Strike one: Holy Haunted Hot Dog Magic Church Bookstore

First off, your suggestions and support about the bookstore I want to open were AMAZING and you seriously made me cry but in a good way.  In the spirit of keeping you in the loop since this is now *our* bookstore (as apparently almost all of you also want to open a bookstore or at least live in one) I have to tell you that I started scouting locations and the one I just looked at is an abandoned, haunted, 100-year-old church where Victor and I once saw an amateur magic show back when it was a fancy gourmet hotdog restaurant.  This is all true.  It is haunted as fuck and IT HAS A BAR IN IT and stained glass everywhere and a stage for readings and I thought it was totally the place, even though the outside was overgrown and something had died in the wall and it needed a lot of work.  Then we found out that the elevator doesn’t go to the mezzanine and it’s too small a space without it and accessibility is one thing we won’t blink on.  So sadly, Holy Haunted Hot Dog Magic Church Bookstore is not meant to be, which was very disappointing especially since that name fucking sings and it would be a great place for me to haunt in the afterlife.

Seriously though…look at it.

I mean…y’all.
Staircase to the mezzanine, which is gorgeously creepy and incredibly problematic.
The stage is awesome though so maybe they’ll let us rent it sometimes for author readings or ghost-hunting slumber parties.

So…the search continues next week.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions for San Antonio locations and I’ll keep you posted.


And on an entirely different subject, it’s time for the Sunday wrap-up!

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


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  1. Damn, that would have been an awesome place for a bookstore. Your store also needs to sell coffee.

  2. Those stairs make my knees hurt just looking at them. So gorgeous, though. Thank you for your dedication to accessibility.

  3. Aww too bad! It looks amazing! But an even better place will come!

  4. I’ve just met this space and am already crushed that “we” lost it. Something better, right?

  5. What if you made the mezzanine storage / office?

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    (Yes, but since we can’t put shelves against the walls since it would block the windows and the bar takes up so much room there wouldn’t really be enough area for actual books if we just used that floor. It looks big enough at first glance but it has a lot of non-workable space when you really think about stock. ~ Jenny)

  6. Love the Holy Haunted Hot Dog Bookstore! Keep the name no matter where you actually wind up. To me it’s almost better NOT in the place that makes sense. But I could just be weird.

    The building is so great though. Could u do a ramp outside with switchbacks to the mezzanine and change the transom into a door? Just spitballing.

  7. It sucks about the elevator since this place looks amazing. Can not wait to see what you find next.

  8. Sorry for your disappointment. Look at it this way: not enough nooks or perhaps even enough space. Book shoppers love semi-private nooks. Also, it looks like maintenance would be a nightmare. Think of it as firming up your long run choices! ;o)

    (Very true. And San Antonio has a lot of weird haunted awesome places so I’m just crossing my fingers that something better comes along. We saw an old school building that might work but it’s not quite perfect either. And some new retail spaces but I’m hoping something perfect turns up. ~ Jenny)

  9. Looks like a great spot. You could have readings and you could have music nights and you could serve coffee/tea/sweets, and you could have couches and a selection of books to read before you buy and you could have used section and use that money to donate to charities, and you could do so much. But you would need to make sure your book cases were well supported under the floor… and that place doesn’t seem to be well supported. $$$

  10. Elevators are not all that difficult or expensive to install. My mom put one in her regular-old-house when my grandma moved in. Maybe investigate the possibility?

    (There is an elevator that goes to the basement kitchen but it can’t go to the mezzanine because of the way the pitched roof is built. And because it’s a historical landmark they can’t mess with the roof to make the mezzanine accessible. ~ Jenny)

  11. Looks amazing! Would just like to say thank you to the many people who have sent “Bloggess mail” to me. Sorry my anxiety stops me replying to people individually, but I’ve appreciated everything I’ve received.

  12. Awwwwe….are you SURE there’s no way to work around the accessibility issues? Because, looking at those pictures, it just feels like the right place!

