We’re leaving tomorrow to take Hailey to Japan for a week and I’m full of anxiety because I am a terrible traveler but Hailey and Victor are okay with me hiding in the hotel so it’s good that they have low expectations.  That said, I really want to go to the Parasite Museum and watch a robot do burlesque and hike through a volcano and  you should let me know if there is anything else amazingly weird that we absolutely should do/see in Japan.

Since I’m leaving tomorrow I’m doing my weekly wrap-up early and I’m not sure if I’ll have access to my blog in Japan so next week I think I’m going to share some of the best-loved bloggess posts of the last 12 years.  If you have a special request, let me know.


And on an entirely different subject, it’s time for the Sunday wrap-up!

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  1. OMG! We are leaving for Japan on Monday! SQUEE! You could come hang out with me, the hubby, and my man child who just graduated from high school. We could have anxiety together.

  2. Have so much fun! Just going is a huge victory so anything you do while in Japan is a bonus. Go you!!

  3. Just walk. Tokyo is crazy, but you NEED to see it. To see how crazy can be acceptable and celebrated — something we should do more often. Give this gift to Hailey of you can’t give it to yourself.

  4. Can’t remember where in Japan this is, but there is an island inhabited solely by rabbits. They’re the offspring of rabbits that were used in experiments by Japanese scientists during WWII. The rabbits are very friendly with visitors.

  5. I’m amused that “Strangelings” turned into “Stranglings.” I do not think that means what you think it means. 😂

  6. Eat. Just eat everything. The food is amazing and you get so much variety. If you only feel up for one adventure a day, make it eating somewhere new.

  7. We thoroughly enjoyed a hedgehog cafe, where you eat food and play with hedgehogs. It was awesome.

  8. I’m so proud of you!!!! You can do anything and I believe in you

  9. Cat Island. There are two. Bunny Island. There’s actually a sweet documentary about one of the cat islands in Japan on Amazon Prime – Cat Heaven Island. It’s on my bucket list. I’d love to live there…

  10. Your link says “Lawson Academy for Gifted Stranglings Bookbag” and while gifted stranglings sounds like something I’d be interested in, I’m not sure that’s what you meant to say. Have a great trip Jenny, according to friends that have been there Japan is full of weird and wonderful shit. Get out and find some if it!

  11. I’ve seen videos of the robot show. It looks like quite the spectacle.

  12. Try and get to the Tokyu Hands store in Shibuya. It’s huge and something like a Japanese Amazon store right in front of you. Guarantee you will find all sorts of things you didn’t know you needed (and if I’m remembering correctly there was a section with miniatures). And you and Hailey will love Harajuku (check out Kiddyland toy store around there too).

  13. Mine may not be especially weird enough, but favorites I could see you enjoying:
    Any of the many Alice Cafes– I saw someone get sung the Unbirthday song so you could try to make that happen!
    I don’t know if Miyazaki/Ghibli museum would be good bc of crowding, but if so, then H&V might do it on one of your days in hiding. I love Kamakura, but it’s not really weird. I like to put all kinds of resiliency symbolism into the fact that the giant Buddha (who looks like the one on my mom’s altar all my life) used to be inside a wooden Temple. The building was destroyed in a tsunami but the Buddha remained. Daruma dolls have a similar symbolism of perseverance/resiliency so I would like to visit a big temple devoted to them, as well as ones devoted to Tanuki & to lucky cats.
    I like to buy lots of cell phone strap keychain jingly things.
    Good luck finding the spooky side.

  14. I know nothing about Japan but whatever you do will be amazing. If you’re running a best of Bloggess series, please include the silver ribbon post. I found it when I was finally ready to admit I was not ok, and it helped save me.

  15. There are so many weird and wonderful things to see and do in Japan. I would recommend the Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe. I loved it so much and my son and I got picture taken with our favorites that went on a laminated postcard! Also try all the kit kats 😁. Have a great time!

  16. Let us enjoy the Beyonce and Knock Knock Motherfuckers post all over again!

  17. It’s going to be okay. Hailey has a great role model in you taking on tough challenges.

  18. There was a woman years ago who corresponded with you and you posted her letters on your blog, and I can’t remember her name now, but she was hilarious… she died unexpectedly. I’d love to read some of what she was saying again. I printed those posts off and saved them… somewhere.
    Have fun in Japan, even if it’s inside the hotel! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  19. I enjoy Kappabashi street is where they make and display all the plastic food and Takeshita street in Harajuku might interest Hailey. Have a great trip.

