And one to grow on

Hello and welcome to year 11 (ELEVEN?!) of the James Garfield Miracle!

What is the James Garfield Miracle, you ask? You must be new here. Welcome! It’s basically a day celebrating the time I bought a jolly taxidermied boar which morphed into a day where parents who are really struggling can get a present for their child this holiday season. It’s a very strange community project of strangers helping strangers anonymously and it’s pretty great.

I thought last year would be the end of the James Garfield Miracle because it’s gotten large and unwieldy and the one or two scammers who pop up often ruin it for the thousands of wonderful people who help or are helped, but I need a little holiday pick-me-up so this weekend I am Santa on a very small scale. We’ve tried lots of iterations of this with all levels of success but this year things are a little tighter in my household and I suspect I’m not alone so this year we’re going to keep it very simple and go back to the basics and hopefully it will still bring smiles to a lot of people and also make it something so simple that no scammer would care about.

So this year I am sending out 100+ teddy bears to kids.

That’s it. Just sweet, snuggly teddy bears. Well, not just teddy bears because the teddy bears have eyes that babies can swallow (stop swallowing eyes, weird babies) so I’m also adding a few other stuffed animals you can choose from if you have an eye-devouring baby or your child has a bear phobia or Amazon sells out of teddy bears.

But that’s it. Simple. Easy. Not perfect because in a perfect world everyone would get everything they need but I’d like to imagine that even people who may be disappointed that we’re just doing stuffed animals will at least be happy imagining all the kids finding unexpected fluffy new stuffed animals in their arms this holiday. It makes me smile, at least.

So, if you are struggling this year and you need help getting your child a present for Hannukau/Christmas/whateveryoucelebrate then I am ready to Santa Claus it up and drop one lovely plushie at your doorstep.

Here are the links for the plushes:

12 inch Gund teddy (pick any color they have in stock)

Fat white cat

Gund musical unicorn

Gund dog (which for some reason is more expensive for the larger one? Pick whichever size you want as long it’s still showing under $20)

Jellycat 12 inch bunny (If you’d prefer the cheaper 7″ one instead that’s totally cool.)

Currently these are all between $15-$23 each but Amazon can be wonky about changing up the prices daily or running out of stock so if I see that happening I’ll come back here to add other choices to choose from to replace any that sell out this weekend or suddenly skyrocket in price from $20 to $180. (Wtf, Amazon?) If I haven’t bought you a stuffy it’s probably because they sold out, jacked up the price or you forgot your address.

(Also, I always use the profits I make on affiliate links to buy toys for kids so that means that if you’ve clicked on one this year then you are the reason why I’m going to be able to buy toys for at least 100 kids this year.  That is amazing and I’m so grateful.  Thank you!)

The wishlists will be posted in the comments so (as always) if you want to buy a present for a stranger you totally can.  Or you can donate to Project Night Night, an amazing organization that provides a tote bag, book, stuffed animal and security blanket to homeless or displaced kids throughout the year.  They are AMAZING and the have more requests than they can fill so I cannot recommend them enough.

(Also, I know a lot of you are asking why I don’t just do this through my bookshop instead of Amazon and I’d love to but 1) our wonderful employees would be swamped with extra work since we only have three right now 2) we don’t have a way to make a registry work online yet. But maybe one day we’ll figure it out and have enough employees to do it and be able to use all the profits to help more people. Just not this year.)

SO…if you want in on this you have to read all the directions and stick to the rules or otherwise you will be set on fire and pushed out a moving plane.  Or maybe I’ll just delete your comment and look at you with that disappointed look your mom gives you when she knows you’re trying but are still fucking up.  One of those.  Here are the rules:


Okay, how do I do this?

You are my special angel.  Just look in the comments and find someone who has an unfilled Wishlist. I’m going to buy at least 100 but there are always more than I can handle.  (If there’s nothing on their list it means their toy was already bought- yay!)  Buy their present and make sure when you check out that you select their shipping address.  (It won’t give you their full address but it’ll tell you the town you’re shipping it to.)  If you try to fill a wishlist but it doesn’t give you a shipping address to choose that means the person didn’t assign a shipping address to the list so delete their present out of your cart and go to the next wishlist.  If it says “these are duplicates.  Someone else may have already bought this” when you try to check out then someone else already bought the stuff so delete it and try another one.

But what if I don’t live in America?

Check the comments because we often have Canadians and others outside the US who need help and I can’t fill those lists because shipping kills me so if you want to adopt a family, this is a great way to do it.


You are my special angel.  Here are the things you have to know:   You have to make a BRAND NEW wishlist, you can only choose one stuffed animal per child to put on your wishlist, and it has to be one of the ones above. In your comment you need to say the city and State you’re in (it has to match what you have on your wishlist), how many kids you have, and a link to your wishlist.  (Add your country to the comment you’re outside of the US so people in your area can find you.)  Do not make multiple wish lists.  Just make one.  One of the most important things (people do this wrong every year so PLEASE do this part right) is that you have to assign a shipping address for this specific wishlist.  I’ll give you the details on setting up the wishlist below.

What if I want to make wish lists to surprise other people who I think need help?

Nope.  But you can totally tell them to come here and make their own.

I’ve never done this before.  How do I make a wishlist?

It’s pretty easy if you follow the formula.  I’ll walk you through:

On Amazon, click on Accounts & Lists and then “Create a list”.

Name it “James Garfield plushies” then choose “create list”.

On the right you’ll see something that says “…More“.  Click on that and choose “Manage list.”  Change “private” to “PUBLIC” so I can see it. In the description part box just put how many kids your list is for. YOU MUST ADD YOUR ADDRESS FOR THIS SPECIFIC LIST so click on the drop-down for the shipping address and change it from “none” to your address. PLEASE DON’T SKIP THIS PART.  Make sure that the checkboxes for “keep purchased items on your list” and “don’t spoil my surprises” are NOT selected.  Save changes.

Now just go pick one of the stuffed lovies for your child.  When you have the one you want click on the “Add to list” drop down arrow on the right (under where the price is) and then select your “James Garfield 2020” list.  Click “view your list” to make sure it’s there. If everything is right you should have your stuffed animal(s) on the page and it should say it’s public and your address should show up in the “…more” box.

If you have another kid just go back to the list and pick a present for them and add it to the same list.

Copy the link to your wishlist. Now you go to the comments below and leave a comment saying how many kids you have, what city and state you are in, and a paste in the link to your wishlist.  That’s it!

So for example, I would say, “Hi.  I live in San Antonio Texas, and I have one child. Here’s my list:


Now…to go shopping.  Happy James Garfield Day!

PS.  Please please please double check before you hit the submit button that you have assigned a shipping address to your wishlist, that your comment has a link to your wishlist, the city and state you live it and the number of kids you have. Love!

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  1. This is amazing thank you for doing this! What a fantasticly strange and amazing community ❤️😇🎄🎁

  2. Hooray for special angels! Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa/Merry WhateverYouCelebrate. Waiting for the wishlists to appear…

  3. @leslie B I have tried to buy but there isn’t an address for you. Can you check?! ❤️

  4. This day is super! I’ve been able to help and could use a little help this year. I live in Halls, TN (knoxville) and have a 12 year old named Izzy. Thank you for being wonderful Jenny!

    Thanks so much!

    (You’re set! It didn’t delete your gift from your list so I deleted it here. ~ Jenny)

  5. @Leslie B all done. Wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope 2021 brings you a better year x

  6. We don’t need help this year, we did the last two years and were one of the ones who got skunked last year. Is there any way to keep that from happening again?

    We’re looking forward to being able to help this year!

    (I think the reason that happened last year is that people who wanted gifts hacked the lists to make it look like gifts were filled so that they’d be more likely to get their gifts. I suspect that those few people will be unlikely to do that here because we’re only giving away stuffed animals. Fingers crossed. ~ Jenny)

  7. @GinaMarie ordered but one of your items said it couldn’t be on a wishlist so I couldn’t get it for you. Happy holidays!

  8. Hi my name is Rosella Padilla and I have 2 girls I live in Las Vegas Nevada. Thank you for everything you are all doing it’s amazing!!

    (I think you forgot to post your list. Try again? 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  9. I was a recipient of a stranger’s kindness for my twins last year and am happy to pay it forward this year!

    (This makes me so happy. ~ Jenny)

  10. My husband deeply respects and would NEVER criticize your decorating ability. He humbly requests that James Garfield’s hat’s taxidermy head needs its own hat with a taxidermy head. That’s what he’d like for Christmas.

    Thank you very much,

    Wifey McWife Face.

    P.S.- Husband Man believes that the magic of the universe randomly bestowing Wil Wheaton’s Next Generation show jacket on him has somehow enhanced his supercredibility powers, allowing him to make this request of you.

    From both of us, happy holidays to you and your family, and thank you for all of the good you do for the world in this dark time. Please stay safe

  11. Here is our link. I have 4 (almost 5) year old twin girls who love FROZEN and Dinosaurs!!
    I am a server at a restaurant and things have been tight this year. Anything is very much appreciated.
    Thank you Jenny!

