Book tour!

me: Hello!

You: Wait. Are you talking to me?

Me: Yes, I am. If you are reading this I am talking to you. About my book tour!

You: Awesome! But…wait aren’t you still without water in the middle of snow storm?

me: And also no electricity since yesterday. And I realize it seems odd to be announcing my book tour for Broken during a day when we’re dealing with rolling black-outs and are currently melting snow in the bathtub since we don’t have running water and can’t leave the house because of the pandemic and also frozen roads, but what I have learned over the last year is the importance of celebrating the small victories and looking with hope to the future. And this tour is the epitome of that for me and I think we all need a little something to look forward to.

You: Agreed and socially-distanced high-fives all around. But I can’t come to your book tour because we are still living in the plague years.

Me: Well, it’s not a normal tour (which is pretty on-brand for me anyway.) A normal book tour means travel and visiting with people and seeing people actually reading your book and wandering through bookstores, but times are not normal so this tour will be a bit different, but hopefully just as wonderful in a different way. It will be virtual so that means that you don’t have to leave your house or put on pants to attend! This is an extra special perk for those of us with anxiety and it’s my hope that so many of you who couldn’t make it to a live event in the past can make it for one of these online stops.

You: A book tour without all the social anxiety? TELL ME MORE.

me: So last week there was a very loud kerfuffle on twitter about how “your author friends are not your friends because they are your competition” and that is ridiculous because 1) we need a shitload of books to make the world go around and there is room for everyone and 2) because if you’re looking for an example of author friends being incredibly important and wonderful you should look no further than the six amazing authors who volunteered to moderate each of my six events ENTIRELY OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS.

Seriously. Luvvie Ajayi Jones, Samantha Irby, Felicia Day, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore and Judy Blume. Y’all. What.


me: I am not. And I am just as flustered.

You: I’m in. How do I get a ticket?

me: Tickets are available right now and with each ticket you’ll get to watch whichever live event you pick and you’ll be mailed an autographed copy of Broken and you’ll be supporting a bookstore, and that is a really big deal in this strange time. Just click here to check out all of the events and reserve a ticket.

You: But what if I already preordered a copy from somewhere else or I can’t afford a ticket?

me: Well, signed first-editions make excellent gifts for family and friends and bored-looking strangers so there’s no such thing as too many books, but if you can’t afford a ticket or already bought a copy then no worries because I’ll be doing a free unmoderated zoom at Nowhere eventually, but probably not until much later in the year because touring -even virtually- takes a lot out of me and I always need a few months to recover.

You: Got it. Buying a ticket to every stop right now.

me: That seems excessive but incredibly supportive.

You: Okay, maybe just to one or two.

me: You are my special angel. Thank you. For real, you don’t know how much it helps me and the bookstore. Pre-orders make an AMAZING difference in the success of a book and I’m terrified about releasing this one in the middle of a pandemic where so much is unknown. And as a special thank you I’m giving away something.

You: Is it something dead?

me: It is not and it’s weird that you went there.

You: Technically this is all coming from your mind so I think maybe you should be questioning yourself here, friend.

me: Fair enough. But no, it’s not dead. I wanted something special on the end-pages of Broken so we decided to use one of the sketches that Omar Rayyan did when he was painting the book cover and that means I have a few loose pages of proofs I can give away. Just leave a comment and I’ll pick a few people randomly and sign them and slip them in the mail.

You: Ooh. That’s cool.

me: Right?

You: Well then, I guess I’ll see you in April on tour. Which will be nice because this conversation is the most interaction I’ve had in weeks.

me: Me too, sweetie. Me too.

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  1. So excited!!!!! Best book tour ever!! And especially in pandemic times! Loving you so hard right now ❤

  2. You never pick one so close to the beginning of the comments but this is where I am. Achoo!

  3. OH MY Gosh!! It would be so exciting to have a sketch that Omar Rayyan created while making your book cover!!! I would love to be in your drawing!

  4. I’m in Hutto, TX northeast of Austin sitting in my car with my dogs (of course) because we are protesting the third day of no electricity and water by sitting in the car with the seat warmers and heaters on high! Because…fuck winter. About to buy a ticket to your virtual tour. Congratulations!

  5. I cannot wait to watch this! You were my first, and only, author meet and greet in Milwaukee!

  6. Jenny, hope that your power and water return soon. I’m glad that you’re doing well considering current circumstances. It’s a giant mess for so many of us Texans right now.

    Very excited about this virtual tour, I dont know how I’ll decide which one I want to attend!

  7. This is so exciting. I was worried there wouldn’t be a book tour at all because of the plague times.

  8. This is awesome! Definitely my kinda party! Sending all the love! Our cold snap up here in Canada is ending(no more frostbite in minutes warning), so hopefully things will warm up for you soon!

  9. I cannot wait for April 9th! You and Felicia Day will be amazing! I saw you live years ago in MN, so this will be a cool second tour sighting!

  10. 1) Sending all the hopes for water, warmth, and safety to you and your family.
    2) I knew I was waiting to pre-order your book for a reason!
    3) That is a damn good giveaway 👏🏽👏🏽

  11. That sketch would have a definite place of honor on my Geek Art Wall. ❤️❤️❤️ Now, to decide which stop on the tour I will be asking for as an early birthday present….

  12. I’m so excited. I don’t know which date to choose. I wish I could afford them all. Plus Omar Rayyan is one of my favorite artists. I’m so excited for you too. The whole thing makes me want to clap my hands and Squee in joy. And I haven’t felt that in months. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. (you know I was totally kidding, right?! you’re amazing, this tour is amazing, and I already bought my ticket to see you and Neil!!!)

  14. I will be “there”,bit really here and whether there will be pants is just a bit of mystery I like to keep people guessing about.

  15. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t go to your last tour because the anxiety monster locked me in my room and wouldn’t let me out. I can’t wait for this one! And that sketch 😍😍😍

  16. The nice thing about pandemic times? I can just say “buy ticket” without even bothering to see if I’m doing something that day. Or two tickets. Because yeah. that just happened.

  17. So many amazing authors hosting! It is definitely a testimony of your awesomeness that they offered! Seriously going to be hard to pick! That drawing is amazing too!

  18. So will we only get to watch at that specific time slot, or will it be available to watch afterward if something happens, or the times aren’t good?

  19. Holy cats, this is an awesome book tour! Having trouble narrowing my event choices down. Meanwhile, stay safe and I wish you heat, electricity, water, sunshine and a working governor.

  20. OMG – $32 gets me a signed book delivered straight to my home AND I get to listen to the beautiful Jenny AND I get to hear the dulcet tones of Mr. Neil Gaiman – SIGN ME UP!!!!! (I did, I signed up)

  21. I would love a sketch for my home office. Can’t wait for the book. Love you Jenny.

  22. I haven’t bought a book in years, I am a strict public library access 360 girl but I am making an exception for you. These emails have really gotten me through some bad times around here. (I fully acknowledge that there are so so many people who have it worse than me) So sign me up for a book and a ticket. What you are doing matters to me and it has made a difference in my life.

  23. Probably the BEST DAMN use of Zoom I have heard. OTher than my knitting group and cocktails…please on a print??? I’ll trade a picture of Little Miss Maine Coon Cat,.

  24. Holy cow, the real Judy Bloom?!? Please stay safe and can’t wait for the book and the tour!

  25. So excited for this book to come out (preorder!) but this virtual tour may be even more exciting! Now, which one to attend???

  26. If we are part of the Strangling book club do I remember reading that we preordered a signed copy via that membership?? I could totally be making that up…but none the less, want to ensure I get one (or 10) of those babies….

  27. I’ll miss seeing you again in person, but a virtual tour is a smart during a plague. And it would make me crazier than usual to not have an autographed copy to go with the ones you signed in person!