  13. Thank you for keeping accessibility as a core principle! But drat, a haunted hot dog holy bookstore church would have been perfect. Maybe there’s another one out there just like it, but with a working elevator? LOL

  14. How much does it cost to fix the elevator? Maybe if a bunch of us pitch in on Kickstarter?

  15. Oh, it would have been amazing! Maybe there’s another haunted church with a better elevator, or could you put in one of those stairlift things they advertise on TV all the time with the guy who says, “Now I’m the king of my own castle again!”?

  16. You will find it. And for each place that isn’t suitable, you’ll fine-tune your criteria until you find the place that is almost-perfect (as perfection may not truly exist, but darned-close-to-perfect is often very good indeed). Good luck with the hunt!

  17. Aww it looks perfect, shame about the elevator not going all the way to the top #storyofmylife. Also just told my husband we are moving to “somewhere in the San Antonio area” coz my Twitter friend Jenny is opening an amazing bookshop 🥰

  18. That would have been an AWESOME place for a bookstore. And the name was perfect. You’ll find something. Half the fun is finding the location. Too bad we can’t all help with renovations and demolition once you find a location.

  19. I really just love the way your mind works. Thanks for all the smiles and laughs, but especially this one!

  20. That place is absolutely awesome! What a shame about the elevator. Is it not repairable? Maybe a system of joists and pulleys powered by Victor or maybe Dorothy Barker in a little hamster wheel? Just thinkin’. I can see how repairs, upkeep and all that would be overwhelming, but darn it the place is close to perfect. Oh well….on to the next.

  21. If this is your REJECT … I can’t wait to see what you end up with. Maybe with a few adaptations you can still salvage the name (’cause that’s just too incredibly perfect): Holy Haunted Hot Dog Magic Church Bookstore. At least consider naming a reading corner in your bookstore, only add “The Memorial Holy Haunted ….”.

  22. If you had bookstore owls trained to pick up wheelchairs and carry your customers to the mezzanine it would be a win/win. First, bookstore owls are awesome but the market for their specialized skills is small so there are fewer owls getting into the bookstore game and you could save them from feeling useless. Second, bookstore owls!!

    (All of this. Yes. ~ Jenny)

  23. I want a bookstore of my own really bad, just so I can read all the books, drink coffee, and hide out in cubbies. I could make all kinds of friends based on the kind of books we both like, but we’d probably never actually talk to each other. Just nod over the top of the book we’re each reading.

  24. Ok I have a few things that I need to say. First how the hell did I miss the post about you opening a book store. That is one of the most amazing things ever. Second I was recently considering moving to San Antonio for several reasons and this just really pushed it over the top. And third I’m sooo sad that the holy haunted magic hot dog bookstore isn’t happening but I know you’ll find an amazing place. I honestly can’t wait to see your book store.

  25. I’m sure your final choice will be even more you – and yay for making sure it’s gonna be accessible. I don’t want to open or live in a bookstore (unless it’s just me and my better half – customers would be too distracting). <3

  26. I was kind of kicking around “Rabid Raccoon Booksellers” with Rory in residence as mascot.

  27. WOW! Have you talked to any of the ghosts? Seriously too bad about the elevator.

  28. Wherever you have your bookstore,you should still name it “Holy Haunted Hot Dog Magic Church Bookstore!” And thereby lies the tale.

  29. GoFundMe to fix the elevator and whatever else? I would definitely contribute! Fabulous place! !

  30. I’m so sorry this venue didn’t work out, because it would have been perfect in many regards. But I’m with you. Accessibility is way too important. The right place is out there, and I know you will find it!

  31. It’s not meant to be this place because your real spot is still waiting for you to hear it calling. How exciting!

  32. Installing a new elevator would be one of the cheapest renovations you would need by the sound of things. Please don’t give up on this place.

  33. Installing a new elevator would be one of the cheapest renovations you would need by the sound of things. Please don’t give up on this place.

  34. Have you ever read Larry McMurty’s book (“Books: A Memoir”) about his collections and his bookstores in Texas? You totally should. It provides a lot of good insight.

