Lots of weird but interesting stuff

It’s Sunday so that means this is a good place to put all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else, like:


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened has a new cover and it’s adorable.  This means that if you have the older version it is officially a collector’s item.


My friend Dylan’s wife made a Rory mask out of a t-shirt and it is magical so people asked me to make one in my zazzle shop and so I did and honestly it looks terrifying and I cannot stop laughing.  The good thing though is that if you wear it you probably will keep people more than 6 feet away because it looks fucking crazy.  (Also, it feels gross to make money off masks so if there are any profits they’ll go to the food bank.)


Speaking of terrifying, last month we did an optional bonus book for Fantastic Strangeling Book Club (The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires) and several of you were like, “If you liked that you’ll love HORRORSTÖR, by the same author” so I bought it and I’m only halfway through but you were totally right so I’m doing it as this month’s bonus book if you want to join me.

If you want in you can get the book anywhere but if you want to help support Nowhere and other indie bookshops you can buy it through our portal here.

(And in a few days we’ll start the discussion for this month’s book and announce next month’s official book.  YAY FOR DISTRACTIONS!)

But first….time for the weekly wrap-up:


Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by StoryWorth, who I super love.  
From them:” These days it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with your loved ones. If your phone calls with family are starting to sound repetitive, StoryWorth is a great way to prompt meaningful conversations. Once a week for a year, they’ll receive an email with a question about their life. All they have to do is reply with a story, which is forwarded to you and any other family members you invite. After a year, their stories are bound in a beautiful keepsake book your family will cherish!”  For real, I’ve done it for both my parents and it is fantastic.  Plus it’s a really good distraction.  Click here and you’ll get $10 off.  

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  1. I did not know I needed a Rory mask in my life until this very moment. Is it too much to hope for a James Garfield and Fleece Witherspoon mask as well? I may need options. The new book cover looks great!

  2. Oh that Rory mask is fabulous. Want to wear it the next time I go to the bank…

  3. I’m so into that mask. I had bought an Anime one off Amazon for my (24yo) daughter to wear while doing Favor. Apparently she can’t wear it design out because the main character is having sex from behind? WTF and with just a drawing of the girl how was I to know that? Talk about feeling old. But this, this is epic. (He’s not engaged in sexual behavior is he? If so I’d pay double.)

  4. Love the Rory mask! The kids asked me to make custom masks for them, but none as cool as that!

  5. That mask! Forget “knock knock motherfucker”- Rory is all “back 6 feet motherfucker”!

  6. You never know how much dental work you need until someone makes a mask out of your face … which could be a good title for another horror novel, I suppose …

  7. That mask!! I nearly did a literal spit-take when it filled my hugely-magnified-because-of-declining-eyesight screen. I should really know better by now than to ever drink anything while reading your posts.
    Thanks for providing links to Little Red Riding Rory (so stylish!) and the mystery coin on Instagram. A few weeks into the shut down, Instagram changed their policy so people who don’t have accounts can’t click on photos to read captiona or watch videos. But if there’s a link to follow on Twitter or in a blog post that goes directly there, we can see it. I realize I may be the only person who isn’t on Instagram at this point, but that still seemed like a really shitty move on their part – especially right now, when a lot of people are using it to promote newly released books and to stay in touch with their audiences and customers. And I do miss checking in.

  8. I’ve been having an odd but incredibly satisfying day and taking a quick break from work to buy Horrorstor is like the cherry on the top. (Love the new cover, too!)

  9. We have a reading initiative at our high school. The faculty/student recommend and exchange books. With much anxiety and trepidation, I lent my superintendent ‘Let’s Pretend this Never Happened’ stipulating I MUST HAVE IT BACK. And here we are: COVID19 lock down, schools out the remainder of the year, she announced her retirement and is moving to North Carolina. The end. Pet peeve: when someone doesn’t return a book you borrowed that’s near and dear to your heart.

  10. Bought the mask. Should have it in a month. Thank you so much!

  11. I just ordered a mask and FORGOT to use the discount code! Argh! Well, I hope that 15% goes to you so that it can make its way to a food bank. 🙂

  12. That mask is genius. If you want to add any others, especially any of your pets, I may need to make multiple purchases. I have a friend who would wear a Hunter S. Tomcat mask all the time. Probably even indoors.

  13. As interesting as some of your recommended books sound, I hesitate to read them because I tend to have screaming nightmares. It gets embarrassing, because when I start screaming it wakes up other people but it doesn’t wake me up.

  14. Rumor is that I’ll have to wear a mask when school resumes in the fall…thank you for the MOST PERFECTIST mask ever!

  15. Me:I am ordering one of these masks.
    Husband: You have got to be kidding?
    Me: All the proceeds go to charity.
    Husband: Oh, ok, go ahead.

  16. Jane – I’m not on insta or Facebook (quit 2 + years now) or Twitter or tic tick or any social ! I just don’t wanna 😿. Love the mask Jenny! You save me on so many days. Love you!

  17. I need you to know, that our brand new baseball team here in Huntsville Alabama, is called the Rocket City Trash Pandas. Here’s the link for merchandise https://trashpandas.milbstore.com/

    They made the “mistake” of letting the townspeople to choose names and vote.

  18. I found the mask that you had for your book tour of Furiously Happy and was thinking what an awesome face mask it would make! Great minds think alike! I posted a picture of it in FB. LOL
    What a great new cover!!!!

  19. I really thought the mask would be funny when I saw it on twitter… but is terrifying! I can’t wear that in public.

  20. I bought 2 LOL – one for me and one for my friend! I cannot wait to send it to her once I get them! I am currently making masks and I have a ton at home but I just wanted this and it will be mine to keep people AWAY from me! LOL

  21. Just saw the Rory mask and showed it to my boyfriend and his immediate response was, “GET TWO. NOW.” Thank you Jenny!

  22. Love the mask!!! And looks like I am off to buy another book!

  23. Your miscellanies of today’s post made me smile, the Rory mask, the Neil Gaiman Ted talk, the Horrorstor book, the coin. It all made me feel warm and fuzzy.

  24. That mask is amazing! I actually think it looks like a big dog mouth, but it’s the same effect.

  25. You are wrong about the mask….it is not terrifying–it’s hilarious….and people won’t stay away, they’ll get closer to get a better look at it! ha ha ha!

  26. “Also, it feels gross to make money off masks so if there are any profits they’ll go to the food bank”

    Jenny, has anyone told you are a good person recently?
    Because you are ❤️❤️❤️

  27. I read Horrorstor a few years back and enjoyed it. Reading The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires now and I can’t put it down. Like, I want to put aside my work for the day and finish the book because I’m more than halfway through and I need to know what happens!!! Consequently will be adding all of Grady’s other books to my tbr list.

  28. I’d be curious how many people bought horrorstor through the website as it said it was available, but now is backordered. Fingers crossed they get more copies.

  29. Is this a series of books, or is Horrorstor a stand-alone? I am intrigued. I wanted to read the vampire book, but vampires have been so overdone that I was afraid. Talk me into it?

  30. I need some non-traditional ideas for YA fiction for a book worm besides Judy Blume, (Whom I love). <14 year old.

  31. Do you sell Kindle/ebooks through your portal? I have vision issues and only read digital books these days.

  32. Jenny,
    I just happened to find the following on Facebook. It’s a library who weekly has a cat there dressed up to match a book cover, etc. Thought it might give you ideas for the Nowhere Bookstore. Looks like a lot of fun! “Centre County Library and Historical Museum”
    Hope you can find it.

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