  28. SO EXCITED! Have a dumb question though.. do you have to live in Canada to purchase for the Samantha Irby event?

  29. Super excited to participate virtually, but would have really liked to have met you. Your books have done wonders for me and to others that I have recommended your books.

  30. This is wonderful news. Though it is difficult to choose a moderator. I am thankful for the virtual events because of my health issues, your announcement is especially welcome. I’m looking forward to it.

    P.S. love the drawing!

  31. Neil Gaiman! (The Graveyard Book!!!) Christopher Moore! (Lamb!!!)
    So guess I need two more books for gifts.
    Love you and hope electricity and water is back for you soon. In Louisville, roads are awful but since I don’t go anywhere I’m good.

  32. So excited for your virtual tour! And what an amazing list of moderators for realz. Hang in there during this storm and good grief no electricity or water. HUGS.

  33. How the hell do I pick between all these awesome moderators????? Pulling out coin – calling heads!!!

  34. Exciting!!!! I can’t decide which one–you picked so many great authors to conversate with!

  35. *Waving my hand from over here under the snow* What amazing news and I can think of no better company for you than those on that list! Looking forward to April and congrats to you!

  36. Just bought a ticket for the event with Neil Gaiman, because that’s going to be amazing. 🙂 Plus, the event is on my birthday eve. Score! Can’t wait. 🙂

  37. I actually paused mid-read, bought my ticket, and THEN went back to finish reading your post. Because getting on board could not possibly wait another second.


  38. I wanted to sign for the Chris Moore event as well, but it says it is not going on sale until March 17. I couldn’t order a ticket. Going to Felicia Day instead — what better than a slayer subduing Jenny’s beast

  39. I love you Jenny but I can’t believe you are making me choose between Neil Gaiman and Samantha Irby 😆

  40. I’m in! I’ve been looking forward to your next book since your last book. Woo-hoo!

  41. I was tempted to not comment because the total comments are currently at 69 and I’m giggling because apparently I’m 12. But my love for collectibles won out over my love for juvenile humor, so here we are 🙂

  42. I’m soooooo excited, and trying to decide if I want to see Neil Gaiman, Felicia Day, or Judy Blume more. Yaaaaaaaay!

  43. That’s an insane list. Just WOW! I wish I could go to all of them, but schedule-wise the only one I can make it to is Neil Gaimen. Who is magnificent, so yay me! Thank you Jenny! Please stay safe.

  44. Stay warm and safe! I am so excited to “join you” on this virtual book tour. Got my ticket for Powell’s!

  45. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I was you on your first book tour, I believe it was in Dayton, OH and I loved it so much!! So glad you are doing this!!!

  46. You know what’s particularly great about this amazing line up? Everyone is so wonderful that I am going to pick which zoom event to go to entirely by which date is most convenient, there is no wrong choice! Ahhhh I’m so excited! I already preordered the audiobook and am excited to get the hardcover too 🙂

  47. I’m so excited for your book tour, and that beastie you’re holding is adorable. I hope i get picked for a signed book with a sketch!!

  48. This is so great! I am excited to virtually see you and listen to you talk to other cool, famous authors. I hope your power and water come back soon. <3

  49. This is the best book tour EVER. I mean, I don’t know how I’m going to choose which one to attend, but YAY! So happy for you and the newest book, Jenny!

  50. Squealing in delight for all of this wonderful news! Can’t wait until payday this week so I can buy a ticket!

  51. I’m so excited to finally get to see you on a tour! I live in RI, and you never seem to get out to this *little* area! Now I just have to choose which amazing book tour stop to attend! Thank you for always being a beacon! 🙂

  52. Yay! Can’t wait. Just did one of these virtual book talks with Kristen Hannah and Jodi Picoult and it was awesome.

  53. I wish I had the $ to buy tickets to each of the tour stops! What a wonderful list of interviewers! However will I narrow it down to one…? SO EXCITING!!

  54. How am I supposed to choose just one of those authors?? Sheesh. You don’t make things easy, woman.

  55. Just FYI… my receipt came from Marcus Jewish Community Center or MJCCA GENERAL. So looking forward to this!

  56. OOoh, I love that sketch!! <3
    Also excited for virtual book tour as I am often near stops of yours when on meat book tour, but I cannot travel far and thus am frustratingly out of reach.
    I can, however, travel to my couch with my laptop, so this is exciting.

  57. Well, if this announcement just didn’t warm the cockles of my cold heart! (And cold feet, cold hands – cold all over, really.) With so many amazing moderators to choose from we’re all winners, right?

  58. April 9th – ticket bought! Can’t wait to get the signed book! This will be something to look forward to! <3 <3

  59. I actually won Broken from the GoodReads giveaway, so now I have the perfect excuse to now order a copy (or three) as well. Now, I just have to decide which ones I want to “go” to… Thanks Jenny!

  60. What a great way to do a book tour. 🎉 So looking forward to the new book. Love your blog posts too, this darn pandemic has given us so much to think about, but having your occasional posts has been some of my best highlights during this last year.

  61. This makes me so happy!!

    Furiously Happy is my therapy and my constant reminder I can continue to fight this mental health battle!

    You have also shown me that, though it may be scary, I can be a mom, and a great one, even though my brain plays tricks on me.

    My goal for 2021 was to meet you! But I guess this is close enough!

    Thank you for changing my life and helping to show all the beautiful things mental health disorders create!

    Guess my pre-ordered book is going to a friend, I want the autographed one!

  62. Super exciting! Christopher Moore, Felicia Day, Samantha Irby and on and on….. which one to choose?

  63. No one has better book covers! I need that for my wall. Virtual book tours are better than no book tours. Plus, is Jenny wearing pants during said tour? The world may never know.

  64. Perfect bright news on a snowy day! Going to reserve my spot now…best book tour ever cause it’s coming here, where authors never venture (well, except for our lovely talented local ones…)!

  65. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to! I was already excited about the release of your new book, but this virtual tour adds sprinkles and a cherry on top!

  66. YAY, congratulations! I just bought a book & ticket to both the Neil Gaiman and Judy Blume stops because I love both of them, I want a copy for myself *and* I have a friend w/an upcoming birthday who I think would love a copy too so I’m giving the other copy as a birthday gift. And the sketch is fantastic. 🙂

  67. Wonderful news!!! The book has a beautiful cover and I can’t wait to read all that is inside! -Brenda G.

  68. GAHHHHH!!! I would LURRRVE that drawing. And I’m scuttling off to buy a book tour ticket or two.

  69. Is it bad that all this makes me so happy, and I don’t really want life/book tours to go 100% back to normal? Can we still keep the good parts, like this?

  70. This is the best news evar! I hope I can afford to get a ticket to at least one stop. YAY!!

  71. The most difficult decision is which moderator to choose. I’ve already pre-ordered your book and I’ll probably end up purchasing two sessions. So many books!

  72. Great news! I just bought a ticket with Neil Gaiman for my husband’s birthday although Judy Blume was SO TEMPTING.

  73. Book pre-ordered. I’ve been holding my breath for ages. I so wish you could crank them out faster but I know that’s not how it works! I would so love to have one of the drawings. I know exactly who to give it to – THEY WOULD LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for your writings.

  74. Asking me to choose is sooo mean! Also, my husband JUST LOST HIS JOB and … this economy. Fuckity fuck fuck. But I want the book *anyway* and I can support someone else’s bookstore instead of just supporting my own (we need to spread the love), so I’m going to ask my husband to buy me a ticket to one of them with his Social Security check at the beginning of the month.

    Priorities. Who needs groceries, right?

    Sigh. Someone talk me out of this.

  75. Hard to choose between Neil Gaiman and Felicia Day for me! So excited!
    Thanks, Jenny!

  76. This is the best idea ever!! No running out of tickets / space. No COVID fears. Thank you!!! Now, I just have to decide which one. I wish the sales were helping your bookstore, but helping any indie bookstore is good I guess.

