I’d point it out but it makes me too entertained when I see it.

This tip box is on the counter of a restaurant we always go to and every time I see it it makes me smile.

Last time we were in there Victor pointed out that the spelling issue isn’t helping but I’d like to think it’s intentional because you read it and suddenly there’s a kitten telling you that “coins piss” and then you subconsciously want to get rid of all of your coins.  Plus, when you put your coin down a plastic kitty paw comes out and snatches it and that is worthwhile entertainment.  Victor disagrees but mainly because he’s always impatiently honking and waiting in the car while I’m standing there for 20 minutes happily feeding nickels to fake cat legs.

Except last time we went in there the batteries were out so the box kitty was like, “NO THANKS, LADY.  YOU JUST KEEP YOUR PEE PENNIES” and  so instead I had to just drop all my change in a bucket that didn’t feature cats or urine, and then the cashier was like, “Um…that’s the bowl we keep the soy sauce packets in” and I didn’t want to fish all my piss coins out of the soy sauce so I just left and now I can never go there again.

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  1. If they’re going to take on the awesome responsibility of putting out a cat coin piss bucket, they have a duty to keep it functional! Where the hell were these people born? In a cat piss bucket-free barn?

  2. I firmly believe that both font and spelling choice were intentional. And I applaud those choices.

    Also, we used to have one of those at work. Eventually the motor stops working. They might need a new post change collector.

  3. I have one of these kitty banks! My sister and I both do! Unfortunately, mine is the cheaper American knock-off so the meowing sounds a little drunk, but hers is the original Japanese version and it’s super cute!

  4. My kids got one of those kitty banks from a friend for Christmas and it is a major source of entertainment (for the whole family, not gonna lie). Well done, oh creator of amusing kitty banks!

  5. I’m laughing so hard but trying to do it without making a sound because my co worker is at his desk so I probably sound like I’m choking to death instead. However, if I told him I was reading something involving a cat coin piss bucket, I doubt he would even be surprised. Honestly, I’m not even surprised. And I don’t care who you are, this is funny. Also, please do not put a cat coin piss bucket near an actual cat because they would obviously knock it over and then they would be cleaning up more than just your coins from the soy sauce packet bowl……

  6. My sister-in-law once out a large $10 tip in the spit jar during a wine tasting. We all just stared at her and we started cracking up and told her what she had done and her face turned red and she very solemnly tilted it on its side and fished the wine spit soaked Hamilton out and when she went to put it in the tip jar, the guy behind the bar was like, ‘nah, it’s cool, you keep it.’

  7. I never would have thought o actually put money in that thing. I have one that’s just a toy for my cats. They like to attack the little robot kitty arm that comes out.

  8. “I would never trust a cat with a piss-bucket. They are likely to knock it over and spill the coins.”:
    Did you miss yesterday’s post? OBVIOUSLY the cats will put all their stolen Crapscrabble tiles in it.

  9. I used to work coat check at a bar, and my tip jar had a sign that said “Coat Check Girls Need Love Too!” I should have had that little doodad instead.

  10. I think the picture of the praying cat is the best part of this. He looks a little Oliver Twist-y, like “Please sir, can I have some piss coins?”

  11. Unrelated: I saw a terrible protest poster (with major logic flaws regarding Harry Potter) meme this morning, and aside from the logic flaws, all I could think of when I saw the poster was “Pick a font and stick with it, lady. All the different styles of print and cursive make you look (even more) deranged, not cute.”

  12. Not only is the cat asking for piss coins, but if you look at the coins on the sign they’re…golden. So really their not just piss coins, they’re golden shower coins. Maybe that’s why the box wasn’t working last time, someone took that to heart and shorted it out.

  13. One of my awesome co-workers gave me a similar version of this for my birthday. . . . but it’s GODZILLA (!!) instead of a kitten paw. It has awesome screeching and ominous music before the reptilian claw comes out to retrieve the coin. I used it so much the first day other co-workers were ready to shoot me. I love, love, love it! If I could link a photo to this, I’d totally show you the short video I shot of it in action!

  14. When I was a teenager, there was a business called FLICK. It was a store that sold lighting. I remember every time we drove by it, I would giggle, thinking what kind of kinky things are going on in there? Thanks for this. I would’ve totally forgotten about it until now.

  15. It seems like there are a lot of places that you can never go again. Do you keep a list somewhere so that you don’t lose track and accidentally go to a place you’re not supposed to?

  16. I’ve been in so many all-ages chats that I automatically recognized it as the brain dead, txtspk form of “please.” I’m bynd hlp at ths pt…

  17. I’ve seen those things in commercials but never actually encountered one up-close, I would totally do the same and just stand there forever giving coin after coin to the adorable kitty-leg. I’d probably also giggle every single time the kitty-leg shoots out because when it come to animals I turn into an excited toddler. Even fake animals who just want all your money.

  18. I once lived down the street from a dry cleaning / tailoring shop, run by a nice Asian couple. The sign in the window said:
    The sign was up for years, but sadly, the last time I drove by, it had been changed. Such a loss. I mean, how many people have a ready supply of expert ladies’ men just down the street?

  19. At least the cat isn’t putting Scrabble tiles (or soy sauce packets) in the pIss bucket. 😉

  20. I used to go to a Mexican restaurant where the penny jar was labeled phonetically if the person was a native Spanish speaker. It said “Penis”. I always felt like I just didn’t have the adequate contribution to give. LOL

  21. Font choice can make ALL the difference.

    I just feel fortunate that my cats don’t piss everywhere in anger/revenge when we go out of town, unlike our former kitty (she passed away two years ago) who would revenge puke on EVERYTHING to show her displeasure when we went on vacation. Seriously..it was like a puke-pocalypse happened while we were out of town EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  22. For the record, I bought one of those kitten coin banks for my friend’s little girl when she was about two. Apparently it scared the hell out of her and they had to put it away for awhile. Now she’s almost four and she loves it!

  23. I live is a house full of cat piss and loose change – I really need one of these for entertainment!

  24. I did an experiment where I put a jar on the counter that said “don’t put coins in this jar” and people put $1.11 in it. I’m going to try the experiment again but this time put no sign on it. If anyone asks I’ll say the charity sign must have fallen off and see what happens.

  25. I do not think it is piss at all. I think that is a lower case L. Please in cat speak – pls – with an extra s.

  26. For a couple of years I worked on the same street downtown as an office building that hosted a company known as UTI. I thought, every time I walked past, that this is why having women in leadership is essential.

  27. All I can add is that sand & machinery don’t mix, so of COURSE the mechanism stopped working!

    (got it? no? cat box sand? eh it’s funny to oldtimers like me who grew up near an elderly cat lady in the days before clumping kitty litter.)

  28. ” . . .while I’m standing there for 20 minutes happily feeding nickels to fake cat legs.” And this is just one of the many reasons we love you:).

  29. I have one of these banks!! I love it, it really has a panda on the front (which I love because my sister and I call one another “panda” haha, weird but true) and when it grabs the coin it says something in Japanese I believe LOL!! I like to think it says, ” You are beautiful” and my husband just stares at me 🙂

  30. QUESTION: I noticed you look up at the screen. What type of screen are you using? Wall display?

  31. I needed this smile today! Sometimes a pissy coin and a fake cat paw are all we need to find right with the world. Victor should be so lucky that you have a firm grasp on the real way to get through life. 😂😂😊

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