Dottie update

Just a quick update on Dorothy Barker.  We were hopeful that the last test would show an infection because that would be a much better reason for the growths in her bladder but the test was negative.  So now we start with the next batch of tests.  But Dottie is very happy and seems healthy and until we know differently we’re going to stay positive.

And in that same vein, tell me something good?  Tell me something happy that’s happening with you.

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  1. We are going to keep praying that she stays healthy. As for good, today my son turned 11 years old! Yay! We love you and your family. Thank you for the updates.

  2. I am in a new job which pays more, and has better benefits. It is amazing and I feel like I’m really making progress with my working life. And my mental health is better because of it!

  3. I hope DB doesn’t have something serious.
    I have nothing extraordinary happy to mention apart from it’s good to be alive and reading your blog is always a good thing.

  4. I will keep her in my thoughts that things go well, and she can continue to be healthy. Something good? I stood up for myself when doing so seemed hard and am proud I kept my moral conviction.

    We also had twin lambs born, and got mama to accept them so we don’t have to bottle feed them! (As cute as it can be to have a sheep in the house, this is better for everyone!)

  5. Something amazing and happy. I have learned to be a runner at over 68 years of age and have the goal of running a half marathon at the end of September. I’m good at falling, at running slow enough to be last, and I excel at the intestinal issues that sometimes affect runners.

  6. We spent a long weekend in Asheville, NC and boarded our cat, Jack. We picked him up this morning and he was so happy to be home that he has CROPDUSTED us all freaking day!!

  7. Dottie has the most adorable smile. Give her a big hug from all of us well-wishers. I’m happy because I finally got off my ass and got back into my water exercise class. That and ice cream was on sale at Trader Joe’s yesterday. Hang in there. You’re a great dog mama and we dig our almost-daily dose of Jenny. Smooches.

  8. Sending healing thoughts to Dottie!

    I made an offer on my dream house today.

  9. I am taking a four day weekend next week and going to see my friend and her baby.

  10. Happy thoughts to Dottie. In positive news I just celebrated my 4 year wedding anniversary by going on a sand dune ride. It was AWESOME.

  11. I hope Miz Barker stays as happy and healthy as she looks in this picture. My good news is that after a longer than anticipated hospital stay, I am finally starting to feel almost normal again. Things do get better.

  12. Still thinking good thoughts for DB!!

    Something good here was that I went to the Cubs game last night with my dad (it’s a yearly tradition) and the Cubbies won in 10 innings. Made my dad so happy, and he sang the Go Cubs Go song that plays after a Cubs win. It’s the only song he ever sings! It made me so happy to spend the day with him.

  13. I was just promoted into a new job with great growth potential and I’m dating an incredible, supportive, amazing guy!

  14. Sending you all and Dottie healing vibez. On a happy note, the bathroom got painted.

  15. Our Corgi named Rocket managed to get ahold of a guest’s antidepressant pill bottle. He showed up with a mangled slobbery bottle in his teeth and a couple pills at his feet. We were sure he’d OD’d on Lexapro, but we found the rest in the living room. He was most interested in chewing on the bottle and tossing it about. He’d make a lousy addict but on the bright side, he’s cheerful enough without the Lexapro.

  16. I was just promoted into a new job with great growth potential and I’m dating an incredible, supportive, amazing guy!

  17. One of my nieces is about to give birth to a baby girl and we found out today another one is pregnant with her first.

  18. I’m so excited for my youngest daughter, who just turned fifteen and got three painting jobs to last the rest of the summer. She is talented at painting walls, ceilings, decks, and porches. She can be creative while earning a savings account.

  19. Best wishes to DP!
    My good news- our 3mo old kitten got into the dogs meds back in December and nearly died. He required regular fluids etc to keep his kidneys running (this after 4 days in the emergency clinic). After months of this, his numbers were good so the vet said let’s go three months with no treatments and see what’s what. So, Friday (he’s black, get it?) had bloodwork done recently and the vet said his numbers are what are expected of a perfectly healthy 10 month old cat.
    He’s the cat who lived.

  20. My cousin who lives far away and I haven’t seen in over 15 years is in town and I get to have dinner with his entire family and mine. It makes me very happy. I’m sending so much love for Dottie.

  21. I decided to try therapy! I have a consult tomorrow to see if my first pick is a good fit for me.

  22. I am almost 66 years old. Yesterday I celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary with the person who is perfect for me. We are happy, in love, old, but still blissful. xo

  23. I’m starting a new job that is better pay and so much better than the job I have been in the last six years! Hope DB is better soon!

  24. Walking my dog in the sunshine and looking forward to seeing two of my favorite musicians next week.

  25. The blood tests my 17 year old boy cat had came back clear for kidney and thyroid so it looks like we’ll get to keep him a bit longer!

    Definitely happy news!

  26. Hope Dorothy Barker continues to be healthy and happy! As for something good…um, well I managed not to scream “it’s not about you, you narcissistic fuck!” out loud at work today. I suppose that’s a good thing.

  27. I am taking full advantage of summer break as a high school teacher. That’s something good. No more trainings, workshops, purchasing EVERYTHING for my classroom. I’m taking it easy, reading what I want, trying not to give Houston weather the middle finger.

  28. I have a 4 week old…we’ve been having a lot of trouble breastfeeding, little one’s latch in particular has been something akin to being dis-en-nipplated…but yesterday we had our first textbook latch!!! It still hurt, but less…so that’s my good news!

  29. Just adopted a one year old fluffy male cat. Grey in color and sweet tempered.

  30. Sending positive thoughts for Dorthy and hugs to keep you going! You asked for something happy and I am delighted to be getting married in a super small ceremony in August.

  31. I’m starting a mentoring program with the juvenile justice system in a rural area to help kids move successfully past their bad decisions. Everything for the program is working out so easily, and it’s going so well.

  32. Sending you positive vibes for Dottie’s continued good health. Today a phone call that I thought I was going to be really bad and stressful turned out to be quite pleasant. It’s not much, but all I have right now.

  33. My mother was in and out of the hospital for two months. She was very ill, couldn’t eat, and was just miserable. She had her gall bladder removed last week and is already a million times better and eating.. She is arguing with dad again, which my sister and I agree, is a good sign!

  34. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I leave for vacation with my family on Saturday!

  35. Thanks to that post earlier this year when members of Jenny’s Tribe requested mail, I mailed many cards and have gained several incredible pen pals!

  36. I made some amazing Blueberry BBQ Sauce and so far have enjoyed some DELICIOUS Baby Back Ribs, and Grilled Chicken….all slathered in Yummy Spicy Blueberry Goodness!

  37. Sorry about DB’s health. It’s tough when your (fur) kids are not feeling well. Wish I had something good to say, but I don’t. It’s been a lousy week (month?) so far, but I am hopeful for a better day tomorrow. I’m joining a friend on a play date and we’re going to make some art projects.

  38. I’m on a work trip in Maine. It’s my first time in New England, and it’s even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. I’ve been obsessed with Maine ever since I started reading Stephen King…as a ten year-old. 🙂

  39. I planted milkweed last year. This year, it’s blooming and I’m seeing Monarch butterflies — and lots of bees — on it every day. Monarch caterpillars, too!

  40. My laundry is finally getting done. I cleaned a little bit. And I’m making linguini and meatballs for dinner. Also, I’m trying a new bottle of wine tonight. And Matthew and Ares have been spending quality time together. And my boss still likes and believes in me.

    Really, we have so many things to be grateful for. It is impossible to count all the blessings.

  41. I love when I can find new artists to listen to and today I found Emily Reo in the purrrcast! Been listening to her album all day

  42. After a 21 year wait, full of longing and fantasy, I saw The Lion King on Broadway!! It was so far beyond my wildest imaginings. A peak experience.
    Love to Dorothy, one of the cutest doggas ever. Hugs to the family

  43. I planted milkweed last year. This year, it’s blooming and I’m seeing Monarch butterflies — and lots of bees — on it every day. Monarch caterpillars, too!

  44. I saw an old coworker today I have not seen in about ten years! She looked the same (at 75yrs young!) I only wish I could say the same! LOL It was great to see her again, best part of my month! My thoughts are with you and your fur baby, they are such a big part of our lives.

