make her officially 3 years cancer free!

  510. I signed up to the Cards Against Humanity Saves America event as a Christmas gift to myself. I found out last week that I was one of the poorest 100 people to sign up (sad), but they were redistributing wealth as day 3 of 6 and I received $1000. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulder to have some unexpected cash.

  511. 511
    Ragdoll Poet

    David Tennant on a Unicorn holding a plate of brownies out saying, “Jenny, these are all for you!” It’s up to you whether you want the unicorn to be taxidermy or an alive being. It’s kind of a choose-your-own-adventure in that one aspect.

  512. One good thing in my life happened because of you, James Garfield and some very kind people! I get to spoil the little kidlets in my life on Christmas this year, something I didn’t think I’d be able to do since being forced to quit my job because of health reasons. I am filled with so much gratitude, I get teary (in a good way) every time I think about it! Cue warm fuzzies… 🙂

  513. I also joined a Spoonie Card Swap and got my card in the mail the other day, along with a lovely letter from the sender! I know it’s such a simple little thing but it made me so glad!!!

  514. Survived kidney failure, a massive blood clot in my leg, pancreatic cancer and TWO falls down the basement stairs. All in the last 16 months. I’m feeling good and looking forward to 2018. It can always be worse…

  515. We finally got moved into the new house and it’s wonderful, but so much to put away. While we were pondering this, some friends showed up and helped organize things and they BROUGHT TAMALES with them! So we lit a fire and a party broke out.

    Jenny, we all love you. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling like being funny or not. We will stick with you anyway. (Metaphorically. If we did it for realz there would be a lot of trouble getting through doors and we’d need at least two clown cars to get around.)

  516. Just finished watching Dr. Dolittle (the original). Think he was pretty much an introvert as well! Well …other then talking to animals that is…those he’d talk to allot but really only as long as needed. Cute and funny but think they copped out on ending…I’d have enjoyed seeing him awkwardly reunite with everyone! I guess awkward uncomfortable humor was probably not the norm during that time..missed opportunity there! All righty off to look for the purring kitty ( no Jenny that is not a euphemism! Eww). I really can hear our Kitten purring somewhere and that means cuddles 🙂 Namaste Miss

  517. I got all my gifts mailed to the mainland ( the rest of the US excluding HI) in time to arrive before Xmas and got to surf!! And having Never commented before I should Tell you that your blog makes me laugh out loud, truely.

  518. 518

    My sister in law and I have finally mended fences and I got to hold my month old niece for the first time. And just being able to snuggle that small human erased any resentment that may have lingered.

  519. I work at a community college. Our book club had a potluck that wore me OUT last week. It was a Thanksgiving-winter break-finals-Christmas-Yule-Hanukkah-New Years themed party for our whole campus. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to bring anything — had to cross my fingers and hope for the best. But we had huge attendance and tons of people participating. No one left hungry, and we had leftovers to share for hours afterwards. It was finals week, and everyone had cupcakes and cookies to keep them going. 🙂 Also, the 3 year old boy with autism (son of one of the students) thought the dreidels were the best toys ever! It was a chaotic wonderful mess.

  520. It’s a bit late, but…….I believe all Chewys carry a PPB (portable personal bidet). It looks like a mini power wash wand, the kind used to blast black gum wads off the sidewalk here in NYC. It keeps Chewys clean and fluffy. Now Something Good…It’s been working so far this fall, The meditative music of Deva Premal has kept the demon voices of anxiety and dread to a low murmur.
    Loved the cartoon.

  521. My youngest son passed calculus & can go in with his life without worrying about math again!

  522. I finally took the first steps to open my own floral design shop after playing with the idea for years!

  523. Your post made me laugh. That’s a good thing.

  524. I got two Pure Neemo dolls on the mail today and our landlord had a new oven installed in our house AND I’m going to have a baby!

  525. My husband and I are celebrating our first holiday with our new puppy. We can’t have a Christmas tree (she’ll definitely eat the fuck out of it), so we hung our ornaments on a cedar garland and called it a “yule branch”. Sending A universe of love to you.