    (I deleted your link because we’re only giving out stuffed animals this year. Sorry! If you want to read the post again and make a new wishlist with two of the stuffed animals that would be great. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  12. I have 2 boys ages 1 and 2 and one girl, Age 14. The cat is for my cat loving girl and the puppy and bear are for the babies. I live in Mesa, AZ

    I love this idea- it’s something that they can keep for many, many years and I will always remember the kindness of others when I see them.

    Like others this year, we are struggling hard. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this.

    (They’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

  13. A baby boy and a sweet girl would love these so much.

    (I think you forgot to add your list and address? ~ Jenny)

  14. This is one of the very few holiday things I really look forward to each year, even when I can’t participate due to zero dollars, because it lifts my hopes and renews my faith and makes my grinchy little heart grow at least two sizes. Last year I was beside myself with excitement because I actually had money to send a couple of gifts, and this year although the pandemic has cost me 2 of my 3 jobs, my daughter got a nice bonus from her work and we’re spending it on this.
    Thank you for this wonderful thing! The joy it brings helps me to keep going every day. <3

  15. Hello my name is Rosella and I have 2 girls we live in Las Vegas Nevada thank you a ouch for your kindness and helping my girls have a Christmas present. Here is my list thank you!!!

    (There was only one stuffed animal on the list when I got to it so I’m guessing someone else bought the other one before I got there. Sent you the one that was still there. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  16. Hi, Nana and Guardian of 6 grandchildren any thing would be greatly appreciated.

    (Please submit a link to your wishlist and tell us where you live. ~ Jenny)

  17. Hello, I haven’t participated in this before because we usually don’t have children here. But this year due to a horrible custody battle we have our great nephews here this year. This will be the 3rd holiday they will be spending away from their Step Mom and Step brother and I know they are having a hard time. My husband and I wanted to get something for them but we are on disability and all of our money is going to bills and extra food for them. So please we have 2 boys here (6 and 10) so here is my list.

    (I tried to buy them but you don’t have an address set up for that wishlist. Can you change that? Look in my blog post for details. ~ Jenny)

  18. Hi, Nana and Guardian of 6 grandchildren. Anything would be greatly appreciated

    (Don’t forget to add a link in you comment to your wishlist. ~ Jenny)

  19. Comment 14, I think my address was unavailable because my list was fulfilled. Thank you! ❤️

  20. (Oops, I see TheBloggess also ordered one at the same time. I have changed my order to just one, but the good news is the toy should arrive a little sooner!)

  21. I’m so excited to be able to help this year! Thank you for making it easy and giving us the opportunity to help one another. 💙

  22. Hey Jenny! I just wanted to let you know that we were inspired by you to do a similar project in our community, and over 2 dozen families will be having a brighter Christmas!
    Thank you for the inspiration and for being such an amazing person ❤

    (Love! ~ Jenny)

  23. @Seana (Comment 29) Oops it looks like Jenny and I both bought it at the same time! If your daughter doesn’t need twin unicorns (and lets be honest, twin unicorns are great and I couldn’t fault you for keeping both) please donate mine to Toys for Tots or some other local charity near you 🙂

    (Twins! ~ Jenny)

  24. If anyone from the UK is thinking of posting a list, do 😊 I be checking in the Xmas run up 🧸

    (You’re the best! ~ Jenny)

  25. Doing it this way this year should be how you do it every year. No one can be un-cheered by one of these sweet stuffies. Plus it cuts down on the scammers. Makes me happy that there are such wonderful angels out there, especially you, Jenny, who feel inspired to help strangers. Bless you all!
    And no, nothing for me. Just giving thanks.

  26. @Samantha from Myrtle Beach: Merry Christmas! The spunky dog and musical unicorn are on their way to your beautiful children! :o)

    (Ha! You’re the one who beat me to it. Love! ~ Jenny)

  27. Juiie and we live in Bolivar, NY.

    I have 5 kids at home, but asking for the 3 girls.

    I chose the fat cat and 2 bears in different colors. My older daughter is autistic and developmentally disabled, so even though she is physically 18, she’s mentally 5 or 6. The teddy bear will make her happy to cuddle!

    Thank you for this.

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  28. Thank you for doing this. Others have greater needs than we do but any help would be appreciated.

    We live in Tucson AZ and the AZ version of CPS placed our 4 grandchildren with us when their mother couldn’t deal with them.

    Right now we have a 20 month boy, a 31 month old boy, a 6 year old girl and an 8 year old girl.

    As I said, others will have greater needs but anything helps. If nothing else, we would really like the dog and cat for the boys.

    Many thanks in advance.

    (They’re all on the way! ~ Jenny)

  29. Thank you so much for doing this. I can’t afford to help this year, but it makes me so happy that so many people are willing to help so that children can have something for the holidays. My uncle was 7 years old during the Great Depression when his mother told him he had to give up his bear to his younger brother because there wasn’t money enough to buy another bear, and he was the oldest child. He never forgot the loss of giving up his stuffed bear so his brother could have it. This present idea will make so many children happy and help give them someone to tell their secrets too, and hug, and cry into. My stuffed bear was who I cried into when I lost my Dad, or when we didn’t have enough food to eat, or when I was mad at my Mom for scolding me. A stuffed animal gives even a teenager something to love.
    So thank you to all of the amazing people who will make it possible for children to have one bright spot in this terrible year.

    (Aaaand now I’m crying. But in a good way. ~ Jenny)

  30. My son and I have benefitted from this project for a couple years. I am SO excited because this year, I can finally pay it forward. Thank you so much for doing this, Jenny.

    (I love this. ~ Jenny)

  31. Hi my name is Kristin and I’m from Kentucky. I live for this blog lol and my daughter would love one of these and we definitely need the help this year any way we can. She’s 8 and loves stuffed animals especially fat ones and is a big outdoors person. Thank you to anyone who has the heart to help! I will pay it forward whenever I can!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  32. I can’t thank you enough for doing this again. There was not going to be a Christmas other than some new markers and construction paper. It’s all we could afford. This year especially has been more challenging than others and we had to consolidate two households when my sister lost her job and then got kicked out of her rental house for being unable to pay rent. So three kiddos, two girls 6 & 7 and one boy, 4 in Las Vegas, NV. The boy would like the kitty too, but I wasn’t sure how to add two of the same on the list.

    (I bought the two on your list but it won’t let me add an extra cat so can you just add another cat to this same wishlist and repost the link in a new comment? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  33. Hi @Julie in Bolivar NY – so happy to help your family out this year. Gifts are on their way!

  34. Man Jenny – you are fast – flying fingers!! I will come back later and try again.

    (Ha! I tend to be really focused for an hour or two and then drift off for awhile. ~ Jenny)

  35. Wow Jenny you are fast!! You asked me to add another cat because you couldn’t get two. Here’s the link again for my boy who loves kitties! You are an angel!!

    (I bought it but it said it was a duplicate order. Either it’s just remembering me from last time or possibly someone beat me to it and you’ll end up with an extra to use as a fluffy cat pillow. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  36. I am a single mother of 2 girls and one boy ages 5,8 and 9 I was working as a school nurse back in March and I was among many who had to be furloughed due to the pandemic and I have been struggling ever since, I was just blessed with a job this past week and will be starting on Monday but since pay is biweekly I know my first check will not be coming in until after Christmas. So I am extremely thankful for kind and selfless individuals like you! This is such an amazing and thoughtful thing to do for others thank you!

    We are located in Anaheim CA

    (They’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

  37. Ugh! I wanted to buy one, but since I’m not in the US I don’t get the option to gift one to someone, I only get informed that the plushie won’t ship to _me_ to the Netherlands. Y u so dum, Amazon?

    Thank you so much for doing this, Jenny.

    (You’re the best, sweet friend. Maybe someone from the Netherlands will pop up with a need. ~ Jenny)

  38. I’ve been gifted to in the past and so appreciated the help. I kept it minimal this year and don’t need any help this but I hope to pass on the help within the week. My daughters love their Jellycat and Gund stuffies. Super sweet and simple idea! Love it! ❤️

  39. Hi Jenny:

    I really hope I did this right! I’m asking for my grands – their parents won’t really have anything for them this Christmas and my husband and I are helping our kids with every day expenses. Luckily they’re all happy and healthy, warm and fed… but I’d love them to each get something to snuggle with when the world seems so overwhelming.

    I did pick 1 item not on the list – I wanted each child to get something different. I made the mistake last year of getting the boys each the same thing… It was chaos!

    I’m in NC and we have 5 children; 4 of which have blessed us with grandkids. Total of 3 boys (5-5-4) and 2 girls (22 and 20 months).

    (They’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

  40. Thank you so much! I will be so nice to have something for my granddaughters. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get them anything at all and now they’re getting some cute soft lovies! I’m so happy!

  41. You are all amazing. I think I managed to send something (I’m too slow!) and maybe I can send more later.

  42. Ah looks like Jen Speed’s request was filled twice. I’ll cancel my order and help out someone else.

  43. I have 3 kids who could really use a new friend to love, this year has been hard on everyone. Happy Holidays everyone

    (your list showed as already bought but it might be an error. I bought one of the rabbits for sure. It said the bear was already bought by someone else so I think you got everything? Make sure you don’t have “don’t spoil my gifts” checked because that might be the problem. ` Jenny)

  44. #24 LWH – if you see this, please check out the Facebook post. I commented an image for your husband. Hope he enjoys!