  77. OMGGGGG. I love you, and I love Omar Ryyan, and I love Judy Blume, and my brain just exploded.

  78. Ooohhhh, I’ll be there with pjs and slippers and hot cocoa! Awesome moderators!

    On a side note, can you get a stuffed animal made of your beastie with a beanbag stuffed bottom? And sell it in your store? I would so buy that to remind me to love my inner beast with it’s bad days and accompanying anxiety and depression. I could hug it when it behaves and sit it in the corner when it acts up. It could be therapeutic for us to own our inner beastie.

  79. Oh! Please? I’d love to be your random pick. Because this year & my brain don’t mix.

  80. Super excited about your book (which is already pre-ordered thru Nowhere Books), and love that artwork! Now I need a picture of myself holding my Anxiety Monster (although to be frank, I never have such a good handle on my monster as you’re shown in that drawing).

  81. Choose between Neil Gaiman and Judy Blume? That’s like asking a mother to pick a favorite child! (The favorite child is always the one not nagging for food, which neither Neil Gaiman or Judy Blume are currently doing, so no idea how I will choose!)

  82. Thank you! Very excited and very hard to pick which author host to choose, but Gaiman always wins.

  83. Can’t wait to read your new book! I’ve introduced many friends to your writing and will continue to do so! Thanks for being you!

  84. I really hope you get water and power soon!! Sending warm socially distanced hugs from Michigan!!

    PS I actually read the email from literati announcing you’d be doing a tour stop there! I wish things were normal and we could see you in person but virtual works too!!

  85. Aaaah! How exciting. I hope the tour goes fabulously and everyone gets water and power back asap.

  86. I’m so excited about your new book! I’ve reread the others numerous times and have thoroughly enjoyed the coloring book. All therapies for me. Nothing like a good laugh over something dark! Happy Snowy Pandemic!

  87. Signing up for the Samantha Irby event, but it was a hard choice. So excited!

  88. What a brilliant way to tackle this messed-up upside-down world we live in right now! 🙂

  89. Can’t wait for the new book. Already pre-ordered one. May have to get another now.

  90. I absolutely can NOT wait!!!! Judy Bloom got me thru my childhood and you are the queen of my wine loving, sarcastic way too close to middle age self!!!

  91. If I could win a drawing for my daughter, who absolutely loves you and has met you while wearing a beautiful red dress, I wold be the best mother ever. Please pick me.

  92. So excited! I attended the virtual book talk you did with the library last fall and cannot wait for this!

  93. I am super excited for this virtual book tour! Thank you so much for doing this, it’s nice to be able to during the pandemic!

  94. I literally stopped in the middle of reading the post to buy tickets for you and Felicia Day!

  95. I’ve gotten one and yeah, probably going to get a second one. I always buy multiples of your books to give away anyway, so WOOOOOOOO (I’m keeping the zooms for myself though lol)

  96. Admire your pioneer spirit through the storm, literal and emotional! Cheering on your success with the book tour and every other hurdle that has come your way. Including snow in your bathtub.

  97. How exciting! Congrats on the new book, the tour, and all the tiny victories of just getting through each of these very strange and often trying days! Love and air hugs!

  98. Thank for doing a virtual book tour. This makes me so happy. So hard to decide which event to attend. All the moderators are fantastic.

  99. Yeaaaa! Got a ticket and I can’t wait! Be careful down there in Texas. Its awful seeing on the news what you all are going through. Take care!

  100. Any chance you’ll be doing anything for international markets? I’d love to see the conversations, but a 8pm start time is 1am for me. 🙁

  101. OMG!! I would love a proof! And am so super excited for the date with Neil.. can’t wait! So happy for your humor, candor and sharing- has helped me so much over the years

  102. I’m so excited. I obsessed over Judy Blume books as a child and now am obsessed with yours. This is a dream come true.

  103. Oh ooh this is so super rad. I cannot wait to read this, especially since your critters technically helped you write this book. I’m getting a ticket right now!

  104. Virtual anything is my speed these days-cool beans!!
    Good luck with the power and all-this too shall pass.

  105. I would die to win that. Honestly I can’t wait for your book I’m so excited. I can’t believe the authors that you got. You freakin rock so much. Congrats

  106. If books can only be shipped in the USA, does this mean those of us in Canada can’t join the tour?

  107. My wife just loves Judy Blume’s books and I just love yours so it’s a perfect match! Normally I’d go the Kindle route, but this works too!

  108. So exciting – Neil Gaiman and Jenny Lawson together, seriously! Top 2 of my favourite authors!

    Unfortunately Literati does not shop internationally, and I’m in Canada.. sad face.

  109. I missed you at Powell’s some years ago. Will definitely be there for this virtual tour!

  110. OH MY GOD HOW TO PICK. Since I’ve already seen you in conversation with Samantha Irby, I went for the Neil Gaiman one. But also, Judy Blume and EVERYONE ELSE ON THAT LIST so maybe I should go to more than one?!

  111. Just got my ticket for the event with you and Judy as a birthday gift from me to me. What a dream! Thank you for your humor and support of those struggling with mental health issues as well as aspiring writers and independent booksellers. Can’t wait for the book.

  112. Very cool! I’m worried about this Texas power grid right now but I had a moment of calm thinking about how cool what you’re doing is. I’m feeling very lucky at the moment in Dallas with electricity & praying for my BFF in Austin without electricity.

  113. Super excited! And this artist is a perfect pairing with you. Stay warm, friend! ❤️

  114. I literally gasped out loud when i saw this line up!! I HAD to get one for you and Judy Bloom…. i’m considering adding a few more… I can always gift the book to people….right???

  115. So proud of your perseverance and success! Can’t wait for the new book and the virtual tour. (I am also in Texas with rolling blackouts, dripping faucets, and threats from Atmos about natural gas depletion. Our beautiful state and its uncoordinated responses!) stay date, warm and prolific!

  116. Damn! This is the most excited I have been about something in a long time. How do I choose just one date?

  117. This looks amazing Jenny! But Im in the UK and no one seems to ship here (understandable in the pandemic and all but still 😭💔😭)
    Your blog has helped so much over the past few years and life feels hard right now so can’t wait for the new book!

  118. Congratulations on the tour! That is exciting! Sending you warm vibes that you will have power/water very soon. (I realize that’s probably not super helpful.) xo

  119. Hope your water and power come back ASAP! Best of luck to all dealing with the winter weather.

  120. So excited! Do you plan on adding any additional “tour stops”? Lots of indie book stores and authors I would love to see you interact with. 🙂

  121. I would like to post that child’s voice that is all over Tik Tok saying “What the hell?” That is the MOST amazing list of authors and I am getting at least two tickets. Sooo exciting. XOXO

  122. That’s amazing!!! Tickets are purchased. It’s so important to have things to look forward to right now! I would love to be added to the drawing as well.

  123. Oh my goodness! This is SO perfect! My brother’s bday is 4/16 and he has been begging me for my copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened because he’s read the copy of Furiously Happy I got him 3 times during the plague times to keep his spirits up. To watch you interviewed by Neil? Dream bday gift! Thank you and may the water/electricity gods look upon TX with favor and blessings. Mwah!

  124. Many years ago I made a list of my ultimate dinner party guests, you and Judy Blume are on that list. Thank you for this and if this event included food, Oprah, Brene Brown and Ryan Gosling/any other hottie of your choice (for comfort) my dream would be complete!

  125. I’m so excited for this! But the Christopher Moore event isn’t on sale until March 17? I will have to make a calendar entry to make sure I don’t forget. Stay safe and warm in TX!

  126. Bought tix for Samantha Irby event….now reading comments I see there was fine print that I didn’t read (it was VERY small on my phone) and see that books will only ship to Canadian addresses. It accepted my US address without comment or warning….can I switch events? I really want a copy of the book too!

  127. It’s a rare thing for me to be sad about living in Canada, and Samantha Irby is cool, but not my first choice. I’d have gladly paid shipping fees. 🙁
    So looking forward to the book though!