  526. 526
    Karen the Reader

    After being too depressed to shower for months, I got off my ass, cleaned the mold from the fridge, and booked a Disneyland trip for me and my poor patient kid

  527. I didn’t kill anyone today, so I guess that’s a good thing. Oh, Jenny, I can’t believe someone with your social anxiety, depression, and myriad medical problems can still manage to be loved and admired by so many of us. How you managed to end up surrounded by the tribe of assorted misfits and like-minded people is such an amazing thing. I rely on you to cheer me up when I’m down, and you never fail me. Even at your “worst”, you’re hilarious, or poetic, or something that touches my heart. Thanks for being here when we need you, and as you can tell from the response, all of us are willing to be there for you. Sending hugs.

  528. Siobhan Smith in #19–after decades of near daily migraines, my husbands’ dr suggested ketamine. It’s been over a year since he’s had a migraine and it helps with other pain management situations since he can’t take NSAIDs.

  529. 529
    Shannon Crossland

    I’ve been more depressed over the past 6 months than ever before. I don’t have much to say about the good stuff right now but I had a brief moment of laughter today from watching the movie “Best Night Ever”. It starts out kinda stupid but I promise it will make you laugh! I hope it gives you a moment of happiness!

  530. My family just got back from celebrating Star Wars Weekend with our friends. I’ve known my friend Billy since middle school (25 years ago), and John since high school (20 years ago). All of our kids are growing up together. My friend Betty got me to do Fireball shots, and I may have taken off my pants. What a crazy weekend!

  531. In an attempt to head off at least part of my own depression, I attempted a minor Christmas miracle for a stranger by replacing a gift damaged in shipment off a wishlist of families with kids that have special needs.

    In unrelated news, I have a new word for dingleberries courtesy of @lauravstinder on instagram… They’re now Sharticles in my household.

  532. Today is my 35th birthday and my first birthday in awhile at a new workplace and my coworkers ALL wished me a happy birthday and we’re genuinely happy for me making it to halfway to 70 😀

    It’s only THREE MORE DAYS until I’m off for Christmas vacation and my kids are soooooo insanely excited for Christmas and Santa that it has completely rubbed off on me and now I’m getting excited butterflies too!

  533. I made a gingerbread house with the kids today and by gingerbread, I mean super-stale graham crackers I found in the cupboard and by house, I mean a vaguely upright structure that somehow listed badly in all directions. The kids were delighted until one ate so much of the old Halloween candy we were using to decorate that he literally barfed and then I accidentally broke a glass by the gingerbread house so now it’s coated in glass shards. It’s sort of looks like the witch in Hansel & Gretel hired a really crappy contractor to install a terrifying security system. But SILVER LINING! No one got hurt and I didn’t get puke on me, so I’ll call it a win.

  534. 534
    Kate, Leo & Newt

    I got a car for the first time in 5 years last week, and the level of freedom is AMAZING.

  535. My family doesn’t have much, but we help people when we can. Today, our neighbor’s car broke down and he couldn’t get to work. My son took him to work and my husband fixed his car while he was away at work.

  536. 536
    Debbie in AZ

    My sisters and brother and I went in together and bought our 79 year old mother a new (gently used) car and surprised her with it a few days ago. She was thrilled with it! Now she has the newest car in our entire family!

  537. Hi Jenny
    Today was pretty darned great. I was showered dressed in not-wacko clothes and outside doing regular people stuff all day today. I had a breakfast turkey burrito because real food for breakfast gives me superpowers. I dealt with several strangers at their shops as if they were friends and it was magic, no conflicts. ‘Tis the season where my pilgrimage to Starbucks for a Grande Decaf Eggnog Latte is a Thing and today I Thinged it.

    I plan on winning the debate over whether AAA should replace my car battery after it wouldn’t start, when they say it’s still fine and I say, we are surrounded by smoke and Red Flag Warnings and I feel strongly I do not want my car crippled so that it may or may not start right now, thanks ever. Also, I already bought a new car battery tonight because we women are like that. -As you yourself know, Jenny.

    Also this week I gave whole blood to my favorite stranger. This is via my hospital’s Donor Program that I stumbled into. She has a blood disorder and has to have regular transfusions of blood exactly matching hers or she develops antibodies. This is my very favorite thing and not even because of all the free cookies and juice. I know enough about her to know our skin is tinted differently and yet -we literally have the same blood. We’ll never meet but I love her dearly and this donor thing is a gift to me.

    (PS SoCal donors urgently needed- some regular donors are affected/ dislocated by the fires and not able to come in to donate. So please call and make an appt!)

    When depression thinks it is getting to me, I like to handwrite a couple pages under the title “What Went Right Today.” After a mumbling start the thing just takes off and suddenly there’s a whole exciting page of what went right today to marvel at.