  45. We live in Florida and these are for my grandchildren. Their grandpa passed away in October and their mom struggles to just keep food on the table. I’ve been helping but I’m on social security and the only presents that will be under the tree this sad year will be some socks and badly needed new shoes. I know this cat and dog will be well- loved as they both adore animals. I wish everyone the happiest of holidays and for everyone to stay safe.

    (Looks like someone beat me to your list. Sending love! ~ Jenny)

  46. Jenny, you are AMAZING!! Gonna go hide in the bathroom and have a happy cry. 🙂 *hugs*

  47. I’m so so so happy you are still doing this!! Narrowing it to just a few specific stuffies sounds like a great idea to keep it simple and hopefully cut down on scammers. I have a little extra money in my ‘X-mas fund’ this year so I’ll see if I can help with one or two! (So far everything I’ve clicked on has already been bought!)

  48. Mqdison, Wisconsin

    (I’m deleting this because I don’t want it to landslide into something else but looks like someone has already reached out to help. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  49. Marina Fowler, the stuffed animals for your grandkids should be on their way soon! Have a merry Christmas!!

  50. @Shannon Park – at the risk of getting set on fire and pushed out of a plane, I fulfilled your request. All the best to you and your family. May 2021 be a kinder, gentler year.

    (You sweetie. ~ Jenny)

  51. It appears I’m late to the party. Several are showing here, but 0 items show on Amazon, and the one that does show three items says last purchased Dec 5, so they must have been fulfilled, too.
    Waiting for more to pop up. And while I wait, happy tears are running down my face. This is just the best, kindest, most thoughtful thing ever. I’ve started to try to tell my husband about this several times, but I can’t because I can’t control my tears. This is just amazing.

    (Right?? ~ Jenny)

  52. Post # 96 Thank you so much Anonymous. You have made 3 girls very happy. Jenny thank you so much for doing this. Merry Christmas. I wished I could show you the smiles when they receive their gifts. Hugs

  53. Hi from Gilbert AZ. We have two kids who are really struggling this year. They are both schooling at home and basically sheltering in place since March since it is not safe in our community. They don’t even get to see their grandparents due to COVID restrictions and some choosing to not take basic precautions. Thank you for the kindness and we will pay it forward as soon as we can.

    (Someone got there before me! ~ Jenny)

  54. First year that I am actually able to participate, and you’ve all gone and grabbed everything!! Seriously, leave some for us!! 💖💖💖💖💖

    (Ha! This is a wonderful problem to have. I’m about to take a break to help Hailey clean her room. ~ Jenny)

  55. I tried to post but I don’t think it showed up. Please delete if it did come up twice.
    We are in Gilbert AZ and have 2 kids. It’s been a rough year with everyone sheltering at home basically since March. Luckily our house has stayed healthy and DH has work, but we know too many who have not. Both kids are doing school fully online (so no kid interaction or classmates) and we can’t even see the grandparents because of COVID restrictions and their choices to not take basic precautions. Some kitties to love will brighten everyone’s day and we will pay it forward as soon as we are able.

    (I checked and your list has been filled. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  56. @Bea (post 101) – there was one cat on your list so hopefully the other plush was already purchased! The cat that was still there is now on it’s way!

  57. @Bea My son’s name is Carson, so from one Carson to a sweet kiddo in Carson City, one sweet kitty is on its way! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  58. It appears I’m late to the party. Several are showing here, but 0 items show on Amazon, and the one that does show three items says last purchased Dec 5, so they must have been fulfilled, too.
    Waiting for more to pop up. And while I wait, happy tears are running down my face. This is just the best, kindest, most thoughtful thing ever. I’ve started to try to tell my husband about this several times, but I can’t because I can’t control my tears. This is just amazing.

  59. I love that this is still going. I participated in giving last year but it was definitely out of control. Thanks for not giving up and giving us the opportunity to help each other.

  60. Oh no, so this is only for young children this year? I was so hoping for help. Oh well, Happy Holidays everyone!

  61. Sabrina (post 110), your kitty is on its way! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. 🙂

  62. Sabrina-I cancelled my order because someone bought the items before my purchase went through. It still says that you need one of each-please let us know if they weren’t purchased!

    (If you click on the filter and change it to “show purchased” it’ll show they were bought so you were right. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  63. PS And if you change your link to SMILE.AMAZON.COM, you even get to designate a little bit of *AMAZON’S* portion to a charity of your choice.

  64. I forgot this in the rush to fill someone’s Amazon list. Jenny, thank you so very much for doing this again this year. It was something I had been looking forward to (in addition to your new book I’ve preordered) and had hoped that the last few years had not burned you out. It’s a much needed feeling to be able to help with this (and Project Night Night) during such a craptacular year!

  65. Post #94 here, extremely grateful to commenter #97 for helping a momma out! You are an amazing person, and I definitely won’t be the one to toss you from the plane lmao ❤🎄

    Jenny, I have said this over and over again but you are such an amazing and spectacular woman, and I love you so much! I’ve loved your blog since at *least* 2009? And have loved you since day 1 as well! Happy holidays to your family!

  66. My name is Mary and I live in Searcy Ar. I have five kids (15,13,12,10,4) and this year has definitely thrown so many curveballs our way. I feel like it seems silly to ask for five of those big cats but that is the one that I know they would each be excited about. We love cats and it looks like an anime cat and they all love anime as well lol. Anyway, if it isn’t possible to do they won’t mind splitting just one cat. Thank you so much!

    (Looks like they’re all on the way. You guys are so fast! ~ Jenny)

  67. #121 Mary, I sent one and saw that another one was sent. Hopefully we’ll get to 5!

  68. Thank you so much for doing this, Jenny. I appreciate the work it must involve from you and I am so happy to be able to help out!

    (Knock on wood but so far this is the easiest one so far. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  69. I wish I could purchase this year, but I wanted to say, thank you for all you’ve done every year, this is our first year not asking for help. We don’t have money for presents, but neither does anyone else, so we are doing 4 presents for each of our 4 kids. Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. They know it’s a tight year. The James Garfield miracle has been the only reason they’ve gotten presents most years. You are amazing.

  70. Hi #123 your list has been fulfilled! Happy Holidays to you and your two girls <3

  71. Hi Jen #127 your wish list has been fulfilled! 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and your daughter!

  72. Wow, everything I checked has been fulfilled. i even refreshed a few times hoping to “catch” one. Kudos to all the generous readers.

  73. I love you guys so much. Gonna comment here to save my place so I know where I stopped for a bit. I need to count for sure but I know I still have at least a few hundred left so I’ll be back to fulfill more tonight or tomorrow. Thank you to everyone!

  74. Jenny you are so fast! And so is everyone else. Gonna have to set a phone alarm reminder to check back(about the only way I remember things these days) to sprinkle fairy dust on a wishlist.

  75. This is one of my favorite things to do in the past few years. I’m going to wait a few days before sending any, so anyone coming in a little later, don’t worry! Someone’s got you! <3

  76. # 142 I got 3 of yours, I think someone else got the other one. I’m so glad I could help your kids have a merry Christmas! I’ve been refreshing the comments all night trying to get to someone first!

  77. Jenny, a few years ago I donated to Project Night Night in my husband’s name as one of his Christmas presents because of your post. It was absolutely his favorite thing, and for the past several years he’s asked for a donation to Project Night Night as his big Christmas present. Thank you for helping us to help others. <3

    (Love! ~ Jenny)

  78. all US requests so far thought shoppers are waiting in Canada, UK and the Netherlands (always wanted to be one of the elves….)

  79. I was lucky enough to get to fill someone’s order, but am looking for more to help. This is something I look forward to every year, Jenny. Thank you so much for encouraging folks to reach out and letting us serve. It’s amazing that there are more looking to help than those asking…in 2020, this truly is a JG Miracle. 🥰

  80. !I gave the last couple years (and Booksgiving), but I am not fast enough this year! Will keep an eye on it but sending my usual check to Project Night Night (my Christmas present to myself) and I think I will double my usual donation to our local Toys for Tots.

    Happy Holidays

  81. I’m in Tucker, Georgia. I’m asking for my inner child because I am really struggling these days…unemployed, crumbling mind and body, in a fairly lonely marriage, and isolated because of social issues. I’m getting better about reaching out online…but I sure would love something soft to hold when I’m upset that reminds me someone cared enough to get it for me. It’s not the same when you have to get it for yourself and the husband would sneer if I asked. Please just ignore this and don’t be harsh if it was terribly wrong to ask. I promise I’m not just trying to scam, I’m just looking for a tangible, lingering spark of human warmth. And I’ll do my best to keep paying it forward, reaching out to others like me. Thank you either way. 🙂

    (Looks like someone has you. Sending you love. You’re not alone. ~ Jenny)

  82. Hi! I’m Willow and I live in Minneapolis with 6 kids – they are all “mine” but 3 are permanently so and the other 3 are foster kids who will hopefully eventually be able to reunite with their bio parents, but if that isn’t possible, then we will happily be their forever family too. They will be so excited to open a cozy lovely friend on Christmas!!! Here is our list:

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  83. Thank you, Sarah Jane, I’m tearing up. You are kind. I will treasure it, I promise, and look for other people to cheer up, like you did for me. And also I’m going to make an animal shelter donation in your name. 🙂 I can’t wait for it to get here!

