Book-Loving Strangelings Unite!

Have you ever wanted to join a group of well-read, like-minded weirdos who have your back and aren’t afraid to stab a bitch in the thigh with a fork if things get out of hand?

Have you yearned to join a book club because you love reading but you have misgivings because it would require you to leave your house and put on pants and talk to people in real life?

Have you ever read a book and thought, this is the best thing I’ve ever read but I’m not sure anyone else in the world will get it and then later you find someone whose favorite book is also about murderous dwarves or true stories from morticians or hilarious essays or some other thing you thought made you a total weirdo but actually made you just the right kind of weirdo?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your presence is formally requested at the Fantastic Strangeling Book Club.

badge for the club. includes image of bloggess, hamlet von schnitzel and books

WTF is a Strangeling?

A strangeling is a word I made up to describe those people who are strange and unusual in the best possible way.  They often feel like outsiders or misfits until one day they find their strange tribe of others and then realize that they are not alone.  Additionally, your spellcheck will try to change it “strangling” and that actually makes things very interesting when you email your dick boss that you can’t stay late because you have work to do for your strangling club.  EVERYONE WINS.

What is the Fantastic Strangeling Book Club?

It’s a monthly book selected by me delivered right to your front door.

What does it cost and what do I get?

There’s a $10 enrollment fee to get set up.  Then you’re charged the list price of the book (plus tax if applicable) and shipping every month when the book ships out. All books will be brand new that month – some hardcovers and some trade paperback originals.  You can cancel at any time.

What else do I get?

Each new enrollment gets a bad-ass Nowhere Bookshop enamel pin in their first shipment. We’ll also include little gifts randomly throughout the year.

When will the book club actually meet?

HAHAHAHAHA.  Oh, you’re serious. This is a book club made by introverts for introverts so you never have to actually leave your house unless you totally want to.  We have a special facebook group where we can discuss the book and make friends and feel social even when we’re hermity and maybe sometimes we’ll even be joined by the author.  If you live in San Antonio I’m guessing there will be meet-up by members all the time so if you want to come out and have a drink when the store opens that will totally be amazing.

But what if I’ve already bought this month’s book? 

These will all be new releases so hopefully that won’t ever happen but if for some reason you have a weird conflict (like the author looks like the girl who stole your Lisa Frank notebook in 7thgrade) then you can email us before we ship and we’ll try to send you something else or you can skip that month and pick back up next month.

I already have too many books.

I’m sorry.  I understand these words separately but not in that order.

I can’t afford a membership and now I’m sad.

I totally get it.  If you can’t afford to be an official member of the club you can still be an honorary member.  I’ll be announcing the book of the month online so you can join our discussions there.

Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone else?

Yes you can!  And just like your own membership you can cancel at any time so if you want to just give a membership for 3 months or a year or whatever you can do that without fear of being locked in.

So what do I do now?

Click here to join the crew now.  Or if you have questions, just email us at

Did we just become best friends?


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  1. What would the average cost be? Would the titles be announced so we could try to get from library? I could swing 10$ typically but I couldnt buy a new book every month.

  2. I’m in Australia. Already have trouble if I want to ship books over from America can I be part of the book club?

  3. I’m positive I want to be part of a strangling club and a strangling club. See you there stranglers and stranglings!

  4. Dear Bestie, I am all over this! Can’t wait to meet other Strangelings (on my own schedule, from the safety of my home) and read some Fantastic Books!

  5. How can we tell if my strange is the same as your strange? I’m intrigued, but … well, I guess it’s not BOTM, huh. I’m IN!

  6. I live in the UK so I don’t think I can join. This book club, however, is all kinds of awesome.

  7. Perhaps non-US members could follow along on ebooks (assuming they’ve been released in your region). I don’t know if the Nowhere Bookshop is going to have them, but my local indie sells them through Kobo, so you don’t have to go through the Demon of the Northwestern Rainforest:

  8. What a swell idea. Once I finish my current writing project, blog a little more, and start my next grad class, I’ll see if I can find the time squeeze into the form of a Strangeling. This book club sounds amazing!