    When I have the internal crumblies I like to get out the blank Crane stationery and my fountain pen and hand-write Thank You notes to as many people as I can. I have cute stamps to go on the envelopes. This works great in telling depression to step off.

    A fun favorite trick of mine is to look through my sales receipts for the address of the store manager where I got great service, and email to tell them who that person was, and why. Because this makes someone’s day a whole lot better and yet -it’s total stealth.

    Bonus fun: I’ve slipped a couple 5.00 coffee gift cards to sales people this week who weren’t expecting them.

  538. After watching “how to care for your introvert” I noticed that Exurb1a had written a Kindle book. I checked Amazon and found 3 Kindle books, no Audible versions yet, but he mentioned he is working on it in one of the comments. I bought them all for around $4 each. The Prince of Milk, The Bridge to Lucy Dunne and Logic Beach, Part 1. One is short stories. His YouTube videos are very interesting and he has a beautiful kitten.
    Exurb1a also posted this URL for a piece of music he apparently wrote that is really beautiful. It didn’t make me want to wrestle any dogs although lots of the people commenting said they did. He is a very talented person. I now have another blog to follow. Thank you, Victor and Jenny. Happy holidays to everyone.

  539. I’m going to give you allll my best advice! That’s what everyone wants when they’re going through depression right?!

    F*ck. It’s crappy sometimes. I’m going through it too. I had a great night because I listened to the My Favorite Murder podcast and those ladies crack me up. Plus they’re chronic anxiety sufferers like me. Whoop!!

  540. I sang in a couple Christmas choral concerts this weekend that went beautifully. I got to hang out with some good fiends. Also, randomly, I found the most amazing, snuggly body pillow at Fred Meyer for $10. Hope you are feeling better soon. I so understand how you feel. Just keep remembering that it will pass. You are loved.

  541. It’s the holidays. Furry creatures don’t create dingleberries, because MAGIC.

  542. I’m moving to Seattle! Which is scary and exhausting, but exhilarating.

  543. 543
    Kiersten Jungbluth

    I almost died in October due to a raging autoimmune thyroid disease that started to attack my heart and kidneys. I’m 31 years old.

    Today, I’m much, much better with doctor/diet/medication changes. Still symptomatic, but now I’m having regular bowel movements…so that’s good!

    It does get better. It’s okay to feel scared. Rely on your support system. And know that you are absolutely not alone. Much love ❤️

  544. I work at Kroger. We have customer comments emailed to us. We were laughing bc someone was upset that we were out of “Kroger Chewy Bras 18 ct variety pack”. Also, in the produce area, a small child and parent entered the store. The child kept yelling, “I need assholes. I NEED ASSHOLES”! I actually stopped to let my brain process. It wasn’t until the mom said, “We have APPLES at home” that it clicked. Meanwhile, the child continues to demand assholes! Or maybe that was just my brain?! Oh and Graygoyle, one of our cats, isn’t trying to steal my spot whenever I get up today.

  545. Last Thursday I had one of those awful dark days where I cried a lot and considered how not to be here any more. But amidst that dark were my friends, one in particular, who helped, who was there via social media who helped me down off the ledge. She is also in a dark place so we helped each other. We are here, lighting candles.

    Today I will finish painting my Christmas / apres christmas cards and hopefully get them sent out. I like to do this too, it makes people smile.

  546. My husband tried to get a cavity filled and his bp was 165/98 so the dentist sent him home and told him to see his PCP. He saw his dr and his bp was 175/110. He was put on meds 5 days ago, I took his blood pressure today and it was 110/75. Perfect. He said he wasn’t lightheaded or tired like he has been (and been lying about) for the past few months. Yay!

    Cassie recently posted 32 weeks huh?.

  547. I second that you are enough. Also that you are loved and appreciated, by your friends and family and by all of us who’ve come to know you in your books, blog, drawings, and tours. Thank you for being you and for sharing the light when you’re able to those of us who’ve walked in the shadows. Also thank you for sharing laughter and joy amidst the complexity that is depression and anxiety. Please remember that it gets better, and that you’re not alone. Though it may be dark and lonely waters you tread, we are with you. Depression lies. Don’t believe it. If you start to, make your voice louder. Talking out loud helps me. Doing it when I’m in the car helps me not look completely off my rocker ;), but positive mantras are stronger when said out loud. The voice of depression is powerful because it’s accumulated for years; giving the positive thoughts an outside voice helps turn the tide: you are enough, you are going to be okay, it won’t be like this forever. I recommend watching BBC wildlife videos. Walk on the wild side I think, where the animals are dubbed.

