A thank you to everyone who keeps this place going.

Hey.  See those people on the right side of my blog?  Those are the special angels who keep this blog going and their advertising pays for the server costs that would make this blog a total money pit if they weren’t here.  They are awesome and brilliant and you should go visit them right now.

A few times a year I open up new spots for ads but I usually do it on twitter and they fill up super quickly and then people get frustrated that they didn’t see it on time so today I’m announcing openings here.  Text ads start at $100 a month.  Weekly wrap-up sponsorships are $350.    Click here for all the details.

Click on the link above to reserve a spot.  They’re first come, first served.  And thank you to everyone who has ever advertised here and everyone who has clicked through to visit to make it worth advertising here.  Jesus and I love you.

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  1.         No, no, no, no, no! Thank YOU! Any advice on how to get advertisers? Grow my readership effortlessly? I'm all ears!     

    (I’m the worst to ask because I don’t really monetize my blog the way that I should. Growing readership though? Be honest. Give people something new to read. Make a safe space for people to talk. Be lucky. The last one is what worked the most for me, I think. ~ Jenny)

  2. I don’t need to advertise but it’s cool you open it up here first. Love your blog.

  3.         I've got books to peddle, but my advertising budget is currently being diverted into the Everyone Needs To Eat In This House Fund. Maybe next time! I'm gonna try squirreling away a bit here and there so I'm ready the next time spots open up. It's actually really affordable for the visibility, so go ahead on with your bad self. You rock.      

    (I totally get it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  4.         I just love getting to see my name over there! This space is one of my favorite places to go. You are awesome!      

    (No, you are! ~ Jenny)

  5. I have found so many great blogs from seeing your advertisers, and also from the people who advertise here. I am often too tired to read all the amazing blogs out there, but I am so impressed with the creativity of those blogs. It would be nice (but is not necessary) to have more time and energy to read more great blogs.

  6. I’m tempted, but 1. I don’t have a blog worth advertising and 2. I’m already surprised my wife is OK with me “wasting” the money I spent to go to a premium WordPress. On the bright side I’ve warned a whopping $6 this year on word ads…I will remember to click on the people advertising more often.

  7.         The link isn't working :(       

    (Are you sure? It works for me. If it doesn’t work click on the “advertise” tab on the top of the page and that’ll get you to the right place. ~ Jenny)

  8.         Not an ad question, but - Is there a reason that this website isn't dynamic for mobile devices? Is it just my settings, or is it the site? If I click on the blog from my phone is doesn't adjust to the mobile web browser.        

    (I don’t know. It adjusts for me but maybe it’s the browser I use? I use Safari. I wish I understood technology better. ~ Jenny)

  9.         FYI: mbcreature has real taxidermied mice on Etsy. There is a bride and groom set that is adorable.  Maybe Victor can get it for you for your anniversary. I love your blog and your books. I even use them in my Wnglish classes.      

    (We actually had a mouse bride and frog groom on our real wedding cake 22 years ago. ~ Jenny)

  10.         Are you going to do another calendar?  PLEASE!   Loved 2017!   All because of you. 😚        

    (Maybe. I didn’t really realize it was so close to the end of the year. ~ Jenny)

  11. I love your blog, especially the link back to our own blogs because it always brings in more traffic. So, I promote you as much as possible as well. Thanks for all you do, Jenny. ❤

  12. Your readers are the best! I love it when they visit my site. If you visit please comment that you came from my favorite taxidermaholic.

  13. Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to go “Hey, anybody wanna fucking sponsor me?”

    But until then…you inspire me, Jenny.

  14. I admire your professionalism and wanting to help others hone in on their creativity. You’re a good egg, Jenny! I love blogging, but I’m not prolific enough to advertise. I think it would stress me out with all the other juggling I do as a full-time high school teacher, MFA grad student, mother to two teenage daughters, mother to two dogs and a cat, wife to one husband, online shopping addict… blah, blah, blah. Shine on, Jenny!

  15. I don’t advertise but I’ve gained a bunch of readers and met some other fantastic bloggers through this blog, so thank you!

  16. My blog is too tiny to advertise + I’m a poor grad student so I couldn’t afford it anyhow, but I do love how you let us link to our most recent blog posts in our comments. I’ve gotten a few visitors that way. Thanks for all you do to support other bloggers, Jenny.

  17. Can I buy one month for $100 or does it have to be ongoing? My blog is little but I might be able to swing something like that. I’d do it just to say I’ve been on your blog, Jenny!!!

  18. I’ve just recently subscribed after reading your first two books. I just wanted to say how happy I am to have updates from your blog. I love your writings you make me laugh.. and Furiously Happy really helped me grab my mental health by the horns and accept it for what it is. Thank you for that. I sincerely look up to you.

  19. As long as someone else brought up website formatting…
    I’m not sure when this changed … now, when you reply to a comment, the original comment is going into a gray box forced onto one line. Unfortunately that means I can’t read the original comment that you thought worthy of a response at all on my phone — and on the PC only if I copy/paste the paragraph into Notepad. (Chrome with both)

  20. So if a site continues to be featured on the right, does that mean they’re continuing to pay for advertising? I ask because I visited Flourish in Progress and really like it, but she hasn’t updated in FOREVER, so if she’s still paying for advertising I find it hopeful. Like, maybe she’ll actually come back and give us all an update one day.

  21. Omg I love your advertising page, it totally shows your personality and why people love you so much. Personally, I’m poor as heck and would be ecstatic to just have that much money to be able to spend on vodka (or on you, probably on you), plus I don’t exactly have anything worth advertising… But goodness I love this blog. (I doubly-love the ‘fooled many people into thinking she’s very important’, that’s hilarious, but also totally not true because you are most definitely very important!)

  22. If it goes that fast, you need to double your prices. You’re worth getting paid a ton o’dough. Love, A Capitalist

  23. You made my childrens’ xmas a miracle last year. Just was hoping it may possibly happen again. I’m disabled and a single Dad of two amazing boys. If in any way I could receive that miracle a second time it would mean the world to me. Can you keep me informed? You are so amazing as well as all that contribute. Ty ty ty.

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