Betitted. It’s my new favorite word.

I was looking at swimsuits at the mall but I didn’t want to try them on because I already hate myself enough and I told the lady helping me that they should have more realistic mannequins so that I wouldn’t have to try stuff on to see that there’s no way my boobs are going to fit in those skimpy things and the lady agreed completely in theory but said that if the mannequins were more realistic people would try to have sex with them and I’m pretty sure that’s a big jump but she was like, “Even the headless, armless, completely flat mannequins are getting groped and undressed every time I turn my back so I can’t even imagine what would happen if they were fully betitted” and I was a little sad for humanity, but also “betitted” is my new favorite word even though spellcheck says it isn’t real.

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  1. I feel like we should all work to use “betitted” in a sentence in regular conversation today. Haha!! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I think spellcheck needs a reality check; always trying to tell you what words are real when you clearly make so much better use of words than it does!
    Betitted indeed.
    (Would they also need to be realistically beassed?)

  3. Maybe she meant ‘b’ titted like they have a b cup. It is a good word though.

  4. Hahaha, great descriptive term. I recall a Victoria’s Secret employee telling me I was “gifted”. I always thought that meant smart or talented, not just having big boobs. LOL!

  5. Spell check isn’t always right, it always redlines me (line now, redlining redline) when I need to type narcist, and I know damned well narcist is a real word! So betitted is a word if you say it so. Stupid spellcheck!

  6. I am a little too betittied for my liking but my other half is please with my betittiedness. Let’s make betittied a thing! Please?!

  7. Betitted! Love it! You know, it’s that movie in the 80’s fault that mannequin banging became a thing.

  8. Have you watched ‘The Umbrella Factory’ on Netflix? Besides being a wonderful show, a mannequin has a prominent role.

  9. It’s true I work in a store and people are freakin insane. Poor manikins being sexually harassed. Also you’re beautiful so try on the swimsuits and be the hot mama you are.

  10. I only get bras or swimsuits from soma now because they fit me so much better. I know they don’t work for everyone but I love any article of clothing I’ve gotten from them ( 44 dd bra size here)

  11. SPELLCHECK IS WRONG. #TeamBetitted
    Also I have a half-boyiken (well, a cloth-covered male torso) AND a womanniken in my house, both undressed, and although every time my dad visits and walks by he says PUT SOME CLOTHES ON YOU HUSSY!, no one has ever tried to grope or sex up my plastic peoples.
    Thank goodness because EW.

  12. I think I love this word, too! “Generously endowed” makes me feel like a foundation for the arts (especially when paired with “foundation garments”). From now I will think of myself as “generously betitted!”

  13. Yesterday – i had no word to describe how i felt smashed in my extra strength sports bra because i’m so betitted.

  14. What a fantastic salesperson! Lol. That’s the kind of service I look for when shopping.

  15. I am “betitted” after a double mastectomy for breast cancer. My spouse just called me (lovingly) her “betitted bitch”.

  16. If Becatted is a thing, and it is, then so is Betitted. Once can be covered in cats and thus rendered immobile just as one can have boobs that render others speechless and or immobile. Take that, spellcheck!

  17. If betitting works to your advantage, are you benetitting from it?

  18. Least you have boobs, sister. I’m skinny & boobless and it’s always a horror show for me as well. I need padding for my padding.

  19. What a totally awesome word! I am generously….um, OVER-generously….betitted and while many women bemoan their tit-lets, I am the first one to point out that the only good thing about big betittedness is that you can feed the baby without lifting it out of the crib. 🙄

  20. As I am overly betitted, I’ve been getting suits from Always For Me. Top and bottom separate sizes if needed, and very comfy. Also, I don’t have to go anywhere with multiple mirrors and glaring lights.

  21. Welp…betitted certainly outdoes my favorite word – plethora. When I first read the title, I thought maybe it was about an unfortunate accident. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

  22. My daughter comes up with great word mash-ups; my favorite, from her experience of airports, is “belongage,” as in, “Please keep your belongage with you at all times.”

  23. My brother is the Director of Defining for Merriam-Webster; I shall discuss this with him.

  24. I would like a reboot on that movie “Bedeviled” called “Betitted”, with two animatronic boobs playing the devil. #goals

  25. Sounds like the humorous saleslady could become a bosom friend. Hope you got her name! 🙂

  26. I agree with the realistic mannequins.I was body shamed by a well know women’s store,while trying to find a strapless bra for a wedding I was in. Having been sent there by another store,I was rudely told” We don’t carry YOUR size in that type of Bra “( I’m over endowed in the chest area).The mere fact that I was guilt forced into purchasing The first bra from the bridal shop that the bridesmaids dress was purchased from( it actually collapsed when I put it on in to get used to it for the wedding,having assured it was ” The correct size and style for the dress “,which FELL APART at the reception,nothing too horrific but just enough to be embarrassed) We need realistic representation,in all senses of the word,he we larger or smaller. I myself have body issues,as I know many others do. I don’t need reminding of that,I see myself everyday.