  35. OMG YES!! I live on the other side of the world, but next time I am on holiday in the States I am dragging my husband there and I will fangirl so hard inside your amazing bookstore and I will buy as many books as I can fit in my luggage and this is so awesome! Live your dream and we will ALL support you and your awesomeness!

  36. I seriously cannot wait! I have never been to Texas but I am coming when the store is open. I am so grateful that I found your blog so long ago. You are a gift.

  37. Um. Why is there a shirtless dude walking through one of the pictures? Is that one of the ghosts?

  38. Nope. If it’s not a good fit you wouldn’t have been happy there. No worries, you’ll find the perfect place.

  39. Thank you for making accessibility a requirement. I almost cried when I read that.

  40. Those creaky stairs are amazing!! Any chance you could install an exterior elevator to the mezzanine? That place seems perfect.

  41. I say bookshelves all in a square in the middle of the space with big purple velvet chairs all around like Ollivanders…only with alcohol. Also think owls are a good idea albeit a bit messy. It CAN be done if you wish it REALLY hard…amen

  42. I say bookshelves all in a square in the middle of the space with big purple velvet chairs all around like Ollivanders…only with alcohol. Also think owls are a good idea albeit a bit messy. It CAN be done if you wish it REALLY hard…amen

  43. “Your elevator doesn’t go all the way to the mezzanine” teehee MINE SURE DOESN’T. 😀
    ALSO I am keeping this place in reserve for you in my mind in case I win next week’s power ball IN WHICH CASE I will provide necessary elevator repairs and accessibility renovations. 😀
    All I want in exchange is a small plaque with my name on it over the bathrooms.
    Also a small cot in the storage room for when I come to visit our bookstore.

  44. The way you describe it, makes it sound like a perfect location! Except for the elevator not working. What I love so much is that you are very clear about how you want this space to feel, and the overall vibe. That reminds me to be so clear in my life, as well. You and the perfect space will find each other, I am sure!

  45. THAT is an awesome site for a bookstore. Pretty sure that you will ultimately find an even more perfect place. But that name…. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  46. Ugh. I’m sorry it isn’t going to work but you will find something fabulous. I love that old building feeling esp. stained glass windows and creaky wooden floors and a BAR. You could name the drinks after your taxidermy friends. I wanted to reply way sooner to your last post but this season of life has been hard. I don’t know San Antonio at all but I trust you’ll find the friggin perfect spot!

  47. Are you SURE???? It’s perfect. Well, there must be a better place then. Sigh. You will find it.

  48. We ate at Frank before it closed. Beautiful building, but not the most convenient setup. Fingers crossed you find something absolutely perfect!

  49. That place looks awesome! Keep your chin up,the perfect place IS out there,sadly this wasn’t it.

  50. As someone who is handicapped but loves old buildings with character, I personally would be more disappointed by a first floor that had aisles so narrow that I couldn’t go in it at all. I’d be happier if the first floor was fully accessible for wheelchairs, and that was the location where public events like author readings were held, but there was another portion of the store that I couldn’t get to.

    Also – you could always install a platform wheelchair lift on the outside of the building. I know two restaurants in old houses that have that, plus one art gallery in an old factory. These lifts are not pretty, but they work.

  51. I’ve learned in life it’s important not to force things if it doesn’t work or if it isn’t meant to be. Whenever I don’t listen to the universe problems soon follow! You will thank yourself later when you find the perfect place! ☺️ This amazing space will manifest for your bookstore! Who knows-maybe you can rent out this space at a later date as something else-maybe you could convert it into a theatre that shows old movies-just hang an screen and ta da!!!

    Also I’m a vintage clothing/accessories kind of gal. You could easily make this into a killer vintage clothing and furniture store with a bar built in! You wouldn’t need wall space-just floor space for racks. I’d be inclined to buy some goods if I had old fashioned in hand 🙂

  52. That is an exceptionally Tom Robbins-esque name for a bookstore. While I understand why it cannot be, I am none the less broken hearted.