  20. If you buy donuts, be careful. When my brother was in Japan, he bought a few “caramel” donuts. He took them to back to his hotel, took a huge bite, and realized that they were curry flavored, much to his disappointment. Apparently, green ones can be wasabi.

  21. There may still be a building where they bring in hundreds of fireflies for a celebration of summer. Also harajuku is a place in Tokyo on Sundays in summer for performers of all kinds and amazing street food.

  22. It’s been 15 years since I was in Tokyo, but I’ll bet not so different today. Some highlights – I visited a WWII museum. Enlightening to see it from the Japanese perspective. Took a tour – bus and boat – of the city. Touristy? Absolutely, but very, very interesting and fun. Walking down the street at night – people of all ages, from school children to the elderly, out and about. I was apprehensive about going someplace so different. All of that was unwarranted. I’d go back again, if I could.

  23. I see a lot of people are recommending animal cafes. I would disagree with that recommendation. Animal cafe’s are usually cruel (animals not getting the care they need, not being allowed space away from café visitors, etc). I don’t recommend going to them unless you know for certain that it’s cruelty free.

    I’ve never been to Japan, but know of a few things you may like to do:
    You can visit the deer in Nara.
    For Hello Kitty galore, go to Sanrio Puroland.
    Shibuya 109 is a very popular department store.
    I think it’s coming into hydrangea season, so you may want to visit a garden.
    I hear Swallowtail Butler café is really cute, but you may need to speak Japanese to go there, I’m not sure.
    There’s also a place called Kawaii Monster Café.

  24. Please, please, if you’re doing a best-of, include the mongoose and the cobra taxidermy post. Its the first of yours I read and I’ve been here ever since. I still laugh at “would you like a nutterbutter?”

  25. Just think, Scotland was great, and Japan is a lot weirder! Something tells me, you’re gonna love, if you can find places that are too crowded.

  26. Best advice I was given about Tokyo was “ if you see a strange , dark alley, go down it there will always be something amazing.” Spot on. That and eat everything.

  27. if you have he chance to spend a day in Kyoto, do. it is the city of a million temples (just choose a few) – it is beautiful and green.
    and there is an amazing aquarium in osaka. i have never been to tokyo. but make sure to go into one of their department stores, they are Hhhuuuge and amazing.

  28. We were in Japan in April – booked a mobile wifi unit with Japan-wireless.com so we had wireless access all through our trip. At night we recharged the unit while we slept. It was booked online and delivered to the hotel, you can also pick up at the airport and drop off at kiosk airport before you depart.

  29. I just want to go to Japan to hit up all the stationary stories. They have such cool stuff. (I have an obsession and I’m ok with it)

  30. The culture and the people are amazing, my son was there for three years, came home with a Japanese bride! Also, upgrade your seats, you’ll thank me later

  31. Holy Moly! Japan! A lifetime dream! Take lots of photos wherever you go, even the hotel room! So curious if you will have beds or tatamis, or one of the TEENY tiny rooms which I honestly can’t imagine Victor booking for you. I would totally freak! If you do venture out go to Cat island, Takasheitta street for strange and wonderful shopping, (and the name) an animal cafe where all sorts of critters abound, climb Monkey Mtn. or maybe drive the real Live Mario Carts.Of course Castles and Shrines are beautiful….and the Suicide Forest, although too sad and morbid for me….probably a tourist trap now, too. There are prettier places to spend an afternoon. Whatever you do, go and have a Blast! and report back to all of us dreamers.

  32. Go to the craft store! I watched a video on YouTube (I think her name was Annika Victoria, she was from Australia) and the craft store was like..huge. Like THREE FLOORS of craft stuff.

