Revenge is a dish best served…meowing.

I was going to write about this, but then Xmas happened and I got distracted so in case you didn’t see it on twitter…this bit of magic happened:


Victor:  Why do you keep calling the cat by different names?

me:  Because there are so many good ones and I can’t pick just one.  Margaret Catwood?  Jules Purrn?  Emily Lickinson?  Purrman Meowville?  Jane Pawston?  Holden Clawfield?

Victor:  Terry Scratchett?

me:  Never change.






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  1. That new bookstore cat is awesome. The photography at different angles and perspectives is fantastic. It makes the cat look huge.

  2. GORGEOUS! PLEASE do not repaint her! She is everything. And she seems to watch me if I move back and forth… I vote for Margaret Catwood. I bet she would visit and do a reading of Testament if she had a namesake there… Just sayin’.

    Happy New Year, Ms. Lawson. You make me smile every day.

  3. It’s going to look so great in the bookstore! And so much less maintenance than an average cat…

  4. I vote Emily Lickinson (bc Lick made me giggle).

    And I have a question I haven’t seen asked – is it the same 6 foot cat you almost bought last time? (safe to assume, yes. also safe to assume you would come across more than one giant display cat in your wanderings). xo

  5. I love The Great Catsby. It just fits. He’s great – meaning big, large. And a classic.

  6. Problem may not be to choose a name, but rather get more cats… Just sayin’ 😉 Happy holidays!

  7. Beautiful, too bad the arm can’t be made animatronic and activated by a sensor when a child comes near it.

  8. Louisa May Hall at I’d MY first pick, then The Great Gatsby. Depends on sex of cat. Never change. One point for Victor!!! Way to go!!##

  9. Love love love as always. I know my day will be better when a post from you appears in my email. If there is a vote, I vote for The Great Catsby… But you could have a contest when you open, for kids to submit names with the winner getting a book…If it is for the kids section they can own it that way. So happy there will be a non-allergy indu cing cat on the shelves. . Every bookstore needs a cat but not everyone can be around them. Victor is awesome.

  10. Really, how could you not go with Terry Scratchett? Especially after this feline miracle was made possible by Victor, who suggested that perrrrfect name.

  11. Ohhh a Gynecology room?? I need to go there! Love the lights and well, the cat is amaze balls!! Good finds as always Jenny! ❤️

  12. That cat is EVERYTHING! Going to make it my mission in life to find one for my very own. For this one, totally love the Jenny Pawson suggestion! It’s the purrfect choice.

  13. Merry Christmas and congrats on the new kitty! I went for a bit of online shopping to see if I could gift you something for your latest creature, but this site doesn’t appear to have any extra-large size cat butt bling…

  14. How is it that no one is discussing why you didn’t buy one of the leggy stools that your father (I think?) was sitting in – One would be a fun conversation piece at the bar (anyone else thinking of A Christmas Story “FRAGILE (FRA-GEE_LAY) it must be Italian!”)…

    In term of names: E. E. Cattings, George Purrwell, J. K. Yowling, Ernest Meowingway? Sigh, the puns are never ending…so maybe after Piers Anthony for a fantasy section – Purrs Anthony?

  15. Louisa May Allcat and the Great Catsby can’t be beat.
    And nobody will be allergic. Win win, y’all.

  16. Terry Scratchett? Victor may have this one. A fitting memorial to a great writer in your awesome store. Get the kids hooked early. Or, have a naming contest when you open and the winner gets a free shirt.

    Congrats on the new kitty, Jenny.

  17. Oh my gosh!!! How puuurrrrfect is that bookshelf cat!!! I like Margaret Catwood or Charlotte Purrrkins Gillman!

  18. I love Terry Pratchett, Rest his Soul, so my fingers are crossed for Terry Scratchett!

    Cyndi in Seattle

  19. I vote for a nameplate with a rotating name. (Name of the month/season?). Then the name the cat contest could be an ongoing thing – or at least a vote for this months favorite. Or just quietly rotate it and give the kids something subtle to look for each time they come in.

    I totally see your bookshop being the real life equivalent of a hidden picture game, with little oddities tucked here and there so there is always a chance to notice something new when you come in!

  20. Terry scratchett!!! Give victor a win on that one. (( however the author Terry pratchett was knighted… I recommend SIR terry scratchett))

  21. Two people could not be more perfect for each other than you and Victor. Always enjoy your conversations. Love the cat names, I wish I had your imagination and creativity.

  22. Please MAKE the children’s bookshelves accommodate Charlotte Purrkins Gilman! If I had walked into a bookstore as a child and found a cat like her looking down at me I would have been beside myself with joy because it would have meant I had found a place with an appropriate sense of the marvelous.