  53. At the very very least, the next time you make miniatures make this gorgeous place, complete with ghosts & creaks & then put that in your bookstore & call it the Second Holy Haunted etc.!

  54. that would’ve been so cool and such a great excuse to visit my home state again! Then again, any bookstore you open will be a great excuse! I can’t wait!

  55. That place is so awesome and so you !!! Can’t you put one of those small new-fangled elevators in? It looks so perfect.

  56. I’m looking at those pictures thinking, “That sure looks like the old Alamo Street Methodist Church.” And sure enough, it is.

    I suggested The Pearl on your Facebook and I’m not sure if you rejected the idea or didn’t see it, so I’m going to suggest it again here. It’s historic and has (I did some digging) over 1,500 parking spaces. Though looking at the posting for the Alamo Street Methodist Church, the Pearl may be outside your price range.

    1009 S. Alamo is probably outside your price range, too, but I keep coming back to that one on the page I’m looking at.

    (I love The Pearl but there’s already a bookstore there. I’ll check out the other one though. ~ JEnny)

  57. What’s that old saying about one door closing or some such shit? The right place will totally roll right up to you.

  58. I’m bummed this one doesn’t work but admire you guys for sticking to your principles. There’s something even better than Our Lady of the Holy Hotdogs out there! Maybe Our Lady of the Holy Haunted Hamburger?

  59. Can you buy it as a Cafe and then use it for readings?? I hate for you to miss out on something so wonderful.

  60. Love your resolve on handicap access. Reiterating that you desire to have a plumbing system that verges on turbo power shooting through the system and away, whether you know it or not.

    A few months of some troubled souls ignoring “Old plumbing! Don’t put anything in toilet!” are going to be a buzzkill of unstuffing flushed diapers that might also damage your inventory or the building.
    Second will be upgrading the electrical box for safety. Third, good roof. What’s that movie with Shelley Long, “The Money Pit?” Avoid money pit.

    Tossing you the Loopnet site if my link didn’t make it through the barbed-wire of earlier.

  61. When I was moving MY Bookstore into its new double-size space 17 years ago, I loved all the Windows in the house and was reluctant to cover them up. But as one of my friends pointed out, I was in business to sell books not windows, so all the non-essential Windows were covered by bookcases. Jenny, you have far more creativity than I do — I KNOW you’ll find the right space for YOU!! Keep looking! And BTW, please remember that no matter how big it is, you will fill it up quickly with all manner of things — including books…I know that for certain!

  62. I love that you’re opening a bookstore! A lot of the book stores I love are closing and it makes me sad

  63. I’m almost crying because the place can’t work for a bookstore. I would plan a special trip to Texas just to visit that bookstore (what an AMAZING location!!!). Still, that does mean there’s bound to be someplace just as good without any issues, so… keeping fingers crossed

  64. How about buying a former pet shop and call it The Falcon’s Jizz Hat? That could pass as the name of a bookstore. A porn bookstore maybe, but still…

  65. If accessibility is the only drawback of the Haunted Magic Hot Dog Church, how about installing an elevator under the mezzanine? Looks like there’s room to fit an elevator/stairwell combo. And if there’s not enough room, and external elevator is an option, too. Here’s a video ad from one company showing an interior install (I’m not recommending that particular company, but their video gives a clear idea of some retrofit possibilities):

    Even better than new, how about a haunted vintage elevator from Scotland?

  66. ps. Maybe you could call it The Mood Elevator with mood lighting and other enhancements?

  67. is the dog hot & magical? or is she a magical hot dog dog (like a weiner dog only better)? if the dog is magical & hot is her magic holy or is she? i’m totally here for maybe holy, maybe magical, maybe hot, maybe weiner dog bookstore. regardless,we need to crowdfund the fuck out of this.

  68. When you find your space, it will need a stage with a short flight of stairs and a ramp, because you’ll be amazed how much joy toddlers get from going up and down those stairs/ramp. Also you’ll need a little nook on the stage where you can have a pile of giant pillows where authors/readers can hide/get cozy.