  33. Go to a ramen shop. Eat weird and wonderful pizza at a Shakey’s Pizza. I recommend corn and tuna. Check out a washi shop where you can buy kits and paper and get help building your first creation.
    Go to Kamakura to see some truly amazing temples. You can wash your money in a cave stream, see the Great Buddha, drink the original, made-on-site ramune. I could spend a week just in Kamakura.
    Also, I found that my extreme city crowd phobias didn’t really trigger in Tokyo. I was able to get around on my own, and enjoy my time. Even small cities in America trigger my anxiety. Tokyo never did. =)
    Enjoy your vacation!! My 12 yr old daughter is very jealous of Hailey right now.

  34. If the noise and crowds are too much and you can’t get back to the hotel, find a Zen temple. They’re the most ancient, peaceful places and incredibly healing. Also Miyajima Island is amazing and it’s only crowded at sea level. If you get up the mountain you get away from tourists and sometimes you can see monkeys at the top. Down below there are tame deer you can feed, actually people feed them without trying because they’re really good at stealing food from tourists.

  35. As someone who also hates to go out in public, I found being in Japan oddly freeing. Knowing that the majority of the people around me have no idea how odd I am or understand what I’m saying made it easier for me to go out and explore. I would suggest hitting the hole in the wall neighborhood restaurants. The menus have pictures so you dont need to speak the language to eat. There is a place called codomania a couple streats over from harijuku. It’s a kiosk looking building on the corner of a major intersection. It’s super weird. We lived there with our teenage kids and they just liked to wander. One thing we enjoyed was the giant Budda in Kamakura. There is also an awesome black sand beach. Very windy. M y advise is just explore and have fun.

  36. Iliza Schlesinger ( the comedienne) is in Japan right now and if you go through her stories via IG she was at a really cool museum that would be totally up your alley.

  37. I highly recommend finding some place to eat shojin-ryori — which is a vegetarian Buddhist meal with many, many tiny dishes. They practice an ethos of 5 colors (green, white, black, yellow,red) and 5 flavors (sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami) and the meal is this amazing. slow balancing act of these. It’s a terrific experience. If you get to Kyoto, have it at the Tenryu-ji Temple. You get a room for just your family. It’s such a completely different experience and the lack of crowds and bustle is totally worth it!

  38. Re-post Knock Knock Mother Fucker with Beyonce. That’s the post that made me and my besties fall in love with you! In fact we have a secret group called KKMF named after your post 😁 Have a great time in Japan!

  39. The saga of Beyonce the giant metal chicken. Have a fantastic journey 🙂

  40. There’s a cat café in Kobe, so I’ve been told. My kids are spending a month out there, one of whom has anxiety and is struggling a bit. I hope you all enjoy the adventure.

  41. The kit Kat store is cool , I got some brought back last year !!

  42. I went to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, and I literally cannot recommend it enough. It was the weirdest, loudest, funniest thing my husband and I saw our whole trip.

    I also recommend checking every gachapon for weird shit. We found cat bonnets and statues of a Japanese raccoon dog wearing bikinis.

    As a previous poster mentioned, it is incredibly freeing to be in a county like Japan. Everyone is SO quiet on public transportation. Everywhere feels super safe. You can exist in almost silence and just live off rice balls (onigiri) from 7/11 (which area actually fresh abd delicious) if you so choose. Love it. Wishing you a fabulous time.

  43. Kyoto has lovely historical sites and some really beautiful countryside if you need a counterbalance to Tokyo or other urban centers.

  44. When you got Beyoncé the giant metal chicken! One of the all time great hilarious posts! Always worth a repeat!

  45. Shibuya crossing–amazing! Also nearby, just outside Shibuya station, is the statue of Hachiko, the most loyal dog in the world. Have a fabulous time!

  46. Hope you bring walking shoes with you, if you stay somewhere in Tokyo then just walking around you’ll find temples and fine restaurants easily and you’ll be delighted coming to Japan.

  47. Have a fabulous time. And pleeease post the rooster one. That was my introduction to you, I couldn’t believe there could be anyone sooo funny. “Knock knock, motherf***er”

  48. If you’re going to be in Kyoto, even for a short time, and have any interest at all in Japanese tea ceremony, check out the tea sweets shop in Kyoto station. They have sweets from many of the very best sweets makers. And curry rice wad my favorite cheap lunch when I was a student, though it’s more of a winter dish. And oh! If the timing is right, visit a flea market at a Buddhist temple. The piles of kimono for sale are amazing.

