One week from today…

One week from today Broken (in the best possible way) comes out and I start my (virtual) book tour and I can’t even believe it’s almost here after so many years.

I’m spending this week signing a ton of books (THANK YOU!) and I’ve sent thousands of signed books across the country to lovely independent bookstores so if you want to check to see if your local bookstore might have a few click here to look at the list of stores that have signed copies. And if your local bookstore doesn’t have copies you can still get tickets to the virtual book tour here and each ticket comes with a signed book delivered straight to you. (If you’re Canadian I’ve got you covered with the Indigo virtual tour stop I’m doing with Samantha Irby.)

Also, I just opened a box of Broken audio cds (in that they are me reading the book Broken, not that the CDs are broken) and they are so pretty but I have too many so let me know if you listen to CDs in the comments and I’ll send a few out in the mail. (But just to the US because I only have prepaid US mailers.)

You can buy them wherever book CDs are sold and it seems sort of pricey but you do get 7 CDs and it includes a bonus chapter and technically you can play it in your car and it’s like we’re on a road trip together. Or play it at night and we’re sleeping together. You know what I mean.

And now I’m going to hyperventilate a little bit because omg it’s almost here.

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  1. You look amazing! How did you avoid the Covid 20? Can’t wait for your book – XO SasaBella

  2. I can’t believe it’s almost time!!! I’d love a copy of the audiobook. But I understand if I don’t get one. I have two books coming!!!

  3. So exciting! I listen to CDs still! You will have to pry them from my cold dead hands! I can’t wait for Broken to come out. You and your books are lifesavers.

  4. I do listen to cds and would love one!
    And I’m still buying the book too 🙂 so looking forward to it!

  5. I still listen to CDS! I also still have VHS tapes and DVDs! My brother likes to make fun of me for holding onto things like Cds, VHS and physical books, which he can pry from my cold dead hands.

  6. So excited about the book!! I have mine ordered and will be joining with Judy Blume!!! So excited!!!
    What are your go to True Crime Podcasts???

  7. And apologies if this goes through twice! I’d love one, thanks. So looking forward (again, if this accidentally posts twice) to it.

  8. Very excited to have a Canada stop on your tour, both myself and my two daughters have tickets!

  9. I have ordered a book from Nowhere, and I’ve bought a ticket to the tour. If you happen to have a CD so we could travel together, that would be lovely. Otherwise, I’ll see if I can train my chihuahua to read while I drive. (He drives for shit, so we can’t do it the other way around.)

  10. Enter me please! I love to hear you read your books and it would be a lovely belated birthday gift for me…

  11. I still listen to CDs on my computer. I love listening to books and podcases while I’m out walking or at night when I’m falling asleep!

  12. I listen to CDs and can’t wait for the book. I already have a ticket to your event with Neil Gaiman!

  13. I ONLY listen to your books on audio because hearing your voice is half the pleasure. I would LOVE to listen to you as I drive to work this spring.

  14. PLEASE send me an audio book so I can listen to your beautiful voice for hours and hours!

  15. I would LOVE a copy of your audio book! I’m so looking forward to reading your book. Would be cool to listen to you speak it while I imagine you in your closet. Way to go, Jenny!

  16. I listen to CDs in my car, and I’d love to have a copy of your book on CD.

  17. I still listen to CDs!! On my original boom box that I got for my birthday back in the 1900s 😲 Thank you so much for offering us the opportunity to get a set of “Broken “ audio CDs. Congratulations Jenny! I’m so excited for you and this book !

  18. Oooh for once I wish I lived in America to get the CD, I do love a car ride story tale, and the husband hates it so I listen to them all by myself and get great pleasure. Good luck with the book launch, you’ll smash it!

  19. I’m going on a road trip in June and would love to have a copy to listen to in the car!

  20. I’m just excited for the book and it’s perfect imperfections. You give voice to thoughts and feelings that many of us struggle to express. You help people understand, and you help people feel understood. You are an amazing gift! So glad you exist! Thank you for all the laughs and the all the cathartic tears.

