As requested.

This isn’t a real post. It’s just a quick note to say that people are asking if I’m coming out with a 2022 calendar because they want one for Christmas or Hanukkah and the answer is, yes and it’s really unique this year because it has all of the wonderful illustrations from the Broken Oracle Deck designed by Katie Gamb.

You can get it right here and it’s even on sale today.

The royalties on the calendar help fund the The James Garfield Miracle (which helps get toys to kids in need and supports Project Night Night) so everyone wins!

And speaking of holiday shopping, you can get any of my books through Nowhere Bookshop and I will happily personalize all of them for free! (We ship everywhere.) Please be aware that if you write “Surprise me” in the section where it asks how you want it personalized I will most likely implicate you in a crime (no, seriously) or astound you with a weird fact about animal genitals. And I’ll probably draw a cat in there no matter what because I get bored easily and like to doodle.

PS. Here’s a look at the calendar. I had to mute it because someone came to the door and Dorothy Barker turned into a snarling monster.

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  1. Jenny, I ordered and received this calendar after Book Store Day (thanks!). Did that purchase also support JGM & PNN, or should I order more as gifts? If this is limited like the broken tarot cards I missed out on, I don’t want to greedily deprive others.

    (You are the best! And yes, if you bought one earlier this year all the royalties from then count too. In fact, I think we’ve already made over $500 in calendar royalties. 🙂 Thank you!~ Jenny)

  2. Officially ordered my calendar and supported a great cause. Thank you Jenny.

  3. This is good news. I need some. So severely depressed that my shrink is going to look into ketamine infusions for me. I’ve been struggling along with like a dozen antidepressants for years and pretty much getting nothing.

  4. Well dang, I already have all your books and have gifted copies to the few people I’m close to irl, but now I really want to buy a few just to see what randomness I’d get with your personalization! As much as I *love* the Oracle deck pictures I probably won’t buy a calendar just because those pictures are way too pretty to go to waste and I just don’t use calendars anymore (seriously, I still have one for this year, gotten last Christmas, that I never even opened at all). …. Oh! New idea! Buy calendar and tear out the pages to hang all over the walls!

  5. Response to heather26r: I used to do this! My favorite calendars when I was a kid were the Ringling Brothers clown calendars. No, seriously. I’m one of the lucky few who aren’t terrified by clowns, and I got those calendars for several years running, so eventually I had almost four dozen clowns all over my bedroom walls.

  6. Oooh!! I wish it was in a rip day off desk version as I like those the best for my office and tend to forget about the bigger calendars or day planners. It’s awesome that sales are going to help others in need and I love the Broken book I got signed when it came out and watched your interview with Neil Gaiman. It was amazing like watching two best friends just having a chat about books. Can’t wait for your next book!!!!

  7. Loved my calendar for this year, so I went ahead and ordered one for 2022. Thank you!

  8. Just ordered my first Bloggess calendar! It was great to be able to customise to Australian holidays. Thanks for making this a possibility. <3

  9. Just ordered 5 calendars. On e for moi and 1 for each of my daughters cause we are all equally messed in the head 🙂

  10. I went to Nowhere because I hadn’t been feeling very strong lately and I, like a lot of people, read when that happens. I spent a solid hour slowly picking out books and when I was at the back of the store, I turned a corner and there was Broken in all it’s bright yellow glory. I already bought Broken months ago but still I made my way over to it and opened the front cover, it was signed. So I bought it again because who doesn’t buy a signed book, and there was something about it that felt…auspicious.

    I brought my books home and laid on the couch and began reading my signed book, and about half way through a small card dropped onto my chest, it said “Forgive Yourself” and I started crying, though I can’t tell you exactly why? I stared at it for a really long time, it felt magical in its discovery. It wasn’t until today, when I read this post, that I discovered it’s an Oracle Card.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the card. It was whimsical and surprising and wholly delightful, and it helped.

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