  27. Ha! I’m a breast cancer survivor with no reconstruction. I’ve always talked about the boobless when referring to my chest, but I think I might like “detitted” even better!

  28. If there can be an ‘Itty Bitty Titty Committee’ tee shirt we should have a ‘Betittied’ tee shirt. And allow
    me to introduce myself…..I am ‘Betty the Betittied’.

  29. Can you start a campaign to get this word included int he dictionary?

  30. I want a magical swimsuit (and jeans) delivery service that somehow knows your exact dimensions (even when you don’t want to admit them) and sends you a new flattering swimsuit when it just occurs to you that you need one.

    This is probably why I’m still wearing the same swimsuit I bought after my daughter was born 25 years later…

  31. The other day someone called breasts “chesticles”. That is a keeper.

  32. Is there a “Me Too” group for mannequins? I’m thinking the headless ones need truly need a spokesperson on their behalf.

  33. I had a part time job at Victoria’s Secret when I was in college. Can confirm. People will, indeed, grope mannequins. People are weird, man.

  34. I used to wonder if Hollister had this problem with their male mannequins who were tanned and had amazing abs and those little hip lines. They switched to non-detailed fabric ones so I suspect they did.

  35. I am working on sentences like; Pres trump, the most corpulently befitted president in history, is currently visiting the Queen

  36. If I understand the usage of betitted correctly it may take the place of my other favorite description for us full figured gals “Bloaty, the 8th Dwarf” (speaking for myself, of course!)

  37. I love the new word… however I am more disturbed by the assault of mannequins. “Bow Chicka wow wow – check out that plastic mannequin and her itty bitty betitties.” Weirdos…

  38. I feel like I have the opposite problem. When you’re plus sized they expect you have gigantic breasts, which I don’t. I can never fill out the DBA- designated boob area (my term, your welcome)

  39. This would be great if you could work it in to some bible-sequence verse. Like, “the lord speaketh, and thus all of the were bettitted”

  40. Now spending the afternoon debating if I am, in fact, detitted or untitted, because I am definitely not betitted. Hmmm…

  41. Spellcheck dictionaries are notoriously limited in the number of words they contain; most have fewer than 3000 words, which is grossly inadequate for anyone with a vocabulary. Fortunately, most allow you to add words the dictionary doesn’t already “know,” and you should add it: “betitted” is a perfectly marvelous and useful word, and rightfully belongs in every dictionary.

  42. i love this suit & wear it to aquafitness. while it doesn’t keep the betits on me from moving, it is flattering in the chest as well as the underbelly. (that IS what you call your stomach after your boobs hang low, right???? (underwires are the work of the devil)…. Speedo-Plus-Size-Endurance-Shirred-Swimsuit. good luck. and please, for fuck’s sake, stop shopping in a store where the mannequins are all getting groped! WTF???!!!

  43. Shakespeare made up words (and phrases / expressions) ALL THE TIME. I am known for saying that doing so is my prerogative as an English Major. I fully believe that ‘betittied’ deserves to be a word.

  44. When I received a groomsmaid dress in the mail a few months ago, I rushed into David’s Bridal and told the perky assistant that I needed some boobs. She thought that was unfortunate for me since it was prom season and she had sold out of anything meant for an A cup. I guess I would be “untitted” or maybe “detitted”!

  45. Fully Betitted. There’s a title there.
    ALSO WTF ARE PEOPLE DOING TO MANNEQUINS?! I literally will never look at them the same. Like… that one Doctor Who episode already ruined them for me, but now it’s like… way worse.

  46. Betitted caught my eye and while I’m seriously like woah for the post itself.. This word….betitted… Needs to be in the world making it better in the process

  47. Betitted caught my eye and while I’m seriously like woah for the post itself.. This word….betitted… Needs to be in the world making it better in the process

  48. Go to
    On most styles they let you pick a cup size – up to DDD on some styles.
    You can also pick the type of bra – soft cup, underwire, etc. And no, they don’t all look like “old lady” suits. A lot are on sale now. I haven’t bought one in a year or two but I remember they come with a piece of vinyl/plastic shield-type lining piece in the crotch. That let’s you try it on and return it if necessary IF you leave the liner in place. They don’t re-sell online a tried-on one, those go to their used-outlet stores.