  128. This is amazing! Judy Blume was a favorite of mine while growing up abd im middlr school. You’re a favorite now! This couldn’t be any more perfect!

  129. How do I chose with all these amazing authors? I’m sad this isn’t a regular tour but this will be amazing.
    Please stay safe and warm.

  130. Listened to your Ted Talk in San Antonio and you inspired me to get my first Tattoo! Can’t wait for the new book.

  131. GIANT thank you to the person that mentioned the Samantha Irby event was Canadian — Bought. My. Ticket. Best part of what has otherwise been a shitty day! Beeples unite!

  132. So many great people to have conversations with? How will I ever choose? Also, that is a fantastic puppy you’re holding in that drawing.

  133. Haven’t actually finished reading the post but must come to the comments to SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! This is so exciting!! I’m so so so excited and happy for you and DANG you’ve got some amazing authors moderating!! I can’t wait this is going to be so awesome!!

    (Also, I went to one of your book tours for You Are Here and it was awesome and amazing and meeting you is still pretty much the highlight of the last ten years for me, but omg there was so much anxiety and I literally almost didn’t stay because it was too much, so the whole idea of a virtual book tour is just so wonderfully relieving and exciting!)

  134. OMG OMG OMG!!! Neil Gaiman or Felicia Day? Neil Gaiman or Felicia Day? Neil Gaiman by a hair. Hmmm, and also Felicia Day. Because Jenny x2, and my sister’s birthday is in April. 🙂

  135. I love this!!! I very rarely get to see my favorite authors in tour so I’m beyond excited for this opportunity!!!

  136. I didn’t even finish reading the post before scooping up a ticket with Neil Gaiman. And bonus it’s on my day off so I don’t even have to skip out of work for it!

  137. soooo you can’t get the book if you live in the US? “please note a Canadian mailing address is required”…?

  138. Well I keep getting a Google error when I try to post so I’m trying one without logging in.

  139. OMG OMG OMG!!! Neil Gaiman or Felicia Day? Neil Gaiman or Felicia Day? I guess it’s Neil Gaiman by a hair, because I recently finished Good Omens and LOVED it. Oh, wait, and also Felicia Day. Because Jenny x2, and my sister’s birthday is in April. I’m so excited!

  140. Is there a way to purchase tickets without the book? There are several events I wish to attend but only need one book.

  141. This is an incredible list of moderators!! Now, which one to choose? Agh!! You said that this would be anxiety free, but decision making causes me anxiety. To be fair, you did say ‘social’ anxiety free, and decision making anxiety is not social. Well, sometimes it is. And decision making that involves other people makes me even more anxious. I guess I should look at my calendar. That could help. Not that there is ever anything on my calendar because, pandemic. I’ll be excited to add this to my calendar.

  142. Whaaaaaaaat?!?! I’m so on this!! I am in the book club so I’ll give my copy away to a friend or the library and I can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the snow and ice in central Texas is the worst and I can’t wait until I have electricity and water and it’s 73 next week!!

  143. Hip Hip Hooray!!! You are my long awaited for Christmas gift, well, not “you” as in you the physical person, but your book!!! I am so excited, my husband told me to order a book and ask for an autograph but I wasn’t sure how to do that, so this is FABULOUS!!! Can’t wait to see you in April!! Thank you. We said a prayer for you, your family, and all of Texas that you will be able to have water, power, and good roads soon. Blessings.

  144. What a great way to have a book tour! So accessible to so many more people. Love your books. They always make me laugh out loud.

  145. Three signed copies of Broken? Fuck yeah! I love you Jenny! Putting out Broke. During a pandemic seems even more perfect. Life is so fuxked right now, and you’ll get to reach people and make them laugh just when they need it. So excited about the tour! I can’t wait to see you. 🥰

  146. I’ll actually get to make it to one of your book tours! No more repeats of “please come to Detroit”!

  147. I already made my husband preorder your book through Nowhere, but I’ll happily get another one! Now the only question is, Neil Gaiman? Or Felicia Day? 🤔

  148. This legit just made my day!!! You and Felicia !!! I mean how awesomely weird is that!!!

  149. I love that you are doing a virtual tour because otherwise I would not be able to attend! I do have a question, I am in the book club so I am already getting a copy of the book, I would love for the copy from the tour be sent to my niece, are you doing names on the signing? And if so how do I get you to sign it to her and not myself?

  150. Squuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Jenny Lawson and Judy Blume in the same (virtual) room together? I AM THERE!!!! Can’t wait for the book and most definitely can’t wait to see you and Judy Blume, my first favorite author!

  151. I already preordered a copy through Bookshop, but I’m getting another so I can see you and Sam Irby in conversation. I can’t wait!

    Please stay warm and safe, Jenny. 💜

  152. OY, it was hard to choose, and I wish I could afford to go to all of them! I picked Neil, but really, I’m just so looking forward to the book and the conversation, and something to look forward to in the early days of New England spring!

  153. Fantastic! You really won the lottery with your moderators – it’s going to be hard not to buy a ticket to hear all of them! And the sketch – way cool!! It would look so fantastic framed and hung with my collection of paintings of birds with pearl necklaces. : )

  154. Giiiiiirl! This just came across my feed! So excited for you! What an incredible line up! I can’t believe how long it’s been since the blogging days (for me at least lol). Will see you at the event! ❤️

  155. Oh my, it’s so hard to choose which author but I just finished reading Sam Irby for the first time so I believe I need to see you two together. Can’t wait! And can’t wait for the book! Love you and all you’ve done to raise awareness of mental health issues just by sharing your stories (in the most hilarious way!). My daughter and I are planning to road trip to Nowhere as soon as it’s safe. Can’t wait for that either!! Thanks for giving me so much to look forward to.

  156. Ugh!!! Choices. Such difficult choices. But we’ll have to go with Neil Gaiman because my I’m pretty sure my girl has an author crush on him. I mean, who doesn’t, right? We’re going to start a petition to have Neil Gaiman read the audio version of EVERY BOOK EVER WRITTEN. Maybe I’ll finally get through War and Peace that way. Or not.

  157. I seriously cannot believe this. What an amazing lineup of moderators! Buying a ticket or two!

  158. Very little brings me happiness these days. But, this? THIS made my heart flutter and actually got me excited about something for the first time in a long time. So many rockstar moderators. I’m going with you, me and Judy Blume. Can’t wait!!

  159. You are soooooo lucky — getting to have a book tour that is soooooo you!!
    And getting to have these amazing other authors to play off of — how cool is that!
    Better than any other book tour I’ve ever seen!!
    Thrilled to have something like this to look forward to — you don’t know how much it means!!

  160. Wow, YES PLEASE! Just bought my ticket to see you and Samantha Irby! Likely attending more shows. Love you!

  161. Oh, I wish I could buy a ticket to each one! I got my ticket for your convo with my favorite AuthorGuy. If I can scrape together a few extra $ before they run out I’ll get a ticket for one of your other dates, too.

  162. YAYYYY I’m gonna go buy a ticket to… one of them, I don’t know which one. Will there be replays afterward if I happen to have a conflict arise on the night that I have selected?

  163. Preordered for April 6th. Got an email from Powell’s confirming they are sending the book BUT it didn’t have the date of the tour or the speaker. So I’m assuming I am registered for April 6th?

  164. I cannot wait to finally “see” you on tour!
    We haven’t traveled since being kicked off a cruise last winter – because of COVID19, not because they caught us skinny dipping in the ship’s pool.

  165. Oh holy cow! I preordered forever ago, then my husband preordered for me for Christmas, and now I gotta decide between Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore or maybe both, and it’s a good thing I have friends who are also broken so I can give them the extra copies!!!

  166. Purchased! I have never been so excited for a Zoom. I might also decide to be a cat on 4/8!

  167. Woohoo! These sketches are amazing, books are amazing, that moderators list is amazing, Jenny is amazing. More of the more things.