  45. Oh I hope it’s not bad. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE it’s nothing bad.

    Something good? Ok. My husband, who wasn’t looking for a new job, started his new job at IKEA a couple of hours ago. A former manager of his who he’d worked with at a previous job hooked him up and so now, for the first time ever in his life, he has a desk job as an inventory analyst or something. Supposedly, their health care package is dope AF (which doesn’t kick in for a month, but that’s ok with me. I’m topped up on meds for the time being) and the deductible is only like 1 grand a person (maybe it’s per family, IDK) which is AWESOME after years of shitty health care and deductibles that (at their lowest) were around 3 grand..per person. I’m really hoping I get to keep my current doctor because their office is kind of awesome. Once the insurance kicks in, I’m going to find a rheumatologist (which my doctor told me to do…in January) because I’ve been putting it off due to the expense. I have fibro (maybe. One doctor said I did. Another doctor says maybe not, it might be Hashimoto’s or RA) so I need to go to a specialist to sort this shit out.

  46. Could be bladder stones? My cat has those. They had to remove his manhood, so now he’s transgendered. He’s happy, healthy and turns 16 years old in a few months. I just had to get one of those “all genders” signs for his litterbox.

  47. I am having a birthday dinner with my son, who is visiting, then off to Cegas in 3 more sleeps!

  48. I am hosting my bookclub on Sunday and have selected “Furiously Happy”. I have to theme the cake – what is your favourite cake? My fur baby is Millie – she is a cavoodle and I adore every inch of her xxxxx

  49. Keeping our fingers crossed for Ms. Barker! She looks so sweet in that photo. My good news is that I got offered a promotion at work today! It’ll be a bit more stress, but I enjoy a good challenge, so I’m looking forward to it.

  50. My husband and I just went on our first vacation. It only took the library amount of years. We had so much fun in Seattle. I love you and will send you a pic on Twitter.

  51. I’m fighting through my Anxiety to go on a trip to Vegas with just my husband and leaving the kids with my parents. I’ve never been a plane ride away from their crazy-ass selves

  52. My boyfriend and I are back together after a three week break. As cheezy as it sounds, I think he’s my guy- like, THE GUY, so I’m pretty damn happy.

  53. I’m sober more days than I’m not. For me, that’s progress.

  54. Sending good vibes to Dottie B! In good news- this weekend I move to England- something I’ve dreamt of for years and I’m getting organized to start writing again- thank you for the constant inspiration!!

  55. Good plan! I hope all tests continue to be negative. Something good….I found the caramels in the bridge mix. They are delicious.

  56. Sending Positive thoughts your way. One thing that always makes me feel better when I’m stressing, I watch TBD RPG on geekandsundry on twitch.(wed nights or if you subscribe it’s on vod) it’s a group of ladies that play rpg (role playing games). The channel is very inclusive and positive.

  57. Sending all my good vibes to Dottie!

    A good thing going on for me: I’m currently in the longest run of motivation and creativity that I’ve had in most of my adult memory. I’m feeling better than I have felt in years and instead of spending all my time wishing I could get up and do something (because of all the voices in my head telling me I can’t) I’m actually getting up and doing the things. This is amazing.

  58. Many good wishes to Miss Dorothy Barker and you all, too.

    I will be closing on my new-to-me home soon! It was built in 1902.

  59. My family is going to Disneyland in Sept. and staying at the Grand California. That means we are literally staying at the Hotel California.

  60. Just drove 100 miles (well, 200 RT) to see a pain management doctor that my health insurance is ok with. One more useless re-doing of a test, and we’re ready for nerve ablation.

  61. Someone I love dearly sent me a text checking up on me even though she’s in Europe on vacation right now!

  62. My daughter graduated from college in May and had a job offer by June. In this day and age when a starting position requires five years of work experience, that seems almost unprecedented. It’s not in her first choice profession, but it’s an area that interests her. It gives her independence, benefits and a sense of accomplishment along with enough time to figure out her next act. We are so happy for her.

    Love to you, your family and Ms. Barker and the cats. We also believe that all will be well with her.

  63. Love To Dottie! Poor pupper!

    After waiting for months, years, forever, I’m finally setting up a room just for my dolls, dollhouse, painting and stuff!

  64. Something good? Well, I (sadly) find it humorous when one of my puppies runs amok and decides to pee on his bed.
    This would be why I have Emergency Backup Beds.

  65. I will send happy and healing energy to Dorthy Barker. Sending lots of love
    I am fortunate to have family and friends who love me for who I am and support me to stay on the path to recovery.

  66. I got my AC “fixed” (they have to come back at some point, but at least it’s working) which is good, because the RealFeel temp here for Saturday is 109. Also, this song has helped me through some terrible times and Stephen Colbert’s joy makes me so very happy.

  67. I am happily camping near lake chautauqua and it’s finished raining!

  68. My daughter needs a new chrome book for school and today it was $100 cheaper because it was the last one of the older models. Maybe not the newest and bestest, but we could afford it! Yay!

  69. My 76 year old Mom just came home from the hospital, when last week it seemed like we were going to have to say goodbye.

  70. As it happens, I’ve been going through the SAME tests as Dorothy Barker. Mine turned out negative, something easily handled. So, I both send her my love, and I share my outcome as my happy thing.

  71. Best thoughts to Dorothy Barker and y’all.
    It is 100 degrees out but I had a nice catch-up lunch with a friend, the sun is shining (hah), the sky is blue, and though it is July the grass is still green. It’s a good day.

  72. Afraid that my hair was falling out because of a chemical sensitivity to hair color, I let it “grow out” while I waited (forever) to get appointments to the recommended doctors. I now have what can only be generously called a “pixie” cut, and found out that I now have slate gray hair with sprigs of bright silver (last time I saw my real hair color it was light brown with whispers of silver here and there). I’m going to try to rock the look, instead of wonder where the younger me went (I think I’m still in there, somewhere). The good news is that, so far, they don’t think it’s a sensitivity, nor an auto-immune issue. However, stress, the most likely candidate, is harder to control, although I am able to see into the near future and expect less stress! Yay!

    Give Dorothy a hug from me. I envy her hair! : )

  73. I am SO happy to hear that Dottie is doing well! I’ll continue to think good and happy puppy thoughts in her – and your – general direction!

    I have several good things! 1. This weekend Spouse and I are going away for a long weekend trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It’ll be the very first vacation we’ve gone on (because visiting family does NOT count as a vacation) as a couple since just after we got married, and we’re very excited. 2. I just had to renew the savings card for my antidepressants, which marks a year I’ve been taking them, and I’m still in remission! and 3. I said something really clever at work last night, and I’m very proud because I thought of it in the actual moment and not a week later like usual: my coworker was unnerved by a customer and thought he may have had a gun [spoiler: he didn’t]. I said “I’ll be the fearless horror-movie heroine and go find out if he’s left the building!” Coworker was too unnerved to find me amusing, but Spouse said I was very clever. And there wasn’t actually any danger, but it totally still counts as me being brave.

  74. Sending positive thoughts to Dottie!

    Last week was my state 4-H camp in West Virginia; this was my 14th(?) year as a counselor, after having been a camper for 10 years. It’s such a wonderfully inclusive and supportive camp, and it’s a real privilege to be able to give back to the camp and support the kids after having received so much as a camper myself. It’s seriously the highlight of my year! Plus in the Outdoor Cooking class we made wilted lettuce salad, which is my new favorite:

    Fry/bake some bacon until it’s crispy, reserving the grease. While that’s cooking, chop up leaf lettuce (or spinach or something similarly textured – you don’t want something crunchy like romaine hearts) and some green onions, if desired. Once you drain the bacon and let it cool a touch, crumble it up and sprinkle it over the greens. Add some apple cider vinegar to the still-hot bacon grease and let it cook down for a couple minutes, then stir in some brown sugar, pepper, and a smidge of salt until the sugar is dissolved. While the dressing is still hot, gently pour it over the greens until they’re wilted, tossing to coat everything. NOM.

  75. Daughter just bought a big new house and son/daughter-in-law are expecting our very first grandbaby!

  76. Sending good and healing thoughts to Dorothy Barker! My happy news? I just scheduled my 2nd knee replacement surgery so soon I’ll be able to set off alarms at airport security! Woohoo!

  77. My son, who is working at a music festival 4 hours away, is coming home for a surprise visit tonight!

  78. We have our own little menagerie. It includes Roomba the Snail, Mugsy the Beta fish and Waldo, an African pigmy frog! They get along quite well and they always make me smile! Prayers for Dottie!