  49. I think they are lots of places now, but a cat cafe seems very you (and Japanese).

  50. Visit an Azone store – they make beautiful doll clothes and accessories. I’ve seen videos of their stores in Japan and their displays are always amazing.

  51. Japan is amazing! If you are going to visit Kyoto, there is a really fantastic place called Nishiki Market – weird and wonderful street food (strange little red octopi with quail’s egg stuffed in their heads, little warm donuts shaped like hedgehogs that fit in the palm of your hand), along with pottery, fans, a couple of cool chopstick stores and (weirdly) and entire store dedicated to Snoopy. In Tokyo, the Itoya store is actually two huge buildings full of paper, pens, craft supplies…I could have spent days in there. It’s in the Ginza district. I also second the recommends for the island of Miyashima (near Hiroshima)…though if you want the experience of hanging out w the tame deer in a place less full of tourists, the small city of Nara (near Kyoto) is famous for its huge public park with hundreds of sacred deer…and there’s also several temples in the park to spend some quiet time. Have an amazing time!

  52. Jenny, you are so amazing and brave and I want to be like you when I grow up. (I’m turning 50 in a few weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️)
    These last few weeks have been hard, harsh, hopeful, and scary. I’m holding it together without my anxiety meds 90% of the time and I’m surprised and pleased at the same time. I’m going to keep going. I’m going to keep pushing myself to answer calls from family and making calls to them. I’m going to visit family next week in towns I had left behind long ago in the wasteland of pain. If I survive I know I will have healed something not only for them but also within myself. Then, I can start looking forward and actually consider dreaming and manifesting things/events beyond what is necessary. Go see all the odd and wonderful things in Japan that you can but also take care of you and your beautiful family. We can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you!

  53. Hmm…if you want to repost favourites, maybe the one about Dorothy Barker’s borked up lady parts? That made me laugh so, so much!

  54. Eat a black egg that’s hard boiled in the natural hot springs! They say each egg you eat adds 10 years to your life! My man ate 4… 😳

  55. I loved the golden temple in Kyoto. It was so peaceful and so beautiful! Look all over the place for Tanuki the Trickster. He’s a raccoon dog with gigantic testicles. There are sculptures everywhere!

  56. You will be FINE and love every wild minute of it. Should I say every weird minute of it 🙂

  57. My favorite was the story of buying the chicken..if I remember right you couldn’t buy more towels!

  58. The bullet trains in Japan are wonderful so it’s really easy to take trips out of Tokyo. If you have time, I strongly recommend a couple of days in Kyoto. Its beautiful and the architecture is unique.

  59. If restaurants seem like too much trouble, find a Japanese department store and walk into the basement.It’s where all the yummiest,most beautiful food lives,and you can just order noodles,fish, omelets, mochi and more to eat back in your room. It’s Heaven!

  60. Enjoy Japan, I’m jealous. I really want to dress up like a geisha!

    My request is the Beyonce post. Hands down my all time fave! Knock knock muthafucker!

  61. I was in Tokyo a couple of months ago – it’s fabulous. In addition to the usual tourist sites (the temples, the SkyTree, …) I will put in a second vote for TeamLab. Be sure to buy tickets in advance, be prepared to still wait in line a long time, and go to the team shop. https://borderless.teamlab.art

  62. To prepare yourself look for Chiitan7407 on Instagram. He got booted off Twitter. Look for him in Japan!

  63. My favorite of your Bloggess posts is “It doesn’t take much to make me happy” I was dying of laughter reading it and I’m still reading because of it.

  64. So awesome that you’re making the trip. I’m sure there’s lots to do in Japan, but the priority is keeping healthy, so if it’s too much to leave the hotel, don’t. You have a husband and child who understand how tough it is, so you won’t disappoint them – although you will give them joy if you can manage to do something with them (but you’re also giving them joy by going along). I hope you manage to get out and do something, it would be awesome to know you were able, and to hear about it – but you can make sitting in a bathroom sound funny, so no pressure.

  65. I am also flying to Japan tomorrow! I will be travelling with my 3 month old daughter and have been quite stressed about it, but seeing that you are going plus the excellent replies here have made me a bit more excited for it.
    I figure if I do nothing but eat some Japanese food in Japan, that’s still something new and different, so that’s a win!