  168. Just got my book/ticket from Powell’s, because POWELL’S AND JENNY LAWSON are two of the greatest things on this earth. The end. I can’t wait until April.

  169. Now I know what I’m getting for my Anniversary… Now my husband can quit bugging me and I can see two of my favorite authors hanging out together (Jenny and Neil Gaimon). Yay!!!

  170. No social anxiety and I get to listen to you an Neil Gaiman geek out? Is its Christmas?! it? I’ve lost all track of time since this started and I’m not sure what day it is anymore. But still…Yay!

  171. OMG Jenny! You rock so hard! This is an amazing list of amazing authors, and of course you are an amazing author too and deserve to have such wonderful friends. As you can tell I’m pretty darn excited. The problem is picking which event to attend. I want to go to all of them but my pockets are pretty empty about now so I will get a ticket and throw a dart at the list and see where it sticks. AND a signed copy of Broken as the cherry on top? Yep! Amazing! Love you sooooo much!

  172. a) First and foremost, hope you and your family are staying safe in this strange time. Stay warm, stay safe, that is paramount!

    b) This book tour is so exciting, how ever will I choose which to attend? I love your work and the work of everyone sharing the virtual stage with you! This event is really what this year needs though, a friend and I were able to see you live on your paperback tour for your first book and we had such an amazing time – your humor and genuine nature is really what we all need right now

    c) count me IN for the drawing for the Omar Rayyan sketch! I admire his work so much and when you released the cover for the new book I immediately recognized it as his! (I love “the Favorite” so much and have a lovely print of “Contessa with Squid” proudly displayed.) I’m also currently studying to become a teacher and this drawing would be the perfect conversation piece for my future classroom! Fingers crossed!

  173. Jumping in to the blizzard of lurv and I’m SUPER EXCITED about your moderators. They will lift you right up, girl, so just kick back and remember that you’re a *seasoned* author who is as respected as they are. And they can’t EVEN match your collection of taxidermy, anyway.

  174. Just to show you how old I am, was reading Judy Blume in school. Guess which moderator I want. I’m in Oklahoma with 100 feet of snow, rolling blackouts and frozen pipes, so I feel you. The way I cheer myself is spreading birdseed all over my patio and watching the birds feed and hearing them knock on the windows for more. Gluttons. Anyway, you’re the only author I traveled to hear and meet (in Wichita, which is saying something because you’re the only reason to go to Wichita for anything) and I wore a moose hat just for you so you would feel safe that there was a goofball rooting for you. Long story longer, I already pre- ordered a book, but a piece of art featuring you would be the highlight of the last and current horrible year.
    Love and warm wishes.

  175. picking the Christopher Moore date because i love his stuff. But it was a tough choice among all of the stellar moderators!!! Pick me! Pick me! Yay!!!

  176. Just bought my ticket to the Literati event! My husband is more than a little annoyed he can’t join in the fun, LOL. Is it weird that I’m loving how many events are online right now? Participating while wearing pajamas and having a drink is the bestest.

  177. I am so happy to see that you are doing a tour! Yay, you!! So I pre-ordered my copy 2 days ago from my local indie book store and I’m counting down the days until April!

  178. Just bought my ticket, sooo looking forward to your conversation w/Neil Gaiman and your book of course!

  179. I honestly don’t even know how to pick one of the dates! Such good guests and YOU of course! I cannot wait for the book!!! Stay safe in this crazy ass winter weather!

  180. Just bought my ticket to the Literati event!! Very excited!! Wanted to do the one with Samantha Irby but they were only shipping books to Canadian addresses because the bookstore is in Canada, oh well!

  181. Can’t wait to listen to you and Felicia! I’m now gonna have two signed copies as a Strangeling, so I need to decide which awesome person to give my extra copy to.

  182. I assume there will be numerous virtual hugs and/or high fives?
    For everyone in Texas to get their heat/water/electricity back, I’ll be thinking warm, wet, and shocking thoughts. Hang on….

  183. Ahhhhhh this is so cool! I saw you in person on the last book tour and will 100% be doing this

  184. I really really really want to buy a ticket for the Felicia Day event. I’m just worried; I’m moving in April and don’t want my book going to the wrong place. Mail forwarding is so unreliable, especially for packages. I’ll keep it in mind and buy a ticket if/when I know where to send the book!

  185. This is the best news ever! I can’t wait! Except how do I choose between seeing you with Samantha Irby or Neil Gaiman??? (I may do both, even though I’ve already pre-ordered your book from Nowhere. The more books the better!) <3

  186. Ohh. This is awesome! I don’t live close enough to any of the book tours usually and my work schedule doesn’t usually allow me time to travel when something amazing is going on. So now I’m super excited!! Can’t wait for the book!!!

  187. OMG – I’m so looking forward to your next book, but how do I choose between seeing you with Neil or with Christopher? I guess someone is getting a signed copy of your book for their Birthday/Christmas 🙂

  188. Just signed up for my first ever book talk. Because… Judy Bloom? Hello, God, It’s me, Stephanie!

  189. Just bought my ticket, and I cannot wait. It’s so nice to have a ticket to an event, and not be freaked out about having to back out at the last second due to anxiety LOL.

  190. Jenny Lawson and Christopher Moore together…. What a bright spot in this ridiculous mess! Thank you for giving us something to look forward to while we wait for the days to get longer and the weather to get warmer!

  191. What an incredible lineup of moderators. It’ll be impossible to pick which to attend!

  192. Very exciting!! I adore not going out in public.

    For those of us outside of the United States, is there the potential to buy a ticket and watch at a more appropriate time (e.g. not 1am?) I can’t find any information about this on the individual event listings.

  193. This is awesome! Since I’m in Belgium this is the only way I’d be able to make it to one!

  194. This weekend, my oldest friend (no, that is not correct, the person who has been my friend for the longest ongoing time – 1995), visited and I went all fan-girl about you, your books, my reviews of your books, and everything I love about you. She is hooked and will get the book whenever I can decide which date/host looks best. I already have my own copy on order.

  195. You and Felicia Day OR Judy Blume?! I may have to do both! Love what you do Jenny!

  196. I seriously want to sit in on all of these. Not sure how I’ll narrow it down at all.

  197. We are Soo excited for this! Going to a couple of them. Stay warm and strong. ❤️

  198. Can’t wait to see you on tour. Thanks for bringing our strange community together.

  199. OMG…I can’t wait for this. I’m taking the afternoon off of work right now. I know it’s a long shot because I’m so far down I the comments but I would love to win a proof. It would be a blessing during this Covid disaster. It’s been 7 weeks since I got sick and I still can’t taste cheese or peanut butter 😭. However, I am alive and so is my family so I can’t really complain.

  200. I signed up for Neil Immediately! Well it’s only fair because he kind of introduced me to you(internet introduction only, I’m not the lucky)-which I guess means that Terry Pratchett who introduced me to Neil is responsible, unless we want to go back to the fact that I picked up Terry’s first Discworld book because it said “If you liked Hitchhiker’s . .” So really it’s all Douglas Adams’ fault.

    Anyway after I signed up for the event will Neil, I noticed that one was with Luvi, and one was with Judy Blume, and now I want to go to all of them, and feel like I should go look up the rest right now. How many of these can I justify going to?

    Also I feel bad about taking up too many seats if the events are limited.


  201. I just did the reserve ticket/book thing and words can’t even express how excited I am that I will be in the virtual presence of two of my biggest author crushes, Jenny Lawson and Christopher Moore. When I reserved the ticket it did say “thank you for registering for this event with Kazuo Ishiguro” so I’m a little confused but am hoping that it’s just an error on the part of Eventbrite and that I will indeed be attending the Broken event (though I did enjoy Remains of the Day). Fingers crossed.