  84. I’m obviously new at this. For Comment 155, done! I wish you well for this holiday.

  85. @Willow #156. I got you! Merry Christmas! Thank you for your full heart for all 6 of your kiddos!

  86. Hi I am Amanda, Mom to 6 children in PA. I requested for 5 of my 6 children. It’s been a rough year due to the pandemic and me recently being diagnosed with diabetes. I just need a little help. I hope I did this right. Cheyenne is 12, Hailey is 11, Nicole is 10, Lynn is 8, William is 4. My oldest is Dale and he is 15. Thank you for being an angel. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  87. #163 Momof3
    I had to place two separate orders but all three toys have been ordered. Merry Christmas!

  88. Not sure if you’ll see this, Jenny, but I’m going to say it anyway.
    A few years ago someone made my friend’s year because of Garfield and your readers. She was one of the volunteers at Heifer Farm in MA when it was shut down. The fact that a stranger gave her such a gift made her even more happy. She’s since moved on and is involved with an urban farming not for profit up north.
    I wish you the very best.

    (Love. So much love. ~ Jenny)

  89. #153 Lisa, I’m sorry things have been so rough. If I had to guess from your message, you’re a really kind, thoughtful person who’s been through the ringer. I’m so glad someone bought you a stuffed animal, and I hope life gets a little gentler on you soon.

  90. From one Jean to another…. I have you covered. Much love to you and your family, it’ll be there in two shipment on two different days. 💕

  91. Hi, lovelies. My name is Rachel and I’m in Georgia. My husband and I have a combined family of four beautiful children. We are both employed (bus driver, parapro) in the local school system and every school closure continued to hit hard. We pick up work doing food and grocery delivery and never still trying. Now with COVID in the house, I know the next two paychecks will not come before Christmas because we are quarantined and cannot with any of our jobs. Would love to surprise our sweet ones with a little extra hug this year. Thank you, Jenny, for thinking of plushies. EVERYONE, myself included, should have a sweet stuffed animal to love and hug. Yes, even at 41. Thanks you. Prayers and love to you all.

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  92. Aw… Thank you Jenny for doing this again this year. I think this is a beautiful and SIMPLE way to keep this wonderful tradition alive! I LOVE it! Also, I love weird babies. 🙂 Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy whatever you celebrate. Now to find a list 🙂

  93. 187 Monica – thank you so, so much. I hope you have a wonderful winter and a happy new year. I don’t even really have words – you are so kind, everyone here is so kind. Thank you.

  94. Hello and Merry Christmas! Thank you Jenny for doing this! I’m a single mommy, 4 kids in Zeeland, MI. I did four different ones so they won’t mix them up or hopefully fight, but share nicely! 🙂 Thanks for anyone willing to bless them this Christmas! It’s been a rough year as I’m sure it has been for many and I’m thankful for the kindness I’m seeing around!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  95. #183 Rachel – We got you, fam. We have four kids of our own. The Brinkleys in NC are sending plushies and warm hugs to y’all in GA. Much love.

  96. @ Dani 182 – got you! Glad to participate in this! I’m 33 and have some stuffed animals stored away for future children. Hope your child enjoys the stuffed animal.

    Also – didn’t catch this at first but we are practically neighbors – I’m in South Jordan

  97. #191 LM – From our big family to yours, we’ve got you covered. Warm hugs, love, and plushies coming your way!

  98. Thank you Sandy @194!! I’m so grateful for your kindness and generosity. It’s been a hard year for us and nothing is under the tree so far, so I’m so thankful they will each have a new cuddle buddy to help them through these hard and confusing times! Merry Christmas to you and yours and just know 4 little girls will be snuggling these with smiles because of you! From a grateful single mommy, thank you!

  99. Oops, someone else had already done that one. Order cancelled, I’ll find another list to fulfill

  100. This is Rosella thank you so much Jenny and Kristen comment #40 my girls will be so happy! Happy holidays!!!

  101. Hello! Jenny, you are such an amazing person to host this every year.

    I am a single mom with 3 teenage boys. It would be a legit miracle to get help this year with Christmas. (Why does it always surprise me every year?) My oldest just moved I to his own apartment and needs house stuff, my next child is an introverted book and fish person and my youngest loves anything active and social. 🙂

    Thank you all!!!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  102. Many thanks for doing this Jenny, you are amazing!

    My name is Dona, I moved in February to Electra, TX just weeks before things really crazy, little did I know what a bad decision that was 🙁 Unfortunately it took way to long to be able to find employment and although I did finally find work a few weeks ago, playing catch up is making Christmas nearly impossible this year.

    Luckily my kids are all pretty young and will make it through, but a new friend to cuddle with would sure make the holidays better. 🙂 Our wish list is

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  103. Dona, I got you, but not sure the items were removed from the list (comment 202).

    (That usually happens if the person forgot to uncheck “don’t spoil my surprises”. There’s a filter drop down where you can see that the things on the list have been purchased. Luckily if someone tries to buy it again it’ll tell them the stuff has already been bought. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  104. I wasn’t going to ask, I even commented I wasn’t going to ask, but then realized every one of my 4 kids would love a plushie. We live in Herne Bay, in the United Kingdom,so anyone looking to buy in England. I just put in GUND plushies and stayed under £20 because that was easier than trying to find prime plushies off your list because the items are different in the UK, so I hope that’s ok.

    (Putting a not here that if you’re in the UK and looking to help this is a good one. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  105. This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I think the way you’re doing it this year is perfect.

  106. $180 – Gene, you should have the stuffed animals for all six kids this week and the week after. Looks like the items weren’t removed from the wish list though. Happy holidays

  107. Hello my name’s Mandie I have three kids and I’d like to thank u in advance for this even such a small act can make i big difference and after haven to move right before x mas being able to give them a lil some is still better then mother thank u

    (Someone beat me here! It may look like they’re unpurchased but I think you just forgot to click “don’t spoil my surprises” on your list so it’s showing your purchased ones. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  108. Brinkleys, thank you so very much. Woke up this morning and you have brought joy and a smile. ❤️ I appreciate you and can’t wait to share hugs to my sweet kiddos. Love, Rachel

  109. Kris comments 205&206 there doesn’t seem to be an address with your list. Can you please add one. Cheers 😀

  110. Jenny, THANK YOU for this…it’s the perfect idea and I’m scroll-weeping (that should be a word) looking to help someone and there’s SO many fulfilled wish lists. It’s just the very best feeling in a year where we all need it. We’ve been donating to Project NIght NIght for several years thanks to you–I’m off to send them some love now but I’ll be back to look for more lists later today. This weepy-feel-good morning is the very best part of this Christmas for me–thank you so much.

    (Honestly this is one of my favorite James Garfield Miracle ever. ~ Jenny)

  111. Mandie in NY and Miss Winters in MN, I’ve got you covered! They should be on their way soon – though they haven’t been removed from your lists. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  112. Katie B, you’re an Angel! Thank you so much! This year has been so tough. I’m so grateful for your help.

  113. Sue, 222, Thank you so very, very much! I hope you and yours have a happy holiday and a very Merry Christmas!

  114. Comments 218 & 219 link to the same list and the name doesn’t match. It’s also asking to join the list. I’m not up in Amazon listing, so I was wary to click through.

    (That’s usually because they used a shared amazon mobile link instead of just copying and pasting the link. It’s an extra step but it’s safe to join the lists as a collaborator. You can remove yourself as a collaborator as soon as you’ve looked at it or just leave yourself on the list. It doesn’t do anything bad. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  115. Hi I live in California and have 4 wonderful children ages 4, 5, 7, and 11 our family has been through so much this year from losing family members to COVID to having to relocate to a motel for months due to family members being sick at home. Thankfully everything is slowly getting back to normal for us and we will be spending the holidays back at home we are truly thankful for this Jenny Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, stay safe!

    (Someone beat me here! Sending you love! ~ Jenny)

  116. To Sabrina post #109- they are on the way! I got through to the end when it said it might be a duplicate, but it said you needed the two. That’s ok- if it is, please consider passing them forward to someone else. I hope you kids enjoy them- I actually want one for myself! Merry Christmas!

  117. Re: #202/#204. Yes, I made a gift purchase from Dona’s list as well, but it’s still showing in the list. Just an fyi for list settings. Merry Christmas!

    (It’s because she has “don’t spoil my surprises” selected. If you click the filter you can see they were purchased. 🙂 Luckily if anyone tries to by them again they’ll get a message that they’ve already been bought. ~ Jenny)

  118. Dona (#202) We got you! Best of luck in your new hometown. So happy to send some snuggles to the little ones in your life. May they spark imagination, be up for adventure, and provide comfort.

  119. Hello I’m from Springvale Maine and I have three little ones that would love snuggling these cute little plushies. 2020 has been rough for everyone so anything that alleviates even a little bit of that for the children is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for doing this and making this all possible. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  120. #244 and #246…looks like Carol and I purchased at the same time. I have cancelled my order so that you don’t get a duplicate and so I can gift to someone else on the list.

