You deserve a break.

I was going to write something more serious today about how we have to give ourselves a break during this weird time but then I got overwhelmed with it and decided to give myself a break and instead do what I would do if you were here in my office with me. I would say, “Have you seen this?” and laugh as we looked at ridiculousness on the internet. So let’s do that, y’all.

For real though…I can’t do this shoot-the-thumb thing and I feel dumb:

I feel you, cat:

Alright, I feel better. You?

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  1. That was awesome and much needed on this day that just won’t stop being thursday when I so need it to be friday already. le sigh

  2. OMG the sugar glider face-hugging then riding the kitten was too much, now I’m ded…

  3. THAT made my day! The PingPing Pie lady had me rolling! And the whippet in the clothes. I followed all of these on IG!

  4. Oh, God. It felt so fucking good to belly laugh. I feel like a one hundred pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you!

  5. OMG the farm animals and the squirrel videos. I can’t stop laughing. Seriously thank you. I so needed that after attending a virtual funeral today.

  6. You have a knack for doing these on days when I REALLY need it…. Today we had 17 surgeries and I’m so tired I can barely see straight, but this gave me a good laugh and made me feel a little less zombie like!

  7. God, it’s been a shitty few weeks and this made me cry laughing so thank you.

  8. I’m supposed to be doing my work 2020 self review – but I just watched this instead. I think I’ll go home now…

  9. The cat trying to go over the baby gate wrecked me!!! Been feeling down because we have to have a virtual Christmas and haven’t seen the grankids for months but this definitely made my week!! That and getting my comfy hood from Nowhere!! Thanks, Jenny, you are THE BEST!!

  10. Thank you! I needed this so much! The one about pumpkin pie made me laugh so hard I cried. 😀

  11. I really needed this. It’s a hard season for me this year, and I haven’t laughed much at all. Thank you, Jenny!

  12. Oh holy crap! I really needed that because everything sucks and I’ve been stuck in bed over a week because my sciatica flared up but dang it hurts when I laugh!

  13. The farm animals in the kitchen are hysterical. They seem offended that they are being escorted out. I couldn’t stop laughing because of the woman’s reaction.

  14. More than one laugh-out-loud moment in one day! THANKS SO MUCH! It felt so good, honestly!

  15. Thanks for the silliness. I spent a hefty chunk of my day on the couch looking at silliness, since it seemed more productive than wishing for a miracle.

  16. Yes. I definitely needed that. Thank you, Jenny – you always know what we need.
    Love & happiness to you & the family, this holiday season.

  17. I’ve been having a really bad time of it lately. Bless you for posting these. Especially, the dog being trained not to eat certain foods. I haven’t laughed like this since March. Thank you!

  18. I nominate the guy who made the staircase slide for his kids as Best Daddy of the Sheltering at Home Award! That one made me so happy.

  19. At first, I was watching these with a straight face, but by the end I felt some warmth at how cute and silly things can be.

  20. Thank you so much. I just peed a little and I have the cat trying to jump on the counter on repeat. Bless you Jenny. Love and laughter to you and yours.

  21. I oh so badly needed that…..the transition from WFH to my couch brings me down. (Solo quarantined)

  22. I oh so badly needed that…..the transition from WFH to my couch brings me down. (Solo quarantiner)

  23. I have to second the nomination of Frank the Christmas Gargoyle as an excellent roasting of Karens over an open metaphorical fire.

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