  202. I can’t wait. I’m talking the afternoon off work right now. I know it’s a long shot because I’m so far down in the comments but I would love to win a proof. It would be a blessing during this Covid disaster. It’s been 7 weeks since I got sick and I still can’t taste cheese or peanut butter 😭. However, I’m alive and so is my family so I can’t really complain.

  203. *lays down and elevates feet until excited heart rate returns to normal* *pets asshole kitten* *carefully returns upright*

    I got my ticket for Powell’s and I CANNOT WAIT.

  204. How do I even pick one when all of your fine volunteers are amazing? So hard to pick!

  205. I could not be more excited than if I could leave my house/travel/visit a bar or restaurant or theater or bookstore or anywhere at all…but I digress! I saw Neil Gaiman in Edinburgh perform a show with Amanda Palmer during the Fringe Festival and met him after (he’s my all time favorite fiction author). And I’ve followed (in the non creepy way) you since the pre-book, blog-only days. So to see you both together is maddeningly awesome and I can’t wait!

  206. Holy shit, I have no idea how to pick which moderator to go with. I feel like each one would be such a different discussion and I want in on all of them.

  207. I love you madly and own all your books in hardcover. I wish I could afford the entire tour, but I stuck with you and Samantha Irby, one of my other favorites.

  208. Just bought a ticket for the event with Samantha Irby because I love her – and you! I hope you get electricity and water back soon!

  209. I can’t wait!! My daughter bought tickets for us. I’m thrilled to be able to attend via Zoom. Love you and hope you get your electricity and water back soon.

  210. I’m hoping to get a ticket. You have made me stronger over the last year. Mental illness is no fun. I’m an OG book club member and I’ll continue to support you til the day I die.

  211. It was SOO hard to pick one event! I am so excited and I cannot wait for this!

  212. I have been waiting to buy the book, hoping for something special. I love to support independent bookshops and if I could get your autograph too! My depression just lifted a bit. Can’t wait to read your new book. Big Fan!

  213. Registered for you and Neil! I don’t care if this means I’ve now pre-ordered 2 copies of your book! (Nowhere Bookshop is my first preorder)

  214. How do I decide which tour date to go for? April 8th w/ Neil Gaiman, loved American Gods, April 14th w/ Samantha Irby, currently reading Wow, No Thank You, or the 21st w/ Christopher Moore, my favorite is Lamb. The 21st is near my birthday, if I do the 8th I’ll have the book for my birthday. Might have to do more than one…

  215. Mmm Neil Gaimans voice. It’s like a much nicer Professor Snape reading his books to me.

  216. I know in a pandemic everything feels like terrible timing, but your book tour is PERFECTLY timed! You are going to bring me and my librarian best friend, who introduced me to your blog 12-ish years ago, together during a pandemic… over books! WHAT?! She’s turning 40 on 4/18 and we were supposed to get together for it, since we missed it last year due to plague. I’m getting us 2 tickets to your Samantha Irby tour stop, so we’ll be celebrating her birthday together in a different way!

  217. If you could send the monster him/her/it/their self, I’m home all the time to accept delivery. It wasn’t until after I bought a ticket that I realized I hadn’t bothered to look at dates and times. Because I’m home all.the.time.

  218. Well, now I’m stymied which one to attend because HAVE YOU SEEN THE LIST OF PEOPLE MODERATING? We call this an embarrassment of riches. Thank you for giving it to us.

  219. I was totally having a molasses depression day… ,well,month… and you just gave me something to look forward too. Thank you! I am so grateful to you for the first future forward thoughts I have had in so long.

  220. Oh my frozen squirrels!!! Virtual book tour & pajamas?! I’m spreading the word- first about how you’re frozen and then about your tour!

  221. Can’t wait! Also, my Texas sister, we are also without water in Dallas. If you’d like to shower in our garage or kitchen, it was apparently an option yesterday. Also available: ice-skating on our pool. Let me know if you’d like to visit. Additionally, we can offer you next to no cell and Internet service.

    You probably don’t remember that we traded shoes at a Kansas City book tour years ago. If you’d like to trade shoes (or buckets of snow melting in order to flush our toilets) during this tour, let me know! I’m in!

  222. I can’t wait for the tour! I’ve been looking forward to this book since you first mentioned it! And having a chance for an original sketch of the cover would be amazing!

  223. I’ve never ordered anything so quickly!! I told my husband I took care of my own anniversary present. Soooo excited ❤️❤️

  224. I am so excited for your new book. I’m an audio book reader (yes, reader) and I remember you posting comments when you were recording it (from a closet?) I can’t wait to attend one or more (how can you choose?) of these sessions. Congratulations! I know it is going to be AWESOME!

  225. Oucj nem OUcj ne!! Wait – now my fingers are in the right place. Pick me, pick me!!!
    Jenny – you are a godsend to women everywhere and I’m so very excited about this new book. Not only do you give so many of us the gift of knowing we’re not alone, but you make us LAUGH and that is more precious than gold!

  226. Oh my, such incredible moderators. It’s definitely hard to choose but Neil Gaiman is a favorite, so Neil it is.
    On another note, I’m happy you are releasing a book during the panic. Books have been a great escape during this last year, so thank you.

  227. I’m so excited about this book! And the thought of seeing you and Samantha Irby together (even if it’s virtually) is totally worth buying a second copy, since I already pre-ordered mine from Nowhere.

  228. I can’t decide which I of these conversations wins out. There may need to be more than one ticket. So many of the things my socially terrified-self has experienced during this pandemic craziness would never have been possible in regular times, so for that I’m grateful. I’m so looking forward to this book.

  229. I’m sooooo excited! I’m from Canada but I still signed up anyway because I want to support you and attend your virtual book tour! (…and will just keep my fingers crossed that somehow, some way, the book magically arrives in my mailbox.)

  230. Fantastic Jenny! Can’t wait to see you AND Christopher Moore AT THE SAME TIME!!! Also, does your, um, monster/pet in the artwork have a name?

  231. I’m sooooo happy you’re doing a virtual tour! This is exactly the kind of book/human interaction I need in my life! When your first book came out, I purchased a ticket to your tour but my anxiety won out and I was too afraid to go to the event alone so I ended up staying home. I’m excited for a chance to redeem myself (in a safe and non-social-anxiety inducing way)!

  232. Oh my lord i loved this conversation with you. I’m just coming out of isolation and not sure if i’m happy about that or not. I’ve lost the ability to speak human, only feline ppprrrrrmeows and tch tchs. My seven year old is refusing clothing and has drawn warpaint out of raspberry juice all over. It’s getting very lord of the flies in here. I want to buy an abandoned 1920s hall in a remote paddock just so i can slide up and down in my socks, and still be isolated. Wanna go halvies? I’m not sure what headspace i’m in but i’m so happy for your bookstore lineup, have you pinched yourself? What a dream. Xx

  233. Just bought a ticket! I’d be way too shy to attend in person anyway, so virtual is perfect!

  234. I can’t wait for the book tour and will give my extra copy as a gift because who can’t use another book? Hopefully I will be lucky enough to win a sketch to frame and give as a gift to another friend who loves your work. 💓💓🦝🦝

  235. I can hardly contain my excitement thinking about receiving and reading your new book. The sketch/book cover is beautiful. I am in awe of your writing creativity and the artwork of Omar Rayyon.
    Stay warm and safe.

  236. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive! I pre-ordered, so I hope it’s coming early! Love your work!

  237. My response was exactly what you predicted: Are you fucking kidding me with this list?? Already bought my tickets for the Neil Gaiman (Eeeeeee!!!) and Judy Blume (because seriously, Judy Blume!) events. Trying to decide if I can also swing tickets for Felicia and Christopher, because I would just love to see you hanging with them (loved your interview with CM last year). I am SO excited for your new book, I just can’t wait!

  238. Oh Jenny, my heart is going out to you and I’m sending virtual warmth and water your way!!! Can you feel it?!? I hope things improve VERY soon. I really hope to get to one of these book tours… maybe my daughter Hailey (with an “I” just like yours) will be able to as well. I can’t wait to read the book! Best of luck!!