  9. I’m in Canada and I would love to participate but shipping things from the US to
    here is ridiculous and I can’t make my children and pets live in our car for a book club! Please advise!

  10. Thank you for doing this! Can’t wait to get started!

    Happiest of Holidays to you & your family!

  11. I second the audiobook option. I think the last time I read an actual book was over 7 years ago when I was pregnant. I’m too tired these days.

  12. My favorite book is “Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered to Do It” by Geoff Dyer. I think I’m the only one who’s read it. It speaks to me like a manifesto. It’s a travel novel /autobiography about travelling to ruins around the world and falling into ruin himself. You might check it out. I’d love to know what others think of it.

  13. Is there accomodations for those of us who only read e-books? Can we still have full membership benefits?

  14. Thank you for making it available for people who can’t afford it. You are the best ❤

  15. I’m going to have to be an honorary member. Buying a new book, and paying for shipping every month is just a little past my disability check will allow some months. Still, I think this is a grand idea, and I hope it does wonderfully.

  16. Can we get the Kindle version instead? It’s a matter of space. The living room is a library with 12 1/2 full bookcases.

  17. I will give it a shot and see if it is something I can afford on a monthly basis. It’s a club I definitely belong in so even if I can’t afford a book I can still follow along on facebook. Also, I want to shout out to all of the wonderful tribe members who keep sending misc. postcards. They always come at the most needed times. How you all know when that is amazed me. So thank you with all my heart.💕

  18. Perhaps you should consider making a short list of retroactive selections for illustrative purposes.

  19. I live in the UK, but would love to do a Kindle version! Also I don’t have facebook anymore but I follow you on instagram?? Maybe an honorary member who buys and reads the books on Kindle? I’d still pitch in $10, especially if you announce the books on insta.

  20. The Oxford English Dictionary contains the word strangeling once, as an alternative spelling of strangling. No wonder your spellcheck changed it.
    1398 J. Trevisa tr. Bartholomew de Glanville “Sqynancy is strangeling of þe þrote.”

  21. I’ve loved it in the past when you’ve asked your readers for their suggestions on books. Some of the best I’ve ever “read”. In quotes, because I generally only listen to books, due to my commute. I’m going to play along on the side because I know you will have some AWESOME books! Thanks for starting this!

  22. I would be SO into this if the book discussion weren’t happening on facebook, I don’t have an account 🙁

    But if you ever switch to like, a webforum or a blog or something for the discussions definitely let us know so I can sign up ASAP!

  23. I aspire to read physical books again- it evidently sets a good example for your children, even if they are alrIeady avid readers, but, if it is available as an audiobook, I’d use one of my credits for that.
    I’m vaguely worried though. Can I be a member if I liked 1984, Brave New World, The Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451, These futurist dystopian novels? I LOVED The Catcher in the Rye, but really did not enjoy the process of reading The Canterbury Tales, even if once understood, the tale were good, And didn’t like at all The Great Gatsby. I didn’t even like Jane Eyre until it played a prominent part in Jasper FForde’s Thursday Next Series. If you’re looking for well written and eerie, Jasper Fforde’s “Shades of Gray” (which came out way before the 40 or 50 shades there are now- and I never read the 40 shades) and his newest, Early Riser.

    And I actually LOVE A Tale of Two Cities
    I don’t enjoy reading anything by Jayne Eyre. Right, because she’s not a person. What I meant to write was I don’t lke reading anything by Jane Auste
    Shakespeare is important-the number of words he created (in psychiatry, we call that neologism) that we use now commonly, like addiction, bedazzle and of all things eyeball. Seriously, no one said that first?

    Basically, I know I’m smart and a good reader, but I either haven’t read or don’t like some of the “fine literature” we are expeced ro appreciate.