  66. I went to Japan for my birthday last year specifically to see a sumo tournament which was AWESOME. You’re in between tourneys right now but you could go to a sumo beya in Tokyo and watch them train then eat a big bowl of the chankonabe soup they eat afterwards (Ryogoku district).
    Check out this hotel – both locations were “booked” when I was there but maybe you can get a room for a night! http://bookandbedtokyo.com/en/
    Be on the lookout for a little pink can in the Japanese drink vending machines – best strawberry milk EVER. (The red buttons are hot drinks/blue buttons cold.) I second paying close attention to the gachapon toy machines – I saw cat neckties while I was there and regret not getting a few. I also second Tokyu Hands store. I got a cool shiba inu soy sauce dish and a tea set there.
    Kyoto is amazing – the temples, and geisha spotting, and this place – http://kyoto-maiko.com/
    They dress you up like a maiko or geisha and take pics – I’ll tag you in an instagram (@itinerantanthropologist) video time lapse I did of my makeup and hair. It was SO COOL.
    We also rode the Hello Kitty Shinkansen which was fun. The Tokyo station has the best place for bento boxes to take on the train – I got a few because they were so cool.
    Family Mart egg salad sandwiches are amazing and addictive – the convenience stores have good food in general!
    Uoshin was a great locals eatery in Tokyo – in an alley: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1303/A130301/13001781/
    This is the best tempura I’ve ever eaten: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1304/A130401/13000859/
    We stayed at the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku – it has a giant godzilla on it that you can go take pictures with even if you aren’t staying there.
    This place out in the suburbs makes Totoro forest friends cream puffs: http://www.shiro-hige.com/ (they were sold out when I got there so go early if you go)
    We also went to the cat temple in the burbs: https://www.tofugu.com/travel/gotokuji-temple/
    It was fun to get outside the city and see some other areas. Hope this helps!

  67. Highly recommend the boob mushroom saga. That’s how I arrived here and I have been happily installed here ever since!

    Robot cafe is certainly worth it. The fox village and owl cafes are tantamount to animal abuse so I’d stay out of those. They made me cry.

    Get the giant, weird rainbow cotton candy. It’s worth the photo! Have a great time!!!

  68. Have fun, Jenny! There’s so much to do in Japan. There’s s Ramen museum. If you can go to Kamakura to see the Great Buddha. There are hiking trails up in the hills known as the Kamakura Alps. Wear comfortable shoes. Many of the temples are seriously ancient and haunted. They are all extremely cool! If you can go to Fuji, DO! The forest surrounding the area is haunted. Besides, you really do need a Fuji- dog. Fuji is very popular this time of year but it is so worth it.
    Everyone in Japan is so friendly and helpful. You will definitely fall in love. Try to learn a few words in Japanese. It can only help. It’s really not as hard as most people think.

  69. We just moved back to the US from Japan and I miss it so much. We didn’t live anywhere near Tokyo, but we did visit (Kamakura is beautiful). Try to get out of the city a bit, to see how pretty it is there. Enjoy the wonderful food. The people are super nice. And it’s ok if you just hide out in your room too.

  70. We’re here right now and it’s been an amazing trip! I was excited to see harajuku but the crowds were insane. I’m here with my six year old and I couldn’t leave fast enough – I was scared to lose him in the madness. TeamLab digital art museum was awesome and the Hakone Open Air museum was a fantastic way to spend a day away from the huge crowds. Tokyo was great but Kyoto has been our favorite. My sons (and possibly my husband and dads) favorite thing was training to be a “real ninja” at the ninja dojo in Kyoto. They got to throw shurikans and shoot with a blow gun. Super fun. Enjoy!

  71. Japan is known for their cat cafes. Yes, real cats and it’s as wonderful as it sounds. Great place to hide out outside of the hotel.

  72. Finally figured out the right word to describe Hailey: Incandescent. She is incandescent. Hope y’all have a fabulous trip.

  73. It may be too late for this recommendation, but I wholeheartedly recommend you visit Koyasan. It is an unapologetic pain in the butt to get there, but it is sos so so worth it. It is eerie and beautiful and silent and I still think about it a decade later.