  239. omg i have to order tickets to AT LEAST three is these and will gift the books to people. so excited. i love you.

  240. Hooray for a book tour from you!!! Love the one I went to at Quail Ridge Books for You Are Here. And holy titshingles (I don’t know, it just came to me. Go with it.) the event with Christopher Moore where you moderated was Fanfuckingtastic so I imagine him moderating yours will be just as epic!

    Woo to the hoo.

  241. I used to be such a reader but over the years your books are the only ones I have been able to make it through. You words just grab me and drag me to the next page and the next. Thank you. I feel your books and your voice are really help normalizing mental health issues which is something this country desperately needs!

  242. ERHMERGERD!! I have just purchased awesomeness! I got to attend a Jenny tour in person the first time around after reading Let’s Pretend…on an airplane. People look at you weird when you cry-laugh in public but whatevs. I’m so excited!! And that drawing is fucking insanely awesome. I might could do a stick figure repro if asked nicely…Ami

  243. I am so over the moon about you and Neil Gaiman together! My favorite bookshelf (which coincidentally is the same one you just built) has one shelf for all our Nowhere bookclub books for 2020, another for 2021, a shelf for me that has all your books (my favorite author) and a couple of my other favorite books, and a shelf all for Neil Gaiman because he’s my husband’s favorite author. We got our ticket for the 8th!!

  244. An excellent way to have a book tour. Very exciting! Thanks for the chance to go somewhere without going anywhere. I’ve been so happy that I can do that sometimes with music and plays, but great to be able to add a book launch tour to the list. And yes, authors are not competitors, but supportive instead. My husband is an author and is always doing nice things for other authors. We are each unique and have something special to bring to the table. And of course there can never be too many books!!!!

  245. If I buy all the tickets, then it’s like having a conversation with you where I don’t get to talk. Kinda like it would be if I bought one ticket but with more selfishness on my part. And stalkiness.

    Never mind, I’m already trying to convince my therapist I’m normal. (Funny how he really started to question that when I gave him your book, Furiously Happy.)

    Just two tickets for me, please. I have a friend. Really!

  246. Many years ago five of us drove through a neverending snowstorm 1200 km roundtrip in one day to see Neil Gaiman (might not seem a lot for US people, but here in Europe this means getting halfway into another country). Somehow it feels the same right now, we’ve also had a couple feet of snow fall down on us in as many days recently, and then it got to -4F, and there’s Neil again, but with you and no driving, so yay! I’ll just have to find someone available to pick up the book from Literati for themselves, because no international shipping – if anyone wants it, or can pick it up and gift to someone who really needs to read it, let’s talk.

  247. I now have a preorder that includes a ticket to the event at Powell’s! This will be my third book event for you. Well, fourth if you count the one with Christopher Moore last year. Yay for zoom events!

  248. Oh Jenny, this is so kind of you, we know it’s something difficult that you would be happy to skip. You are the best!

  249. Somehow you knew *exactly* what I was saying in my head in our conversation. Which, frankly, is a bit terrifying.

  250. Oh my GOODNESS! I LOVE This – can’t decide which one to sign up for =) I was sooooo thrilled to see you and get your first two books autographed when you were in Toronto a few years back. I’ve pre-ordered the audible version but need a signed hard copy for my bookshelf set. I’ve passed your books on to so many, they are funny and relatable and just so wonderfully human. love you Jenny xxxx


    I was discouraged when I clicked the first couple and they all said the book that comes with ticket could only ship to US addresses …. But luckily “She Persisted” (LOL) and the Indigo event ships within Canada =)

  252. I wish I could buy tickets to all of the events, because I love all the people you’ll be talking with. I picked the one with Neil Gaiman because he intrigues me. I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to read Broken!

  253. DONE! I’ll be there with invisible and silent bells on for the Literati event. *flailing muppet arms* Yayyyyyy! Something to look forward to PLUS a book to read on my getaway a few weeks later!

  254. In your book club so got a book already on the books (🤔). But oh my gosh, do I go with the incredibly awesome Felicia Day or the incredibly talented Neil Gaiman or the incredibly funny Samantha Irby….oh holy crap. I love you Jenny!!!!

  255. That sketch is the loveliest. I have my ticket for your convo with Christopher Moore and am eyeing Judy Freaking Bloom???!!! as well…although I may need to cancel class to attend that one.

  256. Yay for Indigo! I’m so happy for a Canadian inclusive event I’ll even speak the the weather gods about how Texas ended up with Canadian weather… Although as a Canadian I am contractually obligated to inform you that your current weather is just a Canadian spring. Sorry, had to do it or they send a Canadian Goose after me, and those assholes are MEAN

  257. I CAN’T WAIT! It’s going to be an awesome book and an awesome book tour. I saw you on a previous book tour – in 2015 for Furiously Happy – but I’m looking forward to this new format!. If nothing else, much less crowded! 🙂

  258. The idea of getting to attend a virtual book store is so cool! But what made me really excited was the idea of winning one of those sketches for my sweet friend Katherine who introduced me to you! Your books are part of what sustain her. She’s the full time caretaker for her mother, who has been living with a brain tumor for some time now, but she’s amazingly someone who always there for others, even when her world is falling down around her shoulders.

    But she loves you, Jenny! And now that she’s introduced me to you and your work, so do I!!

  259. This is fantastic!! Off to buy a ticket! I would be SO excited to win one of these gorgeous prints!! I’m really into coloring and would love to color and frame it! It seriously would be the highlight of my year! 😄🤗♥️

  260. Randomly leaving my comment here, no, there… no way down there, in this weird little corner.! No, wait (scoot scoot) – HERE! Ok. Phew!!

    Would ADORE an autographed picture of the artwork for your cover!!!

    Signed your neighbor about 400 miles south east of you and also well in this “fabulous” (meining OH CHRIST, what do you mean, no heat? No heat while everything is turned to ice?? Oh, and no water, as well. Oh KUDOS on making this really seem like a game of Jumanji gone horribly wrong!

  261. Woaaa a booktour I (hopefully) can finally attend, because of me being in the Netherlands and such! Going to the website for the booktour now and figure a way out to be awake at US time and still function the days around it.. YAY Booktour! gongrats Jenny <3

  262. I’ll definitely be attending the July Bloom and Felicia Day events!! Something to look forward to, how exciting!! I am in DFW and in the same situation as you are right now. This is a silver lining. 💜

  263. OMG. I just bought myself a present. I even paid extra to have it wrapped so when it shows up it will be even more special. Clearing my calendar for the day of and the day after. Day of to get ready and day after because I will be sleeping after staying up all night reading.

  264. Oooh! A book tour I can attend! Yay! Now to figure out which day and time will work best since all of the authors hosting are incredible!

  265. Furiously Happy= best humor/mental health book ever.

    Broken art? Best free cool thing ever! Can’t wait for the new book, J!


  266. Excited for the tour and hoping that Texas gets power and water back soon. My granny is in San Antonio and so far still has both at the care facility. Melting Snow in a tub. What is actually happening???? But book tour….yay!!!!

  267. This is the second best thing to happen in the last 24 hours.

    Sorry, you get bumped from #1 by the arrival of my twin. I’m currently snuggling two tiny babies at 3am and I’m exhausted and can’t sleep cause I’m hooked up to machines and I couldn’t be happier.

  268. So glad you’re doing a socially distanced tour!! And I really hope you get your water and power back soon. The pandemic is just really the worst timing!!!

  269. Your list of authors rocks!! Now how to choose which meeting? Choices, choices!!!! Oh, and sorry about the dead utilities thing. Hang in there.

  270. Yay! I missed your last tour by being completely unaware of the awesomeness that is you until it was after you left my state. Now you’ll be in my living room. Sorry, I’m not cleaning it for you, the cat hair is a fashion statement anyway.