  79. I was supposed to leave Florida to go back to Kansas on Tuesday and I’m still stuck in Florida and I can’t leave and it’s honestly just making me realize how much I value my relationship and how much we need to be together and maybe it’s really true that absence makes the heart grow fonder! I can’t wait to get home!!!

  80. My husband and I have finally purchased an RV after years of saving and planning. Neither of us had money growing up so we’ve never been anywhere. Now we get to fulfill a dream and travel! The last few years have been really rough and it feels great, and really unfamiliar, to have a huge win.
    I hope so much your sweet little dog is ok! Every time I see her little face on your blogs it makes me smile.

  81. My 22-year-old alcoholic son completed his second 30-day stint in rehab, and is now safely in sober living. For today. For that I am happy and thankful. Dottie, hang in there!

  82. I found socks with an octopus on them. That makes me smile.

  83. We started planning a d&d campaign and through a series of accidents, my character now has an Emotional Support Cow name Mooseph.

  84. My dog, Sir Flynnigan Xavier Von Clickinstein, is 8 years old today. He had an ice cream cake and lots of presents, including a Trump toy to tear apart.

  85. My first born is doing her first college visits this week. I’m a mess of excitement and wistfulness. It goes by fast, but so so excited for her future!

    Many pawsitive thoughts from our fur family (and non-furry family) for Dottie.

  86. I had a Papillon i loved for many years, Jenny. Just the best dogs ever. Hopefully it is not her time, but even if it was – you wouldn’t trade it for anything. So stay positive. She looks pretty hale and hardy in this photo!

  87. One week from today I’ll be with my sister, without my children, headed for a long weekend with her and a bunch of girlfriends and a bunch of booze and junk food. Also, tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of my first date with my husband and I still think he’s pretty great.

  88. I had a great day thrifting! 2 dozen note cards at 10c a piece and a vintage canvas print for $8. Plus these amazing banana and pecan cupcakes from the local bakery truck. Some days it’s all about the little things.

  89. My daughter in law has had a recurrence of meta-plastic breast cancer which has shown up in her lung after 2 and 1/2 years of no signs of cancer, but she started a new treatment of chemo and her tumors are SHRINKING! We are very hopeful now, where we thought everything was going downhill. Also, she and my son happen to be surgical veterinarians in San Antonio if Dorothy needs a surgeon! 🙂

  90. My mom is out of the hospital and it wasn’t a serious thing after all plus she FINALLY AGREED TO TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL ABOUT HER ANXIETY!!!!!!

    That is HUGE!! So….So great.

    Also we found out my sister doesn’t have breast cancer and we WILL be able to make the mortgage payment so that’s good too. And my 11 year old daughter is responding really week to her antidepressants and my baby not is about to turn 8 so I’m getting an Avengers themed party ready. Yay!!

  91. Nose boops

    As far as, my positive note I didnt commit the murder today
    I mean. There’s still time. But I’m holding off for Miss Barker

  92. My daughter is away at camp this week. She just texted me, it’s pouring rain, the power is out, but they “have enough spinny chairs to rule the world.” Honestly, what more does one need?

  93. My daughter’s elementary school friend moved to Florida a few years ago. She is back visiting with us this week. The two of them are like peas and carrots, and it warms my heart. God bless you Jenny, and your little dog too! (Wizard of Oz reference for a dog named Dorothy may be a little much, but I went for it anyways)

  94. Positive thoughts for DB!

    Something good that has happened for me recently is that I went to Costa Rica two weeks ago. I went to the jungle of Costa Rica to ayahuasca for my treatment-resistant depression. So far, while it’s not 100% better, I do feel lighter and more committed toward improving my life. I’m rededicating myself to becoming a doctor someday, too!

  95. My sister couldn’t remember the name of the new Spiderman movie and called it “Spiderman: He’s not home, he’s somewhere else” (she’s 47)

  96. My little miss, who is historically insanely shy, took a teacher’s hand and went and showed them everything she knew so that they could appropriately place her in kinder. She did so well. I’m so proud of her.

  97. My birthday was this week and my 14-year-old-daughter old wrote THE MOST AMAZING card for me. I’m so blessed to be her mom!

    Positive thoughts for Dorothy Baker!

  98. My mutt Milo was at the vet today due to his knee popping like popcorn when he walks or runs. Popcorn is awesome but not out of a dog’s knee. Especially the knee said dog had surgery on 2 years ago for patellar luxation (isn’t this distracting yet?) They had to chop off some of his hip bone and pin it to hold stretchy ligaments in place since his kneecap just FLOATED THE HECK AROUND IN HIS LEG sometimes on the inside of his leg, sometimes on the outside…Oy this poor guy. But yeah 2 years ago that was “fixed” and now he’s 4 years old with popcorn-knee. They had to do x-rays today to see if that bionic leg’s pins migrated out and tore his meniscus, a really goofy name for ligament. If it did, he’d have to get those stabby pins pulled out and just make the best of his torn MEN-ISSS-CUSS. Which is actually what my husband did seeing the vet bill for our uninsured mutt boi. We found out the pins were totally lazy, right where the surgeon put them 2 years ago. This means my dog is just predisposed to trick knee issues including torn meniscuses – or meniscii? This I suppose is good news, meaning no scalpel or pulling out of levitating pins, but also means my Milo, whose nickname is “NoBite” (because he does) can’t burn off energy and express his joy after each and every poo with full on high-speed zoomies for 10 days. How do you STOP ZOOMIES, I ask you? Why would I want to? That’s what makes dog life rich, right? I digress. We are thankful for his quirks and spaghetti leg and his desire to kill anyone who even looks sort of shifty on out behalf. God bless him. And God bless Dorothy Barker, may her bladder just be unique and non-threatening.

  99. My 18-year-old tortie Shadow’s weight check this week showed she’s gained 3/4 of a lb since May. She was not eating well and was losing weight, and now she’s lively, eating and playing again. Apparently we found the right combination of foods and supplements.

    All the love and good thoughts to Dorothy and you!

  100. We’re going on our first family vacation with my 3 year old to the beach soon.

  101. I’m pet sitting my dad’s puppy, Oakley, and since he’s been here he’s learned stay, come, sit, and shake! We’re working on heel and lie down still, as well as a command to stay out of the kitchen when we’re cooking, but he’s been learning so much!

  102. All the loves and hugs to Dottie! Puppers unite!

    Many years ago we had a doggie with cancer. He lived many years after a successful surgery (which required removing a lot of his bottom jaw, which made him look like the Simpsons’ Santa’s Little Helper, but didn’t give him any problems eating!), so take heart!

  103. I’m cat sitting for my mom. Her yard backs into woods and she’s been feeding raccoons to keep them off her bird feeders. So I have been spoiling them with bananas and peaches and oh boy she going to be surprised by how many new friends she has now.

  104. My highschooler and middle school or are downstairs in the kitchen having a bake off, they are both making me cookies and I have to decide which one is better. That part kind of sucks but I caught a sneak peek and there’s peanut butter cups down there so I’m happy to disappoint a child for a good cause.

  105. “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”~Joseph Campbell

    Happy Distraction 💕
    My/Our sacred space, where we always find ourselves is this small town on the Oregon Coast, right on 7 miles of open beach. Because of my health and finances this year I didn’t think we would be able to go this year. I have to go to Portland (4+hrs away,)OHSU Neuro, so we’re making a little detour and going to the place we can find ourselves. Just me and David, my super supportive hubs who I haven’t stabbed yet. When someone wishes us happy anniversary, I always say, “ x-amount of years(17 this yr) of love happiness and we haven’t killed each other yet!” No body really thinks it’s funny and I think it’s hilarious 🤣

  106. I’m happy she is feeling ok and I’m pulling for her! Wisconsin finally has summer and I’m happy for that. Also happy I found the favorite eyebrow pencil ( I’m blonde and you need that), avocado, and doors topper my twin demons ( kittens) stole. Guess I shouldn’t have named my little thieves Hans and Simon Gruber.

  107. Going to adopt two puppies once we move into our new house!!!

  108. My good thing is that I am able to set boundaries and make changes in relationships that I was unable to before because I’ve found my community. My safe place. My loving and supportive circle of friends. So although this has been (and will continue to be) a very difficult and sometimes traumatic process, I’m able to do it, I’m able to survive it, because I finally have people I know that I can trust, and that love me for me.