  548. Recommended watching:

  549. Happy: We had lovely snow last weekend but rain and mild weather now means that we are looking at yet another green Christmas here in the Toronto area. So rather than worry about the million and one chores I wanted to get done last night my daughter and I went out in the drizzle and built an awesome snowman. Trying to embrace “present vs. perfect.”

    Something positive: I have been a long time follower/lurker of your blog and really appreciate your honesty about your struggles with depression and anxiety. I wish there was a magic wand to take the weight of depression from you and everyone but lacking that I hope knowing that you provide a safe place for people to discuss their shared struggles has had a positive impact on more lives than you can ever imagine.

    Finally, something silly: I remember how much you said you loved cuddling sloths, did you know you can swim with otters? Here us a fun and silly video of people swimming with otters for the first time, I hope it makes you smile:

  550. My good thing is that I’m excited to go back to where I grew up to see my family for Christmas, but equally a bit sad to spend two weeks away from the awesome place I live now, and it’s kind of nice to love two places that much.

    Nicola recently posted Fake space and real space are great.

  551. We got a new puppy! That’s always happy good thing! I would show you a picture but I can’t figure out how. His name is Stark. We saved him from ppl who were starving him. He is now happy, healthy, and trouble lol. I hope you get out of your funk! If you do can you let me know how? I’ve been in a bit of one myself lately… thanks! Love your books and blog! I read every entry!

  552. I’ve been in a career rut for the last few years and this week I finally decided to go back to school. I’m excited and terrified, but for the first time in a long time, I’m really looking forward to the future.

  553. Now some news. I am presently in Basaluzzo, a Village somewhere in NW Italy. Temperatures has finally climbed above freezing so I promised my wife to have our car washed after several weeks of driving in snow, rain, sleet, salt. When I was younger I thought having you car washed was like cheap. The guy who’s taking care and drive cars into the rotating washing fuckers has just drove the car in front of mine to the washing spot with the hand brake on, oh shit, gotta go before this motherfucker…

  554. My family is going to go meet some puppies after Christmas and maybe get to bring one home in February! (I’ve seen videos and the cuteness level is beyond unbelievable. Like fuzzy baby hippos!)

  555. the Winter solstice is December 21st. The days will start getting longer!
    Maybe between that, the meds kind of working , and also decluttering (much like heather in an earlier comment) will help me deal with my brain being so fuzzy lately.

  556. my friends 9 year old daughter, who has Ewings sarcoma and was in really bad pain last week appears to be rallying in time for Christmas.

  557. I just made partner at my law firm!

  558. My best friend is coming to visit from the UK

  559. My 2 1/2 year old grandson is coming for Christmas with my son. It isn’t likely to happen again ( for reasons I shan’t bore you with) so, even though we are waiting to hear how bad my partner’s cancer is, and how far it has spread, I will still make the merriest Christmas I can, for the little one.

  560. It only takes 3 chords D, G, F, to learn a crapload of songs on the guitar that’s the good part! I’m still working on keeping my damm nails short enough to hit those 3 chords but hell it’s something to shoot for. Oh yeah if it’s not 10 degrees below zero where you live that really GOOD. Be well good lady and yes keep up your (and my adopted mantra) DEPRESSION LIES,

  561. A couple of years ago, my little sister got me started on your books, which she had found while she was struggling with crushing stress and anxiety while working her way through graduate school. This last weekend, my baby genius sister graduated with her PhD in Chemistry. I cried the good ugly cry as I watched her walk across the stage.

  562. 562
    Donna Walter

    My big dog, Dante, came up on the bed and assumed the little spoon position this morning. How did he know I needed that? Don’t care. It was Heaven.

  563. Feeling like I should start some family traditions, I went to read my 4 year old ‘The night before christmas’. She said no Mum, i want the other one with Jack Skellington. So we found Tim Burton’s original poem for a Nightmare Before Christmas instead. A tradition is born!
    Then we sang some carols and she asked to see a picture of Olive. I said ‘who?’ You know, the one that laughed and called Rudolph names. After some giggles, she understood. Little did I know there is a movie called Olive the other reindeer which is now hopefully on its way before Christmas.
    Also, a pair of zombie head slippers just arrived in time for my nephews Christmas pressie. You put your foot in its mouth, so it looks like it’s eating your leg. Even has an eyeball loose.