  21. It would be so awesome if I could get a copy of the audiobook because the pandemic has ratcheted my anxiety way up and I can no longer concentrate well enough to read a book. 😬

  22. Oh gosh, I definitely listen to CDs still, and listened to all your past books via audiobook – I’d love to have a copy!!! To be honest, I’m a librarian with ADHD who hasn’t read a physical book in a few years because the overactive-brain-monkeys refuse to chill the eff down and let me read – but I’ve managed to read more than 120 books each of the past two years, just via audiobook! Please send one my way and it will be very well loved.

    My wife and I learned the hard way, though, that listening to your audiobooks while driving very early in the morning, in the fog, on roads we don’t know, is a dangerous thing to do. We were both so absorbed and laughing at your 2nd book that my wife didn’t brake enough before an unexpected turn, sending our poor little car sailing 50 feet into a muddy, just-plowed cornfield! Sadly, the car didn’t make it (it was already on its last legs, the poor dear), so we learned our lesson: only listen to your audiobooks after the vehicle has come to a complete stop. haha!

  23. I’d love the CD! I’m a strangeling, so you should have my address! And congratulations on the new book. I can’t wait!

  24. I still listen to CDs! If I’m lucky enough to receive a set, I’ll take it as a sign from the universe that I’ll actually be able to go on my annual road trip to Canada this year…I’m still broken-hearted that I didn’t get to go last year. Stupid virus.

  25. I would so appreciate the audiobook Jenny. I just re-listened to Furiously Happy on audio and hearing you read it makes it that much better. Thank you!

  26. Tell me, does Dottie just hang around to photobomb your pictures, or is it because she follows you everywhere? Also, I’d love an audiobook. How many people can say they have a book recorded in a closet?

  27. I would love a copy of the CD’s. Funny thought- when I read your books, my husband always accuses me of drinking because I’m cracking up so much….I wonder how that bodes if I’m listening as I drive…LOVE YOU Jenny!

  28. Oh man, an actual CD audiobook! I have to burn my audiobooks to CD to listen in my old Prius, so this is perfect!

  29. I listen to CDs, but I just bought it thru Libro and figure I should have blank CDs somewhere I can burn it to to play…
    I really wish I could find CDs of LPTNH, because listening to Furiously Happy was an absolutely amazing experience different from reading the book. T~T

  30. So exciting!
    And yes, I would love an audiobook….that is how I found you, actually. I had to water the greenhouse at work and was listening to Furiously Happy on my diskman….and it was so wonderful, I started reading LPTNH at the same time!

  31. I totally don’t want to my comfort zones so it’s great that your tour is virtual. I love audiobooks via any medium, though I think audiobooks is a medium of books anyway so CDs and Audible and overdrive are technically sub-mediums, no? I don’t know. I want to listen to your voice, though, if that’s not creepy.

  32. Oooh, I’d love to listen! I’ve got the book on order, but hearing you read it makes it even better. 🙂

  33. I listen to cds still *and* I listen to your audiobooks all the time to calm down. I’d love a copy!

  34. Can you please send me a copy of your audio book. Audio books help me remain calm while driving and I have a feeling you will have me cracking up. Have a great tour and congrats!!

  35. CDs are the only way do to a roadtrip (and grocery shop, tidy, cook…). Can’t wait to receive my hardcopy in the mail! I’ve been looking forward to this all quarantine.

  36. I’m definitely old school in terms of CDs. Listen to them all the time. Even gave my daughter a CD player to attache to her computer. So yes, I’d love one (well, the whole set I assume?) if I am one of the lucky. Thanks for the chance, and congratulations.

  37. Thanks for the tip on the signed copies! I cancelled my pre-order with big bad Amazon so I can snag one from a small bookstore here that I wasn’t aware of before today! You’re doing the indie bookstore god’s work!

  38. I would love a CD. I would also like to order a book. I will get on your book store website to order one (or two, or three!) I can’t wait! Thank you.