  109. I had dinner tonight with a friend I’ve known since college (18 years?!) and she’s had a rough go of it for a long time but the past six months has just been transformed and is glowing with happiness. It’s SO lovely to see! It’s always great to visit with her but today I just left extra excited because she’s so, so happy.

  110. We are getting a new fur baby! She comes to live with us end August, an all black Maine Coon, she will be 16 weeks old. I’ve never had a kitten, my other cats all came to us as adults so I’m beyond excited to have a baby cat in our home! Don’t know if we’ll be able to come up with as clever a name as you all manage to do but, we’ll certainly try.

  111. My tomato has a butt hole! I’m growing tomatoes for the first time ever. They are doing fabulous despite some mild aphid action. Even though my husband doesn’t think killing aphids together qualifies as couple time. But I have several large (still green) tomatoes. One of them has a nice little butt hole. Not rotten or insect eaten hole, but a nice little divot. I’d say belly button but it’s on the bottom. 😀

  112. So every July 17 my brother, sister and our spouses get together to remember our parents. As we were wrapping up from a rainy evening a rainbow appeared so we raced to the railing to grab a picture of the greeting sent by our parents. Rainbow was fading fast, my dad always was a joker and likely enjoyed watching us yelling at each other (well, actually just me yelling) to get in the picture before it disappeared entirely. Always in our hearts.

  113. I got an all clear on my breast biopsy today! Positive vibes for Ms Dorothy Barker💜💜

  114. I’m glad Dorothy Barker is seemingly fine. Fingers crossed that the doctors figure it out and fix it!
    My good news is that I retired about 6 weeks ago and so far have helped one baby robin, a mama bat and her twin babies,* and a box turtle live longer lives. Yay for animals enriching our lives!

    *I transported the bats from one bat rehabber to the Save Lucy Campaign in Virginia where the founder is another bat rehabber with facilities to care for bats and teach them how to live in the wild. Save Lucy is a nonprofit–look it up!

  115. I went to the gym after missing more days than I should have and it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be.

    Sending the good vibes to Dorothy Barker. ❤️

  116. Our cat, who has been a model cat and absolutely perfect since we adopted her a couple of months ago and has never jumped higher than the bed to cuddle with us, decided tonight to jump on top of the kitchen cabinets where my boyfriend keeps his limited edition collectible Jack Daniels bottles that he loves so much I’m not allowed to drink them. So we went into Petsmart tonight and picked up one of those cat deterrents-it’s an automatic sensor spray can that shoots a blast of air at the cat when she comes in a certain range.

    Well the instructions said it could take up to two minutes to start working the first time you put batteries in, so wasn’t I surprised when it went off in my face ten seconds later. Then it got my boyfriend when he was putting it in place

    I’m pretty sure the cat was laughing at us while this happened too.

  117. Still sending positives Dottie’s way!

    My son started a new job with higher pay and better health insurance for him and his family.

    I got a call for an appt. with my neurologist that I’ve been waiting for since February. They had cancelled two in this past week. I’m crossing my fingers they keep the one August 1st. I also am waiting a call to set up IVIG infusions to help my small fiber neuropathy among other things!

    {hugs} to all

  118. All best wishes to Dorothy Barker, always!

    Good things…I’m living in a city I love, in a house I love, and a dog who loves everybody!

  119. I figure that there’s no sense in worrying until you know there’s a reason to worry. Here’s hoping that it’s just benign. Good news…um…AC in the middle of a heat/humidity wave? I’m gonna call that a win. 🙂

  120. My little old man Rascal dog just had a very healthy poop. The meds are working!

  121. Much love and good karma for Dottie. Good news, my mammogram came back negative (or normal)!

  122. I’m going to see Queen at Madison Square Garden on August 6th. I’ll be thinking of Hailey when we sing Radio Ga-Ga!

  123. I’m getting ready to head to Vegas for my niece’s first birthday. And it’s surprise! They don’t know we’re coming (thought we weren’t gonna be able to make it but last minute circumstances made it possible).

    Hugs for Dottie. (But I choose to believe she doesn’t really need them—at least not any more than usual—because she’s gonna be totally 100% okay.)

  124. In May, I lost the two loves of my life, the Labrador litter mates I raised from puppies. They were the reason for my existence. Instead of giving in to my depression, which was telling me I had nothing left to live for, I went and adopted two more dogs, and I’m still here. And that’s my good news.

  125. I will have a serious discussion with St. Francis immediately on DP’s behalf!! We do animal rescue and take in only the “unadoptable” infirm canines. Our happy news is that all the present critters are stable and happy!! Much love to you and yours!!

  126. After years of trying–on our own, with supplements, with shots, IUI, and even one extremely expensive try at IVF–my husband and I are going to have a second baby! It happened literally right after we gave up trying and I gave all of my maternity clothes away… and I got laid off. This is not where I had planned to be at this point in my life, but I am still joyful and hopeful for the future.

  127. My very nice, very competent, and often very intimidating manager encouraged me tonight to go to a training seminar to prepare for a promotion. She’s the top manager in my department and trains people across our company, so her endorsement means a lot, both professionally and personally. My impostor syndrome quakes in the face of her acknowledgment.

  128. C’mon Dottie! The whole world is pulling for you! (I don’t know how to make hearts on blog responses)

  129. Tomorrow is our 27th anniversary, and we met through a good old fashioned letter, written with a pen, on paper.

    And now we text each other things from across the room. Ha!

  130. I went to New Mexico to help my Uncle Archie sort through my deceased Uncle Bobbie’s possessions and I scored 4 of my meemaw’s crazy quilts and the same number of her paintings.

  131. My MIL just got tickets for Hamilton in Omaha this fall. I’m so excited for this girls day out! Also, I seriously thought sleeping Ferris looked like my Iggy wild boy.

  132. Our old girl Olivia turned 15 last week. She’s my daughters bestest friend in the whole world. She has senior moments, we don’t care as long as she eats and drinks and is having a good quality of life.

  133. I ordered some of the Lawson stuff. (totes, etc).That is a happy thing.
    Hoping that Dottie is happy, healthy and here for years!!.💕💗

  134. I was diagnosed earlier this year, at age 37, with breast cancer. (I promise, it gets happier). I’ve had two surgeries and I have my second chemo appointment on Friday. Every step of the way, my family and friends have been super supportive. Knowing that I’m going to have a suppressed immune system and my bedroom is kind of a disaster area, my group of friends who get together at least once a week, came over last weekend, and twice more this week, to clean and organize my bedroom. I’m talking deep clean, move every piece of furniture, and then make the room more functional and separate stuff into different storage containers. There has probably been at least 60 person-hours of work. They are truly the most wonderful, amazingly magical people I could ever hope to have in my life.

  135. Yesterday sucked, but I was supposed to meet someone to see Howard Jones perform. I wanted to see the opening band, but she didn’t want to meet until 9:30. I went up to the venue and talked the box office guy into giving me a ticket. They gave out a lot of complimentary tickets and I didn’t see my email fast enough. The venue would rather pack people in for free and make money off the alcohol sales than sell less tickets. I only knew enough of the songs to sing along to the choruses. I’m not a huge listener, but i am now a huge fan of Howard Jones because he is absolutely delightful. When the audience sang along to part of a song while he was just quietly playing the piano, he stopped playing to say how wonderful it sounded. He told the guitarist they should add that in another 3 or 4 times. I’ve never seen someone so thrilled to hear people sing back at them.

  136. Sending healing thoughts to DB!

    Do you follow We Rate Dogs on twitter (@dog_rates) or instagram (@weratedogs)? It’s is my go-to when I need to see something happy 🙂 (not at all related to me and he has sadly never rated my dog but it’s awesome anyway)

  137. something good— my sweet fuzzy kitty keeps coming over and licking my tears- it’s been a rough could of days — migraines from the storms in the area– lost sleep from scratching myself crazy– because last week I got attacked by yellow jackets. I know most of that doesn’t sound happy== but my kitty licking my tears and loving me… makes me happy.

  138. My kid, who is transgender and has anxiety and depressive disorders, and who had to be homeschooled for years because she was bullied and unhappy, is MOVING INTO THE DORM AT HER FIRST CHOICE COLLEGE in a month. And she’s really really excited about it. 🎉

  139. My husband had his thyroid removed July 2nd because it was cancerous and he has a 98% chance of recovery.

  140. I found out today my boss may be leaving, and now I am hopeful my workplace will be less of a toxic swamp!! Also my cat spend a productive ten minutes in the tub attempting to attack the water from the faucet, and yelled at me when I turned it off.

