Who should win the Game of Thrones? Good girls…that’s who.

Victor and I have been fighting about who should sit on the Iron Throne:

me:   I’ve decided that I’m rooting for Nymeria.

Victor:  Who?

me:  Arya’s direwolf.  Because first of all, she is a good girl and needs snuggles.  She attacks bad people and isn’t afraid to eat people when necessary.  Plus, everyone would bend the knee because you couldn’t stop yourself from bending down to give her head scritches.

Victor:  I’m still rooting for Daenerys.

me:  You can’t root for Daenerys,  She’s all crazy now.

Victor: Yeah, but I have a thing for crazy women.

me: Huh.  I don’t know if I should be offended or complimented.

Victor:  Both, I guess.


And on an entirely different subject, it’s time for the Sunday wrap-up!

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  1. I’m out of the loop. When I FINALLY have a book published, I will read negative reviews only for the input, not rebuttal. What’s the point unless an author wants to get into a huge flame war. insert gif file from your favorite GOT war here

  2. I can’t watch the show bc it freaks me out but I read the recaps so I can discuss it. I think your Nymeria theory is the best one yet, the only one I would root harder for is Ghost. I think we need a t-shirt with this week’s wrap-up picture. It could say House Bloggess on the back and have a mash-up quotes from the combined books!

  3. I’m probably one of the few people who have never seen the show! I would choose a great animal (from your description) to be in charge, too.

  4. Gotta give this one to Victor. Mostly cause he loves us crazy women.

  5. I’m so pissed off at the complete cluster fuck the producers inflicted on Daenerys, I even signed the petition for a do over. WTF, turning her insane with no plot line leading to that huge about face? Since they did that there aren’t a lot of options left. It’s Jon, Sansa, Tyrian (because his big bro is or has already gotten killed) Arya or Gendry. and Arya stands little chance, not having the right bloodline. Of them all, Tyrion is the most likely since HBO has abandoned all sense and simple relies on bogus shock values. Worst finale in history, and reducing it to only 8 episodes, worst choice I’ve ever seen. I will watch it because after all these years, of course. The producers are assholes, even the actors have made plain they hate the ending finale

  6. Must admit I’ve only seen the first season of Game of Thrones. One day I’ll probably get around to it. But I loved Victor’s answer! Lol!

  7. Judy B. and I must be the only 2 who have never seen the show.

  8. There are a lot of rumours swirling around–Ken heard that maybe it was Bran that burned King’s Landing, which makes sense because did we ever see Daenerys once while it was happening? Apparently the direwolves cost too much to digitize–me, I’d be spending my money on THAT instead of peasants.

  9. Judy B you aren’t alone. I don’t have HBO and have never seen a single episode. Fomo doesn’t come into it. But I could root for a sweet cuddly dire wolf. I hope she at least makes it to the end!

  10. I would watch this show just for the wolves. I am not a GoT fan, but it really makes me happy that is bringing such joy to so many.

  11. I have it all figured out, I’m sure, but I won’t tell you because, you know, spoilers. I’ll comment tomorrow to tell you I was right. Or that I should have been.😉😂

  12. I really want a spin-off with Ghost and Tormund playing buddy cops, and Jon as straight man. Put Sansa & Tyrion on the throne with Arya as Hand.

  13. I really like Victor. Your relationship is wonderful. And the idea of a wolf in charge? Well, gotta admit, they’ve done with worse for awhile now. At least the snuggles will be more fun. 😊

  14. I don’t know . . . that thing looks too damn hard, sharp, cold, and uncomfortable. I’d rather sit on a nice armchair at, say, your bookstore.

  15. Jon’s going to get the throne because he’s the fan favorite and they do nothing but pander to the fans. Which pisses me off because I really hate Jon. If he wins I’m going to go re-watch that scene where he gets “relieved of command” by the Night’s Watch.

    Also, WTF is up with spending six seasons making Arya into a badass and now all she can do is run around like a scaredy cat. The mad scientist guy or Jaime should have pulled off their face and gotten all stabby on Cersei.

    Also, now both prophecies are invalid? They’re out of prophecies now. Bad resource management…..

    Also, Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggg!

    Maybe I should go sign that petition…..

  16. You are more than welcome and I hope you got (and continue to keep), your pain under control! Hope you have a good night…


  17. I named my macbook Nymeria. Perhaps this was an omen for how it all will end…. Off to watch the final episode 🐺

  18. Bawhahaha “I have a thing for crazy women” omg I can’t Victor wins. I got to meet a real wolf on Friday and it was the highlight of my life. His name is Thor. So I agree with your vote for winner sorry it didn’t work out the way either of you wanted.

  19. We all need someone who’s into crazy…though maybe not the particular flavour of crazy in that book review you linked, just wow.

  20. I never made through season 1, but I’ve seen enough to pick the dragon lady and VICTOR JUST WON the award for best comeback in history! hahaha! Love your family!!

  21. I guess I’m the third only person who’s never seen GOT. I was really never interested but I don’t think they were shooting for my generation

    On another track, I just finished Furiously Happy. I laughed so hard and sometimes hurt for you and sometimes identified with you more closely than I actually realized. I’ve been a closet crazy person. My Mom always upstaged me. . I’ve been the one who held everything together. Therapists have told me my problem can’t be that bad because I’ve never been hospitalized, tried to commit suicide, etc. If only they could get inside my head!

    Thank you, Jenny! I am so happy I found you.

  22. I vote for who cares. Sorry to p-p on your parade but the show was soft core porn and ridiculous to follow.

  23. 1: What happened to Nymeria? I kept waiting to see her…
    (1a: what will happen to all those IRL babies named Daenerys now?)
    2: Dean sent his book to Steven Spielberg – case closed! Every unsolicited book becomes a movie, doesn’t it? Now we wait… For Godot perhaps???

  24. I’m still trying to process the final episode, and get over the shock of who is ruling the north and the kingdoms. Excuse me. Pass the whiskey.

  25. I heard a theory that Tyrion would become king, and that he and Sansa would renew their vows in order to bring in a stronger alliance with the north, and then that’s all I could think about. Any other ending would have been (and was) a disappointment.

  26. Nymeria and Ghost for King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms!

    But, like, as brother and sister…not husband and wife.

  27. I didn’t know about Nymeria–I guess maybe I should watch and read Game of Thrones after all. I wrote it off ( after reading one volume) because of the violence, incest, rape and treachery–but it diff’rnt if there’s a Wolf (!) with it’s own story!

  28. I have to say, the episode where Ghost was hurt from battle nearly broke my heart. I agree with Laurelian, Nymeria AND Ghost!

  29. On the whole review bit, I’m taking a page out of Russell Brand’s book (did I really just say that?) and believing that other people’s opinion of me (and I guess any book I write) is none of my business:). This will avoid the whole soap opera you linked to. At least I hope it will. Putting a lot of faith in my zen abilities . . .

  30. I would love to support your sponsors but that code doesn’t work

  31. Regarding Mr. Klein… I thought authors were supposed to be insecure!! My favorite part is where he lets us know that if we don’t like his book it’s probably because we are not intellectual enough.

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