  39. I’d love to win an audiobook. They’re my favorite format. Looking forward to reading Broken!

  40. My Pixie Doodle papillon would love to pose for a photo with the Broken CD and then snuggle with me as we listen to it. She is old and her eyes are cloudy, hearing is better than reading for her. It is wonderful to see the new book coming out

  41. So freaking excited for all of us!! I’m getting a Strangeling copy and 2 copies from book tours! I’m not sure which I’m most excited about..reading the book or hearing you talk about it ❤ Soak in the moments and enjoy them. You’ve worked hard and deserve it!

  42. Are there people who don’t listen to CDs? I’m all about them, and your book on one would be brilliant.

  43. LOVE audiobooks! If you have any left, I would be super geeked to get one.

  44. You’ve got this. The virtual tour will be wonderful, and all that you have to do to be fabulous is just be you. That is all. Just be you, because you are a shining light of a person, just the way you are.

  45. I love everything about this. But I especially love that dress! Where did you get it? It’s so cute, but also, just as importantly, it looks so comfortable!! I think it needs to be my next COVID-19 isolation online purchase.

  46. I am ALL about audiobook cds! Especially Jenny Lawson reading her own books!

  47. I have all your previous audio books and will definitely be ordering this one too! I get the digital versions though as it’s easier with my phone automatically connecting to my vehicle. I can’t wait till next week! I’ll actually be at two of them because I couldn’t decide between Neil and Felicia, lol. I’m a bit bummed that the books don’t ship until after the events, so I won’t be able to read them before you talk, but it’ll be fun in either case. I’ll “see” you next week!

  48. I listen to cd’s! Would love a copy if you are so inclined. Best wishes for a wonderful (virtual) book tour!

  49. So the live events include access after the fact? I won’t be home from work by the time they start

  50. What about international readers, ebook coming? Asking from Sweden.

  51. I love hearing you read your books. 🙂
    And, I am so excited to get Broken, for the next book club book!

  52. While it would be cool to say hello in person, I actually am happy with the virtual book tour since I’m one of those folks who can talk myself out of the hassle of leaving the house even for something good. And you probably wouldn’t have come that close to me so this way I get to see you. And the book! Can’t wait.

  53. I can’t freakin wait till I can afford to buy the book. I’m so excited!!!!! I’m so proud of you for never giving up even when things get super bad. Luv ya congrats

  54. I’m excited to read your new book! I would love to hear it on audio if you want to send a CD my way. 😀 Thank you for being you!

  55. I LOVE your books on CD! The only thing I listen to when I tackle cleaning the basement. They get me through horrid-basement-cleaning! <3

  56. I would LOVE a CD! I listen to Let’s Pretend This Never Happened CDs over and over and over and over and over! LOVE it & you!!!!

  57. So excited for your upcoming virtual tour! Would love a copy of the CD for when I head back to the office. I have a 40-mile commute (each way >.<), so lots of time to listen. I'm also happily anticipating a book in the mail for the Neil Gaiman tour date! Woohoo! Can't believe it's already here!

  58. SO EXCITING!!! That huge book-cover poster is so awesome. I’m so excited to read/listen to the new book, and so excited for the virtual tour! I have tickets to the April 8th one, that gives me two days between the book coming out and the tour-date and I’m pretty dang sure I’ll have listened to the entire audiobook at least once by then lol. This is so wonderful, I can’t even imagine how happy YOU must be if I’M this excited!

  59. I am so super excited for this, and thrilled you chose one of my embarrassing moments to share. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but also, really funny (at least to me and my hubby). I love cd’s if you feel you have enough to share. Not gonna be greedy tho. I am at least getting my pre-ordered book soon!!