  564. These days of dwindling light come to an end this Thursday (Winter Solstice). On Friday, imperceptible to the eye, perhaps, the days begin to get longer. Just knowing this, it helps. I LIVE FOR THIS. also, Christmas cookies

  565. At our house we call dingleberries, clingons! Definitely more of a Star Trek family here!!

  566. I’m not 100% up on Wookiee anatomy, but what if … WHAT IF … Chewie doesn’t even have a bumhole!? Or … OR … it could be on the bottom of his foot. Just hold your foot over the crapper and let loose. If that was the case though, he’d have to have a bumhole flap to keep it from getting full of stuff that he walks over. So much to think about.

    Jenny Williams recently posted Bunstery.

  567. I’m both typing and talking better and I have a new dog!

  568. I’ve been in a bad place the past week. You have kept the reminder with me that depression lies. You do good things for so many of us lurkers.

  569. I’m excited to be buying a new Condo!

  570. Google Quokka selfie and search the images. Apparently Quokkas are pure trust and happiness and just anyone can walk up and ask for a selfie and they will giggle and smile.
    It doesn’t make the depression go away but it does make you smile for the few minutes you are staring at the images.

  571. Solstice…the light is returning! And cookies. And someone brought donuts to work today. And…as annoying as work can be some days, I get to eat [well] and live [very comfy] indoors.

  572. I came here and googled Quokka Selfie. BRILLIANT!

  573. We now have a puppy for the first time in ten years!

  574. Here is something good, and you probably already know this, but I just saw you quoted in an article in the elephant Journal titled “5 Quotes to get you motivated to be your badass self in 2018”, by Ruth Lera. You’re right there following Carl Jung, Eckhart Tolle and Brene Brown. So you can feel badass because you are being used as a guide to badassery!

  575. 576
    Shelly L Warner

    My eldest daughter graduated from college on Saturday and my younger daughter just finished her first semester in culinary school. I can’t wait to see where life leads them! I was also able to scrape together a little extra cash and sent them to Las Vegas as a graduation/Christmas gift. Makes me happy they are spending some time together before life leads them on what I suspect will be very divergent pathways.

  576. I just saw that my comment posted as number 574, which means you will probably never see it. Hopefully you already know you were quoted or they notified you when it was posted.

  577. We’re having a mildish winter here in Nirthern Alberta, and all three of my kids will be home for Festivus (Christmas for the rest of you).

  578. Who says you aren’t still funny when you are depressed, Jenny? You just made me snort pancake up my nose.
    My happy news is that my niece, whom I helped to raise, is pregnant with her second child. And the first one is so stinking cute how could I not be excited for the second?!?

  579. 580

    I haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet, and I’ve managed to avoid all spoilers. All I know is there are Porgs. Hoping to see it soon.

  580. 581

    I’m finally getting my foot fixed, 3 days before Christmas. I’ve reached my out-of-pocket max for the year, so the surgery is FREE!
    Also, my kids and GF are going to take care of me and cook PRIME RIB for Christmas dinner at my house.

  581. My ADD daughter finished most of her homework in after-school homework club before coming home, so we had time to put lights & garland on the previously nekked Christmas tree. (I won’t do it without her.)

  582. I taught my 21 yr old son how to make nut roll this weekend – we had fun and I love him.

  583. My two youngest kids stopped barfing. That’s good. I slept last night which isn’t a thing I do very often.
    Oh, and my anniversary is on two days and I got my husband the best socks in the world and he’s going to love them.

  584. Somebody paid for our lunch at the McDonald’s drive-thru the other day. We took care of the next person. It felt so good to be part of something fun and helpful and to be reminded of people’s kindness.

  585. I bought myself a red couch at a consignment shop for more money than I’ve ever spent on furniture, minus my mattress, and I get it today. It’s replacing my horrible super-low sinky-cushioned couch that makes my bones hurt and is difficult for both me and my fellow spoonie friend to get out of. I’m counting it as self-care and can’t wait to spend the evening curled up on it!

  586. My cats have become much better at chatting since we moved. They still don’t get along with each other, but they’re super loving to me & my husband.