  141. My sweet husband just got home from a business trip and brought me fresh rhubarb. Yum! Love it and it’s hard to find here in Texas.

  142. I recently reconnected with my stepsisters (twins) after about 16 years because I decided to stop punishing them for my dad cheating on my mom with THEIR mom. Their brother was my best friend forever and the twins were my favorite kids ever. I treated them like my own sisters so it wasn’t fair that I abandoned them with no explanation. ANYWAY since I was seeing them regularly, I ALSO decided to begin speaking to my estranged dad and his wife. Now I see them all at least once a month and talk to them all nearly every day. I feel lighter than I have in years and YOU are a large part of that. If I hadn’t read your books, I would never have taken my mental health seriously and started therapy. And without therapy there’s NO way I would be speaking to my dad again.

  143. What am I doing? Going through “stuff” in the house of my childhood. Spending about 4 hours/day sorting through boxes and boxes. Mostly recycling paper (junk mail, magazines, old Christmas cards), but occasionally gobsmacked by what I find. Today I found: Mad Magazines from the ’60s, my contact lenses (50 years old), a piggy bank (only pennies), and a flyer from “Intercourse, PA” (The QUILT Capitol of the World) saying, “Come to Intercourse for Christmas.” It’s my understanding that Intercourse is near Amish Country. Hoping Dorothy is healthy!

  144. I’m guessing that you are using the same vets we use in our rescue work for seniors and special needs dogs. You and Dorothy are in very good hands. I’m sorry you are going through this uncertainty. If you ever need support or referrals feel free to reach out. We have too much experience. Meanwhile tell Dorothy to watch out for the rabies outbreak…its not just at EPCOT. (yeah, really.)

  145. I just got to see my best friend (who lives across the country) on TV and it made me feel a little less further away. I get to hang with my college roommate this weekend too! How lucky to stop be in contact after 10+ years. <3 lots of love to Dorothy!

  146. Dorothy LOOKS so happy and healthy. Fingers crossed.

    Good news? My son got some of his college purchases done.

  147. I’m so glad to hear that Dottie is happy and so far symptom free of anything horrible. Our cats are our children; we know what it’s like.

    My happy news is our latest rescue cat (an Abyssinian) named Pete (Texas Pete was his “show name”!) has finally gotten to the point after a year of leaving “his” room and coming to my room to hang with me and my husband while we watch “tv” on my iMac in the evenings. His personality is showing now; he’s a sweet, cuddly cat who clearly just needed a stable home and people who love him (and feed him on a regular basis — poor boobie shows that he was clearly starved before).

  148. Fingers crossed for Dorothy Barker that she will be ok.
    I’m taking my 2 dogs to play in the snow this weekend. It’s the first time any of us have seen snow. It’s manmade but when you live in a state that basically doesn’t get snow, you take what you can get.

  149. I called a friend I haven’t seen for a long time, and she was very happy. She had just spent an hour playing with kittens! Oh, and I’m going to visit her in a couple weeks. And she’s friends again with another old friend.

  150. Dorothy Barker is the sweetest!! That growth could be a polyp or a cyst. There’s lots of possibilities that aren’t a huge problem. Give her sweet snoot kisses and belly rubs!

  151. I am trying to eat healthier but really struggle to find the energy to actually cook (because I’m obese and depressed, which of course is why I need to eat healthier to take better care of me and lose weight etc) BUT the happy part is that I tried a new, super simple and healthy recipe idea tonight, and I LIKE it, and it’s healthy!

  152. For years I’ve worked jobs where I hated the job, hated my coworkers, or maybe a combination of both. Finally, I have a job where my coworkers are truly kind and the job itself isn’t half bad.

    Sure it’s sad that work is the bright shiney spot in my life. If you take into consideration we spend a ginourmous portion of our waking hours at work being happy there takes a huge amount of pressure off.

    So yeah, that’s my positive thing. Happy thoughts for your doggo. Hope the testing shows something totally benign.

  153. My nieces and I got into a Netflix show called Blown Away. It’s a competition show about glass blowing and I signed us all up for a beginners glass blowing class. We’re all really excited about it.

  154. So this is a positive in the face of negative. I was diagnosed with MS about 6 weeks ago totally out of the blue. Positive is I’m in pretty much complete remission now, meds aren’t causing all the crazy side effects people complain of, and husband let me get a kitten to make me feel better. (We already have 2 dogs and another cat!) We called her Juno. (To match Rocko, Echo, and Taco)

  155. So this is a positive in the face of negative. I was diagnosed with MS about 6 weeks ago totally out of the blue. Positive is I’m in pretty much complete remission now, meds aren’t causing all the crazy side effects people complain of, and husband let me get a kitten to make me feel better. (We already have 2 dogs and another cat!) We called her Juno. (To match Rocko, Echo, and Taco)

  156. We were very worried that our 15 year old kitty was ill again with kidney troubles and would have to be put to sleep. However, she passed her painful kidney stone & (for now and we hope for a long time) is feeling back to normal again & is bouncing around & begging for treats again!

  157. Hoping little miss Dot dot is okay
    I made delicious crispy chicken salad for supper after spending the afternoon kayaking !! It was a nice way to conclude a very sunny afternoon

  158. I just finished my last ECT treatment! #28. It’s been a hell of a journey, but I don’t spend time wishing I were dead anymore, and I have fun with friends and family now! And we’re moving to Idaho for my husband to start medical school this week! And I just got a job for the first time in a couple of years, because I’m healthy enough now!

  159. I’m at the beach house in Oregon with my lovely cat Serj and my friend Jeanne. We’ve had terrific weather and now have a couple days of rain which is also fun because then we can watch the mist come and go over the mountain and the cove.
    Plus I am STILL getting and sending cards from that ‘reaching out’ post waaaay back in March!
    Bests wishes for Dot.

  160. Staying positive is the way, though it is tough. Mom always said “don’t suffer future pain”…I work at an animal hospital and am sending best wishes to Dorothy ♥

  161. I renewed my vows for our 10 year anniversary of marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony and i loved ever moment.

  162. I’ve had my new pupster just over 3 weeks now and I’m over the moon. She makes me laugh and giving her belly rubs is an excellent antidepressant.

  163. My nephew and neph-dog visited this weekend! ❤️ So much love spread around

  164. Something good… well i have something funny. I was trying desperately not to get out of bed, yet reach everything around me, and i twisted so far around i found a new fat roll. First i was like “jeez” but then i was suoer impressed with how flexible my belly is. Then, i almost sprained my belly fat but once i just got out of bed, all was well. All of this to pick up a head phone swt i wasnt using. Then i decided i was in fact still winning at life. It was an administrative decidion. Anyway, here’s to flexibility. God bless

  165. Hugs to darling Dorothy.

    Tomorrow is my 12 year old’s birthday. We always have fun celebrating with our kiddos on their special day. Everyone pitched in for a ping pong table. Even though he’d probably prefer to get his own papillon (!), he’s gonna love it!

  166. It’s my birthday and we are leaving tomorrow morning on a four day trip to Fredricksburg TX. I’m so excited since it’s been so long since I had any time off work!

  167. My daughter is getting married in 3 weeks. I love my little canine fur baby and I hope For the best for DB.

  168. I await your every missive with bated breath. No really, I just get really happy when I see your posts because I know that I get a peek into your wonderfully strange world! I’m either going to get a belly laugh or read something that I will have to ruminate over. You make me happy and thoughtful.

  169. We made it through another day! It feels big for us because sometimes we take things minute by minute. There were even laughs! Best wishes to Dottie and the whole fam.

  170. Happy thoughts – our doggie has a zipper holding his stomach closed!
    Last week we thought we may have to have him put down because of a huge tumor. This week he is post-operative, the vet got the tumor out (three hour operation), he (the dog, not the vet, although probably him too) has started eating and drinking again, and we are counting every day as a blessing with him (again the dog, not the vet. I mean we like him, but we don’t spend every day with him…)
    Our dog’s tummy looks like he has a zipper with all the surgical staples, but it’s a pretty funny sight and they don’t bother him.
    Our thoughts, prayers and healing energies to Dorothy. As you say, the key is to stay positive.
    Love and hugs to you. You bring so much light and joy into your readers’ lives. Mwah!!

  171. I got a new job, one that has potential to pay much better than my current position, I start in two weeks and I am utterly anxiety ridden, lol!!!