  60. I would love a CD, because I am quite dyslexic but I love your books.

  61. Oooohhhh, I can’t wait for my signed preordered copy to arrive in the mail! Congratulations on your new book baby!
    I love that your listening to true crime podcasts are audible from the outside of the store, it reminds me of when we were cleaning at the end of the night at a B&N and one of our department supervisors used to read romance books over the intercoms while we were getting the store ready for the next day before we left. Nothing is funnier than romance books read over the intercom with commentary from the reader. Except maybe true crime being read over the loudspeakers outside a bookstore that isn’t open yet. That might be even funnier, or more mysterious…

  62. My sister, ( who cant read books, because her brain is broken) absolutely loves you as much as I do. She would love a CD. I already preordered my book. (Thank you). How do I get one?

  63. Ummm yes please! Let’s Pretend This Never Happened LIVES in my car CD player and has for years…. It’s so wonderful to listen to your stories on my way home after a bad day at work. I would love love love to add this to the rotation!! ❤️

    PS – I’ll have two signed copies of the book thanks to Fantastic Strangelings and wanting to hear you be interviewed by Neil Gaiman. Trying to figure out which friend to give my extra copy to!

  64. I would love to receive a copy of your new book on CD! Thank you for sharing!

  65. I definitely still listen to CDs… especially your audiobooks. You’re my best friend (but only in my head because we’ve never met in real life? And you help ne through the dark nights and days when my anxiety/depression/thoughts of self-harm/ suicidal ideation won’t leave me alone. You save my life with every audiobook you release.

  66. OhEmGeee! I LURVE CDs! A CD would ONLY be frosting ON the cake of an already PERFECT birthday gift of my favorite author’s THIRD autographed book!

  67. I put this on Instagram and Facebook when I realized I had extra copies of the book coming due to tour etc – but if you are similar, and have more than one, here’s a google sheet to sign up to match you with people who need the book and can’t get one for whatever reason! Both my extra copies are spoken for now, but I hope maybe we can spread a little happiness around with extras. (click “my” website!)

  68. Is it wrong to say that my copy of Broken arrived today. I am so excited to get into it tonight.

  69. Would love a audio book! Am getting the book when I get to listen in to you and Neil Gaiman talk!

  70. OMG, I would love a CD of the real live you on CD reading your book! Pretty please with taxidermied animals on top??

  71. I only listen to cds anymore, all the good radio stations are gone recently, and with a long commute, I want to listen to something fun. So excited this has come to fruition for you! Congrats.

  72. My daughter turned me on to you AND true crime podcasts. Not sure what that says about us, but we LOVE you. My car does not have a CD player, damn it, but I am listening to cd’s on my cd player while I unpack after moving from NC to FL.-To an over 55 community . BIG sigh. I could use some entertaining words of encouragement from you, Jenny Lawson!

  73. Would love one! I’ve been binging on English psychological thriller audiobooks, hardly any hard books, almost all audio. I got a wheezing attack on reading the chicken story for the first time.

  74. I listen to CD’s!!!! Love you Jenny and can’t wait to have Broken in my hands and/or in my ears!!

  75. How fun – I would love to sleep with you – I mean…..well you know what I mean……

  76. I love audio CDs and would kill my mother for one of yours (if my mother wasn’t, ya know, already dead).

  77. I love listening to you read your books. I’ve listed to the mouse book like 5 times… I’d love a CD!

  78. I am getting the actual book, but I would LOVE to have a CD as well! I’ve read and also listed to both of the other books, and I think that your books are the only ones I do that with. 🙂

  79. I’d love a CD! I’ve been looking forward to the book for months! ❤️

  80. I have ordered the book and can’t wait! I also love cds and especially all of David Sedaris and obviously you. Hearing you read Broken would be the best.

  81. Books & Books said they would also ship to Canada (I bought a ticket and book for my mom – she’s SO EXCITED)!

  82. Congratulations on the release, Jenny! I had the luck to be able to watch the Meet the Author event you did with the Richland Library back in November and it was wonderful. I expect your virtual tour will be as well, but I will still happily wish you the best luck on it.

    I look forward to reading Broken and would also be delighted if a closet-recorded CD version were to also appear. No one could ever tell your stories better than you do!