    (I’ve worked in 4 bookstores and the best ones all had this “feature.”)

  69. Commenter 81 beat me to it! Old building may mean old plumbing. Think about it Jenny, think about your posts about plumbing. Think about your lovely books….and toilets. Say no to haunted plumbing.

  70. In the small world department, my friends owned the holy hot dog restaurant. Also, doncha think Dripping Springs needs a bookstore? (I live a mile from BookPeople; this isn’t a personal request.)

  71. Is this the place you and Victor got into the popcorn fight with the other people watching the show?

  72. Jenny, are those Soul Happy people for real? I watched the video and I found myself wanting to smack them. That’s probably all that negative energy, right? Are you doing this? Does it work?

  73. I refuse to believe that’s the only past church hot dog haunted place in the area, I mean fuckballs people!!! This shit must happen or all of our lives will be for fucking nothing!!!! I know I need this in my life.

  74. As a former architect, I am confused. You didn’t say there’s NO elevator to the mezzanine (which would be easy to understand). You said the elevator does not GO to the mezzanine. So there IS an elevator? Where else is there for it to go? Is there a full basement, and the elevator goes there? In Texas (I’m a fellow Texan) we don’t have that many basements, though certainly non-residential buildings have more than residential. A basement would be great for storage and as a place for the ghost to (ideally) spend most of its time. As for the mezzanine, I’d think a commercial vertical wheelchair lift would meet code and satisfy your desire to be accessible. This one’s outside but it shows the basic idea.

  75. Kudos for not budging on accessibility. I wish more business owners thought like you, although then there would be weird taxidermy everywhere, even at the dentists office, and while I’m totally down for resurrected roadkill chic, I’m not sure I need a giant misshapen boar’s head grinning down at me as I go under from the gas. Or maybe I do. I thought I knew what I wanted when I started this comment, but now I’m not sure.

  76. NOOOOO!!!! You gotta take that!!! Isn’t there a way to fix that elevator???

  77. Maybe the ghosts would take care of all of the shelving? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  78. For a name, I recommend “Stab Stuff & Browse.” You could have embroidery patterns and accouterments and interesting taxidermy or stuffed animals over reading chairs and on tables next to those chairs. Perhaps, find a local taxidermist who would like to display her wares in your shop.

  79. Your “favorite thing of the week” made me cackle. Out loud. As I sit in a waiting room while my husband is having surgery (nothing life-threatening – which is why I can cackle).

  80. I love that building and hope that it will work for some new business. it was empty for years before the hot dog establishment and it’s a shame to waste that gorgeous space. Parking is kind of an issue there though so maybe it’s just as well that it would not be a fit for you? Not sure if you are wedded to southtown but there might be some cool and affordable spaces on the east side of downtown.

  81. Currently being built – 3902 McCullough & Hildebrand Ave, though not sure how much space you need? There’s no bookstore currently in this area.

  82. Will it be new or used books? Because I have a rather large library of SF/F that I don’t know what to do with. I’d be happy to donate some books.

  83. The church is perfect! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You might not want people in the “Mess-of-things” mezzanine because someone might fall over the railing and that would make a mess of things for sure.

  84. Will you have a super secret unicorn bookclub or something? I think you should.
    Or a frequent shopper card where you punch out 9 unicorn tears to get the 10th half off or whatever.

  85. You need a go fund me page to raise money for an external elevator – get a business sponsorship and they can have their name on it. The HHHDMC is the perfect site. LOVE.

  86. I really, really would like to encourage you not to give up on this church quite yet. Historic register does not matter; it’s local and state boards that determine what you can and cannot do, but there are also renovation contractors/architects who have very good relationships with these boards and can be a huge help. Spell that HUGE. I would give my eye teeth, whatever they are, to be able to work on this project. (I have a 15-year history renovating early 20th-century buildings, Retaining architectural integrity while redesigning space reflecting contemporary lifestyle.)