  23. Love it! Please name her Purrsula Le Guin! It’s perfect because of her Catwings series.

  24. “Terry Scratchett”
    OMG! This legitimately made me tear up. That’s the perfect name.

  25. Jk meowling, the great catsby or Louisa Mae allcat; and I totally agree with a contest: narrow down to the top three or four names and have a vote!

  26. I just want you to know I would totally marry both of you. That being said, I shall now clean up the epic water spit take, and dry off my traumatized chihuahua.

  27. Victor! Fellow STP tribesman! Now I love you even more. Jenny you have excellent taste in men, and knowing Victor is a DiscWorlder explains soooooo much.

  28. I love all the names and i think a contest for the children to name the new cat presence in the bookstore is a great way to help kids learn to love reading. I stumbled on your blog, quite by accident, and enjoyed the conversation between unknown individuals. I loved how no one got mean or got their feelings hurt and everyone was kind and generous to share their thoughts. Because i am an animal person i am drawn to these kinds of topics. Time has taught me many lessons and the one i cherish the most is that kindness to each other is the most valued trait in all the lands. Imho .

  29. I love this so so so much. I know that for storytelling purposes Victor is usually the straight man in your blog, but every once in a while you post something that reminds me how perfect you both are for each other. <3

    PS–All of the names are awesome, but I am partial to Louisa May Allcat. Maybe you could have a contest at the bookstore to vote on a name?

  30. Giant Cat looks very catlike upside down. You may have hang the shelves from the ceiling and install the trolley lights on the floor.

  31. Good God, I thought your dad had some kind of weird sado-masochist, no pants thing going on and I couldn’t understand why he was wearing the men’s equivalent of a red, velvet thong. And I also didn’t understand why’s no one was talking about his bare legs in the comments, so I zoomed in and OH MY GOD shouldn’t those be your barstools???

  32. Revenge can be also served purring! Okay, even if not that, mewing works well. Oh, and cats don’t need just one name, as any other cat-caretaker can affirm.

  33. You are the best people I have never met💙💙

    Also there is a page on Facebook called “Weird Secondhand stuff that needs to be shared” and that entire store seems like it would be puurrrfect!! (See what I did there?)
    The page is great for laughs and uplifting stories. No drama or negativity. Sometimes there’s a gift swap. I have even reached out to other weirdlings and they have shipped things from across the states to help with my friends Mad Hatter tea party themed wedding!
    Such a fun page, you should check it out!

  34. You should add a chalk board and the name changes weekly for the one that was picked by a customer from a jar of names.

  35. I love the giant scrappy outdoor cat! She’s clearly a stray that just needed you to find her a home at the bookshop. I wish that fabulous whozewhatsit store was nearby, I would hang out there for hours, so many wonderful and weird things.

  36. As a former Emily Dickinson, I insist you name it Emily Lickinson because how awesome is that?

  37. Congrats on the acquisition of Margaret Catwood! Or SuperCATafragalisticexpialydocious?

  38. I love that store and want to go there. I’m torn between the Great Catsby and Terry Scratchett. Tough choice!!! You have the best family in the world. (And I say that after my mother took us the Grand Canyon for Christmas and let us experience the first white Christmas in my wife’s entire Phoenix-born life….)

  39. Did I read she’ll hang over the children’s bar in your Texas bookstore ? (Children’s Bar should totally be a thing if I didn’t make it up in my head.) Therefore, “Miss Kitty”.

  40. My husband votes for Terry Scratchett, I think he and Victor are right on this one.

  41. Hey. I didn’t even read your original post (worst fan ever).

    I just thought you should know that I’ve had a shit week. Nothing especially terrible happened. It’s just been a covers-to-the-chin and order in and second guess every interaction from the past few months kind of week.

    BUT your followers have helped me. The tribe you started sent me a couple postcards, and shared happy stories, and supported me when I vented. Goodness gracious, thank you so much. It made all the difference. I’m still under the covers, but I think I’ll come out tomorrow.

  42. As someone with allergies, I am very happy and grateful that you brought a not alive cat into your bookstore as opposed to a love one. Keeping it a safe and comfortable environment for people like me 🙂

  43. Cats don’t tell us their real names, we can only guess. I think you need to go back and find a little chalkboard for the latest suggestion. You guys are brilliant

  44. I’m starting to think you just got the bookstore as more storage space for your stuff. Carry on.

  45. I think Victor’s participation must be a Good Omen, so I vote for Sir Terry Scratchett.

  46. Yes but if you name it Terry Scrattchit he has to have a cool ass hat!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  47. Fate gave you the cat you needed for the store! You just had to wait for the right one!

  48. You HAVE to call it Terry Scratchett!!!!!!! It would work for either a boy or a girl as a person chooses, it’s PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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