  587. I have unofficially been told I will be getting a new job – more pay, same office, starting some time in the New Year {hugs}

  588. Perfect video from Victor. Now I know I’m not the only one that avoids going outside if the neighbors are out. In fact, I avoid going into the rest of the house if my mother is there too…… hmmmm, something good….. I already bought our tickets for Star Wars on Christmas Day (no spoilers y’all) so that present to my kids is paid for. To be fair, my kids are adults now and know that’s the only present I can afford. Spending time together is the best gift after all.

  589. I’m home at my parents’ for the holiday and my mom is making blueberry coffee cake and scrabbled eggs.

  590. My husband got a new job, which a) pays considerably more dollars (in the 20% range) and b) allows him to leave his increasingly-more-toxic current job. As an exciting bonus, his new job is working for a non-profit, so he gets to feel like a superhero going to work every day.

  591. A happy that really applies to both of us: I requested ‘Furiously Happy’ at my library a few weeks ago and they immediately ordered it! I was first in line to read it and just finished up last week. I posted a review on my blog and got 13 likes, which I know doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering I usually get 4 or 5 max on review posts, 13 is amazing! 🙂

  592. I just heard an amazing interview on the radio about what wonderful results they are having with Ketamine for depression. It’s an old anesthesia drug, that physicians were noticed how their patients, who struggled with depression, were so much better after their surgeries. It’s used “off-label”, so those fucking insurance companies won’t pay, but it’s a generic, at least.

  593. I get to go home for Christmas! My niece and nephew (5 and 3, respectively) are super excited and apparently planning my vacation for me, which includes taking them to see Star Wars, Ferdinand, and Coco. Oh, and we have to get fries after each movie. Of course.

  594. I just got into graduate school to become a therapist! Couldn’t be more excited to join this field to help hold people up who are going through depression. Wishing you the best.

  595. I sent a copy of Furiously Happy and You Are Here to my daughter for Christmas. Because it the help me a lot and I hope they help her too. Hugs! I’m having a pretty dark time myself. Xoxo

  596. I am two years away from “retiring” from my current job. I have to continue to work but have no idea what I want to do next. It’s incredibly frightening and inspiring at the same time. Possibilities (that’s what I tell myself).

  597. My daughter licked some paella.
    My son’s Christmas play was awesome.
    I successfully coped with a very public birthday surprise (thank you Prosecco).
    All my Christmas shopping is now done.
    My cat has his winter fluff on and looks like a cynical panther cub.

  598. Something good in my life… I’m going through the series of horrid tests to see whether or not I have breast cancer again. (It gets better.) This is rodeo #2 for me, so I’m feeling pretty much like I can handle it. My best friends GF is now going through “OMG lump!” and is essentially in the same boat I am. (Wait for it.) Despite the looming threat of another fight for my (our) life/lives, I feel that I’m strong enough now to not only combat my own, but I’m in a good position to be real, positive support for someone suffering the same thing for the first time. Instead of ‘been there’ I can say ‘am here too, let us kick ass together’. So… yay for strength from experience.

  599. I get to enjoy the Holidays again with both my parents! Not everyone is so lucky, but I am.

  600. My boss’s middle school daughter is severely depressed and suicidal. I went through something similar during that phase of my life and have been trying to give him tips to help him understand what she’s feeling. I have also recommended your books (all 3) to her father as Christmas presents to help her feel less alone in her struggles and hopefully realize that depression is a lying bastard.

  601. well, if you enjoy schadenfreude, this is pretty good: my junkie ex is staying with me for a bit (long story. no, it’s not that he’d be on the streets without me). last night he snuck out to buy smack while i was asleep, and when he snuck back in, my landlady’s dog (who’s always hated him) bit him. she’s a rescue, and now it seems that what she was rescued from was being a drug-sniffer dog…i know it’s bitchy, but i’m finding this fucking hilarious. and it’s only a scratch really. but this dog is my new hero

  602. My 89yo father had his pacemaker generator replaced yesterday and is supposed to take it easy for a few days. The hospital just called to check on him;I told them he’s great but didn’t add that he’s pouting because I won’t let him work in his garden.

  603. Thank you Jenny!! I love participating in the amazon gift-a-thon AND I finally found an awesome gift for my nutty step-dad (the tell-me-a-story book)!! LOVE YA!!!

  604. 605

    I sent off Christmas presents today. It wasn’t your book this year, instead it was a copy of Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies, my sister likes interesting cook books. I like giving people presents.

  605. I am a bit stuck for ££, a bit SAD, but have been offered two extra jobs in the last 3 days (I work as a gardener and work is scarce in the winter in the UK).