  83. I’m sorry there’s no bookstore in New Mexico, since I wanted to support a local indie, like Organic Books, but I’ll find a copy somewhere.

    Congratulations on another hugely successful launch, though! You’ve done it again! <3

  84. I wish that the Canadian book tour stop wasn’t sold out, but oh well. I am still going to order a copy from my local indie bookstore, Huckleberry Books!

  85. Ahhh, I thought I was the only one who still listened to cds! It would be such a gift to get one.

  86. Would love to have the cds to drive with and get OUT OF MY HOUSE. yes please.

  87. If you have an extra CD available, I would love one. I am the only person I know who still has a CD player in their car. But if not, no bigs. I will listen to it on Libby, AND I have bought a blue million copies as gifts for people I love who deserve your humor.

    I am so happy for you. Jenny, this is truly your best book yet, and I cannot WAIT for the world to read it!

  88. Would love one to listen to but am hoping most of all for wonderful success for you!

  89. When I discovered Furiously Happy it finally put some of the emotions I could never adequately explain into words. I had secretly hid my depression for 30 years…until it culminated with 3 suicide attempts in one year. Fortunately I was not successful in my attempts. Once I finally chose to get help, your books and humor got me through some very dark times. I have read all your other books a faithfully read your blog. I have been waiting anxiously for this new book to come out. Thank you for your brutal honesty regarding depression and anxiety. You have given me the courage to do the same and speak openly with others about my past and current struggles. Thank you for being a light in my darkness. I am a registered nurse by trade and I have chosen to help other health care professionals avoid burnout and deal with depression and anxiety through Nurse Coaching. You have been a significant part of my healing journey and now I hope to do the same for others. – Best regards Brad “B-Rad” Mower.

  90. I live about 20 minutes away from San Antonio and I cannot wait to come see your gorgeous store! Stay safe! See you soon!

  91. I ADORE audiobooks!! I love their versatility. You can listen to them anywhere. I would LOVE one to compliment my hard copy. 🙂

  92. I still have my Discman! I’d love a CD. See you on the tour with Sam!

  93. I preordered the book from my local independent book store like months ago! At least it seems like months. Or longer. But I Iooove audio books and my 13 year old car is probably one of the few dinosaurs still around with a CD player in it. It would be a match made in heaven. Or something. Anyway, I would love having the audio book. Thank you very much!

  94. I applied every milestone you reach, Jenny. I love it when people who are brilliant and generous and innately good achieve huge success while leaving their ego at the door. Kudos to you!

  95. Oh my gosh! I would LOVE CD’s!! My husband and I go camping in our older, but still awesome at 37 years old!, motorhome, and we love to listen to books as we toodle around. I’m SO excited for Broken to come out next week, I’m on the virtual tour bandwagon next Friday, hip hip hooray!!! Congratulations!!!

  96. I drive back and forth between Texas and Arkansas a lot so me!!!!!

  97. “AND THEY FOUND HER TORSO IN THE BOG” made me laugh out loud.
    For the first time in many days.
    Thank you, Jenny.

  98. I think I have 3 books coming! I preordered, I’m a Strangeling, and I’m going to the book tour! Books for everyone!!!!! Except the signed one, it stays here to go next to my two other most prized possessions: Name of the Wind signed by Rothfuss, and Guards! Guards! Signed by Terry Pratchett. If there was ever a fire I would save us, our animals, my books, and my phone in that order. Broken will be in great company!

  99. I love to listen to books and it would be a lot of fun to listen to you read this!

  100. This is going to be the best birthday ever!!! I’ll be getting my copy of Broken in time to go hide in the woods all day on my birthday and just read!! I DO have a CD walkman (ancient artifact, I know) so an audio book on CD would be awesome too!! I could take you on walks with me!! I am super stoked!!

  101. I listen to CDs because I still have a car without fancy touchscreen system! Can’t wait to read and listen to Broken!!

  102. I listen to CDs! I have to commute in to work every day and listening to you reading “Broken” would be awesome to and fro. Either way, I’m picking up the book next week!