    A possible name? The Word. name? The Word. And I would like to be the first contributor of a book – – my own, published last spring, Bead by Bead (Paraclete Press), which is a hybrid-genre combination including memoir chunks of the Holy Spirit on a Harley, “tap dancing” goats on a French alp skylight in the French Alps waking me up at dawn, short histories of the over 800 sets of interfaith prayer beads (no actual prayers required, and each set is unique) people have commissioned me to make for them to take to the Dalai Lama, the pope, Uruguayan prisoners, friends in crisis. Not many people know that if you Google “Methodist prayer beads, and “four instance, 710,000 options pop up. My favorite stories is my housekeeper, who turned out to be a Gangster Disciple, asking me to make prayer beads with Stars of David on them for all the Gangster Disciples, after his gang members had seen the necklace he’d asked me to make for him in lieu of payment one day, with a star of David that he had seen on my studio table. Turns out the Star of David is the symbol of one of the oldest and most dangerous gangs across the country. “You’d be rich!” He said.

    San Antonio would be on its knees In gratitude concerning the tourist dollars you would be bringing into the city! It could give you tax credits or abatements

  87. Hope all my typos above will finally pteach me to proof before hitting send. I dictate everything now, and Siri sure has fun effing with me. I sound illiterate. Btw, Bead by Bead is on Amazon and in many bookstores. Don’t know about San Antonio. Will ask publisher. Another BTW , the longest memoir chunk is about the 8 1/2 weeks I spent in a psychiatric unit for major anxiety and depression. And gratitude.

  88. Hope all my typos above will finally teach them me to proof before hitting send. I dictate everything now, and Siri sure has fun effing with me. I sound illiterate. Btw, Bead by Bead is on Amazon and in many bookstores. Don’t know about San Antonio. Will ask publisher. Another BTW , the longest memoir chunk is about the 8 1/2 weeks I spent in a psychiatric unit for major anxiety and depression. And gratitude.

  89. Darn it. That is one awesome building. I’m sad it’s not the right place for your bookstore, but another awesome place will be right around the corner.

  90. This is just a thank you note to Jenny and the witty people who join her on twitter threads and comment sections. Today I clicked on the “I have regrets” twitter thread and I was shaking with silent laughter at the endontist’s office. This is really big deal because, I feel super uncomfortable at all dentaly places. I had been tearing about about even needing to go there. But then you all made me laugh, and there was so much other crazy stuff that happened over the weekend. I was okay. Thanks for helping with my anxiety with you witty comments and writing. It made a world of difference for me today.

  91. Jenny, my comment didn’t post on the original “I’m creating a bookstore” post, so here it is now. If cats are allowed in the whole space, many allergic people cannot patronize your shop. I have known three bookstore owners and all have opted out of the free/used market, because they were inundated with bags of books left on their doorsteps containing highly unreadable out-of-date textbooks, etc. Be careful of the inviting of writers to come & “hang out.” You will be providing a lot of electricity to people who may spend $2 on coffee for a whole day. My favorite bookstore in Chicago is Women & Children First. Lots of authors not found at Barnes & Noble, plenty of readings and signing events, an accessible children’s area, and no food. Minimal merchandise. Just my two cents. I would definitely participate remotely in events through Skype or Zoom or some other platform…

  92. MAJOR question… San Antonio is quite. Sprawling city. How will you decide which section to look in for possibilities??
    Any chance in locating near the Alamo and River Walk? Beautiful but I’ wonder if it’s very pricey around there.

  93. The best bookstores are always in old buildings.
    Old buildings always have issues of some sort.
    If there is a way to fix those issues (hell, if you can’t fix the elevator, install one of those chair lift wall thingies, or have a helium balloon lift to the second floor), you fix those issues so that you can enjoy this AMAZING SPACE which you totally should have as your bookstore.
    If you let something as amazing as this place go, you will be kicking yourself all the way up to the mezzanine for the rest of your days.