  606. @ Linday, I don’t know if you’ll see this but it brought a tear to my eye too!!

  607. Jenny, I just want you to know how much it helps us when you share your down times. Even those of us with lifelong histories of depression still feel the need to try to hide it, when it is upon us. When you come out in the open with your struggle, it is a life saving balm to the rest of us. Thank you.

  608. Had a great photo shoot for a new painting I am working on. Christmas is almost here and gone. Not sure if that’s good news to you, but I will be happy to have it over.

  609. My 13-year-old daughter still calls me mommy. My eleven-year-old son is taller than me but still hugs me in public. My youngest are still young enough to be goofy in public. And so am I.

  610. I have something good to share. Remember when you first did the Christmas exchange? I participated in that and it was lots of fun. It was then that the idea came to me to help the older child as well as adults, as most Christmas drives seem to concentrate on the little ones. It’s where I started helping teenagers, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc Since I sell antiques, vintage, and a concentration in vintage jewelry, and I buy at estates in bulk, I get a lot of new jewelry in with the vintage. All year I put the new jewelry in a bin. In December, I go on the facebook free stuff group for my area (CT) and I list the jewelry for free for people who can’t afford to buy Christmas presents. I do it for teenagers, mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, wives. There are no programs like that around. It was because of you that I started doing it. Your drive was when I first got the idea. This year, teenage sisters were gifted with bracelets. A mother got a necklace. A grandmother got something. All females, older than children. So what you did had and still has an effect on other people’s lives. Just sharing because I thought it might uplift you.

  611. 612
    Deirdre Bentley

    I learned to make vegan snickerdoodles because randomly crying for no reason is harder when your house smells like snickerdoodles.

  612. Damn I’m in the same sad boat. And I know i’m fucking comment 612 but just saying hi. I just wrote a post about seeing a fluffy dog in the bathroom stall at my psyhiatrist’s office if that helps. Man depression makes us work hard just to make a cup of tea.

    jennifercoss recently posted Fucking Introduction.

  613. Great now I’m not even fucking 612! Shit God Damnit!

  614. I gave your coloring book to my sister-in-law and she’s in love with it. I also gave your books to my daughter and she can’t stop telling her friends about your weird and wonderful life and stories. Introducing new generations to you!!

  615. 616

    On Sunday evening we finally learned what’s been going on with my husband (depression), and I truly believe that knowledge will save our marriage. (PS: yesterday morning we started reading Furiously Happy together, and it’s been my favorite moment this week — quiet and freeing.) HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Hang in there.

  616. 614 comments?? You are beloved. Your community will rise to help you and that is amazing. Or, we’ll curl up on the floor with you, whatever you need.

  617. I managed to get through the entire holiday social schedule with my extrovert husband and am only embarrassed by 6 things I did and 14 things I said. hooray! I might be able to sleep tonight without reviewing all of it in my head for the billionth time.

  618. 619
    Carol Anne Fusco

    Last year I went to our annual Winter Retreat rolling around on a knee scooter recovering from a broken ankle. This year at the retreat I walked and danced and sashayed around in the woods!

  619. 620
    Carol Anne Fusco

    Also, because of the responses to your post asking for help with insomnia, I tried melatonin and it’s really working for me. Jenny, you make such an enormous difference in so many people’s lives. I send you love.

  620. Something good – I am gonna be ok. It is snowing and beautiful here. You are going to be ok. You told be “Depression Lies” and I believe you. My daughter and I have reconciled.
    That is five more things to add to the already amazing good things posted in your comments. You got this. We got you. We got each other.

    Mary-Anne recently posted Sweat, Tears, and the Sea.

  621. 622

    This made me hopeful today.

    I’ll be out in my yard watching these guys fly by sometime this week for sure.

  622. Here is what I thought about too much today (and have in general): that song Centuries by Fallout Boy? They play it in the gym a lot. Anyway, it has this lyric:
    Some legends are told
    Some turn to dust or to gold
    But you will remember me
    Remember me, for centuries
    Just one mistake
    Is all it will take
    We’ll go down in history
    Remember me for centuries
    So I wonder: Is he saying they will turn to gold and therefore you will remember them, or that you don’t remember the dust legends, only the gold legends, but whether they turn to dust or gold you will remember them because it will take centuries for that to happen? And when they say one mistake is all it will take, are they saying they might make one mistake and get turned to dust instead of gold and you won’t remember them? Or are they saying you will make a mistake giving them the opportunity to become a legend? SO CONFUSING. I wonder every time. My friends thinks I should tweet this questions to Fallout Boy but it would take so much effort to cut that down to 280 characters.