  103. I would LOVE a CD if one could find its way to me! Thanks for being a light for us all!!!

  104. I’m happy to see I’m not alone in still listening to CDs! I would love a copy of the audiobook of Broken on CD. I am so excited for your new book!!!!

  105. I love listening to CD’s in the car — the first time I heard of you was when I listened to your Furiously Happy cd — its great because you can rewind back to the funny stuff over and over!

  106. Yes! I listen to audio books. In these times when I am working from home and I’m elbows deep in spreadsheets of massively repetitious data cleaning, I would LOVE to listen to you speak about how you are Broken, in the best possible way.
    I gave a few of your books to a friend of mine who is also broken (but in the worst possible way). He was insulted that I gave him the books and he’s blocked me from contact. He’s quite troubled and has turbulent relationships with his family and friends. Who knows if I will hear from him again?

  107. You actually DID go on a road trip with me and my roomie at the time nearly 2 years ago when we moved her from PA to CA. I brought Furiously Happy and made her listen to it and she nearly peed her pants and drove off the road and it was AWESOME. So thank you for some great memories. <3 (So, no, I would not turn down a copy of the new book on CD)

  108. My husband and I are so excited that we get to take you on a road trip with us from Maine to NY! When we travel back to where our family lives in NY, we listen to audiobooks and about every other trip we listen to one of your books! (I do also listen to you at night when insomnia reigns) last month we had to go down to New York for my husband’s surgery for his trigeminal neuralgia on his right side. Next month we go back for his left side. We’re excited that you’re book is out in time for our trip!!!!!!! I’m going to listen to it on audible but most likely I’ll buy the physical book too. You’ve been a great influence in my life and have helped me realize not to hide my depression, that it’s ok to not be ok, that it’s crucial to get help and practice self care. Hugs from Maine. Thank you for being YOU!
    PS we have your other books in physical copy and audio books and your coloring book of course.
    Again… Thank you!

  109. I totally listen to CD’s and would love one of your book! I listened to the excerpt and did the puzzle which took me over 28 minutes!!

  110. I need a copy of that book on CD! OMG! I adore yore books because they let me know that it’s not just me like this and that I can do it too! It’ll make my hubby understand more. Love and adore you Jenny!

  111. *Yore? OMG…. I got new glasses and I STILL can’t fucking see what I’m spelling. *sigh*

  112. I would LOVE a CD! My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so I have trouble reading standard print.

  113. A cd would be amazing! I drive 2 hours every day to get to and from work and this would be such a great to listen to!

  114. Love listening to CDs in my car still. Especially true crime ones while driving from job to job. Congratulations! Cannot wait to read/hear. And thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful authors this past year, could not have made it through without them and all of you. Strangeling and proud!

  115. I spend hours (at least 9) each week sitting in my car waiting while my daughter is at dance class. (Covid restrictions mean no waiting inside this year.) The commute to class is 40 minutes each way. She and I love to spend that time listening to audiobooks. I’d love to spend the time while I’m waiting listening to you read Broken. In the best possible way. 🙂

  116. I listened to your other audiobooks through headphones at work, so it was like we were working together! Except that it was at a fishing line factory, and everyone else was listening to music, so every time I laughed at your book (which was a LOT), I’d get funny looks… See you made working together awkward for me! Thanks a lot! 🙃

    Now I am no longer working, and my dog and cat will look at me funny when I laugh at your new book… But that’s okay- I’m used to it, and so are they. 💜

  117. My dear friend is legally blind. She is a small farmer, and is one of the strongest, hardest working, and most intelligent people I know. I would love to share your audio book with her.

  118. I would love a CD !!!! I’m a crazy excited for your book; I’m counting the days !!!!! Congratulations. 🙂 <3 🙂 <3

  119. Congrats! I would love one. Getting ready to drive cross country to move my son and this book would make the trip much more enjoyable.