  271. Your first book made me chuckle out loud and try to explain to my husband why I was laughing… I love your style. Excited to read your newest book!!

  272. The sketch you show here is absolutely fantastic. I would love to have one.
    Ohmigosh!!! Neil Gaiman, Felicia Day and Christopher Moore???? Wowser. That is a trifecta in my book.

  273. Yay! Flailing around like Kermit the frog! Got my ticket for April 8! So happy to have your tour to look forward to! My power came on just in time in Round Rock. I would cherish a proof from Broken. If you choose me of course.

  274. That sketch makes you look as though you should be a character in a Seanan McGuire Incryptid novel (that’s a GOOD thing!)

  275. So happy for you and the new book! Sending you prayers for safety and comfort! Don’t lose Dorothy Barker in the snow! Love you 😽

  276. I’m so thrilled you’re doing a virtual tour! I’m one of those for whom travel takes a lot. I do it but it is exhausting mentally and physically. I’ve always wanted to get into a virtual event with authors but always seem to miss them. I’m putting the Judy Blume event ON MY CALENDAR NOW.

  277. Blume or Gaiman?!?! Decisions are too hard!!! ♥️ (Both, the correct answer is both)

  278. Wow, who would have thought I could have anxiety about attending a virtual book event? I’m excited, and hoping that camera off is not a problem.

  279. This is amazing! Thank you! Looking forward to your new book and thank you for being brave!!

  280. I’m SO excited!!! My favorite author ever AND Neil Gaiman?! And I don’t have to leave my house? Is this real life??

  281. I really wish there was a way to JUST buy a ticket to the event, but I guess I’ll need a second paper copy of the book to go with the one I already preordered, and the digital edition, and I’m sure the audiobook edition that I’ll own all of. Sad I won’t be able to see you in person, but maybe some day I’ll make it to your Dad’s taxidermy shop to get him to sign my copy of Let’s Pretend…

  282. Jenny Lawson plus Judy Blume: adult me and 10 year old me are both screaming in excitement inside! I can’t wait

  283. I’m so excited for this! Best news I’ve heard in a long time. Hard to choose just one author! (But Judy wins. She’s the best.)

  284. Wow!!! That list of moderators is truly unbelievable– only challenge will be picking which one to attend 🙂


    PS: in Dallas, boiling water to make it potable. Can this please finally be what gets us to go blue in 2022?? 🤬

  286. Wow, both my hubby and my daughter let me know about this! Daughter is especially excited!

  287. How freaking awesome is this!!?? What a fabulous idea. Now how to pick which one to attend…!

  288. I am so excited for this new book! Furiously Happy is one of my favorites and go-to recommendations for everyone. Thank you for everything. Stay safe! Texas is in my thoughts. ❤

  289. You can’t ship international? 🙁 I guess I’ll write a note to say to donate it to a local Little Library.

  290. I’m soooo in! It’s probably best it is virtual since I’d likely inappropriately fangirl outlandish scare you, which would be bad. But it would be really bad for my sister. Why my sister? First, I have no shame. Second, I’m Kyla’s sister and I’d hate to embarrass her (again) in front of her real life friend. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t hate that, but it’s highly likely she would!!!
    Jenny, I love you (but from a safe & respectable distance)!

  291. YES!!!! Just bought tickets for the Literati tour because A) Ummmm, I LOVE you! B) that’s a cool-ass name for a book store and C) Neil Gaiman is pretty cool too. Can’t wait!!!! Now I have something positive to look forward to and to get me through the rest of this winter in NY. BTW, so sorry you are getting hit with the horrible weather Jenny! At least here we are used to it! Sending warm hugs!

  292. jenny, i went to the page to order tickets for you and neil gaiman, and their ad says april 9th, but here on your page it says the 8th… which one is right? the book tour sounds fantastic, looking forward!

  293. Whoa now and hey! Giddyup I say! Fellow freakin cold Texan in Houston. I’d love to frame it and hang it on the fresh painted black panelling I over my freshly covered blue turquoise couch, near my signed Marfa and Kilgore Rangerettes posters!

  294. Oh gosh, how to pick which one??? I think this is what the stimulus was meant for 😉

  295. I’m going to need a bigger bookshelf.
    Thanks for sharing it all, and supporting bookstores!

  296. In for the tour, in for the drawing! The only problem I’m having is deciding which stop on the tour to pick.

  297. I cannot wait! I understand your anecdotes so well and they make me feel so understood. Because they totally describe my family. Smiles all around!


    Their website reads: “Purchasing a signed preorder copy of Broken (In the Best Possible Way) ($27.99) entitles you to attend our virtual event with Lawson and Ajayi Jones on Tuesday, April 6, at 5pm (PT). After you’ve purchased the book, we will automatically register you for the Zoom event, and will send you a confirmation email two days prior to the event containing a Zoom link to the event and instructions on how to access it.”

    I’m so excited!!! A signed copy has always been beyond my reach and now I get one AND to listen in on a book tour 🙂

  299. All set for your event on 4/9 with Felicia Day! Cannot wait for it and even more so for your new book. Thank you for being a safe place for me to go to online when the clouds set in. Thank you for being there over the years and helping me not feel so alone in my struggles. I hope your preorder sells alllllll the copies!

  300. Thank you so so much for having an option for Canadians!!!🇨🇦. I’m so happy to be included. Plus I love Samantha Irby (but of course I love you the most) and am super excited about the hilarious duo created by the two of you!

    I would love a copy of the print and would pay for the shipping to Canada if I was so lucky to be chosen. It would be the highlight of a challenging year (I had COVID last March and am still struggling with the after effects) so this would be such a pick me up!

    Thanks again for thinking of your snow buddies in Canada and many prayers for you and all of Texas. 💗

  301. It was a super hard choice because you have the Best Friends but I finally went with the event at Books Inc because I was there years ago and it’s just charming. Also I’ve recently discovered Christopher Moore so win-win? I’m so looking forward to it. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay yourself. <3

  302. I’m super excited to read this book! It’s kind of like reading about my own brain, but in a way that makes sense. Love that you are have a virtual tour with Powells. That’s my second home when there isn’t a pandemic and snowmageddons.

    Seriously…I have an 8ft drift of snow in my front yard.

  303. If it wasn’t for the internet, I would have never found such a humorous mental health book that inspired me to keep on being me in the best “furiously happy” possible way. Thank you Jenny!

    As for the art… it’s absolutely amazing! Would love to have one!

  304. That sketch is gorgeous! I am very much looking forward to the book tour!

    I hope your power comes back on soon.

  305. Oooohhhh I’d love an Omar Rayyan! I’m definitely going to see at least one of your conversations, maybe more. ❤️

    And I really hope y’all get water soon. My husband gives me shit for getting “emergency water” delivered every couple of months, but damn I’m gonna keep doing it now.

  306. Best news I have seen lately! I will sign up for the Barnes and Noble reading because my best friend works there and I love Felicia Day! I would be honored to receive your gift!

  307. This is totally amazing! I am loving all of this! Well, no – not the part about melting snow in the tub and being in the blackouts. I’m in Dallas and just got power back yesterday, so I am sending you positive electric and water vibes!!! Stay well and stay WARM!

  308. Agrajag! US/Canada only?! In these restricted-earning times I can’t swing the cash to only(!) see you and Neil chat without getting the book too. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the distant zoom and continue to support my local store. (All Books of Portlaoise.) And with a smidgeon of luck await a sketch in the post, who know?

  309. Can’t wait to visit your store! Thanks for the virtual tour! I met you on your tour for “Furiously Happy” in LA.(I was living in Vegas at the time). Now I live in Houston. I’m not a stalker, I promise 😜

  310. Yay! I just bought my ticket for the 9th with Felicia! The 10th is my birthday and I just got myself the best present ever! Stay warm out there kiddo. Looking forward to getting my book! <3