  121. One of the happiest parts of the holiday season is seeing that all of the dozens of wish lists posted have been filled. I’m donating to Project Night Night, but Jenny, I want to thank you so much for doing this. So many kids will have a brighter year because of this initiative!

  122. Sorry, Crystal just noticed I spelled it wrong. All of your kids will be getting a new fuzzy friend.

  123. Hi we live in South Jersey. I have one teen daughter.

    (Hey Niki. I’m deleting your list because we’re only doing the plush animals. But if your daughter would want one go make a new list with the one she’d want on it, okay? ` Jenny)

  124. @252 Niki- please read the instructions I was unable to find the plush dolls on your list I believe those are the only items allowed

  125. Comment 254, sent! Fellow sewist here 🙂 Hope your family has a lovely Christmas.

  126. #256, Sarah, you haven’t linked to your wish list correctly. When I try to click on it, it takes me to my wish list instead of yours.

  127. Also comment 254, not sure why the bunnies didn’t leave your list after purchase though when I refilter as unpurchased they are gone. Oh well, happy holidays!

  128. Thank you everyone who helped my littles! This will literally be their only gift and I couldn’t be happier! This is an amazing set up! Thank you Jenny and all your helpers! Happy holidays to all 🥰

  129. Me last night: should I do it? Should I be the only asshole who ASKS FOR A BUNNY FOR HER INNER CHILD?! No regrets, though. I’m going to name him Bennie and tell my husband Benedict Cumberbatch sent him to me “just because.”

    My cats asked for a disclaimer: we three are loving, cuddly, and otherwise perfect but she locks us out every night because she has insomnia and we supposedly take turns “stomping on her face at 3am.” The bunny will be much appreciated for this reason. Someone has to deal with her when she gets like this.

    I also have a ghost child in this house who is asking for a unicorn… JUST KIDDING

    Time to pay it forward: I would like to send plushies out to the inner children (trying to nominally stick to the rules here) of two healthcare workers currently working in a hospital now. I’d like you to be able to come home after a day or night of the unspeakable, exhausted and traumatized, to a reminder that at least one person is thinking of you and appreciates your great sacrifice. Thank you and let me send you a little friend. Lisa

    PS Jenny please don’t put me on the burning plane bc of this minor comment highjacking I know I’m pushing my luck but I don’t have the energy to find another way to show a little appreciation for them. 🙂

  130. Oh I’m such ass people working in hospitals too busy and tired to see this I’ll find another way to appreciate them please ignore comment #268!!!

  131. I also sent to 254 before I saw one that said already sent Her kids may get a lot of bunnies.

  132. I’m Jamie and my four beloved weirdos are Wild Kratts obsessed (yay for PBS!), so I chose rogue plushies that are more wildlife related – I hope this is OK and if it’s not, I apologize in advance. And a unicorn for the toddler who is too young to be obsessed like his older sibs. The bonus is that these wildlife stuffed animals seem to be a lot less expensive than the original list of plushies. Here’s my list:

    (I actually picked those specifically because they’re in stock and are from a company that will allow shipments to registries and it causes a lot of problems with late shipping, etc. Looks like someone was able to by a few of them but at least one is not eligible to be shipped to you. Can you delete that one (the fox) and pick one off of the regular list instead? Thanks! ~Jenny)

  133. #269 LE C – Your kitty is on way. Bless you for being a foster parent. Merry Christmas to you all!

  134. Jamie in 273, your cub will get his wolf! Other items are still needed, though, for others who are looking to give.

  135. Jamie in #273 – tried to order your fox, but it says it can’t be shipped to your address. (Anybody else have the problem?)

    (It’s because she picked stuff from third-party providers and they usually don’t ship to people. I left her a note telling her to replace it with something from the approved list. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  136. Comment 254, I attempted to cancel my order, I believe you checked “keep purchased items on my list” leading to duplicates, as Comment 272 and Comment 274 after me have also gotten you bunnies. Maybe you can have a bunny tea party 🙂

  137. This is Jamie from #273, I’m sorry for going rogue! [also, thank you to those who sent love this way even with my waywardness] I replaced the fox that wouldn’t ship with an approved plushie.

    (I went to buy it and it was already bought. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  138. I live in Lake Ann Michigan. I have 4 kids. 0, 1, 12, 13.

    Here is the list.

    (Hey there. Deleting your list because you have stuff on it other than the stuffed animals we’re sending. Can you delete and replace using the options in the post? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  139. #285… on their way, in typical style, they may arrive in 3 shipments so keep watching!

  140. Hey there! I’m confused. I’ve bought for 2 folks that others day are covered. (Definitely a speedy crew) I cancelled the first and placed the second. When I click on those links, it still shows as “needs”. Is this the”don’t spoil my gifts” issue or am I going about it wrong?

    (Click on the ‘filter and sort’ button on their wishlist and change it from the default of “unpurchased and purchased” to “unpurchaced”. That should show you everything that was not bought. This happens when people don’t have their list set up correctly but the good news is that if someone doesn’t realize that it’s already purchased and tries to buy it again it’ll say “This is a duplicate gift. Someone may have already bought this gift” when you try to check out so you can delete and go to another person. ~ Jenny)

  141. Hi everyone! Mommy to two awesome kids, Violet age 5 and Sebastian age 6 in Gainesville, FL 🙂 I’m thinking the bunny for V. and the bear for S. Thank you <3

    (Ha! As I was buying them it gave me the duplicate order message and when I’d refreshed someone else had already sent them to you. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  142. @Julie and @Sammy (#290 and #291), yep, I swooped in! Merry Christmas, Julie! Hope you grab the next one, Sammy! Much love to you both.

  143. @Julie B and @Sammy (#290 and #291), yep, I swooped in and got Julie B’s two. Merry Christmas, Julie! Sammy, hope you can grab the next one to come in. Love to you both!

  144. @Julie B (#290), yours will be delivered in two different packages–one around 12/8, and one between 12/12 and 12/16.

  145. Hi! I have three kids. Some of the stuffed animals linked weren’t available on Canadian Amazon or were significantly more expensive, so I tried to find similar ones. The bunny was $46 (!!!) on our Amazon, so I found a similar, less expensive plush rabbit. I also added a plush unicorn cat for one of my daughters–she saw one at the bookstore a couple of weeks ago and has been asking for it since. I hope that’s okay. We live in Dartmouth, Canada.

    (Looks like your stuff is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  146. 205-Kris I reached out to an old high school friend to see if she can order for me and I’ll pay her back *fingers crossed* she’ll be in. If not I’ll start asking my uk colleagues. James Garfield is by far my favorite holiday activity and by golly I am getting someone’s wishlist!

  147. #295 Juliette – Either someone already beat me to it, or your list is empty 😉

    This is my favourite part of the season.

  148. Mommatrek #282 I’m Lisa #173 and I wanna pay it forward and get your inner child a little plushy…set yourself up!

    Paige #178 thank you for your kind words.

  149. @Eva Thank you so so much!!! They are going to love their new “stuffies” 😀

  150. Hello all! My name is Nicole and I’m in MN. I have a blended family with five beautiful children. We were able to help others last year but are unexpectedly struggling this year and would be so grateful to surprise our littles with a soft warm friend to hug this holiday. Thank you, Jenny, and thank you, kind-hearted strangers! Can I add one for my grandma who is really struggling with being unable to have visitors in her assisted care facility? We haven’t been able to hug her in months and it is heartbreaking. Her name is Eloise and I have marked on the list which one is for her. I chose the cat for her as cats have forever been her favorite animal, and I hope it brings her comfort.

    (I can’t get your link to open so either you made a mistake with the link or your things were all bought and you deleted your list. I’m thinking it’s the latter. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  151. I live in Canada, and I don’t have my own children, but I hope it’s ok if I ask for some plush for my niece and nephews?

  152. @Ashley #306 – the list is there, but the address shown is my own. I believe there are instructions above for sorting that out 🙂

  153. @Ashley #306 I think it’s because one of the items selected can’t be shipped to a gift registry address 🙂

  154. I absolutely love this idea! I am a mom of 4 great kids and this is awesome. Who doesn’t love something to cuddle?! Covid has been very tough for us. My hours at work have been cut drastically since March and I am a full time nursing student. My oldest child is a cancer survivor with a multitude of long term health problems. He is at high risk for Covid and it has been frightening living through this nightmare. We are grateful for Nathan’s 18 doctors in Boston who manage his care so well despite the pandemic. We are hopeful for a brighter year in 2021.

