Let’s start 2022 early

Okay, so a ton of you have asked if could get a deck of Broken Oracle Cards because your local bookshop ran out and technically the answer is no because it was just a special free gift for Indie Bookstore Day but I’ve had so many people reach out that I decided to release next year’s bloggess calendar early because it includes every single one of the wonderful Katie Gamb illustrations. And you can frame the pictures or paste them on your wall and at the end of the year you can cut out the front and back calendar cover and make yourself a homemade deck. The profits go to help fund The James Garfield Miracle (which helps struggling families get toys for their kids during the holidays) so everyone wins!

Click here to get yours. (It’s 15% off today with the code THURSDAYZAZZ at checkout.)

Can’t afford a calendar? I gotcha. Click here to play with the free digital deck.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this great opportunity with us! I’ve ordered my calendar!

  2. Amazing gift for all. We get the goodies and so do the kiddos! Love you!

  3. I haven’t purchased a calendar so fast in my entire life. Thank you!

  4. LOVE the calendar, Jenny!
    I’m still holding out hope that your publisher will see the demand for decks of oracle cards and they’ll decide to make them available for sale.
    When THAT happens, I plan to buy 4 decks so I can turn them into a deck of playing cards.

  5. Love the calendar!! Thank you! When can we expect to receive our books from the book tour?

  6. I feel blessed to have been able to get a deck. I am surprised however because the store was charging two dollars. I know that’s not much and I really don’t mind contributing to independent bookstore day. It just seemed odd.

  7. I didn’t wait to read the entire blog – ordered the calendar immediately! Thanks, Jenny. You’re a good egg!

  8. Awesome! In other news, I received my copy of Broken (in the best possible way) today! A signed copy was supposed to be part of the ticket purchase price for the Samantha Irby book tour stop. Unfortunately Indigo ran out of signed copies, so they still sent me an unsigned copy, but also refunded the ticket purchase! Oh well. Now I can get it sign in person, once we are able to travel again!

  9. Your publisher is missing a great opportunity by not printing more Oracle decks!

  10. You are wonderful! Thanks for giving us an early New Year present! 2022 here I come! 💕

  11. I wish I could, but the shipping is as much as the calendar. For a light, flat calendar, $15 is too much😔

  12. My first thought: “Ooh I’ll get one for my office”
    *reads the first few months’ art*
    Second thought: “Ooh, I’ll get one for at home!”

  13. My book came!! It is as exciting as the interview with Judy Blume. I giggled a lot then, I will most likely laugh myself drunk with giddiness reading your book . Hugs!

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  15. So, my Nowhere Bookshop order from Independent Bookstore Day just arrived ( a couple of things were out of stock) and I was surprised to see a Broken Oracle deck! Yay! Although I also ventured out on Independent Bookstore day to one of my local bookstores and already got a Broken Oracle deck. Since these are so sought after, I’d like to send this to someone (in US) that didn’t get one to make their day. I just don’t know how to do this or who. 🙂

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