  172. Sending good vibes your way…and I do have some good news to share! My husband got a new job that’s closer to our house, and also close to a different location of the company I work for. I put in a transfer request, and if all goes right, both of us will be saying good-bye to our hour-plus commutes.

  173. Fingers crossed for Dottie’s diagnosis – I’m glad she’s happy and healthy now. One of our cats has an ongoing bladder issue which was super scary at first. After the initial big scary times with hospital visits and tests, we’ve dialed in his medication he’s back to happy and healthy (and drooly thanks to his muscle relaxants) – instead of being a big scary thing it’s now just something we manage as part of our daily routine. Gratuitous photo of him cuddling with our doxie here:

    Something good happening in my life: I made a new friend, which is super difficult to do as you get older – and even harder when you’re chronically ill and mostly house bound. So yay, new friend! (points for anyone who gets the QC reference)

  174. I hope Dottie will be ok! I am visiting London for the first time and is AMAZING

  175. Our old boy, Max got a horrible diagnosis that turned out to be completely inaccurate and he’s happier and healthier than ever–four months later.

  176. I connected with a young woman who was a hair puller as a child but wasn’t diagnosed with TTM. She read a poem about her experience. I shared with her my essay about mine. She said she didn’t feel so alone in the world anymore. People are making art about painful things and comforting each other. That’s good news to me. I’m hoping for a diagnosis and positive prognosis for Dorothy Barker.

  177. My dachshund Hagan had a seizure Sunday night. We took him for a CT Monday and he does not have a brain tumour. It’s hard but try and stay hopeful.

  178. Keeping DB in my thoughts and prayers, little sweet face mcgoo.

    My brother, sister-in-law and I went to see Yesterday (it was amazing). My sis-in-law is a MASSIVE beatles fan – she’s also 5 months pregnant. During an emotional scene in the movie, I saw my brother, who has gone through so much in his life but is now married and expecting this baby boy, reach over and put his hand on her stomach – the baby was kicking!

    (At least I can blame my happy tears on the movie. It was good timing.)

  179. Good thoughts to DB and all of you. My good news is my husband hit a milestone angle for his new knee.

  180. Sending warm, fuzzy thoughts to all of you.

    My happy for the day is that I bought a new planner and I’m going to transition to that today. I also bought a no frills calendar to get my budget under control. A big step for me. Look…I’m adulting!

  181. My good news is that I am getting married on Saturday! Also sending lots of good thoughts and positive energy to Dorothy Barker.

  182. Spent time with my granddaughters ages 6,4 and 14 months. They’re healthy, smart, beautiful and funny and I had a wonderful weekend.

  183. Our dog was diagnosed with mast cell tumor cancer in May and she just had her last chemo shot this week. The good news is that we’ve gotten past many hurdles in the past couple of months when it was not looking good. I’m so grateful!! F*** cancer. I hope Dottie is ok. Much love.

  184. Despite wondering when the Purge will start, I have decided that I will just keep on putting out good vibes and hope that some of the take root while secretly hoping that Karma will continue to work! She is a fickle thing, Karma is!

  185. Between my husband’s travels and mine, we have only seen each other for about 18 hours since the 14th of June. That ends tonight!

  186. I’m having lunch next week with a friend from high school that I lost track of 20 years. I made myself a promise that I would ignore the introvert in my brain and track him down. So glad I did!

  187. Hmmm…I laughingly asked the dude crumbling bagels into the gutter yesterday if he was feeding rats? It made me chuckle to myself:) There’s an enormous rat problem on the UWS here in NYC so it seems a bit odd that someone would be working to maintain the herd.

    My cat Moxie has been picking things from our guest room to bring me every day – today he brought us a HORSE (stuffed) and proudly left this in the middle of our bedroom to show off his kill when we awoke this morning.

    My CBD massage was otherwordly last night – if you have had a massage i just can’t explain how this takes this up like to the heavens and if you haven’t…GET TO IT PRONTO! Get yourself some cream and hand it over or ask for this the next time you go…once i started..i never looked back and it is just the most relaxing thing you can do to turn you into a big stick of melted butter:) And who doesn’t want that?

    – thinkin’ all the good thoughts!

  188. Someone sent me a box of Cheryl’s cookies as a thank you for giving a meet-and-greet with Big Al, my Giant Tortoise pal. It was such a thoughtful gift!

  189. Sending good thoughts to you all and Dottie! It’s always stressful when you don’t know what’s wrong the little critters. She looks happy though!

    As far as good news goes: my friends and I are going to a Drag Pub Crawl this weekend, which I’m super excited for. And our new puppy we adopted two weeks ago is still an endless source of joy, frustration, amusement, and teeth.

  190. I am happy that we have discovered the most amazing vets in the world that gave our sweet pup health and hope when the top animal hospital in NYC gave us none – Smithridge vet in south Salem NY. Martha Stewart goes there. Oprah has flown her dogs there in an emergency. It’s no more expensive because of that, it’s just that good. I meet people who come from all over the country every time we are there (we drive 2.5 hours). The vets there will also consult via phone with your vet if your vet is open to it. The founder, Dr. Marty Goldstein has a book worth reading about animal care, and there is a documentary that was made about this practice called Dog Doc that isn’t in release yet but is making the festival rounds – watch the trailer to get and idea:
    I just had to pass this info on – someone did it when we hit hard times with our baby, so I feel I must do the same – google them!

  191. Sending Dottie lots of positive vibes! We head out for a week-long vacation on Saturday (yay!), but I haven’t packed a thing. I think that’s pretty normal, right?

  192. My garden is producing vegetables. I got to eat peppers I grew myself yesterday and have a giant cucumber that’s next on the cutting board.

  193. Dottie is absolutely so adorable!!! Sending all good vibes for a clean bill of health. <3

  194. Our beagle has been through a few health scares herself, but as I type this, she’s a 15 year old who knock on wood is about as healthy as she could be! Hoping the same outcome for Dottie.

  195. The Maine Coon Cats in CT send Dottie purrs. Get to see Nephews #2(off to college), #3 now 15 and #4 moody 14 next week!

  196. Sending Dorothy Barker prayers and good thoughts. Something good: my daughter just got a promotion at work – she’s been there less than a year – she’s just that fabulous 🙂

  197. I hope the tests come back with something that is easily treatable!

    Good news related: two of my conceptual photographs were accepted into an online gallery. It’s my first acceptance, so I’m thrilled!

  198. I thought my cats cancer had come back but it looks like it’s only a cyst!

  199. I had my birthday week celebrations with all my children including the one I was forced to give up when I was 18. We reconnected a year & a half ago and he came to Canada to meet his 3 siblings for the first time. It was a dream come true for me.

  200. Yesterday a woman at work impulsively adopted a 20 year old chihuahua that someone left to die in their apartment when they moved out. The apartment maintenance guy brought it to the office and it was so pathetic and blind. One eye missing the other with cataracts. But it was still walking around exploring by bumping into things. It was not an attractive little thing but as my coworker picked it up to take it the vet she coooed “Aren’t you just beautiful?” I thought to myself, well maybe the dog isn’t but my coworker is.
    She had it groomed after the vet visit and sent us glamour shots.

  201. My first born turns 20 today! Her and her generation give me hope for the future. They are open minded and educated and motivated!

  202. Sending hugs and positive vibes to Dottie and all of you. Something happy from me? I got my hair dyed purple the other day and I love it! Also, my older cat has had to start on thyroid meds (not super happy) but thankfully will eat anything, pills included, if you wrap it in cheese or turkey 🙂

  203. Discovered a wonderful podcast called The Guilty Feminist. Lots of comedy mixed with serious talk about social issues influx. Encouraged by all that’s bubbling up in the world of gender equality, gender fluidity, equal rights. Big changes in these realms are welcomed by many of us men, too, and the podcast is very inclusive. There are many healthy green growing edges in our culture right now. Goddess knows we need them.

  204. I have a wonderful son and a great relationship with his wife. We are all going to Paris in January for our first trip together to Europe. This is a dream we have had for years, finally happening. The best part? I bought my ticket with points!

  205. Last night my newly adopted kitty was all snuggled with my dog and she was kissing him.

  206. Hi my prayers are with you and your family. After almost three years of being homeless,I am finally in a good place,both mentally and physically. Almost two weeks ago I got my very first tattoo and I’m waiting for an appointment for my 2nd

  207. My husband has an interview after being unemployed for over a year! It’s not a job yet but it’s the most positive lead we’ve had in a long while.