    Thank you so very much in advance for considering us. Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe!! <3

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  155. Merry Christmas. This year has been a mess. With COVID. I’m currently going through a divorce and have 4 kids. Their dad left us with nothing. I had to put a moratorium for my rent this month and ask for extensions on utilities. We didn’t get a stimulus because their dad doesn’t have papers to be in the country. We file taxes with his ITIN which excluded me and my children who are all born here in the USA. I live In Tx and have no family here and am working to save to move back to my hometown where family is. It’s a daily struggle. So much until tonight I tried to not put our tree up because I didn’t know how I was gonna provide gifts for my kids. I’m so thankful that James Garfield exists so my kids can still believe there is a Santa. Just praying for a miracle to happen. Thank you in advance to the person who helps me this year.
    Tori is 11 and I put and Elephant plushie
    Braylen is 9 and it’s an elephant/ puppy plush
    Mia and Bella are 6 and 7 and I put 2 unicorn musical plushies since they both always want the same thing.
    As for me I am praying that next year goes better for myself and everyone out there. God Bless and Merry Christmas

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)


    4 kids Tori,Bella,Mia and Braylen.
    2 unicorn plushies
    1 dog elephant plush
    1 elephant plushie

    Single mom going through a divorce. Had to put up a moratorium for my rent and ask for extensions on bills. Their dad left us high and dry last month with nothing. I’m praying for a miracle and wasn’t even going to put up our tree but the kids begged me. It’s hard telling them you can’t give them anything because a roof over their head takes up every penny. Thanking Jenny and James Garfield and the countless angels who make this possible. Merry Christmas and God Bless

    (Someone beat me here! Sending you love. ~ Jenny)

  157. Sorry I thought my first one didn’t post but it did. Can you delete the second Jenny? My apologies

  158. @Corrine (320) – was able to get 1 from your list. Hopeful others in this great community can step up for the other 3.

  159. Hello. This is incredible and will make for lots of happy little ones on Christmas so thank you for doing this. I’m a single mom of three young kids who love their stuffies. Times are tough but people like you help us to see the light. I am training to become a medical assistant and getting back on my feet. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope all of you have an amazing Christmas!

    (Someone beat me here! It’s so wonderful how hard I have to hunt to find people to help. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  160. Thank you so very much Cassie!!! 😃❤️ You are so awesome. Our list is fulfilled! Wow! 😊Thank you for making the world a brighter place and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    With hugs,

    Becky #312

  161. @Corrine (320) They’ll be arriving on different days (Amazon says Wednesday and Dec 14) but the other 3 on your list are headed your way 🙂

  162. 327/Martha, the stuffies should be arriving between Dec 9 and Dec 14. Merry Christmas!

  163. 328/Hattie, plushies should be arriving sometime between the 9th and the 12th. And will probably be in multiple boxes. Merry Christmas!

  164. Jen (#329), they should be there by 12/9. Sorry I couldn’t wrap them for your kiddos (but that may be a blessing in disguise, as I am a terrible wrapper). Happy holidays to all of you! And keep up the hard work to become a medical assistant. I am a nurse and especially after the last year, the healthcare profession can use all the help we can get.

  165. Maya L, just saw your message! I posted at #254. Thank you so much! I went back to check the list and that box was no checked so not sure what happened, I cannot see purchases ? but I just made the list private so we won’t get duplicates. I’m really sorry this happened. I see you said you cancelled the purchase so hopefully that squares it away. If there are any duplicates we can donate at our church. Merry Christmas all! 🎄❤️

  166. Hi. I live in Electra, TX, and I have 2 children and 3 step children in my blended family. I just recently went back to work after being laid off for months due to Covid, this year has been a mess and not sure how my family is going to have a Christmas this year. Thank you and bless everyone!
    Here’s my list:

    (Looks like they’re all on the way to you already! ~ Jenny)

  167. Kris (205 206), there were two on your list when I got there. I sent one to you but the other says it can’t be shipped to a registry address.

  168. Thank you for doing this! I’m Ann, we’re in Minnesota and have two toddler daughters who love that we’re all home and two elementary age sons who hate everything about distance learning except that they get to watch TV more. And I’m 8 months pregnant, so I threw in the musical unicorn for our surprise baby who we’ll get to meet soon-ish! Here’s to a better year in 2021! My family’s list:

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  169. Hey 254, no worries! It was too late to cancel, so bunnies headed your way still 🙂 I hope your littles enjoy!

  170. I see it posted twice! Sorry! I dont know how to delete one.

    (No worries. I’ll leave it because it helps for people to be able to use the # system on comments. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  171. Hi! I’m Emily and I need help. I’m asking for 5 bunnies for our family. I have 2 kids of my own and since my sister’s a nurse, I’ve been taking care of her 2 kids full time since the spring. I included a bunny for me too, because I’m so, so tired y’all. I’m going to go back and put on a bunny for my sister too, because I know how much she’s missing her babies and she goes through so much at her job and I just can’t imagine how hard all of that is. Thank you for the love – my list:

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  172. Wendy/333 Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see my kids faces when they see their Stuffies on Christmas morning!❤️

  173. #350 (Emily) one of your bunnies is on the way. Hopefully other folks will get the others for you soon.

  174. #350/Emily – the rest of your bunnies are on the way. Thank you and your sister for all you do.

  175. Thank you so much, Jen & Tony for brightening our holiday & year! We are going to appreciate the heck out of those fluffy bunnies!

  176. Hi everyone. I think this is the best idea yet! This is great for kids and thank you Jenny for doing this! Miracles every year. 🙂 My name is Abby and I live in New Hampshire. I am a single mom of a one year old and a 9 year old. Both boys 🙂 Covid has made this year extremely tough for us so the James Garfield miracle is a beautiful glimmer of hope. Thank you to Jenny and her amazing followers who make this possible every year. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    – Abby

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  177. Hi, I am Michelle. I have 3 kids, Maddie 15 yrs, Austin 13 yrs, and Christopher 9 yrs. We live in Canyon Lake, TX. We were forced to close our family restaurant just outside of San Antonio due to Covid and have been struggling. I hope to get the kids a few items for under our tree this year. These plushies will help!! Thank you all ans thank you, Jenny!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  178. Hello, my name is Rebecca.
    We have 3 kids living with us. Two are mine and due to some addiction issues in our family we have a cousin’s little girl living with us this year too.

    We live in Iola, Kansas. Ages 6, 5, and 4. All right in a row.
    This year has been a struggle financially but we are trying to go out of our way to make sure the kids don’t know how much.

    (Looks like someone beat me here too! ~ Jenny)

  179. Michelle, 361, I’ve got you covered. I hope you have a good Christmas amid everything!

  180. Rebecca, 362 I’ve got your covered as well. I hope you have a good Christmas! Looks like they’ll come in two separate boxes.

  181. I love Christmas this is my favorite holiday! I love him more than New Years. It seems to me that Christmas is a more emotional family holiday, and I often celebrate New Year with friends. Therefore, I am preparing for Christmas much more thoroughly than for the New Year. Now I will try to finish the renovation in the bathroom to make a present for my wife. Tell me why you bought this stuffed animal, does it seem scary to you? I am not a supporter of the Green Planet Society, but they will hardly ever be able to hang a scarecrow on the wall.

    (I’m not sure I totally understand your comment but I wish you good luck with your renovations! ~ Jenny)

  182. Every year, this post/the comments make me so happy to see so many people helping strangers to make the holidays special – and it started my annual donation to Project Night Night. I just submitted my PNN donation – and shared the information with some friends who were looking for new places to donate this season.

  183. hello! i’m new here and just wanted to say this is such a wonderful idea!! what a fantastic way to spread holiday cheer and connect strangers even when we cannot be physically together! thank you jenny for the wonderful opportunity to spread some joy! ((:

    (It’s really nice, huh? ~ Jenny)

  184. Hi! Sabrina (109&110) here saying thank you to Jenny’s army of angels❤️❤️ Don’t know how to express how much this means to me and my littles. I have changed my list to private as my wishes were filled. Thank you all again, and merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  185. Hello! sabrina here (109&110) saying thank you to Jenny’s army of angels, you do not know what this means to me and my littles. I have made my list private as my needs were gratefully filled. I cannot express my thanks and wish you and yours a very merry Christmas

  186. My husband and I have 5 kids (Kathelyn 10, MacKenzie 8, Mikah 5, Mikel 5, Korri 3). We have recently taken in our 2 nephews (Benjamin 6, Lucas 3) and niece (Emily 1) until their mother gets well and gets her life together. We’re not doing Christmas this year because we honestly can’t afford it. We don’t have a tree or anything. It breaks my heart to pieces but it is what it is. These stuffed animals seem like a great idea and after all, it is SOMETHING!. Even if it is their only gifts, I’m sure they will appreciate it. Thank you so much Jenny!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  187. To Morgan Leigh, comment 375 – I think you might to double check that your list is linked to your address. It keeps trying to ship to me and doesn’t offer the lister’s address as an option

  188. This would be an actual lifesaver for me! My husband is still deployed and I am only able to work part time because of the kids home for distance learning. Christmas was going to be sparse if anything this year. A warm stuffie would be so loved, even by my oldest who is trying to be brave for his little sister! Mom of two in Las Vegas, a boy 8 and a girl 5. Thank you to all the angels!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  189. Hi there. I’m in the United Kingdom, in Herne Bay. I’m #205 earlier in the list, and while my stuffies weren’t the ones on Jenny’s list, I stuck to Gund Stuffies. We’ve received the fox and the sloth, which are perfect, they are for my 3yo twins, and will be from Santa. They are the softest, sweetest, most lovely things ever. So thank you those who purchased them. Then the stuffie for my eldest was bought, so Santa will be visiting him as well. My 12yo, she was really hard to figure out what she would like, as she’s obsessed with Hello Kitty, and that’s the only kind of Stuffies she’s ever wanted or had. But then I found a Gund lazy egg avocado, and her favourite thing to eat is avocados. But the price has gone up to almost £24. I’m afraid to go look for another stuffie and put it on the list, that someone will think I’m trying to get extras, but at the moment, my daughter is the only one of my children who hasn’t been bought for, and I cannot afford to get her a stuffie. I’m actually on the local community pages begging people for scrap clothing, scrap fabric, anything they were thinking of donating, that I can sterilise and give her because she is the most creative person I know. She created her own among us Stuffies to give her friends for presents out of socks and she destroyed her only pillow in order to stuff them. She creates her own clothes, Barbie clothes, doll clothes. So I hate the idea that she is the one person Santa isn’t visiting.