  49. I really needed this. I don’t go into stores to try on clothes (especially bathing suits) anymore. I was feeling more down than usual and my body wasn’t helping any. I’ve had an eating disorder for 51 years. Someday I would like to just laugh and say, oh well if it isn’t better yet it won’t ever be just wear whatever you want because nobody really cares. Please keep sharing your humor! You are a blessing to all who read you!

  50. I was shocked last week when I found a new bathing suit at Target! They are doing a great job at a bit more inclusive sizing, plus coverage. They I am absolutely betitted, and I was able to find a full coverage suit that still looked pretty dang good.

  51. Oprah’s “O” magazine which was delivered to the multi-physician’s office where I work had a cover which had a feature called “How to look good in a bathing suit….,Really”. So I was intrigued and decided to look at the article over lunch. Every human being actually wearing a bathing suit was a borderline anorexic model (maybe just freaking perfect) and the only other offerings were flat photos of numerous 2 piece suits and a few, seriously a few, suggested suits that offer a flattering fit for what? regular people, overweight people, everybody else people. I really would have appreciated a non-photo-airbrushed picture of Oprah herself wearing a bathing suit that made her “look great”. She certainly is betitted and her magazine is just like that ridiculous mannequin! I tell you it is everywhere!!

  52. Sounds like Lady Cob has some admirers who like to keep her entertained.

  53. Betitted is a grand word!
    I say befuckered quite a bit!

    “Well, he’s befuckered now! There’s no saving him, since he molested that betitted mannequin!”

  54. hey so as one who is quite fully betitted, I have had this problem A LOT. I recently found a wbsite for a company called Bravissimo or Bravissima (it’s late, forgive me) and they happily brand themselves as catering to women ‘blessed with bigger boobs’. Great swimsuits in completely realistic sizes and approachable styles. It’s worth a google.

  55. Befitted sounds sooo British. And I think we can thank the LGBT community for ‘chesticles’.

  56. LOL betitted! I am betitted for days in ways I’m not a fan of. I nightmarishly did some research online to help me determine my bra size (measurements) and what types of bras fit me best. I did this because the idea of having someone measure me was a fate worse than death… or in this case a fate equivalent to whatever the Hell mannequins are going through in this country… side note: WHAT?!?!?!?! AMERICA, GO TO YOUR ROOM AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. YOU ARE ON THIN ICE, MR.

    Btw mannequins…you need a union or something! This is a job for… mannequin lawyer! mannequin takes off shades and puts down briefcase. Mannequin lawyer shows promise in his business wear, but his arguments are empty headed…

    TANGENTS! Anyway back to betitted! I found out my “shape” is something called “east west” almost like my chest has ADD or lazy eyes. Look ahead, nipples! Stop giving me side eye.. oh no wait… that just how I’m built..SSSAAADD 😂

    My conclusion is swimsuit shopping is terrible whether you are a mannequin or a real person! At least we’re not alone!

  57. Words are a tool for communication. If the person with whom you are communicating understands what you say (or write), it’s safe to say it’s a word.

  58. I was just in a Target store yesterday where the mannequins on display were noticeably more person-shaped. A poster of a lovely curvy woman modeling a swim suit was nearby.
    DM to retail professionals: It made the store look friendly and welcoming.

  59. to Shannon who posted the Urban Outfitters boob hook…we need to go en mass to corporate to find a cock and balls hook to sell too. Men deserve equal rights to be discriminated against.

  60. With some help from friends, among our nearest and dearest, Female Chest Protrusions are called Boobetry. We had a debate between Boobage and Boobetry and Boobetry won. (Hide that knife/cellphone/machine gun/ferret/paperback book amongst your boobetry! No-one will suspect it’s there!)

  61. I was happy to lose weight, until I found out iwas much less betitted than before. It was a sad day😔

  62. from a man who loves all the betittiedness that goes on of any size! they’re all beautiful!!

  63. Betitted! Hosanna, I laughed for ten minutes straight. Now I need a nap.

  64. I love that poor sales lady. Imagine your job includes making people stop groping the mannequins. AND she has a great vocabulary!

  65. I was having a bad day at work. So I came back to read this post for the twelfth or so time because it makes me giggle. Every. Single. Time.

  66. If you really need a bathing suit there is an awesome online store that I’ve been shopping at called Swimsuits for All. Prices are great, sizing is accurate, you can mix and match just about everything. I highly recommend them.

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