  120. I’m a little late to the party here, but would ❤️ to get a CD for my best friend. She drives 2 hours a day to and from work and lives on audio books. 😊 Thanks, Jenny!

  121. I am so happy that your book journey is going so well for you. I love to see success for indie, one-off folks like you. And whenever I get to a new place, it’s off to the local used book store!

  122. I’d love to be able to listen to you read your new book. I listen to your other ones when I’m really really stressed out. Do you sing the chapter titles for Broken like you did the first one?

  123. Love audiobooks in the car! Although I think something in one of your other audiobooks was dangerously startling to a driver.

  124. CD might be the only way I get to enjoy this book. I’ve got a three-year-old and a three-moth-old and have yet to crack open a single Strangelings book (I knew it was ambitious of me to join, but all the previous selections sounded SO GOOD).

  125. I’d love a CD, but you probably already sent them all out🤷🏼‍♀️ I pre-ordered Broken as soon as it was available thru Audible using my credit, in the past I was able to buy your signed physical books & audiobooks. A CD would be a physical version of Broken since I can’t afford to buy a signed copy this time😩 If you don’t have any left, maybe you can sign little piece of paper & send it so I can tape it inside my Kindle case😁🤣

    Congrats Jenny! You & your books are awesome 💜

  126. I cannot wait for Broken! And I listen to CDs, so please sent one if possible. Thanks, amiga!

  127. I signed up for the virtual book tour. I love having the book, but I also really love having the CDS in my car so I can listen to them over and over. Maybe I can get the CDS later on.

  128. I love books on cd’s, especially when I travel… sigh……
    I miss road trips sooo much, and listening to books on my way to my best friend’s house 8 hours away. Really miss traveling…..
    Ok, enough of that! I can’t wait for my copy of your book showing up here and your time with Neil Gaiman. I have my “ticket” and two of my favorite authors, just can’t wait!

  129. My whole family loves audiobooks. It’s a great way to consume content in your car, on the go, while crocheting, that kind of thing. We can’t wait for your book to come out!

  130. I would love to sleep with you!! uh…you know what I mean…well, maybe anyway ….let’s travel together first and see how that works out! lolol – Seriously I can’t wait until I get my copy through Fantastic Strangelings!!

  131. I listen to CDs, but imagine I’m a little late to respond. It’s always fun to dream that something special might arrive in the mail though. Thank you for all you have provided over the past year+ … those gifts of YOU were too BIG to fit in the mail box!

  132. I listen to CDs and would luv to have one! Looking (listening?) forward to your new release.

  133. I would very much love one of your CDs. I have always wanted to hear one your books on audii.

  134. When we go on long drives is when we love to listen to audio CD’s. We would definitely love to be able to enjoy your newest book on one of these drives.

  135. That would be so awesome to hear you read from your book! Yes, please, I’d love a cd from you!Thank you!

  136. I’m sure I am much too late, but I still listen to CDs in my car– in fact, my one criterion for my last new-to-me vehicle was that it had a CD player because I refuse to stream my audiobooks, at least until I am dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century with MP3 or 4 or 8 or whatever– and I would DEARLY love to road trip with you. Virtually, or, you know, whatever. Lots of hugs!

  137. Congratulations Jenny!!!
    I would love the CD. Being dyslexic, I read super slow, so I’m sure your CD is faster than me reading the book. But, I’ll still buy the book!
    True confession – I still need to finish “Furiously Happy”. I love your writing though, it is due to my brain. It’s not you, it’s me!!!

  138. I was not aware people *didn’t* still listen to cds. Now I also have to figure out Discord. *sigh*

  139. Oh my!!! Pre-ordered book, but would looooove audio version! So excited for you!! Book tour…from home, come on thats cool.

  140. Hurrah! I just saw your testimony online about the benefits of TMS and I can’t agree more! What a difference it has made in my life! It has given me a whole new attitude…hope…and a future!

    I wish more people knew about it and had access to it. It’s a lifesaver for those who have chronic depression.

    Thank you for telling people about the benefits!