    The kids have had a really tough year this year, we are immigrants to the UK, and normally we see my mom every 6 months. This year I ended up in the hospital in January with a giant blood clot that broke up and ended up in my lungs. In March my son found me passed out on the toilet, I had a fistula in my small intestines, which explained why I had been throwing up all the time, it was creating so much malnutrition they said my numbers were like someone who had been starved for 6 months. My liver was also in the beginnings of liver failure. I was so swollen it pinched a nerve in my back and I was paralyzed from the waist down. I had to have blood transfusions, human protein transfusions, a picc line put in where I got 24 hour a day nutrition and nothing by mouth. I caught covid while in the hospital. I was in the hospital for 28 days, then spent 2 weeks self isolating at home, so 6 weeks my family didn’t see me because no visitors at the hospital. Then my mom finally showed up to visit, and 18 days into her trip was blue lighted to the hospital by ambulance, recussitated, had pneumonia and sepsis and spent a week in ICU. She finally came home and I ended up in the hospital for another week with the stomach flu. A week later my mom ended up there for another week as well, same stomach flu. At this point her boyfriend said they couldn’t stay with us anymore, and they rented a place for the rest of their visit, and the entire time they were here, he didn’t allow her to spend time with us, he monopolised her time. She left, and we are trying to figure out how to get anyone Christmas presents anyhow, because all the throwing up made my teeth bad and I just had to have £1100 of dental work which was every ounce of our savings

    Anyhow. All this just to say please can someone get my daughter her stuffie so all 4 have a Christmas present from Santa under the tree?

    (I don’t see the avocado on your list so I’m thinking maybe someone bought it for you? ~ Jenny)
    (Update: I came back to check and looks like your stuff is on the way! Yay! ~ Jenny)

  190. Jenny – it says the unicorn is almost out of stock!!

    (They usually restock every day two but if they don’t by tomorrow I’ll switch the link to another stuffy. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  191. Ann #338 this is Kris from 205, 206. I will go change it then if it says it can’t be sent. My son will love the one you got for him.

  192. Meghan #298 this is Kris from #205/206 I discovered that apparently the egg/avocado I had picked for my daughter wasn’t able to be purchased, so my daughter is still without a stuffie if you are still wanting to purchase for her. She is addicted to hello kitty and I found a Gund hello kitty (was trying to stick to Gund as that was the kind of.stuffies Jenny mentioned but they are so differently priced or difficult to find her the ones she mentioned). These Stuffies will be their Santa presents because it’s the wonderful Santa’s from Jenny’s page making sure they have a present under the tree. This is my twins first year of being aware of Santa, so I think I’m going to make it a tradition that Santa only brings Stuffies. That way I know I should hopefully always be able to at least afford a present from Santa for them.

    (Hmm. I was going to email you an amazon card but apparently you can’t use Amazon US cards in the UK and vice versa. How complicated. Leaving your comment here in case a UK person is around. ~ Jenny)

    (Update: I came back to check and looks like your stuff is on the way! Yay! ~ Jenny)

  193. I was able to help this year! I’m so excited that the lists have been filled so far down the comments. Angie #369, I was able to finish your list.

  194. @Mary 193

    Thank you so much! I’m sure my kiddo will love it very much!

    We are basically neighbors! I hope you’re staying safe with all the craziness.

  195. If I look at a wish list, and all the items say “Last filled on (today’s date)”, does that mean that the request has already been taken care of? Just want to make sure I’m not passing up an unfilled wish list.

    (Usually the list is blank if it’s filled but sometimes it looks like it hasn’t been filled yet and you get to the checkout and it tells you that the gifts may be duplicates because someone else has bought them. The easiest way to find out before getting that far is to click on “Filter and sort” on their list and change it to “unpurchased” and it will show if there’s anything left that hasn’t been bought yet. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  196. I am the Mama from #103. My heart and tear ducts are overflowing with gratitude! Thank you for making sure my boys have something under the tree this year! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I came on to thank you, and to thank Jenny for facilitating this wonderful experience! Imagine my surprise when three Amazon boxes showed up today! I only have two children, and requested two, but got gifted three of the gloriousness that is the fluffy white cat! As much as I would love to keep one for myself, as they are that amazing, I know that is not the spirit of the James Garfield Miracle. So, if it is okay with y’all, May I donate the third kitty to my local Toys for Tots program, so another child does not have to go without? From what my quick research is showing, the Toys for Tots program is not a religious or faith based organization, but started by the US Marines. Jenny, do you think it would be ok to donated the third cat to a local org like Toys for Tots? Sending it back to Amazon would probably be cost prohibitive for me, but I am happy to donate it to someone else in need. Please let me know, and I will post on here as soon as I donate the bonus kitty. Thank you, so, so much!!!!

    (I think that would be amazing. Love! ~ Jenny)

  197. @karin and all the other angels thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Truly a blessing! Be blessed and safe everyone! #369

  198. Hi Willow, from a fellow Texan! 3 plushies taken care of but I couldn’t figure out how to add the second cat. If you make a new post with just cat #2, I can make it happen! Hugs, Laura

    (I got the last one! Teamwork! ~ Jenny)

  199. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get something wrapped and under the tree!
    Dustin, #395

  200. Hi, Anon #397 – FYI, the sloth won’t guarantee delivery before xmas – I choose two of the others but you may want to switch that one…


    (You’re so fast! I got the other ones. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  201. I love you guys so much. Not only is it hard to find an unfilled list several days in but also Project Night Night reached out and were so happy to say that as of this morning $5,500 in donations have been accounted for from you guys. I think this might be my favorite James Garfield year yet.

  202. I hope I’m not too late to ask for a James Garfield miracle – we really need one this year! My name is Laura and my husband and I have one grown child and are fostering eight children, but two of them are older teens and I don’t think they are interested in plushies, so I only chose for the younger six. We live in rural Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495 and chose the Jellycat plushies, they look so snuggly and will be loved so much!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  203. Laura #402, the cat is on the way to you. I hope others see this and can fulfill the others.

  204. Laura #402 – it looks like you are done to me… thank you for all that you are doing!

  205. thank you so much jenny the kids will really love them god bless you angels im strugglin and thats all my kids will receive this year my wife isnt able to go to work right now just recovering from bladder cancer she had surgery but isnt doing so well so thank you angel for helping my babies

    (Sending so much love! ~ Jenny)

  206. #407 Nicole, some goodies are on their way to you, should be arriving Saturday and Monday. Merry Christmas!!

  207. Anon @408. You’re an Angel. I’m so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  208. You guys are making me cry, which is really hard to do. I feel so blessed that my niece and nephews will have cute stuffed animals this Christmas from real-live Santas, and I can’t stop reading everyone’s stories and watching all of you make these little huge miracles happen and dammit, this season means so much this year.

    You are all amazing and I love each and every one of you.

  209. Hi, I hope I’m not too late for this. My neighbor just told us about this. She also leant my wife one of Jenny’s books to read and she’s loving it so far! We have 3 kids and a baby boy on the way. I hope it’s ok that I added one for him too. If not, it’s the blue dog and you can just ignore it! We are in the metro Detroit area. Thank you so much!

    (Someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  210. Malcom (#411) – all four are on their way! One will be arriving a few days later than the other three, but it should get there. Merry Christmas!

  211. I love that wishlists are being filled so quickly. Plushies are gone before I can check out. This gives me so much hope! I’ll keep checking back to find someone to gift.

  212. Merry Christmas 🎄
    I live in NM and have 5 kids from 3-13. My husband is a self-published Christian fiction writer, and I am a homeschool guru. 😂 And super humble! 🤭 While my 13 year old son would not like a stuffed animal, cause he’s all anxty and eye rolly now 🙄😂 my other ones would all be grateful for a lovey, so I’d very much appreciate havery ving something they can snuggle under our tree. Thank you so much 🥰

    Yikes! I almost forgot to add the link! 😂

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  213. Avery (415), they’re both on their way! Should be there by Thursday! Merry Christmas!

  214. Avery (#415) – I just bought the last 3 items on your list. 2 should arrive on Friday and the 3rd should be there by the 17th. Happy Holidays!

  215. Oh my goodness, what a loving community! I blinked and they have all been sent! Totally in tears over here, thank you more than words can express!