    The Celery Stalks at Midnight was too damn scary for words, but a A Wrinkle In Time, with its tesseracts and forced synchronization, and the impressive creativity and heroism literally made me cry in class when we had silent reading time.

    I just want to be honest and admitted on my merits rather than the assumption I read as much as an Engligh major had.

  24. I too would like to know if there is a way to possibly do a Kindle version, I’d love this!

  25. This sounds like so much fun! I want to sign up. Strongly considering. My only issue is my hands are so bad in the winter that I can’t always hold a book. But I might still do it and catch up later!

  26. I’m joining, but only as an honorary member since I prefer e-books (much easier to carry around) to actual books.

    The last book club I was in, I suggested “Furiously Happy” and the club members read it, though they found it “way too weird” for their tastes. :-/ What? It’s not too weird. It’s just the right amount of weird.

    I may, however, be biased, seeing as I carry a copy around in my overly large grandma purse as an emotional support book.

  27. I’ve always felt like a strangeling. I would love to join but I was on Facebook for about 3 minutes and realized it’s not for me.

  28. Will you announce each month’s book in your column or on Facebook or Twitter so those of us who can’t afford it can maybe get the book from the library and read along with the group?

  29. I’m also in the “I need Kindle version” – hopefully we can work out a way to support that!

  30. Merry Christmas and I’d say thank you for the concept, because I feel there is nowhere the Oceans of Education that only reading would refill.

  31. I have to admit I’m very picky about the books I read. I’m sure you will pick some great books. I’m also pretty sure not all of the books you choose will be books I want to read. I’m not evolved enough to read books that don’t meet my narrow requirements. As much as I would like to participate, I can’t commit to book club and then not read the book.

    On a totally unrelated tangent … I found a sweatshirt that reads “I am proof that aliens exist.” A couple of those and a few tshirts with some variation of “Alien – Give me Space” are my goto wardrobe for 2020.

  32. Can not afford it and I don’t do facebook. I’d love to do this, but apparently it was not meant to be.

  33. I’ll be an honorary member cuz I want to continue to support my local independent bookseller. They are fabulous (Rediscovered Books, Boise, ID).

  34. I’d love to know what the shipping rates are outside the US (I’m in Canada) before signing up. I LOVE this idea but if shipping is crazy (which it often is with books for some reason) I’ll just buy them myself and follow along vicariously.

  35. I always said that I would never join any club that would have someone like ME as a member…..however, this sounds exciting….something I can do as a group but by myself!! Win-Win!

  36. I’m in a AUSTRALIA, but would love to join. Any way to use Kindle or similar to purchase the books electronically to read ? Also is there a Guinness book of records category for the largest book club membership?

  37. I’m in the audio book wanting group, although many new releases aren’t in audio, and perhaps some of the selections you might be wanting may never be on audio…

    I am, however, strange. Just ask any of my friends, who say way too often, “How does this sh*t happen to you? — all.the.time?” and, “Tell us how you really feel.” (I do.)

    Actually, the best book club I’ve heard of is one where no one reads the same book (on purpose, anyway) but they all get together and talk about the books they have read, and if you read that book later, you can talk about it, too. I imagine Post-it notes help with recommendations, especially after a glass or two of wine…

  38. I was JUST going to ask about joining and reading via Kindle. I LOVE reading but not books as much. Another vote for that!

  39. Would love to do this but live in an RV so all my books are electronic. Any chance of doing it this way?

  40. Oooh I love this!! I want to be an honorary member. I’d love to get the books from the library and read along

  41. I’m sadly in the “can’t afford this right now” group, but would love to be an honorary member and possibly find the books at my library.

  42. If there’s a way to legally have someone record audio versions only available to book club members who we can verify have bought the book (for legal reasons) and present it as an ADA accommodation, I’ve done voice work off and on for years. My style isn’t the “voices and effects and dramariffic” style, but I’d be happy to pitch in if I can make just enough per hour for it to not prevent me from making actual career $$$.