    I’m sending good vibes to Dottie ❤️🙏😘

  208. Love and more healing energies for Miss Dorothy.
    Fun reading all the positive comments above. Kitty at 102, you made my day!
    I just ate chocolate, so all good here.

  209. I’m glad Miss Dorothy is feeling good, but I’m sorry it’s an ongoing issue still.

    In good news, we got our first puppy (Boston terrier). The cats don’t totally hate her and are always in the same room (from day 1!). Her name is Winnie. She chose it, because when we sang her the Winnie the Poo song she went crazy for it, and loves her name.

  210. All the good wishes to Dorothy Barker!
    My happy news: after more than a decade of fertility treatments (with proportional financial and emotional cost) I finally got pregnant about a year ago. Our son is now three months old, healthy and happy. It still feels a bit unreal to be this lucky after I had truly given up all hope.

  211. Praying for good health for Dottie. I have found lot of brain candies lately and pooped well today.

  212. Just rocked an interview this morning! Very positive the insecurity of job hunting might be over. I was told I would be contacted today.

  213. I was in a jewelry store today also selling soft toys. One gave me such a laugh when it caught my eyes that I brought it home. I don’t know how to send you a photo, but though not nearly as extravagant as your stuffed animals, it is quite the funny looking thing. It is an ostrich named Odette and she is mostly fly away grey and peach feathers with beady eyes that look straight at you with a huge nose. It gives the toy quite the « attitude ». Sending Dotty lots of positive vibes.

  214. After trying out corrections work, my son quit and got a job as a ranch hand. He is fairly GLOWING with happiness. I haven’t seen him this happy in YEARS.

  215. Jenny. I work with a rescue and we had a yorkie who was thought to have bladder cancer and was a hospice case so his foster family adopted him. My friend then took him to a holistic vet to see if she could help. She started him on a raw diet and some supplements and whatever was in his bladder shrank down to the size of a pea. It’s almost 4 years later and Gerbie is still happy and healthy. Might be another resource to try.

  216. My daughter Zoey squealed when she saw you liked her art on Instagram. You made her super happy. Thank you, Bridget

  217. It’s my 41st birthday. We just had an amazing chocolate cake from my favorite bakery at work. The cake is so good, our admin came in today just to celebrate. Such good cake! Now if only I could nap at work.

  218. My mysteriously wonky hip is no longer wonky. I was sure I was on the track to hip surgery, but not yet, apparently.
    Fingers crossed for Dorothy. She seems such a happy little thing…

  219. I volunteer in a Friends book store. We never get your books donated (people keep the ones they like).

  220. We are fostering 5 year old twin boys that we have had a little over a year. The bio mom has given up parental rights because she wanted to do what was best for them. The bio dad is still fighting but is a horrible person. We are finally get a court date in September! We are hoping and praying that at end we can finally adopt. And give these boys the life they deserve. We appreciate prayers, good vibes or anything positive you could send our way…:)

  221. Both my square peg kiddos have been flourishing in school. My oldest had severe enough anxiety that I asked you at a reading for Furiously Happy for advice. She’s survived picking out her next school and is dealing fine with her first set of summer reading. My other square peg who left his last school complaining that he had no friends, has a bunch, just finished a season of club track which he loved, and just made me some cocoa because I’m sick.

  222. I close on my new house tomorrow with a yard for derpy dog Hamish and plenty of room inside for the kitties, who may get an outside catio at some point. I also had a really groovy, peaceful drive along a country road with trees and birds and nature and stuff, which is the best way to enjoy it when it’s 200 degrees out.

  223. Both of my square peg kids are doing great after struggling. Eldest had enough anxiety history that I asked you for advice at a reading for Furiously Happy. (You were awesome BTW). My youngest left his first school sadden because he had no friends. At a school that proclaimed they wouldn’t leave anyone out. Now he’s got friends, just finished his first season of track where he made new ones, and just made me cocoa because I’m sick.

    My fibro is getting much better (got a good doctors report yesterday) and I caught a melanoma on my shoulder earlier this summer before it was a problem, and it’s now gone.

  224. Sending good thoughts and healing vibes to Miss Dorothy.
    First good thing happening: I get to volunteer at an arts camp for a whole week! I’ll be teaching quilting and who knows what else, connecting with old friends and meeting a lot of new people. (The meeting new people is the scary part for me, but it was fine last year and it will be fine this year.) The camp is fabulous and the focus is on making sure every person is included, supported, valued and heard.
    A second good thing: I am feeling better than I’ve felt in at least a year–I finally got up the nerve and energy to add a new doctor/treatment, and I am very hopeful.
    A third good thing: The support and energy from the whole Tribe!

  225. Love and good wishes to Dorothy Barker and to your family ( this includes all the cats, of course). Here’s my something good. For the last 3 weeks we have been interested spectators to the domestic disturbances of three red headed woodpeckers. The good thing is even though these are endangered birds, we have THREE of them here where we’ve never had more than one! We’re a good area for honeybees too

  226. If it helps, my cat Chico Marx (lesser known of the Marx brothers) was VERY sick last year with giardia which was cured, but then got a terribly inflamed bladder, poor chap. HOWEVER… it was all fixed with some medicine and a new diet specifically for urinary issues. He’s never looked back. Fingers crossed it’s something as simple for Dottie <3

  227. The medical supply people came today and picked up the rented hospital bed and wheelchair I used since I fell and shattered my ankle in early December. It’s quite a milestone to be able to walk with only a cane and not need to keep my leg elevated when I sleep any longer! Yay!!!

  228. I don’t have anything specific to say from my own life but I wanted to say that I’m pretty sure Dorothy Barker is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen—I love her! <3

  229. My husband started his own small business in April after years of dreaming and scheming and over a decade working for other people. It was scary as hell. But the business is doing great! And all that hard work paid off in that it actually seems like it was sort of almost easy to start? Probably because we’ve “started “ several times and failed before. Also I finally started volunteering out at this thereputic horse riding center I’ve been meaning to for years but always thought I didn’t have enough time to devote. Well turns out they really needed help on one of the two mornings I have available each week and I love it.

  230. Fingers crossed you’ll find out soon and glad she’s happy.

    Something good??? Oh man, I’m blanking on that…Stranger things S3 is out????

  231. I’m new to your blog! Where have I been?! But Dorothy looks so much like one of my many papillons. I’m sending healing enjoy for her and y’all

  232. I’m sending all the love and hugs to Dottie! Something happy… Um… Found out at work today that a co-worker is getting married soon, and she modeled her dress for us. That was pretty cool. Um…. Despite not working for a full month due to health issues, I somehow have more money then I usually do? (I’m having trouble thinking of happy stuff, been in a very not-good place lately…)

  233. my son hasn’t called me or texted me in days. yes, that’s a happy good thing. it means he isn’t out of money!

    sweet Dottie couldn’t be in better hands. she is very lucky.

  234. My good news this week: One of my best friends has been doing IVF for a while. She’s never gotten pregnant. They implanted her last embryo a month ago and her blood work came back this week. She is pregnant!! She has an ultrasound in three weeks.

  235. My daughter’s summer camp art project is so good I’ve asked her to put it in our living room. The kids made paper mache dragons using the design & construction techniques from Dan Reeder’s book “Paper Mache Dragons”. Every dragon from that class was amazing. But I have to say, my daughter’s was my favorite — she totally caught the look a dog gets when he’s told not the cheese is not for dogs but he still has hopes.

  236. I’m loving all the positivity!!! Good healing juju vibes heading to Ms. B. Our good news is a new to us kitty, whom we’ve named Hazel, will be coming to our home Saturday.

  237. At age 68, I have moved back to my childhood home. I’m living in the house that my grandparents lived in when I was a child. My sister lives in the farmhouse nextdoor where we grew up. I couldn’t be happier to be out of the city, back on the farm. (Not that I’m doing any farming.)

  238. Sending happy bladder thoughts to DB! My promotion panel meets next Wednesday (even though they refuse to call it that) and I could use some positive thoughts. My daughter is also having her knee scoped that day, so good thoughts for her too! We try to pack all of our stress into small periods of time because we are nuts. Thanks!