  216. Jenny, I am sure you already have provided this information, but either I am lazy or I dont have epic amounts of time to hunt down this information. Do you have an Amazon Smile Account? If you dont know what an Amazon Smile Account is, it is a way for all of your beloved followers (myself included) to provide you/your organization with either physical donations or a percent of our purchases throughout the year. You create your organization and then we have the opportunity to choose it as our “charity” of choice. BUT! You also get to create a wishlist and could include the stuffies on the list year round! This way, when one of us has an extra $20 because we chose to skip a meal, found it laying on the ground, or just want to share, we can donate to you all year long. This would likely increase your noble employees a little extra work, but it would/could be spaced out throughout the year and not get bombarded all at one? You could even continue the James Garfield Miracle and remove the stuffies from your wishlist in October…
    Just a thought and if you have already considered this and it just isnt feasible, ignore me! 🙂

    (I don’t have a smile account but whenever I use amazon I use my personal amazon affiliate link and then I use any profits I get from that to do this at the end of the year. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  217. It’s me Amy in Indiana. I deleted my wish list because I saw I should not submit for someone else. No worries, though, I will get them plushies and tell them they are all named Jenny because I think you’re pretty awesome 🙂

  218. Bryan, Texas.
    hi, my kids are 17, 15 and 4.

    They are getting some Christmas gifts already, but the majority of gifts every year are secondhand or hand made. A new something would be a treat.
    The highest priority is the kitty for my youngest. The teens would like something cuddly, but the 4 year old would be very excited.

    (someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  219. Candy (442)- was only able to get 2 but maybe someone else can help out too. I hope the kids like them!

  220. Candy (442)- was only able to get 2 so hopefully someone can help with the rest. I hope the kids like them!

  221. Hi! I’m in need of making this Christmas special for my kiddos. We were just forced to move which took allllllll my dollars. Im trying to focus more on traditions but a few gifts would be pretty lovely!

    I have 4 little ones:
    Gabriel, 10
    Sebastian, 8
    Theo, 6
    And Hattie, 4

    And here is the plushie wish list

    Thank you so much for considering making this Christmas a little brighter for them!

    (Your list is gone so I’m assuming it was filled. 🙂 ` Jenny)

  222. @Candy #442

    The bear for your 13-year-old is on the way. I know a lot of 13yo guys, and most of them could use a hug, even if they don’t want to ask for them anymore. Happy holidays!

  223. Wow, I found only one list (that I couldn’t get to work) and another just added that has two stuffies on that were filled as I was trying to fill it. (450) What a well-oiled machine this is this year! Lots of love to all of the Jenny community givers!

  224. I’m Mike 428. I just wanted to say thank you to the person that purchased the stuffed toys for our 3 kids. My wife is in tears because by the time I told her about it, our items were already purchased. Whether giving or receiving, this community always amazes me. Thank you Jenny for continuing this holiday tradition.

  225. Kris from the UK, I want to say thank you so much for everything.

    Right now my kids are getting the Stuffies and I’ve got people donating craft items to my daughter locally so she’s going to have a ton of stuff, and my son has asked for us to just use any money we’d use on him for his twin 3 yo brothers because this is their first Christmas they will remember, it’s the first year they are excited. So I’m so glad he’ll have a stuffie for Christmas. I had to tell them not to open any packages from Amazon, they got excited after seeing the twins Stuffies.

    I really really appreciate all of you.

    And thank you so much Jenny for checking our list a couple of times until it was filled. You are amazing.

  226. #435 (Catherine) I just sent what appears to be a german shepherd to you – hope that’s what you were hoping for.

  227. #443 – James – have sent all 7 bears your way. Here’s hoping you and your family have the merriest Christmas ever.

  228. Hi! My name is Jennifer Salas.
    I’m in Austin Texas
    I’m a nurse who worked part of the pandemic and now forced to stay home due to my disabled husband getting sick and we are trying to stay afloat. Gifts are very limited this year and I have a 4 year old and a 16 year old.

    Here is my list.

    Thank you for doing this. It means the world to me.

    (someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  229. #458, Shelley – Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas, hugging bears and watching Christmas movies with all my little people! I can’t thank you enough! Merry Christmas!

  230. Did everyone get taken care of? I’m looking, but my eyes are kind of swelling up.

  231. I couldn’t find anything left to buy so I donated to Project night night. I’ll keep trying the comments too but everyone is so darn fast.

    (Right? ~ Jenny)

  232. Hey, Lacey #463 — all 3 are on their way from a fellow Michigander! Looks like 2 are expected later this week, one around the 17th or 18th.

  233. I am E Winters,#216, and I want to let the wonderful individual who purchased the two gifts on my wishlist know the cat arrived tonight. Thank you again for your kindness, and for making sure my son and daughter have a present to open on Christmas morning!

  234. 4 kids – Council Bluffs, Iowa
    I have gifted by James Garfield before (thank you for making it so easy to help others) and am finding myself in need this year after having hours cut back. We’ve always gifted our kids plushies on Christmas morning but opted to cut them out this year to make sure stockings are filled. I would love to be able to still carry the tradition on with the help of others. Thank you!!

    (someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  235. I’m so excited to finally find a list in time! I feel like I won the lottery!

    473 Lisa, all four are coming your way, but the bear is scheduled to be delivered separately and may not be there until 12/22. I’ll keep an eye on it!

  236. Sorry if this is a duplicate post – I think I deleted the first one because I was so excited to find a list to fill!

    Anyway, 473 Lisa, I got you! The bear ships separately and may not be there until 12/22. Happy JG Day!

  237. Hello there we were post #90, and I just wanted to let our Christmas helper know that 1 of the kitty cats has arrived! Thank you so much again, My girls are going to be so excited! I also wanted to say thank you to the secret Santa who seems to have gotten the whiteboard off of 1 of my other lists! You didn’t have to do that at all but I’m so thankful that you did! My oldest daughter needed that for school since she is doing remote learning, and that will benefit her so much! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!! 🎄❤

  238. Can I ask for a big James Garfield miracle? It’s for my mother who had a stroke last year that had a terrible impact on her health, so she has since been in a nursing home. We have not been allowed to touch her, to hug her, for many months, and while it is extremely hard for me, it is literally killing her. My kids make her pictures and video chat with her, but she is devastated that she can’t cuddle up to them and read them a story, or do any of the normal grandparent things she longs to do. I would be so grateful if I could give her a unicorn plushie to hug. I think the larger size would be so satisfying for her adult-sized self to hug, so I’m going to put a larger size on the list as well as the regular smaller size. If someone wants to bless my mother with this, it would mean the world to me and I believe it would mean the world to her as well. If that is asking too much, I understand and the smaller size would be lovely as well. I just feel so helpless to give her the connection that she is longing for.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  239. Wow. This year’s James Garfield ROCKS! i have purchased for folks in the past and all the lists I checked that didn’t have a ‘Jenny’ comment are filled… Project Night Night donation instead this year! This is so heartwarming! I love this! Thank you Jenny for making this happen again (minus the scammers) 🙂

  240. Anna F #477, your unicorns should arrive Friday! I know you asked for one, but this way Grandma has one, plus one for the kids to hug on their video chats. I hope they provide a bit of brightness in this pandemic darkness.

  241. Holiday Gnome, thank you for this. You went above and beyond! I can’t wait to surprise her with this and give her some much needed physical connection!!! I really hope it helps lift her spirits until we can get vaccinated and hug her ourselves!

  242. Leigh – thank you from the bottom of my heart!! My shoulders are a little lighter right now due to your kindness. Merry Christmas!

  243. I am more than happy to fulfill any wishes not yet fulfilled – but it looks like all of them have been so far!

  244. Wow reading this tonight made tears come to my eyes. I saw a giant stuffed cat at the store – I wanted so much to buy for my son but couldn’t afford it. Then I adore this author so I happened to get on her blog and BOOM she offers to buy one for my kid! *wow*
    I have one son, live in Chico, California. I really can’t believe how amazing this is. Here’s my link. Thank you so much <3

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  245. Hi Ashley #484 I hope your son loves snuggling with his cat plushie! It should arrive by Friday 12/11

  246. Hello! I really love the simplification of this year’s James Garfield event. I also wonder what the people at Amazon are thinking when they see hundreds of stuffed dogs, cats, unicorns, bears, and rabbits are being bought in these last few days! 🙂

    I have 6 kids (4 bio, 2 step) but I only have 5 plushies on my list because the oldest is 16 and is too cool for plushies, I guess. Any help for the kiddos would be greatly appreciated! We live in South Gate in MI

    (someone beat me here! ~ Jenny)

  247. Oh my goodness that was so impossibly fast! Wow thank you SO much. He has a surgery next month and I think snuggling that cat is going to make hospital time sooooo much better. I can’t thank you enough 💕

  248. #486 Hyde, the plushies are on their way! They should arrive by the 19th. Merry Christmas!

  249. Hi #487 Andy, 4 of 5 softies are headed your way; look for them by the 21st. For the chocolate brown bear, it said it could not ship to a wish list; if there is a way to fix this or select a different one, I’m sure he’ll be on his way to you soon too! Merry Christmas!

  250. Hi again Andy, another bunny is on the way, this one should arrive first! Glad you could update that quick. 🙂