    I’m also in the process of setting up a copyright-free book reading series on YouTube/Patreon if anyone just really wanted to hear a calm, relaxing femme voice read to you!

  43. This is a book club where you silently read your own book and then talk about it afterward if you want to, or not… I haven’t gone yet, but it sounds perfect for me. Maybe you can start a special chapter where you read any book you got from the Nowhere Bookshop?

  44. This sounds delightful! I’m a dirt-poor college student, so I can’t really afford brand new physical copies of books, but I’m thrilled that I can participate anyway (and maybe the ebook will be affordable enough for me and I can actually contribute).

  45. Yet another non-Facebook user hoping you might reconsider having the book discussions on this blog, or somewhere else we can access without becoming part of the Borg.

  46. Dang I left Facebook long ago. It sounds like a blast though, I still consider myself a strangeling.

  47. It would be nice if there was a way to get the club goodies without having to buy the book (if I’m understanding the FAQ the goodies are the only thing being an honorary member doesn’t get you besides the books themselves?). I physically can’t read books, so I have to go for audio books. Plus there’s the issue of people being overseas and shipping costs. Would you consider a two-tier membership with an option for people who want to buy their book in an alternative format?

  48. The celery stalks at midnight! Mermaid physician, Bunicula is awesome! Yes, strangeling is in the dictionary and there is also a book called Graceling. And yes, these random thought/collection of words are all related, make sense in my brain and need to be posted on the interwebs. Also, the book club is a great idea.

  49. Alas, I’m Canadian (living 45 minutes from the U.S. border), so I’m guessing I’m out of luck?

  50. need to read more – my own choices from the library don’t seem to get me to read them, so this seems a perfect idea!

    i’m hoping that after you read the comments here that you will give a bit more information/clarification. for me specifically, i’d like to know if you will have a top price you will be charging for a monthly book – like nothing over $35 for example?

    will be signing up once i hear about that.

  51. I don’t do social media, (which are data-mining, for profit making, troll mucking, big brother entities, so Facebook is out.) I can’t afford to buy that many books, I mostly buy at used bookstores, well after most people have read the book. But I love the idea of an honorary book club booklist with commentary and discussion so I can decide if I would like the book. So if you posted the books on a link from your blog that doesn’t make me divulge any of my personal info, and doesn’t track me in any way, I’d love to see the books and make a wish list for myself to read when I can afford them and run across them in a tag sale, library, used bookstore, etc. I love the idea of us strangelings sharing what books we are drawn to.

  52. I can’t wait. Thanks for setting this up. I was looking for a way to support your bookstore venture remotely. At some point I’ll get to the store, San Antonio isn’t THAT far from Houston, LOL. But, I’m loving this bookclub idea Brillant!

  53. I am excited about this! However, I am seconding the requests: Can we meet on something that is not Facebook? I won’t join/support it for so many reasons, so would miss out on the strangeling community. And I’d love an e-book or audiobook option. Also if there was a way to donate a membership to a person in need, of your choosing, I would participate in that.

  54. Can you give examples of books that fit this bill? (Other than the brilliant and hilarious books by Jenny Lawson)

  55. Hmm. Regarding the comments above where quite a few don’t like/use facebook…… I see plenty of blogs that have forum capabilities on their own website – might be a way to add a forum to your blog or bookshop website. Can add a forum topic each month for the book titles etc. so that people can read along on eBooks etc. themselves. Would also help traffic to your site rather than helping facebook! Maybe ask your website developer what’s involved…

  56. I’d love to be a part of this, as I’m always looking for new books to read, but I’d need to”read” the books with an audiobook option because I do 98% of my reading/listening while I’m working.