  623. I’m just now coming out of a long depression/anxiety time. It’s never easy, I know. Every day can feel too long, too heavy. Hang in there. Saying a prayer for you. I truly believe that faith in Jesus and in the fact that He will carry us through the hard times and make all things right again in the end is the only way to really make it through the troubles of this life. God bless you this season! You clearly have touched a lot of people here, and they are all returning the love. May you find the peace and joy you are looking for.

    Heather recently posted Don't Say You Were Never Warned!.

  624. Ok, it doesn’t really sound good but I think it might be. My dog started losing his nails. It’s an autoimmune thing that has no “cure”. To be certain he has this thing, they want to amputate part of a toe. Took him in originally because I didn’t know what was wrong with one of his toes. (The nail was gone leaving only the quick exposed) when they trimmed the rest of his nails one more came off. At this point option a. Sedate and cut back all his nails. I don’t remember option b… he tripped on some shoes on his way into my daughters chair to share her dinner and lost another. Then 3 more at the vet. Long story short, he has lost ten nails so far. We have an appointment with a dog dermatologist in a couple weeks. I’m not sure why, perhaps I still have too much money. Ok, the good part is there is treatment for the disease, and we’re told it will get better eventually, but it sure is……anxiety producing, sad, and stressful. But it’s going to be okay.

    I love you Jenny. Hope that helps….

  625. Hi Jenny~ A few weeks ago on the subway in New York, a homeless woman came onto the train wearing no shoes. It was very cold outside. Friends of mine were sitting across from her, and one of my friends turned to the other and whispered, “should I give her my shoes?” They whisper-discussed this, and then they looked back to the woman, and saw that a man beside her on the train was taking off his own shoes and giving them to the woman. The man, a businessman, left the train without shoes.

  626. I passed my freaking Math class! I am going back to school at 40 and I suck at Math! But I found out I passed my Math class and I NEVER have to take one again! Yay!!!

  627. We haven’t had any crickets in our basement this year. Basement crickets are EXTREMELY annoying. My housemate reported that my cat Emmy was spending a lot of time next to the basement door, and that he had seen her crunching something from time to time. We think she’s a mighty cricket huntress and is in it for the snacks. That might explain her off-smelling breath too? Cricket breath.

  628. 629
    Lilly Thomas

    There is an opossum in our neighborhood that lives in the drainage culvert like the marsupial version of “IT.” He likes to hang out there to be warm and away from the wind; I have named him Pennywise the (o)Possum!

  629. 630
    Princess Judy

    I’m in a random good mood today and have decided not to fret all the self-imposed “have to do” things that there is no way I can finish before Christmas.

    As for a funny thing, this is more funny odd than funny ha ha. We had some lady come in making little sense today (we’re a college, lots of ’em don’t make sense after finals). They sent me to deal with her (the crazy can handle the crazy) and she was fine-ish (just wanted to walk around and look at things saying she hadn’t been to our campus in 30 years). A little later she came back to pester another employee who gave her two cookies and then she also asked who could write her a prescription for her herpes (not us). Now we’re both strangely itchy all over. Everyone is avoiding us and while it is odd it is blissful as we can get work done without interruption. But did we get fleas from her? I didn’t even touch her or get that close.

  630. Driving to work there other day, I saw a hipster wearing shorts. In 30 degree weather… Walking by the river, with the wind blowing off it, only making it colder!!! This was my inner dialogue. THEN I saw he was riding a unicycle. I’m still far more baffled by the shorts.

  631. Here’s something nice! Yesterday, on the day you made this post, a box was delivered with a book each for Ladybug, Cheetah, Jackrabbit and Elephant! A book about Russian politics for Elephant (teen who’s super interested in politics), an adorable picture book about Japan by a Japanese author for Ladybug (who isn’t reading yet), a spooky fantasy novel for Cheetah by an author she likes, and a comic book for Jackrabbit! And they each have two more books coming–and, in the case of Butterfly, four books from her favourite book series.

    Without the James Garfield Christmas Miracle, and your lovely readers, they wouldn’t have these books, so thank you for creating this wonderful community. I started wrapping tonight. 🙂

  632. My son just graduated college with a degree in Percussion Performance.! An awesome accomplishment from an awesome young man! Make some noise, make some music. Hang on. We love you.