  239. So, hoping this will brighten your day, a short story for you. My Dad was a big fan of Dorothy Parker. I had purchased several books for him, but hoping to go a step farther towards the daughter of the year award, I tried to find something that she had autographed. No luck. I called everywhere, including the organization who inherited her estate. Still no luck. I was lamenting this to my husband during dinner at our favorite Cracker Barrel, when he suggested maybe he could fake an autograph until we could secure one, and that he would sign her name, and we could frame it. Then he added, “If he hasn’t seen her signature, would he know for sure it wasn’t the real Dorothy BARKER?” I cannot tell you how we disrupted the restaurant with our howling. (Which explains why I absolutely love that your sweet dog has the name Dorothy Barker)

  240. Oh Jenny, much love. I started reading the comments here and just kept scrolling to the end. It was heartwarming to see all the good happening to strangers. My cat Charlie went missing a few weeks ago, and I’m sad about it because when I left for the summer I didn’t know I might not see her again. She isn’t the nicest to us, but sometimes she gets into cuddly moods in the middle of the day. <3 Good news: At only 18, I already have 3 pretty awesome internships and 1 and a half years of college under my belt. Plus, I met with someone who works at my dream job national newsroom the other day and I think it went very well. I took deep breaths and wasn’t nervous at all when I was finally sitting across from him. The future looks so so much brighter than it did a year ago. Plus, I get to see my mom and family and dog Daisy May Friday again when I go home in 2 weeks and I think I’ll go ice skating tomorrow morning (a nice bit of winter in the middle of a very muggy July)! And my internship boss gave me a pretty big and creative task to work on all by myself, which I’m nervous about getting done in time but excited for. And I finally learned how to make a good grilled cheese, so no more nutella sandwiches. Learning to provide good for myself has been an interesting and sometimes frustrating adventure, so win. Life is pretty good!

  241. We had a Maltese cross with David Bowie eyes, white fur and black ears. She was crazy and bedraggled and loved. My dad and I cried when the vet said she had a tumour and should be put down. I asked if she was in pain but the vet said no. My dad paused and said ‘no pain?’. Confirmed. Not affecting her at all? Confirmed. No eating/functioning issues? Confirmed. He gave the vet the dirtiest look and said ‘then she’s coming home’. Tessa dog lived happily coexisting with her tumour with no issues til the end of her madcap fuzz ball days (which was years and years and years), and beyond. What I mean is, even after her long life ended happily and peacefully at home, I’d still hear her scratching at the front door excitedly as she always knew when I was coming home. If I opened the door, she wasn’t there. I could often be found sitting on the front doorstep talking softly to the door, not wanting to open it and lose her again.

    Good current news…I enrolled in an improv comedy group to get out of my shell and have started painting. After two decades just surviving (and ensuring my family’s survival), my maslow’s hierarchy is sufficiently stable enough to add some fun and creativity on top. Yay!

  242. What’s a pee pie?

    Something you cook for your husband if you suspect he’s cheating?

  243. My cat came back. How could the ingrate run away, not to be found until after midnight?

  244. Something unexpectedly good:
    We got a message from our landlord that wanted to bump up the rent well out of our range. Got the message Thursday night, called an agent Friday morning, paid the deposit on a newer, better house by lunch Friday.

    Less than 24 hours! Miracles do happen.

  245. Yes, prayers and juyst had a little 3 day vaca and it was the BEST. First time in several years!!

  246. Just saved a baby dove that my cat brought into the house at 5am!!! Eyes still shut, no feathers. Took it to a Wildlife Sanctuary where they promptly put it in a plastic strawberry container and into the incubator. When I came home, I yelled “Your baby will be ok” to all doves within earshot. I work on an ambulance and usually transport people…today I seem to have expanded my services. YOU are amazing and I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine

  247. Glad she’s feeling good!! Hope the new batch of tests reveal nothing more than a resistant uti!

    My good thing: new puppy!!

  248. My cat was featured on the hospital’s Instagram account as their only therapy cat. She has a badge and everything! Liza Meownelli is definitely going places 😺

  249. I replaced the starter motor in my car and didn’t have to pay a garage $700 to do it. It took me the better part of a day but my
    Favorite Husband was my co-conspirator, so at least I had someone to loosen all the tough bolts.

  250. So much good news here- and that smile. There are so many things that can happen, it’s good to have an occasional reminder to enjoy present company. I don’t bother paying for tests for anything for which the treatment is as bad as the disease. Once you know, you know.That having been said, for potentially delicate dogs of a certain age, I’ve seen Fresh Pet give them extra time.And no, I don’t get a kickback.
    On the superpositive side, my A/C is working well.

  251. Here’s hoping Dottie has nothing serious, and that it just goes away and leaves her alone!

    I’m on vacation with my daughter, visiting my sister in Florida. Sounds perfect right? Well, my son didn’t join us, stating no vacation time available at work, but he spirals and I’m not home to help, he called while I was walking dogs with my sister without my cell phone and my daughter answered my sons call. He triggered her anxiety, so it’s been a tender couple days. I just keep telling both it’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok. Just so hard to believe when your in the throes of it.

  252. I laid out naked by our pool and, for once, didn’t give a shit if the chickens or those military helicopters saw me. I was reading Furiously Happy. No time to be bothered with my self-serving modesty.

  253. I recently got a new job with normal hours and I’m so excited! Finally a “real” job. . .

  254. First, based on the adorable-scale, Dorothy Barker is going to be very healthy and live a very long time and keep many people extremely happy.

    As for things that of been happening, I have recently found solace in blowing bubbles in the bath. Not Shrek butt-bubbles. These ones are the magical, iridescent orbs created as I respire -breathe- alchemical liquid through small round openings. It is zen, relaxing. Which is why “respire” is the perfect word to describe what I am doing.It means to recover hope, courage, or strength after a time of difficulty. What a better way to do that then soaking in a warm tub and watching rainbow coloured bubbles float above you. Perhaps, with a glass of wine near at hand on the ledge of the tub.

    I don’t know about Dorothy Barker’s affinity for baths, but she may very much enjoy respiring with you. xo

  255. When my son was born, he had blue eyes. No problemo, most babies have blue eyes, right? His dad has green eyes, mine are brown, and his just stayed and stayed and stayed blue. From the moment the doctors plopped his cute little self on my chest, my son always looked so much like his father and all I wanted was for his little eyes to turn brown so I could see a little bit of me in him. Well, they didn’t. Blue until after his first birthday. A whole year of quizzical looks from family and friends (because really? how does brown + green = blue?) before his eyes finally, finally turned green. Green, like his dad’s.
    That little dude just turned twelve and I realized that while he doesn’t have my eyes, he has my SMILE. That kid has my smile. And I love my smile – it is big and bold and my favorite feature and he has my smile.

  256. My husband and my 25th wedding anniversary is in just a few weeks. I am thankful every day for him, he is the best ever and for some reason after 25 years, still loves me! But even better, we are having an anniversary party and even though it gives me SO MUCH anxiety (and it will be the first big party I have had since my wedding), my sister is helping me and we are going to get through this and it will be okay. The invites are out and I haven’t died of anxiety yet (although I’ve come close a few times!)

  257. I just got a job that will allow me to be outside most of the day and work with my hands. I’m really excited because this will greatly help with my mental health.

  258. I love reading everyone’s happy stories! My good news is that my friends got central air, and brought me 2 of their window units….just in time for this monster heat wave we’ve been having. So grateful to have AC in the bedroom and the studio! And I was invited to apply to a very prestigious craft show for next year, so I will need that air conditioned studio.

    Wishing the best for Dorothy!

  259. I always love the comments section on your posts. Usually I’m dying with laughter and appreciating all the other weirdos in the world but all these stories of joyous, happy things are giving me life!
    My happiness is a 20 year reunion with friends from high school this past weekend. We camped, cooked food together, visited the beach, ate a lot of s’mores. The weekend started with big hugs and ear to ear grins and just kept getting better. It was so so good to see real life people, hug real life bodies, watch them parent their sweet, smart, capable children, eat together, laugh a whole lot, and even cry a bit, all without judgement and surrounded by a whole mess of acceptance. I’d forgotten about friendships like that and it was ever so good to be reminded.

  260. My 16 year daughter was able to go into a store and make a purchase unassisted today!

    First time in almost 2 years. Progress!

  261. After years of me telling him that he’s good enough, my husband is finally taking steps to start his online business selling D&D terrain that he crafts by hand. Turns out his new, very boring desk job was a blessing in disguise 🙂

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