  57. I’d love to, but there are time constraints right now and Facebook is a no-go.

    If this ends up with a Nowhere website version, though, then I am most likely in. 🙂

    PS – I told a family member about the butthole sunburn. Much laughter ensued. 😀

  58. Thanks for this terrific opportunity! Can’t wait to see what books are chosen and the resulting discussions. (BTW – my spell check kept changing strangelings to strangelungs… is this a portent to future discussions?)

  59. “The Strangling Club!” It’s so easy for the brain to misread things, my brain especially. Sounds like some very kinky or psycho story.
    I only rediscovered the joy of reading a couple of years ago, having not had much time to read for about 20 odd years. I really love it again now though, but I rarely read unless it’s when sitting outside in the sun, and often sipping at a cold beer at the same time.
    This time of year I find it hard to read, as I need the peace and quiet of the outdoors to really relax and zone into a book, but it’s too cold and damp outside this time of year in the UK.
    Hopefully a warm Spring is only a few months away.

  60. If the list is far enough in advance, 1-2 months most libraries have ebooks and newest books on express (short term loan)

  61. I…came up with the word “strangeling” to describe myself approximately eight hours ago and now I feel like a total strangeling. I’m working on a kinda-sorta memoir and today I’ve found the right title – “nonsense: from the mind of a strangeling”.

    I’ll have to come up with something else, because there is no way in the Nine that anybody will believe me now. @-D

  62. If you can’t afford to buy the membership/book, try your local library! Maybe we could even set up a book swap within the group. It does not take me a month to read a book, I would be happy to pass my book along to someone.

  63. I misunderstood and thought international folk could join in because you mentioned international shipping but alas, the site doesn’t take international cards. I would LOVE (and it appears I’m not the only one) your book selections to be listed somewhere so us internationals can track a copy down. I’m also firmly on the please something other than Facebook for discussions. I was so giddy to see the book club appear and am crossing my fingers that it can somehow work out for me to join in!

  64. Would love to subscribe but can’t – live in The Bahamas and my address isn’t accepted. Will keep an eye out and fingers crossed for international subscriptions.

  65. I just joined! I guess I’m the odd one out after reading the comments, I’m glad they won’t be ebooks (though I have a kindle too). I love love love books, everywhere, piled high and on shelves….the roughness of the pages, that slight crack of binding when you open it the first time, that ungodly sexy smell. Send us good ones, I’m ridiculously excited!

  66. Speaking of “true stories from Morticians”, please check out the “Ask a Mortician” series of (very informative!) videos by Caitlin Doughty. All on YouTube.

  67. It’d be super great if my brain would not insist we’re talking about stranglings.

  68. Go to your library, and check the book out of you can’t afford it. Here is some resources from a Tumblr blog! Overdrive and Libby both let you send items to your kindle as well.

    Can confirm Overdrive is amazing.

    I work in the largest library system in my state (17 branches in total).

    I use it not only for ebooks, but movies as well.

    Other FREE resources to check with your library for are:
    Freegal Music (download and keep music, including current music)
    Hoopla Digital (borrow ebooks, e-audiobooks, e-graphic novels, stream movies)
    Kanopy (stream movies; also available on Roku!)
    Axis360 (usually hot or just released ebooks)

  69. Overdrive and Libby both let you send items to your kindle as well
    I work in the largest library system in my state (17 branches in total).
    I use it not only for ebooks, but movies as well.
    Other FREE resources to check with your library for are:
    Freegal Music (download and keep music, including current music)
    Hoopla Digital (borrow ebooks, e-audiobooks, e-graphic novels, stream movies)
    Kanopy (stream movies; also available on Roku!)
    Axis360 (usually hot or just released ebooks)

  70. Howdy! I’m going to follow along, but like others I would need options to be available on Kindle &/or Audible. I would definitely kick in the 10 dollar membership fee to help you out, if that were an option but i don’t see that it is. If it becomes an option please let me know and i’ll be all over it!

  71. Great. My 14yr old is sitting here saying “many…books…too…books…too…many…..” and any other iteration because I read the question/answer section out loud. Also, yay for book clubs!

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