  74. Kinkaku-ji Temple, burned down by a deranged monk in the 1950’s.
    Author Yukio Mishima @yukiomishima, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, is loosely based on the incident.
    Fun fact, Mishima also founded Tatenokai, a small gay army of men in 1970 who briefly seized control of the Self-Defense Force’s headquarters in Tokyo to stage a coup d’état and restore imperial rule. When he failed, he committed seppuku (ritual suicide).

  75. Great suggestions from everyone! When I was in Tokyo 20 years ago, I went to gardens (saw a Komodo dragon. It lumbered across my path and was incredible.), Harajuku, temples, and took an Ikebana class. Definitely go shopping, and bring home: as many boxes/packets of rice and wasabi snacks that your luggage will allow; a Japanese chefs knife or two; and a tea set. And memories. Make memories with your family. I think you will love it.

  76. A friend just recently went to Japan, and they were able to do real-life Mario Kart through the streets! They were dressed like the different characters, riding go-karts. 🙂

  77. -teamLab Borderless in Aomi
    -teamLab Planets -these are two separate locations, and if you literally do nothing else in Tokyo, you must go to both of these museums. Trust me. If it’s a nice day I liked the outside restaurant after I went to Planets.

    The most trippy amazing thing I’ve ever done. We went to norderless.its an experience and lasts about 2 hours. Wear something you can roll up
    Above knee.
    Robot show was hilarious and insane. Red lighy district but felt safe.

  78. my favorites that come to mind are the convo you had with the phone sales guy who proposed marriage AND the short post on how you and your friends compete for worst Mom. Have a great trip – I hope to go there with my family one day!

  79. OMG – my husband is a parasitologist! Please, please, please post pics from the Parasite Museum!

  80. First find, then go to, the Ukyio-e (woodblock print) museum. It’s tiny and very cool. Last time I was there they had a ghost print exhibit. You could ask to see them if they’re not out. The people are very nice, even though (as one of them said to me when I complimented the collection), “Well, you Americans have the best prints now, since the war.”

    Second, try to be out walking when an ambulance goes by. They do have a siren, but they also have a recorded message that says (in Japanese), “An emergency vehicle is coming. Please move away, and be careful so you are not hurt.” Always polite!

    If you are hiding in the room, watch Japanese TV. Game shows, music videos, films of kabuki plays, it’s all awesomely awesome.

    If you go to Osaka, there is a pedestrian market, Minamisemba, that runs several blocks. My favorite store was Copo, the “Fashion Leg Shop,” whose slogan was, “Here we have all kinds of socks.”

    Honestly though? Imagine what we would put on our signs if we had to do them in Japanese…

  81. I forgot! Make sure you try that amazingly refreshing drink, Pocari Sweat.

  82. Please share your old post about writing on bananas! I remember laughing until crying over that one. And then like a good parent, I left “notes” for my children on their bananas. Usually boring ones like, “Behave!” or “Parents Rule!”, but sometimes the occasional random one like, “I’m yellow”. Thanks and safe travels!

  83. I would love a repost of “Is It Just Me?” from September 2013. Not only is that how I came to you in the first place, when a friend of mine who already followed you said “Oh my god have you read this?? We are not alone!” And indeed, we are #NeverAlone. I read that, and for the first time in my adult life felt like someone understood my broken brain. I’ve had my own blog for years but never wrote about mental illness. I was born with some physical stuff, so I’d write about disability. After I read that tho, I got the courage to at least think about writing about my own struggles with depression/anxiety/PTSD. It would take a couple more years, Robin Williams suicide and Carrie Fisher’s death, and equally as important, the first year you did that “Lets get to know each other” thing where people could leave their social media info and others could follow them. I met a lotta wonderful people who struggle as much as I do with life, or more, or less, but who know the demon that is mental illness. So it wasn’t until then that I got brave enough to begin writing about my own struggles with mental illness, titling my first entry “Is It Just Me?” <3
    Thank you for being you. Have a lovely trip. <3 #TheBloggessTribe #NeverAlone #DepressionLies

  84. Go to a baseball game. They’re a bit different than the ones here. Cheerleaders, a smaller field, crazy fans. It’s great.

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