  141. Oh, in probably too late but my family would LOVE a CD! We try to read you out loud to each other but frequently have to pause for laughing fits because no one can understand the wheezing squeak stifled laugh words ^_^
    If it makes it easier, my preoder is through Nowhere because it seemed like the best place to buy your words was from you

  142. Hi Jenny. Congratulations on surviving the plague and etc,etc,etc. I love you and your books and bravery. Just your whole everything.
    I can’t read your books bc I laugh so much that tears come out and blur my eyes. I would be over the moon to get an audio book of Broken. Especially right from you!
    Greg Massey
    PO box 2393
    Hendersonville NC 28793
    I’ll also order a print copy from my local (Asheville NC) Malaprops. They are cool, just to own a signed copy. I have a signed copy of a book by Pam Stone. She is also funny.
    Love to your family, furry ones too.
    They are so lucky to have you

  143. Hi Jenny, I am legally blind so I listen to books everyday. I get them from a service for the blind. I would love to hear you read your book for me!!!

  144. If you have any CDs left, I’d love you to send one to a friend of mine who is chronically ill and can only enjoy books by listening to them!

  145. so excited! I got to touch our library’s copies yesterday (we have an agreement to get copies early for processing as long as we don’t put them out before the street date). I wanted to do the copy cataloging but haven’t learned how to do bibliography/memoirs yet 🙁
    but my colleague who can did them and took great delight in making sure that “full-grown mammal” was included in the MARC 245 field 🙂
    So when people search for your book it comes up Broken (in the best possible way) / Jenny Lawson, full-grown mammal. We were debating if you knew that is what would happen or if it just tickled your funny bone to have it on the title page and decided that it is wonderful either way!
    Thank you so much for your books and your blog – they have often been the best part of difficult days for so many of us!

  146. I’m a podcast/book on tape junkie. Best thing to do while working out!! If you have any more Broken CD’s, please sign me up. 😀

  147. I would love cd to listen to your new book. Your voice and cadence bring the book to life.

  148. I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life and had it mostly under control for awhile until about a month ago when I was having back to back panic attacks and felt overwhelmed, alone, ashamed, and out of control. I’m back on slightly steadier ground now after a medicine change and some therapy, but I’m scared that it will happen again. To get a mental break, my family is going on a road trip to the beach and I can’t think of a better way to deal with the anxiety of driving on highways than listening to your book! My hard copy is scheduled to arrive on Friday, but I would love a copy of the CDs!

  149. I suggest your audiobooks to everyone I can! If I ever need a laugh, I just start listening to one again and my anxiety feels less overwhelming.

  150. I have wrestled with depression since I was an adolescent – so for over 50 years. One thing that helps (I think) is walking. I especially love to walk after dark while listening to scary true crime/serial killer podcasts. But sometimes I need to lighten up, and if it’s not too late I’d love to listen to your book!
    Thanks for writing – I so relate to you!

  151. I just finished the Literati book event with Neil Gaiman, and oh you did so well and spoke so honestly and looked so beautiful, and I am in love with how you’ve arranged your bookshelves. It’s been a shit storm of a year, my depression and anxiety have almost won sometimes (especially lately), but I’ve looked towards this event and counted the days and I just wanted to say thank you. I cried when you and Neil talked about your anxiety and Imposter Syndrome and panic attacks about being around people, but it was good crying. Your writing and openness make me feel understood and welcomed. Thank you.

  152. Oooh! I love listening to audio book CDs in the car. It would be awesome to hear you read “Broken”

  153. I LIVE for your audiobooks. It’s like having my best friend sitting next to me, and understanding all my weirdness. Trust me, my life is pretty over the top compared to most, lol! I can’t thank you enough Jenny!

  154. It’s probably way too late to get the CDs, huh? I destroyed my ankle over the weekend, so have to take an enforced (unpaid!) vacation until I can walk again, and listening to Broken seems like as good a way as any to spend my downtime. Oh well, I’ll buy a hard copy once I get back to work. Keep being amazing!

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