    Seriously. You’ve found the perfect spot – anywhere you go you will have problems to solve, you’re not getting out of problems by not getting this place – “Frozen” be damned – DON’T let it go!

    Also – just because you want an elevator that goes to the mezzanine, it doesn’t mean that has to happen NOW. You can work on it and get it the way you want it with time. Having plans and having projects will always be a part of any business.

    I say don’t let the Holy Haunted Hotdog Book Nook get away!

  94. So you build your bookstore to your specs as an annex to the church and then you have space for a coffee/tea veggie friendly deli and delights shop that would also be a fantastically perfect place for spoken word and acoustic nights for musical sorts. A space you could also rent out for events like weddings and proms and such.
    There was a place in late 90s, early 2000s in Five Points of Jacksonville Florida for a season that you would have loved. It was… A magical place where creative, diverse people and minds came together and created teas and coffee blends their own, shared, and communed. It had a fantastic deli that introduced me to REAL horseradish mustard on a sandwich (my sinuses still sing in remembrance of that glorious solo lunchtime picnic), and a display of desserts that made me hungry every time. In the back half of the place was a large “sitting” area with a stage at the back half. Garage sale and thrift store and probably donated side tables coffee tables and sofas and chairs and pendant lamps littered around in small collectives, perfect for group gathering or sitting by oneself. Open mic spoken word on Thursdays, open mic acoustic on Wednesdays, and sometimes even a local theatre production (saw steel magnolias there, it was a delight.) There was no bookstore but that’s where I saw the customers going in my head. Alas, in five points it was too expensive and the bohemians and students that largely attended and hung out there didn’t always have the money for the deliciousness that surrounded them and I think the couple that ran it separated. It later reopened as a bar. It was a jewel, though. A rare jewel. I was a single parent of three preteens (6-7 to 12/13) working as a data warehouse report writer, so I made a little more. I loved taking them there for spoken word and hot chocolate and interacting with such successes, intelligent, respectful, creative people. My then 9 year old even got up and read one of her pieces. (She’s a very talented lady, now 28) Oh, there was a game table too. This was before game shops became a thing. Add a book store, drop it in a stained glass church and it would have been fantastic. Lol. We just watched blues Brothers there either night. You could do a presentation of that and “the band” church scene.
    I’m sure someone, somewhere in this beautiful family of yours here could fix the elevator.
    The right thing will come up. And maybe you can partner with someone, you know. I’m sure someone in San Antonio has a dream that would perfectly mingle with yours.
    Just something else to think about.
    I might suggest one of two things. Start very small. Or plan the hell out of it, make the planning a two year project, find the right partners and go big

  95. Too bad there isn’t another building or house behind it that was also for sale. You could add fencing to make an outdoor patio space between and use the other for storage/display/nooks and the church for speaking events and storytimes, etc.

    Not nearly as cool, but the KLCM building by the airport is on the market, too. You’d have to come up with a catchy name… not sure if it’s haunted. But has space out the wazoo. Not sure how noisy it would be so close to the airport. That could be bad.

    Best of luck on the hunt… I’m sure there are a lot of really neat spaces in San Antonio. Hard part is finding them… and good timing.

  96. Oh, Jenny, that looks amazing. I don’t know if someone already suggested this but have you thought of one of those chair lifts that can be installed on stairs? There may be other challenges associated with that. But, just thought I’d throw it out there.

  97. My original comment didn’t go through but … I was thinking this was Frank, and from the other comments, looks like I was right :). I dined there in 2016 during Yelp Spring Break. Super nice old building, sorry it didn’t work out.

  98. My original comment didn’t go through but … I was thinking this was Frank, and from the other comments, looks like I was right :). I dined there in 2016 during Yelp Spring Break. Super nice old building, sorry it didn’t work out.

  99. That haunted hot dog church would have been damn perfect! I live in San Antonio and CANNOT wait until you find a place and open it!!! There are not enough exclamation marks.

  100. That place fuckin’ rocked!! But I bet the right place will blow minds.

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